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Reviewer's Choice

Graced by the Seasons
John Bates
Manitowish River Press
4245N Hwy, 47, Mercer, WI 54547
9780965676366, $14.95

Autumn and Winter have often been analogized with the fading of life and approach of death. "Graced by the Seasons: Fall and Winter in the Northwoods" by John Bates seeks to disprove that analogy. Looking at animal kind and its habits during this cooler months, it's an eye opening account of how much life goes into these two seasons. The habits are intriguing and interesting, sure to please the nature lover in everyone. "Graced by the Seasons" is a unique nature book, not simply dismissing winter for hibernation or migration.

Ask the Cow
Rita M. Reynolds
Publishing Works, Inc.
60 Winter Street, Exeter, NH 03833
9781933002583, $15.00,

Although revered by the Hindus of India, the typical cow is not regarded as a terribly intelligent animal. Nonetheless, some here in the United States have formed a seemingly unlikely bond with the cow. "Ask the Cow: A Gentle Guide to Finding Peace" is Rita Reynold's examination of her relationship with her treasured cow Christina. Developing an understanding with her bovine friend, Rita began to better know the world around her and developed much insight. "Ask The Cow" is Rita articulately sharing the knowledge and wisdom she gained from her time with Christina.

The Little Black Book For Blue People
Ruth Theobald Probst
LifeMark Press
21150 West Capitol Drive, Suite 3, Pewaukee, WI 53072
9780975342220, $16.95, 1-877-783-1133

A do-it-yourself activity book for grown-ups, "The Little Black Book For Blue People" comes with a box of 12 coloring pencils so that the reader of this little spiral bound pocket book story of a girl who could not remember of ever being happy can color in the picture illustrations by Susan and Annie Losinske that accompany this little storybook about dealing with the problems of life that can (and often do) result in occasional depression and chronic dissatisfaction. Original, charming, insightful, unique and as entertaining as it is 'hands-on' engaging, "The Little Black Book For Blue People" is a highly recommended for non-specialist general readers with an interest in Self-Help, Self-Improvement aids.

Spirit Unbroken
Rick & Alice Garlock
Inkwater Press
6750 SW Franklin Street, Suite A, Portland, OR 97223-2542
9781592993314, $19.95,

Strangers in a strange land... but those strangers may very well be her family. "Spirit Unbroken: The Two Sides of Love" is Alice Garlock's recollection of trying to find her ancestral origins. A product of the intermingling of American GIs and Japanese women after World War II, Alice returns to her mother's land in order to find the family she never knew. The tale is touching and will encourage those with estranged family to attempt to seek them as well. "Spirit Unbroken" is a great choice for those seeking an upbeat tale of finding home in a place so far away from it.

David Frawley
Mandala Publishing
17 Paul Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903
9781601090164, $12.95,

Yoga is not a religion in its own right, but it can help the faith of any believer of any sort. "Yoga: The Greater Tradition" is a complete and comprehensive guide to the practice in a small, portable form. Covering its history and its origin, it flows well into the customs and traditions of the practice and why things are done the way they are. With some speaking on the higher and more enlightened Yogis, "Yoga" is a must for anyone with even a passing interest in the art.

The Crafts Shelf

Fairy Houses and Beyond!
Barry & Tracky Kane
Light Beams Publishing
10 Toon Lane Lee, NH 03824
9780970810465, $15.95,

One doesn't need to visit a crafts store to enjoy all the fun enjoyed in the practice of building what are known as 'Fairy Houses". Co-authored by Barry and Tracky Kane, "Fairy Houses and Beyond!" is a compilation of photographs of various craft projects out in nature created by products found in nature such as the remains of fruits and vegetables, leaves, twigs, and other natural remnants. Aimed to appear as the village of fairies, and highly recommended to the attention of anyone seeking to create this unique structures themselves, "Fairy Houses and Beyond!" is a collection of charming full color photographs showcasing and illustrated what can be done with a little imagination and a lot of enjoyment.

The Gardening Shelf

The Natural Greenhouse
Virginia Coover
Sun & Shade Publications
PO Box 22, Shade, OH 45776
9780981455709, $24.95,

Greenhouses create optimum environments for growing plants year round. "The Natural Greenhouse: Growing Plants and Food for Profit" is an informed and informative instructional guide to those who want to take their gardening hobby to a professional level of competence, as well as those who are considering turning their gardening into a business. With advice on what to grow, how to grow it, and when to grow it, "The Natural Greenhouse" covers a wide range of subjects from getting started, to protection issues such as insects and pesticides. If you're thinking of turning your garden into a business, or simply doing your own horticultural research and experimentation, "The Natural Greenhouse" is what you need to work efficiently, effectively, and successfully.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

The World Teacher for All Humanity
Benjamin Creme
Share International USA
PO Box 971, N. Hollywood, CA 91603
9789071484391, $6.00,

There are those who do not accept a traditional religion for their answers. "The World Teacher for All Humanity" is a book explaining the concept of Maitreya, the World Teacher. Saying that humanity's current course is that the one which is sending it destruction, following the teachings of Maitreya may just save them. "The World Teacher for All Humanity" is a must for those who consider more than one faith to potentially have the answers. Also recommended is its companion volume, "The Awakening of Humanity" (9789071484414, $6.00). Both volumes are very highly recommended for personal reading lists and academic library Metaphysical Studies reference collections.

Nurture Your Spirits
Hua-Ching Ni
TOT/Sevenstar/Yo San Books/ILI
13315 W Washington Bl. #200, Los Angeles, CA 90066
0937064327, $12.95,

What are the roles of spirits in everyday life? "Nurture Your Spirits" is a look at, using the Taoist philosophies, spirits in the world. The author Hua-Ching Ni is a man who has devoted his life to the study of spirits and Taoist philosophy. Seeking to straight enlighten readers to the world around them that science and most religions ignored he has composed "Nurture Your Spirits" which is as inspired and inspiring as it is informed and informative. "Nurture Your Spirits" is highly recommended for academic and community library Metaphysical Studies and Taoist Philosophy reference collections, as well as non-specialist general readers who would understand the spirits in all of their forms.

The Allies Of Humanity: Book One
Marshall Vian Summers
New Knowledge Library
PO Box 1724, Boulder, CO 80306-1724
Warwick Associates (publicity)
18340 Sonoma Highway, Sionoma, CA 95476
9781884238444, $14.95,

The phenomena of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) has been the subject of governmental and military studies, popular entertainment, and an enduring concern by ordinary people who have experienced extraordinary events. Now in an expanded and updated second edition, "The Allies Of Humanity: Book One" offers UFO and First Contact spiritual authority Marshal Vian Summers' assertion that the increasing appearance of UFOs and other related phenomena such as 'alien abductions' are symptomatic of 'a subtle and unopposed Intervention by extraterrestrial forces' seeking to exploit Earth's resources. All of which is occurring against a backdrop of environmental degradation and resource depletion rendering humanity exceptionally vulnerable to alien exploitation and influence. "The Allies Of Humanity: Book One" is a clarion call and descriptive challenge that will prove of exceptional interest to students of Metaphysical Studies in general, and UFO phenomena in particular.

The Business Shelf

Jump Start Your Brain v2.0
Doug Hall
Clerisy Press
1700 Madison Road, Cincinnatti, OH 45206
9781578602841, $16.95,

Business has and always require clear thinking. This is the basic premise underlying Doug Hall's "Jump Start Your Brain v2.0: How Everyone At Every Age Can Be Smarter and More Creative", a practical and informative guide to training and preparing men and women for the world of business. The methods within are reinforced by scientific evidence, and will help readers fully understand the products and services that proliferate in today's complex systems of commerce. Simple yet effective in its methods, this expanded and updated second edition of "Jump Start Your Brain v2.0" is a must for entrepreneur or corporate executive who wants to 'keep their brain in the game' that is business.

Anatomy Of A Business Plan
Linda Pinson
Out of Your Mind and Into the Marketplace
13381 White Sand Drive, Tustin, CA 92780
9780944205372, $22.95,

A sound and practical business plan is a fundamental necessity for any entrepreneurial endeavor if it is to succeed in today's volatile and competitive marketplace regardless of the goods or services it offers. Now in a newly revised, expanded, and updated seventh edition, "Anatomy Of A Business Plan" by business planning expert, speaker, consultant, and educator Linda Pinson is a complete 'how to' instructional manual and guide to creating and maintaining a viable business regardless of the size of the company or corporation. Pinson covers all aspects of the business plan from the cover sheet to appendices. Illustrative examples are provided for the executive summary, the individual plan elements, financial documentation, supporting documentation, and tax information as a part of business planning. Of special note is the chapter devoted to business planning for a nonprofit operation. Enhanced with chapters on business software, financing, and resource lists and links relevant to creating a business plan, "Anatomy Of A Business Plan" also provides four real-life examples in the form of appendices, has blank forms and worksheets that the reader can copy and use, and offers a glossary of business and financial terms. Anyone planning to establish a business of any kind would greatly benefit from a careful reading of Linda Pinson's "Anatomy Of A Business Plan".

