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Reviewer's Choice

Angst and Evolution
F.X. Jozwik & J. M. Gist
Abzar Pub USA
c/o Andmar Press
PO Box 217, Mills, WY 82644
9780981624402, $19.95

Evolution is much more than biological change. "Angst and Evolution" looks at the philosophical themes of evolution. Seeking insight from many sources, it is an enlightening look at how humanity has changed over the years, and how angst has played a factor in this evolution. Being one of the few creatures that feels guilt, the guilt of simple things people don't even realize may create angst. An intriguing dissection of the human mind discussing the very purpose and meaning of humanity, "Angst and Evolution" is sure to give the reader much to think about.

Art Psalms
Alex Grey
CoSM Press
542 W. 27th Street, New York, NY 10001
9781556437564, $24.95,

The product of human creativity, Art has much power associated with it. "Art Psalms" is author Alex Grey's intellectual dissection of this abstract concept, and draws upon many of his sources. His primary intent is to inspire his readers to improve their craft greatly. With much spiritual insight and pondering on mysticism, Grey brings readers a storm of poetry, art, and essays, sure to give readers much to think on. "Art Psalms" is fascinating, well worth the read.

Power from within Bushido
Anthony Martin von Sager
Cloud Dancer Production
18533 Roscoe Blvd, #272, Northridge, CA 91324
9780615261720, $24.95,

It takes a special type of person to embrace such a physical sport in spite of such handicaps. "Power from Within Bushido" is the story of Anthony Martin von Sager, a man who studied the martial arts in spite of being born with severe cerebral palsy. A story of the sheer power of the will, Anthony's story should serve as quite the inspiration out there that no matter what, a dream can be chased and with enough sheer effort, it can some day be obtained, as Anthony soon became a Sensei himself. "Power from Within Bushido" is a fascinating read, and a very strong consideration for other physically disabled people.

The Fiction Shelf

Angie L. Jennings
Spine Publishing
3108 PS Business Center, Woodridge, VA 22192
9780981622156, $12.95,

The harshest thing of all is life. "Twist" is the story of Sharin Downs, a woman who quit her job, has no real friends, and is quickly losing both the love and lust of her boyfriend. As she attends therapy, she reveals her thoughts and feelings, and it's soon explained why her life has been on such a downward spiral over the past few years. "Twist" is a very human story of life and relationships, a fine recommendation for literary fiction readers.

The Bells of Moses Henry
Peter Skinner
Birch Brook Press
PO Box 81, Delhi, NY 13753
9780978997458, $24.95

Virginia is a state with a long and diverse history and has produced some diverse characters as well. "The Bells of Moses Henry" is a novel filled with such intriguing, realistically human characters. Set in the University of Virginia, the story plays out with an utterly fascinating and entertaining writing style. For fans of literary fiction or just those searching for a look into the soul of Virginia, "The Bells of Moses Henry" is a top pick.

Prodigal in the City
Louis N. Jones
Conquest Publishers
PO Box 41493, Washington, DC 20018-0893
9780965662543, $16.25,

Faith often leaves people, but that doesn't prevent it from coming back. "Prodigal in the City" follows James Whitaker as he comes home to Washington D.C. after a long absence. But he soon finds himself the target of ghosts from his past, and it seems his only hope for salvation is a megachurch that has formed in his home city. A story of faith and how it can rescue even the most hopeless of cases, "Prodigal in the City" is quite the choice for those in search of Christian novels.

Amalie in Orbit
Gloria DeVidas Kirchheimer
The Wessex Collective
PO Box 1088, Nederland, CO 80466-1088
9780979751639, $15.00

Some people take tragedy as life destroying, some take it to reinvent themselves. "Amalie in Orbit" follows Amalie Price as she finds herself widowed at forty. Forced to join the mainstream workforce, her adventures in this avenue are by no means boring as she deals with conflicts with her children and an array of entertaining and excellent characters throughout. "Amalie in Orbit" is a fine pick for fiction fans looking for a laugh, executing its intent well.

The Five Lost Days
William Petrick
Pearhouse Press
7035 Meade Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15208
9780980235524, $24.95,

One life can hold many secrets that may benefit the world. However, one life is also very fragile. "The Five Lost Days" follows aspiring documentarian Michael Burns as he goes on the search for the last curandero, a traditional healer of the Mayan culture. This individual, with his knowledge of the plants and flora of his home region, may be key to unlocking their medicinal properties. However, violent civil wars and many other events may snuff this knowledge out from the world for good. "The Five Lost Days" is an intriguing novel of adventure, sure to please fans of the genre.

Fly Little Bird, Fly!
Donna Nordmark Aviles
Wasteland Press
120 Dantes Drive, Hockessin, DE 19707
1932852077, $10.00

In search of a place to belong, some will travel thousands of miles. "Fly Little Bird, Fly!" tells the story of Oliver and Edward, two orphans with no place to go. Riding a train from New York City to the Midwest, the two embark on an adventure in search of a family to love and to love them. A moving story of the determination of children, "Fly Little Bird, Fly!" is a fine novel for young readers, sure to please. Also of recommended is the book's sequel, "Beyond the Orphan Train" (1932852948, $10.00), continuing the story of Oliver and Edward.

Elijah's Coin
Steve O'Brien
A & N Publishing
3150 South Street, NW, Suite 2F, Washington, DC 20007
9780982073544, $21.95,

The smallest and most useless of trinkets can mean the world. "Elijah's Coin: A Lesson for Life" is the story of a man named Tom whose life was on the fast road to nowhere. When he meets a man called Elijah, his life turns around and he's given a small coin. Inspired by his meeting, he wants to find Elijah much more, and finds that his savior has quite the legacy - for both helping people and elusion. A story of gratitude and sometimes the problem of looking too closely, "Elijah's Coin" is a fine novel of humanity, a strong choice indeed.

