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Reviewer's Choice

The Wisdom of the Four Wise Men
Steven Paglierani
Emergence Alliance Publishing
55 Old Nyack Tpke, Ste 608, Nanuet, NY 10954
9780984489510, $29.95,

There is a modern day information overload, and it can quite difficult to face. "The Wisdom of the Four Wise Men: Finding Personal Truth in the Too-much Information Age" is a series of questions and tests levied at the reader as Steven Paglierani challenges the reader to find what they personally want out of life, using the concepts of Feelings, Ideas, Fact, and Stories to weave into advice on finding the truth you want and understanding the nature of humanity. "The Wisdom of the Four Wise Men" is an excellent read that should be worth considering for any spiritual reader.

The Smart Guide to Wedding Weekend Events
Sharon Naylor
Smart Guide Publications
2517 Deer Creek Drive, Norman, OK 73071
9780978534127, $18.95,

A wedding is more than simply a ceremony in today's world. "The Smart Guide to Wedding Weekend Events" is a guide to being a more intuitive self-wedding planner to work around the multi-day celebration of a wedding. Sharon Naylor, long time wedding planning expert, advises readers on how to tailor the experience to fit what they want and need, from events that invite families to maintaining privacy when everyone has a camera phone and Twitter. "The Smart Guide to Wedding Events" is a strongly recommended read for anyone who wants to make their wedding as perfect as it possibly can be.

The Travel Shelf

Enjoying India
J. D. Viharini
Tara Satara Press
PO Box 1056, Fairfield, IA 52556
9780981950303, $19.95,

With one billion people, there is a whole lot of culture to embrace in India. "Enjoying India: The Essential Handbook" is a guide filled with simple and recommended wisdom as J. D. Viharini walks readers through the best ways to enjoy the cities and culture of the this massive country well. From overcoming language barriers, cultural taboos, safety concerns, and many more, "Enjoying India" is a strongly recommended read for trying to avoid the pitfalls of culture shock.

French Feast
William Rodarmor
Whereabouts Press
2600 Tenth Street, Suite 260
Berkeley, CA 94710
9780982785218, $14.95,

Food is more than sustenance. "French Feast: A Traveler's Literary Companion" is a collection of contemporary literature surrounding the fine dishes of France, in ways that one would never expect. Food is a major force in life, and William Rodarmor compiles this collection to show that that it is a major force in writing as well. "French Feast" is insightful and a must-read for anyone with a love of international literature as well as French cuisine.

The Memoir Shelf

At Home in the Elk River Valley
Mary B. Kurtz
Dog Ear Publishing
4010 W. 86th Street, Ste H, Indianapolis, IN 46268
9781608449446, $14.95,

Those who still call the hills and valleys home have plenty of character unlike what you'll find in the cities. "At Home in the Elk River Valley" is a memoir from Mary B. Kurtz as she reflects on life's many twists and turns and her home in the Elk River Valley, stating her encounters with her family, the people of the town and their unique occupations, and much more. A taste of mountain life, "At Home in the Elk River Valley" is a riveting read that is very much recommended reading.

Becoming Patrick
Patrick McMahon
Deep Root Press
PO Box 161082, San Diego, CA 92176
9780982801901, $15.00,

The things we do to our mothers are terrible, but it cannot be helped. "Becoming Patrick" is a memoir of Patrick McMahon as he speaks on his own path through life. Searching for his birth mother and coming out of the closet both slagged his adoptive mother with major bombshells, as he tries to reconcile his world with who he is. A moving memoir of life and how it surprises us and our loved ones, "Becoming Patrick" is a fine and very much recommended read, not to be overlooked.

Why I Hated Pink
Maryellen D. Brisbois
Vantage Point
419 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016
9781936467013, $17.95,

With will and determination, breast cancer can be beaten. "Why I Hated Pink: Confessions of a Breast Cancer Survivor" is a memoir from Maryellen D. Brisbois who touches on her own endeavors to recover from her breast cancer diagnosis. At first skeptical of the support of the Breast Cancer support community, she found her support in her own way and began to understand the joy of life. "Why I Hated Pink" is a fine memoir for anyone who is faced with their own struggle for life.

A Song at Twilight
Nancy Paddock
Blue Road Press
34402 15th Street, Janesville, MN 56048
9780979650949, $18.00,

Alzheimers is almost a living death. "A Song at Twilight: of Alzheimer's and Love" is a memoir of Nancy Paddock as she recalls the challenge and tragedy of facing two parents whose minds were rotting away from Alzheimers. Speaking thoughtfully to others who are facing such a tragedy and hoping to share strength with them, as well as provide a small tribute to her lost parents. "A Song at Twilight" is a solid and much recommended read, not to be overlooked for any Alzheimers memoir collection.

Notes from the Firehouse
D. E. McCourt
McCourt Movers
4 Suntaug St., Lynnfield, MA 01940
9781452872391, $12.95,

The most daunting thing about running into a burning building isn't the fire; it's everything else. "Notes from the Firehouse" is the memoir of veteran fire fighter D. E. McCourt, coming down from a family of fire fighters. From living in the twilight to help people to dealing with people distraught as everything they've worked for has gone up in flames and much more, "Notes from the Firehouse" is a moving and exciting memoir about the things people don't think comes into play when you run into fires for a living.

Bermuda Shorts
James J. Patterson
Alan Square Publishing
PO Box 341909, West Bethesda, MD 20827
9780982625125, $22.00,

Through paradise, we can earn what we truly value above all. "Bermuda Shorts" is a memoir from James J. Patterson as he reflects on his life's journey and how he came to see the world as he does. From advice on love, to taking a casual approach to life and all of its gravity, and the evolution (or lack thereof) of American culture. With a strong dose of humor and some off beat wisdom, "Bermuda Shorts" is a fine assortment of thought and wisdom, very much recommended.

Mind Your Own Life
Aaron Anson
Balboa Press
1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403
9781452532899, $19.95,

Man is not an island, but there is more interference between it all than is really necessary. "Mind Your Own Life" is a memoir from Aaron Anson as he reflects on his own journey through life and what he has learned through it all. With a simple dose of life and wisdom as he searches for his own happiness, he hopes his own journey will inspire others to make their own trip through the days more productive in procuring that contentment. "Mind Your Own Life" is worth considering for memoir collections.

Eat Bananas & Follow Your Heart
Mark J. Ehlers
Bookstand Publishing
305 Vineyard Town Center, Suite 302
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
9781589099135, $19.95,

Looking death in the eye, all you can do is keep on living. "Eat Bananas & Follow Your Heart: Essays on Life, Politics, Baseball, & Religion" is a personal and frank memoir of Mark J. Ehlers as he discusses his passion with humility and humor. Charming with plenty to consider, "Eat Bananas & Follow Your Heart" is a fine pick that should most definitely not be passed over for any memoir collection, highly recommended.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

The Descent of Religion
Liz Carr-Harris
Greyfox Publishing
5577 Smith Avenue, Suite 110, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5H 2K7
9780986729201, $19.95,

Something greater than man has been on minds ever since they've had the cognition to imagine such things. "The Descent of Religion: Its Evolution from Nurturing to Bullying ...and Back!" discusses the creation of religion from the perspective of evolution and the research of Liz Carr-Harris who blends science and philosophy to try to understand man and his creation of religion. With strong thought and plenty to consider, "The Descent of Religion" proves to be a fascinating and highly recommended read.

