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Reviewer's Choice

I, Red Skelton
Wes D. Gehring
PO Box 71426, Albany, GA 3170
9781593933654, $16.95,

A legend of comedy, the life of Red Skelton was one filled with humor and broken by what was not. "I, Red Skelton: Exit Laughing, or A Man, His Movies, and Sometimes his Monkeys" is a spin of creative non-fiction as Wes D. Gehring writes as Skelton a memoir as it would appear if it was the norm for Red's era. Highly researched with good creative touches, "I, Red Skelton" is an excellent and very much recommended pick for any biography or fiction collection.

Shadow in the USA
Kay Plumb
WorldView Press
14715 NW Newberry Road, Portland, OR 97231
9780981670850, $29.99,

There is a darkness in all of us, and how we deal with it is what determines our future, on a personal and societal level. "Shadow in the USA" is a discussion of nature and philosophy as Kay Plumb argues that humanity's power to hurt itself has run amuck, and far away from any sense of decency. With honesty and knowledge, "Shadow in the USA" presents plenty to ponder and think about and makes for a very much recommended reading.

Entre Nous
Lydia Riantee Rand
Wild Ocean Press
PO Box 484, Mendocino, CA 95460
9780984130474, $15.95,

Tradition is good, when it's not controlling our destiny. "Entre Nous: The Goosefoot Chronicles" is a fictionalized memoir, of sorts, as Lydia Riantree Rand delves into her own family's history and takes an unusual balance between history and fantasy as she tells of her family's journeys from their long history and what it meant for them. "Entre Nous" is a unique and very much recommended read, not to be overlooked.

The Theatre/Cinema Shelf

Playing Dreidel
Edward Einhorn
Theater 61 Press
2373 Broadway, Suite 802, New York, NY 10024
9780977019748, $14.95,

With thousands of years between it all, it can be easy to lose sight of the origin of faith. "Playing Dreidel with Judah Maccabee" is a script for a play as Edward Einhorn presents a story where a modern boy finds a room that grants him a connection to an Ancient Temple in Jerusalem, and to famed figure of Jewish legend Judah Maccabee. Learning much of the reason for Jewish faith, "Playing Dreidel with Judah Maccabee" is an intriguing and fun work of theater, highly recommended.

The Gang That Shot Up Hollywood
John Stanley
Creatures at Large Press
1082 Grand Teton Drive, Pacifica, CA 94044
9780940064133, $21.99,

It took certain qualities to be a legendary action star. "The Gang That Shot Up Hollywood" follows the history of many of the later twentieth centuries biggest action stars as photographer and man of Hollywood John Stanley touches on what he has seen and experienced through it all. Covering thirty years of Hollywood and encounters with everyone form Clint Eastwood to Chuck Norris, "The Gang That Shot Up Hollywood" is a must for anyone who enjoys the action packed side of Hollywood.

The Poetry Shelf

Searching for Cecy
Judy Prescott
Live Consciously
665 Walther Way, Los Angeles, CA 90049
9780955465611, $16.95,

To lose your connection with reality is to some a fate worse than death. "Searching for Cecy: Reflections on Alzheimer's" is a collection of poetry from Judy Prescott as she reflects on her mothers battles with Alzheimer's and what it has done to her as well as their relationship. "Searching for Cecy" is a thoughtful read, very much recommended. "Quick Hold": The under-bricking,/the over arching,/the hand of doing,/Yes, handy/Doing.//Glamorous lady, witty/and sad.//Holding a world/together/with rubber bands,/paper clips,/and sealing wax.

The Ancestors The Trees
Ellen Cooney
Duir Press
795 Eighth Avenue, No. 201
San Francisco, CA 94118
9780960291205, $15.00

Trees have seen countless centuries, making them of odd interest to many. "The Ancestors the Trees" is an assortment of poetry from Ellen Cooney, as she speaks on life through a perspective of the eternal trees that stand for hundreds of years as years pass by. "The Ancestors the Trees" is a thoughtful and excellent read, highly recommended. "Every October": read the summer/in the face of your beloved/read the summer/in a fallen leaf.

The Language of Small Rooms
Judith Bader Jones
Finishing Line Press
PO Box 1626, Georgetown, KY 40324
9781599248493, $14.0,

With experience and a love her home town, "The Language of Small Rooms" is a collection of poetry from Judith Bader Jones as she touches on life and its reflections. Simple and to the point in its poignancy, "The Language of Small Rooms" is an excellent assortment of wisdom and knowledge in verse form, highly recommended. "After Dark": The shroud of night covers/her abyss of longing,/until one lost summer butterfly/brushes by her with a flutter/of wing dust that outlines regrets.

Next Analog Broadcast
Charly Fasano
Sunny Outside
PO Box 911, Buffalo, NY 14207
9781934513316, $13.00,

As history shifts, mankind keeps moving along with its daily life. "Next Analog Broadcast" is a collection of poetry from Charly Fasano who offers a fine assortment of poetry with a strong message of technology and humanity. "Next Analog Broadcast" is a fine read that shouldn't be overlooked. "Inspiration Is": Inspiration is not/getting a tattoo on your forearm/that says/Inspiration is

She Returns to the Floating World
Jeannine Hall Gailey
Kitsune Books
PO Box 1154, Crawfordville, FL 32326-1154
9780982740927, $12.00,

Celebrated and prolific, readers are usually in for something unique with Jeannine Hall Gailey. "She Returns to the Floating World" brings forth an unusual blend of influence and culture to poetry of a woman of the twentieth century who seen much and produces a product of it all. "She Returns to the Floating World" is an excellent addition to any poetry collection focusing on contemporary work. "He Makes Dinner": The thick knife gleams under your strong hands,/slicing carrot, onion, garlic, pepper,/scattering slivers into the air,/staining your fingers with their gold juices./You chop so quickly the definite line/between "hand" and "knife" dissolves./You strew pieces into the skillet,/listen for the right sting and sizzle of oil and wine,/waiting to feed me the work of your hands,/that broken finger, the tiny cuts/that lace and scar your surfaces.

Our List of Solutions
Carrie Oeding
42 Miles Press
1700 Mishawaka Avenue, South Bend, IN 46615
9780983074717, $15.00,

Solutions come in many forms, both good and bad. "Our List of Solutions" is a collection of poetry from Carrie Oeding as she speaks on the human search for solution and what we end up with in our journeys. With plenty of humor and poignancy, "Our List of Solutions" is a unique assortment of poetry, not to be overlooked. "The Night Before an Aubade": The night before the morning I fall/in love with my neighbor,/he comes over to switch off each light in my house./Can you ever forgive me? He asks./Can I ever forgive you? I ask, I don't understand./No. He repeats, Can you ever forgive me?/I repeat, Can you ever forgive me?/Yes, he answers, unlike sunrise.

27 Views of Chapel Hill
Daniel Wallace, introduction
Eno Publishers
PO Bos 158, Hillsborough, NC 27278
9780982077191, $16.50,

Through literature, you gain a scope of culture. "27 Views of Chapel Hill: A Southern University Town in Prose & Poetry" is a collection of literary endeavors in poetry and prose from many writers who call the region home. With a fine assortment of writing which touches on a wide array of thoughts and subjects, "27 Views of Chapel Hill" is an educational and very much recommended read for literary compilation collections in community and college libraries.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Future Tense
Eddie Upnick
Label Man Books
PO Box 640191, Oakland Gardens, NY 11364
9781463592349, $14.95,

There are many strong threats against the world and they must be answered sooner or later. "Future Tense" is a near future thriller as Eddie Upnick follows up his previous novel Time Will Tell, following twenty years later as Vito tries to understand the threats of secrecy in the CIA and the mystery of his father's career. Faced with many unusual opportunities, the threats of nuclear war, terrorism, and something not of this earth, "Future Tense" is a fast paced thriller with plenty to keep readers reading.

