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Reviewer's Choice

The Mission Myth
Deirdre Maloney
Business Solutions Press
113 West G Street, #647
San Diego, CA 92101
9780984027309, $16.95,

Non-profit businesses are still businesses. "The Mission Myth: Building Nonprofit Momentum Through Better Business" is a discussion of business principles from Deirdre Maloney who presents the many follies of non-profit businesses that forget the business part of their job. Stating that non-profits must find sustainability, she presents the four M's: Management, Money, Marketing, and Measurement. "The Mission Myth" is a strong read for anyone running or thinking of starting a non-profit group.

Celebrating Beginnings and Endings
Paula Pugh
Sound Wisdom Press
c/o Beagle Bay, Inc.
2325 Homestead Place
Reno, NV 89509
9780983704324, $19.95,

A celebration is something to be cherished on many levels. "Celebrating Beginnings and Endings" is a collection of advice for parents and families on how to restore the celebrations to family life on many levels. The tips advise readers on how to celebrate birthdays and other events, as well as find binding even in rougher situations of divorce and family death. "Celebrating Beginnings and Endings" is a fine collection for families to bond with, very much recommended.

Peaceful Revolution
Paul K. Chappell
Easton Studio Press
PO Box 3131, Westport, CT 06880
9781935212768, $15.95,

The planet can't support a world in constant conflict. "Peaceful Revolution: How We Can Create the Future Needed for Humanity's Survival" is Paul K. Chappell's call for a greater pursuit of peace on a world scale, seeing the conflict of war first hand in Iraq. Stating that humanity has the potential for a peaceful resolution to its endless list of conflicts, he presents many inspirational ideas with a certain level of optimism. "Peaceful Revolution" is a strong pick for any social issues and spirituality collection.

A Thousand Letters Home
Aarol W. 'Bud' Irish
ATLH Publications
9780983955306, $22.00,

The personal stories of World War II live on in the letters left behind. "A Thousand Letters Home: The WWII Correspondence of Aarol W. 'Bud' Irish" shares the writings of the titular soldier, a veteran who fought for three years in Europe, facing near death and writing to a woman he may not ever see again. Compiled by his daughter Teresa Irish, "A Thousand Letters Home" is a charming and thoughtful tale of how war rocked the lives of the individual. "A Thousand Letters Home" is a choice addition to any memoir collection.

Catapult the Cow
Gary Conner
Lean Enterprise Training
3530 N Coast Hwy
Newport, OR 97365
9781461065968, $19.95,

Even in manufacturing and engineering, a good story can impart great wisdom. "Catapult the Cow" is from lean manufacturing expert and Shingo Prize recipient Gary Conner, who shares a collections of real life stories on how he has learned to expand his innovative ideals around the world. With a certain brand of humor, "Catapult the Cow" is an anthology well worth considering for anyone looking to expand their techniques and knowledge.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Diet Success Strategies
Alan Aronoff
JSA Communications
PO Box 503, Pomona, NY 10970-0503
9780615544076, $14.95,

Dieting is a tricky business. "Diet Success Strategies: 67 Ways to Take Control of Your Food and Your Life" is a guide to better health and dieting from Alan Aronoff, who advises readers to keep the right mindset and right environment to find greater success in their pursuits of health. Stating readers need to forge good eating habits that will flourish in a life time, "Diet Success Strategies" is a fine choice that shouldn't be overlooked by those looking for a better path to health in their lives.

Live Pain-Free Without Drugs or Surgery
Lee Albert
Dudley Court Press
PO Box 102
Sonoita, AZ 85637
9780983138310, $29.95,

Pain can deter people from living life as they truly please. "Live Pain-Free Without Drugs or Surgery: How to Use Integrated Positional Therapy to Eliminate Chronic Pain" is a guide to better living from Lee Albert, as he presents practical wisdom to overcoming crippling pain that often can debilitate us as we go through life. With suggestions for those suffering from chronic headaches, soreness, back pain, among other issues, "Live Pain-Free Without Drugs or Surgery" is worth considering for those looking for non-surgical options for the pain impeding their life.

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer
Cara Nova-Bennewitz
Windy City Publishers
2118 Plum Grove Rd., #349
Rlling Meadows, IL 60008
9781935766179, $19.95,

Breast cancer can scare many women cold. "Diagnosis: Breast Cancer: The Best Action Plan for Navigating Your Journey" is a reference and health guide for those who have recently received the terrifying diagnosis of breast cancer. Defining the specifics of variance in breast cancer, advice for dealing with the insurance costs, facing the treatment process, and keeping the health up, "Diagnosis" is a strongly recommended addition to any personal health reference collection.

How to Cope Better When Someone You Love Has Cancer
William Penzer, Ph.D
Esperance Press
150 South University Drive
Plantation, FL 33324
9780983501701, $22.95,

Cancer too often feels like a death sentence for a loved one. "How to Cope Better When Someone You Love Has Cancer" is a discussion of cancer and family from Dr. William Penzer as he advises readers on how to better deal with cancer in their loved ones, to better cope with the anxiety and fear that comes along with it, keep communications open, and be proactive in their fight. "How to Cope Better When Someone You Love Has Cancer" is an excellent pick for community library inspirational collections.

The Agriculture Shelf

Hungry Planet
Gail L. Schumann & Cleora D'Arcy
APS Press
3340 Pilot Kob Road
St. Paul, MN 55121
9780890543993, $65.00,

Diseases that target humans can be deadly, but those are not the only parasites causing human suffering. "Hungry Planet: Stories of Plant Diseases" discusses the crisis that comes with agriculture, the diseases that effect the world's crops and can lead to widespread famine. Gail L. Schumann & Cleora D'Arcy bring an expert overview of Plant Pathology as it grew out perhaps one history's most well known cases of plant disease causing human deaths, the Irish Potato Famine. Discussing everything from the biological nature of bacteria to the problems and solutions caused by pesticides, this proves to be a complete and comprehensive primer on the nature of plant disease. For any collection focusing on plant biology, famine, agriculture, and other related topics, "Hungry Planet" is a strong addition to any community or college library collection.

