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Reviewer's Choice

The 7 Connections to Happiness and Harmony
Shirley Desai
Shared Step Press
c/o Isabella Michon
0984061304, $15.95,

Simple things do not mean they are obvious things. "The 7 Connections to Happiness and Harmony: Decision Making Made Easy with Yoga's 7 Chakras" discusses what Yoga can bring in the endless pursuit of happiness that we all face. Discussing each of these of these connections with much depth and how to tie them into one's everyday process of decision making, "The 7 Connections to Happiness and Harmony: Decision Making Made Easy with Yoga's 7 Chakras" is a read that should not be missed by those who favor a more new age approach to their lives.

The Marriage First Aid Kit
Bryce Kaye
Bascom Hill Books
212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 290, Minneapolis, MN 55401
Cary Counseling Center (publicity)
875 Walnut St., Suite 220 Cary, NC 27511
9780982093887, $18.95,

Sometimes marriages need patching up. "The Marriage First Aid Kit" is a relationship guide to help readers better grasp their partner's problems and gain a better understanding of them to make for a clear and more enlightened relationship. With plenty of exercises to strengthen the bonds of marriage, Dr. Bryce Kaye comes with readers with no shortage of wisdom. "The Marriage First Aid Kit" should be considered for any couple who thinks things may get rocky.

Now We Know Why It's Called a Punch List
John J. Parrino
Par-Mer Press
990 Hammond Drive, Suite 575, Atlanta, GA 30328
9780615298986, $11.95,

Construction work on your home while you're living in it can be a very stressful thing. "Now We Know Why It's Called a Punch List" is a guide for the homeowner facing renovations and wants to try to get their development pushed along in the most painless way possible while having a laugh along the way. "Now We Know Why It's Called a Punch List" is a light hearted yet highly useful read.

The Wicked Truth About Love
Suzanne Ross
Doers Publishing
2624 Patriot Boulevard, Glenview, IL 60026
9780981812304, $12.95,

Love is always something that has been somewhat difficult to understand. "The Wicked Truth About Love: The Tangles of Desire" explores live and why the most common kinks in what's otherwise a completely and highly desired pleasant experience. Looking at love with reality, pushing deluded romance to the side, Suzanne Ross provides very interesting ideals about Love and what it means. "The Wicked Truth About Love" is well worth considering for any who want to understand what love is.

The Fiction Shelf

Emma Gabor
Newmedia Publishing
94 Hawthorne Ave., Park Ridge, NJ 07656
9781893798571, $21.95,

Undeath cannot quell the most powerful of emotions. "Predatoress" tells the story of Emma, a young woman who finds herself a young vampire. Embracing the vampiric lifestyle with only some remorse, she soon finds herself conflicted when she meets a man who she doesn't want to simply feed on, but instead love. It takes all of a vampires power to resist such things, but Emma must find a way... "Predatoress" is a psychological exploration of the emotions of what many dismiss as a soulless monster, highly recommended.

In Name Only
Ellen Gable
Full Quiver Publishing
PO Box 244, Pakenham, ON K0A 2X0 Canada
9780973673630, $19.99,

If God is an author, he has a certain fascination with tragedy. "In Name Only" is the tragedy of one Caroline Martin as he faces her world collapsing after she thought she would have had everything she ever dreamed of. She learns the harsh lessons of life in this novel of mid-nineteenth century Victorian America. "In Name Only" is a fascinating and moving read, sure to please historical fiction fans.

The Heart of the Buddha
Elsie Sze
Emerald Book Co.
PO Box 91869, Austin, TX 78709
PR By the Book (publicity)
9781934572306, $14.95,

The Himalayas are not something to underestimate, but in the pursuit of love, some won't stop. "The Heart of the Buddha" tells the story of Ruthie, a woman who goes into the tumultuous mountain range in search of her twin sister Marian, who has apparently fallen for a Buddhist monk. But it seems nature isn't her only opponent... "The Heart of the Buddha" is a moving tale of sisterly love and the battle against nature with a sprinkling of Buddhist philosophy.

Golden's Rule
C. E. Edmonson
Pleasant Word
c/o Wine Press Publishing
PO Box 428, Enumclaw, WA 98022
9781414113784, $17.99,

When your life delves into chaos, sometimes there are only certain things you can take comfort in. "Golden's Rule" tells the story of potential young Olympian Maddie Bergamo, a girl who has everything she could want almost pulled from her. When life looks its bleakest, she finds comfort in an ancestor's diary, back during the times of slavery. "Golden's Rule" is a charming and touching read of realizing the blessings one still has.

Donnie Simmons
1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 300, Bloomington, IN 47403
9781440146046, $8.95,

When you don't think you stand a chance, something always appear to help you at the last minute. "Dogon" is the story of Professor Russel Ross as he combats an interdimensional world-domination plot from a supernatural being. When it seems hopeless, Ross finds that there may be unknown powers that lurk beneath himself. "Dogon" is an entertaining blend of novel and comic that should not be missed.

72 Virgins
Avi Perry
Gradient Publishing
PO Box 8173, Paramus, NJ 07653
9780615280516, $19.95,

The worst possible scenario just may happen yet. "72 Virgins: Countdown to a Terror Attack on US Soil" follows this nightmare scenario as the forces of good and evil square off in the world, and explores the reasoning behind Islamic terrorists tendency to target innocent people and cause much pain to the world round them. A story of the race to stop the next massive attack, "72 Virgins" is a suspenseful and topical thriller, highly recommended.

