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Reviewer's Choice

Women Will Save the World
Caroline A. Shearer
Absolute Love Publishing
6044 Mesa Verde Circle
Austin, TX 78749
9780983301721, $19.95,

A woman's intuition may be what's needed to bring balance to the world. "Women Will Save the World" is a compendium of inspiration, drawing on the quote from the Dalai Lama, 'The world will be saved by the Western Woman.' Presenting the idea as a question, Caroline A. Sherer compiles essays of women writers and women in history who have made a difference, and how women are changing the world today. Highly recommended.

Eve, Adam's First Wife
Don Napolitano
River City Publishing Corporation
PO Box 297, Atwood, CA 92811-9997
9780615548999, $15.50,

From the first bond of man and woman we have been facing marriage and all of its problems. "Eve, Adam's First Wife" is a collection of writings from Don Napolitano with insight from Carmen Pease as they provide their own takes on the search for happiness in our lives and the struggles that come with trying to stay true to ourselves, our spouses, and the commandments that seem easy at first, but grow much more difficult as time goes on. "Eve, Adam's First Wife" is a humorous and thoughtful read, highly recommended.

PTC Carousels
Richard A. Gardner
The Connecticut Press
135 Church Street, Monroe, CT 06468
9780982546857, $39.95,

The Carousel has become an active relic of the past. "PTC Carousels: The History of Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousels" focuses on the works of the titular company who over twenty five years created many of the famed carousels that are in use in the modern day with their own unique takes on carousel art. Tracing the history of many of the carousels through their use to the modern day, "PTC Carousels" is a strong pick for those who are enamored with the charm of the carousel and want to learn more about them.

The Social Issues Shelf

Sustainable Cities
Melanie Robertson, editor
Practical Action Publishing
PO Box 8500
Ottawa, ON Canada K1G 3H9
9781853397233, $31.95,

Long distance goods travel has its taxes on the environment. "Sustainable Cities: Local Solutions in the Global South" discusses the importance of sustainability in today's more and more urbanizing world. More and more, low income citizens are being forced to embrace sustainability for their cities to keep costs down, and Melanie Robertson puts together a fine scholarly collection of essays on the subjects, making "Sustainable Cities" a strong and very much recommended addition to modern social issues collections for a scholarly take on this modern development.

The Language Studies Shelf

The UK to USA Dictionary
Solitaire Publishing
1090 S. Chateau Pt.
Inverness, FL 34450-3565
9780933143401, $6.95,

It's a tad bit more than superfluous u's. "The UK to USA Dictionary: British English vs. American English" is a pocket-sized reference for dealing with the eccentric differences between two peoples who are suppose to speak the same language. Dealing with slang and common words entrenched and that evolved differently on both sides of the pond, "The UK to USA Dictionary" is a fine addition to anyone who is crossing over the Atlantic and wants to avoid misspeaking.

The Oy Way
Harvey Gotliffe
Cogitator Publications
PO Box 3602, Santa Cruz, CA 95063
9781882302369, $14.95,

Sure, the English language is fine, but there's always room for a bit of extra flavor to it. "The Oy Way: Following the Path of Most Resistance" is a humorous delve into the Yiddish language as author Harvey Gotliffe writes how to use the language's unique expressions to spice up one's languages, with a touch of meditative exercise in the process. "The Oy Way" is a unique addition to any language or humor collection, much recommended.

An Inconvenient Lie
Louise Goueffic
Sapien Books
Box 906
Lakefield, ON Canada K0L 2H0
9780969027720 $27.95

Linguistic researcher Louise Goueffic presents An Inconvenient Lie: Secrets in Language, a strong indictment of how sexism, inequality, and power-domination have been insidiously rooted within human language, especially religious language. When the very language used to discuss societal concepts (from how we view God as "He" to the malicious treatment of victims of sexual assault or forced prostitution) is flawed, philosophies that promote patriarchal power, misogyny, racism, and sexism permeate the exchange of ideas by virtue of being embedded in the words that form the basic building blocks of communication. How, therefore, is it possible to free oneself from language-based preconceptions and examine society with an unbiased, critical mind? An Inconvenient Lie analyzes the philosophy driving discriminatory language, and discusses possible solutions to the harm that biased language causes. At times caustic in its fervor, An Inconvenient Lie is nonetheless an invaluable contribution to both language studies and women's studies collections.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

White Raven
Irina Lopatina
Light Messages
5216 Tahoe Drive, Durham, NC 27713
9781611530247, $16.95,

Areya always needed a blade to protect it, but only a few can truly wield it. "White Raven" is a fantasy surrounding the Kingdom of Areya, enjoying its own harmony. Vraigo, known as the White Raven, know it is up to him to recover Urart, the sword that blessed Areya with protection for quite some time. As time grows short, Vraigo realizes it all falls to him. "White Raven" is an excellent pick for lovers of fantasy and adventure, much recommended.

The Spanish Gatekeeper
Bernard Dukas
Kaladar Books
PO Box 5226, Larkspur, CA 94977-5226
9780983192947, $11.95,

Trying to get by on a whole new world can often be a lot to handle. "The Spanish Gatekeeper" is a fantasy novel from Bernard Dukas as two cousins find themselves on an alien world, split with little hope of returning. Their road to find some way must deal with the people of TNX-37B, as Peter tries to make a new life for himself with all the weight that comes with it. "The Spanish Gatekeeper" is a strong addition to fantasy collections, very much recommended.

Pazuzu's Girl
Rachel Coles
199 State Street
San Mateo, CA 94401
9781936564361, $13.95,

When your family consists of demons of plague and those out to destroy the world, life can be tough. "Pazuzu's Girl" is a novel following Morpho Wilson, daughter of Pazuzu, as she moves around the country evading a murderous ex-wife demoness who is out foe destruction of the world. A story of family, romance, and the supernatural, "Pazuzu's Girl" is a fun and fast paced read that should prove hard to put down.

The Marcella Fragment
Anna LaForge
Newcal Publishing
1067 Enderby Way
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
9780985016814, $14.99,

Those who are lost face many trials and challenges. "The Marcella Fragment" is a fantasy novel from Anna LaForge as she tells of the story of the city of Pelion, a city founded by refugees of the Old Earth. As a maze is constructed to prepare the lost souls of the world, called Ernani, those faced with its trials will find insight to their lot in life, be it what they suspected or not. "The Marcella Fragment" is a strong pick for fantasy and science fiction collections.

