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Reviewer's Choice

Information Bombardment
Nick Bontis
Institute for Intellectual Capital Research
11 Hackamore Court, Ancaster, ON Canada L9K 1N7
9780986794506, $28.95,

In the information age, it's far too easy to overdose on something that is usually agreed upon as a good thing. "Information Bombardment: Rising Above the Digital Onslaught" discusses information-saturation for those who have trouble understanding even how to use the internet. Technology is more rapidly advancing than ever, and even with a lapse of attention, one can be left in the dust. Nick Bontis, speaker on the topic of technology for many organizations, breaks it down for techno newbies and tells them how to filter the information to a manageable level and use it to the effectiveness it needs to be. "Information Bombardment" is a must for anyone who in business who trembles in fear of their computer and the internet.

Smart is as Smart Does
Pat Battaglia
International Puzzle Features
4507 Panther Place, Charlotte, NC 28269
9780979917349, $9.95,

Geniuses are made, not born. "Smart Is As Smart Does: Brain Games to Reveal the Genius in You" is an activity and trivia book from 'Dr. Fun' Pat Battaglia, who encourages readers to test their mind and keep it sharp even if they can't exactly fully understand the fine specifics of Einstein's theory of relativity. From mathematics to English and much more, "Smart Is As Smart Does" is educational, entertaining, and quite useful, a must for anyone who wants to get those cobwebs of disuse out of their gray matter.

The Little Book of Gratitude Quotes
Kathleen Welton, editor
The Little Quote Books
6007 N. Sheridan Road, Apt. 15A, Chicago, IL 60660
9780578065861, $9.99,

Humility and thanks can go a long way in soothing the soul. "The Little Book of Gratitude Quotes" is a massive collection of simple quotes of praise and grace from countless thinkers in the past few centuries whose wit and skill with the English language still rings true even in the modern day. With plenty of inspiration and hope, "The Little Book of Gratitude Quotes" is a worthy read and very highly recommended reading.

The Fiction Shelf

Termination Orders
Leo Maloney
Independent Publishing House
244 5th Ave, Suite 1849, New York, NY 10001
9780615419886, $14.99,

There are things that are questionable in morality yet so necessary for peace. "Termination Orders: Code Name Cobra" is an espionage and intelligence thriller from Leo Maloney who draws on his own experience in Black Ops to piece together this thriller as he tells a fast paced story set in timely Libya. For fans of spy thrillers seeking a bit of realism mixed into their novels, "Termination Orders" will prove to be an excellent and recommended pick.

Precious Norman Honor
A. L. Stumo
Kathmarrid Press
116 West Second Street, Pella, IA 50219
9780983484707, $11.95,

A child's confusion about the world around them is something that has not changed in thousands of years. "Precious Norman Honor" is a unique tale following a young girl living in twelfth century England whose life is turned upside down when her town and castle is besieged by their own king, and looks on with confusion with only an end to it all so she can find something worth loving in it all. "Precious Norman Honor" is a unique coming of age historical novel that focusing on the fears that are different from the modern day, yet all the same.

Just Sippy
Kimberly J. Coleman
Silverbell Publishing
9780578077987, $14.95,

Faith can make for very strange friendships. "Just Sippy: A Story About Friendship, Growing Up, Growing Old, and Staying Young" is a novel following young Sippy Johnson, an eleven year old who discovers God and tries to share his spirit with all around her. Meeting with her middle aged cousin who is by no means your traditional forty three year old, the two form a unique friendship that lasts decades. "Just Sippy" is a spiritual and touching novel of friendship, highly recommended.

Cadillac Fin Suitcase
Michael Walsh
Grind Show Editions
5024 Westmill Road, Minnetonka, MN 55345
9780615420134, $15.00,

Sometimes life seems like it's all made up, and it takes us a bit of thinking to realize it's really happening. "Cadillac Fin Suitcase" is a collection of short stories and memoir from Michael Walsh as he reflects on his journey through the strange and unusual land of Taiwan. Humorous and poignant, showing glimpses of a truly unique culture that is still strongly influenced by the mainland, "Cadillac Fin Suitcase" is a unique and fun collection that would do well in any international short fiction library.

Patricia Weenolsen
Rubythroat Press
4026 Stone Way N., #501, Seattle, WA 980103
9781935420071, $19.95,

The sad fate of many children is a reality that we must face sometimes. "Mindstalker" is a read of how lives fall apart at the hands of those who visit these tortures upon children. Dr. Patricia Weenolsen writes a story of two perspectives, as five year old Robbie is kidnapped from her ten year old sister, and is faced with a childhood filled with abuse of all types. As his psyche falls apart, he begins to blame those who left him behind. Becca, Robbie's sister with five years of seniority, is torn by the guilt of losing her brothers, becoming a psychologist to help other children who have lost siblings. The cruelty of both of their lives may lead to a reunion that Becca would never expect. "Mindstalker" is a riveting thriller on a very real subject, highly recommended.

The Bee-Loud Glade
Steve Himmer
Atticus Books
3766 Howard Avenue, Suite 202
Kensington, MD 20895
9780984510580, $14.95,

Money makes you crazy. It can also make those around you crazy. "The Bee-Loud Glade" is a unique and darkly humorous novel from Steve Himmer, following recently unemployed Finch, who wants to escape the droning world that he was a part of for so many years. He is hired by billionaire Mr. Crane, who wants Finch to serve as a decorative hermit on his estate. Seeing an easy job, he soon finds he couldn't be more wrong as Crane's eccentricities and wife will find him longing for life in a cubicle once more. "The Bee-Loud Glade" is quite the original read, a top pick for the general fiction looking for something very new in their novels.

Gerald Neufeld
Novel Voices Press
PO Box 20201, 390 Rideau Street
Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1N 9P4
9780986877315, $20.95,

Your face is how the world recognizes you. It's how you recognize you. "Transplant: A Young Woman Struggles to Adapt to Her New Face" is the tragedy of Jenny Beaulieu, who in an auto accident finds her face horribly disfigured and her life changed forever. In hope for a second chance at life, she accepts a facial allograft transplant, and finds herself with the face of another. But such a radical change comes with a price of its own. "Transplant" is a thoughtful read that leaves readers with many questions on the ethics of science and medicine.

Story Teller
Marv Gold
Magi Books
3901 Ashford Street, San Diego, CA 92111
9781450766036, $24.95,

In avoiding fame, it is easy to be forgotten. "Story Teller" is a novel spinning the success of early Hollywood behind the brilliance of one woman, Sheherazade, referred to as StoryTeller in order to keep other studios from trying to hire them away. A novel filled with the intrigue and scandal of Hollywood and has parallels of what women of talent face, "Story Teller" is an original and very highly recommended read.

Beaufort 1849
Karen Lynn Allen
Cabbages and Kings Press
870 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94114
9780967178417, $13.95,

When they are opposed to what has brought you your success and livelihood, it's very likely you are to rebel. "Beaufort 1849" delves into the story of Jasper Wainwright, who returns to Beaufort, South Carolina in 1849, as secessionist frenzy is as higher than ever at that point. Jasper is faced with a family issue and being matched with at first is an excellent match. But Jasper doesn't want to stay in a place where slavery is the way of life, and that it will ultimately fail. Jasper tries in his own way to save his hometown, something more daunting than he could ever believe. "Beaufort 1849" is a thoughtful work of historical fiction, highly recommended.

Saving Mona Lisa
Michael Harrington
The Americas Group
654 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 1
Los Angeles, CA 90049-2070
9780935047707, $18.95,

True brilliance is never satisfied. "Saving Mona Lisa" is a historical novel following the fate of the Mona Lisa, tracing the fate of Da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa as his apprentice clash over it and what is to be done with it. With much taken from art, it carries the message that true art is never finished, simply abandoned. "Saving Mona Lisa" is a fun read for anyone with a certain interest in Renaissance Italy's super-genius.

Celine Keating
Plain View Press
PO Box 42255, Austin, TX 78704
9781935514770, $18.95,

As the country tears itself apart, the personal journey for meaning makes it all seem trivial. "Layla" is a coming of age novel following a young woman who tries to get her life together in a time where such a thing seems crazy, America in the 1960s. Embracing political activism, she quickly finds that freedom of speech isn't entirely free, as she learns much about the world. "Layla" is a poignant read about making sense of it all and the weight of reality.

Tyler's Mountain Magic
Malcolm Ater
Blue Ridge Mountain Books
PO Box 704, Shepherdstown, WV 25443
9780615440811, $14.95,

When time looms over head, one must make the most of it. "Tyler's Mountain Magic" is based on a true story, following the determination of one Tyler Moore, who having limited time to be physically active, seeks to join the wrestling team. What follows is a struggle against the odds and through friendship and drive, one boy doomed by his condition does something special, worthy of remembering. "Tyler's Mountain Magic" tells a heart-warming story of Harper's Ferry history, making for a very highly recommended read.

Cross Purposes
Joel Thurtell
Hardalee Press
11803 Priscilla Lane, Plymouth, MI 48170
9780975996966, $20.00,

Why compete with the other news reporters when your own paper presents plenty of competition already? "Cross Purposes: Or If Newspapers Had Covered the Crucifixion" is a novel following Daley Strumm, religion writer at the Detroit Filibuster. Frustrated with his paper and his career, he tries to cut through the red tape for the story, while asking the very question in the subtitle. "Cross Purposes" is a poignant read, that will entertain as well as make one think about the status of media.

