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Reviewer's Choice

Missionizing Your Special Events
Terry Axelrod
2100 North Pacific Street, Seattle, WA 98103
9780970045591, $49.95,

Nonprofit organizations need their donors to succeed. "Missionizing Your Special Events: How to Build a System of Events That Engages Donors Who Will Stay With You For Life" is a business guide aimed at nonprofit organizations who want to court donors who will help them accomplish their goals in a world where donors are invaluable. Written by an international fundraising expert, "Missionizing Your Special Events" is something that should be by any nonprofit business leader's side.

Ups and Downs
Don Fried & David Kassin Fried
DaDo Publishing
PO Box 9065, Austin, TX 78766 & 8440 Brittany Pl, Niwot, CO 80503
9781439214831, $15.99,

What happens when you stick two Americans into the Swiss Alps? "Ups and Downs: The Misadventures of a Crusty Old Fart and his Bouncy Son as they Trek Through the Alps" is the story of a father and son as they hike through the famous Swiss Alps. Written in two distinct but fascinating voices, they offer a cross-generational look at Europe and have an adventure that is fascinating to read. "Ups and Downs" is a fine choice for true adventure fans, highly recommended.

Leave White Folks Alone
Donnie A. Hyder
Wyndham House Publishers
PO Box 558, Hiram, GA 30141
9780615229041, $20.00,

It's common when down on one's luck to blame everything for one's own trouble. "Leave White Folks Alone! Black People Stop Blaming White Folks For Your Problems" is Donnie A. Hyder's call for the black community to stop using supposed racism as a crutch for their own lack of success. Targeted at those in the business world or trying to break into it, Hyder encourages empowerment in black Americans. "Leave White Folks Alone!" is an excellent encouragement for those who would embrace its advice.

All in A Day's Work
TC McClenning
Work Like Dog Books
PO Box 4713, Canton, GA 30114
9780982090718, $14.95,

The skeletons in the closet remain there after the residents move. "All in a Day's Work: For Real Estate Agents" is a collection of humorous stories and anecdotes from real estate agents who give their wit and wisdom about the strange things that happen every day in their line of work. From accidentally trying to sell something that isn't there, to finding the deceased, to preventing people from becoming deceased, "All in a Day's Work" is hilarious and much worth the read, even for those with little interest in real estate, just for the human story that is laid out.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Cren and the War of the Seven Days
Tavish Nanda
Langdon Street Press
c/o Bascom Hill Publishing Group
212 N 3rd Avenue, Suite 570, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9780979912023, $19.95,

Color can be more than just description. "Cren and the War of the Seven Days" follows Jamey as he learns this fact when he finds himself in an alternate universe. He learns the value of color, and that color may be the only thing to stand against the darkness. The Darkers seek to destroy color and everything alongside it, but Jamey's adventures may just give him what he needs to be able to stop them. "Cren and the War of the Seven Days" is an original fantasy that takes its concept and executes it beautifully.

Zachary Steele
Mercury Retrograde Press
227 Sandy Springs Place, Suite D374, Sandy Springs, GA 30328
9780981665429, $16.95,

Salvation's a rough business. "Anointed: The Passion of Timmy Christ, CEO" is a novel about a theoretical Christ Corporation. For the past two millennia, The Christ Corporation has been spreading the word of Christ throughout the world, and every thirty-three years, the CEO-ship and identity of Christ is handed down to the next successor. Timothy Webb finds himself the next successor, but there's one problem - he doesn't want it. An entertaining spin on religion, business, and the apocalypse, "Anointed" is a fine read for fantasy fans.

The Poetry Shelf

A Dreamer's Guide to Cities and Streams
Joan Gelfand
San Francisco Bay Press Publishing
900 Timber Creek Place, Virginia Beach, VA 23464
9781604610093, $14.99

Sometimes tradition is where the best stuff lies. "A Dreamer's Guide to Cities and Streams" is the second collection of poetry from Joan Gelfand. Her work focuses on the natural word, its innate glory, and its impact on humanity, "A Dreamer's Guide to Cities and Streams" is original and fresh, while staying true to the classics. "Painting Haiku": Blue horizon defined/Horizon alone - nothing/Horizon sky - the world.

The Woman and the War Baby
Bill Ransom
Blue Begonia Press
225 South 15th Avenue, Yakima, WA 98902
9780911287622, $20.00,

"The Woman and the War Baby" is an anthology of poetry from award winning poet Bill Ransom, who has also served as an international humanitarian, a military man, a firefighter, and other intriguing jobs. His vast experience shines through in his writing, making "The Woman and the War Baby" a solid recommendation to many a poetry reader. "Promise": The drawer you keep/empty for my things.

Crossing the Mind
Bruce Adam
Ara Pacis Publishers
PO Box 1202 Des Plaines, IL 60017-1202
9780966131888, $19.95,

Senryu is another unique form of Japanese poetry, kin to the more well known haiku. "Crossing the Mind" is a collection of hundreds of senryu poems from Bruce Adams. Reflecting on a conversation with a dying scientist about regrets in life, Adams offers his own insights on the subject through this rarely seen, but exquisite form of poetry. "Crossing the Mind" is food for the mind - enthusiastically recommended. A sample: "Talking garbage about/everyone is easiest/done from the dumps."

No Apologies for the Weather
Taylor Leedahl
Thistledown Press
633 Main Street, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7H 0J8
9781897235515, $12.95,

This generation is not like any that has come before it. "No Apologies for the Weather" is a collection of poetry from Taylor Leedahl, focusing on her coming of age as a young woman in this modern world of freedoms of all sorts, ranging from sexual to educational. An intriguing look into the mind of the modern woman, "No Apologies for the Weather" is a golden choice for poetry fans. "Tonight It's Poetry": Lines have hung heavy/like water weighs the backyard//tiger lilies and bruised iris. Concepts pool/into concrete forms on paper,/they are busy becoming.//Tonight, there's poetry/all over the floor.