Illuminated Spirit
Dan & Jackie Deprospero
Koryu Books
PO Box 4464, Warren, NJ 07059-0464
9781890536114, $19.95,

Archery has more to it than hitting a target accurately. "Illuminated Spirit: Conversations with a Kyudo Master" discusses the spirituality behind the Japanese discipline of archery, Kyudo. Through it all, Dan & Jackie Deprospero discuss the values and lessons one can teach themselves through the martial art. An intriguing way to approach spirituality with a dose of history and tradition blended in, "Illuminated Spirit" is a fine and very much recommended read, not to be missed.

The Christian Studies Shelf

40 Days to Better Living
PO Box 719, Uhrichsville, OH 44683
B&B Media Group (publicity)
109 South Main Street, Corsicana, TX 75110
9781616262648, $7.99,

Through good health, one can do wonderful things. "40 Days to Better Living: Optimal Health" is an inspirational guide from The Church Health Center in Memphis, Tennessee. Stating how many under them managed to find health once more through a combination of faith, nutrition, exercise, and good support, "40 Days to Better Living" is very much recommended reading for any Christian looking to use their devotion to God for devotion to better health.

Governed by the King from the Inside Out
Raymond Blanchey
LoRay Publishing
PO Box 583382, Minneapolis, MN 55458-3382
97809830008309, $9.95,

When our lives are so chaotic, it can prove so difficult to find a strong connection to our lives and reality. "Governed by the King from the Inside Out" is a call to let God take control of your life and how to better help him take the reins for a more complete bond with Christ. With a certain flare and devotion, Raymond Blanchey speaks clearly and gives advice any dedicated Christian should consider. "Governed by the King" is a worthy addition to Christian self-help collections.

The Path to the Cross
Barry Applewhite
Biblical Concepts Press
3016 Plumtree Lane, Plano, TX 75074-3147
9780983065845, $11.99,

The path and ideals of Christ were overpowering. "The Path to the Cross: The Journey of Jesus That Shook the World and Still Demands a Response" is Barry Applewhite's own interpretation of the life of Christ and what it should mean to our own lives. Taking it tale by tale, it is a spiritual reading of the honesty of Christ and the difficulty of emulating him. "The Path to the Cross" is a top pick for anyone who wants a thoughtful take on the life of Christ.

Finding Redemption in Everyday Life
Lela Gillow Buchanan
Intermedia Publishing Group
PO Box 2825, Peoria, AZ 85380
9781935529859, $13.99,

Nothing is perfect, and it helps to quickly realize that. "Finding Redemption in Everyday Life" is a guide to daily redemption and faith. With strong spirituality and faith in God, Lela Gillow Buchanan comes at readers with simple and practical wisdom that shouldn't be overlooked. "Finding Redemption in Everyday Life" is a recommended pick for anyone looking to raise their spirits for years to come, and find something worth saving in everyday life.

The 10 Kidmandments
Jeffrey B. Oddo
Strong Books
PO Box 715, Avon, CT 06001-0715
Jenee Arthur Agency (publicity)
3400 Harbor Avenue SW #209, Seattle, WA 98126
9781928782278, $19.95,

A parent's job is to prepare their child for the daunting task of living life. "The 10 Kidmandments: The Principles for Raising Successful Children" is a Christian driven parenting guide from Jeffrey B. Oddo as he advises readers on helping children find their purpose, keeping the outlook sunny, keeping good health, and finding faith and success wherever they go. "The 10 Kidmandments" is an excellent and very much recommended pick for Christian and parenting collections, with plenty of wisdom that should be considered.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Healthier without Wheat
Stephen Wangen
Innate Health Publishing
1229 Madison St., M Suite 1220, Seattle, WA 98104
9780976853794, $19.95,

Gluten intolerance can lead to a long list of other health problems in some individuals. "Healthier without Wheat: A New Understanding of What Allergies, Celiac Disease, and Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance" is a guide to disorder of gluten intolerance. National expert on gluten intolerance Stephen Wangen offers advice on how to realize when gluten intolerance can become an issue for an individual, and how to combat it more effectively and avoid certain products. "Healthier Without Wheat" is worth considering for anyone who suspects gluten intolerance problems in their diet.

Barry Klein
Todd Publications
PO Box 1752, Boca Raton, FL 33429
9780915344055, $12.95,

You can fight off aging, but you can't stop it. "Aging: The Road to Prevention, Wellness & Fitness, Eat Healthy, Exercise Daily" is Barry Klein's advisory to fighting off the ravages of time. Good health is not one thing, it is a combination of many things and embracing it all is very much needed to succeed and flourish well into senior citizen status. Sprinkling some humor into the bigger picture, "Aging" is a fine read with plenty to consider, highly recommended.

The Fat Chick Works Out!
Jeanette DePatie
Real Big Publishing
174 W. Foothill Blvd., Suite #233
Monrovia, CA 91016
9780983343707, $19.95,

Anyone of any size can work out, you just need to find the work out that works. "The Fat Chick Works Out!: Fitness That's Fun and Feasible for Folks of All Ages, Shapes, Sizes, and Abilities!" is a health guide to exercise as self proclaimed fat chick Jeanette DePatie advises readers on how to get to exercise and stick to it. With fifty exercises that focus on practicality and getting going, "The Fat Chick Works Out!" is an exercise guide that realizes you aren't going to be a Greek god overnight, recommended.

The Fiction Shelf

Sticking Points
Shirley Kurtz
DreamSeeker Books
c/o Cascadia Publishing House
126 Klingerman Road, Telford, PA 18969
9781931038812 $18.95

The first volume of the DreamSeeker fiction series, Sticking Points is a novel following an woman who, amid her domestic and cooking duties, is beside herself with philosophical contemplation of the Biblical narrative. She turns the stories of Abraham and Isaac, Cain and Abel over and over in her mind, questioning a religious narrative that involves so much horrifying violence. At last she finds herself compelled to express her criticism of such cavalier treatment of human life in supposedly holy texts - what does this in turn say about church doctrine, and the church itself? A moving work that smoothly blends religious philosophy and the rigors of day-to-day domestic life into a thoughtful whole, sticking points leaves an unforgettable impression.

Warped Intentions
S. B. Redd
MavLit Publishing
PO Box 1103, Irmo, SC 29063
9780983115267, $14.95,

The intentions of a new entrant into your life should rarely be taken at face value. "Warped Intentions" follows reporter Garner Davis, who enters into a new relationship with Vernise Aikens and finds his investigative skills compromised. As he tries to understand the conflict of lust and reason, he asks many questions we face in today's world. "Warped Intentions" is an excellent read that shouldn't be immediately overlooked for general fiction readers.

Crowns and Rose
K. L. Green
Rubeus Books
4631 Pipeline Rd., Victoria, BC Canada V8Z 5M6
9780986644177, $19.99,

For power, killing a cousin is nothing. "Crowns and Roses : Shakespeare's Tales of the Lancasters and the Yorks" is a retelling of medieval political intrigue. Spinning this tale of war and subterfuge into a more modern tongue while maintaining the spirit behind it all and making it read well into a novel form from the usual theater presentation. "Crowns and Roses" is a fun and riveting read that will entertain for hours for fans of stories surrounding the power hunger of nobility.

Dying Within
Patricia Kelly
Renewal Publishing
PO Box 536, W. Hempstead, NY 11552
9781450770149, $25.00,

The darkness of life resonates strongly. "Dying Within" is a novel of high school sweethearts torn by the cruelty of life and what comes their way. Although they have love that is strong, it faces the worst that mankind can offer and they may find happiness if they can endure their way through all of it. "Dying Within" is a fine read that shouldn't be overlooked by general fiction and romance collections, highly recommended.