The Romanian Connection
Richard Roche
Southern Georgia Freedom Press
PO Box 27, Folkston, GA 31537
9780615456430, $12.95,

A spy's vengeance is done with a deliberate efficiency. "The Romanian Connection" follows Jack Hollingsworth on his quest to avenge his wife and daughter. Brought to Romania, he finds there is more to meets the eye as his plot as it entangles the Russian Intelligence agencies, royalty, and plenty of people to fear and few to trust. "The Romanian Connection" is a riveting read that will grab on and not let go.

Murder Beneath The Burned Sky
Keith Hartman
Pyramid Press
917 N. Larrabee St. #5, West Hollywood, CA 90069
9781937185008, $9.95,

When the world struggles to survive, murder complicates things. "Murder Beneath the Burned Sky" tells the story of a sealed town that is hidden from the world, under a scorched sky. A plot engulfs the town, and Calvin, trying to cope with coming to adulthood in such a harsh situation, must solve the murder of his father and try to understand it all. "Murder Beneath the Burned Sky" is a riveting young adult novel, highly recommended.

Freeze Tag on the Highway
Brian Krans
Rock Town Press
2018 19th Ave. B, San Francisco, CA 94116
9780979372612, $14.99,

The deranged nature of some can never be expected. "Freeze Tag on the Highway" follows a terrifying tale of a counselor gone sour, as Jake, a leader at the camp takes control and sedates the children he was trusted to health. As the staff quits in protest, Jake's abuses of the very children he hates may go on unopposed. "Freeze Tag on the Highway" is a thriller that brings terror in its potential closeness to reality, highly recommended.

Try Not 2 Die
Vell Sweeny
Pink Pig Press
980 Broadway, Suite 248, Thornwood, NY 10594
9780981636016, $14.95,

Ben wanted to be done with testing death, but death wasn't done with Ben yet. "Try Not 2 Die" follows Ben Hunt as he finds himself driven back into his job as an agent of the government as a terrorist plot needs someone of his expertise to foil it. With a unique assortment of characters and plenty of wrenches thrown into the plot, "Try Not 2 Die" is a fun and fast paced thriller, highly recommended.

Henry Wood Detective Agency, volume 1
Brian D. Meeks
Positive Imaging
9016 Palace Parkway, Austin, TX 78748
9780984248056, $8.95,

A good story sometimes flows right out of you. "Henry Wood Detective Agency" is a detective novel from Brian D. Meeks who composed the novel out of his blog posts, never expecting it to become a full fledged story. Written with passion and spontaneity, "Henry Wood Detective Agency" is a humorous and very fun read, highly recommended.

Silent Russian
Valerie Biamonte
The Woops
651 South Sutton Road, Ste #164
Streamwood, IL 60107
9780984580323, $11.99,

When you're simply seeking to carry out your job, the threat of vendetta can make it incredibly difficult. "Silent Russian" follows patrol cop Mick Ivanov, as he finds the act of doing his job putting him at odds with a determined serial killer with his own sense of justice. Set in 1968, Valerie Biamonte spins a highly entertaining and highly recommended read for those who enjoy crime thrillers, "Silent Russian" is a fine read, not to be overlooked.

An Ostentation
Pamelia Barratt
Plowshare Media
PO Box 278, La Jolla, CA 92038
9780982114599, $14.95,

Even in the hardest of times, we can find something wonderful. "An Ostentation" is a historical mystery as Bernard Peacock, son of a family running a famous jewelry stores, sets his sights on a Jewish girl, something that seems outrageous in the few short years following World War II. A mystery that blends romance, culture, and a story of Chicago, "An Ostentation" is a fascinating and very much recommended read.

Body Snatchers
Flowers in Bloom Publishing
2151 Ralph Avenue, #Suite 421, Brooklyn, NY 11234
9780979861437, $15.00,

For money, some people go to any means. "Body Snatchers" follows the delve into evil following David and Jerry as they flee Haiti to America and delve into the very lucrative business of kidnapping. FBI Agent Camper finds it is up to him to stop the string of kidnapping and find out how to stop the drive for power. "Body Snatchers" is a riveting crime thriller, recommended reading.

The Gardening Shelf

Creating and Planting Garden Troughs
Joyce Fingerut & Rex Murfitt
B. B. Mackey Books
PO Box 475, Wayne, PA 19087
9781893443211, $23.00,

To make a more magnificent garden, one must embrace many new techniques. "Creating and Planting Garden Troughs" is a guide to better embracing troughs in their garden design, using them as platforms of a separate micro-environment for many plants to embrace diversity at a higher level. "Creating and Planting Garden Troughs" is filled with photographs, practical advice, and everything one needs to know to use troughs effectively.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Your Magical Soul
Jeffrey A. Marks
Arago Press
9505 53rd Ave W, Mukilteo, WA 98275
9781936492008, $19.95,

What is the soul to the modern man? "Your Magical Soul: How Science and Psychic Phenomena Paint a New Picture of the Self and Reality" is a discussion of the metaphysical and magical in all of us, and how to use the power we have in this avenue to its fullest. For living like one matters in the world and understanding the drive of soul, "Your Magical Soul" is of interest to metaphysical, spiritual, and new age readers in general.

Energy Medicine
C. Norman Shealy
Edgar Cayce's A.R.E.
215 67th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451-2061
9780876046104, $15.95,

The power of the soul can triumph where traditional medicine sometimes fails. "Energy Medicine: Practical Applications and Scientific Proof" is a metaphysical health guide from C. Norman Shealy as he offers his own research into energy and medicine and the power of the mind and psyche to make the most of health and life, drawing from spiritual, traditional, and other sources to offer alternative and homeopathy treatments. "Energy Medicine" is an excellent pick for any subscriber to metaphysical health philosophy.

Humanus Astrologicus
Deborah Smith Parker
Astrologicus Press
PO Box 722757, San Diego, CA 92172
9780981478722, $18.95,

Through Astrology, some plan their own development of life. "Humanus Astrologicus: Astrological Reasons in Rhyme Why We Do What We Do" is a spiritual guide from Deborah Smith Parker as she presents a way of understanding astrology and a different way to follow it. Aimed at dedicated followers and couples with an interested, "Humanus Astrologicus" is filled with thought and wisdom with plenty to consider for those who want a new way to discuss astrology.

The Christian Studies Shelf

The Fulfillment Principle
Bob Westfall
Leafwood Publishers
1626 Campus Cort, Abilene, TX 79601
9780891122876, $12.99,

Happiness is something we often seek but are not sure how to find. "The Fulfillment Principle: Experiencing Pure Joy in Your Life" is a guide to seeking fulfillment in one's life as a Christian, finding God's plan and working it with your own hopes and dreams. For those who are losing track of faith in their life, "The Fulfillment Principle" is an ideal and very much recommended pick for Christian self-help collections.