Food Fight
Daniel Imhoff
Watershed Media
513 Brown Street, Healdsburg, CA 95448
9780970950079, $19.95,

America's hunger is something quite daunting to meet. "Food Fight: The Citizen's Guide to the Next Food and Farm Bill" discusses the battle over America's stomachs from the legal perspective of the farm bill that goes through Congress every seven or eight years. Daniel Imhoff hopes to shed light on how corruption and greed in this process has been fueling the obesity epidemic while leading to serious hunger issues, favors factory farms, and hides the true cost of food. "Food Fight" is a fascinating exploration of a very important issue, with black and white photographs spread all throughout.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Of Machines & Magics
Adele Abbot
Barking Rain Press
PO Box 822674, Vancouver, WA 98682
9781935460305, $12.95,

Even if man claims the galaxy as his own, Earth will always have a nostalgia of home. "Of Machines & Magics" is a novel of a far flung future, where Earth was moved away from the son to escape its Red Giant becoming wrath. But as the astral life cycle continues into white dwarf, the earth must be moved once more, an act that won't be easy. Blending steam punk, fantasy, and science fiction concepts, "Of Machines and Magics" is a riveting read that should prove to be hard to put down.

K. C. Ball
Hydra House
1122 E Pike St. #1451
Seattle, WA 98122
9780984830107, $14.95,

Life is bizarre and it seems our world is only out to make it more confusing. "Snapshots from a Black Hole & Other Oddities" is a collection of short stories from K. C. Ball who spins tales of the everyday gone wrong, with the twists of horror and sci-fi added on throughout it all. "Snapshots from a Black Hole & Other Oddities" is a strongly recommended pick for those seeking a unique and offbeat collection of short stories.

Finding Badger
Holly LaMora
Jeanne D'Arce Press
6433 Topanga Canyon Blvd #595
Canoga Park, CA 91303-2621
9780983106708, $14.59,

When you can bounce around time, you can leave a strange array of crossed people. "Finding Badger" follows Hayes Macruder in a future where time travel is quite possible, and people can choose to have many places in life across many different eras. A science fiction thriller that spins many thoughts about secrets and the concept of time travel, "Finding Badger" is a choice pick for general science fiction collections.

Ang Tak
Helen Yeomans
Guards Publishing
7475 Garnet Drive, Suite 19
Chilliwack, BC V2R 5W7, Canada
9780969321934, $12.95,

A conflict on the green can lead to a conflict on a higher level. "Ang Tak: When East meets West" follows Golfer/Caddy team Tony Pinansa and his caddy as the golfer struggles to put together a winning effort to get onto the Masters tour. They both face conflict with one another and look back to their pasts and what they had to fight out of and make matter. A story of golf, tragedy, and atrocity, "Ang Tak" is a choice pick for literary fiction collections.

Jennifer Pelland
Apex Publications
PO Box 24322
Lexington, KY 40524
9781937009137, $14.95,

How much is humanity worth to us as humans? "Machine" follows Celia, as she copes with rare and deadly genetic disorder which forces her mind into the body of a bioandroid. As the world outside questions her humanity, she struggles with her own state of humanity, an inner conflict that places rationality against the flaws that make us human. "Machine" is a unique spin of science fiction of something that may be a reality in our own future.

The Dark Legion
Michael Holladay
Signalman Publishing
3209 Stonehurst Cir
Kissimmee, FL 34741
9781935991229, $15.99,

The wishes of a powerful beast may be what they need to stop the oncoming hordes. "The Dark Legion" tells the story of the Kingdom of Keiratha and the coming armies of the dark king. Curious youth Thareous and the Princess Nalla have an odd fascination with the dragon Ianvorr, a scourge to the kingdom years before. But now his help might be needed to stop the forces of the Dark King. "The Dark Legion" is a choice pick for lovers of fantasy, very much recommended.

Holy Cow
Darla Jasmine
Jupiter Gardens Press
PO Box 191, Grimes, IA 50111
9780984897025, $13.95,

A sacred cow can have a message beyond invoking terrible puns. "Holy Cow: A Factory Farm Fable" tells of the appearance of a divine bovine who comes to both humans and over cows to tell the exploitation of the factory farm system and the union that stands between all living things. With humor and positive message, "Holy Cow" is quite the read and very much worth considering. Also from Jupiter Gardens' young adult press Jupiter Storm is "Into the Land of Snows" (9781938257018, $13.95) by Ellis Nelson, following teenaged Blake, who follows his father to the vicious Himalayas and finds something he'd never expect.

The Fiction Shelf

Being Human: Call of the Wild
Gregory F. Tague, editor
Editions Bibliotekos, Inc.
562-76th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11209
9780982481950 $14.95

Being Human: Call of the Wild is an anthology of fifteen wistful short stories by twelve writers exploring the connections between humans and the natural world. From the inspirations offered by animals, to contemplation of the breathtaking wonder of nature as well as its severe cruelty, these stories offer a transcendent glimpse of man's role in the greater scheme of things. The result is a captivating anthology that induces quiet reflection in the mind's eye of the reader.

The Book Lover
Maryann McFadden
Three Women Press
PO Box 24, Vienna, NJ 07880
9780984867103, $14.99,

Your dream becomes all the more important when you're left with nothing else. "The Book Lover" follows the struggles of Lucinda Barrett, as betrayal leaves her divorced with little to call her own. Putting her hopes into a novel, she seeks to get it known, traveling bookstore to bookstore. When Ruth Hardaway finds the novel, and the friendship that comes out seems to be something special. But we all have secrets, and the secrets might shatter even the best friendships. "The Book Lover" is a fine read with a strong message of friendship, very much recommended reading.

Moonlit Desire
Carolann Camillo
Camel Press
PO Box 70515, Seattle, WA 98127
9781603818728, $14.95,

Attraction can appear in the strangest of circumstances. "Moonlit Desire" is a historical novel of pre-Revolution America where Londoner Catherine Bradshaw comes to the New York Colony to be wed to Flint, a man with a long military career. That career quickly leads to a raid where Catherine is taken captive by French Army Captain Rive St. Clair, out for vengeance for atrocity. A ransom and grudge was St. Clair's first goal, but he finds that he may have gotten much more than his enemy's wife. "Moonlit Desire" is a riveting historical romance, not to be overlooked. Also from Camel Press and Historical romance, "The Last of Lady Lansdown" (9781603818186, $15.95) by Shirley Kennedy, covering the pursuits of a widow struggling with the future of her estate and her plunge down the social ladder.