Jane Was Here
Sarah Kernochan
Grey Swan Press
c/o Kelley & Hall (publicity)
5 Briar Lane, Marblehead, MA 01945
9780980037722, $24.95,

When the mystery you're trying to deduct is your own existence, it can prove to easily spiral out of control. "Jane Was Here" is a novel from Sarah Kernochan, following simply Jane as she comes to a small New England town and the spirals of reality and thought that come at her in very small bits of familiarity. As she realizes who she is and what her town means to her, she is frightened but must dig ever deeper. "Jane Was Here" is a riveting work with plenty of mystery and paranormal blended in to entice readers further.

Jason Skipper
Press 53
PO Box 30314, Winston-Salem, NC 27130
9781935708346, $18.95,

In search of our dreams, we'll do anything we can to make them more of a reality. "Hustle" is the debut novel of Jason Skipper as he weaves the story of three generations trying to make their way towards what they want to make of their lives. The grandfather has the weight of his past deeds on him, seeking redemption. The father has lost sight of what love is, and the son wants to make his love of music something greater than hobby. Weaving the tale together well, "Hustle" is a fine tale of family, dreams, and what we will do for them, highly recommended.

The Fall from Paradise Valley
Virginia Nosky
Champagne Books
6709 East Valley, Vista Lane,
Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
9781926996011, $15.95,

Ennui can lead those with nothing to fear down a very dark path. "The Fall from Paradise Valley" tells a story of women drifting from their lives after having everything they thought they could ever want handed to them. From affairs that can destroy families and careers, facing the reality of their lives, and breaking the facade of happiness, "The Fall from Paradise Valley" is a riveting read of the charm of life gone awry.

Green Girl
Kate Zambreno
Emergency Press
154 W. 27th Street #5W, New York, NY 10001
9780983022633, $16.00,

Attention is something we both shun yet want at the same time. "Green Girl" follows young Ruth, an American girl in London who is trying to find her way through life's many twists and turns. As through young adulthood we try to assess what we do with our lives, Ruth's story is no different, as she finds herself pulled in many directions and left with far too many questions trying to make sense of it all. "Green Girl" is an excellent and very much recommended read for general fiction collections.

True Surrealism
Christopher Klim
Hopewell Publications
PO Box 11, Titusville, NJ 08560-0011
9781933435244, $13.95,

We're all just doing the best to increase our odds of life. "True Surrealism" is a collection of short stories from Christopher Klim who crafts stories of people who can't seem to get anything right, being dominated by all those around them, yet still find success in their own way, and coming to terms with what they are and where they are going. "True Surrealism" is a fine collection that shouldn't be overlooked, and will entertain and provoke thought.

Temptation to Sin
Ju Ephraime
23 Kimberly Avenue, West Haven, CT 06516
9780972878982, $7.99,

Vengeance can go sour so quickly. "Temptation to Sin" is a novel spinning the tale of the unfulfilled Shannon, who leaves her long time childhood sweetheart to find another. The vengeful Brent seeks revenge for another, and aims for Shannon. But what was once vengeance turned into so much more'. "Temptation to Sin" proves to be a unique and thrilling work of romance, highly recommended.

Kelley Eskridge
Small Beer Press
150 Pleasant Street #306, Easthampton, MA 01027
9781931520102, $16.00,

With no connection to reality, one must learn anew. "Solitaire" from Kelley Eskridge is set in a world where the world is controlled by an administration, and Jackal Segura is destined to become the next person to control it all. Standing against it, she is shoved into simulated solitary confinement, simulating years with no contact. Upon emergence, she relearns the world, this time as a human being instead of one being sent to the top. "Solitaire" is a riveting and original read, very much recommended.

Joseph Leary
Dog Ear Publishing
4010 W. 86th Street, Ste H, Indianapolis, IN 46268
9781608446674, $14.95,

Scars of the past heal very slowly when they are truly found in atrocity. "Klara" follows the titular protagonist as she comes into middle age in a Ukrainian village in Chicago in 1977. When an elderly woman enters the scene, she is perceived as crazy, but Klara will soon enough learn that her madness shouldn't be dismissed as simply such. "Klara" is a riveting and moving read of ethnic life and the long effects history has on people.

The Chapbook
Charles Bane
Curbside Splendor
2816 N. Kedzie, Chicago, IL 60618
9780983422815, $14.99,

Curiosity of the world and our own happiness sometimes are at odds with each other. "The Chapbook" is a collection of poetry from Charles Bane, Jr. He asks many questions of life and time, as we search for those moments where life becomes clearer. "The Chapbook" is a fine assortment of verse, very much recommended reading. "Cycle": The sun is cracked and spills itself,/and stains the border of the western sky/and we must find a bed where I may pour in you/a sea of stars from which light comes,/unshadowing the hillsides of your near/form and spreading,/becomes the original poem.

The Aries Obsession
Daniel VanTassel
PO Box 415, Round Top, NY 12473
9780982628737, $12.95,

A daughter is worth more than the world. "The Aries Obsession" is an espionage thriller of the cold war. Stoney Johnstone, a top agent, finds that as the balance of the world lies in coups that may spiral the world into war, he finds himself more concerned with the disappearance of his daughter. With the help of a psychologist, he finds he might have the power to save his daughter without plunging the world into chaos. "The Aries Obsession" is an excellent pick for fans of spy novels, recommended.

Men with Broken Faces
James Ostby
Dog Ear Publishing
4010 W. 86th Street, Ste H, Indianapolis, IN 46268
Smith Publicity (publicity)
1930 E. Marlton Pike, Suite I-46, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
9781608448562, $14.99,

War does terrible things to people. "Men with Broken Faces" is a novel of World War I following Morgan Feeney from his basic training camp to the tragedy of the post war life. James Ostby tells the story of this all too true in history of people who faced the crippling nature of war, from the true physical deformities to the lives that were forever shattered, and how we struggle to find a truly happy ending. "Men with Broken Faces" is a profound and recommended read.

Crooked Creek
Maximilian Werner
Torrey House Press
PO Box 750196, Torrey, UT 84775
9781937226008, $15.95,

Running forever gets you nowhere fast. "Crooked Creek" is the story of the Wood family as they face the trials and tribulations of life. Going to the Heber Valley in Utah, they expect a much better life, and instead find that challenges will follow them anywhere and the only way to improve the self is to face crises head on. "Crooked Creek" is filled with fine wisdom and intriguing storytelling, very much recommended reading.

Men as Trees Walking
George Imbragulio
Vantage Point
419 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016
9781936467044, $15.95,

People as a whole are slow to change. "Men as Trees Walking " follows young woman Dulcie Dykes as she flirts with crossing racial lines in Tyler Canfield . As the small town of Elliston comes to term with its long rotting secrets boiling over, George Imbragulio tells a unique tale of small town life facing the future. "Men as Trees Walking" is well worth considering for general and historical fiction collections.

Two Thousand Eighty Four
W. Schoellkopf
Arbor Books, Inc.
19 Spear Road, Suite 205, Ramsey, NJ 07446
9780984199228, $17.95,

With power does not come immunity the crumbling of the world around you. "Two Thousand Eighty Four" is set in a near future America where the power lies with the wealthiest families in America. George Duffet, one of the men of power, finds his family crumbling within from inner turmoil. Marriages of power, secrets of homosexuality, and rebellion all threaten to destroy the system that has kept it all together. "Two Thousand Eighty Four" is a fine spin of politics, power, and greed, highly recommended.

