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Reviewer's Choice

Attack Proof, second edition
John Perkins, Al Ridenhour and Matt Kovsky
Human Kinetics
Box 5076, Champaign, IL 61825-5076
0736078762, $19.95

The second updated edition of ATTACK PROOF: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO PERSONAL PROTECTION provides proven personal protection called 'guided chaos' for anticipating and warding off brutal assaults, based on the real-world experiences and forensic homicide research of a former New York cop and instructor for the FBI, U.S. marines and others. It shows how to prepare for the unexpected, featuring tactics used by police, military and security professionals alike, and is a top pick for any general library.

Angry Fat Girls
Frances Kuffel
Berkeley Publishing
375 Hudson St., New York NY 10014
9780425232187, $23.95

ANGRY FAT GIRLS: A PERSONAL JOURNEY continues a story begun in PASSING FOR THIN, telling of how the writer, who changed her life by losing 188 pounds, gained half of these back. She formed new friendships through the Internet with four women in similar situations, and ANGRY FAT GIRLS is her memoir of their struggle with diets, weight loss and gain, and search for individual freedom. Highly recommended for any general lending library.

The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide
Sean Broderick
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774
9780470463161, $27.95

The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide: The Smartest Money Moves to Prepare for Any Crisis encourages suburbanites to become more independent, showing how to prepare for the future before crisis happens. The focus on changing economics explores the author's personal survivalist discoveries and outlines simple things to do today to prepare for virtually any social or economic crisis.

The Library Reference Shelf

380 New York St, Redlands, CA 92373-8100

Maps form nine countries and 57 organizations show the versatility and style of geographic information system technology as applied to different infrastructure projects in GIS for Building and Managing Infrastructure (9781589482524, $24.95), a pick for any college-level reference library strong in GIS mapping capabilities. From the North American natural gas system to a mapping of the potential for wind-generated power in France, this covers major GIS worldwide mapping projects and offers private-sector companies keys to planning projects and citizens visual keys to how GIS can offer planners clear information. Also a top reference is Ian Williamson, Stig Enemark, Jude Wallace and Abbas Rajabifard's LAND ADMINISTRATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (9781589480414, $49.95), a survey of keys to designing, building and managing land administration systems for better sustainable development policies. College-level collections strong in resource allocation, economic development and environmental design will find this a key to urban planning, making choices and implementing controls, and more. Packed with color illustration and in-depth, real-world scenarios, it's a winner.

The Psychology Shelf

The Mindful Path Through Shyness
Steve Flowers, MFT
New Harbinger
5674 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609
9781572246508, $17.95

The Mindful Path Through Shyness: How Mindfulness and Compassion Can Help Free You From Social Anxiety, Fear & Avoidance provides a fine survey of shyness and how to let go of this for better connections with others. Techniques from mindfulness-based stress reduction and cognitive behavioral therapy offer a survey of how to turn shyness into an outward-focused awareness of others. Health and psychology libraries will find this involving.

Hidden Impact
Frederick Stoddard Jr., Editor
Jones & Bartlett Publishers
40 Tall Pine Dr, Sudbury, MA 01776-9848
9780763768751, $39.95

HIDDEN IMPACT: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW FOR THE NEXT DISASTER is a mental health guide for clinicians preparing them for future challenges. Disasters beget the need for more and different psychiatric care: HIDDEN IMPACT discusses mental health care and its place in the emergency response systems in place in the U.S., considering individual, family and mental health patient care in times of crisis.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
Nancy J. Holland, Jack S. Burks, & Diana M. Schneider
150 East 61st Street, New York, NY 10065
9780982321904, $14.95,

Multiple sclerosis is a disorder that plagues many seniors, but some have it worse than others. "Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: What You Need to Know" analyzes this more advanced version of multiple sclerosis, which does not let up and offers a more constant loss of function. Outlining treatment and care options for the disorder, the book provides many tips for maintaining a higher quality of life in spite of the advanced version of multiple sclerosis. "Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis" is a choice pick for any with a relative facing the disorder, or faced with it themselves.

Structure and Function of the Musculoskeletal System, second edition
James Watkins
Human Kinetics
Box 5076, Champaign, IL 61825-5076
9780736078900, $79.00

This unique reference should be in any serious sports medicine or health library. It explores the biomechanical characteristics of musculoskeletal components and the response of these components to physical stress. From the effects of aging on muscles to functional anatomy of the entire system, this blends nearly 700 color illustrations showing key structures and biomechanical properties with new tables covering the actions of individual muscles. Several new case studies illustrate the latest research and how they apply to sports and general living.

Bioethics in a Liberal Society
Thomas May
Johns Hopkins University Press
2715 North Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21218-4363
0801892821, $25.00

Any college-level library strong in medical ethics will find this a key overview discussing patients' rights and bioethics. From how politics affects the rights and obligations of patients and health care professionals to how individual rights have an impact on relational facets of health care, this provides a strong introduction to the politics of bioethics and the important roles of ethics committees and consultants. No medical library should be without this.

W.W. Norton
500 - 5th Avenue, New York NY 10010

Babette Rothschild's 8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery (9780393706055, $19.95) provides psychology and self-help libraries with a survey of keys to successful recovery. From stopping flashbacks and determining how best to remember and handle trauma to creating an individual approach to recovery based on individual needs, this self-help title offers many keys to understanding and handling trauma. Ruth Cohn Bolletino's HOW TO TALK WITH FAMILY CAREGIVERS ABOUT CANCER (9780393705768, $21.95) comes from a psychotherapist who describes years of clinical experience with cancer patients and their families, covering interactions and offering insights into their health care issues. From ethical and spiritual aspects to how cancer erodes a patient's world, this is packed with important insights.

You on a Diet
Michael F. Roizen, MD and Mehmet C. Oz, MD
Free Press
1230 Avenue of Americas, New York NY 10020
9781439164969, $26.99

YOU ON A DIET: THE OWNER'S MANUAL FOR WAIST MANAGEMENT has been completely revised and updated with over 100 new recipes. First published in 2006, this bestseller has sold over 3 million copies - this remake pairs biology insights with blueprints for weight control and a FAQ section of the most popular facts culled from over 100,000 the doctor authors received since the book's original publication. Any general lending library will find this a top, popular pick.

