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Reviewer's Choice

Baghdad ER Fifteen Minutes
Todd Baker
Gray Fox Publishing
PO Box 630, Branson, MO 65615-0630
9780578069920, $15.00,

Doctors in war often see the worst of combat. "Baghdad ER: Fifteen Minutes" is a memoir chronicling physician Todd Baker as he served a tour of duty in Iraq, acting as the safeguard for injuries of the soldiers serving the country, working to protect them when the worst attempted to happen them, and achieving much success. Taking its name from the window that he often had to work in, merely fifteen minutes instead of the hour afforded to typical hospitals, "Baghdad ER" is a candid look at the Iraq war on the front from a man who made sure they had a fighting chance at survival.

On Being a Rat
Chila Woychik
Port Yonder Press
6332 - 33rd Avenue Drive
Shellsburg, IA 52332
9781935600466, $5.99,

Our insignificance can sometimes be our power. "On Being a Rat and Other Observations: With Talk on Writing, Trauma, Full Moons, and the Memes of Me" is a memoir from Chila Woychick as he ponders the nature of the world and her life, with a good dose of humor that we all need to see ourselves through sometimes. With plenty to ponder for ourselves, Woychik's story is memorable, and makes "On Being a Rat" not a memoir to be passed over.

Soldiers' Letters Home
Eugene Arundel Miller
410 Monte Vista Ave.
Mill Valley, CA 94941
9780972851121, $14.95,

War can consume generations upon generations. "Soldiers' Letters Home: A Family's Saga 1863-1919" is a family history and compilation of letters as Eugene Arundel Miller looks into the history of his family, and the three generations who fought in these conflicts. From the harsh endeavor of fighting one's own countrymen in the civil war, the Spanish American War, and fighting far from home in World War I. "Soldiers' Letters Home" is a fine delve into American conflict through three generations, very much recommended reading for history fans who are seeking a personal touch.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

When Cancer Hits
Britta Aragon
Cinco Vidas
12 Desbrosses Street
New York, NY 10013
9780982917503, $16.95,

Cancer is only the end if you let it be. "When Cancer Hits: You Complete Guide To Taking Care of You Through Treatment" is a health advisory guide from Britta Aragon as she grants suggestions for better caring for oneself through cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, and other treatments that can cause side effects that can ravage one's life. From managing these side effects, dealing with hair loss, out of therapy care, and keeping one's head straight during these trying times, "When Cancer Hits" is a strong advisory and much recommended pick for community library health and cancer treatment collections.

Prostate Cancer and the Veteran
Tom Benjey
Tuxedo Press
546 E Springville Rd
Carlisle, PA 17015
9781936161034, $7.99,

The price of serving one's country is high, and some of that cost may come in cancer. "Prostate Cancer and the Veteran" is a warning from Dr. Tom Benjey that Vietnam veterans, exposed to Agent Orange may have a higher chance of Prostate Cancer than other men of their age. Advising readers to seek help with this cancer through Veterans Administration and other problems, "Prostate Cancer and the Veteran" is a wise advisory of health, very much recommended reading.

Susan E. Ingebretson
NorseHorse Press
PO Box 18894, Anaheim, CA 92817-8894
9780984311804, $19.99,

No one likes being sick all the time, but for those with Fibromyalgia, such a thing is their lives. "FibroWHYalgia" discusses the disorder which can exacerbate chronic illness for the people facing down the disorder. Stating that greater general diet and exercise can lead to a healthier life that conquers the disorder for better health, mind and body, Susan Ingebretson talks on much of her experience with the disorder. "FibroWHYalgia" is a much recommended pick for those who are suffering from the disorder or know someone who is.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Stealing Jenny
Ellen Gable
Full Quiver Publishing
PO Box 244
Pakenham, Ontario, K0A 2X0
9780973673623, $12.99,

A child is a blessing to those who seek it, a blessing that often eludes them. "Stealing Jenny" is a thriller from Ellen Gable, who tells the tale of Jenny, a would be mother struggling to keep a child. When it looks like fate has smiled upon her, her neighbor with nefarious intent may threaten her chance at motherhood and maybe even her life. "Stealing Jenny" is a dark page turner that won't be easy to put down.

A Shortage of Bodies
Gary D. McKay
Amethyst Moon Publishing
PO Box 87885
Tucson, AZ 95754
9781935354642, $14.99,

With not even a body to go on, it can be hard to crack case. "A Shortage of Bodies" follows Dick Meyer, an author who's been getting more work as a criminal psychologist in recent years. People are going missing and what little evidence there is suggests that fatality is the fate. As friends of Dick seem to be added to the victim list, he must use his wits and new friends to find the truth. "A Shortage of Bodies" is an excellent pick for mystery enthusiasts.

Hope Not Lost
Jonathan Kelly
Whodunnit Books, Inc.
2801 New Mexico Avenue, NW, Suite 409
Washington, DC 20007
9780977402519, $9.95,

War wouldn't be the last he saw of life's cruelty. "Hope Not Lost" follows Iraq war veteran Ian Bell, who chooses investigation as a post war career. Not able to idle in America for long, he finds himself in a conflict that drags him all across the planet against a wide growing criminal syndicate, in pursuit of diamond thieves, only to learn much about what he knows about truth and love. "Hope Not Lost" is a fine pick for mystery and thriller fans, not to be missed.

Tantric Zoo
Rob Loughran
Foul Mouthed Bard Press
PO Box 2344
Windsor, CA 95492
580005538559, $11.26,

A little sex turns into something much dirtier. "Tantric Zoo" is a mystery set amidst a tantric sex couples' retreat in 1987, where one of the group finds a dead body, and chooses to bury and try to forget. Over twenty years later, the body is found, and murder is the prognosis, as Bud Warhol, forensic anthropologist tries to find what happened amidst the sexual frenzy. "Tantric Zoo" is a riveting mystery with plenty of spice, much recommended.

Slaying Season
James Laabs
First American Publishing
1102 Wedgewood Drive, Waukesha, WI 53186
9780976759935, $10.95,

A good old fashioned game quickly turns into anything but. "Slaying Season: A Jake Goodman Action Thriller" is a mystery following Jake Goodman, who got his dream job but finds the dream is short lived. As the game of football falls aside from a murder mystery, Jake has to find the truth to keep his job and make football be clean once more. "Slaying Season" is an interesting and recommended mystery, not to be missed.

Mike Mullin
Tanglewood Press
4400 Hulman Street
Terre Haute, IN 47803
9781933718552, $16.95,

A ticking timebomb may await under one of our treasured parks. "Ashfall" is a disaster novel following young Alex, a teen who expected a relaxing weekend when the supposedly dormant Yellowstone hot springs volcano erupts and plunges the whole region into ash. Trying to survive and rescue those close to him, Mike Mullin presents a disaster scenario that is not out of sight of reality. "Ashfall" is quite the page turner, highly recommended.

Fatal Deeds
Andrew McAleer
Cherokee McGhee Mystery
124 Peyton Road, Williamsburg, VA 23185
9780979969492, $16.95,

Sometimes you wish you never stopped fishing. "Fatal Deeds" is a mystery novel surrounding veteran and private detective Augustus M. Churchill, or Gus as he prefers to be called, as decades after leaving the standard police force, he finds himself dragged back in as intrigue and blackmail seep deep into his New England community. When people start dying, Gus realizes it's on him to act fast. "Fatal Deeds" is a strong and much recommended pick.

River's Bend
Charlsie Russell
Loblolly Writer's House
PO Box 7438, Gulfport, MI 39506-7438
9780976982432, $14.95,

For fortune and fame in the antebellum south, there are those who won't play be the rule to get at it. "River's Bend" is a historical mystery from Charlsie Russell as he crafts a story of murder and deception, sour deals of real estate, and a good dose of romance, it's a riveting novel with plenty of twists and turns that makes for a hard to put down read. "River's Bend" is a fine addition to any historical fiction community library collection.

