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Reviewer's Choice

Charlie Baker George
Frank F. Tibbo
Jesperson Publishing
100 Water Street, PO Box 2188
St. John's, NL, Canada, A2C 6E6
1894377168 $16.95

Charlie Baker George: St. Martin-In-The-Woods And The Story Of Sabena OOCBG by aviation expert Frank F. Tibbo is the true life story of the surviving crew and passengers of the Sabena Airlines DC4, flight OOCBG, and their inspirational story of courage and eventual rescue. Tactfully introducing the reader and hooking their interest, Charlie Baker George accurately covers every minute of the huge aircraft's journey and crash, and the endeavors of the people so heroically surviving the aircraft's doom. Charlie Baker George is very highly recommended to all non-specialist general readers with an interest in true tales of thrilling and gripping content for its inspiring and timeless story.

Cashing On A Second Home In Mexico
Tom Kelly & Mitch Creekmore
Crabman Publishing
PO Box 4719, Rolling Bay, WA 98061
0977092003 $19.95

Deftly co-authored by Tom Kelly and Mitch Creekmore, Cashing On A Second Home In Mexico: How To Buy, Rent And Profit From Property South Of The Border is an innovative and direct guide for profitable proper purchases and business procedures reflecting the current economic realities of Mexico. Introducing the reader to many knowledgeable tactics and expert strategies, Cashing On A Second Home In Mexico clearly describes to readers the most effective and financially frugal tricks and techniques to acquire cheap and prosperous housing. Cashing On A Second Home In Mexico is very strongly recommended reading for aspiring house-owners of Mexico, as well as and particularly to prospective realtors wishing to move a portion of their operation to Mexico for its highly detailed and authoritative exploration of the potentially prosperous selling of housing in Mexico.

The 15 Puzzle
Jerry Slocum & Dic Sonneveld
Slocum Puzzle Foundation
257 South Palm Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
1890980153 $30.00

Profusely illustrated, The 15 Puzzle: How It Drove The World Crazy by Jerry Slocum and Dic Sonneveld is an informative exploration of the famed "fifteen puzzle" and its mathematical explanation. Introducing the reader to a remarkable time in history in which the puzzle held Americans and Europeans engaged in trying to solve a puzzle that was seemingly mathematically impossible, and how a young New Yorker solved it, as well as how its acclaimed inventor, puzzle designer Sam Loyd was really just getting away with a deceptive hoax that worked for to fool everyone beginning with the puzzle's debut in 1879 and went on to mystify people for the next 115 years. The 15 Puzzle is a very highly recommended read for readers with a particular interest in logic puzzles and American/European pop-culture history.

Atlas Of Child Development
Paul Kershaw et al
Western Geography Press
Department of Geography, University of Victoria,
PO Box 3050, Victoria, BC Canada V8W 3P5
0919838308 $39.95 CAD

Knowledgeably compiled and expertly co-authored by the team of childhood development specialists Paul Kershaw, Lori Irwin, Kate Trafford, and Clyde Hertzman, Atlas Of Child Development is an introductory study of childhood progression, lifestyle, statistical proofs, and developmental stability of children in rural, suburban, and urban Canada. Delving deeply into the geographical particulars and particular research projects of what developmental understandings investigations and studies have come to grasp, Atlas Of Child Development provides academicians and governmental policy makers an indispensable reference for the sociological progression, influence, and eventual placement of childhood surroundings. Atlas Of Child Development is very highly recommended for all professional, governmental, and academic Sociology and Childhood Development reference libraries.

The Sorcerer's Trick
Morgan "Two Fires" Kazembe
Crying Lion Corporation
2101 Woolsey, Suite B, Berkeley, CA 94702
0976738503 $24.95 1-510-845-5044

A unique body of work, The Sorcerer's Trick: A Weapon Of Mass Deception by Morgan "Two Fires" Kazembe is an eclectic collection showcasing a vast and diverse cornucopia of worldly philosophy, conceptual understandings, wry insights, and "the everything of everything" reference book presented in a satirical, inventive, deeply engaging, and impressively informative manner that will hook the reader's total attention from first page to last. Exploring the greater collective existence and being, The Sorcerer's Trick enlightens the reader to the grand plethora of the intuitive, the poetic, the practical, the iconoclastic, and the useless. The Sorcerer's Trick is an intricate and deviant perceptive understanding of the human truth, very strongly recommended to all intellectually adventurous readers.

The Myth Of Enlightenment
Karl Renz
Inner Directions Foundations
PO Box 130070, Carlsbad, CA 92013
1878019244 $15.95

The Myth Of Enlightenment: Seeing Through The Illusion Of Separation by Karl Renz is an inspirational telling of all of the truths we humans have been taught to deny. As The Myth Of Enlightenment progresses, readers will discover a more elaborated and honest part of themselves, in both their social and solitary life. The Myth Of Enlightenment is very highly recommended for its intriguing content and everything it has to offer for all readers, religious or otherwise.

Cowboys Cowgirls Cowchips
Doris McClellan
Bright Sky Press
PO Box 340 South Second Street, Albany, TX 76430
193172170X $22.95 1-325-762-3909

Cowboys Cowgirls Cowchips: True Tales From The Long X, Long S, And Spade Ranches is a revealing and entertaining compendium of information on everything that makes a true modern cowboy from the perspective of by Doris McClellan. As McClellan has found home to the land of the cowboy for over thirty years, she retains an ultimate and intimate grasp of the true eye behind the brim. Cowboys Cowgirls Cowchips delves deep into the mentality, personality, and individuality of the cowboy roaming the modern ranch, and for its unique and accurate telling of the societal misconception of the cowboy today, is very highly recommended reading, especially for anyone interested in contemporary Texas ranch life.

The Mystical Guide To Home Inspection
Faith Ranoli
Books To Believe In
17011 Lincoln Avenue, #408, Parker, CO 80134
0977476103 $15.97

Very highly recommended to all people in tuned with their surrounding energy considering selling their house, The Mystical Guide To Home Inspection: Thoughts From A Holistic Home Inspector by Faith Ranoli (a spiritual minister and speaker who draws from more than 30 years of construction experience as well as her expertise in Geobiology and Earth Acupuncture) is a knowledgeably written, thought-provoking guide to the most effective ways to utilize the natural laws of energy to pass a home inspection with intent to eventually sell. The Mystical Guide To Home Inspection prepares the reader for maintenance, safety, money and energy savings, and how best to approach or interview a house inspector, creating a very tactfully written and "user-friendly" reference for all home-sellers.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

John D. Clough
Cleveland Clinic Press
9500 Euclid Avenue, NA32, Cleveland, OH 44195
1596240083 $14.95

Arthritis: A Cleveland Clinic Guide by John D. Clough (Department of Rheumatic and Immunologic Disease at The Cleveland Clinic since 1971) is an informative and "user-friendly" collective analysis of arthritis and its many variables. As an exploration into the forms, treatment, medications and side-effects, emotional reactions, those at risk, proper assessment of treatment options, and the long-term prognosis and what may be done, Arthritis: A Cleveland Clinic Guide expertly covers every understanding of arthritis which the modern sciences have. Arthritis: A Cleveland Clinic Guide is very strongly recommended to all family members of those diagnosed, as well as and especially for those individuals diagnosed with arthritis.

Osteoporosis Prevention
Renee Newman
International Jewelry Publications
417 N Stoneman Suite C, Alhambra, CA 91801
0929975375 $15.95

Very strongly recommended reading for anyone having to deal with the condition of osteoporosis in their family or family history and is seeking to avoid bone loss themselves, Osteoporosis Prevention: A Provocative Approach To Strong Bones And Good Health by consumer writer Renee Newman is a competent and thoroughly "reader friendly" approach to preventing osteoporosis. Inclusive of information on how to: help prevent osteoporosis and broken bones; get enough calcium and other bone nutrients from food; make exercise safe and fun; retain a youthful posture; select a bone density center; get maximum benefit from your bone density exam; understand bone density reports; avoid being duped by advertising; help seniors maintain their muscles and their bones; how medical professionals can motivate patients; and how to be a savvy patient. Osteoporosis Prevention should be a part of every community health center and public library Health & Medicine reference collection for non-specialist general readers.

Let's Eat Out!
Kim Koeller & Robert La France
R & R Pulishing
446 North Wells, Suite 254, Chicago IL, 60610
0976484501 $24.95

Expertly co-authored by Kim Koeller, Let's Eat Out!: Your Passport To Living Gluten And Allergy Free is a simply outstanding reference for managing allergies while traveling or simply enjoying the convenience of dining out. Informed and informative, Let's Eat Out! offers readers an exclusive perspective on innovative strategies for pursuit of an allergen filled healthy yet satisfactory diet without the necessity to stay home and avoiding the social atmosphere of the restaurant. Let's Eat Out! is very strongly recommended to everybody with restrictive allergies wishing to engage in restaurant dining with family, friends, or business associates.

Water Exercises For Fibromyalgia
Ann A. Rosenstein
Idyll Arbor
39129 264th Avenue SE, Enumclaw, WA 98022
188288356X $18.00

Water Exercises For Fibromyalgia: The Gentle Way To Relax And Reduce Pain by water fitness instructor Ann A. Rosenstein is an informed and informative exploration of the many helpful attributes of water exercise. Inclusive of an easy-to-use format, Water Exercises For Fibromyalgia follows a program which educates the reader on all of the proper procedure to attain equipment, do the right warm-ups, stretches, and exercises addressing aerobic, strength, balance, abdominal, and neck, concluding with helpful and effective "cool-downs". Water Exercises For Fibromyalgia teaches readers which medications, vitamins and minerals, herbs, diets, nutritional supplements, and partners may assist to righteously validate water exercise treatment and experience, and is very highly recommended to all readers diagnosed with fibromyalgia, as well as those simply seeking an efficient work out plan and life-style instructional guide for the betterment of their general physical health. Also highly recommended is Ann Rosenstein's earlier book, "Water Exercises for Parkinson's".

Dynamic Energetic Healing
Howard Brockman
Columbia Press
1620 Commercial Street SE, Suite 200, Salem, Oregon 97302
0976646935 $27.95 1-503-363-4206

Very highly recommended reading for the student of energy healing and in-depth meta-physics, Dynamic Energetic Healing: Integrating Core Shamanic Practices With Energy Psychology Applications And Processwork Principles by psychotherapist Howard Brockman is an informed and informative instructional reference for the every intricate detailing of energy-based psychotherapy with spiritual inclination. As an easy-to-use, "user-friendly" guide practical for all students of their own meta-physical body, Dynamic Energetic Healing is knowledgeably written and commended for personal, professional, and academic Alternative Medicine reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

Relief From Headache
Donald I. Paterson
Warren H. Green, Inc.
8356 Olive Boulevard, St Louis, MS 63132
0875275478 $24.95

Relief From Headache by clinician and medical research investigator Donald I. Peterson (a retired Professor of Neurology and Associate Professor of Pharmacology at Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda, California) is a revolutionary guide and reference to the ultimate answer with respect to the common problem of the headache. As the compiled results of Peterson's many knowledgeable years of study, Relief From Headache expertly explores the causes of what might relieve a headaches persistence and striking pain. Relief From Headache is very highly recommended to all readers who suffer from frequent headaches for its educational, informative and "reader friendly" content.

Cancer Cures, Causes And Prevention
Robert Melli
Nature Publishing
119-42 80th Road, Kew Gardens, NY 11415
0975342800 $10.00 1-718-544-0612

Cancer Cures, Causes And Prevention by Robert Melli (Queens College CUNY) is the explorative introductory reference for the non-specialist general reader searching for a preventional aide in the fight against cancer. Having lost his wife and father to cancer, Melli sought to find the answers to cancer, the result is Cancer Cures, Causes And Prevention, an explanation of where it comes from, how to prevent, and how to cure cancer. Cancer Cures, Causes And Prevention is a well organized presentation of the findings he made in his inquiries and research. Very strongly recommended reading, Cancer Cures, Causes And Prevention is a book that everyone should read who must confront a diagnosis of cancer in themselves or a loved one.

108 Days
Lisa Lindell
March 5 Publishing
PO Box 57491, Webster, TX 77598
0976767309 $24.95

108 Days is a true story of the tragically unnecessary struggle for survival of a critical injury patient at the hands of an arrogant medical staff and the patronizing treatment endured from a hostile hospital administration told from the perspective of the patient Curtis Lindell's wife Lisa. Readers will be appalled as they learn how Curtis' fire accident injuries escalates to a coma and infections as result of one medical mistake after another compound, leading him through the evermore intricate endurance and suffering that lasted 108 days. As an inspirationally (albeit morbid) tale, daring to never to hide any of the truth, Lindell's 108 Days definitively depicts a struggling wife who, with the help of one lone nurse, in attempted to save her husband from the medical ineptitude and arrogance which surrounded him. 108 Days is very highly recommended as a real-life medical thriller for its engaging and riveting storyline from first page to last.

Evaluation And Management Of Speech Breathing Disorders
Thomas J. Hixon & Jeannette D. Hoit
Redington Brown
5530 Camino Del Celador, Tucson, AZ 85750
0976351307 $105.00

Knowledgeably authored by Thomas J. Hixon (Associate Vice President for Research, Dean of the Graduate College, Director of Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs, Research Integrity Officer, Director of the Institute for Neurogenic Communication Disorders, and the Professor of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences at the University of Arizona) and Jeannette D. Hoit (Professor of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, Research Scientist of the Institute for Neurogenic Communication Disorders, Member of the Committee on Neuroscience, and Coordinator of the Graduate Training Program in Survival Skills and Ethics at the University of Arizona), Evaluation And Management Of Speech Breathing Disorders: Principles And Methods is an in-depth intricate analysis of the perpetual study of speech and breathing disorders. Highly informative and detailed unlike any other for its subject, Evaluation And Management Of Speech Breathing Disorders acts righteously as an invaluable expansive reference for an extensive introduction and indispensable understanding of management and proper assessment, as well as historical progressive sciences of speech language and hearing in breathing disorders. Evaluation And Management Of Speech Breathing Disorders is very strongly recommended to all students of the verbally oriented sciences, as well as those in search for an ultimate reference to management of speech breathing disorders.

Unraveling Aids
Mae-Wan Ho et al
Vital Health Publishing
PO Box 152, Ridgefield, CT 06877
1890612472 $16.95

Unraveling Aids: The Independent Science And Promising Alternative Therapies, knowledgeably co-authored by the team of Mae-Wan Ho (Director and Co-founder of the Institute of Science in Society, London, U.K.), Sam Burcher (Institute of Science in Society and the Independent Science Panel), Rhea Gala (University of Wales and University of Exeter), and Velijko Veljkovic (Center of Multidisciplinary Research and Engineering at Vinca), is the in-depth collective study and observational documentation of HIV and Aids, effectiveness of the present generation of vaccines, immuno-suppressants, "drug-cocktails", alternative drug therapies, native herbal therapies, and variations of vitamin, mineral and other nutrient-based therapies. As a competently written and experience driven collection of knowledge, Unraveling Aids exposes its readers to the great many intricacies of modern progression in the discovery of AIDS origin, causes and supplemental cures. Unraveling Aids is very strongly recommended to all students of medical progression and innovation, as well as those in particular study of AIDS and HIV for its scholastic and informative presentation of modern understandings of the disease.

Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Plan
Dan Curtis & Scott Helvenston
Ground Breaking Books
28960 US Highway 19 North, Suite 115, Clearwater, FL 33761
0975524372 $24.95 1-877-771-8282

Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Plan by long-term weight loss researchers Dan Curtis and Scot Helvenston is an accurate detailing of everything necessary to loose excess wait, and retain a trim and toned body. With years of research behind Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Plan, this reference is ideal for anyone with true desires to leave behind those excess pounds. Having suffered obesity at a young age, Dan Curtis has since dedicated a significant portion of his time to research that is accountable for weight loss, to produce Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Plan as an ultimate reference for the collective near-guarantee weight loss strategies that he has taught so many others. Dr. Dan's Super Weight Loss Plan is very strongly recommended to all readers desiring a reliable recourse to aide them in what to do about weight loss.

Beyond Medicine
Richard A. DiCenso
Jenkins Group
400 West Front Street, Suite 4A, Traverse City, MI 49684
0967076110 $24.95

Beyond Medicine: Exploring A New Way Of Thinking by Dr. Richard A. DiCenso is an interpretive study of the mind, and the effectiveness of neurological and psychological order over drugs and surgery. Offering the reader an invaluable body of knowledge from years of experience with Vicious Cycle Disorder, Beyond Medicine informs its readers of the most frequent reasonings for the cause of VCD, common signs of VCD, identification of normal symptoms of VCD, and how to create a healing mentality and alteration of the pains which VCD causes. Beyond Medicine is very strongly recommended to those who are struggling to identify health issues arising from the condition of VCD.