And Freddie Was My Darling
CB Follett
Many Voices Press
777 Grandview Drive, Kalispell, MT 59901
9780979518522, $16.00,

After acclaimed previous volumes, CB Follett returns to the field of poetry once more with "And Freddie Was My Darling". An award winning poet, CB Follet focuses on the coming of adulthood with these verses, showing his innate talent with the English language, using every word as an instrument in a symphony. "And Freddie Was My Darling" is a fine selection for poetry lovers, highly recommended. "Savings Account": During the war we saved twine/ each member of the family, her own ball/started from grocery parcels.//It was for the solders/or maybe being careful./Balls of string sat on the sideboard/next to the rubber band balls/and the flickering balls of tin foil/and to one side, for army blankets,/the rising piles of olive squares/woven on picket-prongs.//It was our bureau of concern,/our attention to common things,/to packaging and waste,/of what had been,/and what could win a war.

Mary Baron
The Sheep Meadow Press
5247 Independence Avenue, Riverdale, NY 10471
9781931357647, $13.95,

Mary Baron comes to readers with another volume of poetry in "Storyknife". Drawing on her experiences as an educator, and her time in arctic places such as Alaska (Baron now lives in Florida), she details the contrasts of her life in a unique blend of verse and memoir. "Storyknife" is fascinating reading, highly recommended. "What I Want": words/that will draw tears/as the moon/draws water//words/that will pull your soul/small fish/up into your eyes/until it slips/into my cupped hands.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

The Power Principle
Sergey Sorin
All Write Advertising & Publishing
PO Box 1071, Atlanta, GA 30301
9780974493558, $24.95,

There's a skill so often ignored in the struggle to lose weight. "The Power Principle: Mind-Body-Spirit Approach to Ultimate Weight Loss" is a guide to embracing one's own will and spirit when trying succeed where so many people fail - in weight loss. With key advice encouraging the power of self-esteem, discipline, the basic science behind nutrition and exercise, and how age plays a factor, "The Power Principle" is an ideal volume, a strong choice for those fighting to lose weight and improve their health.

Conquer Prostate Cancer
Ed Weinsberg
Health Success Media
PO Box 21092, Bradenton, FL 34204
9780982012109, $18.95,

Prostate cancer affects thousands of men every year, but it isn't a death sentence. "Conquer Prostate Cancer: How Medicine Faith, Love, and Sex Can Renew Your Life" is a guide for living with prostate cancer and fighting it as well. With much advice on doing what one can on the medical front, as well as making everyday life more liveable, Rabbi Ed Weinsberg shows much wisdom and sly wit in encouraging his readers to embrace life in their battle. "Conquer Prostate Cancer" is a fine present for anyone faced with the diagnosis.

Living with Lewy's
Amy J. Throop & Gerald S. Throop
Cando Books
PO Box 9, Boyne City, MI 49712
9780981759302, $26.95,

To give care to another, you must care for yourself first. "Living with Lewy's: Empowering Today's Dementia Caregiver" is an inspirational guide for caretakers who are charged with caring for a person afflicted with a Lewy's body, commonly associated with Parkinson's diseases. With tips and advice for dealing with its many forms including instances where it is combined with Alzheimer's and other mental diseases, it's a must for those who deal with the ailments daily and find themselves running out of steam. "Living with Lewy's" is a fine help manual for caretakers.

Cereal Killer
Alan L. Watson
Diet Heart Publishing
2235 E. 38th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55407
9780972048118, $12.95,

There's more to health then number crunching calories. "Cereal Killer: The Unintended Consequences of the Low Fat Diet" is a look at the plague of diabetes and obesity that is becoming a huge problem among all age groups of children. Placing the blame on the cereal companies who have skirted around government health regulations and whose lobbyists have done everything they could to block solutions, Watson discusses remedies to America's epidemic as well as speaking of its origins. "Cereal Killer" is well worth the read for those concerned with the health of a nation.

The Fiction Shelf

The Proviso
Moriah Jovan
B10 Mediaworx
9754 N Ash Avenue, #204, Kansas City, MO 64157
9780981769615, $37.99,

Family ties are complicated things. "The Proviso" is a story of family treachery, deception, backstabbing and all of those other shady concepts. Knox Hillard's extended family is out to steal what's rightfully his, something he's not sure he wants regardless. His uncle, however, is out to make sure he stands no chance of interfering with his plans, and is willing to kill to make sure of this - and has done so already. Suspenseful and exciting storytelling, "The Proviso" is the first of a series sure to make readers yearn for more.

Chasing the Green
Craig Frankel
F.E.P. International, Inc.
941 25th Avenue, #101, Coralville, IA 52241
9780979707537, $34.95,

Some will do whatever it takes to achieve success. "Chasing the Green" is inspired by the true story of two brothers who made their millions early in life by creating electric terminals for credit card transactions. But they weren't without their flaws, and these flaws began to interfere with their business, and led to the fall following their success. Telling a story of ambition, comradery, weaknesses, and more, "Chasing the Green" is a fine and entertaining read, highly recommended.

The End of the 19th Century
Eric Larsen
Progressive Press
PO Box 126, Joshua Tree, CA 92252
9780930852535, $12.00,

A lot can change over a hundred and fifty years. "The End of the 19th Century" is the third novel in the tetraology called 'An American Memory' covering a Midwestern family over one hundred and fifty years of their existence. Focusing on the end of the nineteenth century and the start of the twentieth, author Eric Larsen draws pictures of changing times for the Reiner family." The End of the 19th Century" is very much recommended reading for literary fiction fans.

PJ Piccirillo
Middleton Books
832 Dana Drive, Coatesville, PA 19320
9780971661127, $17.95,

Revenge is a dirty act. "Heartwood" is a story of a love triangle gone terribly wrong. Two men, lifelong friends, become at odds over a woman, and a horrific act is performed. But they will soon realize that perhaps revenge is not an act to be done in haste and comes to know regret. A story of love and vengeance, "Heartwood" is a solidly recommended read through and through.

