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Reviewer's Choice

Saving Magic Places
Emily Eve Weinstein
Privately Published
9780977197897, $23.50,

There are many places with historical and sentimental significance, and there are those who want to protect them. "Saving Magic Places" is a book from a non-profit group dedicated to preserving their own greenways from the growing threat of over-industrialization. The proceeds earned from the book will go to their own local efforts to preserve the historic areas of North Carolina. A worthy cause, "Saving Magic Places" is about these places with much fine art throughout.

The Basis of Belief
Steven J. Keillor
Pogo Press
8075 215th Street West, Lakeville, MN 55044
9781880654408, $15.95,

The right way to teach, a debate that has plagued educators throughout the existence of formal education. "The Basis of Belief: A Century of Drama and Debate at the University of Minnesota" is a recollection of the debates found at the University of Minnesota over the course of a century. With many scholars speaking on their methods of teaching, both proven and experimental, these great minds collide. By reading this story, one reads the story of the advancement of high education through history, an enlightening education in education. "The Basis of Belief" is very much worth reading for those interested in the evolution of American university.

IBM's Shadow Force
William Louis Robinson
Thomas Max Publishing
PO Box 250054, Atlanta, GA 30325
9780979995033, $27.95,

IBM is best known as a computer hardware company, and they have had a strong relation with the federal government for decades. "IBM's Shadow Force: The Untold Story of Federal Systems The Secretive Giant That Safeguarded America" takes an eye to this relationship and how it has protected the nation through the information age and the era around it. From putting a man on the moon to internet security, it's a scholarly look at how far technology has come in the past years. "IBM's Shadow Force" is a must for those who love technology and its history.

Darkness At Dawn
Jane Allen Petrick, editor
Goodcatch Publishing
9781934635315, $14.95,

Life hurts. One can either let it fester, or go for the healing process. "Darkness at Dawn" is the horrific story of the Beebe family. One nightmare of a night, and they all speak of how it all went down, and the aftermath of the trauma. Five viewpoints, five stories, five roads to healing, all very different, each from the next despite the common bond of family that unites them. "Darkness at Dawn" is of interest to any reader who wants to see that time can heal all wounds.

Please Put the Toilet Seat Down
Darcy Frew, author
John Blair Moore, illustrator
Libra Press
580 California St. Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94104
9780615216232, $12.95,

The small things in life can add up to more than people know. "Please Put the Toilet Seat Down: and 49 Other Cluetoons to Help Improve Your Relationship" is a series of charming illustrations and simple advice from the author and illustrator team of Darcy Frew and John Blair Moore. Simple things that can be done to make a relationship better are the topic, and each would do well to be read by a couple. "Please Put the Toilet Seat Down" would be a great gift to anyone who needs a tad more help being considerate.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Arrival of the Gods in Egypt
Carol Chapman
Sun Topaz
PO Box 123, Foster, VA 23056
9780975469156, $16.95

Ancient Egypt is of endless appeal to those fascinated with history, with so many remnants of their culture and not even modern Egyptians truly understanding the significance. "Arrival of the Gods in Egypt: Hidden Mysteries of Soul and Myth Finally Revealed" is a wide reaching anthology of stories focusing on Egypt and the spiritual and occult connotations that many find in the culture. Discussing everything from the Egyptian creation myth to the origins of the Egyptian pantheon, "Arrival of the Gods in Egypt" is a must for anyone in need of an Egypt fix.

The Fiction Shelf

The Best Team Ever
Alan Alop & Doc Noel
Bascom Hill Publishing Group
212 N 3rd Avenue, Suite 570, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781935098027, $23.95,

Baseball is supposed to be honest, pure, the American pastime . . . "The Best Team Ever: A Novel of America, Chicago, and the 1907 Cubs" is a story of the legendary season of the Chicago Cubs. A work of historical fiction, it brings conflict onto the success story as the city of Chicago changes with the turn of the century and all of the corruption hat comes with it. The epic season serving as a unique backdrop for a story, "The Best Team Ever" uses the old to provide something new, recommended.

The Misadventures of Oliver Booth
David Desmond
Greenleaf Book Group Press
4425 S. Mo Pac Expressway, Suite 600, Austin, TX 78735
McAllister Rowan Communications Group Inc. (publicity)
1620 Avenue W, First Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11229
9781929774562, $14.95,

High society is rarely what it's cracked up to be, but that doesn't stop some people. "The Misadventures of Oliver Booth: Life in the Lap of Luxury" tells of the titular character's overwhelming desire to live the good life, the life of the filthy rich. Opportunity presents itself and there are no lengths Oliver won't go to mount himself among the most elite in the world. Hilarious and biting satire, "The Misadventures of Oliver Booth" is riveting and recommended reading.

Moses the Heretic
Daniel Spiro
Aegis Press
PO 3023, Del Mar, CA 92014
9780974764535, $21.95

The three Abrahamic religions have so much in common that it's shocking how much conflict exists between them. "Moses the Heretic" tells of one Moses Levine, a famed Nobel-peace prize winning Rabbi who has done much for the relationship between the three. His fame, however, is threatened by one of Moses own beliefs, one that would unite the three, but not in a way Moses would want against himself. "Moses the Heretic" manages to be both spiritual and satiric of modern day religion, a delightful blend to please readers of any faith.

The Cr6 Terrorist
K.A. Shott
Privately Published
526 W. Lane Street, Centerville, IA 52544
9780615156439, $14.95,

Murder with something declared as harmless, is it even possible? "The Cr6 Terrorist" is an unusual tale of a different sort of terrorist. Cr6 is declared as a harmless substance by the government, but one researcher has found much evidence to the contrary. Anne, infuriated at the ignorance of the government, and their steadfast desire to change their views, begins to plot. She commits acts that are considered terrorism upon the very people who ignored her warnings. A story of the gray area between right and wrong, "The Cr6 Terrorist" walks the line in an entertaining tale.

The Appearing
Kristen Wisen
Credo House Publishers
3148 Plainfield Ave NE, Suite 111, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
9780978762087, $26.99,

The Second Coming, the words suggest much of what Christians believe. But could other beings beside Jesus have second comings of their own? "The Appearing" is a tale of Christian fiction telling of a plot of Satan, and a return of one of the biggest murderers in the history of mankind- Adolf Hitler. Emma Hamilton and Adam Reed stand between Earth and the reemergence of this great evil, and they only have their faith in God and Christ to protect them. "The Appearing" is a different sort of Christian fiction, with entertainment value even for secular readers, recommended.

The Pale Surface of Things
Janey Bennett
Hopeace Press
9780973400724, $21.95,

Winner of seven book awards in 2008, "The Pale Surface of Things" certainly lives up to its reputation. Filled with strange yet authentic characters, it focuses on a Cretan village filled with thrilling and entertaining writing that will keep the reader glued to the book from first page to last. A tale of small village life, "The Pale Surface of Things" takes what seems to be a simple concept and adds enough twists to make it believable and a great reading choice.

Implied Consent
Cody Fowler Davis
Palari Books
1113 West Main Street, Richmond, VA 23220
Lexicon PR (publicity)
1901 Avenue of the Stars, 2nd floor, Los Angeles, CA 90067
9781928662136, $23.95,

Courtrooms where men and women judge and are judged is a perennial source of dramatic storytelling whether the format be novels, movies, or television shows. Few authors have the skills to bring courtroom dramas fully to life, but trial attorney and author Cody Fowler Davis in his courtroom thriller "Implied Consent" is clearly one of those gifted writers with a true and telling touch for storytelling. Aderson Parker is a good natured attorney who is in a legal struggle with Justin Cartwright III, an unscrupulous rival attorney. The courtroom confrontation is complicated by a young and lovely paralegal, as well as witnesses of dubious veracity. The result is a courtroom drama played out with deceits, double crosses, and looming disaster. "Implied Consent" is especially recommended to the attention of anyone who enjoys a tense, finely tuned, roller-coaster of a courtroom drama and a popular addition to community library fiction collections. Also highly recommended is author Cody Fowler Davis' first novel featuring his popular Anderson Parker character, "Green 61" (Little Moose Press, 2006).

