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Reviewer's Choice

Acquired Tastes
Massimo Marcone
Key Porter Books
6 Adelaide Street East, 10th Floor, Toronto, ON M5C 1H6
9781554702794, $19.95,

If it's organic and not too hard, Humanity has tried to eat it. "Acquired Tastes: On the Trail of the World's Most Sought-After Delicacies" discusses the strange and bizarre of the human palette ranging from the obvious insects to the rotten meat of sharks in Iceland, Professor Massimo Marcone gives readers a fine exploration of humanity's unique tastes all over the world and tries to find the origins of why these more unusual meals became common place and sought after. "Acquired Tastes" is a strongly recommended pick for those intrigued by what the world eats.

Artificial Intelligence Around Us
Yuri Iserlis
Bookstand Publishing
305 Vineyard Town Center, Suite 302, Morgan Hill, CA 95037
9781589096684, $24.95,

Artificial intelligence already exists in today's world, and has forever changed it. "Artificial Intelligence Around Us" discusses artificial intelligence and its impact on today's world and the near future. Discussing how deep artificial intelligence has taken root in today's world and its countless applications, and how it will keep changing the future, "Artificial Intelligence Around Us" is a top pick for those who want to truly understand artificial intelligence.

The Relationship Shelf

Doug & Jackie Christie
Infinite Love Publishing
15127 NE 24th Street #341, Redmond, WA 98052
9780979482793, $12.95,

That original spark never has to die. "Luv-Pons!: A Fun Variety Love & Romance Guide for Couples" is a guide to spicing up one's love life, providing a wide array of thoughts and ideas to keeping that love strong even as the years drag on. Packed in the back are 'luv-pons', coupons to be redeemed for countless things such as salsa dancing, yoga, even sexy movies. "Luv-Pons!" is a top pick for those who want to keep the fun and excitement into an aging relationship.

Love & Pornography
Victioria & Garry Prater
TrueWind Publishing
8621 N Star Blaze Dr. Crystal River, FL 34428
9780981874388, $18.95,

Men like naked women and no amount of nagging from their wife is going to change that. "Love & Pornography: Dealing with Porn and Saving Your Relationship" is a different sort of porn addiction book, stating that an interest in pornography is not something that needs to be routed completely like a drug addiction, but rather moderated and understood between the porn lover and his real lover. It's about understanding each others needs and wants, and embracing compromise. "Love & Pornography" is an even-headed guide to fixing one's problems with porn by looking at the real causes and concerns.

Bring Yourself to Love
Mona Barbera
DOS Monos Press
PO Box 300469, Boston, MA 02130
9781934787038, $16.95,

A bit of intimacy can bring that fire right back. "Bring Yourself to Love: How Couples Can Turn Disconnection Into Intimacy" is a guide to bringing intimacy back into a relationship which has lost that uniting spark that kept it going for so long. Finding that spark once more can make the old new, and Mono Barbera comes to readers with much in the way of good ideas to reach that goal. "Bring Yourself to Love" is a top pick for those who don't want to give up on decades of love.

The Fiction Shelf

Submarine Commander Jodi Bennington
Don Napolitano
River City Publishing Corporation
1616 Sierra Madre Circle, Placentia, CA 92870
9780578018126, $16.50,

Making tough decisions is never going to win one a popularity contest. "Submarine Commander Jodi Bennington" tells the story of nuclear submarine commander Jodi Bennington as she's faced with a rogue British submarine carrying Nuclear weapons. Faced with the challenge and conflicts with the British government and faced with the lack of respect from her crew, "Submarine Commander Jodi Bennington" is a riveting read of military intrigue and the power of a driven woman.

La Immigrata: Volumes 1 & 2
Anna Florin
Featherwood Publishing Company
10331 Springcrest Lane, South Jordan, UT 84095
Book One: 9781935685029, $25.00
Book Two: 9781935685029, $25.00

Between 1892 and 1924 more than 20 million immigrants (most of whom came from southern European homelands) passed through Ellis Island for the purpose of settling in America and beginning a new life for themselves and their families. "La Immigrata" by Anna Florin is a superbly told, two volume novel that, although a work of fiction, accurately portrays what Annie, an immigrant from Sicily who came to reunite with her husband Joe, experienced, from the crossing of the Atlantic in 1912, through trekking across America to ultimately settle in the state of Utah. There were a great many cultural shocks stemming from the rapid changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution which was in full swing, from the impact of electricity and so many new inventions on ordinary lives, and the ramifications of the outbreak of war in 1914 -- including public feelings with respect immigrants suspected of divided loyalties. "La Immigrata" goes on with Annie and Joe living through the American post-war years of the 1920s when immigrants from southern Europe, as well as immigrants of color from China, Japan, and Mexico, were increasingly discriminated against. Then there were the 1930s, Prohibition, the Great Depression, their children and grandchildren growing up 'American', life during World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam, all this and more. "La Immigrata" is a superbly crafted two volume saga filled with insight, drama, and life stories that will thoroughly engage the rapt attention of the reader from beginning to end. Highly recommended, especially for community libraries on tight budgets, is that "La Immigrata" can be purchased for $30.00 as a two volume set directly from the publisher.

Short Circus
Stephen V. Masse
Good Harbor Press
80 Walsh Street, Medofrd, MA 02155
9780615320571, $20.00,

Even the best of times can turn sour quickly. "Short Circus" is a novel telling of one exceptional summer for Jem Lockwood where he experiences the time of his life with his big brother Jesse but soon finds that his big Brother may need a big brother of his own to face the cruelty of reality where Jesse may lose his home. A story of a young boy and his mentor and the benefits of such relationships to both parties, "Short Circus" is a charming read younger readers will relish.

Christine Racheal
Triple Crown Publications
PO Box 6888, Columbus, OH 43205
9780982588895, $15.00,

How can one who deals in passion for money be so lonely? "Trickery" tells the tragic tale of Taj Jenson who despite her career as a popular attraction as a Lesbian for pay. But when she meets San, her life may radically change. But old habits die hard, and soon San may find herself split between love and her old life which wasn't too bad either, "Trickery" is an entertaining novel of a woman making her way in the world, highly recommended.

The Gaelic Letters
R. Thomas Roe
Signalman Publishing
3209 Stonehurst Cir, Kissimmee, FL 34741
9780984061440, $16.99,

Many American's roots trace back to Europe, some more strongly than others. "The Gaelic Letters: A Novel of the Almost Perfect Crime" tells the tale of Quinn Parker, a man who tries to find his family history, tracing it back to when his family came to America during the great potato famine. With letters written in Gaelic, Quinn finds that what his family left behind was more than just a few that didn't wish to come to America, but a massive criminal conspiracy that may be far more than he ever bargained for. "The Gaelic Letters" is a captivating read, worth getting.

Whisper of the Seventh Thunder
Larry Brooks
Sons of Liberty Publishing
38 Carlene Drive, Nashua, NH 03062
9780982403532, $17.00,

The end of the world could be lying in the far flung future or be right under our noses. "Whisper of the Seventh Thunder" tells the story of Gabriel Stone, a novelist who may be on the grounds of the apocalypse through his work, as the book of Revelations is defied with his work. A religious thriller that delves into the subject of apocalypse well, "Whisper of the Seventh Thunder" is an exciting and very highly recommended read.

The Weaving
Gerald Costlow
Pill Hill Press
343 W 4th St., Chadron, NE 69337
9781617060076, $15.99

When one creates a problem, it's only proper to solve it. "The Weaving" tells the story of witch Rose, who begins her search for true love. But in the process, she releases Lilith, a demon bent on controlling the world. Using her magic and her connections, she must banish the demon back to whence it came, but not before learning valuable lessons along the way. "The Weaving" is a charming fantasy that young readers will relish.

