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Reviewer's Choice

The White Indians of Nivaria
Gordon Kennedy
Nivaria Press
PO Box 787, Mecca, CA 92254
9780966889819, $24.00,

Cut off from the affairs of Europe, the Guanches can provide much to the imagination. "The White Indians of Nivaria" tells the story of this tribe of people who lived separate from the world until the Spanish conquests. Gordon Kennedy terms them white Indians, sharing a similar culture and defeat at the hands of disease. "The White Indians of Nivaria" is an interesting study of a forgotten peoples.

Graceful Divorce Solutions
M. Marcy Jones
Aviva Publishing
PO Box 996, Lynchburg, VA 29505
9781935586005, $24.95,

Divorce doesn't have to be a hideous thing. "Graceful Divorce Solutions: A Comprehensive and Proactive Guide to Saving You Time, Money, and Your Sanity" is a guide to happier divorces, something that to many at first sight seems like an oxymoron. Advising readers to remember their family, understand the needs, understand why you're breaking up, and more, "Graceful Divorce Solutions" is a thoughtful read anyone who wants to end their union with less bad blood should consider.

When Mom and Dad Need Help
Michael C. Campbell
Iffenwen Publishing Company
PO Box 168, Painesville, OH 44077-0168
9780974298405, $24.95,

Your parents aren't invincible and at some point, they need help given back to them. "When Mom and Dad Need Help: Help Your Family Achieve the Quality of Life You All Deserve" is a guide for caring for one's parents when it does finally come down to caring for them in return. From home care to nursing homes and more, Michael C. Campbell hopes to help adult children care for their parents above and beyond the call of duty, making for a highly useful resource that shouldn't be missed. "When Mom and Dad Need Help" is the first step for solutions with one's elderly parents.

Stumbling Souls
Chris Plekenpol
1820 Jet Stream Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80921
B&B Media Group
109 South Main Street Street, Corsicana, TX 75110
9781934068212, $14.99,

Everyone needs to be loved, even the seemingly unlovable. "Stumbling Souls: Is Love Enough?" looks at the story of Chris Plekenpol tells his story of taking in a homeless gay HIV-positive man who has nothing to look up to in life. Through helping this man, Chris learns much more about faith and finds that helping others is not a one way street. "Stumbling Souls" is a fascinating read, highly recommended.

The Best of Rainbow Radio
Ed Madden & Candace Chellew- Hodge
Hub City Press
186 W. Main St., Spartanburg, SC 29306
9781891885761, $14.95,

To have a voice is a great thing. "Out Loud: The Best of Rainbow Radio" discusses Rainbow Radio, a radio show in the Southern states which has made its own mark on Southern society for gay and lesbian individuals in an area which isn't known for being open to their existence. A collection of stories from the radio show, for anyone who seeks stories of gay and lesbian progress, "Out Loud" will prove to be quite the compendium.

Far Behind
Langdon Hues
Paradise Publishing
c/o G2W Press
#58542 PO Box 4668, New York, NY 10163-4668
9781449962517 $5.99

An absorbing novel written in a similar existential-conversation style as Scott Adams' "God's Debris", Langdon Hues' "Far Behind" follows the speculation of "what if the Devil's 2012 reawakening were to come from the Devil's remorse?" Touching upon the gamut of negative human emotions and conditions, from addiction to runaway anger and murder to the eternal, internal struggle between the selfish and the selfless that rages within, Far Behind in insightful, intriguing, and sure to provoke extended reflection and contemplation within the reader, as well as anticipation in the forthcoming sequel that speculates on how the Devil might (justly? benevolently?) take over the world! Highly recommended.

The Fiction Shelf

Noah's Castle
John Rowe Townsend
October Mist Publishing
PO Box 70809, Seattle, WA 98127
9780978545710, $14.95,

The world falling apart may be the least of Barry's worries. "Noah's Castle" tells the tale of Barry Mortimer and his family as they face the world that is collapsing around them after their father uproots them from their home to an old mansion where he seals himself in the basement. A thriller of a world gone mad and the effects on the family, "Noah's Castle" is a top pick and a very entertaining read.

Mark Whiteway
VBW Publishing
PO Box 9949, College Station, TX 77842
9781602645462, $14.95

No people will stay oppressed forever. "Lodestone: The Sea of Storms" is the first part of Mark Whiteway's fantasy series telling the tale of the planet of Kelanni, a planet ruled by a cruel prophet and his own powerful force of Keltar. An orphan must assist the rebellion and finds that the going is never easy when facing immense power. "Lodestone" is a fun fantasy that is sure to entertain genre fans.

Travel with Gannon and Wyatt
Patti Wheeler & Keith Hemstreet
Claimstrike Productions
PO Box 1586, Aspen, CO 81611
9781936284009, $24.00, $19.95

In Africa, you can face thousand pound predatory cats. But that's sometimes the least of your problems. "Travels with Gannon and Wyatt: Botswana" is an adventure novel following Gannon and Wyatt as they embark on an adventure through the African continent and its many terrains. When a poacher is on the loose, Gannon and Wyatt take it upon themselves to stop him, but the poacher's targets may not stop at only the wildlife. "Travels with Gannon and Wyatt:" is a fine read for any young adventure novel enthusiast.

House Money
Susan DiPlacido
Mundania Press
6470A Glenway Avenue, #109, Cincinnati, OHY 45211-5222
9781594263200, $12.95,

Working for the mob is a hard way to make an easy living. It's also got truly crummy retirement benefits. Eva Russo is a mobster's daughter who wants desperately to get herself and her family out of the mob's Las Vegas casino 'business'. But when her father ends up murdered and the hitman's son is on the verge of taking over her father's casino, it's a war of the families rife with intrigue, violence, and a life-and-death gamble -- winner take all. A deftly written, 240-page novel, "House Money" is a superbly crafted, quickly paced, and superbly presented entertainment -- the stuff of which block-buster movies are made! Highly recommended for both community library contemporary fiction collections and personal reading lists.

The Ulysses Flight
Paul Wankowicz
Terra Sancta Press
304 Royal Palm Drive, Melbourne, FL 32935-6955
9780965346795, $24.95,

A superbly crafted aerial combat novel set in the Pacific Theatre of World War II, "The Ulysses Flight" author Paul Wankowicz is able to add amazing details in large part because of his experiences flying with the Polish Air Force and the British R.A.F. in World War II. "The Ulysses Flight" is a deftly written and highly recommended action/adventure novel that combines aviation history with vividly portrayed aerial dog fights with truly memorable characters. The result is a thoroughly entertaining work that is especially recommended for personal reading lists and community library collections.

The Hornbrook Prophecy
Robert Wickes
Crystal Dreams Publishing
c/o MM Book Publicity
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126-274, Nashville, TN 37203
9781591463429, $18.95,

These days of mind-boggling, nearly incomprehensible federal debt, the notion of the United States government going bankrupt is an all to plausible scenario. "The Hornbrook Prophecy" is a riveting 360-page superbly crafted novel by Robert Wickes in which, against the backdrop of a 200-year-old predication concerning the consequences of egregious political ambition combined with rampant abuse of power, a nationwide tax revolt breaks out as a courageous senator goes up against an unscrupulous president in a classic example of rugged individualism vs. governmental controls. "The Hornbrook Prophecy" is a thoroughly engaging read which is a thoughtful and thought-provoking as it is entertaining and highly recommended for both personal reading lists and community library collection.

