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Reviewer's Choice

The Wonderful Future That Never Was
Gregory Benford
Editors of Popular Mechanics
c/o Sterling Publishing Company
387 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016-8810
9781588168221, $24.95,

The Wonderful Future That Never Was: Flying Cars, Mail Delivery by Parachute and Other Predictions from the Past comes from the joint effort of a long-time science fiction writer and the editors of Popular Mechanics, and provides a fine modern survey on yesterday's ideas of the future. From utopian cities to tooth transplants and personal aerial cars, this offers a whimsical, fun survey for any general lending library!

Tool School
Monte Burch
Betterway Books
c/o F&W Publications, Inc.
4700 East Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236
9781558708518, $29.99,

TOOL SCHOOL: THE MISSING MANUAL FOR YOUR TOOLS provides an outstanding survey that pairs a hardback binder format with solid pages and spine lettering with a lay-flat format, color photos throughout, and clear discussions of how to use routers, sanders, table saws, handsaws and electric saws, and more. Each tool receives details on use, safety and maintenance in this coverage, packed with key details and essential for tool owners and libraries catering to DIY homeowners.

Serious Microhydro
Scott Davis
New Society Publishers
Box 189, Gabriola Island, BC V0R 1XO, Canada
9780865716384, $29.95,

SERIOUS MICROHYDRO: WATER POWER SOLUTIONS FROM THE EXPERTS offers a key to a proven technology that can create clean, renewable energy from local energy sources with no impact on the environment. Here dozens of firsthand stories of energy independence through waterpower offer technical case studies that gather all the knowledge of microhydro power, and make for a powerful gathering of details.

Assholes Finish First
Tucker Max
Gallery Books
c/o Simon & Schuster
1230 Avenue of Americas, New York NY 10020
9781416938743, $25.99,

ASSHOLES FINISH FIRST is a raunchy, startling account packed with stories of sexual recklessness and bad decisions. It starts where Tucker Max's I HOPE THEY SERVE BEER IN HELL leaves off, considering outrageous questions such as what it's like to have sex with a midget and more. While this may prove too raunchy for some lending collections, others catering to contemporary urban audiences will find this a popular read.

The Honor Code
Kwame Anthony Appiah
W.W. Norton
500 - 5th Avenue, New York NY 10110
9780393071627, $25.95,

THE HONOR CODE: HOW MORAL REVOLUTIONS HAPPEN comes from a top intellectual thinker who here explores the origins and evolution of moral revolutions. Historical moral revolutions and social movements are considered as well as a shift of responsibility from morality to honor. History blends with social insights in a survey especially recommended for college-level social issues collections.

The Englishman Who Posted Himself and Other Curious Objects
John Tingey
Princeton Architectural Press
37 East 7th St., New York NY 10003
9781568988726, $24.95,

The Englishman Who Posted Himself and Other Curious Objects tells of a middle-class Englishman living out his time as an accountant in London, whose passion for sending unusual items through the mail leads to an uncovering of curious postal rules. His experiments sending unusual objects through the mails makes for a fine survey that pairs history, biography and art in an intriguing account.

Mistaking Africa, second edition
Curtis Keim
Westview Press
2465 Central Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301
9780813343860, $33.00,

The second updated edition of MISTAKING AFRICA: CURIOSITIES AND INVENTIONS OF THE AMERICAN MIND is a 'must' for any who would understand the difference between traditional perceptions of African culture and modern realities. Chapters consider how the American view of Africa as a primitive continent has remained consistent in modern times, analyzing portrayals of Africa in popular media from ads to film. New to this edition is an appendix on learning more about African nations. No collection strong in modern African social and cultural realities should be without this.

Chronicle Books
680 Second Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

Charlotte Rivers's Little Book of Letterpress (9780811875073, $24.95) offers a fine history of the craft and explores different types of presses, considering how letterpress is created and its current rise in DIY and crafting circles. Chapters offer details about letterpress creation and pack in color photos of old and new stationary alike, making this a top pick for any arts or general lending library. Steven Heller and Elaine Lustig Cohen's Born Modern: The Life and Design of Alvin Lustig (9780811861274, $50.00) packs color images into a coverage recommended for a range of collections, from California libraries to arts. Lustig was at the front of the design revolution and fostered California modernism and the idea that good design was linked to good business. His extensive influence on designers in all mediums makes this first monograph of his works a 'must' for any collection strong in modern design and architecture. Color photos pack this review of all his works.

The Aviation Shelf

Airbus A380
Guy Norris & Mark Wagner
Zenith Press
c/o Quayside Publishing Group
400 First Avenue North, Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9780760338384, $24.99,

AIRBUS A380: SUPERJUMBO OF THE 21ST CENTURY offers a fine celebration of the superjumbo jet that took off in 2005 to much acclaim and raised more interest than the supersonic Concorde of its time. This probes the entire Airbus project and its key developments and politics, offering a survey of all involved in this aircraft's development and deployment. No aviation collection should be without!

The Sports Shelf

Five Big Mountains
David Schaeffer
Mercer University Press
1400 Coleman Ave, Macon GA 31207
9780881462104, $29.00,

FIVE BIG MOUNTAINS: A REGULAR GUY'S GUIDE TO CLIMBING ORIZABA, ELBRUS, KILIMANJARO, ACONCAGUA AND VINSON provides a dual account of a novice mountain climber's vivid experiences and a survey of how training and planning can provide even amateurs with fine mountain-climbing experiences. This first-person adventure is a 'must' for any library strong in true adventure dramas, bringing readers right there in the climbing decision-making process.

The Wave
Susan Casey
Doubleday & Company
c/o Random House
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
9780767928847, $27.95,

THE WAVE: IN PURSUIT OF THE ROGUES, FREAKS AND GIANTS OF THE OCEAN tells of sailors who have reported 100-foot and high waves appearing from nowhere: legends which scientists once dismissed as impossible. Proof arrived in 2000 when a British research vessel was trapped in the North Sea in a vortex of mammoth waves. The science of giant waves - and the interest extreme surfers take in them - is presented in a lively survey following surf riders and the giant waves that draw them. Riveting reading: every library should have this!

Water Skiing and Wakeboarding
Ben Favret
Human Kinetics
Box 5076, Champaign, IL 61825-5076
073608634X, $24.95,

Water Skiing and Wakeboarding covers all the basics of the sports, from basic equipment and techniques to training. Experienced and newcomer readers alike will find the author's 25 years of competitive experience lends to a title teaching body ability and safety, showing how to ride like a pro and have fun in the process. Sports collections - especially those where watersports is popular - will find this a fine addition, packed with color illustration throughout!

Human Kinetics
Box 5076, Champaign, IL 61825-5076

Stephen J. McGregor, PhD and Matt Fitzgerald's THE RUNNER'S EDGE: HIGH-TECH TRAINING FOR PEAK PERFORMANCE (0736081151, $18.95) provides tech-based training and surveys the range of speed and distance devices available to help runners analyze their achievements. Learn how to use this technology to foster a running program, from determining pace targets for workouts to identifying running strengths and weaknesses. Leslie Kaminoff's YOGA ANATOMY (0736062785, $19.95) provides yoga poses in full color with detailed anatomical drawings, covering the most common asanas and survey breathing and muscles in each pose. A fine survey of all kinds of yoga poses makes this a key reference for any yoga collection.

The Social Issues Shelf

The World for Ransom
D.R. Burgess
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst NY 14228-2119
9781616141738, $26.00,

The World for Ransom: Piracy is Terrorism, Terrorism is Piracy offers a strategy for handling terrorism: give international terrorists the label of pirate enemies of the human race. His history offers evidence that pirates were the first real international terrorists, and offers a strategy for linking piracy and terrorism in a way that offers changed ideas for the future. College-level collections strong in terrorist analysis need this different approach.

The Computer Shelf

CompTIA Network+ N10-004
Mike Harwood
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
0789745593, $59.99,

CompTIA Network+ N10-004 is a recommendation for any in-depth, serious computer collection catering to network administrators. It comes from a top administrator and consultant well versed in Network+, and covers all aspects of the concepts, devices, and protocols of Network+. Visuals teach basic concepts while dozens of real-world applications and troubleshooting concepts lend to a solid title useful both for exam preparation and classroom study alike.

c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759

Patrice-Anne Rutledge's USING MICROSOFT POWERPOINT 2010 (0789742942, $24.99) and USING LINKEDIN (0789744597, $24.99) are fine, specific program-oriented references that are top picks for any new learner. Each book is accompanied by step-by-step video tutorials and audio sidebars delivered through the Free Web Edition that comes with each book. The result is a video tutorial and accompanying text unparalleled in scope and coverage, offering plenty of visuals reinforced by specific details. From using Linkedin to view and submit news articles and posting updates to inserting video clips into Powerpoint and modifying images, these are top references students will need! The fourth updated edition of MY IPHONE (0789747146, $24.99) provides a fine step-by-step series of directions with callouts to iPhone images that help any iPhone user and programmers with issues. These appear in full color throughout and cover all the basics of connecting, managing apps, configuring and syncing information, and more. From capturing photos to listening to music, this is a guide no iPhone user should be without. Jeffrey Hughes' ANDROID APPS MARKETING: SECRETS TO SELLING YOUR ANDROID APP(0789746336, $24.99) offers a step-by-step guide to marketing Android apps, and is a fine pick for business as well as computer collections. From setting prices and writing press releases to blogging, publicity, and using cross-marketing, this is packed with practical marketing ideas for Android developers.