The Reference Shelf

The Data Almanac: 2006
Philip Truscott et al
Carol Fass (publicity)
PO Box 5353, Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10185
0977430707 $49.95

Collectively written Philip Truscott, Brent Boyer, Josh McCormack, and Sandra Wales, The Data Almanac: 2006 is an extensive reference of statistics pertinent to population, housing, health, education, sex & relationships, business trends, crime and safety in America and the rest of the world. Enhanced with CD-Rom software which enables the analysis of over twelve million people for trade shipments, crime incidents, countries, and so much more -- all within seconds of its users number entry -- The Data Almanac: 2006 ultimately enables the easiest, most accessible and exploratory informational database today. The Data Almanac: 2006 is very strongly recommended to academicians, researchers, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in sociology, world interests, international statistics, and global issues of economics, politics, and demographics.

All In One Directory: 2006
Mark Gebbie, editor
Gebbie Press
PO Box 1000, New Paltz, NY 12561
0966940326 $155.00

A seminal addition for corporate, academic, and community library general reference resource collections, the All- In-One Directory: 2006 is a single source compendium of media contact listings for all U.S. broadcast and newspaper outlets, plus the leading magazines. Highly portable with a comb binding, the All-in-One Directory: 2006 is in it's 35th Edition is organized into White Pages (publications index, business papers, trade press, farm publications, general consumer magazines, and a "Note on Use of Editor Names"); Yellow Pages (AP/UPI/news syndicates, daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, the Black and Hispanic press); Grey Pages (television network and news headquarters, cable networks and services, television stations/Hispanic TV, radio networks/services, AM- FM radio stations, and Black and Hispanic radio). Confidently recommended, the All-In-One Directory: 2006 will prove especially indispensable for professional journalists, academicians, advertisers, social issue activists, and job seekers in the communications industry.

The Cookbook Shelf

Good Food, Simply Prepared
Joan Styrna
Peter Randall Publisher
PO Box 4726, Portsmouth, NH 03802
0977198642 $19.95

Good Food, Simply Prepared: A Collection Of Recipes From Three Generations Of The Styrna Family by Joan Styrna is an eclectic and fun collection of creative and inventive compendium of mouth-watering, easy-to-prepare, apatite satisfying recipes for all dining occasions. From Roquefort Tart; Eggplant Frittata; and Peanut Butter-Cornflake Cookies to Vinaigrette; Stuffed Pepper Steaks; and Fourth of July Swan Lake Clam Chowder, Good Food, Simply Prepared presents some of the tastiest, most fulfilling meals in one collection yet. Good Food, Simply Prepared is very strongly recommended to any kitchen cook looking for a more interesting approach to their next family meal.

A Taste Of Nostalgia
Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski & Judi Dick
Mesorah Publications
4401 Second Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11232
1422601056 $24.99

A Taste Of Nostalgia: Tales And Recipes To Nourish Body And Soul, collectively authored by Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski and Judi Dick, is an outstanding compilation of wonderful dishes. Delightfully written with the tactful intertwining of recipes and personal memories, A Taste Of Nostalgia features delicious recipes ranging from Egg Kichel - Eyer Kichel; Super Duper Chocolate Cake; and Rice Pudding; to Roasted Garlic Potatoes; Fruit-filled Mandlebroit; and Stuffings For Chicken. A Taste Of Nostalgia is very highly recommended to all culinary students and kitchen cooks, but most especially to multicultural and Jewish culinary collections as a perfect reference for holiday and special event celebratory dining.

A Slice Of Kentucky
The Cookbook Ladies
McClanahan Publishing House
PO Box 100, Kuttawa, KY 42055
0913383872 $21.95

The wealth of recipes comprising A Slice Of Kentucky: Sharing Our Recipes are drawn from the collective works of a group known as the Cookbook Ladies and is an eclectic and creative culinary compendium showcasing pure Kentucky dishes. With recipes ranging from Butter Rum Apple Cake; Turkey Brew Burgers; and Oriental Chicken with Walnuts; to Cranberry-Zinfandel Punch; Turkey-Veggie Pita Pockets; and Quail in White Wine Sauce, A Slice Of Kentucky offers an extensive overview of true-blue Kentucky cookery. A Slice Of Kentucky is very highly recommended to all culinary professionals and family cooks.

Santa Fe Kitchens
The Museum Of New Mexico Foundation
Ancient City Press
PO Box 667, Layton, OH 84041
1423600185 $24.95

Santa Fe Kitchens: Delicious Recipes From The Southwest from the The Museum of New Mexico Foundation is an impressive collection of artistic, tasteful, and distinctive culinary recipes. From Fiesta Taco Soup; Sicilian Swordfish; and Lamb Loin en Croute, to Lemon Dijon Chicken in Creme Sauce; Eggplant with Goat Cheese; and Chef's Choice Vegetable Dip, Santa Fe Kitchens is a showcase of eclectic, innovative, indispensable, progressive gourmet quality cookery. Santa Fe Kitchens is very strongly recommended for anyone inclined to the culinary arts, particularly those favoring southwestern or Mexican-American approaches to mealtime menus.

Women on the Move Cookbook
Kathleen Jackson and Tracey Davison
Living Ink Books
6815 Shallowford Road, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421
0899571778 $14.99

Written as a companion volume to "The Godly Business Woman Magazine Guide to Cooking and Entertainment", Women on the Move Cookbook Featuring Celebrities' Recipes is a collection chosen especially for the modern busy woman, whether she is tasked with cooking for holiday guests, making a meal for her family, or planning an evening with friends. Healthy, nutritious, easy-to-prepare delights include Cajun Bayou Gumbo, Miss Lucy's Favorite Easy Chili, Baby Back Ribs, Lemon and Broccoli Pasta, Cranberry Jubilee Bread and much more. Color photographs, recipes from celebrities such as Kay Arthur and Vonette Bright, and a handful of biblical quotes round out this wholesome, spiral-bound cookbook.

50 Great Curries of India
Camellia Panjabi
Kyle Books
YC Media
547 West 27th Street, Suite 310, NY, NY 10001
1904920357 $14.95

50 Great Curries of India presents 50 different, authentic Indian curries, each with a full-color photograph revealing its texture and appearance in detail, along with an accompanying recipe designed to harness the curry's flavor. From Chicken and Cashew Nuts in Black Spices to Chickpea Curry and Cauliflower with Shredded Ginger, the recipes perfectly capture Indian cuisine's marvelous ability to harness spices for an unforgettable taste experience. An extensive introductory section teaches aspiring chefs all about different types of spices, seasonings, thickening agents, souring agents, and the elements of a traditional Indian meal, in this "must- have" cookbook especially recommended for anyone interested in creating original Indian-style creations as well as preparing tasty tidbits according to recipe.

The Fiction Shelf

Rachel's Story
Mariana Coe
Ingalls Publishing Group
197 New Market Center, #135, Boone, NC 28607
1932158642 $18.95

Rachel's Story: A Southern Girl In Pre-Civil War Boston by Mariana Coe is an intriguing and conceptual reinvention of America in the 1850's, and one young woman's discovery among great intellects of the era. Including Elizabeth Peabody, Henry David Thoreau, Louisa May Alcott, and Ralph Waldo Emerson, Rachel's Story is an intriguing and knowledgeably written novel of what would most certainly have been a life many might now be envious of. Rachel's Story is very strongly recommended to all general readers and transcendentalist enthusiasts for its intuitive and intriguing conceptual work of historical fiction.

All I Ever Did Was Love A Man
Sharon Denise Allison-Ottey
Hilton Publishing
110 Ridge Rd, Munster, IN 46321
0976444348 $16.95

All I Ever Did Was Love A Man by Sharon Denise Allison-Ottey is the eclectic tale of Sabrena Collins and her pursuit of love, happiness and life. Without stability in her recent relationship, Sabrena received a visit which will immediately change the entirety of her perspective and understanding of the every intricacy of her own mind, her life, and her entirety. All I Ever Did Was Love A Man is very strongly recommended to all readers seeking a consoling read which they might be able to relate to, especially those in the midst of a poor relationship wishing for an advisable understanding of what their next move might be.

October Horse
D. B. Richter
Pleasant Word Publishing
1730 Railroad Street, Enumclaw, WA 98022
141410460X $18.99

Superbly written with impressive attention to historical detail by D. B. Richter, October Horse: Fall Of The Gods by D. B. Richter is an engaging and inherently entertaining novel depicting a fictional perspective of the Emperor Constantine in his thwarts to deceive the populace and future generation of the truths that were his immortality. An intriguing interpretation of the Roman leaders' leverage for what is determined in October Horse to be a complete cover for modern historians, implying Constantine devoted great planning for the prevention of public understanding of his secrets. October Horse accurately and vividly delves into the streets and lives of fictitious lives which played significant roles in the surrounding lives around them, and the detailing histories of the Roman Empire, and is very highly recommended to all fans of Roman historical fiction, modern conspiracy theorists, and non-specialist general readers with a favor for realistic historical fiction.

Cradle Of A Nation
Diana M. Johnson
Superior Book Publishing Company
16417 Superior St, North Hills, CA 91343
0966150449 $16.95 1-818-894-7903

Cradle Of A Nation: A Story Of Colonial Virginia by Diana M. Johnson (Daughters of the American Revolution) is an intriguing. well crafted novel providing an historical depiction of one man, William Daingerfield, and his benevolence while living in the final years of colonial Virginia. Readers will follow Daingerfield through the everyday of historical Virginia as his son's take leave for war in protection of the Ohio River Valley. Cradle Of A Nation is a knowledgeably written and historically accurate account of what may have been the life of one man amidst the final days and years of true colonial Virginia, and is very strongly recommended to all readers with an interest in historical fiction, general fiction, and the founding years of America, just prior the American Revolution.

Rosa: An Italian Tale
Eileen Ghilarducci Arnoff
5341 Dorchester Road, Suite 16, Charleston, South Carolina 29418
1419600869 $18.99

Rosa: An Italian Tale by Eileen Ghilarducci Arnoff is an intimate and eclectic tale of a woman Italian-American recent immigrant who meets a tenacious young Sebastiano Graziano to wed and, as dreamers, create an American life with. As Rosa: An Italian Tale progresses, readers will become enthralled with this romantic tale, as the couple come to realize what they need to become a true American family and fulfill their dream. Rosa: An Italian Tale is highly recommended for all romantic dreamers, particularly those who love America.

The Teacher
Ron Lancaster
Wheat Mark
610 East Delano Street, Suite 104, Tucson, AZ 85705
1587365766 $17.95

The Teacher: Adventures Of A Thoughtful Man by philosopher and author Ron Lancaster is an inspired and inspirational novel bearing the closest resemblance to ancient-philosophy-oriented style of fiction since the great Herman Hesse. Follow main character Paul Martin through his flee of his own destiny which practically guarantees him a hand in worldly power and thus destructive decisions. The Teacher is very strongly recommended to all readers of philosophical fiction as well as politically oriented fiction; this gripping and enriching tale is sure to entertain any literate reader.

Standards Left Ragged
C. D. White
Broadsides Press
PO Box 868, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745
0972630384 $15.95

Standards Left Ragged, deftly written by C. D. White, is the engaging tale of Captain Phillip Fairady and Royal Navy Lieutenant Eliot Marlborough in a nautical adventure novel in the Chesapeake Bay during the ongoing struggle for land in the year 1776. Instantly a classic, Standards Left Ragged is a remarkable recreation of the perpetually interesting lifestyle and timely truths of the fledgling navy during the pre-revolutionary America era. Standards Left Ragged depicts the conflict between two prolific captains as they must work in confluence on the HMS Roebuck 44 to create an orderly and productive crew, leaving one with an undetermined fate as the other must claim control. Standards Left Ragged is a very highly recommended read for its remarkable telling of an intriguing journey to all general fans of colonial and naval fiction.

Last Kiss
Marilyn Smith-Porter
Prairie River Publishing
c/o Smith Publicity
532 Old Marlton Pike, Suite 154, Marlton, NJ 08053-2075
1598540017 $24.95

Last Kiss: Memories Last Forever… by Marilyn Smith-Porter is the remarkable and inspirational albeit fictitious depiction of the 1962 ballad-love song, "Last Kiss." Readers will follow Georgie Core through his psychological struggle of losing Sharon before ever being able to tell her his true feelings for her and the struggle of knowing his best friend will be there countering his every 'what-if' that could have been his and Sharon's fate. Highly recommended for its well written, intimate and poignant truths and inquiry into the past and future, Last Kiss is the perfect addition to the community library fiction collections.

Finding The Way
Alfred Wellnitz
2021 Pine Lake Road, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68512
0595315909 $16.95

Very highly recommended and entertaining reading, Finding The Way by Alfred Wellnitz is an encouraging historical journey of the life of Karl Mueller and his travels inspired by the opportunity of owning American land. As an ex-soldier for the Prussian Army during the Franco Prussian war in 1870, Karl is greatly intrigued with the understanding that he may obtain land of his own and he decides to immigrate to America. Karl struggles with leaving a life behind, new discoveries and limitless engagements, making this book highly recommended for its remarkable content and informative take on historical occurrences.

American Dreaming
Doris Iarovici
Novello Festival Press
310 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28202
097609634X $21.95

American Dreaming: And Other Stories is an eccentric collection of seven stories depicting the modern pursuit of the American Dream from the perspective of Doris Iarovici who is herself an immigrant from Romania. Iarovici's unique writing style is enigmatic and tenacious, filled with enticing and engaging plots of intricate characters with individualistic ideals and aspirations, giving the reader a vivid and enrapturing concept of the enrapturing stories sure to engage them, making American Dreaming a very highly recommended read, perfect for the general fiction reader, particularly those with an interest in the alienating culture of modern America.

Ancient Pact
Caryn Colgan
Good Spirited Company
6451 South Virginia Street, #144, Reno, NV 89511
0967961637 $16.95

Ancient Pact: Volume 1: The Element Of Air by Caryn Colgan is an intuitive first hand fictitious account of an individuals encounters with the peculiar remembrance of past lives and historical happenings colliding with her modern-self. As Ancient Pact delves deeper into the evermore engaging mind of main character Karan Coleman as she discovers the estranging truths of her own dreams and realities. Ancient Pact is highly recommended to readers that subscribe to the New Age tale and inspirational literature.

My Son David
RM Abram
Dynasty Books
PO Box 838, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
0975503200 $29.95

My Son David by RM Abram is a fascinating tale of a father and son trying to restore the value of their lineage and familial fate of fulfilling the intent of the Shield of David. As the main character, David struggles with the truths of his destiny, readers will be enthralled with the active and uniting cast of My Son David. A very powerful, entertaining, and well crafted read from cover to cover, My Son David is highly recommended for community library fiction collections and personal reading lists.

Judas Burning
Carolyn Haines
River City Publishing
1719 Mulberry Street, Montgomery, AL 36106
1579660614 $26.95

Judas Burning by Carolyn Haines is a superbly crafted novel about a woman's return to her home town in an attempt to uncover the murderer of her late father, and with hope find contentment in the small-town atmosphere. As readers will discover, that are some strange occurrences in the river nearby, leading locals to believe a great evil lurks in the bed of the river, as well as a much deeper case for main character Dixon Sinclair and her moderate partner and town Sheriff, J.D. Horton. Judas Burning is very highly recommended and engaging reading, and to be given especially high praise for the gripping and perpetually intriguing tale it tells.

The Apocalypse Parable
Brian Kaufman
Last Knight Publishing Company
PO Box 270006, Fort Collins, CO 80527
0972044256 $15.99 1-970-391-6857

The Apocalypse Parable: A Conspiracy Of Weeds by Brian Kaufman is an original, engaging and complex suspense novel depicting the life of a wealthy man, Mordecai Ryan and his pursuit of Jesus Christ the services of Daniel Bain, a small-time private investigator for missing persons. Readers will be enthralled as Bain's pursuit of Christ leads him through a twisting and evermore intricate plot involving Hitler, discovering rewrites of the Gospel, and many more modern and estranging studies. The Apocalypse Parable is very strongly recommended to all readers of fantasy-fiction, particularly those inclined to the Christian faith.

Patrice St. Onge
Red Canyon Ink
2500 Broadway Unit B235, Grand Junction, CO 81503
0977243702 $16.95

An impressively unique work of fiction, Threads by Patrice St. Onge presents the reader with an intriguing and engaging format of poetry intertwined with a philosophical narrative and interesting character set. Setting back the indulgence of memory, Threads induces retrospective thought into all of its reader for an interesting and everlastingly fun interpretation of several entities individualistic occurrences, tactfully tied together for an all-together awe-inspiring novel. Threads documents author Patrice St. Onge as an original literary talent and is very highly recommended to anyone with an interest in philosophical literature and introspective fiction.