Human Kinetics
Box 5076, Champaign, IL 61825-5076

Debra J. Rose's FALLPROOF! A COMPREHENSIVE BALANCE AND MOBILITY TRAINING PROGRAM (0736067477, $59.95) includes a DVD video featuring testing procedures, training strategies and a sample class and provides a fine survey of a successful mobility training program no health collection should be without. There are very few specific classes on mobility, making this a key acquisition for any adult health-oriented library, especially libraries catering to senior patrons. Brad Schoenfeld, CSCS, CPT's WOMEN'S HOME WORKOUT BIBLE (0736078282, $19.95) offers a personal trainer's secrets for creating the perfect at-home workout. From creating a home gym setup and workouts suitable for individual fitness goals for as little as $100, to expanding options and learning over 160 exercises, this is packed with specifics and color photos throughout and is perfect for women putting together a home gym.

Basic ICD-9-CM Coding: 2010 Edition
Lou Ann Schraffenberger
2024 Hawthorne Ave, Saint Joseph, MI 49085
9781584262459, $92.95

Any college-level reference collection strong in medical coding for students and professionals must have the 2010 edition of Basic ICD-9-CM Coding. It provides instructional paired with applied exercises to build a foundation for applying ICD-9-CM coding rules to everyday diagnosis. From PowerPoint slides for the classroom to key points highlighted in chapters packed with terms and new categories, this is a 'must' reference for any serious medical and health library.

The Gardening Shelf

Succulent Container Gardens
Debra Lee Baldwin
Timber Press
133 SW 2nd Ave, Suite 450, Portland, OR 97204-3527
9780881929591, $29.95

Succulent Container Gardens: Design Eye-Catching Displays with 350 Easy-Care Plants offers a fine guide to combining, planting and nurturing succulents in containers ranging from hanging baskets to topiaries and miniature landscapes, floral arrangements and more. From overwintering to pot selection, this provides all the basics needed and pairs photos from top designers and florists in a presentation perfect for any general library strong in gardening guides.

The Audiobook Shelf

Brilliance Audio
PO Box 887, Grand Haven, MI 49417

Everything's over for Simon, a 60-something stage actor who has lost his talent and magic. But the story doesn't end here: add erotic desire and a series of darker encounters for our hero and you have an ironic, haunting window into aging and change in THE HUMBLING (1441800999, $24.99), perfect for prior Philip Roth fans. Alan Deutschman's WALK THE WALK; THE #1 RULE FOR REAL LEADERS (144180465X, $24.99) receives Jim Bond's seasoned voice with nearly 25 years of experience as an arts radio talk show producer, and discusses cases of leaders in business, education, the military and nonprofits who always 'walked the walk'. Their actions gave them credibility and inspired many changes. Any library offering leadership titles will consider this a fine survey. J.D. Robb's MISSING IN DEATH (1423383613, $19.99) offers a fine performance by Susan Ericksen and tells of danger on the Staten Island Ferry that draws Lieutenant Eve Dallas to New York to investigate a strange disappearance. Her probe will question whether a death even happens in this outstanding thriller. Arthur C. Clarke's RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA (1423394984, $29.99) receives a fine performance by Peter Ganim and tells of mankind's first encounter with an alien intelligence. Nobody knows who the Ramans are - but they do know it will change their world. Dan Simmons' ENDYMION (1423381629, $49.99) tells of a universe in chaos and receives Victor Bevine's smooth, seasoned voice spiced by decades of acting experience. It's 274 years after the Fall and the universe is in chaos. Raul Endymion, convicted murder, becomes a pawn in a dangerous cosmic game what till determine the future of humanity's reality itself in this fine thriller. Victor Bevine also spices THE RISE OF ENDYMION (142338167X, $49.99), a survey telling of a genocidal Crusade that threatens to enslave humanity, and new messiah Aenea's protector Raul, who must deliver her message to her growing army - and undertake a journey to discovery the nature of the universe. Together this is a powerful science fiction set. Arthur C. Clarke's CHILDHOOD'S END (1423395034, $29.99) is performed by Michael Summerer, a voice actor and producer whose voice has been in countless commercials, and provides a classic science fiction tale in audio. The Overlords suddenly preside over humanity - a benevolent race that brings peace to humans and wants little in return. But that's the cost? A powerful saga is made even more inspiring in audio. Dean Koontz's BREATHLESS (1423357035, $39.99) receives Jeff Cummings' stage acting background and warm voice as it tells of Grady, who lives a solitary life in the Colorado mountains until he comes across some strange creatures in the wild. His discovery will place him under quarantine by Homeland Security, and bring him to unwelcome world attention in this riveting thriller. Joe K. Lansdale's RUMBLE TUMBLE (142338444X, $29.99) receives a fine, seasoned performance by Phil Gigante as it tells of Hap and Leonard, who become involved with a Pentecostal preacher, a midget, and a gang of bikers. What begins as a midlife crisis turns into a different kind of adventure in this fast-paced winner. Amy Bloom's WHERE THE GOD OF LOVE HANGS OUT (1441831185, $24.99) receives Susan Ericksen's smooth and experienced Audie award-winning voice as it tells of love, loss, and more. Stories of passion and change make for a riveting audio listen. John Lescroart's GUILT (1423386876, $38.99) receives a fine narration by veteran reader David Colacci as it provides a legal thriller telling of a prosperous San Francisco attorney suspected of a brutal crime and about to be indicted for murder of his wife. His battle is about to spark a trial that will draw in some famous legal names and tarnish some sterling reputations in this legal thriller.

Deeper Than the Dead
Tami Hoag
Random House Audio Books
c/o The Random House Publishing Group
9780739365809, $40.00

Deeper Than the Dead enjoys a fine narration by actress Kirsten Potter, whose dramatic voice lends to the tense thriller set in 1985 California and telling of four children who stumble on a body and lose their innocence. But it's not only the children who are affected: the entire community finds its people and beliefs challenged in this story of an FBI investigator who uses profiling to develop a murder theory that winds up further affecting the lives of the children.