Go West, Young Man, ...But Don't Come Back!
Gary Spillers
Vabella Publishing
PO Box 1052, Carollton, GA 30112
9780971220492, $19.95,

A small town boy in a big world has to learn a lot quick. "Go West, Young man, ...But Don't Come Back!" is a novel from Gary Spillers as he shares his story of rising up in the rough path of life and sharing the stories of his travels with a bit of humor. With a good bit of poignancy, "Go West, Young Man, ...But Don't Come Back!" is a finely recommended read, not to be overlooked.

Cottonwood Summer '45
Gary Slaughter
Fletcher House
PO Box 50979, Nashville, TN 37205-0979
9780974420653, $24.00,

As the war comes to an end, hope seems to be in the future. "Cottonwood Summer '45" follows two young folks in the waning summer of 1945, whose wild imagination finds them butting heads with those who want to threaten their neighborhood. With humor and a touch of childhood naivety, "Cottonwood Summer '45" is another fun entry into Gary Slaughter's Cottonwood series, very much recommended.

Their Time of Learning
Osahmin Judith Meister
Ice Cube Press
205 N. Front Street
North Liberty, IA 52317
9781888160642, $19.95,

To teach is often an easier said than done proposition. "Their Time of Learning" follows a young woman, trained in the medicine and traditions of her people, as he sets to traveling as far as her eye can to teach and use her skills in herbalism to do what she can to save the earth. A spiritual and naturally driven tale, "Their Time of Learning" is a read that is much worth considering, highly recommended.

Another Man's Life
Steven W. Horn
Granite Peak Press
PO Box 2597, Cheyenne, WY 82003
9780983589433, $19.95,

The weight of the world is far too much for one man to bear. "Another Man's Life" is a novel from Steven W. Horn, as he focuses on Eden Cain, a man scarred by his time at war and the terror that he faced down in the process. For decades he has mused it, and has set himself on ending his own life, in spite of the few joys he has found. "Another Man's Life" is a thoughtful and recommended pick, not to be overlooked.

Scott Martin
Daylight Books
9780963217752, $20.00

A wandering through the Northeast, "Anthology" is a collection of fiction and non-fiction from Scott Martin as he presents his love of the regions population and geography. With humor and thoughtfulness, he muses on many of the cities throughout the northeast with reflection and memoir, and presents factual data throughout all of it in the form of charts. "Anthology" is an excellent little piece of Americana on the whole, with plenty to keep readers reading cover to cover.

Blue Straggler
Kathy Lynn Harris
30 Day Books
956 10th Ave E.
Seattle, WA 98102
9780983170143, $14.95,

It's easy to feel disconnected to a world that moves quicker than you wish it would. "Blue Straggler" is a novel following Baily Miller, quickly approaching midlife with no real roots she can call her own. As she begins to look for something to bring her back down to earth, her unique set of humor makes it a bigger struggle than she expected. A read that should resonate with plenty of thirty something single women, "Blue Straggler" is top pick for fiction collections.

Three and a Half Virgins
John Blumenthal
Farmer Street Press
401 California Ave., Suite 8
Santa Monica, CA 90403
9780967944418, $14.95,

One is predestined for success when their name rings out like a pun. "Three and a Half Virgins" follows the sadly named Jimmy Hendricks, a man who hasn't had the best of luck in his career. Trying to start over, he finds what he has left behind won't let him, and the past only makes his life even more confusing. "Three and a Half Virgins" is a fun dive into one man's past and its venom, very much recommended.

The Town of Watered-Down Whiskey
Jim Geiwitz
Sol Books
c/o Skywater Publishing Company
398 Goodrich Ave., St. Paul, MN 55102
9780981827964, $14.95,

What was left behind in the small towns isn't all it's cracked up to be. "The Town of Watered-Down Whiskey" is a novel from Jim Geiwitz, as he writes of the small town life and the crushing vice it can put on some residents souls. With an original story with characters that will ring true with any reader, "The Town of Watered-Down Whiskey" is quite the read for those who think there's something more to the small town nostalgia.

Montfort: The Revolutionary 1253 to 1260
Katherine Ashe
Wake Robin Press
160 King Holl Road
Starrucca, PA 18462
9781452844473, $17.99,

Peace is often well earned, but never kept for long. "Montfort: The Revolutionary 1253 to 1260" follows Simon, Earl of Leicester, who takes his permanent ambassador to France position hoping for a return to normalcy. But as the royal family commits atrocity, Simon must rush into the political fray again to forge something sensible among the monarchy of England once more, turning to the Provisions of Oxford. "Montfort" is a fine pick for those who enjoy historical thrillers set in the times of royalty.

Soul on Fire
John E. Forster
Black Rose Writing
PO Box 1540
Castroville, TX 78009
9781612960784, $16.95,

Forgiveness is the hardest thing one can ever do. "Soul on Fire" follows Pastor Neil Daniels, a conflicted man of God, trying to live by the Bible's call to pacifism, only to find 9/11 shaking him and challenging him to return to duty, and seek the sin of revenge. "Soul on Fire" is an intriguing exploration of faith and the alluring pull of revenge, much recommended reading.

The Family Affair
Leon H. Gildin
Diamond River Books
#41-2785 Wallbank Road, Shawnigan Lake
British Columbia, Canada, V0R 2W2
9780986659829, $16.95,

Through the cruelty of oppression, finding the courage to advocate justice can prove all too difficult. "The Family Affair" follows the continuing stories of Anna Adler, who in the dark time of 1943 in Poland, is pressured by partisans to act as an agent within Hotel Polski. Following her tale over the war and what happened afterwords, "The Family Affair" is a riveting and personal spin on the turmoil of war and the looking into the face of genocide.

Through the Gate of Dreams
Wendy Lowe Besmann
Melton Hill Media
9119 Solway Ferry Road
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
9780981679327, $13.99,

Time marches on, and being there in a time of discovery is being there in a time of chaos. "Through the Gate of Dreams" tells the story of Susanna Worthington, a young woman of privilege in the aftermath of the English Civil War. Through a whirlwind romance that lets her escape an arranged marriage, she finds the spark that leads to modern science, and a driven artist called Rembrandt. "Through the Gate of Dreams" has plenty to consider for fans of the Enlightenment era of Europe, very much worth considering.

William & Lucy
Michael Brown
Tarn Publishing
23740 Webb Rd.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
9781456361433, $15.95,

What leads to the inspiration of literature? "William & Lucy" is Michael Brown's novel, spinning off the famous romantic poem 'She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways', as Brown tells a story of the poet, William Wordsworth, and his meeting with a young Lucy Sims, the Lucy of said poem. A romance set in a chaotic turn of the nineteenth century England, Brown tells the story of both individuals, and the tragedy and triumph that becomes a part of history. "William & Lucy" is a strong pick for any historical fiction collection, highly recommended.

