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Reviewer's Choice

Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette, sixth edition
Anna Post & Lizzie Post
William Morrow & Company
c/o HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022-5299
9780062326102, $29.99,

The sixth updated edition of Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette brings Emily Post into the modern world and is written by her great-great-granddaughters, who offer insights on everything from traditions of the past to modern times. A new chapter on photography covers digital photography while sections on invitations, planning for gay marriage and civil unions, and a new chapter on the perspectives of the main wedding participants from the happy couple to their parents provides a fine survey of etiquette surrounding technology and changed family structures. It's a 'must' for any interested in the latest wedding 'dos and don'ts'.

Program Evaluation in Practice, second edition
Dean T. Spaulding
c/o Wiley Trade Publishing Group
111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774
9781118345825, $65.00,

The second updated edition of Program Evaluation in Practice: Core Concepts and Examples for Discussion and Analysis covers all the basics of program evaluation, relying on case studies to reveal real-world issues involved in an evaluation report. Businesses, educators, and any who use such reports will find this packed with examples of evaluation projects, with chapters considering the basics of collecting, analyzing and writing up data into reports. A new chapter on objectives-based evaluation processes and a new section covering ethics in program evaluation rounds out updates that include more details and descriptions for each case, making this a 'must' reference for business, educators and other readers relying on program evaluation processes.

The Art Shelf

The Big Book of the Human Figure
Gabriel Martin Roig
250 Wireless Boulevard, Hauppauge, NY 11788
9781438003436, $22.99,

The Big Book of the Human Figure provides a fine survey of how artists represent the human body, and offers a step-by-step instructional drawing guide to the human figure that takes into account anatomy, lighting, and how color works with artist drawings to reveal the human figure's nuances. From paintings in full color to sketches, illustration is packed into the program and leaves nothing to guesswork. The photos focusing on drawing methods are specific and close-up - and very clear, making this a 'must' for any illustrator's toolbox.

Diana Scarisbrick
Thames & Hudson Inc.
500 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10110-0017
9780500291122, $34.95,

RINGS: JEWELRY OF POWER, LOVE AND LOYALTY appears in paperback to offer collections a fine guide to the art, creation, symbolism and significance of jewelry, is arranged thematically rather than chronologically, and provides hundreds of historical examples of rings and their significance. From those associated with famous people to decorative rings and rings as depicted in artwork through the ages, this provides an artistic, literary and social survey of rings and their meaning, from ancient Greek and Roman to modern times. The rings displayed in color come from museums and private collections alike, especially that of the gem dealer Benjamin Zucker: the result is an outstanding survey highly recommended for any interested in jewelry in general and rings in particular.

The Theatre/Cinema Shelf

Guillermo Del Toro Cabinet of Curiosities
Guillermo del Toro and Marc Scott Zicree
c/o HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022-5299
9780062082848, $60.00,

Guillermo Del Toro Cabinet of Curiosities: My Notebooks, Collections, and Other Obsessions comes from a Hollywood visionary who for two decades offered classics such as Cronos and Pacific Rim and winning productions such as Hellboy. While he's earned much acclaim in the film industry, this book is a lavish illustrated collection of his notes, drawings, private journals and filmmaking diaries with rare glimpses into the art, characters and mind of a film artist. It could have been reviewed in our 'Film and Stage' section, but it's featured here for its wider-ranging appeal to any arts collection, offering vivid reproductions of del Toro's lovely illustrated notebooks. No fan of del Toro's artistry should be without this vivid collection documenting his mind and art.

The Photography Shelf

Our Beautiful, Fragile World
Peter Essick
Rocky Nook
802 East Cota Street, 3rd Floor, Santa Barbara, CA 93103
9781937538347, $34.95,

Our Beautiful, Fragile World features the beautiful nature and environmental photos of Peter Essick and is a fine addition to both photography and natural history holdings alike. This isn't just a photograph collection, however: each photo is accompanied by an in-depth account of the challenges involved in taking the picture, the journey through wilderness to get the shot, and the natural history of the area. And these aren't ordinary places in the world, either: the author has over twenty-five years' experience traveling to some of the most remote regions in the world photographing them for National Geographic articles. His is simply a gorgeous presentation capturing the sights and experience of these visits: highly recommended for any looking for a combination of nature and photography.

The Autism Shelf

Finding Lina
Helena Hjalmarsson
Skyhorse Publishing
307 West 36th Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10018
9781620875957, $24.95,

FINDING LINDA: A MOTHER'S JOURNEY FROM AUTISM TO HOPE provides a powerful account of a mother's journey as her daughter descends into autism at the age of three. Lina's autism began as a seizure and evolved to the loss of her ability to play, use language, or control impulses. This book charts the struggle and isolation of parents who find themselves caring for a disabled child after years of acquaintance with a healthy child, and provides a powerful account of treatment options, special schools, and efforts that ultimately resulted in no big revelations about autism, but a story other parents can use to create new meaning in their lives and in their child's life. The approach is gripping!

The Political Science Shelf

The Myth of the Democratic Peacekeeper
Arturo C. Sotomayor
Johns Hopkins University Press
2715 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218-4363
97814214112139, $39.95,

The Myth of the Democratic Peacekeeper: Civil-Military Relations and the United Nations is recommended for any college-level collection strong in international relations and re-evaluates how the U.N. peacekeeping missions reform or fail to reach their members. Chapters discuss the origins, perspectives and approaches of the UN's peacekeepers, and maintain that democratic practices aren't just absorbed by example. It studies a decade of research in different nations around the world with peacekeeping forces at work to consider civil-military relations and how armed forces are impacted and changed by peacekeeper efforts. The result is a solid assessment recommended for military and political science holdings alike.

The Upside of Down
Charles Kenny
Basic Books
c/o Perseus Books Group
11 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142
9780465064731, $26.99,

The Upside of Down: Why the Rise of the Rest of Good for the West comes from a former World Bank economist and provides an optimistic view of America's changing role in the world, arguing that America's not in decline but that it's falling status is instead a result of the rise of other countries. His book considers this rise from India and China to Africa and Latin American nations, arguing that no longer being Top Dog might actually be in America's best interest. From the value of increased choices and its beneficial influence on the American economy to new opportunities for investments around the world, The Upside of Down charts different courses and different opportunities inherent in the development of a better world, and is a top pick for any interested in global interactions, politics and economics.