Penguin Audio
375 Hudson St., New York NY 10014

Elizabeth Gilbert's COMMITTED: A SKEPTIC MAKES PEACE WITH MARRIAGE (9780143145752, $29.95) is narrated by the author and tells of Gilbert's efforts to make peace with marriage when she unexpectedly falls in love and swears with her partner to never get married. Her dilemma evolves when marriage proves the only way she and her Australian partner can ever enter America together. Tracy Chevalier's REMARKABLE CREATURES (9780143145301, $39.95) tells of Mary Anning, who is struck by lightning as a baby and discovers she has a unique gift to spot fossils no one else can see. Charlotte Parry adds a passionate voice backed by her Broadway and West End credits to the moving story of a young woman's power and confrontation with religion. Lauren Willig's THE BETRAYAL OF THE BLOOD LILY (9780143145332, $39.95) receives stage actress Kate Reading's warm, moving voice as it provides another Pink Carnation story - this one revolving around Miss Penelope Deveraux, who flees scandal in India where a dangerous spy leaves cobras as his calling card and where she faces dangers and strangers alike. Danger from local warlords and treacherous court officials and spies involve her and Captain Alex Reid in this charged story. Beth Hoffman's SAVING CEECEE HONEYCUTT (9780143145547, $39.95) tells of a twelve-year-old in trouble: she's been the caretaker of her psychotic mother but is now left alone - until an unknown great-aunt comes to her rescue. Humor and fine insights mark an audio brought to life under the voice of Jenna Lamia, an accomplished actress with many series and films to her name.

The Education Shelf

Mixed Signals
Mary Lashno
Woodbine House
6510 Bells Mill Rd., Bethesda, MD 20817
9781890627591, $19.95,

Not everyone is wired the same when it comes to their senses. "Mixed Signals: Understanding and Treating Your Child's Sensory Processing Issues" is book studying sensory differences children may face and the problems that can arise from these problems. These differences can prove to be evidence to things such as autism and other sensory disorders, and Mary Lasno provides a complete and comprehensive guide to understanding and possible treatment options. "Mixed Signals" is well worth reading for parents concerned about potential problems their children are facing.

As Far as Words Go, revised edition
Cecile Cyrul Spector
Paul Brookes Publishing
Box 10624, Baltimore, MD 21285-0624
1598570560, $39.95

As Far as Words Go: Activities for Understanding Ambiguous Language and Humor appears in a revised edition packing a seven-unit activity book with ready-to-use activities based on jokes and puns. Students learn how to interpret multiple-meaning words and phrases in a title designed for a variety of students showing how to understand language complexities and humor cues.

Corwin Press
2455 Teller Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

Gera Jacobs and Kathy Crowley's REACHING STANDARDS AND BEYOND IN KINDERGARTEN (9781412957250, $29.95) offers keys to helping kindergarten students meet natural standards in developmentally appropriate ways. From understanding how creative play activities can help kids across all disciplines to promoting healthy socio-emotional development, this is a 'must' for any early education collection. Dan W. Butin's THE EDUCATION DISSERTATION: A GUIDE FOR PRACTITIONER SCHOLARS (9781412960441, $33.95) offers a series of focused guidelines to help readers through all stages of the dissertation process, offering a step-by-step survey for completing a rigorous dissertation. Doctoral students of education working in the field will find the specific guidelines key to success, providing tips and covering quantitative and qualitative research alike. Elaine Makas' FROM MANDATE TO ACHIEVEMENT: 5 STEPS TO A CURRICULUM SYSTEM THAT WORKS! (9781412963794, $35.95) tells how to use a teacher-driven approach to curriculum development by devising purposeful designs to attain consistent results. From analyzing data and identifying expectations to understanding the process needed to create accurate assessments, this is packed with key insights. Vickie Gill's THE ELEVEN COMMANDMENTS OF GOOD TEACHING (9781412970365, $22.95) offers practical advice from a veteran teacher in an updated edition of her best-selling title, which contains new material on new technologies, social climates, standardized testing, and more. From reaching difficult students to being flexible, THE ELEVEN COMMANDMENTS OF GOOD TEACHING is a fine choice for any education library. 55 TACTICS FOR IMPLEMENTING RTI IN INCLUSIVE SETTINGS by Pam Campbell, Adam Wang and Bob Algozzine (9781412942409, $35.95) offers a fine, practical resource on how to implement RTI principles in general education settings. From modifications to adapt tactics to meet individual instructional needs to examples from teachers and three-tier RTI framework explanations, this is packed with real-world scenarios.

The Fiction Shelf

Daniel Suarez
c/o Penguin Publishing Group
375 Hudson St., New York NY 10014
9780525951575, $26.95

FREEDOM examines advancing technology and its threats to humanity, especially social networking and surveillance technologies. This companion to DAMEON continue the story of threat in considering how technology rips apart the modern world and creates unusual associations - and war. A former detective finds himself leading the battle to protect a new world order in this thriller examining the roots of freedom in a technologically-advanced world.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Death Without Tenure
Joanne Dobson
Poisoned Pen Press
6962 E First Ave #103, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
9781590585856, $24.95

DEATH WITHOUT TENURE provides a fine Karen Pelletier mystery telling of a professor's tenured position shadowed by a rival's murder. Now Karen is a suspect, involving her lieutenant love in departmental politics and wrapping her in a cloak of suspicion that creates havoc for all around her in this engrossing mystery.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Starship: Flagship
Mike Resnick
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2197
9781591027881, $26.00

Starship: Flagship is Book 5 of Mike Resnick's 'Starship' series and is set in 1970 of the Galactic Era, almost three thousand years from now, when the rebel starship Theodore Roosevelt prepares to lead Cole's armada into the Republic even though outnumbered. New threats bring the crew their greatest challenge yet in a military science fiction encounter highly recommended for prior fans of Resnick's Starship encounters.