Robert Blevins
Pirate Bay Press
PO Box 541, Baltimore, MD 21203
9780983326601, $21.50,

The plight of a child to succeed when everyone expects him to fail is a tough one indeed. "Timothy" is the first entry into Robert Blevin's Timothy Wellington series, following a child with a tough road to something that resembles a happy childhood. But the rough road Timothy faces may yet pay off for him in the future. A fun read that many will relate to, "Timothy" is the first entry in a series that the author hopes to expand, following Timothy through his life.

The Real Thing & Other Tales
James Baar
Omegacom, Inc.
24 Thayer Street, Providence, RO 02906
9781450553742, $15.99,

Everything is linked together in someway, often in ways we would never expect. "The Real Thing & Other Tales" is a collection of short fiction from James Baar as he offers many thoughts on what drives us through his stories, linking them through what we all seek. Blending his themes well with many intriguing characters, "The Real Thing & Other Tales" is a fine collection of work, that will prove highly entertaining with much to ponder.

Anne L. Watson
Shepard Publications
PO Box 280, Friday Harbor, WA 98250
9780938497530, $16.00,

No dream lasts forever. "Joy" follows Mirai San Julian, a woman who has achieved her dream job, working to restore old carousels. But old loves enter her life with bad news, and her mother's untimely death gets a more sinister reveal. As her pursuit of her dream begins to fade away, she believes that she has to better manage her life and deal with what she left behind in order to find that joy that she lost. "Joy" is a fine read of coping with the skeletons of the past re-emerging, highly recommended.

A Burnished Rose
Christine Keleny
C. K. Books
PO Box 214, New Glarus, WI 53574
9780983298403, $16.00,

The call of war can affect any American, regardless of gender. "A Burnished Rose" is a novel following Rose Krantz, an American woman who wanted a life more than a housewife, becoming a nurse out of the few options available to a woman in the 1940s. When Pearl Harbor is bombed, she rushes to join the war effort, and author Christine Keleny tells the story of this generation who rose to the call quickly and proudly. "A Burnished Rose" is an excellent work of World War II historical fiction, with a feminist message attached.

The Preacher
Camilla Lackberg
80 Broad Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10004
9781605981734, $25.95,

A mystery becomes all the more terrifying when your own life is on the line. "The Preacher" follows detective Patrick Hedstrom as he discovers the pattern in the series of murders in a small fishing community of Fjallbacka, which has been haunted by a string of unsolved murders for two generations. As he digs deeper into the mystery in hopes of connecting the dots, he finds that this quiet community holds a lot more than one would think at first glance. Filled with unique characters, a fast moving plot and plenty of original ideas and twists, "The Preacher" is a masterpiece of Scandinavian crime fiction, very highly recommended reading.

Mercy Creek
Matt Matthews
Hub City Press
186 W. Main Street, Spartanburg, SC 29306
9781891885778, $24.95,

With age comes the wisdom to see through the dark secrets that surround you. "Mercy Creek" is a novel following sixteen year old Isaac as he faces the realities of his small town life in Mercy Creek, and the dysfunction of his family. His small town, where he thought everyone was open with everyone, hides some vicious secrets, and Isaac must find the truth as he finds himself framed for crimes he didn't commit. "Mercy Creek" is a fast paced coming of age novel with strong mystery and thriller elements, highly recommended.

We the Enemy
Ray Rhamey
The Alliance
c/o Flogging the Quill
845 SE Spring Street, Pullman, WA 99163
9780615435886, $13.95,

Truth is a cruel mistress, and may reveal one's whole purpose to be a lie. "We the Enemy" follows former Secret Service Agent Jake Black as he seeks criminal kingpin Noah Stone. In his pursuits, the evidence he finds against Stone may perhaps not be against Stone, and Black's motives are questioned about the very system who has dispatched him. "We the Enemy" is a unique thriller with plenty of twists and turns, highly recommended.

A Farm in the South Pacific Sea
Jan Walker
Plicata Press
PO Box 32, Gig Harbor, WA 98335
9780982820520, $15.00,

When you completely change your world, it will take time to adapt to a radically different environment. "A Farm in the South Pacific Sea" follows June Sandusky as she travels to the Kingdom of Tonga to create a lobster farm, leaving her real estate behind. The shift in lifestyle is as rough as you expect, and nothing is ever easy. "A Farm in the South Pacific Sea" is a fun read aimed at women that will be entertaining to the very end.

Shadows among the Ruins
Marie Romero Cash
Camel Press
PO Box 70515, Seattle, WA 98127
9781603818346, $15.95,

When you find home, you'll know it, even if you've never been there before. "Shadows Among the Ruins" follows Jemimah Hodge as she finally finds the home she never had in Texas. But home-warming is short, as her job with the local Sheriff's department welcomes her to her new career with blood and death that is no way to welcome a rookie to the force. "Shadows Among the Ruins" is a fast paced and old-school fun mystery read, highly recommended.

Seeker of Truth
C. L. Shore
Eternal Press
PO Box 3931, Santa Rosa, CA 95402-9998
9781615722853, $19.99,

Grief drives you to new avenues of life, but for Sister Lucie, that may be short lived, as will she be. "Seeker of Truth" follows Detective Jed McCracken as his latest case may be saving his partner's widow from a murderer who is targeting the nuns where she has chosen to serve her life. In a race against time that depends on more than McCracken's mind alone, "Seeker of Truth" is a fast-paced mystery of friendship and protecting what friends cannot.

Deborah J Ledford
Second Wind Publishing
931-B South Main Street #145, Kernersville, NC 27284
9781935171577, $15.95,

Threads of the past have an annoying tendency to show up in the present to try to strangle you. "Snare" tells the story of Katina Salvo, a young native American woman whose career as a pop star is finally taking off. But when attempts start to get taken on her life, her success is bitter sweet, as any chance of stardom has to be put on the side until she finds the truth. A riveting thriller and mystery, "Snare" is a gripping read that won't be easy to put down.

Truly, Everything
J. R. Armstrong
Willowrose Publishing
PO Box 1187, Fowlerville, MI 48836
9780982229910, $14.95,

How strong is nostalgia? "Truly, Everything" follows Michael and Meg as thirteen years after the fact they meet again, older, but maybe not wiser. Through romance and life's events, the two will discover if there is still something or if they were simply stupid kids. "Truly, Everything" is a sequel to J. R. Armstrong's first novel 'Owe It to the Wind' and will prove a treat for previous fans as well as standing on its own as a fine novel.

Beyond Charitable Lines
Kevin Farran
Kit Publishing
154 Parklane Drive, Strathmore, AB, Canada, T1P 1V8
9780986727351, $9.99,

For the good of mankind, some lay their lives on the line in warzones. "Beyond Charitable Lines: A Triumph for Survival and Hope Against Man and Disease in Southern Sudan" is a novel following Londoner Thomas Reynolds as he manages an aid center in the war torn country of Sudan, filled with refugees from the constant crisis that resonates there. Faced with daily struggle and challenges of characters around him, "Beyond Charitable Lines" is a fast paced read of what faces those who risk their life for greater purpose.

Somewhere Over the Sun
Adi Alsaid
Dog Ear Publishing
4010 W. 86th Street, Ste H, Indianapolis, IN 46268
9781608448319, $13.95,

What if your writing had more power than just creating a good story? "Somewhere Over the Sun" follows Alan, a young writer who finds that his writing has power to improve the lives around him, in a literal manner. Such as writing them a happy ending to their crisis. But with such power, Alan quickly learns that sometimes, life will trump the pen. An intriguing concept of a novel, "Somewhere Over the Sun" is an excellent read that shouldn't be put down, highly recommended.

David Carle
Phalarope Press
PO Box 39, Lee Vining, CA 93541
9780615411187, $16.95,

It's hard to care about the environment when your own life is falling apart. "Mono" is a novel with an environmental slant as author David Carle tells a story of biologist Justin hearth, as he finds love and the environment is under conflict by the aqueducts that are being built in Depression era Los Angeles. Creating a novel seeking to create a romance while investigating the value of the environment during the rough times of the depression, "Mono" is an interesting and recommended read.

I'm Not Muhammad
Jason Trask
Red Wheelbarrow Books
310 West 72nd Street, PH # 2, New York, NY 10023
9780975951521, $14.95,

The color of your skin has far more complications than it should. "I'm Not Muhammad: An Ordinary Rendition" tells the story of Yusuf Alsawari, a graduate student facing detention following the tragedy of September 11th, 2001. As he fights for his rights as an American citizen, Yusuf finds tragedy and horror in the reality of being an alien outsider in his own home, what was faced by many Arab Americans following the attacks. "I'm Not Muhammad" comes with its own dark humor and powerful message, making for a highly recommended read.

Noble Cause
Jessica James
Patriot Press
1505 Knoxlyn Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325
9780979600043, $26.99,

A conflict of duty often seeks to destroy the dedicated. "Noble Cause" follows Confederate officer Alexander Hunter who finds himself with two conflicting vows. Promising to protect a woman whose brother asked him to do so, he finds dilemma when said woman is also a union spy who his unit set out to capture and end. Finding the conflict crushing, Hunter must somehow find a way to not destroy himself in his decision. "Noble Cause" is a riveting piece of historical fiction, very much highly recommended reading.

