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Reviewer's Choice

Harriet Murphy
Janet K. Brennan
Casa De Snapdragon
12901 Bryce Court NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112
9780979307560, $15.95,

Life at the turn of the twentieth century was full of its own intriguing adventures. "Harriet Murphy: A Little Bit of Something " is a series of short stories following titular character Harriet Murphy as she deals with life in a small town in the Sierra Nevada as she finds her own niche in life surrounded by truly unique and intriguing characters. A story sure to invoke much entertainment, "Harriet Murphy" is a collection that is sure to please. Also from Casa de Snapdragon is "The Making of Tibias Ivory: Through the Eyes of Innocence" (9780984053049, $19.95) by D. Allen Jenkins. It is a tale of a tragic young mixed race child who must overcome neglect to find some semblance of normalcy in life.

Shari Arison
Phoenix Books
9465 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 840, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
9781607477259, $21.95

A better tomorrow starts with using what she has today. "Birth: When the Spiritual and the Material Come Together" is Shari Arison's call to changing the world. A highly successful businesswoman, she believes it is her destiny to use her wealth as a platform for a better tomorrow. She states a better tomorrow is not something one woman can do alone, as a cooperation of people and understanding of sustainability and responsibility is a philosophy that needs to be more greatly embraced. "Birth" is a solidly recommended pick that should not be ignored for those with hope for the future.

The Departments
Edward Ryder
Two Harbors Press
212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 290, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781935097419, $17.95,

Science is in the business of asking why, and sometimes science itself is asked why. "The Departments" is a story of a university faced with this question of why their work is important and why they do what they do. A small town is held up by its university, but the university's purpose is brought into question, and its researchers and scientists are faced with this question. Philosophical, educational, and riveting, "The Departments" is a choice and very highly recommended pick.

Naked Lens
Michael Sean Kaminsky
Organik Media
244 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10001-7604
9780981318806, $15.95,

The information revolution has gotten a face and a voice at the same time. "Naked Lens: Video Blogging & Video Journaling To Reclaim the You in YouTube" is a guide to those who want to embrace their inner movie star and start video blogging. With plenty of technological advice and shooting advice to conquer one's doubts and start putting one's face, thoughts, and ideas out there into one appealing little package, "Naked Lens" is a fine addition to any technology collection.

The Black Ancestor
Albert Russo
Imago Press
3710 East Edison, Tucson, AZ 85716-2912
9781935437031, $15.00

The deep seated racism is often unfounded. "The Black Ancestor" tells the tale of Leodine, a white girl in Belgian controlled Congo in a time where White supremacy was still the norm. When she finds she has a black ancestor, she is terrified the fact may turn her into an outcast with the white people of her society, and she soon embarks on a mission to find out who she truly is. "The Black Ancestor" is a fine period piece, recommended.

The Relationship Shelf

Cupid's Playbook
Jeannine & Keith Kaiser
Emerald Book Co.
PO Box 91869, Austin, TX
9781934572368, $18.95,

Love is a hard game to play when you don't understand the rules. "Cupid's Playbook: How to Play the Dating Game to Win" is a guide to helping those expedite their search for love by zeroing in on possible soulmates and knowing when to break off before you waste your time. Icebreaking, where to go, cutting and running, "Cupid's Playbook" is invaluably packed cover to cover, a top pick.

The Miracle of Remarriage
Paula Egner
Aptly Spoken Press
3081 Stage Run Drive, Hixson, TN 37343
9780975296417, $12.99,

The first time may not always work. "The Miracle of Remarriage: How to Recieve God's Best for Your Second Marriage" is a guide for Christians who want to embrace a core principle of Christianity - the second chance. Paula Egner encourages new marriages that God is not about punishing people for marrying wrong the first time, but instead about finding happiness and finding that marriage that truly works. Inspiring and uplifting for remarrying Christians, "The Miracle of Remarriage" is a choice pick for second time newlyweds.

Clint Stonebraker
Meek Publishing
5110 Old Ellis Point, Roswell, GA 30076
9780970232793, $14.95,

A friend is something truly priceless. "Connected: The Art of Building Relationships" is an advice guide from Clint Stonebraker as he hopes to help advise people to form those strong bonds that will remain strong throughout life, instead of trying to go it alone through life in a lonely journey. For those who struggle to make solid, long lasting relationships through life, Stonebraker's advice may prove undoubtedly essential, making "Connected" a top and very highly recommended pick.

The Fiction Shelf

Flying Wires
Carol L. Plotnick
Chrysalis Publications
PO Box 516, Savage, MD 20763
9780981938721, $44.00,

In the air is no place to be fighting one's emotions. "Flying Wires" tells the story of Lee Owen, as she tries to embrace the world of light air craft. Along with her husband, she finds her new hobby and embraces it, but when her instructor begins to weigh in more than just a teacher, Lee finds that she might be challenged with more than piloting the craft. "Flying Wires" is a choice and riveting read for those who are seeking romance.

Ill Wind in Egypt
Jennifer Anderson
Strategic Book Publishing
845 Third Avenue, 6th Floor - 6016, New York, NY 10022
9781606939291, $29.95,

Egypt is a country consumed by its own ancient history. "Ill Wind in Egypt" tells the story of Ava Barby as she uncovers new ancient ruins in Egypt in the peak of its fierce annual sandstorm known as khamsin. Her discovery isn't taken as a sole thing of good news as she finds some things are kept covered up for a reason. A suspenseful read from beginning to end, "Ill Wind in Egypt" is a treat for any lover of Egyptian history.

Along The Fortune Trail
Harvey Goodman
Mill City Press
212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 290, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781936107414, $14.95,

A true man of the west never let anything daunt him. "Along the Fortune Trail" tells the tale of Sammy Winds, a man who treks West and is faced with a laundry list of problems out to send him off his path. But with the promise of riches and fame at the end of his path, he will let nothing stop him and lets his cowboy upbringing protect him. "Along the Fortune Trail" is a choice pick for fans of western fiction.