The Good, the Bad and the Uncanny
Simon R. Green
c/o Penguin Publishing Group
375 Hudson, New York NY 10014
9780441018161, $24.95

In the Nightside where time stands still and the sun doesn't rise, nightmares inhuman are posing as human - and PI John Taylor has a knack for finding things and handling the Nightside. When he accepts some unusual jobs - including from the Dead Detective - he runs up against an agent who runs the Nightside on behalf of the Authorities - and who wants John 6to take over his job. A fine dark thriller evolves.

Darkship Thieves
Sarah A. Hoyt
Baen Books
Box 1403, Riverdale, NY 10471
9781439133170, $16.00

DARKSHIP THIEVES is space opera at its best and tells of Athena, who wakes up in her father's space cruiser with a stranger looming over her bed. Facing mutiny in her night clothes, Athena is forced to confront invaders from space with few weapons but her wits. Fast action and drama marks a story line hard to put down.

The Cookbook Shelf

The Foodie Handbook
Pim Techamuanvivit
Chronicle Books
680 - 2nd St., San Francisco CA 94107
9780811868532, $24.95

The Foodie Handbook: The (Almost) Definitive Guide to Gastronomy comes from a food blogger who offers insights into world food and what's happening right now. Advice, anecdotes, and recipes blend with social insights to create an involving, different set of dishes from the world's top chefs, accompanied by notes on how to get the most intense flavor from foods.

The Gorgeously Green Diet
Sophie Uliano
c/o Penguin Publishing Group
375 Hudson St., New York NY 10014-3658
9780452295919, $16.00

Diet and health libraries alike will find THE GORGEOUSLY GREEN DIET packs in easy recipes that follow up on the popular GORGEOUSLY GREEN and tell how to save the planet while eating better. Mindful eating promotes eating local, minimally processed and package foods and making healthy organic choices. Cookbook collections will find this a fine lend.

The Travel Shelf

Best in Travel 2010
Lonely Planet
150 Linden St., Oakland Ca 94607
9781741792706, $14.99

Best in Travel 2010 surveys the best places to go and things to do around the world and uses the knowledge of Lonely Planet Publisher's own staff and authors to survey the top 10 countries, regions and cities. Over 30 adventures organized month-by-month accompany keys to obtaining the best travel experiences around the world, and make for a fine general-interest travel library's collection.

The Business Shelf

Get Seen
Steve Garfield
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774
9780470525463, $24.95

Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business adds to the 'New Rules of Social Media' series and examine success stories of companies using online video. It provides a series of plans and tools businesses can use to successfully market to their customers on the social web, teaching readers how to record, edit and export videos as well as where to post them. Any business interested in video blogging applications and potentials needs this.

Presentation Zen Design
Garr Reynolds
New Riders
1249 - 8th St., Berkeley, CA 94710
0321668790, $34.99

Presentation Zen Design offers a range of design tricks and tips to enhance a presentation, with guidelines and basic principles for achieving overall harmony and balance using Zen simplicity. From preparing a talk to simplifying data and making your own images 'pop', PRESENTATION ZEN DESIGN: SIMPLE DESIGN PRINCIPLES AND TECHNIQUES TO ENHANCE YOUR PRESENTATIONS will reach a wide audience, from students to business and computer professionals and managers alike.

Hip & Sage
Lisa Haneberg
20 Park Plaza Suite 1115A, Boston, MA 02116
9780891062455, $19.95

HIP & SAGE: STAYING SMART, COOL AND COMPETITIVE IN THE WORKPLACE is for any career library and offers keys to using the new technologies that are changing how business gets done. Professionals seeking to learn these new strategies will receive keys to the knowledge younger workers have, and how to place new practices into the goals of communicating, connecting and collaborating. Business libraries will find this outstanding.

Friends With Benefits
Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo
No Starch Press
555 DeHaro Street, #250, San Francisco, CO 94107
9781593271992, $24.95

Friends With Benefits: A Social Media Marketing Handbook packs in keys to marketing, blending real-world case studies with insights on how to use websites and social media marketing campaigns to reach customers. From monitoring discussions to using viral videos and Twitter, this offers a review of social media overall and how to fit a business objective into its progression.

The Art of Strategy
Avinash K. Dixit and Barry J. Nalebuff
W.W. Norton
500 - 5th Avenue, New York NY 10110
9780393337174, $17.95

THE ART OF STRATEGY: A GAME THEORIST'S GUIDE TO SUCCESS IN BUSINESS AND LIFE shows how to apply the basics of game theory to everyday situations, using real-life examples and case studies to show how game theory can inform business and personal interactions alike. Ten scenarios highlight strategic interactions and offer keys tying games to business, from changing a game to your advantage to manipulating information in a strategic interaction. Business libraries need this.

201 Tips to Start and Build Your Own Business
Jay Miletsky
Course Technology
c/o Cengage Learning, Inc.
200 First Stamford Place, Stamford, CT 06902
1435455487, $14.99

201 Tips to Start and Build Your Own Business comes from a career entrepreneur who tells how to handle finances, market a company, acquire and work with business partners - everything needed to know when starting and building a business, from the author's own personal experiences as a successful entrepreneur. These are solid discussions of major issues affecting running a business and make for a fine pick for all kinds of collections, from business to general-interest.

The Economics Shelf

Prosperity Without Growth
Tim Jackson
c/o Stylus Publishing
22883 Quicksilver Dr., Sterling, VA 20194
9781844078943, $22.50

Prosperity Without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet raises basic questions about the economics necessary to handle climate change issues, arguing that continued economic growth does not offer a solution but in fact represents a problem. This book calls for a new economic system and has substantially updates and revises a report for the Sustainable Development Commission. Business and environmental collections must have this.

The Needlecraft Shelf

Martingale & Company
20205 - 144th Ave NE, Woodinville, WA 98072-8478

Sys Fredens's DRESS YOUR DOG: NIFTY KNITS FOR CLASSY CANINES (9781564779281, $14.99) offers some 30 designer doggy outfits and accessories from sweaters and pillows to leashes and carrying bags, offering several projects for crochet as well. All sizes and types of dogs are considered with patterns offering various stylish options and ideas. Any knitter's collection needs this - and many a pet owner's library will find it a different, popular pick! Mary Lou Weidman's OUT OF THE BOX: UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY THROUGH QUILTS (9781564779137, $29.99) tells of a quiltmaker whose quilts tell lovely stories - and shows how to achieve similar success and designs. From harvesting unusual fabric from thrift shop finds to creating themes from fabrics or using novelty fabrics to spark a theme, this is packed with creative ideas and different approaches.