A Woman's Place...
Ann M. Dugan & Collaborators
The Family Business Consulting Group
1220-B Kennestone Circle, Marietta, GA 30066
1891652214, $29.95,

In Family business, the entire family must work for maximum success. "A Woman's Place... The Crucial Roles of Women in Family Business" is an examination of the roles of women in family business. So often women are forced to serve as mother, sister, wife, and co-worker, but the prospects of advancement prove difficult. When dealing with family, no one wants to cause the turmoil and animosity one faces with a more traditional employee and employer relationship. "A Woman's Place..." would be a recommended read to any woman dissatisfied with her position in a family business.

The Way of Innovation
Kaihan Krippendorff
Platinum Press
57 Littlefield Street, Avon, MA 02322
Ruder-Finn (publicity)
1110 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10022
9781598693799, $14.95,

Traditional Chinese philosophy has more to offer than just food for one's soul it can help one's business as well. "The Way of Innovation: Master the Five Elements of Change to Reinvent Your Products, Services, and Organization" is a guide to using the eastern elements of change to push change in your business. Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth all have something to teach entrepreneurs on improving their company, and "The Way of Innovation" will teach readers how.

Bahrain's Business Environment
Philip Dew, editor
GMB Publishing
525 South 4th Street, Suite 241, Phledelphia, PA 19147
9781846730863, $100.00,

The best way to move into a new, blossoming market is to be informed. "Bahrain's Business Environment: A Guide to Market Potential and the Rules of Commercial Engagement" is a guide for complete and comprehensive understanding of the business world of Bahrain. With local Bahrainian experts giving their expertise alongside advice from international moguls, there's no shortage of skill to draw upon within. With notes on law, taxes, and other legal problems one may face when expanding into this new territory, it leaves nothing to chance for business men. If you are an entrepreneur looking to expand into Bahrain, "Bahrain's Business Environment" is a must purchase.

It's Never Only Business
Michael White
Infinity Publishing
1094 New DeHaven Street, Suite 100, West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2713
0741447290, $14.95,

Business is never just as simple as just business. "It's Never Only Business" is a small business owner breaking one of the taboos that one modern proverb lays out 'it's just business.'. His stories encourage entrepreneurs to be more involved with people and both sides of the chain to form tighter relationships and strong loyalty all around. A different kind of business manual, "It's Never Only Business" is recommended for its unique approach.

Robert B. Cialdini
c/o Jane Wesman Public Relations
322 Eighth Avenue, Suite 1702, New York, NY 10001
9780205609994, $21.99,

What lets some people be listened to while others are completely ignored -- despite saying essentially the same thing? "Influence: Science in Practice" has sold over a million and a half copies is an examination of the concept of Influence and its effect in the world of business. The new and improved fifth edition adds more supportive anecdotes, the effect of popular culture, technological advances, and cultural issues that appear. Now in a newly updated and expanded fifth edition, "Influence" is a must for anyone who wants to be heard in the world of business.

The Travel Shelf

Backcountry Adventures Colorado
Peter Massey, Jeanne Wilson, Angela Titus
Adler Publishing
PO Box 519, Castle Rock, CO 80104
9781930193062, $44.95,

Colorado is a vacationers paradise offering a variety of outdoor experiences and adventures for every season of the year. The collaborative work of Peter Massey, Jeanne Wilson, and Angela Titus, "Backcountry Adventures Colorado" is a 568-page compendium of detailed and reliable information showcases 143 of Colorado's best scenic back roads and four-wheel drive trails that can well serve to plan itineraries ranging from day trips, to week-end excursions, to week-long holiday adventures exploring what Colorado has to offer away from the usual tourist destinations. From ghost towns, to forgotten mines and mill workings, to old railroad and stage lines, "Backcountry Adventures Colorado truly lives up to its title with 'user friendly' and profusely illustrated directions. Enhanced with town histories, plant and animal information, driving directions that include GPS coordinates, and trails rated for degree of difficulty, mileage, and driving time, "Backcountry Adventures Colorado" is ideal for the non-specialist general reader and is illustrated with 924 photographs and 152 four-color topographic trail maps. "Backcountry Adventures Colorado" is an ideal and highly recommended reference for scenic drives -- and would serve as an excellent model for developing similar travel guides for other states.

The Photography Shelf

Hudson Valley Voyage
Ted Spiegel
Involvement Media, Inc.
PO Box 444, Fishkill, NY 12524
9781929373161, $36.95,

Beautiful and Historic, the Hudson River Valley has been a major part of American life for more than four centuries. "Hudson Valley Voyage: Through the Seasons, Through the Years" is a gorgeous collection of one hundred and fifty full color photographs and more than thirty scholarly and educational essays. The scenery of the river and the importance come to light within, and will give readers a love for this body of water. Enhanced with maps, timelines, tourism information and much more, "Hudson Valley Voyage" is highly recommended to any community library photography collection focusing on natural wonders.

Barns Around Iowa
Luella Hazeltine
Penfield Books
215 Brown Street, Iowa City, IA 52245-5801
9781932043440, $14.95,

In an agricultural society, the barn is a fundamental structure that was adapted to a diversity of tastes, materials, architectural experiments, and distinctive styles. History in the form of farm buildings, "Barns Around Iowa: A Sampling of Iowa's Round Barns" is a superbly produced collection of photographs about Iowa's round barns, which had once numbered well over two hundred thousand. One thousand of these barns vanish annually and only a fraction of that original two hundred thousand number remains. A piece of heritage and personal history, "Barns Around Iowa" is a sad farewell to what use to make up so much of what America held dear its agricultural history and architecture.

The Economics Shelf

ISO 9001 in Plain English
Craig Cochran
Paton Professional
PO Box 44, Chico, CA 95927-0044
9781932828207, $26.95,

What is ISO 9001? Is it a computer program? A new blender? "ISO 9001 in Plain English" is Craig Cochram explaining ISO 9001 in a language that anyone can understand. ISO 9001 is an economic statistics system that many companies are adopting, and for the wave that coming with it, few are grasping what exactly it all means. Cochram hopes to remedy that in plain speak, free of all technical talk and legalese so that those who are not Economics Professors can understand. "ISO 9001 in Plain English" is a must for anyone who wants to 'get it'.

The Fiction Shelf

The Shenandoah Spy
Francis Hamit
Brass Cannon Books
9781595959027, $18.95

Although Women were not formally allowed to become soldiers until the late twentieth century, this doesn't mean they did not participate. "The Shenandoah Spy" is the story of Isabelle Boyd and her time as a confederate spy. Disguising her acts in public by appearing as a Union sympathizer, she uses many deceptive tactics to keep her identity under wraps as she does everything she can in order to give the Confederacy a leg up in the American Civil War. Hamit has done his research, and it shows in "The Shenandoah Spy", a riveting and recommended tale of women in the war where the most American lives were lost.

Karen M. Black
Ricochet Publishing
143-260 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 1N1, Canada
9780978483814, $26.95,

Breaking up is hard -- and some people take it harder than others. "Moondance" is a original novel by Karen M. Black which follows one Althea Brecht as she is betrayed by her longtime boyfriend. In her attempt to get over him, she makes bad mistakes. Her mind begins to play tricks on her, and she turns to the supernatural with not much else left to turn to. Deftly written "Moondance" is a journey into Althea's mind, and an entertaining read every step of the way.

Francis Levy
Two Dollar Radio
c/o The Keg House (distribution)
34 Thirteenth Avenue, NE Suite 101, Minneapolis, MN 55413-1007
Meryl Zegarek Public Relations Inc. (publicity)
255 West 108 Street, Suite 9D1, New York, NY 10025
9780976389576, $14.00,

Obsession is something that strikes everyone at least once in their life, and that obsession is usually someone they believe to be 'The One'. A compelling and original novel by Francis Levy, "Erotomania" follows James as enjoys one fantastic night with the one he believes to be it, Monica. An experience of Amnesia afterwards though, does not strip James of his fanatical obsession with her. Not knowing why or even who she is, "Erotomania" is an exploration into the human psyche of eroticism and love in a way that hasn't quite been done the same before. An exceptional and deftly written novel from beginning to end.

Success Stories
David A. Taylor
Washington Writer's Publishing House
PO Box 15271, Washington, DC 20003
9780931846908, $15.95

The little victories in life are what matters. "Success: Stories" is an anthology of short stories from prolific author and documentary maker David A. Taylor. The individual tales focus on the every day lives of people and are written in a particularly vivid and well-crafted style that makes the reader legitimately care for his characters and what happens to them. Emotionally involving that makes you triumph with the protagonists, "Success: Stories" is highly recommended to anyone looking for some realistic, feel good short stories.

Alex Tamayo-Wolf
Wolfsreich Press
c/o Kelley & Hall Book Publicity and Promotion
5 Briar Lane, Marblehead, MA 01945
9780615147727, $19.95,

Life so sweet can turn so bitter so quickly. "Revolution" is the story of Helene. With a great childhood, life looks good to Helene as her father runs a vineyard. But it all turns bad when she is sent to the dark underworld of life, living in orphanages and later having to sell herself to get by. She looks towards home after so many years, and sees that a childhood friend has become powerful which is not as hopeful as it sounds for Helene. "Revolution" is a story of how lives can turn out so differently despite our earliest expectations. This is a deftly written and entertaining novel recommended for personal reading lists and community library collections.

The Pools
Bethan Roberts
Serpents Tail Press
9781852424992, $14.95,

Cut down in one's youth is no time to go down. "The Pools" is the story of how the drowning of a teenage boy seriously impacts the lives of those around him. A focus on the characters and how their lives can be destroyed from even circumstances that wouldn't seem to involve them, it's a look at how even the most ordinary life can become extraordinary. "The Pools" is an excellent piece of fiction for anyone looking for realistic and captivating characters in their reading.