Blame It On the Raging Hormones
Nathan Yoh
c/o Lethe Press
118 Heritage Ave, Maple Shade, NJ 08052
9781590211151, $15.00

Spurned lovers and lust know no orientation. "Blame It on the Raging Hormones" is a gay novel from Nathan Goh, as he tells of a sexual awakening and coming of age for Nicky who embraces his new life and finds that lust isn't a good indicator of what's right and you can't always expect help from people who have their own problems. Facing maturity and finding what's right for him, "Blame It on the Raging Hormones" is a fun and enticing work that gay fiction readers will very much enjoy.

The Humor Shelf

The Book of Terns, second edition
Peter Delacorte & Michael C. Witte
Ternaround Press
731 Rhode Island, San Francisco, CA 94107
9780615424392, $14.95,

Sometimes a pun just can't be resisted. Now in a new second edition with additional drawings, "The Book of Terns" is a collection of puns and black-and-white drawings from Peter Delacorte & Michael C. Witte, as they present a wide assortment of puns focusing on the tern, with a subdued and self-aware humor that those with a love of simple art and simple humor will relish. "The Book of Terns" is simply fun, and well worth embracing.

The Poetry Shelf

Songs Of The Island
Ada Negri
Italica Press
595 Main Street, Suite 605, NY, NY 10044
9781599101668, $15.00,

Ably translated from Italian by Marja A. Costantini, "Songs Of The Island" is a 129-page collection of the poetry of Ada Negri. Her first volume of poetry was originally published in 1894. Her themes arose from her observations and experiences with respect to the struggle of the working class, her personal problems (that included a divorce), and the conflicts leading to devastating war. In 1940 Ada Negri became the first woman to be inducted into the Royal Academy of Italy on the basis of her lifetime of work. She died in 1945. This bilingual edition of "Songs Of The Island" will admirably serve to introduce a whole new generation of English readers to a most unusual and gifted Italian poet. 'The Village': Among the olive trees, among the olive trees, on a day of nostalgia / with springs of tears, my village was reborn in me. / I said to my heart: "Better take the road to the sweet village again: / a heart in the distant land is a heart no longer living." / But the olive trees, but the olive trees, with a wave of their fatherly arms, / with a kindly murmur of foliage, asked me, in chorus, "What For" / Dig deep in the soil, and look for the eternal roots of your village / wherever there's the shade of a tree that gathers you in."

God & You
Raymond Wolf, author
Briana Weekes, illustrator
GoldRay Publishing
805 NE 170th St., Shoreline, WA 98155
9780983219538, $14.00,

"God & You" is an incredible poem of faith and beauty written from a viewpoint of God the Creator. Each amazing part of the poem is illustrated by fantastically colorful, vibrant art works by an eleven year old artist, the niece of the poem's author. Thus "God & You" is a gift to the spirit on many levels. The unforgettable images and words are joined in a seamless union that embraces the reader, touching the heart. "God & You" is a wonderful spiritual experience meant to be shared and treasured.

The Pilot House
David Rigsbee
Black Lawrence Press
115 Center Ave., Aspinwall, PA 15215
9780982636473, $9.00,

Award winning David Rigsbee brings readers his award winning "The Pilot House". Rigsbee's work focuses on those revolutions in our life, when we see everything different for the first time and our whole world view changes with it, trumping what we once held dear. "The Pilot House" is an excellent collection for those looking for the best of recent years. "Wised Up": It's as if some middle were erased,/the mountaintops with their peaky drifts/down which slide wrinkles of ice/but no flanks and no base: just air/pretending to be sky as if participating/in that color, that all-leveling blue./When my philosophy professor found himself/on a panel with the Dalai Lama/what he really wanted to do, he said/was to ask him to levitate/so that he could sweep his han dunder/like a kid who was wised up,/debunking the magic, finding the wires.

Feet First
Dion N. Farquhar
Evening Street Press
7652 Sawmill Road, #352, Dublin, OH 43016-9296
0982010575, $15.00,

Award winning poet Dion N. Farquhar comes at readers with a unique brand of poetry with "Feet First". Acting as an autobiography in a sense, Farquhar looks back on the past with a certain remembrance of the tumultuous 1950s and 1960s and what it meant to grow up then, and what progress we have made and failed to have made since then. "Feet First" is touching and thoughtful, a recommended read for those looking for a bit of memoir of a life which has seen it all. "Rozerem": Torture survivors/tell of having their eyes/duct-taped open/by our armed forces./On Madison Avenue/sales of polarized/sunglasses soar,/along with speed-up, stress./To Ambien or/not to Ambien--/pharma-ripped or straight and sleepless/I swear, we're wrecks/either way--/I am not bien.

Fully Into Ashes
Sofia M. Starnes
Wings Press
627 E. Guenther, San Antonio, TX 78210
9780916727703, $16.00,

There are many questions you can ask of faith, and those questions are the questions asked by Sofia Starnes. "Fully Into Ashes" is her collection of poetry that seeks spirituality, identity, and faith, and how they all come together into one. With distinctive verse, "Fully Into Ashes" is an excellent collection that embraces its unusual nature. "River Saint": We cannot ask/for resting place, or wish/for apse in church;/the martyr's eye, serene//as stone, forgot to claim/a grotto when we heaved and/hauled this Santo out of mud./We went half-mad--//the sight of it;/quick, Santo, Santo, pour/your blessings on our banks.

Iconic Poetry
Sara Lauritzen
Crownheart Books
PO Box 1451, Ashburn, VA 20146-9998
9780983328605, $12.95,

There are things that have become a major part of pop culture, and need a tongue lashing now and then. "Iconic Poetry: Poems on Life's Favorite Icons" is a collection of humorous poetry from Sara Lauritzen, who takes the icons of life we love and offers a bid of light hearted food for thought. "Iconic Poetry" is a fine pick for any light poetry collection, recommended. "Time Piece": Somewhere between cherry and deep ruby red/Is a color she can't get out of her head//It's the back drop for something she holds so dear/That tells her the time, as the time draws near//With numerals of Romans, it shines on her wrist/The thought of wearing it, is hard to resist//Silver or gold?/That is today's question/As she lovingly stares at her growing collection//Those seven letters that start with "C"/Will keep her faithful/For as long as she'll be//She knows one thing/Whatever the case//Her favorite piece is her/Tank Francaise!

Pretend the World
Kathryn Kysar
Holy Cow! Press
PO Box 3170, Mount Royal Station
Duluth, MN 55803
9780982354544, $15.00,

Finding what is lost comes with the annoying problem of what to do with it. "Pretend the World" is a collection of poetry from Kathryn Kysar, who offers her own experiences in what she's lost and found in her life's journey of becoming a woman, a mother, and coming to term with everything around us. "Pretend the World" is poignant and thoughtful verse that will ring true with many women, highly recommended. "The Storm": Through quills of pines,/through the glory/of naked human flesh,/the broken dove beats/anger like bright curls of leaves/deep blooming,/then peeling red./This night keeps going, bearing down/on the line between spirit and self./Rage passes over our house,/touching no leaf.

At the End of Time
Richard Krech
PO Box 911, Buffalo, NY 14207
9781934513279, $20.00,

After several decades, a calling can return. "At the End of Time: The Incomplete Works of Richard Krech, Volume II, 2001-2009" is a follow up volume from Richard Krech, who last released a book of poetry in 1974. Coming back to his love, he has much to speak on, including which lit his poetry fire once more. "At the End of Time" is a fun read, a worthwhile addition to poetry collections. "Some 20th Century Algerian Geography": Waiting for the train in Oran, unaware of Camus,/I ate french bread and drank/a liter of Coca Cola,/sharing it with my friends.//We departed company in Constantine.

This is What Happens When Talk Ends
Gale Nelson
Burning Deck
71 Elmgrove Avenue, Providence, RI 02906
9781936194063, $14.00,

Sometimes good verse is not enough. "This is What Happens When Talk Ends" is a collection of poetry from Gale Nelson, who constructs her work with a vowel pattern she's adopted from William Shakespeare's writings. For those with a taste for poetry with something behind it on top of emotion and thought, "This is What Happens When Talk Ends" may be the book for them. "Closest to Stars Unshined": If rural sleds can winter well/out back, then shouts of fast company must blend/all wrong talk unbending in on aloof tombs./Soar not as tremors carom exact/methods in bombast glands swollen, or eloped matters/banding man and teachings. Search also lets/parsons rend anew on unearthed tests/of love. Concourse bleeds tooth's ego as/exacting fame cancels edicts coined once/in doubt. Passing me off honor lapse./Flavors agape visit tom-cat's somber den/and then fade.

Mama Joy
Eileen Silver-Lillywhite
Sol Books
398 Goodrich Ave., St. Paul, MN 55102
9780981827926, $11.95,

Motherhood does something to you and rearranges your life completely. "Mama Joy" is a collection of poetry from Eileen Silver-Lillywhite, as she speaks on the transition to womanhood and into motherhood. With a certain honesty of life, "Mama Joy" is a fine pick for down to earth and thoughtful poetry. "Coda": Snap roses. Carry/them to the door. Kiss//your rising lover./Go down on the bed//by the window, roses flocking/across the hardwood.