Abraham's Bay & Other Stories
Jack Greer
Dryad Press
PO Box 11233, Takoma Park, MD 20913
9781928755128, $23.95,

With a long history of exotic culture, strange mysteries, brutal history, it's no mystery why the Caribbean is the perfect place for adventure to grow. "Abraham's Bay & Other Stories" is a collection of short stories from Jack Greer set in the south Atlantic as the characters he creates choose the sea in order to find peace in their lives. Giving them unique and entertaining stories, Greer makes a fine collection of short fiction, making "Abraham's Bay & Other Stories" a top pick for those seeking fiction with an oceanic focus.

Jan Stites
6241 Thornhill Drive, Oakland, CA 94611
9781439204870, $15.95,

The problems life throws at you may just be the solution. "Edgewise" follows Simone, a deeply troubled woman. When she breaks down, she fines herself in a mental institution which has gained the charming nickname of 'Oakhell'. As she fines herself in conflict with Satch, she is throw into a series of events where she must face her own problems, Satch, and perhaps Satch's problems as well. "Edgewise" is a story of humanity and how strength can come from many sources, even those we supposedly hate.

Winter in the Bunkhouse
Helena Linn
Seven Cross Lazy L Productions
PO Box 308, Big Piney, WY 83113
9780981764900, $22.95,

When tragedy strikes, the worst cure possible is an old tormentor. "Winter in the Bunkhouse" follows widow Kate Webster as she deals with the tragedy of losing her husband and child. Fleeing from the tragedy, she finds herself stranded on an old ranch, only to find Jake McClary as its owner. Jake and Kate don't have the most fond of memories of each other by any stretch, but Kate must cope. "Winter in the Bunkhouse" is a story of dealing with the past, and turning over new leaves.

Cause and Conscience
Mara Purl
Haven Books
10153 1/2 Riverside Drive, Suite 629, North Hollywood, CA 91602
9781584360049, $16.95,

When so many people are crammed so closely together, drama begins to play out. "Cause and Conscience" is another novel in the Milford-Haven series from esteemed writer Mara Purl. Centered around the age old conflict of developer and environmentalist, a vast and different cast of characters collide in a small town where they cannot escape one another. "Cause and Conscience" is a people story for those who love people stories - highly recommended.

Gold Dust
Gail Murphy
Samhain Publishing
577 Mulberry Street, Suite 1520, Macon, GA 31201
159998993X, $12.00,

When you're not looking, you just might miss exactly what you're looking for. "Gold Dust" follows Sarah Delany, disgusted with her marriage and going the only way she can - westward. John Lawton wants to make his fortune, and really wants little to do with any damsel in distress. But both of them never bother to consider that there may be something more to their chance meeting. An original romance set in the times of the California Gold Rush, "Gold Dust" is a fine novel sure to entertain and excite.

Look at Me Now
Thomas J. Hubschman
Savvy Press
PO Box 63, Salem, NY 12865
9780966987768, $21.95,

Starting again is terribly difficult when the demons of the past continue to haunt. "Look at Me Now" follows Diedre Davis as she finds herself finally free of her husband for twenty years, and despite being middle aged, looks at her life as just beginning. If only though, the tragedies of her past, a cruel mother, and her strained relationship with her son weren't holding her back...A novel of gaining strength as an independent woman, "Look at Me Now" is inspiring and entertaining, highly recommended.

Temple of the Two Jaguars
Edward Curry
Merlin & Assoc Publisher
963 Quail Run Quay, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
9780981468402, $15.00,

Who says archeology is boring? "Temple of the Two Jaguars" is an adventure novel following Ryan and Allison as he follows an expedition into Mexico to find a possible Mayan equivalent to the Rosetta Stone. However, Ryan and Allison's scholarly endeavor has quite a few opponents with those who are out for greed, and it seems the Mayans may still have something to say on the matter... "Temple of Two Jaguars" is a fast paced, exciting read, sure to please.

The Canaan Creed
L.P. Hoffman
Hope Springs Media
PO Box 11, 988 Sulphur Spring Road, Prospect, VA 23960-0011
9781935375005, $14.95,

When one of one's own pack is downed, people travel great distances to set things right. "The Canaan Creed" follows wolf biologist Anna O'Neil, who must return to Maine to investigate the death of her father while she was far away. The emergence of a strange document sets her search upside down. Author L.P. Hoffman crafts an engaging mystery that will keep readers turning the pages. As such, "The Canaan Creed" is fine reading and highly recommended.

Jesus Swept
James Alexander Protzman
Kitsune Books
PO Box 1154, Crawfordville, FL 32326-1154
9780979270079, $12.00,

Jesus shows up in the strangest of places for some. "Jesus Swept" is an entertaining story filled with enthralling characters ranging from stereotypical hippies, would be messiahs, and even Jesus himself. Spiritual, philosophical, witty, entertaining, yet respectful, "Jesus Swept" takes the world of Christianity and turns it upside down in the most entertaining way possible.

The Energy Caper
William Scott Morrison
PO Box 2503, Petaluma, CA 94953
9780929150260, $19.95,

Even when everything goes right, something goes wrong. "The Energy Caper: Or Nixon in the Sky with Diamonds" is an alternative reality fiction diving into a world where less tragic assassinations occur, Vietnam never happened, and Nixon was not a crook. Out for fame and legacy, Richard Nixon is out to free America from oil dependence, but the solution to the problem is not simple, and has him butting heads with congress to get anything done. Humorous with a spin on the method to convey its methods, "The Energy Caper" is unique, intriguing, and highly recommended.

Pretty Inside Out!
SAAT Entertainment
PO Box 1057, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010-7057
9780981825625, $12.95,

It takes all types to move the world, and RYCJ tells a tale of many of these types. "Pretty Inside Out!" is a collection of short stories of people in the workplace, from grumblers to doers, to scheming, to the joyful, she tells a very varied collection of stories, sure to give those who work in offices themselves much to relate to. "Pretty Inside Out!" is unique and frank, highly recommended.