Happy Catholic
Julie Davis
Servant Books
28 W. Liberty St., Cincinnati, OH 45202
9780867169744, $14.99,

Finding happiness in faith is much easier than one would think. "Happy Catholic: Glimpses of God in Everyday Life..." follows Julie Davis as she crafts of blend of memoir and devotional as she discusses the many aspects of Catholic life and finding happiness in the modern world. For any Catholic who wants the most out of their life, "Happy Catholic" should very much be considered.

The Mystical State
Arthur Versluis
New Cultures Press
PO Box 141035, Grand Rapids, MI 49514-1035
9781596500112, $18.95,

What is the future of philosophy and spirituality? "The Mystical State: Politics, Gnosis, and Emergent Cultures" is a discussion that hopes to tie together the concepts with optimism for a better future in our corrupted political system, and how spirituality and philosophy can help many of us make a difference. "The Mystical State" is worth considering for spirituality and philosophy readers, very much recommended.

Third Way Allegiance
Tripp York
126 Klingerman Road, Telford, PA 18969
9781931038829, $12.95,

Many people have strong national pride and strong faith, and may find these beliefs incompatible. "Third Way Allegiance: Christian Witness in the Shadow of Religious Empire" is a Christian book that encourages faith and honesty to one's beliefs in today's world where Christian beliefs are either used as part of the machine, used as radical insanity, but rarely approached with rationality. Offering views on Dr. King, the nature of justice, and the Christian values that seem to be have lost on the mainstream, "Third Way Allegiance" offers much to think about for dedicated Christians who want to follow their faith mindfully.

Saints on Call
Christine Gibson
Liguori Publications
1 Liguori Drive, Liguori, MO 63057-9999
9780764820342, $7.99,

When the pressures of adulthood, motherhood, and just plain life close in, it proves so hard to cope with it all. "Saints on Call: Everyday Devotions for Moms" is a Catholic driven book of devotion aimed at mothers who are dealing with their children and feeling spiritually starved. Christine Gibson advises with plenty of advice to make it all work, no matter how crushed one feels. "Saints on Call" is a strong pick for any Catholic mother, highly recommended.

The Islamic Studies Shelf

Islam, its Meaning and Message, third edition
Khurshid Ahmad, editor
The Islamic Foundation
9780860372875, $22.95,

Islam is often tragically written off as one uniform faith when it is in fact as diverse as Christianity. "Islam, its Meaning and Message" is the third revised edition from the Islamic Foundation as they offer a complete and comprehensive study of the faith, both historical and contemporary. Many respected scholars contribute and present much to ponder and muse on the future of Islam in a world that fears it through misunderstanding. "Islam, its Meaning and Message" is an excellent read, very much recommended reading, a core addition to any religious studies collection.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Manual for Living
Seth David Chernoff
Spirit Scope Publishing
6525 Gunpark Drive, Suite 370-249, Boulder, CO 80301
9781937215002, $16.95,

Finding purpose in life is something truly precious. "Manual for Living: A User's Guide to the Meaning of Life Connection" is a spiritual book from Seth David Chernoff advising readers on how to make the most of their lives and find their own connection to their faith, and how to live life mindfully. With plenty of excellent wisdom, "Manual for Living" is not to be overlooked for a motivational book that is spiritually powered.

The Memoir Shelf

Conrad Bishop & Elizabeth Fuller
Word Workers Press
c/o The Independent Eye
502 Pleasant Hill Rd., Sebastol, CA 95472
9780974566443, $19.95,

If you can find someone you can work with and love at the same time, you've truly got something magnificent. "Co-Creation: Fifty Years in the Making" is a profound memoir of Conrad Bishop and & Elizabeth Fuller as they reflect on countless decades of cooperation as partners in the world of show business and the much more difficult task of partners in the game of life. Touching and memorable, "Co-Creation" is a fine assortment of wisdom, very much recommended.

My Heart Stopped Beating
c/o Ginny Grimsley
1127 Grove Street, Clearwater, FL 33755
9788890597701, $15.00,

Where we are sent for help may give us anything but. "My Heart Stopped Beating: Teen Survivor Memories of Horror Mad Houses in Italy" is a memoir from Chamed as she recollects the terrors she faced as she was sent to an asylum and the atrocity that was visited on her as well as the other inmates. A story of despair and lack of hope, "My Heart Stopped Beating" is a terrifying story of the abuses of power used in many of the world's mental health institutions.

Warren Nelson
Song Farm Press
PO Box 97, Washburn, WI 54891
9780615487533, $19.95,

Under the tents, you find a genuine show with people driven to entertain. "Ballyhoo!: Backstage Big Top: Tent Show "Memorywars" of the Song and Chance Man" is a memoir of Warren Nelson, ringmaster of the Lake Superior Big Top Cahutauqua, who has been leading and enjoying tent shows for much of his adult life. A lover o f much and many arts, he seeks to bring joy to many and gets joy himself out of doing it. An intriguing look into a culture not often spoken of, "Ballyhoo!" is very much worth considering.

The Language Studies Shelf

Liven Up Your Latin American Spanish
Gloria Algorta
Language Success Press
2232 S. Main St. #345, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
9780981775456, $29.95,

Spanish, much like English, has been twisted and spun by location. "Liven Up Your Latin American Spanish: Idioms & Expressions You Need to Know" is a guide to understanding the slang and idioms of popular culture throughout Latin America and how to understand how everyday people speak Spanish and how to speak vernacular Spanish with them. With plenty of exercises to practice and an audio CD to help learn pronunciation and more, "Liven Up Your Latin American Spanish" is an insightful guide to the Spanish that's never in the textbooks.

The Self-Help Shelf

Live Your Destiny Now, Not Later!
Timothy Hartwell
Total Publishing & Media
5332 South Memorial Drive, Suite 200
Tulsa, OK 74145
9780881440850, $24.95,

Putting off life is no way to live at all. "Live Your Destiny Now, Not Later! Making Good Decisions for a Lifetime" is a driven self-help guide from Timothy Hartwell as he pushes driven decision making that works towards our life's goals for the better. Whether it be everyday life or succeeding at business and relationships, "Live Your Destiny Now, Not Later!" is an excellent and very much recommended read, not to be overlooked.

Attitude Reconstruction
Jude Bijou
Riviera Press
133 East De La Guerra #25
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
9780983528777, $16.95,

The power of a good outlook is really something. "Attitude Reconstruction" is an inspirational guide from Jude Bijou as she advises people switch up their attitudes towards life, express their fears and anxieties and make the most of with realization of one's life the understanding a few minutes of clear thought can bring every day. "Attitude Reconstruction" is a positive and choice read, highly recommended.

Attitude Reconstruction
Jude Bijou
Riviera Press
133 East De La Guerra #25
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
9780983528777, $16.95,

The power of a good outlook is really something. "Attitude Reconstruction" is an inspirational guide from Jude Bijou as she advises people switch up their attitudes towards life, express their fears and anxieties and make the most of with the understanding that a few minutes of clear thought can bring every day. "Attitude Reconstruction" is a positive and choice read, highly recommended.

How's Your Family Really Doing?
Don MacMannis & Debra Manchester MacMannis
Two Harbors
212 3rd Avenue, Suite 290
Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781936401925, $15.95,

It can be hard to understand when one's family is in constant peril. "How's Your Family Really Doing?: 10 Keys to a Happy Loving Family" is a guide to measuring one's family to find greater success in their life and greater success in relationships. The MacMannis's advise readers to evaluate how their family is really doing and what they can do to counter common problems. "How's Your Family Really Doing?" is an insightful read for any family who wants the best for all involved.

