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Reviewer's Choice

The Prepper Next Door
Charlie Palmer
HCM Publishing
PO Box 18093, West Saint Paul, MN 55118
9780967162492, $19.95,

Preparation should never be underrated. "The Prepper Next Door: A Practical Guide for Disaster And Emergency Planning" is a guide for those who want to more comprehensively prepare themselves for the worst events and natural disasters that may enter their lives. With much to ponder and practical advice surrounding food storage, ensuring clean drinking water, first aid, and other elements, "The Prepper Next Door" is worth considering for those who don't discount preparation.

Digging In
Linda K. Jacobs
Kalimah Press
c/o Rooster Books
59 Franklin Street, Suite #207
New York, NY 10013
9780983539209, $TBA print / $9.99 ebook,

The people of Iran have a long history, and often misunderstood by Americans. "Digging In: An American Archaeologist Uncovers the Real Iran" tells of the journeys of Linda Jacobs, an American archeologist who spent many years in an Iranian village and learned much about the culture and the people who called the region home, and formed a bond that trumped culture and life. "Digging In" is an uplifting story of life and the things that unite us through all culture.

Hip Wrecked
Phyllis Katz
Idiolect Press
PO Box 1975, Studio City, CA 91614
9780982996805, $14.95,

Healthcare costs in America are phenomenally sometimes people look elsewhere. "Hip Wrecked: My Health Insurance Sucked So I Went to India for Surgery" is a memoir of health tourism as Phyllis Katz shares her journey to India where she tells her tale of seeking surgery far away from home when it looked like a much better financial deal. "Hip Wrecked" is amusing and offers intriguing opinions on international health care.

Never Leave Your Block
Scott Jacobs
Wicker Park Press
c/o Subtle Communications
2326 W. Medill Ave., Chicago, IL 60647
9781879652019, $14.95,

Life doesn't have to go far traveling. "Never Leave Your Block: Adventures in Urban Living" is a memoir and look at Chicago as Scott Jacobs looks at the changing nature of the city, where people can settle down into worlds where everything they ever need is in walking distance, and how the face of the town is rapidly changing. "Never Leave Your Block" is an intriguing study of modern Chicago, very much recommended reading.

Genocidal Organ
Keikaku "Project" Itoh
Haika Soru
295 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
9781421542720, $14.99,

As the world breaks down in fear, and uses that fear to control. "Genocidal Organ" is a novel of the near future as Sarajevo is destroyed by a homemade nuclear bomb. The world breaks down into a chain of surveillance states, looking for absolute control of their citizens. Intelligence Agent Clavis Shepherd tracks down an American who may have engineered the worldwide collapse, and may find the root of the evil in us all. Award winning Japanese author Keikaku "Project" Itoh's thriller is translated into English by Edwin Hawkes. Also available as an ebook, "Genocidal Organ" is quite the riveting read.

The Jobs/Career Shelf

Six-Figure Pet Sitting
Kristin Morrison
Six Figure Pet Sitting Academy
9780615434018 $34.95

Kristin Morrison (founder of the Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy) presents Six-Figure Pet Sitting: Catapult Your Pet Sitting Business to Unlimited Success, a no-nonsense guide to running a profitable pet-sitting business. Chapters cover the essentials, from basic business financial planning to advertising for clients to hiring staff members, keeping track of taxes, and much more. "At the end of the client interview, be sure to collect payment or give clients an invoice and ask that they mail their payment or give you their credit card information at least five days prior to departure. Waiting for clients to send you a check until after they've returned from a trip will inhibit your cash flow. If new clients are concerned about your getting paid prior to their departure for services not yet rendered, let them know they can write a post-dated check and have them date it for their return date." Accessible and user-friendly, Six-Figure Pet Sitting is written especially for entrepreneurs setting out to make a full-time business of their passion, but its professional and precautionary advice will prove just as valuable to more casual pet sitters looking to earn a little extra on the side. Also highly recommended is Morrison's "Six-Figure Pet Business: Unleash the Potential in Your Dog Training, Pet Grooming, and Doggy Daycare Business" (9780615566313, $34.95), a more broad-based career guide for pet enthusiasts who want to earn a respectable living doing what they love.

From Daydream to Dream Job
Raia King, MBA
London Media Publishing
PO Box 1422, Exton, PA 19341
9780984695409, $17.95,

Creativity is something many have, but few truly understand how to turn profitable. "From Daydream to Dream Job: Make Money Being Creative" is an advisory for those who want to turn their passion into a career, as Raia King presents sage advice on turning passion into a viable business, from realizing the true potential to business branding, and much more. "From Daydream to Dream Job" is a must for career and jobs collections, very much recommended reading.

The Photography Shelf

Death Valley Photographer's Guide
Dan Suzio
Nolina Press
PO Box 5803, Berkeley, CA 94705
9780984641505, $17.95,

Death Valley's harsh climate holds many sights for those who dare brave it. "Death Valley Photographer's Guide: Where and How to Get the Best Shots" is a photography guide from Dan Suzio who advises would be Death Valley photographers on how to get the most out of the region's unique wildlife and flora. For those who are visiting the area and want to bring back something amazing, "Death Valley Photographer's Guide" is a choice photography reference.

Alone with the Past
Ernest R. Lawrence
Afton Press
PO Box 100, Afton, MN 55001
9781890434847, $45.00,

History and culture was vanishing as the world met the twentieth century. "Alone with the Past: The Life and Photographic Art of Roland W. Reed" is a collection of photographic art from famed photographer of the era Royal "Roland" Reed, who did much in capturing the images of much of the free Native American population in their twilight before being left to reservations. Creating an idea of the noble savage in his work, his photographs prove quite iconic. A fine choice for coffee tables and historical photography collections, "Alone with the Past" is not to be overlooked and is an iconic collection of art work, enthusiastically recommended.

The Music Shelf

Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust
Ken Scott
Alfred Music Publishing
PO Box 10003, Van Nuys, CA 91410-0003
9780739078587, $24.99,

With every hit song, there's a man doing the grunt work that holds it all together. "Abbey Road to Ziggy Starust: Off the Record with The Beatles, Bowie, Elton, & So Much More" is a combination of memoir and musical history as he recalls his life working as a producer and tech guy with a huge list of the biggest acts of the past few decades. With plenty of memories, Scott offers readers a fresh perspective on these icons that are known and loved. "Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust" is a strong addition to any biography or musical history collection.

The Autism Shelf

F.A.M.I.L.Y. Autism Guide
Greg Zibricky
NetWorlding Publishing
c/o Provider Group
15 Oak Street, Unit 2C, Frankfort, IL 60423
9780983812876, $14.95,

Autism often takes many parents off guard. "F.A.M.I.L.Y. Autism Guide: Your Financial Blueprint for Autism" is family guide to better understanding what autism means to a family, as Greg Zibricky advises readers to put together their own plans for raising an autistic family to ensure they get the support and care they need when making decisions for the family's future. "F.A.M.I.L.Y. Autism Guide" is a fine resource, not to be overlooked.

The Fiction Shelf

The Marriage Bargain
Jennifer Probst
Entangled Publishing
2614 South Timberline Road, Suite 109
Fort Collins, CO 80525
BWR Public Relations (publicity)
292 Madison Ave., 9th fl., NY, NY 10017
978-1620612798, $7.99,

"The Marriage Bargain" by Jennifer Probst is the story of Alexa Maria McKenzie, a young woman whose best friend's older brother (and a billionaire) Nicholas Ryan makes an most unusual proposition. To help out in her financial distress, they will be wed and have a marriage of convenience -- a marriage in name only! The problem is that even with the best of intentions to keep things platonic, life has a way of upsetting things. A superbly crafted romance, "The Marriage Bargain" is a terrific and highly recommended read from beginning to end!

Side Effects of Money
Helen Mirth
TBT Publisher
PO Box 502
Mount Dora, FL 32756
9780983768746 $11.00 pbk. / $1.99 ebook

Side Effects of Money is an original novel with its own take on the corruptive influence of money. June is caught amid the throes of a dysfunctional family; her husband is becoming more and more disturbed, and a feud brewing between her father-in-law and his sons. Her porn-star brother-in-law clues her into how money has drastically changed human beings throughout history, from Bismarck to Hitler to her own husband. Is there any chance of finding familial stability, let alone happiness, in the wake of human greed and desire? Side Effects of Money is thought-provoking from cover to cover, and cuts particularly deep in the wake of the greed-driven financial crises that provoked the Great Recession.

A Mouthful of Dust
Douglas Savage
Nortia Press
2321 E 4th Street, C-219
Santa Ana, CA 92705
9780984225286, $15.95,

Writers often write of their own struggles and fantasies. "A Mouthful of Dust" is a dramatization of famed 'Red Badge of Courage' author Stephen Crane's life, as Douglas Savage tries to tell the story of a young author spurned by his own military career seeking something of worth. "A Mouthful of Dust" is an enticing read that explores the soul of a soldier, and of a writer, highly recommended.