Noelle's Ark
Audrey Levy
Pacific Style Books
PO Box 10358, Marina Del Rey, CA 90295
9780615212814, $13.95

It's hard to disbelieve in God when you're right next to him. "Noelle's Ark: A Story of Redemption" follows Jimmy Splendor, an atheist and a dead man who has come to heaven. An angel named Oleo guides him to his still living wife Noelle, who has suffered much from the loss of her husband. Through dreams, Jimmy must help his wife gain the spirituality she needs to move on and embrace life. "Noelle's Ark" is what it says it is, a story of a husband's redemption to his wife, highly recommended.

Those Who Dream By Day
Linda and Gary Cargill
Cheops Books
874 E Wallen Ridge Dr, Tucson, AZ 85710-6235
9780979890444, $26.95,

The sinking of the Lusitania was one of the major tragedies of the first World War. "Those Who Dream by Day" follows Dora as she tries to find out what really was behind the sinking of the Lusitania, focusing on a mysterious second explosion. Her investigation carries her across the world from Ireland to Arabia in this thrilling tale of mystery and adventure. "Those Who Dream By Day" is the first of a series and is sure to push readers to embrace the oncoming volumes.

Beyond the Long-Eared Mountains
David D. Hume
Publishing Works
60 Winter Street, Exeter, NH 03833
9781933002637, $24.95,

The obstacles that one must go through for love. "Beyond the Long-Eared Mountains" is the story of Eli, who has to go through just about everything to pursue Marna, a girl whom he has a thing for. Philosophy, art, justice, punishment, mystic creatures, and so much more however, wants to prevent Eli from ever reaching Marna. A novel of adventure and knowledge, as well as romance, "Beyond the Long-Eared Mountains" is thoroughly entertaining.

The Almost Murder
Theresa Saldana
Pinata Books
452 Cullen Performance Hall, Houston, TX 77204-2004
9781558855076, $10.95,

When puberty hits, a whole flood of new problems comes into people's lives. "The Almost Murder and Other Stories" is a collection of short stories from Theresa Saldana, a founder of the Victims for Victims national nonprofit group. Her stories focus on the teenage perspective for the most part, with the exception of the title story, which is about the strength of a mother to testify against her husband, something that may well destroy their family. "The Almost Murder" is a collection of sad, but inspiring short stories, highly recommended.

The Emancipation of Denny G.
Carole M. Olsen
Keldan Publishing
PO Box 1394, 9708 Hastings Mill Dr., Glen Allen, VA 23060
9780981782720, $14.95

The downward spiral so many fall into is so hard to stop. "The Emancipation of Denny G." follows Denny Gunderson. Orphaned at a young age, she's raised by a sister who hates her, and finds herself pregnant as a teenager. Her life spirals ever faster out of control, as she begins to face more and more trouble. Peace seems so far away, no matter how fast Denny chases it. A riveting novel of a teen overcoming the harshness of life, "The Emancipation of Denny G" is well worth the read.

Hood Rats
E.R. McNair
Triple Crown Publications
PO Box 6888, Columbus, OH 43205
9780979951787, $15.00,

How good are your friends when it all comes crashing down? "Hood Rats" is the story of a group of girls in the hood. All seems well, and their friendship seems unbreakable, but that claim is tested by tragedy and betrayal within the group. Can the four get by on their own, never mind their friendships? An urban fiction novel that rings true to what some people deal with daily, "Hood Rats" is a recommended read.

Saying No to Naked Women
David R. Yale
A Heathy Relationship Press
38-11 212th Street, Bayside, New York, 11361-2034
9780979176654, $19.97

It's hard to resist something that your body wants with every fiber of its being. "Saying No to Naked Women" is David R. Yale's self-help manual against porn addiction in novel form. As Jack tries to escape from his porn addiction by sealing himself from the world, he learns that he can't run, and finds a better way to overcome his addiction and embrace others as human beings. Of interest to those dealing with such problems themselves or those who feel they are running from life, "Saying No to Naked Women" is a positive message in the form of a good novel.

Terrorism in the United States
Edward M. Brittingham
ASW Press
2956 Hathaway Road, Richmond, VA 23225
9780972785945, $16.95

The United States is never safe from those who would do it harm. "Terrorism in the United States" follows young Sherry Hannon as she finds herself dealing with what she has feared for quite some time: a terrorist plot against a Maine nuclear power plant. As the FBI and military learn of the plot, Sherry discovers that even the best of America's men can still fail, and the cost of their failure could be millions of lives. "Terrorism in the United States" is a riveting thriller based a real danger.

Deuces Are Wild
Jan Bornstein
Back Channel Press
170 Mechanic Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801
Peter E. Randall Publisher (publicity)
PO Box 4726, Portsmouth, NH 03802-4726
9781934582091, $13.95,

Fame complicates everything. "Deuces Are Wild" is the third and final book of the Song Trilogy. Rock icons Jenna Bradford and Scott Tenny face a tough time as they try to embrace each other once more after a long time apart. Lying around every corner, the ghosts of both of their pasts wait to tear them apart once more, as lies, murder, and betrayal are out to stop them from achieving what they want most - family. "Deuces Are Wild" is a fine conclusion to an excellent trilogy.

Unending Nora
Julie Shigekuni
Red Hen Press
PO Box 3537, Granada Hills, CA 91394
9781597091220, $20.95,

What is the legacy of a people oppressed? "Unending Nora" is a novel following offspring of the victims of America's notorious Japanese internment policy during World War II. Telling the story of four young women during their coming of age, and painting a picture of the lasting effect of such a harsh policy by the government, "Unending Nora" is a fine novel and a warning against future social injustices.

The Truth Lies in the Dark
Kristin Callender
Bluewater Press lLC
220 CR 210 W Ste 108 #132, Jacksonville, FL 32559
9781604520149, $15.95

The truth is sometimes silenced for simplicity, but sometimes you simply must find it out. "The Truth Lies in the Dark" tells of orphaned Amanda. Raised by her grandparents, her family history is told to her in ways she doesn't quite believe. Her recurring nightmares are her only clue as she begins to dig into her family's history and starts to find things that her family would rather she didn't. "The Truth Lies in the Dark" is a novel of deeply hidden skeletons in the closet, making for riveting reading.