The Blasphemy Tour
Jass Richards
9781926891453, $12.99,

There can be a spiritual lesson learned even when you don't believe in spirits. "The Blasphemy Tour" follows two Canadian avowed atheists as they tour America with their unique brand of blasphemy. On their trip, they spread their word to the faithful. With plenty of humor and things to think about throughout, "The Blasphemy Tour" is a choice pick for general fiction collections looking for some more humor.

The Last Victim
Elaine Bossik
Portable Shopper
9780984241903, $14.95,

Deception can breed lies on top of lies. "The Last Victim" is the story of the Rothman family, as Jeanie tries to liver her life as she discovers her mother, Sophie, and her deep deception against her family. Delving into her mother's obsessions, affairs, and manipulation, Jeanie must learn the truth and face down her mother's mistakes. "The Last Victim" is a choice read with plenty to consider for general fiction collections, very much recommended.

2012: Midnight at Spanish Gardens
Alma Alexander
Sky Warrior Books
PO Box 99, Clinton, MT 59825
9780615534930, $16.95,

Even as time runs short, there's always a chance to make it all right. "2012: Midnight at Spanish Gardens" is a novel following a group of friends as they meet before the end of the world. The one night they miss and the events that follow give them all a new look on everything and anything, a twist that the end of the world doesn't mean it can't simply be a new beginning. "2012: Midnight at Spanish Gardens" is a choice and much recommended pick for general fiction fans looking for something with a spiritual twist.

The Shekinah Legacy
Gary Lindberg
Calumet Editions
8422 Rosewood Drive, Chanhassen, MN 55317
9780984856503, $14.95,

A good journalist always seeks the truth, and sometimes it might cost one their life. "The Shekinah Legacy" is a religious thriller as journalist Charlotte Ansari and her son find a scoop of a multi-layered conspiracy between many sources and lost relics of history that could change the global power-scape forever. With their lives threatened, "The Shekinah Legacy" is a riveting read that should prove hard to put down for fans of Da Vinci Code inspired thrillers, recommended.

The Autobiography of Eve
Ralph Morin
Peacecracker Press
2545 Foose Road, Malibu, CA 90265
9780615548173, $15.95,

The start of humanity wasn't a perfect romance by any stretch. "The Autobiography of Eve" is a unique take on the story of Genesis, of Adam and Eve, of a couple striking out and trying to make ends meet in the earliest days of civilization. Presenting a very human interpretation that is usually abandoned for a taller tale, "The Autobiography of Eve" is an intriguing pick for those seeking Biblical fiction.

Fiction Noir
Hen House Press
506 Mountainview Avenue
Valley Cottage, NY 10989
9781937890018, $14.00,

As the world falls apart, someone has to try to put it all together again. "Fiction Noir" is a collection of short fiction from an assortment of authors at Hen House Press, as they craft stories of people on the edge in a dark world and trying to find something that means anything where all humanity seems to be lost. "Fiction Noir" is a thoughtful exploration of noir, very much recommended reading.

The Memoir Shelf

Deep Photographs
David Weiner
Positive Imaging
9016 Palace Parkway, Austin, TX 78748
9780984248063, $12.95,

Understanding people professionally still has the struggle of understanding them. "Deep Photographs: The Education of a Sociologist" is a collection of essays and writings from David Weiner as he reflects on his career and how he traveled the world and began to gain a more complete understanding of it all on many levels. With humor and plenty to ponder, "Deep Photographs" may well be worth considering.

To Kill A Zombie
David W. Pierce
Leafwood Publishers
1626 Campus Court, Abilene, TX 79601
9780891122678, $14.99,

The living dead are more common than we think. "To Kill a Zombie: The Year I Came Back to Life - and Why" is an inspirational memoir from David W. Pierce, sharing his story as he came to realize he had been living as a soulless zombie, and how he came to reclaim his soul. From sharing the realization with his wife to how he came to kill the zombie within him, "To Kill a Zombie" is a humorous and much recommended pick for motivational memoir collections, not to be missed.

Unrequited Time
James McCurrach
Dog Ear Publishing
4010 W. 86th Street, Ste H
Indianapolis, IN 46268
9781457503740, $18.95,

Coming to understand yourself and life can take longer than it takes to grow into adulthood. "Unrequited Time" is a memoir from James McCurrach, who reflects on his growth into adulthood, facing his own homosexuality and the oppression of his father and a world that looked at him as some sort of scum. Finding support in his mother and trying to stabilize his life in more than one way, "Unrequited Time" is a strongly recommended addition to many a personal memoir collection.

Journey to Feel like a Man
Herb M. Cohen
A Spiritual Evolution Press
8 Luccarelli Drive
Holmdel, NJ 07733
9780982232330, $14.95,

The concept of manliness can be a bit overwhelming to understand. "Journey to Feel like a Man: Olympic Fencer, Gurdjieff Work, Tai Chi Teacher" is a memoir from Herb Cohen, as he recalls his journey through many high performing sports, searching to be able to complete himself on a higher level. "Journey to Feel Like a Man" is a fine memoir from a friend of famed musician Neil Diamond, very much worth considering.

Grade A Baby Eggs
Victoria Hopewell
22 East Market Street, Suite 304
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
9781936940110, $15.95,

Nature has a funny way of cutting people's dreams off. "Grade A Baby Eggs: An Infertility Memoir" follows Victoria Hopewell as she tries to cope with the unique demands of her new husband. Past forty, her new husband and his aging parents that wanted a grandchild so direly led her to pursue a third child, with two from a previous marriage. But when a woman approaches menopause, the few eggs that remain are not exactly jumping at their chance at life. "Grade A Baby Eggs" is a humorous and thoughtful explorations of the struggles of infertility, and the explorations of in vitro and egg donation, very much recommended.