Horace Helfin's Holiday Home
John Philip McCarthy
Boathouse Entertainment
1930 Village Center Cir. #3, PO Box 212, Las Vegas, NV 89134
9780961482961, $13.99,

The most peculiar of people can prove to be the most dedicated of them all. "Horace Helfin's Holiday Home" tells the story of Sally and her family as they meet a strange orphan by the name of Horace Helfin. Peculiar in speech and how he acts, Sally is baffled by his behavior but finds him a good friend. She soon finds she has never been more right. "Horace Helfin's Holiday Home" is a touching story of good friendship and not judging a book by its cover.

Comfort Me
Louis Flint Ceci
Torquere Press
PO Box 2545, Round Rock, TX 78680
1603705546, $13.95,

You can't be honest with other people until you're honest with yourself. "Comfort Me" is the story of Mally Jacobs and his two friends Randy and Joanie. Each of them hold their own conflicts about their past, their families, and the school around them. But through the power of the their friendship, they soon find that frank honesty may save them all yet. "Comfort Me" is an intriguing story of teenagers facing their families and their problems as they come of age, highly recommended.

Stealing Death
Janet Lee Carey
443 Park Avenue South, Suite 806, New York, NY 100166
9781606840092, $16.99,

Some people would go through anything to prevent the death of their loved ones, even to insane extremes. "Stealing Death" is the tragic story of Kipp. Having lost his family to a fire, he only has his sister left to protect, but he pours his entire heart and soul into doing so, by cutting straight to the source. He seeks to steal the soul sack of Death itself. "Stealing Death" is a fun and intriguing fantasy of youthful determination and loss.

Calling an Angel
Richard De Montebello
Saber Cat Comics
c/o Happy Kids Toy Company
2725 Scarlet Road, Winter Park, FL 32792
0967157285, $14.95,

People believe in angels, but if someone introduced themselves as one, they would be dismissed as a crazy. "Calling an Angel" follows the tale of Gabriel, a self-professed angel. Naturally when saying such things, people think the worse of him, marking him as mentally ill or having less than angelic-intentions. But could he be speaking the truth? An entertaining read discussing angles and peoples perceptions of them, "Calling An Angel" is a humorous and highly recommended read.

The Slow Vanishing
Maureen Sherbondy
Mint Hill Books
PO Box 690100, Charlotte, NC 28227
9781599481869, $13.95,

Prolific author and poet brings readers an excellent collection of short stories in "The Slow Vanishing". Filled cover to cover with many short stories, some of which have been strongly considered for awards, and presents a good variety that should have something for almost everybody. Short story fans will delight in "The Slow Vanishing", recommended.

White as Bone, Red as Blood
Cerridwen Fallingstar
Cauldron Publications
PO Box 282, San Geronimo, CA 94963
9780578027111, $19.95,

The rise of the Samurai in Japan was not a peaceful occurrence. "White as Bone, Red as Blood" is a fantasy set back in Japan of hundreds of years ago as the clans of the Heike and Genji battle each other for control of the nation. Seiko Fujiwara, a potential sorceress, may just hold the key to the salvation of her country. But fulfilling the prophecy is never an easy thing. "White as Bone, Red as Blood" is an interesting and excellent read for fantasy fans with an interest in ancient Japan.

The Rage of Achilles
Terence Hawkins
Casperian Books
PO Box 161026, Sacramento, CA 95816
9781934081204, $13.50,

A good story is worth telling again. "The Rage of Achilles" is Terence Hawkin's take on the legendary battle of Troy. Bring new life to these legendary characters, he provides much new insight on the tale in the process and turns something ancient into a new read, worthy of a second viewing. "The Rage of Achilles" is a fine spin on Homer's classical tale, a highly recommended read.

Harrietta's Happenstance
Jeanne McElvaney
CMP Publishing Group
27658 Highway 97, Okanogan, WA 98840
9780980155440, $12.95,

Secrets fester and only cause more trouble. "Harrietta's Happenstance" is the story of Harrietta Eastmont a woman with a dark secret and a shameful family. Finding solace in Lady Blackstone, she finds it's hard to trust when you've been hurt. A story of high society and facing one's past when you've been burned, "Harrietta's Happenstance" is a charming tale that will please many a general fiction reader.

A Land Beyond Ravens
Kathleen Cunningham Guler
Bardsong Press
PO Box 775396, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477
9780966037166, $25.95,

The light at the end of the dark ages is almost in sight. "A Land Beyond Ravens" is the fourth book and the conclusion in the Macsen's Treasure series, which is set in Dark Age Britain. Kathleen Cunningham Guler has created a highly entertaining and intriguing take on the elements of historical fiction and Arthurian legend. "A Land Beyond Ravens" is an enthusiastically recommended read for fans of the series, and will encourage readers to seek out Guler's other works.

Sketches of Invalids
Randall DeVallance
Word Association Publishers
205 E 5th Avenue, Tarentum, PA 15084
9781595712271, $12.95,

The snapshots of life bring an unusual understanding to the matters. "Sketches of Invalids"is a collection of short stories from novelist Randall DeVallance, focusing on the lives of simple characters when something out of the ordinary strikes them. Calling for a new evaluation of the term normal, "Sketches of Invalids" is a fascinating read which should not be ignored.