King Of Nod
Scott Fad
Hooded Friar Press
214 Overlook Court, Suite 253, Brentwood, TN 37027
MM Book Publicity
2817 West End Ave., Suite 126-274, Nashville, TN 37203
9780981760902, $18.99,

Sweetpatch Island is a little bit of land just off the coast of South Carolina where at the turn of the 19th Century, a descendant of slaves by the name of Joker Tribbit was lynched. This lynching gave birth to a legend that held Tribbit's ghost, in the form of a ferocious Best, returns every subsequent generation to seek vengeance for his murder. In 1971 Boo Taylor is a 13-year-old boy, the adopted son of the only white physician on the island, who witness the brutal slaying of a another child that plunges him into the legend of Joker Tribbit and Tribbit's widow, the notorious Gullah witch named Bathsheba. Book teams up with Gussie Tutton, a wild young girl from the 'wrong side' of the salt marsh. The two of them seek to confront a terrifying legacy of hatred, bigotry, and murder. The at the turn of the 20th century, Sweetpatch island is now a place of golf courses, resort hotels, and tourist beaches. But when he is now a grown man, Boo returns to the island because of the strange death of his adopted father in order to confront both the friends and the enemies of his childhood and deal with the ancient forces that continue to haunt the island. Very highly recommended reading and a popular addition to community library fiction shelves, "King Of Nod" by Scott Fad is one of those deftly written and epic novels from which award-winning mini-series and lucrative Hollywood films are made.

Strangers Brothers
Raymond F. Flaherty
Terra Sancta Press
304 Royal Palm Drive, Melbourne, FL 32935-6955
9780965346788, $21.95,

A good novel is one that presents a unique character that the reader can identify with, feel an empathy for, and want to know what will ultimately happen to. By that standard, "Strangers Brothers" by Pulitzer Prize nominated author Raymond F. Flaherty is a first class novel that introduces Kumpang, an immigrant boy from Laos who enlists in the American army, goes through basic training, jump school, and ranger training, to take his place as a Ranger and participates in the invasion of Grenada. A Master Sergeant in the Airborne Ranger and the American Special Forces who served in Korea, Laos, and Vietnam, Raymond Flaherty provides both experience and expertise with respect to the context of his novel that incorporates an intimacy, an accuracy, and an emotional resonance that makes "Strangers Brothers" a particularly engaging read and a very strongly recommended addition to community library fiction shelves and personal reading lists. Also very highly recommended is Raymond Flaherty's earlier novel, "He Didn't Say Good-Bye" (Terra Sancta Press, 9780965346771, $24.95).

Opposites do Attract
Sherman Smith
Supreme Publishing
PO Box 7802, Fredricksburg, VA 22404
9780981586908, $14.95,

The right one for you might be the person you thought you wouldn't be caught dead with. "Opposites Do Attract" tells of two friends and their two desired women. Mike and Ron have struck out more often enough when it comes to finding the one, but what they seek might come in the most unexpected of places. Ron finds Monica, a future lawyer when he is a man who no self-respecting woman would be seen with, while Mike seeks Renee, someone who wanted nothing to do with the urban type of persona that Mike exudes. "Opposites Do Attract" is a tale of romance coming from the unexpected, a recommended read for younger romance fans.

It's Not Your Mother's Bridge Club
Michele Van Ont Cozzens
McKenna Publishing Group
425 Poa Place, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
9781932172300, $19.95,

Bunko is a dice game that is more common than one would think, even if one doesn't know what it is. "It's Not Your Mother's Bridge Club" is a novel telling of one of these clubs, containing what you would typically associate with a bridge club, middle age and class women. Focusing on the stories of the women in the club, Cozzens hopes to paint a vivid picture of Americana through her tale, with realistic characters people can relate too. "It's Not Your Mother's Bridge Club" is a fantastic piece of writing, recommended.

Queen's Cross
Lawrence Schoonover
Fountain City Publishing Company
PO Box 18477, Knoxville, TN 37928
9780976086741, $15.95,

Fiction can do more than tell a good story, it can tell of the past in intriguing ways. "Queen's Cross" is now in reprinting after three decades out of print. The tale tells of the life of Isabella of Castille, and although the book is fiction, it draws much inspiration from reality about this unlikely and legendary queen of Spain. A story of a woman's faith and desire to unite her kingdom, "Queen's Cross" is solid and intriguing reading, a must for any fan of historical fiction.

Come Back Jack
Gary Edward Nei
Cable Publishing, Inc.
14090 E. Keinenen Rd., Brule, WI 54820
9780979949432, $9.95,

How do you overcome a crushing defeat due to your own arrogance? "Come Back Jack: The Story of the Rabbit Who Lost to the Tortoise" is a spiritual sequel to the well-known fable of 'The Tortoise and the Hare'. Following his defeat, he must face himself and ask many questions in dealing with such humiliation. A story of dealing with disappointment and sadness, "Come Back Jack" is a solid story for young children to read about the art of losing gracefully.

A Season of Eden
J.M. Warwick
Grove Creek Publishing
1404 West State Road, Suite 202, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
9781933963907, $12.95,

It's been in the news throughout recent times, an affair of student and teacher. "A Season of Eden" is a romance delving into this forbidden topic. Young Eden has become infatuated with her teacher, and she thinks it may be love. She knows it's wrong, she knows there may be consequences, but she can't help herself. A tale of growing up and a forbidden relationship of pupil and teacher, "A Season of Eden" is solid and intriguing reading.

Erik J. Kreffel
EJK Publications
644 Woodbridge Drive, Bloomington, IN 47408
9780615145976, $18.95,

Time complicates things, especially when treated as a place than a constant. "Jaunt" is a time-travel tale of James Gilmour. Charged with the task of foiling a Russian plot to assemble a super weapon to threaten the world, he must use a strange alien technology that allows for the altering of time. In order to prevent a new world order, he must change the world, a job without glory. "Jaunt" is thought provoking and intriguing reading, a strong pick for science fiction fans.

Trail Magic
M.H. Sullivan
Romagnoli Publications
219 Poplar Street, Manchester, NH 03104
9781891486098, $16.95,

Some areas are famous for all the wrong reasons. "Trail Magic: Lost in Crawford Notch" tells the story of young Angie and her mishap with four year old Melanie. Sixty five years before, another child was lost in the Appalachian trail, and not Angie is faced with a repeat of that same tragic event several decades later. Will her belief in the mysticism of the trail guide her to finding the child she was charged with caring for? "Trail Magic: Lost in Crawford Notch" is a tale of adventure set in New Hampshire, recommended reading.

Black Wolf on Tour
Magnolia Belle
Black Wolf Books
6659 Dick Price Rd., Mansfield, TX 76063-5243
9780979962424, $17.95,

Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll. The later can begin to jade one on anything related to the first. "Black Wolf on Tour" tells of Joaquin, the youngest of the Black Wolf books. With no interest in romance and arrogant to his own family, lessons are learned, and never in the easiest way. "Black Wolf on Tour" is another entry in the Black Wolf series, and fans of the series will find no reason to pass it up.

Algren in Wonderland
Chad Muller
Kvasir House Press
1278 Hoyt Ave. W., St. Paul, MN 55108
9781605857961, $12.00,

The search for inspiration can always be a strange one. "Algren in Wonderland" tells a story of a fallen novelist who leaves his American homeland to find some ideas in France. He wants ideas to reinvigorate his mind, and he gets that and so much more as he finds himself the protagonist of an adventure in the making which mixes in more horror than he would like. "Algren in Wonderland" is a trip into the dark side of France, a great read.

My Half of the Sky
Jana McBurney-Lin
Komenar Publishing
1756 Lacassie Avenue, Suite 202, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
0977208117, $24.95,

A lot is expected of a young Chinese girl. "My Half of the Sky" by Jana McBurney-Lin is the story of Li Hui, a young girl who has just achieved marriageable age. She seeks to make the most of herself, but the expectations all around her make it difficult, as her parents seek to use her as pawn to their advantage, she is faced with what she believes to be true love. She must balance career, romance, and family, all to somehow make everyone happy, a tough endeavor indeed. An engaging and entertaining read from beginning to end, "My Half of the Sky" is a poignant tale of the modern Chinese woman, and recommended for community library collections.

Penelope Przekop
Emerald Book Company
4225 South Mo Pac Expwy, Ste. 600, Austin, TX 78735
Planned Television Arts (publicity)
1110 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10022
9781934572030, $14.95, 336 pp.,

Coming of age is often a difficult time in children's lives as they make that complex transition into adulthood. Author Penelope Przekop has deftly written "Aberrations", the coming of age story of Angel Duet, a 21-year-old troubled narcoleptic. Angel struggles with seeking the truth about her mother, knowing her father harbors many secrets, and her own identity. Angel seeks solace with a new group of friends and finds herself further complicated, including dealing with homosexuality, drugs and adultery. "Aberrations" is a very edgy novel that explores through this engaging character the premise that coping mechanisms only gets a young adult so far before they are forced to face inconvenient truths about themselves and the world they live in. Readers are provided with an insightful and fascinating journey with Angel as she learns what the truth about her life is and how to accept it. Recommended for adult readers, "Aberrations" is especially appropriate for community library contemporary fiction collections.