Eowyn Wood
Crooked Hills Publishing
PO Box83066, Portland, OR 97283
9780977873814, $23.95,

Life's challenges are an unrelenting assault. "Afterglow" is a follow up to Eowyn Wood's "Naked in the Rain", following Brian and River as they try to make their life in Los Angles, finding that the challenges of life are plentiful and having little hope to get by in life. A story of making ends meet in the face of changing landscapes, "Afterglow" is a riveting read, not to be missed.

The House Martin
William Parker
Eirini Press
510 Long Hill Rd, Guilford, CT 06437
9780979998928, $14.00

Denial is a fine refuge when the truth is unwanted. "The House Martin" tells the story of Ben and the difficulties of his life which are so simply ignored for so long. Unable to easily accept the undesirable, Ben keeps his life devoid of problems, using his own ignorance as a weapon. But you can't run away forever, and courage is going to come for him whether he wants it to or not. "The House Martin" is a riveting read with a powerful message, highly recommended.

A Pig in the Rumble Seat
Edward Hujsak
Mina Helwig Publishing Company
PO Box 1292, La Jolla, CA 92038-1292
1886133107, $17.95

Life has no taboos about throwing the strangest of things at you. "A Pig in the Rumble Seat" is a collection of short stories from Edward Hujsak, drawing on his own path in life and the unique experiences to tell stories of life gone awry and the challenges that come along in the process. Remarkable and highly entertaining, "A Pig in the Rumble Seat" is a fine collection that shouldn't be missed.

Saltwater Taffy
Eric Delabarre, author
R.C. Nason, illustrator
Seven Publishing
PO Box 1123, Santa Monica, CA 90406-1123
9780972357807, $15.95,

When you're on the trail of treasure, you're in a never ending race. "Saltwater Taffy" follows a group of friends on the hunt for the treasure of Jean Latfitte, and they soon find this mystery is filled with peril and other people who think they have better things to do with the treasure than a group of kids. A fun novel for young readers who love adventure, "Saltwater Taffy" is a solid addition to any youth novels collection.

Hidden Mickey
Nancy Temple Rodrigue & David W. Smith
Double-R Books
c/o Rodrigue & Sons Co.
244 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1457, New York, NY 10001
9780974902623, $12.99,

There is a new and popular action/adventure category as represented by the 'National Treasure' films and such television series as 'Unnatural History'. The first full length novel of this new brand of entertainment is "Hidden Mickey: Sometimes Dead Men Do Tell Tales!", a collaborative 482-page work of imaginative fiction by Nancy Temple Rodrigue and David W. Smith which is set against the backdrop of Disneyland. Three friends accidentally come across the long lost diary of Walt Disney and finds hints of a hidden treasure. Following a series of complicated clues which they must decipher, they set off in pursuit involving scattered historical records and subtle connections. What they will find is as imaginative as everything else that the great Walt Disney left as his enduring legacy to the world. Superbly written, "Hidden Mickey" is an attention riveting novel from first page to last and highly recommended, wonderfully entertaining reading.

Once A Knight
Walt Shiel
Slipdown Mountain Publications
28151 Quarry Lake Road, Lake Linden, MI 49945
9781934631515, $12.95,

Military aviation was first employed in the bloody European skies of World War I. "Once A Knight" by Walt Shiel is a work of deftly written fiction that brings riveted attention to the story of a young man by the name of Everett Ross who resigns from the Texas Rangers in 1916 to join England's Royal Flying Corp to engage in deadly duels with German aviators in the contested skies of the Western Front. Along the way Everett meets Genevieve, a young French girl with whom he falls in love. Author Walt Shiel creates authentic combat sequences drawing upon his own years of experience and expertise in combat aviation history, studying the journals and papers of the men and the machines that performed so well, so long ago. A superbly crafted historical novel of aerial combat and romance set against the backdrop of 'The War To End All Wars', "Once A Knight" is highly recommended reading and a welcome addition to personal and community library collections. Also very highly recommended is Walt Shiel's earlier historical novel "Devil In The North Woods: A Novel Based On The 1908 Metz, Michigan, Wildfire" (9780974655314, $14.95).

Goal Fever
Joseph Kehoe
You Come Too Publishing
3138 NW Colonial Drive, Bend, OR 97701
9780981683621, $5.99,

Soccer is a game that has taken over the passion and dreams of many young individuals. "Goal Fever" tells the story of a young man and his old mentor and the game of soccer that brings them together in friendship. A moving story for any young soccer lover, "Goal Fever" is a not a story to be missed, very highly recommended reading.

Beautiful and Dark
Rosa Montero
Aunt Lute Books
PO Box 410687, San Francisco, CA 94141
9781879960824, $14.95,

One light is easily found in the darkness. "Beautiful and Dark" tells the tale of an orphaned girl growing up in relative's home in a horrible and crime ridden city. Her one shining hope in her life is Lilliputian Airelei, giving her happiness and something to look forward too, as well as hope for her future. "Beautiful and Dark" is a grade-A piece of fiction, recommended.

Surviving A Sociopath
Kendia Perkins
Bookstand Publishing
305 Vineyard Town Center, Suite 302, Morgan Hill, CA 95037
9781589097056, $15.95,

Jealousy is a powerful thing, but vengeance is stronger. "Surviving a Sociopath" is the story of a wife who learns of a mistress and a mistress who learns of a wife. Together, they turn their attention to the one cheating on them both, and they devise their plan for him, and it's not going to work out favorably. "Surviving a Sociopath" is a fun read, well worth considering.

Andrew Xia Fukuda
Amazon Encore
PO Box 400818, Las Vegas, NV 89140
9781935597032, $12.95

Never underestimate the outcast in finding the truth. "Crossing" tells the story of Xing Xu, an individual who feels outcast from his all white school. When abductions start to happen, the ignored Xing comes to realize that no one paying attention to him gives him an advantage, and along with his good friend, he finds a way to prove himself to be more than a racial outcast. "Crossing" is a fine and entertaining read, solidly recommended.

Margarette Janoski
Twin Creeks Press
782 Cherry Wood Place, Gahanna, OH 43230
9780615346090, $14.95,

When a mother dies, a great void is formed. "Alice" is tale of a daughter and her father facing the great depression after the loss of the mother. Margarette Janoski draws on her own experiences to tell a story of triumph and tragedy and how love of father and daughter can give them the strength to conquer it all. "Alice" is a remarkable and moving story, highly recommended.

Above Honor
Donald Himelstein
Fireside Publications
155 Thomas Street, Staten Island, NY 10306
9781935517061, $14.95,

Faced with old wounds, one can find it hard to cope again. "Above Honor: Rachel's Story" tells the story of Rachel Steinman as she proves successful after her escape from the terrors of Nazi Germany. But when she encounters some of her former tormentors, along with the son produced from that torment. A story of coming to grips with the past and facing it once more, "Above Honor" is a poignant tale, highly recommended.

The Twilight Gods
Hayden Throne
Torquere Press
PO Box 2545, Round Rock, TX 78680
9781603708159, $13.95,

Being queer may be the least of his problems in becoming a man. "The Twilight Gods" tells the story of Norris, an English teenager in the middle of the Nineteenth century. Noticing unusual shadow folks that only he seems to be able to see, he seems to unable share what he sees until a widow appears to show him the way with his talents and help him realize who he can become. "The Twilight Gods" is a fascinating and riveting read.

