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Reviewer's Choice

A Great Day to Fight Fire: Mann Gulch, 1949
Mark Matthews
University of Oklahoma Press
2800 Venture Drive, Norman, OK 73069
9780806138572, $24.95

Mark Matthews has written about the Mann Gulch fire before, and avid readers of firefighting literature may readily recognize both his style and the events. But what makes A GREAT DAY TO FIGHT FIRE memorable is its different focus on the people who fought the fire, rather than just strategies and events. Chapters in A GREAT DAY TO FIGHT FIRE focuses on the victim's families and the personal impact of the fire upon firefighters, family members, survivors, and community members: as such it's an essential piece of information key to any collection strong in firefighting literature - and any general-interest library interested in true-life heroism.

The Psychology Shelf

Understanding Personality Disorders
Duane L. Dobbert
Praeger Publishers
88 Post Road West, Westport, CT 06881
0275989607, $39.95

Personality disorders appear everywhere: in the workplace, shopping centers, and even the home - that's why it's important for more than just the professional therapist to understand and recognize them. UNDERSTANDING PERSONALITY DISORDERS isn't for the usual professional audience, but for lay readers - making it the perfect choice for general-interest health holdings. It provides an introduction geared to those who live and work around personality-disordered people, presenting common signs of troubles and how they can be handled. An excellent survey highly recommended as an authoritative introduction for all walks of life.

The Travel Shelf

Asia's Legendary Hotels: The Romance of Travel
William Warren and Jill Gocher
c/o Tuttle Publishing
364 Innovation Drive, North Clarendon, VT 05759-9436
079460174X, $44.95

Any art library strong in commercial architecture and design needs ASIA'S LEGENDARY HOTELS, a focus on the histories and presentations of some of Asia's most famous hotels, from Raffles in Singapore to the Ananda in the Himalayas. From the building of the structures to the famous people who occupied the buildings over the decades, ASIA'S LEGENDARY HOTELS also makes a fine coffee table addition for any who enjoy travel, and may even be considered for public libraries strong in travel pieces mixed with visual displays of structures.

The Needlecraft Shelf

Designing Clothes
Veronica Manlow
Transaction Books
35 Beurre Circle, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8042
0765803984, $34.95

DESIGNING CLOTHES: CULTURE AND ORGANIZATION OF THE FASHION INDUSTRY is a top pick for college-level collections strong in fashion history and design. It considers how fashion operates in society and how it works in an organizational context, considering how fashion firms operate, how they market more than just clothing, and how they actually sell bigger concepts than the latest style choices. Not only art collections but business libraries as well will find it an important survey of how the presentation of fashion is influenced by social change. From fashion industry trends and leadership to the efforts of the fashion designer, DESIGNING CLOTHES is an excellent, in-depth survey.

The Judaic Studies Shelf

Encyclopedia of American Jewish History
Stephen H. Norwood and Eunice G. Pollack, Editors
Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
9781851096381, $245.00

The extensive 2-volume reference Encyclopedia of American Jewish History adds to the 'American Ethnic Experience' library and deserves a home on the shelf of any Jewish or American history collection from high school through college levels. Discussions organized by theme for handy, quick reference include immigration and early settlement patterns, an overview of Judaic communities in America, demographics, chapters of law and social movements issues, and much more. From historical patterns and interactions between Judaic and other ethnic groups to key patterns and sociological concerns, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN JEWISH HISTORY provides not just reference listings but in-depth article discussions essential for any student of Judaic history, especially those seeking a solid introductory reference.

The Military Shelf

Men of Fire
Jack Hurst
Basic Books
387 Park Avenue South, New York NY 10016
0465031846, $27.95

MEN OF FIRE: GRANT, FORREST, AND THE CAMPAIGN THAT DECIDED THE CIVIL WAR is a 'must' for any detailed Civil War library: it surveys the two-week campaign which Grant led against four flawed Confederate generals and their subordinate Forrest, showing why this campaign changed the Civil War and how military interactions affect campaigns. MEN OF FIRE is packed with source material quotes and insights on battle strategies, problems, and issues, and it provides a top-notch read for any interested in Civil War history and underlying influences.