Narrow Lives
Tyler R. Tichelaar
Marquette Fiction
1202 Pine St. Marched, MI 49855
9780979179037, $17.95,

Sequel to the excellent novel "The Queen City", "Narrow Lives" follows the villain who was a character in "The Queen City". The overarching narrative goes over several short stories throughout the book, each granting a unique perspective of the events of the story. A tale of how just one person can create misery and calamity for so many others, "Narrow Lives" is a must for its fresh format and unique approach to prose.

Aloha Crossing
Pamela Bauer Mueller
Pinata Publishing
626 Old Plantation Road, Jekyll Island, GA 31527
9780968509791, $8.99,

A seeing eye dog is entrusted with the life of their master. "Aloha Crossing " is the story of one of these dogs. Aloha wants to reunite with his old friend, and is prepared to travel a great distance to do so. The dogs determination rubs off on her owner, making "Aloha Crossing" a touching and inspiring tale, sure to please pet lovers everywhere.

The Goddess in Love with a Horse
Eugene Mirabelli
Spring Harbor Press
Box 346, Delmar, NY 12054
9780935891096, $17.00,

What's life hold when you travel so far across an ocean? "The Goddess in Love with a Horse: And What Happened Next" is the story of when culture shock is by far the tamest thing encountered. Ava finds she has wed a centaur, something she knew nothing of until she was lead to the traditional consumation of the union. Although fantasy, the concepts and the lives of the people are real, with the centaurs lending their own flavor to the story. "The Goddess in Love with a Horse" is highly recommended to anyone who wants a fantastical story of an Italian coming to America.

2020 Vision
Roy S. Neuberger
208 Airport Executive Park, Nanuet, NY 10954
9781598262131, $24.99,

What really matters when civilization collapses on itself? "2020 Vision" is a story of a Jewish family who seeks to reunite with one another after a series of terrorist attacks have devastated America over the span of a decade. Roy and Leah travel almost half a thousand miles across America to find their children and flee the collapse of a once great country by embarking upon a pilgrimage to the holy land. A superbly crafted novel of the near future, "2020 Vision" is a story of faith and the struggle to survive.

Another Time, Another Place
Strebor Books International
PO Box 6905, Largo, MD 20792
Atria News
1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
9781593090586, $15.00,

A lot of novella for your money is what "Another Time, Another Place" offers its readers. Featuring a series of stories headlined by New York Times best-selling Author Zane and other romance writers, the stories are sure to please with its unique and exotic approach to the genre introducing several concepts that freshen up the genre and will please critics and fans alike. "Another Time, Another Place" is a must for romance fans looking for the cutting edge of the genre.

The Last of the Descendants
Charles R. Prandy
Capstone Fiction
PO Box 8, Waterford, VA 20197
9781602901391, $15.95,

Descendants are many people's attempts to leave a lasting mark on the world, a link to the far-flung future that they will never see. "The Last of the Descendants" tells of one man who is the last of a line that has been alive for four thousand years. A family that exists that long never does so without building some secrets and the story that ensues is gripping to the very end. "The Last of the Descendants" is a nonstop thrill ride in book form.

The Last Rodeo
Linda Sandifer
Strathaven Books
PO Box 32, Iona, ID 83427
9780981633206, $16.95

Bull Riding is never a career one can do as an old man. "The Last Rodeo" tells of Dev Summers retirement from the game at thirty-five, a decision that drive a wedge between him and his family. Not helping matters is his growing affection for July Jones, a woman who exacerbates Dev's problems. Even worse, a foul plot of murder is afoot making the settlement of everything right a far more arduous task than it should be. A welcome addition to personal reading lists and community library collections, "The Last Rodeo" is a unique and highly recommended piece of western fiction.

Far East of the Sun
Janina Stankiewicz Chung
Reed Edwards Company
PO Box 562, Wilbraham, MA 01095-0562
9780979534713, $15.95,

The atrocities of World War II are something that should never be forgotten. "Far East of the Sun" is a fictional account, but true in the regard that it is what many unfortunately went through. Chung writes a story drawing from her own unfortunate past to create a story that will educate as well as entertain. A compelling novel based on unconditional love, "Far East of the Sun" is a must for those would enjoy an especially well written and morally engaging story.

In the Midst Of
C.M. Barons
New Age World Publishing
c/o C.M. Barons
9781594050985, $16.95,

The 1970s marked the end of the psychedelic decade of the '60s and the emergence of a newer and more self-centered popular culture. "In the Midst Of" by C. M. Barons is a deftly written novel set during this unusual time of flux and transition. It follows a young man named Brian as he deals with his equally unusual life through his turbulent times. When he loses touch with mentor discontinues Brian's friendship, and he is left wandering through the strange world of video arcades, encountering a variety of women of various demeanor. Brian decides he must find his mentor to bring rationality to his life. "In the Midst Of" is a nicely crafted work from beginning to end and a highly entertaining read.

The Baum Plan for Financial Independence
John Kessel
Small Beer Press
150 Pleasant St., #306, Easthampton, MA 01027
9781931520508, $16.00,

Sometimes variety is the spice of life. "The Baum Plan for Financial Independence: And Other Stories" is a short story collection not limiting itself to a single genre. From the seductive relationships of people of questionable virtue, to encounters with Frankenstein, to Matriarchal lunar colonies, it's a collection with something for fiction readers of every genre. A highly recommended addition for personal reading lists and community library collections, "The Baum Plan for Financial Independence" is ideal reading for anyone looking for a very special series of stories, each one a uniquely crafted tale showcasing John Kessel's storytelling talent.

Burden of Faith
Dean Magdal Thompson
Dog Ear Publishing
4010 W. 86th Street, Suite H, Indianapolis, IN 46268
9781598586091, $13.95,

When tragedy strikes, sometimes all you can do is find comfort in another. "Burden of Faith" tells of Maria Vargas and Kat Reed. Both women are victims of sexual violence. They find comfort in one another in order to recover. As they look to their faith for additional assistance, they must deal with problems such as Kat's unborn child's biological father who holds cruel intentions for Kat and her yet to be born babying. "Burden of Faith" is a heart wrenching tale of two women overcoming the cruelty of life, which may provide strength to women who have faced the same.

Haunted Hearths & Sapphic
Catherine Lundoff, editor
Lethe Press
118 Heritage Avenue, Maple Shade, NJ 08052
1590211626, $18.00,

Lesbianism has, to those who are willing to analyze closely, has always been a part of classic stories. "Haunted Hearths & Sapphic Shades: Lesbian Ghost Stories" is a collection of ghost stories focusing on this particular paranormal phenomena. The concept, while odd at first glance, grows on readers fast with a unique approach to story telling which is engaging on anyone's measure. "Haunted Hearths & Sapphic Shades" is a story compilation to be considered, with the pens of seventeen solid Lesbian writers.

A Stabbing for Sadie
Wednesday Lee Friday
3533 Pheasant Run Circle, No.4, Ann Arbor, MI 48108-2474
Stone Publishing
3851 Cottonwood Dr., Danville, CA 94506
9781600760723, $10.95,

What turns a killer into a killer? "A Stabbing for Sadie" is the unique tale of murder from a side rather visited the side of the murderer. Sadie was never the most balanced girl, with a dark history of a horrible childhood and her daily demons which drive her to do things most of us would never think of doing. "A Stabbing for Sadie" is a must for thriller fans seeking a story of another perspective.

The Neurology Of Angels
Krista Tibbs
Friction Publishing
PO Box 425675, Cambridge, MA 02142
9780981880303, $14.00,

Suppose you had enough resources to make possible the cure for Leukemia or the cure for Alzheimer's -- but not both. Which one would you choose? Drawing upon her academic research and her experiences working for the Executive Office of the President in Washing, DC, her degrees in neuroscience and business, and her current profession in clinical research in the biotechnology industry, author Krista Tibbs has written "The Neurology Of Angels", a novel that provides fascinating insights into the process of drug development from the perspective of three professionals in a marathon race to save a life. Galen is a neurologist turned reluctant biotech entrepreneur who gives up everything to develop a cure for stroke. Eddy is a devoted father who enters politics on a mission to lower the cost of prescription drugs. Elizabeth is a pharmaceutical industry lawyer who is raising a daughter with a rare and fatal genetic illness. Their lives become forever entwined as the three parents engage in a tug-of-war over the failing system of good intentions which is our contemporary American health industry. What Krista Tubbs has accomplished through her novel is to lay out with vivid clarity the real-world issues facing national health care today where competing interests clash, where market forces and governmental policies collide, and where good people from differing perspectives find themselves having to make life and death decisions constrained by forces beyond their control. Superbly written from first page to last, "The Neurology Of Angels" is highly recommended reading (especially for anyone with an interest in contemporary health care issues) and a welcome addition to community library collections.

Bear Any Burden
Ellis M. Goodman
The Morrison McNae Publishing Group
c.o Author Marketing Experts, Inc.
PO Box 421156, San Diego, CA 92142
9780979494833, $19.95,

Communism was an antithetical and inhibiting environment for scientific thought as evidenced by many innovative thinkers seeking to 'go over the wall' and escape to the west during the decades of the Cold War era. "Bear Any Burden" follows Alex Campbell as he sets off to bring a scientist to the west in the height of the Cold War. Getting one man across seems to be easier said than done, and Campbell may have to make sacrifices to succeed in his mission. "Bear Any Burden" is a gripping thriller, sure to please fans of the genre.