Little Voice Mastery, second edition
Blair Singer
Select Books
1 Union Square West, Suite 909
New York, NY 10003
9781590792155, $17.95,

When one's mind is at war with itself, the gridlock can be paralyzing. "Little Voice Mastery, second edition" is a guide to managing one's own interior monologue and putting it to swift and effective action in today's world that requires quick thinking and quick action. From working under pressure, killing those habits that sabotage oneself, and managing the voices in your head, "Little Voice Mastery" is a guide to being a leader of one's own mind to lead the minds of others, highly recommended.

Karen Okulicz
PO Box 375, Belmar, NJ 07719
9780964426016, $10.00,

The power of good decision should never be overlooked. "Decide!: How to make Any Decision" is a guide to advise readers on how to deal with the constant decisions of life with wisdom and intelligence to avoid going down the wrong path. With plenty of practical advice, "Decide!" is not a read to be overlooked, very highly recommended.

The Freedom Code
Michael J. Rhodes
Ancient Elders Press
PO Box 2555, Humble, TX 77347
9780982597002, $18.95,

Understanding one's potential is vital for getting the most out of life. "The Freedom Code: Simple Solutions for Life's Major Challenges" is an advisory and spiritual guide from Michael J. Rhodes as he advises readers to deal with life's obstacles and conquer it more effectively and successful throughout their lives. Stating that the power of state of mind should not be overestimated, "The Freedom Code" is a thoughtful and very much insightful compilation of knowledge, and motivation for those seeking words to support them in their lives.

3 Steps to Recovery
Dan Farish
T-87 Publishing Company
PO Box 773, Freeland, WA 98249
9780983581109, $12.99,

When you run out of options, it's either shape up or watch as life ships out without you. "3 Steps to Recovery : One Man's Triumph Over Alcohol And Drugs" is a blend of inspiration and memoir from Dan Farish as he advises readers to put their head together and try to cope with their own addictions. Stating that his own ego was in the way, he grants practical advice and his own model for overcoming a disease, when everything else had failed him. "3 Steps to Recovery" is worth considering for those who are facing losing everything in their own lives and are looking to find a new option.

The Fiction Shelf

Saint Sebastian's Head
LeAnn Neal Reilly
Zephon Books
3 Billings Way, Framington, MA 01701
9780982687529, $14.95,

The past can't be fled from forever. "Saint Sebastian's Head' is the story of Weeble, who, after finding everything she wanted out of life, is forced to face a childhood she never understood, and the man who tried to destroy her life before it got started. A story of life and interpersonal and familial intrigue set in the 1980s mid-western America, "Saint Sebastian's Head" is a thoughtful and riveting novel.

The Last Good Horse
David Martin Anderson
ConRoca Publishing
132 Ridge Trail, Boerne, TX 78006
9781892617163, $15.95,

Young Billy Bartell finds his calling with horses, which are quickly becoming an endangered species. "The Last Good Horse" follows Billy as he leaves behind a mortician destiny to find work with a dying species of horse in the American west. As he is faced with the potential of eradicating a species or defying and saving some good horses, "The Last Good Horse" is a riveting novel that horse lovers everywhere will quite enjoy.

Love Beyond the City
Andrew Fitzmorris
Plain & Simple Books
66513 Schoolhouse Rd., North Bend, OR 97459
9781463584450, $15.95,

When one makes a move to follow the dream, we can often stumble and leave ourselves worse than when we started. "Love Beyond the City" follows Leopold Roman, an artist who chooses to go to New York to spark his passion, and finds love. But questioning the loss of his small town life, he faces an emotional dilemma. "Love Beyond the City" is a thoughtful introspection into the conflicts of big city and small town life.

Notes Toward the Story & Other Stories
Corey Mesler
Aqueous Books
PO Box 12784, Pensacola, FL 32591
9780982673461, $14.00,

The world of literature and understanding it has many twists and turns. "Notes Toward the Story & Other Stories" is a collection of short fiction from Corey Mesler as he collects knowledge and wisdom from many sources of the world. With humor and thought woven throughout it all, looking at the world of faith, philosophy, monsters, and when something truly unexpected comes your way and leaves you amazed that it could actually happen. "Notes Toward the Story & Other Stories" is a fine assortment of short works, very much recommended.

The Burnt Christian
H. McCormick
TBT Publisher
PO Box 502, Mt. Dora, Florida, 32756
9780983768708, $15.00,

When you stop the world from eating you alive, you get a lot more done. "The Burnt Christian" is the story of Maggie, a young woman facing her life. When her mother nearing her death comes and advises her to face what she's left behind, she learns of what she's been keeping bottled up, slowly poisoning her form the inside. A story of a young woman finding faith and embracing life, "The Burnt Christian" is a wise and very much recommended read, not to be overlooked.

Winds of the South
Ben Walker
Jamin Press
13715 Richmond Park Dr. N. #1107
Jacksonville, FL 32224
Strategic Vision (publicity)
1360 Regent Street, Suite 152, Madison, WI 53715
9780966614503, $18.95,

A Yankee in the antebellum South can be like a fish out of water. "Winds of the South" follows Zimri Rhodes as the Connecticut native settles in Georgia before the Civil War. Although married, he finds his eyes set on a determined woman who is a stalwart abolitionist, and is drifted apart from his wife, only to bring himself into controversy and challenge of life. "Winds of the South" is a riveting work of historical fiction, highly recommended.

Black Water
James Erwin
Strategic Book Group
PO Box 333, Durham, CT 06422
9781609768560, $18.95,

The truth can sometimes be scarier than fantasy. "Black Water" follows Ethan Grey, a diver who works for Public Safety and facing the crushing tragedy of life, as he copes works with former LAPD officer Dana Allen as they investigate a quarry turned like in Wisconsin. What they find is an evil and violence that could quickly be taken to the next level. "Black Water" is a fine thriller with no shortage of twists and turns, highly recommended.

The Dreaming Girl
Roberta Allen
Ellipsis Press
PO Box 721196, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
9780963753663, $14.00,

Our desires often decide everything that determines our life. "The Dreaming Girl" is a novel following an American girl in Belize and the allure of her affair with one she only remembers as the German. A novel exploring the human kind, our desires, and what we want out of the world, "The Dreaming Girl" is an excellent and very much recommended read that shouldn't be overlooked.

Tales of Wonder from the Garden State
Debbie Jones
Dora Mae Productions LLC
PO Box 141, Planetarium Station
New York, NY 10025-0141
9780615417721, $14.00,

New Jersey has become the butt of many jokes about being a bad place to live. "Tales of Wonder from the Garden State" is a collection of short stories from Debbie Jones as she reflects on what New Jersey was and what it has become, touching on its development with nostalgia and stories of coming of age. "Tales of Wonder from the Garden State" is moving and very much recommended, not to be missed.

The Silent and the Lost
A. Zubair
Pacific Breeze Publishers
PO Box 3651, Costa Mesa, CA 92628
9780982593967, $24.95,

The results of a conflict can be felt over generations, across continents. "The Silent and the Lost" follows a romance between Alex & Sangeeta, two descendants of South Asia and the conflicts that boiled over there in the early 1970s. Told between two generations, dancing between a story of war and a story of romance, "The Silent and the Lost" is a unique and very highly recommended read that shouldn't be overlooked.