Rebel and the Rose
Wesley Millett and Gerald White
Cumberland House Publishing
431 Harding Industrial Drive, Nashville, TN 37211
9781581825831, $24.95

In April 1865 the Civil War was over for most - but even after the Confederate government dissolved, one Jefferson Davis felt compelled to carry on the struggle, journeying best entrusted with all the remaining gold in the Confederate treasury: some, $86,000 in coins and bullion. It and its carriers disappeared - and their fate is revealed in THE REBEL AND THE ROSE: JAMES A. SEMPLE, JULIA GARDINER TYLER, AND THE LOST CONFEDERATE GOLD, which follows Davis' journeys and considers what happened to the gold. Both military and general-interest libraries will find it engrossing.

Armoured Operations of the Second World War
Juan Vazquez Garcia
AF Editions
C/Cromo P. 18-20 - Poligono Industrial San Cristobal
47012 Vallidad, Spain
9788496016729, $49.95

Specialty military libraries, especially those with a focus on World War II, need ARMOURED OPERATIONS: it charts all the major armored engagements of the war, offering color side panels of biographical information of leaders along with insights on different forces' strategies, attack plans, and events. It's an survey not to be missed: color photos, charts, and details provide all the depth and detail lacking in more general overviews of World War II battles, making its specific information perfect for a detailed World War II report.

Intelligence and National Security
J. Ransom Clark
Praeger Publishers
88 Post Road West, Westport, CT 06881
9780275992989, $55.00

Joining others in the 'Contemporary Military, Strategic, and Security Issues' series is the excellent Intelligence and National Security: A Reference Handbook, which provides college-level and military collections with an excellent survey and analysis of what intelligence is and how it functions under the umbrella of American national security. From the initial creation of intelligence services and divisions within the US to the ways information is gathered and analyzed, INTELLIGENCE AND NATIONAL SECURITY packs in a blend of history and military and social analysis, making it an excellent starting point for any discussion on the topic.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

The 'I Hate to Exercise' Book, 2nd Edition
Charlotte Hayes, MMSc, MS, RD, CDE
American Diabetes Association
1701 North Beauregard Street, Alexandria, VA 22311
1580402534, $14.95

Exercise plans are only as effective as they are used, and in this revised, expanded second edition of a popular classic author Charlotte Hayes offers more easy ways of building exercise into a daily routine. From easy from couch to exercise program to building exercise into a busy routine and creating a low-impact walking program, the The 'I Hate to Exercise' Book provides a minimum of structure and a lot of flexibility to encourage exercise. New exercises, new tips and more make for an outstanding presentation public library collections will find inviting and easy to recommend.

The Estrogen Elixir
Elizabeth Siegel Watkins
Johns Hopkins University Press
2715 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218-4363
0801886023, $45.00

Any library seeking a comprehensive coverage of hormone replacement therapy needs THE ESTROGEN ELIXIR: A HISTORY OF HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY IN AMERICA. It describes both the medical and sociological spread of HRT theory and practices in this country, exploring how science and society shaped the idea and distribution of HRT and how medical discoveries on women's health and aging changed initial ideas. From pharmaceutical manufacturers and government regulators to feminist health activists and the media, chapters offer wide-ranging surveys of influences and changes which are key to understanding the science, history and promotion of HRT in this country.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Vital Signs 2007-2008
WorldWatch Institute
W.W. Norton
500 - 5th Avenue, New York NY 10110
9780393331295, $18.95

World energy consumption is consistently breaking records and undermining climate and life on the planet, and the 44 trends tracked here in the annually-updated VITAL SIGNS are keys to understanding these trends and their sources. The largest polluter is the U.S.: the recommendation here is that Europe should be pressuring the US to join in international climate negotiations to head off catastrophic climate changes. High school, college and general-interest libraries alike will welcome this survey of facts which will provide both grounds for classroom discussion and food for thought.