The Biography Shelf

Long Gone
Richard Willis
Greenpoint Press
c/o New York Writers Resources
PO Box 3203, Grand Central Terminal, New York, NY 10163
9780975976029, $20.00,

An era long past, the time of small family owned farms. "Long Gone" is a personal memoir of Richard Willis, recollecting growing up on a small Iowan farm during the Great Depression and the oncoming threat of World War II. Times changed around him as the farm he grew up on, the small town that was around him, evolved fast, leaving him with only the memories and values he learned. "Long Gone" is a vivid painting of several decades of the early twentieth century, recommended.

Norman Thomas: The Great Dissenter
Raymond F. Gregory
Algora Publishing
222 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10025-6809
9780875866215, $22.95,

Norman Thomas: The Great Dissenter is a political biography of Norman Thomas (1884-1968), who ran as the Socialist Party candidate for President six times and devoted fifty years of his life to crusading for justice and equality for all Americans. Thomas was convinced that socialism was America's only hope for economic and political justice, but he was equally convinced that violent class warfare was immoral and intolerable - he repeatedly spoke out against the advocacy of violence with the Communist Party, believing that socialism should overtake capitalism through none other than legitimate democratic means. He tirelessly advocated economic programs that would eventually become an integral part of American life: social security, unemployment insurance, minimum wage laws, a ban on child labor, workers' compensation, and anti-discrimination laws. During the course of peacefully championing his ideals, he would be subjected to physical attack, tear-gassed, arrested, and jailed. Written by employment and discrimination attorney Raymond F. Gregory, Norman Thomas: The Great Dissenter is the in-depth profile of a tireless humanitarian, accessible to readers of all backgrounds and highly recommended especially for biography and American political studies shelves.

Notes From An Innkeeper's Journal
Dick Matthews
Back Channel Press
170 Mechanic Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801
9781934582077, $14.95

In order to emancipate themselves from a hectic corporate lifestyle, freelance journalist and former newsman, Dick Matthews was persuaded by his wife Pam to try his hand at being an innkeeper. They purchased the Hummingbird Inn in Virginia's beautiful Shenandoah Valley where for the past five years they have had a myriad of adventures hosting guests and making friends, working hard and enjoying their new lives. "Notes From An Innkeeper's Journal" is a compendium of personal experiences and anecdotes illustrating how an innkeeper's job is a complex but ultimately rewarding one with duties ranging from conversationalist, to bartender, to helpful information provider, to handyman, cook, gardener, waiter, dishwasher, bookkeeper, plumber, receptionist, jack-of-all trades, and more! "Notes From An Innkeeper's Journal" is the story of how a husband and wife learned their hospitality trade, including what was expected, unexpected, sometimes rewarding, and occasionally annoying. Here is a deftly written, reader engaging, informed and informative, first-hand account of life as an innkeeper which is highly recommended reading for anyone who has every stayed in an inn -- or contemplated owning one.

Reminiscences of a Doctor
John Hinman
Hinman Publishing
2943 Breakwater Way, Longmont, CO 80503
9780972352543, $8.95

What goes through the mind of a man in charge of the health of many? "Reminiscences of a Doctor" is a collection of memoirs from a man who has been a family physician for well more than three decades. His life is full of interesting stories and anecdotes, sure to give readers an in-depth look into the inner workings of a healer. "Reminiscences of a Doctor" is a strong choice for aspiring medical professionals.

Summer in Brooklyn
Richard Grayson
Superstition Mountain Press
4303 E. Cactus Road, Phoenix, AZ 85032
9780615237947, $12.00

What goes through the mind of someone just reaching their prime as the seventies begin? "Summer in Brooklyn: 1969-1975" is a collection of summer diary entries from critically acclaimed author Richard Grayson. A window in the mind of a writer in a time where Vietnam War was dragging on, inner chaos roared through the country in response, and so much more occurred. "Summer in Brooklyn" is a vivid picture of the era.

River of Dreams
Wildwood Dean
Global Authors
9696 North Park Drive, Bonham, TX 75418
9780979808760, $19.99, 236 pp.,

Where someone lives can have an impact his or her life forever. Some leave their native community because they believe there is something better out there in the broader world. Some simply want to escape their present or past. Still others love where they live and never intend on moving elsewhere. "River of Dreams" by Wildwood Dean is a heartwarming, charming, witty memoir in which he tells the anecdotal stories of his life growing up on Red River during the 1940's and 50's. Readers will enter a time when there was no electricity and vulgar language observed by or reported to your parents would get you much more than a simple time out or being grounded from the computer. "River Of Dreams" is delightful and engaging autobiography that will have readers laughing out loud and wondering how Wildwood Dean ever survived. They will get to know this engaging family as they journeyed after the Great Depression to fulfill their collective dreams in Red River country. An enduring story about a family who dreamed of better times when that it all they had to get through the tough ones, "River Of Dreams" is witty and full of southern country style, taking the reader back to a not so distant past and to a not necessarily simpler time. "River Of Dreams" is especially recommended as an addition to community library American Biography collections and personal reading lists.

Texas Eccentrics
John Kuhn
Atriad Press
13820 Methuen Green, Dallas, TX 75240
9781933177120, $19.95

The debut book by high school principal John Kuhn, Texas Eccentrics tells the true-life stories of over one hundred outstanding Texans (some native, some adopted) who distinguished themselves in fields ranging from art and business to sports and politics. From Amy Miller Simmons, dubbed "The Queen of Ice Cream" for her wonderfully zany ice cream franchise, to oilman, attorney, and would-be policeman James Marion West, Jr., to musician and "Duct Tape Messiah" Blaze Foley and many more, each personality has a specific "claim to weirdness" listed complete with "Tex-centricity Scale", as well as a couple pages describing the most unusual highlights of their lives and a simple black-and-white sketch of their face. A most enjoyable trivia collection of Texans who marched to the beat of a different drummer, which is just as much fun to savor a few entries at a time or all in one sitting.

Soul Snatchers
Robert W. Morgan
Pine Winds Press
c/o Idyll Arbor
39129 264th Ave SE, Enumclaw, WA 98022
9780937663141, $18.00,

The world is filled with strange and interesting people, and you don't have to go far to find them. "Soul Snatchers: A Quest for True Human Beings" is personal account of the wanderings of Robert W. Morgan and his time going across America over the span of two decades. He meets a host of interesting and intriguing characters ranging from Apache chiefs, Shamans, remnants of the Fabled old west, and those who research what many write off as myth. A look at the America that's rarely examined, "Soul Snatchers" is entertaining and enlightening reading, recommended.

The Self-Help Shelf

The Courage to Win
Lisa Lane Brown
Lisa Brown & Associates
Suite 106 527, 15 Ave SW, Calgary, AB, Canada, T2R 1R5
9780980998306, $21.95,

Winning is not something that just happens; winning is a state of mind. "The Courage to Win: A Revolutionary Mental Toughness Formula" is a guide geared at encouraging success in people. Touching on a wide variety of subjects from money to romance to career to everything else, the mindset needed to overcome one's problems are not different from one another. "The Courage to Win" is a straight to the problem guide, highly recommended.

10 Steps to More Love, Wealth, and Personal Happiness
Phyllis King
Privately Published
231 Market Place, #373, San Ramon, CA 94583
9780615246376, $15.99,

One can turn their life around very easily, and Phyllis King offers a thirty-day plan to get readers started. "10 Steps to More Love, Wealth, and Personal Happiness" is a combination memoir and self-help manual. Her memoir is about being known as the common sense psychic and her experiences under that label, but the main attraction being her advice on improving one's life. "10 Steps to More Love, Wealth, and Personal Happiness" is suggested to those who want to make their life do a 180.

The Secrets of Life Power
Barry B. Gallagher
Nightengale Press
10936 N. Port Washington Road, Suite 206, Mequon, WI 53092
9781933449593, $19.95,

Life is good, but it can be even better. "The Secrets of Life Power: How to Open the Door to Your Best Life" is Barry Gallagher's manual on improving one's life using techniques that seem ever so obvious, but can do so much to change one's life for the better. Encouraging solid planning, the correct way to set goals, little strategies to improve day to day life, staying cool under fire, and more, "The Secrets of Life Power" offers much advice, something to be useful to everyone.

I Quit!
Linda Joy Allan
Dovelin Publishing
3905 State Street, Suite 7-184, Santa Barbara, CA 93105
9780977914906, $13.95,

Addiction is a tough thing to deal with. Three of them would be a nightmare. "I Quit! Cigarettes, Candy Bars, and Booze" is Linda Joy Allan's inner struggle to overcome the three addictions that plagued her life and that were ruining her health and her life. Through her own sheer determination and will power, she freed herself of her demons, improved her health, and mended broken relationships. "I Quit!" is an encouraging tale, sure to motivate readers.