One-Mission Man
David Ririe
Teton Crest
3908 Clearfield Lane, Idaho Falls, ID 83406
9780982035597, $14.95,

One mission is all it takes for everything to go wrong. "One-Mission Man: An American POW's Struggle to Survive Hitler's Nazi Prison Camp" is a memoir from David Ririe as he reflects on his one disastrous mission in World War II that landed him in a POW camp in 1942. For thirteen months, he struggled in the prison camp and constantly tried to escape. He recounts the daily struggle and the lessons learned. "One-Mission Man" is a honest memoir of the fears of the first mission gone terribly wrong.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

The Puzzle People
Doug Peterson
Bay Forest Books
c/o Kingstone Media Group
PO Box 491600
Leesburg, FL 34749-1600
9781613280119 $14.99

Set in 1989 just as the Berlin Wall collapsed, The Puzzle People is a thrilling mystery following Annie O'Shea as she pieces together the story of two couples who were separated when the Berlin Wall was erected in August of 1961. Assembling pieces of documents shredded by the East German secret police, she gradually puts together a shocking tale of betrayal, espionage, and murder. The decades-cold case may yet be the death of Annie if she doesn't figure out quickly who she can trust! The Puzzle People is an intricate, gripping novel from beginning to end.

They Still Call Me Sister
Deborah Plummer Bussey
1330 Factory Place, Suite 120
Los Angeles, CA 90013
9780615484792, $14.99,

Chasing a killer is dangerous business, as you're facing someone who has no problem with taking a life. "They Still Call Me Sister" follows psychologist Kathy Carpenter as she finds out her patient's death has been ruled a suicide and everything seems wrong from that ruling. Seeking the help of the victim's sister, she seeks out to find a killer and find the truth, and in the process may make herself the next victim. "They Still Call Me Sister" is a strongly recommended pick for mystery fans looking for something that should prove hard to put down.

Saint Charles Place
M. Saylor Billings
Billibatt Productions
9780983806103, $9.00,

When justice fails, people take it into their own hands. "Saint Charles Place: An O Line Mystery" is a novelization of the throwback to the Radio Drama, a podcast cult favorite. M. Saylor Billings presents a humorous and exciting spin into vigilante justice and the creative characters of Ohlone Island. "Saint Charles Place: An O Line Mystery" is a fine read, not to be overlooked.

Redemption Day
Steve O'Brien
A and N Publishing
c/o New Shelves Distribution
103 Remsen Street #202
Cohoes, NY 12047
9780982073520, $14.95,

Terrorist is a label all too often applied to people far away from you, but the most dangerous breed is the one you never expect. "Redemption Day" follows Nick James, former terrorism analyst, as he faces his shambling career and a government that wants him captured. Seeking to clear his name, he must expose an anti-government group who may be responsible for the whole plot. "Redemption Day" is a fast paced and intriguing book that should prove hard to put down.

Mercy Creek
Matt Matthews
Hub City Press
186 W. Main Street, Spartanburg, SC 29306
9781891885907, $14.95,

The secrets that you keep from those close to you are often the most vicious. "Mercy Creek" follows young Isaac, a man on the crossroads of life as his life seems to be falling apart after his mother's death. Blamed for a string of crimes committed throughout the community, scrambling for the truth, Isaac finds the small town of Rooksville has things that aren't talked about, and to prove his innocence, he has to let the venom the town has hidden be known. "Mercy Creek" is an enticing read that will prove very hard to put down.

Object of Betrayal
Jerry Labriola
Strong Books
PO Box 967
Middlebury, CT 06762
9781928782377, $24.95,

Our secrets are hidden in layers and layers behind everything. "Object of Betrayal" follows former Navy man Matt Doyle as his attempts to become a writer are derailed by the deep corruption of the mob and the death that follows. As the plot expands to include a monastery, a burned inn, and a chance at love, truth will turn stranger than fiction. "Object of Betrayal" is a fun and fast paced read that should prove hard to put down.

The Self-Help Shelf

At Left Brain Turn Right
Anthony Meindl
Meta Creative
7801 Melrose Ave #6
Los Angeles, CA 90046
9780615534862, $19.95,

The fear of ourselves stops us from doing the things we seek more than anything else. "At Left Brain Turn Right: An Uncommon Path to Shutting Up Your Inner Critic, Giving Fear the Finger, and Having An Amazing Life" is a blend of inspiration and psychology from Anthony Meindl, who encourages readers to manage their left side of their brain, the cold, logical side, so that it doesn't sabotage the pursuit of their dreams. With inspiration and thought to better balance fear with drive, "At Left Brain Turn Right" is a choice addition to any community library self-help and inspiration collection.

Jo Ann Darby
Warren Publishing
17039 Kenton Drive, 101-B
Cornelius, NC 28031
9781886057654, $12.95,

Friendship can help one through the worst of many situations. "MGFL!: Much Girlfriend Love" is an inspirational read from Jo Ann Darby as she presents bits and pieces in the style of wisdom you would get for those closest confidants in your life, your girlfriends. "MGFL!" is a humorous yet practical and wise read, not to be overlooked.

Mastering a Healthy Self Image
Darrell Knoch
True Wealth University
1740 Dell Range Bouelvard
Suite H-166, Cheyenne, WY 82009
9780615540597, $19.95,

Positivity is truly a powerful thing. "Mastering a Healthy Self Image: The Guidebook to Real Happiness and Enormous Success" is an inspirational book from Darrell Knoch who encourages optimism and good thinking, asking readers to dispel doubt and push themselves forward, be a positive leader for others, and never settle for anything less than your best. "Mastering a Healthy Self Image" is a strong pick for any motivational and inspirational collection, and for anyone who wants to believe in themselves and make those beliefs a reality.

The Christian Studies Shelf

The Bondservant's Life
John Brenner Chandler
Doulos Books
15350 Dawkins Road
Rapid City, South Dakota 57703
9780983810209 $29.99

Author John Brenner Chandler has served in various aspects of ministry for assorted denominational and non-denominational churches for over thirty years, including intercessory prayer ministry and teaching Sunday School. In The Bondservant's Life, Chandler shares his understanding of what it truly means to follow the word of Christ, pledging loyalty to Him as one of His eternally faithful bondservants. Chapters address what it truly means to be a faithful bondservant to Christ, and how it transforms one's life; why Christ's bondservants have a duty to labor and struggle for the greater good even though salvation is assured; the role that "works" play in one's journey as a believer; and much more. "The common denominator for nearly all biblical teaching on sin is that it leads to death. John talks of sin that does not lead to death, and we can only conclude this sin is committed by the believer who has godly sorrow for having committed it (1 John 5:16-17). God is faithful to forgive those in Christ who fall into sin and sincerely repent." A powerful testimony of everlasting faith, and the humility and resolve to serve Christ, The Bondservant's Life is highly recommended spiritual reading for devout Christians.