From Adolescence to Senescence
Ben Milder
Time Being Books
10411 Clayton Road, Suite 201-203
Saint Louis, MO 63131
9781568091372, $15.95,

For some people, simple prose is not enough. "From Adolescence to Senescence: A Life in Light Verse" is a memoir of poetry from Ben Milder, who offers the experiences of his life in the form of poetry, speaking with honesty and in unique language. "From Adolescence to Senescence" is a fascinating read that has plenty of wisdom to behold. "Homophone": The mother tongue has me undone/When two words sound the same as one./Homophones are most confusing./I never know which word I'm using./My "missal" has me undecided --/Do I aim it or recite it?//My days will end, I've no illusion,/In a welter of confusion./So, before my life comes to a halt/And I'm sealed into a concrete vault,/It would not be amiss to ask it:/"Who drinks the 'bier' that holds my casket?"

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Beyond the Light
PMH Atwater
Transpersonal Publishing
PO Box 7220, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
9781929661336, $22.95

There are many angles to near death experiences that aren't being more effectively explained. "Beyond the Light: What Isn't Being Said About Near Death Experience" seeks to ask these grisly questions, seeking to find the pain of death, if what lies beyond is what people truly want to face and how many people are never the same after their experiences. "Beyond the Light" is a very much worth considering for those with a strong interest in the near death experience.

The Business Shelf

15 Minutes Including Q & A
Joey Asher
3500 Piedmont Road, Suite 330, Atlanta, GA 30305
9780978577629, $7.95,

Brevity is a virtue all its own. "15 Minutes Including Q & A: A Plan to Save the World from Lousy Presentations" is a guide to making to the point presentations that will sell the product, whether the product is an actual item, an idea, or anything else. Joey Asher offers many tips and tricks to getting your thoughts across quickly, leaving them wanting more but not leaving them clueless. He also speaks on how to overcome fear of public speaking, making "15 Minutes Including Q & A" a strong pick for anyone who wants to make a useful and memorable presentation without acting as a sleep aid.

Research on Main Street
Marcy Phelps
Cyberage Books
143 Old Marlton Pike, Medford, NJ 08055
9780910965880, $29.95,

Even on the small scale, the power of research is not to be underestimated. "Research on Main Street: Using the Web to Find Local Business and Market Information" is a guide to working small businesses at the local level, understanding the numbers and finding how to make one's business work in these situations where there aren't massive corporate sites spitting out the numbers for all to sees. With plenty of advice on resources to research with for this particular endeavor, "Research on Main Street" is a must for any entrepreneur who is willing to put in the research to succeed on Main street.

Once We Were Brothers
Ronald H. Balson
Berwick Court Publishing Company
180 North Stetson Avenue, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60601
9780615341224, $27.95,

Mistaken identity can lead to much tragedy. "Once We Were Brothers" is a novel telling of one Elliot Rosenzweig, a successful man whose world comes crashing down as he's accused of being a former Nazi official, faced with an attack by one who claims he was an old friend, betrayed by Elliott decades ago. Ben Solomon files a law suit for the truth, and Elliot finds himself under attack. Blending intrigue, court room drama, and facing the struggles of life that drive us for all those involved - the accused, the accuser, and the lawyers. "Once We Were Brothers" is riveting and unique reading, highly recommended.

I'm On Linked In, Now What???, third edition
Jason Alba
Happy About
20660 Stevens Creek, Blvd., Suite 210
Cupertino, CA 95014
9781600051975, $19.95,

LinkedIn has become a vital tool for any business. "I'm On Linked In, Now What???" is the third edition of Jason Alba's series of books aimed at rookies at the LinkedIn networking site. In the third edition, he covers the latest developments and evolutions of business that have come in the past two years, and speaks on the matter well. "I'm On Linked In, Now What???", third edition is a must for anyone who want to stay on top of the tumultuous world of networking.

Business Mojo
Judy Smith & Dan Smith
Dog Ear Publishing
4010 W. 86th Street, Ste H, Indianapolis, IN 46268
Smith Publicity (publicity)
1930 E. Marlton Pike, Suite I-46, Cherry Hill, NJ 080003
9781608448012, $16.95,

There is more to being successful at business than dollars and cents. "Business Mojo: Achieving Success Through Mystical Exploration" discusses that positive force that some people have while others don't. Stating that businesses too, can have their own mojo, as well as the role of astrology, Judy and Dan Smith present a unique blend of the spiritual and practical in how to make their business soar. "Business Mojo" is a thoughtful read with plenty to consider for those who believe their business needs some good vibes going in with it.

Virtual Assistant
Diana Ennen & Kelly Poelker
Another 8 Hours Publishing
106 A E 4th Street, O'Fallon, IL 62269
9780974279084, $32.95, www.VA-The

Being an assistant has advanced far beyond fetching coffee for your boss. "Virtual Assistant" is a guide to becoming a virtual assistant, a job which entails using the internet as a powerful tool to communicate and quickly search to help those who would hire you do their own work more efficiently and effectively. With tips on using the latest trends in social media and marketing to advertise your services and countless advice on executing your job the best way you can, "Virtual Assistant" is a useful resource and a must for anyone considering this as a possible future career option.

Marketing Outrageously Redux
Jon Spoelstra
Bard Press
5275 McCormick Mtn Dr, Austin, TX 78734
9781885167736, $16.95

Good marketing is the difference good results and great results. "Marketing Outrageously Redux: How to Increase Your Revenue by Staggering Amounts!" is a guide to modern marketing and how to make the most of your business and understand the newest techniques of marketing, using the internet well, the purpose of modern print ads, understanding existing bias and prejudices, and much more, "Marketing Outrageously Redux" is an excellent guide for making an advertising campaign for your product that works and brings results.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

The Collected Captain Future Volume Two
Edmond Hamilton
Haffner Press
5005 Crooks Road, Suite 35, Royal Oak, MI 48073-1239
9781893887404, $40.00,

Fun and adventure were all that mattered decades ago for the pioneers of science fiction. "The Collected Captain Future Volume Two" is a second collection of these early science fiction novels following Captain Future and his crew as they travel the galaxy facing many iconic crises and meeting them with cleverness and adventure. Filled with nonstop old-fashioned science fiction adventure, the book is organized as a tribute with the novels 'Captain Future and the Seven Space-Stones', 'Star Trail to Glory', 'Magician of Mars', and 'The Lost World of Time' all under one cover. Described as comic books in text form, "The Collected Captain Future Volume Two" is a strong pick for a walk down memory lane or as a gift to any blossoming science fiction fan. Also from Haffner's collections of classic pulp fiction is "The Collected Edmond Hamilton Volume Three" (9781893887411, $40.00), a collection of 'scientifiction' short stories from the man behind Captain Future.

C. A. Dawson
Babora Books
2838 Shakespeare St., Victoria, BC, Canada, V8R 4H1
9780986644306, $18.95,

Humanity's swan song will be at the hands of those who can crush it. "Cacin" is the story of the invasion of a telepathic alien species with eradication in mind for mankind. With no hope in sight due to the power of their mind control, only one man and one woman seem to have the power to do anything to face off against these invaders and give mankind hope for another day. "Cacin" is an exciting and fun science fiction read, highly recommended.

Icarus Rising
David N. Pauly
Black Rose Writing
c/o Abby Kraus PR
1036 N Dearborn, #802, Chicago, IL 60610
9781935605997, $20.95,

When the war looks like it's over, war looks to continue to anyway. "Icarus Rising" tells the story of Nostraterra, a land just barely escaping the wrath of a Dark Lord. When politics seem to be shattering the world of men, they struggle for peace, as their allies the Elves and Dwarves face their own problems, and perhaps even taking the human's lands for their own. A world of magic and intrigue, "Icarus Rising" is a fun read for fans of fantasy, highly recommended.

Stonewiser: The Lament of the Stone
Dora Machado
Mermaid Press
5331 Commercial Way, Suite 104, Spring Hill, FL 34606
9780979968235, $16.99,

The determination of a parent for their child is unmatched. "Stonewiser: The Lament of the Stone" is a follow up to the previous novel, following Sariah the stonewiser who through her skills and love, finds herself continued to be hunted as she tries to carve out something resembling happiness with her love, Kael. Through their journey, they find more than parental love is their driving force, as the world may rely on their success. A must for fans of previous volumes and an excellent work of original fantasy that must be considered for everyone else, "Stonewiser: The Lament of the Stone" is not to be overlooked.

Brian O'Grady
The Fiction Studio
PO Box 4613, Stamford, CT 06907
Meryl L. Moss Media Relations, Inc. (publicity)
155 Post Road East Suite 8, Westport, CT 06880
9781936558049, $16.95,

Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and you may need that strength to keep going. "Hybrid" is a science fiction novel from Brian O'Grady following Amanda Flynn, who seven years ago survived an outbreak of a deadly disease. She came out with her life, and something a bit more. When the virus re-emerges, it may be on her to save humanity from the disease and more human forces that seek to annihilate it. "Hybrid" is a riveting work of fast paced science fiction thriller, very highly recommended.