Footprints of the Soul
B. J. Mitchell
Viewpoint Press
PO Box 400, 785 Road #G, Tehachapi, CA 93561
9780943962092, $18.50,

Money cannot yet buy you immortality, which can bring a certain degree of humility about the world quickly. "Footprints of the Soul" follows millionaire Frank Hebert, as he faces certain death via cancer. When his only potential salvation lies in a far off clinic that brings a new philosophy with his treatment, he finds there's more to life than just fearing death. "Footprints of the Soul" is an excellent and thoughtful read on life and everything else.

Hilary Masters
BkMk Press
5101 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO 64110
9781886157750, $16.95,

Mysteries of history often can't even be believed if their seen. "Post" follows special investigator B. Smith as he hunts for rebels and finds an old civil-war era castle and Leo Post, an ex-governor's son. A story that dabbles in the fantastic, history, and provides a good deal to think about on top of it all, "Post" is an excellent and recommended pick, not to be overlooked.

Eric D. Goodman
Atticus Books
3766 Howard Avenue, Suite 202
Kensington, MD 20895
9780984510573, $15.95,

The overarching story of life is forged by many stories. "Tracks" is a series of short stories crafted by Eric D. Goodman as he brings together a novel forged from these smaller tales. With a unique concept and entertaining writing about a passenger train going to Chicago from Baltimore, "Tracks" is quite a fascinating and recommended read.

Before the First Snow
Walter M. Brasch
Greeley & Stone Publishers
400 Alan Shepard St. Suite 150
Sacramento, CA 95834
9780942991192, $29.95,

For too long much of society lived as second class citizens. "Before the First Snow: Stories from the Revolution" is a compilation of stories that was born out of the 1960s and the revolutions that called for equality among race, gender, and sexuality, staring down the United States government entering a war viewed as utterly pointless and without value. A time of social turbulence, "Before the First Snow" is an intriguing piece of history from the personal stories that put it all together.

BC Furtney
Comet Press
725 11th Avenue Suite 2-S
New York, NY 10019
9781936964475, $11.95,

When your life no longer has value, you simply look for a worthy way to die. "Scarla" is a pulpy and riveting novel following Scarla Fragran, a former kickboxing champion who has lost everything with value to her. She works with the police as an undercover prostitute; her job is dangerous, yet she doesn't care. Fun, enticing, and pulling no punches, "Scarla" is a fine and very much recommended read, not to be missed.

The Glass Harmonica
Dorothee E Kocks
Gattuso Media Design
460 Shire Road, Milford, NJ 08848
9780986469411, $16.00,

To live for love and joy seems so alien to many. "The Glass Harmonica: A Sensualist's Tale" is a novel following Chjara Valle, a driven young woman who through her life of a servant as she goes from Corsica to Paris to America. A riveting and unique read with plenty of twists and turns as a woman with a love for music dares to go against the law for it. "The Glass Harmonica" is a read very much worth considering for historical fiction collections, highly recommended.

Death Island
Joan Conning Afman
Camel Press
PO Box 70515, Seattle, WA 98127
9781603818490, $16.95,

When reality television replaces justice, Danny Manning is forced to play the game. "Death Island" follows Danny as he's sentenced to the Titular TV show, wrongfully convicted of slaying his wife. Facing psychopaths, TV hosts, the clergy, and much more, Danny's struggle to survive is anything but normal. "Death Island" is a humorous and suspenseful novel, sure to entertain for hours.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Blood Feud
Steven A. Roman
Starwarp Concepts
PO Box 4667, Sunnyside, NY 11104
9780984174102, $14.95,

Anything but sunny is what Pandora's life can be described as. "Blood Feud" is the first entry in the quirky series that follows young Pandora Zweiback, as she discovers keeping New York safe from the hordes of undead out to destroy it may lie on her sixteen year old shoulders. As vampire clans declare war on another, she rushes to make sense of it all and protect her father who recently got a piece of merchandise all vampires in the world hunt for. "Blood Feud" is a fun and very much recommended read that shouldn't be overlooked.

Road to Megara
Cynthia Willerth
Smattering Books
PO Box 556, Clarence, NY 14031
9780980013016, $14.99,

Legend and Lore have more power than one would think. "Road to Megara" is the second entry in the Knife of Truth series from Cynthia Willerth, telling of an alliance of the Order of the Story Tellers and the Lords of Dalmarath, as they find themselves united against an insidious plot and coup that could disrupt the peace of their land. "Road to Megara" is worth considering for fantasy lovers.

The Traveling Salesman's Darktime Tales
Scott Swift
Darktime Tales Publishing
PO Box 172, Hillsdale NJ 07642
978098308411, $7.95,

The odd happenings of life push us through and make us consider our world. "The Traveling Salesman's Darktime Tales" is a collection of short stories with a gothic and unique setting, following the Salesman as he experiences the dark and mystical and is left with plenty of questions for the world. "The Traveling Salesman's Darktime Tales" is a fun and riveting collection, very much recommended.

The Immune
Doc Lucky Meisenheimer
LJS & S Publishing
7300 Sandlake Commons Blvd, #105
Orlando, FL 32819
9780966761221, $23.95,

The task of protecting humanity is not easily done. "The Immune" follows the crisis of humanity as biological weapons threaten them. A few humans are immune to the stings of the biowars, being chosen as defenders against them. But even when the fate of the species lies on their shoulders, pettiness and politics strike out in force. "The Immune" is a riveting read of science fiction, highly recommended.

Frozen in Time
C. A. Dawson
Babora Books
2838 Shakespeare Street
Victoria, BC, Canada V8R 4H1
9780986644313, $18.95,

Heroism can come from those who want to do anything but be heroes. "Frozen in Time" is a science fiction adventure set in a far off world as Flannery Wosk finds himself in control of the rebellion against Grat for the freedom of the Gridian people. But Wosk isn't the most suited to leadership, spurned by years of pain. For the rebellion he must overcome himself in this novel with no shortage of twists and turns along the way. "Frozen in Time" is very much and very highly recommended reading for any science fiction collection.

Z is for Xenophobe
Terry Faust
Sam's Dot Publishing
PO Box 782, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-0782
9780983267393, $13.95,

A small town in the Midwest becomes the setting for intergalactic chaos. "Z is for Xenophobe" is a humorous twist of science fiction and small town like as Terry Faust tells of two aliens from a far off galaxy finding an unknown wormhole to Hypothermia, a town with only a few thousand people. As aliens infiltrate society, it'll rely on the most unlikely of people to stop Earth's domination from within. "Z is for Xenophobe" is filled with adventure and comedy, recommended.

The Sending
Keven H. Murphy
Raguni Press
PO Box 28, Vernon, BC Canada V1T 6M4
9780981163208, $19.05,

What is the foundation of cruelty? "The Sending" is a series of science fiction novels as Keven Murphy crafts a universe where the gods seek the answer of the foundations of cruelty in mortals. Arranging a planet to find this answer, many Gods seek the thwart the bet with their own interference, and encourage cruelty. As five young individuals come upon evidence of the god's meddling, their lives become all the more interesting. "The Sending" is a unique setting and a very entertaining read, highly recommended. Also in the series is "The Search" (9780981163215, $19.05), which follows further into the teen's meddling in the god's gambling.