The World History Shelf

Death in the Pot
Morton Satin
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2197
9781591025146, $24.00

DEATH IN THE POT: THE IMPACT OF FOOD POISONING ON HISTORY is an intriguing college-level survey of how food poisoning has affected history, whether the poisoning was intentional or unintentional. From an early 5th century Athens plague probably caused by contaminated cereals which led to their defeat in the Peloponnesian War to efforts to make modern food safer, this is a fine history packed with footnoted references and perfect for both college-level history and health collections alike.

The Corporation That Changed the World
Nick Robins
Pluto Press
c/o University of Michigan Press
839 Greene Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
0745325238, $24.95

The British East India Company is one of the world's most famous: founded in 1600, it began as an Asian spice trading company and ended up running Britain's Indian empire. Given its importance it's amazing to consider that The Corporation That Changed the World: How the East India Company Shaped the Modern Multinational is actually the first coverage of the company to reveal its history and social record. College-level libraries strong in either world history or business will find this an intriguing discussion.

William F. Cody's Wyoming Empire
Robert E. Bonner
University of Oklahoma Press
2800 Venture Drive, Norman, OK
9780806138299, $32.95

Old West showman William 'Buffalo Bill' Cody was more than just a notorious outlaw: he was a land developer, town promoter, and showman. WILLIAM F. CODY'S WYOMING EMPIRE: THE BUFFALO BILL NOBODY KNOWS is a blend of history and biography especially suitable for college-level American history collections focusing on frontier times: it surveys his life, offers over twenty photos, and considers the reality behind the character. An engrossing, different portrait stands out from the crowd of books on Cody's life and career.

The Papers of Joseph Henry: January 1866 - May 1878
Marc Rothenberg, Editor
Science History Publications
c/o Watson Publishing
Box 1240, Sagamore Beach, MA 02562-1240
0881353906, $110.00

The eleventh volume of this weighty college-level scholarly collection covers the years 1866 to 1878, when Henry emerged as a leader of American science and guided his creation, the Smithsonian Institution, in recovering from the Civil War. He also guided the newfound National Academy of Sciences and worked to convince his contemporary philanthropists to emulate James Smithson and fund original research. His papers reflect all of his efforts and are a key part of American history. The series has recently won the Eugene Ferguson Prize; volume twelve, a cumulative index, is forthcoming.

The World Map 1300-1492
Evelyn Edson
Johns Hopkins University Press
2715 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218
0801885892, $50.00

THE WORLD MAP 1300-1492: THE PERSISTENCE OF TRADITION AND TRANSFORMATION is an excellent choice for any college-level collection strong in cartographic or world history: it investigates the state of maps before Columbus, beginning with a 1436 atlas of ten maps produced by Bianco and using maps of the 14th and 15th centuries to consider how missionaries and merchants changed the state and presentation of the world. Makers and users of maps struggled with both technological change and changing world views brought on by discover, and mapmakers often blended old and new worlds to reconcile tensions between opposing viewpoints. The result is a fine, unusual perspective of world history and cartographic influences.

The Philosophy Shelf

101 Ethical Dilemmas, 2nd Edition
Martin Cohen
270 Madison, New York NY 10016
9780415404006, $19.95

The second updated edition of the classic 101 Ethical Dilemmas provides both high school and college-level audiences an engaging discussion offering eleven new ethical dilemmas for consideration. The examples offer a range of dilemmas from a variety of fields, from business and legal conflicts to medical worlds, and consider issues of justice, ethics, and good practice. An important and easy, lively introduction to the field of ethics will prove solid classroom debate material and accessible to a range of newcomers to the topic, and lay readers.