The Technology Shelf

Artech House
685 Canton Street, Norwood, MA 02062

Aldo Petosa's FREQUENCY-AGILE ANTENNAS FOR WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS (9781608077687, $139.00) is a 'must' reference for any college-level collection strong in wireless communications engineering, and discusses the present and future capabilities and applications of frequency-agile antennas. From how they are evaluated and used to achieving tunability and examples of designs, this focus is on FAAs for wireless mobile communications and applications that range from laptops to machine-to-machine communications. Packed with charts, graphs, and technical discussions of everything from tuning techniques to integrated devices, this is a 'must' for any electrical and antenna engineering collection. Rick Sturdivant's MICROWAVE AND MILLIMETER-WAVE ELECTRONIC PACKAGING (9781608076970, $149.00) covers the basics of packaging electronic components at microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies and is a pick for electronics engineering collections where electronic packaging is the topic. Packaging issues unique to these frequencies are analyzed for how they can be tailored to better designs, with chapters arranged by logical groups and holding examples from real-world applications. The second updated edition of BAYESIAN MULTIPLE TARGET TRACKING by Lawrence D. Stone, (9781608075539, $159.00) represents a key revision from its initial 1999 appearance, and reflects many changes in the multiple target tracking field. The focus here is on multiple target tracking as a Bayesian inference problem, with theories of single and multiple target tracking and ratio detection accompanying discussions of particle filters. Examples using these filters and accompanied by supportive math and statistics make for an in-depth technical reference no engineering library should be without.

The Sports Shelf

Human Kinetics
PO Box 5076, Champaign, IL 61820-5076

Jeffrey M. Willardson, Editor's DEVELOPING THE CORE (9780736095495, $19.95) is an excellent guide for athletes and covers a topic any athlete can appreciate: how to develop a strong, well-conditioned core. It comes from the National Strength and Conditioning Association which provides writings by 17 of the top sports trainers in the nation, reflects the latest sports science insights, and profiles over seventy of the most effective exercise routines for developing one's core. Black and white photos for every exercise provides clear step-by-step insights to accompany specifics on how to achieve goals, making this a powerful 'must' for any physical education or athletic reference collection. Women who seek a training system unique to their needs will find Dean Hodgkin and Caroline Pearce's BETTER BODY WORKOUTS FOR WOMEN (9781450432764, $19.95) packs in the latest science and insights on new routines for weight loss and athletics, and represent the authors' combined expertise in helping women train. Chapters cover key information for would-be and professional athletes and offer specific exercises, programs and strategies proven to work. With its fine full-color illustrations and easy detailed directions, this is a 'must' for any female athlete.

The Computer Shelf

Sams Teach Yourself HTML and CSS in 24 Hours, ninth edition
Julie C. Meloni
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
9780672336140, $34.99,

Sams Teach Yourself HTML and CSS in 24 Hours is a programmer's lesson plan in a book and uses the 24-hour time frame to provide a program that teaches the basics of using HTML and CSS to design and maintain a website. It provides a series of lessons that dovetail into each other, with each building upon the previous and providing keys to success that even beginners can use. All this is accompanied by color screenshots and photos and step-by-step instructions and examples throughout. Tests at many points allow users to self-test and identify any problems. From creating web-based user forms to updating a growing site, this ninth edition includes all the basics of the latest programs.

Networking: A Beginner's Guide, sixth edition
Bruce Hallbert
1221 Avenue of the Americas, 45th Floor
New York, NY 10020
9780071812245, $45.00,

Networking: A Beginner's Guide teaches the basics of wired and wireless networking basics, from design to hardware and security, and shows how to work with Windows Server 2012, Apache and others to get the most from networking efforts. This has been completely revised to cover the latest technologies and provides all the basics in a sixth updated edition covering both wired and wireless network design, protocols, security, backup and more. Any who want step-by-step directions for installing and tweaking Windows Sever 2012 and the other main networking programs will find this the perfect place to begin!

Functional Programming Patterns in Scala and Clojure
Michael Bevilacqua-Linn
Pragmatic Programmers
2831 Eldorado Parkway, #103-381, Frisco, TX 75033-7438
9781937785475, $36.00,

Functional Programming Patterns in Scala and Clojure teaches the basics of solving programming problems using a minimum of object-oriented programming code, and uses Scala and Clojure to solve many problems. From discovering object-oriented patterns and understanding their functions to creating code with less bugs and easier maintenance, this pairs patterns with traditional object-oriented solutions, contrasting them with their functional replacements in Scala and Clojure. The result is a fine survey teaching the basics of Scala and Clojure applications and is a top pick for any programmer's reference collection.

3D Printing for Dummies
Kalani Kirk Hausman and Richard Horne
For Dummies
c/o Wiley Professional Trade Group
111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774
9781118660751, $29.99,

3D Printing for Dummies teaches the basics of how to use 3D printing software, hardware, and tools to work with different types of processes and services, and creates a set of 'best practices' that 3D printers will find key to assembling and using a 3D printer. Any interested in electronics and printers will find this filled with black and white photos and insights on fabricating models and using 3D printers for best results, with chapters identifying materials and applications for 3D print work. The result is an excellent survey highly recommended for any interested in taking 3D printing to the next level.

Addison Wesley
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300
Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759

Lenny Delligatti's SysML DISTILLED: A BRIEF GUIDE TO THE SYSTEMS MODELING LANGUAGE (9780321927866, $36.99) provides an excellent software engineering guide that considers the SysML language's ability to extend UML with systems engineering capabilities for modeling systems, and is recommended for any systems engineer interested in SysML models. It teaches all the basics using real-world applications to help programmers get up and running quickly, and it provides a method to support any tools and procedures already in place. Most of all, it covers the basic and key concepts applicable to all SysML diagrams and offers charts, maps and frameworks for sequencing diagrams, understanding token flow processes, and much more. Reference holdings appealing to systems engineers will find this a top recommendation. Capers Jones' THE TECHNICAL AND SOCIAL HISTORY OF SOFTWARE ENGINEERING (9780321903426, $39.99) is a recommended reference for software engineering professionals and comes from a practitioner who provides a fine history of the industry. From his own decades as a leading researcher and innovator to decade-by-decade trends, new innovations and technologies, key inventions and more, this provides a strong overview of technology and its effects on the directions and trends of the software engineer, and is a key acquisition for any software engineering collection!