A Good Man
Larry Baker
Ice Cube Books
205 North Front Street North Liberty, IA 52317-9302
9781888160444, $24.95,

When you fall so far the chance to rise up seems so far away. "A Good Man" tells the story of Harry Ducharme, a man who feels he has fallen far in life, from a national celebrity to on a no-one cares radio show in a local Florida station. But there may be hope, as another strange character enters his life, but is he just another face in a cast of strange characters? "A Good Man" is an entertaining and unique literary read that should not be missed.

Shaken Allegiances
Michel Bruneau
CePages Press
8765 Fairbook Court, Suite 201, East Amherst, NY 14051
9780982475256, $15.99,

Quebec has always felt as the outcast of Canada, but there are points of taking it too far. "Shaken Allegiances: Two Days from the Continuum Of Nonsense" tells the story of Quebec and its attempts at secession and Mother Nature's say in the matter. An earthquake cuts off Montreal Island from the world, and a whole circus of Canadian politics, media, and so much more erupt around it. A cynical and humorous look at the Quebec issue and modern Canada, "Shaken Allegiances" is uniquely Canadian and deserves a place in world fiction collections.

Disturbing the Peace
PD LaFleur
RGI Press
1133 Bal Harbor Boulevard, Suite 1139, Unit 261, Punta Gorda, FL 33950
9780979259722, $15.99,

Lawmen of old quiet towns are not to be underestimated. "Disturbing the Peace" is a thriller following small town Sheriff of Dodge Country Lawrence Garrison as the peace is broken in his calm jurisdiction. An assassin is on the loose, and Garrison seeks to catch him before he strikes. But finding turbulence in the calm is harder than one would think. "Disturbing the Peace" is a fine read that should be considered by thriller fans.

Love Trumps Game
D. Y. Phillips
Strebor Books International
PO Box 6505, Largo, MD 20792
9781593092702, $13.00,

Sometimes when a father isn't involved in a life, there's good reason. "Love Trumps Game" is the story of Hattie, a grandmother of two who finds herself forced into a position of protecting her grandchildren from their own father. Their father, a drug dealer who views his career as an empire to be passed down pursues his children, but Hattie is determined to protect them from such a rotten career. "Love Trumps Game" is a unique story of family that is quite the departure from the standard urban fiction.

The Last Game We Played
Jo Neace Krause
Black Lawrence Press
8405 Bay Parkway C8, Brooklyn, NY 11214
9780981589916, $16.00,

To view eyes through the life of another is to understand them. "The Last Game We Played" is a collection of short fiction from Jo Neace Krause, reflected on the lives of others in our lives and in our community. With an Appalachian flavor, "The Last Game We Played" is an intriguing and highly recommended anthology that short fiction readers will love.

Panama Fever
W. B. Garvey
Jonkro Books
244 Madison Ave., Suite 4200, New York, NY 10016
9780982229408, $26.95,

Love pushes people through life, but that's not the sole thing that drives them. "Panama Fever: Digging Down Gold Mountain" is the story of two Jamaican immigrants who seize the opportunity to join in the Panama Canal project to earn their fortunes. Thomas and Byron face an unusual story of falling in love and facing the crises that their life seems to have brought up in the process. Riveting reading, "Panama Fever" is an excellent story that should be strongly considered.

Secrets of a Christmas Box
Steven Hornby
Ecky Thump Books
PO Box 3524, Glendale, CA 91221-0524
9780981588308, $18.95.,

Christmas is a time for togetherness, and that togetherness is worth fighting for. "Secrets of a Christmas Box" is a charming holiday tale of how a snowman and his companions break the rules of their domain and go into a world that they know nothing of in order to find Larry's brother in time for Christmas. A story of the true values of Christmas using many elements readers will cherish, "Secrets of a Christmas Box" is something Christmas lovers will greatly enjoy.

For Now, For Always
Marianne K. Martin
Bywater Books
PO Box 3671, Ann Arbor, MI 48106
9781932859430, $13.95,

Love for family can be at odds for romantic love. "For Now, For Always" is the story of Renee Parker, as the young seventeen year old is faced with the arduous task of raising her four younger siblings. She holds her own under the strict supervision of social services, but when she finds love in the form of another woman, her life only turns out to be more complicated. "For Now, For Always" is an intriguing and recommended read that should not be overlooked by fans of lesbian romance.

Triangulation: Dark Glass
Pete Butler, editor
PO Box 3681, Pittsburgh, PA 15230-3681
9780578031033, $12.00

The ghosts of the past can turn out to be quite mean. "Triangulation: Dark Glass" is an anthology of short speculative fiction stories featuring many up and coming authors as they ply their trade to provide for some thought provoking and curious fiction. "Triangulation: Dark Glass" is a fine addition to any community library short fiction collection.

The Gray Conspiracy
J. S. Hunsaker
Sense of Wonder Press
c/o James A. Rock & Company
900 South Irby #508, Florence, SC 29501
9781596635746, $16.95

The far reaches of the stars are not usually the field of the psychiatrist. "The Gray Conspiracy" is a novel following psychologist Evan Michael Stattler as he finds through his new government job that Humanity's origins are not as clear cut as he once believed. An epic journey into mankind and its potential origins in other worlds, "The Gray Conspiracy" is a riveting science fiction read that is worth the price of admission.