c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759

Paul Dix with Trotter Cashion, Bryan Helmkamp and Jake Howerton's SERVICE-ORIENTED DESIGN WITH RUBY AND RAILS (0321659368, $49.99) is for any programmer's collection where Ruby and SOA are basic references. It offers programmers keys to building strong Ruby-based services, integrating Rails systems and using non-Rails frameworks to simplify Ruby's systems. With chapters focusing on optimization and integration alike, this is a key acquisition! Also key is Jez Humble and David Farley's CONTINUOUS DELIVERY: RELIABLE SOFTWARE RELEASES THROUGH BUILD, TEST, AND DEPLOYMENT AUTOMATION (0321601912, $49.99). The basics of a low-risk delivery process are introduced in chapters which cover all aspects of automating, building, blending and testing software, offering keys to testing requirements, implementation schedules, and more. Developers, systems administrators and managers alike will find this packed with valuable insights. Martin Fowler and Rebecca Parson's DOMAIN-SPECIFIC LANGUAGES (0321712943, $54.99) is also a pick for any software engineering holding. It comes from a noted software development expert who provides the basics software pros need to decide when and how to utilize DSLs. From a general survey of the basic general principles to technical details for developers involved in implementation, this is a fine pick for any college-level lending library. Christian Johansen's TEST-DRIVEN JAVASCRIPT DEVELOPMENT (0321683919, $49.99) offers insights on automated testing, building automated workflows, testing code and more, and uses real-life examples driven by test units to show how to use TDD to gain confidence in code base. Issues range from code design to performance optimization and offer keys for QA specialists and testers alike.

No Starch Press
38 Ringold St., San Francisco CA 94103

Terry Griffin's THE ART OF LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT-G PROGRAMMING (9781593272180, $29.95) offers a complete guide to programming using NXT-G, and is a pick for any exploring the concept of programming Mindstorms robots using NXT-G. From data wires and variables to writing custom programs to make robots appear human, this surveys designs, debugging, and other tools key to working in the NXT environment. A specific, recommended programmer's guide! Also recommended for programming collections is John Calcote's AUTOTOOLS: A PRACTITIONER'S GUIDE TO GNU AUTOCONF, AUTOMAKE, AND LIBTOOL (9781593272067, $44.95). Autotools are used by thousands of open source software packages but have a reputation for being difficult to learn. This is the first title to offer programmers a tutorial to the GNU build system, and is a pick for any programming collection.

1005 Gravenstein Hwy North, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Jim Webber, Savas Parastatidis, Ian Robinson's REST IN PRACTICE: HYPERMEDIA AND SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE (9780596805821, $44.99) is for any computer collection strong in web services and web architecture, offering a pragmatic approach to building web services that are flexible and feature useable interfaces. Three SOA experts provide their explanations of REST and how it can be used to create superior hypermedia systems, with chapters covering application integration processes, using CRUD patterns, and making web-based solutions secure. Kristina Chodorow and Michael Dirolf's MONGODB: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE (9781449381561, $39.99) provides database and web developers with a fine survey of the features of MongoDB, showing how documented-oriented storage works for project management, how to use indexes and advanced query techniques to access data, and how MongoDB's model handles multiple databases and more. This well-detailed survey is key for any MongoDB programmer. iPhone programmers will find essential David Pogue's IPHONE: THE MISSING MANUAL (9781449393656, $24.99), a fine survey of the iPhone 4's software, apps, and customization abilities. Learn how to tweak the phone for better web and email access and use any one of thousands of add-one programs with a fine survey that's a 'must' for any iPhone owner. Norman Walsh's DOCBOOK 5: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE (9780596805029, $49.99) has been extensively revised and updated, edited by Richard L. Hamilton, and offers the latest standards in XML. It comes from a lead engineer and founder of XML Press and teaches all the basics on how to write DocBook XML documents, how to understand its facets, and how to publish DocBook to various formats. All the options for customizing the latest program are packed into this outstanding reference.

c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759

Jeff Papows, Ph.D.'s GLITCH: THE HIDDEN IMPACT OF FAULTY SOFTWARE (0132160633, $59.99) teaches how the economic costs of software glitches can affect a company's bottom line - and how to handle it. Hidden and emerging issues affecting business productivity and profitability make for a fine survey using the author's 30 years of technology experience and technical software system analysis: perfect for software and business companies alike! Clara Shih's THE FACEBOOK ERA (0137085125, $24.99) provides a fine social networking guide that's been completely updated with five new chapters and new case studies along with new 'to do' lists after each chapter. The extensive revamp lends to a fine survey of best practices for using Facebook, Twitter and more to grow a business, and is a 'must' for computer and business collections.

The Writing/Publishing Shelf

Style Guide, ninth edition
The Economist
Profile Books Ltd
3A Exmouth House, Pine Street, Exmouth Market, London, EC1R OJH, United Kingdom
1861979169, $26.95,

STYLE GUIDE: THE BESTSELLING GUIDE TO ENGLISH USAGE appears in a ninth updated edition and is based on the revised, updated house style manual of The Economist. Any who want to communicate well will find this packed with great advice on writing and errors, offering insights into differences between British and American English and references key to economic and business students alike. No college collection should be without this style guide!

Accidental Genius, second edition
Mark levy
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
235 Montgomery St. #650, San Francisco CA 94104-2916
9781605095257, $16.95,

Deserving of repeat mention and recommendation for any writer's or literary collection is ACCIDENTAL GENIUS: USING WRITING TO GENERATE YOUR BEST IDEAS, INSIGHT, AND CONTENT, which appears in a revised, expanded second edition promoting the author's innovation of freewriting, a technique which ignores standard rules of grammar and spelling and encourages fast writing about passionate topics. Six freewriting techniques offer keys to tapping into the subconscious of creativity.

The Writer's Guide to Queries, Pitches & Proposals, second edition
Moira Allen
Allworth Press
10 E. 23rd St., New York NY 10010
9781581157437, $19.95,

The Writer's Guide to Queries, Pitches & Proposals appears in its second updated edition to provide a single reference to learning how to make the perfect pitch to magazines, publishers and others. E-mail pitches and international markets are among the new topics of this updated edition, keeping it current for any writer's reference library.

The Literary Shelf

Words: The Foundation of Literacy
Dale D, Johnson and Bonnie Johnson
Westview Press
2465 Central Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301
9780813344157, $25.00,

Words: The Foundation of Literacy provides a key analysis suitable for advanced high school to college-level literary collections. It traces the history of English words and phrases and provides tips for developing vocabulary based on historical precedent and knowledge, exploring how meaning in language is created by connotations, implications and ambiguities. Chapters analyze semantic connections, offer exercises, and consider how words are organized and perceived by the brain. A fine pick for any student of English.

The Needlecraft Shelf

Wee Wonderfuls
Hillary Lang
Stewart, Tabori & Chang
115 West 18th St., New York NY 10011
9781584798583, $27.50,

WEE WONDERFULS: 24 DOLLS TO SEW AND LOVE pairs illustrations and easy instructions with a wide range of dolls for sewers of all ages and ability skills. It comes from a toymaker who provides fun and different doll types, and includes pages of patterns, step-by-step instruction and all the tools needed to make fun little dolls. Perfect for sewing and crafts collections alike!

C&T Publishing
Box 1456, Lafayette, CA 94549

Barbara H. Cline's STAR STRUCK QUILTS: DAZZLING DIAMONDS & TRADITIONAL BLOCKS (9781571209597, $27.95) features some 13 skill-building projects and mix-and-match quilts using classic quilt blocks and patterns. The star format is expanded here, from triple stars to ripples, and makes for an outstanding pairing of color photos and step-by-step directions perfect for quilters seeking something different. Also highly recommended is Gail Garber's FLYING COLORS: DESIGN QUILTS WITH FREEFORM SHAPES & FLYING GEESE (9781571208187, $27.95). It teaches step-by-step techniques to using different shapes, from Flying Geese to triangles and more, to put together unique quilt designs and offers easy paper-piecing instructions to make the designs more accurate. Full-size foundation patterns are included in a presentation combining color photos and clear directions. Sally Collins' DRAFTING FOR THE CREATIVE QUILTER (9781571208026, $29.95) offers the drafting book every quilter needs, pairing step-by-step directions for drafting grid-based blocks and other patterns with three projects, each with a varying level of difficulty. The result is a fine reference packed with easy foundation instructions on how to design a quilt. Cheryl Malkowski's BLOCKS TO DIAMONDS (9781571209085, $28.95) offers the author's own techniques for transforming traditional square quilt blocks into exciting new diamonds. Star designs teach how to make Y-seams and show how to create eye-catching designs while patterns for 12 easy projects make for an excellent pick! Camille Roskelley's SIMPLIFY (9781571209382, $21.95) tells how to use fast, easy projects to build quiltmaking skills for home decoration. Simple designs, projects and fabrics offer a key to easy achievements that beginners, in particular, will relish!