You Know When
Regis Schulken
Comfort Publishing
8410 Pit Stop Court, Suite 132, PO Box 6265, Concord, NC 28027
9781935361336, $15.99,

When it looks like all is lost, there is always still a glimmer of hope. "You Know When" tells the story of two lovers, apart and on the brink of death. With death seemingly like an inevitability, hope takes a spiritual form as someone may save them just yet, or it just may be something that their near death minds are imagining. Psychological and enticing, "You Know When" is a read well worth considering.

Mary E. Trimble
Treble Heart Books
1284 Overlook Dr., Sierra Vista, AZ 85635-5512
9781936127092, $13.50,

The eruption of Mount St. Helens is a natural disaster like none other. "Tenderfoot" is a romance set in Seattle in 1980, the year of the infamous eruption. Set in a cattle ranch, as rookie rancher Corrie Stephens tries to get a grip on her new life. Learning her profession however has its own challenges as she becomes infatuated with one J. McClure, making the looming disaster ahead all the more intriguing for her. "Tenderfoot" is an exciting read that draws from reality, recommended.

Tonya Plank
Dark Swan Press
PO Box 116, New York, NY 10024
9780615280998, $17.99,

When faced with a disorder, one has to face it themselves, and not rely on the jungle around them. "Swallow" is the story of Sophie Hegel, a woman who is faced with a ball forming at the bottom of her throat giving her problems in the basic aspects of life. In the small town of Florence, Arizona, she's faced with an unusual array of characters and is left pondering it all as she faces her illness. "Swallow" is an entertaining pick for general fiction readers.

Sabrina A. Eubanks
Triple Crown Publications
PO Box 6888, Columbus, OH 43205
9780982099698, $15.00,

Trying to turn over a new leaf proves difficult when your life is threatened and people are actively sabotaging you. "Karma" tells the story of Lucas Cain, detective, who tries to embrace monogamy when he meets the woman of her dreams. But when there are those out there who want Lucas to go back to his old ways, and while under this war of his heart and groin, he has to go deep undercover in a serious mission. "Karma" is an exciting story of romance and action, sure to please many a reader.

The Intruders
Olive Peart
Demarche Publishing
PO Box 36, Mohegan Lake, NY 10547
9780982307724, $7.99,

It's all fun and games until you realize the reality of it. "The Intruders" tells the story of six Bronx teens flung into a future war where they use their knowledge of the subways to win a war where the surface of the Bronx has once again become a forest. Initially enjoying their new found importance, they soon realize war is no game. "The Intruders" is an intriguing story of adventure, recommended.

The Thomas Ladies Club
Bruce Hoppe
Back-To-One Books
2442 Cerrillos Road, Suite 164, Santa Fe, NM 87505
9780977761111, $14.95,

Adventures through the heartland can prove ever more interesting in the search for a story. "The Thomas Ladies Club" tells the story of Picture Lauderback, an itinerant reporter and his adventures in the Thomas Ladies Club. Offbeat and quirky, the story within is moved by its intriguing characters which go far in making the story gripping and likeable. "The Thomas Ladies Club" is a choice pick for those who like their stories unique and hilarious.

The Jagged Edge of Broken Glass
Jennifer Slattery
Myth Slayers Ministries
7905 NW Birch Lane, Kansas City, MO 64151
9780578036540, $12.95

The inherent goodness in people is so often abused for the wrong purposes. "The Jagged Edge of Broken Glass" tells the tale of Mariah Lawson, a woman wracked with depression about the life with her husband Daniel that she will never seem to have. Taking an expecting teen under her wing, she tries to help her but soon finds that not all is what is seems, and the potential teen mother is far more sinister than Mariah ever expected. "The Jagged Edge of Broken Glass" is a tragic story of the hopes that are lost and those who would exploit them.

O, Wow
Howard Jones
SpotTops Books
337 Hickory Bluff, Johnson City, TN 37601-1327
9780578043197, $15.95,

When the world goes to hell, a bit of comedy may be what's needed to save the day. "O, Wow" is a novel set in an America where everything has fallen apart. Cities are ravaged by disaster, and law has disappeared in rural America, ruled by slavers and roaming gangs. Through an unusual assortment of circumstances, a comedy team will become the leaders of a movement that will move America to a future in a normalcy. "O, Wow" is an endlessly entertaining and recommended read.

Kate Kasserman
Center 61
5535 N. Campbell Ave. #3, Chicago, IL 60625
9780984363902, $19.95,

Love, familial or romantic, seems to always elude some. "Independence" tells the story of Rachel, a woman who cannot seem to catch a break during the American revolutionary war. Entangled in love with a rebel officer but working for English people, Rachel who has lost everyone who she has ever loved, tries to not lose another in a tale of the ordeals of an independent woman in late eighteenth century America. "Independence" is a riveting read, recommended.

Ice Shack
David J. Heath
Majestic Pine Publishers
PO Box 508, Two Harbors, MN 55616
9780982535707, $14.95,

The home field advantage is something that should never be underestimated. "Ice Shack" tells the tale of a serial killer who eludes authorities through being a master woodsman and survivalist. The Griffin has become the terror of Northern Minnesota, as the FBI has been called in, unsure of how to truly bring a man who has the great forests of the north around Tanner's lake as his massive playground. A riveting mystery, "Ice Shack" is worth considering.

A Prince in Peril
Robin Russell
Arvon Books
5310 Beacon Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98144
9781441436412, $12.95,

They wanted a fun time away from the alternative of camp. "A Prince in Peril: Summer Island" tells the story of five friends who's summer island vacation is interrupted by a fleeing African prince, who is in fear of his life after his parents were killed and overthrown. Now the perpetrators pursue him, and five friends are this young princes only hope. "A Prince in Peril" is a riveting tale for young readers.

The Fires of Europe
Phyllis Harrison
2021 Pine Lake Road, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68512
9780595443499, $24.95,

Dreams either flourish far and ahead of what one hopes for, or falter out as expected. "The Fires of Europe" is the tale of Gilles Montroville, a heir to a well to do business in seventeenth century France. Looking into his future and not liking what he sees, he dreams of a new life in a new world. Trying to live up to his parents expectations, he may just get what he wants, but what he wants may not be what he truly wanted. "The Fires of Europe" is an enticing read that should not be ignored.