The Women's Issues Shelf

Women Entrepreneurs in the Global Marketplace
Andrew E. Smith-Hunter
Edward Elgar Publishing
9 Dewey Court, Northampton, MA 01060-3815
9781848441705, $149.95,

Women Entrepreneurs in the Global Marketplace provides an outstanding survey considering the status of female entrepreneurs around the world, discussing business and how social and political forces affect their contributions to entrepreneurship and innovation in different countries. Original data blends with statistics from government agencies and international organizations to make for a powerful survey documenting the experiences of women around the world, and offering recommendations for improving their positions. Any international organization that helps women as well as students of global business will find this a key acquisition, packed with statistics, trends, and insights.

Women Who Dare
Chris Noble
Falcon Guides
c/o Globe Pequot Press
246 Goose Lane, Suite 200, Guilford, CT 06437
9780762783717, $24.95,

Women Who Dare: North America's Most Inspiring Women Climbers features some twenty women climbers from legends like Lynn Hill to new names many won't have heard of, and provides a coverage of their inspirational achievements via interviews and discussions with each female climber. Each woman reveals her philosophy, accomplishments, and how climbing achievement leads to reflections on life. Color photos by adventure photojournalist Chris Noble rounds out a stunning collection of inspirational revelations about women's involvement in the finer art of climbing, making this an outstanding guide.

The Education Shelf

Gap Year
Joseph O'Shea
Johns Hopkins University Press
2715 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218-4363
9781421410364, $29.95,

Gap Year: How Delaying College Changes People in Ways the World Needs is for general-interest collections and those strong in higher education issues, and provides the first systematic study of how having a 'gap year' helps college-bound students develop - more so than going straight from high school to college. During this year students can travel, work or volunteer, and grow up a little, and they often return to college with honed vision of what they want out of their education. This analyzes the gap year's influence on student development and provides ways universities and educators can develop gap year programs to promote this learning. Higher education collections should consider this a basic!

Corwin Press
2455 Teller Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320-2218

Judith K. March and Karen H. Peters' THE COMMON CORE, AN UNCOMMON OPPORTUNITY: REDESIGNING CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION (9781452271828, $34.95) considers an issue largely overlooked in the process of assessing and implementing common core educational standards: how to redesign a K-12 instructional delivery system. This book addresses the issue by showing how to foster structured teaching and learning in the classroom, and provides principals and district leaders alike with discussions of how to use data to monitor performance goals and how to use Common Core-aligned tools to best advantage. The result is a powerful guide to common core implementation key to any educator's collection. Jennifer Abrams and Valerie A. von Frank's THE MULTIGENERATIONAL WORKPLACE: COMMUNICATE, COLLABORATE, & CREATE COMMUNITY (9781452218823, $31.95) provides a fine survey that considers generational differences and their effects in the classroom. It's based on Abrams' popular workshop and shows how educators can overcome their own generational perspectives to consider new ideas, recruitment options, coaching, and succession planning. Tools and checklists permeate discussions of professional development activities and blend well with case studies and accounts from real-world settings, making this a fine account of how teachers and collaborators can work together on different levels. The second updated edition of Marcia L. Tate's READING & LANGUAGE ARTS WORKSHEETS DON'T GROW DENDRITES: 20 LITERACY STRATEGIES THAT ENGAGE THE BRAIN (9781452280301, $34.95) provides a range of brain-based activities that turn readers into learners, and offers some 300 literacy strategies that are consistent with the Common Core Standards. Chapters discuss techniques that help teach reading and literacy, covering everything from discussions and creative writing pursuits to conducting research and including diversity in language and activities. The result is a fine primer highly recommended for teachers working closely with reading-challenged students. Steve Dembo and Adam Bellow's UNTANGLING THE WEB: 20 TOOLS TO POWER UP YOUR TEACHING (9781483333205, $29.95) provides a clear guide to teachers who want to use the internet to create fine classroom study guides. It helps teachers on any skill level to develop new classroom tools, requires no particular expertise in computers, and comes with full color screenshots and examples throughout to better explain the hidden gems of selected recommended websites and programs. From using WeVideo to have a classroom create a video synthesis of the year's experiences to tips for tweeting and collaborative storytelling, this surveys a wide range of classroom tools and methods and is a 'must' for any teacher looking to integrate the best web options with classroom instruction. Andrea Honigsfeld and Maria G. Dove's COMMON CORE FOR THE NOT-SO-COMMON LEARNER (9781452257185, $29.95) provides a fine survey for grades 6-12 and follows up with the author's best-selling approach for ages K-5, packing in tools, advice and strategies for applying the Common Core to classroom activities. From learning specific skills to collaborating and implementing programs then anchoring performance, this uses Anchor Standards as the foundation for considering Common Core's most effective uses, and makes for a guidebook filled with specific English language arts strategies for grades 6-12. Points of view of different educational systems on these strategies round out the details and make this a specific, important guide. Lee Schumow and Jennifer A. Schmidt's ENHANCING ADOLESCENTS' MOTIVATION FOR SCIENCE: RESEARCH-BASED STRATEGIES FOR TEACHING MALE AND FEMALE STUDENTS (9781452269696, $27.95) collects research-proven strategies on how to best motivate students in science, and covers everything from gender differences in what translates to motivation for boys and girls to approaches to making science more relevant for all students. All this advice is supported by video clips, links, and tutorials that are contained in a companion website, and perfectly supplement a primer filled with classroom applications of educational psychology. From understanding and using classroom social relationships to the latest indicators of success in the science classroom, this is all about measurement and applications, and is a solid pick for any science teacher. Paula Prentis and Chris Parrott work with Amy Smith in REACH BEFORE YOU TEACH: IGNITE PASSION AND PURPOSE IN YOUR CLASSROOM (9781452261386, $34.95), a fine tool for teaching young teens by reaching out to them and helping them develop their sense of self in school settings. From interventions that help students really learn to handling classroom disturbances, developing cognition to help students realize their latent potential, and handling the emotions of teens, this is a powerful connection between learning and emotional growth, and is a recommended pick for any classroom teacher. Alfred S. Posamentier,'s 100 COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS IN MATH CLASS; ANSWERS THAT PROMOTE MATHEMATICAL UNDERSTANDING, GRADES 6-12 (9781452243085, $36.95) provides some 100 ways to get kids interested in math, and arranges questions around the Common Core's math content standards to explore teaching methods and answers that keep kids engaged. From how to teach inquiry and mathematical thinking to encouraging problem-solving flexibility and building student understanding, this offers examples of problems, uses examples to show how teachers approached different challenges, and includes plenty of mathematical formulas throughout. The result is an excellent recommendation for any interested in employing teaching methods that teach more effectively.