Into the Wilderness
David Ebenbach
Washington Writers' Publishing House
PO Box 15271, Washington, DC 20003
9780931846656, $16.95,

Parenthood is a major part of many of our lives and challenges us in many ways. "Into the Wilderness" is a collection of short stories from David Ebenbach as he approaches the topic of parenthood in many different ways, as parents struggle to decide what's best for their children, deal with non-traditional problems, and simply struggle to become pregnant as others have it thrust upon them unexpectedly. "Into the Wilderness" has plenty to ponder on the nature of parenting and the many flavors it can come in, highly recommended.

The Ordinary Truth
Jana Richman
Torrey House Press
2806 Melony Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84124
9781937226060, $16.95,

Overcoming grief can take decades. "The Ordinary Truth" is a novel from Jana Richman as she follows Nell Jorgensen trying to find what she left behind nearly four decades earlier when she lost her husband. A story about the relationship between daughter and granddaughter set against the backdrop of the rural west, "The Ordinary Truth" is riveting, dramatic, and hard to put down. Highly recommended.

Adder in the Path
William Jensen
Belle Isle Books
c/o Brandylane Publishers, Inc.
5 South First St., Richmond, Virginia 23219
9780984958818, $16.95,

Hostility to the beliefs of others only fans the vehemence of the defenders. "Adder in the Path" is a novel of the Mormon War of the nineteenth century as William Jensen tells a story of faith and the early days of the Mormon church and their struggles in those days for their own freedom. Drawing on history from a pro-Mormon perspective, "Adder in the Path" is a choice and very much recommended read.

As It Is On Earth
Peter M. Wheelwright
58 Peru Street, Burlington, VT 05401
9781937677183, $15.95,

The story of generations flow is all quite vast. "As It Is On Earth" is a novel from Peter M. Wheelwright as he crafts a novel of generations, stemming from the Pilgrims and Puritans who came to Maine, one Miryam Bluehm, an Israeli student, comes in touch with the twisted history of his ancestors, from deeply religious New Englanders to extinct Indian tribes. "As It Is On Earth" is a riveting novel of times and its changes, very much recommended reading.

Blood in the Ground
Robert Paul Blumenstein
Dog Ear Publishing
4010 W. 86th Street, Ste H, Indianapolis, IN 46268
9781457508806, $12.95,

The world of spirits lurks to overwhelm the world of humanity. "Blood in the Ground" is a modern fantasy and third book in Robert Paul Blumenstein's Ascension Trilogy following the success of Peyton Costello apprehending Opossum. But Opossum does not take a loss gracefully, and his plots will continue to lurk, as Peyton must act fast or face his wrath. "Blood in the Ground" is a riveting read that should prove hard to put down.

A River So Long
Vallie Lynn Watson
Luminous Books
1950 East Greyhound Pass, #18, PMB 280
Carmel, IN 46033
9781935462606, $17.95,

Our vices may collide us with those who are just wrong for us. "A River So Long" is a novel from Vallie Lynn Watson. Following Veronica as she sees much of the country and can't ever settle down, living day to day, town to town, relationship to relationship, and ever brief marriage to ever brief marriage. A modern story of modern life," A River so Long" proves quite enticing and dramatic, and makes for a much recommended read, not to be missed.

Beyond the Wood
Michael J. Roueche
Vesta House Publishing
12783 Domingo Ct., Ste 400
Parker, CO 80134
9780983756712, $17.99,

War often makes strange bedfellows of us all. "Beyond the Wood" is a novel of the American Civil War, as Hank, a Union soldier, takes a fallen Confederate Soldier's last letter and seeks to deliver it to his widow. Aggressive, Hank puts the new widow in an unusual predicament. Their situation grows unique, as Michael J. Roueche presents a tale of personal intrigue and a unique brand of romance, recommended. "Beyond the Wood" is a fine addition to historical fiction collections.

Pretty Amy
Lisa Burstein
Entangled Publishing
2614 South Timberline Road, Suite 109
Fort Collins, CO 80525
9781620611197, $9.99,

A sour prom seems to be start of something horrible, but it may just be the rest of her life. "Pretty Amy" follows young Amy as a prom spent in jail leads her to a new world without the friends she stayed so close to. With a strong dose of humor and growing up, Lisa Burnstein presents a fine novel of choosing your friends and what your friends say about you. "Pretty Amy" is an excellent young adult read, much recommended. Also from Entangled Publishing is "The Fallen Queen: The House of Arkhangel'sk" (9781937044909, $14.99), following the fantasy struggles of Anazakia, as her house and kingdom collapses around her, and she's pursued by assassins, facing the long journey back to her rightful throne.

Sarah Carlisle's River
Cynthia Lang
Mill City Press
212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 290
Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781938223372, $12.95,

What we leave hind is not often known until we are gone. "Sarah Carlisle's River And Other Stories" is a collection of short fiction from Cynthia Lang, as she explores the concept of legacy through many stories, touching on the impact of lives through nine stories and how they have impacted those around them. "Sarah Carlisle's River" is a strong pick for short fiction collections and contemporary literature.

How to Get Into the Twin Palms
Karolina Waclawiak
Two Dollar Radio
141 East Town St., Suite 200
Columbus, OH 43215
9780983247180, $16.00,

Seeking to belong and seeking to rise to another level often drive us, no matter the cost. "How to Get Into the Twin Palms" is a pursuit of status novel from Karolina Waclawiak, as she tells the story of Anya, who is trying to get ahead in her Los Angeles Russian neighborhood, trying to gain entry into the exclusive Twin Palms nightclub. Needing a way in, she finds her potential path may be through Lev, a Russian gangster who may potentially not get Anya into the club, but deep into its underground. "How to Get Into the Twin Palms" is a humorous and enthralling read that should prove hard to put down.

The Serpent's Gift
Ernest Gibson
Dog Ear Publishing
4010 W. 86th Street, Ste H
Indianapolis, IN 46268
9781457504631, $13.95,

The truth can change anything and everything about our world. "The Serpent's Gift" is a novel of faith and the unusual. A man floats from the heavens into Justin's life, and shares with him many ideas that challenge his faith and understanding of the world as he knows it. "The Serpent's Gift" is an enticing read with plenty of twists and turns on traditional faith and knowledge, highly recommended.

I'm Here to Help
S. F. Chapman
Striped Cat Press
1366 Washington Boulevard
Concord, CA 94521
9780985536909, $9.99,

There are truths we never want to reveal, but must come to facts with at some point in our lives. "I'm Here to Help" follows the struggles of Sharon, as she faces the decisions of her past and the curiosity of her daughter as she must let the truth of young Renita's birth be known and explain why they are in the situation they are in. "I'm Here to Help" is an insightful story that shouldn't be overlooked.

A Thin Blue Line
Pat Daulton
The Vineyard Press
106 Vineyard Place, New York, NY 11777
9781930067899, $19.95,

A new start is sometimes all we need out of life. "A Thin Blue Line" is a novel from Pat Daulton as she presents a story of a woman trying to start over anew, fleeing a life she hated, trying to put together something worth keeping, but facing many of the problems she hoped to be rid of. "A Thin Blue Line" is an intriguing and personal debut novel, much recommended reading.

The Cuban Connection
Richard K. Tobin
Biographical Publishing Company
95 Sycamore Drive
Prospect, CT 06712-1493
1929882734, $12.00,

A plot can go sour fast when someone shows a bit of curiosity. "The Cuban Connection" is set in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, where five shady individuals converge with a plot. As teenagers get involved, they threaten to throw a wrench in their plan. With a strong tie to the setting, "The Cuban Connection" is a dedicated read that shouldn't be overlooked.

A Life Worth Living
Lorrie Kruse
Storyteller Publishing
470 Willa Trail, Azle, TX 76020
9780984725434, $15.99,

Tragedy may take everything from us, but Love may withstand even tragedy. "A Life Worth Living" is a romantic drama from Lorrie Kruse. She tells the tale of Matthew Huntz, who is faced with a cruel accident that paralyzes him from the waist down, just as he had finally achieved perfection. A story of strength and faith, "A Life Worth Living" is a strong pick for romantic fiction collections, highly recommended.

Dangerous Differences
Mac Laird
Quail High Books
7120 Patriots Colony Drive
Wiliamsburg, VA 23188
9780982544327, $29.95,

Defending one's homeland is always what people desire, but it never comes easily. "Dangerous Differences" is a novel of colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, telling the story of the clash of the of the Native peoples with a touch of their own European blood within, as they resist the advance of the European settlers onto their land, and the conflict builds to full on war. "Dangerous Differences" is worth considering for historical fiction collections, recommended.

Barter World
Pam Glenn
Class Action Ink LLC
950 SW 21st Avenue, #511, Portland, OR 97205
089-094153008, $12.95,

Trading is the most basic vein of commerce. "Barter World" is a novel from Pam Glenn as she crafts a story of generations and history centered around a red stone necklace, and the lives that those who have possessed it over the centuries. Poignant with its own dose of humor and reflections on humanity, "Barter World" is an enticing pick to literary fiction collections.