The Eyes Have It
Madelyn Lorber
Mill City Press
212 N 3rd Avenue, Ste 570, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781934248447, $18.00,

The value of one's birth when complicated by extraterrestrial overtones is something that is hotly debated. "The Eyes Have It" follows a woman as she seeks to find out her origins. Prejudice against such types are strong in her place of origin, and the thought of being a human/alien hybrid is devastating. Laced with mystery, social messages, and an excellent story, "The Eyes Have It" is an excellent read.

Rankin Inlet
Mara Feeney
Gaby Press
PO Box 221, Fiddletown, CA 95629
9780981931951, $17.95,

A familiar set of eyes are sometimes needed when viewing something so unfamiliar. "Rankin Inlet" follows a white woman who comes to serve an Inuit village as a nurse and midwife, far from her hometown. Through her eyes, we view a society that's different from our own, yet much the same as well. Intriguing and well researched, "Rankin Inlet" is as educational as it is entertaining.

Blessed Petals
Arianna Snow
Golden Horse
PO Box 1002, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-1002
9780977230846, $13.99,

Dreams are to be treasured as they are pursued, and mourned when they are lost. "Blessed Petals" is a novel of dreams and how some succeed while others are shattered. Lochmoor Glen is swept up in spring and romance spills out all over the place, as some people are turned very happy and others are devastated. A compelling human drama unfolds, making "Blessed Petals" a very solidly recommended read all the way through.

Reflections of the Heart
Tamora R. Walls
Arise Publishers
PO Box A3363, Chicago, IL 60690
9781607027997, $9.95,

Some things don't have the most obvious of ends. "Reflections of the Heart" is a unique experiment of fiction from Tamora R. Walls. Telling a story of deep and tough family secrets, Walls forgoes the end in encouragement for readers to compose their own finale to the saga. Unique, and excellently executed, "Reflections of the Heart" is solid and a top pick for those who like to put their own spin on a story.

The Ride
Jane Kennedy Sutton
ArcheBooks Publishing
9101 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 105-112, Las Vegas, NV 89117
Ascot Media Group (publicity)
1120 Nasa Road 1, Suite 220, Nassau Bay, TX 77058
9781595071934, $26.99,

The wild and unexpected can be ever the savior when one is in despair of the mundane. "The Ride" is the story of a housewife who has sunk into a deep depression from her everyday life and her marriage to an egomaniacal husband who seems to forget she exists. But luckily for her, money is on her side, as is her Knight in a shining red convertible. A thrill ride of a romance, "The Ride" is exciting reading, sure to please.

Go East Young Man
Harrison Lebowitz
Sleeping Dog Press
190 West Shore Road, South Hero, VT 05486
9781440473616, $19.95

When considering good places to graze, one doesn't look at the urban grasslands of New York City. "Go East, Young Man" is a novel of modern ranchers of the Henry family, faced with ruin from falling beef prices. Hoping to move their operation to more fertile and successful lands, they choose New York City as a destination, believing its field to be ripe and taking its metaphorical title as a 'giant meat market' literally. "Go East, Young Man" is an entertaining and hilarious story, sure to keep readers glued to the pages.

Out of Time
Michael McCarty & Connie Concoran Wilson
Lachesis Publishing
c/o Quad Cities Learning, Inc.
2127 3rd St. 8, East Moline, IL 61244
9781897562000, $14.95

Time traveling rock stars, as ridiculous as it sounds, may be the one hope for the Earth. "Out of Time" follows Dante Benedick, a rock icon, as he comes to term that his ultimate destiny may not be on the stage with thousands of groupies waiting backstage. He seems to be the only one able to save mankind from destroying itself before it's too late, and he must do so, or there will be no fans to come back to. "Out of Time" is a unique and fascinating dive into science fiction, highly recommended.

The Hindenburg Letter
Roger L. Conlee
Pale Horse Books
706 Monumental Avenue, Williamsburg, VA 23185
9780971036277, $14.95,

Is the lust for revenge strong enough to go through the regime of Nazi Germany to claim it? "The Hindenburg Letter" follows a tale where one may be prepared to do just that. Roger L. Conlee is an experienced writer of thrillers with a focus on World War II, a subject he knows well. He places his knowledge alongside his fiction for an entertaining romp. "The Hindenburg Letter" is a delightful and exciting read all the way through.

The Money/Finance Shelf

Investor's Guide to the United Kingdom, revised edition
Jonathan Reuvid
GMB Publishing
525 South 4th Street, Suite 241, Philadelphia, PA 19147
9781846730689, $143.00,

There's money to be had in jolly old England, if you play your cards right. "Investor's Guide to the United Kingdom: A Guide to Investment Opportunities and Business Practice" is a fully revised edition of the guide dedicated to smart investing in the British Isles. The United Kingdom has many factors that facilitate good business sense there, and has been open for quite some time to foreign investment, from no matter the source. Many minds converge on the subject, each offering their own take and view on wise business with the UK, and dealing the few impediments one would face in a UK based business. "Investor's Guide to the United Kingdom" is an absolute must to any community library collection dedicated to foreign investment or business.

The Biography Shelf

Big Chuck!
Chuck Schodowski
Gray & Company
1588 E. 40th St., Cleveland, OH 44103
9781598510522, $19.95,

A long career in television often results in countless entertaining stories. "Big Chuck!: My Favorite Stories from 47 Years on Cleveland TV" is the story of Cleveland television icon Buck Schodowski as he places out a book of his countless stories of his never-boring life throughout his time on the "Ghoulardi" show. He discusses the characters of the show, and what went on behind the scenes, like how he once almost challenged for the undisputed heavyweight boxing championship of the world. "Big Chuck!" is a vivid picture of an honest man in the insane world of television, highly recommended.