Behind Green Glass
Amanda Von Hoffmann
Soto Publishing Company
PO Box 10, Dade City, FL 33526
9780982534519, $8.95,

Nobody's perfect, and the closest to perfection one can be is to deal with those imperfections. "Behind Green Glass" is the tale of Isolde and her strange new friend Lyric. In a realm of fairies, the two learn much about themselves and the world around them as author Amanda Von Hoffmann gives young readers an encouraging novel about facing one's imperfections. "Behind Green Glass" is uplifting and highly recommended.

High Country
Harold G. Ross
Harold G. Ross Publishing
9780980163490, $16.95,

When Trent Kinney was six years old, his parents died. An orphan in Virginia just prior to the outbreak of the Civil War, he was adopted only to be orphaned for a second time. At the age of fifteen, Trent encountered a gunman whom he came to respect and headed with out west. It was growing up in the frontier that his adventures began, first in wide open Kansas cow town of Kansas, then on to Colorado and New Mexico country. Ultimately finding a forgotten Spanish gold mine. The problem was that the mine was deep into Apache controlled territory!. "High Country" is a deftly written and riveting western, a novel composed and presented by a master storyteller of the first rank, making it a highly recommended selection for personal reading lists and community library collections. Readers new to Harold G. Ross will also want to look up his previous novels: Brannick (Sunflower University Press, 9780897452427, $9.99); Horizons West (Sunflower Univ Press, 9780897452601, $14.95; The Emerald Prairie (Sunflower University Press, 9780897452748, $14.95) ; Uncharted Journey (Sunflower University Press, 9780897452779, $16.95); Comanche Crossing (Harold G. Ross Publishing, 9780971544086, $2.90); Across the Purple Divide (Harold G. Ross Publishing, 9780971544024, $16.95); and Shannon (Harold G. Ross Publishing, 9780980163421, $16.95).

Faster Pastor
Sharyn McCrumb & Adam Edwards
Inglais Publishing Group
PO Box 2500, Banner Elk, NC 28604
9781932158885, $23.95

When you leave behind charity, you can be as eccentric as you please. "Faster Pastor" is a unique novel following NASCAR driver Camber Berkeley, as he finds himself in debt to society and entwined with the death of an eccentric racing fan who wants to leave his two million fortune to the winner of a race between pastors of the local churches. Berkeley finds himself having to teach these pastors how to handle stock car racing, and through the technical expertise of NASCAR driver Adam Edwards and novelist Sharyn McCrumb, a unique story is formed. "Faster Pastor" is a read that racing fans will relish.

Mourning Becomes Cassandra
Christina Dudley
Bella Vita
10242 Southeast 8th, St., Bellevue, WA 98004
9780615289779, $15.95

Just because you lose your soulmate, it doesn't mean your life is over. "Mourning Becomes Cassandra" follows young widow Cass Ewan, who is trying to pick up her life after the loss of her husband and daughter. When a troubled teenager enters her life, she soon finds that moping around for the rest of her days may not be the best thing for her, and her adventures with her new teen friend leads her to restarting her life at 32. "Mourning Becomes Cassandra" is a fun and highly recommended read that shouldn't be overlooked.

The Wind in the Woods
Rose Senehi
Canterbury House Publishing
225 Ira Harmon Road, Vilas, NC 28692
9780982539620, $15.95,

A love of nature can lead to very different events in one's life. "The Wind in the Woods" tells the tale of Tiger Morrison, as he continues his devotion to the Green River Valley. While he may stumble upon love once more, he has to help his son come into his own in his world, but more frighteningly, someone may be after his beloved daughter with cruel and violent intentions. An exciting nonstop story intertwines these ideas and makes "The Wind in the Woods" a choice pick for fiction lovers.

King Abdullah's Tomb
Linda and Gary Cargill
Cheops Books
8746 E. Wallen Ridge Dr., Tuscon, AZ 85710-6235
9780962725838, $19.95,

The curse of the Pharaohs may be a bit more based in reality as Edward soon learns. "King Abdullah's Tomb" tells the story of Lieutenant Edward Ware as he flees the saboteurs in Egypt for his very life. The plot that consumes him and the thousand year old tomb of Abdullah may lead to him going with Lawrence of Arabia to save his own life and get to the bottom of the mystery. "King Abdullah's Tomb" is a riveting and highly recommended read, not to be missed.

Five-Star Fleecing
Maura Stone
A Written in Stone Publication
3555 29th Street Suite 4D, Astoria, NY 11106
9781449932299, $25.00,

Even the classiest isn't immune from the lowest common denominator. "Five-Star Fleecing" looks into the life of Linda Lane, as she embraces her new career as manager of the Supreme Superior, a five star New York City hotel. But her classy career is not what it's cracked up to be as she soon finds herself again associating with criminals. Presented as a dark comedy, "Five-Star Fleecing" is a humorous delve into the underworld of class, highly recommended.

Stewart Parks
Plowshare Media
PO Box 278, La Jolla, CA 92038
9780982114537, $15.95,

A slight alteration of history and everything is different. "Beep!" is the story of Bob B. Pilhaus, known as Beep as he drifts through his early twenties across the country and the early seventies. When he meets Esmeralda, a woman who will change Beep's life forever, and it may not just be his future either. Taking a unique spin on the concept of time travel and living one's life differently, "Beep!" is a fascinating and highly entertaining read that shouldn't be missed.

Stephanie A. Duckworth-Elliott
Wampum Books
115A Pine Street, Greenwich, CT 06830
9780984201204, $12.95,

Everyone comes from different heritages, and that's what makes them unique. "Poneasequa: Goddess of the Waters" tells the story of young McKenzie finding the tales behind her Wampanoag heritage as she looks back into her history for a school report. Through her educational endeavors, she finds more than enough to change her life and view of her ancestors. "Poneasequa" is a top pick for any who want to help inspire their children to value heritage.

At Death's Door With a Will to Live
Betty Sue Houle
Faith Books, Inc.
42769 Highway 27, Lot 144, Davenport, FL 33837
9780615335926, $15.95

Beware the evil man of faith. "At Death's Door... With a Will to Live" tells the story of Connie Jo, as she copes with her recent widowhood by meeting pastor Del Mobley, a pastor. But Del is no man of following Christ though his actions and soon Connie finds herself exploited in countless ways trying to find the strength she needs to stand up to him. "At Death's Door" is a fascinating novel that rings all too true with many situations for women in the modern world.

The Gem Merchants
Ray Ferguson
Piermont Gem Publishers
PO Box 87, Atlantic Beach, NY 11509
9780982103401, $22.95

In pursuit of profit, there is nothing some won't do. "The Gem Merchants" is a thriller following ambitious Mark Branson as he dives into the heart of African mines in search of Emeralds to make his fortune. Not a trade condoned, he finds his path to fortune littered with strange and deadly characters, as he finds himself undeterred on his road. A fun and adventurous read, "The Gem Merchants" is a top pick for any thriller reader.

Wild Punch
Creston Lea
Turtle Point Press
233 Broadway, Room 946, New York, NY 10279
9781933527406, $15.95,

Creators of one thing can be creators of others. "Wild Punch" is a collection of short stories from Creston Lea, a builder of instruments. An artistic man, he creates stories driven by compelling characters and his themes are strong which inspire much in the way of wisdom. For lovers of short fiction, "Wild Punch" seems to be an ideal pick, and a strong addition to any short fiction collection.