The Undoing
T.R. Villelli
Echo Media Group
12711 Newport Avenue, Suite H, Tustin, CA 92780
1887542272 $27.95

The Undoing is the intriguing story of Tim and Jamie Lasher, twin brothers, and their peculiar lives as youths and beyond as they begin to discover the odd intricacies and reasons to the occurrences which have always been a part of their lives. Engaging the reader in an amazing and competently written story, T.R. Villelli's The Undoing is rich in twists, involving the CIA, the President of the United States, an ex-CIA employee, and a strange secret bound to be protected by the power of the over-seeing government, yet determined to be exposed by the righteous pursuit of the young men and their purity. The Undoing is an enthralling 756-page novel which is very strongly recommended for its gripping and engaging story.

Underground Chronicles: The Payment
David Baldwin
PO Box 2540, Washington, DC 20013
097706302X $14.95

Underground Chronicles: The Payment by David Baldwin is an inspirational depiction of a young man's exploration of life as he engages in the lifestyle of hard drugs, blow out parties, illicit dealing, and predatory women. Facing two ultimate paths for life's future pursuit, one in essence of his appreciation of history and politics, and one more inclined toward eventual domination of local "underground fraternity" that is his darker, more destructive side. Very strongly recommended to all general fiction readers, The Payment is an engaging an enthralling tale sure to interest mature readers of this tautly written novel from first page to last.

The Simple Life
Ruth Porter
Bar Nothing Books
Suite 351 Capitol Plaza, Box 3, 100 State St. Montpelier, VT 05602
0976942267 $14.95

The Simple Life by Ruth Porter is an engaging tale depicting the reality of our human tendencies and inevitable, and the observation that those particular connections to our nature may be our most important and influential connections. Tactfully relating to its readers as the intimate tale of a rural tragedy, The Simple Life is an intuitive and intricate metaphor for the beauty and disposition which we as humans place ourselves into every day through out our lives, regardless of predetermined or understood truths. The Simple Life is very highly recommended to all readers of general fiction for its deftly presented message and an invaluable understanding of human nature and reality as a piece of modern American literature.

Providence Pond
Beresford McLean
Anancy Books
PO Box 28677, San Jose, CA 95159
0975329715 $17.95

Rooted in Jamaican folklore and African mythology, Providence Pond by novelist Beresford McLean is a remarkable tale depicting British attempts to influence ancient African customs in the process of reshaping Providence, Jamaica. Engaging the reader with its exceptionally well written and quite unique perspective, Providence Pond draws upon the communal Jamaican lifestyle centered in the African mores of Kumina wisdom and the everyday experiences of the Jamaican natives as their family concepts of love, truth, and hope are all threatened by the largely British-dominant society. Highly entertaining, Providence Pond is very strongly recommended reading and a welcome addition to any community library fiction collection.

The Fading Of The Scars
Orrin Michael Carpenter
WinePress Publishing
PO Box 428, Enumclaw, WA 98022
1414102593 $35.99

The Fading Of The Scars by Orrin Michael Carpenter is a novel influenced by the real-life occurrences which saved the author from the clutches of the notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy. As a boy, Dwight Enhart found himself enmeshed in the fogs of an ordinary teenage boyhood in 1946 as a young man who had development into a shy, yet respected leader in his high school, The Fading Of The Scars is an engaging tale of the young discovery of God through friendships and social barriers that eventually break through as a message of enlightenment. Exceptionally well written, The Fading Of The Scars is very highly recommended reading -- especially for teenagers searching for their own meaning, as it very well contrasts and relates to the sensitive social truths of being a teenager even today.

Vanity Of Vanities
Martin Bertram
Tate Publishing & Enterprises
172 East Trade Center Terrace, Mustang, Oklahoma 73064-4421
1598861530 $19.95

Deftly written by Martin Bertram, Vanity Of Vanities is an epic tale of knighthood and the contradictory deceits of men with selfish ambitions and those who oppose them out of a sense of honor and obligation. Featuring a plot and style which is both intricate and enthralling, Vanity Of Vanities brings a more philosophical understanding of what becoming a praised knight really meant, and the almost inevitable basis of conflict arising from vanity and self-aggrandizement. Vanity Of Vanities is very highly recommended reading, especially for those with an interest in superbly crafted historical novels set in Medieval Europe.

A Roar In The East
Steven Lusk
Llumina Press
7915 West Mcnab Road, Tamarac, FL 33321
159526552X $13.95

The Middle east is in a state of upheaval. Even the weather has gone haywire with rain so heavy that camels are floating and sheep don't need dipping. Master spy Ames Blond is in search of the infamous terrorist al Raini and seeks to thwart a dastardly plot to inundate the world (or possibly threaten Lichtenstein!). Ames has allies in his quest -- a beautiful Arab girl, a con artist, and the United States Marines. Highly recommended and entertaining reading, A Roar In The East is a lively, funny, thoroughly engaging novel by Steven Lusk who has a natural talent for storytelling that will leave the reader looking eagerly toward his next book!

Colin Neenan
Brown Barn Books
119 Kettl Creek Road, Weston, CT 06883
0974648191 $6.95

Thick by Colin Neenan is the interesting and eclectic story of Nick, a generally kind fellow who happens to almost incidentally find himself in jail. Whistfully carrying the reader through the intense and evermore engaging story of Nick's troubled life and childhood, Thick gives readers the young man's personal evolution, and the escalation of problems and happenings which land him in jail. Thick is very highly recommended to all readers with an appreciation of alternative literature and a subversive short-novel with an intricate, progressively interesting plot, leading to an ultimately satisfying conclusion, which is certain to delight and fulfill the reading pleasure of all of its readers.

A Spy In The Ruins
Christopher Bernard
Regent Press
6020-A Adeline Street, Oakland, CA 94608
1587901110 $24.95

The debut novel of Christopher Bernard, A Spy In The Ruins is an impressively modern work of creative fiction, vividly, presenting the perspective of a retrospective aging man in a great American city which has been destroyed under mysterious circumstances and devastated by explosions and fire.. As memories of his youth flood his immobile body, questions of a different path and a different life, questions of compromise and loss are all described with the emotional impact of a kind of lyrical prose poetry. A Spy In The Ruins is a remarkable metaphor for modern society that it is, with the endless and painful turmoil of war, and the lack of purity and life which drives so many, very highly recommended as a compelling work of literate and imaginative fiction.

The Anvil Stone
Kathleen Cunningham Guler
Bardsong Press
PO Box 775396, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477
0966037154 $25.95

Book Three of the "Macsen's Treasure" series, The Anvil Stone by Kathleen Cunningham Guler is an extensively researched historical novel depicting the tale of spy and master of disguise Marcus Ap Iorwerth, his wife Claerwen, their confrontations with rival factions and the Saxons. As the story progresses, Claerwen, with her sense of secondary vision manages to grasp an understanding of the legendary sword which will be lifted and possessed by a future king Arthur, but the sword must first be found. The Anvil Stone is an outstanding tale and very highly recommended, especially to all fans of medieval literature and lore focused on the Arthurian era and Dark Ages in fifth-century Britain for its highly accurate and enthralling depiction of an already intriguing tale. Also recommended are the two previous books of the Macsen's Treasure series, "Into The Path Of Gods" and "In The Shadow Of Dragons".

In State Of Becoming
Simon van der Heym
Ivy House Publishing Group
5122 Bur Oak Circle, Raleigh, NC 27612
1571974431 $19.95

In State Of Becoming by Simon van der Heym is a "realist-romantic" novel depicting a passionate newlywed couple and their unfolding discovery of one another. As main character, Eric, has just come from a strenuous divorce and extensive cancer treatment, he finds a great endearing love for intelligent, lively and beautiful Michelle. As the story progresses, readers will become enthralled in the discovery of the early couples inspection into one another, and the bi-polar disorder takes root in Michelle's peculiarities. In State Of Becoming is exceptionally well written and very highly recommended to all readers searching for a reality based albeit fictional romance novel of high intimacy and true depiction of what pure love is.

Noble Vision
Gen LaGreca
Winged Victory Press
PO Box 16730, Chicago, IL 60616-0730
0974457949 $14.95

Noble Vision by Genevieve LaGreca is the enthralling tale of a surgeon's ethical struggle between the legal strictures of standard medical practice, and the ethical necessity of saving a young ballerina from the possible damage that her body may otherwise incur if certain steps are not taken. Capturing the reader, Noble Vision is the chilling suspense story of an intricate plot only thickening by as the author explores deeper and deeper into the lives and minds of the characters. A well-researched and highly diligent telling of a sensitively written and inherently captivating novel of suspense, Noble Vision is very highly recommended reading, especially for those with any interest in medical, psychological, or investigative studies.

The Assassination Of Rush Limbaugh
Tom Layne
Red Ginger Publishing Company
9805 NE 116th Street, #258, Kirkland, WA 98034
0976851504 $29.95

The Assassination Of Rush Limbaugh by Tom Layne is an engaging and suspenseful novel about the coming struggle of the American Democratic party and the relentless, oppressive, exploitative political power embodied by the Republicans. Featured in the year 2015, The Assassination Of Rush Limbaugh is about two migrant families and their historical clashing as one of them was immediately taken by the right wing political spectrum and the other eased into the Democratic party's enraged discontent. Very highly recommended reading (especially for political science students and political activists), The Assassination Of Rush Limbaugh is a gripping fictional tale of who, what, how and why Limbaugh's assassination took place.

Descending From Duty
J. Ryan Fenzel
Ironcroft Publishing
PO Box 630, Hartland, MI 48353
0977168808 $12.95

Descending From Duty by J. Ryan Fenzel is an engaging and gripping novel depicting the re-commissioned USS Silversides, its theft and subsequent campaign of destruction and death. With only ex-U.S. President Warren McCallum knowing the reason for the USS Silversides' re-commisioning and the refusal to share his knowledge, Dylan Reese gradually realizes the hell which he must eventually confront face-to-face. Descending From Duty is very strongly recommended for its realistic military fiction, conceptual understanding of the intricate works of national security, and the threat such an event would pose for the nation and the world.

Michael Putegnat
Synergy Books
2100 Kramer Lane, Suite 300, Austin, TX 78758
1933538198 $21.95

Laguna by Michael Putegnat is a vividly written and gripping novel of Laguna Madre native John Magne and the transformation of his delicate homeland and ranching town into a national reserve and high-priced natural gas field. As Magne manipulative strives for power and ownership of the investment, one man and five women stand in his way, persistently interfering with his plans, each with different intent. An engaging page-turner, Laguna is very highly recommended to all general readers of good political fiction for its twists of plot which deftly carry the reader through an ultimately memorable and satisfying conclusion.

The Architecture Shelf

Designing And Building
Rockhill and Associates
Tuns Press
PO Box 1000, Central Station B3J 2X4
5410 Spring Garden Road, B3J 1E7, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
0929112539 $27.95

Designing And Building from the collective works of Kansas architectural firm of Rockhill and Associates is a truly incredible and conceptually impressive compendium of writings, photographs, blueprints, along with cogent analysis of many truly remarkable buildings. As awe-inspiring as a book on architecture may be, Designing And Building also offers its readers an artistic approach to the intricacies of what beauty may be presented in modern buildings and their architectural elements. as innate works of art in their own right. A welcome addition to professional and academic library Architectural Studies collections, Designing And Building is an intuitive and informative introduction to progressive and subversive modern design, very strongly recommended to all architectural designers, as well as photographers and students of the visual arts.

Home Work
Lloyd Kahn
Shelter Publications
PO Box 279, Bolinas, CA 94924
0936070331 $26.95

Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter by long-term publicist and experienced house-builder Lloyd Kahn is an expertly written, informative, and rather unique compendium of a seemingly limitless arrangement of houses that have been "handcrafted" one at a time by their builders. Introducing the reader to Builders; Homes; Natural Materials; Photographers; Fantasy; Trips; On The Road; Living Lightly; Barns; Old Buildings; and enhanced with a reflective "Moreover" commentary, a bibliographic reference for other thematically appropriate books, as well as an Appendix, Home Work maps an intricate and detailed selection of every imaginative, creative, fun, innovative, indigenous, traveling, and eclectic house drawn from diverse cultures ranging from Nova Scotia to Mongolia. Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter is so very highly recommended to architectural students and non-specialist general readers, particularly those with an interest in building their own unique and memorable home or shelter.

The Self-Help Shelf

The Velvet Hammer
Elaine Allison
Positive Presentations Plus Inc.
2241 Stafford Avenue, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada, V3C 4X5
0973906502 $19.95 1-866-241-6876

The Velvet Hammer: Powerful Leadership Lessons For Women Who Don't Golf by international speaker and leader/management expert Elaine Allison clearly lays out for women just how they can be effective with leadership and management responsibilities in the corporate world. Readers will learn what brains, hormones and cultural expectations have to do with being a woman of supervisory responsibilities; how to handle professional jealousy and overseeing the work of friends; gaining the respect of more knowledgeable and experienced superiors or subordinates; handling discipline and mediating conflict; setting effective goals for work teams, and so much more. The Velvet Hammer should be considered "must reading" for any woman faced with supervisory or management responsibilities in a business setting.

Loving Your Life
Elke Scholz
Creative Bound
151 Tansley Drive, Box 424, Carp, Ontario, Canada, K0A 1L0
0973602309 $19.95

Loving Your Life: An Illustrated How-To Book On Becoming Who You Are And Loving It Through Passionate Creative Living by Elke Scholz (an international award winning artist and Director of the Summer Art School in Ontario) is a unique, art oriented, self-help guide for finding and accepting yourself with the intertwining love and accepting benefit that art brings to us all. Readers will discover helpful ways to discover their own intricacies and what will make bring them to contentment with an approach focused on art which is in itself an accepting practice. Loving Your Life is very strongly recommended reading for anyone seeking an understanding of their own mind, especially those artistically inclined.

Fifty Things To Do When You Turn Fifty
Ronnie Sellers
Ronnie Sellers Productions
PO Box 818, Portland, ME 04104
156906590X $14.95

Knowledgeably edited by Ronnie Sellers, Fifty Things To Do When You Turn Fifty is an informed and thought-provoking collection of fifty writers contributing ideas, advice, observations, and instructions upon turning fifty years old. As an ideal how-to and what-to-do book informing its readers of the many fears and beliefs that might concern most fifty-year-olds, and explores why they might feel as they do and what to do to avoid or confront such barriers. Fifty Things To Do When You Turn Fifty is very strongly recommended to all readers who have or are contemplating turning fifty-something as the ultimate guideline of staying young as an explorative and practical fifty-year-old.

The Healing Power Of Anger
John R. Rifkin
Paraview Special Editions
255 Canyon, Suite 300, Boulder, CO 80302
1931044821 $14.95

The Healing Power Of Anger: The Unexpected Path to Love And Fulfillment by John R. Rifkin (Clinical Psychologist, Boulder, Colorado) is an inspirational and enlightening guide to becoming a more empowered and empathic self. Offering a "user-friendly" introduction into a life more functional, healthy, and emotionally pure, The Healing Power Of Anger presents the reader with many alternatives to projecting their anger and causing a greater stress in result for themselves and others around them. The Healing Power Of Anger brings the reader a light not expected to be found in anger and insightfully gives a greater, more productive resolution to allowing anger to consume and control. Very highly recommended reading for anyone dealing with issues of anger and anger management, as well as those hoping for a release of extensive, pervasive, perpetual anger that will result in a more productive and empowered path, The Healing Power Of Anger is the perfect addition to all introspective readers self-help or psychology selections.

The Velvet Hammer
Elaine Allison
Positive Presentations Plus Inc.
2241 Stafford Avenue, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada, V3C 4X5
0973906502 $19.95 1-866-241-6876

The Velvet Hammer: Powerful Leadership Lessons For Woman Who Don't Golf by international speaker and leader/management expert Elaine Allison clearly lays out for women just how they can be effective with leadership and management responsibilities in the corporate world. Readers will learn what brains, hormones and cultural expectations have to do with being a woman of supervisory responsibilities; how to handle professional jealousy and overseeing the work of friends; gaining the respect of more knowledgeable and experienced superiors or subordinates; handling discipline and mediating conflict; setting effective goals for work teams, and so much more. The Velvet Hammer should be considered "must reading" for any woman faced with supervisory or management responsibilities in a business setting.

Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships
John Welwood
Trumpeter Books
c/o Anita Halton Associates (publicity)
559 Alta Vista Way, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
1590302621 $19.95

Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships: Healing The Wound Of The Heart by John Welwood is an intimate introduction into the powerful truths of what the causes of relational problems are, as a universal and personal construct. Creating an emotional understanding and invaluable compassion for its readers, Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships is the ultimate guidance for its readers introspective pursuit so that they may understand their own mental barriers that might cause the conflict in their relationships. Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships is very strongly recommended to all readers searching for the relief from struggling relationships offered with the information Welwood accurately and gently presents.