Awakening the Genie Within
Bettye Johnson
Living Free Press
PO box 97, Rainer, WA 98576
9780965045445, $17.95,

Everyone wants a genie to show up to solve all their problems, but the genie one might be waiting for may be within. "Awakening the Genie Within: A Journey of Discovery" is a self-help manual calling for people to look into themselves to find the answer to their life's problems. Looking to oneself for power can be done at any age, as Johnson didn't start her own spiritual awakening until she was forty. Empowering to readers to not wait for magic, but to create it themselves, "Awakening the Genie Within" is worth reading.

Brain Wave Vibration
Ilchi Lee
Best Life
6560 Highway 179 Suite 114
9781935127000, $14.00,

It may be an iconoclastic point of view, but miracles do not have to be the sole domain of God. "Brain Wave Vibration: Getting Back into the Rhythm of a Happy, Healthy Life" by Ilchi Lee takes a new approach to the concept of a miracle. Everyone has a state that they yearn for, and when life takes its downward spirals and tragedies, they fall further from that ideal state. Lee suggests a miracle is retaining that desired state, be it physical or mental. With suggestions on pushing one's state of healing, coping with life's stress, and more, "Brain Wave Vibration" is what many people need to get their healing process going, no matter the injury.

The Attraction Distraction
Sonia M. Miller
Alma Publishing
170 W. Ellendale, Suite 103 - #135, Dallas, OR 97338
9780979674532, $22.95,

Attracting someone to love and love you back has been something humanity has been doing for a good portion of its existence. "The Attraction Distraction: Why the Law of Attraction Isn't Working for You... and How to get Results Finally!" by Sonia M. Miller takes a new approach to attraction. With a simple method that you can't make someone else happy until you yourself are happy, Miller offers a new approach to life that tells her readers to expand their horizons and not to be afraid of doing so. "The Attraction Distraction" is riveting and enlightening reading, a strong choice for those who feel hopeless in their efforts, and a highly recommended addition to personal and community library Self-Help/Self-Improvement collections.

The Literary Shelf

Apples of Arcadia
Jeffrey Woolf
Black Umbrella Books
PO Box 241, Duluth, MN 55801-0241
0979761417, $14.95,

It takes a certain mind to be creative at a constant rate. "Apples of Arcadia" is a memoir of one writer trying to make it and finding a source in the adventures of the day to day life of the creative process. Wandering from the Midwest all the way to the East coast. The story of the drive to be well known for his talents, "Apples of Arcadia" is worth it as a picture of a writer making his way.

A Heart in Port
Emily Givner
Thistledown Press
633 Main Street, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7H 0J8
9781897235324, $16.95,

Death is not something to be lived in fear of, yet it consumes you. "A Heart in Port" is a collection of short stories from Emily Givner, whose prose tackles many subjects, such as music, love, sexuality, and to not fear the threats of death that so infest public fear and outcry. The stories are laid out in such a way to make the reader think, to read the story, think, and reread the story once more to better understand it. "A Heart In Port" is unique and something new to the world of short fiction, recommended.

Lauren Gonzalez, editor
Step Sister Press
4064 N. Lincoln Ave. #426, Chicago, IL 60618
9780980230024, $19.95,

More than thirty women have united to contribute to fight against Mother Nature's wrath in "Submerged". A collection of short fiction and poetry, they focus on the issues that women face daily, the problems they encounter that makes womankind a fascinating subject for analysis, examination, discussion, thought, and literary attention. Moving and for a good cause, "Submerged" is a pick that should be a part of every personal, community, and academic library Women's Studies reference collection and recommended reading list.

Enemy Cripple & Beggar
Erel Shalit
Fisher King Press
519 W. Grangeville Blvd., Hanford, CA 93230
9780977607679, $19.95,

It's the most basic component of story telling the Hero and the Villain. "Enemy Cripple & Beggar: Shadows in the Hero's Path" takes a look at this basic concept and why it is so appealing to readers. Going to the basic psychology of the tale and how ancient stories led the way, and how they evolved through the years with mankind, "Enemy Cripple & Beggar" provides an informed and thoughtful perspective concerning literary good and evil alongside society's norms and mores. An original work by Erel Shalit, "Enemy Cripple & Beggar" is a unique blend as a literary and psychology manual, making it highly recommended for both personal reading lists and community library collections.

Dear Ra
Johannes Goransson
PO Box 303, Buffalo, NY 14201
9780978881160, $16.00,

A superbly crafted blend of fiction and poetry, "Dear Ra: A Story in Flinches" by Johannes Goransson takes a new and original approach to story telling. Telling the story in short manageable bursts that allow the reader to leave and come back as freely as they choose to do so, "Dear Ra" incorporates a new type of literary format giving readers something to enjoy and savor over time -- and time after time. "Dear Ra" is highly recommended reading and a choice addition to both academic and community library experimental contemporary literature collections.

The Business Shelf

The 3 CEOs Formula
Spencer Iverson, Donald Bradley, & Floyd Williams
The 3 CEOs
PO Box 451367, Atlanta, GA 31145
9780981866208, $19.95,

Friends are invaluable resources for those seeking to start their own business. "The 3 CEOs Formula: For Building Success & Wealth in Network Marketing and Life" is the three-sided approach to starting a business from three friends who struck out and formed their own company, and with one another's help, have enjoyed much success since then. Giving advice on forming successful habits, building a staff and team that can make things happen, and keeping at it, it's a simple yet invaluable guide. "The 3 CEOs Formula" offers much poignant advice to those just getting started in the world of small business.

The Art of Strategic Leadership
Lynn L. Adams, David A. Jochim, & Thomas R. Cutting
R. W. Beck Inc.
1801 California Street, Suite 2800, Denver, CA 80202
9780981632704, $24.95,

Being a leader isn't enough, you have to know what you're doing. "The Art of Strategic Leadership: A Proven Approach to Optimizing Your Organization" is a leadership book advocating common sense and strategy when it comes to leadership. Looking to tackle such issues such as dealing with internal conflict, identifying problems, going in the right direction, and when to realize that sometimes that everything is fine. "The Art of Strategic Leadership" takes a scholarly and intelligent approach to business leadership, a top pick.

The Safe Hiring Audit
Lester S. Rosen
Facts on Demand Press
PO Box 27869, Tempe, AZ 85285
9781889150512, $17.95,

Businesses have to consider carefully whom they hire because a flawed employee could prove to be disastrous to any entrepreneurial or corporate endeavor. "The Safe Hiring Audit: The Employer's Guide to Implementing A Safe Hiring Program" is a guide for businesses in crafting solid and safe hiring practices to avoid problematic applicants and potential lawsuits when facing discrimination charges for whatever reason. With twenty-five steps for improving a human resources department, "The Safe Hiring Audit" is worth considering for any business who has to hire employees for any position from janitor to CEO.

Just Treat Me Like I Matter
Diane Marie Pinkard
Bonny Doon Publishing
PO Box 1382, Fenton, CA 95018
9780978903008, $26.95,

No one wants to be treated like they are an annoyance to be gotten rid of. "Just Treat Me Like I Matter: The Heart of Sales" tells of how everyone is a salesman, and how no one wants to shop at a store which treats them unpleasantly. A guide for better presenting oneself, it comes with many tips on dealing with rude individuals, mind games, and selling what one is trying to sell without laying it on too thick. "Just Treat Me Like I Matter" is a high recommendation to anyone whose paycheck relies on selling themselves along with something more concrete.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Messiah Interviews
Jerry J. Pollock
Shechinah Third Temple
11583 Pamplona Blvd., Boynton Beach, FL 33437
9780981721200, $16.00,

What lies in the future for humanity after it breathes its final breath? "Messiah Interviews: Belonging to God" is Jerry Pollock's spiritual journey of dealing with the uncertainty of what awaits him at the ultimate end of the road. Calling for readers to make their own decision, he offers his own opinion the matter, and hopes to give food for thought when deciding. "Messiah Interviews" is a different sort of book on the afterlife, highly recommended.

Aging and Ministry in the 21st Century
Richard H. Gentzler
Discipleship Resources
PO Box 340003, Nashville, TN 37203-0003
9780881775402, $13.00,

Times change, and people change with them. "Aging and Ministry in the 21st Century: An Inquiry Approach" is a look at aging and the changing spiritual needs of people who are advancing in age and the concerns that come with it. Telling ministers that while focusing on the needs of children and young adults is fine, it is important not to forget the needs of the elderly. Presenting much for ministers to think about and a lot of ideas for them, "Aging and Ministry in the 21st Century" is very much recommended reading for religious readers.