Amy Butler's Style Stitches
Amy Butler
Chronicle Books
680 - 2nd St., San Francisco CA 94107
9780811866699, $29.95,

Amy Butler's Style Stitches comes from a fabric and sewing designer and pairs photos by David Butler with a fine survey of new bag designs. Some 12 basic patterns offer variations to create nearly thirty unique looks, and ranges from clutches to coin purses. Illustrated step-by-step directions and a bound-in pocket packed with patterns makes this an invaluable collection for any needleworker looking for specific ideas and accompanying patterns.

Stitching Beaded Jewelry
Lesley Weiss
Kalmbach Books
21027 Crossroads Circle, Waukesha, WI 53186
9780871164124, $21.95,

STITCHING BEADED JEWELRY: THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNER'S GUIDE provides everything needed to get started on jewelry that's stitched together with needle and thread. Projects begin at the basic bare-bones level exploring the easy stitches then move to more advanced ideas that build skills. Lessons teach crossweave, brick stitch, herringbone, and more and make for a fine guide for any crafts or needlework library.

Country Comforts
Cheryl Wall
Martingale & Company
20205 - 144th Ave NE, Woodinville, WA 98072-8478
9781564779960, $26.99,

COUNTRY COMFORTS: QUILTS FOR CASUAL LIVING offers 12 projects which feature traditional blocks and twists on patterns. Quilts and wall hangings accompany keys to using applique embellishments and more for quilters of all levels, who will find the project options packed with versatile and different approaches.

Knit & Wrap
Nathalie Mornu
Lark Books
387 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016
9781600596179, $16.95,

KNIT & WRAP: 25 CAPELETS, COWLS & COLLARS offers a fine focus on variations on the cowl and capelet theme, providing projects based on all three designs for knitters seeking something different. Step-by-step instructions provide clear direction for each design, accompanied by color photos of finished projects and notes on different finishing embellishment options. A fine choice for any knitter's collection!

Stitch by Stitch
Deborah Moebes
Krause Publications
4700 East Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236
9781440211614, $27.99,

Stitch by Stitch: Learning to Sew, One Project at a Time comes with a bonus CD including pdf patterns, stitch guides and more and teaches all the sewing basics using a project-oriented approach. 11 modern projects offer step-by-step photo instruction and keys to learning the machine, fabrics, and more. The binder-with-hardcover format lends to both easy filing and location and lay-flat 'as you go' usage, making this a top pick for any who would learn sewing basics - the easy way!

The Library Reference Shelf

Introduction to Geometrical and Physical Geodesy
Thomas H. Meyer
ESRI Press
380 New York St., Redlands, CA 92373-8100
9781589482159, $99.95,

Introduction to Geometrical and Physical Geodesy: Foundations of Geomatics offers a fine technical survey for college-level cartography collections. The author's search for a basic text for his own classes revealed most geodesy books were either too basic or too advanced: this book introduces general concepts at a level that geomaticians are likely to encounter and is intended for students of geographic information systems, engineering, and earth sciences. Formulas related to surveying and practice problems reinforcing geodetic theory come with detailed real-world examples, making this a 'must' for any GIS collection!

Modeling Our World, second edition
Michael Zeiler
ESRI Press
380 New York St., Redlands, CA 92373-8100
9781589482784, $44.95,

The second updated edition of Modeling Our World: The ESRI Guide to Geodatabase Concepts describes the key modeling concepts of ArcGIS and how GIS data is organized and applied. From using coordinate systems to align geographic datasets to using rules and working with location data and mapping, this is a powerful survey packed with applications for geodatabase elements. College-level collections will find it a powerful pick.

The Agriculture Shelf

Toward Sustainable Agricultural Systems in the 21st Century
National Academies Press
500 - 5th St NW, Lockbox 285, Washington DC 20055
0309148960, $65.00,

Toward Sustainable Agricultural Systems in the 21st Century is a top reference for college-level collections strong in sustainable agriculture. It assesses the latest scientific evidence for different kinds of agricultural production around the world, considering the creation and marketing of sustainable programs and following the basic ideas of farming that could foster sustainable activities. From economic and social dimensions to case studies of specific organic farms and their methods, this provides an extensive and in-depth survey.

The Criminology Shelf

Essential Criminology, third edition
Mark M. Lanier and Stuart Henry
Westview Press
2465 Central Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301
9780813344164, $48.00,

The third updated edition of ESSENTIAL CRIMINOLOGY offers the authors' critical survey of the entire field of criminology, covering crime, offering boxed readings by international theorists and students, and identifying the six basic world changes changing how we think about crime and its definitions. Chapters survey failed socialization processes, capitalism's impact on crime, and more. College-level collections strong in criminology need this.

The Photography Shelf

RealWorld Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers
Conrad Chavez
Peachpit Press
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
9780321719836, $59.99,

RealWorld Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers offers keys to Photoshop users on how to make the most of the program, from using more efficient processing workflows and correcting tone to neutralizing colors, improving contrast, working with layers, and more. Black and white and color screen shots and examples throughout make this a solid pick for any who have Photoshop's basics down and want more detail. The coverage of Camera Raw 6 and Bridge CS5 makes this title an outstanding pick.

Focal Press
c/o Elsevier/Butterworth Heinemann,

Derek Lea's BEYOND PHOTOSHOP (9780240811901, $39.95) offers a fine, award-winning survey of how to create stunning works of art using Photoshop and how to use it with other software packages such as Illustrator, Poser, or Painter. Digital artists who already have experience with the program will find this the perfect choice to move to the next level of experience, demonstrating the core features of each program and how they can interact. No serious Photoshop collection should be without this! Also highly recommended is Steve Caplin's 100% PHOTOSHOP (9780240814254, $39.95), an outstanding key to using Photoshop to create powerful graphics. Learn how to create complex images without source material, photos or files from other software packages using techniques that blend artistry with keys to manipulating the latest Photoshop filters. A top pick!

The 50 Greatest Photo Opportunities in Washington, D.C.
Monica Stevenson
Course Technology
20 Channel Center St., Boston MA 02210
1598639943, $29.99,

The 50 Greatest Photo Opportunities in Washington, D.C offers a fine survey of DC's pictorial opportunities. The blend of photo essay and how-to guide is meant to accompany a traditional city guidebook with a twist: identifying and showing the prime photo opportunities within DC. Color photos accompany discussions of monuments, architecture, city scenes and more in a recommendation for any DC-bound tourist photographer.

David Busch's Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR Photography
David D. Busch
Course Technology
20 Channel Center St., Boston MA 02210
1435454332, $29.99,

David Busch's Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR Photography is the basic reference that should accompany any user's guide. It covers, in detail, how to use the Canon's features to obtain the best photos, how to use the HD movie-making capabilities, troubleshooting, and more. A 'must' for any Canon user who wants to get the most from the camera's many complex features!

The Antiques/Collectibles Shelf

Warman's Jewelry, fourth edition
Kathy Flood
Krause Publications
700 East State St., Iola WI 54990-0001
9781440208010, $29.99,

The fourth updated edition of WARMAN'S JEWELRY is a 'must' for any jewelry collector or library catering to them. It offers a redesign with over a thousand images and interviews with experts in key categories, it packs in the latest prices for pearls, art deco, cameos and plastics alike, and it is packed with color photos throughout. Regardless of whether one is dealing with fine or costume jewelry, this identification guide is a 'must'.

The Cookbook Shelf

Soups, Stews & Chilis
Editors of Cook's Illustrated
America's Test Kitchen Publishing
17 Station St., Brookline, MA 02445
1933615621, $35.00,

Soups, Stews & Chilis comes from dedicated cooks and editors who literally prepared over 4,000 pots of soup, stews and chilis to gather the best of their labors for this book. It offers ways to make standard recipes better and easier, from simmering ground beef to produce a meaty base to making quick soups that can be served in half an hour, from scratch. A top pick for any culinary collection seeking foolproof recipes.

New Orleans Kitchens
Stacey Meyer & Troy Gilbert
Gibbs Smith, Publisher
PO Box 667, Layton UT 84041
1423610016, $30.00,

NEW ORLEANS KITCHENS: RECIPES FROM THE BIG EASY'S BEST RESTAURANTS profiles the city's cuisine and regional specialties, pairing art from prominent local galleries and museums with dishes such as Watermelon Lime Spritzer, Crepes Degas filled with wild mushrooms and crab, New Orleans Fermented Black Bean BBQ Shrimp, and more. A delicious pairing of art and cuisine!

The Cast Iron Skillet Cookbook
Sharon Kramis & Julie Kramis Hearne
Sasquatch Books
119 S. Main Street, #400, Seattle, WA 98104
1570614253, $16.95,

Owners of cast iron skillets will find this packs in a fine set of recipes created by the mother/daughter authors Sharon Kramis and Julie Kramis Hearne, blending old and new styles and flavors in nearly a hundred appealing dishes. Color photos pepper ideas on using the cast iron skillet to bake and cook and are accompanied by tips on care of the skillet.