Archibald Zwick and the Eight Towers
Robert Leslie Palmer
Crossbooks Publishing
1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403
9781615076499, $19.95,

For the simple task of going home, he has to win a war. "Archibald Zwick and the Eight Towers" is a young adult fantasy from Robert Leslie Palmerwho offers a tale of the lost young Zwick and his kayaking trip gone awry. Whisked away to another world, he has to cut through the political intrigue in order to get a chance at going home. "Archibald Zwick and the Eight Towers" is a fun and fast paced read that should prove a fun read, highly recommended.

In the Shadow of Swords
Val Gunn
Errant Press
PO Box 611640, Rosemary Beach, FL 32461
9780615232690, $24.95,

A stalker isn't the best at being stalked. "In the Shadow of Swords" is a fantasy novel following Ciris Sarn, legendary Assassin in his world. After his latest job, he's pursued by the widow and finds that he may have set off a massive chain of events that will alter the course of the world forever. As the relics of the world emerge and power is tossed about, Sarn must use every trick he has to come off whole, let alone stop the world from falling apart. "In the Shadow of Swords" is a thought out and original fantasy, the first in the Ciris Sarn series, very highly recommended.

Snotty Saves the Day
Tod Davies
Exterminating Angel Press
1892 Colestin Road Ashland, OR 97520
9781935259077, $13.00,

The innocence and benevolence of some children would be fine to leave the power of the world in. Snotty isn't one of those children. "Snotty Saves the Day" follows miserable runt Snotty as he discovers a book with the truth that the laws of the universe are found in fairy tales. What follows in a unique story of heroism and how the universe works, spurred by an insufferable brat. "Snotty Saves the Day" is a fun and unique tale, sure to entertain readers both young and old.

Scratch Monkey
Charles Stross
New England Science Fiction Association, Inc.
PO Box 809, Framingham, MA 01701
9781886778955, $27.00,

Intelligence too will escalate higher and higher. "Scratch Monkey" is set in a far flung future, where the Milky Way Galaxy is controlled by higher artificial intelligences in Superbrights and Ultralights. These two levels of AI collide and one Oshi Adjani takes it upon herself to work in this war, struggling to survive in both the metaphorical and literal sense for her money. A fun work of science fiction with an original setting, "Scratch Monkey" is a very fun and very highly recommended read.

The Literary Shelf

Re: Telling
William Walsh
Ampersand Books
5040 10th Ave., S., Gulfport, FL 33707
9780984102563, $17.95,

Pure originality is not always the best way to tell a story. "Re: Telling: An Anthology of Borrowed Premises, Stolen Settings, Purloined Plots, and Appropriated Characters" is a collection of short fiction from many writers who present characters of many walks of life and offers them a particular grasp on many characters we know and love, from fairy tales to video games, to mythology, and so much more. Entertaining with plenty of thought to add dimension to these characters, "Re: Telling" is a fine anthology, and a choice pick for short fiction collections.

The Philosophy Shelf

Fatal Numbers
Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Upper West Side Philosophers
PO Box 250645, New York, NY 10025
9781935830016, $13.95,

Numbers are everywhere, but what do they all mean in the greater picture of our universe? "Fatal Numbers: Why Count on Chance" is a study from Hans Magnus Enzensberger as the writer and thinker offers a different view of future where he states that chance and randomness may guide our future more clearly than predictions based on trends and known numbers. "Fatal Numbers" is a fine exploration of numbers and their nature, very highly recommended reading. Also from Upper West Side Philosophers is "The Vocation of Poetry" (9780979582998, $13.95) by Durs Grunbein, discussing the purpose of poetry in our world and its literary merit, what it means to the reader and what it means to the poet.

The Memoir Shelf

My Mother Killed Christ
Katie Roberta Stevens
Away with Words
8891 Lake Drive, Unit 202
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920
9780615438092, $16.99,

It can be hard to forgive. It is impossible to forget. "My Mother Killed Christ: But God Loves me Anyway" is a memoir from Katie Murphy, who recollects her troubled childhood under a truly mentally ill mother and the massive wedge that was driven between them. She recalls the transgressions that erupted between this usual loving relationship of mother and daughter, as she searches for forgiveness for both her mother, and herself. "My Mother Killed Christ" is a touching and thoughtful read of facing the past head on.

From Terror to Freedom
Mano Bakh
Publishers Design Group
PO Box 37, Roseville, CA 95678
9781929170357, $19.95,

The Koran as written, is stated to be the word of God and is not to be challenged. "From Terror to Freedom: A Warning About America's Affair with Islam" is a memoir from Mano Bakh who warns that Islam as written is unreformable, that the words of Mohammed circa 600 AD, Conquer, Convert, or Kill, are the ideas of Islam as written. Warning against the spread of Islam that seeks to undermine American law, Bakh states that many people who say they follow Islam are blindness to the harsher aspects of their religion, and that their blindness is used as a mask for radical Islam to infiltrate America. "From Terror to Freedom" is an intriguing criticism of the Islamic faith and its incompatibility with peace.

A People Tall and Smooth
Judith Galblum Pex
Cladach Publishing
PO Box 336144, Greeley, CO 80633
9780981892931, $13.99,

With death looming over head, fleeing seems only logical. "A People Tall and Smooth: Stories of Escape from Sudan to Israel" tells the story of refugees from Sudan, seeking to escape annihilation who end up in the beach town of Eilat, Israel. The story covers their journey across the deserts, across Egypt, and defying their government by entering the non-Islamic Israel. Their story ends as odd as it began, and "A People Tall and Smooth" presents an unusual tale that springs out from the tragedies of the genocides in Darfur.

Exotic Life
Lisa Alpine
Dancing Words Press
702 Bay Rd., Mill Valley, CA 94941
9780984229307, $14.95,

Life is as never as simple and straightforward as we'd like. "Exotic Life : Laughing Rivers, Dancing Drums, and Tangled Hearts" is a travel memoir from Lisa Alpine as she pulls no punches and offers a blunt, humorous, and fun recount of her journeys through South America as she tries to encourage people to embrace the randomness and unusual nature of life. "Exotic Life" is fun and highly recommended, not to be missed.

A Song of the Vine
Emerson Klees
Cameo Press
215 Buckland Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618
1891046071, $16.95

There's no substitute for experience. "A Song of the Vine: A Reflection of Life" is a recollection of life's lessons and values from Emerson Klees, who recounts his walk through life, as he recounts on his many decades and what he has learned. His wisdom is aimed at those at a crossroads in life, trying to decide what ti do with it, changing careers, being jobless, and more. "A Song of the Vine" contains plenty of simple yet wise wisdom, recommended reading.

A Lifetime of Small Adventures
Bill Birnbaum
Douglas Mountain Publishing
17695 Mountain View Road
PO Box 1570, Sisters, OR 97759
9781932632002, $14.95,

Life's disasters are best classrooms. "A Lifetime of Small Adventures: Stories of Adventure, Misadventure and Lessons Learned Along the Way" is a collection of short stories about life's misfortunes and how in their failure to kill author Bill Birnbaum, he's learned much about how to stay alive and make the most of his time until it succeeds. From playing with fire, water, the perils of dignity, and much more, "A Lifetime of Small Adventures" is a fun read with plenty of wisdom, doing well in humor and dealing with life, highly recommended.

Reading Lips
Claudia Sternbach
Unbridled Books
2000 Wadsworth Boulevard, #195
Lakewood, CO 80214
9781609530372, $14.95,

Kisses can spell much for our lives. "Reading Lips: A Memoir of Kisses" is a memoir with a focus on the kisses of our lives, the kisses of family, the kisses of romance, the kisses of friendship and how they factor into our lives. She speaks candidly about how these symbolize our relationships in their many forms, and offers the wisdom they has conjured in her thoughts. "Reading Lips: A Memoir of Kisses" is an excellent read, a unique memoir and enthusiastically recommended.

Leaving the Hall Light On
Madeline Sharples
Lucky Press
PO Box 754, Athens, OH 45701
9780984631728, $28.00,

Suicide does not just end one life, it can destroy others. "Leaving the Hall Light On: A Mother's Memoir of Living with Her Son's Bipolar Disorder and Surviving His Suicide" is the story of a mother coping with the reality of her son's choice of suicide. Sharing her own story and with words of encouragement for other mothers facing this pain, as well as wisdom on bipolar disorder, "Leaving the Hall Light On" is a moving read of tragedy, trying to prevent it, and coping with life after.

Chosen for Reasons Unknown
Murray Ebner
Ebner Properties
3455 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43213
9780982137406, $19.95,

The sole survivor of atrocity, finding hope at the end of the tunnel can often prove difficult. "Chosen for Reasons Unknown: A Holocaust Survivor's Journey" is a memoir of Murray Ebner, who through the Hell of the Nazi regime, was left as the only survivor of his family, choosing to go to America to leave his native Poland behind him for good. Returning decades later when he never thought he would, "Chosen for Reasons Unknown" details a story of one man reflecting on his awful past and what remains.