The Concert Killer
RJ McDonnell
Killeena Publishing Trade Book
630 Cherry Street
Scranton, PA 18505
9780981491455, $12.99,

When your mind justifies it, anything is righteous. "The Concert Killer" is a mystery novel, the third from RJ McDonnell, this time as he follows investigator Jason Duffy and his crew of not exactly normal comrades as they pursue the serial killer who believes he's on a mission from God, stalking and killing people attending rock concerts. "The Concert Killer" is a fast paced and very fun read, not to be overlooked.

In Wake of Water
SBR Martin
The Artists' Orchard
PO Box 113317, Pittsburgh, PA 15241
9780984316670, $24.95,

In small towns, everyone knows everyone, making it a volatile powder keg waiting to explode. "In Wake of Water" is an original thriller from SBR Martin as he tells the story a girl trying to escape her life in a small town, and finding doing such a thing is only asking for more trouble on the table. "In Wake of Water" is a psychological and thoughtful novel of suspense.

Beth Elisa Harris
eInteractive Media
PO Box 130462
Carlsbad, CA 90013
9781461001980, $8.99,

Generations before her have failed, and breaking the pattern will not be easy. "Vision" tells the story of Layla, who learns of her family's legacy as the malevolent Bane seems to come after her. She learns of her curse, but finds that the only solution being love doesn't exactly make things any easier for her. "Vision" is an original thriller with plenty of twists, recommended.

The Poetry Shelf

Xing Xing
Debora Kuan
Saturnalia Books
105 Woodside Rd.
Ardmore, PA 19003
9780983368618, $14.00,

Another way to tell the story of life, "Xing Xing" explores poetry as narrative as debut poet Debora Kuan discusses plenty of twists and turns of life with a blend of optimism, realism, and the beauty that lies between it. "Xing Xing" is a fine pick for those seeking to try new poets. "Panorama": Chao's double portraits are always of the same person. Lin sitting in the/chair, and Lin standing next to the chair. O homonym. Ad hominem. This is/one version of memory: The person you dream of is always in duplicate.. Or,/he swells in size to enormity, lost in layers of sheepskin, and you meet him in blackened cities, as soon as you step out the door.//Look at it another way: One digs a hole to hide the hole the divot made./Around Chao's neck dangles a little necklace of pins pulled from grenades./Today, I am in the felt tent, sorting scraps. In the street, a sheet metal worker/is setting fire.

Weeding Borges' Garden
Melissa Morphew
Turning Point
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781936370191, $18.00,

The gardens of life show the charm of life, and what is to come. "Weeding Borges' Garden" is an assortment of poetry from Melissa Morphew as she presents her own journeys through the gardens of life, and presents some intriguing verse. "Weeding Borges" is a fine assortment, very much recommended. "Milagro of White Eyelet Dresses": ..and Isabel picking white globs of clover,/sugar-light, green-dapple, delicate-green girl/picking white globes of clover, clutching the stringy stems/in pudgy hands, green-delicate girl picking white globes/of clover, twirling round and round, white skirt/fanning out as she spins on her axis, this delicate-green/girl, green-dapple, sugar-light, picking white/globes of clover, a thousand clover-white moons,/twirling round and round, this tug-of-war against/gravity's dark attraction...

Radio Time
W. E. Butts
Cherry Grove Collections
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781936370436, $18.00,

As time marches on, some things never change. "Radio Time" is a collection of poetry from W. E. Butts, his ninth in a long line of works and has won awards all over the country, earning himself the title of Poet Laureate of New Hampshire. "Radio Time" is an educated and thoughtful delve into verse, highly recommended. "Simply, This": Leaves ready for raking layer the yard,/sparrows hidden in the lower branches/of our maple tree chip their desires;/the day is a mood of clouds/and a lyric of light at the window.//I come to the kitchen and the small meal/you've made ready, now at the table,/our afternoon ritual of bread and fruit://an act so simple, it is all.

Barney & Gienka
John Surowiecki
CW Books
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781934999943, $18.00,

With wide publication and knowledge, John Surrowiecki has been rising in the poetry world. "Barney & Gienka" is his latest collection, as he writes of family and the changing family we all live with, and creates memorable characters through his work. "Barney & Gienka" is a fine assortment of narrative poetry, highly recommended. "Mrs. Z's Ghost, Appears in Mr. Z's Lilacs": And if her world and his are only/different neighborhoods of the same place,/hers must lack lilacs, because she keeps on/appearing in his; and if departed souls cling/to death as before to living, she must be/the exception, aligning her chest with/a straggling leaf so that in a weak light,/a first or last light, its fluttering might be mistaken for the throb of a living heart.

The Waldorf Book of Poetry
David Kennedy, editor
Living Arts Books
PO Box 221, Viroqua, WI 54665
9780982990506, $29.50,

Poetry is voice with the addition of soul, and many souls have spoken throughout time, their voices as valid as ever. "The Waldorf Book of Poetry" is a wide compilation of verse from many different poets from many times and many places. From classical poets speaking on faith and spirituality to more secular issues of culture and life, "The Waldorf Book of Poetry" is an excellent compilation managed by David Kennedy, not to be missed by any lovers of both modern and classical poetry.

Branching Out
Christopher Fahy, et. al.
Limerock Books
15 Mechanic Street
Thomaston, ME 04861
9780974658964, $14.00,

Poetry is meant to be shared. "Branching Out: 15 Years of Tenants Harbor Poetry Readings" is a collection of this shared poetry, as the group gathered and shared their work. With a wide variety of down to earth and honest work, "Branching Out" is a fine assortment, much recommended. "Note": When I first arrived here/I saw you/on the first landing/Grinning/into the after-/life/You are a hard act/To swallow./Or follow.

Just Ours
Louis Daniel Brodsky
Time Being Books
10411 Clayton Road, Suite 201-203
Saint Louis, MO 63131
9781568091419, $15.95,

Through love, the world shifts and we find something worth living for. "Just Ours: Love Passages with Linda, Volume One" is a collection of poetry from Louis Daniel Brodsky as he presents an insightful spin into romance and emotion and the search for a kindred soul in the universe. "Just Ours" is a touching collection of poetry, very much recommended reading. "Holding Hands": All day, yesterday, we held hands./We held hands, all day, yesterday./Yesterday, we held hands, all day.

To Refrain from Embracing
Monika Rinck
Small Press Distrubution
1341 Seventh St., Berkeley, CA 94710
9781936194070, $14.00,

Looking at the world with a twist brings about many intriguing viewpoints on it. "To Refrain from Embracing" is a collection of poetry from Monika Rinck as she presents a view of the world from the German perspective, with plenty of unusual takes on philosophy and the like. Expertly translated from the original German by Nicholas Grindell, "To Refrain from Embracing" is a choice assortment for any world poetry collection. "brows": the terrain commonly known as brow, I read,/was once this size. I put up a sign and wait./I saw the brow become a field. Saw it run wild./that had nothing on the startled sleeplessness/in which our lashes never shut, not even once./and the beetle eye gazed and gazed and gazed./except then it was the skin below the eyes that/gave it all away, the care of the self, of this.

The Business Shelf

The 24-Hour Turnaround
Jeffrey S. Davis & Mark Cohen
20660 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Suite 210, Cupertino, CA 95014
9781600051623, $19.95,

With tough financial times bearing down on us, "The 24-Hour Turnaround: How Amazing Entrepreneurs Succeed in Tough Times" is an advisory from Jeffrey S. Davis & Mark Cohen about how some companies can keep making money and stay safely in the black even as the businesses around them are closing up shop for good. With plenty of straight to the point wisdom for greater success in business, "The 24-Hour Turnaround" is a read that has plenty to consider for any small business person.