5 Ingredient Fix
Claire Robinson
Grand Central Publishing
c/o Hachette Publishing Group
237 Park Avenue, New York NY 10017
9780446572095, $29.99,

5 INGREDIENT FIX: EASY, ELEGANT, AND IRRESISTIBLE RECIPES comes from the host of TV Network's '5 Ingredient Fix' and shows how to fix meals in virtually no time with only five ingredients. All meals are covered, from breakfast with Brioche French Toast with Strawberries and Cream to Duck Breasts with Citrus-Port Cherry Sauce for a main dish. Color photos abound and general collections will find this a very popular pick.

Around My French Table
Dorie Greenspan
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
215 Park Avenue S., New York NY 10003
9780618875535, $40.00,

AROUND MY FRENCH TABLE: MORE THAN 300 RECIPES FROM MY HOME TO YOURS presents a lovely weighty cookbook for French home cooking and comes from an American who has been living in Paris for more than three decades. Some of her dishes are traditional French and others are new: all are creations she and her French friends cook at home daily. Full-page color photos complete this winning presentation.

The 30-Minute Vegan's Taste of the East
Mark Reinfeld and Jennifer Murray
DaCapo Lifelong
c/o Perseus Books Group
11 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142
9780738213828, $18.95,

Taste of the East: 150 Asian-Inspired Recipes from Soba Noodles to Summer Rolls provides fine vegan dishes perfect for any collection interested in expanding vegan culinary skills. From Tempura Vegetables and Kaffir Lemongrass Tofu Cutlets to Asian fusion dishes such as Coconut Mashed Parsnips, this is an outstanding survey highly recommended for any culinary collection where vegan cooking is of interest.

The Complete Book of Butchering, Smoking, Curing and Sausage Making
Philip Hasheidere
Voyageur Press
400 1st Avenue North #300, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9780760337820, $24.99,

The Complete Book of Butchering, Smoking, Curing and Sausage Making offers a fine guide to butchering, from field dressing wild game and making the best cuts from an animal to avoiding injuries, disposing of unwanted parts, and basic safety practices. The result is an outstanding guide perfect for any would-be home meat cutter and butcher.

Cooking with Italian Grandmothers
Jessica Theroux
Welcome Books
6 West 18th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY, 10011
9781599620893, $40.00,

COOKING WITH ITALIAN GRANDMOTHERS: RECIPES AND STORIES FROM TUSCANY TO SICILY comes from an American chef who spent a year traveling throughout Italy cooking and talking with Italian grandmothers, learning their secrets and stories. The result is a fine blend of history and recipes of twelve selected grandmothers who welcomed Theroux into their kitchens and shared their favorite dishes. From Roasted Leeks with Eggs and Olives to Broccoli and Pine Nut Pasta, this is packed with flavor and insights.

Tartine Bread
Chad Robertson
Chronicle Books
680 - 2nd St., San Francisco, CA 94107
9780811870412, $40.00,

Eric Wolfinger's photos embellish TARTINE BREAD, which comes from a professional bread-maker to provide a fine collection of original bread-baking ideas. Step-by-step photos put the reader by author Chad's side as he revels how to make basic breads from a master formula, and how to use diverse breads in both sweet and savory recipes. An outstanding collection of bread dishes makes this a pick for any general cookery collection.

Chronicle Books
680 - 2nd St., San Francisco, CA 94107

Michael Chiarello's BOTTEGA: BOLD ITALIAN FLAVORS FROM THE HEART OF CALIFORNIA'S WINE COUNTRY (9780811875394, $40.00) comes from a chief who opened Bottega restaurant in the Napa Valley. More than a cookbook, this comes from an award-winning author and food personality and provides a fine gathering of Italian flavors and dishes from Michael Chiarello's roots. Any general interest collection strong in cookery titles will relish this. Pilar Guzman, Jenny Rosenstarch and Alanna Stang's TIME FOR DINNER (9780811877428, $24.95) offers a fine gathering of dishes and ideas for family meals every day of the week. From using ingredients already on hand and having a family dinner where everyone eats the same basic foods to casual entertaining, this is packed with 100 ideas for cooks who want easy, appealing dishes.

Carl Warner's Food Landscapes
Carl Warner
115 W. 18th St., New York NY 10011
9780810989931, $22.50,

Carl Warner's Food Landscapes provides a fine collection of international landscapes made entirely from food. It comes from a veteran photographer whose images have been circulating on the Internet and are collected here for the first time under one volume. Every image is followed by a section that includes an essay about its assembly and stories from the shoots, making this a 'must' for both arts and culinary libraries.

Fresh from the Market
Laurent Tourondel and Charlotte March
Wiley Professional Group
111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774
9780470402429, $35.00,

FRESH FROM THE MARKET: SEASONAL COOKING is more than just another restaurant cookbook: it includes wine and beer pairings, profiles of local markets, complete menus for special occasions such as an autumn wine harvest dinner or holiday celebration, and more. Seasonal fare is at the heart of food and menu choices, here: FRESH FROM THE MARKET gathers over 160 recipes from Tourondel's childhood in France and his chef's career, and makes for an outstanding market-driven cookbook packed with lovely color photos throughout!

Fannie's Last Supper
Chris Kimball
Hyperion Books
77 West 66th Street, New York, NY 10023-6298
9781401323226, $25.99,

Fannie's Last Supper: Re-creating One Amazing Meal from Fannie Farmer's 1896 Cookbook offers up a twelve-course dinner from a classic, comes from the founder of America's Test Kitchen, and provides a fine pairing of recipes and American culinary history. The foundations of what made Fannie Farmer's cookbook so famous and the history of American techniques makes for an outstanding blend of food journalism and dishes unique to Fannie Farmer's time.

New Haven Chef's Table
Linda Giuca and Nancy Freeborn
Lyons Press
Box 480, Guilford, CT 06437
9780762758791, $22.95,

New Haven Chef's Table is the first cookbook to gather the foods of New Haven, Connecticut under one cover, featuring over thirty of the city's top chefs and their innovations. Recipes have been revised with home cooks in mind, and offer surveys of local foods, sustainable foods, and a range of different dishes from Swedish Chocolate Cupcakes to Sausage Frittata. Libraries featuring local chef's creations will find this appealing.

What to Eat
Cooking Light
Oxmoor House
Box 360220, Des Moines, IA 50336-0220
0848733207, $17.95,

Learn to shop smarter and eat healthier with a book packing in secrets and tips on how to make food choices for a family. From the basics of supermarket packaging and options to ready-to-cook products, this packs in over 500 photos and 1,000 tips in a compact take-along tote perfect for any newcomer to family meal preparation. Especially recommended for high school economics classes!

The Business Shelf

The One Minute Negotiator
Don Hutson and George Lucas
235 Montgomery St., Suite 650, San Francisco CA 94104-2916
9781605095868, $21.95,

The One Minute Negotiator: Simple Steps to Reach Better Agreements comes from the co-author of The One Minute Entrepreneur and offers a proven approach to negotiating anything. It comes in a 'business story' format to make for easy access and presents the story of a sales pro who learns how to navigate the finer art of negotiation. Business collections will find this appealing!

The Happiness Advantage
Shawn Achor
Broadway Books
c/o Crown Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, New York, NY, 10036
9780307591548, $25.00,

The Happiness Advantage: Seven Principles of Positive Psychology that Fuel Success and Performance at Work is based on a decade of research in the field of positive psychology and neuroscience applied to business, and offers a formula equating happiness to success. When you raise happiness, you raise success rates: this book's concept follows a Harvard University 'happiness course' that links happiness to every level of industry and business. A fine pick for any business library!

Harvard Business School Press
60 Harvard Way, Boston, MA 02163

Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble's THE OTHER SIDE OF INNOVATION: SOLVING THE EXECUTION CHALLENGE (9781422166963, $29.95) explores the real innovation challenge, which goes beyond the initial burst of energy fostered by an idea and its research. It probes how to execute an innovation challenge in a business world designed not for change but for continuous operations, and it explores conflicts between two operating modes and how to resolve them. Keys to overcoming obstacles come from ten years of research and examples from a range of successful company innovators, making this a top business pick. Also recommended is Cathleen Benko and Molly Anderson's THE CORPORATE LATTICE: ACHIEVING HIGH PERFORMANCE IN THE CHANGING WORLD OF WORK (9781422155165, $29.95). Changes in the definition and strategies of the corporate world are also changing definitions of work and how the corporate ladder may be climbed: this book creates a model for allowing companies to create more cost-effective approaches to work, from managing real estate and technology to engaging high-performing workers. Businesses need this model of success for the new corporate environment.

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs
Carmine Gallo
c/o The McGraw Hill Companies
Two Penn Plaza, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10121-2298
9780071748759, $25.00,

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs: Insanely Different Principles for Breakthrough Success reveals the seven principles that Jobs has consistently used throughout his life to revolutionize the industries of computing, movies, music and telecommunications. It offers first person interviews with those inspired by Jobs and dozens of examples of others who use the Apple foundation to build ideas, products and services. No business library should be without this.