The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards
Steven J. Lawson
Reformation Trust
400 Technology Park, Lake Mary, FL 32746
9781567691085, $16.00

"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" is a sermon that rings strongly today, hundreds of years later. "The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards" is a biographical look at the man behind that fiery sermon. Argued by some to be one of America's best Christian speakers, the book is a wide scope of his life of a man who began writing in the name of God as a teenager. "The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards" is a must for those who want to know about the man behind the words and the strong faith of some people.

Editions & Impressions
Nicholas A. Basbanes
Fine Books Press
4905 Pine Cone Drive, #2, Durham, NC 27707
Gulotta Communications (publicity)
341 Lexington Street, Newton, MA 02466
9780979949104, $27.95,

There's more adventure to books than the stories within them. "Editions & Impressions: Twenty Years on the Book Beat" is a memoir of Nicholas A. Basbanes, a journalist on the literary world of books. Filled with essays, stories, and anecdotes, Basbanes has more than enough to keep even the less informed of the book industry in line. "Editions & Impressions" is filled with lost castle libraries, book thieves, and more, making for an intriguing read about the deceptively exciting world of books.

Cracked Marbles
Tom Palmer
Tiffin Press
110 Jones Point Road, Brooksville, MN 04617
Publishing Works Inc. (publicity)
60 Winter Street, Exeter, NH 03833
9780964601888, $16.95,

Some stories can tell you so much more about the world than one would think. "Cracked Marbles: Life's Lessons for a Maine Surgeon" is a collection of memoirs from Tom Palmer as he draws upon the stories of his life serving as a small town surgeon in the state of Maine. Encouraging readers, especially readers entering to medical field, to never forget the human touch in this world of increasing technology, "Cracked Marbles" is as enlightening as it is entertaining.

Vermont C.O.
Ryan Mason
PO Box 9432, South Burlington, VT 05403
9780615267548, $12.95

Dealing with the scum of the earth is no walk in the park. "Vermont C.O.: The Truth of Attrition" is the memoir of a man who has served as a correctional officer in the Vermont prison system. Frank and blunt, Mason tells his story which reveals the harsh realities that is working for a system filled with the worst of humanity. Showing exactly why the turnover rate for his profession is so high, "Vermont C.O." delves into the prison system and shows readers a vivid snapshot.

Dancing with the Enemy
Meg Brown
Motivated Performance
628 Canyon Rim Dr., Dripping Springs, TX 78620
0981852513, $19.99,

Cancer in the modern age is not a diagnosis that means death. "Dancing with the Enemy: Letting the Good Outweigh the Bad" is a memoir recording Meg Brown's battle with cancer, and how through an upbeat attitude and an indomitable spirit, she overcame her ailment and reclaimed her life. Witty, poignant, and awe-inspiring, Meg's tale is just the remedy some will need for their own struggles. "Dancing with the Enemy" is a fine entry into collections dealing with cancer and its survival.

L.A. Nuts
Joe Dungan
Trinco Publishing
PO Box 4851, Valley Village, CA 91617-0851
9780982034569, $14.95,

One of the largest cities in the world, and millions try to flock there annually. But if they all jumped off a bridge, would you follow? L.A. Nuts: A Collection of the Cult-Hit Columns" is a collection of writings from Joe Dungan who seeks to prove the insanity of Los Angelans and encourage people to stay far, far away from the incessant madness and be glad they don't live in a town where irrationality is law. "L.A. Nuts" is hilarious, enlightening, and will make readers reconsider a trip to Hollywood.

Poisoned Love
Melanie Cane
Bascom Hill Publishing Group
212 N 3rd Avenue, Suite 570, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781935098119, $19.95,

Love is a good thing, but too much of a good thing can be toxic. "Poisoned Love" is the reflections of Melanie Caine as she comes to realization of the mistakes she made as her love made her mentally ill and made her commit a crime that she now seriously regrets years later. Poignant and frank about her shortcomings as a person, she reveals that love may not always be the best motivation to do things in one's life. "Poisoned Love" is intriguing reading on the dark side of deep affection.

Bringing Back the Magic
Margaret T. Wright
Tewillager Publishing
13835 N Tatum Boulevard, #9-609, Phoenix, AZ 85032
9780982119808, $17.95,

Animals can be a great shoulder to cry on when humanity is so cruel. "Bringing Back the Magic" is one woman reflecting on how she became who she is today. Margaret T. Wright lost her mother at a very young age, and to cope, she found comfort in an African Grey Parrot and today is an expert on the species. Encouraging those who are struck by tragedy to look to their feathered or furry friends, "Bringing Back the Magic" is fine and helpful reading.

After Enlightenment
Tony Ponticello
Community Miracles Center
2269 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114
9780982041901, $17.95,

What is a miracle, after all? "After Enlightenment: 16 Articles About a Course in Miracles" is a series of writings from the 'Irreverent Reverend', Tony Ponticello. The articles tackle a wide range of subjects from sex to politics, to his more direct area of expertise, religion. Discussing 'A Course in Miracles' well, "After Enlightenment" is entertaining and educational reading, sure to do just both for many a reader.

The Business Shelf

Not Another Pretty Binder!
Robert A. Simpkins
HRD Press
22 Amherst Road, Amherst, MA 01002
9781599961392, $29.95,

There are some things that immediately associated with the status quo. "Not Another Pretty Binder!: Strategic Planning That Actually Works" is a guide to business planning and breaking the cliches so many companies ultimately fall into. Hoping to infuse business leaders with fresh ideas with realistic goals and expectations, as well as dealing with failure realistically and most importantly, avoiding pretty binders, "Not Another Pretty Binder!" is a solid addition to any business collection looking to succeed.