The Radio Magician and Other Stories
James Van Pelt
Fairwood Press
21528 104th St. Ct. E, Bonney Lake, WA 98391
9780982073025, $17.99,

There is much in the stars to captivate the imagination, as there is much on Earth to captivate the imagination. "The Radio Magician and Other Stories" is a collection of short stories from James Van Pelt, tackling a wide array of fiction and offering it to readers as a melody of science fiction, fantasy, and more general fiction about the contemporary world. Sure to entertain for hours, "The Radio Magician and Other Stories" is a read that is sure to entertain as it stimulates the imagination.

The Mothering Coven
Joanna Ruocco
Ellipsis Press
35-44 78th Street, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
9780963753625, $14.00,

Without the glue to hold them together, it'll all fall apart. "The Mothering Coven" tells the story of a house shared by seven women. When one of their own turns up missing, the bond they share is threatened even when presented with something worth celebrating for. "The Mothering Coven" is a unique and literary tale, highly recommended. Also recommended from Ellipsis Press is "Shadowplay" (9780963753632, $13.00), following a shadow-puppet theater performer and his fruitless desires for a woman watching his show.

Survivor Song
Joseph Kehoe
You Come Too Publishing
2138 NW Colonial Drive, Bend, OR 97701
9780981683614, $5.99

The woods are dangerous, but that doesn't stop people from going into them. "Survivor Song: Tales of Treacherous Traverses Through Waters and Woods" is a collection of stories focusing on people faced off against nature aimed at younger readers who want a scare in their reads. Riveting and sure to entertain young readers for hours, "Survivor Song" is a read that should not be ignored.

Thirty Miles to Rosebud
Barbara Henning
303 Bedford Ave., Buffalo, NY 14216
9781935402251, $18.00,

Life on the road is what some people need to grow up. "Thirty Miles to Rosebud" follows Katie as she flees her home and quickly learns the harsh experiences of life during this tale set in the in America in the 1970s and 1980s. A tale of quick world education written with an informative and thoughtful pen, "Thirty Miles to Rosebud" is a fascinating read.

Adirondack Mouse
Irene Uttendorfsky
Spruce Gulch Press
PO Box 4347, Rome, NY 13442
9780984125906, $9.95

When a friend goes missing, you don't wait idly by. "Adirondack Mouse: and the Mysterious Disappearance" tells the story of a scrappy mouse with high aspirations. When his friend fails to appear for a race, he leaps into action to find his friend, although he fears for the worst. A story of friendship and dauntless in the face of antagonizing situations, "Adirondack Mouse" is a fine read that young readers just starting chapter books will love.

The Travel Shelf

Lynn Marie-Ittner Klammer
Tourist Town Guides
c/o Channel Lake Inc.
PO Box 1771, New York, NY 10156
9780976706489, $13.95,

You can experience Bavaria and not even need a passport. "Frankenmuth: A Guide to Michigan's Little Bavaria" is a guide for travelers in visiting the town of Frankenmuth, a small town in Michigan which offers must for tourists traveling through. With over thirty annual events, the town has much to offer travelers and Lynn Marie-Ittner Klammer hopes to give travelers all they need to know to best experience the town. "Frankenmuth" should not be missed for those looking for European flavor without leaving the continent.

The Parenting Shelf

Raising an Athlete
Jack Perconte
Second Base Publishing
PO Box 3012, Lisle, IL 60532
9780979356223, $14.95,

When you have a natural athlete for a child, you should nurture that blossoming gift. "Raising an Athlete: How to Instill Confidence, Build Skills, and Inspire a Love of Sport" is a parents guide to raising a child with a strong interest in sports. Written by life long athlete and former Major league ball player Jack Perconte who spent his post career coaching young people and being a parent himself. With plenty of tips and advice for parents of young athletes, "Raising an Athlete" is required reading for parents who want to give their kids the best shot.

Delivering Hope
Pamela MacPhee
PO Box 232155, Encinitas, CA 92023
9780615282053, $16.95

A borrowed uterus is both an act of charity and an act of pain. "Delivering Hope: The Extraordinary Journey of a Surrogate Mom" tells the story tells the story of Pamela MacPhee, a woman who when a woman is unable to carry a child, accepts her embryos to carry their child to term. A unique story of a modern day miracle, Pamela MacPhee discusses it from the surrogate mother's point of view leading a very touching and informative read. "Delivering Hope" is a must for anyone who wants to understand surrogacy.

The Business Shelf

Everything We Needed to Know About Business We Learned Playing Music
Craig M. Cortello
La Dulce Vita Publishing
PO Box 746, Metairie, LA 70004-0746
9780978990015, $16.95,

The world of music has much to teach one about the world of business. "Everything We Needed to Know About Business We Learned Playing Music: Business Leaders Advocating Music Education as an Instrument of Their Success" is a guide for people who are musicians by heart, businesspeople by brain. Music and how you learn it has much that one can use in the world of business, and author Craig M. Cortello explains how. "Everything We Needed to Know About Business We Learned Playing Music" is a volume that shouldn't be missed by those who work in one and have interest in the other.