Destroying Angel
Charles M. Larson
Zyrus Press
PO Box 17810, Irvine, CA 92623
9781933990187, $16.95,

Some grudges never die, even after an entire century. "Destroying Angels" is the terrifying story of a series of gruesome murders throughout Utah. The families are slaughtered together, with messages saying who the murders were in the name of. If one occurrence of these wasn't enough, it happens again... and again. "Destroying Angels" asks the question who is behind it and why did they do it? A gripping mystery indeed!

The Real Estate Shelf

A Field Guide to Commercial Real Estate Investment
Robert A. McComb
Mesa House
1124 S. Owasso Ave, Tulsa, OK 74120
9780940352179, $17.95,

Selling someone an office building can be much different than selling them a home. "A Field Guide to Commercial Real Estate Investment" is a guide for those who wish to get in the less-traveled game of real estate in commercial areas. McComb brings his quarter of a century of real estate knowledge to the table as he speaks on the various ins and outs in this business in terms simple enough to understand to anyone new to all real estate concepts. "A Field Guide to Commercial Real Estate Investment" is the introduction one needs to get into the game.

The Philosophy Shelf

Towards a Brave New World
H. Ramachandran
Ram Publications
105 N. Hall Dr, Sugar Land, TX 77478
9788190587914, $6.00

A unique collection of thoughts and ideas, "Towards a Brave New World: Impact of Science and Technology on Religion and Ethics" are the musings of one H. Ramachandran. Looking at many ideas that impact our everyday life from simple things such as survival to relationships to one's faith in God, his ideas are unique and are a fresh set of concepts to read. "Towards a Brave New World" is recommended to anyone who wishes to read another's thoughts on life.

The Psychology Shelf

Your Exceptional Mind
Robert J. Flower
Gilchrist Institute
66 Palmer Avenue, Suite 33, Bronxville, NY 10708
0975050126, $34.95,

Just exactly how does this complex mind of ours work? "Your Exceptional Mind: Enhance Intelligence; Expand Understanding" is an examination of how humanity thinks and how understanding that can lead to a better thought process and better decision making in life. Talking about countless things that affect our mind and decision making ability, "Your Exceptional Mind" is a deftly constructed piece of writing, highly recommended to those in search of a good psychology book.
I Love You Madly
Robert M. Gordon
IAPT Press
1259 South Cedar Crest Boulevard, Suite #325, Allentown, PA 18103-6261
9781419623547, $15.99,

Why does some love seem to last eighty years while others barely last eight hours? "I Love You Madly: On Passion, Personality and Personal Growth" is an examination of romantic love and why sometimes it stays and sometimes it goes. With a discussion of what kicks it off and what kills it, it's a text, that although nonfiction, will entertain as it enlightens. "I Love You Madly" is recommended to any who want to understand this strange thing called love.

The Self-Help Shelf

Lazy Enchiladas
Denny Durbin
Bodega Publishing
PO Box 44002, Phoenix, AZ 85064
9780980207248, $14.95,

What is cool? What is success? "Lazy Enchiladas: Tasty Lessons on Love, Life, and Relationships" is a unique sort of self-help manual. Promoting honest evaluation, author Denny Durbin maintains that with the right soul searching, anyone can learn to be happy with their life. Through an array of memoirs, Durbin gives wisdom that teaches that average is cool, improving one's life is as easy as learning a few new recipes and learning a dance step or too. "Lazy Enchiladas" is recommended for personal Self-Help, Self-Improvement reading lists and community library reference collections.

A Journey Well Taken
Elaine Williams
Media Department, PO Box 100, East Jewett, NY 12424-0100
9780980110807, $13.95,

To love someone unconditionally for over twenty years and then have them snatched away, this one of the most heartbreaking experiences life can impose upon any of us. "A Journey Well Taken: Life After Loss" is Elaine William's reflections of her life after dealing with the death of her husbands. She deals with widowhood at a relatively young age and dealing with it through her writing, where she has done quite a few works from fiction to non-fiction to screenplays. Deftly written with an engaging sensitivity and candor, "A Journey Well Taken" is a story that the recently widowed will take comfort in reading.

Relationships That Work
David B. Wolf
Mandala Publishing
17 Paul Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903
C.S. Lewis & Co. Publicists (publicity)
196 Van Dale Road, Woodstock, NY 12498
9781601090157, $14.95, 1-800-688-2218

The ability to communicate clearly, effectively, and persuasively is key to being successful in any endeavor. Being able to practice good communication techniques and skills as a personal disciplined and conscious life stratagem is to be able to discover personal and social truths, all while exercising influence upon others in every social or professional relationship. In "Relationships That Work: The Power Of conscious Living", David B. Wolf draws upon his many years of experience and expertise to present a series of principles, strategies and tools for effective, life-changing and life-enhancing communication as he addresses ten commonly encountered roadblocks to effective communication, the practice of empathetic listening, the use of 'mirroring' to help solve the problems of others and/or inspiring them to act in their own best interests, neutralizing hostile and aggressive people, being assertive in challenging situations, asking questions that improve the quality of dialogue, and finding the hidden motives behind different types of communication styles. Informed and informative, accessibly written for both students of communication as well as non-specialist general readers wanting to improve their own communication abilities, "Relationships That Work" is a deftly written, 'user friendly', and highly recommended addition to personal, professional, and community library Self-Help, Self-Improvement reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

The EFT Manual
Gary Craig
Energy Psychology Press
PO Box 442, Fulton, CA 95439
9781604150308, $14.95,

Properly managed, the human body is capable of enormous recuperative powers including the mental and emotional, as well as the physical. EFT stands for 'Emotional Freedom Techniques'. Gary Craig has developed a series of EFT therapies and presents (along with illustrative case studies) the in the concise pocket-sized instructional book "The EFT Manual". There are also two other sub-categories of Energy Psychology: 'Thought Field Therapy' and 'Tapas Acupressure Techniques'. "The EFT Manual" provides step-by-step processes and procedures that are particularly 'user friendly' for the non-specialist general reader and can help overcome everything from common fears of all kinds and categories from psychological aversions to public speaking, to physical complaints like constipation or lupus, to dealing with grief and panic attacks. Readers will be able to use Craig's EFT therapies and techniques when dealing with fears, phobias, traumatic memories, addictions, and physical healing. "The EFT Manual" is a unique and strongly recommended addition to personal and professional Self-Help, Self-Improvement reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

Naked Idealism
Dave Wheitner
Wheitner Authentic Living
PO Box 81081, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
9780981776422, $19.95,

Life is not something that is meant to take with stone cold seriousness. "Naked Idealism: Expose Your Authentic Side and Create a Sustainable Life and World" is a thoroughly 'user friendly' guide to being oneself and taking life how it should be taken with a grain of salt and a dash of humor. Getting in touch with oneself is clearly the key to being content with one's existence. With a fresh touch of humor in his lectures, Dave Wheitner's "Naked Idealism" is a highly recommended addition to community library Self-Help reference collections, and a 'must read' for anyone seeking to improve their emotional well-being and enjoyment of life.

A Harvest of Miracles
Mike Thomas
Halcyon Press
2645 S. Loop W. Suite 440, Houston, TX 77054
Phenix & Phenix (publicity)
2100 Kramer Lane, Suite 300, Austin, TX 78758
9781931823586, $16.95,

Jesus raising the dead, feeding 5,000, Moses parting the Red Sea, bringing on the plagues against Pharaoh. The are biblical miracles from antiquity that everyone knows. "A Harvest of Miracles: True Stories that Challenge, Encourage, and Inspire" is a collection of contemporary stories demonstrating that God still performs miracles in the modern day, and not something known only back in biblical times. In "A Harvest of Miracles", Dr. Mike Thomas maintains that they still do and says that miracles mostly occur where people simply aren't looking for them. His inspirational anecdotes, examples, and commentaries speak of prayer, healing, and other factors, making a "A Harvest of Miracles" an inspired and inspiring choice for those who want to know if miracles are still being experienced today as they were in biblical times.

Life is Sales
Gary L. Ford & Connie Bird
Insomniac Press
192 Spadina Avenue, Suite 403, Toronto, ON, M5T 2C2
9781897178577, $15.95,

Everyone is trying to sell something literally. "Life is Sales: Change Your Life- Be More Persuasive and Get What You Want" says that we are all walking advertisements about what we, as humans can do for one another. Confidence is the winning marketing strategy when dealing with others, and Ford & Bird seek to explain the psychology behind it and how you can use the marketing skills picked up in this book to change one's life. "Life is Sales" is a complex and highly recommended look at selling oneself for a better life.

The Christian Studies Shelf

America Unraveling
L. Scott Smith
Father's Press
2424 SE 6th St. Lee's Summit, MO 64063
9780977940783, $20.85,

Is secularization destroying America? "America Unraveling: A Politically Incorrect Analysis of Public Faith and Culture" by L. Scott Smith is a Christian-influenced take on the problems that the United States faces today. Saying that the rapid departure from religion over the past several decades has essentially doomed this country to the chaos that it seems to be rushing towards, Smith offers his own unique plan to bring America back to greatness. Written from a Christian perspective, "America Unraveling" is recommended for consideration by anyone pondering the causes and possible resolutions for the country's present social and cultural problems.