The Bargain
Irene Bennett Brown
Riveredge Books
PO Box 75, 149 W. Union, Jefferson, OR 97352
9780980155808, $18.95,

Familial love is not guaranteed. "The Bargain" is a novel following Clare Hobb is faced with just such a situation. Her uncles treated her family like little more than pests, and forced her to abandon true love. Despite all her efforts to mend the wounds of her clan, she seems to never stop failing... "The Bargain" is a moving novel of the cruelty of some families, and problems rarely talked about in public discussions of family values.

The Sports Shelf

The Cheer 'Em On Sports Guide
Carol Cavanaugh & Clay Cavanaugh
Cheer 'Em On Sports
PO Box 9055, Surprise, AZ 85374
9780982200001, $15.00,

Understanding is the best way to show support. "The Cheer 'Em On Sports Guide" is a guide for the fairer sex of any age to embrace the world of sports as a spectator. Defining terminology of the most popular sports, varying from wrestling to baseball to football, it's a guide to understanding the sport, so that one may properly encourage one's boyfriend, husband, sons, sports-enthusiast daughters, or anyone else they'd show their support to. A guide to spectating but not participating, "The Cheer 'Em On Sports Guide" is a strong pick, easy to follow and comprehend.

The Islamic Studies Shelf

The Muslim Next Door
Sumbul Ali-Karamali
White Cloud Press
PO Box 3400, Ashland, OR 97520
9780974524566, $16.95,

Islam has unusual customs when viewed from a Judeo-Christian standpoint, but they are not that dissimilar when you boil it down. "The Muslim Next Door: The Qur'an, the Media, and that Veil Thing" is a guide to understanding the American Muslim in today's chaotic world. Stating how Islam relates to the common American, the origins of Islam, the sects of Islam, why quotes from the Qur'an seem to contradict one another, and so much more. To anyone who wants to casually understand American Muslims and avoid cultural blunders, "The Muslim Next Door" is a fine read offering much enlightenment.

The Provocative Quran
Farooq Husayn
American Hegira
26 Oxford Drive, Lompoc, CA 93436
9780981871608, $16.95,

The Qur'an is a hotly debated book since the tragedy of September 11. "The Provocative Qur'an" is Farooq Husayn's attempts to answer questions about the Qur'an for non-Muslims who have not studied this important holy book. While answering questions, he hopes to get his readers to ask many a question about their own lives and beliefs, and to use some of the teachings of the Qur'an to enhance one's life. "The Provocative Qur'an" is enticing and fascinating reading, highly recommended.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Grace for the Afflicted
Matthew S. Stanford
1820 Jet Stream Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921
B&B Media Group
109 South Main Street, Corsicana, TX 75110
9781934068441, $19.99,

Mental illness has always been associated with sin and possession. "Grace for the Afflicted: A Clinical and Biblical Perspective" is a scholarly examination of the relationship between Christianity, the Bible, and the mentally ill. Demonic possession was ruled as the cause less enlightened times, but even today, the afflicted are told to pray for a cure, a cure which in most cases never comes. Stanford offers enlightening insights on why this is so, and tries to teach believers that there is a line where faith cannot help. "Grace for the Afflicted" is enlightening and fascinating, and a must read for non specialist and psychology readers alike.

The Power of a Submitted Life
Karlene A. Hamilton
Good Success Productions
2380 Buford Drive, Suite 106-213, Lawrenceville, GA 30043
9780981771700, $9.95,

Submission is not always a bad thing. "The Power of a Submitted Life" is a Christian self-help manual by Karlene Hamilton, who seeks to give her readers what they need to find harmony in their life with God. Submission is key to finding one's bond with God, and through this, one can find discover their worth and embrace a truly free life. "The Power of a Submitted Life" is highly recommended reading for those who want to strengthen their ties with the divine.

Power of the Magdalene
Stuart Wilson & Joanna Prentis
Ozark Mountain Publishing
PO Box 754, Huntsville, AR 72740
9781886940598, $15.00,

Women, while not having much political power through the ages, have always had a say in society. "Power of the Magdalene: The Hidden Story of the Women Disciples" takes an original interpretation of the holy works, and with a skeptical eye at the lack of women in Jesus's circle, looks at the potential that there was more to Mary Magdalene than a blessed prostitute or even as a possible wife to Jesus. Speaking of more possible female disciples, "Power of the Magdelene" is an utterly fascinating take on biblical history.

The Giving Myths
Stephen B. McSwain
Smythe & Helwys
6316 Peake Road, Macon, GA 31210
9781573124959, $18.00,

Charity can be a very spiritually fulfilling act. "The Giving Myths: Giving Then Getting the Life You've Always Wanted" calls to challenge the typical American Dream of focusing on little outside of the self. Saying many go this path and gain nothing out of their lives but an empty feeling, McSwain promotes the teachings of Jesus, and claims that spreading one's wealth is the ideal way to love oneself. "The Giving Myths" is a fine Christian guide to finding one's true happiness.

The Mystery of Acts
Richard I. Pervo
Polebridge Press
PO Box 7268, 140 Todd Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95407
9781598150124, $20.00,

The Book of Acts is one of the most chaotic ones of the Bible. "The Mystery of Acts: Unraveling Its Story" tries to decipher the code and history of the Book of Acts. Asking the who, what, where, when, why, and how behind this book, "The Mystery of Acts" is enlightening, as understanding the Bible's origins can invaluable in understanding its content. "The Mystery of Acts" is a must for any Biblical scholar, professional or amateur.

The Biography Shelf

Notes from the Waiting Room
Bart Windrum
Axiom Action
3855 Telluride Place, Boulder, CO 80305
9780980109009, $25.00,

It's an experience no one wants to face, but will likely have to at some point. "Notes from the Waiting Room: Managing a Loved One's End-Of-Life Hospitalization" is a guide for those who are faced with a most sensitive time of their lives, when they are forced with managing the business end of a loved one's final days. Knowledge is power in this situation, and letting one's emotion run wild will inevitably lead to trouble. With key tips on understanding this whirlwind of decisions and what major situations may be placed in one's lap, "Notes from the Waiting Room" is a fine read to prepare oneself for the inevitable, but unthinkable.