Vampire Vacation
C. J. Ellisson
Red Hot Publishing
PO Box 651193
Sterling, VA 20165-1193
9781927116241, $13.95,

Just because you're an ancient vampire doesn't mean mundane run of the mill evil doesn't disturb you. "Vampire Vacation" is an adult-oriented novel surrounding nearly six hundred year old vampire Vivian, who has crafted a resort of dreams coming true. When a guest turns up dead, Vivian has to work quickly against the threat of bad PR to find those responsible while still fulfilling those fantasies she promised. "Vampire Vacation" is an interesting blend of mystery, horror, and sex, making for a read well worth considering, although it is warned to not be intended for those under 18. Also in the same series from C. J. Ellison is "The Hunt"(9781927116258, $13.95), following the continuing adventures of Vamp Vivian, as she joins a hunt for a rogue vampire across the globe.

More Stories About Spaceships and Cancer
Casper Kelly
Fried Society Press
2597 Mercedes Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30345
9780984940707, $10.99,

Life is never organized and simple, and our stories shouldn't be either. "More Stories About Spaceships and Cancer" is a collection of short stories from Casper Kelly, a writer for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, who brings a unique brand of humor and insight in fiction, and makes for a humorous and very much recommended set of stories. For those seeking something offbeat and witty, "More Stories About Spaceships and Cancer" is a strong pick for general short fiction collections.

The Education Shelf

The Reader's Odyssey
Dena M. Luchsinger
Crecer Publications
1161 N. Iroquois Drive
Wasilla, AL 99654
9780984831319, $14.99,

Reading grants you a way to experience other places and other elements of time. "The Reader's Odyssey: An Individualized Literature Program for Homeschooling Middle and High School Students" is a collection of suggestions of recommended major pieces of literature throughout history that are highly recommended to middle and high homeschooled students, covering many literary classics from Shakespeare and before to many more modern authors of the twentieth century. "The Reader's Odyssey" is a strong pick for homeschooling parents.

The Political Science Shelf

Religious Right
A. F. Alexander
Blazing Sword Publishing
PO Box 8088
Colorado Springs, CO 80933
9780615515632, $19.95,

A theocracy is a nation where religion controls the government. "Religious Right: The Greatest Threat to Democracy" is a treatise from a former member of such a religious right Church, a politically active church that pushes the many values associated with hardline conservatism, such as pro-life, anti-secularist, and anti-educational ideas in every facet of society. A. F. Alexander shares her experiences growing up in such a church, and what she fears may be America's downfall. "Religious Right" is worth considering for those who want to better understand the Christian Right's ideals for the American nation.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Prayer of the Heart
Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
The Golden Sufi Center Publishing
PO Box 456
Point Reyes Station, CA 94956
9781890350352, $12.95,

For some, a better understanding of faith from embracing multiple of them. "Prayer of the Heart" is a spiritual memoir on prayer and faith from Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee who shares his viewpoint on faith, touching upon both traditional Christianity with the mystical customs of the Sufi, and how it brought him to gain a more clear embrace of faith. "Prayer of the Heart" is a fine addition to Christian spirituality collections, highly recommended.

The Christian Studies Shelf

The Messy Quest for Meaning
Stephen Martin
Sorin Books
PO Box 428
Notre Dame, IN 46556-0428
9781933495323, $14.95,

Figuring out what to do with one's life is never an easy task. "The Messy Quest for Meaning: Five Catholic Practices for Finding Your Vocation" is a Christian driven inspirational guide from Stephen Martin as he grants advice to Catholic readers in using to faith to find their vocation and succeed at it more adeptly. "The Messy Quest for Meaning" is a strong pick for self-help collections, highly recommended. Also from Sorin Books for inspiration, "The Cup of Our Life; A Guide to Spiritual Growth" (9781933495316, $16.95), a more personal and insightful guide in our search for worth alongside our faith.

Justification is for Preaching
Virgil Thompson, editor
Pickwick Publications
c/o Wipf and Stock Publishers
199 W. 8th Ave., Suite 3
Eugune, OR 97401
9781610974097, $31.00,

The purpose of preaching when most do not listen seems to become more and more lost over time. "Justification is for Preaching" is a collection of essays from many faithful thinkers from a Lutheran Protestant Christian perspective, discussing the role of the preacher in the modern spread of the faith, the power of preaching, its purpose, and its impact. Seeking the justification of sin, "Justification is for Preaching" is a strong read for those who want to better understand preaching and the advancement of modern Lutheranism in today's world.

Loving Well
William P. Smith
New Growth Press
2007 Yanceyville Street, Suite 3600
Greensboro, NC 27405
9781936768295, $15.99,

Bad habits ultimately make us miserable, and especially make those we love miserable "Loving Well (Even If You Haven't Been)" is a relationship advice guide from William P. Smith as he discusses the common elements in failing relationships, from a Christian perspective. Worth considering for practical and spiritual collections, "Loving Well" is a must for those who want to find more fulfilling connections to others in their lives.

The Fiction Shelf

Michael Ringering
Autumn Leaf Publishers
PO Box 701403, Tulsa, OK 74170
9781936314591, $16.95,

It can often take some time to realize what is most important in life. "Sixbits" is a novel that follows Jack London Clarke as he finds the weight of his mistakes in life growing greater as he is spurned by those he most values in his life. Trying to come to terms with himself, he must gain a greater understanding of it all to seek his family once more. "Sixbits" is a worthwhile addition to fiction collections focusing on modern issues and challenges.

The American War
Don Meyer
Two Peas Publishing
PO Box 1193, Franklin, TN
9781938271007, $19.95,

The soldier is always fighting, always facing death. "The American War" follows the curious case of Sam Kensington, a soldier between eras. Focusing on two major campaigns a hundred years apart in the American Civil War and the campaign in Vietnam, following two battles in these wars and the impact of facing both of these conflicts. "The American War" is a unique take on the endeavor of war, very much recommended.

A Short Stay in Hell
Steven L. Peck
Strange Violin Editions
4200 Cathedral Avenue, NW, #702
Washington, DC 20016
9780983748441, $21.95,

The task of the dead is to find and understand the story of their lives. "A Short Stay in Hell" follows Soren Johansson as he faces his afterlife, as a God he did not worship orders him to dig through a great library and find the story of his life. With a bit of dark humor reflecting on faith and the path of our lives, "A Short Stay in Hell" is an excellent and much recommended pick, not to be missed.

Balls of Leather and Steel
Guy Butler
The Polkajig Press
1554 Waterwitch Drive
Orlando, FL 32806
9780984872602, $11.99,

Against a seemingly unstoppable machine, it can be easy to simply submit. "Balls of Leather and Steel" is a historical novel telling of a Polish orphan's rise to heroism after being relegated to the streets, and then sent to the Nazi labor camps. Through determination he escapes, and begins his own campaign against the Nazi power, gaining renown, and finds his next mission to be rescuing a certain war hero vital to the resistance. "Balls of Leather and Steel" is a strong addition to general fiction collections, very much recommended reading.