Flower, A Story of the Nativity
Wayne E. Stahre
Habitation of Chimham Publishing
2280 Alexander Drive, Titusville, FL 32796
9781606430811, $12.99,

What was going on elsewhere in Bethlehem on that faithful night almost two thousand years ago? "Flower, A Story of the Nativity" is one woman's tale of dealing with the chaos that surrounded the town of Jesus's birth. Attempting to stay true to the Bible and to weave an enthralling tale of fiction around it, it's a spiritual tale that offers more than just the same old same old that so many have heard before. "Flower, A Story of the Nativity" is recommended as such to anyone looking for something to help their faith as they are entertained.

Evil, Anger, & God
Milton Crum
Wingspan Press
P.O. Box 2085, Livermore, CA 94551
9781595942425, $12.95,

Evil and Anger are two of the things God has inflicted us with. "Evil, Anger, & God" is an explanation to explain why we sometimes have these tendencies when God has designed us to be good and helpful. A scholarly look at anger and evil in its relation to religion, it's an excellent religious discussion, sure to be of much debate to readers. "Evil, Anger, & God" is a must read for any who would better understand the ways of God.

The New Answers Book 2
Ken Ham
Master Books
PO Box 726, Green Forest, AR 72638
9780890515372, $14.99,

What does the Bible really say about how our world came into existence? "The New Answers Book 2: Over 30 Questions on Creation/Evolution and the Bible" is a look at evolution and the science argued by some to invalidate the Bible. A Christian perspective that's well argued and intelligent, it seeks to answer questions such as the true age of the world, the great flood, Ancient Egypt, the growing status of secular ideas in our culture, and more. "The New Answers Book 2" is a must for any Christian who wants to be informed as they argue for their beliefs.

Being The Presence of Christ
Daniel Vestal
Upper Room Books
1908 Grand Avenue, Nashville, TN 37212
9780835899659, $14.00,

The presence of Christ is something all dedicated Christians ultimately value. "Being the Presence of Christ: A Vision for Transformation" is a compelling guide to changing so as to be more in keeping with the example provided by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. A complete and comprehensive manual to practicing the Christian faith, incorporating prayer into daily life, and spreading the word of Christ's gospel, "Being the Presence of Christ" is very highly recommended, informative, and inspiring reading for anyone seeking to embrace a Christian life.

The Political Science Shelf

Electing Not to Vote
Ted Lewis, editor
Cascade Books
199 West 8th Avenue, Suite 3, Eugene, OR 97401
9781556352270, $17.00,

Obama of McCain, McCain or Obama, are there only two choices for the election come this November? "Electing Not to Vote: Christian Reflections on Reasons for Not Voting" offers another choice, looking past even the possibility of a third party candidate, to abstaining to vote for moral reasons. Many writers from many denominations of faith in the Christian religion speak out about abstaining from voting. A refreshing look at voting and politics, "Electing Not to Vote" is highly recommended to any who are undecided about this coming November.

This Tribe of Mine
George Hiram Williston
Williston and Robbins Publishing
PO Box 137, Shelbyville, MI 49344
9780981544502, $14.00,

Is America the modern successor to the Viking culture of conquest and hoarding? "This Tribe of Mine: A Story of Anglo Saxon Viking Culture in America" is a book asking for something not typically associated with the image of the Viking: Peace. Comparing the United States to the Viking Barbarians of old and drawing frightening similarities, it is not an all out condemnation of the country's practices. Within, Williston also lays out advice for America to improve its ways for a better future for the world. "This Tribe of Mine" is an honest and eye opening book, a must read for those who want to truly understand America and its domestic practices within and its participation in international community of nations without.

The Poetry Shelf

The Lit World
Tim Miller
S4N Books
6904 Colonial Road, #28, Brooklyn, NY 11209
9780979870705, $7.00,

The entirety of human existence is filled with plenty of inspiration, and Tim Miller has taken it. "The Lit World" is a collection of poems based on times throughout known human history from Genesis to the end of the tyrannical time of Adolph Hitler. The verse offers new ways of looking at these vital events, making "The Lit World" a unique compendium of poetry. "A Caribou Eskimo Shaman": As a boy I remembered my dreams so clearly it was strange at first: But after a bit this I was given to an old man who took me during winter & he put me on a sledge & took me far away & he built me a small hut & put a skin down on the floor & I stayed thirty days.

The Debaucher
Jason Camlot
Insomniac Press
192 Spadina Avenue, Suite 403, Toronto, ON, Canada M5T 2C2
9781897178614, $9.95,

With two anthologies of poetry under his belt, Jason Camlot returns with his third anthology "The Debaucher". Keeping class always in mind as he writes, his poetry is never conceited and is constantly entertaining with his humor and notice of the insanity of everyday life. "The Debaucher" is a great collection, a strong choice for any poetry collector. "Shampoo": Summer social slow dance, we were twelve,/your pants were satin, my white jeans were swelled,/swollen, from dancing slowly, and from your smell,/Clairol shampoo, clear Cherry-Doo hair gel,//plus the salty neck buried beneath your hair./I was happy just to sneak my hand in there,/my nose, and travel to Asia Minor,/hot Africa. Your hair as thick as Cher's.

Dark Card
Rebecca Foust
Texas Review Press
English Department, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX 77341-2146
9781933896144, $8.95,

An award winning anthology of poetry, "Dark Card", is Rebecca Foust's reflections on dealing with her Asperger's Syndrome afflicted Autistic son. The poetry within explains why the chap book is award winning, and why the titular poem was nominated for 2007 Pushcart prize. "Dark Card" is an excellent collection, to be considered by poetry fans everywhere. "Underneath": His face is blank as a kettle pond/dawn, but he feels everything/there is underneath-- //tadpoles, minnows, sunfish, perch/fish-hooks, tangled lines,/frays of fat yarn algae strands,//filaments tethering lily stars/that from above seem free to skim,/milky writhe of swimmers' legs//mossed undersides of floats,/surprising truth of sailboat keels,/their iceberg depth.

The Words I Speak
Yolanda A. Mer Publishing
Writeful Owner Publishing
9780981605203, $15.00,

When you mix two very unlike things, you get something which has never been seen before. "The Words I Speak" is a compilation of poetry from someone who holds themselves as being from two cultures, both Belizean and American. She speaks on her life and experiences of being a daughter of a large family and a single mother of three. "The Words I Speak" is moving and fine verse, highly recommended. "Leap of Faith": The mighty power of the pen holds me in thrall/This impulse to write I simply cannot stall/It took a blind leap of faith to answer the call/Now poetry has become my all in all.

Jonathan Russell
Peter E. Randall Publisher
PO Box 4726, Portsmouth, NH 03802-4726
9781931807708, $17.95,

Award winning poet and honorary doctorate of literature holder Jonathan Russell brings poetry lovers a treat with "Whispers". Winner of the American Poetry Association's first prize two years in a row, the poems definitely show why they received such awards. The imagery is vivid and engaging, which is especially magnificent given Russell's legally blind status. "Whispers" is a must for anyone looking for the cream of the crop for poetry. "Box Car Barney": Box Car Barney, bard of the greeting/cards, sold by the railroad locomotive verse/clicking to the track's predictable signals, smooth/as iron wheels rolling to their whistle-stops./His shop was a cardboard box, the necklace of/commerce,/and the hanging Babylon of charity with hand dangling a cup-- the cash register of the homeless. Nothing/clicked in his life but coins dropped to the Muse's mart of Saccharine Art pretty cardinals/on a feeder tweeting to conscience sowing seeds/ of hope sprouting silver bell honey bee/congratulatory oratory, Christmas reindeer tinkles/and tinsel, birthday wishful sugary sprinkles/and lovers' trinkets kissed by hearts and flowers.

The Money/Finance Shelf

The Franchise Fraud
Robert L. Purvin Jr.
American Association of Franchisees & Dealers
PO Box 81887, San Diego, CA 92138-1887
9781419688621, $18.99,

Franchises can be a great way to start a business, but they do have their own particular pitfalls to be aware of. "The Franchise Fraud: How to Protect Yourself Before and After You Invest" is a guide for investors who are contemplating purchasing a franchise. With wound and practical advice on avoiding the pitfalls of the contracts, identifying and establishing your rights, and how to utilize a contract to personal advantage, "The Franchise Fraud" is very highly recommended as essential reading to anyone contemplating the purchase of a franchised business.

The Biography Shelf

The Centaur for Women
Carol Rowell Council
10797 Viacha Drive, San Diego, CA 92124
Bookstand Publishing
7790 Eigleberry St., Suite B, Gilroy, CA 95020
9781589094833, $18.95,

It has taken humanity as a whole until the late twentieth century to appreciate half of its population for the thinkers they can become. "The Centaur for Women: Memoirs of the Student Founder of the First Women's Studies Program" is the story of an educational pioneer and one who introduced the very concept of women's studies into existence. In 1969, Council introduced the first of the programs, which in number have grown to well over seven hundred in the present day. "The Centaur for Women" is a must for any feminist who wants to understand how the concept of women's studies began.