The Biography Shelf

The Original Knickerbocker: The Life of Washington Irving
Andrew Burstein
Basic Books
c/o Perseus Publishing Group
387 Park Avenue South, New York NY 10016
9780465008537, $27.50

Any public library strong in biography or school library strong in literature surrounding Washington Irving will find THE ORIGINAL KNICKERBOCKER a 'must have' acquisition: Irving was author, ambassador and an international icon whose legacy lasts into today and set many trends beyond his literary legacy. THE ORIGINAL KNICKERBOCKER traces all his achievements, adding background history of his times to help emphasize his life and importance. It's a lively yet scholarly presentation perfect for all kinds of collections.

If I Should Die Before I Wake
John B. Lyttle
Vantage Press Inc.
419 Park Avenue South, 18th floor, New York, NY 10016
9780533154821, $11.95 1-212-736-1767

If I Should Die Before I Wake: One Marine's Experience on Iwo Jima is the memoir of veteran John B. Lyttle, offering an insider's view of wartime Iwo Jima as only a Marine can tell it. A powerful tribute to the men who served alongside Lyttle amid horrific trials, If I Should Die Before I Wake describes the threat and bloodshed of war with stark clarity. Black-and-white photographs illustrate this vivid portrayal of heroic sacrifice amid overwhelming pressure.

The Music Shelf

Rock N Roll Wisdom
Barry A. Farber
Praeger Publishers
88 Post Road West, Westport, CT 06881
0275991644, $44.95

Rock N Roll Wisdom: What Psychologically Astute Lyrics Teach About Life and Love considers rock and roll lyrics and their influences from and unusual vantage point: that of a psychologist who considers the interplays between lyrics and society. Rock lyrics here are used to understand the human psyche, with chapters drawing intriguing connections between Freud and rock star perspectives. College-level collections strong in either music or psychology will find this an intriguing, scholarly interplay between music and psychology.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Hurricane Moon
Alexis Glynn Latner
c/o Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2197
9781591025450, $15.00

In the late 21st century an Earth affected by a series of crises launches a starship to find a new world - a ship containing a scientist, an astronaut, and a molecular biologist, each with his own agenda for discovery. But the starship's programming discovers not one but two worlds locked around each other - and a millennium of suspended animation takes its toll which requires an untrustworthy maverick to help save humanity in the face of an impossible romance and mystery. Fast-paced action lends an outstanding, gripping drama to this intense story.

The Audiobook Shelf

Clipper Audio
c/o Recorded Books
270 Skipjack Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Jon McGregor's SO MANY WAYS TO BEGIN (9781846321801, $102.75) receives Graham Padden's excellent, solid and smooth narrative style as it tells of a museum curator in Britain who wishes his wife would be more ambitious and his life more exciting - until a careless revelation shows him his life has been constructed around a myth. An intriguing story of world-shaping changes makes for a smooth and engrossing tale. Mark Haddon's THE TALKING HORSE AND THE SAD GIRL AND THE VILLAGE UNDER THE SEA (9781428109957, $15.95) benefits from multiple narrators as it combines lyrics and a love story with new versions of Horace and a blend of lullabies and an entire John Buchan novel - all five page of it. An excellent, invigorating interpretation of modern literature evolves for any listener who likes modern literary insights. Jilly Cooper's ANIMALS IN WAR (9781846324673, $56.76) receives Patricia Gallimore's excellent and inviting reading voice as it tells of brave animals who have participated in human war; from pigeons carrying messages through the city during the Siege of Paris to horses who served at the front during World War I. Military collections, in particular, will find this an intriguing audio listen.