Being Free
Paul Peele
Emptiness Press International
3721 Craigmillar Avenue, Victoria, Canada, B.C. V8P 3H2
0973648201 $24.95 1-250-818-4546

Being Free by psychotherapist Paul Peele is a helpful introduction to assisting its readers to a true enlightenment. Interesting the readers with an intuitive approach to the understanding or paradigm which controls many people's beliefs of life and self, Being Free opens the eyes of readers to a more individualistic and ideal pursuit of what their lives really mean to them and their own minds. Very strongly recommended to all readers waiting, searching, begging for the answers to all of their introspective questions, Being Free with its Maxfield Parrish cover is among the most informative and helpful self-help books to have hit the self-improvement reading lists and reference shelves in years.

Claiming Your Basic Rights
Daniel E. Cohen & Jennifer L Palmquist
One Red River
10230 West 70th Street, Eden Prarie, MN 55344
0977757706 $24.95

Deftly co-authored by Jennifer Palmquist and Daniel Cohen (Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology), Claiming Your Basic Rights: Create A Practical Partnership With Your Soul offers an in-depth understanding of the soul through psychological and philosophical study. Introducing the reader to the modern "new age psychology", Claiming Your Basic Rights details and contrasts the years of attained knowledge and concepts which Palmquist and Cohen have come to observe and understand. Very highly recommended to all students of the new-age modern thought and philosophy, as well as to those searching for a greater understanding of such thought, Claiming Your Basic Rights is an informative collection of practical and modern thought presented from the perspective of a psychologist and a naturally gifted student of nature and separate realities.

The Delano Code
Gregory J. Delano
Delcode Publishing
425 Yale Avenue, Coalinga, CA 93210
0975980300 $14.95

The Delano Code: The Only Way Out: The 2,500-Year-Old Proven Ticket To Success In Academics, Relationships, Business, Athletics, And Personal Finance by motivational speaker Gregory J. Delano is an intuitive exploration of the empowering, fulfilling, and authentic virtue of self-belief and the dangers of self-deception. Studying the many probable intricacies of the theoretical definition of complete fulfillment and contentment presented by Delano, The Delano Code acts as an outstanding reference and guide to pursuit of true happiness. A welcome addition to personal self-help, self-improvement reading lists, The Delano Code is a very highly recommended read for any general-interest reader, particularly those intrigued by philosophy and life-pursuit/self-help introduction documentation.

Healing Vision Press
PO Box 4035, San Luis Obispo, CA 93403

Three new titles by clinical psychologist Herbert L. Gravitz and published by Healing Visions Press are particularly appropriate for non-specialist general readers and their families who find themselves having to deal with the issue of mental illness. Now in a newly expanded and updated second edition, New Help For The Family (0966110471, $21.95) deals with the problems arising from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and provides readers with insights and skills for effectively coping, thereby enabling them to have courage, hope, and choices. Unlocking The Doors To Triumph (0966110455, $24.95) addresses mental illness and its effects upon family life, providing readers with an innovative and groundbreaking approach to triumphing over the detrimental effects and impacts of a loved one's mental illness. Words That Heal: Facing Adversity (0966110463, $24.95) offers sage counsel and advice derived from ancient provers, modern poets, the science of psychology, all combining to provide a compendium of time-honored wisdom to foster healing and encourage hope. All three of these truly "reader friendly" titles are confidently recommended for anyone having to cope with mental illnesses within themselves and/or their loved ones.

Everything Is Meaningless
W.E. Andre
Whealth Builders, Inc.
6817 Southpoint Pkwy, Suite 604, Jacksonville, FL 32216
0976194309 $15.95

Everything Is Meaningless: Simple Steps To Find Purpose, Meaning, & Happiness by W. E. Andre (President and CEO of the Nirvana Clinic) is an informative and inspiring guide to discovering one's positioning and meaning in life. Inclusive of a format consisting of twenty-one "no-fail" steps with which readers might use to create a greater and more purposed self-identity, Everything Is Meaningless provides readers with a great wealth of creative and progressive ways to find themselves and in the process acquire both meaning and meaningful happiness. An invaluable and appreciated contribution to self-help, self-improvement reading lists, Everything Is Meaningless is very highly recommended reading for those in search of answers to the basic philosophical and metaphysical truths of their life discoveries -- or perhaps that which has yet to be discovered.

Things That Work
Barry Bocchieri
Idyll Arbor
39129 264th Avenue SE, Enumclaw, WA 98022
1882883616 $16.00

Things That Work: A No-Nonsense Guide To Recovery By One Who Knows by Barry Bocchieri is an inspirational guide specifically written to assist alcoholics to effectively recover from the painful process of withdrawal. Guiding the reader through helpful and effective ways of dealing with the same troubles he personally experienced, Bocchieri deftly instructs healthy and progressive solutions applicable for all who suffer from alcoholism. Things That Work is very strongly recommended to all readers on the road to recovery for its ability to relate and guide its struggling readers through the many barriers faced with overcoming and conquering alcohol addiction.

Being The Strong Man A Woman Wants
Elliott Katz
Award Press
25 Fisherville Rd, Unit 208, Toronto, ON, Canada M2R 3B7
0973695102 $12.95

Being The Strong Man A Woman Wants: Timeless Wisdom On Being A Man by professional speechwriter and novelist Elliot Katz provides the reader with an approach to becoming a more appealing male in a society in which women tend to view men as comparatively primitive and thoughtless. Introducing the reader to a cogent study of relationships, theoretics, psychological, and philosophical understanding of what can be deemed as more acceptable, helpful, intimate, and sensitive relationships with the women in their lives, Being The Strong Man A Woman Wants definitely empowers and encourages male readers to become a better man. Being The Strong Man A Woman Wants is very highly recommended to male readers, particularly those with anger issues or a poor history of relationships with women for any combination of reasons.

The Travel Shelf

The Woman Road Warrior
Kathleen Ameche
Agate Publishing Inc.
1501 Madison Street, Evanston, IL 60202
1932841091 $12.95

The Woman Road Warrior: A Woman's Guide To Business Travel by Kathleen Ameche covers every aspect, facet and issue women who engage in traveling for business must consider, endure and resolve. Such issues as using travel agents vs. self-planned travel agendas and itineraries; evaluating the diverse amenities offered by different airlines; airfare flexibility vs. having variable schedules; dealing with airport security, luggage check-in, boarding passes; traveling by train, bus or automobile; staying comfortable and safe when traveling solo; staying fit while traveling; maintaining family life and household duties while having to be "on the road". The Woman Road Warrior is enhanced with appendices offering quick and easy reference information including travel websites, airline hub cities, credit card issuers, and packing lists. If you are a woman who must spend hours, days, weeks, or even months traveling for business (or pleasure!), then you need to give a careful reading to The Woman Road Warrior -- it will save you time, money, and anxiety.

Out From Las Vegas
Florine Lawlor
Spotted Dog Press
PO Box 1721, Bishop, CA 93515-1721
1893343073 $16.95

Out From Las Vegas: Adventures A Day Away by travel writer Florine Lawlor is an intriguing, informative, and "user friendly" guide to a wealth of interesting landmarks, getaways and scenic geographical significants within a day from Las Vegas, Nevada. Packed from cover to cover with fun and peculiar findings, Out From Las Vegas introduces the reader to a landscape and entity-based landmark world of Nevada never before known or recognized. Out From Las Vegas is very strongly recommended to all readers interested in travel to the Las Vegas area, or those already living in the area wishing to instill a new atmosphere or experience on their free days. Out From Las Vegas showcases the fact there there's more to do than visit the gaming tables of downtown casinos!

Drive I-95
Stan Posner & Sandra Phillips-Posner
PO Box 3, Roxboro, Quebec, Canada, H8Y 3E8
1894979990 $22.95

Drive I-95 (Third Annual Edition) by travel experts Stan Posner and Sandra Phillips-Posner is very highly recommended for its in-depth reference to the traveler of the far eastern American States. Knowledgeably written and drawing from their more than 175,000 miles of car trips together (including travels with their children), Drive I-95 is a superbly organized companion to the traveler searching for lodging, fine/unique restaurants, interesting landmarks, relevant and fun facts, and an overall enhanced vacation. Whether for day trips, weekend excursions, or extended vacation or business trips, Drive I-95 is an informed and informative, thoroughly "user-friendly", and innovative I-95 oriented east coast travel guide and resource.

Eat Smart In Peru
Joan Peterson & Brook Soltvedt
Ginko Press
PO Box 5346, Madison, WI 53705
0964116804 $13.95

Knowledgeably compiled and expertly co-authored by Joan Peterson and Brook Soltvedt, Eat Smart In Peru: How To Decipher The Menu, Know The Market Foods, And Embark On A Tasting Adventure is a superb introduction and guide for tourists and business travelers when dining, cooking, and eating in Peru. Providing readers with an excellent reference for all connoisseurs of hearty and healthy South American cuisine, Eat Smart In Peru contains helpful advice and resources for eating and drinking in a number of local areas of Peru, enabling the visitor to experience foreign foods and knowing what they are, unlocking secrets of Peru's exotic menus and markets with two bilingual glossaries, and how to get to the heart of the culture through their culinary arts. The newest addition to the "Eat Smart" travel guides, Eat Smart In Peru is enthusiastically recommended to all visitors of Peru, especially those searching for a reliable, portable Peruvian travel and food guide.

The Computer Shelf

Building A PC: For Beginners
Michael F. Quarles
Monkey See Monkey Do Books
5951 Tails Creek Road, Ellijay, GA 30540
097727960X $14.95 1-706-635-1827

Building A PC: For Beginners by Michael F. Quarles is the perfect reference for all aspiring computer technicians. With a "user-friendly" easy-to-follow format, Building A PC offers an ideal introduction and exploration into the many difficult and often fragile complexities of building a computer and renders them second nature for the intuitive reader. Building A PC is very strongly recommended for all readers already in the computer business, as well as and especially to those seeking the career of computer technician for its excellent resource and applicable content, sure to educate any reader to some extent.

The Technology Revolution
J.R. Okin
Ironbound Press
PO Box 250, Winter Harbor, MA 04693
0976385724 $26.95

The Technology Revolution: The Not-For-Dummies Guide To The Impact, Perils, And Promise Of The Internet by J. R. Okin is an informed and informative knowledgeably written documentation of how information accessible on the internet may be impacting the individual's privacy. Covering subjects such as how the internet created 'Digital Divide,' what the division looks like, and what it means, how Java became the 'next big thing', and what it contributes to the internet, why the internet is far greater than the sum of its parts, what caused the dot com boom and why the 'bubble' burst, why security is considered key to the internet's future, and the role that trust will play in delivering security, how the internet is responsible for building new types of community structures, and why the internet is the revolution of our times, The Technology Revolution certainly does cover every expected aspect of the internet, and is very highly recommended to all students of modern society and culture, as well as those interested in a thorough education on the history and happenings that shaped the development of the internet.

The Military Shelf

The Quiet Hero
Gary W. Toyn
American Legacy Media
1544 W. 1620 N. Suite 1-A, Clearfield, UT 84015-8243
0976154714 $21.95

With a foreword by Senator Bob Dole and an introduction by Senator Orrin Hatch, The Quiet Hero: The Untold Medal of Honor Story of George E. Wahlen at the Battle for Iwo Jima is the true story of how navy corpsman George E. Wahlen saved countless lives during the battle of Iwo Jima 60 years ago, and miraculously survived against all odds. Written by journalist and former contract employee of the Defense Department Gary Toyn, The Quiet Hero is a highly respectful survey of the terrible hardships endured by "the greatest generation" and one man whose unsurpassed bravery stands testimony to what America's armed services are capable of, then and now. A handful of vintage black-and-white photographs illustrate this stirring account, which draws heavily upon the testimony of witnesses among other meticulously researched sources.

Letters From The Battlefield In Love And War
Jerry Countess
Jaysea Publishing
2508 Blairsden Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89134
0977251608 $16.95

Letters From The Battlefield In Love And War: Memoirs Of A WWII Soldier by Jerry Countess is the enthralling tale of one man's journey through the battlefields of North Africa, Sicily, and the thousands of miles between himself and his love. Readers explore in intimate and personal detail the truths behind the scenes of the battlefront, with stories of battles, humor, sex and soldierly mentality. A welcome addition to the growing library of military memoirs, Letters From The Battlefield In Love And War is very highly recommended to all WWII historians and history buffs, as well as non-specialist general readers with an interest in uncommon biographies for its unique telling of the World War II struggles and truly humorous intricacies.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Mormonism And Evolution
William E. Evenson & Duane E Jeffery
Greg Kofford Books
PO Box 1362, Draper, UT 84020
1589580931 $15.95

Mormonism And Evolution: The Authoritative LDS Statements, deftly edited by William E. Evenson (retired Professor of Physics, Dean of General Education, Dean of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and Associate Academic Vice President at BYU, currently Administrator and Physics Professor at Utah Valley State College) and Duane E. Jeffery (Professor of Integrative Biology at BYU and publicist) is an extensive collection of all known official statements made by the First Presidency and President of the Church. As the first entire collection of such documents, Mormonism And Evolution is knowledgeably compiled and provides a mesh of documentation, inclusive of additional authoritative works. This seminal work should be recognized by all Mormon scholars and is deserving of high praise. Mormonism And Evolution is very strongly recommended to all practitioners and leaders of the Mormon theology as an exclusive and irreplaceable reference for scripture and documentation from the authoritative figures defining church doctrine with respect to the issues of the Biblical creation narrative and Darwinian evolution.

Sacred Freedom
Haneef Oliver
Westpoint Publishing
2541 Ashland Rd, Mansfield, OH 44905
0977699609 $13.95

Sacred Freedom: Western Liberalist Ideologies In The Light Of Islam by Haneef Oliver is an invaluable compendium of highly researched ancient scriptural documentation analyzing pluralism, atheism, humanism, and secularism. Granting the reader an invaluable reference and comprehensive grasp of the ideologies guiding humankind and the probable results of a pluralistic concept, Sacred Freedom insightfully and engagingly informs its readers of an uncompromisingly exclusive universal perception. Sacred Freedom is very strongly recommended to all non-specialist general readers with an interest in the philosophy and interpretation of a subject that has not been greatly studied or received much public exposure.

Get Unstuck From Fundamentalism
Robert Parson Crosby
Vivo Publishing Company
c/o Get Unstuck
1916 Pike Place, Suite 12, Seattle, WA 98101-1097
0977690008 $16.95

Get Unstuck From Fundamentalism: A Spiritual Journey by Robert Parson Crosby is an intuitive guide through the observational conclusions the author has drawn from his years of seeking wisdom and an understanding of the ethical, moral, political, and personal issues he faced. Covering such topics as gay marriage, school prayer, the war on "terror", abortion, and the illusive understandings of "Biblical" as presented by politicians and members of the clergy, Get Unstuck From Fundamentalism develops an intricate and engaging depiction of what truths have been forgotten (or forsaken) by way of political expediency and cultural narcissism. Get Unstuck From Fundamentalism is very strongly recommended to all readers searching for an understanding of the modern world and our progress, deceptions, and misperceptions.

The Science Shelf

The Stranger Behind The Copernican Revolution
Ulrich Mache
Hudson Books
244 Madison Avenue, #254, New York, NY 10016
0976778963 $12.50

The Stranger Behind The Copernican Revolution by literary historian Ulrich Mache is an inspirational account of the history of the great astronomer Copernican who was the first to discover that it was actually the Earth which revolved around the sun as opposed to the age-old belief that the sun circled the Earth. As The Stranger Behind The Copernican Revolution enlightens the readers on the discoveries acknowledgment punishable by death, they will learn of the young mathematician Joachim Rheticus' search for the aging astronomer, eventually teaming up to spend another two years perfecting the documentation of Copernican's discoveries. The Stranger Behind The Copernican Revolution is very strongly recommended to all students of astronomical discovery and progression, as well as students of history and revolution in philosophy that advances in astronomy as a science has had.

Fossil Treasures Of The Anza~Borrego Desert
George T. Jefferson & Lowell Lindsay
Sunbelt Publications
1256 Fayette St, El Cajon, CA 92020
0932653502 $49.95

Knowledgeably compiled and co-edited by George T. Jefferson (District Paleontologist, Colorado Desert District, California State Parks) and Lowell Lindsay (CEO and Publisher, Sunbelt Publications, San Diego, California), Fossil Treasures Of The Anza-Borrego Desert is an impressively informative collection enhanced with over 300 photographs, maps, tables, appendices, illustrations, and diagrams with useful, helpful and informative information on California's awe-inspiring Anza-Borrego State Park. Introducing the reader to studies from twenty-three leading paleontologists and experts, Fossil Treasures Of The Anza~Borrego Desert educates and elaborates the many intricacies and interesting images of the intriguing desert terrain. An invaluable addition to academic and community library paleontology collections, Fossil Treasures Of The Anza~Borrego Desert is very strongly recommended to scholarship as well as non-specialist general readers with an interest in paleontology.