Spirit Matters
Matthew J. Pallamary
Mystic Ink Publishing
9781434318015, $21.99,

Spirit is immaterial, but incredibly vital to a person's well being. "Spirit Matters" is author Matthew Pallamary's personal and candid reflections on finding his own spirituality. His tale takes him from the harsh streets of Boston all the way across the Caribbean to the Amazon, where he soon figures out what really matters in life. A guide to becoming aware of one's true spirituality, "Spirit Matters" is a must for those who are going through life with no direction and no contentment.

Aaron Greenspan
Think Press
884 College Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306
1606690000, $25.95,

To let a multibillion dollar creation escape from you is something hard to get over. "Authoritas: One Student's Harvard Admissions and the Founding of the Face Book Era" is Aaron Greenspan's amazing story of having developed the enormously popular Face Book software, only to let it escape from his grasp to the benefit of others. Greenspan candidly lays out the inherently fascinating story of his life the memoir of an idealistic young man with huge dreams and an innovative idea -- only to be betrayed and have his creation stolen from him, then exploited for millions. "Authoritas" is a highly recommended look behind the famous Face Book website, and a recommended addition to academic and community library Biography collections.

When One Door Closes
Susie and Bill Graham
Three Dot
143 Cadycentre #339, Northville, MI 48167-1119
9780976201212, $24.95,

Life is sometimes cruel. "When One Door Closes: A Teen's Inspiring Journey and Living Legacy" is Susie and Bill Graham's reflections on their daughter's battle with cancer. Alexandra Graham was diagnosed at the age of sixteen and never let her spirit falter. She knew it was out of her hands and prayed for a miracle, a miracle which unfortunately did not come, but Alex did what she could to leave the world better than she found it. "When One Door Closes" is a touching and inspiring story, highly recommended to any parent facing a similarly tragic situation.

Journey Without a Map
Donna Caruso
Thistledown Press
633Main Street, Saskatoon, SK S7H 0J8
9781897235362, $19.95,

Every culture is different and their people have different experiences. "Journey Without a Map: Growing Up Italian" is Donna Caruso's reflections on growing up in what many would call a traditional Italian family. Fueled by food and tradition, her reflections cover the experience as a whole including the folk wisdom of her old-fashioned parents that gave her the strength to fight her bout with breast cancer. "Journey Without a Map" is a must for anyone who wants to understand the Italian people.

Bringing Him Home
Aaron Cooper
Late August Press
6033 Sheridan Road, 23A, Chicago, IL 60660
9780979792618, $14.95

Is the love of gay parents any less than that of a heterosexual couple? "Bringing Him Home" is Aaron Cooper's recollection of raising, together with his partner, a son with severe disability. Dealing with his own father's disapproval of his lifestyle, Cooper's story is one that many, homosexual or heterosexual, will see similarities to in the love for one's children. "Bringing Him Home" is a read to be considered by any who believe a gay couple cannot raise a child correctly.

The Roots of Penderlea
Ann S. Cottle
The Publishing Laboratory
601 South College Road, Wilmington, NC 28403
9780979140334, $19.95,

What did Franklin Delanor Roosevelt's New Deal mean at a personal level? "The Roots of Penderlea: A Memory of a New Deal Homestead Community" seeks to answer that question. Cottle grew up on one of these agricultural colonies and recounts her life and times on one of these places and the heartbreak and triumph that occurred there. A personal look at what dragged America out of the Great Depression, "The Roots of Penderlea" is recommended for a memoir of a time rarely recounted.

The Art Shelf

Art and Upheaval
William Cleveland
New Village Press
PO Box 3049, Oakland, CA 94609
9780976605461, $20.01,

Taking a stance against the injustices of the world is something we all wish we could do, but few posses the influence to do so significantly. "Art and Upheaval: Artists on the World's Frontlines" is an assortment of stories of people of the arts, be they actor, writer, painter, playwright or such, standing up for their beliefs. Their stories are inspiring about how those who use their fame for the good of all. Enhanced with photos and art of and by the nobler artists, "Art and Upheaval" is a must for anyone who doubts art's contribution to society.

Vincent Brocvielle, author
Herve Tullet, illustrator
333 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 530, Chicago, IL 60601
9781840595031, $24.95,

Have you ever stopped to listen to the conversations raging around you? "Hubbub" is an art book with a strange twist. With the art of Herve Tullet beautifully accompanying each page, Vincent Brocvielle provides a sample of the conversations one may hear striding through a French beach. The humor is non-sequitur -- as is life! Masterfully translated from the original French by Sarah Adams, "Hubbub" is a book of humor and art, the unique blend promising to please fans of both.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Tahoe Avalanche
Todd Borg
Thriller Press
PO Box 551110, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96155
9781931296168, $16.95,

Can an avalanche be used as a murder weapon? When March Carrera is buried in a monster avalanche at Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, Detective Own McKenna is hired by the young man's uncle to inquiry into event. McKenna and an avalanche rescue dog do a search of the slide area and dig up more than they expected as more victims are found embedded in the snow. From the mansions of the upper class to the dark world of Chinese mobsters, McKenna finds himself having to deal with a 140 year-old secret and trying to save another victim of an avalanche doom. "Tahoe Avalanche" is the sixth in a highly recommended series showcasing Todd Borg is a superb storyteller whose previous Own McKenna mysteries have established him as a master of the genre. Now "Tahoe Avalanche" continues to add to his literary legacy which also includes "Tahoe Death"; "Tahoe Blowup"; "Tahoe Ice Grave"; "Tahoe Silence"; and "Tahol Killshot".

Robert K. Tanenbaum
Vanguard Press
387 Park Avenue South, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10016
9781593154745, $25.95,

To kill in God's name, do the killers legitimately believe this or is it just a convenient excuse? "Escape" follows attorney Roger 'Butch' Karp as he deals with a murder case and a terrorist plot. Jessica Campbell murders her three children, claiming God told her to do so. Karp must prove that it was nothing more than an excuse while figuring out the route of a terrorist plot from an extremist known as 'The Sheik'. The two plots mix as he's faced with zealots on both sides and he is left to deal with God's supposed will. "Escape" is a gripping thriller, sure to please readers.

The Day After Midnight
Richard Greene
Gadd Books
292 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230
9780977405381, $14.95,

When you're in, you're in for life. "The Day After Midnight" follows Dr. Charlie Davids as he seeks to break free of his underworld connections and companions in crime. Seeking the serenity of a rural community, his old life pursues him and threatens his life. With only his true close friends to turn to, he must battle his own ethics to shake himself free of the mob, and the FBI as well. "The Day After Midnight" is an exciting tale of escaping one's past life, recommended.

Blood Guilt
Lindy Cameron
Bywater Books
PO Box 3671, Ann Arbor, MI 48106
1932859128, $13.95,

Everyone has secrets, but how far one goes to keep them secret is another story. A riveting mystery by Lindy Cameron, "Blood Guilt" follows private investigator Kit O'Malley as she investigates the alleged unfaithfulness of Celia Robinson's husband. Evolving from a case of adultery to one of multiple murders when in the course of her investigation people start turning up dead, Kit must ask what's really going on with the Robinson family. A deftly written and gripping suspense mystery, "Blood Guilt" is a strong choice for mystery readers and a welcome addition to community library Mystery/Suspense collections.

No Kiss for the Devil
Adrian Magson
Creme De La Crime
Dufour Editions (distribution)
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425
9780955707810, $17.95,

A breakup does not mean that all feelings once shared with the person vanish. "No Kiss for the Devil: You'll Know Your Friends But Not Your Enemies" follows the murder of Helen Bellamy, the ex-girlfriend of private investigator Frank Palmer. Despite being an Ex, Palmer still feels strongly about it, and sets out for vengeance. Riley Gavin meanwhile deals with a strange business man with seedy practices. Gavin and Palmer's stories soon intertwine, making "No Kiss for thee Devil" a gripping thriller, sure to please readers.

The Torment Of Sherlock Holmes
Val Andrews
Breeze Books
164 Kensington park Road, London, WII 2ER, England
0947533230, $12.95,

Not even his creator, Sir Conan Doyle, could kill off Sherlock Holmes, literature's most famous detective. Even after the original series of deductive mysteries that were to gain world-wide fame and popularity in his own lifetime was ended with the death of their author, fans such as those who created the Baker Street Irregulars simply would not let go of the Baker Street Detective and began to write more stories of his great adventures. Now another enthusiast of the pipe-smoking, violin-playing, detective has contributed to the growing library of Holmesian literature a new adventure -- 'The Torment of Sherlock Holmes". The master detective is once again gripped by deep depression for a lack of interesting crimes to stimulate and exercise his intellect and his faithful companion Dr. John Watson is determined to help his friend. While strolling through Regent Park Watson sees a black clad and heavily veiled drop a Victoria Railway Station ticket on the ground. Watson decides to utilize the ticket to retrieve whatever is claim in the property office to help shake Homes from his gloom. The find is a large heavy hat box; its contents, blood-stained clothing and a butcher's knife, launches the world's greatest detective out of his doldrums and into another riveting mystery. A deftly written and engaging story by an author who has mastered the tenets of the Holmesian cannon, "The Torment Of Sherlock" is especially recommended to the attention of the legions of fans of Sherlock Holmes.