A Different Kind of Sentinel
E.J. Drury II
Rivendell Books
PO Box 9306, Richmond Hts, MO 63117-0306
9780979702310, $24.95,

Allusions can be made to the lives of people and the high fantasy so many people read. "A Different Kind of Sentinel" is E.J. Drury's guide to combating the beast that roams the world today, the beast that is the destructive side of human nature. This destructive side that lies in all people is something that must tamed or it will do massive damage to humanity - like it has so many times before. Written in an enlightening and intriguing unique style, "A Different Kind of Sentinel" is well worth the read for a different approach to self-help.

One Vintage
Chris Jones
Sage Hill Publishing
PO Box 434, Los Olivos, CA 93441
9780981906201, $30.00,

Growing a vineyard is an enlightening and rewarding experience, in more than one way. "One Vintage" is a story that uniquely and accurately depicts what goes down on a family owned vineyard. Keeping the book short and to the point, Chris Jones peppers his writing with full color photographs for an original presentation that's sure to give readers a taste of the vineyard life. "One Vintage" is a must for anyone who wants to know where their wine got its start.

Confessions of a Bi-Polar Mardi Gras Queen
Marie Etienne
Alluvium Books
3335 Freeman Road, Walnut Creek, CA 94595
9780974847412, $22.95,

Mardi Gras is supposed to be an epic celebration, yet it was one part of the puzzle that sent Marie Etienne between two extremes. "Confessions of a Bi-Polar Mardi Gras Queen" is the Marie's second memoir, dropping true stories of her life that read like fiction and give the reader much empathy with Marie's bipolar condition. She also hopes to inspire others with her will as a mother and woman of the world, and "Confessions of a Bi-Polar Mardi Gras Queen" is a fine execution of that goal.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

What God Really Wants You to Know
C. David Lundberg
Heavenlight Press
PO Box 8313, New Fairfield, CT 06812-8313
9780979630804, $19.95,

With so much debate raging on about religion today, it's hard to remember the key values. "What God Really Wants You to Know: God's Universal Truths Shared by All World Religions" looks to cut through the nonsense of divisions of the world religions and tries to outline the truth by focusing on what values religions have in common. Buddhism, Christianity, Shinto, it doesn't matter; all promote the common elements of respect, love, and faithfulness. "What God Really Wants You to Know" is a fine dive into the world of God that much of the world could do well remembering.

The God Questions
Hal Seed & Dan Grider
2230 Oak Ridge Way, Vista, CA 92081-8341
Vertias Communications (publicity)
PO Box 2075, Canon City, CO 81215
9780978715304, $12.95,

God is a figure who provokes many, many questions. "The God Questions: Exploring Life's Great Questions About God" is a spiritual manual hoping to help readers answer the many tough questions when it comes to the enigmatic figure known as God. Ranging from His very existence to the legitimacy of the Bible and how many roads lead to heaven, "The God Questions" is a strong choice for any Christian full of doubts.

A Twelve-Power Meditation Exercise
Charles Roth
Unity House
1901 NW Blue Parkway, Unity Village, MO 64065-0001
087159305X, $14.95,

Meditation can clear the mind and cleanse the soul if done right. "A Twelve-Power Meditation Exercise" goes over the twelve powers of Charles Fillmore, encouraging people to use them to meditate with all of them, each related to a part of the body. Faith, Strength, Love, Life, are just a few of the subjects discussed to be used in meditation, "A Twelve-Power Meditation Exercise" is a strong choice for spirituality readers everywhere.

The Ancient Secret of the Big Fake-Out
Hunt Henion
Shift Awareness Books
PO Box 1682, Eureka, MT 59917
9780982205402, $14.95,

God works in mysterious ways, but they sure are weird. "The Ancient Secret of the Big Fake-Out" is Hunt Henion's manual encouraging readers to embrace God's bizarre ways and understand it as Life just being full of a series of differently sized fake outs God puts before us as we trudge along. "The Ancient Secret of the Big Fake-Out" is a unique sort of self-help and spirituality manual, but utterly fascinating and useful nonetheless.

The Business Shelf

Blitz the Ladder
J. Todd Rhoad
20660 Stevens Creek, Blvd. Suite 210, Cupertino, CA 95014
9781600051036, $19.95,

Teamwork can make many jobs so much easier. "Blitz the Ladder: A Team-Based Approach to Getting Ahead in Business" is a look at using teamwork to increase a group's chances of success in the harsh corporate world. The blitz approach, as it's labeled, is a way of using teamwork to climb the corporate ladder as a group, using everyone's talents to maximize their common potential. "Blitz the Ladder" is an ideal reference for those who want to make their niche as a group.

On Selling Management
Spider Lockhart & Ulrich Herter
Arbor Eight Publishing
4815 Greenway Court, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
9780615246932, $25.00,

Sales are the bottom line - you make them, you make money. You don't, you lose money. "On Selling Management: The Path to a Better Top Line" is a business manual discussing advertising and the importance of sales. Describing a professionally designed "PATH" for business leaders, Ulrich and Spider draw upon decades of experience to bestow upon the reader. "On Selling Management" is of consideration to any business, of many sizes.

We're In This Boat Together
Camille F. Bishop
1820 Jet Stream Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921
The B&B Media Group (publicity)
109 South Main Street Corsicana, TX 75110
9781934068373, $14.99,

The generation gap can be bridged; it just needs to be done right. "We're in This Boat Together: Leadership Succession Between Generations" is an exploration of business teamwork and its value using a fiction situation spanning four generations, from the Silent Generation to the Millennials. Using a white water rafting team building exercise, the four learn the value of team work, and when the company spirals out of control, they are prepared. A fable of the modern business world, "We're in This Boat Together" is a fine recommendation for those who want to understand the value of corporate team work.