Surrounded by Water
Stefanie Freele
Press 53
PO Box 30314, Winston-Salem, NC 27130
9781935708575, $14.95,

Fiction allows us to explore the hypotheticals of our world more freely. "Surrounded by Water" is a collection of short fiction by Stefanie Freele, as she draws from her own experiences and study of the world to create very vivid short stories on many topics and the nature of life itself. With poetry and an original sense of humor, "Surrounded by Water" is a fine sampling of work, highly recommended.

Michael Baron
The Story Plant
PO Box 4331, Stamford, CT 06907
9780984190546, $16.95,

Leaving a beloved home after so long is never easy. "Leaves" is a novel centered on Oldham, Connecticut, as a group of friends drift away as the Sugar Maple Inn they had all continually met at is being sold off, leaving them drifting apart and meeting new challenges of life, that include family, love, and the remembrance of those lost to the years. A moving read of small town life, "Leaves" is a strong addition to contemporary literary fiction collections, recommended. Also from The Story Plant is "Twelve Months" (9781611880533, $15.95), a novel as a man faces what may be the last year of his life.

A Mormon Massacre
Joseph M. Rinaldo
Fletcher Rowley
1720 West End, Suite 630, Nashville, TN 37203
9781477505915, $15.49,

A black mark on the history of the Mormon church, there still remains unrest to this day. "A Mormon Massacre" is a novel surrounding the 1857 Mountain Meadow Massacre, an event believed to be ordered by Mormon icon Brigham Young to drive settlers out of Utah. A descendant of one of the children spared by the massacre looks back at the event in the modern day and the strife it causes even still, as he seeks to infiltrate the Mormon church and find the truth. "A Mormon Massacre" explores this historical event in an intriguing way, much recommended.

An Unexpected Romance
Donna Fitts
Ellechor Publishing
2431 NW Wessex Terrace, Hillsboro, OR 97124
9781937844844, $14.99,

Loving again after being dedicated for so long can seem impossible. "An Unexpected Romance" is a novel of romance as Mark Crandall finds unusual romance in an aging widow. Elizabeth is dealing with the loss of her husband so recently, and isn't sure she is prepared to love again. As they grow closer to one another in the autumn of their lives, "An Unexpected Romance" is an enticing read of dealing with loving and loss, recommended.

No Away
Jim Wygant
Lycetta Press
7505 SE Reed College Pl., Portland, OR 97202
9780982889039, $15.00,

As the world starts to collapse around us, we often only seek to get by. Adam Spence may need to do more than that or have no world to live in. "No Away" follows haggard war veteran getting by in a world where the government seems to be collapsing around him and disease is wiping out the c country. Spence faces his own demons as goes cross country and gain a better understanding on why everything seems to be lost. "No Away" is an exciting page turner, very much recommended.

The King of Pain
Seth Kaufman
Regal Literary
The Capitol Building, 236 West 26th Street #801
New York, NY 10001
9780985626501, $11.99,

Everyone should think and ponder their lives. Rick Salter's television helped him take that time. "The King of Pain" is a novel following reality TV Mogul Rick Salter, whose torture-themed TV show which shares the book's title is a roaring hit. Pinned under his giant TV until his housekeeper shows up, Rick is left with time to think, and to read what he can reach and leaves him pondering his place in the world. "The King of Pain" presents many questions on today's world, and presents some humorous musings.

Rittenhouse Square Rebels
Lorie Maher
Abbott Press
1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200
Bloomington, IN 47403-5161
9781458203427, $17.99,

As we wonder what's wrong with our life, there are usually many questions unanswered. "Rittenhouse Square Rebels" follows spoiled rich girl Christina Jackman who begins to wonder about the unknown fate of her mother when it seems the rest of her family doesn't like her very much. With no one talking, Christina seeks out the truth surrounding her mother, a search that may take her against her father and everyone else in her life. "Rittenhouse Square Rebels" is an intriguing read, much recommended.

Summertime Blues
B. R. Fleming
After Thought Publications
52 Apache Dr. Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679
9780983820154, $16.95,

The music of our coming of age sticks with us for our entire lives. "Summertime Blues" is a coming of age story of young Peter Bennings. Reaching the age of thirteen, the world seems a lot more confusing to Peter, as the allure of sex pulls him over, and in the 1960s, the allure of drugs and rock and roll strike as well. "Summertime Blues" is a bittersweet look back on the sixties, and what it was like growing into a young man with the Vietnam War on the horizon.

Corrupt Injustice
Adrian L. Mallory
Versatile Publications
1547 Lyell Avenue, Rochester, NY 14606
9780985153007, $15.95,

Know thy enemy is a common quotation during a conflict, but sometimes knowing thy enemy allows you to become your enemy. "Corrupt Injustice" follows two gangbangers as they claim to turn over a new leaf and join the police force, under the assumption they will use their knowledge to help the police catch criminals. Instead, they use their newfound power to drive their criminal empire further. A story of law and order and the impacts of corruption, "Corrupt Injustice" is a thriller to be considered, recommended.

Revelation 9:11
Stuart & Franklyn
Mediagroup Management Inc.
3477 Riverspray Cres
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L4Y 3M6
9780988001206, $15.00,

Heaven has its warriors, and those warriors never rest. "Revelation 9:11" follows the journey of Father Benjamin Price, who is seeking penance, and finds himself on the path to meet many individuals in need of support, from lost musicians to Archangels and Destroyer angels, and much more. Drawing heavily on Christian mythology, "Revelation 9:11" is a strong addition to any Christian fiction collection.

37 Stories About 37 Women
Brian Whitney
Fanny Press
PO Box 70515, Seattle, WA 98127
9781603815062, $11.95,

Women face many different paths through their lives, and they impact all of them differently. "37 Stories About 37 Women" is a collection of short fiction as Brian Whitney writes of these individuals and the challenges they face, going deep into the spice of sex, working women, and everything in between. No holds barred reading, "37 Stories About 37 Women" is an enticing read that should prove hard to put down. Also from Fanny Press, "Just Chemistry" (9781603815123, $12.95), an erotic romance following the intense chemistry between co-workers Logan and Samantha, and "Choices" (9781603815147, $12.95), as Anna pursues money and everything else to cure her woes.

The Christian Studies Shelf

The God Interviews
Julie-Allyson Ieron
Leafwood Publishers
1626 Campus Court, Abilene, TX 79601
9780891123521, $14.99,

Faith can be strong, but we can still be lost in our world trying to find the truth. "The God Interviews: Questions You Would Ask; Answers God Gives" is a Christian advisory guide as Julie-Allyson Ieron tries to advise readers on better understanding the many questions of faith we are faced with. With a strong dose of spirituality and much to find a reader's way as a Christian, "The God Interviews" has much to consider for questioning yet faithful readers, recommended. Also from Leafwood Publishers is "Breakfast with Bonhoeffer: How I Learned to Stop Being Religious So I Could Follow Jesus" (9780891123408, $14.99) by Jon Walker as he recounts his own journey to higher personal faith and following Jesus's path in his own life.

Clergy Table Talk
Kent Ira Groff
Energion Publications
PO Box 841, Gonzalez, FL 32560
9781893729117, $9.99,

Too many in a religious hierarchy lose sight of what it means to be a leader. "Clergy Table Talk" is a collection of musings surrounding faith and clergy from Kent Ira Groff as he seeks to unify ministry leaders and encourage them to put aside their issues and holier than thou attitudes for the good of their congregations on many levels. With a strong message on how leadership between churches can lead to greater things among all faiths, "Clergy Table Talk" is a fine read that shouldn't be overlooked for religious studies collections, highly recommended.

Wisdom & Wonder
Abraham Kuyper
Christian's Library Press
161 Ottawa Ave, NW Suite 301
Grand Rapids, 49503
9781937498900, $14.99,

For those driven by faith, it can take center in every state of their lives. "Wisdom & Wonder: Common Grace in Science & Art" is a scholarly take on the many aspects of thinking and creativity and their place in the furtherance of Christian thought. Written by famed Protestant theologian Abraham Kuyper, the wisdom within encourages an end to the anti-science and anti-art ideals that Christianity finds itself placed against. "Wisdom & Wonder" is a strong addition into modern Christian debate, enthusiastically recommended.

A Community of Disciples
Des Robertson
Twenty Third Publications
PO Box 6015, New London, CT 06320
9781585958573, $19.95,

A disciple is someone who hears your words completely. "A Community of Disciples: Making Your Parish All It Can Be" is a guide for church leaders who want to inspire better faith and discipline in their parishes, making themselves disciples to Christ and the church. Good leadership can inspire this devotion, and Des Robertson provides plenty for Religious leaders to contemplate for their community. "A Community of Disciples" is a strong pick for for pastors and ministers, not to be overlooked.

God's Reign & The End of Empires
Antonio Gonzalez
Convivium Press
7661 NW 68th Street, Suite 108
Miami, FL 33166
9781934996294, $32.95,

Empires are the attempts of man to equal the power of the God. "God's Reign & The End of Empires" is a Christian history discussion as Antonio Gonzalez analyzes the place of Empires and the story of Babylon throughout history and how they connect to the ideas of God and Christ and their pursuit of love and good will towards men, in a system that falls too easily into idolatry and exploitation of the people. "God's Reign & The End of Empires" is a strong addition to any Christian history collection.