Tim Westover
QW Publishers
2452 Herring Woods Tr
Grayson, GA 30017
9780984974801, $17.95,

As a town is abandoned, one has to question the reason why. "Auraria" is a novel following determined planner James Holtzclaw as he wants to turn a fading gold rush town in Georgia into a first class resort. But the town has a deep history of things that lurk unknown, and James is faced with a question of if it's worthwhile to battle such forces. "Auraria" is a fine addition to ghost and horror collections, for readers looking for a modern take on spirits in old towns.

Things Relative
Georgia Jones
New Voices
c/o Lady Press
16964 Columbia River Drive
Sonora, CA 95370-9111, $14.99,

The status of God's existence can determine many takes on life. "Things Relative: Based on a Nearly True Story" is a novel musing on God and family from Georgia Jones who uses dark comedy to explore the relationship of Ramona and Regina, as Regina becomes a fierce evangelist in a way that sends her to new heights, and may very well send her to new lows. "Things Relative" is a strong novel discussing religion, very much recommended.

The Sign of the Eagle
Jess Steven Hughes
Sunbury Press
200 Market St., Camp Hill, PA 17011
9781620060360, $16.95,

For love and for country, one woman must act and think swiftly. "The Sign of the Eagle" is a novel set in ancient Rome. Macha, daughter of a Celtic king, delves into the intrigue of Roman life as her husband is accused of murder and the very nature of the empire may be at stake. With many fascinating characters, "The Sign of the Eagle" is a strong addition to any collection looking for more historical fiction.

Somebody to Love
Parker Longwood
Matchless Publishing Co.
PO Box 402
Loveland, CO 80539
9780882190426, $14.95,

Our origins often come with their own damaging scars. "Somebody to Love" follows Claire Cabot as she seeks the story of her family and her parents, and finds the roots of the tragedy that lead her to her current place in life, as the tragedy she finds only makes her pursue the truth deeper. "Somebody to Love" is a strong pick for general fiction collections focusing on the family.

The Angry Woman Suite
Lee Fullbright
Telemachus Press
3538 Curtis St.
San Diego, CA 92106
9781937698539, $9.99,

The broken nature of a family can remain broken through generations. "The Angry Woman Suite" is a novel that takes the perspective of one family through generations. Elyse seeks dirt on her stepfather but finds something much more, and her stepfather Francis tries to put his family back together over decades with only an ally in his mother's lover Aidan. A very human story, "The Angry Woman Suite" is a fine read focusing on the long lasting dysfunction of family.

Gates of Eden
Charles Degelman
Harvard Square Editions
2152 Beachwood Terrace
Hollywood, CA 90068
9780983321637, $14.95,

War is not to be waged lightly. "Gates of Eden" is a novel set amongst the turmoil of the Vietnam War at home, as the Americans of the 1960s decry the unpopular war. Seven rebels unite with others who are dissatisfied with the government and begin to plot against it, daring possibly to go as far as rebellion. With a personal story among each of them, "Gates of Eden" is a fine novel of the period, very much recommended.

Never Defeated
Nicholas Orloff
AKVY Press
61 Danby Ave
Toronto, ON Canada M3H 2J4
9780987778536, $14.95,

Against the might of the British Empire, few have stood in defiance. "Never Defeated: The Frigate Constitution" is a novel of the war of 1812, following the naval battles between the fledgling American navy led by the Constitution, against the overwhelming power of the British Navy and the battle at hand. A tale of daring moves, chances at freedom, and history, "Never Defeated" is a strong pick for general historical fiction collections.

I'll Take the Fat One
C. D. Shelton
Choice Publishing House
412 Olive Ave, Suite 305
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
9780984191079, $12.99,

The journey to fitness from obesity is not a short or easy one. "I'll Take the Fat One" is a novel from C. D. Shelton, as she crafts a story surrounding one woman's drive to drop those pounds and keep them off, wading through a field of misinformation trying to find a way to conquer her fears of food and diet in the process. "I'll Take the Fat One" is a strong pick for anyone facing their own diet woes and looking for something to relate to.

The Secret of a Long Journey
Sandra Sanchez
Floricanto Press
19043 Marilla Street
Northridge, CA 91324
9781888205350, $24.95,

Fleeing from those who wish you harm in search of a better life is a story o f many of those throughout history. "The Secret of a Long Journey" is a novel of people fleeing the Inquisition and coming across what would soon be known as New Mexico. Through the perils of ocean travel and much more, Sandra Sanchez presents a memorable read and adventure in "The Secret of a Long Journey", very much recommended.

Journey Beyond 2012
Piero Rivolta
New Chapter Publisher
32 South Osprey Avenue, Suite 102
Sarasota, FL 34236
9780983618409, $21.95,

2012 for some will not be the end, but a whole new beginning. "Journey Beyond 2012" is a novel from Piero Rivolta as he follows those who survive the supposed calamities that circle around December 21st, 2012, as they face this turning point head on and try to emerge with their lives intact. For those intrigued by the 2012 mythos, "Journey Beyond 2012" is a strong pick for supernatural fiction collections.

The Nun
Sandra Shwayder Sanchez
Plain View Press
3800 N. Lamar, Suite 730-260
Austin, TX 78756
9780911051605, $14.95,

Across time, our stories are different, yet so much the same. "The Nun" follows two individuals named Sia, bound by a name and purpose, split by a millennia of time. Sharing their search for an art and something worth anything in the world, author Sandra Shwayder Sanchez presents a thoughtful read, that proves very much human reading. "The Nun" is a strong pick for general fiction collections, highly recommended.

Adventures of the Almighty One
Joe Dieckman
V-Wind Publishing
PO Box 1031, Elgin, IL 60121-1031
9780982877326, $11.50,

In our lives travel, we leave things behind and find something new. "Adventures of the Almighty One: A Short Love Story" is a unique novel from Joe Dieckman as he tells the story of three individuals traveling the countryside looking for something worth calling their own while trucking through the rough patches of life. "Adventures of the Almighty One" is a tale very much worth considering.

The Big Blur
Tom Puckett
Dog Ear Publishing
4010 W. 86th Street, Ste H
Indianapolis, IN 46268
9781608447114, $12.99,

Luck can play into our hands in many weird ways. "The Big Blur" follows Charlie Thompson, who with nothing to his name, finds himself on a movie set as an extra. In the process, he gets a fast track to stardom and his new opportunity at life - if he can survive the pressures of the Hollywood stardom that he never asked for. "The Big Blur" is an exciting and humorous take on Hollywood and the one big shot at the big time.