Rex A. Ewing
Pixy Jack Press
PO Box 149, Masonville, CO 80541
0965809862 $24.95

Very written and directly accessible to the non-specialist general reader, Hydrogen: Hot Stuff, Cool Science by Rex A. Ewing offers an informed and in-depth study of hydrogen that can be easily grasped by the non-scientist with an interest in this subject. Hydrogen introduces the reader to the every aspect of the manifold uses of hydrogen, what the chemical really is, where hydrogen comes from, and how it works as a fuel. Ewing presents a remarkable reference for anybody without much scientific background with a true interest in hydrogen and all of the extensive and innovative uses for it. Also very highly recommended reading from Pixy Jack Press is Rex Ewing's "Got Sun? Go Solar: Get Free Renewable Energy To Power Your Grid-Tied Home (0965809870, $18.95) which he co-authored with Doug Pratt.

The Biography Shelf

Life Long Looper
Cindy O'Krepki
BlueStreak Publishing
2207 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803
0977237907 $21.00

Life Long Looper: The Story Of A Caddie Legend by Cindy O'Krepki is the intriguing tale of one man's seventy-seven year career as a golf caddie at Saucon Valley Country Club in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. Readers will be enthralled with the caddie's stories of comedy, drama, and intimate relationships between golfer and caddie as O'Krepki superbly details the history of the long lived caddie. Life Long Looper is very highly recommended to non-specialist general readers who appreciate biographies of interesting people leading interesting lives (and most particularly those readers with an interest in golfing) for its involved and personal telling of every given aspect of an inspirational life.

Cherished Memories
Nathan Todd Cool
2021 Pine Lake Road, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68512
059538014X $16.95

Cherished Memories: Endearing Reflections From Childhood is an intuitive and effectively written memoir of the youthfully active childhood once lead by Nathan Todd Cool. As an eclectic and knowledgeable author, Cool brings personally insightful as well as fun stories into this collection of his past, Cherished Memories gives readers a true feel and connectivity to the intimate life of the writer. Cherished Memories is a rare and enthralling memoir, very strongly recommended to all non-specialist general readers with an interest in the autobiographical depiction of a man that may be recognized as an instantly engaging storyteller and worldly intellectual.

The Parenting Shelf

The Healthy Lunchbox
Marie McClendon & Cristy Shauk
Small Steps Press
170 North Beauregard Street, Alexandria, VA 22311
1580402402 $12.95

The Healthy Lunchbox: How To Plan, Prepare and Pack Stress-Free Meals Kids Will Love by Marie McClendon (12 year teacher and the mother of four) and Cristy Shauk (free-lance writer and educational nutritionist) is an informed exploration into the many unexpected intricacies of packing for your children the most fulfilling and filling lunch. Introducing the reader to an easy-to-use format consisting of lunch-packing blueprints, menu rotation charts, delightful additions such as jokes, cartoons, quips, and quotes to enhance the child's meal, easy English muffin pizzas, Mexican pinwheels, purple people-eaten dip, fab brownies, and many more exuberant recipes, The Healthy Lunchbox is an ideal guide, very strongly recommended to all parents looking for an effective solution to the general tedium of their children's daily lunch life.

Straight Talk For Parents And Their Players
Loren & Christopher Ackerman
High Powered Publishing
23 Oriole Drive, Hackettstown, NJ 07840
0977168549 $14.95

Talkin' About Poker: Straight Talk For Parents And Their Players, tactfully co-authored by Loren and Christopher Ackerman is an instructional assistant for parents and their children for the safe and proper assessment of youthful poker players -- with a special focus on No Limit Texas Hold'em poker. A seminal reference for many questions or concerns which parents may have such as what exactly Texas Hold'em is, how to play and bet in it, legality issues with children, possible addictions for young players, how to tell if it has become a problem for the child, what professional help is available for young gamblers, and how poker might really be played as only a recreational sport, Straight Talk For Parents And Their Players informs the reader of every necessary step a parent might take in guiding their poker-playing child. Straight Talk For Parents And Their Players is very strongly recommended to all parents with concerns about their gambling involved child, hoping to properly guide their child to an idealistic stratagem of youth poker playing grown increasingly popular with the advent of professional and tournament poker gaming on television and in casinos nationwide.

Civil War
Joseph E. Cordell Publications
c/o Cordell & Cordell
11737 Administration Drive, Suite 101, St. Louis, MO 63146-3413
0967949912 $24.95

Civil War: A Father's Guide To Winning Child Custody by father-children relations lawyer Joseph E. Cordell is an exceptional reference for all fathers who find themselves struggling with or planning a divorce from their mother of their children. As a "user-friendly" and informative guide detailing every issue with divorce fathers need to understand if they should are to effectively present their perspectives and requests to the court, Civil War gives its readers a comprehensive, easy-to-follow format for a progressive approach to their divorce trials. Civil War is very highly recommended to all men involved with divorce and custody issues, who wish for maximum influence and continuing involvement in their children's lives.

The Floppy Sleep Game Book
Patti Teel
Dream Flight Productions
1187 Coast Village Road, #457, Santa Barbara, CA 93108
0399532005 $19.95

The Floppy Sleep Game Book: A Proven Four-Week Plan To Get Your Child To Sleep by Patti Teel is an innovative and in-depth instructional guideline for a guaranteed and proven bedtime routine for parents to soothe their children into a deep and healthy sleep. Inclusive of specific daily instructions for the four-week period, sleep journaling tips, rituals and relaxation methods involving music, breathing exercises, and creative visualizations, advice on case-particular children such as those with ADHD, autism, and bipolar disorders, and guidelines for a personalized relaxation tape for the reader's children, The Floppy Sleep Game Book is an excellent reference and is very highly recommended for all parents with children who have difficulties falling or staying asleep.

The Business Shelf

The Phoenix Principles
V. Randolph Brown & Janet Butler Reid
New Village Publishing, LLC
400 West Front Street, Suite 4A, Traverse City, MI 49684
097717610X $22.95

Expertly co-authored by corporate strategy consultants V. Randolph Brown and Janet B. Reid The Phoenix Principles is a diverse collection of in-depth analysis of the most effective and prosperous strategies for proper and intelligible investing for corporate and dominant businesses and companies. Exploring innovative cost reduction, employee turnover, community relations, market share and productivity and profits, The Phoenix Principles offers a plethora of useful and empowering information designed from and attributable to years of involvement and experience with subject particular operation. The Phoenix Principles is very highly recommended to all executives, management consultants, and entrepreneurs seeking to maximize the effectiveness and profitability of their companies regardless of the products or services they provide.

The Sherpa Guide
Brenda Corbett & Judith Colemon
Thomson Higher Education
5191 Natorp Blvd, Mason, OH 45040
0324407076 $27.95

Knowledgeably co-authored by business and communication experts Brenda Corbett and Judith Colemon, The Sherpa Guide: Process-Driven Executive Coaching is an informed and informative introduction and provides an independent study of the intricate world of business and valid coaching to the reader. Introducing a timeline for coaching progression, a path through the barriers and complexities of the precise process and execution of business matters, The Sherpa Guide is very strongly recommended reading for its in-depth study and exclusive perspective of business application and coaching to all business executives, corporate administrators, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Bubble Proof
Tonja Demoff
Arbor Books
19 Spear Road, Suite 202, Ramsey, NJ 07446
0977187012 $14.95 1-718-225-5556

Bubble Proof: Real Estate Strategies That Work In Any Market is an informed and informative instructional guide to the most effective selling tactics and strategies of Real Estate veteran Tonja Demoff. As an excellent reference for both experienced as well as novice real estate sales staff members, Bubble Proof offers straight forward, well organized, "user-friendly", informational documentation from one of America's most sought-after lecturers and consultants in the real-estate business today. Very strongly recommended reading for all professional realtors, Bubble Proof provides an oasis of potential information sure to inform every reader and maximize the profitability of their next real-estate move.

Copywriting That Sells High Tech
Janice M. King
WriteSpark Press
558 241st Lane SE, Sammamish, WA 98074
0976639602 $49.95

Copywriting That Sells High Tech by award winning copywriter Janice King is the comprehensive reference to effectively writing a marketable and compelling piece of public relations material for high-tech products and services. Introducing the reader to literally hundreds of ideas and tactics used to create the most desirable product descriptions possible, Copywriting That Sells High Tech explores an innovative and productive approach to copywriting. Copywriting That Sells High Tech is very strongly recommended to all aspiring copywriters and marketing specialists for its scrutiny of such an otherwise sparsely covered topic.

Paris Business Directory
Fashola Olajide
2021 Pine Lake Road, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68512
0595358128 $21.95

Paris Business Directory an expertly researched, written and organized guide by Paris-based freelance translator, writer and web designer Fashola Olajide, and is among the most "user friendly" references for the business traveler. Enhanced with consistently practical economic information on administrative interests, lodging, travel facilities, business services, restaurants, and trade fairs. If you are planning a business trip of any kind to Paris, France, then be sure to give Paris Business Directory thorough consideration as an invaluable "take along" guide and reference.

Rental Houses
Suzanne P. Thomas
Gemstone House Publishing
PO Box 19948, Boulder, CO 80308
0966469143 $18.95

Rental Houses For The Successful Small Investors by experienced house-investor Suzanne P. Thomas is an expertly instructive guide to becoming a successful small investor in a specialized sector of the real estate industry. Enhanced with an easy-to-use, step-by-step construct replete with practical information on how to predict profitability of individual properties, discover where to get down payments, learn how to select the best properties, understanding exactly how loans really work for investors, selecting the best tenants, creating a comprehensive lease, properly managing property, and an informative exploration of what advantages 1031 tax deferred exchanges might allow an investor, Rental Houses is an excellent reference for all investors. Rental Houses is very strongly recommended for all readers interested in exploring the prospects of profitable investment in rental housing, as well as to those already in the practice of being a home rental landlord.

The Power Of Leadership Foundation First
F. Alexandra Brennan
Innovative Publishing
PO Box 216, Trumbull, CT 06611
0975555359 $27.95 1-877-212-2220

The Power Of Leadership Foundation First: Four Must-Have Principles For Collaborative Advantage by author, public speaker, and professional change agent Alexandra Brennan ably provides a clear and cogent understanding of effective and innovative leadership design methods. Introducing the reader to an easy-to-use format and the comprehensive creation of methodology pertinent establishing effectiveness in motivational action, especially within a corporate structure, The Power Of Leadership Foundation First draws upon Brennan's years of experience and expertise in the field. The Power Of Leadership Foundation First is very highly recommended reading for corporate executives as well as to anyone else seeking a different perspective on effective persuasion.

Secrets Of The Gem Trade
Richard W. Wise
Author Marketing Experts
PO Box 421156, San Diego, CA 92142
0972822380 $39.95

Secrets Of The Gem Trade: The Connoisseurs Guide To Precious Gemstones by Richard W. Wise (Graduate Gemologist and President of R. W. Wise, Goldsmiths, Inc. with years of gemological study) is an impressive new reference for dedicated dealers and collectors of gems, gemstones, and other valued gemological items such as pearls. Introducing and descriptively exploring each and every gem covered in the easy-to-use reference, Secrets Of The Gem Trade contains an illustrated summary of each stone inclusive of its history and general information, hue and tone, saturation, which may be noticed as the finest, an understanding of the particular gems rarity, and the caution for synthetics and how to depict them, however dependant upon the stone there may be description of clarity, color fading, multi-color effect, etc. Secrets Of The Gem Trade is very highly recommended to anyone interested in gemology as a superbly organized, authoritative, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow reference.

Baseline Selling
Dave Kurlan
Author House
114 Turnpike Road, Westborough, MA 01581
1420895664 $27.99

Baseline Selling: How To Become A Sales Superstar By Using What You Already Know About The Game Of Baseball by Dave Kurlan (Founder of the Objective Management Group and internationally known for his ground breaking work in evaluating sales people) is an informed and informative introduction to effective sales and business techniques. Creating for the reader an easy-to-follow reference for the sales process, Baseline Selling introduces the reader to an innovative idea that will enable a sale to be made regardless of situational barriers through the utilization of modern sales methodologies. Baseline Selling is very strongly recommended to all readers interested in a more persuasive and effective tactical approach to selling their businesses product or service in today's highly competitive and rapidly changing marketplace.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

You Can't Do It Alone
Amy Glass & Marjorie Brody
Career Skills Press
c/o Brody Communications Inc
815 Greenwood Avenue, Suite 8, Jenkintown, PA 19046
1931148120 $15.95 1-800-726-7936

You Can't Do It Alone: Building Relationships For Career Success, ably co-authored by Amy Glass (Senior Facilitator at Brody Communications) and Marjorie Brody (founder and leader of Brody Communications) is an informed and informative guide to career advancement by way of professional networking. As an innovative collection of strategies and tactics designed for quicker advancement in career pursuit, offering a five-tiered method for growing and understanding the progression through networking, as follows: The value of networking; How to network (and how not to); Who should be included in an effective network (internally and externally); A formula for creating a networking action plan; and The latest cyberspace networking opportunities. You Can't Do It Alone is very highly recommended to all business persons looking for effective and aggressive strategies for a more desired placement of positioning in business networking.

Career Development Strategies That Work
Debbie Smith & Jill Mejia et al
Insight Publishing
PO Box 4189, Seviervill, TN 37862
1885640900 $19.95 1-888-918-0848

Very highly recommended reading, Real World Career Development Strategies That Work by Debbie Smith & Jill Mejia is an instructive reference for all anticipants of career development and pursuit. Tactfully co-written by Debbie Smith, Jill Mejia, Debbie Christofferson, Ted Janusz, Ludia Ramsey, Jan Dwyer, Cheryl Leitschuh, Micki Lewis, Steven Friedman, Anita Schamber, and Marilyn Schott informs its readers of a good many helpful and informative tactics and strategies to help with the decision-making process for those on the verge of first discovering a career, as well as those in realization of their dissatisfaction of their current positioning. Career Development Strategies That Work helps readers with such things as leadership, customer service, and sales strategies in an inspirational and insightful manner sure to inform any reader, novice or experienced.

The Human Sexuality Shelf

Storm Tossed
Jake Porter
Cladach Publishing
PO Box 336144, Greenly, CO 80633
097596190X $12.99

Storm Tossed: How A U.S. Serviceman Won The Battle Of Sex Addiction by Jake Porter is the intimate depiction of a vulgar addiction of one man during an impassioned time of service to the American Navy. Readers will become involved in the story of Porter's struggle with his compulsive habitual sexual endeavors and potentially damaging lack of loyalty to his nation's military as he rediscovers the path of God he once knew to rejuvenate and fall no less than reincarnate his wounded soul. Storm Tossed is very highly recommended to students of human sexuality, as well as those who are struggling with their own addictions (particular sexual additions), as an inspirational and engaging read from beginning to end.

Better Than Ever
John Byington & Robert W. Bly
Agora Health Books
819 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201
1891434276 $19.95

Better Than Ever: The Fast Track To Peak Performance In The Bedroom by John Byington (Former Director of the Southwest Research Institute) and author Robert W. Bly is an informed and informative introduction, as well as an in-depth study drawn from the writings of an former Erectile Dysfunction sufferer who is sharing the information he had compiled to understand, aide and apply to his overcoming this increasingly distressing and commonly occurring disorder. As a "user-friendly" reference, presented in an easy-to-read and "user friendly" style, all men may benefit from Better Than Ever, enables readers to understand their bodies and psychological outlook better. Better Than Ever is very strongly recommended to all men victim to E.D. for its sensitive style and informative content, as well to those in fear of the disorder.

Daphne Gottlieb
Soft Skull Press
55 Washington Street, Suite 804, Brooklyn, NY 11201
193236093X $13.00

Homewrecker: An Adultery Reader, deftly edited by San Francisco-based poet Daphne Gottlieb is a thoughtful and thought-provoking collection drawn from many writers contributing their personal experiences and stories of their own life's odd encounters with marriage, cheating, God, erotica, and essentially the interpretation of lovers without villains, victims or innocent bystanders. Enlightening and engaging the reader's total attention with its many peculiar real life stories, Homewrecker ultimately guides the reader through the hardships and relentless engagements of the unfaithful, unfazeable, and all-seeing mentality of the cheater. An insightful body of observations on human sexuality, Homewrecker: An Adultery Reader is very strongly recommended as reference or understanding to those in relationships which cannot end, and require some sort of relief or alternative engagement.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

The Mummery Book
Adi Da Smraj
The Dawn Horse Press
10336 Lock Lomond Road, 305, Middletown, CA 95461
1570971757 $29.95

The Mummery Book: A Parable Of The Divine True Love, Told By Means Of A Self-Illuminated Illustration Of The Totality Of Mind by Adi Da Samraj (Graduate of Columbia College and Stanford) is an intimate interpretation of the mind and mind's intricacies from the depths of mind of the great modern philosopher. Questioning the entirety of the acknowledged reality we face every day, The Mummery Book reveals profound metaphysical and spiritual understandings to its involved readers. The Mummery Book is very strongly recommended to all students of philosophy, modern literature, and especially those questioning the current state of reality in which they reside.