The Antique Show
Kathryn Y. Pollard
Phyllis Scott Publishing
3431 Larga Circle, San Diego, CA 92110
9780615488219, $9.99,

Even in the oldest of junk, there's some gold hidden in it all. "The Antique Show" follows young Natalie as she copes with life with her grandparents. She struggles to find her place and blend in with a world that is so different from her own, until he sees that antique is something more than just old junk. "The Antique Show" is a fun read of youth and finding something to enjoy, highly recommended.

Ursula's Prism
Anna Block
Gihon River Press
PO Box 88, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301
9780981990620, $17.95,

When cruelty enters so early into your life, it can destroy your world. "Ursula's Prism: The Holocaust through a Child's Eyes...A survivor's Story" is a guide of struggling to survive in the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen. Author Anna Block bases her work on a true story of survival, of a young girl against all odds trying to succeed in a world that couldn't care if she lives or dies. "Ursula's Prism" is a riveting work of fiction, highly recommended.

A New Song
Sarah Isaias
Derusha Publishing LLC
2637 East Atlantic Boulevard, #16749
Pompano Beach, FL 33062
9781935104056, $14.95,

God has more power to unite than many realize. "A New Song" follows the union of a Muslim poet and Jewish physician as they look for a lost poem which may have a hand in guiding mankind towards its lost redemption. Facing off against extremists and violence, the search for truth is never easy. "A New Song" is a riveting read that shouldn't be overlooked.

Nawal El Saadawi
45th Parallel Communications
600 N. 36th Street, #212, Seattle, WA 98103
9780863564178, $14.95,

The mistakes of the past may not be such mistakes after all. "Zeina" tells of a famed Egyptian entertainer in the title, who finds her roots in being abandoned. Her lost mother grows to regret her decision to abandon her daughter. Years later as the revolution in Cairo begins to gain fire, the estranged mother and daughter may find what they've been looking for all this time. A tale of regret written by an Egyptian who understands the loss and challenge that the modern Egyptian faces in Nawal El Saadawi, "Zeina" is a top pick, very much recommended for world contemporary fiction collections.

The Beneficiary
Larry L. Hines
Scriba Publications
1000 Town Center Drive, 6th Floor
Oxnard, CA 93036
9780578052366, $19.95,

Corruption takes hold of one individual and spreads through the whole system. "The Beneficiary" is Larry L. Hines using his own experience as a trial lawyer as he brings readers a legal thriller of corruption and those who face it. Dillon Clark is an attorney with corruption surrounding him from all sides. From the judge, from his opposition, even from his own client. "The Beneficiary" is riveting with no shortage of twists and turns.

This Can't Be Life
Shakara Cannon
Infinite Source Publishing
5042 Wilshire Blvd. #16948
Los Angeles, CA 90036
9780983574804, $14.95,

Choices that will inevitably change our lives leave us with constant questions of which paths to choose. "This Can't Be Life" follow Simone who has been blessed with a good life. Drawn between an NBA star and one true love, she is split between what to choose. Other women too, are split between the choices of their life and where to go . "This Can't Be Life" is a fine read and addition to urban fiction collections.

That Paris Year
Joanna Biggar
Alan Squire Enterprises
PO Box 341909, West Bethesda, MD 20827
9780982625101, $25.00,

You learn much by traveling and seeing the world, but one particular year in Paris was exceptionally educational. "That Paris Year" tells the story of six women who arrive in France expecting some fun just for the heck of it. What they find is a gathering of France's greatest writers of the twentieth century and they learn more than ever expected. As they reflect on their journeys, theirs is a journey of art, eroticism, and everything else that makes up life. "That Paris Year" is a fun, yet inspirational read, very highly recommended.

The House of Six Doors
Patricia Selbert
Publishing by the Seas
1187 Coast Village Rd., Suite I-530
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
9780578064406, $14.95,

For a shot at something better, a gamble is very much worth it. "The House of Six Doors" follows Serena and family as they leave the Caribbean and try to find their place in America. Coming from near homelessness, they struggle to survive. Author Patricia Selbert tells the story of Serena and coming of age in a new land and what awaits her as she grows into a young woman in Hollywood, California. "The House of Six Doors" is a fine pick for a literary coming of age story.

Paul McKellips
Vantage Point
419 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016
9781936467099, $14.95,

The death of plagues is something that has not been seen in quite some time. "Uncaged" tells of a such plagues coming upon the American people once more as the government tries to stand before a disease that may cause the death of millions. With a growing conspiracy behind it all, it may be up to Commander Campbell to find the truth and give humanity a chance against a vicious death. "Uncaged" is an entertaining and riveting thriller, not to be overlooked.

Loyalty Binds Me
Joan Szechtman
Star Publish LLC
PO Box 122, Loretto, PA 15940
9781935188254, $15.95,

Immortality plays into our hands strangely. "Loyalty Binds Me" is a unique novel that spins into a Richard the III alive in the twenty-first century. Wrapped into a centuries old problem and facing what he's been running from for centuries. With a five hundred year old murder mystery turning hot again, "Loyalty Binds Me" is a highly unique twist on historical fiction and mystery, recommended.

Poison Makers
Jimmy Olsen
Hoffman House Press
505 Fourth Street South
PO Box 161, Hoffman, MN 56339
9780980183542, $19.95,

From the death of an ambassador, he will find corruption that is rooted deep in society. "Poison Makers" is a mystery and intrigue set in Haiti. Edgar Espinosa-Jones, called EJ by many, explores Haiti and its culture to find the truth behind the murder of an American Ambassador. Through voodoo and corruption with a sprinkling of zombies, "Poison Makers" is an intriguing read that should be considered strongly for world fiction collections.

Love at Absolute Zero
Christopher Meeks
White Whisker Books
1507 Nolden Street, Los Angeles, CA 90042
9780983632917, $14.95,

Thermodynamics are nothing; it's that love thing that is so frustratingly hard to figure out. "Love at Absolute Zero" is a novel following Gunnar Gunderson, a physicist on the verge of something truly magnificent. But when he gains tenure, he seeks to find romance. But with the project growing in severity and in a race against other scientists, adding love to his formula may have been a mistake. "Love at Absolute Zero" is an excellent read that is very much worth considering, highly recommended.

Invasion on the Mountain
Judith Edwards
Images from the Past
PO Box 137, Bennington, VT 05201
9781884592553, $12.50,

The New Deal shook up America in its attempts to rescue the nation from the depression. "Invasion on the Mountain: The Adventures of Will Ryan and the Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933" is a novel telling of Will Ryan and Ascutney Mountain. When the New Deal shuttles in the Civilian Conservation Corps, life on the mountain is going to become a lot more interesting. "Invasion on the Mountain" is a fine read that is very much worth considering for historical fiction collections.

An Irish Heartbeat
Paul Ferris
Grosvenor House Publishing
c/o Smith Publicity
1930 E. Marlton Pike, Suite I-46
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
9781907652264, $14.99

Peace is fragile, and it takes only one mistake to shatter it. "An Irish Heartbeat" tells of British Government Minister Cormac O'Reilly returning to Northern Ireland after two decades. But what he left behind may shatter the peace that Northern Ireland has struggled for so long to craft. From a former friend to lost love, he has to put it all together before none of it matters and violence becomes the name of the game once more. "An Irish Heartbeat" is an excellent thriller, very much recommended.