Dynamic Collaboration
Ray Schwemmer and Rick Havrilla
Third Bridge Press
1290 Bay Dale Drive, #323, Arnold, MD 21012
9780982056936, $26.95,

One mind is often not enough to find success. "Dynamic Collaboration: How to Share Information, Solve Problems, and Increase Productivity without Compromising Security" is a guide for businesses to better collaborate with one another and how to alleviate the risks of cooperation through companies who may be normally competing with one another. From good organization to using the internet tot he fullest, "Dynamic Collaboration" is a must for any modern business where information is needed to succeed, even if it means working with the enemy.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Holy Bible
Common English Bible
PO Box 801, 201 Eighth Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37202-0801
9781609260156, $14.95,

The Christian Bible can prove a daunting book to read. "Holy Bible" is a fresh re-translation of the Christian Bible written in more common English, purging the archaic thee and thou language and phrased in a more easily to understand language. Done by the collective works of many Biblical scholars throughout Christianity, easy to read text, and 8 additional maps from National Geographic, "Holy Bible" is a choice pick for anyone who wants to understand the Bible better for themselves or want to give a readable gift to a loved one.

Discovering Your Spiritual Center
David Teems
Leafwood Publishers
1626 Campus Court
Abilene, TX 79601
9780891122968, $14.99,

Where does our spirituality lie, and how can we find it? "Discovering Your Spiritual Center: The Power of Psalm 119" is a guide exploring the importance and power of Psalm 119 for Christian spirituality seekers. Discussing the psalm, the longest in the bible, and the reflections readers can draw from it to find a better spiritual health and life, "Discovering Your Spiritual Center" is a well recommended pick for any Christian spirituality community library collection.

Luke 2
John Altson & George Altson
Biographical Publishing Company
95 Sycamore Drive
Prospect, CT 06712-1493
1929882688, $14.99,

Through faith, some feel the answers lie just ahead. "Luke 2: In the Power and Spirit of Luke the Apostle" is a Christian novel exploring both the faith and the political future that lies ahead of us. Discussing the future of politics, technology, and many biblical ideas, the Altsons create an intriguing discussion in the medium of a novel. "Luke 2" is a choice and recommended pick.

Relevance in the Workplace
Gary Blackard
Intermedia Publishing Group
PO Box 2825
Peoria, AZ 85380
9781935906384, $24.99,

The workplace can make Sunday seem so far away. "Relevance in the Workplace: Using the Bible to Impact Your Job" is a guide to using one's faith to inspire oneself to succeed in the workplace and looking to scripture for guidance for one's career. Insightful with plenty to consider on Christianity for the everyday Christian trying to get by in the business world, "Relevance in the Workplace" is a strong pick for anyone who needs faith to get by in the everyday grind.

Jeff Petherick
Elk Lake Publishing
c/o McCain & Co.
PO Box 160042
Nashville, TN 37216-0042
9780979354304, $15.99,

The voice of God is too often lost. "Wavelength: Tuning In to God's Voice in a World of Static" is a Christian inspirational book from Jeff Petherick as he advises readers to tune into God's voice in their life when it seems so easy to ignore it. Stating that a conversation with God in the modern world is possible, you just need to find your own frequency, "Wavelength" is a fine pick for Christian readers who want to find God and talk to him themselves.

When We Pipe, God Shall Dance
Aquila Navarro
La Silla Press
6 Westover Drive
Elkton, MD 21921-2121
9781451515053, $12.99,

The presence of God seems to have faded as time has went on. "When We Pipe, God Shall Dance" is a novel from Aquila Navarro, as he presents a story of a search for the Skunk people, where the presence of God is still strong. With much inspiration and faith, "When We Pipe, God Shall Dance" is a unique and much recommended novel for those seeking driven Christian fiction.

The Judaic Studies Shelf

Why Be Jewish?
Doron Kornbluth
Mosaica Press
c/o Feldheim Publishers
208 Airport Executive Park
Nanuet, NY 10954
9780981497471, $17.99,

What is a Jew is a question being asked in many ways all over the world. "Why Be Jewish?: Knowledge and Inspiration for Jews of Today" discusses the Jewish tradition and culture of Judaism, as Doron Kornbluth discusses the many aspects of Jewish culture and what it truly means to be a Jew in today's world. From the culture, family, history, Israel, and a bit about the actual religion itself, "Why Be Jewish?" is a strongly recommended pick for those who ponder their faith and their heritage, and want to understand the modern Jewish mindset.

The Fiction Shelf

When Ireland Fell Silent
Harolyn Enis
Rose Rock Publishers
PO Box 20040, Oklahoma City, OK 73156
9780984482115, $25.95,

A struggle for a better life is a noble goal, but often ends in tragedy. "When Ireland Fell Silent" follows Liam Reilly, a man of 1845 Ireland, who had a good, if hard life tending to his family's crops. But cruel English landlords raze their land for pasture, and Liam's life is shattered. As his family is conflicted with how to struggle, he seeks love, for a woman, and his land, to help him lead the way against tyranny and defy those who oppress him, through the deadliest weapon of all - peace. "When Ireland Fell Silent" is an excellent pick for historical fiction collections with a powerful message, much recommended.

The Grand Mirage
Darrell Delamaide
Barnaby Woods Books
1630 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20009
9780983995807, $13.99,

The age of empires seems to be over, but at their height, the thirst for territory and power was unquenchable. "The Grand Mirage" is a historical novel set in the waning period of the last age of Empires, as in 1910, the British, German, and Ottoman Empires meet as a railroad crew is slaughtered and no one is sure who to blame. All around the world, a war without war is thought, as Darrell Delamaide creates a riveting read of political intrigue, "The Grand Mirage" is an excellent pick that should prove hard to put down.

We'll Have the Summer
Dutch Henry
Camel Press
PO Box 70515
Seattle, WA 98127
9781603818377, $18.95,

As time dwindles down, you realize what is truly important. "We'll Have the Summer" delves into the final summer of Mary and Sam Holt try to face down their fate, with Mary's time on this earth limited. But when a girl and a horse need help, there's more to be do than facing down their fate, there's world's to change. A heartfelt and emotional read that should prove hard to put down, "We'll Have the Summer" is a fine pick, and very much recommended for contemporary fiction collections.

This Road Will Take Us Closer to the Moon
Linda McCullough Moore
Hawthorn Books
71 South Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01002
9781937146030, $15.00,

Our stories are many pieces in a larger puzzle. "This Road Will Take us Closer to the Moon" is a collection of short stories from Linda McCullough Moore, who links all these stories, making for a vivid picture of the world as a whole, with a grand combination of moods and feelings in how they are come together into a picture of our world. "This Road Will Take Us Closer to the Moon" is an excellent collection for who want pieces of something bigger.

Ring Go Round
Patda Jim
Warren Publishing Group
6725 Oak Manor Dr
Brandenton, FL 34202
9781427636119, $14.95,

A century splits two lives that may seem different but are alike in many ways. "Ring Go Round" is a novel connecting women a the beginnings of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries as they struggle to get by for themselves. In a society that oppresses women as property, it is an upward struggle, a hundred years later, such an oppression is not suppose to exist, but lives in some ways. An original story of the differences and mirrors across a century, "Ring Go Round" is a fine read and much recommended.