King of the Holly Hop
Les Roberts
Gray Company & Publishers
1588 E. 40th St., Cleveland, OH 44103
9781598510386, $24.95,

High School reunions can bring back all the fun of high school and all the terror of it as well. "King of the Holly Hop" follows Milan Jacovich attending his 40th high school reunion. The festivities fall short as one of his classmates is found shot to death and accusations are flying all over. Jacovich soon finds that it's likely because of an old grudge but what kind of grudge is held onto for four decades? "King fo the Holly Hop" is a fresh and original mystery, highly recommended to those looking for a classic whodunit with new ideas.

The Parenting Shelf

Chaos 2 Calm
Tonia Tomlin
Sorted Out Publishing
c/o MM Book Publicity (publicity)
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126-274, Nashville, TN 37203
9780980154801, $17.95

Think of all the effort, time and attention it takes to care for just one baby. Then consider what the demands are when you are the mother of twins or triplets or more! Those are the mothers for whom Tonia Tomlin (herself the mother of twin girls) has written "Chaos 2 Calm: The Moms-of-Multiples Guide to an Organized Family". Enhanced with an accompanying CD, "Chaos 2 Calm" offers a wealth of immediately applicable, practical, effective, and 'user friendly' tips, tricks and techniques on a variety of pertinent issues including where to put the nursery; how to organize closets, bathrooms, the kitchen, and other areas of the home. Tomlin offers seasoned and experienced advice on crating baby-safe spaces, coping with the challenges of childcare, settling in, implementing a routine, traveling with babies, where to find eco-friendly baby food, fashion, toys, baby shower etiquette, and so much more specifically addressing the needs and concerns of moms with multiples. Of special note are the forms, both those in the back of the book and those on the accompanying CD which can be easily printed out as needed. If you or a friend are faced with parenting twins, triplets, or more (multiple birth rates are at an all-time high and continuing to increase in the general populace), then obtain your own copy of "Chaos 2 Calm" -- you are going to need it!

1-2-3 Magic for Kids
Thomas W. Phelan & Tracy M. Lewis
Parent Magic, Inc.
800 Roosevelt Road, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
KSB Promotions
55 Honey Creek NE, Ada, MI 49301-9768
9781889140254, $7.95,

Where to set the rules, where to draw the line, these are questions any and all parent constantly ask themselves. "1-2-3 Magic for Kids: Helping Your Children Understand the New Rules" is a practical and 'user friendly' guide for parents and their children in setting up a discipline and incentive program that works for everyone around them. Aiming for a more harmonic atmosphere around the home, and increasing the love between children and their parents, "1-2-3 Magic for Kids" is highly recommended for all parents who are unsure of what to do or what to say when their children fail to listen.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

New Secrets of Successful Show Dog Headlining
Peter Green & Mario Migliorini
Alpine Blue Ribbon Books
38262 Linman Rd., Crawford, CO 81415
1577790200, $19.95,

Dog show is a common gathering of people who are madly in love with their canine companions. "New Secrets of Successful Show Dog Handling" is a manual to dog shows. Explaining what they are all about and how to train one's a favorite pooch for possible competition, it's an ideal introductory guide for those who love them. Upbeat, positive, and full of valuable information, "New Secrets of Successful Show Dog Handling" is a must for any dog lover who wants to compete their canine companion against others dogs.

A Dog Lover's Guide To Canine Massage
Jody Chiquoine & Lnda Jackson
Satya House Publications, Inc.
Box 122, hardwick, MA 01037
9780972919173, $24.95,

For most dog owners, their canine companion is a part of their family for whom they feel a responsibility to care for 'up close and personal'. Just as massage is acknowledged as beneficial to humans, so it is also of benefit to dogs. Massage can help our dogs to relax, decrease chronic pain, speed up recovery from injuries, and help condition a working or competitive dog. One interesting side effect of canine massage is the relaxation and strengthening of the bond between dog owners and their canine companions. In "A Dog Lover's Guide To Canine Massage", Linda Jackson (founder and director of the Centre for Acupuncture and expert in herbal medicine and massage for her human and canine clients in Great Barrington Massachusetts) teams up with Jody Chiquoine (founder and director of Fitter Critters, a canine rehabilitation and hydrotherapy facility in Lee, Massachusetts) to provide a complete course of illustrated instruction that will enable pet owners to competently massage their dogs regardless of the breed or age of their canine companion. From reading a dog's body language, to the do's and don'ts of massage, to canine anatomy, stretches, massage routines, and commonly asked questions on the subject, "A Dog Lover's Guide To Canine Massage" is an informed, informative, practical, and thoroughly 'user friendly' instruction manual that is enthusiastically recommended for not only dog owners, but has a great deal of value for veterinarians, groomers, kennel and shelter operators, and trainers as well.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

The Great Medieval Heretics
Michael Frassetto
Blue Bridge
240 West 35th Street, Suite 500, New York, NY 10001
Meryl Zegarek Public Relations Inc.
255 West 108 Street, Suite 9D1, New York, NY 10025
9781933346120, $24.95,

To have one's own religious beliefs is a right that every American is guaranteed. "The Great Medieval Heretics: Five Centuries of Religious Dissent" is a look at a time where such a right was unheard of, and the Church held great power. Going over the centuries looking at those who dared to believe different, be it for better or worse. It's an intriguing account looking at the past and how far some people are willing to go for their beliefs. "The Great Medieval Heretics" is enhanced with an index, glossary, and other appendixes to help one's educational experience, making it highly recommended to those with an interest everywhere.

The Secret and Spirituality
Bill L. Little
Dove Inspirational Press
1000 Burmaster Street, Gretna, LO 70053
9781589805910, $12.95,

What's the secret to a happy life? "The Secret and Spirituality" is Bill E. Little's thoughts and ideas on the subject. Outlining the secret as something as simple as this: If one is happy and thinks happy thoughts, the law of attraction will bring more happy things and positive influences their way. With a unique and upbeat message, "The Secret and Spirituality" is recommended to anyone who wants to change their lives just by changing their outlook.

Rediscovering God's Plan for Mankind
Nia Redmon
Petra Communications
PO Box 820025, Pembroke Pines, FL, 33082
9780979036835, $17.95,

God's plan, it's talked about all the time, but what does it really mean? "Rediscovering God's Plan for Mankind" is Nia Redmon's wisdom on discovering God's plan for one as an individual. Honest and not seeking to push a certain organization's agenda, she states that God is not the sunshine and rainbows style happiness that he is pushed to be but his plan is optimistic nonetheless. With sound and practical advice for putting one's life back into service of God, "Rediscovering God's Plan for Mankind" is especially recommended to those who love their faith but feel they have strayed from its responsibilities.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Operation: Save the Innocent
Tony Ruggiero
Dragon Moon Press
PO Box 1714, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada
9781896944609, $19.95,

Young girls are supposed to play house, not assassins. "Operation: Save the Innocent: From the Declassified Files of Team Darkness" is the engaging sequel to author Tony Ruggiero's 'Operation: Immortal Servitude', a popular novel for fantasy adventure fans. Two young girls were transformed into Vampires and trained to be the best killers the world has ever known. John Reese is charged with taking them out, while faced with the specters of the past which still haunt him. "Operation: Save the Innocent" is a riveting and deftly crafted tale from beginning to end which is sure to please his fans and devotees of the action/adventure fantasy genre in general.

Arch Angels II
Steven L. Fawcette
Arch Angel Group
10615 W. Devils Head, Littleton, CO 80127
9780615200217, $13.95,

Something did happen at Roswell all those decades ago, but it's not what people think. "Arch Angels II: The Grigori" is a unique and deftly written fantasy by Steven L. Fawcette who uses the real world as the basis for his compelling, complex, and entertaining story. Arch Angels known as the Grigori have come to make the Hart family's life a literal living hell as they try to uncover the schemes that lay behind Roswell. A nonstop breakneck thriller, "Arch Angels II" is a must for those who like their fantasy with a strong action/adventure element.

Exile to the Stars
Dale B. Mattheis
Ardent Publishing
PO Box 489, Northfield, MN 55057
9780970543011, $18.95,

Taking our world's benefits for granted never seems to be a problem. "Exile to the Stars: The Alarai Chronicles Book One" follows one Jeff Friedrick as his twenty first century life falls apart, nearly getting killed, and then his life turning out that getting killed would have been the better result. Unusual events force him away from home, into a land known as Aketti. Culture Shock doesn't begin to explain Jeff's reactions to this world. An intriguing fantasy, "Exile to the Stars" is recommended to any fantasy fan looking for a new series to sink their teeth into.

The Killing Ground
Graham McNeill
Black Library Publishing
1525 Hulse Road, Unit 1, Pt. Pleasant, NJ 08742
9781844165629, $19.99,

The miniatures game and world of Warhammer 40,000 has captivated gamers world wide. "The Killing Ground" is a gripping science fiction novel set in the world the game is famous for. Following the famed Ultramarines, devoted to Codex Astartes, as they struggle to get through the universe to finally reach their home known as Ultramar. "The Killing Ground" is enthusiastically recommended to fans of the game and its world.

'Tween Heaven and Hell
Sam Cheever
Cerridwen Press
1056 Home Avenue, Akron, OH 44310
9781419957567, $9.99,

Lust is an emotion that never wants to cooperate with what you want to do. "'Tween Heaven and Hell" tells of Astra Q Phelps, a tweener one who is both angel and devil. She's aligned herself with the forces of good, but something about one of the devils makes her question her choice, and for all of the wrong reasons. Faced with her inner turmoil, "'Tween Heaven and Hell" is a delicious blend of fantasy and romance, sure to please purveyors of either.