The Birth of Hope
Jeane Rhodes
Privately Published
9781449506551, $12.95

The teenage years are no time for parenthood. "The Birth of Hope" tells the story of a teenage couple coping with an unplanned pregnancy. Through their worries and concern for their future child, their future, their hopes and dreams, and more, it is a tale of coming to term with the idea of family and keeping one's hopes up for the future. "The Birth of Hope" is a fine read that is well worth considering.

Gates of the Dead
Yuri Spilny
9781442196056, $12.75,

Everyone has to die, everyone has to live, it's a remarkably different journey for everyone. "Gates of the Dead" is a tale of Jessica and Michael, as author Yuri Spilny crafts a truly unique tale tackling the many questions of life and what comes after it. Using his characters who search for these answers, Spilny makes "Gates of the Dead" a thought provoking and highly philosophical read.

Witches of Cahokia
Raymond Scott Edge
Redoubt Books
49 Block Lane, Montgomery City, MO 63361
9780979473722, $14.95,

The search for history seems a noble one, but there are always roadblocks along the way. "Witches of Cahokia" tells the story of Daniel and Lauren French, two archeologists faced with unusual remains in their out of the way town of Alton, Illinois. As they determine the source of the remains, saboteurs await in every corner, as students, disrespected native Americans, and others setting the Frenches up to fail seem to be relentless in their efforts. "Witches of Cahokia" is a fascinating read and very highly recommended pick for thriller fans.

Indian Summer
Tracy Richardson
Luminis Books
13245 Blacktern Way, Carmel, IN 46033
c/o Maryglenn McCombs (publicity)
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126-274, Nashville, TN 37203
9781935462255, $11.95,

Standing against development can prove tough when your closest ally is incorporeal. "Indian Summer" tells the tale of Marcie Horton, a young girl spending the summer in her family's lake cottage. Embracing the forest around her, she soon fears that it will be demolished by development, and direct opposition to this development may lead to Marcie's parents being out of jobs. Finding solace in a spirit of the past, "Indian Summer" is a unique read middle school readers will relish.

The End of the Circle
Walter Cummins
Egress Books
PO Box 11, Titusville, NJ 08560-0011
9781933435329, $15.95,

Throughout Europe, there is plenty of danger in the cities and in the wilderness. "The End of the Circle" is a collection of short stories from Walter Cummins focusing on the journeys through the mountains and streets of Europe. Walter Cummins creates fascinating stories that lovers of adventures of any type will quite enjoy. "The End of the Circle" is a read that should not be ignored.

The Gravedigger
Ilan Herman
Casperian Books
PO Box 161026, Sacramento, CA 95816
9781934081235, $13.50,

Surround yourself with them, and they'll speak to you eventually. "The Gravedigger" is the story of Adam, a gravedigger who through his chosen profession seems to be faced with many questions and answers of the afterlife. Ilan Herman draws upon many elements to compose a compelling tale of life and death, making "The Gravedigger" a very highly recommended and fascinating read.

Messenger of Death
Alex Markman
Asteroid Publishing
PO Box 3, Richmond Hill, ON Canada, L4C 4X9
9780981163796, $23.95,

Unshaved, uncouth, do not mean uncunning. "Messenger of Death" tells the tale of a drug war between two biker gangs. The Devil's Knights and the Iron Ghosts clash in a Canadian province trying to gain a control of the illegal drug trade. A full on organized crime war, the law seems powerless. A tale of law versus against the organized chaos, "Messenger of Death" is a fascinating and intriguing read that should not be ignored.

Perfect On Paper
Maria Murnane
Amazon Encore
c/o Goldberg McDuffie Communications (publicity)
444 Madison Ave., #3300, NY, NY 10022
9780982555040, $14.95,

'If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.' This word of wisdom particularly applies to Waverly Bryson, whose fiance abruptly calls off their wedding. In her efforts to understand what's happened and happening, Bryson has acquired the habit of jotting down 'Honey Notes', bits of modest wisdom that might one day become a line of greeting cards. As she reluctantly resumes the dating scene, Wavery's personal and professional lives seem to be in perpetual (and occasionally embarrassing) conflict. The result is the highly recommended "Perfect On Paper", a 304-page novel that is a deftly written, thoroughly entertaining, and so painfully possible in this modern age of competing demands between what we want and what is demanded of us all.

Danger In The Tulip Fields
Patti Ann Bengen
Book Worm Publishing
P.O. Box 759. Shoreham NY 11786
9780977405947, $16.95,

"Danger In The Tulip Fields" deftly combines action/adventure with contemporary romance. A war correspondent in Afghanistan, the last thing Amanda Noble expected was Jeffrey Sunderman, a combination journalist, soldier of fortune, and secret agent. To further complicate her life, Amanda finds herself the romantic target of Pierre Roget, the French Ambassador to the United States and a man with a notorious reputation with the ladies, but who nevertheless persuades Amanda to marry him. But the life of being a diplomat's wife, and giving up her own journalism career, makes Amanda deeply unhappy -- and embroiled in dangerous and complex international intrigue. "Danger In The Tulip Fields" is as entertaining as it is riveting from first page to last. Also very highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library collections is Patti Ann Bengen's previous novel, "The Devil's Dance" (9780977405916, $16.95).

Phantom: Out Of The Shadows
Barbara J. Allen
Mystic Publishers
29520 Fawn Way, Tehachapi, CA 93561
9781934051443, $23.95,

If you are looking for a good romance to read, then Barbara J. Allen's "Phantom: Out Of The Shadows" is just such a novel. Author Barbara J. Allen deftly draws for inspiration on the timeless tale of the 'Phantom of the Opera' in her variation on the lives of Christine, Raoul and Erik after a fire damages the Paris Opera House. This isn't just a simple retelling of an original classic, but a new and deftly woven love story replete with passion and struggle, loyalties and responsibilities, and unsanctioned love. "Phantom: Out Of The Shadows" is an original, 458-page compendium of pure entertainment and highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library Romance Fiction collections.