Down and Out in Manhattan
Irene Magers
Shady Tree Press
136 East 64th Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10065
9780984121137, $13.95,

A leap of faith is sometimes forever worth it. "Down and Out in Manhattan" follows a woman with the world thrown at her, Margaret Maghpye, as she embarks on post-termination escapades to find something to love about life. On a Mexican cruise, she finds someone to call friend. But whether is a few days friendship or something more is something she cannot yet determine. "Down and Out in Manhattan" is a riveting read with plenty to consider, highly recommended.

The House That War Minister Built
Andrew Imbrie Dayton & Elahe Talieh Dayton
Octavio Books
5410 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 507
Washington, DC 20015
9780983095804, $24.95,

As traditions fall and modernism rises, life between generations seems to radically change. "The House That War Minister Built" is a historical novel that traces the end of Iran's Qajar dynasty in the 1920s up through the modern era. Nargess and her family face a rapidly developing time, the fall of a medieval culture in the industrialized world through world conflicts to the tense era of post September 11th, 2001. "The House That War Minister Built" is an insightful and very highly recommended work of historical fiction.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

The Dark Age
Jeff W. Horton
World Castle Publishing
PO Box 10652, Pensacola, FL 32524
9781937085049, $12.99,

As the world falls to pieces, evil will flourish and only the bold will dare stand in its way. "The Dark Age: Survivors of the Pulse" is set on a post apocalyptic Earth. Ferrell Young of the Warrior Clan takes up a duty for the church to recover an important book. He races against Barbaric warlord Kraken, who is looking to end any power to oppose him as lord of the world. "The Dark Age" is a riveting blend of science fiction and fantasy, recommended reading.

Goodbye Milkyway
Dan Makaon
eFusion Publishing Group LLC
173 Cooquina Key Drive
Ormond Beach, FL 32176-8953
9780983378594, $27.95,

Saving the planet might be too daunting of a task for one man. "Goodbye Milkyway: An Earth in Jeopardy Adventure" speaks a massive tsunami that threatens the planet by striking at its axis. Tom Calvano, a problem solver who has gotten results in the past finds he is tapped to solve this catastrophe before it's too late. Humanity's salvation may lie in its most desolate continent, Antarctica. A riveting read of science fiction and much more, "Goodbye Milkyway" is very much recommended reading.

The Poetry Shelf

Dreaming of Kaleidoscopes
Chris Wind
15 Lakeview Lane
Sundridge, ON Canada P0A 1Z0
9781926891132, $5.99,

The senses make for a unique assault of verse. "Dreaming of Kaleidoscopes" is a collection of poetry from Chris Wind, as he presents a decade and a half of poetry, presenting her unique views and wisdom of the world and how it has developed over time. "Dreaming of Kaleidoscopes" is a top pick of poetry and is very much worth considering. "Counterpoint": Two lines of melody/refusing to coincide/collide/again and again/with each beat/they twist and tangle/leaving all my notes/in knots.

Crack Willow
Shelby Allen
Cherry Grove Collections
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781936370306, $18.00,

As the trees continue to grow, it's all too easy to forget one's own journey through it all. "Crack Willow" is a collection of poetry from Shelby Allen, a lover of nature and poetry who has received credit through many poetic journals. "Crack Willow" is a fine compilation of poetry, highly recommended. "Red-Wing Blackbird": My parents need me to sing/and I know the song.//I fill the nest singing:/notes they gave me//scrape my throat./Years fly while I hide//my fighter epaulets.

Slipping Out of Bloom
Julie L. Moore
WordTech Editions
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781934999844, $18.00,

Dedicated to her art, Julie L. Moore returns to readers with her second compilation of work, "Slipping Out of Bloom". Following her previous volume, she presents more highly honored work as she explores the wonder of the world we so often forget. "Slipping Out of Bloom" is a fine assortment, not to be overlooked. "Shift": Sometimes/in a cool/slip of wind and/shift of sunlight,/I mix my seasons up,/and in the midst of April/I expect to smell/earthen oils/simmering golden/leaves on autumn lawns,/hickory/smoking from a brick chimney,/butter/stars baking/in December,/perfume,/as sweet as the day/it was poured,/steaming off the feet of Messiah/come again.

Take Out
Kim Bridgford
David Robert Books
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781936370085, $18.00,

Fortune cookies are usually ignored, but there may be something deeper still behind it all. "Take Out" is a compilation of poetry from Kim Bridgford as she presents her own unique musings taking some fun inspiration from the so called wisdom in free cookies with Chinese food. "Take Out" is worth considering, recommended. "A Slight Hesitation": This fortune, opposite of courtesy,/.May conjure pictures of a miser's gold,/The trickling nuggets where a soul is sold,/The archetypal warning against money.//Or else the glutton, tearing swinely flesh/And washing it all down with swigs of wine./Or else the evil stepparent whose wish/Is that the children die in slow decline.//Yet what is time is what is substituted?/We should think how we would prefer to spend it,/Not squander what we have. We can't rescind it./Our attitude is what's evaluated./We should be sharing, as we seize the day,/Not be nostalgic as we walk away.

The River is a Reason
Meredith Davis Hadaway
Word Press
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781936370184, $18.00,

An editor of a poetry publication, Meredith Davis Hadaway's love of poetry is very much well known. "The River is a Reason" is her second volume of poetry as she discusses a love of nature, or more specifically, the waters of the woods. "The River is a Reason" is an excellent addition to poetry collections. "Power Failure": No light in the library--/leather bindings hold/dust in the dark//The clock stabs the room/with zero after zero.//I dream I drive my car through yellow flowers.

Palaces of the Night
Gerry Grubbs
CW Books
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781936370252, $18.00,

Cincinnati native Gerry Grubbs, poet Laureate of the Olympic Garage, brings a second volume of work in "Palaces of the Night". He ponders the vastness of the universe and what it factors into as a whole. "Palaces of the Night" is a fine read that should be given some consideration. "Restless": I rise/To keep/From waking you//The wind itself/Wanders in the trees//Night is a deep pocket/Full of lint and scraps of paper//And I wander/From room to room.

Hanging Men
Alvin O. Turner
Twin Territories
c/o Mongrel Empire Press
1108 West Main, Suite 103, Norman, OK 73069
9780983305231, $13.00,

Through history, we find relevance for our present and an understanding of our future. "Hanging Men" is a collection of poetry from historian of Oklahoma Alvin O. Turner as he blends verse and historical perspective into a delightful package. With plenty to consider, "Hanging Men" is a volume that should very much be considered. "A Plot Unravels": Oscar Peeler soon revealed/his role in the sorry affair, gaining/six months pay to show Miller around./He earned headlines and a pardon of sorts/naming Berry Burrell as the man who passed/the money from West to Miller.//That marked a new low in the downward spiral/of Burrell's sad life/from banker to forger,/land title schemes with Miller,/then broker between the killer/and those who paid his fee.