The Women's Studies Shelf

Blessed is She
Nanette J. Davis
House of Harmony Press
715 Rosario Court, Bellingham, WA 98229
9781601454669, $18.95

Caring for an elder is not an easy job. "Blessed is She: Elder Care Women's Stories of Choice, Challenge, and Commitment" is a collection of memoirs from more than sixty different women who reflect on the daily challenges that comes with caring for an elderly relative. The daily struggle of mourning alongside someone who wishes they didn't need the help, the tragedy of failure and the price one must pay. "Blessed is She" is a unique and moving collection of triumph and tragedy.

The Social Issues Shelf

Promotion: Denied
Joseph W. Hoffler
Hertford Free Press
c/o Arbor Books
244 Madison Avenue, #254, New York, NY 10016
9780979468605, $16.95

In the issue of race, America has made great strides in the past fifty years. "Promotion: Denied: The Harrowing True Story of Racism, Cover-Up, Betrayal and Vigilante Justice at the United States Air Force Academy" is Joseph W. Hoffler's story of dealing with the matter of race in one of America's most vital institutions. Hoffler enjoyed much success during his time in the military, but he feels he could have gone much further, but was held back due to his race. Telling his story and warning that racism is still out there, "Promotion: Denied" is a fine exploration of racism in the military.

The Power of Design
Richard Farson
The Greenway Group
25 Technology Parkway South, Suite 101, Norcross, GA 30092
9780978555283, $39.00,

A good idea is a powerful thing. "The Power of Design: A Force for Transforming Everything" is a discussion of the value of design and how it pushes society forward. Design solves the world's problems, but design is not always unhindered. Calling out protectionism and how its fierce use impedes modern society's advancement, he pulls no punches on calling out those who stand in the way of progress. Poignant and blunt, "The Power of Design" is well worth the read for those who want to see where the future lies.

Us Against Them
Bruce Rozenblit
7244 Madison Ave., Kansas City, MO 64114
9780615233161, $14.95,

There are two sides to every argument, but why are those two sides so hateful of each other? "Us Against Them: How Tribalism Affects the Way We Think" is a scholarly examination of how tribalism is in full effect in modern American politics, where many are not arguing for their own side's beliefs, but simply to prove that the other side is wrong. A look at the division, how it came about, and how it is affecting society as a whole today, "Us Against Them" is an intriguing unravelment of debate today, accessible to readers of all backgrounds.

The Money/Finance Shelf

The Wall Street Casino
Bob Kneisley
Technical Financial Publishing
PO Box 5194, Toledo, OH 43611-1252
9780615221359, $19.95,

The stock market has been described as legalized gambling, where the insane odds for failure don't scare people off. "The Wall Street Casino: Efficient, Passive Investment Advantages for Today's Investors" is a stock market book that understands the risks, but encourages people to invest anyway, but to invest wisely. Wisdom comes from education, and Kneisley doesn't skimp on the education, making "The Wall Street Casino" a must for anyone who is getting in on the investing game.

The International Studies Shelf

Countdown to War in Georgia
Ana K. Niedermaier, editor
East View Press
10601 Wayzata Boulevard, Minneapolis, MN 55305
9781879944046, $79.95,

A country not always on the headline of the news is being torn apart. "Countdown to War in Georgia: Russia's Foreign Policy and Media Coverage of the Conflict in South Ossetia and Abkhazia" is a look at this former Soviet state's problems and conflicts since the dissolution of the Soviet Union nearly twenty years ago. Covering the spiral of the conflict from 1989 to 2008, it focuses heavily on the major events, with much commentary throughout further explaining the significance of each event and its impact on the conflict today. With heavy emphasis on Russia's involvement and how it may ultimately be up to Russia to stop the chaos or end it quickly, "Countdown to War in Georgia" has several commentaries from Russian military as well as their foreign affairs experts. A complete and comprehensive guide to Georgia's problems, "Countdown to War in Georgia" is a must read to any who want a complete understanding of this civil conflict.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Africa's Top Wildlife Countries, seventh edition
Mark W. Nolting
Global Travel Publishers
5353 N. Federal Highway, Suite 300, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308
KSB Promotions (publicity)
55 Honey Creek NE, Ada, MI 49301
9780939895120, $29.95

The cradle of civilization, Africa is also the cradle of a wide range of wildlife. Now in a fully updated and expanded seventh edition, "Africa's Top Wildlife Countries" is a safari in book form of the most wildlife-friendly countries in the diverse and far reaching wild of Africa's savannah. A complete and comprehensive travel guide of all the wild one can see when visiting the continent, "Africa's Top Wildlife Countries" is an over 700 page manual with almost 600 full color photographs. Packed cover to cover with information, "Africa's Top Wildlife Countries" is one of the best Africa travel manuals one can have.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Indigo as an Iris
Fran Stewart
Doggie in the Window Publications
PO Box 1565, Duluth, GA 30096
9780981825106, $26.95,

Family complicates things. "Indigo as an Iris" is a story of Biscuit McKee and her pet cat Marmalade. Biscuit's sister, Glaze, is on the verge of a breakdown from a disastrous relationship with an ex who is willing to ignore the law in the name of revenge. Plots of kidnapping and ransom are afoot, and it's up to Biscuit and her beloved Marmalade to get to the bottom of it. "Indigo as an Iris" is a fine mystery, sure to attract pet lovers to the genre.

The Theatre/Cinema Shelf

Self-Management for Actors, third edition
Bonnie Gillespie
Cricket Feet
PO Box 1417, Hollywood, CA 90028
9780972301992, $29.95,

Agents are sneaky creatures, out like parasites to suck money off anyone they can get their hands on. So who needs them? "Self-Management for Actors: Getting Down to (Show) Business" is the third edition of the guide designed to help actors shake the monkey that is the agent off of their backs. With many tips and advice on building the connections and clout needed to be one's own agent and be responsible for one's own success, author Bonnie Gillespie draws on her insider knowledge to give readers what they need to get their foot in the door without a parasite taking credit for their work. "Self-Management for Actors" is a must for any agentless actor who wants to stay that way.