Ever Your Servant
K. A. Corlett
Coachlight Press
1704 Craigs Store Road, Afton, VA 22920
9781936785070, $14.95,

Retail is full of weirdos, but Joelle never expected this. "Ever Your Servant" is a unique blend of horror, suspense, and the most frightening thing of all, working retail. As a new and unusual man joins Weatherstons Department store, working at the Cyber Cafe and offering free meditation seminars, all while looking he belongs at a Goth convention. "Ever Your Servant" is a humorous and much recommended read for general fiction collections, highly recommended.

The Rancher
Dawn Nelson
Gray Dog Press
2727 S. Mt. Vernon, #4, Spokane, WA 99223
9781936178483, $14.95,

No time for love doesn't mean love has no time for you. "The Rancher" follows Laura Dawson, spurned by love, left with her own ranch after her husband ditches her for money. With her two children, she makes due, but when her working partner seems to be in much the same situation as one another, although two states keep them apart. As friendship calls for aid, they find that their love is stronger than they think. "The Rancher" is a riveting and original romance that should keep the pages turning for lovers of the western variety of love.

Goat Boy of the Ozarks
John Mort
Stockton Lake Publishers
PO Box 976, Smithville, MO 64089
9780615459356, $13.95,

The Ozarks are far from a paradise, but it is home. "Goat Boy of the Ozarks" is an original novel from John Mort, following a young man getting by in the Ozarks region, and of a family who is struggling to get by, yet has their faith in God, praising him despite having little to be thankful for. Asking many questions and posing many ideas, "Goat Boy of the Ozarks" proves a fine and thoughtful read, not to be overlooked.

5 Reasons to Leave a Lover
Carolyn Moncel
Mondave Communications
11519 South Laflin Street
Chicago, IL 60643
9781456339272, $13.99,

Love sometimes fails, and we're often left asking why. "5 Reasons to Leave a Lover" is a combination of novella and short story from Carolyn Moncel as she asks the question of love, and writes of love's failure and loss. With a certain depth to the characters that many readers will strongly relate to, "5 Reasons to Leave a Lover" is an excellent pick for those looking for romance that touches on the sad fate that many of the romances meet.
S. B. Redd
MavLit Publishing
PO Box 1103
Irmo, SC 29063
9780983115229, $14.95,

Moderation is the key to all things, especially lust. "" is a novel exploring addiction to pornography and lust as S. B. Redd creates a story following Ulyssa Howard, as unfulfilled in her marriage, she turns to internet to fill her void, and finds Royale to fill such a void, which she soon learns is unfulfillable. Exploring the nature of hookups and psychological addictions, "" is a fascinating and much recommended pick for those looking for romance with a twist.

(re) Visions: Alice
Kaye Chazan & Collaborators
Candlemark & Gleam
104 Morgan St.
Bennington, VT 05201
9781936460069, $19.95,

The story of Alice in Wonderland is viewed by many in different ways. "(re) Visions: Alice" is a retelling of the tales of Alice in Wonderland as modern authors present a revision of the tale through different minds and thoughts. From searching for what is Wonderland, the history of it all, and Wonderland's many twists and forms. "(re) Visions: Alice" is an intriguing and uniquely brewed collection of fiction, presenting many news ways to look at the story close to the hearts of many around the world.

One Light Coming
Edward Winterhalder & Marc Teatum
Blockhead City, Inc.
PO Box 145, Jenison, MI 49429
9780977174751, $24.95,

The truth is hard to find when everyone willing accepts fiction. "One Light Coming" is the third entry in Edward Winterhalder & Marc Teatum's Biker's Story series, following Jake Axelrod as he finds himself falsely accused of murder. As he flees the law until he can prove his innocence, he makes unlikely allies from many different walks of life, as he finds himself being hunted by both sides of the law. A riveting and action packed read for those who love Biker culture, "One Light Coming" is a choice and much recommended read, not to be overlooked.

Randy Pratt
Hyperspace Publishing
c/o Glass Onyon PR
PO Box 18254
Asheville, NC 28814
9781450781435, $25.00,

With not a care in the world, the era of the 60s and 70s was one of the funnest if unwise points in history. "Lucifier" is a journey through this era in an alternate universe, using author Randy Pratt as a narrator through this turbulent era where the sex, drugs, and rock and roll defined every single aspect of many people's lives, touching this roller-coaster ride and the delve into the inevitable hangover that came with the period afterwards. "Lucifer" is an exciting read that should prove quite hard to put down for those enticed by the glory days of rock and roll.

Until Brazil
Bethe Lee Moulton
The Glide Press
2234 N. Federal Hwy, No. 438
Boca Raton, FL 33431-7710
9780983636564, $14.95,

When your driven, something like not being able to communicate won't stop you. "Until Brazil" is the story of driven Beth Bartlett, who with no openings in her career, jumps on the chance to prove herself in expanding her company's business to Brazil. However, she doesn't have a lot of international experience, and doesn't know w lick of Portuguese, and no understanding of Brazilian culture. Faced with culture shock, she finds herself ever more determined. "Until Brazil" is a humorous and fast paced read of the business world in the 1980s, highly recommended.

A Lost Argument
Therese Doucet
Strange Violin Editions
4200 Cathedral Avenue, NW, #702
Washington, DC 20016
9780983748410, $14.00,

An inquisitive mind always considers other possibilities. "A Lost Argument" is a clash of faiths, as Mormon student Marguerite clashes with an atheist in a discussion of faith and morality. Through their debate, love begins to bloom and doubts form on both sides, for a Mormon to go further with an atheist would be ungodly. Clashed between faith, love, and reason, "A Lost Argument" is an intriguing delve into faith and what it means to people in the bigger picture.

Nothing Left to Lose
Allan G. Johnson
Plain View Press
PO Box 42255, Austin, TX 78704
9781935514947, $18.95,

Tragedy seems to beget more tragedy. "Nothing Left to Lose" is the story of the Carson family, as they cope with the pressures that come with the Vietnam in 1968, as their son vanishes while fighting in the war. Wounds from World War II emerge, and the family seems to begin to implode upon itself as generations are pit against one another, "Nothing Left to Lose" is a riveting read that will prove quite hard to put down, highly recommended.

Let's Play White
Chesya Burke
Apex Publications
PO Box 24323, Lexington, KY 40524
9781937009991, $15.95,

Human is many different things all at once. "Let's Play White" is a collection of short stories from Chesya Burke as she discusses issues of race and the problems we face regardless of it, and what links us all together in our plight of life. Thoughtful and thought provoking, "Let's Play White" is a fine choice that is a worthy addition to any literary short fiction collection, highly recommended.

The Cisco Kid in the Bronx
Miguel Antonio Ortiz
Hamilton Stone Editions
PO Box 43, Maplewood, NJ 07040
9780980178692, $16.95,

Against the wall, we'll tell ourselves what we need to in order to survive. "The Cisco Kid in the Bronx" follows Mario Ortega who deals with his young childhood in Puerto Rico and moving to New York, and into early manhood, as he deals with the pressures of becoming an adult, the implications of manhood, and the pressures of education and just what he's going to do with the rest of his life. "The Cisco Kid in the Bronx" is an insightful delve into growing up in Puerto Rico, with strong autobiographical elements, highly recommended.

Speeding Tickets
Valley Brown
Broken Glass Publishing
5001 Lincoln Avenue
Evansville, IN 47715
9781934603093, $11.95,

Overcoming loss is a long process, but sometimes you're dragged out of it quickly. "Speeding Tickets" follows Christine Cassler as she copes with her recent loss of her husband, and the biker man who rides into her life and challenges her to heal her wounds and find love once more - before love is ripped out of her hands once more. "Speeding Tickets" is a charming romance, not to be overlooked by fans of the genre.