American Quilters Society
Box 3290, Paducah, KY 42002-3290

Donna Poster's BLOCK BEAUTY QUILTS (9781574329933, $26.95) offers five easy blocks for making 20 quilts, offering patterns presented in four different quilt designs and including yardages for seven sizes of each quilt. Quilt makers will find this packed with specific directions and plenty of color photos to inspire, making this a lovely pick for any quilter's library. Gwen Marston's LIBERATED QUILTMAKING II (9781574326536, $28.95) represents an update on her Liberated Quiltmaking technique and provides step-by-step instructions, pieces samples, and examples without the usual pattern and template approach. The result is packed with color, and a very different kind of quilting guide! Kimberly Einmo's JELLY ROLL QUILTS & MORE (9781574326529, $26.95) tells how to use precut strips, squares and triangles, and pairs stories, design suggestions and more with its instructions. 10 quilts plus four one-block wonders are outstanding presentations. Teri Henderson Tope's APPLIQUE IN REVERSE (9781574326574, $24.95) tells how to make detailed hand applique using large pieces of background fabric underneath applique designs. It's a technique that does away with small seams and sewing challenges, offering a range of designs for creating unique dimensional results.

Landauer Publishing
3100 NW 10th St., Suite A, Urbandale, IA 50322

Lynette Jensen's Thimbleberries Block by Block to Beautiful Quilts (9780981804064, $27.95) offers a fine new series of quilt blocks and projects in coordinating colors and patterns and is a lovely inspirational guide pairing over 50 blocks and 20 projects. The result is a lovely quilter's guide, perfect for any quilting library seeking more block-oriented projects. Edyta Sitar's FRIENDSHIP TRIANGLES (9780981804095, $24.95) offers an introduction to creating Half Square Triangle Block Quilts through Block Exchange Programs. More than a dozen projects pack a title that tells how to share half-square triangles to create lovely quilts, offering some 80 pages packed with hundreds of photos and illustrations and 15 half-square triangle projects.

Vogue Knitting: Shawls & Wraps
Editors of Vogue Knitting Magazine
Sixth&Spring Books
233 Spring St., New York NY 10013
9781933027845, $24.95

40 of Vogue Magazine's finest creations offer a range of wraps by top knitwear designers from delicate laces to colorful shawls and cozy wraps. Knitters will relish the variety, color, and different design choices that take the latest styles and trends into account, and will find this a fine survey recommended for any general needlework or knitting collection.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Manson Publishing
c/o Wiley-Blackwell
10475 Crosspoint Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN 46256

Patrick J. McKeever, Tim Nuttall, Richard G. Harvey's A Color Handbook of Skin Diseases of the Dog and Cat (9781840761313, $79.99) appears in its second updated edition and has been completely revised and edited, adding over twenty new presentations and conditions, over a hundred thirty new photos, and keeping the problem-oriented approach of the first edition. Any college-level vet library or practicing professional's reference collection MUST have this key handbook. Also key is David J. Mellor,'s THE SCIENCES OF ANIMAL WELFARE (9781405134958, $59.99), recommended for college-level pet libraries discussing the development and future of Animal Welfare Science. From how we obtain fresh insights and improve animal welfare by operating within diverse disciplines to questioning assumptions about animals, this considers the social contexts of animal welfare and is a fine addition to any library strong in animal rights and welfare. The second edition of Michael Schaer's CLINICAL MEDICINE OF THE DOG AND CAT (9781840761115, $149.99) is a 'must' reference for any college-level collection. It covers all major areas of internal medicine of the dog and cat's common disorders, is organized by body system for quick reference, and provides definitions of disorders, diagnoses, and over 1,500 color photos, imaging and diagrams. Nearly 450 illustrations are new to this edition, making for a powerful reference for vet practitioners and students alike.

The Computer Shelf

Python Programming, third edition
Michael Dawson
Course Technology
20 Channel Center St., Boston, MA 02210
1435455002, $34.99

Newcomers to Python seeking a comprehensive introduction to the program will find the third updated edition of PYTHON PROGRAMMING is a winner. It tells how to define functions, manipulate text files and sprites, create a GUI and more, with code sample illustrating concepts throughout. Any programming library catering to Python programmers needs this.

c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759

Mary and Tom Poppendieck's Leading Lean Software Development (0321620704, $49.99) builds on prior best-selling titles LEAN SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT and IMPLEMENTING LEAN SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT to show how to drive high-value change throughout a software organization. From focusing on customers and implementing low-dependency architectures to managing big risks and optimizing workflow and schedules, this is a top pick for any software programming collection. The second edition of Mark Summerfield's PROGRAMMING IN PYTHON 3 (0321680561, $44.99) has been fully revised to include new material on debugging, testing, string formatting and more, and is a 'must' for any programmer's library strong in Python programming. From creating custom packages to writing and reading binary, text and XML files, this comes packed with keys to successful Python programming. Foy Savas' THE MERB WAY (0321606388, $39.99) provides Ruby programmers with an expert guide to building Merb applications in the fist comprehensive guide to using and deploying Merb. From innovations blended into Rails 3 to understanding Merb development processes, this pairs best practices with refactor codes and Merb insights. Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce's GROWING OBJECT-ORIENTED SOFTWARE, GUIDED BY TESTS (0321503627, $44.99) provides tips to TDD that goes beyond basics to build upon real-world experience. Two TDD pioneers show how to use the tests to develop new software that is reliable and maintainable, from creating cleaner code to using tests to focus on quality and using Mock Objects to guide object-oriented designs. Developer collections need this. They also need Carl L. Hoover, Mel Rosso-Llopart and Gil Taran's EVALUATING PROJECT DECISIONS (0321544560, $49.99), a powerful survey of software project managers introducing an innovative design model to help evaluate decisions. From project stages and objectives to proper product definition and business decision impacts on stakeholders and global development, this is a key for both software and business libraries alike. Also a pick is Martin L. Abbott and Michael T. Fisher's THE ART OF SCALABILITY: SCALABLE WEB ARCHITECTURE, PROCESSES, AND ORGANIZATIONS FOR THE MODERN ENTERPRISE (0137030428, $39.99) is a pick for any library catering to web programmers. It tells how to build processes for scale, optimizing performance and planning for rapid data growth and new data centers. It isn't just about technology - it's about processes, people, and the entire issue of scalability at all levels.