The Self-Help Shelf

Second Bloom
Anne Marie Smith & Michelle Gamble-Risley
Kaabrah Publishing
11230 Gold Express Drive, #310-340, Gold River, CA 95670
9780981832203, $19.95,

Sometimes a heartfelt change of life is what one needs to be happy. "Second Bloom: 10 Steps to Reinvent, Rejuvenate, and Realize a New Life" is a guide to charting a new direction through one's life, using a unique and effective ten step planning tool. Step by step, the plan outlines finding the change a person wants to make, creating a vision of what one truly wants out of life, and dealing with the roadblocks in one's way to realizing that dream. Inspirational and thought provoking, "Second Bloom" is just what those in one of life's ruts need.

Reminder to Self
Marlon Hartley Lindsay
EOTO Book Company
PO Box 370097, West Hartford, CT 06137-0097
9780981762401, $24.95

The Maslow hierarchy of needs puts self-actualization at the top of the pyramid, as the need to be pursued when all others are met. "Reminder to Self: The Eight Life Principles for Living from Your Truest Self" is a memoir of one man attempting to reach this pinnacle, and how during this pursuit, the rest of the pyramid of needs collapsed under him. The collapse only pushed him further, and he hopes to offer much advice and wisdom to his readers. "Reminder to Self" is a solid guide to those trying to figure out what truly matters.

Bring Yourself to Love
Mona Barbera
Dos Monos Press
PO Box 300469, Boston, MA 02130
9781934787038, $16.95,

The flames of passion will die without fuel. "Bring Yourself to Love: How Couples Can Turn Disconnection Into Intimacy" is a guide to restoring what was once there in a long standing relationship. Hoping to inspire passion into relationships through creativity, kinship, and most importantly intimacy. Acting as a workbook to help readers do what they need to do to fix themselves so they can fix their partner and their relationship, "Bring Yourself to Love" is a must for any couples who want to rebuild what time has destroyed.

Internet Dating Is Not Like Ordering a Pizza
Cherie Burbach
Bonjour Publishing
PO Box 406, Menomonee Falls, WI 53052
9780978974756, $15.95,

Pizza orders are one of the modern world's greatest conveniences. If only more things could be like that. "Internet Dating Is Not Like Ordering a Pizza" is a dating manual targeted at making one's way into the frenzy that is online dating, and how to deal with the frustrations that resemble real world dating. With advice on getting noticed and making one's notch in the world, "Internet Dating Is Not Like Ordering a Pizza" is a must for anyone playing the internet for true love.

The Power of Risk
Jim McCormick
Maxwell Press
825 Wildlife, Estes Park, CO 80517
9780972852005, $21.95,

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. "The Power of Risk: How Intelligent Choices Will Make You Successful" is a self-help guide about the power of risk, and how it's in just about every avenue of life. Risk is in relationships, risk is in business, risk is in fun, but managing that risk is the difference between being a loser or a winner. "The Power of Risk" evaluates the concept of risk in a very broad scope, which will give readers what they need to most accurately deal with the risks of their own life.

The Parenting Shelf

Put Me In, Coach
Laurie A. Richter
Right Fit Press
2033 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Suite 203, Riverwoods, IL 60015
9780615213330, $16.95,

No one's going to get noticed sitting on the bench. "Put Me In, Coach: A Parent's Guide to Winning the Game of College Recruiting" is a hands on high school athlete parent's guide to helping their child get the chance they need to win that prestigious sports scholarship. Advocating starting as early as possible, it's an athlete's guide to preparation for college. A complete and comprehensive manual to the path to college athletics, "Put Me In, Coach" is invaluable.

By Heart
Kathleen Melin
Clover Valley Press
6286 Homestead Rd., Duluth, MN 55804
9780979488337, $14.95,

How does a child transition from public to home schooling? "By Heart: A Mother's Story of Children and Learning at Home" is the story of Kathleen Melin and her children, whom she decided to remove from public school to teach herself. Describing the environment of a home schooled house and how it differs from the everyday home, Melin speaks on education and parenting, and comes forth with much wisdom. "By Heart: A Mother's Story of Children and Learning at Home" is recommended to educators and parents alike.

The Literary Shelf

Edgar Allan Poe's Annotated Short Stories
Andrew Barger, editor
Bottletree Books
#128 Ivy Brook CV, Collierville, TN 38017
9781933747187, $45.98,

One of the best authors to come out of Maryland, Edgar Allan Poe writings has impacted generation after generation. "Edgar Allan Poe's Annotated Short Stories" is a collection of the famous author and poet's short stories. Along with the fine stories themselves, each story has background on its origins, its fate, its reception and the history surrounding it since Poe put it to paper. Editor Andrew Barger in puts more than enough research and effort forth to make "Edgar Allan Poe's Annotated Short Stories" worthy of consideration even to those already familiar with Poe's works.

Donald G. Daviau, editor
Whereabouts Press
1111 8th Street, Suite D, Berkeley, CA 94710-1455
9781883513108, $14.95,

One of the great literary cities of the world, Vienna is and was home to some of the best. "Vienna: A Traveler's Literary Companion" is an anthology of short fiction that opens a glimpse to the literary world of Vienna, focusing on fiction that offers a deep look into the human soul. With special attention paid to renowned writer Franz Kafka, "Vienna" encourages readers to enjoy a literary walk through the town, and it is quite the walk indeed.

The Travel Shelf

Los Angeles Attractions
Borislav Stanic
Museon Books
PO Box 17095, Beverly Hills, CA 90209-2095
9781889224114, $24.95,

Los Angeles has so much to offer that it is frighteningly easy to miss a lot of it. "Los Angeles Attractions" is a guide to experiencing Los Angeles in the best way possible for one's interests. The Mecca of Entertainment, Los Angeles has so much to see, ranging from famous film studios, homes, and film sets, to less entertainment driven attraction such as some of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright's best work. Including listings of some of the best beaches, lodgings, and restaurants available, "Los Angeles Attractions" is something the Los Angeles traveler cannot be without.