Time And Money
Robert Gover
Hopewell Publications
PO Box 11, Titusville, NJ 08560-0011
0972690689 $34.95

Time And Money: The Economy And The Planets explores the depths of astrological influence on economic changes. Author and astrology expert Robert Gover includes predictions some of the coming economic fatalities (or perhaps blessings) of our nation's near future. Time And Money is an informed and informative. A grand read, Time And Money is especially recommended for students of astrology, economics and metaphysics.

Spiritual Practice, Occultism, And Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Judy Kennedy
Paper Wings Publishing
PO Box 1211, Maricopa, AZ 85239
0977013200 $23.95

Spiritual Practice, Occultism, And Extraterrestrial Intelligence by Judy Kennedy is an intuitive and practical introduction into multi-dimension experience of reality that may be deeply revealing and refreshing. Readers will discover great secrets about the esoteric mysteries unveiled by schools of ancient spiritual traditions. Clarification of the disinformation so frequently found regarding occultism, uncovering an engaging spirituality that is essential for the many teachings of Spiritual Practice, Occultism, And Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Highly recommended for its highly researched, informed and informative context, and insightfully intriguing content, Spiritual Practice, Occultism, And Extraterrestrial Intelligence is the perfect addition to any alternative spiritualist's library.

The Education Shelf

They Teach That In College!?
College & Career Press
3139 N Lincoln Avenue, Suite 208, Chicago, IL 60657
0974525111 $19.95

They Teach That In College!? is an outstanding reference for many interesting subjects which may attract new students a schools of higher learning from the community college to the ivy league university. Covering over seventy fields for study, They Teach That In College!? educates its readers on how to discover the best selection of classes and which major may best interest them for the career they really want. As an excellent introduction and resource to colleges and subject matter, They Teach That In College!? also informs aspiring students of which school offers their desired classes, and which one might be best for their overall goal. They Teach That In College!? is a very highly recommended read for indulging aspiring or questioning college student in their future and mapping out their greatest solution.

A Teacher Talks Back
Curtis G. Hier
Infinity Publishing
1094 New Dehavan Street, Suite 100, West Conshohocken, PA 19428
0741428997 $13.95

A Teacher Talks Back: A View Of Education Reform From The Classroom by Curtis Hier (who draws upon more than twenty years of teaching experience at Fair Haven Union High School in Fair Haven Vermont) is an informed and informative exploration into the system of public education and what tactics might effectively be used to enhance the classroom for both the teacher and the student. A an efficient and innovative approach to granting publicly schooled children a greater education, A Teacher Talks Back is as an encouraging and progressive guide to becoming a more effect and informative teacher. A Teacher Talks Back is very highly recommended to all K-12 public school faculty for its unique and constructive introduction into a thorough and inspired education for public school students regardless of their socioeconomic or ethnic backgrounds.

Home Schooling More Than One Child
Carren W. Joye
2021 Pine Lake Road, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68512
0595342590 $14.95

Home Schooling More Than One Child: A Practical Guide For Families by Carren W. Joye (founder of a statewide homeschool regional support group) is an easy-to-use and quite innovative instructional guide for proper assessment, coordination, and organizing of homeschooling parents with multiple students. Introducing the reader to more efficient, effective, and practical methods of collectively motivating, scheduling, educating and balancing a number of homeschooled students, Home Schooling More Than One Child also teaches of how one might approach various ages, doing housework, afford internet, retain a social focus for the children and much more. Home Schooling More Than One Child is very highly recommended to all parents looking for a more supplemental and effective approach to homeschooling their more one student at a time.

The Emergency Teacher
Christina Asquith
West Parley Press
3527 13th Street NW, Washington, DC 20010
1411649184 $19.95

The Emergency Teacher by Christina Asquith (a former reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer, published works in The New York Times, The Economist, and The Chronicle of Higher Education with a master's degree in Educational Philosophy from the London School of Economics and Politics) is an engaging story of the struggle one woman faced when first entering the education field. From a corrupt principle, to the unwarranted approval of student's grades, The Emergency Teacher takes the reader through the many mental and psychological barriers which Asquith needed to overcome when faced with the reality of the inner-city schooling. The Emergency Teacher is very strongly recommended reading for all novice teachers for its ability to relate to them what they might expect when first entering (ore re-entering) the realities of classroom teaching. The Emergency Teacher is also good and informative reading for non-specialist general readers with an interest in contemporary public education.

Finding An Online High School
Vincent Kiernan
Mattily Publishing
PO Box 3133, Alexandria, VA 22302
0976186837 $15.99

Finding An Online High School: Your Guide To More Than 4,500 High School Courses Offered Over The Internet by Vincent Kiernan (Senior Writer at The Chronicle of Higher Education) is a knowledgeably written introduction and in-depth study of the thousands of available high-school courses via internet. Readers will discover the endless possibilities of an easily accessed education with Finding An Online High School which is inclusive of detailed information on 113 online schools and what they offer for policies, classes, admissions, tuition, and more. Finding An Online High School is very strongly recommended to all parents with high-school level children looking for an alternative to the public, private, or homeschooling programs available, as well an invaluable resource for high school counselors.

The Poetry Shelf

Through Katrina's Eyes
Ed Kostro
1591138671 $11.95

Through Katrina's Eyes: Poems From An Animal Rescuer's Soul by Ed Kostro is an intimate and involved collection of many truly heartfelt poems, including a memorable quote from various idols and figures from history. The Maine Man: "Until he extends the circle of compassion/To all living things,/Man will not find peace." --Dr. Albert Schweitzer: I met a very compassionate man from Maine/Whose dauntless mission was extremely plain/He would stay down on the raved Gulf Coast/Rescuing these animals that he loved more than most/Through both the scorching heat and the freezing rain//He was up and eagerly ready to go each dawn/While many of us in camp still let out a yawn/And he would spend twenty hours each day/Assisting these left behind pets in every way/Now - three rescued dogs frolic on his lawn//And There Were Hundreds of Volunteers/On the devastated Gulf Coast/Who Were Just Like/This Very Dedicated/Maine Man

B.E. Marsh
Syren Book Company
5120 Cedar Lake Road, Minneapolis, MN 55416
0929636589 $14.95

Destinations is a remarkable collection of the intuitive and inspirational poetry from the works of famed poet Benjamin Ellis Marsh. Representing the period of Marsh's poetry mostly between 1953 and 1957, Destinations is an intimate telling of one of the poets most inspired times for writing. See In Those Eyes Where There Is Fire: See in those eyes where there is fire,/Where glide the passions of the mind,/How pure and tense in their desire/They search for what they cannot find,//A name for what they cannot hold/In trembling hands, or fill with what they are,/Themselves, transform into idea/And shut the spider in his jar.//Suspicion is that what the mind has done/Today will be undone tomorrow,/Will have been forgotten, its little light/Extinguished in our sorrow.

The First Hay(na)ku Anthology
Jean Vengua & Mark Young
Meritage Press
256 North Fork Crystal Springs Road, St. Helena, CA 94574
9519198725 $14.95

The First Hay(na)ku Anthology, deftly edited by Jean Vengua and Mark Young is the eclectic collection of modern hay(na)ku poetry from numerous poets. Hat(na)ku is an interesting twist on the ancient haiku, a form in which the world is placed into six-word frames, deriving its name from the Filipino explanation "Hay naku!", baring similar meaning to the English "Oh!". I Know How: it/turns somewhere/seems to taunt//turns out of/knowing, burns, spits//before/it spins/off into needing//absolutely/nothing in/the dumb center

Beyond The Masks
Harvey Stanbrough
Central Avenue Press
2132-A Central SE, #144, Albuquerque, NM 87106
0971534446 $13.95

Beyond The Masks: New And Selected Poems is and eclectic new collection of Harvey Stanbrough's most encouraging and inspirational poetry. From the depths of one of today's most intriguing minds thoughts of philosophy and human mentality and etiquette is birthed Beyond The Masks as a highly recommended book of reality based poetry and prose. Breaking The Tenth, Mowing: "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house… not his ass, nor anything that is thy neighbor's." -- Moses, Exodus 20:17: We stroll across the grass together, tied,/machine and I, together at the hip,/making the outward appearance that I'm in charge,'albeit of a friendly partnership.//My neighbor mows his lawn in comfort, kingly,/sitting, riding as I strain and sweat/and shove. "To get my exercise," I say,/then smile and covet, for the briefest moment,//my neighbor's ass, rather its location,/seated as it is upon the throne/of his machine, whirring beneath him gaily,/measuring the world to one trim height.

This Open Eye
Reggie Marra
From The Heart Press
15 Orchard Heights, New Milford, CT 06776-3018
0962782823 $12.00

Very highly recommended reading, This Open Eye: Seeing What We Do: Poems 2003-2005 is an intriguing and inspiring collection of the most recent verse of renowned poet Reggie Marra. This Open Eye: Seeing What We Do calls on the readers attention and intuition for the remarkable metaphors it so tactfully presents. This Open Eye: Swollen shut the right/eye seeps semi-clotted/blood that streams/and blotches a map of/hell across the three-/year-old face. Wide/open, the left eye/appears injury-free--/untouched, but/ultimately more/lethal./Through this open/eye the child sees/the world that has/closed the other.

Inside the Outside
Roseanne Ritzema
Presa :S: Press
PO Box 792, Rockford, MI 49341
0977252418 $29.95

Inside the Outside: An Anthology of Avant-Garde American Poets offers the reader a glimpse into the world of non- academic, post-Beat, post-post-modern American poetry, presenting select works of American avante-garde poets Kirby Congdon, Hugh Fox, Stanley Nelson, Harry Smith, Richard Kostelanetz, A.D. Winans, Lyn Lifshin, Eric Greinke, Lynne Savitt, Doug Holder, John Keene, Mark Sonnenfeld, and Richard Morris. Most poems are brief and free-verse, though a variety of unusual lyrical arrangements appear; a few poems are combinations of the same four words repeated, individual letters arranged in unusual patterns, or other rarely-seen experimental formats. Inside the Outside dares to break with poetry conventions and attempt eye-catching formats, and some poems delve into serious and mature subject matters concerning human sexuality, violence, and modern social problems. A "must-read" for its truly innovative poetry.

Bring Me Her Heart
Sarah Getty
Higganum Hill Books
PO Box 666, Higganum, CT 06441
0974115886 $12.95

Bring Me Her Heart is an eclectic and vivid presented collection of harmonic and confluent poetry drawn from the lyrical work of Sarah Getty. The Unveiling Of Truth: Sargent, sketch for a mural: If Truth sat on a chair, not/the ground. If the drape revealed/more than the bumps of brow, nose,//breast and knee. If that gesture --/hands head-high and still under/the veil, ready to throw back//the black-on-white charcoaled folds --/were not so like our nightmares/of the sheeted dead, rising.//If she looked less like she might flap/and fly, albino vampiress,/half-blind in this dim room's light.//If Salome had not danced./If Truth were not a woman.//If we knew of cauls.

And Shadow Remained
Ken Waldman
Pavement Saw Press
PO Box 6291, Columbus, OH 43206
1886350469 $12.00

And Shadow Remained is an enticing collection of dark, depressive, and insightful poems from among the best works of the outstanding and gripping new poet, Ken Waldman. With a unique tongue, each poem is a vivid and trite description of the nearly unknown situation it depicts. Counter-wit: Your problem,/she told him,/is you want/everyone to be/like you.//And yours,/he told her,/is you are.

One Hand Clapping
Gerda Hoover
Vantage Press
419 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10157
0533151430 $8.95

One Hand Clapping is an intimate, thoughtful, and occasionally inspiring collection of verse drawn from the greatest works of Gerda Hoover. I Sold Your Car!: I sold your car!/Now there's another empty space/where you used to fit in my life.//In the garage my car stands alone,/her nightly companion is gone--/My car does not feel my loss, my pain/it responds to my control/in sunshine and rain--/Lucky car!//Sometimes you sat beside me,/now I drive alone/you, My beloved, are gone--/yet my heart remembers happiness,/embraces, bliss,/your smile, your kiss/with such intensity/as though all were still reality./Lucky me!

Hand Luggage
P. K. Page
The Porcupine's Quill
c/o Timinkster, RGD, Publisher
68 Main Street, Erin, Ontario, Candada N0B 1T0
0889842884 $16.95

Hand Luggage: A Memoir In Verse by P. K. Page is an intimate, personal, extended, 84-page poem describing with acute detailing the life and history of an iconoclastic poet. --"Then Melbourne. Old buildings. A city of clubs./Very British. The Britishest city of all!/We attended 'the Cup'. Such astonishing hats/it might have been Ascot. Grey toppers. The lot./And I noticed again, as I'd noticed before/how separate the sexes, when placing a bet/the wickets, like washrooms, read Ladies or Men./Segregation-- a serious matter, it seemed/" -- P. K. Page

Unwinding The Soul
Susan Feinbloom
Regent Press
6020-A adeline, Oakland, CA 94608
1587900858 $19.95

Unwinding The Soul: Poems is an intimate and eclectic collection of Susan Feinbloom's most intriguing and explorative poetry and is the perfect introduction to her poetic skills and verse. Mountain Mama: I want to wrap my arms around a mountain/and hold it so tight/until I am sure it will not move away/But hold me back/and then I want to cry the tears of yesterday/yours and mine/those which have been cried before/But still/they come.

Practice, Restraint
Laura Sims
Fence Books
303 East Eighth Street, #B1, New York, NY 10009
0974090999 $13.00

Practice, Restraint is an anthology of sparsely worded free-verse poems, steeped in the author's quintessential talent to imply volumes from brief phrases. Touching upon complex situations through the minute illumination of instants, Practice, Restraint resembles a haiku collection in spirit, though it does not employ the haiku format specifically. "Moses": Fourteen lanes / with sky on one end // and the end / of the human disgrace / on the other- // a fetish, the urban form // a lake / is self-regard but a highway / slithers // the car // grows skin after skin on its errand from God // If you finish your supper, / from one end of this mess to the other, / rewards

Servant Of The Verse
Herve R. Benicio
Publish America
PO Box 6331, Springfield, IL 62708
1424115019 $16.95

Servant Of The Verse is an eclectic and impressively crafted collection of romantic and seductive poetry drawn from the collective works of Herve R. Benicio. The Scent Of Faith: Rage against the villain slain,/who wickedly rises yet again,/maiming those meritorious/with insurmountable treachery./Bloody by our Lord's decrees,/yet strengthened when upon our knees./No fear of death delays our quest,/rogues of the spirit's prosperity./Resist, though struggling more restrains./Defend your reasoning at the gates,/though fiends with frenzied jaws assail/mercilessly against the scent of faith.

Sonnets For A Soulmate
Edward F. Cervinski
Stellaberry Press
PO Box 18217, St. Paul, MN 55118
0977010007 $16.95

Sonnets For A Soulmate is an engaging and substantial compendium of verse by Edward F. Cervinski in seeming defiance towards the traditional rules of the poetic form. Engaging and entertaining, Sonnets For A Soulmate showcases what is potentially the most intriguing poet of modern American literature. "Never let the two lovers ever lose control/Nor trade for a Pyrrhic victory, their one and only soul//Or their love to someone else and thus, easily replace/This soulmate forever, from their pages, and erase//But do let the two lovers find within their youth/That of which they call their hearts' only truth//Even if it meant that they decide on day/They cannot go on, from living far away//A broken spell will tell what will unfold/Of their lives, their love, if left uncontrolled//And though they found fate, through plenty of twists/Their Love, most of all, was never dismissed//Their passions breathed a new life and felt incredibly alive/The day they rescued each other from their deepest deprive…" --Edward F. Cervinski, Sonnets For A Soulmate (p.191)

Unscrambled Eggs
Nadia Brown
Publish America
1495 NW 195 St, Maimi, FL 33169
1413781691 $14.95

Unscrambled Eggs is a simply outstanding collection showcasing the intimate, personal, inspiring and conceptual poetry of Nadia Brown. Fathom: Marlboro's fumes have/choked all sense from your brain/taste for language/laden with four-letter curses/sweetens your tongue/like roasted cacao beans.//Apparently sound reasons/cannot permeate thoughts/of a childlike man/prone to dealing tantrums like moody two-year-olds.//No need for sermons/or lectures on your wants/kindly leave those orders/for someone else.