201 Thoughts to Ignite Innovation
David E. Rogers & Amy L. Hartzer
Kierland Corporate Center,
7047 East Greenway Parkway, Suite 250, Scottsdale, AZ 85254
9780981905242, $14.95,

Innovation is what makes the world turn. "201 Thoughts to Ignite Innovation: A Quick Guide to Patents, Trademarks, and Innovation, Real-World Success Stories & Inspirational Quotes" is a collection of these ideas that could spur one's creativity. Each page has a short and simple piece of wisdom that can help business owners figure out how to help their company. "201 Thoughts to Ignite Innovation" is the perfect tool to combat a business's creative block.

Gratitude at Work
April Kelly
Woohoo Press
17330 West Center Road, Suite 110-155, Omaha, NE 68130
9780982438619, $19.95,

Thank you seems to be hard words to say sometimes. "Gratitude at Work: How to Say Thank You, Give Kudos, and Get the Best From To Those You Lead" is a book on the power of gratitude and how it can bring the best out of one's employees. Encouraging mangers to embark on tasks of charity for those who work hard for them and show them that you acknowledge their work can do more for a company's morale that one would believe. "Gratitude at Work" emphasizes employee morale and as such, a top pick for those who don't want to be the boss from hell.

42 Rules for Creating WE
Judith E. Glaser, editor
Superstar Press
20660 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 210, Cupertino, CA 95014
9781607730484, $19.95,

The individual and the community are both important. "42 Rules for Creating WE" is a business guide for embracing the individual and using individuals to create a more powerful We-centric business that uses the "I's" power to its fullest. Leadership, innovative ideas, and more are discussed in Judith Glaser's text, making "42 Rules for Creating We" a strong choice for any business who is struggling to find unity.

Business Technology
Michael W. Johnson
2600 Kennedy Blvd #1B, Jersey City, NJ 07306
9780615299211, $38.95,

A modern business that doesn't embrace technology is a foolish endeavor. "Business Technology: A Guide for Midsize and Small Business" is a guide to embracing the newest aspects of technology to best improve one's small business through integrating the latest technologies of the twenty first century into the mix. Outlining the most vital of these technologies, Michael W. Johnson brings readers a highly informed read, making "Business Technology" an absolute must for any business who wants to keep up with the curve.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

The New Arthritis Cure
Bruce Fife
Piccadilly Books
PO Box 25203, Colorado Springs, CO 80936
9780941599825, $15.95

Arthritis is not something that must be suffered through. "The New Arthritis Cure: Eliminate Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Pain Permanently" is a guide to fighting arthritis and drawing the solution into therapies that could very well cure and combat it without the use of drugs. Drawing on new research, Bruce Fife promotes a new way that could help thousands suffering from the ailment. "The New Arthritis Cure" is something to consider for arthritis sufferers.

So I Need to Lose 15 Pounds
Shiho Torii
One Peace Books
57 Great Jones Street, New York, NY 10012
MaryGlenn McCombs
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126-274
9780978508432, $12.95,

Dieting and weight loss is always a strange adventure in itself. "So I Need to Lose 15 Pounds" is a diet book with an original approach. Written in a manga style that was originally published in Japan, Shiho Torii demonstrates that crazy fad diets and weight loss ideas are not strictly an American thing, showing her own adventures in Japan. "So I Need to Lose 15 Pounds" is an endlessly entertaining adventure for those also on the tough road to weight loss.

Free to Eat
Bronwyn Schweigerdt
Peripety Media
1501 34th St. Sacramento, CA 95816
9780615306094, $14.95

Starvation is not the key to weight loss. "Free to Eat: The Proven Recipe for Permanent Weight Loss" is a guide to losing weight that don't involve radically changing one's diet. Emphasizing the power of legumes, warning against milk products and the deception of supplements and other health concerns, "Free to Eat"is a highly educational and enlightening path to a diet that works for many readers.

Smart But Feeling Dumb
Harold N. Levinson
Stonebridge Publishing
15 Lake Road, Lake Success, NY 11020
9780615152769, $24.95,

A slip of the tongue can make anyone look like an idiot. "Smart but Feeling Dumb: New Understanding and Dramatic Treatment for Dyslexia" is a guide for sufferers, doctors, and educators for dealing with Dyslexia in themselves and in patients. A treatable disorder that millions deal with every day, Dr. Harold Levinson does well in explaining the disorder in length and what can be done for its sufferers. " Smart but Feeling Dumb" deserves a place in every health collection or for anyone who wants to understand Dyslexia.

Dance When the Brain Says No
Kathleen Price
Forest Dale Publishing Company
2277 Windsor Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84106
9780984163601, $14.99,

The human spirit has an undeniable tendency to tell cancer to shove it. "Dance When the Brain Says No" is the memoir of a mother who reflects on her daughter's brain tumor diagnosis, her determination to live her life in spite of the disease, and the inspiration her tenacity brought to bear. "Dance When the Brain Says No" will be of interest to anyone seeking inspirational cancer memoirs.