Christ's Ventriloquists
Eric Zuesse
Hyacinth Editions
PO Box 6568
New York, NY 10022
9780615573014, $20.00

The history of Jesus of Nazareth is one riddled with mystery. "Christ's Ventriloquists: The Event that Started Christianity" argues that the Christian church was not created by Jesus, but instead Paul, who opposed Jesus choosing his brother James as his successor. Eric Zuesse uses his own study to argue his case, depicting a religious and political struggle in 50 AD that has formed the base of the western world in the past two thousand years. "Christ's Ventriloquists" presents an intriguing and possibly true telling of the events that are never spoken of, very much recommended.

From Inspiration to Understanding
Edward W. H. Vick
Energion Publications
PO Box 841, Gonzalez, FL 32560
9781893729100, $24.99,

Two thousand years of time can lead to many misunderstandings of a text. "From Inspiration to Understanding: Reading the Bible Seriously and Faithfully" discusses how to better approach the Bible to read it with a clearer understanding of the scripture. Edward W. H. Vick presents the many paths to understanding, the literal and non-literal, the old and new testaments and the highly debated book of Revelations. For any amateur or biblical scholar, the thoughts within "From Inspiration to Understanding" are very much worth considering, highly recommended.

The Sports Shelf

Fantasy Hockey
Sam Hendricks
Extra Point Press
PO Box 206, Forest, VA 24551
9781936635108, $14.95,

The aspect of fantasy sports is to play one's own triumphant knowledge over another's. "Fantasy Hockey: The Ultimate "How-To" Guide for Fantasy Hockey Players" is a guide to gaining an edge in fantasy hockey, as Sam Hendricks explores the nature of fantasy hockey, finding the right place to play, understanding the game, and how to tweak your team to carry out the best possible chance at victory. "Fantasy Hockey" is not to be missed for hockey fans who want to bring another angle to their game.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

The Introvert's Guide to Professional Success
Joyce Shelleman, Ph.D.
Snowy Ridge Studio
PO Box 234, Wiscasset, Maine 04578-0234
9780983108405 $16.95

The Introvert's Guide to Professional Success: How to Let Your Quiet Competence Be Your Career Advantage is a no-nonsense career guide written especially for introverts - talented, hardworking people whose weaknesses include such traits as shyness or being uncomfortable with social skills. Chapters discuss how to identify one's stakeholders - that is, those individuals who can directly affect one's career success or be affected by one's career success - learning to exercise one's influence, the value of rehearsing before confronting people, crucial aspects of communication from proper listening to reciprocity to assertive interactions, coping with social anxiety, and much more. "The most effective way to combat the discomfort of professional interactions and the corresponding inaccurate judgments sometimes made is to rely on the strengths of introversion. This turns the situation on its head and takes you from a position of weakness to a position of strength. By taking control, you are proactive in establishing your professional reputation for yourself rather than defending it against the assumptions others make about you." Highly recommended as a supplementary career resource for readers of all emotional traits - even the most charismatic extroverts can learn crucial social interaction lessons from this sensible, accessible, and absolutely invaluable guide!

Nontraditional Careers for Women and Men
Andrew G. Morkes, editor
College & Career Press
PO Box 300484
Chicago, IL 60630
9780974525198, $19.95,

What may be someone's future may be something they never expected. "Nontraditional Careers for Women and Men" discusses growing nontraditional careers throughout the country for both m en and women. From women breaking gender barriers as firefighters and police officers, to men serving as nurses as low level education teachers and much more, for those considering an original path through their careers, "Nontraditional Careers for Women and Men" is a choice pick for job hunters and career reference collections.

The LGBT Shelf

Secret Selves
Jamie Johnson
Transitions Studios
238 Lynx Hollow Road
Pakenham, ON, Canada K0A 2X0
9780987845009, $16.00,

Normalcy has always been a lie. "Secret Selves" is a memoir from Jamie Johnson, as she faces challenges that would terrify most mothers, including her. When her tomboyish daughter revealed she was transgender, she struggled to cope, and the unique mental nature of her other son added more. A story of parental love and trying to find the ability to support in imperfection, "Secret Selves" is a fine read for any parent who may be also struggling with their own pasts.

Women's Studies Shelf

Women's History for Beginners
Bonnie J. Morris, Ph. D.
For Beginners, LLC
155 Main Street, Suite 211, Danbury, CT 06810
9781934389607, $16.99,

There are many women who dared to make a difference throughout history for justice or for need. "Women's History for Beginners" is a collection to introduce readers to women's history and the ideas of feminism throughout human existence, across the world and across many cultures. A fascinating read that covers the role of many women throughout history and the long fight for anything resembling equality, "Women's History for Beginners" is a highly intriguing study of history and the place of women throughout.

Women in Cuba
Vilma Espin, Asela de los Santos, Yolanda Ferrer
PO Box 162767, Atlanta, GA 30321-2767
9781604880366, $20.00,

When you don't discredit fifty percent of your population, you can get things done. "Women in Cuba: The Making of a Revolution within the Revolution" discusses the Cuban revolution of sixty years ago, and how Cuba's own revolution was fueled by women taking a proper role, explained by -infamous or famous dictator, depending on one's own views - Fidel Castro as a moral necessity. A fascinating look into women's rights in Cuba, "Women in Cuba" is a strongly recommended pick for any women's studies collections.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

The Death of Calvinism
Dr. Edwin Vrell
Inkwater Press
6750 SW Franklin Street Suite A
Portland, OR 97223-2542
9781592994779, $23.95,

Protestantism gave credence to reformers, it also gave a place for extremists. "The Death of Calvinism" discusses this major faith of the Protestant Reformation, and the entries into the Christian debate and philosophy that it brought. Dr. Edwin Vrell argues that the ideas brought to the table with the Calvinist ideas stifled reformation and debate for Christianity. Offering a history, rise and decline of the faith in Colonial and National America, "The Death of Calvinism" is an intriguing addition to the debates of faith and philosophy for Christian thinkers.

Do You Remember?
Arlene Graston
Jane Kahan Gallery
922 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10021
9780984881406, $20.95,

The peace of mind we all seek is often impossible to find. "Do You Remember?: Whispers from a Spiritual World" is an exploration of spirituality from Arlene Graston, as she advises readers on finding their own path to enlightenment and thought. With a thought and enthusiasm for dreams and serenity, "Do You Remember?" is a choice pick for those who want a trip into their own mind and peace of their own psyche.