True Brit Beatrice 1940
Rosemary Zibart
Artemesia Publishing
9 Mockingbird Hill Rd
Tijeras, NM 87059
9781932926187, $12.95,

There is nothing more terrifying than having one's child in a warzone. "True Brit: Beatrice, 1940" is a historical novel drawing from history of many British people who sent their children away to Sante Fe and other places in the United States for safety, to keep them from the vicious war that would be fought in the skies over London. Terrifying for the children and parents being faced with a whole new world and concern over the home they left behind, "True Brit" is a fine read for younger readers that is educational as it is entertaining.

Anyone Whose Heart's Been Had
Ted Randler
Palari Publishing
PO Box 4, Montpelier, VA 23192
9781928662525, $14.95,

Romance, love, and marriage often have little to do with one another. "Anyone Whose Heart's Been Had" is a novel set in the 1990s as many guests at the Valerie Hotel gather and meet to discuss the value of marriage, as Ted Randler presents a wide range of characters at various stages of romance, love, and marriage, presenting a unique story with many twists. "Anyone Whose Heart's Been Had" is a fine pick with plenty to consider.

Patti Ann Bengen
Book Worm Publishing
PO Box 759, Shoreham, NY 11786
9780977405954, $16.95,

Slavery is alive and well, and in the cruelest way possible. "Sex" is a novel telling of the unfortunate circumstance of Halston Calderone, as she faces an illness that leaves her putting her trust in the wrong hands, and into the cruelty of the underground international forced prostitution industry. With only her wits to save her from getting out with her health and her soul, "Sex" is a riveting thriller that touches on a serious issue in today's world.

Geoffrey's Secret
Arianna Snow
Golden Horse
PO Box 1002, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-1002
9780977230891, $13.99,

Even in death, the pressures of the past reel on strong. "Geoffrey's Secret" is another entry into Arianna Snow's Lochmoor Glen series set in the nineteenth century surrounding the McDonally's family and their ongoing saga of facing love and society, facing the secrets of the past and their uncertain future. "Geoffrey's Secret" is a must for lovers of historical fiction and the flavor of the 1800s.

Necro Files
Cheryl Mullenax, editor
Comet Press
725 11th Avenue Suite 2-S
New York, NY 10019
9781936964529, $14.95,

The deepest darkest depths bring forth what we fear most. "Necro Files: Two Decades of Extreme Horror" is a compilations of short stories from the past two decades as many authors of various notoriety share their stories of the worst that mankind has to offer in no holds barred horror that would make the hardest veterans of horror's insides churn. "Necro Files" is a choice pick for those who love horror and have ironclad constitutions, recommended.

Night Machines
Kia Heavey
Unfiltered Creative
2 Hunt Terrace
Greenwich, CT 06831
9780615487090, $11.95,

One's own imagination is perfectly fine for an escape, but it can too often leak into reality. "Night Machines" follows Maggie as her dissatisfaction with life turns her to her imagination. But as stress piles on, her mind seems more and more taking over her life... and it may impact far more than herself, turning to her love and her family. "Night Machines" is a unique spin into escapism and its dangers, recommended reading.

No Hill for a Stepper
Carolyn Dennis-Willingham
Emerald Book Co.
PO Box 91869, Austin, TX 78709
9781937110000, $24.95,

When times are forced to change and boys are forced to become men, the result is not always what we hoped. "No Hill for a Stepper" follows Cono Dennis as he copes with his duty after World War II. At eighteen he has a good deal of life experience under his belt, yet as he will soon learn, eh still has much to learn about the world and vengeance for his past. Carolyn Dennis-Willingham draws on memories of her father for a unique and thoughtful story, making "No Hull for a Stepper" a read that is strongly recommended.

The Divorce Shelf

The Intelligent Divorce
Mark R. Banschick
Intelligent Book Press
PO Box 3098, Stamford, CT 06905
9780982590300, $15.95,

Love for a spouse may fail, but love for a child does not. "The Intelligent Divorce: Because Your Kids Come First" is a guide for parents who have chosen divorce as the solution to their marital problems yet do not want their children to suffer. From communicating with the children and each other, responsible parenting, and keeping the head cool through jealousy, "The Intelligent Divorce" is full of solid knowledge, very much worth considering.

The Education Shelf

Death Education in the Writing Classroom
Jeffrey Berman
Baywood Publishing Company
26 Austin Avenue, PO Box 337
Amityville, NY 11701
9780895034281, $48.95,

As you write about what happens in life, you will soon write about death. "Death Education in the Writing Classroom" is a discussion of teaching topics of death and loss when teaching writing. Approaching the subject with class and sensitivity often proves more difficult, and is a topic that is often avoided. Chapters discuss coming to terms with mortality, face grief, topics of suicide, and facing the emotion that lies behind it all. "Death Education in the Writing Classroom" is an excellent pick for writing education collections, as well as a unique study on death and loss in education in general.

The Memoir Shelf

Fiction and the Facts of Life
Edith Konecky
Hamilton Stone Editions
PO Box 43, Maplewood, NJ 07040
9780980178678, $17.95,

As age takes us, we try to understand the quickly changing world around us. "Fiction and the Facts of Life" is a memoir from Edith Konecky, a woman approaching the senior years as she shares the challenges of life and how to deal with the world and its many twists and turns. Updated and reprinted from 1989, "Fiction and the Facts of Life" is filled with plenty of sensible wisdom which remains timeless and can be understood for any generation.

Harry J. Getzov
Greenpoint Press
c/o Eldercation
606 Date Palm Road
Vero Beach, FL 32963
9780983237013, $19.99,

Age is what we all fear, bringing us one step closer to death. "gOld: The Extraordinary Side of Aging Revealed Through Inspiring Conversations" is an inspirational work from Harry J. Getzov, as he presents many conversations about age and wisdom about it, seeking to inspire those facing retirement age that life is not over, that there may be plenty to live for and plenty to love. Encouraging seniors to use the time they left as time to pursue their dreams without fear of the future, "gOld" is a fine and much recommended pick and gift for anyone approaching sixty five with far more dread than they should be.

Cancer Warrior
Ruth Levine
Quill House Publishers
PO Box 390759, Minneapolis, MN 55439
9781933794419, $16.00,

Mind over body is truer than ever when it comes to cancer. "Cancer Warrior: Where the Mind Goes" is an inspirational read from Ruth Levine as she tells her own story of struggling with cancer and how she overcame it through good spirits and drive, using some of her training as an occupational therapist to help her gain a better perspective on it all. Stating that embracing the mindset of a warrior is key in conquering the cancer, "Cancer Warrior" is an insightful and much recommended read for anyone facing cancer or have a loved one facing it themselves.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Metamorphosis of an Atheist
Ninan Mathullah
BV Publishing
PO Box 753
Stafford, TX 77497
9780984304561, $18.40,

Belief and disbelief allow one to gain a greater understanding of the picture as a whole. "Metamorphosis of an Atheist" is a spiritual read from Ninan Mathullah as he reflects on his own journey from disbeliever to believer and everything in between, offering readers to join him in their own journeys for something of a truth. With much to think about on the spiritual spectrum, "Metamorphosis of an Atheist" is a reasoned read, with plenty to be considered for spirituality readers.

The Biography Shelf

Catherine of Siena
Don Brophy
Blue Bridge
c/o United Tribes Media Inc.
240 West 35th Street, Suite 500
New York, NY 10001
9781933346373, $14.95,

When expected to do nothing more than be a housewife, Catherine dares change the face of Renaissance Europe. "Catherine of Siena" tells the story of the uneducated daughter of a tradesman who educated herself and tried to rise up and challenge the world to restore her faith as a Catholic, who in Avignon bowed to the French King. Campaigning to return the papacy to Rome, Don Brophy tells her story of being a controversial figure in a time where being killed for stepping out of line was far from uncommon. "Catherine of Siena" is an excellent biography of an extraordinary person of the early Renaissance.