From the Ashes
Bill Thomas
White Feather Press
3170 52nd Street
Hamilton, MI 49419
9781618080219, $15.95,

Even when everything seems to be going perfectly, we can't forget our past sins. "From the Ashes" follows flourishing financier Jerold Volker as he enjoys his success but can't forget what he had to do to get there. Having to turn back to right what was made wrong, Jerold must come to terms with who he really is. "From the Ashes" is a fine read, not to be overlooked by general fiction collections.

The Biography Shelf

Candidate Without a Prayer
Herb Silverman
Pitchstone Publishing
1909 Stillhouse Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901
9780984493289, $22.95,

To be elected, you have to represent your electorate's values. In the deep south, a Jewish Atheist doesn't have the best luck at first sight. "Candidate Without a Prayer: An Autobiography of a Jewish Atheist in the Bible Belt" is a political memoir from Herb Silverman, who recounts his battles with the religious right in South Carolina, including his fight against a particular provision that prohibited atheists from holding office in the state. A secular look at southern politics with a touch of humor, "Candidate Without a Prayer" is a strong pick for political biography collections, not to be overlooked.

The Final Test
Theresa Marie Flaherty
Turas Publishing
4833 Saratoga Blvd., No. 129
Corpus Christi, TX 78413-2213
9780983234241, $26.95,

Through prose and poetry, James Ball Naylor impacted society with his vivid renditions of rural America. "The Final Test: A Biography of James Ball Naylor" is a biography written by Theresa Marie Flaherty who covers the man's life and where his inspirations that ring true even today come from. An excellent study in turn of the century literature, "The Final Test" is a fine entry into literary studies and biography collections, highly recommended.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

River Bottom Blues
Ricky Bush
Barking Rain Press
PO Box 822674, Vancouver, WA 98682
9781935460282, $11.95,

A dead friend with an unclear cause rises suspicion. "River Bottom Blues" follows Mitty Andersen as he seeks the truth surrounding his departed friend and blues man Bobby T, who supposedly died of a heroin overdose, which didn't add up for Mitty. Digging deeper, Mitty finds that more than Bobby T may have been the target, searching for the truth in the matter. "River Bottom Blues" is a fast paced mystery of murder and the blues.

Lowcountry Bribe
C. Hope Clark
Bell Bridge Books
PO Box 300921, Memphis, TN 38130
9781611940909, $14.95,

Staying on the straight and narrow honest path has its own challenges. "Lowcountry Bribe" is a novel of rural South Carolina, as Carolina Slade, an honest Department of Agricultural manager who is offered a bribe and reports the offense. As she finds the deeper roots of fraud and corruption in her organization, she finds that she herself will soon be targeted, and for the good of her children, she must find the truth. "Lowcountry Bribe" is a riveting story of intrigue in rural South Carolina, much recommended.

Among the Ashes
Cheryl Denton
Legacy 78 Press
PO Box 234, Fayetteville, OH 45118
9780984674701, $16.95,

A series of tragedies can unite people in finding the truth. "Among the Ashes" follows Kit Blume, as she faces losing everything she had to a wanton arsonist leaving her trying to piece together what little life she had left after it all. Working with Harvey, a man with his own losses, the pair work together to find their truth and find something worth living for. "Among the Ashes" is a strong pick for general fiction collections focusing on mystery selections.

Death on the Silk Road
Russell R. Miller
BeachHouse Books
PO Box 7151
Chesterfield, MO 63006
9781596300743, $18.95,

As a new country emerges, everyone is quick to claim its resources as their own. "Death on the Silk Road" follows Charlie Connelly, a retired CIA agent who finds himself consulting with a global banking corporation trying to establish itself in the new nation of Kazakstan. But those out to push the nation to cater to those wishes act swiftly and without mercy. "Death on the Silk Road" is a strong pick for those looking for an international thriller, highly recommended.

Broken Rainbow
Angela N. Hunt
Hunt Press
12811 Pacific Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90066
9780983486145, $22.95,

Scorning the wrath of one may be enough to derail the best laid plans. "Broken Rainbow" is a novel following Sabine Parsons as she finds herself rejected by the Lodge of the Midnight Sun and its plots for destruction of the world. With a burning vengeance, Sabine seems to be set on being its savior instead of bringing about its destruction. "Broken Rainbow" is a strong pick for those seeking thrillers with supernatural elements.

The Gospel of Ashes
Lloyd R. Prentice
Writers Glen Publications
160 Tea Rock Lane
Marshfield, MA 02050
9780982589229, $15.95,

As the world goes crazy around them, a search for a lost daughter spins into something more. "The Gospel of Ashes" is a thriller from Lloyd R. Prentice as he casts in the role of unlikely heroes the laundry owner Mei Li Phan and mob enforcer Landry Carmichael. As America seems to break down into chaos around them, the two must face what they left behind to survive the turbulent times and find what they're looking for. "The Gospel of Ashes" is a choice for those who love modern thrillers.

In Dreams
Robert Logan
Pepper Tree Publishing
1269 First Street, Suite 7
Sarasota, FL 34236
9781614930907, $25.95,

Four decades is quite the gap for a cold case to stand. "In Dreams" is a mystery from Robert Logan as he follows Jack Corbitt, as a cancer treatment leaves him with a way to gaze back into forty years ago. His new talent comes into play as a series of ritualistic murders repeat itself in the modern day, looking a lot like the killer's ways in 1971. Connected to reporter Maggie Roper in 1971, Jack unravels the case and finds a serial killer with scary talents of his own. "In Dreams" is a fine mystery, very much recommended reading.

Jonathan Bloomfield
Silverlane Publishing
PO Box 57, New York, NY 10101
9780615418179, $14.95,

The powder of the Middle East may soon explode. "Palestine" is a thriller novel exploring the possibilities that may lead a world changing set of events that occur within a single hour. Written by a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces, Jonathan Bloomfield provides a very pro-Israel look into the fears that many Israelis hold over the region. "Palestine" is worth considering for those looking for politically charged thrillers.

The Memoir Shelf

The Year of the Bird
Susan Spangler
Koehler Books
210 60th Street
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451
9780984031634 $26.95

The Year of the Bird: True Stories in Pictures is a "graphic journal" in that its day-by-day reminiscences are punctuated by striking color artwork on virtually every other page. Author Susan Spangler chronicles events that befell her family in 2002 - moments of joy, tragedy, heartbreak, and remembering what is most precious. Some of her reflections are about the darker side of life - from the fear that pervades everyday shopping when a city sniper was randomly murdering innocent people, to confronting the abusive man to whom she used to be married. But The Year of the Bird is ultimately a testimony of hope, and the moments in life that deserve to be cherished. Highly recommended.