Island Sting
Bonnie J. Doerr
Leap Books
9781616030025, $11.99,

When the level of game ramps up, it starts to get more complicated. "Island Sting" tells the story of New York to Miami immigrant Kenzie Ryan is on the trail of finding a poacher targeting deer. But endangered species don't seem to be the only target of this killer, as he goes to more challenging game soon enough, which may end up being Kenzie herself. "Island Sting" is an exciting adventure, highly recommended.

Return to Treasure Island
John O'Melveny Woods
Intellect Publishing
PO Box 8219, Kirkland, WA 98034
9780972976138, $19.97

The search for glory and gold leads you on the strangest of adventures. "Return to Treasure Island" tells the tale of Jim Hawkins as he saves Long John Silver from his sentence of death, and embarks on a journey to claim the Pharaoh's Gold. In the spirit of the original, "Return to Treasure Island" is a fun and fascinating read for those seeking an old school adventure novel of piracy and discovery.

Flaherty's Crossing
Kaylin McFarren
Champagne Books
#35069-4604 37 ST SW, Calgary, AB T3E 7C7
9781926681191, $14.95

One crushing truth often leads one to more. "Flaherty's Crossing" is the story of Kate Flaherty as she tries to come to terms the truths that surround her life that she has often ignored. With her father revealing facts about her mother, a car accident sending her into soul searching, Kate's first response is to run away from it all, only to find running never changes anything. "Flaherty's Crossing" is a powerful and inspiring read, highly recommended.

From the Neck Up
Erik Flores
Eldrecko Press
c/o Author
3813 NE 67th Ave. Portland, OR 97213
9780578023526, $16.95

People always look to the truly inspirational, and will find someone new if they void is empty. "From the Neck Up" tells of a tale of motivational speakers who vie for America's ears and hears as famed speaker Martin Romaine drops off the radar. When he goes missing in the everglades, some start to search for him, and some quickly replace him. A story of self help in the form of a thriller, "From the Neck Up" is a fun read and solidly recommended.

The Black Beast of Algernon Wood
Nickolas Cook
Dailey Swan Publishing
2644 Appain Way #101, Pinole, CA 94564
9780981584546, $14.95,

The true horrors of the world lie in the darkness where you least expect to find them. "The Black Beast of Algernon Wood" tells the story of Mary Machen and her son as they visit their deceased husband's family in the Southern woods of Georgia, and soon find that their extended family being off kilter is the least of their worries, as something truly nasty lies just out of their sight. An adventurous novel of mystery and excitement, "The Black Beast of Algernon Wood" is a fine read that shouldn't be overlooked.

Bart Bare
Canterbury House Publishing
225 Ira Harmon Road, Vilas, NC 28692
9780982539644, $12.95,

Trying to find a place to belong in the world can lead one on some unusual paths. "Girl" is the tale of Loren Creek, a fourteen year old girl fleeing the foster care system to live life on her terms. Assuming the identity of a boy, she finds a place where she belongs, but the arm of the Foster care system won't be pushed away so easily. "Girl" is a read not to be missed for those looking for a unique coming of age story.

The Burning Evil
Jean Grant
Mishmish Press
PO Box 442581, Lawrence, KS 66044-7581
9780982507407, $18.95,

Love brings one into strange situations. "The Burning Veil" is a love of story of an American girl seeking to marry into a Saudi Arabian family. But the clash of cultures finds her at a loss of understanding and her search for acceptance leaves her at a conflict of love and faith in a country with very different views on women. "The Burning Veil" tells a unique tale of why some women would accept such a seemingly restrictive culture.

The Girl Made of Cool
Alan Fox
3603 Avenue T, Brooklyn, NY 11234
9780976227625, $18.95,

Love has no direction and no way to point it. "The Girl Made of Cool" tells the story of a unique love triangle, as two friends woo a single woman. Having eyes for one, the woman doesn't understand that her feelings lie with the other, and the beauty and the aura of cool that she has in abundance may yet betray her in the affairs of love. Thoughtful and riveting reading for romantics, "The Girl Made of Cool" is not a read to be ignored.

To Snare a Wolf
Robert T. Nowak
Pinnacle Peak Press
24001 N. 112 the Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
9780984263509, $14.95

With war ahead, one prepares with intelligence above all else. "To Snare a Wolf" is a historical thriller telling the story of two rival spies in France and Germany combat one another with World War I on the horizon. Painting a picture of prewar France and Germany, Robert Nowak tells a riveting tale of espionage and subterfuge, making "To Snare a Wolf" a fun and fascinating read.

Pope Annalisa
Peter Canova
Trimountaine Publishing
PO Box 2320, Palm Beach, FL 33480
9780982181300, $26.95

When a woman takes the place of the papacy, it may already be the end of the world. "Pope Annalisa" tells the story of the first female pope, as Sister Annalisa Basanjo gains the title in the midst of church conflict, as well as conflict from her homeland, with corruption all around her. People immediately place her as to blame for the downfall of the world and humanity, as wars erupt throughout the world. Only Annalisa really knows if her intentions are pure, or just another step in the world's fall. "Pope Annalisa" is a riveting religious thriller, very highly recommended.

Texas Roads
Cathy Bryant
PO Box 971, New Boston, TX 75570
9780984431106, $12.99

Serenity is never something to be underestimated. "Texas Roads" tells the story of this small remote town, and Dani Davis in particular, a girl looking for a low key and quiet life. But nothing is without drawbacks, not even Miller's creek, as rumors about Dani start to spread and her life changes forever. "Texas Roads" is a tale about small town life and how everything twists together.

Easy as Pie at Bobby's Diner
Susan Wingate
Blue Star Books
903 Pacific Avenue, Suite 207A, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
9780984400003, $12.95,

Love can be a facade. "Easy as Pie at Bobby's Diner" is the story of widow Georgette, a diner owner who finds love once more in Hawthorne. But when Hawthorne turns out to not be as good as he seems, Georgette and her best friend Roberta find themselves tasked with stopping a mad man to not only save their beloved diner, but to save their town. "Easy as Pie at Bobby's Diner" is an intriguing read, and a very highly recommended pick.

William Zink
Sugar Loaf Press
343 North Pearl Street, Granville, OH 43023
9780970070241, $15.00,

The past can be hard to accept, especially when time is running out to do so. "Pieta" is a novel following Jim Priest as he faces the status of his parents in their history as his mother sits on her deathbed. Along with his sister, he tries to come to terms with childhood memories, running out of time to confront and resolve the issues that have long stood with his mother and father. "Pieta" is a fascinating read, not to be missed.

Pressed Pennies
Steven Manchester
Luna Bella Press
55 Summerfield Ave, Somerset, MA 02725
9780984184200, $15.95,

As every year passes, life gets more complicated. "Pressed Pennies" is a story of growing up in the 80s, a time where high technology started to grab a major foot hold in every aspect of life, where old fashioned methods disappeared, and how it is like to be a child during this time. Spinning a tale of coming of age and love, "Pressed Pennies" proves to be a thoughtful and enticing read, highly recommended.