The Computer Shelf

Rails Test Prescriptions
Noel Rappin
Pragmatic Bookshelf
P.O. Box 293325, Lewisville, TX 75029-3325
9781934356647, $34.95,

Programs are fragile things, and require regular check ups to keep them running quick and well. "Rails Test Prescriptions: Keeping Your Application Healthy" is a technology guide for using the Rails 2 and 3 testing procedures which can be used by many programming languages to help hunt down bugs that can cause massive problems in programming, and lead to your work going kaput quickly. Technical and elaborate, Noel Rappin applies his experience developing the Rails program to offer many choices for add ons and using it to the maximum power. "Rails Test Prescriptions" is a must have for any software troubleshooter.

The Art Shelf

Something to Say
Richard Klin
Leapfrog Press
PO Box 2110, Teaticket, MA 02536
9781935248194, $14.95,

Expression is a key aspect of the human experiences. "Something to Say: Thoughts on Art and Politics in America" is a collection of interviews with various artists in various fields, from musicians, film makers, cartoonists, novelists, and more, as they speak out on the challenges the world faces today. Many faces are are seen as they state what they believe and how they hold the world is, and how the world should be. "Something to Say" is a fine read with plenty of sage wisdom, a key addition to any collection with a focus on debating social issues.

American Tattoos
Doug Mitchel
PO Box 223, Stillwater, MN 55082
9781929133970, $27.95,

Tattoos used to be a way to connect one to his tribe, and in the modern day, some still choose to show their loyalty to their home tribe- the United States of America. "American Tattoos" documents the creation of many such patriotic designs that focus around the stars and stripes, the red, white, and blue. Doug Mitchell documents many of these projects and the people who make them to give some detail into how these elaborate designs can be achieved. "American Tattoos" is a fine pick for those with a love of Americana and a love of skin art.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Essential Illustrated Wildlife
Sunbird Publishers
c/o International Publishers Marketing
PO Box 605, Herndon, VA 20172-0605
9781920289065, $35.00,

The wildlife of Southern Africa shows a unique diversity that is more broad than perhaps anywhere else on the planet. "Essential Illustrated Wildlife Guide to Southern Africa" is a comprehensive listing to the countless members of the animal kingdom that call the Southern parts of Africa home. Each entry presents a full color scientific drawing, descriptions that include size, close relatives, favored habitat, and its conservation status. "Essential Illustrated Wildlife Guide to Southern Africa" is a choice pick for anyone who wants to see the many creatures of Africa.

The Writing/Publishing Shelf

A Self Publisher's Companion
Joel Friedlander
Marin Bookworks
369-B Third Street #572, San Rafael CA 94901
9780936385112, $14.95,

Self publishing is an avenue for those who want to get their work out there by there own power. "A Self Publisher's Companion: Expert Advice for Authors Who Want to Publish From" is a guide for those who want to use to get their voice heard. Joel Friedlander walks readers through on how to make the most of it, mistakes that should be avoided, being your own publicist, and much more, "A Self Publisher's Companion" is a strong pick for anyone who is going down the road of being their own publisher.

Writing Yoga
Bruce Black
Rodmell Press
2147 Blake Street, Berkeley, CA 94704-2715
9781930485280, $14.95,

Yoga is something that cannot simply be done once and forgotten about. "Writing Yoga: A Guide to Keeping a Practice Journal" is a guide for those who want to record their experiences with Yoga to track their growth and success along the way. Bruce Black draws on his own experiences and offers much wisdom and advice for those settling into Yoga in their own way. "Writing Yoga" is a must for any practitioner who wants a record of their ritual.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Louie Morelli's Daughter
Patricia Bellomo
Liberia Publications
PO Box 380265, Clinton Township, MI 48038
9780984630509, $117.95,

It can be quite daunting to rescue your wife from the seedy underworld, and it's especially rough when it's your fault in the first place. "Louie Morelli's Daughter" follows Johnny, who with a certain gambling addiction loses it all to the loan sharks, including his wife Stella. Louie and one of the only friends he has must do everything in their power to face the unknown and get his wife back before it's too late, only to find that his wife being kidnapped is only one of his many problems. "Louie Morelli's Daughter" is a fast packed action and adventure thriller, highly recommended.

Heron Island
R. A. Harold
Station Road Press
5 Towne St., Montpelier, VT 05602
9780983160908, $19.95,

Trying to appease one of the most powerful people in the world isn't easy with a murderer about. "Heron Island" is a mystery set in the summer of 1903, following security operative Dade Wyatt as he takes in the task of finding out who kills a guest of his boss, Warren Dodge. With a visit from the president looming, Dade has to rush against time and draw upon the people around him to protect the president as well as bring about justice to the guilty. "Heron Island" is a fun read, well worth it for historical fiction and mystery fans.

Games of Deception
Jay Michael Jorgensen
Action Works Publishing
PO Box 71636, Phoenix, AZ 85050
9780615278995, $14.95,

The past cannot be avoided forever. "Games of Deception" follows Blake, a she must face the horrors he left behind fourteen years ago. His ideal life suddenly disrupted, Blake must face the web of deceit and murder he left behind all those ago, he has to dodge public battles and forums as he must turn and face his past, or very well die trying. "Games of Deception" is an excellent pick and riveting read that should not be overlooked.

Trouble at Puma Creek
Wesley Murphy
Lost Creek Books
15789 Deedon Road, La Pine, OR 97739
9780964132054, $15.95,

The truth is something sometimes to never be known, at any cost. "Trouble at Puma Creek" tells the story of Detective Jim Dowdy, as he investigates a murder of a Vietnam Veteran. A veteran of the Korean War himself, his duty drives him further to find the truth, only to find that there is more than a random killing involved in this picture. A riveting mystery set in the foggy years after the Vietnam War, "Trouble at Puma Creek" is a highly riveting read that should be hard to put down for mystery fans.

The Trouble on the Terrace
George Wasserman
Imago Press
3710 East Edison, Tucson, AZ 85716-2912
9781935437253, $15.00,

The toughest part of detective work is weeding out the bad information. "The Trouble on the Terrace" is a mystery following police detective Abel Shea as he tries to figure two mysteries, an attack on the elderly and a dead body. Trying to sort out his leads, he finds himself in a rush to find the killer before the case goes cold as well as the one whose responsible. A fun read that will keep readers guessing with its fast-paced style, "The Trouble on the Terrace" is a fine pick for any mystery lover.

Moving Can Be Murder
Susan Santangelo
Baby Boomer Mysteries Press
PO Box 1491, West Dennis, MA 02670
9780615458069, $15.00,

Death isn't a very good selling bonus. "Moving Can Be Murder" is a mystery surrounding baby Boomer Carol Andrews as she leaves her life long home for something more. Selling it, she finds her buyer murdered, and finds it lies on her to hunt down the one ultimately responsible for this sudden death. Before she can move on with her life, she finds there is one last adventure at her old home. "Moving Can Be Murder" is a fun read and very much worth considering for mystery fans.

Mile High Murder
Robert L. Hecker
15016 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 12
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403-2447
9781935444749, $20.00,

As your trying to keep hundreds of pounds of steel in the air, the last thing you want to worry about is a murder accusation. "Mile High Murder" is the story of Benjamin Roan, head of a security agency and flight enthusiast. Brought into the web of deception of murder and having a romance that leads him astray, he finds himself in the cross-hairs and must think and act fast. "Mile High Murder" is an exciting mystery and thriller, highly recommended.

The Christian Studies Shelf

St. Albert the Great
Kevin Vost
Saint Benedict Press
c/o TAN Books
PO Box 410487, Charlotte, NC 28241
9780895559081, $14.95,

A great teacher leads to great students, even through history. "St. Albert the Great: Champion of Faith & Reason" tells the story of Thomas Aquinas's teacher, Albert of Cologne, who through his own studies in faith, science, and philosophy, was a well renown thinker in his own time. Overshadowed by his student, his contributions should not be forgotten, and Kevin Vost hopes to bring him into the minds of many Catholics. "St. Albert the Great" brings to knowledge one of the great Catholic thinkers in history, a core addition to any Catholic biography collection.

A View from the Back Pew
Tim O'Donnell
Linchpin Publishing
PO Box 480256, Kansas City, MO 64148
Nigel Yorwerth (publicity)
410 Fieldstone Drive, Bozeman, MT 59715
9780984534418, $15.95,

The never ending questions of the scholar and the state of faithfulness are not at odds with each other. "A View from the Back Pew" is a spiritual guide from Tim O'Donnell who takes an investigative reporter angle on faith and everything else as he seeks to ask the questions that surround our faith and presents questions that anyone should ask themselves and what he has learned through his own pursuits. From the difference of spirituality and religion, the role of rules in faith, spiritual evolution, and more, "A View from the Back Pew" is a must for any faithful yet inquisitive mind.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider
N. J. Lindquist & Wendy Elaine Nelles, editors
That's Life Communications
PO Box 487, Markham, ON L3P 3R1
9780978496319, $19.99

Sometimes all you need is a reminder that there is something good in the world. "A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider: Words to Stimulate the Mind and Delight the Spirit" is a combination of short stories, poetry, and works of memoir picked for their inspirational nature, dedicated to finding a shining light in our lives that so often turn dark. The stories within are touching and poignant, and will help readers remember that there is something after the worst of it all. "A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider" is a follow up to the previous acclaimed volume, and the sequel executes the original's purpose masterfully.