Peak Vitality
Jeanne M. House, editor
Energy Psychology Press
PO Box 442, Fulton, CA 95439
9781600700132, $29.95,

There is no cap on happiness, as there can always be more. "Peak Vitality: Raising the Threshold of Abundance in Our Material, Spiritual, and Emotional Lives" is the gathering of dozens of writers to discuss and inspire readers to go well and beyond what they accept as good enough in their lives. Inspiring readers to go well and beyond the limits that they put themselves into, it says true happiness doesn't lie with simply being good enough it is doing the best one possibly can, and then some. Motivating and inspiring with many ideas and contributors, "Peak Vitality" is a brain trust worth looking into for the good of the self.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Eat Where You Live
Lou Bendrick
1001 SW Klickitat Way, Suite 201, Seattle, WA 98134
9781594850745, $16.95,

Importing from far away can take its toll on the planet, with all of the emissions cars and planes leave behind. "Eat Where You Live; How to Find and Enjoy Local and Sustainable Food No Matter Where You Live" is a guide to finding truly fresh food, since even the freshest import has been chilled and kept before days before it hits one's personal refrigerator. With advice on tips on finding locally and naturally grown food, it offers a humorous guide to finding the best food one can buy and support your local farms. "Eat Where You Live" is a fine manual, a must for those looking to eat healthier and fresher.

Critical Conditions
Martine Ehrenclou
Lemon Grove Press
1223 Wilshire Blvd. #1750, Santa Monica, CA 90403
9780981524009, $19.95,

What can you do to help a loved one's hospital stay be more effective? "Critical Conditions: The Essential Hospital Guide to Get Your Loved One Out Alive" is a guide for readers to cutting through the common complications that come up when dealing with someone's medical care. Preventing errors, keeping communications open, assisting how one can, and dealing with the bureaucracy are all covered. by Martine Ehrenclou. An especially appropriate addition to personal and community library Health/Medicine reference collections and supplemental reading lists, "Critical Conditions" is a must for anyone who wants to be a boon to someone they care for instead of a bane.

Seven Minutes to Natural Pain Release
Daniel J. Benor, M.D.
Energy Psychology Press Elite Books
P.O. Box 442, Fulton, CA 95439
9781604150346, $17.95, 248 pp., 1-707-525-9292

Unexplainable pain, reoccurring or persistent pain, plagues millions of people around the world on a daily basis. In "Seven Minutes to Natural Pain Release: WHEE for Tapping Your Pain Away", author and holistic psychiatrist Daniel J. Benor provides an informed and informative explanation as to how we develop our pain, how our pains serve us in many ways, and how we can choose to let them go or keep them. Dr. Benor is one of the Pioneers in Energy Psychology and highly respected as the developer of WHEE, which is the fastest method of energy healing. This straightforward, easy to read book with a common sense approach will explain to the reader how pain affects a person's life and how to address that pain. A thoughtful, down to earth practical approach to alleviating pain, "Seven Minutes to Natural Pain Release" is very highly recommended, especially for the non-specialist general reading with an interest in the processes and possibilities of self healing their pain through natural, non-invasive means.

Health Beyond Medicine
Dr. Scott Paton, DC, MS, ATC
Healthcare Unity Press
P.O. Box 2870, Land O Lakes, FL 34639
9780981808307 $19.95, 336 pp.,

Conventional medicine with its dependence up prescribed pharmaceuticals dominates American healthcare practices and policies. But when Dr. Scoot Paton's son's life was threatened by a medical condition that hospital physicians couldn't diagnosis he took matters into his own hands. "Health Beyond Medicine: A Chiropractic Miracle" provides a detailed examination of the five secrets to superior health and longevity, modern medicine as it is practiced today, illustrated with case studies of chiropractic treatment and specific techniques that can change your life. "Health Beyond Medicine: A Chiropractic Miracle" explores chiropractic care as an alternative means to strengthening the immune systems to fight disease instead of mainstream methods of today's healthcare. Rich in case studies and resources "Health Beyond Medicine: A Chiropractic Miracle" is recommended for anyone wishing to explore and become knowledgeable about chiropractic and other alternative medicine methods, and a core addition to personal, professional, academic, and community library Alternative Medicine reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

Health & Disease Symbology Handbook
Michael Schwartz
Inner Health Books
8400 Menaul Blvd., NE Box 176, Albuquerque, NM 87112
Warwick Associates (publicity)
17470 Sonoma Highway, Sonoma, CA 95476
9780979688409, $19.95

The biggest obstacle to healing for many is their own mind. "Health & Disease Symbology Handbook: A Mind Body Perspective" takes a new approach to disease and health problems, calling for a bigger impact of the mind than usual. Saying that every physical manifestation has a cause and effect and everything can be eased and dealt with. "Health & Disease Symbology Handbook" is worth reading for those looking to improve their everyday health.

The Travel Shelf

Down the Road in South America
Tim & Cindie Travis
Down the Road Publishing
2346 S. Lynhurst Dr. Suite C-101, Indianapolis, IN 46241
9780975442739, $21.95,

South America is an incredibly diverse place, filled with both ancient and modern culture. "Down the Road in South America: A Bicycle Tour through Poverty, Paradise, and the Places in Between" is a memoir of adventure, following, Tim and Cindie Travis as they ditched the convenience of North America to embark on a journey southwards. Their trip is filled with excitement and exposure to interesting characters and places, with nearly two hundred black and white photographs. "Down the Road in South America" is a must for anyone considering following their footsteps.

The Money/Finance Shelf

Grant Writing
Patrick W. Miller
Patrick W. Miller & Associates
9235 Greenwood Avenue, Munster, IN 46321
9780967327938, $39.95,

Now that we are enmeshed in a new economic recession, the role of non-profits is more central than every to funding of social, educational, cultural, municipal, and other sectors of local communities. Drawing upon his more than fifteen years of experience and expertise, Patrick W. Miller (a seasoned university professor and grants/contracts administrator) has written "Grant Writing: Strategies For Developing Winning Government Proposals". Now in a newly updated and significantly expanded third edition, this superbly written instruction manual is a veritable compendium of tips, tricks and techniques for developing budgets and securing the grants to fund them. Enhanced with 100 tables, figures, charts, and examples; 180 review questions and answers; 16 proposal writing and budget development exercises; 220 glossary terms and acronyms; and 75 up-to-date resources (including websites), "Grant Writing" is an indispensable and confidently recommended workbook, instruction guide, and 'how to' manual for anyone seeking to secure financial assistance for their program, agency, or organization through government or foundation issued grants.

When the Sun Goes Down
Betty Breuhaus
Publishing Works Inc.
60 Winter Street, Exeter, NH 03833
9781933002767, $14.95,

Everyone dies. A funeral follows, but shouldn't the guest of honor have some say in it? "When the Sun Goes Down: Planning the Funeral of Your Life" is a guide to what few like to talk about, their own funeral. A manual for laying out one's own funeral and lining it up so one's last will and testament is correctly followed (and so not too much is spent on a party one cannot enjoy), it's something to think about for the responsible. "When the Sun Goes Down" is worth reading for any who will be faced with death some day, which is to say everyone.

The Parenting Shelf

Fit Family
Heidi Hill
Vitesse Press
45 State Street, PMB 367, Montpelier, VT 05602
9780941950411, $17.95,

A major source of childhood obesity comes from a child mimicking their parents. "Fit Family: The Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Years" is a different answer to the problem of childhood obesity. Fit parents produce fit children, a child who sees his parents exercise is very much likely to do the same himself. With many fun physical family activities outlined within, ranging from hikes and rides on travels to yoga, it understands the limitations that families may face in cooperation. An approach that is very sound, "Fit Family" is a must for any parents who want to keep their family happy and healthy.

So I Was Thinking About Adoption
Mardie Caldwell
American Carriage House Publishing
PO Box 1778, Penn Valley, VA 95946
9780970573452, $8.95,

Not everyone is ready to be a parent. "So I Was Thinking About Adoption: Considering Your Choices" is for women who are faced with the life changing situation of an unplanned pregnancy. Outlining everything a woman needs to know, guidance for dealing with one's family and the father, and a step-by-step walkthrough for the process, it leaves nothing out. "So I was Thinking About Adoption" is a must for any woman who is facing a tough decision in nine months or less.

The Political Science Shelf

Ultimate Republican Trivia
Scott Paul Frush
Marshall Rand Publishing
PO Box 1849, Royal Oak, MI 48068
9780974437415, $9.95,

The GOP stands for the 'Grand Old Party' and is a political nickname for the Republican party. Compiled and written by Scott Paul Frush, "Ultimate Republican Trivia: 1001 Fun and Fascinating Facts" is a compendium of miscellaneous information that underscores the fact that Republicans are not above having a little fun with their politics. With facts ranging from the party's early days from their founding in Wisconsin, to their anti-slavery associations that lead to the American Civil War, down to today's hard fought race for the presidency as represented by Senator John McCain, "Ultimate Republican Trivia" is an ideal gift for anyone who is Republican and proud of it.