The Indebted
Donahue B. Silvis
Black Rose Writing
PO Box 1540, Castroville, TX 78009
9780982554203, $27.95,

A riveting read from first page to last, "The Indebted" is a deftly written novel by Donahue b. Silvis. The story follows three young men growing up in Newark, New Jersey. Frankie and Phil work for the mob, while their close friend Carlo becomes a cop who hopes to put the life of mob favors and temptations behind him. But the attractions as embodies by his two friends are too strong. The result is an obligation to return 'favors' for their bosses, including the local capo regime. All such debts must eventually be paid -- and the mob never forgets or forgives a debt! "The Indebted" is a terrific read and an enthusiastically recommended addition for community library fiction collections.

Rhythm Can't Keep Time
Deondrica Cantrice
GSH Publishing
PO Box 350646, Palm Coast, FL 32135
9780615327136, $15.00,

The journey to love is one that's different for everyone. "Rhythm Can't Keep Time: Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough" is an urban romance telling the story of Sterling and Sheridyn, two individuals who find their own unique love. Blended with the world of music, this urban romance is one that's sure to entice many a reader, making "Rhythm Can't Keep Time" a choice pick.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Carma Dillon
Intensive Image
9854 Rush Street, South El Monte, CA 91733
9780615321523, $11.00,

Dreaming is a waste of time, and in a hyper-efficient future, this is a horrible offense. "Saardu: The Adventure Begins" is the unique tale of Ruby, an imagination-driven child whose parents met there end for valuing such a thing. In a quest to save the last dragonfly, she will go across the universe to a unique world she never knew before. "Saardu" is a top pick and very highly recommended read for young science fiction fans.

The Great Improbability
David Sayre
Peter E. Randall Publisher
PO Box 4726, Portsmouth, NH 03802-4726
9781931807937, $22.00,

Evolution was once decided by nature, and it is now decided by humanity. "The Great Improbability" is a unique novel from David Sayre, shunning traditional formats to tell a tale of many different people in many different aspects of life, with an overlying tale of people taking control of the future of their own race, abandoning natural selection and making the selections themselves. With a unique underlying message, "The Great Improbability" is a read that must be read to be truly understood.

The Vampire Kitty-Cat Chronicles
Ray Rhamey
FtQ Press
c/o Flogging the Quill, LLC
845 SE Spring Street, Pullman, WA 99163
9780615261881, $13.95,

Just when you think that the vampire genre is pretty much exhausted and headed toward cookie-cutter, assembly line style repetition, along comes Ray Rhamey's "The Vampire Kitty-Cat Chronicles" to shake things up! Patch is a rather undistinguished and ordinary calico tomcat -- until he gets turned into a vampire! Now his 'life' is complicated by mobs with torches, hostile undead, daylight, and perhaps worst of all -- politicians. Superbly crafted by Ray Rahmey who demonstrates and documents himself an inventive and skilled storyteller, "The Vampire Kitty-Cat Chronicles" is enthusiastically recommended for fans of the vampire genre -- and anyone who would enjoy a terrifically original and thoroughly entertaining action/adventure fantasy yarn! Incidentally, it's no accident that Ray Rhamey is also the author of "Flogging The Quill: Crafting A Novel That Sells" (9780578009353, $19.95).

Hartz String Theory
Ken Coffman
The Armchair Adventurer
c/o Bytech Serrvices
1500A East College Way #554, Mount Vernon, WA 98273
0975431455, $19.95,

Taking science too far can lead you to being in unusual predicaments. "Hartz String Theory" tells the story of Mike Thomas, engineer, as he pushes his love of science too far and finds himself with both desirable and undesirable attention, which pushes him to the limits of what he can handle. "Hartz String Theory" is a choice pick for those who love science fiction.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Slim Down Using Mind Magic
Autumn E.
Guiding Light Library
1021 S. W. 31st Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312
9780982573808, $14.95

Your mind controls your body, so why can't it tell it to lose weight? "Slim Down Using Mind Magic: The 90-Day Action Plan for Your Mind" is a guide encouraging the power of positive thinking in one's endless struggle for weight loss. With a positive mantra to reinforce one's goal, and keeping one's faith up along will spur good habits in life and leave one on the road to better health. "Slim Down Using Mind Magic" is a top pick for those who can't keep their spirits up when dieting.

Fixing You: Back Pain
Rick Olderman
Boone Publishing
2555 W. 36th Ave., Denver, CO 80211
9780982193709, $11.99,

Your back is connected to almost everything you do. "Fixing You: Back Pain" is a guide for doing what one can to maintain better back health as well as tips for dealing with pre-existing back issues. Sleeping positions, exercises, and other tips and advice about the human spine, "Fixing You" is a fine read for those who understand the importance of back health and don't want to go through life in agony.

The Diet Joke
Lisa Pedace
Big Shot Press
PO Box 90932, San Diego, CA 92169
9780982340417, $14.95,

Losing weight is a serious issue, but doesn't mean you can't have a laugh about it. "The Diet Joke: A Reprogramming Guide for Perpetual Consumers" is a guide to taking a light hearted approach to weight loss. With plenty of jokes to help readers laugh the calories off and shed the weight that way as well as inspiring them to make cutbacks in other avenues of life, "The Diet Joke" is a top pick for those on the long road to a thinner body.

The PCOS Workbook
Angela Grassi
Luca Publishing
551 West Lancaster Avenue, Suite 305, Haverford, PA 19041
9780615217840, $28.95,

A clean bill of health, be it physical and emotional, is something that's truly priceless. "The PCOS Workbook: Your Guide to Complete Physical and Emotional Health" is a guide for women focusing on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a condition many women have which causes many problems in women's lives. From fighting off the health problems such as weight controls, dealing with fertility issues, and beating the emotional problems that steam from these, "The PCOS Workbook" is a top pick for women who have this disorder who want to treat it as nothing more than the mild inconvenience it can be.