Dead Beyond the Fence
Brian Kaufman
Dark Silo Press
PO Box 1712, Fort Collins, CO 80522-1712
9780615345789, $12.95

You can't kill what's already dead; instead, you may have to cure it. "Dead Beyond the Fence" is a classic zombie apocalypse novel that author Brian Kaufman hopes to put his new thoughts, ideas, and spin on. Holed up in Colorado, they race to find the cure for the zombie plague. A new spin on an old favorite, Kaufman also includes an epilogue novella in 'Dread Appetites'. "Dead Beyond the Fence" is a top pick for those who want to see something done with the zombie genre.

Fires of Rome
John Hagan
Rauson Group LLC
2513 Lockhill Selma #138, San Antonio, TX 78230
9780982082812, $36.95

The time of Jesus' life in Jerusalem was one where the Roman empire had a war within itself. "Fires of Rome" follows this era as the desires of Roman emperors, apostles spread the word of Christ against traditional religions, wars erupt with the empire's neighbors, and so much more. An exciting novel for those who love the classical setting, "Fires of Rome" is not a read to be missed.

Shadows & Light
Alva J. Roberts
Pill Hill Press
343 W 4th St., Chadron, NE 69337
9780984261000, $15.99,

Fantasy has always emphasized man battling an evil greater than themselves. "Shadows & Light: Tales of Lost Kingdoms" is a collection of fantasy short stories compiled by Alva J. Roberts, bring tales from many different authors, using their own interpretations of fantasy and the battles between man and an evil they can't comprehend. Drawing from traditional mythology to more original fantasies, "Shadows & Light" is a fine addition to any collection of short fiction.

Cloyne Court
Dodie Katague
Three Clover Press
c/o Lloyd Lofthouse
PO Box 4221, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
9780981955339, $15.95,

When you have two genders of college students close to each other, you're in for something interesting. "Cloyne Court" is a memoir from Dodie Katague reflecting on the time where the campus goes co-ed and he tells a story that is sure to entertain any of those who enjoy a good story of the world of the fraternities and sororities. " Cloyne Court" is a fine memoir and a read well worth considering.

In Green Pastures
Donna Westover Gallup
Cladach Publishing
PO Box 336144 Greeley, CO 80633
9780981892917, $11.99,

New money can change a lot of things in one's life. "In Green Pastures" is the third entry into the Mysterious Ways series. Charlie finds that he has millions he never knew he had before, but when he starts to travel to claim his fortune, he finds himself at odds with the criminals of the old west, as he tries to prove himself a man worthy of his fortune in tasks that won't be easy. "In Green Pastures" is a top pick for fans of historical fiction set in the old western era.

The Tale of Hodja Nasreddin
Leonid Solovyov
Transit Publishing
191 Summeridge Drive, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
9780981269504, $12.99,

There is justice in defying the law. "The Tale of Hodja Nasreddin: Disturber of the Pace" tells the story of legendary middle eastern folk hero Hodja Nasreddin, whose legend formed in the first half of the twentieth century. Returning from an exile, Hodja finds himself at odds against the oppressive rulers, and with his wits and mind, he faces off against the tyrants in the name of the people. "The Tale of Hodja Nasreddin" is for world fiction collections, masterfully translated by Michael Karpelson.

Fred R. Lybrand
Barnabas Agency
c/o B&B Media Group
109 S. Main St., Corsicana, TX 75110
9780578046525, $24.99,

Love is something only experience will truly teach you about. "Glaen" tells the story of Annie, as she plods through college trying to figure out the strange and hard to understand emotion of love, watching as her parents fall apart, her friends fall part before they even seal the deal, but she finds that teacher called Glaen has more to reach her than academics. "Glaen" is a charming and interesting read that many readers will relish.

Scaring the Crows
Gregory Miller
Stone Garden Publishing
3851 Cottonwood Dr., Danville, CA 94506
9781600761478, $7.95,

The scariest thing of all can be the truth. "Scaring the Crows: 21 Tales for Noon of Midnight" Is a collection of short stories from Gregory Miller as he uses many settings and many fears that all people have for any time during the day. From the conventionally scary to the fears that drain on people as they live their lives, "Scaring the Crows" is an exciting read that shouldn't be missed.

Delphine Pontvieux
Miss Nyet Publishing
PO Box 12436, Chicago, IL 60612
9780984217601, $18.95,

Fighting for one's beliefs is never an easy thing to do. "ETA: Estimated Time of Arrest" tells the story of young revolutionary Lorenzo Lartaun as he stands for his beliefs against the tumultuous government of Spain. Wrongfully accused of a bombing, he flees his homeland only to return years later and seeing nothing has changed as he would like it to. Finding love along the way, "ETA" is a riveting novel of fighting for one's beliefs against chaotic governments.

Then Face to Face
Carol Panerio
Pine Seed Press
381 Upper Valley Rd., Spearfish, SD 57783
9780615271781, $13.95,

Love is something one spends their entire life pursuing, be it romantic or familial. "Then Face to Face" follows Dante Carlucci, facing the potential end of his life. Brought up to seek love, he finds himself still seeking it as a widower, but not from a romantic angle, but instead for his son and daughter in law to accept him for who he is, but he soon finds that there must be change on multiple angles to accomplish some things. "Then Face to Face" is a poignant and moving read, well worth picking up.

The Poetry Shelf

By Heart
Judith Tannenbaum
New Village Press
PO Box 3049, Oakland, CA 94609
9780981559353, $20.00,

Finding a talent and nurturing is the goal of any teacher. "By Heart: Poetry, Prison, and Two Lives" tells the story of Judith Tannenbaum, a woman who taught poetry and literature in a San Quentin prison where she met Spoon Jackson, a man with a unique poetic talent that Judith did not want to waste. She tells their story and the two of them reflect on life, poetry, and the challenges an artist can face under the prison system. Intriguing and a fascinating read, "By Heart" is a worthwhile addition to any literary studies or memoir collection.

1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47403
1420848925, $11.50,

Life is nothing without the darkness to overcome. "Transcendental" is a collection of poetry from Pace, focusing on mankind's fight against what oppresses them, in all of its many forms. Inspirational and thoughtful verse, "Transcendental" is worth considering for poetry lovers. "Title in Description": To put it simply/If there was one word left out/That takes things to a new meaning/Everywhere the book is taken/That levitates itself outside the title seen/It would be "hopefully"/Hopefully this book transcends/Race, religion, sex, national origin/And any other petty differences that may arise in/every day life/...hopefully.

Seasons Of Defiance
Lance Lee
Birch Brook Press
PO Box 81, Delhi, NY 13753
9780978997472, $17.50,

At its best, poetry is meant to be read aloud with all the cadence, inflection, and oratorical skills that can be mustered by the performer. When it print these same functions are the province of punctuation and word positioning framed out on the linear structures of the paper. But even the these fundamental requirements necessitate that the substance of the poetry be present in its linguistically conjured imagery and meter. As so it is with the poetry of Lance Lee in "Seasons Of Defiance", his latest collection of memorable verse, all of which is highly recommended for personal reading lists, as well as both academic and community library collections. 'Timebends': The real melts -- even these streets, / time speeded, squirm like eels. / New walls rise modern, curving / through the old even as those fall. / Imagine my surprise at this oak leaf / pressed between poems long autumns / ago, unbroken as though diamond. / Why did I keep it? puzzles memory / melts the leaf in my mind. / One day i will be dust then something / strange, another day come with no oaks / to source the leaf's root and limb, / resolve the mystery of what blood flowed / in such brown veins. Even now / the streets eel, my door falls inward / and a new hall shapes to my feet / where faces pause to smile at me / whom I have never seen before.