Seeing, Knowing, Being
John Greer
True Compass Press
4728 Spottswood Ave, No. 184
Memphis, TN 38117
9780615521831, $14.95,

To know the self is something harder than one would believe. "Seeing, Knowing, Being: A Guide to Sacred Awakenings" is a thoughtful exploration of the self and thought from John Greer as he presents a spiritual discussion that takes from many faiths to encourage people to find their nature and embrace it, no matter what one may call their traditional faith. With much to ponder and contemplate, "Seeing, Knowing, Being" is a strong addition to any spiritual reader's collection.

The Islamic Studies Shelf

Would You Like to Know Something About Islam?
Mohammad M. Ahmed
Crescent Books Inc.
PO Box 786, Wingdale, NY 12594-1435
9780983600312, $26.95,

Islam is perhaps the most misunderstood faith in the world today. "Would You Like to Know Something About Islam?: The Time is Ripe" is an exploration of Islamic philosophy from Mohammad M. Ahmed as he explores and presents the knowledge of Islam, hoping to explain the faiths perspective and knowledge, to help fill the gap of misunderstanding that stands between the faith of Mohammad and the other faiths that follow the God of Abraham. "Would You Like to Know Something About Islam?" is a strong addition to any Islamic or religious studies collection.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Behind the Dolphin Smile
Richard O'Barry
Earth Aware Editions
PO Box 3088, San Rafael, CA 94912
9781608871056, $15.99,

For one's beliefs, one will tempt the law. "Behind the Dolphin Smile: One Man's Campaign to Protect the World's Dolphins" is the memoir of Richard O'Barry, a dolphin trainer turned freedom activist who actively sought to free dolphins from captivity, gaining him many arrests. Undaunted, he still advocates dolphin freedom from what he believes is exploitation and abuse. "Behind the Dolphin Smile" is an excellent and much recommended read for those who want to understand the push for dolphin liberation.

The Business Shelf

Own Your Niche
Stephanie Chandler
Authority Publishing
11230 Gold Express Dr. #310-413
Gold River, CA 95670
9781935953289, $19.99,

The best businesses find a solution to a problem that hasn't yet been solved. "Own Your Niche: Hype-Free Internet Marketing Tactics to Establish Authority in Your Field and Promote Your Service-Based Business" is a guide to finding the originality that will make your business stand out and get actual business going. From getting the word out, building brand loyalty, and much more, "Own Your Niche" is an invaluable reference that shouldn't be overlooked by anyone trying to forge their own way in today's business world.

Bryan T. Blunt
QW Press
PO Box 3383
Arizona City, AZ 85123
9780578079608, $39.95,

Quality, speed, and expense are three major components to business success, and if one fails, it may take the other two with it "Turnaround" is a business guide from Bryan T. Blunt, as he advises readers on how to gain a more complete view of their business, optimize their businesses weaknesses, and gain that level of productivity needed to grow forward and succeed. "Turnaround" is an excellent pick for any business who wants to overcome those weaknesses to flourish.

Mike Richardson
No Limit Publishing Group
123 E Baseline Road, D-108
Tempe, AZ 85283
9781614660217, $24.95,

Acting swiftly is key to business success in today's world. "Wheelspin: The Agile Executive's Manifesto: Accelerate Your Growth, Leverage Your Value, Beat Your Competition" is a guide to a more active leadership style in the business world. Stating that the business world is far from constant, Mike Richardson suggests businesses try to mange quickly and react to major events which change the prices and demands of the world. "Wheelspin" is an intellectual delve into smart management that any business leader should consider.

The Education Shelf

Guide to Summer Programs
Alloy Education
Porter Sargent Handbooks
2 Lan Dr., Ste. 100
Westford, MA 01886
9780875581736, $45.00,

Summer is used for rest for some, but the truly driven look at is as more time to learn. "Guide to Summer Programs" is the 2012/2013 of the biennial publication, exploring the programs available in universities and colleges all across the country. Comprehensive in its listing, it covers summer camps, adult learning, religious camps, musical, sports, and much more. For anyone pursuing summer programs for either themselves or their children, "Guide to Summer Programs" from Porter Sargent Handbooks can't be overlooked.

The Music Shelf

KD: A Jazz Biography
Dave Oliphant
Wings Press
627 E. Guenther
San Antonio, TX 78210
9780916727956, $19.95,

Good music and good soul is something that is truly timeless. In "KD: A Jazz Biography", dedicated poet, and historian and lover of Jazz Dave Oliphant chronicles world renowned Jazz trumpeter Kenny Dorham. Oliphant traces Dorham's late-starting career, his meetings with the great names of Jazz in the day, his connections with them, and his creation of heartfelt music. For any intrigued by Jazz history, "KD: A Jazz Biography" is a read that shouldn't be overlooked, and especially recommended for music history collections.

The Poetry Shelf

The Hudson Line
Margo Taft Stever
Main Street Rag
PO Box 690100
Charlotte, NC 28227
9781599483382, $10.00,

Prolific and award winning poet Margo Taft Stever presents "The Hudson Line", continues her original brand of poetry, speaking on the many topics of life and our way through, speaking form her heart and Hudson Valley. "The Hudson Line" is a strong pick for any general poetry collection. "Ocean Birds": Jealous is the night, the feckless night, coming over us/as water into sea,/the forceful day's geography turned black.//Your body is the sea/I float upon, your skin/becomes the waves./Nothing will ever bring you here to me, nothing/will ever call you back.

The Social Issues Shelf

Wisdom Under the Bridge
Linda Ross Swanson
LRS Pastoral Care Enterprises, LLC
9781463530594, $18.95,

The struggle to simply survive is a struggle most of us don't truly understand. "Wisdom Under the Bridge: The Prophets from Skid Row" is a collection of stories collected form those faced with the rough journey of homelessness as Linda Ross Swanson walks readers into the stories of those fighting to survive, and what can be learned from their stories, and what can be done to improve their plight. An enlightening read, "Wisdom Under the Bridge" is a strongly recommended pick for inspirational and social issues collections.