Threatened Species
Jeff Vande Zande
Whistling Shade
17368 W Sunset Blvd #405A, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
9780980037579, $14.00,

Losing contact with one's kin can be a devastating thing. "Threatened Species" tells the story of Ed Winters and his son Danny, who face only two weeks together before he's whisked away out of America to Paris. Along with five short stories, Jeff Zande tells a story of the bonds between father and son, and gives readers quite the value of entertainment and poignancy with "Threatened Species".

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

And the Angels Sang
Lorina Stephens
Five Rivers Chapmanry
704 Queen Street, PO Box 293, Neustadt, ON N0G 2M0
9780973927801 $18.95

And the Angels Sang is an anthology of short, speculative fiction stories author Lorina Stephens has penned over the course of twenty-five years. Some were previously published in periodicals or writers' workshops; all offer snapshots of the human condition. From the titular story of how a pious man perceives angels even as he suffers unspeakable torture and execution, to the devious negotiations of a "dragonslayer" who has more expertise at selling life insurance than wielding a sword, And the Angels Sang is a cornucopia of fractal glimpses into the mysterious, the fantastic, and surprises that lurk beneath the surface. Also highly recommended is Lorina Stephens' historical novel "Shadow Song" (9780973927818, $19.50).

The Best Werewolf Short Stories 1800-1849
Andrew Barger, editor
Bottletree Books
7948 Winchester Road. Suite 129, Memphis, TN 38125
9781933747255, $19.98,

Every human culture we have record of has some form of shape-shifter in its folklore, legend and mythology. Knowledgeably compiled and deftly edited by Andrew Barger, "The Best Werewolf Short Stories 1800-1849: A Classic Werewolf Anthology" is a 170-page literary compendium covering a fifty year span from 1800 to 1849 and identifying famous and not-so-well known authors who wrote werewolf stories that range from Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne, to Honore de Balzac and James Hogg. After an informed and informative introduction on the subject by Andrew Barger, five of these stories are presented in full, followed by a listing of short stories considered from 1800 to 1849, along with an index of Real Names. A seminal work of impressive scholarship, "The Best Werewolf Short Stories 1800-1849: A Classic Werewolf Anthology" is highly recommended reading for fantasy fans, and a valued addition to academic library Literary Studies reference collections.

The Tale of Aynil the Traveler
Paul Vincent Rodiguez
Renaissance Peak
15400 W. 64th, #9E-149, Arvada, CO 80007
9780984328109, $18.95,

The journey of the traveling student is a perilous one. "The Tale of Aynil the Traveler" tells the story of Aynil, a fairy charged with what is regarded as one of the most dangerous tasks known to fairykind - to travel out into the world and to learn about it. An intriguing perspective of fantasy and reality, "The Tale of Aynil the Traveler" is a remarkable and fun read that shouldn't be overlooked by fans of fairies and fantasy in general.

From Mountains of Ice
Lorina Stephens
Five Rivers Chapmanry
704 Queen Street, PO Box 293, Neustadt, ON N0G 2M0
9780973927856, $22.95,

The life of a bowyer won't seem so bad. "From Mountains of Ice" tells the story of fallen noble Sylvio, as he returns to the courts of Simare and finds that he's being dragged into a world of murder and insanity. Set in an Italian renaissance inspired world, "From Mountains of Ice" is an entertaining and original fantasy from Lorina Stephens, highly recommended.

The Civil War

A Soldier's Friend
Georgiann Baldino
Pearl Editions LLC
PO Box 4197, Naperville, IL 60567-4197
9780982809303 $9.95

A Soldier's Friend: Civil War Nurse Cornelia Hancock is the story of an exceptional and dedicated woman. Though Cornelia Hancock did not fit the government's requirements for female nurses, she spent two years on the front lines of the Civil War. A Soldier's Friend is drawn heavily from the letters she wrote, and describe her efforts to navigate, find her place, and pursue her convictions in a severely male-dominated world. "Two months after Cornelia's arrival in Gettysburg, Dr. Child recommend that she take a month off. Cornelia disagreed. She felt the horrors of Gettysburg had been very hard on her brother-in-law Dr. Child, but she held up better. nothing seemed like a hardship compared to the soldiers' lot. She didn't care where she was going to eat or sleep, not after all she had seen the soldiers bear patiently." An excellent addition to Civil War shelves and public library collections, A Soldier's Friend is highly recommended.

The American History Shelf

The Scouting Party
David C. Scott & Brendan Murphy
Red Honor Press
PO Box 166677, Irving, Texas 75016
The Authors' Assistant (publicity)
9780978983635 $24.95

The Scouting Party: Pioneering and Preservation, Progressivism and Preparedness in the Making of the Boy Scouts of America is a close historical study of the creation and the early years of the Boy Scouts of America. Formed in 1910, during the midst of the Progressive Era, the BSA was strongly influenced by British-Canadian naturalist Ernest Thompson Seton, whose experiences with the Woodcraft Indians left him with a vision of instilling positive values in America's youth based on the Native American culture. Seton's ideas were supplanted by more a more conventional perspective in the Scouting model of British founder General Robert Baden-Powell. In the years between 1910 and 1915, Seton and the management of BSA were increasingly at odds over the direction of the movement - he was also at odds of Daniel C. Beard, founder of the "Sons of Daniel Boone", and BSA executive secretary James E. West. Theodore Roosevelt was also strongly involved in the unfolding drama, as a crucial early patron and sometimes critic of the growing movement. The Scouting Party is as much a tangled web of conflicting visions as it is the early history of an American cultural institution, and is as fascinating as it is informative to read. Highly recommended.

The Cookbook Shelf

The Spirit Within
Karen Burrell
Privately Published
9781451556865 $14.95

The Spirit Within: Cooking with Fermented and Distilled Beverages is a remarkable cookbook featuring recipes that involve alcoholic beverages as ingredients. From Apple-Beer Chinese Soup, to Creme de Menthe Bars, Bourbon Pecan Smashed Sweet Potatoes, Virginia Bay Scallops in Wine Sauce, and much more, The Spirit Within offers an extraordinary variety of palate-pleasing culinary delights. (A list of non-alcoholic substitutes is offered at the beginning of The Spirit Within, with the caution that dishes prepared with these substitutes will not taste the same). An excellent and worthy addition to any gourmet cookbook collection.

The Sports Shelf

Secretariat's Meadow
Kate Chenery Tweedy and Leeanne Ladin
Dementi Milestone Publishing
Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103
c/o The Cadence Group (publicity)
9780982701904 $29.95

Secretariat's Meadow: The Land, The Family, The Legend is a gorgeous coffee table book, illustrated throughout with black-and-white and color photography and images, detailing the history behind the famous Triple Crown-winning racehorse Secretariat, his birthplace, and the family that raised and raced him. The genesis of the modern racehorse legend and the people responsible for his care stretches back hundreds of years, but Secretariat's Meadow especially focuses upon Christopher Chenery, who masterminded the transformation of a humble farm into the genesis of a legendary champion. Any reader with an avid interest in the history of championship horse racing is sure to delight in this accessible, insightful, and candid tour.

