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Reviewer's Choice

The Celebrity Black Book, 2005 Edition
Jordan McAuley
Mega Niche Media
8721 Santa Monica Boulevard #431, West Hollywood, CA 90069
0970709536 $49.95

Now in an updated 2005 edition, The Celebrity Black Book is a handy reference compiling more than 40,000 celebrity addresses. Movie and TV stars, musicians, athletes, performance groups, and everyone who is anyone has their name, career, and surface mail address listed in this comprehensive guide (e-mail addresses are not included, though). A superb, quick and easy-to-use reference for entertainment industry professionals and fans alike.

Letters from the Woods
Michael C. Hurley
Ragbagger Publishing
6325-9 Falls of Neuse Road, No. 353, Raleigh, NC 27615-6809
0976127504 $23.95

Letters from the Woods: Looking at Life through the Window of Wilderness is a memoir consisting of thirty-one vignettes about life, faith, family, and the joy of experiencing the wilds. Written in the tradition of Thoreau's reflections, Letters from the Woods contemplates loving and obeying God as purpose of one's existence; the splendor of solitude; and the joy that comes from simplicity. Illustrated with black-and-white photographs, Letters from the Woods is a restful and inspirational insight into the beauty and wonder that is life itself.

Building A Cool House For Hot Times Without Scorching The Pocketbook
Joy V. Smith
Publish America
c/o Joy V. Smith
8925 Selph Road, Lakeland, FL 33810
1413735215 $12.95

In Building A Cool House For Hot Times Without Scorching The Pocketbook, author Joy Smith draws upon her on-site personal experience with the building process involved in constructing her own home. This slender, 61-page book reveals what she learned about the thousands of decisions that must be made in order to build within a budget as illustrated by diary excepts, photos, and more. A chronological compendium of events and practical advice from planning, to "punch list", Building A Cool House For Hot Times Without Scorching The Pocketbook will prove an invaluable read for anyone contemplating building (or remodeling) their own home.

A World Perspective Through 21st Century Eyes
R.K. Koslowsky
Trafford Publishing
2333 Government Street, Suite 6E, Victoria, BC, Canada, V8T 4P4
1412040086 $22.95 1-888-232-4444

A World Perspective Through 21st Century Eyes by Rob Koslowsky is about the positive impact science and technology have had and continue to have on western society. The basic premise is that science has a positive impact when knowledge is shared, applications raise te overall quality of life, and energy consumption increases. Accessibly written for the non-specialist general reader, Koslowsky points out that we who live in an ever-increasing technological and science knowledge-based society will be committed to understanding at least one area of science; will need to be able to challenge the rationale of associations, corporations, and goverments in order to insure association members, corporate shareholders, and the citizens of governments are best served with respect to themselves, their families, their communities, and the nation-states. Best of all, A World Perspective Through 21st Century Eyes captures and showcases the essence of the biological, cultural, and technological evolutions of the human race over the past millennia. Highly recommended reading!

Brittany A. Daley, et. al., editors
Feral House
PO Box 39910, Los Angeles, CA 90039
1932595058 $24.95 1-323-666-3311

Sin-A-Rama: Sleaze Sex Paperbacks of the Sixties is a full-color gallery of paperback cover artwork from "sleazy" sex-themed paperback books of the 1960's. An introduction surveys the industry and history behind such publications, but most of the text within Sin-A-Rama consists of excerpts from the paperbacks themselves. The covers, done in the realism style with muted shades so common in the 60's, are often quite revealing; bare breasts and nipples are not uncommon, as are a number of kinky, if exaggerated situations. An eye-opening visual survey of the sensuality marketed to popular American culture during the era of the sexual revolution.

Dear Milkman: Notes From Housewives
Dan Wettlin, Jr.
Cork Hill Press
597 Industrial Drive, Suite 110, Carmel, IN 46032-4207
1594083037 $9.95

Dear Milkman: Notes From Housewives is a wry look at the era of the milkman, all but vanished in the contemporary confluence of supermarkets yet once a daily staple of American life. Chapters survey the nature of this profession in its heyday, from competition to billing schedules to remarkable incidents such as one milkman's brave rescue of children from a fire. A wealth of brief primary sources are the highlights of Dear Milkman, which focuses upon actual notes left to milkmen from their customers, from notes written in poetry to atrociously bad English. A gentle and tasty serving of twentieth-century Americana. One sample note reads, "Please bear with us / Oh Sunrise man / We've gone to get / A Sunrise tan. / We like your milk, / This we must say, / But if you please / No milk today."

Time Lines
R.K. Landis
Xlibris Corporation
436 Walnut Street, 11th floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106
1413453295 $17.84

In Time Lines, author and poet R.K. Landis has compiled a thoughtfully impressive and occasionally surprising collection of his "thoughts, questions, and comments" -- epigrams which are inspired and occasioned by the lives and accomplisments of more than one hundred men and women who run the gamut of the famous, to the infamous, to the obscure. The selected format is one of poetry in both rhymed, free verse, and prose stylings. The entries range from the light-hearted to a significant social commentary that transcends cultures and generations. Johann Gutenberg: The pen/May be mightier/Than the sword//But/The sword/Can be rather effective/On Occasion.

"It's Religious Fundamentalism, Stupid."
John Max Morell
Privately Published (Lightning Source)
11524 Blackwell Road, Space D, Central Point, OR 97502
097044561X $16.00

John Max Morell believes that while America today is very much aware of the dangers of Islamic Fundamentalism, we are ignoring at our peril the very real and present dangers of Christian Fundamentalism that exists in our midst. Our American culture is rife with Christian Fundamentalism and as a result we are reluctant to address it or deal with it in any substantive way. Examples of Christian Fundamentalist violence manifested with such fanatics as David Koresh and his followers in Waco, Teas, and the lethal terrorism of Timothy McVeigh at Oklahoma City. "It's Religious Fundamentalism, Stupid." also deals with the nature of religious fundamentalism, Jewish fundamentals, Islamic fundamentals, as well as the Judeo-Christian scriptures and Islamic scriptures which are used to justify fundamentalist violence. Of special note is the chapters dedicated to "The 7th Day Adventists And The Book Of Revelation"; "The Religious Fundamentalists And Mythology"; and "Religious Fundamentalism And The Separation Of Church And State". Morell strikes a hopeful note with "How Can Religions Emerge From Fundamentalism?" and "Religious Fundamentalism Of The Past And Future. In addition to his summary conclusions, "It's Religious Fundamentalism, Stupid." also offers the reader a useful bibliography for further reading. Also very highly recommended reading is John Max Morell's The Elephant And The Blind Men: Finding The Oneness Of God And Man (0970445601, $16.00).

The Biography Shelf

Goodbye God, We're Going to Texas
John Suddath
Trafford Publishing
2333 Government Street, Suite 6E, Victoria, BC, Canada, V8T 4P4
1412036887 $17.99 1-888-232-4444

Goodbye God, We're Going to Texas: A Search for Health and Happiness is the biography of a truly vibrant women, whose life spanned a successful career, dedication to her Christian religion, survival in the lean years of the Great Depression, activism in her community, and more. Though she never married, family was quintessential to her, as were neighbors and friends. Alzheimer's disease marked the final chapter of life, but that far from defines the whole of her contribution. Her biography is unique in that each chapter also makes note of a different health care issue, from the specter of tuberculosis that loomed over her early years to her work in physical therapy. Highly recommended.

We Shared The Peeled Orange
Louis E. Braile
Syren Book Company
2402 University Avenue West, Suite 206, Saint Paul, MN 55114
0929636341 $18.95 1-651-642-9241 fax 651-603-9263

We Shared The Peeled Orange: The Letters of 'Papa Louis" From The Thai-Cambodian Border Refugee Camps 1981-1993 arises from the letters of volunteer physician Dr. Louis E. Braile and offers the reader an autobiographically descriptive insight into the world of humanitarian relief work as provided by the American Refugee Committee in the refugee camps of such diverse countries as Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Sudan. Dr. Braile (who came to be known as "Papa Louis" completed twelve tours of duty on the Thai-Cambodian border through the American Refugee Committee between 1981 and 1993. His experiences ranged from treating a child suffering from malnutrition to teaching a young refugee basic medical care. Dr. Braile's letters depict hardships, frustrations, pains, and joys of working in a refugee camp in the midst of chaos. Up until his death in 2002, Dr. Braile remained an exemplar of dedication and sacrifice in behalf of peoples whose lives had been shattered by the forces of war, famine, poverty, and politics. We Shared The Peeled Orange is a unique and candid memoir, and a fitting memorable to a man who made a difference in the lives of thousands of desperate and all to often forgotten people.