Countdown to Action!
Joan Marie Verba
FTL Publications
PO Box 1363, Minnetonka, MN 55345-0363
9780965357579, $15.95,

Tragedy does strange things to people, and it is not always negative. "Countdown to Action!" is a novel based on the beginnings of the old television program "Thunderbirds". When faced with his wife's death, Jeff Tracy calls upon his sons to create an organization dedicated to rescuing those who need it. Creating such an organization, however, is much easier said than done. "Countdown to Action!" is highly recommended reading for science fiction enthusiasts in general and fans of the "Thunderbird" television series in particular.

Larissa N Niec
Mercury Retrograde Press
227 Sandy Springs Place, Suite D374, Sandy Springs, GA 30328
9780981665405, $16.95,

To pursue justice for those that hate you takes a determined individual indeed. "Shorn" is the first book of the Sky Seekers series. Jhared Denaban has set his goal in life to settle the debt of his ancestors. In doing so, he must face the animosity of his own people, and deal with insurmountable odds. Facing a whole slew of inner conflict, "Shorn" is a unique fantasy, sure to please those on the look out for a new obsession to read.

Eclipsed by Shadow
John Royce
Micron Press
71 Prince Street, Suite #35, Boston, MA 02113
9780972412131, $22.95,

The horse is the only animal that has the chance of wrestling the title of Man's Best friend away from the dog. "Eclipsed by Shadow: The Legend of the Great Horse" is the tale of a young equinophile who is swept into time. Armed with only her extensive knowledge of horses, she must find someway to survive the strange circumstances laid out in front of her. "Eclipsed by Shadow" is a new fantasy that is sure to please fantasy fans and horse fanatics alike.

Gateway To Paradise
Stephen Haffner, editor
Haffner Press
5005 Crooks Road, Suite 35, Royal Oak, MI 48073-1239
9781893887275, $40.00,

Jack Williamson was one of the enduringly popular luminaries from the Gold Age of pulp magazines. While he wrote stories across a spectrum of genre subjects, he is best known for his creative imagination in spinning out science fiction and fantasy yarns. Haffner Press is collecting his works in an impressive hardcover series. The newest addition is "Gateway To Paradise" is a compilation of ten stories he wrote from 1940 to 1941 and includes the original texts of 'The Reign of Wizardry" and the 40,000 word version of 'Darker Than You Think'. This volume also features a 'Foreword' by Frederick Pohl and continues with the Jack William stories 'The Sun Maker'; 'The Crystal of Death'; 'The Girl in the Bottle'; 'Racketeers in the Sky'; Ashes of Iron; 'The Star of Dreams', 'The Iron God', and concludes with an 'Afterword' by Jack Williamson himself. Of special note are full color reproductions of the pulp magazine covers for those issues of "Unknown", "Thrilling "Wonder", "Stardust"; "Super Science"; "Argosy"; "Comet"; "Marvel Stories"; "Startling Stories" in which the original stories debuted as this volume's end paper artwork. An especially nice enhancement is a black-and-white photo of Jack Williamson when he wrote these stories more than 60 years ago, and another color photograph of Jack Williamson in 2006. Commonly acknowledged by fans and writers alike as the "Dean of Science Fiction', he died on November 10, 2006 at the age of ninety-eight -- but his is a literary legacy that will live on for many generations yet to come. "Gateway To Paradise" is an essential addition to personal, academic, and community library Science Fiction & Fantasy collections -- and will stimulate a whole new generation of readers to seek out the previous volumes in this outstanding series to read more of his work, including the bibliographic listing of his writings (including his collaborations with others) provided at the very beginning of this collection.

The Music Shelf

It's All About Hymn
Donn LeVie
Kings Crown Publishing
4404 William Cannon Drive West, Suite P-216, Austin, TX 78749
9780981485706, $16.99,

Music has always been a spiritual aspect of religion. "It's All About Hymn: Essays on Reclaiming Sacred and Traditional Music for Worship" is a look at how traditional music has fallen into secular society and how modern religious leaders can reclaim them for worship purposes to enhance the faith of their congregations. With a side focus on newer music genres taking their place in religion, "It's All About Hymn" is a must for those who embrace music and their faith equally, and enjoy mixing them often.

Big Fun Easy Fiddle Book
Larry McCabe
Red Dog Music Books
PO Box 13341, Roanoke, VA 24033
9781934777145, $19.95,

The making of music is a benefit for both the musician and the audience. But before that can happen, aspiring musicians must learn the fundamentals of their instruments and gain a degree of expertise in their use. The fiddle has been a popular instrument through American frontier history and has the additional benefit of players being able to learn its use without formal training if they have a modicum of basic instruction. In "Big Fun Easy Fiddle Book", author and veteran music educator Larry McCabe draws upon his more than 30 years of experience and expertise to create a thoroughly 'user friendly' beginner's instruction manual that will enable anyone to learn how to paly traditional fiddle styles. Enhanced with an accompany CD and fully illustrated, the "Big Fun Easy Fiddle Book" includes notes and tablature. Beginners would also be able to 'play by ear' using the tablature (a number system) with each tune also being scored in standard notation for note readers. Also included is a helpful guide to fundamental, a varied selection of popular tunes, as well as chord symbols for accompaniment. The CD features all of the tunes in the book, played at a moderate speed with guitar accompaniment, and are a perfect way to hone and practice newly acquired skills. "Big Fun Easy Fiddle Book" is an ideal do-it-yourself at home instructional guide, and would make a welcome addition to school and community library Music Instruction reference collections.

The Social Issues Shelf

Four Hundred Years of Gun Control
Howard Nemerov
Contrast Media Press
PO Box 6195, Lakewood, CA 90714
9780981738222, $19.95,

A world without guns on paper, it sounds like a great idea. "Four Hundred Years of Gun Control: Why Isn't It Working?" is a look back on America's long history of restricted gun ownership from even before America was a country. An educated and scholarly look at one of America's most hotly debated issues and one that has been for centuries, "Four Hundred Years of Gun Control" is a must for any discussion on Gun control and for anyone who thinks removing protection from citizens is a good idea.

Intelligence and Human Rights in the Era of Global Terrorism
Steve Tsang, editor
Stanford Security Studies
1450 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304-1124
9780804759694, $24.95,

In dealing with terrorists, it's a slippery slope to avoid to not become as bad as the terrorists themselves. Compiled and edited by Steve Tsang, "Intelligence and Human Rights in the Era of Global Terrorism" is an informative body of work focusing upon the 'War on Terror' and how to go about waging it while still respecting basic human rights. Stating that the best weapon is peace to turn potential terrorists away from becoming terrorists in the first place is just one among many other useful ideas and tactics to be employed if we are to succeed in overcoming global terrorism in the 21st Century. A very strongly recommended addition for community and academic library reference collections, as well as the non-specialist general reader with an interest in the subject, "Intelligence and Human Rights in the Era of Global Terrorism" is a must for those who want a realistic plan for winning the war on terrorism.

The Literary Shelf

A New Dawn
Ellen Hopkins, editor
Teen Libris
9780979233159, $14.99

Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series has captivated youths all over the world. "A New Dawn: Your Favorite Authors on Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Series" serves as a literary companion for the best-selling fantasy series. Discussing the concepts presented in the novels and how Meyers portrays them in her stories, plus how they have changed stereotypes in today's literary world, readers are treated to a riveting discussion to the works of of one of today's fantasy authors. "A New Dawn" is a must for Meyer fans everywhere and a welcome addition to personal, academic, and community library collections.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Making it in Hollywood
Scott Sedita
Atides Publishing
526 N. Larchmont Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90004
9780977064113, $19.95

Three steps are all it takes between stardom and obscurity. "Scott Sedita's Guide to Making it in Hollywood" is a thoroughly 'user friendly' and practical guide for those who have set out for Tinsel town and want to make their mark on show business. Talent, Confidence, and Perseverance are all needed to be successful, and Sedita outlines how to acquire each of them and put them to great use to truly make a great career for oneself. Simply stated, "Making It in Hollywood" is a must to any who seeks superstardom in their theatrical career whether it is in front or behind the cameras.

Career Transition
Darren E. Holmes
The Right Attitude
PO Box 81285, Billings, MT 59108
9780981561844, $14.95,

A career ranks very high on people's most important things, but should it be above Life or God? "Career Transition: A Faith-Based Approach, Ten Points for Success" is bringing God into where many people keep him out their careers. Preaching that God has a plan for us all and letting God's hand work things out, it also gives practical advice on finding a new career, managing one's finances, and dealing with other issues that come up when changing careers. "Career Transition" is a must for all Christians who are dedicated to their career.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

The Coumadin (Warfarin) Help Book
Diana M. Schneider
150 East 61st Street, New York, NY 10065
9780979356421, $14.95,

The heart is a vital organ, but there is so much wrong that can go with it. "The Coumadin (Warfarin) Help Book" is a manual for the drug known as Coumadin/Warfarin and its effect on the heart. Covering the uses of the drugs and their potentially nasty side effects as well as possible problems that could come with mixing it with certain foods and beverages, author Diana Schneider has written a comprehensive and thoroughly 'user friendly' guide book. If one is deciding if the drug is right for them, "The Coumadin (Warfarin) Help Book" is a good read alongside the advice of a physician.

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