End of an Aeon
Bridget McKenna & Marti McKenna
Fairwood Press
21528 104th Street Court East,
Bonney Lake, WA 98391
9781933846262, $16.99,

Science fiction attracts much thoughts because it expands on the already infinite possibilities of life. "End of an Aeon" is a collection of science fiction short stories, poetry, and like-minded mediums from an assortment of authors, compiled well by Bridget & Marti McKenna, seeking to capture the essence of the universe in many creative ways. "End of an Aeon" is a thoughtful and fun spin of short fiction from a good sample of writers.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Manage Your Depression Through Exercise
Jane Baxter
Sunrise River Press
39966 Grand Avenue, North Branch, MN 55056
9781934716243, $14.95,

Good health is contagious within the self. "Manage Your Depression Through Exercise: The Motivation You Need to Start and Maintain an Exercise Program" is a guide to maintaining the mental aspect of good health. Jane Baxter advises that getting into good physical health allows greater confidence and balance within the body to fight depression and in general live a happier, healthier life. "Manage Your Depression Through Exercise" is an exceptional and very much recommended read for anyone who wants an exercise program and wants to stick to it.

The Case Of The Unwanted Pounds
Fred A. Stutman
Medical Manor Books
3501 Newberry Road
Philadelphia, PA 19154
9780934232265, $19.95,

"The Case Of The Unwanted Pounds: A Weight-Loss & Fitness Mystery" is unique. Dr. Fred A Stutman has developed an especially effective format to an authentically health oriented weight loss approach as the reader is called upon to utilize diet and fitness clues to solve the mystery of how to lose weight and achieve cardiovascular fitness. Apply the nicely embedded information to daily activities and in 21 days significantly improve overall health is the payoff for giving a careful reading to "The Case Of The Unwanted Pounds". Informed, informative, and thoroughly 'user friendly', "The Case Of The Unwanted Pounds" is an especially appropriate and highly recommended addition to personal reading lists and community library "Health & Medicine" reference collections.

Beyond Broccoli
Susan Schenck
Awakenings Publications
PO Box 558, Concrete, WA 98237
9780977679522, $19.77,

Going vegetarian doesn't mean one will instantly look like a vegetarian. "Beyond Broccoli: Creating a Biologically Balanced Diet When a Vegetarian Diet Doesn't Work" is a health guide from Susan Schenck as she advises readers that meat is not the ultimate evil in their diets and that meat has a solid and advisable place in a healthy diet. Discussing the health role of meat, the ethics and spirituality, and much more, "Beyond Broccoli" has plenty to consider, very much recommended reading.

Down There
Susun S. Weed
Ash Tree Publishing
PO Box 64, Woodstock, NY 12498
9781888123135, $29.95,

Good health sexually is vastly underrated in overall health. "Down There: Sexual and Reproductive Health the Wise Woman Way" is filled with practical advice on managing the health of the nether regions as part of a greater picture of health. For both men and women, Susun Weed speaks on many vital issues and what can be done as a preventative measure for many issues with alternative and herbal medicine, and when to defer to standard medicine. "Down There" is well worth considering for those who want to keep those pipes working and bringing happiness, instead of being a contributor to unhappiness.

Train Your Brain, Transform Your Life
Nicky VanValkenburgh
Petrie Press
14 Ingram Blvd., La Vergne, TN 37086
9780615297941, $24.99,

The power of the mind needs practice and training to be fully realized. "Train Your Brain, Transform Your Life: Conquer ADHD in 60 Days, Without Ritalin" is a guide for those who are facing an adult form of ADHD and the how the side effects of Ritalin make overcoming it on one's own volition all the more rewarding. With plenty of practical and not so obvious wisdom, "Train Your Brain, Transform Your Life" is a strong pick for those who want to better control their minds and their lives.

The Biography Shelf

Solid Brass
Rita Griffin Comstock
Blue Lake Press
300 East Crystal Lake Road,
Twin Lake, MI 49457
9780983597902, $24.95,

With a drive and a hope for something better, some people will not accept failure in their lives' goals. "Solid Brass: The Leonard Falcone Story" follows this man who came to America on his own at the age of 16, who was driven by natural talent and art with the euphonium to become a major force in the American big band movement, and became a major figure for over fifty years. For those who want to understand the life and legacy of a major figure in big band music, "Solid Brass" is an excellent and very much recommended read.

Frederick The Wise
Sam Wellman
Wild Centuries Press
200 East 24, North Newton, KS 67117
9780983584506, $25.95,

A major figure of Catholicism before the reformation, Frederick the Wise was both a defender of the faith and a defender of those who would challenge it. "Frederick the Wise: Seen and Unseen Lives of Martin Luther's Protector" discusses this figure and prince of the Holy Roman Empire. A major historical figure to German scholars, Sam Wellman hopes to bring this highly fascinating story to the rest of the world, whose duality was legendary as both one of history's greatest men and one of its worst monsters. "Frederick the Wise" is a must for any history collection looking into figures around the Reformation and Christian history, highly recommended.

Starboard at Midnight
Helen Behr Sanford
PO Box 2202, Princeton, NJ 08543
9780878502011, $14.00,

When hundreds died and you should have gone with them, it is difficult to cope with such pressure. "Starboard at Midnight" tells the story of Karl H. Behr, a German American who survived the tragedy of the Titanic. Famed as a rising tennis star, he joined activism with former President Theodore Roosevelt in his own way of facing survivor's guilt. "Starboard at Midnight" is a moving bit of biography and history, very highly recommended reading.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Karen Okulicz
PO Box 375, Belmar, NJ 07719
9780964426009, $10.00,

No matter how bleak a future is, effort should never be underrated. "Try!: A Survival Guide to Unemployment" is an inspirational read from Karen Okulicz as she suggests ideas to make the most out of one's career where unemployment can be a plague of a condition. "Try!" is worth considering for anyone who is competing in today's job market and wants to flourish well within it.

Medical School, Now What?
Gary D. Steinman
Baffin Publishing Company
19918 Epsom Course, Holliswood, NY 11423
9780966510522, $9.95,

It takes more than a degree to be successful in the medical profession. "Medical School, Now What?: A Guide to Building a Rewarding Practice" is a guide from Gary D. Steinman for new medical practitioners who want to effectively apply their trade. With advisory for starting alone or working with others, licensing, legal and ethical issues, and much more, "Medical School, Now What?" does well in spinning readers in the right direction for their profession.

The Political Science Shelf

Globalization and the Demolition of Society
Dennis Loo
Larkmead Press
PO Box 1173, Glendale, CA 91209
9780983308102, $27.95,

The concept of society is that the group can do better than the individual. "Globalization and the Demolition of Society" is an argument from Dennis Loo that Neoliberalism and free market fundamentalism seeks to destroy ideas such as the social safety net, unions, and any government regulations that stand in the way of profit, and that both the political parties of the United States have been shifting this direction for years, leading to a potential bleak future. "Globalization and the Demolition of Society" offers an intriguing look at corporatism and the philosophy behind it, ideal for social issues and political studies collections.

Renewing the American Dream
Frank Islam, George Munoz, & Ed Crego
Consult, Ltd.
338 S. Washington Drive, Sarasota, FL 34236
9780615349770, $19.95,

From either side of the political spectrum, it can be agreed that government has failed the people in the first decade of the twenty first century. "Renewing the American Dream: A Citizen's Guide to Restoring Our Competitive Advantage" discusses the declining economy and the rising debt of America and the role of the common people in helping set America back on the right track for ears to come, as the authors suggest their own thoughts and opinions for making the most of it all. "Renewing the American Dream" is worth considering for any who want to help make a difference themselves in today's society.