High Notes
Lois Roma-Deeley
Benu Press
PO Box 5330, Hopkins, MN 55343-9998
9780981516394, $16.95,

Music is all too often the product of pain. "High Notes" is a collection of poetry focusing on the jazz scene of the 1950s, as award winning poet Lois Roma-Deeley uses verse and lyric to paint the soul of the period, a time where a clean Jazz musician was not something that happened. "High Notes" is a fascinating read, and is not to be ignored. "Retreat for a Blue Monk": Say it is a child's wish, this wanting and wail:/to be captured by the snare drum; to pass through/the snapping jaw of brass cymbals;/to slide down the throat of a horn-/head over bent knees - to live inside the trumpet's stomach--/where, after a mighty heave, I am reborn/with a caul and blue beret.

Sixty Sonnets
Ernest Hilbert
Red Hen Press
PO Box 3537, Granada Hills, CA 91394
9781597093613, $18.95,

The format of the sonnet has enticed as many poets as the sonnets themselves entice their readers. "Sixty Sonnets" is literally a collection of sixty sonnets from Ernest Hilbert as he runs with the format and does new and entertaining things with them. For lovers of the sonnet, "Sixty Sonnets" is not an anthology to ignore. "Domestic Situation": Maybe you've heard about this. Maybe not./A man came home and chucked his girlfriend's cat/In the wood chipper. This really happened./Dinner wasn't ready on time. A lot/Of the other little things went wrong. He spat/On her father who came out when he learned/About it. He also broke her pinky,/Stole her checks, and got her sister pregnant./But she stood by him, stood strong, through it all,/Because she loved him. She loved him, you see./She actually said that, and then she went/And married him. She felt some unique call./Don't try to understand what another/Person means by love. Don't even bother.

Chronicles of the Pig & Other Delusions
Edward Bruce Bynum
Lotus Press
PO Box 21607, Detroit, MI 48221
9780979750922, $18.00,

The Mind is a strange thing and analysis of it is not an exact science. "Chronicles of the Pig & Other Delusions" is a collection of poetry from Edward Bryce Bynum, a clinical psychology professional as he delves into the mind, and produces unique verse and fine poetry. "Chronicles of the Pig & Other Delusions" is an entertaining combination of academia and spirit, recommended. "Impressions": Rhythms navigate you./Nerve quick, poured light/Distilled from the mirror's quiet,//You know the innerspace between touch/And perception, let the inconceivable/Punctuate you.//Subtlety dialects your voice/Beyond the tone of your apprehensions;/Unintended movements even more express./Each day gentles with your arrival.

What to Tell the Sleeping Babies
MRB Chelko
Sunny Outside
PO Box 911, Buffalo, NY 14207
9781934513224, $12.00,

Experienced and widely published poet MRB Chelko comes to readers with "What to Tell the Sleeping Babies", her first chapbook. With brief bits of wisdom peppered through her verse, she makes her introduction well, as readers will be left awaiting more from her work. "What to Tell the Sleeping Babies" is hopefully the first of many poetry collections from MRB Chelko. "The Unplucked Fruit Hangs Itself": is all I can think/when I see a fly hurling itself at the light,//over and over,/like a bored child throwing a ball/against a garage door://its black body propelled by nothing.

The Biography Shelf

A Life on the Run
John Telford
Harmonie Park Press
35675 Mound Road, Liberty Professional Center, Sterling Heights, MI 48310
9780899901497, $24.95,

No one gets anywhere without offending someone. "A Life on the Run: Seeking and Safeguarding Social Justice" is a memoir from Dr. John Telford as he tells his story of his life as he made his way running through high school but being an endless problem child and being expelled. Despite his expulsion, he turned his life around to make a career of academics and being a social activist. A riveting and exciting story that doesn't skimp on the details, "A Life on the Run" is a choice read for any memoir collection.

Simple, Not Easy
Terrence Roberts
Parkhurst Brothers
415 North McKinley Street, Suite 510, Little Rock, AR 72205
9781935166160, $24.95,

Some things are easier said than done, but they must be done. "Simple, Not Easy: Reflections on the Community, Social Responsibility and Tolerance" is a memoir from Terrence Roberts as he reflects on his time as a member of the Little Rock Nine who dared attend a white school in the late 1950s, and how the years since then have proven unique. He tells his story and provides his opinions, giving readers a sound and moving read. "Simple, Not Easy" is a fine addition to any memoir collection focusing on civil rights.

The Unbeatable Man
Matt Furey
Gold Medal Publications
10339 Birdwatch Drive, Tampa, FL 33647
9780981932057, $24.95,

Athletics aren't just for jocks; they can provide a very powerful change in one's life. "The Unbeatable Man" is a memoir from Matt Furey, who hopes to inspire young readers to experience the power of athletics for a positive role in life. Stating how wrestling kept him away from the temptations that can ruin teenage lives, and how the values he learned as a young athlete continued throughout his life and helped him become a highly successful business man, "The Unbeatable Man" is a read that will inspire many to reach for greater.

Becoming Normal
Mark Edick
Central Recovery Press
3371 N Buffalo Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89129
9780981848211, $14.95,

Normalcy is a relative and unusual term. "Becoming Normal: An Ever-Changing Perspective" is a discussion of normalcy from a man who holds himself as an outsider to the world of normal. Philosophical in its sights, he discusses normalcy and the drive of us vs. them philosophy and how it drives people differently through life and how everyone tries to be normal without really knowing what normal really is. Thought provoking and enlightening, "Becoming Normal" is a top and very highly recommended pick.

The Dad I Never Knew
Bruce Brodowski
Catawba Publishing
5945 Orr Road, Suite F, Charlotte, NC 28213
9781597123983, $14.99

World War II took many fathers, and left many sons with no memory of them. "The Dad I Never Knew: A War Orphan's Search for Inner Healing" is a story of Bruce Brodowski as he scans the history books and stories of countless others to find a picture of a man he never knew and the mother he left behind to fight across the globe. Stating that no father can lead to a psychological disorder of its own, "The Dad I Never Knew" is a memoir that asks many questions of its readers and makes them think about war orphans.

Knee High by the Fourth of July
Jean Tennant
Shapato Publishing
PO Box 476, Everly, IA
9780982105870, $14.00,

The small town life is almost a thing of the past. "Knee High by the Fourth of July: More Stories of Growing up in and Around Small Towns in the Midwest" is a memoir from Jean Tennant as she reflects on her young life through a series of short stories, serving a time capsule of a bygone era. Charming, simple, and entertaining reading, "Knee High by the Fourth of July" is a choice pick for those looking for small-town life memoirs.

Daughters of Empire
Jane Satterfield
Demeter Press
726 Atkinson, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON M3J 1P3
9781550145038, $24.95,

Motherhood knows know international boundaries. "Daughters of Empire: A Memoir of a Year in Britain and Beyond" is a memoir from Jane Satterfield, a dual citizen of Britain and United States as she reflects on her life in between the two countries and her journeys as a mother who was trying to be a woman as well. She discusses these challenges with her own ideas as many women throughout the industrialized world try to live this dual life, she provides riveting insight and wisdom. "Daughters of Empire" is a choice pick for feminist studies collections.