Penguin Audio
375 Hudson Street, New York NY 10014

Penguin provides a wide range of excellent nonfiction and some new arrivals are top picks. Alan Greenspan's AGE OF TURBULENCE: ADVENTUR4ES IN A NEW WORLD comes either abridged on 9 cds (9780143142607, $34.95) or unabridged on 16 cds (9780143142591, $44.95), and receives Robertson Dean's excellent Broadway acting background which lends clear, evocative emphasis to the story of global economic management and changes. Greenspan's observations and explanations of morals, ethics and values during the process are an invaluable part of any collection seeking a thorough understanding of his management practices. Steven Pinker's THE STUFF OF THOUGHT: LANGUAGE AS A WINDOW INTO HUMAN NATURE (9780143142584, $39.95) receives Dean Olsher's excellent radio speaking background which here shows as an attention to quiet drama and detail as he reads professor Pinker's exploration of human emotions and language. Human thoughts are built around core ideas: Pinker examines how these ideas develop from childhood on, how they are applied to the world, and what happens when they are misapplied. John W. Dean's BROKEN GOVERNMENT: HOW REPUBLICAN RULE DESTROYED THE LEGISLATIVE, EXECUTIVE AND JUDICIAL BRANCHES (9780143142560, $39.95) enjoys Paul Michael's extensive onstage and film and TV expertise which lends a fine polish to this concluding volume of a trilogy which began with WORSE THAN WATERGATE and CONSERVATIVES WITHOUT CONSCIENCE. Familiarity with and possession of these predecessors will provide listeners with a unified listening experience key to understanding and enjoyment. Dave Barry's HISTORY OF THE MILLENNIUM (SO FAR) (9780143142423, $25.95) blends facts and commentary of the millennium's greatest highs and lows with fun insights textured with Barry's pointed humor. Add Patrick Frederic's fun voice and you have a 'history' which is side-splitting as much as it's factual. All are excellent audio library acquisitions.

Brilliance Corporation
Box 887, Grand Haven, MI 49417

Linwood Barclay's NO TIME FOR GOODBYE (1423341082, $38.95) receives seasoned audio reader Christopher Lane's excellent voice as it tells of a teen who wakens to find her entire family vanished overnight. Over twenty years later she's still seeking answers - and learns the truth in a single shocking revelation. Ally Carter's CROSS MY HEART AND HOPE TO SPY (1423340329, $29.95) enjoys veteran audio narrator Renee Raudman's excellent acting background which lends a personal and seasoned audio style to this story of Cammie, who wants a peaceful semester at school - despite the fact she's attending the premier school in the world for spies Carly Phillips' SEALED WITH A KISS (1597371998, $29.95) receives Marie Caliendo's background in commercial and industrial voiceover as it tells of one Molly, who has a hot career and boyfriend, but longs for a real family to call her own. When she discovers her real father she packs her bags for what turns out to be an illusion. David Rollins' DEATH TRUST (142333244X, $38.95) tells of a sniper's bullet and betrayal of trust at the White House when a decorated general's strange death leads to inquiry - right up to the nation's most feared vice president. Political intrigue pairs with espionage to create an impassioned thriller. Andrew Vachss' TERMINAL (1423340574, $34.95) receives David Joe Wirth's cool and leading narrative style which brings well to life the story of Burke, forced to keep a commitment to a prison brother, and to avenge the rape and murder of a teen. His honoring of his commitment will lead to a terminally-ill ex-con and a major cash outlay for a cure in this gripping story of death on the edge. Stephen Hunter's THE SAMURAI (1423306783, $38.95) enjoys Buck Schirner's veteran voice and smooth, prolific reading style which brings to life the story of Bob Lee Swagger and Philip Yano, bound by fathers who are two brave fighters on opposite sides of World War II. Sixty years later a sword leads Yano on a search to Idaho where Lee's restless retirement is shattered by a quest that will uncover a dangerous, powerful artifact. Steve Hamilton's NIGHT WORK (1423307216, $29.95) enjoys Dick Hill's long-time seasoned audio voice as it tells of Joe, a blend of cop and social worker working with high-risk urban youth who finds himself on his first blind date since his fiancee's brutal murder. He's terrified - both of Marlene's beauty and a new nightmare she introduces into his life. All are exceptional, recommended audio listens.