The Psychology Shelf

Autism and Spirituality
Olga Bogdashina
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
400 Market Street, Suite 400, Philadelphia, PA 19106
9781849052856, $32.95,

Autism and Spirituality: Psyche, Self and Spirit in People on the Autism Spectrum uses interdisciplinary research from psychology, philosophy, linguistics and science to blend first-hand experiences of autism spectrum people with insights on how they experience self and spirituality. Chapters discuss autism's lack of body awareness, perceptions of the world, and how these various characteristics translate into and affect the religious experience. From the definitions of a mystical experience to how conscious thinking evolves in animals and humans and worldviews about the nature of reality, this provides clear discussions that are key to any spirituality and health collection dealing with autism individuals.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
400 Market Street, Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Laury Rappaport, PhD, EDITOR'S MINDFULNESS AND THE ARTS THERAPIES (9781849059091, $29.95) provides a powerful book exploring the clinical and training process of applying mindfulness with all of the arts therapies, and blends research from neuroscience with keys to success. Leaders in the arts therapies and psychology fields are the source of writings that describe their applications to work with cancer, chronic pain, mental illness and other patients in both private practice and clinical settings, and provide important guides to both successful, field tested processes and underlying science and health rationale behind them. The result is a powerful blend of theory and practice that should be a 'most' for any practicing professional. Brian Draper's UNDERSTANDING ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE AND OTHER DEMENTIAS (9781849053747, $24.95) provides a fine guide from a leading Alzheimer's expert and describes the symptoms, disease and management of this and other dementia forms. It's packed with keys to understanding disease progression and management options, and provides clear information for families and caregivers that take into account ethical, legal and end-of-life decisions. The result is a thorough yet accessible coverage any newly struggling with a loved one's diagnosis will find important.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

The New Science of Overcoming Arthritis
C. Thomas Vangsness, Jr., MD with Greg Ptacek
Da Capo Press
44 Farnsworth Street, 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02210
9780738217222, $15.99,

The New Science of Overcoming Arthritis: Prevent or Reverse Your Pain, Discomfort, and Limitations offers specific strategies for any looking to prevent or reverse osteoarthritis, the most common type, and comes form an orthopedic surgeon who refutes common 'cures' and myths about the disease while providing details on weight loss, dietary changes, and exercises that can help. From which drugs make the most difference to surgical options and routines for managing arthritis, this considers conventional and experimental treatments alike, and is a fine survey of not only existing options but future research and patient trials. A 'must' for any interested in arthritis and its treatment.

Dr. Habib Sadeghi
Premier Digital Publishing
9781624671807, $18.99,

WITHIN: A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING TO LOVE & WEIGHT LOSS comes from a renowned healer and the co-founder of Be Hive of Healing Integrative Health Center, and provides a weight loss program with a different focus: that of self-love. Such self-love incorporates physical and spiritual nutrition and advocates a weight loss program that satisfies the soul as well as the body. It identifies common obstacles keeping you from optimum health, and it provides tools any reader can use to accomplish goals of not just weight loss, but greater overall physical abilities. With its dual focus on mind and body approaches, this is truly 'integrative' in scope and presentation and recommended for alternative health, new age and health collections alike!

A Short Guide to a Long Life
David B. Agus, MD
Simon and Schuster
1230 Avenue of the Americas, 14th fl., NY, NY 10020
9781476730950, $17.95,

A Short Guide to a Long Life isn't just about longevity: it's about living better, and it synthesizes the ideas in his best-selling THE END OF ILLNESS to provide a set of over sixty easy roles readers should follow to live a healthy, productive life. The idea is that daily habits are the foundation for this health, and there are many surprising contentions herein, from the importance of getting an annual flu shot even if one is never sick or never gets the flu, to (surprisingly) avoiding juicing, detoxes, and vitamins and supplements. Plans based on what decade you're in provide 'agenda items' key to particular age groups, while chapters discuss top actions to reduce illness. The result is a top, quick read of 'do and don't' keys to illness and wellness that any general-interest collection should have.

The Music Shelf

Spirit Rising: My Life, My Music
Angelique Kidjo with Rachel Wenrick
Harper Design
c/o HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022-5299
9780062071798, $27.99,

Angelique Kidjo was born in the West African nation of Benin and grew up surrounded by music, so it's no wonder she became a musician. When the Communists took over they demanded she sing in praise of them - so she escaped to France where she moved from poverty to become an award-winning artist. This account provides a powerful narrative of her life, how she persisted in furthering her music, and her international encounters with other singers and musicians around the world. It's filled with her cultural encounters and reflections on how they enhanced her music and it's packed with powerful first-person insights, making this a unique 'must' for any who would understand West African music and culture in general and Kidjo in particular.

Beyond Mastering: A Conceptual Guide
Steve Turnidge
Hal Leonard
c/o Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing
33 Plymouth St, Suite 302, Montclair, NJ 07042
9781458474513, $24.99,

In his first book, DESKTOP MASTERING, Turnidge revealed his unique approach to mastering, but this latest companion volume goes beyond the basics of workflow and delves into the physics and philosophy that capture the mastering engineer, drawing unusual comparisons between mastering music and life. The author holds over twenty-five years in art and technology and his insights are peppered with anecdotes and examples from real life, while tips on how to better understand audio mastering techniques are incorporated into the basics of music editing and creation. The result is a lively and vivid survey packed with a blend of philosophical reflection and techniques, perfect for any who would master music and more.

The Needlecraft Shelf

Easy Sew Jelly Roll
Jody Anderson
American Quilter's Society
PO Box 3290, Paducah, KY 42002-3290
9781604601053, $19.95,

Easy Sew Jelly Roll Provides a fine collection of projects based on precut Jelly Roll strips, and teaches how to create bags and totes with the 2 1/2" strips. These projects require no special sewing skills: any who can sew a seam will find them easy, while projects include options and embellishments using cutting charts, full-size templates and patterns, and step-by-step directions. The result is a fine recommendation for any needleworker new to the Jelly Roll strips idea.