Hearing the Angels Sing
Peter Sterling
Light Technology Publishing
PO Box 3540, Flagstaff, AZ 86003
9781891824968, $16.95,

Singing is bringing ourselves closer to the angels. "Hearing the Angels Sing: A True Story of Angelic Assistance" is a memoir driven by music, as harpist Peter Sterling touches on how his faith driven music has guided him through life, in particular his excellence with the harp. With angelic music and harp work CD designed to accompany the book included, "Hearing the Angels Sing" is a must for any longtime fan of Christian music, highly recommended.

A New Desire
Brenda J. Robinson
1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200
Bloomington, IN 47403-5161
9781462714193, $14.99,

Finding our own power and worth is a wonderful thing for our lives. "A New Desire: Sailing Six Ships into Deep Channels of God's Sufficiency" is a powerful Christian motivational guide as she advises readers to find their own way through their lives and finding God's plan for them to succeed on many levels in their life. "A New Desire" is a choice and powerful read for Christian reads, recommended.

The Poetry Shelf

For the Boy with the Eyes of the Virgin
John Barton
Nightwood Editions
PO Box 1779, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V0, Canada
9780889712706, $19.95,

Poetry can say things words cannot. "For the Boy with the Eyes of the Virgin" is a collection of poetry from critically acclaimed poet John Barton who presents frank and enticing poetry with a unique brand of thought all its own. "For the Boy with the Eyes of the Virgin" is an enticing modern collection that belongs in any celebration of contemporary work. "Great Men": Great men have slept in each other's arms: Rimbaud/and Verlaine;/Auden and Isherwood;/and maybe Michelangelo/warmly carved David's thirst/for women in/the marble thrust of some half-forgotten/lover's unforgotten/thighs.

Mostly My Heart Sings
Vicki L. Flaherty
Turas Publishing
4833 Saratoga Blvd., No 129
Corpus Christi, TX 78413-2213
9780983234203, $14.00,

Cancer is a rough fight to overcome in one's life. "Mostly My Heart Sings" is a collection of poetry from Vicki L. Flaherty as she shares a bit of autobiography in her poetry as she talks about her struggle against cancer and the pain in her life. "Mostly My Heart Sings" rings true for those seeking a poetry of tragedy and triumph. "Free": A bird/opens her wings/wide and expansive/Air surrounds her/and her feathers/fill with strength./Using the lightness/she lifts herself/from solid ground/into the endless sky./She floats on thermals/into the unknown./Free.

High Lonesome
Patricia Lee Lewis
Hedgerow Books
71 South Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA 01002
9780981982076, $17.00,

A veteran of life, a mother, and a poet, "High Lonesome" is a collection of poetry from Patricia Lee Lewis, as her poetry comes with a vivid view of the world and her search for what is real, while still living life as it comes. With enticing verse hard to put down, "High Lonesome" is well worth considering for contemporary poetry collections. "When Breakfast Was a Sacrament": This morning, light of deep-blue bowls/became the center of your eye, revealed//your other life. A sunflower,/summoned for this ice-white day, hung//its dark and complicated head. A shadow/on the wild grape jam. I thin that's when//I burned the toast, and failed to speak. Also from Hedgerow Books is "Nightly, a the Institute of the Possible" (9780981982069, $17.00), a collection of poetry from D. M. Gordon exploring the new and the constantly changing nature of our world.

The Branches, The Axe, The Missing
Charlotte Pence
Black Lawrence Press
8405 Bay Parkway C8, Brooklyn, NY 11214
9780982876671, $9.00,

We look for roots in the greater picture of our existence. "The Branches, the Axe, The Missing" is a chapbook of poetry from Charlotte Pence as she explores the nature of humanity and our search for our history, offering intriguing twists on the nature of mankind and everything else. "The Branches, The Axe, The Missing" is a strong addition to any modern poetry collection.

Apricot Harvest
Victor W. Pearn
Indian Paintbrush Poets
c/o Pearn and Associates
1600 Edora Court Suite D
Fort Collins, CO 80525
9780984652372, $12.95,

Poetry expresses ourselves in many ways. "Apricot Harvest" is the twelfth book of poetry from Victor W. Pearn, longtime poetry enthusiastic and longtime teacher, bringing his passion and world travels together for his latest volume. A treat for poetry readers, "Apricot Harvest" shouldn't be quickly overlooked, highly recommended. "An Ignorant Commune": Have they eaten all the wild/animals on their land?/Are they/now trying to/ eat all the insects?

Black Birds: Blue Horse
Natalie Peeterse
Gold Line Press
3501 Trousdale Parkway, THH 431
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0354
9781105543609, $9.95,

Youth is what we lose, and often what we yearn for when lost. "Black Birds: Blue Horse" is a chapbook of poetry from Natalie Peeterse who ponders many topics surrounding life and love, and tries to capture the energy that only new life can inspire. "Black Birds: Blue Horse" approaches poetry with a narrative style of verse, making for an appealing read that will be hard to put down.

Bursts of Light
William Bronk, author
David Clippinger, editor
PO Box 896, Greenfield, MA 01302
9781584980919, $18.95,

A lifetime of work can lead to a devoted following. "Bursts of Light" is a collection of William Bronk's later poetry, as compiled by editor David Clippinger who compiles the authors thoughts on many topics as Bronk entered the twilight of his life and offered frank ideas on the nature of life and death. "Bursts of Light" is an uplifting and dedicated read for literary poetry collections. "Informal": Only the rational deserves belief/but the real offers nothing at all to believe./It is and isn't are alike. They have no form.

27 Views of Durham
ENO Publishers
PO Box 158, Hillsborough, NC 27278
9780983247531, $15.95,

Every city has its stories and the people who capture them. "27 Views of Durham" is a collection of prose and poetry from many writers who call the Bull City home. These works of writing describe the sights and sounds of the city, as well as the culture throughout. Poignant and insightful in catching the pulse of a city, "27 Views of Durham" is a fine and much recommended addition to cultural poetry and fiction collections, not to be missed.

Saul and Charlotte
Louis Daniel Brodsky
Time Being Books
10411 Clayton Road, St. Louis, MO 63131
9781568091488, $16.95,

Our parents forge who we are to become in our lives. "Saul and Charlotte: Poems Commemorating a Father and Mother" is a collection of poetry from Louis Daniel Brodsky who writes in tribute to his deceased parents, as he writes on what death has brought to his life and what he hopes lies ahead for them in the afterlife. "Saul and Charlotte" is a moving and much recommended pick for poetry assortments. "Gathering In": This Sunday morning,/The fourth day of her gathering in,/Holds its breath.//Though I can't know why,/I sense that my mother/Has made her determination,//Concluded that there comes a time/When time is timeless,/Has no time for her doings,//No time to see her dreams unfold,/No time to tell her time./Only time for gathering her in.

The Memoir Shelf

Paul Morantz
Figueroa Press
Suite 401E, Los Angeles, CA 90089
9780182132201, $29.95,

Cults seek to dominate people against their own best interests. "Escape: My Lifelong War Against Cults" is a memoir from Paul Morantz, who recalls his personal legal battles as a specialist lawyer on cults and brainwashing. He shares his experiences with many cases with cults throughout the past few decades, noting their impact on the justice system and the lives they consume in the process. "Escape" is important reading for those who want an understanding of cults from a legal perspective, very much recommended.

Hope Beyond Suicide
J. Bruce Sofia
Yorkshire Publishing
9731 East 54th St., Tulsa, OK 74146
9781936750757, $14.99,

A suicide can devastate those around the troubled. "Hope Beyond Suicide" is a memoir and empowering read from pastor J. Bruce Sofia, as he advises readers who have experienced the suicide of a loved one. Drawing upon both scripture and a lifetime of experience to offer a better understanding of why suicide happens and how it is not the fault of those around the victim, "Hope Beyond Suicide" is a wise and strongly recommended pick.

There's a God for That
Joseph Honton
1313 Ferguson Rd, Sebastopol, CA 95472
9780985642310, $16.00,

Faith can be a powerful thing to hang onto as life throws something new at you. "There's a God for That: Optimism in the Face of Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Meltdowns" is a blend of travel and faith as Joseph Honton as he discusses his brushes with faith when traveling through Japan during the recent great earthquake and the fallouts that came from that devastating events, he presents a spiritual memoir that also pushes an anti-nuclear stance to the table. "There's a God for That" is an intriguing memoir, not to be overlooked.

Whose Will
Willie L. Harris, Jr.
Divine Order Publishing
PO Box 80953, Conyers, GA 30013
9780981857206, $14.95,

Success in our lives comes from within. "Whose Will: Ordinary Person, Extraordinary Life" is an inspirational memoir from Willie L. Harris Jr. as he draws on his own experiences of going from the lowest of low to determining his own place in life, empowering himself in many ways. From his battles with addiction to his discovery of faith, he presents an example to follow for those who have fallen far. "Whose Will" is a strong addition to inspirational collections, highly recommended.