Anna Karenina
Leo Tolstoy
Highbridge Audio
375 Hudson Street, New York NY 10014
1598870807, $19.95

If it's an abridged version of the classic you seek, look no further than Alfred Molina's strong narration of the love story ANNA KARENINA. Libraries seeking strong abridged presentations on 3 cds will find it brims with emotion and history, capturing well the story of the strong-willed Anna and the romance which drives her life and the history of Russia itself.

The Animal Husbandry Shelf

Blackwell Publishing
Box 570, Ames, IA 50010-0570

Melinda D. Merck, DVM's VETERINARY FORENSICS: ANIMAL CRUELTY INVESTIGATIONS (9780813815015) becomes especially important for any college-level library containing veterinary science references and for any vet's personal collection, considering the rise of mandatory reporting requirements for vets in the prosecution of animal cruelty. It offers vets and investigators a set of background references and keys to handling forensic pathology findings, plus producing evaluations suitable for court proceedings, and includes not job insights on examination processes but keys to report writing, body condition scoring, and web resources like. The author is a leading vet expert in vet forensics and has produced an outstanding, winning guide here. Danny W. Scott's COLOR ATLAS OF FARM ANIMAL DERMATOLOGY (9780813805160) provides an important reference for veterinary dermatologists and students and is another top pick for specialty college-level veterinary science collections. Over 300 color photos pack a reference focused on diagnosis of common livestock skin problems, with the atlas divided into species-specific sections for quick reference. From clinical features to diagnostics for each disease, it's a winning title that will enhance any veterinary science reference section. A 'must' for any serious college-level vet collection is Heide Schatten and Gheorghe M. Constantinescu's COMPARATIVE REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY (9780813815541, $129.99), also recommended as a basic classroom text for any college-level course on animal reproductive physiology and biology. Scientists noted in their fields provide discussions of domestic spies and provide both specific and broad knowledge reflecting recent advancements and studies, from cellular and molecular biology to animal cloning. Visual reinforcement pairs with authoritative text to make for a well-rounded presentation key to understanding domestic animal reproductive systems.

The Cookbook Shelf

Extreme Barbecue
Dan Huntley and Lisa Grace Leonicer
Chronicle Books
680 - 2nd Street, San Francisco CA 94107
0811853187, $18.95

EXTREME BARBECUE: SMOKIN' RIGS AND REAL GOOD RECIPES is a fun blend of unusual barbecue recipes and a visual focus on unusual or 'extreme' barbecue rigs, from a rig composed of sawhorses and a tin roof to a homemade cob oven. Whether you choose the rig route or the plain ole Weber, any library catering to patrons who 'que will love EXTREME BARBECUE: the blend of vignettes and notes from such adventurers melds well with recipes such as Caribbean Meat Loaf or Oysters in Thick Cream, creating a memorable, fine and unique 'que cookbook.

The Antiques/Collectibles Shelf

Barbie Doll Around the World
J. Michael Augustyniak
Collector Books
Box 3009, Paducah, KY 42002-3009
9781574325300, $29.95

Barbie Doll Around the World: Identification & Values 1964-2007 is a top pick for any specialty Barbie collection or for lending libraries seeking to go beyond the general antiques and collectibles guides to get specific about the most collectible items. Barbie dolls are among the most highly collected types of dolls, so if you're a public lending library seeking a popular collectible guide, make it BARBIE DOLL AROUND THE WORLD: it covers all kinds of Barbie collectibles, not just USA issues.

The Social Issues Shelf

World Population
Geoffrey Gilbert
Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
1851099271, $55.00

The second updated edition of WORLD POPULATION adds to the 'Contemporary World Issues' and also stands well alone, packing in details on world population statistics, issues, and debates about changing populations, aging populations, and offering biographical sketches of scholars and researchers on the topic. Both high school and college-level collections strong in world social issues will find this an invaluable reference key to understanding and discussing some of the major issues associated with population trends and changes.