Things Are Different In Africa
Frederick Edward Pitts, Inc.
2021 Pine Lake Road, #100, Lincoln, NE 68512
0595332048 $18.95

Things Are Different In Africa is the personal account of Frederick Edward Pitts life in an equatorial village located deep inside the Congo for almost a year. Pitts describes in vivid detail his dangerous encounters with animals, risky skirmishes with robbers, dealings with corrupt cops, and more. He also describes the beauty of the Congo, as well as an African culture that can evoke laughter, frustration, and anger. Pitts also describes a motorcycle crash in the jungle some 360 miles from the nearest medical care, as well as being drawn into political unrest, city violence, and eventual evacuation out of the Congo to neighboring country near the Sahara desert. Strongly recommended reading, especially for armchair travelers wanting to know something about the culture and geography of far flung countries of the world, Things Are Different In Africa is a compelling read revealing a unique, sometimes irreverent personal journey that left the author with a greater understanding of life in a vastly different culture on the other side of the world.

The Remarkable Huntingtons
Mary Mitchell & Albert S. Goodrich
Budd Drive Press
PO Box 309, Newtown, CT 06470
0974964409 $22.95 1-203-426-6824

The collaborative work of Mary Mitchell and Albert S. Goodrich, The Remarkable Huntingtons: Chronicle Of A Marriage is the story of New York native and millionaire philanthropist Archer Huntington and successful sculptor Anna Hyatt. Two people people of disparate backgrounds who met by chance in the early 1920s and married in 1923. when Archer was 57 and Anna 47. Drawing upon thirty of Anna's voluminous annual diaries, The Remarkable Huntingtons provides a "window in time" through which we can observe how a family of privilege experienced life through good times and bad. Deftly edited by Andrea Zimmermann, The Remarkable Huntingtons is enhanced with the inclusion of b/w period photographs as the reader is taken through the lives and adventures of Archer and Anna in a chronological order laid out in 16 distinct chapters beginning with "The Heroic Couple" 1923-1925 and concluding with "My Dearest Archer" in 1955. There is a Postscript, as well as Appendices, a Bibliography, and an Index. Engagingly informative, The Remarkable Huntingtons is highly recommended reading.

From Ike To Mao and Beyond
Bob Avakian
Insight Press
4064 N. Lincoln Ave. #264, Chicago, IL 60618
0976023628 $18.95

From Ike To Mao and Beyond is the memoir of a long distance runner whose disillusionment with imperialism, racism, and capitalism led him from his mainstream American background to embrace the ideals of revolutionary communism. In the mid-1980's he dared to write a book with the provocative title, "Democracy: Can't We Do Better Than That?" Now, well after the collapse of the Soviet Union, he critically analyzes the flaws of modern democracy - flaws that divide society into classes and allow the upper classes to wield disproportionate power - and questions the blind refutation of a more egalitarian socialist system. A window into transparent injustice and one person's true-life determination to search for a better path, despite the scorn of the society around him.

Words in My Hands
Diane Chambers
Ellexa Press
32262 Steven Way, Conifer, CO 80433
0976096706 $15.95

Words in My Hands: A Teacher, A Deaf-Blind Man, An Unforgettable Journey is the award-winning inspirational tale of an eighty-six year old deaf-blind pianist, who lost his senses since age forty-five, and his renewal in life through the hand-over-hand sign, as told by his sign language teacher Diane Chambers. A unique story of Chambers' personal transformation through her relationship with her deaf-blind student, Words in My Hands speaks of the power of sign language as a means to enable connection and communication, and life itself despite the most difficult of circumstances. A heart-touching true story.

One Asian Eye
Jean Giovanetti, Inc.
2021 Pine Lake Road, #100, Lincoln, NE 68512
059533587X $12.95

One Asian Eye: Growing Up Eurasian in America is the true-life memoir of an Italian/Korean woman and her effort to find a place for herself in midwestern America. From being a latchkey child at age three due to economic necessity, her conflicts with bullies including slur-flinging children and backstabbing secretaries vandalizing her office workplace, to witnessing the cutthroat office politics of a savings and loan firm ("If they think I'm going to teach that college bitch everything I know just so she can take my job, they've got another thing coming" says the woman assigned to train her), to the heavy burderns of family responsibility and duty, One Asian Eye vividly pictures very real personal challenges, and vividly renders the particular difficulties of maintaining Asian culture and heritage in a predominantly non-Asian society. A remarkable true testimony of a strong and principled woman; the vivid illustration of struggling with self-centered and racist individuals, as surely as the kindness and compassion of the well-intentioned, makes One Asian Eye highly recommended, unforgettable reading. This is one memoir that once picked up, cannot be put down.

No Escape
W. John Koch
W. John Koch Publishing
11666 - 72nd Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6G 0C1
0973157925 $24.95 1-780-436-0581

John Koch grew up in an anti-Hitler German family and watched with increasing horror as Jews were demonized by the growing and eventually overwhelming power of the Nazis. Those Germans who were not pro-Nazi faced ever increasing and onerous restrictions on their movements, their possessions, the friends, the courses of study as their nation edged ever closer to war. No Escape: My Young Years Under Hitler's Shadow is a personal memoir that provides contemporary readers with the perspective of an ordinary German trapped by events and philosophies he despised. Conscripted into the German military, Koch saw combat on the Easter Front in what is now Belarus. He was taken prisoner by the U.S. Army in April 1945 and, 13 months later, escaped from a French POW camp. A deeply personal and candid recording of an extraordinary time, No Escape provides a vivid portrait of how normal, intelligent people reacted to Hitler's propaganda, daily life under the German dictator, escape from a war-ravaged Europe, and an inspiring renewal of life and freedom as an emigree to Canada. Deftly written, No Escape is a welcome and valued contribution to the growing library of World War II era biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs from a generation that is now passing all to rapidly from our midst.

Odysseus' Last Stand
Dave Stamboulis
Sanuk Press
1321 King Street, Suite 1, #337, Bellingham, WA 98229
0976013452 $16.95

In 1992, Dave Stamboulis began a bicycle trip that was to last seven years and 40,000 kilometers around the world. Odysseus' Last Stand: The Chronicles Of A Bicycle Nomad his his account of his adventures as he bicycled through obscure countries and foreign cultures, taking in all the sights, sounds, and teeming life that can be viewed from the slower and more intimate pace of a bicycle. What motivated Stamboulis to his epic odyssey was the need to slow down in a world that was moving every faster, and to explore the role that the bicycle plays in peoples' lives around the world. Odysseus' Last Stand is also a candid and informative study of an attempt to find his place in a world that is a complex web of tensions between ancient traditions and technological/industrial progress, value differences between the developed and the developing countries. Along the way we are treated with insights, compassion, and a great deal of humor. Enhanced with eight pages of color photographs, Odysseus' Last Stand: The Chronicles Of A Bicycle Nomad is especially recommended reading for armchair travelers, as well as anyone who has thought about traveling the world along the lesser known paths.

The Poetry Shelf

Woman in Rainlight
Jean Tupper
Hobblebush Books
17-A Old Milford Road, Brookline, New Hampshire 03033
0976089602 $14.95

Woman in Rainlight is a collection of talented writer Jean Tupper's brief, expressive free-verse poetry, collected from literary magazines such as "The Madison Review", "Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine", "Voices International" and many more. The deeper connotations of ordinary situations make for rich fodder to paint the gamut of human emotions. "Timid Lady Rides The Redline": She shudders at / sudden vibrations // clutches her / Aigner bag // for the / dark tunnel // subway screech / and T-stop // at Kendall Square. / An eyeblink // as her car emerges / in noonday sun.

Fence Line
Curtis Bauer
BkMk Press
University of Missouri - Kansas City, 5101 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO 64110
1886157480 $13.95 1-816-235-2558

An experienced poet whose work has appeared in such venues as "Barrow Street", "The North American Review", "Rhino", "Runes", and numerous other journals, Curtis Bauer's poetry assembled in Fence Line provides the reader with a full spectrum sampling of Curtis Bauer's talent and his unique poetic voice. In High Demand: I led a blind man astray this morning,/took him to the middle of an open field/then drove away./I took candy from a child/then pushed him into a puddle./I took change from a fat panhandler/then told the police to arrest her for loitering.//Tomorrow I'll give a stranger the wrong directions/and won't leave a tip after lunch./I'll misguide your children/and lie to the priest./If there is anything else to do/you can count on me./These are troubled times.

View From The Middle Of The Road
Lucinda J. Clark
PRA Publishing
PO Box 211701, Martinez, GA 30917
0972770313 $10.00

Edited by Brenda Barratto and with contributions by Jessica and Xavier Clark, View From The Middle Of The Road: Where The Greenest Grass Grows, is a compilation of poetry by Lucinda J. Clark and documents her ability to use lyrical, powerful, revealing word images to convey emotions, ideas, and concepts that resonate in the mind of her readers. Wake-Up Call: I awoke one morning/With a strong sense of longing/in my heart.//I have everything./A great family/A great house/A great car/Accomplishment and renown.//Yet somehow it all seems/shallow and empty,/Materialistic and over done.//For spiritually I have been shaken/Physically weaken from pondering the question,/What have they done?//It was in that very moment/A realization did come./That the world has many illusions/And now I have none.