Under The Wanderer's Star
Sigman Byrd
Marsh Hawk Press
PO Box 206, East Rockway, NY 11518
0975919792 $12.95

Under The Wanderer's Star is an eclectic collection of intimate and rhythmically inclined poetry drawn from the writings of Sigman Byrd. Giving an open pallet and persuasive variety of Byrd's most prized poems, Under The Wanderer's Star manipulates the English tongue with a sensual and entrancing style. House Of Fetishes, Totems, And Cures: I, too, when arrived/still had a journey/to take. Like/all living things/murmuring/outside the village,/I needed a charm,/a spell, a God,/a you to help me--/a little voice/in the machine,/push the button./I speak into it/as you do./I listen for the answer,/just like you, my friend,/like you wherever I go.

Seizing The Poem In The Wonder Of Now
Roger R. Mahaney
Publish America
65 McKinley Avenue, #c-3-11, White Plains, NY 10606
1413792588 $19.95

Seizing The Poem In The Wonder Of Now is an impressive collection of diversely conceptual and reflective poetry from the works of scholar and poetry enthusiast Roger R. Mahaney. Engaging the reader in his words of wisdom, truth, and harmony, Mahaney vividly creates emotional and intellectual sympathies with the reader with his iconoclastic and provocative linguistics. Not So Powerless: Bio-terror./Tidal Waves./War./Famine./Lies./Murder./Blackmail./Scandal. Adultery./Robbery./Embezzlement./Hatred./Prejudice./Exploitation./Manipulation./Poverty./Apathy./Narcissism./Ethnocentrism./Greed./Fear./Powerlessness.//Charity. Hope./Love. Faith./Fulfillment. Communion./Choice. Commitment./Freedom. Goodness./Open-mind. Soulful./Open-heart. Caring./Hard-working. Dedicated./Not so/Powerless/After All.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Medicine For The Earth
Sandra Ingerman
Three Rivers Press
PO Box 4757, Santa Fe, NM 87502
0609805177 $14.00

Medicine For The Earth by professional mental health counselor and shamanism expert Sandra Ingerman is an exclusive guide to manipulation of environment to repel toxins and other damaging cells. As an explorative introduction to the process of detoxification and cleansing of negative energies and toxins, Medicine For The Earth will educate its reader on the many varying aspects of Shamanic healing and aid. Medicine For The Earth is intuitively informative and invaluably helpful for its readers, and is a very strongly recommended read for everybody with some intent to cleanse their system and surroundings of the wasteful and damaging energy that may otherwise cause severe harm. Ideal reading for anyone with an interest in alternative medicine and environmental studies, Medicine For The Earth is a seminal work and a valued addition to personal and community library collections..

The Money/Finance Shelf

Headstart To Wealth
Craig Wallin
Headstart Publishing
PO Box 2012, Port Townsend, WA 98368
0933239386 $15.95

Headstart To Wealth: Turn Kids Into Millionaires With Only Two Dollars A Day by financial literacy advocate and founder of Headstart To Wealth investing website Craig Wallin is an innovative new exploration of the financial world, guaranteeing a wealth of financial prospect for the children of the reader. Knowledgeably written, Headstart To Wealth informs the reader of many easy steps to properly conserve and invest your child's money for a promising forty-thousand dollars by the age of eighteen and a potential millionaire status by age fifty. Headstart To Wealth is very highly recommended to all parents looking to secure their child's future financially with an easy-to-follow guideline process that anybody can do regardless of investment or financial experience.

Tax Savings Ideas
Julie Welch & Randy Gardner
Wealth Builders Press, LLC
800 West 47th Street, Suite 430, Kansas City, MO 64112
0963973479 $21.95 1-800-410-1829

Now in a completely updated and expanded eighth edition, Tax Saving Ideas co-authored by CPAs and tax experts Julie Welch and Randy Gardner includes invaluable tips on incorporating investments, deductions, education expenses, divorce settlements, small business costs, and retirement planning into the reader's overall tax strategy and reporting. Like previous editions, Tax Savings Ideas is comprehensive, "user friendly", and offers a wealth of solid, detailed, reliable information throughout. Indeed, Tax Savings Ideas will prove to be an invaluable resource, a practical reference, and an easy-to-understand guide for year round financial planning.

Money And The People You Love
Bruce Helmer
Syren Book Company
c/o Joanne McCall (publicity)
8200 SW 184th Avenue, Aloha, OR 97007
092963652X 16.95

Very highly recommended reading, Money And The People You Love: A New Approach To Financial Planning Based On What Matters To You Most by Bruce Helmer (President and co-founder of Wealth Enhancement Group) is an invaluable and practical introduction and study of financial planning for the nonspecialist general reader. Exploring and interpreting the complicated "art and science" of financial consultation and planning, Money And The People You Love deftly removes the generally found barriers of business and financial lingo for an effective and accessible presentation of universal money-making principles and preservation tactics applicable to any investor. For those seeking a greater understanding of the investment process for desired financial result (particularly those considering near future prospect of investing), Money And The People You Love is very strongly recommended.

The Accidental Millionaire
Stephanie Frank
Greenlight Publishing
3370 N. Hayden Road #123-401, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
0976722801 $24.95 1-480-963-3590

Very strongly recommended reading, The Accidental Millionaire: Leaping From Chance To Mastery In The Game Of Life by Stephanie Frank provides the non-specialist general reader with an insightful, invaluable, comprehensive grasp of financial security basics from the perspective of a knowledgeable and thoroughly experienced investor. Introducing the reader to a cogent understanding of the financial intricacies of entrepreneurial success, The Accidental Millionaire accurately and accessible describes the process of providing yourself with millions of dollars in a text hallmarked by its "user-friendly" and easy-to-follow format. Offering a significant head-start on financial security and progression with quick and effective results, The Accidental Millionaire is the perfect addition to the personal and community library Money/Finance reference collections .

Mind Over Money
Eric Tyson
CDS Books
Rocks-DeHart Public Relations (publicity)
425 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017
1593152388 $21.95

Mind Over Money: Your Path To Wealth And Happiness by financial consultant Eric Tyson is an informed and informative study and a quite practical reference on how we might logically save and invest our money effectively. Based upon the personal experiences of years, Mind Over Money delves very deeply into the intricacies of the financial and investment world, enlightening readers as to what they may do based upon their own fiscal situation, regardless of prior experience with investment or money management. An invaluable and "reader friendly" addition to personal and community library Money & Finance reference collections, Mind Over Money is very strongly recommended to all readers worried for their financial situation and future, hoping for a more practical approach to personal money management, and seeking to gain an accurate understanding of their net worth.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Invisible Pleasures
Mary Frances Zambreno
American Fantasy Press
919 Tappan Street, Woodstock, IL 60098
0961035242 $25.00

Invisible Pleasures by Mary Frances Zambreno the first collection showcasing eighteen of her most inventive, original, and entertain work, including four new writings. Invisible Pleasures is sure to please dedicated science fiction and fantasy fans who will appreciate her individualistic style and storytelling ability. Very highly recommended for personal and community library collections, Invisible Pleasures is the perfect introduction to the talented Mary Frances Zambreno.

Michael J. Cavallaro
Arcanum Books
PO Box 55, Nesconset, NY 11767-0055
0977453324 $15.95

Cybernetica by writer and editor Michael J. Cavallaro, is an original science fiction novel depicting the possibilities, if not probabilities, of a futuristic concept of technological mind control. Providing the read with an intricate and enthralling plot, Cybernetica tells of the intertwining stories of the assassination of a famous actresses, a couple of con-artist paired together for an important investigation, an "in-book" of modern technology which enables neurotransmissons to communicate with computer interfaces, and the ethical issues of a biologically enhanced bodyguard. Engaging its readers from the very beginning with an ever-intriguing plot, Cybernetica is very highly recommended to all readers with an interest in science-fiction for a remarkably gripping, vivid, and intimate depiction of future people's lives and conspiracies.

House Of The Jaguar
C. Charis Coyle
Mystecha Press
61 Elmwood Avenue, Suite 153, Gloversville, NY 12078
0976868105 $12.95

House Of The Jaguar by mythologist, systems analyst, internet marketer, and iconoclast C. Charles Coyle is a gripping new Mayan mythology oriented action/adventure science fiction novel for young readers. Engaging the reader from first page to last, House Of The Jaguar is a futuristic tale of Kat, an American teenager confined in her youth to the moderns of technology and the digital age, in her confrontation with a digressing, broken world as result of earthquakes and the release of an underworld creature, the Xibalban, and her alliance with shamanic tribesmen in an ultimate struggle for life. House Of The Jaguar is to be given high praise for its originality, and is very highly recommended as an intriguing read science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts.

Simon Spurrier
Solaris Books
1525 Hulse Road - Unit 1, Pt. Pleasant, NJ 08742
1844162826 $29.99

Xenology: Notes And Dissections From The Alien Bestiary Of Biegel, And Studies Of Its Vile Specimens, By Those Present At Its Destruction by author Simon Spurrier is an intricate and illustrated investigation into the science fiction adventure world of the Warhammer 40,000 and a substantial amount of the physical embodiment of the many alien species that inhabit it. Contrasting in-depth information and detailed and well crated artwork, Xenology definitively accounts for a previously unknown study of this heretofore abstract world. Xenology: Notes And Dissections From The Alien Bestiary Of Biegel, And Studies Of Its Vile Specimens, By Those Present At Its Destruction is very strongly recommended to all Warhammer 40,000 universe, readers, fans, and rolegamers, especially those wanting a greater understanding of its diverse inhabitants.

Tailsman Of Zandria
Christine Norris
LBF Books
PO Box 7989, Pittsburgh, PA 15216
1885093446 $14.95

Tailsman Of Zandria by Christine Norris is an original and entertaining fantasy novel showcasing a vivid telling of Ivy Peterson's voyage through the magical and fantastic world of Zandria. As Ivy discovers a fairy and returns for a search, she incessantly falls into Zandria, beginning the wonderful tale of Ivy and her newly made friend's pursuit of an amulet which will enable her return to her own life and world. Tailsman Of Zandria is very highly recommended to all readers of general fantasy-fiction for its engaging telling, fun description, and intuitive mapping of a world only discovered by the imaginations of readers.

Scott Sigler
Dragon Moon Press
275 Hendon Drive, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2K 1Z4
1896944329 $19.95

Earthcore is an exhilarating science fiction thriller in which Earthcore, a courageous mining company, determines themselves to be in charge of harvesting the world's largest platinum deposit ever discovered. Readers will follow Earthcore's young executive, Connell Kirkland, as he dives into the increasingly costly project as the three-mile-deep mine shaft becomes home to more then just platinum. An exciting read, and very highly recommended for all science fiction enthusiasts, Earthcore would be a popular addition to community library SciFi collections and documents Scott Sigler as an effective, entertaining storyteller.

The Judaic Studies Shelf

Torah And Company
Judith Z. Abrams
Ben Yehunda Press
430 Kensington Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666
0976986213 $12.95

Torah And Company: The Weekly Portion Of Torah, Accompanies By Generous Helpings Of Mishnah And Germara, Served Up With Discussion Questions To Spice Up Your Sabbath Table by Judith Z. Abrams (Director of Maqom: A School for Talmud Study) is an insightful and informative introduction to the management of one's Judaic scriptures, paring the weekly Torah with selections of Mishna and Talmuns, as well as other scripts. Torah And Company is very highly recommended for inclusion in personal and academic library Judaic Studies collections for its informative and easy-to-use guidance through this innovative form of distinctively Jewish practices.

The Nautical Shelf

Sailing With Scoundrels And Kings
John Jourdane
Cape Horn Press
13962 El Dorado, Suite 60-J, Seal Beach, CA 70740
0963189611 $24.95

Sailing With Scoundrels And Kings by John Jourdane is an amazing tale of one man's worldly journeys via sailboat. Having traveled around the world thrice, across the Pacific Ocean 47 times, and the Atlantic 12 for a total of 300,000 plus miles, Jourdane's encounters include hundreds of interesting and estranging people, literally scoundrels and kings. Sailing With Scoundrels And Kings is the depiction of the many people Jourdane met on his journeys, and is very highly recommended reading, particularly those interested in sailing around the world themselves, as this book is an excellent education on what to expect and plan for.

The International Studies Shelf

The Journey Of The Lost Boys
Joan Hecht
Allswell Press
8241 Wallingford Hills Lane, Jacksonville, FL 32256
0976387506 $19.95

The Journey Of The Lost Boys by Joan Hecht is the incredible but true story of thousands of young men and their family's who struggled against all odds to seek refuge from the their homeland's war and the death it was certain to bring them at the hands of their oppressors. Readers will learn of a time in which the natives of Sudan were witness to slaughter, disease, and hunger ridden death of friends and family as their journey took them a strenuous thousand miles from their homes to the nearest refugee encampment. The Journey Of The Lost Boys is very highly recommended to all students of Middle East history, International Studies, as well as non-specialist general readers interested in discovering one the many hardships historically significant in the development and shaping of modern Africa.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Pets Have Feelings Too!
Monica Diedrich
Two Paws Up Press
c/o Animal Communicator
PO Box 6107, Anheim, CA 92816
0971381232 $18.95

Pets Have Feelings Too! by pet expert and communicator Monica Diedrich who explains to the reader just how their animal companion use the language of pictures, how a small pet was able to describe burglars, how a pet solves the mystery of his own death, how some pets can tell their veterinarian what's wrong with them and how to fix it, how pets help people heal, the importance of speaking to your pet out loud, how many of your pet's problems can be remedied if you are able to truly listen to them, and how pets can know when it's time for them to leave this life. Pets Have Feelings Too! is especially recommended reading for pet owners needing to know what to do for their beloved animal companions during serious illnesses and all of the other traumatic life experiences we are heir to.

Tuatara, A Living Fossil
Dick Lutz
Dimi Press
3820 Oak Hollow Lane, SE, Salem, OR 97302-4774
0931625432 $12.95 1-503-364-7698

Very highly recommended to reptile collectors and nature/reptile enthusiasts with a scientific orientation, Tuatara, A Living Fossil by Dick Lutz is an informed and informative history of the Komodo Dragon enhanced with complete reference to being the only reptile with its own reptilian order strictly defining itself. As there are four reptile orders/classifications (turtles/tortoises; lizards and snakes; alligators and crocodiles -- the fourth category belongs solely to the tuatara, an interesting organism that has existed since the age of the dinosaur. Tuatara, A Living Fossil makes for an engaging an information-filled read for students of zoology.

Koalas: Moving Portraits of Serenity
Joanne Ehrich
Koala Jo Publishing
352 N El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94401
0976469804 $45.00

Expertly edited by commercial designer, photographer, illustrator, printmaker, painter and lithographer Joanne Ehrich, Koalas: Moving Portraits of Serenity is an intimate detailing and photographic documentation of the beautiful Australian animal's daily life and habitat. Exploring and studying the Koala and its environmental adaptation, Koalas: Moving Portraits of Serenity presents a vivid and touching 260-page illustrated portrait of this unique animal's life including feeding habits, sleeping procedures, habitat requirements. Certain to be a popular addition to any personal, academic, or community library Wildlife Studies reference collection, Koalas: Moving Portraits of Serenity is very highly recommended for its touching photography and informative content which will appeal to students of nature in general, and the Koala in particular.

The Women's Issues Shelf

A Year Of Absence
Jessica Redmond
Elva Resa Publishing
8362 Tamarack Bldg., Suite 119-106, St. Paul, MN 55125
0965748316 $24.95

A Year Of Absence: Six Women's Stories Of Courage, Hope And Love by Jessica Redmond is an inspirational and encouraging collection of stories depicting the belittling truths of temporarily losing a husband to the military. Redmond presents an intimate and acute telling of five women and her own situational distraught, fear, and individual coping in A Year Of Absence that instills the same absence felt into the reader. A Year Of Absence is very highly recommended to all non-specialist readers, particular those women who suffer from a similar disposition or can sympathize with the loss of a loved one.

Dressing the Man You Love
Betsy Durkin Matthes
Peter's Pride Publishing
PO Box 3026, Shelter Island, NY 11965-3026
0977387836 $15.95

Written by a former Broadway and television actress, Dressing the Man You Love is a handy guide written especially for women, but invaluable to anyone who has to learn the basics of men's fashion and get a man's wardrobe looking presentable - including men themselves! Chapters walk the reader through everything from how to navigate men's clothing stores and find the most experienced salesperson, to the differences between types of men's shoes, to the three different knots of a regulation tie as well as the mastering the bow tie, to finding suitable business dress for "Casual Fridays", to identifying fabric and evaluating its quality, to creating a wardrobe organization plan that will keep even the most fashion-clueless of men looking fine. Written in down-to-earth terms, and illustrated with a handful of helpful black-and-white sketches and diagrams, Dressing the Man You Love is an absolute "must-have" help manual for male-fashion challenged.