The Criminology Shelf

Witnesses to the Scaffold
Anthony E. Simpson
The True Bill Press
PO Box 0349, Lambertville, NJ 08530-0349
9780979111617, $65.00,

It was once widely believed that a public death served as a worthy deterrent preventing similar crimes by others. "Witnesses to the Scaffold: English Literary Figures as Observers of Public Executions" draws upon the minds of the nineteenth century's greatest writers, and some of England's best minds as they recall their own experiences as they witness public executions. A compendium of primary sources, it provides a solid recollection of the archaic practice of public hanging. An intriguing and fascinating glimpse into history, "Witnesses to the Scaffold" is a must read for anyone studying the history of crime and punishment.

Murderous Intellectuals
Jonathan Maxwell
Millennial Mind Publishing
5442 So. 900 East #146, Salt Lake City, UT 84117-7204
9781589825635, $25.95

What goes on in the mind of those who pass down the order of to slaughter millions? "Murderous Intellectuals: German Elites and the Nazi SS" is a look into the intellectual elite of Nazi Germany and their involvement in one of the most famous war atrocities of the twentieth century. Looking into these individuals personal histories for answers, Jonathan Maxwell creates a very interesting picture of the minds of the monsters on varying levels of the Nazi Hierarchy. "Murderous Intellectuals" is of high recommendation to any who want a better understanding of the Holocaust and why it happened.

The Self-Help Shelf

Team Up
Pete Mockaitis
Optimality Press
534 W. Stratford Place, 10W, Chicago, IL 60657
9780977454815, $18.95,

Measuring up to one's faults is a highly important thing to do. "Team Up: Becoming Accountable to Your Dreams" is a guide to improving how one works with others in life to empower whatever task they are tackling together, and building better relationships because of it. A straightforward read on the value of teamwork, "Team Up" is a top pick for anyone looking to empower themselves and their teammates.

The Little Book on Relationship
John English
Dreamtime LLC
4715 E. Lone Cactus Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85050
9780972703468, $10.95,

Through others, one often sees themselves. "The Little Book on Relationship: How to Guide Your Life with Meaning, Purpose, and Power" is a guide for readers encouraging them to look into their relationships and gain a better understanding of themselves as they do so. Wise and understanding writing, "The Little Book on Relationship" is a recommended read for anyone struggling with their relationships, no matter what the type.

Secrets of a Rut Buster
Myra Janco Daniels
Ruder Finn Press
301 East 57th Street, New York, NY 10022
Planned Television Arts (publicity)
1110 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10022
9781932646498, $15.95,

Everyone knows what a rut is and everyone knows how miserable being in one is. "Secrets of a Rut Buster: Breaking Rules and Selling Dreams" is one woman offering her own advice and wisdom for breaking out of the dreaded ruts, drawing on her own professional career which has done so very well for her. With professional anecdotes ranging from television characters to the famous Marlboro man, her experiences will serve as a boon to any trying to break out of ruts of their own. "Secrets of Rut Buster" is a must for those who want to bust their blocks in life, no matter what they are.

Cracking the $$ Code
Patricia M. Annino
Women & Money LLC
c/o Prince Lobel
100 Cambridge Street, Suite 2200, Boston, MA 02114
9781439247426, $15.95,

Women commonly make less than men, but is it sexism or something else? "Cracking the $$ Code: What Successful Men Know and You Don't(yet)" is a guide to getting what you deserve as a woman of the working world. Encouraging women to fight for their own value and how to win the war for worth, Patricia Annino gives women a wide variety of tips and tricks. "Cracking the $$ Code" is an intriguing and highly recommended read for women who want more out of their careers.

The Great Waves of Change
Marshall Vian Summers
New Knowledge Library
c/o The Society for The Greater Community Way of Knowledge
PO Box 1724, Boulder, CO 80306-1724
9781884238604, $14.95,

When the world burns down around you, can still stay unburned by the fire. "The Great Waves of Change: Navigating the Difficult Times Ahead"is an inspirational guide for those who find themselves being unable to keep their head above the water in coming years. A book that encourages adaption to a changing world to get ahead, its advice is wise and could help those beat the anxiety and flourish. "The Great Waves of Change" is a solid and very highly recommended read for the worried.

The Power of Thinking Differently
Javy W. Galindo
Hyena Press
2310 Homestead Rd, C1 #125, Los Altos, CA 94024
9781442190504, $19.95,

Creative thinking is an ability that needs to be utilized in so many careers. "The Power of Thinking Differently: An Imaginative Guide to Creativity, Change, & The Discovery of New Ideas" discusses creative thinking and encourages readers to overcome the barriers to creative thinking and gain a better sense of humor, which Javy Galindo writes are keys to the creative thinking process. With chapters on brainstorming in groups, "The Power of Thinking Differently" is a solid and highly recommended read for those who want to best understand how to put their mind to work.

What Color is Your Brain?
Sheila N. Glazov
Slack Incorporated
6900 Grove Road, Thorofare, NJ 08086
9781556428074, $16.95,

No one thinks the same, but understanding them goes a long way to living in harmony. "What Color is Your Brain? : A Fun and Fascinating Approach to Understanding Yourself and Others" discusses personality types using a metaphor of brain color to convey author Sheila N. Glazov's message. Drawing upon her own research and experience, she brings an intriguing read which will help readers understand why they butt heads with certain people and do fine with others. "What Color is Your Brain?" is a strong addition to any self-help collection.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Megan McKenna
New City Press
202 Cardinal Rd., Hyde Park, NY 12538
9781565483231, $19.95,

True faith does not shun wisdom of other religions. "Luke: The Book of Blessings and Woes" discusses the book of Luke and how it ties into the greater teachings of faith around the world, as Megan McKenna draws on faith mainly from Christianity, but draws from everything from Rabbis to Japanese spirituality to more modern thinkers. "Luke: The Book of Blessings and Woes" is an uplifting read that will do wonders for the spirit.