Beating A Dead Horse
Alexander 'Sandy' Marshall
Junto Publishing
365 W. 19th Street, Suite 1F, NY, NY 10011
9780982506837, $69.95,

A skilled stage magician, Jay Marshall was also a pioneer who brought his art to audiences using the then brand new medium of television. Far more than a simple stage performer, Jay Marshall continually reinvented himself, created his own ads, pulled off some astounding publicity stunts, and once taught himself to play the bagpipes in order to land a job. He was especially fond of practical jokes and a 'devil with the ladies'. One of the most sought after show business performers of his day, Jay Marshall appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show fourteen times; opened for Frank Sinatra in Las Vegas; appeared in three Broadway show productions; and played such iconic venues as The Radio City Music Hall, the London Palladium, and the Palace Theatre. "Beating a Dead Horse The Life and Times of Jay Marshall" is a superbly written, profusely illustrated, 540-page biography of an inherently fascinating man who was also the author's father, who provides special insights into both the personal and the professional sides of Jay Marshall, making "Beating A Dead Horse" a terrific read and a welcome addition to community library American Biography and '20th Century American Show Business History' collections.

Domestic Diversity
Lowell P. Beveridge, Jr.
Mill City Press
212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 290, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781936107346, $17.95,

Apparently interracial marriage is a highly communist thing to do. "Domestic Diversity: And Other Subversive Activities" is a memoir of coming of age in the height of McCarthyism as Lowell P. Beveridge reflects on his time of being a suspected communist. Telling his story of growing up in an all American fashion and how love brought him together with a black Harlem woman and led to the adventure of a lifetime, "Domestic Diversity" is a unique portrait of a unique life.

The American History Shelf

The Greatest Visionary
William H. Bloom
Abecedarian Books
2817 Forest Glen Drive, Baldwin, MD 21013-9574
9780982298510, $19.99

Columbus was more than the guy who stumbled upon America. "The Greatest Visionary: The True Columbus" delves into the reality of Christopher Columbus and looks at him as a man driven with purpose, and how his own successes and failures shaped him. Thoroughly and deeply researched, this account by William H. Bloom offers readers a picture of Columbus they have never seen before. The Greatest Visionary" is a worthwhile addition to any history collection.

Wolf's Rest and Other Tales of Southwest Nebraska
D. Jean Smith
Medicine Creek Press
74460 Road 395, Curtis, NE 69025
9781449538569 $24.95

Wolf's Rest and Other Tales of Southwest Nebraska is a nonfiction anthology of true stories about exceptional individuals involved with Wolf's Rest Ranch in southwest Nebraska in the late 1800s. From the exploits of sheriff Wm. H. "Paddy" Miles to world renowned sharpshooter W.F. "Doc" Carver, to surveyors, Native Americans, and more, the stories in Wolf's Rest and Other Tales of Southwest Nebraska truly bring the Old West of yesteryear to life. A handful of black-and-white photographs illustrate this excellent addition to Nebraska and American West history shelves.

The Christian Studies Shelf

The Christian - Born for Victory
Olukemi Aikulola
Restored Land Publishing
PO Box 79656, 1995 Weston Road, M9N 3W9
9780981255019, $16.96,

The power of God isn't some infinite cosmic and impossible thing. "The Christian - Born for Victory" is an inspirational read from Olukemi Aikulola, as she channels her inspiration in how everyone can channel the power of God and help themselves with life's many problems. She draws on her own experience and provides for an uplifting and very highly recommended read, making "The Christian" a top pick for Christians in need.

Love Incarnate
Leslie Brooks
Love Incarnate Books
24 Keets Brook Road, Leyden, MA 01337
9780615233857, $20.00,

Love is never to be denied. "Love Incarnate" is Leslie Brooks passing along what she believes to be the message of Love that Jesus intended. Through her own experiences she believes to be with Yeshu, the Hebrew name of Christ, as his story is told once more and related to the modern world. With the message that no one anywhere should ever be without love, "Love Incarnate" is an inspirational and highly spiritual read.

This is Life Eternal
Bill Fonte
Ranell Publishing
PO Box 207, Keller, TX 76244
9780981906706, $14.95,

All Christians seek heaven, but do all Christians find it? "This is Life Eternal: Why Many Christians Will Not Make Heaven" is Bill Fonte's ponderings on Christianity and how he feels many Christians have been taken astray in their faith and he explains why he believes o and what they need to do to find their way in life again. "This is Life Eternal" is a top pick and very highly recommended read for Christians.

The Masculine Mandate
Richard D. Phillips
Reformation Trust
c/o Ligonier Ministries
400 Technology Park, Lake Mary, FL 32746
9781567691207, $15.00,

Manhood is something that many view as rare, despite their being no shortage of males. "The Masculine Mandate: God's Calling to Men" discusses masculinity and Christianity. Revered Richard D. Phillips's call for manhood in Christians, to be better men and better Christians. Describing manhood in its biblical terms, "The Masculine Mandate" is a strong for pick for any man in search of being a better Christian in life.

The Business Shelf

42 Rules to Increase Sales Effectiveness
Michael Griego
Happy About
20660 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 210, Cupertino, CA 95014
9781607730323, $19.95,

Sales is a complicated process when you want to strive to be the best. "42 Rules to Increase Sales Effectiveness" is a sales guide from Michael Griego, stating 42 actions that business managers should embrace to help their sales go through the roof and lead to a much more efficient company. Inspiring, helpful, with much in the way of invaluable information, "42 Rules to Increase Sales" is a choice addition to any community library business collection.

The Leadership Test
Timothy R. Clark
Oxonian Press
PO Box 1662, 55 Merchant Street, American Fork, UT 84003
9780578042107, $12.95,

What makes a good leader? "The Leadership Test: Will You Pass" uses a narrative story to create a fable of leadership and how it is so often lacking in today's society. Short and to the point, Timothy Clark hopes it will show readers how to become exceptional leaders and lead when there is none or simply none good. "The Leadership Test" is well worth considering as an ideal leadership fable.

Survive Your Promotion!
Katy Tynan
Personal Focus Press
PO Box 754, Hudson, MA 01749
9780615344638, $14.99

A new job comes with a higher paycheck, but there's also more stress for your buck. "Survive Your Promotion!: The 90 Day Success Plan for New Managers" is a guide for those who have attained new careers and want to succeed at them rather than be quickly used up and spit back out by the harsh difficulties of management. Time management, strategies to motivate others, Katy Tynan gives readers a fine list of thoughts and ideas to make their debut as managers strong ones. "Survive Your Promotion!" is a top pick for any new manager.

On My Honor I Will
Randy G. Pennington
Penland Scott Publishers
PO Box 166677, Irving, TX 75016
9780982315217, $21.95,

You don't need to be a heartless cutthroat to get the job done. "On My Honor I Will: The Journey to Integrity-Driven Leadership" is a guide to staying true to one's ethics and acting honestly while doing good business. With tips on establishing what one's principles are, facing crisis without breaking one's morality, and using your principles to strengthen your organization, Randy G. Pennington shows how success and principle are not mutually exclusive ideas. "On My Honor I Will" is a pick that should not be missed.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

The Holy Buddha-Christ Bible
Bodhisattva Fellowship
PO Box 2194, Boulder, CO 80306
9780975903902, $28.95,

Regardless of one's faith, the words of the Buddha and Jesus of Nazareth are viewed in high regard. "The Holy Buddha-Christ Bible" is a collection of the words of Sakyamuni Buddha and Jesus Christ, hoping to give readers a fine collection of spiritual text. Stating it aims to only contain the words of these two important spiritual leaders, the Bodhisattva Fellowship presents an original and unique guide. "The Holy Buddha-Christ Bible" is a fine addition to any spirituality collection.