Neighborhood Legends And Other Poems
Paul Homer
Uptown People Press LLC
18201 Pheasant Lake Drive, Tinley Park, IL 60477
0974681334 $14.00 1-708-651-0368

Paul Homer is a successful Chicago Lawyer who has been practicing law for over fifty years. In 2002, at the age of seventy-nine, he wrote his first poems. Now just two years later, Paul has created enough verse to fill the pages of this lawyer-poets' debut collection -- Neighborhood Legends And Other Poems. He's a Poet?: He says he is a poet? Indefensible!/That jowly, trapezoidal grandfather,/snow capped like Mt. Rainier,/who cannot hear, has a dangerous totter/and worst, is sometimes comprehensive./Where has he written of the soul's emetic/bringing up shards and bits that are poetic/from a final psychiatric session?/Where is angst, ennui, or sexual repression?/As for pain, engine of the true poetic strain,/he confines it to the caboose,/the last car on the train./But the penultimate indictment of his crime/is that he insists on using rhyme.

The Photography Shelf

Roadsides: Images of the American Landscape
Bruce Johansen, author; Kelly Povo, photographer
Crotalus Publishing
3500 Vicksburg Lane North #302, Plymouth, MN 55447
0974186031 $25.00

Roadsides: Images of the American Landscape is both a black-and-white photography collection and a nostalgia tour of diners and cafes, bowling alleys and bars, drive-ins and motels across America. Presenting the unique essence of entertainment, sparkle, and slice of American on-the-go life such institutions embody, Roadsides offers a unique perspective into America's increasingly mobile culture. A brief narrative essay introduces each section, but the majority of Roadsides is devoted entirely to photographic imagery alone, usually exterior shots; the light-and-dark brilliant counterpoint of neon signs at night is especially notable.

Forgotten Faces
Ronald William Horne with Lisa Montanarelli
Personal Genesis Publishing
110 Pacific Ave., #204, San Francisco, CA 94111
0974739529 $49.95

Forgotten Faces explores a unique aspect of America's history - the photo-ceramic memorial portraits upon tombstones, long-forgotten art in plain sight. Black-and-white photographs througout reveal the skill and emotion behind these images, which remain perfectly preserved despite ornamenting tombstones for almost a century. The text discusses epitaphs and inscriptions on the tombstones with the portraits, as well as surveying what is known about the men and women whose likenesses have been captured to heartrending perfection. Images of immigrants from 28 nations from cemeteries in various American and European locations combine to create a unique cross-section of photographic art and history combined.

The Parenting Shelf

14 Hours 'Til Bedtime
Jen Singer
Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing
15115 Highway 36, Deadwood, Oregon 97430
1932279113 $12.95

14 Hours 'Til Bedtime: A Stay-at-Home Mom's Life in 27 Funny Little Stories is a stay-at-home mother's collection of insightful and chuckle-inducing true anecdotes. Whimsical sketches illustrate this funny and oh-so-true tour of everything from Feng Shui for toddlers to "15 Signs Mommy Needs a Little More Me Time" (sign #1: You've decided not to wash the red paint form today's art project off your fingers, because it's the closest thing to a manicure you've had all year). A delightful giftbook for stay-at-home moms everywhere.

Bringing Up Baby
Clarie Lerner & Amy Laura Dombro
Zero To Three Press
2000 M Street, NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20036
PO Box 960, Herndon, VA 20172 (ordering)
0943657784 $14.95 1-800-899-4301

The collaboration of Claire Lerner and Amy Laura Dombro, Bringing Up Baby: Three Steps To Making Good Decisions In Your Child's First Years is not a complicated manual for raising a child but rather an easy, "parent friendly" 3-step approach to understanding what an infant or toddler is thinking and what it means. Using this information, any parent can make effective decisions for their child's healthy development. Nicely organized into chapters focusing upon developing self-awareness, tuning into a child, the process of making sensitive and effective decisions, making shared decisions with the other adults in a child's life, promoting a child's healthy development on a daily basis, Bringing Up Baby is useful, practical, insightful, and rewarding reading for any parent wanting to do the best that they can for their infant or toddler.

The Theatre/Cinema Shelf

Uri Dowbenko
Conspiracy Digest
PO Box 43, Pray, MT 59065
0971004226 $19.95 1-866-317-1390

In Hoodwinked: Watching Movies With Eyes Wide Open, one of America's foremost alternative media analysts, Uri Dowbenko, deftly deconstructs popular and influential movies ranging from "The Matrix", to "Fight Club"; to "The Truman Show", to "Wag the Dog", and so many others. This 323-page compendium of cogent observation and informative insights is organized into six major sections: Poli-Sci-Fi (Political Science Fiction); Illuminati, Mind Control and Other PsyOps; Into the Mystic; Secrets and Lies of History; Pop Idolatry: Sex & Death and Other Games; and Government-Business (Scams) as Usual. Thoughtful and thought provoking, Dowbenko's commentaries are rife with a humorous intelligence and attention-gripping iconoclasm that makes Hoodwinked "must" reading for students and critics of American cinema.

The Fiction Shelf

Be Still, My Soul
Richard Shain Cohen
1st Books Library
Gulotta Communications (publicity)
1663 South Liberty Drive, #2, Bloomington, IN 47403-5162
1414037309 $32.95 1-800-839-8640

It's the eve of World War II. Aaron Lobel is an immigrant Jew, a Boston doctor, had married into a wealthy Catholic family, and after thirty years of marriage to Jocelyn, has sired four sons. But Aaron's life is now complicated as he struggles to keep his sons from enlisting in the army, deal with German double agents marrying into the family -- not to mention spies for British Intelligence who are already in the family. In recreating the world of the opening pre-war years of the 1940s, author Richard Cohen has drawn from his own family's history and paid meticulous attention to historical detail enhancing his fast-paced narrative. Engagingly written, Be Still, My Soul reveals that no family, no matter how privileged, was able to stave off the effects of one of the most destructive and wide-flung wars of recorded human history.

Second Sunrise
Robert Wernli
1st Books Library
c/o First Centurion Enterprises
11775 La Colina Road, San Diego, CA 92131-1413
1414006098 $15.50

Robert Wernli's techno-thriller novel, Second Sunrise, was awarded the 11th Annual Writer's Digest International Self-Published Book Award prize for genre fiction. Second Sunrise is the gripping story of a Japanese billionaire's pursuit of revenge hallmarked by a willingness to sacrifice even those closest to him in order to bring down financial and physical devastation on the country that he feels stole his life. It is also the story of Chad Donegan, an American Olympic athlete and an ocean explorer. Men driven to perfection and who will accept no less than victory. This deftly written and thoroughly engaging international novel ranges from sumo matches in Japan, to earthquakes in California, to robotic vehicles and manned submersibles, to a hidden terror in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Deep below the ocean, where technologically advanced systems collide in a final "gambit of death", Second Sunrise escalates to a cataclysmic finale below the coastal waters of the western United States. Also available in hardcover (1414006101, $24.00) and in an ebook format (141400611X, $4.95) Second Sunrise is superbly crafted, thoroughly entertaining, and highly recommended.

Sugar House Hill
Heather Simonsen
Spring Creek Book Company
PO Box 50355, Provo, UT 84605-0355
1932898239 $15.95 1-877-375-4442

Cassie Wagner is a woman married to a good husband, mother of a lovely dauther and there's another baby on the way. Cassie has everything she has ever wanted out of life. Then she begins to suffer dizzy spells that cause a constant ringing in her ears. Her perfect world begins to come apart at the seams as she is compelled to deal with her own vulnerability. Journalist and author Heather Simonsen has drown loosely on a true story to write this engaging novel with fully developed characters that the reader comes to care about. Superbly written from first page to last, Sugar House Hills is a welcome and accomplished novel that will touch the heart and linger in the mind long after it is finished and set back upon the shelf.

Livin' In High Cotton
Jennifer Leigh Youngblood & Sandra Poole
Mapletree Publishing Company
6233 Harvard Lane, Highlands Ranch, CO 80130-3773
0972807144 $15.95 1-800-462-6420

Livin' In High Cotton is the collaboration of Sandra Poole and her daughter Jennifer Leigh Youngblood. The story is set in the Depression-era south and inspired by the real-life experiences of Sandra's grandmother. Times were hard in western Georgia and eastern Alabama when the cotton industry was failing and families had to bind tightly together in order to survive those bleak and uncertain years. Shelby Collins was mature for a fifteen-year-old girl. When Shelby's mother had to go off to Alabama to tend Shelby's ailing grandmother, the girl had to care for her younger brother and sister, while seeing to the needs of her father. One night her father came home drunk and tried to attack her. When a frightened Shelby flees the home, her father tracks her down and places her in a reform school in distant Birmingham. Emotionally scarred by her abuse, Shelby is sill able to make a new life for herself and learns that blessings can come in the most unexpected ways. Strongly recommended and superbly crafted reading, Livin' In High Cotton successfully and engagingly tackles such difficult themes as whether or not trust can be regained after betrayal, how can being kind-hearted succeed in a world populate by evil people, and is there a power higher than ourselves that can come into our hearts to foster forgiveness and release us from the emotional bondage of a blighted past?