The Mobile Learning Edge
Gary Woodill, Ed.D.
c/o The McGraw Hill Companies
Two Penn Plaza, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10121-2298
9780071736763, $29.95,

THE MOBILE LEARNING EDGE: TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGIES FOR DEVELOPING YOUR TEAMS comes from an authority on e-learning and provides a survey of 'new nomadism' in mobile devices which is changing workplaces and making them less dependent on a centralized workplace. Nomads make discoveries as they come across need and problems: this tells how to use mobile technology to foster mobile learning processes and considers how mobile learning takes place. Business collections will find its specific applications to team development provide fine keys to integrating business approaches to mobile opportunities for employee learning.

1601 Broadway, New York NY 10019

The third updated edition of Paul C. Disnmore, PMP & Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin's THE AMA HANDBOOK OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT (0814415423, $79.95) remains a 'must' for any serious business library. It packs in a reference covering all the latest topics in modern project management, presenting essays from the top pros in the field and reviews of the latest strategies to achieve project goals, manage political issues, budget, and more. New data on the Project management office has been revised to reflect changing trends and business concerns in this best-selling management guide. Kurt W. Mortensen's THE LAWS OF CHARISMA: HOW TO CAPTIVATE, INSPIRE, AND INFLUENCE OF MAXIMUM SUCCESS (0814415911, $21.95) considers the presence and power of charisma, the ability to build rapport and influence others. Research is used to identify some 30 attributes that define powerful charisma and how it works. A fine inspirational plus for any business collection.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe
Charles Yu
Pantheon Books
c/o Random House
1745 Broadway, New York NY 10019
9780307379207, $24.00,

This debut novel comes from a National Book Foundation award-winner for his story collection Third Class Superhero, and tells the funny story of a son searching for his father through quantum space-time. It's a unique journey packed with science, humor and fantasy and blends paradox, sexbots, time travel realities, and a world where a time travel technician helps save people from themselves. A hilarious breath of fresh air in the science fiction would, this should be in every sci-fi collection.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

The Secret Language of Your Body
Inna Segal
Atria Books
c/o Simon & Schuster
1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
9781582702605, $18.00,

The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness deserves ongoing attention and recommendation as a powerful alternative health guide for new age and alternative health collections. Its focus on body, mind and spirit health has been newly expanded for this edition and appears outside Australia to offer readers a fine personal health guide.

Connecting with Your Asperger Partner
Louise Weston
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
400 Market St. #400, Philadelphia, PA 19106
9781849051309, $18.95,

Connecting with Your Asperger Partner: Negotiating the Maze of Intimacy uses the author's own experiences of being married to a man with AS to show that the road to intimacy begins with letting go of expectations and looking after one's personal needs first. Strategies for connecting with an AS partner come second - and are explored here in an excellent survey highly recommended for any health collection and many a general lending library.

W.W. Norton
500 - 5th Avenue, New York NY 10110

Kathleen W. Piercy's Working with Aging Families: Therapeutic Solutions for Caregivers, Spouses and Adult Children (9780393732825, $27.95) offers a powerful survey of family and therapist dynamics, using some 35 years of clinical work and research on family issues to discuss the aging process and its impact on individuals and families. From assessing family interactions to themes that arise from aging and change, this is a pick for any mental health professional's collection. Also recommended is Robin Shapiro's The Trauma Treatment Handbook: Protocols Across The Spectrum (9780393706185, $32.95). It offers psychotherapists a fine survey gathering trauma treatment options and analyzing nearly twenty currently-practiced trauma treatments under one cover. There's no 'one fits all' approach to such management: therefore having this analysis of different successful methods under one cover makes for a key reference for any practicing therapist or library catering to them. Another pick is Diane T. Marsh and Melissa J. Marks' How To Talk To Families About Child And Adolescent Mental Illness (9780393705706, $21.95), offering a fine survey for practitioners working with families that include a mentally ill child. Professional practice with families are revealed in a survey of approaches to real-world clinical encounters in this top pick.

In An Unspoken Voice
Peter A. Levine, PhD
North Atlantic Books
Box 12327, Berkeley, CA 94712
9781556439438, $21.95,

In An Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness uses the author's experiences as a clinician and a student of comparative brain research to explore the nature and impact of trauma on the body and brain. Here trauma is viewed as neither a disease nor a disorder, but an injury caused by loss and fright that can be healed through therapy. Case study examples blends biology and body-oriented psychotherapy in a fine collection of insights highly recommended for college-level psychotherapy holdings.

The Biography Shelf

Countdown to Lockdown
Mick Foley
Grand Central Publishing
c/o Hachette Book Group
237 Park Avenue, New York NY 10017
9780446564618, $26.99,

COUNTDOWN TO LOCKDOWN: A HARDCORE JOURNAL details author Mick Foley's decision to come out of retirement to join the TNA wrestling franchise, despite numerous injuries. His journey to get back into the wring and his debut at TNA's Lockdown, one of the key matches of his career, makes for an engrossing wrestling account that shares stories from not just the ring, but his entire life. Any fan of Mick Foley and TNA wrestling will value this survey.

Perdurabo, revised edition
Richard Kaczynski
North Atlantic Books
Box 12327, Berkeley, CA 94712
9781556438998, $29.95,

PERDURABO: THE LIFE OF ALEISTER CROWLEY provides a definitive biography of the magician and prophet and is a 'must' for any new age collection or library where magic is of interest. Crowley inspired generations of social and spiritual thinkers and this uses the author's extensive expertise to provide a new, in-depth spin on Crowley's story. Twenty years of research on the subject reflect a fine survey including unique biographical details and previously unpublished photos in a revised, expanded edition.

The Science Shelf

Why Does E=Mc2?
Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw
Da Capo Press
c/o Perseus Books Group
11 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142
9780306818769, $15.95,

Why Does E=Mc2? (and why should we care?) comes from a professor and author who examine 21st century science and Einstein's equation, exploring, explaining and simplifying Einstein's ideas in the process. Their approach lends to an easy survey of science for non-scientists, providing a lively survey general lending libraries will appreciate.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

The Climate Fix
Roger Piekle, Jr.
Basic Books
c/o Perseus Books Group
11 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142
9780465020522, $26.00,

THE CLIMATE FIX: WHAT SCIENTISTS AND POLITICIANS WON'T TELL YOU ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING proposes a new way of seeking solutions to climate changes, and uses math and logic to explore basic flows in current approaches and 'solutions' that fail to account for world realities and energy needs on a global scale. His approach is neither conservative nor liberal, but takes elements of different sides to form a unified theory of change that will prove key to any discussion about the climate.

Hope Beneath Our Feet
Martin Keogh, Editor
North Atlantic Books
Box 12327, Berkeley, CA 94712
9781556439193, $18.95,

Hope Beneath Our Feet: Restoring Our Place in the Natural World offers a powerful set of essays by Barbara Kingsolver, Barry Lopez, Alice Walker and other top writers who answer the question: "In a time of environmental crisis, how can we live right now?" Their diverse answers and thoughts offer important insights key to understanding personal responsibility and replacing despair with hope and action.

The Psychology Shelf

Sian Beilock
Free Press
1230 Avenue of Americas, New York NY 10020
9781416596172, $26.00,

CHOKE: WHAT THE SECRETS OF THE BRAIN REVEAL ABOUT GETTING IT RIGHT WHEN YOU HAVE TO comes from a psychologist who is an expert on the brain science behind making mistakes. The focus is 'choking under pressure', with descriptions of business and personal mistakes covering the effects of pressure. Brain science and psychology reveal many keys to issues in this intriguing survey recommended for science and health collections alike.

The Music Shelf

Leonard Cohen: A Remarkable Life
Anthony Reynolds
Omnibus Press
c/o Music Sales Corporation
257 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010
9781849381383, $24.95,

Leonard Cohen: A Remarkable Life tells the fine story of a poet and singer and uses new interviews conducted with Cohen's band members past and present, friends, fans and producers to provide a well-rounded portrait of a notoriously evasive musician. The result is a set of insights key to any popular music library.

Why Mahler?
Norman Lebrecht
Pantheon Books
c/o Random House
1745 Broadway, New York NY 10019
9780375423819, $27.95,

WHY MAHLER? HOW ONE MAN AND TEN SYMPHONIES CHANGED OUR WORLD comes from a cultural commentator who has been researching Mahler for half of his life. This considers Mahler's influence on the modern world of music, considering his initial difficulties as a music writer and the long-term influence of his works on modern classical music. Any classical music library, particularly at the college level, should have this discussion of Mahler's life and achievements.