How We Are Our Enemy
John L. Hodge
John L. Hodge, Publisher
PO Box 301377, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
9780983179009, $10.95,

It's quite frustrating when you see someone working actively against their own best interests. "How We Are Our Enemy - And How to Stop" is a politically charged inspirational book as John L. Hodge urges people to stop antagonizing others and push for greater liberty in today's society. Strongly left leaning with an advocation of civil rights and a particularly sour note for a former president, "How We Are Our Enemy" is worth considering for anyone seeking a fine collection of political opinions.

The World History Shelf

Cavemen, Monks, & Slow Food
Devra Gartenstein
Quirky Gourmet Productions
801 26th Ave., E., Seattle, WA 98112
9780615437279, $12.95,

A thousand years of good food can't be entirely wrong. "Cavemen, Monks, & Slow Food: A History of Eating Well" discusses the history of good food and what was considered a delicacy throughout history, while putting an eye of scrutiny on today's high sugar diets. With a cyclical irony, Derva Gartenstein points out the organic vegetables that were the norm of the past are now considered fancy, as well as scrutinizing the effects of health on it all. "Cavemen, Monks, & Slow Food" is an excellent and very much recommended pick for anyone who wants a more complete understanding of the history of food.

The Science Shelf

Inflight Science
Brian Clegg
Totem Books (publicity)
9781848312418, $16.95,

Throwing something that weighs several tons into the air is bizarre science in itself, and Brian Clegg brings more doses of strange but true science into the mix with "Inflight Science: A Guide to the World From Your Airplane Window" is a guide to the many aspects behind the science of flying from how the metallic juggernaut gets into the sky to why airline food is in such poor quality. Blending history, science on the entire process from security processes to what can be seen in the skies above you, "Inflight Science" is highly entertaining and educational, highly recommended.

The Law/Justice Shelf

Journey Into Probate and Back
Ann Marquez
Desert Muse Publishing
PO Box 50298
Henderson, Nevada 89016-0298
9780981533605, $19.95,

When one checks out, they can't exactly manage everything to their desires. "Journey Into Probate and Back" is an advisory from Ann Marquez as she suggests how people can better manage their end of life issues to their fullest. With a touch of humor, she walks readers over estate planning, dealing with interlopers such as new wives, what's to be done with one's body, and make a tragic time as bearable as possible. "Journey Into Probate and Back" is a fine and very much recommended read.

The Aviation Shelf

Flight Emergency
Reya Kempley
Starflight Press
963 Topsy Lane, Suite 306, #284, Carson City, NV 89705
9780983363132, $19.95,

Thousands of feet in the air is no place to choke in a dangerous situation. "Flight Emergency: Take the Left Seat in Eight Role-Playing Emergency Scenarios" is a companion guide to those who are earning their wings and taking to the sky and want to be as prepared as possible for the worst of situations to strike where one wrong move spells their certain death. With plenty of exercises to consider even when grounded, "Flight Emergency" is a strong and very much recommended pick for any potential pilot.

The Money/Finance Shelf

The Handy Personal Finance Answer Book
Paul A. Tucci
Visible Ink Press
43311 Joy Rd., #414, Canton, MI 48187-2075
9781578593224, $19.95,

Having a good financial plan is a key to keeping success up well. "The Handy Personal Finance Answer Book" is a guide to creating a more successful personal finance plan that understands the importance living within one's means while doing what one can to prepare for the future, managing credit cards, and much more. "The Handy Personal Finance Answer Book" is a key read for anyone who wants to manage their finances more effectively.

Money: A Primer
Adrian H. Krieg
A2Z Publications
PO Box 110163, Bradenton, FL 34211
0974850268, $16.50,

It's not how much you have, it's what you do with it. "Money: A Primer" is a guide to the many twists and turns of understanding the value of the dollar as Adrian H. Krieg offers his own wisdom and reason on what to do with money in order to make the most out of it and make sure you have what you need for it to do. "Money: A Primer" is a sage read with plenty of honest wisdom to make the most of your limited resources, recommended.

The Literary Shelf

David Kherdian
Tavnon Books
82 Williams Street,
Northampton, MA 01060
No ISBN, $15.00,

No man is about simply one thing. "Gatherings: Selected and Collected Writings" is a compilation of work from David Kherdian, who has perhaps touched on every format of literature throughout his studies and work, and perhaps creating a few new ones himself. For anyone who wants a look into the mind of a dedicated writer of life, "Gatherings" is an intriguing study, very much recommended.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

On Toby's Terms
Charmaine Hammond
Bettie Youngs Books
9780984308149, $14.95,

It's too easy to give up on a dog, which makes it all the more amazing when someone does not. "On Toby's Terms" tells the story of Charmaine and her adoption of a reckless and misbehaving dog in Toby. Not one to give up on a dog because he makes a few mistakes, she turns to professionals and finds more than she ever thought she'd expect from Toby. "On Toby's Terms" is a gripping novel dog lovers everywhere will enjoy.

Horse Sayings
Bradford G. Wheler
PO Box 403, Cazenovia, NY 13035
9780982253830, $24.95,

The horse has been with mankind for millennia, and it has been a centerpiece in our thought. "Horse Sayings" is a work of art and wisdom as Bradford G. Wheler compiles an assortment of horse based proverbs with photography and art of various styles throughout. With a dose of humor and life, "Horse Sayings" is a fine pick for any equinophile, highly recommended.

Schmidt's Mill
Richard E. Peck
REPertory Publishing
PO Box 1278, Placitas, NM 87043
9780972630846, $15.00,

Small town life holds many mysteries, and this reality usually comes with full force. "Schmidt's Mill" follows Schmidt as he returns to a hometown he never knew. As he settles in, he finds the quiet up front town is hidden, as Richard Peck paints a picture of mid-western town life and what it holds from the world for better or worst. "Schmidt's Mill" is an intriguing novel with an original message, recommended reading.

Pure Gold
Holli Pfau
Glad Dog Press
10 Town Plaza, PO Box #171
Durango, CO 801301
9780983645108, $24.95,

To rescue a life is a reward all its own. "Pure Gold: Adventures with Six Rescued Golden Retrievers" is a collection of six stories about rescuing golden retrievers from their despair and the way golden retrievers tend to repay the kindness. With a certain poignant wisdom with it all, "Pure Gold" is a heartwarming and very much recommended pick for anyone who wants stories of animal rescue and the bond between man and dog.

Faithful Friends
Susan Bulanda
Cladach Publishing
PO Box 336144, Greeley, CO 80633
9780981892948, $12.99,

In the face of atrocity, love is welcome, no matter the species of the provider. "Faithful Friends: Holocaust Survivors' Stories of the Pets who Gave Them Comfort, Suffered Alongside Them, and Waited for Their Return" is a collection of stories of pets during this great period of turmoil and death. Touching on the power of a companion and how they made the worst of things bearable, "Faithful Friends" is a thoughtful look on friendship and pets through the worst of mankind's offerings.

The International Studies Shelf

Where the Wild Frontiers Are
Manan Ahmed
Just World Books
PO Box 5484, Charlottesville, VA 22905
9781935982067, $23.95,

The relationship between Pakistan and the United State is perhaps one of the most complex in the modern world. "Where the Wild Frontiers Are: Pakistan and the American Imagination" is a collection of essays from Manan Ahmed as he speaks on this topic and this conflict of America the rest of the world, whether America is truly an empire, the conflicts within Pakistan, and the future of relations. "Where the Wild Frontiers Are" is a fascinating and much needed perspective on this international debate and its role in the world's future.