Eleanor Roosevelt's Life of Soul Searching and Self Discovery
Ann Atkins
Flash History Press
PO Box 184, Paoli, PA 19301
9780983478409, $19.95,

Eleanor Roosevelt has proved an enigma of American history. "Eleanor Roosevelt's Life of Soul Searching and Self Discovery" discusses the life story of Eleanor Roosevelt and the inspiration Ann Atkins has drawn from it, and how to apply it to one's own modern life. From breaking ground early in life and becoming her own woman free of titles later in life, "Eleanor Roosevelt's Life of Soul Searching and Self Discovery" is an enticing and much recommended read for those seeking a motivational biography.

The Self-Help Shelf

Win The Race of Life...
Nadine Lajoie
Tendril Press
PO Box 441110
Aurora, CO 80044
9780982239476, $14.95,

Life sometimes goes too fast for us to really understand it. "Win the Race of Life...: With Balance and Passion at 180 MPH" is a motivational book from Nadine Lajoie as she invites people to embrace the speed of life and work with its hectic pace to find one's own success and happiness. With a positive and upbeat approach to life that encourages love and compassion as one's guard rails in their own life, "Win the Race of Life..." is a fine pick for community library self-help and motivational collections.

How Everything Changed
Robyne Diller
3 Dumplings Publishing
900 Saybrook Rd.
Haddam, CT 06438
9781936718009, $18.00,

The world changes, and we often never understand. "How Everything Changed: Not Your Average Self-Help Book" asks readers questions about what is right for them and life, and in our search for happiness in it all. Drawing on her own search for something more out of life, author Robyne Diller combines inspiration and memoir along with her expertise as a clinical psychologist. "How Everything Changed" is a fine choice for those searching for happiness and the need to belong.

Becoming Real
Robert Sessions
Ice Cube Press
205 N Front Street
North Liberty, IA 52317
9781888160574, $21.95,

What's real when everyone seems to be a fake? "Becoming Real: Authenticity in an Age of Distractions" is a driven read from Robert Sessions as he advises readers on how to find something real in their lives and dedicate themselves to such a purpose when culture has become so superficial. With poignancy and plenty to ponder, "Becoming Real" is a choice pick for those who want to devote themselves to something more in life.

The Economic Studies Shelf

The End of the Euro
Johan Van Overtveldt
B2 Books
c/o Agate Publishing
1501 Madison Street
Evanston, IL 60202
9781932841619, $24.95,

With financial crisis sweeping the world, the economic experiment of the Euro has its future in doubt. "The End of the Euro: The Uneasy Future of the European Union" is a study and discussion from famed economic journalist Johan Van Overtveldt as he discusses the united currency of the European Union, as he argues that the Euro is doomed to fail, stating that a multi-national currency proves too unstable, since no one government claims governance over the bill. Pointing to the many challenges and concerns that remain unanswered, and the impact of the world economic crisis. "The End of the Euro" is an excellent addition to community and college economic studies library collections.

Billionaire Bingo
Maury Dean
Maxwell Hunter Publishing
PO Box 9, Blue Point, NY 11715
9780972624930, $19.95,

Where has all the money gone? "Billionaire Bingo: Saving Our Endangered Middle Class, From Detroit to Eternity " looks at the decline of the middle class, to the predicament we are in where people can work their hands to the bone if they even have a job, and still struggle to get their family by. The fall of the American dream, billionaires gambling with the future and the struggles of people to find something of stability, the corruption of wall street, and so much more. Telling the stories of many billionaires and the differences of how they got their money, and what author Maury Dean thinks should be done to grant prosperity once more to America, "Billionaire Bingo" presents plenty to ponder on our financial crisis and the fall of the middle class.

How Wall Street Fleeces America
Stephen Lendman
Clarity Press, Inc.
Ste. 469, 3277 Roswell Rd., NE
Atlanta, GA 30305
9780983353942, $16.95,

Class warfare has been going on for awhile, most Americans just took awhile to notice. "How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion, and Class War" is Stephen Lendman's presentation of evidence he believes that demonstrates Wall Street's assault on the American people for greater profits at the cost of prosperity and leaving America in the situation it is in today. "How Wall Street Fleeces America" is an intriguing break down of the modern economic situation and how it has been engineered by cronyism in Wall Street and in Washington.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Who Will Care, When You're Not There?
Robert E. Kass & Elizabeth A. Carrie
Carob Tree Press
211 West Fort Street, Suite 1500
Detroit, MI 48226-3281
9780615443409, $24.95,

Without the owner's intervention, pets are often left to fend for themselves. "Who Will Care, When You're Not There?" is an advisory guide from Robert Kass and Elizabeth Carrie on how one can make sure one's pet gets everything they need when one is no longer able to care for in person, for whatever reason, be it temporary or far more tragic. For those who want to make sure their pets don't suffer after their own demise, "Who Will Care, When You're Not There?" is a wise reader that should be considered for any pet owner.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Burning Light
Rachel Starr Thomson
Little Dozen Press
3807 Berite St.
Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0
9780973959130, $20.00,

Cruelty cannot reign forever. "Burning Light" is the second entry into Rachel Starr Thomson's Seventh World Trilogy, telling the tale of the world rising up against the oppression of centuries. A story of rebellion and uniting against an evil that seeks to destroy them all, "Burning Light" is a riveting fantasy with many original concepts that will be hard to turn away from.

Suffer a Witch
Morgana Gallaway
St. Bride's Press
815-A Brazos Street #637
Austin, TX 78701
9780983698906, $15.00,

Witchcraft is worthy of death, as Dark Age superstition lives on strong. "Suffer a Witch" tells the story of young woman Pippa Wylde, who in 1645 England is picking up the knowledge of remedies and spells and of her people, the cunning-folk. But her womanhood may be short-lived as a witch hunter arrives in her small hamlet, refusing to suffer a witch's existence. "Suffer a Witch" is a riveting novel of witchcraft, drawn from the unfortunate pages of history.

Revealing Eden
Victoria Foyt
Sand Dollar Press
1301 Montana Avenue, Suite C
Santa Monica, CA 90403
9780983650324, $18.99,

Being at the bottom of the barrel is hard to fight up from. "Revealing Eden" is set in a far flung post apocalyptic future where darker skin proved to be a boon, and people of the lighter skin dwindled in number and found themselves on the bottom of the social ladder. Seventeen year old Eden is doomed to be outcast from her society if she does not find a mate before her eighteenth birthday, but the currents are hard to fight against. The kindness of a stranger may give her a chance to fight back yet, even as the world crushes down around her. "Revealing Eden" has plenty to consider on the issues of race and romance, very much recommended reading from acclaimed writer of novel and screenplay Victoria Foyt.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

The Joe Dial
Joe Scott
Friendesha Meda, Inc.
c/o News & Experts
1127 Grove Street, Clearwater, FL 33755
9780983345602, $19.95,

What drives people through their lives? "The Joe Dial: Master Your Life by Knowing the Three Kinds of People" is a spiritual and metaphysical look at the world from Joe Scott, as he breaks down people into Takers, Givers, and Take & Givers, breaking down the many aspects of human nature between them, offering a unique explanation between them all. With much practical advice and plenty to think about, "The Joe Dial" is an excellent read with plenty to consider, much recommended.