The Poetry Shelf

Jesus, The Ordinary Man
Jeanne Kae Hain Wiemer
Amanuent Press
c/o Infusionmedia Publishing
140 North 8th Street, 205 The Apothecary, Lincoln, NE 68508-1358
9780979658693, $15.69,

Jesus was on the planet for thirty four years, and not every second of it was spent being divine. "Jesus, The Ordinary Man" is a collection of poetry focusing on Jesus as the simple man who lived life like everyone else despite his greater call of duty. "Jesus, The Ordinary Man" is an insightful and fun read, not to be missed by poetry and spirituality enthusiasts alike. "Love Is...": Timeless, spaceless, religionless. It spans throughout all of/time with an inner knowing that it truly exists.

All That Gorgeous Pitiless Song
Rebecca Foust
Many Mountains Moving Press
1705 Lombard Street, Philadelphia, PA 19146
9781886976245, $15.95,

Award winning work is not easily obtainable. "All That Gorgeous Pitiless Song" is a collection of poetry from Rebecca Foust, the musings of a woman who has come of age, but not yet old, and has gained a more complete and strong understanding of the world around her. "All That Gorgeous Pitiless Song" is experienced and entertaining work, highly recommended. "No Longer Medusa": When I had you, daughter, I gave birth/to my mirror,/the chink in my armor./Once I turned men to adamantite/with a glance, dove from cliffs/into dark quarries, swung grapevines/over ravines, rode arcs of tall birch trees/into the ground. Now I am alive/all night with fear for you, undone/by your sweet, milky breath,/the bobcat tufts on your ears,/your pink ribbon gums./You freeze my heart to stone/when I measure your foot with my thumb.

The Park of Upside-Down Chairs
Alexandra van de Kamp
CW Books
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781934999936, $20.00

There lies something more vivid to it all if you just look deeper. "The Park of Upside-Down Chairs" is a collection of poetry from Alexandra van de Kamp as she gives readers her vision of the world, which is a lot more detailed than many people take it to be. "The Park of Upside-Down Chairs" is a fascinating read, very much recommended. "Sleep": Dark comma of a life. Road we become when we lie down./The body a luminous plate the night lays itself upon. Our/mind the witch's hut, where all worry burns, our fears/kindled in that phosphorous wound. Just think: no matter/what we do under the bright umbrellas of sun, each night,/darkness captures us, robes us in its velvety caves, blurs us/with the furniture and the cats, who trust the dark, lean into/its many words. We are children: tiring so easily, needing/to be held nightly by a hand pouring its shadow down/the sky. Plants at dusk twitter like birds, sing between/two alien worlds.

Other Clues
Grace Marie Grafton
Latitude press
c/o Raw Art Press
4110 Crestview Drive, Pittsburg, CA 94565
9780981953434, $15.00,

There are so many mysteries in the world that you'll often find answers before questions. "Other Clues" is a collection of poetry from Grace Marie Grafton, whose work isn't afraid of telling a story through its verse as well as being a subtle thought. "Other Clues" is a fine read, and a highly recommended pick. "Union": Three pomegranates left on the tree, cracked, dribble knots of/glassine kernels rich as late November's leftover sunlight. Willows/stream-side will-lessly release their last yellow leaves. I think of the/way winter forces the stripped willow withes to burnish nakedness/to the same drenched red as these kernels pulling my hand to harvest./No lean fashion statement, but a calamity of overblown color, heat of my lover's skin, my ardent yes.

Raymond Berry
Wasteland Press
18 Village Plaza, PMB # 177, Shelbyville, KY 40065
9781600474361, $12.95,

When many reasons to be hated by the intolerant build up, one must endure. "Diagnosis" is a collection of poetry from Raymond Barry, as he discusses HIV and AIDS among gay minorities and other issues that he faces for those of this type. "Diagnosis" is heartfelt and inspired work, highly recommended. "The Closest Thing": On the party line/I connect with someone/who has the sexiest voice/beat off to raunchy words/hang up before it is my turn/to remind him what I left behind.

Book of Poetry Buttafly's
Sound Publishing Company
2100 E. Katella Ave., Ste. 344, Anaheim, CA 92806
9780984359776, $14.99

Simple and profound are often the best way to go. "Book of Poetry Buttafly's" is a collection of work from Divinity, as she creates a collection of work reflecting on the many aspects of an African American woman's life, finding the right man, becoming a mother, living the life, and more. Thoughtful and entertaining, "Book of Poetry Buttafly's" is not a collection to be missed.

Forked Tongue
Craig Sernotti
Blue Room Publishing
23 E. 9th Avenue, 2nd FL, Conshohocken, PA 19428
9780984300617, $9.95,

There's no shortage humor in the state of the world. "Forked Tongue" is the world through the poetic eyes of Craig Sernotti, as he creatively spins a tale about the world and what's around it. "Forked Tongue" is a collection that shouldn't be overlooked. "Prayers": Our hair is ash./Our nails are missing.//We are bound and gagged and tied to trees./The trees are cardboard cutouts of trees.//Our prayers rise into the gray sky./The clouds open and it rains dead gods.

Home to Ballygunge
William Hart
MET Press
PO Box 43717, Baltimore, MD 21236
9781935398172, $11.95,

Families face their challenges together and how they handle those challenges is what keeps them together. "Home to Ballygunge: Kolkata Tanka" is a collection of poetry from William Hart, discussing one Indian family and the city that surrounds them. A thoughtful and riveting read, "Home to Ballygunge" is fine poetry. A sample: My tongue returns/to the loose filling/my mind/to the words/I can't take back.

The Theatre/Cinema/TV Shelf

Independent Film Producing
Paul Battista
Lucrifacio Books
489 S. Robertson Blvd. #205, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
9780615343563, $25.95,

You don't need a big studio to get on the big screen. "Independent Film Producing: The Outsider's Guide to Producing a First Low Budget Feature Film" is a guide to the process of film making and how to get in the process of creating one's own masterpiece, and dealing with the whole process of financing, hiring, advertising, and getting one's work out there. "Independent Film Producing" is a must for anyone with a love of film and the drive to make their vision come alive.

The Liar
David Ives
Shakespeare Theatre Company
516 8th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003
9781936232413, $9.99,

Honesty is a quality that is not abundant. "The Liar" tells the story of Dorante, a man whose love of lying gets him into an ever more elaborate mess where he can't help but dig himself a bigger hole. A fun and fascinating read in itself, "The Liar" is easily adaptable for any stage enthusiast or those looking for a new act for their community theater.

Farrell's Irish Papers
Steven G. Farrell
World Audience
303 Park Avenue South, Suite 1440, New York, NY 10010-3657
9781935444237, $20.00,

The Irish have been one of the few European peoples to ever face strong discrimination in America. "Farrell's Irish Papers" is a collection of works on Irish American themes from Professor Steven Gerard Farrell, and his gives his works in the form of short stories, essays, stage plays, and reviews. Thoughtful ad wise musings on Irish-Americana, "Farrell's Irish Papers" is well worth reading.

The Days of our Lives
Ken Corday
Days of Our Lives Publications
PO Box 4410, Naperville, IL 60567-4410
9781402242229, $24.99,

When you do the same show for decades, it becomes a major part of your life. "The Days of Our Lives: The True Story of One Family's Dream and the Untold History of Days of Our Lives" is a memoir from Ken Corday, who along with his family has been the principle people behind one of the longest running series in television history. Through his work with the soap opera, he tells the story of his family and how it has influenced the show itself. "The Days of Our Lives" is a must for any fan of the show, or those looking into insight of daytime television.