Moe Howard Died For Our Sins
Dale Andrew Whjite
436 Walnut Street, 11th floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106
1-4134-62871 $16.79 1-888-795-4274

Part-time iconoclast and two-fingered typist Dale Andrew White is a natural born storyteller with an especial flair for blending fantasy, whimsy, satire, and a fevered imagination into original stories that are replete with ribald humor and reader-engaging novelty. Subtitled "made-to-fit tales for the maladjusted", this collection of short stories showcase a genuine and offbeat talent anthologized into a 110-page compendium which includes The South's Greatest Writer; Lunacy Grounded; Nature of the Beasts; Babes in Arms; Mightier than the Sword; Benny the Broker; The Twiddlebum Method: Shaping Today's Youth for a Limited Tomorrow; Behind the Throne; Kiss of Knowledge; The Battle of Florence Tucker; Scenic Hell Becomes Vacation Hot Spot; A Taste of Palp; Life of the Party; The Dirtiest Words in the World; Double Occupancy; Feed the Lawyers; The Bells of Griswald Stump; Mrs. Reinsman Rides Again; and the title piece, Moe Howard Died For Our Sins. Highly recommended reading!

The River Beneath The River
Susan Tabin
Clear View Press
PO Box 11574, Marina del Rey, CA 90295
0974379352 $14.00

Darci Beriman was more than just another poor girl in Brooklyn. When Darci came across a mysterious photo of her father with a strange woman in the forbidden bureau in her grandfather's basement, she knew she had to find out who she really was. Thus begins an odyssey that would take Darci across the globe, then home again. Along her quest Darci would meet a young couple on the plane to greece, the black African student who became her first lover, an enigmatic and wise Ere Zeta. Each encounter with these and others would shape her thinking and awaken Darci to the power of her indomitable spirit while learning lessons in the school of life. Susan Tabin's debut novel, The River Beneath The River is populated with memorable characters, sequenced with geographic and emotional adventure, and culminates into a thoroughly satisfying and rather unexpected conclusion. Highly recommended reading!

The Cartier Project
Miha Mazzini
Scala House Press
PO Box 17964, Seattle, WA 98127
0972028749 $12.00 1-206-706-3339

Egon is a romance writer and dedicated liver of the good life in a bleak and dismal industrial Yugoslavian town when a calamity occurs. He has run out of Cartier perfume. Egon is determined this lack shall not last. Even if it means cheating a young Gypsy girl of her Playboy magazine, blackmailing a lascivious preacher, publishing an atrocious poet, even conspiring with a band of uncouth cowboys. All the while juggling past and present lovers, not to mention saving a friend from an unhealthy obsession with Nastassja Kinski! Confidently recommended reading for a contemporary audience, The Cartier Project is one of Slovenia's best-selling novels of the 20th Century, penned by award-winning screenwriter and novelist Miha Mazzini while his beloved Yugoslavia was inexorably sliding into the final stages of political disintegration.

A Long Year Of Silence
Kathryn Adams Doty
Edinborough Press
PO Box 13790, Roseville, MN 55113
1889020133 $14.95 1-651-415-1034

The personal world of 16-year old Emma Altenberg is turned upside down and inside out when the United States enters World War I and an anti-German hysteria sweeps through New Ulm, Minnesota. The patriotic hysteria of war fanning anti-German prejudice disrupts the lives of friends and family. Emma finds herself struggling with the the changes taking place within her family and with her peers. Author Kathryn Adams Doty draws upon her personal history of having been born in New Ulm, Minnesota as the daughter of Anna and Christian Hohn (who was pastor of the German Methodist Church) to provide this outstanding and highly recommended novel with a true touch of authenticity based upon a neglected bit of 20th Century American midwestern history.

The Pathogen
Allan Thompson
South Beach Publishing Company
5059 Newport Avenue #106, San Diego, CA 92107
0975924079 $24.95

The Pathogen is a suspenseful novel about an ambitious attempt to end the cocaine drug war once and for all. A deadly pathogen could be key to destroying the plant that creates the addictive substance - but those who reap immense profits from the illegal trade will stop at nothing to preserve their empire. One young woman is called upon to complete the mission in this gripping, action-packed adventure with the future of the free world at stake.

Eye of the Pyramid
Terry L. Krohn
Axiom House
PO Box 2901, Fairfax, Virginia 22031
0976023709 $24.95

Eye of the Pyramid is an exciting novel about one man's discoveries leading to the secrets of a 50,000 year-old race, secrets that have been jealously hoarded and corrupted by an influential cabal known as "The Society" to promote their own greed and power-mongering. The Society's legacy has been corruption through the ages, and shadowy plots from the destruction of the Roman Empire to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln to an evil modern-day scheme hinging upon an American leader. Ancient artifacts hold the key to power beyond imagination in this enthralling and adventurous tale.

The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden
Robert J. Avrech
Seraphic Press
1531 Cardiff Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90035
0975438212 $14.95

Emmy-winning screenwriter Robert J. Avrech presents The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden, an unforgettable historical fiction novel set in the wild west. A Jewish family in search of security they cannot find in their native Russia struggles to make a life for themselves, and their son forms a fast friendship with the sister of a great Apache warrior chieftain. The boy and the girl each hold different beliefs, customs, and ways of life sacred - yet it is the differences that make the world they live in whole. A memorable story, intended for young adults but appealing to all ages.

The Land Mariner
Ray Case, Inc.
2021 Pine Lake Road, #100, Lincoln, NE 68512
0595326854 $17.95

Even though in 1869 England is abuzz with talk of an impending war between France and Prussia, Dr. Hugh Courtenay feels quite removed from all political turmoil as he lives a life of self-imposed isolated leisure behind the stonewalls of his country estate. Courtenay has locked himself away to deal with the visions, voices, and memories that haunt him. When a young servant girl arrives at Rellingford, her presence becomes both disturbing and intriguing. She begins to break down some of the barriers behind which Dr. Courtenay has hidden himself for so long. As the world around him begins to encroach upon his sanctuary, the servant woman's presence begins to bring others to Rellingford's door. Before long, Courtenay finds himself in the midst of a plot that will divide his family and could well bring England to the brink of war. Highly recommended reading, in The Land Mariner, author Ray Case has deftly created an engaging historical novel of mid-19th century England that truly grips both the attention and the imagination of his reader from first page to last.

The Carpenter's Notebook
CenterLine Media
1021 Arlington Boulevard, Suite 1206, Arlington, VA 22209
0975421247 $24.95 1-703-812-4695

Two years after his father's death, Brendan Herlihy leaves his two daughters and a collapsing marriage to fulfill his promise that he would remodel his dad's dilapidated shop, transforming it into an art studio for his mother. In the process, Brendan uncovers some curled, yellowed papers upon which is father, Gideon, had recorded "True Things" that helped outline the mission of his life and make sense of his existence as a young father, a husband, and a man. It seems Gideon had utilized his tools for more than just carpentry in building and improving the homes in his small town -- he had used them to build and improve his life. With memories of working long ago summers at his father's side, Brendan rebuilds his father's workshop, and in doing so, begins to rebuild his own life and family. Highly recommended reading, The Carpenter's Notebook is a heartwarming, even inspirational novel written with a superbly engaging flair for original storytelling by author Mark Clement.

The Keeners
Maura D. Shaw
Medallion Press
212 Franklin Street, #2, Barrington, IL 60010
1932815155 $24.95 1-847-756-4316

In 1846, the rough beauty of County Clare is 17-year-old Margaret Meehan's whole world -- and it is nearly perfect. Margaret's family is well and thriving, farming Ireland's staple crop. She expects to marry handsome Tom Riordan, raise their children, and live in a cottage across the lane from her best friend, Kitty Dooley. Margaret has found her calling and is apprenticed to the old keener Nuala Lynch. Together they keen for the dead, waling the grief and pain of the bereaved in hopes of healing their sorrow. Margaret's life is full of hope and purpose. Then the potato blight returns. Harvests rot overnight, people are dying, Ireland is dying. Margaret finds that she cannot keen for an entire country. Leaving her decimated family, the tragic Kitty, and the death of her dreams, Margaret flees with her husband (who has become a wanted man) to America. There she finds the heart and soul of Ireland in the community of Irish immigrants, as well as her destiny as the voice of a keener. Author Maura Shaw writes a superbly chronicled story with detailed attention to historical accuracy and background. The Keeners is a deftly woven tale populated with memorably drawn characters and an engaging drama that grips the readers total attention from beginning to end. Highly recommended reading.

Jubilant Teeth
George McDonald
Oaklawn Press, Inc.
1318 Fair Oaks Avenue, South Pasadena, CA 91030
0916198065 $35.00

Jubilant Teeth is a historical novel that carries the reader on a globe-spanning adventure of espionage. A portrayal of the inner workings of the CIA that blends politically keen details and on-the-edge-of-one's-seat storytelling, Jubilant Teeth brims with details that bring the rich scenes-within-scenes to life. A thrilling tour of hidden loyalties, amazing feats, and dastardly betrayals.