Rebooting America
Allison H. Fine, Micah L. Sifrey, Andrew Rasej, & Josh Levy, editors
Personal Democracy Press
225 Lafayette St., #14-A, New York, NY 10012
9780981750903, $19.95,

Everything needs to be upgraded ever so often... but does it also apply to the United States Government? "Rebooting America: Ideas for Redesigning American Democracy for the Internet Age" is a collection of more than forty essays from forty political thinkers with the overall idea that it may be time to revamp the fundamentals of our government. Arguing that in 1787 our founding fathers had no concept of what the Nation would become two hundred and some decades later, it's an intriguing and interesting concept. "Rebooting America" is a good read for anyone who's looking for alternative solution's to the country's problems.

The Poetry Shelf

To The Eaves
Lisa Forrest
14 Tremaine Ave, Kenmore, NY 14217
1934289876, $16.00,

Life-long poetry lover and educator Lisa Forrest introduces her debut anthology "To The Eaves". Reflecting on her time with the army and her career as an occupational therapist and her continued education, her verse makes "To the Eaves" worth acquiring. "Just A Motel Along The Way (Somewhere in Indiana)": The television/just out of/straight sight//from the bed/we face the window/draped wall//faded diner/flickering morning/vacant.

It's Hard Being Queen
Jeanette Lynes
Freehand Books
412 815-1st SW, Calgary, AL T2P 1N3 Canada
9781551119267, $16.95,

With three previous anthologies of poetry under her belt, multi-time award winning Canadian poet Jeanette Lynes returns with the fourth volume "It's Hard Being Queen". Bouncing between being profound and hilarious, the collection brings a hard-hitting impact followed by much needed comic relief. "It's Hard Being Queen" is very much worth acquiring for poetry-starved readers. "California": She loves the wild/west the moment/she touches down./So much pink most/adored shade. No/more moors, grim/governess tales.//Here she can cross/lines, slide/like Peggy Lee/right into "Fever."//This town drips/citrus and stars./Hazy on history she/seems to remember/a gold rush. She'll/rewrite history it's that/kind of country, declare/a dust Rush/from this/day forward.

Fumbling in the Light
Sidney Halls
17-A Old Milford Road, Brookline, NH 03033
9780980167221, $21.95,

Sidney Hall brings readers his third anthology of poetry with "Fumbling in the Light". Highly prolific, this volume tackles subjects such as nature, war, scandal, and in general doing what one can to bring light to expose the truth of the world. Solid poetry from a great poet, "Fumbling in the Light" is worth considering for poetry fans. "Ocean": I see you on a big ocean.//You are a seagull, just like me, and there are many of us.//We are beautiful and graceful even when/ no one notices.//Your whiteness and your speckled brown are marvelous.//I ask only that you stay there on that wave,/flapping a wing if you must, but staying there/when I land/ next to you.

Midnight Mysteries
J.F. David
Evensong Publications
326 Lower County Road, Harwich Port, MA 02646
9781434821324, $11.95,

Midnight Mass is a yearly tradition for Catholics. "Midnight Mysteries: Poetic Reflections on the Nativity" is a collection of poems looking at one of the most sacred events of Christianity. Written by a long time and educated Roman Catholic Pastor, a man who bears his faith in his poetry, "Midnight Mysteries" is solid and recommended reading for any Catholic. "The Cry for Justice": What good one child/with thousands born per day/hundreds of thousands per week/billions per millennium?/Among thousands and millions and billions/What good is one child?//Father forever, price of peace...?/Or only one child naked, homeless/Too poor to make rulers take note without a star,/Too fragile save for shepherds,/virgins and old men,/with an angel or two/or a hundred for good measure?

History's Twists: The Armenians
Helene Pilibosian
Ohan Press
171 Maplewood St., Watertown, MA 02472-1324
9781929966073, $15.00,

Armenia is a land with a complex and diverse history, full of tragedy. "History's Twists: The Armenians" is a collection of poetry from highly published and award winning poet Helene Pilibosian. With a degree from Harvard, she applies her expertise of Humanities in a look at the Armenian people. "History's Twists: The Armenians" is a well crafted and highly recommended addition to any poetry lover's collection. "The Orange Taste": It's a constant summer/where Armencia vulgaris/plays its sonata in the minor key,/its tunes derived from the fertile crescent/of geological geography/or holistic history.//This taps the ancient worth/of the standard apricot/as emigrant to California,/fruit that hasn't lacked in accepting earth's many berths/with sweetness in its sweep.

The Watch
Norita Dittberner-Jax
Whistling Shade Press
PO Box 7084, St. Paul, MN 55107
9780980037548, $12.00,

Norita Dittberner-Jax's third collection of poetry, "The Watch", is now available for readers. Focusing on the triumph and tragedy of the human experience, Norita brings readers long, flowing verse, sure to entertain and enlighten. "The Watch" is worth a consideration from any long time poetry lover. "The Boat": We slip through the darkness, feeling in the boat's rocking/the heaviness of water, under us, around us;//a halo of light in the west, the barest of moons,/ the least moon possible.//Docks already gone to darkness, houses barely visible, but the lives lived there stand in clear panes of light.//We are four friends, two marriages, taking a turn/on the lake. The wind blows up a fierce smell of water and fish.//We are quiet, surrounded by water, rocking/ in the darkness of the boat, frail as moths.

The Psychology Shelf

The Emotional Plague
Charles Konia
Strategic Vision LLC
1360 Regent Street, Suite 152, Madison, WI 53715
9780967967035, $29.95,

Why does evil exist? Why do people take the path that harms others? "The Emotional Plague: The Root of Human Evil" takes a look at this sad concept and how it affects mankind as a whole. Seeking to answer the question on why so many benevolent concepts turn malevolent, the distaste for the United States, the existence of tyrannical governments, and the growing acceptance of evil, Charles Konia presents a disheartening tale of the flaws of humanity. Thoughtful and thought-provoking, "The Emotional Plague" is worth reading, if only to better understand the sickness of the human mind and prevalence of inhumanity despite the advances of religion and philosophy, and the enduring examples of recorded history.

The Architecture Shelf

Designing Your Perfect House
William J. Hirsch, Jr. AIA
Dalsimer Press, Inc.
P.O. Box 209, 1939 High House Road, Cary, N.C. 27519
9780979882036, $39.95, 240 pages,

Considering building your dream home? How do you start? Do you know what it is that you want? "Designing Your Perfect House: Lesson From An Architect", with practical and experienced advice from architect William J. Hirsch, Jr., will allow any aspiring home owner to be realistic in their expectations, engage successfully in the process of home design, and avoid costly mistakes. Through twelve 'reader friendly' lessons, "Designing Your Perfect House: Lesson From An Architect" will show how to move from brilliant initial concept to a finished dream home. Color photos and drawings profusely illustrate Hirsch's major points. "Designing Your Perfect House: Lesson From An Architect" is not just another 'how to' or 'do it yourself' manual, it is a informed and informative guide through the whole process of taking your concepts and dreams and making them into a lovable, livable, home. Hirsch revokes the notion that there is such a thing as the perfect house but believes there is such a thing as your perfect home and helps you to achieve your goal. Deftly written, superbly organized, and beautifully illustrated, "Designing Your Perfect House: Lesson From An Architect" is recommended reading for anyone wishing to build and design their dream house.

Screw It! I'll Be My Own Contractor
William A. Trimble
Maricopa Publishing
6929 north Hayden Road, Suite C-4, Scottsdale, AZ 85250
9780980168709, $19.95, 175 pp. incl. glossary

Remodeling or building your own home in any form can turn into a major project, ultimately costing you more time and money than you ever imagined. In "Screw It! I'll Be My Own Contractor: Manage Your Project From Permit To Final Inspection", author William Trimble draws upon his many years of experience and expertise as a general contractor, superintendent and project manager for custom homes and commercial projects to present a step by step approach and tips to make any home project successful. In this unstable market many homeowners are looking for ways to spruce up their home and make it more attractive while they are living there or looking for ways to make their home more competitive when putting it on the market. Learning the top six mistakes owner/builders make and how to avoid those pitfalls is just one set of strategies featured. From waivers, notices, and timelines to cost breakdown and budgeting, this book will teach you how to hire an architect, build a budget, track your costs, create and maintain your schedule, deal with inspectors, get a permit and much more. Written by a 29 year veteran in the field and as comprehensive as it is 'user friendly', William Trimble's "Screw It! I'll Be My Own Contractor" is ideal for anyone taking on their first remodeling or building project, as well as those who have already undertaken a project that hasn't quite gone as planned.

The Education Shelf

A-Z Teaching Reading 101
Katherine White
Special Markets Department
11 King Arthur Drive 5M, Niantic, CT 06357-1219
9780974747019, $20.99,

It's never too early to start the basics of literacy. "A-Z Teaching Reading 101: The Alphabet" is a simple children's picture book designed to be read alongside by both parent and child to give children the very fundamentals of education. Each letter is accompanied by an example sentence and a full color photograph of an object or situation featuring the letter. "A-Z Teaching Reading 101" is a great choice for any parent looking to give their tyke a head start in literacy.