Pomodoro Technique Illustrated
Staffan Noteberg
Pragmatic Programmers
P.O. Box 293325, Lewisville, TX 75029-3325
9781934356500, $24.95

Pomodoro Technique Illustrated: The Easy Way to do More in Less Time tells how to organize work to accomplish more - without software planners or more. Proven techniques from software engineering are used to identify and prioritize tasks in this fine survey to 'boxing' time - key to the Pomodoro Technique presented herein.

c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759

Andrew Hudson,'s Ubuntu Unleashed, 2010 Edition (0672331098, $49.99) covers 9.10 and 10.4 of the Ubuntu Linux distribution and offers Mac and Windows users alike keys to using Ubuntu for an easy Linux environment. From installing and customizing Ubuntu to running a printer server, connecting to a local network and the Internet, and playing games on Linux, this comes with Ubuntu on DVD and an upgrade to 10.4, and is a winning presentation for any computer library. Also recommended is Tris Hussey's CREATE YOUR OWN BLOG: 6 EASY PROJECTS TO START BLOGGING LIKE A PRO (0672330652, $21.99) tells how to build a great personal or business blog with no experience. From setting up in minutes to writing compelling blog entries and handling comments, this is a 'must' for any would-be blogger.

The Social Issues Shelf

Comeback America
David M. Walker
Random House
1745 Broadway, New York NY 10019
9781400068609, $26.00

COMEBACK AMERICA: TURNING THE COUNTRY AROUND AND RESTORING FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY comes from a President and CEO of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and former comptroller general of this country, and offers an alarm about our nation's growing deficits and mounting debt. Ideas incorporate the Obama administration's current efforts to date and consider the reforms needed to change America's course. Business, political and social issues collections will find this stimulating reading.

The Harvard Psychedelic Club
Don Lattin
c/o HarperCollins
10 E. 53rd St., New York NY 10022
9780061655937, $24.99

The Harvard Psychedelic Club tells how three brilliance scholars and one freshman crossed paths in the early sixties at a Harvard psychedelic-drug research project - and changed American lives and culture. The four explored expanded consciousness and their actions set the stage for the 1960s social and spiritual revolution, with Timothy Leary as the proponent of LSD, Richard Alpert the spiritual seeker, Huston Smith the teacher of world religions, and Andrew Weil the proponent of alternative healing. Any collection strong in American social history and issues needs this.

Race and Reality
Guy P. Harrison
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2119
9781591027676, $20.00

RACE AND REALITY: WHAT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT OUR BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY draws on research from diverse sources and interviews with key scientists as it explores studies of racial attitude and discusses biological reality and whether the idea of race is a cultural invention. High school to college-level libraries will find this an outstanding pick.

The Judicial Studies Shelf

Angel of Death Row
Andrea D. Lyon
Kaplan Publishing
1 Liberty Plaza, 24th floor, New York, NY 10006
9781607144342, $24.95

ANGEL OF DEATH ROW: MY LIFE AS A DEATH PENALTY DEFENSE LAWYER comes from a nationally recognized expert in death penalty defense and the lead attorney for the Florida mother accused of killing her young daughter, offering a true story of herself and her clients. The process of being a death row lawyer in a country where capital punishment is popular makes not just for a courtroom account, but the motivations to defend killers. Social justice libraries at the college level will welcome this.

Criminal Litigation & Legal Issues in Criminal Procedure, third edition
Brent E. Newton
National Institute for Trial Advocacy
361 Centennial Parkway, Suite 220, Louisville, CO 80027
9781601560988, $45.00,

The legal system of the United States is a complicated system, endlessly evolving in the pursuit of fair law. Now in a fully updated and expanded third edition, "Criminal Litigation & Legal Issues in Criminal Procedure" is a study guide on the many processes that criminal trial as it hopes to educate starting criminal justice attorneys as they gain a greater grasp of the sciences of law. Hoping to put both of the titular issues under one discussed banner, chapters cover the process of the courtroom step by step, chronologically for a highly educational read for students of law, be they amateur or professional. "Criminal Litigation & Legal Issues in Criminal Procedure" is a top pick for any law education collection a community or college library.

The Photography Shelf

Creative Photoshop CS4
Derek Lea
Focal Press
30 Corporate Drive #400, Burlington, MA 01803
9780240521343, $39.95

Creative Photoshop CS4: Digital Illustration and Art Techniques offers tips on digital imaging pairing stunning images form an award-winning digital artist author with keys to using all versions of Photoshop to achieve them. Learn how to create antique effects, stencil art, and more in a guide updated throughout for CS4 and which packs in new chapters on projects with photo images in accessible galleries. A 'must' for any serious Photoshop library.

Canon EOS 7D Digital Field Guide
Charlotte K. Lowrie
Wiley Publishing Co.
c/o John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774
9780470521298, $19.99

Canon EOS 7D Digital Field Guide teaches how to get the most from this complicated camera, exploring key technologies and teaching what each control does and how to set up a camera for a range of exposures, focusing, and more. Learn how to customize the 7D to suit individual shooting patterns with this exceptional camera guide.