Yoga for Movement Disorders
Renee Le Verrier, BS, RYT
Merit Publishing
1095 Jupiter Park Drive, Suite 7, Jupiter, FL 33458
9781873413531 $19.95

Spiral bound for ease of use, Yoga for Movement Disorders: Rebuilding Strength, Balance and Flexibility for Parkinson's Disease and Dystonia is a straightforward guide by certified yoga instructor and Parkinson's disease patient Renee Le Verrier. Full color photographs accompany the detailed text guiding readers of all skill and experience levels through basic poses. Embracing an "ease into it" approach, Yoga for Movement Disorders is divided into part one, which offers preparations for practicing yoga, and part two, which suggests a daily guide to applying the poses. Though especially ideal for helping people with movement disorders, Yoga for Movement Disorders is also an excellent introduction to reaping the benefits of yoga for people of all backgrounds and walks of life.

Life-Changing Weight Loss
Kent Sasse
360 Publishing
3495 Lakeside Drive, Suite 205, Reno, NV 89509
Joanne McCall (publicity)
8200 SW 184th Ave., Aloaha, OR 97007
9781934727232, $22.95,

Weight loss isn't just a diet change, it's a lifestyle change. "Life-Changing Weight Loss: Feel More Energetic and Live a More Active Life with a Proven, Medically Based Weight Loss Program" is a guide to Kent Sasse's own medically driven ideas to a more successful endeavor in weight loss. Placing the failure of many weight loss programs on emotional eating, lack of energy, and lack of planning, "Life-Changing Weight Loss" is concise and educated advisory to weight loss.

The Reunion Diet
Lisa Dorfman
Sunrise River Press
39966 Grand Avenue, North Branch, MN 55056
9781934716052, $12.95,

No one wants to meet old friends looking like a wreck. "The Reunion Diet: Lose Weight and Look Great at Your Reunion & Beyond" is a guide to shaping oneself up for an oncoming class reunion and staying that way beyond it. Some diets seem to fail once the event they were taken for passes, but Sandra Gordon & Lisa Dorfman are nutrition writers who encourage readers to lose the weight and keep it off, no matter if you have to show off or not. "The Reunion Diet" is a choice and very highly recommended pick for the health conscious.

Yoga At The Wall
Nancy McCaochan
In The Company Of Women
1700 Ferris Avenue, Royal Oak, MI 48067
9780615222318, $19.95,

Yoga continues to gain in popularity and respect as an ideal form of physical exercise that has additional benefits for emotional stability and an enhanced mental acuity. "Yoga At The Wall: Like Stanzas In A Poem" is a book of superbly illustrated yoga exercises that employ the use of a wall in their proper execution. These are exercises specifically designed to assist in alignment, the structure of the wall providing support and enabling the practitioner with by providing resistance. Of special note is author and yoga instructor Nancy McCaochan's commentary on the principles of body mechanics and sample practice sequencing for varying degrees of difficulty that makes "Yoga At The Wall" suitable for novice beginner and seasoned yoga student alike. Thoroughly 'user friendly', this 160-page compendium of various wall-assisted yoga exercises is enthusiastically recommended for personal, professional, and community library instructional and reference collections.

The Self-Help Shelf

Become the Most Important Person in the Room
Rose Rosetree
Women's Intuition Worldwide
116 Hillsdale Drive, Sterling, VA 20164-1201
9780975253878, $14.95,

Confidence exudes strongly. "Become the Most Important Person in the Room: Your 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment" discusses empathy and empaths, people who feel the pain of others more strongly than typical empathy. This skill, writes expert Rose Rosetree, can be quite the plague when one doesn't know how to control it. Stating that strong empathy is a good skill to have at times and a problem to have at others, "Become the Most Important Person in the Room" for those who want to control their empathy.

Battling the Enemy Within
Warren B. Seiler
Victory Laine Publishing
11219 Financial Centre Parkway, Suite 302, Little Rock, AR 72211
9780984134007, $18.95,

Hatred and depression do nobody any favors. "Battling the Enemy Within: Conquering the Causes of Inner Struggle and Unhappiness" is a self-help guide designed to help those find what is causing them, commonly the absence of caring and love for others, and the grudges that stew inside people for years. Burying these conflicts, learning the power of love and forgiveness can lift a lot of burden off one's shoulders and lead to a happier state of mind. "Battling the Enemy Within" is a top pick for those trying to get the misery out of their life.

Follow the Signs
Jakki Padovano-Wienecke
Divine Creations Publishing & Productions
321 E. Belcrest Rd. Bel Air, MD 21014
9780578011936, $29.95,

The questions of life can be answered well if you know where to look. "Follow the Signs: An Interactive Guide to Understanding Your Life's Purpose" is an inspirational guide form Jakki Padovano-Wienecke, as she delves into the subject of finding the signs that guide one through life. With a healthy dose of faith, she gives readers an uplifting tour of using the route God has planned for you to find a more joyous and happy life. "Follow the Signs" is a top pick for Christians who are lost and don't truly know where to go next.

Through The Eyes Of God
Sheila L. Jackson
Axiom Press
115 Beauregard Street, Dauphin Island, AL 36528
9781581693423, $12.99,

"Through the Eyes of God: I'm Fearfully & Wonderfully Made" is a 170-page compendium of compassionately informed and informative commentary enhanced with real-world examples of dealing with the all-to-common problems of self-deprecation and self-esteem deficiency that are the underlying causative factors that, unchecked, lead to identity crises. This is a problem that spans all economic strata, classes, and both genders. The resolution so nicely articulated by Sheila Jackson is thoroughly 'user friendly' and accessible, making "Through the Eyes of God" ideal for the non-specialist general reader seeking a self-help approach in dealing with their depression, peer pressure, and family stress.

The Education Shelf

Student-Powered Podcasting
Christopher Shamburg
1710 Rhode Island Ave., NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC 20036-3132
9781564842619, $32.95,

The art of creation can be more educational than one would think. "Student Powered Podcasting: Teaching for the 21st-Century Literacy" looks into podcasting and its value for teaching kids valuable skills in the creation process for today's technologically driven world. Christopher Shamburg, an associate professor of technology, offers tutorials on using audio editing programs such as Audacity and giving teachers step by step tutorials on how to help their students embrace podcasting as a tool for learning. "Student Powered Podcasting" is a must for any technology education class.