Assessment in Music Education Integrating Curriculum, Theory and Practice
Timothy S. Brophy, editor
GIA Publications Inc.
7404 South Mason Ave. , Chicago, IL 60638
9781579997144, $39.95, 376 pp.,

Ever wonder how and on what basis the determination of music education assessment is decided -- and by whom? In "Assessment in Music Education, Integrating Curriculum, Theory and Practice", editor Timothy S. Brophy (Chair of the Florida Music Assessment Task Force) has compiled and organized twenty-seven papers whose focus examines the symposium's four key questions: 1. What is the purpose and role of assessment in music education in a increasingly politicized, data-driven, accountability-focused educational environment. 2. In what way can effective assessment practice in k-12 music education be facilitated?, 3. In what ways can assessment data be most effectively used to improve music teaching and learning?, and 4. What are the current research priorities for assessment in music education. In this easy to follow format readers can review the findings, thoughts and research on music assessment. Presented from the first of its kind proceedings of the 2007 Symposium on assessment in Music Education is a scholarly resource which is especially recommended for professional and academic Music Studies reference collections.

The Art Shelf

Frank Applegate of Santa Fe Artist & Preservationist
Daria Labinsky & Stan Hieronymus
LPD Press
925 Salamanca NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107
1890689114, $39.95, 294 pp.,

To truly be able to appreciate works of great art and the circumstances within which they were created require a knowledge and understanding of the life and times of the artists that create them. In "Frank Applegate of Santa Fe: Artist & Preservationist" students of this southwestern artist will be delighted with this elegantly written, carefully researched, informed and informative study. Co-authors Daria Labinsky and Stan Hieronymus bring a beautifully designed, profusely illustrated, and superbly presented compendium showcasing the life and works of Frank Applegate and his influence. Stan Hieronymus focuses upon Applegate's personal family history to life writing with an especial authority as his own father was Frank Applegate's nephew. Accessible written, and displayed with photos of family and Applegate's works of art (some of which have become well known nationally), "Frank Applegate of Santa Fe Artist & Preservationist" has been awarded the Southwest Book Award and is a valued contribution for personal, academic, and community library 20th Century American Regional Art reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Writing Your NSPS Self-Assessment
Kathryn K. Troutman and Nancy H. Segal
The Resume Place, Inc.
89 Mellor Ave., Baltimore, MD 21228
9780964702585, $28.95,

For Department of Defense Agency employees, writing self assessments can be a daunting task, particularly if your pay is performance based. How do you effectively communicate your accomplishments to a group of people who may not be familiar with your position and duties? Co-authored by Kathryn K. Troutman and Nancy H. Segal, "Writing Your NSPS Self-Assessment: A Guide to Writing Accomplishment for DOD Employees and Supervisors" is designed to be a comprehensive step-by-step guide to alleviating the stress of writing a self assessment as part any evaluation process for promotion or any other evaluative purpose. With a clear and simplified approach, authors of self-assessments will be able to articulate their accomplishments without spending countless hours 're-inventing the wheel' or worrying about having overlooked something or properly organized their presentations. "Writing Your NSPS Self-Assessment: A Guide to Writing Accomplishments for DOD Employees and Supervisors" provides 10 easy steps to writing a successful self-assessment. Troutman and Segal have unraveled the mystery and applied years of experience to provide readers explanation, insights and examples, that simplify the self-assessment process. Exceptionally well written, thoroughly 'user friendly', totaling 167 pages, including Glossary, Self Assessment Samples and Appendix, "Writing Your NSPS Self-Assessment: A Guide to Writing Accomplishment for DOD Employees and Supervisors" is certain to ease personal anxieties and improve presentation and content of the self-assessment in the self-reporting, self-assessing process. The accompanying CD contains 15 samples of NSPS self-assessment in PDF and Word format. A wealth of sensible information and resources, this do-it-yourself instructional guide and handbook is highly recommended for all DOD employees and supervisors, career advising departments, and career trainers.

The Music Shelf

Nashville Country Lead Guitar
Larry McCabe
Red Dog Music Books
P.O. Box 13341 Roanoke, VA 24033
9781934777077, $16.95, includes CD,

Electric guitar soloist looking for a classic flare will be pleased with the selection of twenty-five electric honky-tonk solos comprising "Nashville Country Lead Guitar", by veteran music educator Larry McCabe as he presents electric guitar solos for those playing electric guitar for aspiring and practicing country music guitarists at the intermediate level. This outstanding collection is made up of classic "twangy" country guitar style of the 1950's and 60's. Each of the twenty-five full length solos are played over a typical country cord progressions. The range in difficulty from early intermediate to challenging intermediate and is not intended for beginners still needing to a acquire basic expertise with the guitar. Included is an accompanying CD with each of the solos performed with a classic country band. Arranged in alphabetical order the musician can choose a piece and try it, if it is too difficult they can then select another. Written with clear instruction and explanation, "Nashville Country Lead Guitar" is an excellent choice for someone wishing to learn this style -- and highly recommended for personal and professional guitarists and guitar instructors.

The Real Estate Shelf

Sell With Soul
Jennifer Allan
Blue Green Books
4616 West 31st Avenue, Denver, CO 80212
9780981672700, $21.45,

One doesn't have to cut a deal with the devil to be successful. Now in a fully updated and expanded second edition, "Sell With Soul: Creating An Extraordinary Career in Real Estate without Losing Your Friends, Your Principles or Your Self-Respect" is a guide to getting one's first big break in the tough industry of real estate. Constructed through a series of anecdotes and stories accompanied by advice from successful agents, it gives all the advice and tips one needs to make their work fulfilling by doing business ethically. "Sell With Soul" is a must for any rookie real estate agent.

Confessions of a Real Estate Mini-Mogul
James S. Pockross
Samson Publishing Company
PO Box 59695, Chicago, IL 60659
9780979695100, $19.95,

Real Estate isn't as easy money as some people think it is. "Confessions of a Real Estate Mini-Mogul: How to Succeed in Real Estate Investing Despite Ghosts, Pitbulls, Annoying Tenants, and the Government" is a how to guide that blends its advice with a good dose of humor and entertainment. The advice outlines the positives and negatives that go with every sort of investment, finding good opportunities, and how Zen Buddhism principles can be the difference between success and failure for an aspiring investor. "Confessions of a Real Estate Mini-Mogul" is a strong choice for anyone looking to break into the real-estate game.

The Sports Shelf

Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs
Tom Benjey
Tuxedo Press
546 E Springville Rd., Carlisle, PA 17015
9780977448678, $17.95,

Every person who goes to play college football isn't aiming to be an NFL all-star, they are everyday people as well. "Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs: Jim Thorpe & Pop Warner's Carlisle Indian School football immortals tackle socialites, bootleggers, students, moguls, prejudice, the government, ghouls, tooth decay, and rum" is a look at the lives of the Carlisle Indian football team and the men in it and behind it. These men, some devoted to the culture of their ancestors, others just aiming for a happy and successful life, bring forth tales of the Native American people in a time where College football was just getting started. "Doctor's Lawyers, Indian Chiefs" is a solid read for those who want more of the history of college football.

The Science Shelf

First Science
Spencer Scoular
Universal Publishers
23331 Water Circle, Boca Raton, FL 33486-8540
9781599429915, $25.95,

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, are all sciences. But what unifies them under that one banner? "First Science: The Missing Science, the Theory of Everything, and the Arrow of Time" tries to identify the linking field among all of science with a new field designated as 'First Science'. Serving the most basic text to what is meant to be the most base of sciences. A solid introduction to his concept and a solid manual to science in general, "First Science" is a great pick for non-specialist general science readers.

The Social Issues Shelf

Jeff Myers
Legacy Worldwide
PO Box 7, Dayton, TN 37321
9780981504902, $12.99,

The Next Generation are the heirs to the world, and it is the current generation's job to prepare them. "Handoff: The Only Way to Win the Race of Life" takes a scholarly stance on how today's generation is preparing the next. Offering a lot of ideas and philosophy on today's duty to the future, Myers offers a lot of interesting ideas that could make the world a better face for our children. "Handoff" is solid reading, especially for teachers, parents, and anyone heavily involved with the future.

The Major Forces Driving Humanity
Steven A. Zecola
Zax Publishing, Inc.
301 Central Avenue, Suite 342, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926
9780977950911, $22.95,

What has been driving Humanity over its existence? "The Major Forces Driving Society are Diverging" is a look at what makes humanity do what it does. Science, Economics, Politics, Religion, even sports are all factors that push the progress, and how they react with one another. Offering ideas and plans for society to make them work for a common goal and for the good of man, "The Major Forces Driving Society are Diverging" is a unique and scholarly read, well worth the read for any would-be social scientist.