Kevin McNeilly
Nightwood Editions
PO Box 1779, Gibsons, BC Canada V0N 1V0
9780889712584, $18.95,

Art is art, even across mediums. "Embouchure" is a collection of poetry from Kevin McNeilly as he spins the legacy of trumpet players around the turn of the twentieth century, he seeks to capture their art in the form of poetry. "Embouchure" is a unique and very much recommended volume, a top pick. "Hot Lips": A milk-toothed embouchure/goes for nothing;/too many cats/will cut you hard before/flesh meets metal,/or breath can find the sweet/heart of a brassy bore./You hit., you kill./The blue devils learned fast/from Oran what means what./He had his Satch licks down,/but blew/another score,/free-floating over bear-/lines like a natural./Before Christmas,/they'd wiped out the Molten band,/By New Year's/they'd all joined up again,/even Walter./Nobody needs those fancy/arrangements:/creation can't be written out,/but drifts/like a fleet melody/through heads and riffs.

The Singing Inside
Michael Miller
Birch Brook Press
PO Box 81, Delhi, NY 13753
9780984200313, $16.00,

The love of life comes in the form of life within life. "The Singing Inside" is a collection of poetry from Michael Miller who constructs poetry of love in its many forms. With a certain dedication, poignancy, and honesty, "The Singing Inside" is a fine volume of verse, not to be overlooked. "Cage": I weave my hand into a bush with thorns/To help a yellow-throated warbler/Trapped inside a cage of branches./When I touch its feathers/I feel a cold, stiff body--/Black eyes lock into my heart./I ease the warbler out,/Cupping it in my nest of hand,/Then spread my fingers, imagining it/Flying toward a white pine's top.

The Spiritual Life of Replicants
Murat Nemet-Nejat
Talisman House
PO Box 896, Greenfield, MA 01032
9781584980810, $14.95,

The spiritual nature of our world and what it means has way too many spins and thoughts behind it all. "The Spiritual Life of Replicants" is a collection of poetry from Murat Nemet-Nejat as he speaks on spirituality with a unique brand of verse that questions anything and everything about the world. "The Spiritual Life of Replicants" is thoughtful volume that should very much be considered. "At the Gates of Heaven": 'I was expecting you sooner.'/'It's not easy to meet your maker.'/'And what can I do for you?'/'Can the maker repair me?'/Would you like to be modified?'/'No. Stayed.'/'What seems to be the problem'/'Death....'

Saint Monica
Mary Biddinger
Black Lawrence Press
115 Center Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15215
9780982876619, $9.00,

Dropped into the temptations of the modern world, it can be difficult to find a way. "Saint Monica" is a collection of poetry from Mary Biddinger, speaking of the spirit of abuse victims who yearn to take control of their own life once more. With a powerful message, "Saint Monica" speaks of real issues and the lives that so many dismiss as statistics. "Saint Monica Gives It Up": They say chastity is a gift,/like an extra thumb,/But they have never seen//Kevin McMillan bare/to the waist in an apple tree/as Monica did//one Wednesday afternoon/ before dance class/The bun in her hair nearly//unraveled itself./All of the birds around her/dipped to the ground//in search of stray fire ants./Still, she clung/to her Saint Christopher//medal, taped up/more kitten posters in her/school locker,//pounded the bread dough/a little bit harder./Twenty years later now//and she still sees/him: grinding cross-sections/of a fallen oak, or//staggering across a field to her/in pink moments/before the alarm clock's bare.

Reviving the Dead
Gary Fincke
Time Being Books
10411 Clayton Road, St. Louis, MO 63131
9781568091426, $15.95,

Through thought, we can strongly remember what has left us behind. "Reviving the Dead" is a collection of poetry from Gary Fincke. Drawing on the grief from the death of his father, and he brings readers poems that are dark yet hopeful for our future. "Reviving the Dead" is a simple and profound read that would do well in any poetry collection, highly recommended. "When": "When" became a children's story/Waiting to be spoken again.//As I told my children that tale,/My voice sounded like a prophet's,/Unlocking fear's old jewelry box/That sat by their beds like God.

Fragrant Flute of Fire
Saswati Das
Biplab Chattopadhyay
10635 Granby Way, San Diego, CA 92126
9780983410270, $5.38,

A passion for life is a passion for its changes. "Fragrant Flute of Fire: Poems on Love... Life... Revolution" is a collection of poetry from Asian American Saswati Das, as she speaks definitely and inspirationally about love, friendship, and the way we burn through life. "Fragrant Flute of Fire" is a moving read, down to earth and recommended. "Struggle": Struggle, Struggle is the call of the day/Freedom, freedom is the song of the soul;/Sacrifice, the heart years for now-Liberty is life's goal.

Words Collected on the Road to Silence
Margaret Coyle Irsay
One Body Books
1711 West 116th Street, Carmel, IN 46032
9780978946814, $30.00,

To find one's own serenity and peace, one must walk through much and try to comprehend it all. "Words Collected on the Road to Silence" is a collection of spirituality and poetry from Margaret Coyle Irsay as she weaves in interpretive dance with her spiritual poetry via full color photographs throughout. A unique experience, "Words Collected on the Road to Silence" is a fine pick of wisdom, very much recommended.

The Self-Help Shelf

Have a Nice Conflict
Tim Scudder, Michael Patterson, & Kent Mitchell
Personal Strengths Publishing
PO Box 2605, Carlsbad, CA 92018
9781932627114, $19.95,

Disagreements happen, but it doesn't have to mean a declaration of war. "Have a Nice Conflict: A Story of Finding Success & Satisfaction in the Most Unlikely Places" uses the fictional story of John Doyle to tell the story of bad conflict management and how to turn it into a positive. Drawing on the psychological practices of Dr. Elias Porter, the authors seek to empower readers to become masters of their own conflict and control their own lives. "Have a Nice Conflict" is a powerful read for anyone who wants to be able to diffuse life's conflicts more effectively.

You Might Be a Narcissist If...
Paul Meier, Lisa Charlebois, & Cynthia Munz
Langdon Street Press
212 3td Avenue North, Suite 290, Minneapolis, MN 55401
Dahlia Design Studio (publicity)
4342 Virgusell Circle, Carmichael, CA 95608
9781934938744, $13.95,

Having self worth is a good thing, but too much can lead to issues. "You Might Be a Narcissist if...: How to Identify Narcissism in Ourselves and Others and What We Can Do About It" is a guide to finding narcissism and understanding it. Narcissism can lead to stress on many fronts, and learning to understand it and act accordingly can help communications and relationships. "You Might Be a Narcissist If..." is a solid self-help guide, highly recommended.

In Search of the Self
Donald G. Oakley
Eyrie Press
1350 E. Flamingo Rd., #230, Las Vegas, NV 89119
9780961946555, $22.50,

The question of 'who are you' is one deeper than simply responding with a name. "In Search of the Self: The Riddle of Personal Existence" seeks to help readers ask such a question of themselves and delve deeper into what it means to them and how to get a better understanding of it all. Donald Oakley states we cannot conceive ourselves not existing, which leads us to more questions and offers the immortality of the self and the soul. "In Search of the Self" is a thoughtful question for those who question the essence of existence.

The Sports Shelf

The Little Black Bottle
Gerry Moore
Cycle Publishing
1282 7th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122
9781892495679, $18.95,

Although the modern field of athletics is rife with accusations of steroid usage, performance enhancing drugs are nothing new. "The Little Black Bottle: Choppy Warburton, the Question of Doping, and the Deaths of His Bicycle Racers" looks to perhaps one of the earliest known sports drug scandals. In the early days of bicycle racing, looking at famed trainer James Edward 'Choppy' Warburton, who was known for a little black bottle which had mysterious effects. Gerry Moore launches an investigation a century later to find something of truth. "The Little Black Bottle" is an excellent read of sports scandal and history.