Wrightslaw: All About IEPs
Peter W. D. Wright, et al.
Harbor House Law Press
PO Box 480, Hartfield, VA 23071
9781892320209, $12.95,

An IEP is an Interdiscipline Education Plan. IEPs are mandated by law for children with special education needs from preschool through high school. Knowledgeable parental involvement is critically important to insure the success of IEP-based curriculums which, semester by semester, year-by-year should be examined, adapted and adjusted to a child's evolving educational needs. That's why "Wrightslaw: All About IEPs", the collaborative work of Peter W. D. Wright, Pamela Darr Wright, and Sandra Webb O'Connor is so highly recommended as a comprehensive, 'parent friendly', single-volume, 166-page compendium of answers to questions about IEPs explaining every aspect and factor of how they are composed, organized, implemented, and reviewed. Of special note is the coverage addressing parental rights and the legal requirements of schools and school districts. Informed and informative, "Wrightslaw: All About IEPs" should be considered a core and indispensable reference for every school and community library, as well as supplemental reading for all parents with children with special education needs.

The Poetry Shelf

Miracle Temple
Esther Yoder Stenson
c/o Cascadia Publishing House
126 Klingerman Road, Telford, PA 18969
9781931038683, $12.95,

All over the world and back again is what Esther Yoder Stenson saw, and she shares her wisdom with "Miracle Temple". Through her poetry she tells her stories of being in China, Amish country, South America, and more, and provides a very thorough and insightful exploration of it all. "Miracle Temple" is a choice pick for poetry fans, highly recommended. "God's Child": He was at the end of the row/when IQ's were handed out,/didn't go to school with/other children his age before/all the rules were made/mixin' 'em all together;/he was so kind/never complained.

The Poetry Oracle
Amber Guetebier & Brenda Knight
CCC Publishing
530 8th Avenue #6, San Francisco, CA 94118
9781888729207, $15.95

Simple wisdom is the best wisdom. "The Poetry Oracle: Ask a Question and Find Your Fate" is a book that uses poetry from countless poets of varying fame and notoriety as passages from these poets are presented in a format to simply state and emphasize its ideals. For lovers of poetry and the knowledge they present and offer, "The Poetry Oracle" is a choice and very highly recommended collection that shouldn't be overlooked.

On Speaking Terms
Connie Wanek
Copper Canyon Press
PO Box 271, Port Townsend, WA 98368
9781556592942, $15.00,

Life isn't a time where every day is an epiphany. "On Speaking Terms" is a collection of poetry from Connie Wanek, her third collection. Focusing on the topics of everyday life and the little bits of wisdom you collect without even knowing it, "On Speaking Terms" is a solid and highly recommended anthology. "Blue Ink": Blue Ink is friendlier than black,/more feminine. You can sign the papers/and still believe/it's not quite final.//You can conjecture in blue ink,/and write a check for more than you have./People will understand.//Some days the lake is blue enough/to be bottled, or injected/directly into a pen,//through as the words dry/they disappear, letter by letter,/sparing you/serious embarrassment.

As If Free
Burt Kimmelman
Talisman House
PO Box 3157, Jersey City, NJ 07303-3157
9781584980698, $14.95,

Burt Kimmelman has a long list of previous volumes of poetry to his name and he brings readers yet another with "As If Free". He brings his expertise as a critic, professor, and writer to bring technically sound, soulful poetry. "As If Free" is well worth considering for lovers of poetry. "Two Blackbirds": The blackbird walks along the fence,/placing one foot, the other, on/each pinnacle, and standing still,/legs splayed, a claw wrapped around a/wooden spike, leans forward, peering/through the tree's leaves covering him/over, looks around, his partner,/on a nearby branch, doing the same.

Poetry for Beginners
Margaret Chapman & Kathleen Welton
For Beginners LLC
62 East Starrs Plain Road, Danbury, CT 06818
9781934389461, $14.99,

Anyone can be a poet without really knowing it. "Poetry for Beginners" is a guide to those who want to embrace lyrical verse as an art form. Seeking to inspire people to the power and relevance of poetry, authors Margaret Chapman and Kathleen Welton give readers plenty to soak in and embrace poetry's endless potential for expression. Speaking on major poets throughout the world and with plenty of examples, "Poetry for Beginners" is truly a beginning poet's best source of inspiration.

Alice In Verse: The Lost Rhymes of Wonderland
J. T. Holden
Candleshoe Books
3122 North California Avenue, #3L, Chicago, IL 60618
c/o Quality Books Inc. (distributor)
9780982508992, $14.99,

Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass provided the inspiration for J.T. Holden's Alice in Verse: The Lost Rhymes of Wonderland, a deftly crafted compendium of original poetry, accompanied by superb black-and-white illustrations. Classic elements of both Wonderland and Looking-Glass are imaginatively reinterpreted for a thoroughly unique and entertaining reading experience. Highly recommended for academic and community library collections, Alice in Verse: The Lost Rhymes of Wonderland should be included on any supplemental reading list for students and fans of Carroll's original works.

The Biography Shelf

Voices From a Sacred Land
Lisa Paulson
Thistlefield Books
W7122 County Road U, Plymouth, WI 53073
9780981690605, $12.95,

Respect for the land and spirituality commonly go hand and hand. "Voices From a Sacred Land: Images and Evocations" is a memoir from Lisa Paulson as she reflects on her time in High Wind, a rural enclave in Wisconsin, founded as an experiment in spirituality and ecology. With plenty of images, thoughts, and philosophy, Paulson tells the story of the community and gives readers a truly unique tale with plenty to think about. "Voices from a Sacred Land" is a choice pick for memoir collections focusing on the environment or spirituality.

My Life and Other Lies
Steve Pitt
54 Melville St., Dundas, Ont, Canada, L9H 1Z9
9780981003771, $17.95,

The everyday occurrences of everyday life can be far stranger and intriguing than any fiction. "My Life and Other Lies: Tale from the Writer's List" is a collection of short tales from Steve Pitt, compiling the short stories he has created over the years and offered the internet. His stories are unique and offbeat, and also questionably true, as he brings a blend of reality and thought for a truly unique compilation. "My Life and Other Lies" is a read that will entertain for many an hour.