Energy Use Worldwide
Jaina L. Moan and Zachary A. Smith
Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
9781851098903, $55.00

Part of the 'Contemporary World Issues' series but standing well on its own is a discussion of worldwide energy use and issues which is perfect for college-level collections and even some high school holdings strong in the science and social issues surrounding resource management. From historical surveys of major events and key issues and chronological charts to tables of statistics and supporting documents - even a listing of environmental agencies around the world - this is a key acquisition for any serious environmental studies program.

The Science Shelf

The New Time Travelers
David Toomey
W.W. Norton
500 - 5th Avenue, New York NY 10110
9780393060133, $25.95

THE NEW TIME TRAVELERS: A JOURNEY TO THE FRONTIERS OF PHYSICS straddles the line between science fiction and science fact, offering both college-level science libraries and general-interest public lending libraries a lively survey of scientific inquiry based on a group of theoretical physicists at the California Institute of Technology who undertook a serious investigation of the possibilities of pastward time travel and its possibilities. Their inquiry tried to determine the viability of time travel: their results blends science and philosophy in a lively survey perfect for either casual reading or classroom debate.

Closer To Truth
Robert Lawrence Kuhn
Praeger Publishers
88 Post Road West, Westport, CT 06881
0275993892, $49.95

CLOSER TO TRUTH: SCIENCE, MEANING AND THE FUTURE explores the latest scientific research, philosophical thinking and considerations of the challenges facing mankind in the future, and is based on the PBS TV show of the same name. Specialists debate a range of social scientific and ethical questions, from how alternative medicine may be validated to how science supports political and social interests. In offering up a blend of debate and dialogue, CLOSER TO TRUTH supercedes similar titles and provides both college-level science holdings and general-interest collections with a powerful survey.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Figures of Speech or Figures of Thought?
Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
World Wisdom
Box 2682, Bloomington, IN 47402-2682
9781933316345, $24.95

This new edition of Coomaraswamy's classic work is a top pick for new age-oriented art and religious libraries: it holds all the definitive revisions he later intended to ad to the book and offers, for the first time, translations of the Greek, Latin, French, German and Italian terms he used. Extensive footnoted references provide solid documentation and bibliographic reference in a fine revised edition certain to prove a winning acquisition for any in-depth, detailed library covering Eastern spirituality and thinking.

The Education Shelf

Corwin Press
2455 Teller Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

Diane L. Ronis' CLUSTERING STANDARDS IN INTEGRATED UNITS, 2ND EDITION (9781412955577, $27.95) utilizes a student-oriented approach to designing interdisciplinary units which combine content areas and address standards alike. From sample rubrics and reproducibles for planning to understanding how to meet individual student learning needs - and how to empower them to choose the right paths - CLUSTERING STANDARDS is an excellent choice for either experienced or new teaches who want to encourage collaborative student learning styles. Richard W. Strong, Harvey F. Silver and Matthew J. Perini's READING FOR ACADEMIC SUCCESS, GRADES 2-6 (9781412941761, $37.95) is for teachers of grades 2-6 who want to develop strategies for struggling, average and advanced readers alike. The strategies presented here are based on research and shows teachers how to reach and challenge all levels of readers, helping each become top readers who can not only comprehend but analyze and summarize different kinds of texts. The applications can also cross content areas and genres and reach students with special needs. Jodi Peine's THE EDUCATOR'S PROFESSIONAL GROWTH PLAN: A PROCESS FOR DEVELOPING STAFF AND IMPROVING INSTRUCTION, 2ND EDITION (9781412949323, $34.95) provides teachers with methods for building professional collaborations to benefit students. Administrators and staff developers receive step-by-step instruction of designing such a growth plan. Anne Turnbaugh Lockwood's THE PRINCIPAL'S GUIDE TO AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS K-8: EXTENDING STUDENT LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES (9781412904421, $25.95) is based on a AASA/Mott Foundation study and provides a step-by-step guide to help principals and administrators develop an excellent, viable afterschool program. Curriculum and profiles of programs proven to work in the field make for an excellent staff developer's survey which even includes tips on getting funding, hiring staff, and evaluating program results. All titles are top picks for college-level libraries with strong educational development sections.