The Biography Shelf

Bing Crosby
Richard Grudens
Celebrity Profiles Publishing Company
PO Box 344 Main Street, Stony Brook, NY 11790-0344
1575792486, $19.95

A legend of music, Bing Crosby has earned his place in fame. "Bing Crosby: Crooner of the Century" follows the legendary singer who through his fame has had a storied and varied career for over fifty years. Thousands of recordings, millions of records sold, Bing's influence on music and the American culture are not things that are easily going to be forgotten. "Bing Crosby" is a must for anyone who wants to learn about the figure or just for his fans.

A Portrait of Hemingway as a Young Man
Jerome Tuccille
Blue Mustang Press
c/o Winkler Media
6 Whittier Parkway, Severna Park, MD 21146
9781935199014, $13.95,

The greatest literary minds don't become such by being boring. "Portrait of Hemingway as a Young Man: Romping Through Paris in the 1920s" tells a fictional account of Hemingway in Paris during his younger days and blends a story of literature that deals with the many writers of the age, from Hemingway himself to Faulkner, and so many others. Satire that remains a tribute, "Portrait of Hemingway as a Young Man" is a fine read that shouldn't be missed.

Full Circle
David L. Cisco
DLC Enterprises
29 Armand Shore Drive, Houston, TX 77058
9780615345635, $19.95

Often forgotten were the people with the technical know how to make great things possible. "Full Circle" is the autobiography of David L. Cisco, a man who helped make the moon landing possible, working on the machines and vehicles along the way. Making his success there and elsewhere in life, his story is one that will encourage others to reach for the sky in their own pursuits in life, and break down barriers along the way. "Full Circle" is an inspiring memoir highly recommended.

A World After This
Lola Lieber
Devora Publishing
c/o Lambda Publishers
527 Empire Blvd., Brooklyn, NY 11225
9781936068104, $19.95,

A better tomorrow is something that keeps people going through the worst of it all. "A World After This: A Memoir of Loss and Redemption" tells the story of Lola Lieber, and her own personal challenges as a Polish Jew in the atrocities of World War II. With only her faith and the hopes that it would get better helping her through young adulthood, "A World After This" is a glimpse into the hope that kept so many Jews afloat during one of the worst acts of the twentieth century.

The Sullivan Saga
M. H. Sullivan
Romagnoli Publications
219 Poplar Street, Manchester, NH 03104
9781891486135, $14.99

Life as the daughter of a diplomat is one that is vastly different than what else you can experience. "The Sullivan Saga" tells the story of Maureen Sullivan, who lived under her diplomat parents living in everywhere from South Korea to Ethiopia. Stating on the different experiences it gave her and the pressure of representing America, "The Sullivan Saga" is a thrilling and thoughtful read, highly recommended.

Observations Without Daddy
James P. White
Tabloid Books
1223 Wilshire Blvd, PO Box 272, Santa Monica, CA 90403
9781452832968, $6.95

Everyone grows up different, and James White was no different. "Observations Without Daddy: Vivid Evocations of Growing Up in Texas" is a memoir from James White as he reflects on growing up in Texas in the 1950s with no father and a loveless mother. Reflecting on the few bright spots in his life and how he pushed himself further, "Observations Without Daddy" is a poignant read.

Pain and Memory
Gregory F. Tague
Editions Bibliotekos
562-76th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209
9780982481929, $15.95

Pain and suffering breed many different responses in people. "Pain and Memory: Reflections on the Strength of the Human Spirit in Suffering" is a collection of essays discussing how the human spirit can persevere at the same time collapse in the face of overwhelming pain, cruelty, and despair. These authors come together and give much poignant insight, and makes for a highly poignant and intriguing read. "Pain and Memory" is a choice and recommended pick.

Children of Catastrophe
Jamal Krayem Kanj
Garnet Publishing
c/o International Publishers
PO Box 605, Herndon, VA 20172-0605
9781859642627, $24.95,

The Israel and Palestine conflict has shattered countless lives. "Children of Catastrophe: Journey from a Palestinian Refugee Camp to America" is a memoir form Jamal Krayem Kanj, as he reflects on his own journey through the conflict, and how from a refugee camp struggling to survive he found his way to America and made his own way in life. A unique story with a powerful message, "Children of Catastrophe" is a moving and thoughtful read that would do well in any international memoir collection.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

A Public Health Odyssey
Elton Kessel
Artship Publishing
366 Winslow Gray Rd., W. Yarmouth, MA 02673
9780976597520, $27.50

The pursuit of health for all is quite the noble goal. "A Public Health Odyssey: My Life in Service and Research" is a memoir of Elton Kessel. Relaying Kessel's story of working in India to help them set up health facilities and to encourage better medicine and hygiene, as well as his work with Dr. Clarence Gamble and others under US-AID funds to establish research centers worldwide for the publication of data related to the dissemination of birth control, "A Public Health Odyssey" is a remarkable tale of altruism. Charting the story of a man who believed that unacceptably high third-world infant mortality rates could best be reduced through bolstering the health and reproductive rights of women, "A Public Health Odyssey" is a must for anyone who wants to understand the importance of medicine in society.

Uproot U. S. Healthcare
Deane Waldman
ADM Books
1724 Avenida Alturas NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110
9780982726808, $20.00,

Healthcare in the United States is something that has serious problems, yet the solutions coming into play may not be the solution. "Uproot U.S. Healthcare" discusses the problems with the modern American healthcare system, the flaws with Obamacare, the sour solutions, the reality of universal healthcare and more, "Uproot U. S. Healthcare" is a fine read, well worth analyzing, since the outcome of the national healthcare debate will ultimately affect all American citizens.

The Awesome Foursome
Irwin Schwartz
Laurelton Media
PO Box 660, Millwood, NY 10546,
9780981693521, $19.95,

Many diets are like a mad scientist's schemes - they often don't work due to sheer implausibility. "The Awesome Foursome" discusses how to make weight loss and health work, by favoring simple principles and intelligent lifestyle choices instead of crash diets. Discussing the pillars of these changes and how to make them work for you, "The Awesome Foursome" is a diet guide that takes life into account for its plans and promoting exercise among all else.

Staying Fit After 60
Calvin Hill
Hillcrest Publishing
3190 NE Expressway #240, Atlanta, GA 30341
9780578037608, $24.95

Fitness doesn't stop at any age. "Staying Fit After 60: 'Introducing' The Exercise for Life Program" is a guide to keeping peak health even as one makes the march onto senior citizenship. At 76, Calvin Hill has a body some people in their twenties would want, and he explains how one can attain it at any age if one practices good health and good fitness, and one doesn't need to break the bank to do so. "Staying Fit After 60" is a fine read, well worth delving into for the health minded senior.

Peaceful Passage
Kim West
New Heart Publishing,
3850 E Sunnyside Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85028
9780984052660, $16.99,

Death doesn't have to be as hard as life. "Peaceful Passage: The Essential Guide to Navigating the Emotional Storms and Daily Logistics of an At-Home End of Life Journey" is a guide for caretakers who are tasked with making a loved one's final days a more powerful and easier experience, one that can be as free of pain as possible. With wisdom for facing the fears of death, finding closure, and making the last moments count, "Peaceful Passage" is a strong pick for anyone faced with these unfortunate circumstances.