The Good Man
Edward Jae-Suk Lee
Bridge Works Publishing
PO Box 1798, Bridgehampton, NY 11932
1882593944 $21.95 1-800-462-6420

Korean-American author Edward Jae-Suk Lee presents a stunning debut novel, The Good Man. It is the story of a soldier, a good man, who has done terrible things. Haunted by his participation in the No Gun Ri massacre during the Korean War, in which American troops slaughtered civilians while fleeing south, his guilt surfaces when a reporter seeks him out and he attempts suicide, only to survive as a partial amnesiac. Seeking solace in the ranch where he grew up, he retreats to the only place he can remember, a sheep ranch in southwest Montana. There he reunites with a Korean peasant woman that came to America with him after the war, though he cannot remember their love. Bit by bit, the pieces of his life come back, and he must gradually uncover his history and seek salvation from his own crimes. A compelling-to-the-last-page chronicle of the struggle to atone.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Enzymes For Digestive Health And Nutritional Wealth
Karen DeFelice
ThunderSnow Interactive
5720 Wentworth, Johnston, IA 50131
0972591869 $18.95

Digestive enzymes are essential for human and animal life. Digestive enzyme therapy is an important and newly emerging alternative approach to a number of human ailments including autism and such neurological conditions as PDD, sensory integration dysfunction, migraines, ADD, ADHD, food and chemical intolerance, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, autoimmune conditions, bowel dysfunctions, and "leaky gut" syndrome. Author Karen L. DeFelice recounts the compelling and informative story of a group of families that found health improvements through digestive enzyme technology to be incredibly successful. But why? Enzymes For Digestive Health And Nutritional Wealth reveals fascinating answers to that question while also documenting how a diverse array of seemingly unrelated biological issues commonly associated with these poorly understood neurological conditions are addressed one by one with enzymes. There are wealth of scientific studies showing how the observed improvements within these families are document in medical studies. Enzymes For Digestive Health And Nutritional Wealth is welcome and highly recommended reading for the non-specialist general reader with an interest in autism, digestive, and related neurological conditions, as well as an important addition to academic community library Health/Medicine reference collections.

Wellness Prescriptions
Marvin Moe Bell, M.D.
Better Health Books
8572 E. San Felipe Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85258
0976069504 $17.95

Experienced family physician Marvin Bell, M.D., M.P.H. presents Wellness Prescriptions: Simple Steps To A Longer, Healthier Life, a methodical, easy-to-follow guide to healthy living habits that help prevent illness and lengthen one's lifespan. From basic lifestyle improvements (reducing stress, quitting smoking, nutritious eating and regular exercise) to specific issues pertaining to heart health, lowering the risk of cancer and diabetes, tips for aging gracefully, and much more. A no-nonsense guide filled cover to cover with scientifically supported advice, written especially for lay readers.

100 Best Weight-Loss Tips
Fred A. Stutman, M.D.
Medical Manor Books
3501 Newberry Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154
0934232199 $19.95 1-800-343-8464

Diet, nutrition, and exercise expert Fred Stutman, M.D. presents 100 Best Weight-Loss Tips, a compendium that distills vital information to bite-sized bits for anyone striving to reach and maintain a healthy weight. From warning against common myths such as "Running and strenuous aerobic exercies are the best way to lose weight" (in fact, walking andmoderate exercises burn fat during the first two-thirds of the workout, while strenuous exercises burn carbohydrates during the first two-thrids of the workout and fat during the last one-third), to the severe health dangers of low-carb diets, to why one should weigh oneself weekly instead of daily (there is often a "plateu" period where weight gain levels off - and it's unwise to trigger either the urge to celebrate with daily decreases, or the depressive tendency to give up if one's weight doesn't immediately decrease). A highly recommended, practical, straight-facts health guide for all Americans.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!
Mario Hostios, author; Tim Warchocki, illustrator
My Fit Family
23901 Civic Center Way, Suite 342, Malibu, CA 90265
0974700800 $16.95

Written by a personal trainer of fifteen years' experience, Have Your Cake and Eat It Too! is a no-nonsense health and fitness primer for the modern-day family. 26 simple lessons concerning basic nutrition and regular exercise are key to improving the quality of one's life and earning the benefits of a toned body, better health, and more energy all day. Exercises and self-test questions round out this practical primer for even the busiest parents looking to improve their own well-being and instill good health habits in their children.

Trust Yourself to Transform Your Body
Laura K. Bryant
Crimson Leaf Publishing
PO Box 7836, Gurnee, IL 60031
0975356100 $16.95 1-847-816-7298

Trust Yourself to Transform Your Body: A Woman's Guide To Health And Weigh Loss Without Diets by personal trainer and life-quality coach Laura K. Bryan maintains that instead of looking to fad diets for quick fixes or "magic bullet" solutions to personal obesity, what needs to be done is to take into account individual differences in a woman's background, values, culture, and interests with respect to succeeding in choosing a healthier lifestyle. Covering the issues of nutritious eating and safe-but-effective physical fitness routines, Trust Yourself to Transform Your Body offers five succinct chapters that will result in the reader's learning how to look at their own past patterns to understand why they are overweight, understand what impedes them from seeking the kind of body they want, how to crate a truly customized and effective plan tailored to their own uniqueness, the fundamental role of exercise in any healthy lifestyle, what to eat for energy and strength, how to avoid a "diet mindset" that sets them up for failure, living healthfully for the rest of their lives with no more gaining lost weight back, and so much more. If you want off the diet fad rollercoaster and a healthier you, then give a careful reading to Laura K. Bryant's Trust Yourself to Transform Your Body!

The Cookbook Shelf

The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook
Cathe Olson
Goco Publishing
9975 Danford Canyon Road, Santa Maria, CA 93454
0972469060 $21.95

The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook is a cookbook especially designed to nourish vegetarian pregnant and lactating women, though the delicious meals are also excellent for serving one's whole family. Over 300 vegetarian and vegan recipes with nutrient analysis (vitamins and minerals as well as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and sodim) along with vegan recipes, "quick fix" meals and freezable entrees, wheat-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and egg-free options, special teas and tonics to ease common pregnancy and postpartum discomforts, tips and tricks for minimizing kitchen work, and much more pack this easy-to-use guide. Highly recommended for vegetarian expectant and new mothers everywhere.

Niagara Flavours
Brenda Matthews, updated by Linda Bramble
James Lorimer & Company Ltd., Publishers
35 Britain Street, Toronto, Ontario M5A 1R7
155028794X $19.95

Now in an updated second edition, Niagara Flavours: Recipes from Southwest Ontario's finest chefs is a treasury of fine, restaurant-quality dishes, many with recommended accompanying wines. Full-color photographs illustrate the sumptuous delicacies, and simple instructions make creating classy appetizers, soups, entrees, dinners and deserts a snap. Recipes such as Vodka Caesar Salad, Bebek Betutu (Roast Duck), Creme Brulee with Toffeed Strawberries, and much more fill this excellent and recommended addition to any classy cookbook Shelf

The Business Shelf

You Gotta Wanna
Thomas Monson and Sarah Kaip
Advantage Source Inc.
33 N. Central Ave., Suite 219, Medford, OR 97501
0974383023 $16.95

You Gotta Wanna: Traits of the Sales Greats is a compendium of tips, tricks, and techniques to stand head and shoulders above one's competitors in sales. From how to make a good first impression, to the psychological advantage of getting the customer to say "yes" to various opening questions before making the sale, to skillfully handling customer objections, managing employees, and much more. Sample questions (with answers provided) throughout drive home the lessons in this practical guide to earning success in a high-pressure trade.

A Journey Into The Heroic Moment
Rob Lebow
Select Books, Inc.
Maryglen McCombs Book Publicity
One Union Square, Suite 909, New York, NY 10003
1590790618 $19.95 1-212-206-1997

For twenty years Rob Lebow headed the Lebow Company in Bellevue, Washington, an organization dedicated to creating a people-based "operating system" as a new global standard for the work environment. In this newly revised and expanded third edition of A Journey Into The Heroic Moment: A Personal Guide To Creating A Work Environment Built On Shared Values, corporate mentor Rob Lebow shows how anyone from a line worker to a corporate CEO can influence and change the culture of an entire work environment. The key is in utilizing critical concepts (backed by academic research) that connect job satisfaction with performance. These concepts are what the author refers to as "shared values". Of special note is the new section on "Personal Workstyle Assessment". A Journey Into The Heroic Moment is wonderfully accessible reading and enthusiastically commended to the attention of anyone in a business environment, especially those charged with the responsibility for enhancing productivity and efficiency within the workforce.