A Quilter's Ark
Margaret Rolfe
Martingale & Company
19021 Avenue NE, Bothell, WA 98011
9781604684360, $24.99,

A Quilter's Ark: More Than 50 Designs for Foundation Piecing provides quilters with a fine collection of block designs by the author which focuses on quilted animals, and teaches how to use her foundation-piecing technique to incorporate these animal designs into even small blocks. 4" x 4" blocks can be used for large or small quilts, while patterns for four quilts accompanies block instructions, color photos, and clear color patterns. Quilters will find this a solid reference packed with fun designs, and will also learn techniques that lead to further quilting block skills, making this a reference for newcomers and experienced quilters alike.

Simple Crochet
Sara Sinaguglia
Mitchell Beazley
c/o Octopus Publishing
236 Park Avenue, New York NY 10017
9781845338343, $19.99,

Simple Crochet teaches crochet basics and uses step-by-step photographs to help the needleworker learn how to crochet, with over thirty easy projects for the home lending to applying the basics to completed projects. Chapters are broken down by room of the house and projects are diverse, from cushions and toys to scarves and cosies. Lovely photos by Yuki Sugiura rounds out the effort, making this a 'must' for bare-bones beginners new to crochet who want both techniques and home-oriented projects.

The Fiction Shelf

The Invention of Wings
Sue Monk Kidd
Viking Books
c/o Penguin Group USA
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
9780670024780, $27.95,

The Invention of Wings provides a fine story of two American women: Hetty, an urban slave in early 19th century Charleston who longs for freedom from the wealthy Grimke family she serves, and Sarah, a daughter determined to achieve more in the world than women are usually allowed. Their stories and destines are entwined as each strives towards a kind of freedom their present worlds don't permit. The result is a captivating, engrossing novel filled with satisfying evolution and growth as the protagonists face their own challenges and find their worlds collide. Based on a true story, this adds more characters, depth, and historical background and makes for a powerful read.

The Kept
James Scott
c/o HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022-5299
9780062236739, $25.99,

THE KEPT is a debut novel set in rural New York at the end of the 19th century, and tells of a mother who returns home to find her youngest daughter shot dead in front of their farmhouse, and four others (including her husband) murdered. Only one of her children witnessed the murders - and mistakenly shoots his mother. The focus is on the mother's tortured efforts to survive, a chain of events that leads towards revenge, and closely-held family secrets that will shake the very foundations of a family. THE KEPT is packed with surprises at every turn and its action and psychology is both unexpected and riveting.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Poisoned Pen Press
6962 E. First Ave., #103
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Warren C. Easley's MATTER OF DOUBT (9781464201721, $24.95) is legal writing at its best, and provides a thriller that deftly revolves around one Cal Claxton, who is recovering from his wife's suicide. His move from being a L.A. prosecutor to a small town Oregon lawyer seems an easy one, but when he's called upon to help a kid solve his mother's murder, he becomes embroiled in a world of art, deception and danger. When the kid becomes charged with murder himself and faces a mountain of evidence, Cal is the only person who believes in his innocence - and he must call upon all of his skills to prove it. Solid action, characterization and courtroom drama mark a murder mystery that is hard to put down, and offers a focus out of the ordinary. Steven Axelrod's NANTUCKET SAWBUCK (9781464200878, $24.95) tells of a Nantucket homeowner killed in his mansion - making everyone on the island a suspect. Preston owed money to many and before he was killed many suspected he was planning to disappear. It's up to Henry Kennis, a California transplant and the new Chief of Police, to uncover the real perp and solve the case. And he does, quickly. Too quickly. Because scandals remain, possibilities remain, and a dangerous criminal may still be on the loose in this tense thriller, recommended for any mystery collection looking for something little different.

The Cookbook Shelf

Payard Desserts
Francois Payard
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
215 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003
9781118435892, $40.00,

Payard Desserts packs in dishes from Payard's twenty years of professional dessert cooking, and is a recommendation for any dessert cook looking for something special. Here are 'upscale' desserts from Dark Chocolate Souffle with Pistachio Ice Cream to Gorgonzola Ice Cream and beyond: the focus here is on offering unexpected combinations of flavors and of sweet and savory dishes. Many recipes can be made ahead, making them accessible to even busy cooks who want to cook on the side, while a 'whisk' rating system allows for at-a-glance assessment of which recipes are easier than others. With its mouth-watering display of original creations, this is a 'must' for any cook looking for something different.

Growing a Feast
Kurt Timmermeister
W. W. Norton & Company
500 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10110
9780393088892, $24.95,

GROWING A FEAST: THE CHRONICLE OF A FARM-TO-TABLE MEAL comes from a Seattle chef and restaurateur who made the transition to small-scale farming, and this documents his experiences with a series of start-up projects on that farm from beekeeping to farming. He prepared weekly dinners from the farm's fresh ingredients to help support this transition - and GROWING A FEAST documents the evolution of this process. All the basics of how such a feast is conceived and carried out are covered in chapters loaded with engrossing farming stories, making this a 'must' for any interested in food or farming alike.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Land of the Fallen Star Gods
J.S. Gordon
Bear & Company
c/o Inner Traditions International, Ltd.
One Park Street, Rochester, VT 05767
9781591431640, $20.00,

Land of the Fallen Star Gods: The Celestial Origins of Ancient Egypt are recounted in a fine survey of prehistory that shows how forgotten civilizations are hidden beneath the Mediterranean and the coast of Africa, and how the appearance of Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations 5,000 years ago represents the last remains of an ancient, sophisticated world culture. Physical evidence of mystical traditions, rituals, and more discusses the culture of these ancient Egyptians and provides another perspective on their divine purpose and human evolution in general, making for a fine new age history filled with new insights about mankind's possible origins.