The Social Issues Shelf

Christopher Glenn Fichtner
Well Mind Books
2160 Landwehr Road, Northbrook, IL 60062
9780984258802, $29.95,

The marijuana debate is one that is more than freedom of potheads. "Cannabinomics: The Marijuana Policy Tipping Point" delves into the debate of marijuana and tries to bring forth a section of the debate that is driven by the benefits of legalization, not only for America's freedoms but as an American commodity, a medicinal tool, and a bigger force in the war on drugs. "Cannabinomics" is a powerful and scholarly read.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Permanent Damage
Dean Barrett
Village East Books
8775 20th Street, Vero Beach, FL 32966
9780978888824, $12.95,

In pursuit of Justice, one may find themselves down the wrong path. "Permanent Damage" tells the story of Scott Sterling, a private detective working in Bangkok, and is sent after a killer for a decades old murder case. But he soon finds that old mysteries are mysteries for a reason, and finds the guns turned on him. A riveting tale of adventure in Asia, "Permanent Damage" is an exciting and fun read, not to be missed.

Scar Keeper
Ron Savage
Hilliard Harris
PO Box 275, Boonsboro, MD 21713-0275
9781591333005, $18.95,

How can you solve the problems of others when your so heavily burdened with your own? "Scar Keeper" us a mystery following psychologically plagued psychologist Indigo Swann as she copes with the suicide of a patient pushing her own depression further. But the suicide may not be as clear cut as such, and a detective comes into Indy's life and may just turn it around yet. "Scar Keeper" is an exciting thriller, sure to please.

Scalping the Red Rocks
Greg Lilly
Cherokee McGhee
124 Peyton Road, Williamsburg, VA 23185
9780979969461, $16.95,

With great financial potential comes great opportunity to scam. "Scalping the Red Rocks" tells the story of Sedona, Arizona and its urban growth that finds the town itself and Derek Mason embroiled in a chaotic landscape of shady business, arson and murder, and Derek finds himself tasked with getting to the bottom of this before he and everyone he loves gets consumed by it. "Scalping the Red Rocks" is a fine mystery of a small town with both big and small town problems.

Dead Weight
Batt Humphreys
Joggling Board Press
PO Box 13029, Charleston, SC 29422
9780984107346, $14.95,

No matter how serene a town can be, in the blink of an eye, it can turn hideous quick. "Dead Weight" tells the story of how around the turn of the twentieth century, Charleston, South Carolina gets such a radical change. When murder strikes, racial prejudices flare, as the town is brought into a conflict between its black, white, and Jewish communities. Based on true events, Batt Humphreys crafts a riveting tale that is sure to intrigue and entertain, making "Dead Weight" a top pick.

The Travel Shelf

Chandrahas Choudhury
Whereabouts Press
2600 10th Street, Suite 260, Berkeley, CA 94710-2597
9781883513245, $14.95,

India is a nation with a very rich cultural history. "India: A Traveler's Literary Companion" is a guide to many aspects of modern India, told by some of its current contemporary writers, each giving a glimpse of life and their modern challenges in India's many regions. From the construction of the Taj Mahal, to the plight of its massive populations in small villages and ghettos, "India" is a must for any international short fiction enthusiast.

The Self-Help Shelf

Plant Whatever Brings You Joy
Kathryn Hall
Estrella Catarina
c/o Kathryn Hall, Publicst
PO Box 1486, Ukiah, CA 95482
9780981557007, $19.95,

You reap what you sow, so you best sow what you want out of life. "Plant Whatever Brings You Joy: Blessed Wisdom from the Garden" is an inspirational collection of essays aimed at those spiritual people who enjoy gardening and want to gain a greater happiness out of their simple and beautiful gardens. From understanding what is helping you to recognizing the end, a fine collection of connections to life and gardening make "Plant Whatever Brings You Joy" a remarkable and riveting read.

Joy at Work, Work at Joy
Joan Marques
Personhood Press
PO Box 370, Fawnskin, CA 92333
9781932181531, $24.00,

Joy isn't something that needs to be foreign forty hours out of a week. "Joy at Work, Work at Joy: Living ad Working Mindfully Every Day" is an inspirational guide for finding positively and motivation in life in areas where such motivation is hard to find. With poignant inspiration on every page, as well as a lot to think about, Joan Marques gives readers plenty of food for thought in finding their own passion for life and how to spread it. For anyone dreading tomorrow, "Joy at Work, Work at Joy" is a solid choice.

Robert Egby
Three Mile Point Publishing
26941 Three Mile Point Publishing, Chaumont, NY 13622
9780615356921, $16.95,

Healing is something that can't just happen unattended. "Insights: The Healing Paths of the Radical Spiritualist" tells the tale of Robert Egby, as he reflects on how he healed himself, torn apart by the ravageso f the Vietnam war and the loss of his parents. Through determination and spirit, Egby hopes that his tale will raise the spirits of readers and help them find their own path to healing. "Insights" is a choice pick for any spirituality reader.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Loving the Church
John Crotts
Shepherd Press
PO Box 24, Wapwallopen, PA 18600
9780982438749, $13.95,

The union of Christianity is a union that many Christians forget. "Loving the Church: God's People Flourishing in God's Family" analyzes the importance of the Christian union and family, as five Christians reflect on on their friendships within the church and what it has taught them about their faith. One's relationship with God, one's relationship with Jesus, one's relationship with their faith are the topics and do much to inspire and motivate readers. "Loving the Church" is a highly spiritual read, recommended.

Why God Matters
Karina Lumbert Fabian & Deacon Steven Lumbert
Tribute Books
PO Box 95, Archbald, PA 18403
9780982256534, $15.95,

Faith shouldn't be forgotten in day to day life. "Why God Matters: How to Recognize Him in Daily Life" is a guide to keeping God in mind in one's day to day life where it's easy to forget his existence. Remembering one's faith can inspire one to live a more confident life that realizes that there is always something greater ahead. "Why God Matters" is a fine read that really shouldn't be missed by the day to day Christian.

To Those Who Suffer
Sean Nolan
VMI Publishers
c/o The B&B Media Group
109 South Main Street Corsicana, TX 75110
9781935265221, $14.99,

Suffering is only temporary for those who know the way away. "To Those Who Suffer: Understanding God's Purpose and Pathway Through Pain" discusses suffering through faith, discussing why God does not simply end the painful things that happen in our lives, that bring them down. Sean Nolan also discusses why these people should not simply despair, and has much to give them hope for a better day. "To Those Who Suffer" is a choice read that shouldn't be missed by those faced with dread.

The Business Shelf

Branding Basics
Maria Ross
NorLights Press
2721 Tulip Tree Rd., Nashville, IN 47448
9781935254249, $15.95,

What makes your business unique, something hat stands out from the pack? "Branding Basics For Small Business: How to Create an Irresistible Brand on Any Budget" is a guide to branding and how it can literally be the deciding factor on the success of business. Brands make connections with customers, keep your product in mind, attract employees, and keep a business strong. "Branding Basics for Small Business" is a wise and recommended read, not to be missed by any small business.

Switched-On Selling
Jerry V. Teplitz, Tony Alessandra, & Norma Eckroate
Happiness Unlimited Publications
1304 Woodhurst Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
9780939372188, $19.95

Sales requires a thoughtful approach to be successful, but how does one enter said mindset? "Switched-On Selling: Balance Your Brain for Sales Success" is a guide for getting oneself in gear for making the most out of one's sales career. From doing what you think you shouldn't to dealing with the inevitable rejection and more, "Switched-On Selling" is a top pick for anyone who wants to think like the pros do.