Manual for Living
David Chernoff
Spirit Scope Publishing
6525 Gunpark Drive, Suite 370-249, Boulder, CO 80301
9780984093090, $14.95,

A direction in life is all some people need. "Manual for Living: A User's Guide to the Meaning of Life" is a two-time cancer survivor's plea to his readers to live their life to the fullest using the advice within. Stating the power of family, love, peace, changing one's life for the better and being prepared for death, he has much to help readers fully embrace life. "Manual for Living" is a read that should be fully embraced by those who have lost their way.

A Joyful Intuition
Patrick Marsolek
Inner Workings Resources
PO Box 1264, Helena, MT 59624
9780976904113, $17.99,

Your basest instincts, your intuition, is not something one should toss to the side. "A Joyful Intuition: How to Access Your Inner Knowing for Insight, Healing and Happiness" delves into how to use one's intuition in order to help one's mind rest, and find the strength to face many of life's problems. Patrick Marsolek gives readers a thorough and insightful look into the power of intuition, and hopes his in-depth discussion of intuition will make readers cherish the value of their own mind in their own problems in life. "A Joyful Intuition" is a fine addition to any spirituality collection.

The Great Medieval Heretics
Michael Frassetto
Blue Bridge
240 West 35th Street, Suite 500, New York, NY 10001
9781933346236, $15.95,

To go against the church was once an act worthy of the death penalty. "The Great Medieval Heretics: Five Centuries of Religious Dissent" tells the stories of the figures who dared to stand against the Catholic Church for their countless reasons, be it the desire to survive, for greed, or even out of disagreement of the churches policy and the forming of the protestant reformation. Telling the stories of these individuals, it grants a picture of dissent from the all knowing fist of the Catholic Church. "The Great Medieval Heretics" is an insightful and riveting read, highly recommended.

The Education Shelf

Catfish and Bass and Other Tales
Patricia J. Norton
Short Vowel Phonics
309 N. Jefferson, #222-C, Springfield, MO 65806
9780981771052, $19.95,

Mastery of English language is something that doesn't come overnight. "Catfish and Bass and Other Tales: Short Vowel Phonics 5" is a short picture book crafted to help young readers gain a better grasp of the finer words of the English language, using a charming story to get them feeding. Focusing on compound words and certain sounds, as well as use of y as a vowel, "Catfish and Bass and Other Tales" is a choice pick for the young child learning to read.

Guide to Summer Camps and Summer Schools
Porter Sargent Handbooks
Alloy Education
11 Beacon St., Ste 1400, Boston, MA 02108-3099
9780875581705, $27.00,

Summer Camp has been a tradition for many children to spend their summer vacations for decades. "Guide to Summer Camps and Summer Schools" is a guide for parents and their children in trying to pick how they want to spend their summer vacation so they are spent on more than just sitting around the house for three months. From academics to seeing the world to furthering spirituality or planting the seeds of a career, hundreds upon hundreds of schools and camps are presented. "Guide to Summer Camps and Summer Schools" is a top pick for any who want to make sure the summer doesn't go to waste.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

The Great Pyramid Secret
Margaret Morris
Scribal Arts
16863 Lenore St., Detroit, MI 48219
9780972043465, $19.95

The massive pyramids of ancient Egypt are a wonder of the world, mainly due to the mysterious nature of their construction. "The Great Pyramid Secret: Egypt's Mazing Lost Mystery Science Returns" delves into the recent debate of the construction of the pyramids, as many MIT researchers delve deeper into the construction of these ancient necropolises, stating there are tips that modern scientists could learn from understanding the ancient methods of pyramid construction. "The Great Pyramid Secret is a choice read for those curious about the origins of the pyramids.

The Cosmic Purr
Karen Craft
Animal Shaman Arts
PO Box 1998, Ames, IA 50010
9780615253107, $15.95,

Communication is more than just speech. "The Cosmic Purr: Inspiration for Animal Lovers" is a series of stories that Karen Craft, self-acclaimed animal communicator states from her time learning and conversing with various animals, and she hopes to share her wisdom and thoughts with animal lovers who believe there are more to the thoughts of their beloved pets than their base instincts. "The Cosmic Purr" is a top pick for metaphysical pet lovers, recommended.

The Science Shelf

The Future of Energy
Thomas Valone
Integrity Research Institute
c/o The Jenkins Group
1129 Woodmere Avenue, Traverse City, MI 49686
9781935023012, $20.00,

Oil will run out; it's an unavoidable fact. "The Future of Energy: An Emerging Science" is an intellectual exploration of new energy ideas that lie in humanity's future. From solar energy to using the wind, to cold fusion, Thomas Valone hopes to educate the non-specialist general reader on the subtle nuances of the future of energy. Highly educational, "The Future of Energy" is not a read to be missed.

Stay Young & Sexy
Jonathan V. Wright & Lane Lenard
Smart Publications
PO Box 4667, Petaluma, CA 94955
1890572225, $19.95,

Science is a marvelous thing with many benefits both practical and cosmetic. "Stay Young & Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement" delves into the science of Bio-Identical Hormone replacement, a science with more benefits than appearance, with proven benefits to fighting off Alzheimer's, cancer, hot flashes, and other age related diseases that plague the middle aged going elderly. With a foreword from celebrity Suzanne Somers, "Stay Young & Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement" is a choice pick for anyone considering the treatment.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

The Rise & Fall of the American Medical Empire
Robert A. Linden
Sunrise River Press
39966 Grand Avenue, North Branch, MN 55056
9781934716083, $18.95,

The best healthcare in the world has been disputed far and wide for many different reasons. "The Rise & Fall of the American Medical Empire: A Trench Doctor's View of the Past, Present, and Future of the U.S. Healthcare System" is one Doctor's criticism of the modern American healthcare system and its many, many flaws. Outlining these flaws with examples of his own experience, he comes to readers with his own ideas on how to repair it, "The Rise & Fall of the American Medical Empire" is an enlightening and informative read.

Waking Up Blind
Tom Harbin
Langdon Street Press
c/o Bascom Hill
212 N 3rd Avenue, Suite 290, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781934938874, $24.95,

In the name of profit, what's someone else's eyes. "Waking Up Blind: Lawsuits over Eye Surgery: The Shocking Story of Blinded Eyes and the Hospital Politics That Allowed It" looks into the controversial story that Tom Harbin brings to readers attention of surgery exploited for profit. Looking into a major lawsuit where the plaintiff received surgery he was recommended by later learned wasn't needed and how it cost him vision in one of his eyes, Harbin tells a story of the red tape and politics that encouraged such behavior to continue, and more malpractice to ensue. "Waking Up Blind" is frightening and gripping reading.

Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment
Connie Strasheim
BioMed Publishing Group
PO Box 9012, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96158
9780982513804, $39.95,

Lyme disease is something that can be lived with proper care. "Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment: 13 Lyme-Literate Health Care Practitioners Share Their Healing Strategies" is a compendium of advice to help readers better combat Lyme disease, using scientifically proven methods from real doctors around the world, reflecting on how they have combated their own lyme disease and the lyme disease of their patients. "Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment" is an absolute must for any sufferer who wants to have a complete and comprehensive reference on hand.

Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury, A Family Guidebook
Garry Prowe
Brain Injury Success Books
7025 NW 52nd Drive, Gainesville, FL 32653-7014
9780984197439, $17.95,

Brain injuries are life changing things. "Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury, A Family Guide Book: From the Emergency Room to Selecting a Rehabilitation Facility" is a guide for those helping a family member or close friend facing a brain injury. Outlining the many symptoms and challenges that go along with a brain injury. Written to help caretakers understand the many nuances, and what one can do to help, "Successfully Surviving a brain Injury" is a strongly recommended read for anyone dealing with another's brain trauma.