Finding My Place
Judah Leblang
Lake Effect Press
21 Bradlee Road #42, Medford, MA 02155
9780982551516, $15.95,

Around the country, there are those who encounter an endless array of unusual characters. "Finding My Place: One Man's Journey From Cleveland to Boston and Beyond" is a memoir from Judah Leblang, a man who shares his stories of attracting the wrong attention, trying unique cuisine, and the chaotic atmosphere of 60s and 70s Cleveland, Ohio. "Finding My Place" is a fine pick and worthy pick for memoir collections.

Heart of a Lion
Kyle Keiderling
Morning Star Communications, LLC
231 Lenox Avenue, New York, NY 10027
9780977899685 $29.95

Heart of a Lion: The Life, Death and Legacy of Hank Gathers is the biography of a passionate and dedicated African-American athlete who loved his chosen sport of basketball. At the young age of ten, Hank vowed to get his mother and brothers out of the projects; he spent a lifetime of hard work to fulfill his dream of attending college, becoming a star player, and earning an NBA contract. In March of 1990, he was the leading candidate for college basketball's player of the year award, yet he suddenly collapsed and died on the court at Gersten Pavilion of Loyola Marymount University. His dream did not perish with him; his team, the LMU Lions, dedicated their NCAA tournament appearance to him, and rose in rank to the doorstep of the Final Four. A well-researched, and thoroughly accessible account, Heart of a Lion is ultimately a story about inspiration, living life to the fullest, and giving oneself wholly to one's dreams and goals. Highly recommended.

The Art Shelf

Depression Visible: The Ragged Edge
Diana Alishouse
Doggie in the Window Publications
PO Box 1565, Duluth, GA 30096
9780981824151, $21.95,

Depression is an illness that morphs the way you view the world. "Depression Visible: The Ragged Edge" is a collection of artistic works focusing on the aspects of depression. Discussing the causes, coping with the symptoms, and how to lift oneself out of the depression funk, Diana Alishouse offers quite the book on the subject, offering much insight to just what these people are facing. "Depression Visible" is a top pick for those seeking to truly understand.

The Money/Finance Shelf

Estate Planning Smarts
Deborah L. Jacobs
DJ Working Unlimited
579 Fourth Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
9780615297545, $19.95,

A wise man realizes he isn't immortal. "Estate Planning Smarts: A Practical, User-Friendly, Action-Oriented Guide" is a guide for those who want to plan a wise will to be followed after they pass on, to help with the chaos that is normally associated with inheritance. From the power of attorney, to caring for one's children in the future, charity, legally evading the taxman, and more, "Estate Planning Smarts" is a choice pick for those who plan for the worst wisely.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Benjamin Paul Blood
Elrini Press
510 Long Hill Rd., Guilford, CT 06437
9780979998911, $9.95

God and everything about him is the basis of much spirituality. "Optimism: -- The Lesson of Ages" is a republication of a 1860 volume from Benjamin Paul Blood discussing man and his complex and diverse relationship with God. Highly philosophical, highly spiritual, any looking for a classic of spiritual writing needs to strongly consider "Optimism".

John: St. Andrew's Expositional Commentary
R.C. Sproul
Reformation Trust Publishing
c/o Ligonier Ministries
400 Technology Park, Lake Mary, FL 32746
9781567691856, $27.00

New light to the texts of the Bible can be made through the thoughts and ideas of other readers. "John" is an entry into the St. Andrew's Expositional Commentary series by R.C. Sproul, a minister and prominent speaker on Bible studies offers his own delve into the insight of the world, as he provides many essays of commentary on several books on the Bible, emphasizing what the important text and offering his own interpretation of the often metaphorical scripture. "John" is a fine addition to any Biblical studies collection.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Visits From Heaven
Josie Varga
4th Dimension Press
215 67th St., Virginia Beach, VA 23451
9780876044995, $16.95,

The body may die, but the soul may live on. "Visits from Heaven" takes a new approach to the afterlife as she discusses why she believes the consciousness of human beings survives the death of the body and lives on, giving messages to the world of the living. People are always there, and people will always be, and Josie Varga gives much for believers to latch onto. "Visits from Heaven" is a choice pick and a fine addition to any metaphysical studies collection.

The Secret Origin of the Human Species
Elliott Hughes
Green Earth Research Publications
PO Box 2810, Denver, CO 80201
9780970787347, $34.95

The origins of humanity are a topic that inspires much debate and division in our world. "The Secret Origin of the Human Species: The Chaos Theory of Human Evolution" is a metaphysical book that offers a more out there approach to the origins of humanity as Elliot Hughes dives into ancient texts and research, as well as the writings of the Gnostics. Ancient Egypt, alien influence, and more, "The Secret Origin of the Human Species" is an intriguing and fascinating read that is well worth considering for those who want to look beyond accepted science.

The Business Shelf

The Second Chance Revolution
Edward G. Rogoff
Rowhouse Publishing
1375 Broadway, Suite 600, New York, NY 10018
9780979152290, $17.95,

Some consider retirement, and others consider just starting their career. "The Second Chance Revolution: Becoming Your Own Boss After 50" is a guide to using one's golden years as a launch pad to being a business leader after spending the first half of their life as a follower. Drawing on true life anecdotes, Edward G. Rogoff gives individuals all the knowledge they need to grasp how to make their mark and their legacy when the youth is gone, but the wisdom still remains. "The Second Chance Revolution" is a top pick for any aspiring entrepreneur who wants retirement on the back burner.

The Refractive Thinker
Lentz Leadership Institute
9065 Big Plantation Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89143-5440
9780982303665, $18.95,

It's easy to say you want to change the world, but thinking is something deeper than that. "The Refractive Thinker: Volume III: Change Management" is a collection of essays from various scholars as they discuss change on many different levels from education of business, and more. The writers presented within have doctorates in their chosen field, making their expertise highly enlightening to read, making "The Refractive Thinker" a series to watch out for and be informed by.