New Page Books
c/o Career Press Inc.
220 West Parkway, Unit 12
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444

Scott Alan Roberts and John Richard Ward's THE EXODUS REALITY: UNEARTHING THE REAL HISTORY OF MOSES, IDENTIFYING THE PHARAOHS, AND EXAMINING THE EXODUS FROM EGYPT (9781601632913, $19.99) comes from a historian and theologian and an anthropologist who here provide insights into one of the Bible's oldest mysteries. Chapters probe the figure of Moses, four pharaohs, the Templars, Masons and more in a probe of the Exodus of the Israelites from enslavement in Egypt, offering archaeological evidence and history of the biblical accounts and considering the Ark and other biblical interpretations. Spirituality and new age collections alike will find this a winning examination. These collections will also appreciate Susan Shumsky, D.D.'s THE POWER OF AURAS: TAP INTO YOUR ENERGY FIELD FOR CLARIFY, PEACE OF MIND, AND WELL-BEING (9781601632890, $16.99), one of the most in-depth guides in print. This is a new, enhanced edition of the classic and offers over seventy illustrations and specific reader guidelines in each chapter as it considers ways to heal through intuitive dowsing, color, movement and meditation. Learn how to see auras, develop spiritual self-defense mechanisms, heal dense vibrations, and more with a guide that goes far beyond most (which teach how to see/interpret an aura) to promote a more active role in the process of using energy fields.

The Self-Help Shelf

The Renaissance Soul, updated edition
Margaret Lobenstine
The Experiment Publishing
9781615190928, $14.95,

The Renaissance Soul: How to Make Your Passions Your Life provides a guide linking passionate achievement to personality type and appears in an updated edition in paperback for the first time to pair a life-planning strategy to greater aspirations. From how to thrive on many interests to creating joy from many different passions, this provides an innovative survey highly recommended for any who would cultivate not a singular path, but one comprised of many different inte5rests.

The American History Shelf

Freedom National
James Oakes
W. W. Norton & Company
500 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10110
9780393347753, $18.95,

Freedom National: The Destruction of Slavery in the United States, 1861-1865 provides a fine history of emancipation and comes from a history professor who closely examines the idea that the Civil War held a singular purpose. For Lincoln and the Republican Congress of the times, restoring the Union and ending slavery were entwined from the start, and the Southern states began to secede after Lincoln's election in the face of his emancipation policies. Lincoln had to rely on his military authority as commander in chief to justify his emancipation policies in a move that would further embroil and separate states even though Lincoln tried to foster gradual, compensated emancipation policies to ease the transition. The result is a history of emancipation that is a 'must' for any collection strong in civil war or civil rights issues.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Tending the Heart Fire
Shiva Rea
Sounds True
413 South Arthur Avenue, Louisville, CO 80027
9781604077094, $29.95,

Tending the Heart Fire: Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life comes from a yogini and spiritual teacher who explains how to blend yoga's teachings into daily life, and offers a guide for connecting with the heart and the planet. Rituals, practices and yoga philosophy blend with keys to creating connections between the sacred and emotions, offering some 40 HeartFire meditations and a weekly, daily and cyclic planning guide for harmonizing self with the universe. The result packs in color images, charts, diagrams and more for an exceptional, inspirational new age survey especially recommended for newcomers to yoga and meditation.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Ethics and Moral Reasonings: A Student's Guide
C. Ben Mitchell
Crossway Books
1300 Crescent Street, Wheaton, IL 60187
9781433537677, $11.99,

Ethics and Moral Reasonings: A Student's Guide is a fine primer considering Christian morality and using insights from key Christian ethicists to discuss moral reasoning in the Scripture, and is a pick for any college student studying Biblical meaning. It provides simple reflections for moral understanding based on Biblical accounts and the history of moral reasoning alike, and makes for an excellent survey perfect for study and classroom discussion.

Chasing God
Angie Smith
B&H Publishing Group
127 Ninth Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37234-0143
9781433676611, $17.99,

CHASING GOD is a combination of memoir and insights into the difference between chasing God and following, and it's an inspirational piece recommended for any spiritual reader interested in autobiographies charting the process of finding greater connections to God. Chapters discuss being busy, not being able to see or discern God's message, and how life events are often God speaking through other means. The trick is how to develop the vision and perception needed to perceive these messages - and CHASING GOD provides this foundation for understanding, always using the author's experiences to connect with God and her audience. Any collection strong in inspirational Christian reading will find this a find addition.

The Audiobook Shelf

Andrew's Brain
E.L. Doctorow
Random House Audio Books
c/o The Random House Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, 5th floor, New York, NY 10019
9780804127752, $30.00,

Author E.L. Doctorow narrates his own vivid novel that examines the life of a man who has caused disaster more than once in his life. Here he tells the story of this life, these disasters, his loves and tragedies, and he considers truths about memory, personality and choice that offer vivid insights into the human condition. With its progressive series of reflections, ANDREW'S BRAIN is a compelling inspection perfect for listeners who like complex, thought-provoking novels.

Highbridge Audio Books
201 Sixth Street SE, Suite 220
Minneapolis, MN 55414

The eight audio books in author Cressida Cowell's 'How to Train Your Dragon' series receive a strong reading by David Tennant (the Scottish actor who has played many classic roles but is perhaps best-known for his role in Doctor Who) and provides a lively set of fantasy adventures perfect for any who like a combination of humor and fantasy. Begin with Book 1 (9781478954002, $20.00), which tells what happens when a boy, the quiet son of a chief, determines he will capture a dragon and train it: something nobody has done before. Move to How to Be a Pirate (9781478954033), which tells what happen when the same boy Hiccup finds a coffin at sea that could be the key to a great pirate treasure. A treasure hunt leads to more dangers. How to Speak Dragonese (9781478954057, $20.00) follows and tells what happens when Hiccup and his best friend accidentally raid the wrong ship, rescuing a tiny dragon before they are kidnapped, while How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse (9781478954071, $20.00) tells of a dangerous incurable sting and a journey to battle a crazy Chief if a curse is to be changed, while How to Twist a Dragon's Tale (9781478954095, $20.00) revolves around a stolen Fire-Stone, an active volcano, and the hatching of Exterminator Dragon eggs. A Hero's Guide to Deadly Dragons (9781478954163, $20.00) tells of Hiccup's plan to save his dragon from being banished, while How to Ride a Dragon's Storm (9781478954187, $20.00) tells of a swimming race which Hiccup can only win by coming in last - discovering America along the way. Finally, How to Break a Dragon's Heart (9781478954200, $20.00) tells of an impossible mission which must be completed if Hiccup is to live. These interconnected stories are enjoyed best as a set, with each plot building upon another and providing a powerful enjoyment for any audio listener of any age.