Rachel Madorsky
Avanty House
9780970534965, $19.95,

Gaining control of your own destiny is very important, but spiritually, it can prove quite difficult. "Maestro: Unveiling Karma and Reincarnation" is a thoughtful spiritual study from Rachel Madorsky, as she speaks on the unique journey to self-discovery and realization of one's own destiny and place in the universe. With wisdom for good health physically and spiritually, "Maestro" contains plenty of wisdom to be considered for spirituality readers, highly recommended.

Kings, Killers, and Kinks in the Cosmos
Robert Egby
Three Mile Point Publishing
PO Box 354, Chaumont, NY 13622
9780983240402, $21.95

Even ignoring faith, doesn't mean it won't come after you. "Kings, Killers, and Kinks in the Cosmos" tells the life story of Robert Egby and how he discovered his spiritual nature of his life and everything that went with it. Faced with certain death, a spiritual visit gave him the power to overcome the disease, and he shares his spiritual journey and how his once secular life turned his life around and changed it forever. Very spiritual and very highly recommended reading for those looking for a book of discovery, "Kings, Killers, and Kinks in the Cosmos" is well worth considering.

The Human Sexuality Shelf

True Spanking Stories
Sasha Cave, editor
Nelson & Jones
2272 Colorado Blvd., #100
Los Angeles, CA 90041-1143
9780984367740, $14.95,

A bit of taboo, a bit of submission, a bit of naughtiness. "True Spanking Stories: Volume II" is a collection of erotic short stories that have been compiled by Sasha Cave as she compiles various stories, with a claim of authenticity in nature about discipline during this enticing act that brings a bit of joy to all of those involved. For those with a certain taste for discipline, spanking, and everything that surrounds it, "True Spanking Stories" may just be what their looking for.

The Money/Finance Shelf

Basic Accounting Simplified
Alvin L. Lesser & Gary S. Lesser
Galactic Publishing
944 Stockton Street, Indianapolis, IN 46260
9780578076324, $13.95

Money is a science all its own, and can be quite overwhelming. "Basic Accounting Simplified: A Primer for Beginning and Struggling Accounting Students" is an introductory aimed at novice accounting students who want to get a hold of the concepts that may at first be alien to them. Explaining these concepts fully and completely, there is much to learn within these volumes, to make learning accounting as a whole much less daunting. "Basic Accounting Simplified" is a strongly recommended pick for anyone who is pursuing accounting as his or her career of choice.

The Education Shelf

Teach for Life
Irie Glajar
Positive Imagine
9016 Palace Parkway, Austin, TX 78748
9780984248049, $12.95,

The pursuit of teaching is one that loves knowledge. "Teach for Life: Essays on Modern Education for Teachers, Students, and Parents" is a collection of essays from Irie Glajar as he offers his views on modern education, showing his experiences with Communist Romania and the United States. Stating that teaching is something that must be embraced for many years to come to continue progress for a better future, "Teach for Life" is a thoughtful discussion of education and our future, highly recommended.

Empowering Spanish Speakers
Jacqueline Zaleski Mackenzie
Summerland Corp
220 N. Zapata Highway, Suite 11
PMB 512-A, Laredo, TX 78043-4464
9781936425006, $29.95

Not everyone speaks English or can easily learn it, and it's best to understand that. "Empowering Spanish Speakers: Answers for Educators, Business People, and Friends of Mexicans" is a guide to dealing with Spanish speaking individuals in many aspects of life, education, and business. From cultural differences that aren't entirely obvious and how this applies to teaching, reaching Spanish speaking marketing, and working with Spanish speakers in the business world. "Empowering Spanish Speakers" realizes there is more to communication than language and does well in filling readers into a more complete understanding across culture.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

The Book of U.S. Government Jobs, eleventh edition
Dennis V. Damp
BookHaven Press LLC
249 Field Club Circle, McKees Rocks, PA 15136
9780943641294, $27.95,

The sweet government job is salivated at in these tough job starved times. "The Book of U.S. Government Jobs: Where They Are, What's Available and How to Complete a Federal Resume" is the eleventh edition of Dennis V. Damp's guide to finding these jobs and meeting their requirements in many fields of government work. From post offices to serving higher positions and what to expect from these jobs, "The Book of U.S. Government Jobs" is a strongly recommended pick for anyone who is looking to enter public service for their career.

The Gift of Job Loss
Michael Froehls
Peitho Publishing
54 Rainey Street, Suite 718, Austin, TX 78701
9780983119203, $14.99,

Getting fired is not the worst thing to ever happen to you. Far from it. "The Gift of Job Loss: A Practical Guide to Realizing the Most Rewarding Time of Your Life" is a guide to those who want to treat being laid off as an opportunity instead of a death sentence. Michael Froehls offers a simple and to the point guide to maximizing one's potential even when jobless. Advising that the break from the daily grind can help one do what they never had time to do and offer a refreshing time for the rest of one's life, "The Gift of Job Loss" brings to light the best of times in the worst of times.

The Hunting/Fishing Shelf

Brook Trout and the Writing Life
Craig Nova
Eno Publishers
PO Box 158, Hillsborough, NC 27278
9780982077146, $15.95,

Fishing is a lot of time to think, just what a novelist needs. "Brook Trout: And the Writing Life: The Intermingling of Fishing and Writing in a Novelist's Life" is a blend of memoir, fishing advice, and writing advice as Craig Nova recounts his pursuits in life with a certain fun style that touches on many aspects of life while trying to be a simultaneous bestseller that brings in the big fish. "Brook Trout" is charming and unique, and a read that will resonate with many people who don't want to accept one thing as their life.

The Cookbook Shelf

Essential Nourishment
Marika Blossfeldt
Emerald Book Company
PO Box 91869, Austin, TX 78709
9780615429274, $34.99,

Health food doesn't need to taste like health food. "Essential Nourishment: Recipes from my Estonian Farm" is a book of natural and health-driven recipes that will taste like anything but. Marika Blossfeldt uses life's expertise to encourage readers to choose their food well, use their diet to deal with diabetes, and embrace a more natural weight loss plan. For those who seek better health but hate health food, "Essential Nourishment" proves an excellent cookbook that is in full color and organized well to prepare for any ingredient, highly recommended.

Quick & Easy Autumn
Gooseberry Patch
2500 Farmers Dr., #110, Columbus, OH 43225
9781936283361, $16.95,

As fall hits, the tastes of the season shift. "Quick & Easy Autumn" is a simple collection of autumn-intended recipes, packed cover to cover with two hundred recipes for any Fall ocassion - appetizers, main courses, desserts, and much more. The format goes for a minimalist approach for easier understanding, providing a simple ingredients and recipe format with an frequent charming illustration and Autumn wisdom. With recipes from cooks all over America, "Quick & Easy Autumn" is for those who want a cookbook that is seasonal but is also versatile.

The Parenting Shelf

Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World
Brenda Wollenberg
Choices Lifestyle Publications
9278 -216th St., Langley, BC, Canada, V1M 0A3
9780986636509, $27.99,

Childhood obesity has become a serious problem in recent years. "Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World: How to Solve the Childhood Obesity Puzzle and Get Your Kids in Balance" is a guide from Brenda Wollenberg about how a parent can do their part to fight against childhood obesity in their own children. Chapters discuss many reasons why children become overweight, how to make one's child follow a healthy diet and exercise plan, recipes to encourage good health in youth, and much more. "Overweight Kids in a Toothpick World" is a recommended guide for any parent who wants better health in their child, highly recommended.

Samantha Parent Walravens
Coffee Town Press
PO Box 70515, Seattle, WA 98127
9781603810975, $18.95,

Motherhood is a full time job. Then some mothers take on a full time job on top of that one. "Torn: True Stories of Kids, Career, & the Conflict of Modern Motherhood" is a collection of memoir and stories from mothers who have chosen the path of the career mother, one who brings home a major paycheck while still trying to juggle caring for their kids. Mothers in this situation find themselves split, and wondering how they can do it all, and Samantha Parent Walravens puts together a volume that will ring loudly with these mothers. "Torn" is an excellent choice for anyone who doesn't want to feel alone while pulling their hair out trying to fit it all in.

Working Parents, Thriving Families
David J. Palmiter Jr.
Sunrise River Press
39966 Grand Avenue, North Branch, MN 55056
9781934716144, $16.95,

Staying at home may not be possible in a world where homemaker isn't one's dream. "Working Parents, Thriving Families: 10 Strategies That Make a Difference" is advice for the double working family who want to remain good parents despite their careers. With sage advice and a certain wit, Dr. David Palmiter offers advice on reminding your children you are there for them even if you might not be physically there for them. From discipline, resourcefulness, and finding time for family, "Working Parents, Thriving Families" is wise reading, enthusiastically recommended.

The Photography Shelf

The Blossoming of the World
Brian H. Peterson
Tell Me Press
98 Mansfield St., New Haven, CT 06511
9780981983585, $34.95,

Life makes no sense because it's at odds with itself. "The Blossoming of the World" blends philosophy and photography from the perspective of author Brian Peterson, who uses his vast experience with life and everything around it to present a unique blend of life's challenges and how being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease caused him to spur through life with a brand new understanding of it all. With plenty of stories and plenty of simple wisdom that anyone can take to heart, he blends in photography with his many musings. "The Blossoming of the World" is a fun and fascinating read, highly recommended.