The Beauty Cookbook
Kym Douglas & Cindy Pearlman
Dunham Books
63 Music Square East, Nashville, TN 37203
Levine Communications Office (publicity)
1180 S. Beverly Dr. 3rd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90035
9781616235765, $14.99,

Thousands of dollars in beauty supplements isn't the way to health, but what you eat may be. "The Beauty Cookbook: Over 200 Recipes to Make Your Kitchen Your Own Personal Spa- for Your Face, Your Body, and Your Hair" is a guide to greater cosmetic and natural health through the use of natural items using ever day food items that are commonly around one's house. Promoting countless tips and tricks, "The Beauty Cookbook" is a top pick for the cosmetic conscious shopper on a budget.

Madonna Siles
Third Step Press
520 N. 7th Avenue, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
9780982551806, $17.95,

Brain injuries are no thing to deal with lightly. "Eureka!: Memories and Motivations" is a guide for those who have found themselves caring for a brain injured patient and want to help them face their injury the best way possible. Memory loss is a common effect and Madonna Siles hopes to give readers what they need to reverse that loss. "Eureka!" is a strong pick for those concerned about brain damage and recovery from those incidents.

Ask Ise
Ilse Wolf
Fortuna Publishing
32 Corte Ortega #10, Greenbrae, CA 94904
97809819544912, $16.95,

Plastic surgery is something you pursue to feel better about yourself, and if you screw that up, what's the point? "Ask Ilse: An Advisor's Guide to a Confident Experience" is an advice manual from plastic surgery advisor Ilse Wolf, hoping to help readers think about potential cosmetic surgery and the things they should know before pursuing, and what to do when the plan is made and during the recovery. Thorough and very enlightening, "Ask Ilse" is a choice and very highly recommended pick that should be picked up for any considering plastic surgery.

The Theatre/Cinema/TV Shelf

The Celebrity Black Book, 2010 Deluxe Edition
Jordan McAuley
Mega Niche Media LLC
8721 Santa Monica Blvd., #431, Los Angeles, CA 90069
9781604870145, $75.00,

How does one book rock group 311? Where does one contact Willem Dafoe? "The Celerity Black Book: 2010 Deluxe Edition" is the twentieth update of the resource of sixty thousand contactable celebrities from countless walks of celebrity, from reality TV to religious leaders to political leaders, immense amounts of content information is provided, verified by the US Postal Service. A reference well worth having for libraries or just any place in need of contacting celebrities, "The Celebrity Black Book" is a core addition to any library reference collection with a focus on contact information.

The Essential Jim Carrey
MA Cassata
BearManor Media
PO Box 71426, Albany, GA 31708
9781593935177, $19.95,

Some people have favorite actors, and some take their fandom a step further. "The Essential Jim Carrey: An Unofficial Fan Guide" is a guide for those fans who are a step above. M. A. Cassata seeks to give Carrey fans a complete and comprehensive list of trivia and facts about Carrey, his movies, his status in Hollywood, and the man himself. "The Essential Jim Carrey" is a must for any Carrey fan out there.

The Self-Help Shelf

Paint Your Walls Green
Janie Behr
Chicago Spectrum Press
4824 Brownsboro Center, Louisville, KY 40207
9781583742303, $18.00,

Change is a good thing if done right. "Paint Your Walls Green: Six Keys to Unlock the Power of Positive Change: Six Keys to Unlock the Power of Positive Change" is a guide to pushing forward the power of positive change in one's life. The title references Author Janie Behr associating her green walls at home as the first step in positive change in her life, and she shares her wisdom with readers well. "Paint Your Walls Green" is a top pick for anyone who wants to learn clever ways to improve one's life for the better.

Conquer Cyber Overload
Joanne Cantor
Cyber Outlook Press
5205 Tonyawatha Trail, Monona, WI 53716
9780984256808, $12.95,

Technology is a wonderful thing, and technology is a terrible thing. "Conquer Cyber Overload: Get More Done, Boost Your Creativity, and Reduce Stress" is a guide discussing humanity and its dependence upon technology that perhaps has gone too far, to the point of controlling our lives. Joanne Cantor hopes to inspire readers to break free of technology's grip and remember to use it as the tool it is, and to avoid being used. "Conquer Cyber Overload" is a choice read for those who don't want to spend their day looking at a glowing screen.

Your Quick Anger Makeover
Lynne Namka
Talk, Trust, & Feel Therapeutics
5398 Golder Ranch Road, Tucson, AZ 85739
9780964216754, $19.95,

Pent up anger is not something to keep stewed up and unreleased. "Your Quick Anger Makeover: Plus Twenty Other Cutting-Edge Techniques to Release Anger!" is a guide to anger management with plenty of tips and tricks to vent one's frustrations, drawing from Eastern philosophy and western psychology. Constant anger can affect one more than just having a bad day, and learning to manage it is the first key to happiness. "Your Quick Anger Makeover" is a strong pick, not to be missed.

Restoration Road
Mitch Kruse
c/o The B&B Media Group
109 South Main Street, Corsicana TX 75110
9781935391319, $24.99,

Once in awhile you need to take something apart to re-understand it. "Restoration Road: The Master Key to a New and Satisfied Life of Authenticity" is a guide to restoring one's life to what you intend it to be, using whatever means necessary to reach said point. Drawing heavily from his faith and his own wisdom, he uses the classic car analogy, using God in the role of the great restorer. Fascinating and spiritual, "Restoration Road" is a fine addition to any Christian self-help collection for those who want to work with God to restore their life.

The Bliss List
J. P. Hansen
Career Bliss Publications
13518 L St., Omaha, NE 68137
9780984093410, $19.95,

Simple joy in one's work is something truly underrated in the modern world. "The Bliss List: The Ultimate Guide to Living the Dream at Work and Beyond!" is a guide to finding that joy in one's life when it so often eludes everyone as they work jobs they hate and dread. With tips on finding that ideal job that one looks forward to rather than watch the clock for, J. P. Hansen gives tips and tricks on filling one resume and fielding job offers. "The Bliss List" is a must for those sick of hating their jobs.

Just Conflict
Mark Lee Robinson
Epigraph Books
27 Lamoree Road, Rhinebeck, NY 12572
9780982525579, $34.95,

Conflict is not something that should always be avoided; sometimes it needs to be embraced as a powerful tool. "Just Conflict: Transformation Through Resolution" is a guide emphasizing the power of conflict and how facing it head on can be a beneficial aspect for all parties in involved. Conflict, when solved through nonviolent means can lead to positive change and teach valuable life skills. Stating that any conflict can be resolved and the only limit is creativity, "Just Conflict" is an inspiring and motivating read that shouldn't be missed.

A Passion for the Edge
Tim Tyler
Edenscape Publishing
PO Box 110650, Anchorage, AK 99511-0650
9780978978617, $21.5,

You only have at most a hundred years or so, so there's really no time to waste. "A Passion for the Edge: Living Your Dreams Now" is an inspirational memoir stating that to live one's dreams, one simply has to seek to live them, and not dawdle in their pursuits. Using his own model, he states that happiness and optimism are the most key tools to pursue one's gold, he hopes his story will inspire others to follow his path and find their place in life that they are truly happy with. "A Passion for the Edge" is a top and very highly recommended pick for those who just want to live their life as they please.