Selling By The Numbers
Jason C. Miller, Inc.
2021 Pine Lake Road, #100, Lincoln, NE 68512
0595326889 $18.95

Written by an expert salesman and coach, Selling By The Numbers is a self-teaching manual to the art of selling. Unlike many other sales instructional books, which give tips for specific aspects of the sales process, Selling By The Numbers focuses upon the whole transaction of selling, emphasizing that every stage of the transaction is linked to the others. Simple exercises and worksheets that enable one to analyze and better understand one's unique circumstances allow for mathematical calculations that reveal how to most effectively revitalize one's sales performance. Written in plain, no-nonsense terms accessible by rookies as well as seasoned professionals, Selling By The Numbers walks one through how to choose the right prospects, persuade a prospect to tell one what they really want, maximize use of one's time, communicate effectively surpass competition and much more. An excellent resource for anyone embarking upon or seeking to improve their career in sales.

Successful Manager's Handbook
Susan H. Gebelein, et. al.
225 South Sixth Street, Suite 400, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402-4651
0972577025 $59.95

Now in an updated seventh edition, Successful Manager's Handbook is an in-depth, one-stop compendium packed with everything a manager absolutely must know. Written and compiled by Personnel Decisions International, a global human resources consulting firm specializing in building leadership talent, Successful Manager's Handbook is filled cover to cover with expert advice, from how to analyze issues and make sound, logical decisions to postively influencing others, fostering open communication, listen and write effectively, lead with courage, build trust, and much more. Point-by-point suggestions applicable to leaders of any scope in any field break down the most crucial concepts into easily accessible guidelines, and extensive lists of top-quality books and seminars offer further resources to pursue for tips, tricks, and techniques. Highly recommended.

Marketing To Leading-Edge Baby Boomers
Brent Green
Paramount Marketing Publishing
301 South Geneva Street, Suite 109, Ithaca, NY 14850
0972529071 $39.95 1-888-787-8100

The Baby Boom generation is characterized by its clear dominance of the popular culture of yuppie consumerism. Now members of that influential generation are entering their fifties with more disposable income than any previous generation. This new and expanded second edition of Marketing To Leading-Edge Baby Boomers: Perceptions, Principles, Practices, Predictions by marketing creative director, strategist, and copywriter Brent Green covers all of the insights and strategies necessary to successfully sell products and services to this now aging population. Readers will come to understand critical "bipolar metavalues" that influence Boomer buying decisions; learn how to select the right advertising media to achieve marketing goals; realize why and how mature audiences receive advertising messages differently; create advertising and marketing programs that transform a brand into a Boomer favorite; receive instruction on just how to plan and organizing "bandwagon" Boomer events and promotions, explore the opportunities for reaching Boomers through the Internet, and so much more. If you are marketing a product or service to the Baby Boom generation, then you need to give a careful and reflective reading to what Brent Green has to say about selling to the Boomers in today's highly competitive and frequently volatile marketplace.

Beyond Bodegas
Jim Perkins
Paramount Market Publishing
301 South Geneva Street, Suite 109, Ithaca, NY 14850
0972529039 $39.95 1-888-787-8100

In Beyond Bodegas: Developing A Retail Relationship With Hispanic Customers, author Jim Perkins draws upon his affinity for Spanish culture as well as his many years of experience working in the retail business in Mexico and the United States to offer seasoned, practical, tested advice to materially assist retailers of all kinds to learn more about what their Hispanic customers may expect from them. Such retailers are provided with strategies to attract Hispanic customers ranging from creating a store-within-a-store, to stocking known Hispanic brands alongside their U.S. counterparts, to making certain their signs are in Spanish and a bilingual staff is on hand to assist their Hispanic clientele. Also covered in detail are Hispanic brands, elements in creating warm and friendly exteriors and interiors, the importance of faith and religious holidays in the Hispanic community, and the necessity of making a commitment to the Hispanic community in order to be successful marketing to an Hispanic customer base. With the growing Hispanic population within the United States, Beyond Bodegas is significant and highly recommended reading for anyone seeking to market a product or service to Hispanic consumers.

The Artbook Shelf

The Kelemen Journals
Pal Kelemen and Elisabeth Kelemen
Sunbelt Publications
1250 Fayette Street, El Cajon, CA 92020-1511
0932653677 $39.95

The Kelemen Journals: Incidents of Discovery of Art in the Americas, 1932-1964 presents vintage black-and-white photographs and the original journal entries of Pal and Elisabeth Kelemen, explorers and art historians who became leading authorities of their time on the pre-Columbian art and civilization of Mesoamerica. A breathtaking adventure of discovery recorded in first person leads the reader on a journey through time and space, re-creating a vision of traveling untamed lands and collecting fantastic artifacts. A lavish, romantic memoir, especially recommended for armchair travelers and art historians.

Richard Cocke
Chaucer Press
International Publishers Marketing (dist.)
22841 Quicksilver Drive, Dulles, VA 20166
1904449387 $40.00

Raphael is a gorgeous artbook devoted to the life and works of immortal Renaissance painter Raphael. Both his drafts and his paintings are scrutinized, and the text recounts his biography, in particular as the events of his life led him to create his greatest masterpieces. The classical artworks make Raphael a rapturous experience to page through for the illustrations alone, but the depth of insight in the discussion makes Raphael a definitive "must-have" artbook for libraries, illustrated art history shelves and personal collections.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

South River Incident
Ann Mullen
Afton Ridge Publishing
PO Box 162, Stanardsville, VA 22973
0972532749 $24.95

South River Incident is murder mystery about a psychopathic protagonist who haunts the past and present of a woman unfortunate enough to stumble upon the body of his latest victim. After discovering the corpse, Jesse goes to the police - yet their investigation comes full circle when it becomes clear the deceased is wearing Jesse's watch! The nightmare stretches beyond the revenge cravings of a twisted sadist, in this pulse-pounding adventure of quick wits and ruthless determination.

Steve Brewer
Speck Press
PO Box 102004, Denver, CO 80250
0972577653 $24.00

Sam Hill has made a very nice life for himself in Albuquerque, New Mexico, by stealing cars -- but not just any car, only collectible cars fetching the highest prices for a professional thief. One night Sam steals a superb 1965 Thunderbird from a lawyer's house. In the car's trunk he finds the corpse of a police informant with a bullet hole between the eyes. To make matters worse, the cops are raiding the garage where Sam had planned to deliver the T-Bird. Sam has been set up with the cops on his trail, and gangsters on the payroll of drug dealer and car collector Phil Ortiz now gunning for him as well. It seems Sam had boosted Ortiz's favorite car! Author Steve Brewer has written a high octane thriller where the car thieves are the good guys and the action is riveting from first page to last with a plot that has more twists that your favorite pretzel! Boost is especially recommended reading. Attention Hollywood, this is the stuff of which blockbuster movies are made of!

The Money/Finance Shelf

Estate Planning Is About More Than Death & Taxes
Cory C. Grant
Westhem Grant Group
462 Stevens Ave., Suite 302, Solana Beach, CA 92075
0975962302 $19.95 1-858-350-4000

Written by an experienced manager for the Westhem Grant Group, Estate Planning Is About More Than Death & Taxes is a straightforward and in-depth look at estate planning issues. Chapters address why everyone rich, poor, or in-between needs an estate plan; the importance of setting priorities and taking care of business sooner rather than later; the pros and cons of trusts; a realistic look at what surviving spouses can expect; issues pertaining to divorce and remarriage; and case studies. A plain-terms guide detailing strategies for everyone from the parent or spouse struggling to provide to the super-rich.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Career Pathways Handbook
Jim Cassio
Trafford Publishing
2333 Government Street, Suite 6E, Victoria, BC, Canada, V8T 4P4
141203390X $39.99 1-888-232-4444

Career Pathways Handbook is a straightforward, alphabetical list of the basic requirements and expectancies for various common careers, from accountant and adjustment clerk to waiter/waitress and welder. Each career profile spans several pages and includes a summary of job tasks, expected education and training, estimated employment outlook, typical wages, top emplying industries, most important skills and abilities, typical career paths, a dialogue with an industry worker, and chart comparisons of occupations with similar skill sets. The latest U.S. employment statistics for 2005-2006 round out this excellent basic resource in planning one's future livelihood. Highly recommended for high school and college students especially as a fact-filled primer of what the real world expects of its workforce, but useful to anyone interested in exploring new career paths.

Reinvention Through Messaging
Dilip G. Saraf, Inc.
2021 Pine Lake Road, #100, Lincoln, NE 68512
0595665640 $39.95

Reinvention Through Messaging is a guide to seeking one's dream job even in shaky economic times, especially by focusing on the power of skillful communication and messaging. Chapters address how to present messages that make one a "must-hire", reinvent oneself through transforming one's resume, recover from interview mistakes, keep one's career protected through shifting economic cycles, and much more. Networking is critical to getting ahead in an increasingly interdependent world; Reinvention Through Messaging is a "must-have" for make the best possible first, second, and third impressions.