Turning Seventy
Lucile Horsley Blanchard
Aventine Press
55 East Emerson St., Chula Vista, CA 91911
9781593307790, $11.95,

After decades together, being pulled from your soulmate can be a devastating thing. "Turning Seventy" is a memoir from Lucile Horsley Blanchard, as she writes on our own difficulties with loss and pain, and the plight of turning seventy, the weight that age puts on you, what can be learned from being a mother of four, and embracing writing for catharsis. "Turning Seventy" is a strong addition to memoir and aging collections.

A Beach Less Traveled
John Berglund
Emerald Book Co.
PO Box 91869, Austin, TX 78709
9781937110314, $22.95,

The corporate grind isn't for everyone, and the Berglunds realized as such. "A Beach Less Traveled: From Corporate Chaos to Flip-Flop Perfumer" as John Berglund tells the story of his success of escaping the corporate train to nowhere to starting his own perfume business with his wife and the success that brought them success in a tropical paradise. An inspirational story that may convince other readers to make the jump and follow their dreams, "A Beach Less Traveled" is a strong pick for inspirational memoirs centering around business.

The Courtship of Two Doctors
Martha Holoubek Fitzgerald
Little Dove Press
3902 George Road, Shreveport, LA 71107
9780975376645, $19.95,

In times of turmoil, we find comfort in those closest to us. "The Courtship of Two Doctors: a 1930s Love Story of Letters, Hope, & Healing" is a memoir and biography from Martha Holoubek Fitzgerald, as she writes of the bond between two medical students writing with World War II in the distance. Alice Baker and Joe Holoubek grew together for their correspondence, and their daughter compiles their unique tale. "The Courtship of Two Doctors" is a fine pick for those who enjoy a bit of true life romance and a delve into a different sort of history.

Inside the Dementia Epidemic
Martha Stettinius
Dundee-Lakemont Press
110 N Main St., Horseheads, NY 14845
9780984932603, $29.95,

Watching your mother deteriorate into a shell is a horrifying experience. "Inside the Dementia Epidemic" is a memoir from Martha Stettinius as she writes in tribute to her mother Judy, as she writes of the crippling nature of dementia and Alzheimer's disease, an epidemic slowly claiming millions of seniors. Martha writes profoundly on the daily struggles of family, how the condition places pressure on all those close to the person, and the struggle to enjoy the time left. "Inside the Dementia Epidemic" is a tragic tale that will grant strength to those facing similar predicament.

All's Fare
Carrie Stanton
Expedition Books
PO Box 1064, Alcoa, TN 37701
9780982899793, $16.95,

Taxi work is one of the most unusual jobs out there, as cabbies encounter countless unusual characters. "All's Fare: My Life in the Taxi Business" is a memoir from Carrie Stanton as she recounts her years in the Taxi industry following World War II, sharing her unique journeys through a profession that exposes you to the starvation, feasts, and weirdness of working. "All's Fare" is a fine memoir, not to be overlooked.

To Walk With My Brother
Evelyn Thornton
Peter E. Randall Publisher
5 Greenleaf Woods Drive, Suite 102
PO Box 4726, Portsmouth, NH 03802-4726
9781937721022, $20.00,

With the power of friendship and family, even those who can't walk can go very far in their lives. "To Walk With My Brother: A True Story of Courage, Humor, and Love" is a memoir from Evelyn Thornton who shares her story of her paraplegic brother who for over sixty years lived life to the fullest and how she believes the strong bonds of family allowed him to succeed and live a life very much worth living. "To Walk With My Brother" is a strong pick for inspirational memoir collections.

The Business Shelf

Smart Customers, Stupid Companies
Michael Hinshaw & Bruce Kasanoff
Business Strategy Press
545 Eigth Avenue, Suite 401
New York, NY 10018-4307
9780985133917, $24.95,

Businesses are usually the architects of their own destruction. "Smart Customers, Stupid Companies: Why Only Intelligent Companies Will Thrive, And How to Be One of Them" is a business guide to avoiding the many pitfalls of a business and how to embrace good business sense for long running and sustainable success. "Smart Customers, Stupid Companies" is a key to managing one's business smartly and delivering to customers who expect the best.

Beyond Genius, Innovation, & Luck
J. Allan McCarthy
4th Edition Publishing
773 Berry Avenue, Suite B, Los Altos, CA 94024
9780984723805, $18.95,

When dealing with billions of dollars, corporations are dealing with big money. "Beyond Genius, Innovation, & Luck: The 'Rocket Science' of Building High-Performance Corporations" looks for the X-factor in many businesses as J. Allan McCarthy advises readers on how to make this idea work for them and bring it all together, stating that business leadership at a very high level is perhaps one of the most difficult things to accomplish. "Beyond Genius, Innovation, & Luck" is worth considering for those who want to understand everything about making a business work.

The Business of Wanting More
Brian Gast
Barnegat Press Company
2546 West Main Street, Suite 202
Littleton, CO 80120
97809844941902, $24.95,

Success in the business world is often hard to achieve, and there are those who feel they must sacrifice everything to attain it. "The Business of Wanting More: Why Some Executives Move from Success to Fulfillment and Others Don't" is an inspirational read of being in business and life from Brian Gast, as he shares his own business journey of success and failure, and realizing what he ultimately wanted out of his career, and how he achieved it. "The Business of Wanting More" is a must for inspirational business management collections, highly recommended.

#Successful Corporate Learning Tweet
Terry Lydon & Mitchell Levy
20660 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 210
Cupertino, CA 95014
9781616990749, $19.95,

Technology is always changing so good business people must always be learning. "#Successful Corporate Learning Tweet: Profitable Training by Optimizing Your Customer and Partner Education Organization" is a business advisory guide from Terry Lydon & Mitchell Levy as they give a rapid fire succession of advice to readers to help them piece together the knowledge they need to flourish and keep learning in the modern business world. "#Successful Corporate Learning Tweet" is a strong pick for those seeking bite sized business advice.

Sharing the Sandbox
Dean M. Brenner
The Latimer Group
350 Center Place, Suite 203
Wallingford, CT 06492
9780985435707, $24.95,

Teamwork is the key to much great success in today's business world. "Sharing the Sandbox" is a business motivational guide from Dean M. Brenner as he advises would be team leaders to become a better team mate and encourage others under their command to flourish and work together as well. Viewing it through perspective and how the 21st century has changed things, "Sharing the Sandbox" is a choice and much recommended addition to business and leadership collections.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Allied in Irons
J. Ryan Fenzel
Ironcroft Publishing
PO Box 630
Hartland, Michigan 48353
9780977168828 $13.95

Allied in Irons is a modern-day thriller about a mission to find the remains of a long-lost aircraft gone terribly wrong. Sixty years ago, Flight 2501 disappeared over the Great Lakes; now, as Jack Sheridan resumes the search, he unexpectedly crosses paths with the ill-tempered mercenary Donovan Rafferty. Forced into an uneasy alliance, Jack must uncover the workings of a terrorist plot before it deals a crippling blow to national security! An odyssey with no clear horizon between ally and enemy, Allied in Irons tests Jack's mettle not only for the sake of thousands of potential innocent victims, but also for the one person who means more to him than anything else. An exciting and suspenseful saga from cover to cover!

Marriage Can Be Murder
Susan Santangelo
Baby Boomer Mysteries
PO Box 1491, West Dennis, MA 02670
9780985779900, $15.00,

As our houses empty, we often feel greatly alone and have plenty of time on our hands. "Marriage Can Be Murder" follows Carol Andrews as she faces her daughter's wedding. But when the wedding turns sour with a corpse showing up, plots of intrigue weave out as money enters the equation and gives everyone sour motivations. "Marriage Can Be Murder" is a thrilling read for those who enjoy old school styled mysteries in the veins of Murder She Wrote, a hard to put down choice for mystery fans.

The Witness
Naomi Kryske
Dunham Books
63 Music Square East, Nashville, TN 37203
9780985135928, $15.99,

To survive attempted murder leaves one faced with the reality of cruelty. "The Witness" is the story of Jennifer Jeffries, a Texan in London who survived a brutal attack by a serial killer. Building the courage to testify against the one who may have done it to her, she has to defy all expectations of her survival and find what it means to live again. "The Witness" is a riveting read that should prove hard to put down, highly recommended.

Murder is a Lousy Way to Die
Robert L. Hecker
World Audience Publishers
303 Park Avenue South, Suite 1440
New York, NY 10010-3657
9781934209561, $15.00,

It's hard to get by in life when someone is actively seeking your demise. "Murder is a Lousy Way to Die" is a Benjamin Roan mystery/thriller from Robert L. Hecker, as Ben finds himself in the crosshairs once more, or wondering if the potential target was someone else. Could his assassin have other things in store for him than just death as well? "Murder is a Lousy Way to Die" is an exciting read for general mystery and thriller collections, recommended.