Conventional Wisdom
Rebecca Staton-Reinstein
Tobsus Press
1835 NE Miami Gardens Drive, Suite 151, North Miami Beach, FL 33179
9780971557833, $37.00,

The Founding Fathers are called ahead of their time for a reason, as much of their ideas and concepts still hold very well today. "Conventional Wisdom: How Today's Leaders Plan, Perform, and Progress Like the Founding Fathers" takes a look at how the wisdom of America's greatest leaders hasn't changed all that much in two hundred years. Showing how the economic policies of Madison, the leadership qualities of Washington, the diplomacy of Franklin are all key features in today's business, "Conventional Wisdom" takes a unique approach to explaining a successful business of today.

Big Leadership Ideas
Paul B. Thornton
Foremost Press
90 Fairway Dr., Chicopee, MA 01020
9780981841854, $14.95,

Leading a company to major profits and leading them to a sports championship are not all that different. "Big Leadership Ideas: From the Locker Room to the Boardroom" is a guide for business leaders who want to transform their athletics field experience into business room leadership. With advice on evaluating one's status, realizing what can be done, and how to choose wisely and execute wisely, "Big Leadership Ideas" is a must for those who want to think big, but want to avoid being delusional.

The Legend of Svet's
Jay Miller
1508 Inc.
1 Market St., #3600, San Francisco, CA 94105
9780982196106, $20.95

Modern doesn't mean the turn of the twentieth century. "The Legend of Svet's: Where Advertising Was Lost, Then Found" takes a tale of fiction and spins it into an educational and vital lesson about the world of marketing. Calling for a revitalization of today's marketing techniques instead of following the ancient techniques that have been waning for quite some time, Jay Miller tells a story that blends business insight and fiction well, making "The Legend of Svet's" an essential read for advertising students - and one they won't dread.

No Stress Tech Guide To ACT! 2009
Indera E. Murphy
Tolana Publishing
PO Box 719, Teaneck, NJ 07666
9781935208075, $43.95,

ACT! is a 'Contact and Customer Relationship Management' (CRM) database software package designed for use by individual and companies. In "No Stress Tech Guide To ACT! 2009", author, educator, and IT professional Indera E. Murphy draws upon her more than twenty years of experience and expertise to create a thoroughly 'user friendly' manual offering step-by-step instructions on using ACT! to create and edit contact, company and group records. Readers will also learn how to run and customize reports, create and use dashboards, import and export data, schedule activities, use task lists and calendars, customize toolbars and menus, as well as report templates. Of special note is the chapter dedicated to database maintenance and security. Profusely illustrated throughout, "No Stress Tech Guide To ACT! 2009" is an ideal and recommend instruction guide for anyone seeking to organize and maintain their contact and customer information, or who seek to demonstrate functionality of software to clients while gathering specifications for a proposed project. Whether as a classroom textbook and curriculum supplemental reference, or as an individualized personal study guide, "No Stress Tech Guide To ACT! 2009" is highly recommended reading.

501 Ideas for Your Compliance and Ethics Program
Joseph E. Murphy
Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics
6500 Barrie Road, Suite 250, Minneapolis, MN 55435
9780979221033, $60.00,

Ethics are invaluable, but some abandon them when things start to go sour. "501 Ideas for Your Compliance and Ethics Program: Letters from 30 Years of Practice" is a collection of concepts and ideas that many a business can use to enhance the company's ethics and compliance programs. Joseph Murphy has infused loads of his wisdom into this manual, with each group of tips organized into easy to access sections, with advice on everything from hiring practice to discipline due to the ethics of corporate gifts. "501 Ideas for Your Compliance and Ethics Program" is a must for corporations who don't want poor ethics to be their downfall.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Memory in Our Bones
H. Elizabeth Burke
EarthSong Foundation Press
4 Lyford Dr., #N, Tiburon, CA 94920
9780615204505, $21.95,

Some memories are like bones - hardened, resilient, and never changing. "Memory in Our Bones: Exploring the Mysteries of Mind, Body, and Spirit" is an exploration of the human spirit and the memories that are so heavily ingrained in it and how they impact our lives so heavily. Drawing from many spiritual traditions, Burke hopes to enlighten readers to realize who they truly are. From there, they can grow. "Memory In Our Bones" is philosophical and intriguing reading on the world of the human spirit, highly recommended.

Free Spirit
Sundance Burke
Awake Spirit Publishing
2124 Awihi Pl #303, Kihei, HI 96753
9780980091236, $22.95,

A free spirit is one without ego. "Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightened Being" is a spirituality guide encouraging readers to free themselves from their oppressive ego to truly become a free spirit. With writing that is frank and blunt, as well as witty and amusing, author Sundance Burke discusses emotions and the human spirit well, and as well as why he is no longer Donald the Third. "Free Spirit" is intriguing spiritual reading, highly recommended.

The Poetry Shelf

Alan L. Boegehold, translator
Axios Press
PO Box 118, Mt. Jackson, VA 22842
9781604190052, $18.00,

A good translation can mean the difference between art and Engrish. "Cavafy: 166 Poems" is a new translation of the historical Greek poet Cavafy's important work in the field of poetry. Alan Boegehold serves as the translator and through deft research and ideas, he adapts Cavafy's work to modern English while doing his best to retain his original Greek language style. A strong choice for those who seek well-translated classical poetry, "Cavafy" is a top pick. "In the Same Place": What's around: house, bars, and neighborhood/I look at and walk in year on year,/in joy and in grief I brought you into being/with so much incident, with so many troubles,/for me you have turned wholly into physical/sensation.