Remembering Che
Aleida March
Ocean Press
151 West 19th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10011
9780987077936, $18.95,

When you rise in power, the price can often be your life. "Remembering Che: My Life with Che Guevara" is a memoir of politics from Aleida March, wife of the famed South American revolutionary, as she brings out a human side of the fighter, sharing the desires of a family man had for his own personal future. "Remembering Che" is a strong pick for international memoir collections, recommended.

An Astrologer's Journey
Kelly Lowe
CHB Media
3039 Needle Palm Drive
Edgewater FL 32141
9780982281987, $14.99,

What drives one to pursue astrology? "An Astrologer's Journey: My Life with the Stars" is a memoir from astrologer Kelly Lowe, as she shares her own astral journey as she brings forth what lead her to pursue astrology as her career and life's passion, stating that she hopes her story rings true with those who don't follow astrology. "An Astrologer's Journey" is a worth considering for those seeking the story behind the astrologer's mind.

My Mother, My Son
Dwayne J. Clark
Aegis Living
17602 NE Union Hill
Redmond, WA 98052
9780984815210, $15.00,

The love of a mother rarely pays off in this way. "My Mother, My Son" is a memoir of Dwayne J. Clark, who shares his story of advancing and revolutionizing Alzheimers care, only for his mother to be struck with the disease and expose him to the tragedy of the disease first hand, the loss of memory, the most precious thing that many people can share. "My Mother, My Son" is a strong pick for memoir collections focusing on the impact of Alzheimers.

I Am That Child
Elizabeth Geitz
Morehouse Publishing
4775 Linglestown Road
Harrisburg, PA 17112
9780819227782, $18.00,

As many struggle through the modern world, volunteering to help can make all the difference in the world. "I Am That Child: Changing Hearts and Changing the World" is a memoir of mission to Cameroon, as author Elizabeth Geitz shares her story of going to the struggling country and doing what she can to help the people of the country in their battle against disease, poverty, and oppression. With advice for those who also want to get involved with making a difference in the world, "I Am That Child" is a strong pick for social and international issues collections, recommended.

A Year in Pal Beach
Pamela Acheson & Richard B. Myers
Two Thousand Three Associates
4180 Saxon Drive
New Smyrna Beach, FL 33480
9781892285157, $26.95,

A short stop in the famed Palm Beach is an adventure all its own. A whole year brings an entirely new perspective. "A Year in Palm Beach: Life in an Alternate Universe" as husband and wife Richard B. Myers & Pamela Acheson embark on a fun journey into the vacation spot and share their stories of being near celebrity and what they have taken from the highly unique experience "A Year in Palm Beach" is a fine pick for memoir collections, recommended reading.

Honeymoon Hobos
Janice Shefelman
Shoal Creek Studios
1405 West 32nd Street
Austin, TX 78703
978158742433, $28.00,

If you wait for perfect conditions, you'll be waiting forever. "Honeymoon Hobos" follows the ambitious and crazy by most standards journey, embarked on by Janice and Tom Shefelman, who sold everything they owned and embarked on a worldwide journey in 1954 when they didn't have the money to afford and what they saw seeing the world as it was in 1954, a world in the early stages of the Cold War. A unique memoir and snapshot of an era far in the past, "Honeymoon Hobos" is a fine travelogue memoir, very much recommended reading.

The Self-Help Shelf

365 Daily Affirmations for Friendship
Jan Yager
Hannacroix Creek Books
1127 High Ridge Road, #110
Stamford, CT 06905
9781889262727, $14.95,

Friendship is a powerful part of anyone's life. "365 Daily Affirmations for Friendship" is a collection of inspirational passages for those looking to empower their friendships all around them and better understand their purpose and value in our lives, and improving one's role as a friend in the lives of others. "365 Daily Affirmations for Friendship" is a worthy addition to motivational and inspirational collections.

Dare to Grow Up
Paul Dunion
Bartleby Press
8600 Foundry Street, Savage Mill Box 2043
Savage, MD 20763
9780910155878, $16.95,

Facing the real world can often be quite daunting. "Dare to Grow Up: Learn to Become Who You Are Meant to Be" is a discussion of psychology from Paul Dunion, as he invites readers to find their purpose in their lives and understand what they want out of life as a human being, saying that no matter your age, there's still some growing up to do. "Dare to Grow Up" is a strong pick for psychological and inspirational collections, recommended.

Conscious Calm
Laura Maciuika
Tap Into Freedom Publishing
4096 Piedmont Avenue, Suite 365
Oakland, CA 94611
9781937749026, $17.95,

Calmness is a state of clarity and is key to making better decisions in life. "Conscious Calm: Keys to Freedom From Stress and Worry" discusses how to channel the stress and worry in one's life to a more helpful purpose. Author Laura Maciuika advises readers to put together their thoughts, and use the energy from worry and stress to something better in their life. "Conscious Calm" is a strong and much recommended read for general self-help and self-improvement collections.

Stage Climbing
Michaels S. Broder
MPA Publications
255 South 17th Street, Suite 2900
Philadelphia, PA 19103
9781889577395, 19.95,

The only thing driving us forward in greater success in life is ourselves. "Stage Climbing: The Shortest Path to Your Highest Potential" is an inspirational and motivational guide from Michaels S. Broder advises readers to seek their life's wisdom, know where they have came from, and clear the path to find their future. With plenty of practical knowledge for making the most out of life, "Stage Climbing" is a fine and driven read, not to be missed.

Live Like a Window Work Like a Mirror
Mark C. Brown
First Light Books
PO Box 918669
Austin, TX 78709
9780974064444, $16.95,

Being of clear thought and soul is the first step for pushing one's life forward. "Live Like a Window Work Like a Mirror: Enlightenment and the Practice of Eternity Consciousness" is a spiritual self-help guide as Mark C. Brown, Ph.D., advises readers on how to understand their own search for enlightenment, gain a clear focus on their life, and find what they truly love. "Live Like a Window Work Like a Mirror" is a fine addition to any self-help and spirituality collection, recommended.