The Military Shelf

Osprey Publishing
4402 - 23rd Street, Suite 219, Long Island City, NY 11101-5058

Martin Pegler's THE THOMPSON SUBMACHINE GUN: FROM PROHIBITION CHICAGO TO WORLD WAR II (9781849081498, $17.95) offers the first book in Osprey's 'Weapon' series and provides a finely detailed review of the development, use and impact of small arms throughout history. Expert knowledge and first-hand accounts contribute to an analysis of the Thompsons development and those who used it, making for an outstanding survey recommended for any military collection. Also a powerful pick is Prit Buttar's BATTLEFIELD PRUSSIA: THE ASSAULT ON GERMANY'S EASTERN FRONT 1944-45 (9781849081900, $29.95). It comes packed with action shots and photos, first-hand accounts from soldiers on both sides - most of which have never appeared in English - and follows the months between the arrival of the Red Army in Germany to the collapse of Hitler's regime. No military collection strong in World War II should be without this specific, in-depth analysis. World War II collections will readily welcome Mark Sitlle's MIDWAY 1942: TURNING POINT IN THE PACIFIC (9781846035012, $19.95), a fine survey of the battle of Midway, its politics, and its strategy. Recent research into the battle offers a new study to dispel many myths, making this a 'must' for any serious analysis of the Midway experience. Osprey's THE MILITARY HISTORY QUIZ BOOK (9781849081726, $9.95) provides a fine military history trivia collection for any buff who thinks they know military topics. Osprey's own quizmaster creates a range of questions and answers that will make a perfect gift choice for any military history enthusiast. Ron Field's ROBERT E. LEE (9781849081450, $18.95) offers Book 7 in Osprey's 'Command' series covering the tactics and leadership of history's greatest military commanders, and offers letters, newspapers and diaries to build a fine narrative of Lee's achievements. From his legendary career to his tragedies, ROBERT E. LEE is a fine introduction for any military or general-interest holding!

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

God and Sex
Michael Coogan
Twelve Books
c/o Hachette Book Group
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017-0010
9780446545259, $24.99,

GOD AND SEX: WHAT THE BIBLE REALLY SAYS appears in a faux black leatherette cover much as a Bible, comes from a scholar and professor of religious studies, and packs in keys to specific Bible passages and events revolving around sex. An unbiased appraisal of everything form homosexuality and polygamy to premarital sex is gathered for the general reader in a top recommendation for any Christian collection.

The Christian Studies Shelf

I Dare You to Change!
Bil Cornelius
16 E. 34th St., New York NY 10016
9780824948184, $19.99,

I DARE YOU TO CHANGE! DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DREAMING OF A BETTER LIFE AND LIVING IT comes from a pastor of Bay Area Fellowship, one of the fastest growing churches in America, and offers a motivational spiritual manual for getting through the days. Examples from the Bible contribute to chapters that focus how to break failure cycles and how to develop plans and new attitudes for success. A fine link between spirituality and personal choice!

The Travel Shelf

Book Lust to Go
Nancy Pearl
Sasquatch Books
119 South Main St., Suite 400, Seattle, WA 98104
9781570616501, $16.95,

BOOK LUST TO GO: RECOMMENDED READING FOR TRAVELERS, VAGABONDS, AND DREAMERS covers over 120 destinations and provides the perfect reading list to accompany each place. Both fiction and nonfiction are included in the reading lists, with titles providing insight into both history and culture. It's a 'must' for any travel collection catering to either armchair readers or destination-bound travelers!

Long Way Home
Bill Barich
Walker & Company
175 - 5th Avenue, New York NY 10010
9780802717542, $26.00,

Long Way Home: On the Trail of Steinbeck's America comes from an author who used Steinbeck as his inspiration to take a mid-life coast-to-coast trip to discover America. He blogged about his trek for the New York Times - and here provides an account that traces his journeys and discoveries through small-town America.

Lonely Planet Publications
150 Linden Street, Oakland CA 94607

Lonely Planet is best-known for its take-along tote guides to independent world travel, so it's eye-opening to see one of their books - THE TRAVEL BOOK (9781741792119, $50.00) packaged in a weighty, oversized hardcover edition packing in color photos and armchair traveler information. Libraries and any collection strong in leisure travel reading will find this a treasure trove packed with A-Z profiles of nearly every country in the world, all written by travelers who have visited that country. From best books to read and music to listen to for advance study before visiting to getting the most from a visit, this is an extensive world travel survey no traveler should be without! A fine take-along tote is Charles Rawlings-Way's NEW ZEALAND (9781741794731, $26.99), offering full coverage of the costs, culture, and activities possible throughout New Zealand. Over 150 maps and entries covering everything from festivals and history to travel within the country make this a take-along 'must' recommended for independent travelers and collections catering to them. Also recommended is Sara Benson,'s USA'S BEST TRIPS: 99 THEMED ITINERARIES ACROSS AMERICA (9781741797350, $24.99). It offers itineraries key to planning the perfect trip across the country, packing in maps, driving times, directions, themes, and ideas from regional experts. Family-friendly and pet-friendly considerations are also included, making this a top pick for any general lending library.

The Audiobook Shelf

Penguin Audio
375 Hudson St., New York NY 10014

Clive Cussler and Grant Blackwood's LOST EMPIRE: A FARGO ADVENTURE (9780142428598, $29.95) receives Richard Poe's fine acting background and audio abilities as it returns the heroes of Spartan Gold to a new adventure thriller perfect for any audio library strong in drama. LOST EMPIRE tells of a scuba diving team's discovery of a relic belonging to a lost Confederate ship, and a worldwide adventure hunt which ensues. John Sandford's BAD BLOOD (9780142428825, $29.95) receives Eric Conger's award-winning voice as it tells of a Minnesota farmer who is killed when he brings his soybeans to a local grain elevator. A local sheriff discovers the murderer - who then is himself killed. A fine survey evolves in a complex series of murder and intrigue stories, finely interwoven and perfect for any audio lending library. John Sandford's BAD BLOOD also appears unabridged (9780142428818, $39.95) with Eric Conger providing the same, superior rendition. SANTA FE EDGE by Stuart Woods (9780142428801, $29.95) receives Michael Kramer's stage skills and audio narration of Woods' previous SANTA FE DEAD, which lends a uniformity and smoothness to this latest story of Ed Eagle, a Santa Fe attorney who faces a puzzling new murder challenge in a golfer's hacienda. A ruthless enemy returns to haunt his efforts in this outstanding murder mystery. Jorge Luis Borges' COLLECTED FICTIONS (9780142428085, $29.95) receives veteran narrator George Guidall's smooth and absorbing voice as it tells of key themes in Borges' writings. From Borges' work in fantasy and detective work to his surrealistic views of everyday reality, this offers a powerful collection that comes alive in audio format and is a top pick for any Borges collection. John LeCarre's OUR KIND OF TRAITOR (9780142428429, $29.95) receives a fine reading by TV actor Robin Sachs, who adds spice and vigor to this story of economic intrigue. A young English couple's tennis vacation in Antigua takes an ominous return when their journey attracts the interest of the British Secret Service, who needs their help. Alliances and underworld connections evolve in an exciting story.

Brilliance Audio
PO Box 887, Grand Haven, MI 49417

Former Special Forces Ops Jonathon Payne and David Jones are back for another thriller: Chris Kuzneski's THE PROPHECY (142338962X, $29.99) centering around a Nostradamus prophecy, a new discovery, and an assassin who wants to kill anyone who knows of the document. A cross-continent cat-and-mouse hunt ensues, spiced by the riveting performance of veteran narrator Dick Hill. Suzanne Brockmann's INFAMOUS (1441850619, $24.99) receives a fine dual narration by Angela Dawe and Patrick Lawlor, whose acting abilities and experience lends a dramatic edge to this story of a history professor consulting on a western legend for a film. Her witness of an event will place her in danger in this excellent story of drama, romance and action. Andrew Vachss' HARD CANDY (1441821155, $29.99) receives veteran Phil Gigante's seasoned and professional voice as it offers a thriller about a hit man who metes out his own form of punishment to those who victimize children - and a dangerous criminal intent on recruiting runaways for his own purposes. An outstanding account of intrigue comes alive in audio format! Robert M. Poole's ON HALLOWED GROUND: THE STORY OF THE ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY (1441868224, $29.99) is narrated by the author and offers a powerful survey of the Cemetery created during the Civil War. Details affecting the cemetery from the aftermaths of many wars lend to an all-embracing history recommended for nonfiction audio collections. Joseph Wambaugh's THE CHOIRBOYS (144187481X, $29.99) receives Oliver Wyman's outstanding performance and extensive background in audio narration, which perfectly pairs with a fine survey of the L.A. Police Department haunted by dark secrets of shared sex sessions they call choir practice. A fine saga of a dark underworld emerges. Jack Higgins' THE PRESIDENT'S DAUGHTER (1441843310, $29.99) receives Michael Page's outstanding voice and experience in recording numerous titles for Brilliance. It offers a fine thriller that translates well to audio and centers around a U.S. President's romances of the past and the truth about his daughter, who is kidnapped by an extremist group. A gripping thriller emerges. Stephen White's THE LAST LIE (1423390407, $34.99) is also a fine thriller, with veteran Dick Hill performing an outstanding narration. The story of a housewarming party gone awry makes for a chain of events that adds drama and intrigue to a puzzle. Paul Greenberg's FOUR FISH: THE FUTURE OF THE LAST WILD FOOD (1441872426, $29.99) receives Christopher Lane's seasoned voice as it explores the state of our ocean and the perils of overfishing. Fish are the last wild food - and they may soon be gone. This provides a compelling assessment of dangers and preservation needs.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Obsidian Mystery
c/o The Penguin Publishing Group
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014