The American History Shelf

The Edge of New Netherland
Charles T. Gehring
L. F. Tantillo
243 Irish Hill Road, Nassau, NY 12123
9781461060956, $22.50,

New York has not always been New York; its roots are as New Amsterdam. "The Edge of New Netherland: With a Historical Overview of the Delaware River" discusses the Dutch colonization of what is now the North-Eastern United States and New England. A unique collection of colonies, Charles T. Gehring provides a fascinating walk into history, its foundation, and its transition into British hands. "The Edge of New Netherland" is a strong addition to any history collection focusing on colonial America.

The Cookbook Shelf

Recipes Menus Prayers
Carolyn Anderson
Dinner Table Books
164 Mason Street, Greenwich, CT 06830
9780615558134, $15.95,

For Christian families, the dinner table seems to have lost its prominence. "Recipes, Menus, Prayers" is a Christian cookbook from Carolyn Anderson who encourages readers and cooks to create fantastic meals for any tastes, and bring the family back together through prayer and dedication. "Recipes, Menus, Prayers" is a strong read for any cook who wants to make dinner a filling meal, both physically and spiritually.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Auras & Colors
Kevin J. Todeschi & Carol Ann Liaros
Edgar Cayce's ARE
215 67th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451-2061
9780876046128, $15.95,

An overview of spirit, to try to read people is what many followers of metaphysical philosophy seek. "Auras & Colors: Learn to Understand Color and See Auras" is a discussion of the practice from Kevin J. Todeschi & Carol Ann Liaros, writers of the Edgar Cacyce Association for Research and Enlightenment, show how to read people, gain grasp of their auras. For students and the curious, "Auras & Colors" may be a strongly worthwhile pick, highly recommended.

The Relationship Shelf

How to Have a Match Made
Ariel & Shya Kane
c/o Sgarlat Publicity
PO Box 4204, Charlottesville, VA 22905-4204
9781888043020, $15.95,

A lifelong union is something to be cherished. "How to Have a Match Made in Heaven: A Transformational Approach to Dating, Relating, and Marriage" is a relationship guide from Ariel & Shya Kane as they share their own endeavors to finding something special and making it last, no matter where you are in relationship status. With honest and practical knowledge, "How to Have a Match Made in Heaven" is a strong pick for anyone seeking to find something that works or make what they have work for the long term.

The Biography Shelf

Douglas Gillies
East Beach Press
PO Box 6890, Santa Barbara, CA 93160-6890
0970270534, $24.95,

The effects of World War I and II were amplified by their closeness in time, providing two generations fatigued by war. "Prophet: The Hatmaker's Son, the Life of Robert Muller" follows the story of Robert Muller who, having experienced the two great wars, wished to do what he could to push for persisting peace. Dedicating his life to extending European peace, he never let those dreams escape him. "Prophet" is a strong pick for community and library collections dedicated to history and biography, very much recommended.

The Buddhist Studies Shelf

An Introspective Guide to Zen Awakening
Dale & Barbara Verkuilen
Firethroat Press
2789 Marledge St. Madison, WI 53711
9780983097228, $15.95,

Enlightenment comes in many shapes and sizes. "Tending the Fire: An Introspective Guide to Zen Awakening" is a spiritual guide from Dale & Barbara Verkuilen as the pair ponder their connections to Buddhism and trying to find a higher nature of their lives and grapple with the drive and spirituality of life. With a touch of western philosophy, the couple do well in introducing readers and introducing them to the ins and outs of Zen Buddhism, "Tending the Fire" is an excellent addition to spirituality, philosophy, or Buddhist collections.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

The Curse of the Masking-Tape Mummy
Scott Meyer
Don't Eat Any Bugs Production
PO Box 291, Tehachapi, CA 93581
9780980231496, $14.95,

Trying to be knowledgeable in today's world is always asking for trouble. "The Curse of the Masking-Tape Mummy" is a collection of comics from Scott Meyer's 'Basic Instructions' webcomic, presenting his daily struggle in his workplace and trying to get by in a world where the idiocy of everyone round him would make anyone consider a new career. "The Curse of the Masking-Tape Mummy" is a fine collection of comics, sure to please anyone who has experienced workplace stupidity firsthand - i.e. everyone.

The Parenting Shelf

The Truly Alive Child
Simon Paul Harrison
Fox Walking Publishing
354 Apple Valley Rd, Lyons, CO 80540
9780983483625, $16.95,

The future is a goal that far too many people forget. "The Truly Alive Child: For Those Who Seek a Grander Vision for Our Children" is a powerful read from Simon Paul Harrison who encourages greater pushes to help humanity through tough times and gain a more complete pursuit of peace and prosperity through encouraging education and making sure to make time for our children. "The Truly Alive Child" is an inspirational and strongly recommended read for any parent who hopes for an optimistic future.

The Writing/Publishing Shelf

Women Writing on Family
Carol Smallwood & Suzann Holland
The Key Publishing House Inc.
1075 Bay St. Suite A102/230
Toronto Ontario M5S 2B2 Canada
9781926780139, $27.99,

Even as women move out of the home to become their own people, the family remains very important. "Women Writing on Family: Tips on Writing, Teaching, and Publishing" is a collection of essays from many women and writers who talk on their lives as professionals and life, touching on their places as mothers and wives trying to push their lives forward with a full plate. "Women Writing on Family" is a profound and thoughtful collection that should ring true for any career woman, mother, or lover.

The Money/Finance Shelf

On Your Own, fifth edition
Alexandra Armstrong, CFP & Mary R. Donahue, Ph. D.
On Your Own Publishing Company
1850 M Street, NW Suite 250
Washington, DC 20036-5813
9780978714819, $19.99,

Widowhood leaves one questioning how they can go on. "On Your Own: A Widow's Passage to Emotional and Financial Well-Being" discusses the challenges of facing life by oneself, but not alone. Alexandra Armstrong & Mary R. Donahue provide a powerful and much recommended read for those who are coping with loss, trying to manage their finances, and preparing themselves for the rest of their life. "On Your Own" is a top pick for inspirational and motivational collections.

The Science Shelf

Prologue to Super Quantum Mechanics
Victor Vaguine
PO Box 742694
Dallas, TX 75374-2694
9781936795109, $29.95,

As you go deeper and deeper into more complicated science, it becomes more and more uncertain. "Prologue to Super Quantum Mechanics: Something is Rotten in the State of Quantum Mechanics" discusses the higher thoughts that go into the high-end sciences of the universe and theoretical sciences. For those who ponder about this greater paradigm of thought, "Prologue to Super Quantum Mechanics" may be well worth considering.

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