Amherst Media
Box 586, Buffalo, NY 14226

Stan Turkel's PHOTOGRAPHING BAR AND BAT MITZVAHS (9781584282709, $39.95) offers mitzvah-specific insights, from understanding timelines for the typical mitzvah photography effort from family portraits to special ceremonies to understanding the latest trends in bar/bat mitzvahs. Keys to capturing rituals and receptions make for specific recommendations essential to any event photographer. Michelle Perkins' 500 POSES FOR PHOTOGRAPHING BRIDES (9781584282723, $34.95) offer ideas for studio and location portraits alike and is packed with images by accomplished photographers throughout showing how to spice bridal portraits. It's a visual sourcebook packed with ideas for unique results, and presents images that draw and maintain viewer interest. Also recommended is Norman Phillips' MOTHER AND CHILD PORTRAITS: TECHNIQUES FOR PROFESSIONAL DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHERS (9781584282624, $34.95), a powerful survey of images that highlight mother/child bonds. From tips for pregnancy portraits and working with kids of all ages to posing and lighting, this is packed with eye-catching examples throughout.

The Music Shelf

Course Technology
20 Channel Center St., Boston, MA 02210

G.W. Childs IV's Using Reason Onstage Skill Pack (1598635638, $29.99) is a pick for any musician who has a home studio and wants to use Reason's tracks for the stage. It shows Reason users how to use Reason 4 for onstage performances, providing key commands important during live performance and learning song layouts, controllers, and handy templates. A 'must' for any user of Reason who wants stage-oriented tips perfect for performances. Jackie Kajzer and Roger Lotring's FULL METAL JACKIE CERTIFIED (1435454413, $29.99) reviews 50 of the most influential heavy metal songs of the 80s and their stories, and is a 'must' for any library strong in modern music. The interviews with favorite rock stars on how they wrote their music blend well with lyrics and track references in this outstanding guide.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Ashtanga Yoga: The Intermediate Series
Gregor Maehle
New World Library
14 Pamaron Way, Novato, CA 94949
9781577316695, $26.95

Ashtanga Yoga: The Intermediate Series: Mythology, Anatomy, and Practice offers the first book on the Intermediate Series for both practitioners and teachers, blending yoga basics with anatomy and spirituality in a top pick recommended for any student. All 27 postures of the Intermediate series are covered through photos, anatomical line drawings, and sidebars of information.

The Science Shelf

Defining Darwin
Michael Ruse
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2197
9781591027256, $26.98

DEFINING DARWIN: ESSAYS ON THE HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY comes from one of the foremost Darwin scholars of our time who for forty years has written extensively on Darwin and his works. This survey re-evaluates Darwin's impact and offers new and recent essays showing historic and current challenges to his theories and the metaphor of natural selection. Science libraries - particularly at the college level - will find its discussions perfect for classroom debate.

The Biography Shelf

Hitler: A Biography
Ian Kershaw
W.W. Norton
500 - 5th Avenue, New York NY 10110
9780393337617, $25.95

Hitler: A Biography is a weighty, definitive guide for any history collection seeking more than a light biography. From Hitler's origins as a failed artist in Vienna to his last days, this offers a view of how Hitler's power evolved, adding in historical analysis and German history to make for an outstanding presentation for any serious World War II history collection.

The Hobbies/Crafts Shelf

The Model Railroader's Guide to Diesel Locomotives
Jeff Wilson
Kalmbach Publishing
P.O. Box 1612, Waukesha, WI 53187-1612
9780890247617, $19.95

The Model Railroader's Guide to Diesel Locomotives is for any hobbyist who wants to find a diesel locomotive for a layout. It offers keys to how diesel locomotives work, histories of major builders, keys to identifying and spotting diesels, and more. From charts of service dates to discussions of history, this is a 'must' for any model railroader.

The Art Shelf

Drawing: A Complete Guide
Giovanni Civardi
Search Press USA
1388 Ross St., Petaluma, CA 94954
9781844485086, $19.95

Drawing: A Complete Guide offers a key for any beginner wanting to learn how to draw as well as those who want to improve upon technique. The basics of drawing portraits, clothed figures, hands and feet and the nude offer tips accompanied by the author's own drawings to make for a fine resource packed with black and white examples throughout. Any arts or general collection will find this a positive pick!

The Library DVD Shelf

Wild Ocean
Image Entertainment
20525 Nordhoff St. Suite 200, Chatsworth, CA 91311-6104
014381362220, $19.98

WILD OCEAN is created by Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas, the creators of STOMP, and presented in Nokia in IMAX 2-D and 3-D. It comes alive here in an enthralling survey of South Africa's wild coastline, following animals and sea life alike. Any library strong in nature or science DVDs will find this a unique, eye-catching and popular lend.

The Library CD Music Shelf

Putumayo Presents: Rhythm and Blues
Putumayo World Music
411 Lafayette, 4th Floor, New York, New York 10003
B0030E5NJG, $15.98

Libraries seeking to include accessible, classic rhythms of retro R&B will find this CD the perfect introduction to sixties-style R&B (known then as soul music). Modern interpretations - some as good as the originals - pack a CD where the big find is the Quantic Soul Orchestra featuring 'Kabir', a singer very much in the style of Bobbie 'Blue' Bland. Some folks on this CD were there in the sixties: for instance, Irma Thomas is here paired with pianist Henry Butler. Other groups made up of younger folks let us know this style of music isn't about to die yet!

The Self-Help Shelf

The Hero's Journey
Stephen Gilligan & Robert Dilts
Crown House Publishing
6 Trowbridge Drive, Ste. 5, Bethel, CT 06801
9781845902865, $34.95,

The journey of the hero, so often used as a literary device, provides much for anyone to learn about themselves. "The Hero's Journey: A Voyage of Self-Discovery" is an inspirational book looking into the personal journey of the hero and how realizing one's own journey can make one realize the aspects of their life and develop into a better person and embrace healthy self-image and love for the characters in one's own story. "The Hero's Journey" is a transcript of a self-help workshop, and the format proves effective for readers trying to understand the story of their life.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Heritage of Light
Janet A. Khan
Baha'i Publishing
415 Linden Avenue, Wilmette, IL 60091-2844
9781931847735, $17.00,

America is a melting pot, culturally and religiously. "Heritage of Light: The Spiritual Destiny of America" looks at the history of the Baha'i faith in America, looking at its early roots and how its roots follow strongly back to the early days of the faith in Iran, where early practitioners of the faith faced constant persecution before reaching America. Stating that Baha'i faith has a greater role in America than it does to its nation of origin, "Heritage of Light" is an intriguing read, well worth adding to religion and spirituality collections.