JoAnna Carl's THE CHOCOLATE PIRATE PLOT: A CHOCOHOLIC MYSTERY (9780451231277, $21.95) blends chocolate trivia and recipes with a fine mystery revolving around a boat ride, a pirate invasion, and murder. What begins as a fun pirate escapade for laughs evolves into a serious investigation in this fun murder mystery, perfect for general lending collections. Livia J. Washburn's THE PUMPKIN MUFFIN MURDER (9780451231321, $14.00) includes recipes and a fine seasonal dish in a mystery surrounding pumpkin cheesecake muffins. Phyllis hopes to win a Fall baking contest, but when a decorative scarecrow at an event turns out to hold a dead body - that of the festival's organizer - it falls upon Phyllis to find out the truth. A fine story of holiday murder evolves. Kate Carlisle's THE LIES THAT BIND (9780451231697, $7.99) tells of a bookbinder, a bully, and rare books. Brooklyn is an expert at rare books and has returned to San Francisco to teach a bookbinding class. A simple endeavor turns into a murder mystery packed with twists and turns of plot. Elaine Viets' AN UPLIFTING MURDER (9780451231703, $7.99) tells of Josie, assigned to mystery-shop a chain of lingerie stores who discovers a high school acquaintance murdered near the shop. A murder investigation reveals a suspect with a secret in this engrossing story. Karen E. Olson's DRIVEN TO INK (9780451231574, $6.99) is set in Las Vegas where impersonators of the Rat Pack are performing nightly at clubs all over town. The trouble is - not all are alive, and it takes a dead body in a loaner car trunk to involve Brett in the investigation of foul play. Wendy Lyn Watson's SCOOP TO KILL (9780451230768, $6.99) tells of Tally, who finds a school celebration marred by death. Her attempts to clear a professor's name results in a dangerous encounter with a killer. Tod Goldberg's BURN NOTICE: THE GIVEAWAY (9780451229793, $6.99) tells of a former covert op and a gentleman thief who gets caught. A Robin Hood-like encounter with a gang leads to efforts to save a life in this fine mystery of intrigue and action. Victoria Laurie's A GLIMPSE OF EVIL (9780451230850, $7.99) presents a 'psychic eye' mystery revolving around a psychic's investigations. Abby is new at the FBI and her skills are doubted, but when she connects several cases, she finds danger and personal struggles abound in this fine murder mystery. Eileen Davidson's DIVA LAS VEGAS (9780451230751, $6.99) tells of Alexis, who is a soap opera star finding the road to the Vegas strip is fraught with danger. A Halloween invitation leads to murder in this fine mystery.

The Koala of Death
Betty Webb
Poisoned Pen Press
6962 E. First Ave, Suite 103, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
9781590587560, $24.95,

THE KOALA OF DEATH: A GUNN ZOO MYSTERY features zoo keeper Thedora in her second investigation where she finds the body of a zoo keeper and draws assignment to replace he on a weekly live-TV show featuring lively zoo animals. But the killer isn't done yet, and Teddy finds herself - and some of her zoo friends - in trouble in this intriguing mystery, perfect for any lending library's mystery holding.

Berkeley Prime Crime
375 Hudson St., New York NY 10014

Kate Kingsbury's MISTLETOE AND MAYHEM (9780425236901, $14.00) offers a special Pennyfoot Hotel mystery just for the holiday season. Cecily Baxter and staff are busy with the holidays, but when a footman is murdered, they discover the culprit is likely on the guest list in this satisfying read. Maggie Sefton's DOUBLE KNIT MURDERS (9780425236918, $15.00) tells of Kelly, whose passion for knitting is only superseded by her passion for solving crimes. Her enthusiasm contributes to the first of two Knitting Mysteries that will delight needle workers with a passion for intrigue. Laura Childs' TRAGIC MAGIC (9780425237434, $7.99) provides a fun scrapbooking mystery. Carmela, scrapbook store owner, has her work cut out for her, helping Melody convert a mansion into a haunted house for tourists. Real murder adds unexpected spice to their endeavors. Sheila Connolly's FUNDRAISING THE DEAD (9780425237441, $6.99) tells of a Pennsylvania antiquarian society where fundraiser Eleanor is soliciting donations while solving crimes. A missing document leads to murder in this thriller. Chaz McGee's ANGEL INTERRUPTED (9780425233146, $7.99) takes an unusual turn in telling of a murder investigation by a dead soul. Kevin must redeem himself by helping his living replacement, Maggie, solve a crime in this fine story. Hannah Reed's BUZZ OFF (9780425236420, $7.99) provides a new mystery revolving around a beekeeper. Here Story is facing National Honey Month, the end of a messy divorce, and a mentor who is found stung to death. Can she prove her honeybees had nothing to do with his death? Fine twists and turns evolve. Joyce and Jim Lavene's DEADLY DAGGERS (9780425236444, $7.99) follows Jesse, who is facing another summer apprenticeship at the Renaissance Faire with friend Daisy - until Daisy's former love is murdered. Add personal issues to her search for Alastair's killer and you have a riveting story. Casey Mayes' A DEADLY ROW (9780425236413, $7.99) tells of math whiz Savannah, who makes a living creating challenging puzzles. But the greatest challenge of all comes when her intention to support her husband involves her in a killer's unusual game. Elizabeth Lynn Casey's DEATH THREADS (9780425233412, $6.99) tells of Tori, whose new circle of friends is challenged by a local author's knowledge of the town's seedier side of life. When he vanishes under mysterious circumstances, Tori becomes involved in an investigation that involves her entire sewing circle. Joyce and Jim Levine's A TIMELY VISION (9780425234754, $7.99) presents the first in a new series telling of a mayor who wears too many hats. When the town matriarch seeks out Dae to help find a missing watch, her vision leads her into a murder investigation.

The Art Shelf

Processing for Visual Artists
Andrew Glassner
AK Peters
5 Commonwealth Rd. Suite 2C, Natick, MA 01760
9781568817163, $69.95,

Processing for Visual Artists: How to Create Expressive Images and Interactive Art is a pick for artists from all disciplines and for arts collections catering to them. It tells how to use the Processing graphics language to create expressive images, presenting a hands-on book for any who seek to create interactive, expressive images for art, education, or business. Visual thinkers who have issues with traditional computer science guides will find this quite accessible, using projects as platforms for teaching basics. A top pick, this includes color art image examples throughout.

Modernism and the Art of Muslim South Asia
Iftikhar Dadi
University of North Carolina Press
116 S. Boundary St., Chapel Hill, NC 27514-3808
9780807833582, $39.95,

Modernism and the Art of Muslim South Asia is a pick for college-level holdings surveying South Asian culture and art and for Muslim history holdings alike. It traces the emergence of modern Muslim South Asian art and comes from an art historian who explores the art and writings of major artists from the late colonial period to modern times. From individual artists to the trends they fostered in creating modern works, this surveys history and intellectual as well as artistic concepts and makes for an excellent in-depth, college-level analysis.

Vera: The Art and Life of an Icon
Susan Seid
Abrams Image
115 - W. 18th St., New York NY 10011
9780810996045, $35.00,

Vera: The Art and Life of an Icon provides a survey of a designer and artist, Vera Neumann, who built one of the most successful female-run companies of her time based on the idea that fine art should be accessible to all. Her creations were centered in daily living, from placemats and napkins to silk scarves for an outfit, and her original sketches, paintings and photos of her world travels provide a captivating survey perfect for any serious arts or women's studies collection.

The Architecture Shelf

Inclusive Housing: A Pattern Book
Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access
W.W. Norton
500 - 5th Avenue, New York NY 10110
9780393733167, $39.95,

Inclusive Housing: A Pattern Book is packed with tips for architecture libraries and any urban design collection involved with accommodating social diversity. It offers a key to considering different housing types and styles that lend to diverse communities and discusses everything from reducing urban sprawl to developing building approaches supporting inclusive design goals. A 'must' for arts, homeowner and urban studies collections alike.

AARP Guide to Revitalizing Your Home
Rosemary Bakker
Lark Books
387 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016
9781600592805, $24.95,

AARP Guide to Revitalizing Your Home: Beautiful Living for the Second Half of Life offers models for redesigning a home, showing how revisions for safety and access can also be attractive when integrated with the home's structure and feel. Redecoration and remodel ideas focus on a range of possibilities for people with all levels of disability, following the process from initial home assessment to DIY fixes and projects, all based on basic design principles. A 'must' for any general lending collection!

Architecture Now! 7
Philip Jodidio
107 Greene Street, New York, NY 10012
9783836517362, $39.99,

Architecture Now! 7 reviews modern architecture and compliments others in the series, introducing a broad variety of projects and works and exploring how the recent economic downturn has affected projects and budgets. Author Philip Jodido studied art history and economics at Harvard University, and has published numerous articles and books on modern architecture. His ARCHITECTURE NOW! 7 gathers color interiors and exteriors and makes for a powerful guide suitable for any college-level lending collection.

The Education Shelf

Schoolwide Physical Activity
Judith E. Rink, Tina J. Hall, Lori H. Williams
Human Kinetics
Box 5076, Champaign, IL 61825-5076
0736080600, $49.00,

Schoolwide Physical Activity: A Comprehensive Guide to designing and Conducting Programs deserves ongoing, repeat mention as a key acquisition for K-12 teachers and administrators to the tools needed to plan and implement a physical activity program. This is more than discussion: it offers a concrete blueprint, ready-to-use activities to cover some 200 games, dances and activities that can be printed from an included CD-ROM, and program ideas for all ages. Web sites, readings and more reinforce the ideas in this 'must have' teacher's reference.