The Gardening Shelf

Growing and Using Stevia
Jeffrey Goettemoeller & Karen Lucke
Prairie Oak Publishing
221 South Saunders St.
Maryville, MO 64468
9780978629335, $10.00,

Stevia has recently been introduced into the world of sweeteners. "Growing and Using Stevia: The Sweet Leaf from Garden to Table" discusses the natural low-glycemic sweetener that can be grown and be used in many cooking situations to bring a low calorie sweetness to any dish. "Growing and Using Stevia" is a strong pick for gardening and cooking collections looking for sweet options for diabetics and health conscious eaters.

The Dance Shelf

Dancing Through History
Lori Henry
Dancing Traveller Media
1106-1068 Hornby Street
Vancouver, BC Canada V6Z 2Y7
9780987689764, $17.95,

Canada, much like the United States, has become a blend of many cultures, becoming something unique to itself. "Dancing Through History: In Search of the Stories That Define Canada" is a cultural discussion of Canada, discussing the blends of culture Canada has attracted and how it is heard through the influence of culture and dance in many places throughout the country. "Dancing Through History" is a strong pick for travel and culture collections, highly recommended.

The Business Shelf

David A. Sousa
Triple Nickel Press
555 North Morton Street
Bloomington, IN 47404
9780983302032, $19.95,

Why do some people take on the mantle of leadership better than others? "Brainwork: The Neuroscience Behind How We Lead Others" discusses the psychological aspects of leadership in the business world, discussing the many things we face in the daily business world, and how our brain reacts. From dealing with a new swarm of information, facing crisis, filtering our lives, working with others, and how to keep one's brain quick and sharp, "Brainwork" is an interesting addition to psychology and business collections.

Dan Schaefer
Peak Performance Strategies
7 Acorn Ponds Dr.
Roslyn, NY 11576
9780615403397, $14.95,

Rising to that competitive level can often be quite difficult. "Click!: The Competitive Edge: for Sports, Entertainment, and Business" discusses what businesses in any particular field can gain that strong competitive rivalry. With a focus on sports and entertainment, Dan Schaefer's ideas on better business success resound well with any business, taking psychology from athletes and that no one should settle for second place. "Click!" is a solid and much recommended pick for business inspirational selections, for those who want that killer instinct to succeed in business.

Positivity at Work
S. Chris Edmonds & Lisa Zigarmi
20660 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 210
Cupertino, CA 95014
9781616990787, $19.95,

A positive drive at work can push us forward to make a greater difference. "Positivity at Work Tweet" is an inspirational book with one forty positive messages at one hundred and forty characters or less. With tips for dealing with clients, making meetings work at a higher level and ideal, being proactive, and much more, "Positivity at Work Tweet" is a fine pick for positivity and empowerment collections, highly recommended.

The Poetry Shelf

Listening to Africa
Diana M. Raab
Antrim House
21 Goodrich Rd., Simsbury, CT 06070
9781936482184, $16.00,

Africa is the birthplace of humanity, and holds many of its core values. "Listening to Africa" is a collection of poetry from Diana M. Raab as she reflects on her trip to Africa and what she has learned in her journeys, bringing forth spiritual and thoughtful poetry. "Listening to Africa" is a strong addition to general poetry collections, recommended. "Poverty": So little sustains/the life/of poverty/sorrowful/dabbled with dirty/water/beside the white/businessman.

Blue Orange
Robert Grunst
The Ashland Poetry Press
401 College Avenue
Ashland, OH 44805
9780912592121, $15.95,

It is all too easy to lose sight of the simple magnificence of the world around us. "Blue Orange" is the latest collection of poetry from Robert Grunst as he discusses the ideas of nature and our relationships with it. A fine assortment from a highly prolific poet, "Blue Orange" is a must for general poetry collections, very much recommended. "An Apple Orchard in Prussia": Take the apple out the apple now, absent the two/syllables, low frontal vowel, voiceless bilabial/stop, and the lateral, erase men's hands and space across/which hands might reach; disjoin the ladder. Reduce the trees/to seeds, seeds to light apart from water and dirt:/no orchard then, no canvas, no stitches, no straps,/no pickers' sacks, no long-boned men aloft, no knees/nor crooks for knees, no telltale leaves, no breeze,/no harvest but memory of harvest, no sleet, no pedestal,/no entablature above which between and nothing rest./Take away every vestigial measure, every scar/and scale, smoke rising form the kitchen chimney,/women's white aprons sunning on a line,/every kingbird and wren that made the ancestors sing.

27 Views of Asheville
ENO Publishers
PO Box 158
Hillsborough, NC 27278
9780983247517, $15.95,

In our small towns, we gain a certain love that many people don't see so quickly. "27 Views of Asheville: A Southern Mountain Town in Prose & Poetry" is a collection of prose and poetry as twenty seven writers present their dedication and love fro the charm of the town of Asheville, North Carolina. These poems, essays, and stories present a charming look at this town, hoping to capture the soul of the town with their work. "27 Views of Asheville" is a much recommended pick for cultural, travel, and compilation collections.

Water and Life
Adolph Caso
Branden Books
PO Box 812094, Wellesley, MA 02482
9780828322133, $16.95,

The simplest of things can inspire the greatest out of us. "Water and Life" is a personal and bilingual collection of poetry from Adolph Caso who presents his work in both English and Italian, and accompanies it with nature photograph as well as other relevant images in both black and white and color. "Water and Life" is a simple and moving assortment of poetry, recommended. "Idleness": Poet,/what are thou?/A man/of yesteryear,/today,/and tomorrow,/of your heart/speaker/of waveless seas/and windless air/which we see not/or touch/and yet despair?

The Malady of the Century
Jon Leon
PO Box 7687 JAF Station
New York, NY 10116
9780982279861, $9.95,

Where the world is going is nothing like the future we envisioned. "The Malady of the Century" is a collection of poetry from Jon Leon, that discusses the nature of our world as well as the probably future we face. Holding back nothing, he presents a free form poem style that entertains and make readers think. "The Malady of the Century" is an insightful and much recommended pick for modern poetry collections. "East": My radical body is so really open. View the foot of the bed. Nothing ever/changed. Cinema. Time is so hard to imagine. Spiritual Wasteland.

Are There Zombies in Heaven
Eric Morlin
Wilder Publications
PO Box 10641, Blacksburg, VA 24060
9781617204432, $14.99,

There are questions never asked but still deserve answers. "Are There Zombies in Heaven" is a collection of poetry from Eric Morlin, who dubs himself the The Moebius Kid. Bringing readers an anthology of offbeat poetry that tries to get the reader to look at the world in new ways with no punches pulled, "Are There Zombies in Heaven" is certainly a unique volume, not to be overlooked. "Carpenter": When I was a young man/I cut out my heart/like cutting the heart out of a tree/figuring at least this way I wouldn't/get hurt.../but it filled up with sap/a cavern full of amber,/fireflowers falling,/and the one summer I looked down/and it was healed where I'd/hewn/the skin patterned like/cedar...