Master Your Mind
Conan Kahuhu
Positive Power Press
5511 Detroit Ave SW, Lakewood, WA 98499
9780982554500, $26.95,

One's mind is in control of the body, and embracing the mind can lead to untold benefits for the body. "Master Your Mind" is an uplifting testament to the power of the mind, as Conan Kahuhu tells readers that putting oneself first is not the selfish thing to do, but the first step to helping others. Pushing positive thinking and can-do attitudes, he hopes readers will take his advice and use it to further their career and other goals in life. "Master Your Mind" is a choice addition to any self-help collection.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Death at Hull House
Frances McNamara
Allium Press of Chicago
1530 Elgin Avenue, Forest Park, IL 60130
9780984067602, $14.99,

When you're at the mercy of both man and nature, things never look good. "Death at Hull House: An Emily Cabot mystery" tells the story of Emily Cabot, expelled from the University of Chicago and working in Jan Addams' Hull House. When a man turns up dead, Emily finds herself hot on his trail, but with lots of suspects. Making matters worse, a smallpox epidemic seems to have overtaken Chicago. "An Emily Cabot Mystery" is a choice pick with much to enjoy for mystery fans.

The Money/Finance Shelf

Second Career Volunteer
Barbara M. Traynor
The Troy Book Makers
39 Carstead Drive, Slingerlands, NY 12159
9781935534150, $14.95,

Retirement doesn't mean you want to spend your life in a recliner watching TV. "Second Career Volunteer: A Passionate, Pennywise Approach to Retirement" is about volunteering during one's retirement without losing too much money in the process. Choosing where to go to give back to society, keeping your costs down, and more, Barbara M. Traynor encourages retirees to use their retirement well and leave a lasting mark on society. "Second Career Volunteer" is a top pick for the progressive minded retiree.

100 Ways to Save and Grow Your Money
Peter Sorrells
Best Books LLC
2487 S. Gilbert Road, Suite 106, Box 209, Gilbert, AZ 85295
9780984341405, $24.95

Building a nest egg is easier than one would think. "100 Ways to Save and Grow Your Money: Financial Fitness for Regular People" is a collection of tips and advice from Peter Sorrells designed to help readers learn to understand how to save money in life, and state with a few wise decisions and investments, one can let their money in life grow from a few pennies as it spirals into thousands of dollars. "100 Ways to Save and Grow Your Money" is an insightful and very useful read.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Children of Ta'Shaen
Greg Park
Bladestar Publishing
1499 North 950 West, Orem, UT 84057
9780978793166, $24.95,

The corrupt will use every advantage they can to attain their goals. "Children of Ta'Shaen" is the third book of the Earthsoul Prophecies, dealing with the scheming plot of Zeniff, a man who plans on capturing Farimoor Palace and ruling as a wrongful leader. Plagued by curses, split far apart, and dealing with their own conflicts, those who oppose him must overcome their own challenges before they can unite and stand against him. A treat for fantasy lovers, "Children of Ta'Shaen" is well worth considering.

The Women's Studies Shelf

Living in the Heartland
Pamela Ferris-Olson
Out of the Box Publishing
308 Beacon Court, Centerville, OH 45458
9780615340661, $15.99

One makes their way through life by meeting challenges head on. "Living in the Heartland: Three Extraordinary Women's Stories" is a collection of memoirs recorded by Pamela Ferris-Olson as she seeks to tell the life stories of three particular women who rose up and faced the challenges of their life and what made them above others with their attitudes that stood against the grain. For those seeking stories of inspirational women, "Living in the Heartland" is intriguing and highly worthwhile reading.

Nine Women Revealed
Gary D. Melton
Goofy Rooster Publishing
PO Box 2904, Wylie, TX 75098
9780984394043, $29.99,

The adult entertainment industry has presented women as portraits of perfection. "Nine Women Revealed: Intimate Revelations Nine Real Women in Images and Words" presents Gary D. Melton with nine pictorials of actual women ranging from ages twenty to forty, and discussing them as people as he hopes to present a natural view of beauty that is just is, and not wholly manufactured. An intriguing read with plenty of sensual pictures not meant for children, "Nine Women Revealed" is a choice pick for those who love the women they encounter in daily life.

The Real Estate Shelf

Buy and Hold Forever
David Schumacher & Steve Dexter
Schumacher Enterprises
The Covington, 3 Pursit #225, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656-4213
9780970116260, $21.95,

Buy low, sell high is only the most base of ideas. "Buy and Hold Forever: How to Build Wealth for the 21st Century" is a real-estate investing guide encouraging how to make money by picking high potential properties and holding them, allowing them to make your money for you. Making brilliant deals, picking property that will be hot tomorrow, and maximizing profits, David Schumacher and Steve Dexter prove to be brilliant businessmen who use their advice which will prove highly effective in making one's place. "Buy and Hold Forever" is a strongly recommended read that shouldn't be ignored for aspiring real estate traders.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Build Your Employment Fortress
Charles Mannila
Water Lily Publishing
31 Buckhorn Road, Sequim, WA 98382
9780984181803, $19.95

Job security is something that should never be discounted. "Build Your Employment Fortress: How to Find and Keep a Great Job in Today's Changing Economy" is a guide to staying in one's career and coping with the worst that can happen in one's professional life. Charles Mannila draws on his own expertise and provides a good deal of insight on dealing with the threats to one's employment and staying afloat when worst come to worse. "Build Your Employment Fortress" is a choice pick for those who love their career and want to keep it going strong.

Job Hunting 101
Matt M Gordon
Two Harbors
212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 290, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781936198047, $16.95,

Out into the world, one needs a job to pay off those college bills and fast. "Job Hunting 101: The Ultimate Guide to Landing Your First Job Out of School" is a guide for new competitors in the job market coming out of college. Matt Gordon hopes to equip job seekers with goals how to set their objectives, prepare their resume, present themselves as winning choices, and choosing job offers. "Job Hunting 101" is a top pick that shouldn't be missed for first time job hunters.

The Parenting Shelf

Yoga Therapy for Every Special Child
Nancy Williams
Singing Dragon
400 Market Street, Suite 400, Philadelphhia, PA 19106
9781848190276, $19.95,

Yoga isn't just something for aging women. "Yoga Therapy for Every Special Child: Meeting Needs in a Natural Setting" discusses the merits of Yoga and its therapeutic applications for children, as Nancy Williams displays a variation of the therapy that can be used with children of all skill levels. These exercises can help children within the autism spectrum, with physical disabilities, and much more. With practical applications for parents, "Yoga Therapy for Every Special Child" is something well worth considering for parents who want to try a new approach to caring for their children.

The Social Issues Shelf

Social Justice Begins in the Womb
Bryan Kemper
Clay Bridges
300 South Ridge Avenue, Troy, OH 45373
9780981980751, $15.99,

Social Justice can mean many things to many different people. "Social Justice Begins in the Womb" is a book arguing the pro-life/anti-abortion stance is one that is worth taking up a social justice stance on, stating that the civil rights of the yet to be born are wronged by abortion. Drawing on his faith and values, Bryan Kemper provides a unique approach to carrying one's pro-life banner, making "Social Justice Begins in the Womb" a read well worth picking up.

Triumph of Civilization
Glen T. Martin
The Institute for Economic Democracy
13851 N. 103rd Ave., Sun City, AZ 85351
9781933567242, $39.00,

In spite of all the tragedy and terror of the world, mankind has accomplished much in its short time. "Triumph of Civilization: Democracy, Nonviolence, and the Piloting of Spaceship Earth" delves into what has been done, and what can be done for the future of mankind. Discussing many elements such as religious violence, pushing for world peace, and more, Glen T. Martin provides a very optimistic view of what mankind can do. "Triumph of Civilization" has many ideas to inspire readers.

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