The Native American Shelf

Encyclopedia of American Indian History
Bruce E. Johansen and Barry M. Pritzker, Editors
Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
9781851098170, $395/Set

If only one definitive high school or college-level reference on American Indians were to be purchased for a library, it should be the multivolumed reference Encyclopedia of American Indian History. This is simply an outstanding keepsake reference for any collection where patrons regularly review Native history and culture: contributors come from university, museum and scholarly circles alike and provide important details on historical demographic, political, legal, and cultural facts. Articles are extensive and peppered with source material quotes and footnoted references for further reading, while maps and black and white illustrations abound. An exceptional, well detailed reference, this is a 'must have' for any collection serious about Native American history.

The Art Shelf

Piero Lissoni
Daab Books, Editors
Daab Publishers
9783866540279, $24.95

Piero Lissoni could be one of the most prolific, yet understated, designers in Italy - his works abound there, but scarcely receive media attention. Yet his impact on international design is evident everywhere, making PIERO LISSONI an essential acquisition for any library strong in architectural design and modern architecture history - especially European architecture. Lissoni is both a designer and a graphic artist: his title is packed with color photos of the extent of his works, making it a key acquisition for any serious college-level art and architecture collection.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Way of the Horse
Linda Kohanov
New World Library
14 Pamaron Way, Novato, CA 94949
1577315138, $29.95

Equine artist Kim McElroy joins forces with spiritual writer Linda Kohanov, who wrote THE TAO OF EQUUS, to produce a fine book-and-card kit for exploring spiritual connections with horses. The book is paired with forty cards in a divination deck helping readers to understand equine wisdom, creating an excellent, highly-recommended pick for any individual with an interest in horses and new age spirituality.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Poisoned Pen Press
6962 East First Avenue #103, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Mark deCastrique's FINAL UNDERTAKING (1590582292, $24.95) provides the fourth in the Undertaking series, but requires little prior familiarity with other titles to prove easily accessible and enjoyable. This Barry Clayton mystery tells of a sheriff friend gunned down by an old man at a summer street dance, making Barry a sudden appointed stand-in who finds himself facing a stalker and a tangled web of cross-country intrigue. Kerry Greenwood's BLOOD AND CIRCUSES (1590582357, $24.95) presents a Phryne Fisher mystery in telling of a bored woman who turns into an undercover detective who must abandon her entire life to investigate strange happenings at a local circus where animals have been poisoned and acts threatened. And Ruth Dudley Edwards' MURDERING AMERICANS (1590584139, $24.95) tells of one Baroness Troutbeck, who leaps at the opportunity to become a visiting dignitary on an American campus, only to find murder and danger abroad. Lively plots and different, strong characterization make these involving, inviting recommendations for any public library with a strong mystery section.

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Fran Rizer's A TISKET, A TASKET, A FANCY STOLEN CASKET (9780425218006, $6.99) tells of mortuary cosmetologist Callie, who likes to end her day with a Moon Pie and a mystery novel. When a body turns up to have evidence of murder on it, Callie realizes someone out there has a vested interest in burying the crime evidence at the mortuary - and her investigation changes her life. Jeffrey Cohen's SOME LIKE IT HOT-BUTTERED (9780425217993, $6.99) tells of Elliot, who likes to make people die laughing until his comedy is taken too literally. Elliot is a recovering writer whose savings are tied up in the Comedy Tonight movie theatre - which becomes a crime scene threatening his income unless he can solve some mysteries. Both are light, fun leisure choices libraries will appreciate.

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