The Literary Shelf

Come Read With Me
James M. Abraham
Vico Press
2455 Achilles Street, Port Charlotte, FL 33980
0976056739 $12.00

Come Read With Me: A Collection Of Good Book Essays is an invaluable collection of what may be the greatest compendium of essays drawn from and related to what James M. Abraham has read and reflected on. Inclusive of works from well known names such as John Steinbeck, E. B. White, Sally Simon and many more, Come Read With Me contains essays that have changed the worldly paradigms and altered histories path, as well as essays purely for the enjoyment of reading and learning. Come Read With Me is very highly recommended, impressive, original, thoughtful and thought-provoking.

Christopher Nissen
Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
PO Box 874402, Tempe, AZ 85287-4402
0866983058 $45.00

Urania: The Story Of A Young Woman's Love & The Novela Of Guilia Camposanpiero And Thesibaldo Vitaliani by Giulia Bigolina is ably translated and edited by Christopher Nissen (Associate Professor of Italian, Northern Illinois University, De Kalb) in this academic edition published by the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Giulia Bigolina (1516-1569) was a married woman of the minor aristocracy who lived in Padua in the Venetian Territory. While none of her writings were published during her lifetime, she gained considerable local renown as a writer of novellas and prose fiction dealing with love and romance. This bilingual edition has the original Italian on one side and English on the facing page. Extensive notes are provided, making this seminal work of literary scholarship fully accessible and a welcome and strongly commended contribution to academic library "Italian Literature" reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

Can't Catch Me
Michael Cadnum
Tachyon Publications
1459 18th Street, #139, San Francisco, CA 94107
1892391333 $14.95 1-415-285-5615

Can't Catch Me And Other Twice Told Tales by Michael Cadnum is an outstanding collection of interesting and insightful lore drawn from history and retold with a modernized and compelling philosophical perspective of contemporary wisdom and collective post-situation knowledge. Diligently feeding its readers with advice and worldly understandings of these once ancient tales of long ago and far away, Can't Catch Me gives the reader an intriguing compendium of new-age tellings. Can't Catch Me is very highly recommended for general fiction, philosophy, historical, myth, folklore enthusiasts for its adroit grasp of these ancient "twice-told" tales.

The Gaming Shelf

Kill Phil
Blair Rodman & Lee Nelson
Huntington Press
3665 S Procyon Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89103
0929712242 $24.95

The "Phil" in question is famed poker player and nine time "World Series of Poker" bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, Jr.. Cogently co-authored by Blair Rodman and lee Nelson, Kill Phil is an in-depth guide to competently playing "Texas No Limit Hold'em" style poker, defeating all you opponents at the gaming table, hosting your first tournament, participating in online-gaming, and all of the professional's intricate strategies involved in the most popular poker game in history -- and how to apply them. Serving as an excellent reference for the serious player, Kill Phil delves very deeply into the difficulties and barriers one may face when in the midst of a game, the pressures of betting and how to assess the situation. Kill Phil is very highly recommended reading to all aspiring poker players, be they novice or veteran, for its expertly written strategies, interesting perspectives, and easy-to-read format.

I Love This Game
Sabine Auken
Master Point Press
331 Douglas Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5M 1H2
1897106068 $19.95

I Love This Game by Sabine Auken (the world ranked number best woman bridge player) is the exclusive story and instructional telling of the author's miraculous comeback for Germany in the 2001 Venice Cup for bridge. Describing to the reader the final sixteen deals and the order of she and her team's unexpected comeback, I Love This Game helpfully guides its readers through the intricacies of the hands, Bridge principles, carding methods, team chemistry, as well as the pros and cons of mini-notrump openings, multi-purpose two-bids, and the merits of forcing club systems. I Love This Game is very highly recommended for dedicated Bridge enthusiasts searching for an accessible instructional guide for the betterment of their gaming skills -- as well as an outstanding personal story amidst the discussion of Bridge.

The Automotive Shelf

Volkswagen: History To Hobby
Bob Cropsey
Jersy Classic Publishing
75 Locust Avenue, Wallington, NJ 07057
0976526107 $24.99

Volkswagen: History To Hobby: All The Facts--All The Fun by Volkswagen enthusiast Bob Cropsey is an in-depth study of the greatly renowned German car company, Volkswagen. Inclusive of 550 historical VW dates, 65 fun VW hobby facts, 100 Herbie The Love Bug facts, 50 VW television commercials, 460 personalized license plates, 402 VW magazine and 15 billboard ads, 40 Movies with VWs, year to year changes of the Beetle since 1945, as well as for the buses since 1949, and much more, Volkswagen: History To Hobby is an all-inclusive detailed collection of the "everything you've ever wanted to know" variety about the VW company, and is very strongly recommended to all fans of the great company, VW collectors, and students of automotive history.

The American History Shelf

The Lawmen
Alton Pryor
Stagecoach Publishing
5360 Campcreek Loop, Roseville, CA 95747
0974755168 $11.95 1-916-771-8166

The Lawmen by western author Alton Pryor is an engaging focus on law enforcers that plied their trade on the western American frontier. Introducing an intriguing cast of known lawmen and outlaws, The Lawmen depicts a gripping story of their daily lives in the west with special attention to the mentality and practices of those who upheld the law (as well as their indecencies and character flaws nowadays so sparsely known or acknowledged). The Lawmen is an interesting and evermore enthralling tale, very highly recommended and to be given high praise as the ideal addition to the libraries of Western fiction novels, as well as to those who have studied the west, as there are a great many of historical figures tactfully intertwined throughout the story.

The Psychology Shelf

Reclaiming Our Prodigal Sons And Daughters
Scott Larson & Larry Brendtro
Solution Tree
1252 Loesch Rd, Bloomington, IN 47404
1879639696 $18.95

Deftly co-authored by Scott Larson (President and co-founder of Straight Ahead Ministries) and Larry K. Brendtro (President of Reclaiming Youth International), Reclaiming Our Prodigal Sons And Daughters: A Practical Approach For Connecting With Youth In Conflict is an excellent introduction and cogent exploration of individuals and groupings of youth and the four-step plan for reaching out in an attempt to assist them. Based upon the observations of two prominent figures in child-aide programs, Reclaiming Our Prodigal Sons And Daughters is an impressively thoughtful and informative guide and stratagems to what may potentially become the most useful and effective form of reaching and helping young people. Reclaiming Our Prodigal Sons And Daughters is very strongly recommended reading for parents, teachers, counselors, and youth workers.

The Native American Shelf

The Early Chickasaws
Fulsom Charles Scrivner
Vantage Press
419 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016
0533150876 $10.00

The Early Chickasaws: Profile Of Courage by Fulsom Charles Scrivner is an inherently interesting and well written collective study of the Chickasaw people from their arrival into the North American continent across the Bering Strait to their forced removal by the United States military to the Oklahoma territory in the earlier part of American western development. This in-depth and highly accurate historical survey and study of the Chicksaw Nation gives contemporary readers a welcome perspective into the cultural struggle and the battles fought throughout this Native American people's history. The Early Chickasaws is a very highly recommended contribution to Native American Studies for its outstanding documentation and research of the Chickasaws and is easily accessible to all non-specialist general readers with an interest in the Chickasaw Nation and 19th Century Native American history.

The Tipi
Adolf Hungrywolf
Native Voices
PO Box 99, Summertown, TN 38483
1570671745 $17.95

The Tipi: Traditional Native American Shelter by author and photographer Adolf Hungrywolf is a comprehensive, informative, and profusely illustrated study of the Native American tipi and the many variations, uses, and understandings of this famed aboriginal structure. Introducing readers to a compendium of expert commentaries on the construction, stability, historical understanding and use of this portable nomadic structure, The Tipi accurately addresses every concern, issue and intricacy of the tipi's interesting history within the context of Native American cultures. A seminal contribution to personal and academic Native American Studies library reference collections, The Tipi is a very highly recommended book for those in study of Native American culture and history.

The Criminology Shelf

Murder In Old Kentucky
Keven McQueen
McClanahan Publishing House
PO Box 100, Kuttawa, KY 42055
0913383937 $21.95

Murder In Old Kentucky: True Crimes From The Bluegrass by Keven McQueen is an interesting collection of memorable stories taken from historical homicides which took place in the Commonwealth between the years 1826 and 1937. Included is the murder of the famous Beauchamp-Sharp, the "Ashland Tradgedy", and the Lucretia Mundy poisoning. Exceptionally well written, Murder In Old Kentucky is very highly recommended to true crime buffs, students of criminology, and anyone interested in the darker side of Kentucky history.

The Photography Shelf

Blue in Black and White
Peter Thoshinsky
Turner Publishing Company
PO Box 3101, Paducah, KY 42002-3101
1596520388 $37.95

Blue in Black and White is a photography book of San Francisco's law enforcement officers, by police sergeant, experienced photographer, and native San Franciscan Peter Thoshinsky. Each two-page spread features a black-and-white, larger-than-life photograph of people keeping the peace on San Francisco's streets on the right, and a brief poem, caption, or insight on the left. A moving and unforgettable visual tribute, as well as a window into the daily routine of a difficult yet rewarding public duty.

Revealing Character
Robb Kendrick
Bright Sky Press
340 South Second Street, Albany, TX 76430
1931721572 $34.95 1-866-933-6133

Revealing Character: Texas Tintypes by Robb Kendrick is a compilation of black-and-white photography of modern-day Texas American cowboys taken via the historical ferrotype or "tintype" method used in the 19th century. The result is a compilation of black-and-white portraits of hard-working inheritors to an esteemed tradition. Each individual photographed contributes a handful of quotes on the opposing page of his portrait: "The freedom of being out in open country is unlike any other feeling. You can't trade that feeling for money." These are men who spend their lives working with animals, love what they do, and tell it like it is. An afterword, an index of subjects, and a map of the state of Texas showing the ranches where the photographs were taken rounds out this "must-have" collection for cowboy fans of all backgrounds.

Pennsylvania Wilds
Lisa Gensheimer, author; Ed Bernik, photographer
Forest Press
PO Box 371, Bradford, PA 16701
0977065707 $39.95

Pennsylvania Wilds: Images from the Allegheny National Forest presents more than 100 full-color photographs of Allegheny National Forest, which encompasses 800 square miles in north-central Pennsylvania. A handful of photographs show people experiencing the wilderness or human institutions near the forest, but most are devoted to the natural beauty and splendor, as well as some of the wild creatures who make the preserve their home. A moderate-length essay by award-winning documentary producer Lisa Gensheimer covers the history of Allegheny National Forest; while photographer and fly fisherman Ed Bernik exquisitely captures the wonder of wild land left untouched. An accompanying Forest Companion CD, compatible with Windows XP and Macintosh OSX, offers a tour of the biology, geology and history of the Allegheny National Forest as well as 50 of the area's "must-see" attractions. Highly recommended especially for photography buffs and nature lovers, and surely the next best thing to seeing Allegheny National Forest in person.

In the Company of Flowers
Ron Morgan, author; Keith Lewis, photography
Half Full Press
1814 Franklin Street, Suite 820, Oakland, CA 94612
0971955239 $49.95

In the Company of Flowers presents masterpieces of floral arrangement and table setting by legendary floral designer Ron Morgan. Over 180 full-color photographs on every page, some of them two-page spreads, reveal 60 unique table settings that incorporate flowers, fine silverware, and centerpieces into breathtaking examples of transient beauty. The photographs speak for themselves; In the Company of Flowers has very little text, aside from a few words by Ron Morgan, a synopsis of the materials and containers used for each table setting, and a handful of tips about caring for flowers. An enthusiastically recommended source of inspiration, and a restful work of wonder that invites the reader to simply page through its contents. Also highly recommended is Morgan's previous volume of centerpieces, "The Center of Attention".

The Language Studies Shelf

After School Chinese Mandarin Chinese Language Course Level 1
Asia for Kids
Master Communications Inc.
PO Box 9096, Cincinnati, OH 45209
1888194774 $199.95

Originally produced by CCTV in China for English-speaking children, After School Chinese Mandarin Chinese Language Course Level 1 is the first of a four-level curriculum in conversational Chinese. English-speaking children can watch, listen to, and repeat how Chinese children speak in authentic settings and real-life situations. Encouraging basic conversation from the very first lesson, After School Chinese Level 1 consists of eight lessons total, each of which features a dialogue between students and their teacher, a breakdown of key words an phrases with the English phonetical spelling in pinyin, the English translation, and the verbal pronunciation, and then a re-showing of the original dialogue without the phonetical spelling, and a repeat practice session. Each lesson comes in the format of a DVD, along with a companion audio CD for additional learning, for a total of 8 DVDs, 2 Audio CDs, and 1 CD guide. An additional spiral- bound book is available offering written transcriptions of the lessons and dialogues on the DVDs, along with simplified Chinese character depictions of the words, though the emphasis is on learning spoken Chinese. A recommended pick for school libraries, after-school curriculums and clubs, and home study. 120 minutes, color.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Patience, My Dear
Arianna Snow
Golden Horse
PO Box 1002, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406
0977230805 $13.99

Patience, My Dear by Arianna Snow is a reader engaging romantic mystery novel in which lead character, Naomi, questionably finds her first love, Hiram, after 18 years of separation. Providing the reader with seemingly endless twists and turns of plot, Patience, My Dear is an enthralling, well crafted, superbly written "page-turner" of a read, fruitfully exposed to the impairing remembrance and encounter of a first young love when nearing mid-life many years later. Patience, My Dear is very strongly recommended for readers searching for a superbly authored telling of an intricate and entertaining tale involving a love consumed memory and an ever-deepening mystery.

The World History Shelf

Cruzeiro do Sul: A History Of Brazil's Half-Millennium, Volume 1 & 2
James Hufferd
Author House
1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47403-5161
Volume 1 (142080276X, $38.50); Volume 2 (1420819461, $38.50) 1-800-280-7715

Cruzerio do Sul: A History Of Brazil's Half-Millennium is a two-volume narrative history of Brazil's colorful and complex history over the last five hundred years. Volume 1: New World Epic takes up with the discover of Brazil by the Europeans and the beginning of colonization by Portugal in the year 1500. Organized into four major sections, readers will learn of Brazil's native population, foreign invasions, Brazilian-African slavery, the sugar economy, gold and diamond mining, and more. Volume 2: O Provo (The People) focuses upon Brazil in the 19th and 20th centuries from 1810 down to the present day. Readers are provided with a history of Brazil's wars of independence, its unique 19th century monarchy and civil government, momentous foreign military campaigns, the abolition of slavery, the rise of the major cities, Brazilian literature, music and arts, and the painful, fragile, problematic evolution towards democracy. A strongly recommended addition to personal, academic, and community library Brazilian Studies and World History collections, the two volumes comprise 1140 pages and are so well written as to be completely accessible for non-specialist general readers as well as a coherent reference for students and scholars as well.

The Hobby Shelf

Rock Painting Fun For Everyone!
Lin Wellford
Art Stone Press
210 East Main, Green Forest, AR 72638
0977706508 $19.99

Rock painting is taking a stone that already has shape and dimension to produce an image through the application of colors. Rock Painting Fun For Everyone! by Lin Wellford is a 96-page introduction and instruction guide to the art of modern rock painting that is as entertaining as it is informative. Wellford's experience-based easy-to-learn techniques are applicable by even the most novice of hand crafters. Profusely illustrated throughout with color photographs and patterns, Rock Painting Fun For Everyone! fully and truly lives up to its title. If you are looking for a rewarding and enjoyable pastime, then read Rock Painting Fun For Everyone! and learn how to combine rocks and paint to make visual magic!

The Children's Shelf

The Angry Monster Book
Debi Kennedy
nJoy Books
18 South 2nd Street, Madison WI 53704
0976995905 $8.99

Written and colorfully illustrated by Debi Kennedy, The Angry Monster Book is a fun and active book for children to discover a greater perspective and understanding of anger. With an interesting approach to the concept, The Angry Monster Book takes its young readers to introspective questioning and analysis for various aspects of emotional projection an control. Small but sturdy, The Angry Monster Book is very highly recommended reading for young children -- indeed, this is a book that should be given to them the moment they learn to read.

Kendra Kandlestar And The Box Of Whispers
Lee Edward Fodi
Brown Books Publishing Group
16200 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 170, Dallas, TX 75248
1933285109 $16.95

Kendra Kandlestar And The Box Of Whispers by Lee Edward Fodi is a fun an inventive story of magical worlds in which doors speak riddles and gardens contain books. As a perfect introduction or addition to any child's fantasy collection, Kendra Kandlestar And The Box Of Whispers enriches and engages the minds of its readers, creating a completely different style of magical realm in which its readers are inevitably swept away to. Kendra Kandlestar And The Box Of Whispers is very strongly recommended to all children already fans of the fantasy literature and would make a popular addition to both school and community library collections as well.

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