Marrow, Muscle, Flight
Gary Boelhower
Wildwood River Press
1748 Wildwood Road
Duluth, MN 55804
9780984377749, $15.00,

Life flows much in the same way, with the same hopes and dreams, no matter how you got there. "Marrow, Muscle, Flight" is a collection of poetry of gay father and professor Gary Boelhower as he shares his work of facing life and his struggles with fatherhood and losing loves. "Marrow, Muscle, Flight" is a heartfelt read, much recommended. "Roadside Market": At the roadside market the colors/of tomato, eggplant, cucumber, sweet/corn dazzle in the high noon sun.//The farmer bags a dozen ears/for me and says it's a bumper year/for sunflowers, gestures toward/the field of bowing heads,/embodied exultation. The taut/grene muscle of their stance, thick/leathery leaves, and then these faces,/fringed in essential luminescence,/following each day the arc of life,/always turning, submission of the finest/grace. Let the body work./It knows/the way to ecstasy and grief.

A Conspiracy to Love
River Smith
Satyagraha/Liberation Brew
PO Box 770230
Lakewood, OH 44107
9780982926239, $14.95,

Love is what we seek and want to give for many of us. "A Conspiracy to Love: Living a Life of Joy, Generosity, and Power" is an inspirational read from River Smith as he advises readers on how to equip one self emotionally to bring for a life of more clarity and being true to others, and finding happiness in ourselves and others. "A Conspiracy to Love" is a strong pick for inspirational and self-help collections, highly recommended.

What You Least Expect
Rebecca Radner
Class Action Ink
950 SW 21st Avenue #1012
Portland, OR 97205
9780984153015, $12.95,

With countless publications, Rebecca Radner continues to use her poetry to speak to the world. "What You Least Expect" is a selection of her poetry over a thirty one year period, as she presents poems that speak on spirituality, sex, aging, food, and the challenges of everyday life. "What You Least Expect" is a strong pick for poetry collections, highly recommended. "If I Can't Even Think": Of the name/of the thing that makes a terrible noise/when you walk around your lawn pointing it/at decaying vegetable matter,/or how you say the boxy thing/that isn't a toaster oven but might add a soupcon/of radiation as it heats your food, or not,/how can I go on writing poems?//on the other hand,/what's so great/about precision//the other day I heard a small boy/tell his little sister "you'll die & you'll get sick"//the hell with whatever isn't a toaster oven

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Ted Epperly
Sterling & Ross
1221 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 4200
New York, NY 10020
9780982758830, $25.95,

The American health care system has many flaws, with undercoverage and those who are covered pay too much. "Fractured" is a study of the current health care issues. Author Dr. Ted Epperly draws from his decades of experience at the personal level, proposing reforms so that health care can bring care to patients that works for them without bankrupting them. "Fractured" is a strong pick for collections studying the problems being faced by today's health care industry.

Beat Your A-Fib
Steve S. Ryan, Ph.D.
A-Fib, Inc.
30765 Pacific Coast Hwy, Suite 259
Malibu, CA 90265
9780984951406 $32.95

Former atrial fibrillation patient and healthcare educator Steve S. Ryan, Ph.D. presents Beat Your A-Fib, a solid guide to combating this emerging cardiovascular epidemic. Chapters explain medical terms and concepts concerning the condition in plain language for lay readers, discuss an immense variety of non-drug treatment options, offer testimonies from former A-Fib patients who overcame their condition, and much more. Beat Your A-Fib is a "must-read" for anyone suffering from or at risk for this serious medical condition.

150 Pounds Gone Forever
Diane Carbonell
Sunrise River Press
39966 Grand Avenue
North Branch, MN 55056
9781934716410, $16.95,

Losing over a hundred pounds can be a life-changing endeavor. "150 Pounds Gone Forever: How I Lost Half My Size and You Can Too" is a combination memoir and health advisory from Diane Barbonell as she seeks to inspire readers with her own story of losing 150 pounds, stating how her focus on fat percentage, portions, and exercise enabled her to drop the weight and change her life. With good recipes and a suggested exercise plan, "150 Pounds Gone Forever" is a strong addition to health and memoir collections, recommended.

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking
Allen Carr
Clarity Marketing
c/o Suite #706, 1133 W Broadway
New York, NY 10010
9780615482156, $16.99,

Smoking is a hard habit to break. "Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking" is an inspirational read for those who are stuck in their attempts to kick the expensive habit permanently without the problems that usually come with it. A method that fights the withdrawal symptoms encourages good health, and more, "Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking" is a powerful and recommended pick, endorsed by many celebrities in their own struggles to kick the habit.

The Art Shelf

The Art Hunters Handbook
Les & Sue Fox
The Art Hunters Handbook
c/o West Highland Art Auction Brokers
PO Box 36, Midland Park, NJ 07432
9780615593906, $16.95,

A good eye for art can be profitable in itself. "The Art Hunters Handbook: How to Buy Art for $5 and Sell It for $1,000,000" is an advisory book for aspiring art dealers as Les & Sue Fox encourage readers how to get into the art collecting and trading business and how to do it effectively and profitably. With full color photos and art examples all throughout, "The Art Hunters Handbook" is a choice pick for aspiring art barons, highly recommended.

The Economic Studies Shelf

Economics: A Simple Twist on Normalcy
Kersten L. Kelly
Talisman Book Publishing
PO Box 853, Schererville, IN 46375
9780578099071, $13.99,

Economics has become far more than running a bunch of numbers together. "Economics: A Simple Twist on Normalcy" is a discussion of economics on many levels, and the impacts that economics has had on our world, how it has impacted history, our actions, and even pop culture. "Economics" is a fine collection of work from Kersten L. Kelly about the gravity that this particular social science has on our every day lives.

Marx's Das Kapital for Beginners
Michael Wayne
For Beginners
155 Main Street, Suite 211
Danbury, CT 06810
9781934389591, $16.99,

The roots of Marx's work delve deeply into history and his era. "Marx's Das Kapital for Beginners" discusses Marx's 'Das Kapital', his critique of the capitalist systems and the problems they cause on many levels of industry. The book, a product of a different time, can often be hard to grasp for readers, and Michael Wayne hopes to better introduce readers to the work so that they may understand it most completely. "Marx's Das Kapital for Beginners" is a strong addition to any history, social issues, or economics collection.