#Partner Tweet
Chaitra Vedullapalli
c/o HappyAbout
20660 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 210, Cupertino, CA 95014
9781616990121, $19.95,

The small character limit of Twitter has lead to a rise in brevity. "#Partner Tweet: 140 Bite-Sized Insights on Succeeding via Smart Partnerships" is a collection of short bits of wisdom to help business people or sales people reach out to their customers and connect with them. These bits are short, simple, and to the point and give much to muse on. "#Partner Tweet" is a book of affirmation for anyone in sales.

Corporate Governance
H. James Harrington & Marcos E. J. Bertin
Paton Professional
PO Box 44, Chico, CA 95927-0044
9781932828269, $24.95,

Profit isn't the only key to success. "Corporate Governance: For Small to Mid-Sized Organizations" is a guide to forming a board of directors and other organizational leadership when your company may not seem big enough to hand one. But an organized leadership can help a company grow in the right direction, among other benefits. Outlining these benefits and how to establish one, "Corporate Governance" is a fine resource that shouldn't be overlooked.

Facebook Marketing, second edition
Justin R. Levy
Que Biztech
800 East 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240
9780789743213, $24.99,

Facebook has taken the world by storm as a tool of marketing. "Facebook Marketing: Designing Your Next Marketing Campaign" is an updated guide to using the Facebook application to push one's product and get people talking about one's product, without falling into the obvious pitfalls that are easy to stumble upon when pursuing these types of avenues. From privacy concerns, dealing with the future of Facebook and other sites, making your advertisements, and more, "Facebook Marketing" is a must for any who want to embrace the web as the advertising tool it can be.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

Family Bones vol. 1 & 2
Shawn Granger
King Tractor Press
PO Box 7732, La Verne, 91750
9780978748609 vol. 1 / 9780978748616 vol. 2, $14.95, each

Away from the eyes of society, some people are a bit off kilter. "Family Bones" tells the story of a city boy heading into the country and finding that while there are a lot of good folk, there seem to be just as many secrets that are kept from the prying eye. Through his two volume collection, Shawn Granger tells a story of secrecy and crime and how knowing these secrets isn't the best way to stay alive. Gritty and riveting graphic novels, "Family Bones" is a two volume collection that can't be beat.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Infinite Monster
Leigh Jones & Rhiannon Meyers
Penland Scott Publishers
PO Box 1666677, Irving, TX 75016
9780982315248, $21.95,

A hurricane can devastate and forever alter the lives of whoever it crosses. "Infinite Monster: Courage, Hope, and Resurrection in the Face of One of America's Largest Hurricanes" tells the story of Hurricane Ike which blew through Galveston, Texas in 2008, drowning the town and altering the course of history for the city. Through disaster and bureaucracy, some people would not be kept from the place they call home, and "Infinite Monster" tells their story, a riveting one on disasters, their effects, and management.

Green Philanthropy for Families
Helen, Justin, & Alexis Deffenbacher
Green Philanthropy for Families Publications
PO Box 4761, Omaha, NE 68104
9780615331157, $10.95,

A family can be just as environmentally friendly as a single person. "Green Philanthropy for Families: 160 Simple Earth Honoring Gifts, Actions, Activities, and Projects" is a guide to family friendly environmentalism, stating what can be done by a family dedicated to cleaner environment, with the principles also applicable to other small groups. Planting trees, gardens, conservation, green gift giving, and more, "Green Philanthropy for Families" is a fine idea and read, a top pick.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Mystic Grits
Darelyn DJ Mitsch
Pyramis Press
1020 Southhill Drive, Suite 150, Cary, NC 27513
9780615300870, $16.96,

There's a certain degree of spirituality everyone can learn. "Mystic Grits: A Southern Girl's Journey to Wisdom" tells the story of Darelyn 'DJ' Mitsch, as she came to terms with her own version of spirituality, bring her faith and understanding of the universe into the forefront. She wants others to read her book and create their own faith and wisdom, to help them through their own lives. "Mystic Grits" is a choice read, very highly recommended.

David Bognar
New Way
540 Vernon St., Manchester, CT 06042
9781929860067, $23.95,

Soul searching can take years, but there's nothing wrong with a little help. "Enlightenment" is an inspirational read from David Bognar as he helps readers along the way trying to find their own way to happiness, as he gives readers a grand assortment of simple and very easy to understand wisdom throughout his volume. For those on their own never ending quest for enlightenment, "Enlightenment" is a helpful guide along the way.

The Parenting Shelf

What Mama Never Told Me!
Patricia A. Coleman
Strategic Book Group
845 Third Avenue, 6th Floor - 6016, New York, NY 10022
9781608605170, $12.99,

A mother's wisdom is vast, but it isn't all knowing. "What Mama Never Told Me!" is a collection of simple wisdom in a quick and brief from Patricia A. Coleman, for encouraging young women to stay on the right path in life and avoid the endless pitfalls that surround them. "What Mama Never Told Me!" is a powerful read, a top pick for young women.

The Humor Shelf

The Athletic Benchley
Robert C. Benchley
Glendower Media
PO Box 661, Whitmore Lake, MI 4818
9780914303022, $28.95

Some people take sports incredibly seriously... Robert Benchley was not one of those people. "The Athletic Benchley" is a compendium of the columns that Benchley wrote throughout the 1920s and the thoughts and opinions on the many sports activities of the day and how high society didn't exactly take to them easily. "The Athletic Benchley" is an endlessly entertaining read with many amusing black and white illustrations of the day scattered throughout, highly recommended.

The Literary Shelf

Taking Flight Standing Still
Richard Lewis
Touchstone Center Publications
141 East 88th Street, New York, NY 10128
9781929299089, $15.00

Creativity is not a skill that knows age. "Taking Flight Standing Still: Teaching Toward Poetic and Imaginative Understanding" delves into the creative thoughts of children and how one can nourish these skills and encourage greater development. Many essays lined the book, each with much inspiration and thought, making for a thoughtful and thought provoking read. "Taking Flight Standing Still" is a top pick for any who want to inspire young people creatively.

The Crafts Shelf

30-Minute Earrings
Marthe Le Van
Lark Jewelry
67 Broadway, Asheville, NC 28801
9781600594878, $21.95,

There's more to jewelry than gaudy gold and diamonds. "30-Minute Earrings: 60 Quick & Creative Projects for Jewelers" is a guide to making beauty from nothing, turning scrap metal and other seemingly useless objects into creative and innovative works of art for original and creative fashion. "30 Minute Earrings" is a must for any jewelry lover with a do-it-yourself spirit.

The Psychology Shelf

Drugs & Clients, revised edition
Padma Catell
Solarium Press
PO Box 2503, Petaluma, CA 94953
9780929150789, $39.95,

No drug is free of side effects, so that all drugs must be used with caution. "Drugs & Clients: What Every Psychotherapist Needs to Know" is an updated and revised edition of the guide for psychotherapists about the dangers of drugs and their prescriptions. While drugs can help the treatment process, being educated about them and using them wisely is a key aspect to successful use and avoiding dependencies and even greater problems. An invaluable and complete compendium, "Drugs & Clients" is a reference that should be at hand for any psychotherapy.

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