The American History Shelf

Avonelle Kelsey
Word Myths
311 N. River Street, Hot Springs, SD 57747
9780981611600, $17.00

Who were the real cowboys of the old west? "Cowboy: Romance and Survival Among the Pioneers of the Dakota Territory" takes a new spin on the historical fiction novel, by trying to be true to the real old west, unlike those commonly depicted in Spaghetti westerns. Rod Anderson is a gunman, but unwilling to use his talents. He meets Annabelle, a woman with her own hopes and dreams, that go up against Rod's love for her. "Cowboy" is original and entertaining, while managing to be educational as well, recommended.

Almost Invisible
Kate Salley Palmer
Warbranch Press
329 Warbranch Road, Central, SC 29630
9780966711462, $11.95,

It was not the white man's fight alone that gave this country its independence. "Almost Invisible: Black Patriots of the American Revolution" tells the stories of several dozen black patriots who laid their lives on the line and in some cases lost them in defending a country that did not consider them equals, and in some cases, not even human. These tales are riveting and intriguing reading of these brave men who were just as much heroes as anyone else during the time, making "Almost Invisible" a grand gift to any child with a strong interest in history.

The Philosophy Shelf

How Shall I Live My Life?
Derrick Jensen
PM Press
PO Box 23812, Oakland, CA 94623
9781604860030, $20.00,

Civilized life, is it really the only option? "How Shall I Live My Life?: On Liberating the Earth From Civilization" takes an original and revolutionary approach to the health concerns many Americans face. Saying that humanity is made for a more uncivilized life, in tune with nature, he offers a possible new way for people to live their lives, one that manages to be oxymoronically traditional and untraditional at the same time. "How Shall I Live My Life?" is intriguing and enlightening, making it a solid read and a recommended edition to personal Self-Help/Self-Improvement reading lists and community library reference collections.

The Theatre/Cinema/TV Shelf

Ron Schara's Minnesota Bound
Ron Schara
Tristan Outdoors
2355 Louisiana Avenue North, Golden Valley, MN 55427
9780931674938, $19.95,

Minnesota is a truly beautiful place. "Ron Schara's Minnesota Bound", from the creators of the television program of the same name, takes a look at the show, which has won an Emmy award. Complete with scripts and screen grabs from the program, it follows a black Labrador retriever named Raven through the time with the great outdoors. Thick with nearly three hundred pages and all photos are in excellent quality, full color, "Ron Schara's Minnesota Bound" is the perfect gift for a fan of the television show.

West Kerry and the Last Rightboy
Jim Lucason
Beag Moinear Press
PO Box 517, Oneco, CT 06373
9780965046626, $4.00

For lovers of stage drama, Jim Lucason brings something for them to enjoy. "West Kerry and the Last Rightboy" are two plays under one cover. "The Last Rightboy" tells of Ireland in the rough times of the 1850s, as a hopeless family tries to find what evades them so hope. "West Kerry" is another story of Irish heritage of a pub known as Reilly's. "West Kerry and the Last Rightboy" are recommended to any theater fan, especially those seeking ones with an Irish slant.

The Christian Studies Shelf

The Popes of Avignon
Edwin Mullins
Blue Bridge
240 West 35th Street, Suite 500, New York, NY 10001
Meryl Zegarek Public Relations, Inc. (publicity)
255 West 108 Street, Suite 9D1, New York, NY 10025
9781933346151, $24.95,

Rome, Vatican City, two locations synonymous with Roman Catholicism as their past and current capitals. But what of Avignon? "The Popes of Avignon" tells the story of the fourteenth century home of the papacy, after the time of anarchy in Italy drove the church's leaders fleeing to Avignon in France. These popes are commonly forgotten, but their influence over a unique time in Catholic history is worth learning about. "The Popes of Avignon" is educational and scholarly, a strong consideration to history readers with an interest in the past of Christianity as a whole.

Seeking the Imperishable Treasure
Steven R. Johnson
Cascade Books
199 West 8th Avenue, Suite 3, Eugene, OR 97401
9781556352447, $44.00,

One saying, six different perspectives, the discussion of biblical studies for millennia. "Seeking the Imperishable Treasure: Wealth, Wisdom, and a Jesus Saying" is a look at the sage wisdom of Jesus Christ and how it has been interpreted through many different books of the Bible. With roots in ancient Greek philosophy, Jesus' own cultural roots, and the culture of ancient Israel, "Seeking the Imperishable Wisdom" is a scholarly examination of the Bible's own perspectives on Jesus, enlightening and recommended.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Malice in Mexico
Gayle Wigglesworth
Koenisha Publications
3196-63rd Street, Hamilton, MI 49419
9780980009835, $19.95

Trouble just follows some people around like a shadow. "Malice in Mexico" is the story of Claire Gulliver and Jack Rallins. Injured and need of healing, Claire rents a home in a small peaceful remote town in Mexico. Jack, seeing the history that Claire has with travel, fears that it won't be relaxing. His fears seem to be calm, but trouble likes to strike when the guard starts to lower. "Malice in Mexico" is a good old-fashioned sort of mystery, and solidly recommended for mystery readers.

Flight to St. Antony
Tony Blackman
Privately Published
9780955385667, $15.99,

Air is the safest way to travel, with thousands throughout the country dedicated to maintaining that position. "Flight to St. Antony" is a story of figuring out where one flight went wrong. Peter Talbert is charged with investigating a flight that tragically crashed on the Island of St. Antony, left to dig through the evidence and figure out why. Figuring it out should be hard enough, but there are those who want the mystery to stay and mystery, giving Peter the challenge of his life. "Flight to St. Antony" is a gripping mystery, recommended.

The Spirit of the River
Diane McCarthy
Cloudland Books
585 Encina Drive, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
9780981613017, $13.95,

No one likes losing a relative, and being held responsible for it never helps. "The Spirit of the River" is the mystery of one Terri Valle, accused of her mother's murder, despite being as shocked as the police. Jack Anson, who has fallen for Terri, refuses to let love get away through a wrongful accusation and does whatever he can to clear her name. A mystery that blends in romance, "The Spirit of the River" is solid and riveting reading.

The Poetry of Murder
Bernadette Steele
Oak Tree Press
140 E. Palmer, Taylorville, IL 62568
1892343088, $12.95,

Inheriting a rich aunt's estate would be something many would enjoy finding out, but Geneva wishes she didn't. "The Poetry of Murder" is her story of her aunt's murder. Geneva, the person who has inherited millions off the crime, is the obvious suspect. But Geneva didn't even know her aunt was rich, giving her little reason to commit such a crime. The police don't believe her, so Geneva must find another way to clear herself. "The Poetry of Murder" is a unique and riveting mystery, a strong choice.

Clubbed to Death
Shirley Presberg
Dog Ear Publishing
4010 W. 86th Street, Ste H, Indianapolis, IN 46268
9781598585209, $14.95,

The game of bridge invokes images of friendly old ladies gossiping on a Sunday afternoon, not one of murder. "Clubbed to Death" is the story of one Detective Whittaker and his investigation of a murder of a professional bridge player. Believing it may be tied to the victim's profession, he confers with Sharon Price and Eva Kaplan, who are experts on the game. Mixing the unlikely combination of bridge and mystery, "Clubbed to Death" is a fresh take on mystery, and highly recommended.

The Humor Shelf

Wake Up - It's Time for Your Sleeping Pill
Robert S. Swiatek
71 Georgian Lane #3, Buffalo, NY 14221
9780981784304, $12.50,

Sometimes all one wants out of a book is a good laugh. "Wake Up - It's Time For Your Sleeping Pill" is a collection of wit and witticism from acclaimed independent author Robert S. Swiatek. Mainly a book of humor, "Wake Up - It's Time For Your Sleeping Pill" offers his own thoughts on each of the jokes, some of which are somewhat common, but with his own flavor added to the mix. Standing for Lunacy, Laughter, and Language, "Wake Up - It's Time For Your Sleeping Pill" is pure humor in book form, recommended.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Beyond Seaside
C.L. Dautel
Dunamis Publishing
3210 Industrial Terrace Blvd, Austin, TX 78758
9780981569116, $23.95,

The scariest thing of all is the thing that you don't know about. "Beyond Seaside" is a story of the unknown. Will finds himself in Seaside, with little idea of whom he is. With little other choice, he tries to begin life anew, but it seems whatever past he has doesn't want to allow him to do that. He and the few people he has to call friends see the best solution is the leave Seaside, and find that it's a terrifying endeavor in itself. "Beyond Seaside" is a solid fantasy of venturing into the unknown, recommended.

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