Cocaine Zombies
Scott A. Lerner
Camel Press
PO Box 70515, Seattle, WA 98127
9781603819039, $13.95,

Drugs are one thing, but black magic just complicates everything. "Cocaine Zombies" is a paranormal thriller and mystery from Scott A. Lerner, as Samuel Roberts, Illinois lawyer, finds that there's more to the case he's taken than a stash of cocaine, a cocaine that may well exceed what one would expect out of the drug. A plot to create a new breed of cocaine that spins into voodoo, "Cocaine Zombies" is a riveting thriller with plenty of twists and turns, very much recommended. Also from Camel Press Mysteries & Thrillers is "Deadly Deception" (9781603818933, $12.95), a collection of three particular short stories of people facing lies and their own pasts, and "Bloody Murdock"(9781603818872, $13.95) as he evaluates the death that seems to be piling up around him.

Three Deadly Drops
Keith Donnelly
Hummingbird Books
PO Box 1386, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
9780895875877, $26.95,

An unexplained heart attack can make many suspicious. "Three Deadly Drops" follows Donald Youngblood in his fourth mystery. Looking into the fate of dead veteran and how his ties to his unit could explain his sudden death which was too quickly ruled a heart attack, Youngblood digs deeper and deeper to find the truth. "Three Deadly Drops" is an exciting mystery that will prove hard to put down, much recommended.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Secret Voices from the Forest
Laura J. Merrill
Myth & Magic
PO Box 612, Taos, NM 87571
9780984829903, $28.95,

Trees may stand for an eternity to us. "Secret Voices from the Forest: Thoughts and Dreams of North American Trees" is Laura J. Merrill's discussion of the role trees have in our lives, and how they have always been important throughout the long story of human history, as Merill seeks the spirits of the trees and what they can teach humanity. "Secret Voices from the Forest" has colorful artwork all throughout, plenty to consider for those who seek a blend of art, environmentalism, and spirituality.

Archetypes of Astrology
Ena Stanley
ACS Publications
334-A Calef Hwy, Epping, NH 03042
9781934976326, $15.95,

For those who follow astrology, the stars guide them through their lives. "Archetypes of Astrology: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Planets, Signs, & Houses" is a guide to understanding the shifting elements of astrology and their draw on the human psyche and the general being of peoples. With much to consider for followers of the metaphysical, "Archetypes of Astrology" is a worthy read for anyone seeking a better understanding of astrology.

Awakening Past Lives
John Z. Amoroso
ARE Press
215 67th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451-2061
9780876046852, $16.95,

Some believe the soul is eternal, and this existence is rarely our first. "Awakening Past Lives: A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Exploration" is a metaphysical spirituality guide from John Z. Amoroso as he tries to advise people how to connect with and understand the past lives they may hold within themselves. With an audio CD to help one get in the right mindset to channel their past lives, "Awakening Past Lives" is an enticing and much recommended pick for those who enjoy metaphysical spirituality, highly recommended.

The Divorce Shelf

The Eight Reasons for Divorce
Thomas G. Papps
Kallisti Publishing
332 Center Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702
9780984816217, $16.95,

Divorce grows more common, and the common causes are growing more clear. "The Eight Reasons for Divorce: Why Marriages Fail and How to Ensure That Yours Doesn't" is an advisory on how to build a longer lasting marriage as Thomas G. Papps advises readers on how to avoid the minefield of marriage and how to build a marriage that can last a lifetime. From age differences to not truly understanding what marriage is, "The Eight Reasons for Divorce" is a strong pick for relationship collections.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Live Younger in 8 Simple Steps
Dr Eudene Harry
Oasis Wellness & Rejuvenation Center
4125 Hunters Park Lane, Suite 117
Orlando, FL 32837
9780615660981, $17.45,

You're only as young as you feel. "Live Younger in 8 Simple Steps" is an advisory guide from Dr. Eudene Harry who advises readers on how to improve their greater general health in their life, from dropping weight to increasing energy for any avenue of your life, to simply feeling better in general. Worth considering for health and wellness collections, "Live Younger in 8 Simple Steps" shouldn't be quickly overlooked.

The Natural Diabetes Cure
Roger Mason
Safe Goods Publishing
561 Shunpike Rd., Sheffield, MA 01257
9781884820809, $8.95,

Bad diet can lead to diabetes, and good diet may be able to lead one out of it. "The Natural Diabetes Cure: Curing Blood Sugar Disorders Without Drugs" is a health advisory guide as Roger Mason suggests how readers can better understand how to control their blood sugar without using excessive medication. Good and frequent exercise, a cleaner diet, and more can lead to greater health and diminish diabetes power over one's health. "The Natural Diabetes Cure" is worth considering for those trying to improve their health after a diabetes diagnosis.

The Parenting Shelf

How to Keep Your Kid from Moving Back Home After College
Bill Pratt, Mark C. Weitzel, Len Rhodes
The Viaticus Group
4104 Sterling Trace Dr, Winterville, NC 28590
9780981870250, $16.95,

More and more kids are returning home after college. "How to Keep Your Kid from Moving Back Home After College" is an advisory guide for those who want to prevent this from happening by helping your children get their careers started and help them prepare for this aspect of their lives and get them on the right start. Packed with excellent finance and job hunting advice, "How to Keep Your Kid From Moving Back Home After College" is a must for parenting and career collections, recommended.

Surviving Your Adolescents
Dr. Thomas W. Phelan
ParentMagic, Inc.
800 Roosevelt Road, B309
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
9781889140605, $14.95,

Raising teenagers is quite a daunting period in the lives of a parent. "Surviving Your Adolescents: How to Manage to Let Go Of Your 13-18 Year Olds" is a guide to being a better parent to your teenagers as Dr. Thomas W. Phelan advises how to better advise their teenagers through understanding the right times to get involved with your teenager, and when to let them deal with themselves. "Surviving Your Adolescents" is a fine parenting guide with plenty to consider, highly recommended.

Keys to Parenting Your Teenager
Don Fontenelle
SelfHelp Success Books
900 Burmaster Street, Gretna, LA 70053
9781935235088, $16.95,

Parenting teenagers can seem all too overwhelming at times. "Keys to Parenting Your Teenager" is an advisory for parents to help them better connect with their teens and know when to get involved with their children and lead them through the toughest times in their life, as well as knowing when to remember to care for one's own mental health and stress. "Keys to Parenting Your Teenager" is a strong addition to parenting and motivational collections, recommended.

The Biography Shelf

From Harvard to Hagerman
Myron Finkbeiner
Borderline Publishing
406 S. 3rd Street
Boise, ID 83702
9781936408993 $16.99

Veteran coach and founder of the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame Myron Finkbeiner presents From Harvard to Hagerman: An Incredible Journey of an Unknown Athlete Harry LeMoyne, the true-life biography of an Ivy League student and Olympic-level athlete whose sports career peaked at the dawn of the twentieth century. Yet he left it all behind to become an Idaho sheepherder, deliberately pursuing the quiet life that he wanted most rather than fame and fortune. An insert section of black-and-white vintage photographic plates, as well as appendices and a bibliography, enhance this reconstruction of a little-known athlete who deliberately walked away from a gold-medal career. A thoroughly accessible biography, From Harvard to Hagerman is a thought-provoking read cover to cover about identifying and going after what one truly desires most of all.

Essays in Biography
Joseph Epstein
Axios Press
PO Box 118, Mt. Jackson, VA 22842
9781604190687, $24.00,

Our words can shape thoughts and opinions about the world around us. "Essays in Biography" is a collection of essays from famed essayist Joseph Epstein as he presents a comprehensive exploration of many figures through history and popular culture, offering a unique take on these individuals and their contributions to history. Offering a different perspective on these individuals and their place in our culture and society. Insightful and scholarly takes, "Essays in Biography" is a fine addition to any essay or biography collection, very much recommended.

Hold That Joan
Ben Ohmart
Bear Manor Media
PO Box 71426, Albany, GA 31708
1593930461, $24.95,

Throughout the middle of the twentieth century, many starlets made their mark, but few dared to do it so humorously. "Hold That Joan: The Life, Laughs, and Films of Joan Davis" tells the life story of film comedienne Joan Davis, who gained prominence for her unique approach to comedy through the 1930s to 1950s, bringing Vaudeville style to film and television. "Hold That Joan" provides an intriguing story of her legacy, very much recommended reading. Also from Bear Manor Media is "Silent Lives: 100 Biographies of the Silent Film Era" (1593931247, $24.95), covering the many icons and stars of the Silent era who may have been forgotten, recommended.