Hachette Audio
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017

James Patterson and Emily Raymond's FIRST LOVE (9781619697010, $30.00) receives a fine narration by theater grad Lauren Fortgang, who adds a spicy and evocative voice to this story of Axi Moore, a 'good girl' who wants to run away from her life. She's madly in love with her best friend Robinson - so when she invites him to join her on a life-changing cross-country road trip, she begins breaking rules. All the rules. This story of first love is a powerful saga of what happens when rules are broken, and is a top pick for any audio listener. Rocco Dispirito is a James Beard award-winning chef and author of nine other diet and cookbooks: the appearance of his POUND A DAY DIET (9781478900689, $30.00) in audio provides listeners with a chef-based diet and a new idea in accelerated weight loss. His is a low-cal, six-meal-a-day formula proven to help users lose up to five pounds every five days. It's a diet developed with a doctor's aid and it teaches the basics of a successful weight loss strategy that's especially recommended for audio listeners.

The Military Shelf

World War I Companion
Matthias Strohn, Editor
Osprey Publishing
4301 21st St, Suite 220B, Long Island City, NY 11101
9781782001881, $27.95,

World War I Companion gathers articles covering a period of change in terms of military doctrine and high technology, and provides a fine guide of a complex war that resulted in the rise of airpower, new artillery, and new vehicles that lent mobility to the conflict, spreading it out and altering the face of warfare forever. Here fourteen historians investigate different aspects of the Great War in articles that consider its various revolutionary changes. The result is a survey that moves beyond events or even strategies to consider the elements of the war that represented a true departure in military techniques and approaches, and should be in any collection analyzing World War I.

The Antiques/Collectibles Shelf

The Best Flea, Antique, Vintage, and New-Style Markets in America
Pamela Keech
The Little Bookroom
435 Hudson St, Suite 300, New York NY 10014
9781936941049, $22.00,

The Best Flea, Antique, Vintage, and New-Style Markets in America offers a fine survey by a museum curator who shops professionally at such markets, and is a colorful pick for any who want to know her top twenty choices and why she considers them superior. From a specialty flea market for film, fashion and costume designers to a winter Florida antique and collectible market, descriptions cover number of dealers, specialties of the market, setting, where to park, stay and eat, and much more. While this is a fine pick for travel collections, it's also highly recommended for collectors who want to travel cross-country in search of the best venues for buying or selling.

Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money, tenth edition
John Schwartz and Scott Lindquist
Krause Publications
c/o F+W Media
700 East State Street, Iola WI 54945
9781440217036, $32.99,

The tenth updated edition of Standard Guide to Small-Size U.S. Paper Money covers issues from 1928 to modern times, providing collectors with an authoritative reference covering the latest prices. Some 300 color photos make identification easy, while listings include complete serial numbers, current market values in up to four grades of condition, listings different series notes, and much more. This is a solid survey highly recommended for any who would collect paper money, and provides all the latest details with a color format that is key to proper identification. No collector's library should be without it.

A Guide Book of United States Coins, Professional Edition
R.S. Yeoman
Whitman Publishing
4001 Helton Drive, Florence, Alabama, 35630
079483972X, $29.95,

The fifth updated professional edition of A Guide Book of United States Coins has been expanded into nearly four hundred pages and is recommended for intermediate to advanced coin collectors, dealers, auctioneers and those serious about collecting at the professional level. It offers not only the latest market prices in different grades, but updated auction records, updated coin photos, essays, discussions of new die varieties, and coverage of every federal coin type. Add expanded valuations sections and keys for understanding certified coins and the wider coin market and you have a detailed, in-depth reference that includes all the latest facts on U.S. coin collecting.

Krause Publications
c/o F+W Media
700 East State Street, Iola WI 54945,

George S. Cuhaj, Editor's 12th updated edition of CONFEDERATE STATES PAPER MONEY (9781440230868, $29.99) is packed with history and a color catalog of issues and appears in its 12th revised edition to represent the latest prices, grades, and collector market relating to Confederate States money, and is a 'must' for both Confederate history holdings and especially for numismatics neo-professionals. Complete coverage of Upham and other facsimile notes as well as advertising notes and errors feature the work of numismatist Arlie Slabaugh and prices by William Brandimore, and offer the most in-depth, authoritative coverage available. The sixth updated edition of Geworge S. Cuhaj and Thomas Michael's STANDARD CATALOG OF WORLD COINS 1701-1800 (9781440238840, $85.00) provides a detailed reference packing in over 1,400 pages of information for any world coin collector. Over 20,000 black and white images of coins accompany descriptions and market analysis in a new edition for researchers and collectors of world coins from the 18th century. This isn't the work of a few people: nearly 80 international coin experts and some 50 auction houses around the world contribute to a completely revised, vetted coin valuation guide that will prove a key reference for any more than casually involved in 18th century numismatics.

The Native American Studies Shelf

The People Who Stayed
Geary Hobson,
University of Oklahoma Press
2800 Venture Drive, Norman, OK 73069
9780806141367, $24.95,

The People Who Stayed: Southeastern Indian Writing After Removal is the first anthology to focus on the literature of native Americans whose ancestors stayed in southwestern states after 1830, and represents every state and every genre, from short stories and novelettes to poetry, essays and blogs. All the writers have strong Indian roots through many live outside the Southeast, and all of them speak of past and present as well, making for a volume strong in Indian heritage and experience as well as modern worldviews from a Native American perspective.

The Business Shelf

Idea to Invention
Patricia Nolan-Brown
Amacom Books
1601 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
9780814432938, $17.95,

Idea to Invention: What You Need to Know to Cash In on Your Inspiration comes from an inventor and writer who shares her unique formula for success, and is a top pick for any inventor who would learn how to translate an idea into a business success. Six personality traits lend to this experience, especially when paired with the six 'action steps' that can link creative passions to entrepreneurial ventures. From techniques to spark creative thinking to turning ideas into something real, protecting them and generating excitement for a product idea, this is filled with specifics and offers inventors and creative thinkers the building blocks to success, making this a fine pick for any business collection.