The Humor Shelf

Pirate Therapy
Mark A. Rayner
Monkey Joy Press
46 Duchess Ave., London, ON Canada N6C1N2
9780986662782, $7.98,

The world could be a very much different place with a few alterations. The quality of the change is up to the reader to decide. "Pirate Therapy" is a collection of short stories from Mark A. Rayner as he presents many intriguing scenarios of the world gone awry. From problems of time travel, to the publicity problems of the Gods themselves and more, "Pirate Therapy" is a humorous and fun read that those seeking a good dose of comedy should love.

The Music Shelf

Jack Ryan
Glen Dower Media
PO Box 661
Whitmore Lake, MI 48189
9780914303046, $26.95,

As radio and television began revolutionizing music, a small studio in Detroit served as the starting point for many acts. "Recollections: The Detroit Years: The Motown Sound by the People Who Made It" is a collection of interviews with many of those involved with the great studio and the artists they recruited throughout its legendary history. Compiled by a fan with many black and white photographs throughout, "Recollections" is a strong pick for any long time fan of Motown.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

Fiji Random Vol. 1
Justin Raimey
Black Streak Books
490 S. Raccoon Rd Ste F6
Youngstown, OH 44515
9780984864843 $15.95

Printed in black-and-white with a few color pages at the beginning, Fiji Random Vol. 1 is an off-the-wall Original English Language manga - that is, a graphic novel featuring characters deliberately drawn in a style similar to that of Japanese anime and manga. A wacky comedy, Fiji Random intersperses the hijinks of its main story with "random moments", that is, pages of vertical four-panel comic strip gags in the style of Japanese "4-koma" humor comics. The main character, Fiji, is a dark-skinned, fiercely willful girl who is addicted to video games; her sister is calmer, and it's a minor miracle either one of them are relatively rational when they're being raised by a mother with violent mood swings (played for laughs, of course). One morning, Fiji awakens late for school to discover that her mother is making delicious food for someone else - a foreign exchange student! The day only gets crazier as she encounters a menacing figure from her past, perverted child sidewalk pirates, and finally, the new foreign exchange student - who turns out to be from a crime-ridden island nation! Accidental homicide, over-the-top showdowns, even abuse of the laws of time (for a good purpose), and more hectic insanity fill this wonky, lighthearted read, ideal for fans of manga-style comedy.

The Mysterious Death of Tom Thomson
George A. Walker
The Porcupine's Quill
68 Main St., PO Box 160
Erin, ON Canada N0B 1T0
97808898434866, $22.95,

Visuals can often speak things words cannot. "The Mysterious Death of Tom Thomson" is an original graphic novel from George A. Walker, providing a wordless story, processing the narrative entirely through black and white imagery, following the story of Tom Thomson, a painter who faced premature death and left his legacy with the famed Canadian Group of Seven Painters. "The Mysterious Death of Tom Thomson" is a fine addition to community library art and graphic novel collections.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

The Big Book of Reincarnation
Roy Stemman
Hierophant Publishing
8301 Broadway, Suite 219
San Antonio, TX 78209
9780981877167, $18.95,

The past life holds many ideas, and may affect life for those who believe. "The Big Book of Reincarnation: Examining the Evidence That We Have All Lived Before" is a metaphysical spiritual book from Roy Stemman as he presents the exploration of reincarnation and the existence of our past lives through time. Presenting his own study of the topic and its realities and tries to analyze skeptical response. "The Big Book of Reincarnation" is a strong pick for general metaphysical spirituality collections.

Mustard Seeds, Shovels, & Mountains
J. F. Straw
Kallisti Publishing
332 Center Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702
9780984816200, $9.95,

The mind is a powerful thing when we're looking for our own successes. "Mustard Seeds, Shovels, & Mountains: How to Succeed Using Your Physio-Psychic Power is an advice guide from successful business man J.F. Straw, as he shares his own determination for success and how to embrace the ideals that can grant one a clear and better chance at getting ahead in business. "Mustard Seeds, Hovels, & Mountains" is a choice addition for those seeking business motivation and how to embrace positive thinking.

The Holocaust Studies Shelf

Surviving The Angel of Death
Eva Mozes Kor & Lisa Rojany Buccieri
Tanglewood Publishing
4400 Hulman, Terre Haute, IN 47803
9781933718576, $8.95,

Evil was allowed to flourish unrestrained in Nazi Germany. "Surviving the Angel of Death: The True Story of A Mengele Twin in Auschwitz" is a memoir from Eva Mozes Kor with Lisa Rojany Buccieri as Kor accounts her suffering through this time, and the experiments of mad doctor Josef Mengele, who had a particular fascination with twins, and often excluded them from other Holocaust victims for his own uses. "Surviving the Angel of Death" is tragic read of a struggle of facing a real world mad scientist.

The Philosophy Shelf

The Non-Philosophy Project
Francois Laruelle
Telos Press Publishing
431 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10009
9780914386476, $21.95,

Philosophy is seeking knowledge where knowledge currently does not exist. "The Non-Philosophy Project" is a collection of essays from Francois Laruelle who presents the idea of non-philosophy, the idea that there are some things we can never know, using philosophy to discuss the nature of the next level of thought and the limits of human knowledge. With many intriguing ideas, "The Non-Philosophy Project" is a strong pick for general philosophy collections, and for those looking for a different way to approaching the current mysteries of the world.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

15 Dogs & A Cat Speak Out
Pat McGrath Avery
Red Engine Press
PO Box 264, Bridgeville, PA 15017
9781937958114, $6.95,

Our pets often develop personalities all there own. "15 Dogs & A Cat Speak Out: Interviews by Luke the Detective Dog" is a humorous delve into the pet world as Pat McGrath Avery presents a humorous walk into the world of dogs with a guest appearance by a single member of the dreaded feline species. With humor, "15 Dogs & A Cat Speak Out" is a must for pet lovers looking for something with charm and humor all its own.

The Cookbook Shelf

Simple Sexy Food
Linda De Villers
Aphrodite Media
4712 Admiralty Way, #555
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
9780970956552, $26.95,

Every culture has had its own ideas on the aphrodisiac qualities of certain foods. The abilities of some foods to enhance or stimulate human sexuality and sexual responses. "Simple Sexy Food" is a 247-page compendium showcasing 101 dishes to enhance the libido, spice up bedroom performance, and augment a healthy relations with a loved one. In addition to the recipes, "Simple Sexy Food" also provides a delineated history of aphrodisiacs, including their use and myths. Unique and thoroughly 'user friendly', "Simple Sexy Food" will prove to be a welcome addition to personal and family cookbook collections, and an ideal gift for newlyweds and the amorously adventurous!

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