How Hard Are You Knocking?
Timothy Augustine with Rana Curcio
Oakhill Press
1647 Cedar Grove Road, Winchester, VA 22603
1886939640 $12.95 1-800-32-BOOKS

Written by the managing partner and co-owner of an international Human Resource Consulting Firm specializing in Executive Recruitment, How Hard Are You Knocking? The Job Seeker's Guide To Opening Career Doors is a straightforward guide to selling oneself and one's talents in a globalized economy riddled with corporate downsizing and outsourcing. Tips, tricks, and techniques for landing an interview and earning a job include how to format an impressive resume, how to dress to make a good first impression, ways to keep one's cool during an interview, and how to keep one's eyes and ears open for advancement opportunities. Point-by-point examples, suggestions, and stage-by-stage walkthroughs make how Hard Are You Knocking? highly recommended for all job-seekers regardless of individual background.

Negotiating Your Salary & Perks
Duncan Haberly & Robert A. Fish
WetFeet, Inc.
The Folger Building, 101 Howard Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94105
1582074283 $16.95

Negotiating Your Salary & Perks is a no-nonsense career guide to maximizing one's salary, title, responsibilities, perks, work flexibility, and other job benefits. Focusing on how to negotiate the terms of one's job from the moment one starts looking for it, Negotiating Your Salary & Perks discusses such topics as the importance of knowing one's market, the necessity of being firm to win respect, why one should discourage premature offers and always talk to the decision maker rather than an intermediary, being wary of the employer's bag of tricks, what to do when one's employer thinks the grass on the other side of the fence is greener, and much more. A subtle guide to the art of the deal and creating win-win situations, and enthusiastically recommended as its tips, while directly applicable to salary negotiation, are useful for deal-making in virtually any business context. Highly recommended.

The Political Science Shelf

Good To Be King
Michael Badnarik
The Writer's Collective
c/o Gulotta Communications, Inc.
341 Lexington Street, Newton, MA 02466
1594111111 $21.95

Good To Be King: The Foundation Of Our Constitutional Freedom by Michael Badnarik (the 2004 Libertarian Party presidential candidate) provides Political Science studies and non-specialist general readers with a superbly presented introduction to the U.S. Constitutions, as well as invaluable insights into contemporary politics, property rights, the causes and consequences of political ignorance, liberty, sovereignty, and more. In addition to twenty-six chapters of thoughtful and thought provoking information and commentary, Good To Be King is enhanced for readers with an Appendix (Books, Videotapes, Audiotapes); Endnotes; a Constitutional Quiz; the Declaration of Independence; the Constitution for the United States of America; the Bill of Rights; "Additional Amendments", and a brief author biography. If you only have time to read one political book is this first year of the second term of President George Bush, the make it Michael Badnarik's Good To Be King.

The Self-Help Shelf

The Lilypad List
Marian Van Eyk McCain
Findhorn Press
One Union Square West, Suite 201, New York, NY 10003-3303
184409037X $14.95

In The Lilypad List: Seven Steps To The Simple Life, author, psychologist, and personal development expert Marian Van Eyk McCain focuses on the inner aspects of simplifying our daily lives to reveal how our inner feelings about life will guide us to decisive and effective actions. Rather than listing general prescriptions, The Lilypad List offers readers a working self-help model to assist them in discovering their own unique paths to a simpler and more fulfilling life. Written in a jargon-free, intimate, and conversational style, The Lilypad List is one of the most accessible, applicable, and down-to-earth advice books available to non-specialist general readers with an interest in adapting their lifestyles to simpler rhythms, less intrusive demands, and more rewarding satisfactions.

The Truth About Public Speaking
Ed Barks
Ogmios Publishing
PO Box 132, Berryville, VA 22611
0974253855 $24.95 1-540-955-0600

Enhanced with informative forewords by Senator George Mitchell and Pat Williams, The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys To Great Presentations by corporate trainer, author and professional speaker Ed Barks shows anyone having to give a public presentation how to harness the potential of that presentation to maximum effect upon their audience. Drawing upon his many years of experience guiding thousands of business leaders, government officials, non-profit agency executives, physicians, athletes, entertainers, and public relations staff in how to sharpen the message and enhanced their communication skills, in a eleven succinct chapters ranging from "What Are the Three Keys to Great Presentations?" to "Create Your Own Lifelong Learning Plan". Additionally there are invaluable appendices offering a "Presentation Information Form"; "Taking Inventory"; "Securing Expert Advice"; "Keyboard Shortcuts"; "Speaker Evaluation Form"; and "Recommended Resources". If you are ever called upon to to speak in a public forum, then you need to read Ed Barks' The Truth About Public Speaking.

Take Action
Kenneth Scott
Personal Development Publishing
PO Box 27424, Houston, TX 77227
0975591401 $19.95 1-713-204-1514 fax 713-940-0662

A happily married, 37-year old attorney residing in Houston, Texas, Kenneth Scott has spent years studying the subject of male-female relationships and how men can improve their dating lives. Now he has distilled what he has learned into an informed and informative dating guide filled with practical, insightful advice on how men can greatly expand their possible dating options by learning to meet women anywhere. Readers are provided with a simple, three-step process for meeting any woman, plus learn how to strike up a conversation with any woman without an introduction, and even learn how to continue the conversation -- including asking for her phone number. Thoroughly "user friendly", Scott provides several sample dialogues of en approach women that show exactly how to successful do this. Also included is are detailed results of a survey of women answering exactly how they feel about being approached by men. If you are new to the dating scene, or returning to it after an absence of years, then give a careful reading to Kenneth Scott's Take Action: How To Meet Women And Get Dates.

B. S. Detecting
Mary Thompson
Lighthouse Press, Inc.
PO Box 910, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33443
1932211101 $15.95

Now in an updated second edition, B. S. Detecting: The Flip Side of Success-Possible Communicating is a treasury of information everybody needs to know about how language (and other forms of communication, but language in particular) can be abused and misused, whether intentionally or obliviously. A simple color-coding of different types of speech (silver = verifiable facts, black = demands and orders, white = important truths that are left out, red = emotionally angry speech, brown = plain old B.S., etc.) is the precursor to an in-depth, layman's terms guide to language abuses ranging from misunderstandings to manipulations to pathological behavior. B. S. Detecting is more than simply learning to beware the high-pressure salesman threatening to take away the "limited-time" deal or the Isolator who lures new people into his group by excluding and villifying others (the worst Isolators include drug pushers and cult leaders); it also includes ways to focus on communication problems, and know when to make overtures or when to recognize that an individual is simply too disturbed to deal with. B. S. Detecting especially mentions solid advice for discerning whether a person will be a compatible and trustworthy mate (hint: if he won't give you verifiable details about his address, phone number, family, or job he's probably a con man or worse) but also applies to sifting through lies, manipulative dogma, and half-truths in every aspect of life. And when one is dealing with an honest person, B. S. Detecting gives practical tools to mediate disagreements - especially Operational Definitions (clarifying the initial definitions both parties are working from) and Anecdotal Reporting (a meticulous description of a series of actions, comments, and responses in order to discover patterns). B. S. Detecting is quite literally a self-help manual for dealing with the complexities of human beings. In a world where increasingly savvy con artists cannot be identified by their appearance or mannerisms, B. S. Detecting gives the reader need-to-know information to sift the truth from a line, and warns that no one can B. S. you as thoroughly as you can B. S. yourself. Unless you are a hermit with zero contact with any and all other human beings, B. S. Detecting is an absolute "must-read".

The Native American Shelf

Keeping Heart On Pine Ridge
Vic Glover
Book Publishing Company
PO Box 99, Summertown, TN 38483
1570671214 $9.95

Keeping Heart On Pine Ridge is an impressively engaging anthology of real-life stories in which Vic Glover reveals the challenges, history, bonds, and rich traditions that infuse and reflect the stark realities of life on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. One of the very poorest Native American reservations in North America today, these are stories of the authors' family and friends, an enduring Native American warrior culture, commodity foods, "rez dogs", harsh winters, and neighbors, as well as the social and political forces that shape the Pine Ridge Native American community. Keeping Heart On Pine Ridge is especially recommended reading for students of 20th Century Native American Studies, as well as non-specialist general readers with an interest in contemporary indian life and culture on an American reservation.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Path Of Empowerment
Barbara Marciniak
Inner Ocean Publishing
PO Box 1239, Makawao, Maui, HI 96768-1239
1930722419 $16.95 1-800-863-1449

Path Of Empowerment: New Pleiadian Wisdom For A World In Chaos by internationally renowned trance channel and metaphysics lecturer Barbara Marciniak is a book of earth and self-healing wisdom channeled from the Pleidadians (a collective of multidimensional beings from the Pleiades star system) who have been communicating through Barbara since 1988. Path Of Empowerment shares new inspirations drawn from over nine years of previously unpublished Pleiadian wisdom, offering the reader innovating ideas for changing beliefs, reclaiming personal power, and creating a world of unlimited possibilities. New material is provided on how to deal with the world's increasing chaos and the accelerated ace of modern life. Readers will encounter profound new insights on power, fear, love, desire, health, sexual intimacy, energy, and creatively. Path Of Empowerment is especially recommended reading for those readers who are willing to embrace self-empowerment, seek metaphysical truths, broaden their spiritual awareness, and meet the challenges of a world on the brink of major changes both dramatic and horrific.