Looking for Dad
Frank Gorin
Open Path Books
2600 West Zia Rd., Suite B7, Sante Fe, NM 87505
9780615216539, $12.95,

The search for meaning can take one long and far. "Looking for Dad: A Memoir of Catholic Misadventures and a Buddhist Reckoning" is Frank Gorin reflecting on the paths of his later life and his trips through Europe and Asia where he found much spiritual reckoning that gave his life an intriguing and spiritual spin all its own. An interesting story of a man finding spiritual meaning later in life, "Looking for Dad" is quite the spiritual memoir, recommended.

I AM Says, "You Are..."
CJ Rapp
Infusion Publishing
Mission Viejo, CA 92692
9780982479001, $12.95

When you're confused as to who you really are, looking to Christ may be just what you need. "I AM Says, 'You Are...'" is a Christian inspirational guide to finding one's personal identity in the lessons of Jesus Christ. Author CJ Rapp brings her own story in how a month of devotional study changed her life forever. "I AM Says, 'You Are...'" is riveting reading for Christians.

The Agricultural Shelf

Minnie Rose Lovgreen's Recipe for Raising Chickens
Minnie Rose Lovgreen
NW Trillium Press
5591 Battle Point Drive Ne, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
9780982455395, $13.00,

Chickens are so central to the American diet that raising them is almost a fine science. "Minnie Rose Lovgreen's Recipe for Raising Chickens" is a simple and straight forward guide for would be chicken farmers who want to breed the best hens possible, with the primary goal of egg production. With simple illustrations and a very old school approach to the methods overall, "Minnie Rose Lovgreen's Recipe for Raising Chickens" is a read that should be strongly considered for anyone who is testing the chicken breeding waters.

The Poetry Shelf

Meeting Myself Round the Corner
Carol Prejean Zippert
NewSouth Books Classics
105 South Court Street, Montgomery, AL 36104
9781603060486, $23.00,

No one label is enough to describe anybody. "Meeting Myself Round the Corner" focusing on the many lives of Carol Prejean Zippert, forcing her thoughts and ideas into the rich verses of poetry. A vivid picture of her life, "Meeting Myself Round the Corner" is an enlightening collection that should not be passed up. "Lifetime": If/we can't share/a lifetime together/I pray/to share/the time/of a lifetime/with you.

Velroy and the Madischie Mafia
Sy Hoahwah
West End Press
PO Box 27334, Albuquerque, NM 87125
9780981669373, $12.95,

Modern American Indians are at a long standing crisis with their heritage. "Velroy and the Madischie Mafia" is by one such individual, reflecting on his heritage and his life's work through poetry. He is educated, and his verse shows it. The result is a highly entertaining set of work. "Velroy and the Madischie Mafia" is a grade-A pick for poetry fans with an interest in Native American studies. "Nokani": Those who often move/solven in their camp habits/Pease river drifters.

My Wife is a Horse
P. V. LeForge
Kitsune Books
PO Box 1154, Crawfordville, FL 32326-1154
9780979270086, $12.00,

Though mostly succeeded by technology, mankind has not neglected its former worker. "My Wife is a Horse" is a collection of poetry from P. V. LeForge focusing on his love of horses, and crafts many deft poems about the matter. "My Wife is a Horse" is a must for any horse lover who also happens to enjoy poetry. "Magic Show": When our mare made a foal/appear from nowhere,/the geldings went pop-eyed,/galloping back and forth/along the fenceline,/bucking, shaking their manes,/stamping and whinnying for more.

Three Islands
Micah Ling
Sunny Outside
PO Box 911, Buffalo, NY 14207
9781934513187, $15.00,

There are connections in everything, and Micah Ling seeks to draw those connections. "Three Islands" is her collection of poetry. Drawing on her own experience as an educator and her own creative mind, she crafts a work that blends the line between fantasy and reality. "Three Islands" is a unique collection that should not be ignored. "May 1, 1789": Dearest Friend,/Do not think I have forgotten/your name; my own, perhaps,/but not yours, William./Did I tell you/I have a hunch:/there is no difference between innocence/and madness.//William, which will I plead?//X.

Infinite Possibilities
Laurie Wagner Buyer
Filter Press
PO Box 95, Palmer Lake, CO 80133
9780865410978, $12.95,

The simple format of the Haiku can bring out the message very well. "Infinite Possibilities: A Haiku Journal" is a collection of haikus, one for each day of the year offering her random thoughts through the seasons. Filled with simple and attractive verse, "Infinite Possibilities" is a haiku book that will be enjoyed by many. A sample: Raven tries to fly/with plastic-wrapped candy stick/blood red in his beak.