The Business Shelf

The Intentional Networker
Patti DeNucci
Rosewall Press
5114 Balcones Woods Dr., 307-430, Austin, TX 78759
9780983546108, $19.95,

When you zero in on networking, you get much more out of it all. "The Intentional Networker: Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals, & Results in Business" is a guide to more efficient networking in today's business world. From making more efficient connections, being selective in your allies, an dhow to make these connections, Patti DeNucci advises readers on the power of focused networking and how to make it a reality for one's own business. "The Intentional Networker" is a strongly recommended pick for anyone who wants to boost their business's networking power.

Mind Power
Ruth Barrons Roosevelt
Traders Press, Inc.
c/o W & A Publishing
1 Peregrine Way, Cedar Falls, IA 50613
9781934354193, $19.95,

Understanding the business world is the best way to play it. "Mind Power: Thought Techniques for High-Powered Trading" is an advisory from Ruth Barrons Roosevelt for harnessing the power of the mind to be a more effective trader. From understanding psychology and human nature, she speaks on how to apply this to the market and using it well to win the day. "Mind Power" is a must pick for anyone who wants to understand the psychology of trading, very much recommended.

Grow Global
Jan Yager
Hannacroix Creek Books
1127 High Ridge Road, #110, Stamford, CT 06905
9781889262215, $31.95,

Worldwide expansion is a great way to secure a future for your business. "Grow Global: Using International Protocol to Expand Your Business Worldwide" is a guide to embracing world wide growth for one's business. Jan Yager offers advice on how to better expand one's business, the international protocol, working with businesses across seas, traveling abroad, faux pas to avoid, and much more. For anyone considering making their business international, "Grow Global" is very much recommended reading.

IT Survival Guide
David Papp
PFH Publishing
PO Box 3642
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada T8H 2T4
9780986821301, $19.95,

Understanding technology is a vital act in today's world. "IT Survival Guide: Conquering Information Technology in Your Organization" is a guide for businesses who want to improve their information and technology jujitsu, as David Papp walks readers through what needs to be done to make the most of their businesses technology and how to stay on top of the latest technological developments before they become over whelming. "IT Survival Guide" is a highly useful resource, very much recommended.

The Pregnant Entrepreneur
Darla DeMorrow
Blue Tudor Books
307 Windor Ave, Wayne, PA 19087
9780983372301, $15.00,

Pregnancy doesn't mean you stop being a businesswoman. "The Pregnant Entrepreneur" is an advisory guide for the recently expecting businesswoman who realizes her endeavors aren't going to stop for nine months while she deals with the newest entry into her life. From making it so your business runs well when you need to take your leave, to coming back after this tough endeavor, "The Pregnant Entrepreneur" is a strongly recommended business preparation guide for those expectant mothers.

The American History Shelf

An Elegant Wilderness
Gladys Montgomery
Acanthus Press
1133 Broadway, Room 1229
New York, NY 10010
9780926494473, $75.00,

Getting away from it all was not a twentieth century creation. "An Elegant Wilderness: Great Camps and Grand Lodges of the Adirondacks 1855-1935" tracks the history with photographs surrounding these sites throughout the wilderness. Discussing American leisure through the middle of the nineteenth century to the pre-World War II twentieth century, it presents a picture of nature as a getaway in itself. These many sites are complete with descriptions of the site, their longevity, and much more. An intriguing look at their rise as urban life began to become more and more all encompassing, "An Elegant Wilderness" is an excellent read, a top pick for those seeking a coffee table book or for any American history collection touching on the culture of the nineteenth century.

The Fashion Shelf

Practical Glamour
Constance Dunn
RLD Publications
9780978761028, $14.95,

It doesn't take hours to make yourself presentable to the world. "Practical Glamour: Presenting Your Most Beautiful & Polished Self to the World" is a grooming advisory guide from Constance Dunn. A focus on the everyday appearance, Dunn gives tips on everything from nailcare, to a good wardrobe and the all important hair. For those who want to look like a star everyday, "Practical Glamour" is very much recommended reading.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Saving the Soil
Jerry Mader
Tolt River
PO Box 1075, Carnation, WA 98014
9780982024614, $39.95,

With a growing population, feeding that population has become more important than ever. "Saving the Soil: The New American Farmer" discusses organic farming in the modern day. Organic farming has caught the eye of many, hoping to create long sustained farming projects for years to come. Advocating the organic path, drawing on the education of many involved, and presents a how and why to go to Organics. "Saving the Soil" is an intriguing read for anyone who wants to understand organics and what it means to the greater population.

The Gardening Shelf

Creating and Planting Alpine Gardens
Rex Murfitt
B. B. Mackey Books
PO Box 475, Wayne, PA 19087
1893443078, $22.50,

Rocks are not obstacles to your garden, they can be wonderful assists in your creation of gardens. "Creating and Planting Alpine Gardens: How to Build Small Rock Gardens and Work with Alpine Plants" is a guide to working with rocks and stones to create gardens that use them to their advantage, creating the soil, and making truly magnificent gardens throughout. "Creating and Planting Alpine Gardens" is a strongly recommended pick for anyone looking to make a more perfect garden regardless of what their working with.

The Art Shelf

Perfectly American
Amanda Lett & Collaborators
Gilcrease Museum
1400 North Gilcrease Museum Road
Tulsa, OK 74127-2100
9780981979939, $24.95,

America started to break from its European roots in culture fairly quickly. "Perfectly American: The Art-Union & Its Artists" tells of a group of art aficionados and business people who came together who began to encourage uniquely American art in 1842. Sending out monthly art engravings throughout the country to subscribers, and encouraged home grown American art. Compiling much of the art in these volumes and providing much commentary, "Perfectly American" is an intriguing analysis of the growth of this group, highly recommended for any community library art and American history collection.

The Education Shelf

Reach Out and Teach
Kay Alicyn Ferrell
AFB Press
2 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10121
9780891284574, $49.95,

Blindness can lead to many challenges in life, but it does not mean you don't have a life. "Reach Out and Teach: Helping Your Child Who is Visually Impaired Learn and Grow" is an educational guide to helping younger visually impaired people embrace early education and give them the advantages they need to succeed. From coping with the disorder early on, the importance of acting early, and how to deal with the stages of development, Kay Alicyn Ferrell guides readers through everything they need to make sure their visually impaired child has the best chance of success possible. "Reach Out and Teach" is an excellent addition to any parenting or education collection.

The Economic Studies Shelf

Low-Wage Capitalism
Fred Goldstein
World View Forum
55 W. 17 St, 5th Fl, New York, NY 10011
0895671514, $19.95,

The wealth differential is almost as big as it has ever been. "Low-Wage Capitalism: What The New Globalized, High-Tech Imperialism Means for the Class Struggle in the U.S." discusses this very important debate in modern politics which pits technology into the socialism and capitalism divide, which may lead to radical changes in the future as compromise seems to be fading away as an option. "Low-Wage Capitalism" is an important addition to the discussion of wealth divide and class warfare in today's world.

Financial Apocalypse
Bert Dohmen
Dohmen Capital Holdings
PO Box 492433, Los Angeles, CA 90049
9780578080550, $25.00,

As the world's economy spirals out of control, understanding it is quite a rough endeavor. "Financial Apocalypse: Predicting the "Unpredictable"" is a work on the business world from famed economic adviser Bert Dohmen known for his rate of accuracy in business. He describes the future of business and what needs to be done to make a profit in a crippled economy. "Financial Apocalypse" is worth considering for those looking for an expert opinion on business from a highly respected expert.