The Military Shelf

Pacific War Ghosts
Tony Maxwell
PO Box 146
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada T4N 5E7
9780968325629, $14.99,

There are memories of the past lurking throughout our world. "Pacific War Ghosts: Travels to the South Pacific Battlefields of World War II" touches on the important sites throughout the South Pacific where the American and Japanese armies clashed in this theater of the war following Pearl Harbor, adding much significance throughout the South Pacific. "Pacific War Ghosts" is a strong addition to military history collections and those thinking of visiting the battlefields of the conflict, recommended.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Space Battles
Bryan Thomas Schmidt, editor
Flying Pen Press
1660 Niagara Street, Denver, CO 80220
9780984592753, $16.95,

War has always been a part of human existence, and those battles will spill into deep space. "Space Battles" is a collection of science fiction short stories focused on war in space, as seventeen authors come together and discuss the next generation of combat. From ships that can think for themselves, how much one is really willing to sacrifice, and other dilemmas that may face us in the future. For those enraptured by deep space and the far future, "Space Battles" is a strongly enticing collection, not to be missed.

Quests of Shadowind: Veil
L. A. Miller
Millhouse Press
934 Prairie Lily Dr., Las Cruces, NM 88007-6958
9780615526918, $10.95,

Against a monster with insatiable hunger, one has to be careful where they turn next, yet they be its next meal. "Quests of Shadowind: Veil" is a science fiction novel of survival, as Logan and Mindy, having lost some of their crew to the beast, look for an answer to its wrath on the far away forest in Shadowind. Finding hints of mysticism on the world that may give them the answer, "Veil" proves to be an enticing read that will prove hard to put down. Also from L. A. Miller in the series, he continues Logan and Mindy's adventure in "Quests of Shadowind: The Grounding Stone" (9780615626888, $10.95), in which they try to decipher their situation further.

Prey of the Spirit Bear
William Hill
Otter Creek Press
3154 Nautilus Road
Middleburg, FL 32068
1890611514, $18.95,

The spirits reside where we may not fully understand them. "Prey of the Spirit Bear" is a novel from William Hill as he presents a story of nature, as a man of mystic origins, a ranger, and a boy scout seek to answer the questions to the mysteries that are going on around the national parks in the region. Drawing on much mythology and legend, "Prey of the Spirit Bear" presents an insightful and fun read that shouldn't be overlooked.

The Warmaster's Daughter
Elly Zupko
SMLX Books
1023 Saint Paul St., Apt 3A, Baltimore, MD 21202
9780984894581, $14.95,

Men do not often seek war for personal reasons, but reasons forced upon them. "The Warmaster's Daughter" is a novel set among the nations of Mitoch and Fairgos, as lady of privilege Aurora becomes enwrapped in the shadowy side of the conflict. As she seeks a victory that brings her father home, she finds she will have to sacrifice much, including everything she has known, and then endure much more. A novel of the pains of war and the limits to which good people will go, "The Warmaster's Daughter" is a strong addition to those seeking a low fantasy take on a very real human conflict.

Captured Hearts
Sandra Deighan
Lysmata Publishing
7635 SW 56 Avenue #D, Miami, FL 33143
9780966778458, $16.95,

When you don't have an eternity, you can make every second count. "Captured Hearts" is a paranormal romance from Sandra Deighan following the immortal Fryar, who pursues a mortal woman he cannot simply have in his eternity of lust. Realizing that he cannot have her so easily only makes him try harder! "Captured Hearts" is an intriguing fantastical romance, very much recommended reading.

Anderon O'Donnel
Tiber City Press
c/o Smith Publicity
1930 E Marlton Pike, Suite I-46
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
9780615553184, $9.99,

The future may be as grim as it is bright. "Kingdom" is a science fiction novel set among the discovery of a soul gene, and the aftereffects of this revelation. A senator is suddenly dead; one man must find a deeper truth lurking behind the system. "Kingdom" is a riveting read with plenty of original ideas, very much recommended for science fiction fans.

The Writing/Publishing Shelf

Putting Your Best Book Forward
Ellen Reid
Little Moose Press
269 S. Beverly Drive, #1065
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
9780984144136, $19.95,

There is a viable alternative for frustrated authors unable to interest the major houses in publishing their work -- self-publishing. But there's far more to publishing your own work than turning a manuscript into a book. Once that's done (and it's by far the easiest part of the process), you must then market your book by persuasively bringing your book to the attention of your intended readership. Every aspiring author considering self-publication would be well advised to give a close and carefully reading to Ellen Reid's "Putting Your Best Book Forward: A Book Shepherd's Secrets to Producing Award Winning Books that Sell". This 115 page compendium is packed solid from cover to cover with practical advice, instructive commentary, and a wealth of 'tips, tricks & techniques' for becoming a successfully self-published author. "Putting Your Best Book Forward" will show aspiring authors how to go about setting up their own publishing company, how to get their book into bookstores, take advantage of online marketing opportunities, digital publishing, and so much more. Of special note is the chapter dedicated to 'The Seven Deadliest Mistakes New Authors Often Make'. Deftly written and thoroughly 'user friendly', "Putting Your Best Book Forward" is enthusiastically recommended reading for any and all aspiring writers hoping to make a successful career as published authors.

The 90-Day Rewrite
Alan Watt
The 90-Day Novel Press
137 N. Larchmont Boulevard
P.O. Box #136, Los Angeles, CA.90004
9780983141211, $16.95,

Revision is almost important as writing the novel itself. "The 90-Day Rewrite: The Process of Revision" is a writing guide from Alan Watt as he advises how to more effectively rewrite and revise your work for the better. From technical proficiency in writing to just making yourself get it done, "The 90-Day Rewrite" is a strongly recommended writing and publishing collections, and for those who want to better polish their book into something much better.

Writers on the Edge
Diana M. Raab & James Brown
Modern History Press
5145 Pontiac Trail, Ann Arbor, MI 48105
9781615991082, $19.95,

Creative people have a predisposition to addiction it is often found. "Writers on the Edge: 22 Writers Speak About Addiction and Dependency" discusses the struggles many writers have faced as they have been consumed by their addiction, be it the obvious drug and alcohol addictions to the more misunderstood sex addictions as well as food addictions, and other compulsions that can ruin our lives. "Writers on the Edge" is a strong addition to writing collections, with interest to social issues and general self-help collections as well.

The LGBT Shelf

Above All Things
Shari Johnson
Changing Lives Press
50 Public Square #1600, Cleveland, OH 44113
9780985024802, $18.99,

Our faith and those around us often blind us to the suffering we may cause. "Above All Things: The Journey of an Evangelical Christian Mother and Her Gay Daughter" is a memoir from Shari Johnson, as she shares her journey of trying to accept the revelation that her daughter was gay, and the crisis of faith that followed. Promoting acceptance instead of hate that all too often fuels the deeply religious Christians in the modern day, "Above All Things" is a moving memoir about the personal story that many parents face.

Wilde Stories
Steve Berman, editor
Lethe Press
118 Heritage Avenue, Maple Shade
NJ 08052-3018
9781590213988, $15.00,

Love blooms anywhere, no matter the situation, no matter the participants. "Wilde Stories 2012: The Year's Best Gay Speculative Fiction" is a collection of short fiction that explores gay romance among many unusual settings throughout the realms of imagination, exploring everything from what may better be known as fantasy, to the distant future, to worlds which may be very far from our own. "Wilde Stories 2012" is a strong pick for any collection seeking to expand its short story roster with LGBT flavor.

Our Family Outing
Joe Cobb & Leigh Anne Taylor
Total Publishing & Media
9781937829155, $19.95,

Secrets can be held for decades, and be to all contrary evidence. "Our Family Outing: A memoir of Coming Out and Coming Through" is a memoir of the couple facing the nature of the husband's homosexuality, and trying to understand the pain of living a lie for much of their life. A pastor and a church musician as a couple, Joe Cobb's true nature presented many additional challenges. "Our Family Outing" is a strong addition to any LGBT oriented memoir collection, recommended.

The Education of Queenie McBride
Lyndsey D'Arcangelo
Publishing Syndicate
PO Box 607, Orangevale, CA 95662
978095060244, $16.95,

Our world isn't as simple as we often wish it to be. "The Education of Queenie McBride" follows the titular privileged young woman as she is faced with people who don't have it so easy in their lives. As she and her friend face a homeless LGBT teen, she realizes the world isn't as easy as she has experienced and learns much about helping others bear the burden of life. "The Education of Queenie McBride" is a strong addition to young adult fiction collections dealing with LGBT issues.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Charles Gourgey
Parson's Porch Books
121 Holy Trail Road, NW, Cleveland, TN 37311
9781936912186, $21.95,

Judaism gave birth to Christianity, and the two faiths still share much in history. "Judeochristianity: The Meaning and Discovery of Faith" is a collection of spiritual writing from Charles 'Carlos' Gourgey as he ponders Christ from the perspective of the Jewish faith, and how taking Christianity from another view can bring to one's appreciation of the faith. "Judeochristianity" presents much to ponder on the traits of these faith and gaining a higher understanding between them.

Mary Magdalene Beckons
Mercedes Kirkel
Into the Heart Creations
PO Box 32742, Santa Fe, NM 87594
9780984002955, $18.95,

Our flaws and our failures are what make us human. "Mary Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of Love" is a spiritual read from Mercedes Kirkel, who shares the message of divine love that is the legacy of Mary Magdalene. An uplifting guide to finding our hope and redemption throughout our lives, "Mary Magdalene Beckons" has a strong and positive message, highly recommended.