The Witches' Almanac
The Witches' Almanac
PO Box 1292, Newport, RI 02840-9998
9780982432365, $11.95,

With a little witchcraft, the future comes a bit more understandable. "The Witches' Almanac" is the thirty-first issue of this unique compendium of knowledge, legend, and information for those with a strong interest in new age ideas, philosophy, and astrology. For fans of previous Witches' Almanacs or witch legend in general, "The Witches' Almanac" is not to be passed up.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

The Open Space and Land Conservation Handbook
Jeff Loux
Solano Press Books
PO Box 773, Point Arena, CA 95468
9780923956745, $65.00,

Nature is a terrible thing to waste. "The Open Space and Land Conservation Handbook" is a discussion of conservation from Jeff Loux, as he makes his statement on the conservation of resources and wide open spaces for our world's future. With ideas on their future on how they can survive with the future's hunger for more space as urban sprawl increases. "The Open Space and Land Conservation Handbook" is filled with much wisdom on environmental concerns and the untold value of the open range.

Screwing Mother Nature for Profit
Elaine Smitha
Watkins Publishing
c/o Sgarlat Publicity
PO Box 420
Charlottesville, VA 22905-4204
9781780280189, $19.95,

Exploiting the environment may be too profitable. "Screwing Mother Nature for Profit: How Corporations Betray Our Trust -- and Why the 'New Biology' Offers an Ethical and Sustainable Future" discusses sustainability and how many businesses are doing massive damage to the environment and our future for greater profit now. Elaine Smitha offers an insightful study of the advances of biology and science and how new research may lead us to a more sustainable relationship between business and the environment, and how she advocates pushing businesses towards using this method. "Screwing Mother Nature for Profit" is a fine pick and is much recommended.

The Photography Shelf

Stephen Kirkpatrick
Kirkpatrick Wildlife Photography
102 Proprietor's Point
Madison, MS 39110
9780981913216, $40.00,

Nature's beauty is free to all, yet few truly absorb it. "Sanctuary: Mississippi's Coastal Plain" delves into full color nature photography from Stephen Kirkpatrick with the text from Marlo Cater Kirkpatrick as they present a vivid presentation of coasts, forests, lakes, and the countless creatures that call them home. An excellent study of everything animal and plant alike, "Sanctuary" proves to be an excellent pick for anyone looking for a coffee table book that clearly demonstrates Mississippi's natural beauty.

Everyday Heaven
Cheryl Dalsanders
Channel Photography
980 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 200B
San Rafael, CA 94901
9780983298304, $22.95,

A good life isn't something that should wait. "Everyday Heaven: Live Each Extraordinary Day" is a motivational book from Cheryl Dalsanders filled with full color photography and plenty of inspirational proverbs and thought throughout. With beautiful landscape photography all throughout and plenty of wisdom to ponder, "Everyday Heaven" is a choice, coffee table read that is much recommended for connoisseurs of quality photography.

Interior Relations
Ian Van Coller & Sindiwe Magona
Charles Lane Press
8E Charles Lane, New York, NY 10014
9780981877037, $65.00,

Although no longer official policy, apartheid's ghost still lives on in South Africa. "Interior Relations" is a collection of photography enhanced by an essay from Sindiwe Magona. Coller recalls his own privileged upbringing and the housekeepers he often regarded as family, and how in spite of that, they remained second class. Capturing their soul with expertly done full color photography, a very powerful story is told. "Interior Relations" is an excellent pick for social issues-oriented photography collections, a fine choice for libraries or the coffee table.

The Philosophy Shelf

Handling Truth
William Melvin Gardner
Logica Books
PO Box 111, Fairhope, AL 36533
9780976187516, $12.95,

The truth sometimes isn't so easy to cope with. "Handling Truth: Navigating the Riptides of Rhetoric, Religion, Reason, and Research" is a philosophical guide to dealing with hunting for truth and best dealing with and using it to the fullest when pursuing it. From breaking down truth into its categories, digesting each, "Handling Truth" is a scholarly and much recommended philosophical work for those who seek truth professionally, or of their own volition.

The Fishing Shelf

River Smallmouth Fishing
Tim Holschlag
Smallmouth Angler Press
2309 Grand Street Ne, Minneapolis, MN 55418
9780976387626, $24.95,

Depending on the body of water, many fishing techniques can be applied to achieve the biggest and most fish. "River Smallmouth Fishing: The Best Techniques & Best Rivers" is a guide to river fishing and how to get the best results. From the best lures, strategies to get bigger fish, options for one's boots, fly fishing, water conditions, and much more. With also a guide to the top 102 rivers for fishing throughout the United States and Canada, "River Smallmouth Fishing" is filled with graphs and black and white photographs, proving to be a very educated pick for river fishing enthusiasts.

The Relationship Shelf

He Said, She Said, I Said
Barbara J. Peters
Boutique of Quality Books
6030 Bethelview Road, Ste 401
Cumming, GA 30040
9780983169987, $13.95,

Relationships make up a huge part of our lives, and understanding them is a key to better happiness. "He Said, She Said, I Said: 7 Keys to Relationship Success" is a relationship advisory guide from Barbara Peters who encourages greater communication in relationships, to work it through and find what works between a couple for the good of the couple, the family, and the individual. "He Said, She Said, I Said" offers much to ponder on better relationships, making for a fine and recommended pick for struggling relationships and community library relationship collections.

The Parenting Shelf

Changing Diapers
Kelly Wels
Green Team Enterprises
PO Box 203
Waterford, ME 04088
9780983562214, $17.95,

Paper and plastic can prove wasteful - if cloth is solution for our groceries, it may be worthy for infants as well. "Changing Diapers" is a guide for parents who want to embrace cloth diapers for their infants. Stating that there are benefits for the baby, the parent, and the world, Kelly Wels breaks readers into the fashions and how to more effectively deal with the notion of cloth diapers, even after years of disposables. "Changing Diapers" is a fine pick for any parent who want to try a new way of dealing with the diaper bill.

The American History Shelf

Richmond's Unhealed History
Benjamin Campbell
5 South First Street
Richmond, VA 23219
9780983826408, $15.95,

Richmond, Virginia has proven to be a city with a tumultuous history. "Richmond's Unhealed History" delves into the true story of the former confederate capital. Author Benjamin Campbell writes that the city's unique history sets it up to be a battleground in a clash of ideology and faith in coming years, and that Richmond is therefore a city to keep an eye on. An excellent and scholarly study, "Richmond's Unhealed History" is a choice pick for any American History collection focusing on Virginia.

The World History Shelf

Be Not Afraid
Heather Kirk
Borealis Book Publishers
155 Own Street
Barrie, Ontario, Canada L4M 3H8
9780888874283, $19.95,

The force of non-violence is undeniable, as the message is absolute. "Be Not Afraid: The Polish (R)evolition, 'Solidarity'" discusses the rise of a Poland free from Soviet Influence in 1989, and how it contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, and Heather Kirk, who visited Poland and gained the pulse of its people, offers a fine compilation of photography, poetry, and much more to grant a snapshot of a people who liberated themselves by simply not being moved. "Be Not Afraid" is a valuable read to understand the power of protest, very much recommended.

Global Predator
Stewart Halsey Ross
Progressive Press
PO Box 126
Joshua Tree, CA 92252
9781615774616, $18.95,

Atrocity stains the pearly exterior the United States presents to the world. "Global Predator: U. S. War for Empire" delves into the dark history of the United States and the crimes it has committed against the world. For over one hundred and fifty years, the United States has gone too far, and how it has been white washed by the press through the ages. With shocking note on where America has gone wrong in the conflicts with the world around it, "Global Predator" is a depressing yet sadly sobering look the face America shows the world.