The Hunting/Fishing Shelf

Excellent Joy
Michael R. Rosmann
Ice Cube Press
205 North Front Street
North Liberty, IA 52317-9302
9781888160550, $21.95,

In the modern world, you can go to the grocery store and buy a fish with little cost or effort. Why do so many sit on boats for hours to do it themselves? "Excellent Joy: Fishing, Farming, Hunting, and Psychology" is a work of memoir and psychology from Michael R. Rosmann, a psychologist in trade as he opens readers up to the joys of hunting and fishing and why in today's civilized world so many embrace their primal needs for recreation. With a bit of humor and memory, "Excellent Joy" is a read with plenty to consider, highly recommended.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Rusty -n- Nikki
Janus Moncur
Mon Coeur Publishing
7777 East Atlantic Avenue, C-2#360
Delray Beach, FL 33482
9780978652920, $14.95,

The loyalty of a dog is unmatched. "Rusty -n- Nikki: Doggie Lessons in Life and Love" is story for pet lovers as Janus Moncur writes for her beloved dogs of being rescued from an unloved family, and finding a new home, with new family, friends, and the love between a dog and their new families. "Rusty -n- Nikki" is a strongly recommended pick for any dog lover.

The Automotive Shelf

Chevelle SS, third edition
Jeffrey Steffes
JC Publishing
PO Box 796, Watertown, MN 55388
9780972986946, $24.95,

The muscle car has gone out of style in today's world that favors smaller and lighter weights, but the style still lives on in the nostalgia of classic car lovers. "Chevelle SS: 1964-1972, A Muscle Car Source Book" is a guide for owners and maintainers of the classic Chevelle and El Camino owner who want to keep their beloved classic running smoothly as possible. With plenty of technical information, interesting trivia, factory data, and much more, "Chevelle SS" is a useful and very much recommended read for the classic Chevelle and El Camino keeper.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

A Cure to Die For
Stephen G. Mitchell
Creative Artists Publishing
2047 Last Chance Gulch, Ste. #338, Helena, MT 59601
9780983206002, $15.99,

With cancer gone, there will be no need for constant treatment. "A Cure to Die For" follows the invention of a theoretical cure for cancer, which comes under fire by corrupt pharmaceutical companies who see only a decrease in profit. As a group of few struggle to survive obstacles of man and nature to deliver something that could save millions of lives, "A Cure to Die For" is a riveting thriller of corruption, heroism, with a bit of romance sprinkled in.

The Man with Pointy Teeth
M. Juanita Taylor
Weary Dog Books
431 West Price Street, Philadelphia, PA 19144
9781451573770, $12.00,

In the name of justice, we sometimes place our own necks on the line. "The Man with Pointy Teeth" is a mystery novel following artist Caitlin as she studies the animals of her zoo. Spurned by love gone wrong, she finds that she might be the target of an unusual killer. Finding help in the strangest of places, "The Man with Pointy Teeth" is a riveting mystery with plenty of swerves and excitement.

Patricia Bremmer
Windcall Publishing
75345 Rd. 317, Venango, NE 69168
9780984593439, $13.99,

Karma has a nasty way of catching up with people. "Cornstalked" is novel following Bruce, a man with plenty of black clouds around his head. As he trespasses on a farmer's land, he finds him and his associates under the gun, as a sniper is stalking them in a game of deadly cat and mouse in a frosty field. An exciting novel of action and adventure, "Cornstalked" is very much worth considering.

Hell Cometh
Todd Card
8 Publishing
PO Box 521, Carmel, IN 46082
9780983655848, $17.99,

Hell on earth lies closer than you'd expect. "Hell Cometh" is a unique novel of horror and despair as Todd Card crafts a hell out of a small mining community called Wisdom. As the people of Wisdom face the cruelties of their town as it begins to infect their quiet town with hell. As terror and mind breaking affects strike at the people of the town, they will soon come to realize what hell really is. "Hell Cometh" is a riveting spin of horror and doomsday, sure to please those who like thrillers of good and evil and Armageddon.

The Criminology Shelf

Who Killed Betsy?
Derek Sherwood
Pine Grove Press
66 Bond St., Westwinster, MD 21157
9780615498119, $14.95,

Forty years cold, justice can still be found. "Who Killed Betsy?: Uncovering Penn State University's Most Notorious Unsolved Crime" investigates this stabbing of a Michigan student in the Pennsylvania university that has yet to be solved. Derek Sherwood provides new evidence as he profiles who he believes is responsible for the crime and what has become of the search in the past decades. "Who Killed Betsy?" is a riveting spin of real life mystery, highly recommended.

The Holocaust Studies Shelf

Storming the Tulips
Ronald Sanders
Stonebrook Publishing
508 Kenilworth Lane, Saint Louis, MO 63011
9780983080008, $17.99,

The desire to survive is great, even though death seems so easy. "Storming the Tulips" is an assortment of stories from many survivors of the worst of the Holocaust, people who were contemporaries of Anne Frank and here, they share their own stories of living under a gun and doing things they wish to forget in their efforts to simply see another day. "Storming the Tulips" is deftly translated by Hannie J. Voyles, and an excellent addition to any Holocaust studies collection.

The Political Science Shelf

Behind the Desert Storm
Pavel Stroilov
Price World Publishing
1300 W. Belmont Ave., Suite 20G, Chicago, IL 60657
9781932549676, $19.95,

The politics of the Middle East are a fragile thing. "Behind Desert Storm: A Secret Archive Stolen From the Kremlin That Sheds New Light on the Arab Revolutions in the Middle East" is a discussion of the history behind closed doors from Pavel Stroilov in the last few decades of conflict in the powder keg of a region. Going through documents from Russian archives, the memoirs of Bush Sr., and much more for a very different picture than the one that is shown publicly. "Behind Desert Storm" is worth considering for those looking for a different snapshot of history, highly recommended.

The Humor Shelf

Blacklisted from the PTA
Lela Davidson
Jupiter Press
5202 S. 43rd Street, Rogers, AR 72758
9781936214433, $15.00,

Motherhood has never been easy and a dose of humor with it all is sometimes all you need to get by it all. "Blacklisted from the PTA" is the musings of Lela Davidson as she waxes philosophical on the nature of the modern family and how we are expected to do everything in spite of having no adeptness in skill at any of it. Assuring parents they are not alone in drowning in the sea of responsibility, "Blacklisted from the PTA" is a treasure trove of fun for parents who are in desperate need of some of it.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

The Total Novice's Guide to UFOs
T.L. Keller
2FS Publishinig
PO Box 5481
Palm Springs, CA 92263-5481
9780982798805 $34.95

Black-and-white and color illustrations enhance The Total Novice's Guide to UFOs: What You Need To Know..., a gigantic, in-depth compendium of fascinating material about what UFOs are, why they come to this planet, who pilots them, and what impact that extraterrestrial life will have upon the Earth's future. Written in plain terms to be accessible to readers of all backgrounds, The Total Novice's Guide to UFOs includes case reports, spotlights on notable UFO incidents in history (including the Roswell crash-retrieval and the 1952 Washington D.C. UFO event), testimonies from amateur UFO hunters, revolutionary theories about how space travel and alien presence on Earth can be scientifically possible, discussions on extraterrestrial intelligence, and much more. The Total Novice's Guide to UFOs lives up to its title as a core volume ideal for any metaphysical studies shelf.

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