Weaving the Light
Mary Ruth Donnelly
Cherry Pie Press
PO Box 155, Glen Carbon, IL 62034-2905
9780974846866, $10.00,

Another entry into the fine Midwest Women Poets series, "Weaving the Light" brings readers the work of Mary Ruth Donnelly. Drawing upon the natural world, both human and not, Donnelly draws upon the human experience and reflects upon it as a woman and poet. "Weaving the Light" is a strong pick for those looking for women's poetry with a Midwestern flavor. "Something Fine": about the morning,/ the mild wind,/ Queen Anne's Lace drift in the meadow/ below the wooden porch/ and beyond the cropped yard and garden./Across the draw, the pasture's/gray waiting, damp, quiet,/turns gold suddenly,/not at all startled/by the sun as it rises/ above the oaks.

Feelings We Don't Reveal
Elizabeth Castillo
Lady Press
16964 Columbia River Drive, Sonora, CA 95370-9111
188940943X, $12.99

Life is not a straight line. "Feelings We Don't Reveal: Faith vs. Hate" is an anthology of poetry from Elizabeth Castillo, a woman who has made writing her hobby and passion for much of her life, touching into music and prose, blending them both together well in poetry. "Feelings We Don't Reveal" is intriguing and enlightening verse, recommended. "My Spirit is Prisoner": My spirit is prisoner/prisoner of my own misery/A misery that is caused by me/I often lose my will/And cry over what's been spilled/I can't take the frustration anymore/I'm losing my own war/My eyes are parched/My throat is sealed/Help me Lord I've lost my Will/My spirit is suffering/It needs love and sincere understanding/It can't take the walls that seclude me/the iron bars are killing me/Lord set me free/Let me breathe/Let my spirit feel free again/As the love carried in children.

Fields of Memory
Robert W. Wood
5050 Poplar Ave, Ste 1510, Memphis, TN 38157
9781590960097, $16.18

Robert Wood deserves high marks for his novel Goodbye Vietnam in the past, and he translates his expertise to poetry well with "Fields of Memory". Personal and moving, Wood remembers a bit of rhyme to his work, setting it out from the rest of the free verse poetry on the market. Touching on the many elements of the human experience, "Fields of Memory" is something executed well - a sight to enjoy. "More": How can I love you more?/More than more itself/Each day brings new distance/Between what I loved,/And what I loved before.

Like Li-Po Laughing at the Lonely Moon
Chuck Taylor
Pecan Grove Press
Box AL, 1 Camino Santa Maria, San Antonio, TX 78228
9781931247597, $15.00

Author Chuck Taylor brings his experiences to test with "Like Li-Po Laughing at the Lonely Moon". Another anthology of poetry from the man, this volume focuses on a marriage of eastern and western philosophy as he discusses them with solid and blunt verse. "Like Li-Po Laughing at the Lonely Moon" is a unique read to enjoy for poetry fans. "Haiku 2": Small girl gathering/off the green lawn a bouquet/of peacock feathers.

As If the Sky Were Open
Bob Scher
Browser Books Publishing
2195 Filmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115
9780977221295, $15.00

Bob Scher is no stranger to the world of poetry with five previous volumes under his belt. "As If the Sky Were Open" is the latest volume of poetry, touching on a far range of subjects in tones ranging from whimsical to poignant. Written by a poet to enjoy, "As if the Sky Were Open" is an entrancing round of poems indeed. "Surely Everyone Knows This": Kumquat people in the field/never stop and seldom yield./All persimmon people know/to yield where kumquat people go.

Over Easy
Marcia S. Ivans
Arseya Publishing
PO Box 387, New Vernon, NJ 07976
9780974518572, $13.00,

Decades of life, and all that's really changed is the breed of her dog. "Over Easy" is a collection of poems from a poet with decades of experience in the field, Marcia S. Ivans. As her second anthology of poetry, she has wrote as a part of her healing process and her verse speaks right from her heart. "Over Easy" is inspiring, and highly recommended. "The Small Smile": From beyond your usually stoic face/A Smile curls onto your lips/the Glimmer of satisfaction/At the serenity I have found/After many years of revealing myself/To finally reach the discovery of my truth/and be able to smile too.

The International Studies Shelf

American Raj
Eric S. Margolis
Keyporter Books
Six Adelaide Street East, Tenth Floor, Toronto, ON Canada M5C 1H6
9781554700875, $32.95,

The Middle East has long been in conflict with its Western neighbors, but how does this conflict end? "American Raj: Liberation or Domination?" is a scholarly look at this long standing conflict and what it may take to finally achieve peace between these two powerful entities. Being bluntly honest and frank, Eric Margolis does not sugar coat any of his ideals behind political correctness, and plainly states why the West is hated in the Muslim world, the inner turmoil of the Middle east and how it fuels the fires of hate, and much more. "American Raj" is enthralling, a grade-A choice for those who want to best understand the centuries of hate.

The Self-Help Shelf

Barry Klein
Todd Publications
PO Box 1752, Boca Raton, FL 33429
091534405X, $9.95

Is aging more of a mental thing than anything else? "Aging: How Old Would You Be If You Didn't Know How Old You Were?" asks the title question and tries to find how much age really matters. With many poignant thoughts and ideas on aging and a scholarly and thoughtful dissection of age in today's society, Klein delivers much nourishment for the mind. "Aging" is a must for anyone who thinks getting old doesn't mean you have to act like it.

How to Win a Pitch
Joey Asher
Persuasive Speaker Press
c/o Speechworks
3500 Piedmont Road, Suite 330, Atlanta, GA 30305
Maryglenn McCombs (publicity)
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126-274, Nashville, TN 37203
9780978577612, $16.95,

Pitching an idea is a competition - you're competing against anyone else who thinks their idea or product is brilliant. "How to Win a Pitch: The Five Fundamentals That Will Distinguish You from the Competition" is a guide for those who have to often pitch their ideas for their business to their clients. Selling is more than having a good product or idea, it's a show and presenting oneself as well. Inspiring one's target is the aim, and "How to Win a Pitch" is a fine choice for those who want to pitch themselves in a more appealing way.