The Black Studies Shelf

You Came Here to Die, Didn't You
Sherie Holbrook Labedis
Smokey Hill Books
PO Box 1683, Lincoln, CA 95648
9780615423708, $17.95,

The right to vote is a key principle of American democracy. "You Came Here to Die, Didn't You: Registering Black Voters One Soul at a Time" is a memoir and look at cultural history from Sherie Holbrook Labedis as she tells her own participation in the civil rights movement as she dared to help black people register to vote in South Carolina in 1965, where racism was still a heavily institutionalized part of society. "You Came Here to Die, Didn't You" is a remarkable look at the war for basic American rights, recommended.

The Music Shelf

The 70's
Ted Yates
Collectors Guide Publishing
PO Box 62034, Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7R 4K2
9781926592244, $23.95,

The 1970s have a profound impact on what today we call music as music truly began to branch into many topics. "The 70's: The Hits and the Trivia" discusses the decade and everything that made it a magnificent decade for music. From the grandfathers of metal music in hard rock, country, disco, rap and hip hop's predecessor in R & B, and much more, charts are taken from the combined study of Canadian, American, and British hits charts to capture what was a major force of the era. With additional trivia, "The 70's" is a thoughtful and educational retrospective, highly recommended.

The Parenting Shelf

I Don't Want To Go To The Toilet
B. Annye Rothenberg, Ph.D., author
Nina Ollikainen, M.D., illustrator
Perfecting Parenting Press
3943 Jefferson Ave., Redwood City, CA 94062
9780979042034 $9.95

Written by child/parent psychologist B. Annye Rothenberg, Ph.D., I Don't Want To Go To The Toilet isn't just a softcover children's picturebook - it's also an accessible, in-depth manual for parents trying to toilet-train recalcitrant children. The first half of the book features two read-aloud stories illustrated in soft colors about a young girl learning about "Number 1 - Going Peepee" and a young boy learning about "Number 2 - Going Poop" on their own. The entire second half of the book (sixteen pages) is devoted to expert advice for parents. "Children toilet train more easily if they're consuming liquids (including water) throughout the day. Regular meals and snack times will mean a more predictable pattern of peeing and especially pooping... Try not to give your child milk after 3 or 4 p.m. You don't have to give him less milk in the course of the day, just don't give it anywhere near bedtime. Milk is the beverage that puts the heaviest load on the kidneys because of its high protein content." I Don't Want To Go To The Toilet" is an absolute "must-have" for parents or caregivers of young children ready to be toilet trained (typically around two-and-a-half to three years old), and worthy of the highest recommendation.

What'll I Do With the Baby-O?
Jane Cobb
Black Sheep Press
PO Box 2217, Point Roberta, WA 98281-2217
9780969866619, $39.95,

An early introduction to literature can do some good in opening the mind to the educational future. "What'll I Do With the Baby-O?: Nursery Rhymes, Songs, and Stories for Babies" is a guide for parents and those who care for very young children who want to help young learners get stimulated and help their developing minds into understanding it all. With hundreds of rhymes, songs, and stories that the very young can understand, "What'll I Do With the Baby-O?" proves to be an insightful and very highly recommended for early childhood education collections.

If I Were Your Daddy
Julia Espey
Courtland Publishing
3920 Linden Place, Medina, MN 55340
9781936623006, $25.00,

The wisdom of a father is very much underrated. "If I Were Your Daddy: This Is What You'd Learn" is an inspirational guide for parents and most importantly fathers who are looking for great wisdom to pass to their children as thirty five fathers share their own fatherly wisdom about what is most important for a father to bring to their family to leave them with for a life time. "If I Were Your Daddy" is a remarkable and very highly recommended pick.

The Social Issues Shelf

The Human Rights Culture
Lawrence M. Friedman
Quid Pro Books
5860 Citrus Blvd., Suite D-101
New Orleans, LO 70123
9781610270717, $27.99,

Humanity isn't something to be tossed aside meaninglessly. "The Human Rights Culture" discusses history and the modern struggle to appreciate the value of human beings as something bigger than dollars and cents. Lawrence M. Friedman discusses the history of human rights and why they have gained such an important place in today's world, as opposed to millennia of abuse. "The Human Rights Culture" is a fine pick and very much worth considering.

The Business Shelf

Finding Your Niche
Dee Adams
Niche Creativity
PO Box 1955, Oakland, CA 94604
9780983153900 $14.95

Finding Your Niche: Discover a Profitable Idea for a Business at Home - or Elsewhere lives up to its title with practical advice for starting up one's own business. From assessing one's own skills and finding profitable ideas suitable for a business, to marketing tips for startups, warnings against common pitfalls, learning to devise a business plan, and more, Finding Your Niche is a solid and absolutely invaluable resource for any would-be entrepreneur, especially since its wisdom is couched in plain terms accessible to readers of all backgrounds. "People won't buy what they don't understand. Develop your explanations beforehand and test them on students, family, or friends to measure comprehension before trying to sell your ideas." Highly recommended, especially in today's tough economic times when more and more people need to look into self-employment as a career path!

Finding Your New Owner
Jack Beauregard
STPI Press
1 Mifflin Place, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA 02138
9780983631101, $19.95,

Very few people work the same job for their whole lives, and few business people run the same business for their entire lives. "Finding Your New Owner: For Your Business, For Your Life" is a business advisory guide from Jack Beauregard who suggests how to successfully transition out of business ownership be it for retirement or other ventures. With plenty of practical advice on making sure it's a worthy move and additional information on preparing for your business for crisis such as the illness or death of owner, "Finding Your New Owner" is something to be considered by any business owner who enjoys being prepared.

Let Go to Grow
Doug & Polly White
Palari Publishing
PO Box 9288, Richmond, VA 23227
9781928662600, $24.95,

The fundamentals of success can often be hard to understand. "Let Go to Grow: Why Some Businesses Thrive & Others Fail to Reach Their Potential" is a guide to understanding what makes a business succeed and what leads to failure, focusing on the traits that often aren't so obvious. Doug & Polly White analyze over one hundred businesses to offer a more complete understanding of business success and failure, and it isn't always about absolute control. "Let Go to Grow" is very much worth considering for community library business and reference collections.

The Travel Shelf

Best Breakfast Eats in Missouri
Ann M. Hazelwood
Reedy Press
PO Box 5131, St. Louis, MO 63139
9781935806059, $14.95,

Breakfast is all too often look over as a source of culinary delight. "Best Breakfast Eats in Missouri" is a tour of the many excellent restaurants throughout the state each with their own flare and specialties. From bed and breakfasts to dedicated restaurants to hidden sides of many diners, "Best Breakfast Eats in Missouri" is a strong pick for those who want to experience the diverse tastes that lie within the state as the sun rises.

The Humor Shelf

The Little Book of Humorous Quotes
Malcolm Kushner
The Little Quote Books
6007 N. Sheridan Road, Apt. 15A
Chicago, IL 60660
9780578086439, $9.99,

Wisdom is humor, and brevity is the soul of wit. "The Little Book of Humorous Quotes" is a collection of short and to the point wisdom from Malcolm Kushner as he compiles many quotes from countless thinkers, comedians, authors, among others to grant a dose of reality when reality proves to be quite a dose of pain. "The Book of Humorous Quotes" is an excellent and very much recommended read, not to be overlooked.

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