Transcendental Illuminations
Mari Tankenoff and Scott Berger
Beaver's Pond Press
7104 Ohms Lane, Suite 216, Edina, MN 55439
1592980511 $29.95 1-952-829-8818

Co-written by a licensed psychologist and a holistic healer, Transcendental Illuminations: Autobiographies of a Seeker and a Saint is a work of vision and spirituality, written expressly to aid other seekers on their long journey. Transcendtal Illuminations avoides dogma in its quest for Truth unfettered by the limitations of philosophy, science, or theology. Transcendental Illuminations does not shy away from presenting metaphysical arguments about sensitive topics such as abortion (the claim is made that whether one has an abortion is based on God's predetermined dharma for each individual soul experience, and therefore there is no transgression against God). Though strongly opinionated at times, Transcendental Illuminations clearly reflects the passionate beliefs of the authors and their personal revelations in their search for understanding of the infinite.

The Covert Enlightenment
Alfred J. Gabay
Swedenborg Foundation
320 North Church Street, West Chester, Pennsylvania 19380
0877853142 $19.95

Professor Alfred J. Gabay presents The Covert Enlightenment: Eighteenth-Century Counterculture and Its Aftermath, a scholarly examination of the influence of theologist and spiritual converser Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) on nineteenth-century America. Chapters examine ripple effects from Swedenborg's metaphysical insights, including discussions of Franz Anton Mesmer and animal magnetism, the Marquis de Puysegur and the alternate-consciousness paradigm, and transformations that continued to rework America after the shift described as the "Covert" Enlightenment came to a close. Extensively researched and featuring an index for easy reference, The Covert Enlightenment is a most intriguing in-depth study of Swedenborg's contribution to American underground theology, metaphysics, and intellectual culture.

Esoteric Healing
Alan Hopking
Blue Dolphin Publishing
PO Box 8, Nevada City, CA 95959-0008
1577331109 $25.00 1-800-643-0765

In Esoteric Healing: A Practical Guide Based On The Teachings Of The Tibetan In The Works Of Alice A. Bailey, author and leading alternative medicine practitioner Alan Hopking provides the reader with a unique guide to spiritual healing drawing up current research in medical energetics and ancient sources of Ageless Wisdom. Esoteric Healing explains the healing circuits known as triangles, and arranges them on a basis of clinical diagnoses relating to particular systems. In addition to defining and explaining esoteric healing, Hopking writes with a practical emphasis enhanced with a profusion of illustrative diagrams, describes more than 40 circuit triangles, reveals a new understanding of disease (including how to approach cancer and other major planetary influences), shows how to heal from the soul level and work within the subtle bodies, covers the therapeutics and "pneumapharmacology" of esoteric healing, informatively discusses distant healing and self-healing, group meditation and healing mantrams. A welcome and impressively presented 361-page treatise (complete with an extensive index and bibliography) Esoteric Healing is a significant and contribution to the growing library of alternative medicine and highly recommended reading for both practitioners and non-specialist general readers with an interest in natural healing arts.

The American History Shelf

The Unseen Minority
Frances A. Koestler
American Foundation for the Blind
11 Penn Plaza, Suite 300, New York, NY 10001
0891288961 $59.95

The Unseen Minority: A Social History of Blindness in the United States is a newly revised edition of the award-winning history first commissioned in 1971. Now updated with a foreword outlining issues that have arisin in the past 30 years, historical timelines of landmark legislative events concerning education, low vision, and orientation, The Unseen Minority is a comprehensive and in-depth account of everything from books for the blind (braile and audio books), to issues particular to the war-blinded, the role of mobility as the key to independence among the blind, and much more. A "must-have" definitive history especially recommended for college and reference libraries.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Galahad 1: The Comet's Curse
Dom Testa
Profound Impact Group
PO Box 1705, Castle Rock, CO 80108-1705
0976056402 $8.95

Galahad 1: The Comet's Curse is a young adult science fiction novel, set in the far-flung future when lethal particles from a comet's tail have made the Earth uninhabitable. Humankind's only hope is to send its brightest young people into space on the Galahad, in search of a new home. But the Galahad itself is troubled with the threat of disaster. The five ship's council members, aided by an incredible sentient computer, must race against their own weaknesses, hostilities, and the ongoing press of time before the final curtain falls on humanity. An exciting and dramatic space opera story.

The Plot Thickens... Harry Potter Investigated by Fans for Fans
Galadriel Waters
Wizarding World Press
8926 N. Greenwood Ave., Vault 133, Niles, IL 60714
0972393633 $18.95

The Plot Thickens... Harry Potter Investigated by Fans for Fans is an anthology of literary criticism essays dissecting the nuances of the first five novels of the wildly popular Harry Potter children's fantasy series. Here are questions poses and issues explored by fans, for fans, probing everything from the secret of Severus Snape's popularity among readers to common debate topics among readers, to the query "Who is the Half-Blood Prince" in reference to the title of the currently forthcoming sixth Harry Potter book. The Plot Thickens is not authorized by "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling; its ideas and conjecture will stand or fall to the test of time. A most enjoyable repertoire of shared experience and emotion from literate fellow readers, and the next best thing to read if one just can't wait for the next series installment.

The Travel Shelf

Along Interstate 75
Dave Hunter
Mile Oak Publishing
Suite 18, 20 Mineola Road East, Mississauga, ON Canada L5G 4N9
1896819265 $23.95 1-800-431-1579

Now in its 13th annual edition for 2005, Along Interstate 75 is the definitive guide for highway travel along I-75 and especially within Florida. Full-color maps highlight this spiral-bound compendium, which is also packed with information concerning which I-75 stations sell gasoline at the lowest prices, locations of motorcycle radar traps that will catch unwary motorists going even a few miles over the speed limit, lists of motels that accept pets for those who travel with their companions, and much, much more. An absolute "must-have" navigation guide for anyone new to I-75, ideal for road trips, vacations, business travellers and anyone looking to drive the Interstate for just plain fun.

The Hunting/Fishing Shelf

Holding Ground
Sam Lucy
Countrysport Press
PO Box 679, Camden, ME 04843
0892726385 $23.00 1-800-685-7962

Sam Lucy has been hunting upland birds and waterfowl for more than three decades. In Holding Ground: Game Birds, Gun Dogs, Friends, And The Land In Between, Sam draws upon his years of experience and expertise to write twenty-three stories and poems about game bird hunting ranging from his youth hunting the valleys of eastern New Hampshire to his current abode in Washington's Cascade Range. Here are images of a noble labrador hunting dog's final retrieve, the halting steps of a young setter with a nose full of grouse scent, the homecoming of a young woman reconnecting with her past, and so much more that will resonate in the mind of the reader long after Holding Ground is finished and set back upon the shelf. Winter River: Come winter, I'll take a river/clear, cold, mountain born/lined in cottonwoods/kept by fields.//Mallards, pintails, snow/funnel down the north wind/straight from a somewhere prairie/to these strewn rapids/and long, quiet pools/freezing only at zero,/puffing restless mists,/driving late ducks.//Raucous fowl regale/feeding for what's ahead,/hungry from what's behind./My Lab and I watch/tucked close to a brush line/savoring the minutes/till the time now has come:/I stand,/the dog tightens,/the winter river roars, and/wings of current permeate.

The Aging Issues Shelf

I've Never Been an Old Man
Don Larsen
Mennonite Press
c/o Active Books
358 Lincoln Ave., Livermore, CA 94550
0974667544 $19.95 1-800-481-7638

I've Never Been an Old Man: What It's Like if You Plan to Age is an engaging first-person narrative of the trials and travails of growing old. While not a self-help book per se, readers will almost certainly glean insight in coping with the difficulties that come with loss of faculties, and the long-term value of actively embracing aging rather than simply tolerating it. Chapters speak of doctor's office fiascos, lifelong milestones, "cat husbandry with no degree" and more. A chuckle-inducing and emotionally uplifting as well as practical-eyed tour de force of the golden years of life.

Coming Of Age With Aging Parents
Gail Goeller
Patina Producations
PO Box 20031, Spokane, WA 99204
0974633801 $16.00 1-88-312-7475

The babyboom generation has now squarely arrived at that stage where they must now bear the burden of caring for their aging parents with all that this familial responsibility involves. In Coming Of Age With Aging Parents: The Bungles, Battles, And Blessings, eldercare specialist Gail Goeller (who garnered real-world experience through tending to the needs and necessities of her own aging family of five) offers a wealth of anecdotal experience and practical advice through real-life stories that deal with everything from late-night phone calls and parental self-diagnosis, to managing angry outbursts, all manner of emergencies, care-giver burnout, and end-of-life requests. After each illustrative story, readers are provided with questions crated to help them reframe events in their own eldercare experience in order to emerge from their reading with fresh perspectives on eldercare and an "increased purpose, power, and happiness". If you find yourself having to assist aging parents, then available yourself of the superbly presented eldercare wisdom accessibly offered up in Gail Goeller's Coming Of Age With Aging Parents!

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