The Relationship Shelf

Daily Affirmations for Love
Mamiko Odegard
Sortis Publishing
2193 E Claxton Ave Gilbert, AZ 85297
9780982798669, $19.95,

Love isn't something you take a break from, it's long-sustaining and a powerful feeling. "Daily Affirmations for Love: 365 Days of Love in Thought and Action" is a book of daily affirmation focusing on how to remember your love and keep it strong, whether it simply be thoughts or making time in a busy life for your most loved one. With plenty of driven wisdom and ideas, "Daily Affirmations for Love" is a must for anyone who wants to hold their love closer to their heart.

You Complete Me
Victoria Fleming
North Shore Wellness Services
3000 Dundee Road, Suite 411, Northbrook, IL 60062
9781456312008, $17.99,

It doesn't have to be a perfect romance. If you're expecting as such, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. "You Complete Me: And Other Myths That Destroy Happily Ever After" is Victoria Fleming's pursuit of dispelling the myths of healthy relationship. Warning future pursuers of matrimony that no one is perfect, radical change is rare, children aren't marriage superglue, and some things are one time things, "You Complete Me" is a realist's marriage guide, that encourages accepting reality when looking for the one, highly recommended.

The Holocaust Studies Shelf

Jews Without Power
Ariel Hurwitz
553 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801
9781885881373, $24.95,

It's quite frightening to understand extreme oppression of your people and being unable to do anything about it. "Jews Without Power: American Jewry During the Holocaust" discusses the role American Jewish leaders played during the 1930s and 1940s when news of Nazi Germany's racist and anti-Semitic policies reached American shores. It took America many years to enter the war in spite of this news, and author Ariel Hurwitz tries to understand what the Jewish community stood by and faced under FDR's administration. "Jews Without Power" is an intriguing study of the Jewish people in America during one of the world's worst atrocities.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Give Food a Chance
Julie O'Toole
PSI Press
3754 SE Knight Street, Portland, OR 97202
9781935638018, $14.99,

What is the foundation of eating disorders? "Give Food a Chance: A new View on Childhood eating Disorders" discusses childhood eating disorders and their source, as Dr. Julie O'Toole shares his study and science as she's studied these issues throughout her career. Stating that looking for something to blame has clouded our vision, she states that it may be hereditary and start in the brain. "Give a Food a Chance" is a wise read to be considered for anyone who wants to better understand anorexia.

Your Bones
Lara Pizzorno
Praktikos Books
PO Box 118, Mount Jackson, VA 22842
9781607660071, $12.00,

Your bones are under the constant stress of life, so it's best to take care of them. "Your Bones: How You Can Prevent Osteoporosis & Have Strong Bones for Life-Naturally" is a guide to greater bone health, as Lara Pizzorno advises women how to age with healthy bones, and dispel the myth that women have naturally fragile bones in old age. Warning against the dangers of osteoporosis drugs and the dangers they pose, she encourages old fashioned diet & exercise for health into the gray years. "Your Bones" is a must for any active woman who wants to stay active.

The Losing Attitude for Dieters
Tom Laurie
Attitude Check Press
271 Narrows Road, Barnstead, NH 03225
9780983302506, $10.00,

No one likes to lose. Except when it's weight. "The Losing Attitude for Dieters: Supercharge Any Diet Through Healthier Lifestyle Choices" is a health book from Tom Laurie as he advises readers on how to avoid the common pitfalls in dieting, the real role of exercise, how productivity sheds pounds, and when it's okay to cheat. "The Losing Attitude for Dieters" is a fine read with plenty of information for those looking for good advice to lose weight.

The Self-Help Shelf

The Game Behind the Game
Russ Parr
Farrah Gray Publishing
PO Box 33355, Las Vegas, NV 89133
9780982702758, $14.95,

A little sucking up may hurt a little, but it gets you by. "The Game Behind the Game: Mastering the Art of Bullshit" is Russ Parr's analysis of today's job market, which he holds is driven by some rear kissing and some BS. But just holding doors and getting your boss coffee isn't enough, Parr explains the secret art of getting ahead, appearing useful without appearing to be an obvious brown noser. "The Game Behind the Game" offers a fine blend of advice on getting ahead and dealing with the reality of today's job market.

A Season for Healing, A Reason for Hope
Timothy J. O'Brien
3023 Shannon Lakes, N., Suite #102
Tallahassee, FL 32309
9780984546107, $34.00,

The death of someone dear to you is having your life irrevocably changed. "A Season for Healing, A Reason for Hope: The Grief & Mourning Guide and Journal" is designed as support and a workbook for those who are coping with the loss of a loved one. Timothy J. O'Brien comes to readers with advice with therapy and how to better cope with your grief and move on from the event healthily. "A Season for Healing" is very much worth considering for those trying to better deal with the cruelty of life, highly recommended.

The American History Shelf

The Oldest Profession in Texas
James Pylant & Sherri Knight
Jacobus Books
PO Box 1587, Stephenville, TX 76401
9780984185719, $22.95,

Money is used to fulfill needs, and the most primal of needs is no different. "The Oldest Profession in Texas: Waco's Legal Red Light District" traces the history of Waco, Texas and Prostitution, looking at several figures throughout the past few hundred years and the strange, weird, and unique stories about those who have crusaded for and against this ancient trade of services. "The Oldest Profession in Texas" is a must for anyone seeking a person-driven history of prostitution, very highly recommended reading.

The World History Shelf

Why Normandy Was Won
Kenneth C. Weiler
Ostfront Publications
PO Box 453, Hanover, PA 17331
9780982577905, $24.95,

The bigger picture of warfare must be kept in mind even in one single battle. "Why Normandy Was Won: Operation Bagration and the War in the East 1941-1945: How Stalin and the Red Army Contributed to the Success of the Allies at Normandy" grants a picture on the contributions of the Soviet Union to the western front of the war allowed Britain and the United States to regain their foothold in continental Europe in more ways than splitting Germany's forces. "Why Normandy Was Won" paints a picture of what made one of the most legendary assaults in history all the more successful.

The Biography Shelf

Hidden Genius
H. T. Bryer
Grey Forest Press
PO Box 225, Oak Harbor, OH 43449
9780983258308, $19.99,

Racism has withheld credit where credit is due. "Hidden Genius: Frank Mann, The Black Engineer Behind Howard Hughes" looks at one of the many minds behind the success of Howard Hughes. A lifelong friend of Hughes, Mann worked well with Hughes to help Hughes forward many sciences, and his credentials are not with Hughes alone, serving in World War II and instructing the Tuskegee Airmen. Written by a friend of Mann, "Hidden Genius" brings light to one of the heroes of modern aviation, highly recommended.

The Theatre/Cinema Shelf

Films of Fury
Ric Meyers
Emery Books
c/o Erini Press
510 Long Hill Rd., Guilford, CT 06437
9780979998942, $14.99,

There is something truly captivating about a kung-fu flick. "Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Book" looks at the many films following the superhero-like nature of those who fight for justice with their bare hands and look magnificent while doing it. From its earliest days in Chinese opera to the modern versions where agile pandas and firearms are entered into the unique ballet of performance, author Ric Meyers shows his love strongly in the over-arcing tale behind it all, granting fans a walk down memory lane and outsiders a proper introductory. "Films of Fury" is a must for any film book library that is missing coverage of such films.

The Psychology Shelf

Nachas Ruach
Naftali Fish
Targum Press
250 44th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232
9781568715599, $29.95,

The reality of mental health cannot be ignored by modern thinkers, even those of faith. "Nachas Ruach: Torah-Based Psychotherapy and Tools for Growth and Healing" is a discussion of mental health issues in young people and others within the Jewish faith and how the Jewish faith factors into it. Drawing on faith and what the Torah speaks on about Mental illness, Dr. Naftali Fish brings thoughts, observations, and opinions onto the secular field, stating that good wisdom is good wisdom, no matter the source. For any seeking advancements in ideas of psychological faith, "Nachas Ruach" is an excellent pick and very much worth considering for psychological and Judaic studies collections.

The Agriculture Shelf

Talking Chicken
Kelly Klober
Acres USA
PO Box 91299, Austin, TX 78709
9781601730213, $28.00,

"Talking Chicken" by Kelly Klober is a 395-page compendium of practical information, advice, tips, tricks, and techniques on raising chickens and producing eggs for commercial success whether operating as a family farmer or a do-it-yourself hobbyist. Every aspect of the process is covered in great and practical detail from selection and breeding to raising and marketing. Of special note are the chapters devoted to building up a flock, and marketing poultry. Enhanced with a section of breed photos, an extensive list of poultry resources, and a comprehensive index, "Talking Chicken" is an essential and superbly organized instructional reference which is especially recommended for personal, professional, academic, and community library Agricultural Studies collections. Also very highly recommended from Acres USA for Agricultural Studies collections are "Advancing Biological Farming" (9781601730190, $25.00); "Ranching Full-Time On 3 Hours A Day" (9781601730268, $30.00); and "Honor System Marketing" (9781601730206, $19.95).

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