The Money/Finance Shelf

The Penny Capitalist
James J. Hester
Access Consciousness Publishing
9781939261267, $35.00,

The Penny Capitalist: How to Build a Small Fortune From Next to Nothing is a fine pick for any interested in better money management, and tells of the author, who began married life with, $70 and a four-year-old car in 1955. By 1968 they had a better car and, $14,000 - and then they increased their net worth to, $300,000. How? The Penny Capitalist provides a formula for success that any can follow. It originally appeared in 1979 to great acclaim: its republication today attests to its ongoing successful message about opportunities, money management, and successful investing, and will make an inspirational pick for any reader or business collection.

The Science Shelf

Ask a Science Teacher
Larry Scheckel
The Experiment Publishing
9781615190874, $14.95,

ASK A SCIENCE TEACHER: 250 QUESTIONS YOU'VE ALWAYS HAD ABOUT HOW EVERYDAY STUFF REALLY WORKS gathers over two hundred of the author's favorite questions and answers and probes the mysteries of physics, astronomy, earth science and more. The focus is on problems that don't neatly fit into any category, uncomplicated explanations resolving everyday mysteries, and creating a lively dialogue that involves non-scientist readers in science explanations. From how microwaves heat food to how planes fly, this is a lively discourse for all ages.

The Science Writers' Handbook
The Writers of SciLance
Da Capo Press
44 Farnsworth Street, 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02210
9780738216560, $17.50,

The Science Writers' Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Pitch, Publish, and Prosper in the Digital Age is edited by Thomas Hayden and Michelle Nijhuis and provides a fine survey of science writing and its special challenges. Those who would form a career from science writing receive chapters that discuss different career stages, how to hone skills needed for producing quality science writing, and how to balance work and home life. The focus on freelance science writing's special challenges accompanies real-world solutions as each chapter concludes with a SciLance member handling a modern science writing challenge, serving as an example for others. From reporting in multiple media to time management and working with editors, this is a fine reference for any who would write about science for a living.

The Agriculture Shelf

Homegrown Pork
Sue Weaver
Storey Publishing
210 Mass MoCA Way, North Adams, MA 01247
9781612121260, $18.95,

Homegrown Pork comes from a livestock expert who provides all the basics of how to raise pigs in a safe way, showing how pigs can be raised in small spaces and how they can produce large quantities of meat. Any collection strong in livestock management will find this a fine survey of keeping pigs, covering everything from different breeds and their options to working with a butcher and preparing the meat. From shelters and upkeep to pig behavior and handling, this is a fine recommendation for any who would raise meat pigs and covers all the latest approaches and research on the topic.

The Parenting Shelf

Parenting the Whole Child
Scott M. Shannon, MD with Emily Heckman
W. W. Norton & Company
500 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10110
9780393708332, $22.95,

Parenting the Whole Child: A Holistic Child Psychiatrist Offers Practical Wisdom covers a range of child concerns, from exercise and home life to school life and trauma, and blends parenting insights with discussions of brain chemistry and the pros and cons of different treatment approaches. Chapters show how adults can actively participate in a child's mental health process, and how treatment options should embrace the entire mind/body process, not just a piece of it. The result is a title highly recommended for parenting and psychology collections alike.

The Social Issues Shelf

Sustainist Design Guide
Michael Schwarz and Diana Krabbendam with the Beach Network
BIS Publishers
Het Sieraad, Postjesweg 1, 1057 DT Amsterdam, The Netherlands
9789063692834, $32.00,

Sustainist Design Guide: How Sharing, Localism, Connectedness and Proportionality are Creating a New Agenda for Social Design is a pick for arts and social issues collections alike and features twelve change-making cases from urban farming to public architecture in its discussions of social innovation. It's all about a movement where millions are starting to 'design' different kinds of living environments that are more collaborative and more sustainable. This guide fosters the idea through examples of successful design criteria and processes, and demonstrates best practices. The result is a solid pick for any designer looking to become more socially aware.

Fast Future
David D. Burstein
Beacon Press
25 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108-2892
9780807033698, $25.95,

FAST FUTURE: HOW THE MILLENNIAL GENERATION IS SHAPING OUR WORLD provides a fine survey of the Millennial Generation and their unique blend of pragmatism and civil idealism, and shows how these attitudes combined with their technological savvy is leading to powerful results. This book predicts this generation will overcome national divisions and make headway in addressing world challenges and sticking points. This is the largest generation in U.S. history and represents a diversity unprecedented in U.S. history. This provides a powerful documentation of their abilities and power, and is a pick for any general-interest or social issues collection.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

Joe Kubert
Jon B. Cooke
TwoMorrows Publishing
10407 Bedfordtown Drive, Raleigh, NC 27614
9781605490533, $17.95,

JOE KUBERT: CREATOR & MENTOR provides a tribute to the late comic artist with a special book devoted to the man who passed away in 2012. Here are detailed examinations of his career, from his pioneering work in 3-D comics to his work as a Tarzan writer and artist and founder of the Kubert School. Kubert was no singular graphic artist: his many interests and approaches are examined here with a fine collection of interviews gathered over a period of years, along with rare artwork. The result is a tribute no comics collection should be without.

The Railroading Shelf

Workshop Tips & Projects for Model Railroaders
Cody Grivno
Kalmbach Publishing
21027 Crossroads Circle, Waukesha, WI 53186
9780890248690, $19.99,

Workshop Tips & Projects for Model Railroaders provides wide range of tips to improve layouts for model railroads, and includes original projects from the pages of Model Railroader and his own online video series "Cody's Office". Any entering the world of modeling will find this a fine hobby book that offers specific projects, from gluing structures using braces and jigs to model patching, to accompany insider tips on how to achieve the best results. Color, close-up step-by-step photos along the way provide clear explanations while first-person notes chart the progress of each model project. The result is a lively, revealing project book recommended for all levels of rail modelers, from beginners to advanced hobbyists!

The Philosophy Shelf

The Original Atheists
S.T. Joshi, Editor
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2197
9781616148416, $20.95,

THE ORIGINAL ATHEISTS FIRST THOUGHTS ON NONBELIEF provides the first anthology in print to collect the writings of leading 18th century thinkers on atheism, religion and secularism, and is an essential edition for philosophical and spiritual collections alike. Chapters provide essays from writers around the world and provide pieces on freethought, charting its evolution and considering Enlightenment principles and basic tenants of atheist thinking. The result is a thorough discussion of the origins and evolution of atheism which will engage any religion or philosophy student.

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