Leadership Building Blocks
Dawn McCoy
Flourish Publishing
PO Box 5506, Midlothian, VA 23112
9780981994499, $14.95,

There's always qualities that separate good from great. "Leadership Building Blocks: An Insider's Guide to Success" is a guide for those who want to rise to the challenge of leadership with flying colors. Encouraging readers to embrace their intuition, face a bad situation down with out faltering or giving up one's own beliefs, and use the right short cuts to get the most out of your followers. "Leadership Building Blocks" is a choice pick for those who want to become the ideal leader for their company.

Going Above and Beyond
Katharine C. Giovanni
NewRoad Publishing
3650 Rogers Road, #328, Wake Forest, NC 27587
9781931109086, $17.95,

The importance of good customer service is not something to be underestimated. "Going Above and Beyond: Reach the Pinnacle of Customer Service by Learning How to... Think and Act Like a Concierge" discusses civil service that goes far and above the normal call of duty in order to give a customer service experience that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. "Going Above and Beyond" is a top pick for those who want to embrace customer service as their main product that'll keep customers coming back.

The Photography Shelf

No Voice Unheard, editor
PO Box 4171, Santa Cruz, CA 95063
9780972838757, $19.95,

Everyday we're impacted by them, but think nothing of them. "Ninety-Five: Meeting America's Farmed Animals in Stories and Photographs" tells the story of the livestock, as many farmers and writers put their pen down to tell the story of many animals whose stories people often think nothing of. With full color photography, No Voice Unheard puts together a fascinating read and beautiful to look at volume that should be a top pick for fans of animal collections focusing on farm animals and livestock.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

San Franscisco Dogs
A.K. Crump
PO Box 471706, San Franscisco, CA 94147
9780979864056, $14.95,

Just because they aren't people doesn't mean they don't have a personality. "San Francisco Dogs" is a profile of many dogs throughout the San Francisco area, complete with fine black and white photography. Designed for pet lovers, these stories give a profile of these dogs and what makes them oh so special to their owners. "San Francisco Dogs" is a choice pick for anyone who wants charming pictures of mankind's best friend.

The Parenting Shelf

Parenting Without Stress
Dr. Marvin Marshall
Piper Press
PO Box 2227, Los Alamitos, CA 90720
9780970060662, $29.95,

Children become the dominating figures of one's life when they enter the picture. "Parenting Without Stress: How to Raise Responsible Kids While Keeping a Life of Your Own" is a guide for parents who want to attain the perfect balance in life where they can actually have a personal life and still show love and care for their children. Parenting is a naturally stressful thing, but it can be repelled through wise planning and making connections. "Parenting Without Stress" is a top pick for parents who love their children but have their love stressing them out.

The Social Issues Shelf

Plain Talk About Drinking Water
James M. Symons
American Water Works
6666 West Quincy Avenue, Denver, CO 80235-3098
1583217428, $17.95,

Clean drinking water is the most valuable commodity that is never spoken of. "Plain Talk About Drinking Water" seeks to answer over two hundred questions about the water Americans drink to dispel the myths and questions that surround the water tap and how it's regulated for those around us. Filled cover to cover with intriguing and useful information, "Plain Talk About Drinking Water" is a fascinating read that would do well in any community library reference collection.

City, Save Thyself!
David A. Wylie
Trueblood Publishing
1 State Street, Suite 1500, Boston, MA 02109
9781935506089, $24.95,

The first line of defense against terror is not military force, but instead local law enforcement. "City, Save Thyself!: Nuclear Terror and the Urban Ballot" is David A. Wylie encouraging cities to emphasize law enforcement at a local level, which has a domino effect that leads to a more secure world on a national level. Saying that international security needs to work with the lowest levels of government, "City, Save Thyself!" is a read with many good ideas that should not be ignored.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Lake Champlain
Mike Winslow
Lake Champlain Committee
106 Main Street Suite 200, Burlington, VT 05401-8434
9781884592515, $18.95,

Often called the sixth Great Lake, Lake Champlain has a story all its own. "Lake Champlain: A Natural History" looks into the history of this lake of the Northeast and New York. Focusing on the natural history, Mike Winslow looks back into its formation in prehistory and the forces that created it. It looks the plants and wildlife of the lake, granting much intriguing insight to the environmental issues facing it. "Lake Champlain" is a must for any who want to learn more of the lake and its unique history, as well as its future.

The American History Shelf

One Week in June
Jeff Stein
WDG Publishing
1615 32nd Street NE, Suite Two, Cedar Rapids, IO 52404-4072
9780979377983, $44.95,

Although it is merely water, floods do untold damage to what they hit. "One Week in June: The Iowa Floods of 2008" chronicles the disastrous flood that hit Iowa in 2008, doing untold damage, cresting up to thirty two feet at its highest point. Covering the start of the disaster to the long recovery effort and the resilience of the affected, Jeff Stein describes the event well with full color photos used heavily throughout. "One Week in June" is a top pick for those wanting a personal look at this terrible tragedy.

The Music Shelf

At the Corner of Music Row and Memory Lane
Stan Hitchcock
Hitchcock Enterprises
111 Shivel Dr., Hendersonville, TN 37075
9780615270203, $24.95,

Through the music industry, he created a television network and has gained countless fans. "At the Corner of Music Row and Memory Lane" is a memoir and autobiography of Stan Hitchcock, the force behind Country Music Television, or better known as CMT. An honest and personal memoir detailing his rise from childhood to his own music career and his encounters with the icons of country music, Stan Hitchcock gives readers who love country music a trip down memory lane. "At the Corner of Music Row and Memory Lane" is a choice pick for musical memoir collections.

The Travel Shelf

Great Walks of Vancouver
Charles Clapham
Granville Island Publishing
Suite 212 - 1656 Duranleau, Vancouver, BC V6H 3S4
9781894694759, $21.95,

A stroll during one's vacations can be a great way to embrace the sights and sounds of it all. "Great Walks of Vancouver: Metro Vancouver plus Squamish to Whistler" is a guide to the walks one can experience through Vancouver, British Columbia and its surrounding areas. Tailored to the hiking and walking enthusiast, Charles Clapham gives routes with plenty of details as well as pit stops and important attractions. "Great Walks of Vancouver" is a choice and highly recommended pick that should not be missed for the urban hiker.

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