Honor Yourself
Patricia Spadaro
Three Wings Press
410 Fieldstone Drive, Bozeman, MT 59715
9780981603308, $14.95,

Often overlooked by self-help books is the natural paradoxes of live, the duality of the human experience, and the necessity for balance for true contentment. In "Honor Yourself: The Inner Art Of Giving And Receiving", author Patricia Spadaro underscores one of the key paradoxes (and sources of stress) in our daily lives -- properly and successfully balancing what others need from us with what we need from ourselves, between giving and receiving, between self-sacrifice and self-interest, the boundaries of our generosity. A compendium of insight, advice, and practicality within the context of modern life, "Honor Yourself" is highly recommended for personal self-help, self-improvement reading lists as being especially 'user friendly' and 'real world' oriented for establishing and maintaining mentally, physically, and spiritually appropriate balances between the needs of others and the needs of oneself.

Brain Wave Vibration
Ilchi Lee
Best Life
c/o Yorwerth Associates
410 Fieldstone Drive, Bozeman, MT 59715
9781935127000, $14.00,

Health and medical traditions of both the East and the West, going back hundreds and even thousands of years, have one universal commonality -- the belief that human health depends upon a proper balance of mind and body. As the founder of Dahn Yoga, the author of more than thirty books, and president of the Korea Institute of Brain Science and the International Brain Education Association, Ilchi Lee brings a particularly knowledgeable expertise and experience to "Brain Wave Vibration" in which he lays out a powerful, easy-to-follow method to help non-specialist general readers to bring their minds and bodies back into balance as a means of achieving health, happiness, and personal peace. Readers are provided with particularly 'user friendly' instructions on stimulating natural healing abilities, managing stress, acquiring physical vitality, enhancing creative potential, and becoming in touch with their 'highest self'. With the addition of several appendices, an extended bibliography, resource list, and a comprehensive index, "Brain Wave Vibration" is a welcome and enthusiastically recommended addition to personal self-help/self-improvement reading lists and community library reference collections.

...Experiencing Home...
Jon R. Rentfrow
Zajan Publishing
205 Allen Street, Fort Collins, CO 80525
9780981828107, $14.95,

What is home? It's a loaded question. "...Experiencing Home...: A Guide to Finding Joy in Your Home" is a guide to help readers answer that question for themselves. Hoping to help readers look at their own home, as it is now, and find what they enjoy there and how to better embrace their time there as a place of rest and joy, author Jon Rentfrow applies anecdotes and personal questions towards the readers on each room of the house. "...Experiencing Home..." is a fine pick me up for those who have wondered what home really is.

The Skinny on Willpower
Jim Randel
Cloverleaf Publishing
c/o Rand
265 Post Road West, Westport, CT 06880
9780981893532, $12.95,

Self-discipline is an invaluable trait, but so many lack it. "The Skinny on Willpower: How to Develop Self-Discipline" is a guide to building will power and self-discipline in oneself in a quick and compact, easy to read guide to help readers embrace the power of will in their lives. "The Skinny on Willpower" is a must for anyone who wants the best tool in getting anything done in one's life to be themselves.

The Photography Shelf

Duncan Evans
Ava Publishing
9782884791045, $22.95,

The quality of a photograph of a person can be varied so much for the same subject matter. "Portraits" is a photography guide laid out as a question and answer manual to best lay out the varying importance of certain elements when dealing with the incredibly fine art of portraits via photographs. From the set up before the photograph is taken to what must be done in the dark room, Duncan Evans applies his expertise well, making "Portraits" a must for rookie photographers or experienced ones looking for new techniques.

Stalking Paris
Jarret Schecter
Francesca Sorrenti, editor
Trolley Ltd.
9781904563921, $49.95,

Paris is more than just a city of lights, architecture and art. It is also a diverse community of people and places that are ideal subjects for the photographer's lens. Expertly edited by Francesca Sorrenti, "Stalking Paris" is a compilation of work by the documentary photographer Jarret Schecter and provides a series of photographic images that range from the blurred to the crisp, occasionally rising to the level of fine art. A fascinating photography study, "Stalking Paris" is especially recommended to students of photography in general, and of Parisian imagery in particular.

The Education Shelf

The More We Get Together
Gari Stein
Rosey RaeNate Productions
c/o Progressive Book Marketing
PO Box 1271, Gaylord, MI 49734
9781935356004, $19.95,

The education of a child is as much a matter of building motivating relationships as it is academic content. "The More We Get Together: Nurturing Relationships Through Music, Play, Books And Art" by Gari Stein is focused on helping parents and teachers to build those kinds of relationships with their children that will foster both a love of learning as well as the acquisition of specific and education related skill sets. Divided into two major sections, "The More We Get Together" covers the research underlying the conceptual value of human interaction as a vital element in the learning process and then goes on to survey education activities that incorporate music and playing, books and art appropriate to both a home and a classroom setting. Enhanced with an accompany 'Travel CD' and an extensive resource listing of books and websites, "The More We Get Together" is a highly 'user friendly' and enthusiastically recommended addition to personal, professional, school and community library Parenting and Curriculum Supplement Educational Resources reference collections.

The Literary Shelf

Brief Nudity
Thomas Farber
Manoa Books
c/o Small Press Distrubution
1341 Seventh Street, Berkeley, CA 94710
9780979528521, $20.00

One place over thirty years can reveal so much. "Brief Nudity" tells the story of Thomas Farber's cottage in Berkeley, California. Telling the story in the tradition of literary nonfiction, Farber delivers true stories that read very much like fiction, but focuses on the human nature's effort to keep the line between fiction and nonfiction blurred as no one seems to want to tell the whole truth. "Brief Nudity" is a fine read and well offer readers much to think about.