The Princeton Review
c/o Random House Inc.
1745 Broadway, New York NY 10019

David Anderson, Ph.D.'s CRACKING THE AP ECONOMICS MACRO & MICRO EXAMS, 2011 (9780375429972, $18.00) comes packed with detail on the AP Economics Macro & Micro Exams, with tables, charts, and coverage offering planning tips to make the most of taking the exam. Any collection catering to students will find this is a 'must' packing in 2 full-length practice tests with detailed explanations and reviews of all kinds of topics. Key terms and more make this a winner! A similar arrangement makes CRACKING THE AP PHYSICS B EXAM (9780375427787, $18.00) an equally important winner for any library catering to students of the AP Physics B exam. Details on the exam's planning and questions make this a key reference.

Styles & Strategies for Teaching High School Mathematics
Edward J. Thomas, John R. Brunsting, Pam L. Warrick
Corwin Press
2455 Teller Rd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91320
9781412968355, $35.95,

Styles & Strategies for Teaching High School Mathematics tells how to make math more effective by using four math learning styles - Mastery, Understanding, self-Expressive and Interpersonal - to teach classroom-tested strategies. Any curriculum or text can be used in conjunction with these methods, which include step-by-step directions, examples and planning guides for each math teaching strategy.

High-Tech Teaching Success!
Kevin D. Besnoy & Lane W., Clarke, Editors
Prufrock Press
Box 8813, Waco, TX 76714-8813
9781593633844, $19.95,

High-Tech Teaching Success tells teachers how to bring technology into the classroom, offering keys to using Google Earth, blogs, digital diaries, Facebook and other popular online sites in the teaching process. From classroom web sites to digital teaching, this is an excellent review of how technological opportunities can integrate into any classroom teacher's objectives.

Arts Therapies in Schools: Research and Practice
Vicky Karkou, Editor
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
400 Market St. #400, Philadelphia, PA 19106
9781843106333, $39.95,

Arts Therapies in Schools: Research and Practice includes domestic and international studies in its survey of the uses of music, art, drama and dance therapies in educational settings. More than a survey of results, this offers techniques and shows how solution-focused group work can contribute to cooperation in the classroom and how exposure to art therapy can reach special needs kids. Solution-based group work is covered with specifics special educators can apply to their classrooms.

The Holiday Shelf

The Farm Chicks Christmas
Serena Thompson
Hearst Books
c/o Sterling Publishing Company
387 Park Avenue South, New York NY 10016-8610
9781588165213, $27.95,

The Farm Chicks Christmas comes from Country Living contributing editor Serena Thompson and offers a fine blend of decorating ideas, recipes for holiday treats, and tips on making holiday crafts. New ideas for making special holiday ideas lends to a wonderfully original holiday guide perfect for Christmas collections.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Storey's Guide to Keeping Honey Bees
Malcolm T. Sanford & Richard E. Bonney
Storey Publishing
210 Mass MoCa Way, North Adams, MA 01247
9781603425506, $19.95,

STOREY'S GUIDE TO KEEPING HONEY BEES guides would-be beekeepers through all steps of the process, from planning a hive and acquiring bees to keeping a colony healthy and preventing problems. From smoking bees to pollination, this packs in everything needed to learn about beekeeping and the art of managing a colony. General collections will find this an excellent, basic coverage.

The Merck Veterinary Manual, tenth edition
Cynthia Kahn, BA, MA
10475 Crosspoint Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN 46256
9780911910933, $60.00,

The tenth updated edition of the classic The Merck Veterinary Manual offers any practicing vet and veterinary libraries a powerful reference. Hundreds of color images include illustrations, endoscopic images, ultrasonographic results and more, while all 3,000 pages of this 'bible' have been updated to reflect the latest veterinary science practices. Coverage of all common domestic animals and newly expanded coverage of exotics and lab animals are offered in a key acquisition for any serious vet's collection.

Larry Levin
Grand Central Publishing
c/o Hachette Book Group
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
9780446546317, $19.99,

OOGY: THE DOG ONLY A FAMILY COULD LOVE offers the story of a family that brought an ailing cat to the local animal hospital to be put down - and emerged with an odd-looking dog with a violent past. The Levins adopted him - and found themselves with a loyal and fun family pet in this moving story that will appeal to any pet owner.

The African-American Studies Shelf

Venture Smith and the Business of Slavery and Freedom
James Brewer Stewart, Editor
University of Massachusetts Press
P.O. Box 429, Amherst, MA 01004
9781558497405, $34.95,

Venture Smith and the Business of Slavery and Freedom provides a book that began in 2006, where a team of forensic scientists excavated the graves of emancipated slaves Venture Smith and his wife Margaret. Smith's descendants requested the investigation in their search to discovery everything about his life: the scientific inquiry based on recovering DNA for genealogical tracing began an inquiry crossing lines between history, geography, genealogy, anthropology and more and this book is the culmination, reconstructing the life and times of venture Smith. College-level African-American history holdings must have this!

The Political Science Shelf

How Things Really Work
Bill Hobby & Saralee Tiede
Briscoe Center for American History
c/o Texas A&M University Press
Drawer C, College Station, TX 77843-4354
9780976669746, $29.95,

How Things Really Work: Lessons From a Life in Politics tells of Bill Hobby, who has spent most of his years in Texas government and has served as the state's lieutenant governor for 18 years. It packs in practical, insightful advice on politics using a focus on Texas Capital experience through a memoir packed with candid observations and blunt insights.

The New Dynamics of Multilateralism
James P. Muldoon Jr.,, Editors
Westview Press
2465 Central Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301
9780813344812, $37.00,

The New Dynamics of Multilateralism: Diplomacy, International Organizations, and Global Governance is packed with essays from scholars and practitioners who consider how global issues and institutions are changing the nature of diplomacy. Academic, business and political leaders alike contribute different focus to this survey that considers theory and applied results and provides a global examination of multilateralism as an institution affected by globalism.

The Economics Shelf

Selling Out a Superpower
Ronald R. Pollina
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2119
9781616142155, $26.00,

SELLING OUT A SUPERPOWER: WHERE THE US ECONOMY WENT WRONG AND HOW WE CAN TURN IT AROUND comes from an economist who discusses lobbyists and special interest groups and how their influence contributed to government mismanagement of business and the economy - by both parties. Chapters do more than provide condemning history and circumstances: they offer keys to critical areas where changes must be made to reverse the negative economy. Any political or economic college-level collection will find this offers fine discussion material.

The Women's Studies Shelf

Wander Woman
Marcia Reynolds
235 Montgomery St. #650, San Francisco CA 94104-2916
9781605093512, $17.95,

WANDER WOMAN: HOW HIGH-ACHIEVING WOMEN FIND CONTENTMENT AND DIRECTION offers insights on modern high-achieving women who are discontented and frustrated despite their many achievements. It helps these women understand the roots of their discontent and uses extensive research and interviews to consider the underlying patterns behind high achievement and assumptions that lead to perfectionism. Women's studies collections must have this!

The Humor Shelf

Andrews McMeel
1130 Walnut St., Kansas City, MO 64106

Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman's YOU'RE MAKING THAT FACE AGAIN (9780740797347, $12.99) provides #13 in a Zits comic strip series of collections; this one continuing the story of how teen Jeremy tries to be cool in spite of his too-square, long-suffering parents. Hilarious parent-teen encounters mark a gathering mostly in black and white with some color, recommended for prior Zits comic strip readers and newcomers with teenagers! Jim Toomey's DISCOVER YOUR INNER HERMIT CRAB (0740791109, $12.99) provides a key to life based on the comic-strip adventures of his Sherman's Lagoon characters. Color and black and white panels offer the 15th Sherman's Lagoon collection and provide wonderful overall reflections on life's meaning.

The Calendar Shelf

Quilt Art 2011 Engagement Calendar
Klaudeen Hansen
American Quilter's Society
Box 3290, Paducah, KY 42002-3290
9781574329889, $13.95,

Quilt Art 2011 Engagement Calendar is a 'must' for any avid quilter. It uses an engagement calendar format pairing good-sized weekly pages with plenty of fill-in room with facing examples of quilts and descriptions of makers and challenging parts of production. A fine pick for any avid quilter!

Andrews McMeel Publishing
1130 Walnut St., Kansas City, MO 64106

Scott Adams' Dilbert comes alive in the CALL OF THE WIRED wall calendar (9780740795107, $13.99). It's the perfect calendar gift for any cubicle worker, offering large-sized fun panels from Dilbert strips accompanied by the full strip below for reference. Stephen Pastis' PEARLS BEFORE SWING 2011: DA FANTASTEEK FOUR (9780740795282, $13.99) achieves the same wonderful attraction: a single large-sized stand-alone joke panel from a strip offers the color, accompanied by a small full strip and calendar boxes perfect for both wall display and write-in. These are both highly recommended top picks for any discriminating wall calendar buyer seeking a blend of humor and usefulness.

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