The Agricultural Studies Shelf

Seed Trade in Rural Markets
Leslie Lipper, C. Leigh Anderson, Timothy J. Dalton, editors
22883 Quicksilver Drive, Sterling, VA 20166-2012
9781844077854, $47.95,

A varied assortment of crops is a key success for the modern farmer. "Seed Trade in Rural Markets: Implications for Crop Diversity and Agricultural Development" is an analysis of the evolution of rural seed trading around the world in developing nations around the world and on many continents. Showing many case studies and what can be learned from them, these roots are the foundation which can change these nations for the better in the future, stating the power of agricultural development in these societies. "Seed Trade in Rural Markets" is a choice pick for any agricultural studies collection.

The Poetry Shelf

Other Signs, Other Circles
Annamaria Ferramosca
Chelsea Editions
PO Box 125, Cooper Station, New York, NY 10276-0125
9780982384923, $20.00,

Experienced and skilled Italian poet Annamaria Ferramosca's work is now available to English speaking readers with "Other Signs, Other Circles". Her poems show no culture, and her message stays true for readers to be easily understood and translated. Deftly translated by Annamaria Crowe Serrano, "Other Signs, Other Circles" is a choice pick for world poetry collections. "Your Life is An Orange": The arc of your life is a blaze, girl./Hug the world tight/with your singing hair!/Your infinite/voice/colors the mini-apartment of the world.//Your life is an orange./Each segment is pulled out./Takes flight.

Shaking the Tree
Jeanne Lohmann
Fithian Press
PO Box 2790, McKinleyville, CA 95519
9781564744937, $14.00,

Nature surrounds humanity and therefore plays a huge role in everyday life. "Shaking the Tree" is an anthology from Jeanne Lohmann, a widely published and prolific poet as she speaks on a wide assortment of aspects in life. With frank and simple wisdom, "Shaking the Tree" is a collection that will educate as well as entertain. "The Making of Revolutions": This terror will not yield;/it cannot be transformed,/the anguish at the heart of things/apostasy to mourn.//Tears are first, the futile words,/then insurrection comes/relentless as refusal/to be powerless and dumb.

Persistent Voices
Philip Clark & David Groff, editors
Alyson Books
245 West 17th Street, Suite 1200, New York, NY 10011
9781593501532, $15.95,

Death to AIDS is not a swift one. "Persistent Voices" is a collection of poems from forty five individuals who expressed their thoughts and emotions through poetry, only to later lose their lives to AIDS. These poems focus on the loss, the tragedy of a slow death, and trying to overcome and live life when you know the time limit seems so close. "Persistent Voices" is a choice pick for collections focusing on life with AIDS. "Gauleiter" by James S. Holmes: The wind lays into the leaves/broadfisted:/his power's been tested/and he foresees/he shall have a claim to days/long after/all leaves are buried:/hear then his laughter,/iron, unhurried,/over their lime-white graves.

Sum of Every Lost Ship
Allison Titus
Cleveland State University Poetry Center
2121 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115-2214
9781880834886, $15.95,

Everything has a beginning and everything has an end. "Sum of Every Lost Ship" is an anthology of poetry from Allison Titus, looking at the end of things and the lessons learned from these tragic and not so tragic ends. Poignant and with plenty of topics to think about, "Sum of Every Lost Ship" is a fine addition to any poetry collection. "Motel": Aspirin, radiator, one week for a modest rate./Thin drawers, thin shower, local calls only/phone./Your funeral jacket./My handmade lace./We have made a confederacy of meanwhile,/tender by tender./Evidence of how we were/faithful won't valentine the century so rived./So fevered, so inconsolable with mistake. Silos/ of dusk marry n and marry the room.

Uttering Her Name
Gabriel Rosenstock
Salmon Poetry
c/o DuFour Editions
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425
9781907056192, $22.95,

The traditions of other cultures are ones that inspire new generations. "Uttering Her Name" is a collection of poetry from Gabriel Rosenstock, using the style of neo-bhakti, devotional poems in a style innovated in India, composed of sudden exclamations. "Uttering Her Name" is fine and unique reading, solidly recommended. A sample: Dar Oma/a barefoot gypsy boy/with outstretched hand/repeats his begging mantra/softly/to the air/to You.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Galatian Re-Imagined
Brigitte Kahl
Fortress Press
PO Box 1209, Minneapolis, MN 55440
9780800638641, $29.00,

No empire ever rose to power without crushing people under its heel. "Galatian Re-Imagined: Reading with the Eyes of the Vanquished" delves into the history of the Galatians, better known as the Gauls. Brigitte Kahl offers a different interpretation of history as Kahl analyzes biblical and historical texts to provide a different image of a people mostly lost to history. Focusing heavily on the spiritual connections, "Galatian Re-Imagined" is a worthy read for any history readier, be they Christian or secular.

Thin Places
Mary E. DeMuth
5300 Patterson Avenue, SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49530
9780310284185, $14.95,

God is everywhere, you just need to know where to find him. "Thin Places" is a memoir of Mary E. DeMuth, focusing on her own quest to find God in her life. Hoping to encourage others to find their own way to connecting with God in their lives. Uplifting and candid, DeMuth's tales are stories many Christians will relate to and embrace. "Thin Places" is a choice and solidly recommended addition to inspirational Christian memoir collections.

The Dictionary of Bible Names
Pamela McQuade
Barbour Books
PO Box 719, Uhrichsville, OH 44683
9781602604803, $9.97,

A name is something that sticks with someone for the rest of their life. "The Dictionary of Bible Names" is a guide for Christian parents of countless biblical characters so parents who want to give a bit of spirituality to stay with their child. Stating the biography of figures with said names, its prominence in the Bible, and the overall meaning of said name. "The Dictionary of Bible Names" is a top pick for those who want plenty of ideas for original, but sensible, biblical names.

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