The Humor Shelf

Enlightenment for Nitwits
Shepherd Hoodwin
Summerjoy Press
99 Pearl
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677-4818
9781885469120, $14.95,

Finding peace of mind is hard, it's better to wait for someone to do it for you. "Enlightenment for Nitwits: The Complete Guide to 2012 and Beyond" is a humorous guide to spiritual enlightenment as Shepherd Hoodwin grants enlightenment to those who can't be bothered to find it themselves. Granting many steps to greater being and achieving self-actualization and one with the universe, there's never a dull moment in Hoodwin's walk through spirituality. "Enlightenment for Nitwits" is not to be overlooked for those who have only came out of their own attempts at spiritual enlightenment laughing, and only seek to laugh some more.

The Theatre/Cinema Shelf

How to Fight, Lie, and Cry Your Way to Popularity
Nikki Roddy
Zest Books
35 Stillman, Suite 121, San Francisco, CA 94107
9780982732229, $12.99,

Hollywood isn't the best teacher, but it's the one we got. "How to Fight, Lie, and Cry Your Way to Popularity, (and a Prom Date): Lousy Life Lessons from 50 Teen Movies" is a humorous love letter to the teen movies of the past fifty years, presenting their horrible lessons and messages to take away from them about love, relationships, responsibility, and everything else to come out poorly equipped to deal with the real world. "How to Fight, Lie, and Cry Your Way to Popularity" is a top pick for anyone who has a soft spot for teen movies and their loose grip on reality.

The Boomer's Guide to Story
Roemer McPhee
RMK, Inc.
680 West End Avenue, NY 10025
9781456481360, $19.99,

As the twilight of the boomers approaches, it can be harder to understand the world. "The Boomer's Guide to Story: A Search for Insight in Literature and Film" is an analysis of many stories in literature and film throughout recent history, as Roemer McPhee suggests ways for boomers to gain a better understanding the ways of modern writing and literature. From bigger hits to lesser knowns, "The Boomer's Guide to Story" is a top pick for the baby boomer who wants to understand fiction from the perspective of their generation.

The Antiques/Collectibles Shelf

Antique Farm Equipment
Chuck Elsbree
Rayve Productions
PO Box 726, Windsor, CA 95492
9781877810411, $27.95,

Relics of a past era, they have their own beauty, even if they were never meant to be beautiful. "Antique Farm Equipment: The Elsbree Collection" is a guide to antique farm equipment, that the author collected with his wife as his own dedication, and here he presents well over two hundred photographs of the equipment, describing their purpose, their creation date, and what it all means in the bigger picture. "Antique Farm Equipment" is presented in color, and makes it a choice pick for any fan of vintage farm equipment, recommended.

The Art Shelf

My Dear Girl
Helen Marie Casey
Black Lawrence Press
326 Bigham Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15211
9780982636497, $18.00,

Some art remains in the world as buried treasure. "My Dear Girl: The Art of Florence Hosmer" serves as a biography of a forgotten New England artist in Florence Hosmer, as author Helen Marie Casey explores her work and what led to the creation of such work, only to be buried and forgotten for years. An intriguing delve into the personal artist that dwells within us all, "My Dear Girl" is an intriguing and much recommended addition to any art biography collection.

Ricardo Breceda, Accidental Artist
Diana Lindsay
Sunbelt Publications
1256 Fayette Street
El Cajon, CA 92020-1511
9780932653994, $24.95,

From welder to artist is a pretty big jump, but Ricardo Breceda embraced that jump wholly. "Ricardo Breceda, Accidental Artist" tells the story of artist Ricardo Breceda, who never sought to be an artist, being a construction worker by trade. But by happenstance, he created his own art form of sorts, adapting a primitive welding art of Mexico, and applying it to create massive metal structures that are featured all over the world, but most prominently in Southern California. "Ricardo Breceda, Accidental Artist" is a comprehensive biography with plenty of high quality full color photographs of the man's work in its many forms, from goliath dragons to camels, bulls, and many others.

The Women's Studies Shelf

Flying Into Yesterday
Jean-Vi Lenthe
Wild Hare Press
PO Box 1546
El Prado, MN 87529
9780972470315, $18.00,

Literally thankless, their contributions helped shift the tides of war. "Flying Into Yesterday: My Search for the Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical Engineering Cadettes" delves into the history behind some of the women who stepped up to the bat as the American men were drafted to oppose the Axis powers. Taking up the mantle of engineer, these women sped production through on many combat craft, and Jean-Vi Lenthe looks into the scrapping of the records of the women ever worked there, after their unceremonious firing post-war. "Flying Into Yesterday" is an excellent read on the role of women in World War II, and how some made friends for life despite of poor post war treatment.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

The Story of Buddha
Hisashi Ota, author
Kentaro Ito, supervisor
Juliet Winters Carpenter, translator
Ichimannendo Publishing, Inc.
970 West 190th Street, Suite 920
Torrance, California 90502
9780979047169 $16.95

The Story of Buddha: A Graphic Biography is a faithful manga (Japanese graphic novel) adaptation of the early life and adulthood of the Buddha, as reconstructed from history and Buddhist records. The primary focus of the storytelling is upon Buddha's life leading up to his enlightenment. Twenty-five hundred years ago, the young man who would one day found Buddhism was a wealthy and powerful prince, who had access to all the food, women, and frivolities a man could desire; yet he was endlessly beset by troubled thoughts. He observed that no amount of wealth or power could protect men and women from suffering, old age, and death; he questioned what could be the purpose of life when its destination seemed invariably bleak. Thus he undertook a personal quest to find meaning, and answers to the questions that plagued him; he began by adopting the life of an ascetic, and nearly starved himself to death in his pursuit of enlightenment. Eventually he discerned that self-deprivation to the point of near-death was not the answer... and when enlightenment finally came, he resolved to share what he had learned with the world. "Poor and rich, old and young, male and female. All without exception suffer in pursuit of money and possessions. If they have no land or house, they suffer to gain them. If they have them, they suffer to maintain them... Where is the root of suffering? It lies in your own darkness of mind." The Story of Buddha is extremely accessible to readers of all backgrounds, and enthusiastically recommended especially for high school and public library graphic novel collections.

The Political Science Shelf

Money & Power: The Secret History
Steven S. Sadleir
Self Awareness Institute
668 N. Coast Hwy. #417
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
9781461005544 $12.95

Economist and former international banker Steven S. Sadleir presents Money & Power: The Secret History, a straight-talk guide to the economic forces that dominate the modern world. Chapters discuss the creation and control of money, who controls the Federal Reserve, the gritty truth behind America's national debt and bailout, oil politics, and much more. Written in plain terms accessible to readers of all backgrounds, Money & Power is not only a guide, but a sharp warning against the rich-get-richer and poor-get-poorer monetary and economic policies that are currently eroding America's middle class. "The middle class is being squeezed into servitude through debt, and economic policies that don't serve them. The primary reason for this injustice is because the average person is uninformed and unaware of how their lives are affected by these economic forces and the people who are invisible to most of us." A sobering and straightforward warning against the increased concentration of money and power in the hands of a few, who in turn relentlessly press for governmental deregulation so that they can accumulate an even greater share of the collective wealth, Money & Power: The Secret History is highly recommended.

The Reference Shelf

Standard Estimating Practice, eighth edition
American Society of Professional Estimators
BNI Publications Inc.
1612 South Clementine Street
Anaheim, CA 92802
9781557017215, $89.00,

This completely updated and significantly expanded eighth edition of "Standard Estimating Practice" continues to hold its place as the 'bible' of professional construction project cost estimations. Comprehensive, informed and informative, "Standard Estimating Practice" is effectively organized into four major sections: Practice Common to All Disciplines; Practice Common to Specific Disciplines, Professional Estimating Service Samples; Ethics; Reference Sources; and ASPE Professional Estimator Certification. The combined and on-going project of the American Society of Professional Estimators, "Standard Estimating Practice" is a core addition to professional, governmental, corporate, and academic library reference collections.

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