Underwater Lengths in a Single Breath
Benjamin S. Grossberg
The Ashland Poetry
Ashland University, Ashland, OH 44805
9780912592589, $14.95,

Scholar of poetry and prolific poet himself Benjamin S. Grossberg comes to readers with his own collection, "Underwater Lengths in a Single Breath". Thought provoking and profound in their aims, he offers much verse that does far more than simply entertain. "Underwater Lengths in a Single Breath" is a strong collection that should not be missed. "West End of Dallas": Eighteen months ago a stranger went home with a hustler and/now he and I are leaning on a railing in the West End district/ of Dallas in front of a restaurant neither of us can afford//and he's telling me about the hustler because he's absolutely/sure that this was the moment, th at it only takes one exposure/and besides, he was careful every other time.

The Money/Finance Shelf

Money Trouble
Deborah McNaughton & Melinda Weinstein
Beacon Hill Press
c/o Creative Resources
PO Box 1665, Sandpoint, ID 83864
9780834124738, $16.99

Bankruptcy is the last resort, but there may be options you have not yet explored. "Money Trouble: Surviving Your Financial Crisis" is a guide from a woman who fought out of debt by her own merits and avoided bankruptcy. Detailing her journey, she hopes to help readers with many solid tips that should help with their own problems and prevent problems in the future. Perhaps even worth a read to avoid debt in the first place, "Money Trouble" is a choice pick to be strongly considered.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

The New Circlemakers
Andrew Collins
4th Dimension Press
215 67th Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451-2061
9780876045497, $18.95

Bored farmers or the supernatural? "The New Circlemakers: Insights into the Crop Circle Mystery" discusses the crop circles with a metaphysical eye upon their roots, stating that crop circles may have similar origins to the likes of Stone Henge. Indeed, the foundation of crop circles just might be in mankind's druidic ancient religions. An intriguing survey for metaphysical readers, "The New Circlemakers" is a thorough dissemination of the topic and a choice pick.

The Biography Shelf

To War in a Red Subaru
Adolfo Neufeld
Jorge Pinto Books
151 East 58th Street, New York, NY 10022
Gulcotta Communications (publicity)
341 Lexington Street, Newton, MA 02466
9781934978184, $23.95,

War can be a very spiritual thing. "To War in a Red Subaru: A Volunteer's Chronicle of the Yom Kippur War Between Stories and Dreams" is the reflections of Adolfo Neufeld and how he volunteered during Israel's historic Yom Kippur war, providing aid for the Israeli army out of the titular red Suburu. Finding himself on his travels and battles, his story is truly unique of a Jewish patriot. "To War in a Red Subaru" is a top pick for those who want a personal account of the Yom Kippur war.

The Philosophy Shelf

September University
Charles D. Hayes
Autodidactic Press
575 S. Begich Drive, PO Box 872749, Wasailla, AL 99687
9780962197970, $16.95,

A return to the thought may be what the country needs to right itself. "September University: Summoning Passion for an Unfinished Life" is the thoughts of Charles D. Hayes offering much food for thought to help readers gain a greater understanding of how the world works with sound advice and sage wisdom from his own little corner of the world. Calling out for a more complete literacy for America as a whole, "September University" is an intriguing read that should not be ignored.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

A Man Beyond Time
Rod Norville
Nartea Publishing
c/o DNA Press
2207 Glenview Street, Alameda, CA 94507
9781933255491, $19.95,

Quantum physics is some strange and powerful stuff. "A Man Beyond Time" is a work of hard science fiction as Dr. Philips, in hoping to work to make to make Astral Projection a scientific reality for espionage purposes, ends up breaking the time stream and creating his own time machine. Written for fans of speculative science talk, "A Man Beyond Time" is a fine read that'll give many readers something to think of.

The American History Shelf

Main Street Arkansas
Ray Hanley & Steven Hanley
Butler Center Books
100 S. Rock Street, Little Rock, AR 72201
1935106139, $19.95

Arkansas is a state which much of the country doesn't truly understand. "Main Street Arkansas: The Hearts of Arkansas Cities and Towns - As Portrayed in Postcards and Photographs" provides a glimpse at the state throughout history that many can't even pronounce properly. Using postcards as snapshots of history and the main street of its city, it provides a unique picture of the state's advancement, with a focus up to World War I. "Main Street Arkansas" is a must for those who want to better understand Arkansas or who just love the state.

The Computer Shelf

No Stress Tech Guide to 3 Writer
Indera E. Murphy
Tolana Publishing
PO Box 719, Teaneck, NJ 07666
9781935208082, $39.95,

Why spend hundreds on Word? "No Stress Tech Guide to 3 Writer: In-Depth Coverage of the most Popular Free Alternative to Microsoft Word" is a guide to best understanding this open source word processor that many have adopted and have grown to prefer over Microsoft's famed Word program. With tips and tricks on using the many features that have been implemented into open office including PDF support, "No Stress Tech Guide to 3 Writer" is a must for anyone who wants to adopt the free alternative.

The Christmas Shelf

The Forgotten Christmas
TG Davis
Lunar Publishing
1093 E. Grove Creek Dr., Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
9780615303178, $5.95,

Is Christmas about all of the flashiest gifts? "The Forgotten Christmas" is a memoir of a family who learned the truth about what Christmas is really about, in spite of it all the commercialism that tries to taint the real meaning. "The Forgotten Christmas" is a touching story that's worth considering.

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