The Social Issues Shelf

A Love Letter to Black People
Brian McClellan
Sherian Publishing
2700 Baselton Highway, Suite 10-390, Dacula, GA 30019-3207
9780979567650, $24.99,

The black community has always been a vital part of American culture, but the black community be on the way to destroying itself? "A Love Letter to Black People: Audaciously Hopeful Thoughts on Race and Success" is one man's pleas to the black community to turn themselves around and uses examples of successful black people, with the key look at the recent Presidential success of Barack Obama. Also discussing challenges to his urges, such as the 'whitening' of blacks, "A Love Letter to Black People" is an intriguing piece on the issue of race in America today, dearly recommended to many a reader.

National Lies
Charles Churchyard
Axroide Publishing
PO Box 390034, Cambridge, MA 02139
9780981571645, $26.95,

Mom, baseball, and apple pie - but what is America really about? "National Lies: The Truth About American Values" looks at the American people and what they really stand for, and how while Americans mean well, their ideas may not be what is best for the country. Topics discussed include everything ranging from the Founding Fathers and the challenges they faced from Day 1, black and white thinking, how some wars started from American idealism, and more. "National Lies" is an interesting look into the American psyche, and offers much food for thought.

The World History Shelf

The Incredible Walk
Judi Olga Cahorn
Beach Lloyd Publishers
PO Box 2183, Southeastern, PA 19399-2183
9780979277887, $19.95,

The will to survive can drive humans to do just about everything. "The Incredible Walk: The True Story of My Parents' Escape from Nazi-Occupied France" is the story of a young Jewish couple under threats from the Nazi regime during World War II. The author's parents fearing what could happen to them, lead themselves to look westward as they attempted to cross the rough Pyrenees mountain range into Spain. A story of how running away is not always cowardice, but bravery, "The Incredible Walk" is a riveting read of the determination to survive.

The Criminology Shelf

Woman Into Wolf
Alysse Aallyn
The Midnight Reader
9781597122894, $12.95,

Sometimes the skill of finding the truth is a curse rather than a gift. "Woman Into Wolf" follows Persey Royall as she find herself in another disturbing mystery. Author Aallyn draws from her own traumatic experiences, bring readers a solemn, yet still exciting and adventurous thriller that is going to pull readers through a thrill ride. "Woman Into Wolf" is unique and highly recommended reading.

The Philosophy Shelf

The God Virus
Darrel W. Ray
PC Press
15699 Kansas Avenue, Bonner Springs, KS 66012
9780970950512, $24.95

Religion is often argued as both a bane and boon of society. "The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and Culture" is a discussion of how all religions, ranging from the huge ones like Christianity and Islam, to lesser known ones such as Sikhism and Shinto, have greatly impacted humanity in all of its aspects. A dissection of religion as something that spreads very quickly throughout all branches of society (hence its analogy to a virus), "The God Virus" does not full out attack religion, nor endorse it. "The God Virus" is an incredibly intriguing and fascinating read, highly recommended for those who want to understand the nature of God and his followers.

In the Beginning, There Was... Me
Samson Soledad
Desperado Press
PO Box 2645, Valley Center, CA 92082
9781934613009, $29.95,

What's really the difference between a prophet and a ranting madman? "In the Beginning, There Was... Me: God's Official Autobiography" are the reflections of Samson Soledad as he waxes philosophical on the many unanswered questions of life. Drawing upon his inspiration one day to process his thoughts to paper, Soledad offers readers a fresh insight to the many things of the world, saying that thought is an inspiration from God. As such he speaks on everything, from the divine to the mundane. "In the Beginning, There Was... Me" is a fine and entertaining religious pick.

Backwards Guidebook
Nanci L. Danison
A.P. Lee & Co. Publishers
PO Box 340292, Columbus, OH 43234
9781934482025, $15.95,

Forward thinking is fine in all, but one can find many answers just by looking back. "Backwards Guidebook" is a second in a series called 'Backwards'. Asking many of life's questions, ranging from God to the meaning of life, Danison and company keep it secular while waxing philosophical in ways that will tax the mind, but leave it better from the exercise. A strong choice for those looking for answers about life, the universe, and everything, "Backwards Guidebook" is a definite purchase for those who have read the first and enjoyed it.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

The History of Atlantis
Lewis Spence
Adventures Unlimited Press
PO Box 74, Kempton, IL 60946
0932813283, $16.95,

The myth and legend of Atlantis has captivated readers for ages. "The History of Atlantis" is a reprint of one of the earliest books on the subject, originally printed in 1926. Seeking he basis of the mythology from countless sources such as Egyptian history, Aztec records, and more. For anyone with an even a mild fascination with Atlantis, "The History Atlantis" gives readers a good deal to enjoy within it and then some with its wide scope.

The Military Shelf

The Tracks of the Fox
Rene Defourneax
Indiana Creative Arts
5814 Beachwood Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46219
0966620836, $15.00,

Knowledge is power, and without knowledge, one is powerless. Now in a newly revised edition, "The Tracks of the Fox: Uncovering Secrets of Wartime Covert Operations" is a military memoir of men's times as covert operatives during World War II. Rene Defourneax has collecting many stories of secret operations through the many theatres of the war, and he tells the stories deftly, reeling one in like they were told by the men themselves. "The Tracks of the Fox" is a must for any military reader, as is Defourneaux's other military memoir collection of "The Raven Dropped His Chese: A Story of the WWII French Resistance" (9780966620856, $15.00) telling the story of the French who didn't surrender.

Prisoner of War in Germany
Peter Doyle
Shire Books
443 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016
9780747806851, $12.95,

Germany is not known for its hospitality during World War II. "Prisoners of War in Germany" is a look at prisoners of war who were captured during World War II, as the result of many bloody conflicts along the German border. This is the story of these American and British soldiers who lived their lives being forced in hard labor by their enemies, hoping their allies would eventually come to their aid. Illustrated with full color photos, and cartoons from the time, "Prisoners of War in Germany" is a vivid picture of the lives these men faced, highly recommended.

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