Atheist Voices Of Minnesota
Chris Stedman, et al.
Freethought House
9780615598574, $20.00,

Freethought is a philosophical viewpoint that holds opinions should be formed on the basis of logic, reason and empiricism and not authority, tradition, or other dogmas. Atheism is, in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities. In a narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities. Most inclusively, atheism is simply the absence of belief that any deities exist. "Atheist Voices of Minnesota: an Anthology of Personal Stories" is an anthology of informative contributions by thirty-six atheists, each of them citizens of Minnesota, on what it means to be an atheist, their life experiences as atheists, their ethics as atheists, and more. Of special note is the concluding section devoted to 'Atheists and Secular Resources' which includes listings of atheist and secular organizations in Minnesota; national and international atheist and secular organizations; atheist and secular student organizations; and atheists resources related to organized religion. "Atheist Voices of Minnesota: an Anthology of Personal Stories" is highly recommended reading for anyone seeking an alternative to the irrational and the superstitions, or who wants to simply know more about what it is like to be an atheist.

Why Are You Atheists So Angry?
Greta Christina
Pitchstone Publishing
1909 Stillhouse Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901
9780985281526, $14.95,

Atheism has come far in being more widely accepted, but many still have misconceptions about their attitudes. "Why Are You Atheists So Angry?: 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless" is a discussion of Atheism and the anger many non-believers feel when they are often written off as intolerant and hateful for their lack of beliefs. Greta Christina tries to make it clear that atheism isn't about hate of religion, but instead acceptance and not allowing religion to stand in the way of social progress. "Why Are You Atheists So Angry?" is worth considering for those who want to understand modern atheism, highly recommended.

The Architecture Shelf

Jerry R. David
Artemesia Publishing
9 Mockingbird Hill Rd, Tijeras, NM 87059
9781932926200, $17.99,

Although the iconic red pentagon is the first thing that comes to mind when one hears the word "barn", they come in many shapes and sizes to meet their functions. "Barns: From the Land of Enchantment" is a collection of fifty black-and-white drawings of several particular barns throughout the state of New Mexico, as author Jerry R. Davis provides his interest in barns and shares his interest with readers and describes each barn, commenting on their style. "Barns" is a strong pick for those who enjoy the original nature of rural architecture, recommended.

The Travel Shelf

Dancing in the Fountain
Karen McCann
Cafe Society Press
25825 Science Park Drive, Suite 100
Beachwood, OH 44122
9780985028305, $13.95,

Staying one place for their entire life just isn't for some people. "Dancing in the Fountain: How to Enjoy Living Abroad" is an advisory for those with worldwide aspirations as Karen McCann suggests how to treat one's wanderlust wisely and competently, and see the world they want to see. From traveler to expatriate, "Dancing to the Fountain" contains plenty to consider about life and everything else, highly recommended reading.

No Worries Paris
Jerry & Janine Sprout
Diamond Valley Company
89 Lower Manzanita Drive, Markleeville, CA 96120
9780978637163, $18.95,

Paris is as vast as it is old, and wandering aimlessly won't let one see all of it. "No Worries Paris" is a travel guide from Jerry & Janine Sprout, presenting advice for those who want to experience Paris in all of its potential. Featuring many walking tours, each accompanied by full color photography throughout, "No Worries Paris" is for those who want to get the absolute most out of France. "No Worries Paris" is a must for those who wish to never be wanting for something to do in this beloved capital.

The Political Science Shelf

Could I Vote For a Mormon for President?
Ryan T. Cragun & Rick Phillips
Strange Violin Editions
4200 Cathedral Avenue, NW #702
Washington, DC 20016
9780983748458, $12.95,

Mitt Romney's faith is of concern to Christians and non-Christians alike. "Could I Vote for a Mormon for President?: An Election-Year Guide to Mitt Romney's Religion" explores Mormonism, questioning whether the oft-misunderstood faith could or should make voters fearful of the 2012 Republican Nominee for President. Hoping to inform readers about the Mormon faith and how a Mitt Romney presidency would interact with it, "Could I Vote for a Mormon for President?" is worth considering for those who want to be better informed about the young faith.

The Buddhist Studies Shelf

One Monk, Many Masters
Paul Breiter
Parami Press
PO Box 65372, Vancouver, WA 98665
9780977977437, $18.00,

Wandering often suits many faiths just fine. "One Monk, Many Masters: The Wanderings of a Simple Buddhist Traveler" is a Buddhist memoir from Paul Breiter as he presents his own travels, how he found the Buddhist teachings, and his search for something of a God, and how this lifestyle has brought him across the world and learning from many throughout the world. "One Monk, Many Masters" is a strong addition to any Buddhist studies or memoir collection, highly recommended.

The Automotive Shelf

Rebuilding the Brand
Clyde Fessler
Triple Nickel Press
555 North Morton Street, Bloomington, IN 47404
9780983815211, $16.95,

Harley Davidson has become the icon for motorcycles. "Rebuilding the Brand: How Harley-Davidson Became King of the Road" explores the revival of the Harley Davidson brand after near bankruptcy. An intriguing case study of business branding on top of business sense, Harley Davidson's story is a story of business bringing itself back from obscurity to an icon in its field. "Rebuilding the Brand" is a must for those fascinated with the vehicles and the business and community behind it, very much recommended reading.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Dog Trots Globe
Sheron Long
26385 Carmel Rancho Blvd., Carmel, CA 93923
9781936951000, $19.95,

Dogs can often be our best friends, so why not take them with us on a worldwide journey? "Dog Trots Globe: To Paris & Provence" as Sheron Long discusses how she and her husband sought to visit Paris and brought their 9-year old sheltie with them, and how their dog had the time of its life in the process. A humorous and fun read for dog lovers as well as Francophiles, "Dog Trots Globe" is not to be overlooked for canine aficionados or travel and memoir collections.

The Social Issues Shelf

Deconstructing Wikileaks
Daniel Estulin
Trine Day
PO Box 577, Walterville, OR 97489
9781937584115, $19.95,

Wikileaks has been a topic of much contention in recent years. "Deconstructing Wikileaks" is Daniel Estulin's critique of the controversial Wikileaks and the man behind it, Julian Assange. The site was founded as a catalyst for change, but Estulin writes of the other motives behind it, and how there may be selective releases of documents from the site and perhaps a manipulation in that selection. "Deconstructing Wikileaks" is an intriguing perspective on the site, worth considering.

The American History Shelf

Peaceful Valley, Volume 1
Richard E. McCullough
Valley Press
123 N. Timberline Dr.
PO Box 517
Perkins, Oklahoma 74059
9780615582627 $55.00

Captivatingly illustrated with vintage black-and-white photographs throughout, Peaceful Valley: A Portrait of a Prairie Town and the Legacy of Small Town America, Volume 1 is an accessible, in-depth portrait of the small town of Tipton, Oklahoma, created in 1909 to provide for farmers settling the land. Tipton would eventually become key to transforming this agricultural area into a veritable breadbasket, and became known as the "Buckle of the Cotton Belt". Volume 1 chronicles the town's evolution through the first half of the twentieth century, including the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, two world wars, and the post-WW II economic boom. Exhaustively researched down to the most minute details, Peaceful Valley Volume 1 is an invaluable lens into the roots of small-town America, worthy of the highest recommendation whether for serious study or casual browsing.

The Money/Finance Shelf

Own the Clouds
Joyce Blonskij
Authority Publishing
11230 Gold Express Dr. #310-413
Gold River, CA 95670
9781935953210 $24.95

President of Blonskij Financial Services (founded in 2003) Joyce Blonskij presents Own the Clouds, a no-nonsense guide to investing in Cloud computing companies - that is, companies which provide resources and technological advantages for the Internet and wireless devices. Written to be comprehensible (complete with definitions of common Cloud techno-speak) to investors of all backgrounds - even those new to the digital age! - Own the Clouds outlines how to evaluate whether a Cloud company is viable, how to track one's investments, how to avoid common pitfalls, and even the charitable side of Cloud companies. "Please remember, investing is NOT 'one-size-fits-all.' If you do decide to buy a subscription to a newsletter on investing, keep in mind you're unique and the company or organization producing the newsletter may be selling a cookie-cutter investment idea that is not tailored to you. Use it as a tool, not a crutch." Own the Clouds is an absolute "must-have" for anyone considering putting their money to work in these fast-growing technology stocks of the future. Highly recommended.

The Law/Justice Shelf

Women Warriors
John M. Wills
TotalRecall Publications, Inc.
1103 Middlecreek, Friendswood, TX 77546
9781590956960, $19.95,

As women enter the field of law enforcement, they face many barriers, both real and artificial. "Women Warriors: Stories from the Thin Blue Line" is a collection of true tales drawn from John M. Wills' interviews with women in law enforcement. The women's stories are sometimes chilling, sometimes heartrending, always compelling, and cover many elements of law enforcement from beat cop to corrections officer. "Women Warriors" is a choice pick for those seeking the real-life perspectives of women who enforce the law of the land.

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