The Criminology Shelf

Zora Hurston
C. Athur Ellis, Jr.
Gadfly Publishing
c/o Rawsistaz Literary Group
5885 Cumming Hwy, Ste 108-232, Sugar Hill, GA 30518
0982094000, $34.95,

Sometimes people just need shooting. "Zora Hurston and the Strange Case of Ruby McCollum" is the true story of Zora Hurston, a woman who covered an important case. Ruby McCollum, a colored woman in the early twentieth century, shot a white man who stole from her and sexually abused her for the longest time - and the white man was a noted politician. Self-defense wasn't as open and shut as it seemed, and Zora Hurston's notes on the case make the case an utterly intriguing read. "Zora Hurston" is a solid pick for true crime enthusiasts, and recommended as a picture of justice in early twentieth century America.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

The 55 Concepts
Michael Cavallaro
Metaphysical Media LLC
PO Box 374, Red Hill, PA 18076
9780615225173, $16.97,

It seems like a lot, but it's a lot of wisdom to classify. "The 55 Concepts: A Guide to Conscious Living" is a metaphysical self-help manual discussing fifty-five concepts surrounding the laws of creation. Using these concepts, one can improve their lives and the lives of people around them, expanding their being and universe. "The 55 Concepts" is a solid pick for those trying to make their own lives better.

From Birth to Rebirth
C.V. Tramont
Swan, Raven & Co.
c/o Granite Publishing
PO Box 1429, Columbus, NC 28722
9781893183421, $19.95,

Knowing the origin is to understand the subject as a whole. "From Birth to Rebirth: Gnostic Healing for the 21st Century" takes a look at past-life regression therapy and why it may help some people come to terms with themselves and positively influence their lives. Charles V. Tramont, a gynecologist by trade, speaks of his dive into psychology, hypnotherapy, and the study of past lives. Explaining his ideas and what he has discovered in his pursuits, "From Birth to Rebirth" is an educated discussion of past lives and how they affect our current.

The Hunting/Fishing Shelf

Fishing's Greatest Misadventures
Tyler McMahon
Casagrande Press
3119 Carleton St. #4, San Diego, CA 92106
9780976951643, $15.95,

Nothing ever goes perfectly according to plan. "Fishing's Greatest Misadventures" is a collection of nearly thirty strange but true stories of how peaceful fishing trips turned into anything but peaceful. Bodies of water are chaotic things and their chaos brings to these people's lives, leaving them only with entertaining stories, which they relay here. Any fishing fan would find themselves enjoying "Fishing's Greatest Misadventures".

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Work with Me
Debra S. Magnuson & Lora S. Alexander
Personnel Decisions International
Suite 4900, 33 South Sixth Street, Minneapolis, MN 55402
0938529366, $19.95,

People enter what is typically regarded as a career at age twenty, yet may work at that job for more than four decades. "Work with Me: A New Lens on Leading the Multigenerational Workforce" is a guide for business leaders who are faced with dealing with the generation gap within their own companies. With advice on using the advantages of people of different of generations and minimizing conflict, "Work with Me" is a must for any company with long tenured talent as well as fresh new prodigies.

The Political Science Shelf

Born Liberal Raised Right
Reb Bradley
WND Books
Los Angeles, California
c/o Midpoint Trade Books (distributor)
27 West 20th Street, Suite 1102, New York, NY 10011
9781935071006, $25.95

Born Liberal Raised Right: How to Rescue America from Moral Decline - One Family at a Time is a fire-in-the-belly social critique that equates liberal philosophies with a lack of independence, self-control, and self-discipline. Claiming that human beings are naturally self-indulgent, author Reb Bradley insists that the key to teaching Americans to govern themselves properly lies in instilling the virtues of self-discipline, emotional control, and the capability for accepting delayed gratification at a young age. It is worth noting that Bradley does not recognize Republicans as automatically conservative or Democrats as automatically liberal - the key is whether the individual person espouses the citizenship virtues that hold fast to traditional values and self-control, regardless of their political party affiliation. Of special interest are the chapters that warn against excessively "defensive parenting" and "rewarding bad behavior". Though Bradley's book sometimes relies on graphic emotional metaphors rather than statistical research to get its point across, Born Liberal Raised Right nonetheless has a core message about raising responsible children that is critically important to readers of all backgrounds and political affiliations. "In this current generation I see too many people, young and old alike, who lack emotional resilience. Their parents rescue them whenever another child offends, and they defend them from anyone in authority who tries to hold them accountable for their behavior... It should be of no surprise that indulgent, hyper-defensive parenting is at the root of politically correct speech."

The American History Shelf

Conversations in Early American History 1492-1837
Mark Phillips
A.J. Cornell Publications
18-74 Corporal Kennedy St., Bayside, NY 11360
9780972743952, $16.95,

There are better ways to present info than ten pound text books. "Conversations in Early American History 1492-1837: A Comprehensive Question and Answer Guide" is an exciting read on the history of America through an engrossing question and answer format that asks countless questions about America, its early days, colonial times, and the American Revolution. Utterly fascinating and educational in a quick-paced, easy-to-follow format, "Conversations in Early American History" is highly recommended reading.

German Jackboots on Kentucky Bluegrass
Antonio S. Thompson, Ph.D.
Diversion Press, Inc.
PO Box 30277, Clarksville, Tennessee
9781935290001, $24.95

Historian Antonio S. Thompson, Ph.D. presents German Jackboots on Kentucky Bluegrass: Housing German Prisoners of War in Kentucky, 1942-1946, an extensively researched look at the true story of those German prisoners during the Second World War who were housed and employed in the state of Kentucky. From the trials and tribulations of the POW Labor Program, to clashes between the Nazis and Anti-Nazis in Camp Campbell, to tales of escapes and escapees, daily camp life of German POWs, and more, German Jackboots on Kentucky Bluegrass is a virtual window through time. A handful of black-and-white photographs, a bibliography, and extensive notes round out this solid accounting, especially recommended to college libraries and Kentucky history shelves.

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