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Reviewer's Choice

Professor Poor's Guide to Buying HDTV
Alfred Poor
Desktop Wings, Inc.
700 East Walnut St., Perkasie, PA 18944
9780965197526, $14.95,

HDTVs are the way of the future, with Standard definition being phased out by a government mandate in the near future. "Professor Poor's Guide to Buying HDTV" is a complete and comprehensive guide to overcoming the obstacle that is preventing many people from purchasing a HDTV and joining the current generation money. Seeking to help those of lower financial income pick an HDTV that serves their purposes while not bankrupting them all the same. "Professor Poor's Guide to Buying a HDTV" is highly recommended to anyone in the market to purchase a new HDTV and for community library technology collections.

Birthed in Prayer
Kim Barker, Linda De Meillon, & Leigh Harrison
Upper Room Books
1908 Grand Avenue, Nashville, TN 37212
9780835899413 , $16.00,

The journey of pregnancy and childbirth is a roller coaster of emotions in itself- "Birthed in Prayer: Pregnancy as a Spiritual Journey" is a handbook for those who want to manage it as a more spiritual experience, in caring for their own soul as well as their yet to be born child's. Filled with heartwarming and bluntly honest stories of expecting mothers, "Birthed in Prayer: Pregnancy as a Spiritual Journey" is a deftly compiled spiritual guide, highly recommended for both community library parenting collections and for expecting religious mothers.

Luisa's Nature
Mark J. Stevens
Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, Inc.
15115 Highway 36, Deadwood, Oregon 97430
9781932279719, $15.00,

A fresh discovery of a new world through the eyes of one of it's new residents a discovery of our own world. "Luisa's Nature" is a look at family life, written in the creative non-fiction style from the eyes of a newborn baby named Luisa. From her birth, she slowly begins to learn a bout the natural world around her, beginning to understand the concept of family and others, as she looks to the big people that care of her and her understanding of them. A look at family and relationships through a deftly written and charming new perspective, highly recommended to community library collections catering to issues of the family.

The Education Shelf

Big Words for Little Kids
Michael Levin, M.D. and Charan Langton, M.S.
Mountcastle Company
1 Annabel Lane, Suite 214, San Ramon, CA 94526
9780913063132, $12.95

Co-written by pediatrician Michael Levin, M.D., Big Words for Little Kids is a vocabulary-building guide ideal for parents or educators to draw upon while instructing elementary school children. Instead of focusing on entire complicated words, Big Words for Little Kids teaches word roots and phonemes, such as "port" meaning "to carry" and found in words such as "porter", "export", "deport", "reporter", and "transport". Each mini-section about a new word root is enhanced with simple fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, trivia tidbits, and make-a-sentence activities. An excellent, easy-to-use resource for parents and summer school teachers as well as public school educators.

Grammar Today
Richard Betting
A Skeptical Press
Box 815, Valley City, ND 58072
9780979993602, $14.95,

What good does the modern grammar approach do? Gerunds, Infinitives, Subject-Verb agreement clauses what do they teach? "Grammar Today: The American Language and Grammar Primer" promotes the fact that excessive technical writing teaching that most schools teach in their modern curriculum does little to teach students to become better writers in life, and offers a replacement idea to teach them something author Richard Betting believes to be far more useful actual writing skills. "Grammar Today: The American Language and Grammar Primer" is a deftly compiled guide for today's education system and highly recommended for anyone in charge of the high school curriculum of students, and for community library education collections.

Teaching Physics with Toys
National Science Foundation
Terrific Science Press
Miami University Middletown, 4200 East University Blvd., Middletown, Ohio 45042
1883822408, $24.95,

Children are learning to understand physics from the day that they are born from the first time they see something fall to the ground. "Teaching Physics with Toys: Hands-On Investigations for Grades 3-9" is a guide for parents to find just which toys can give their children an edge in understanding this science and the universe around them. With over twenty investigations for many toys, and enhanced with an accompanying CD-ROM for helping teaching your children lessons about their toys, "Teaching Physics with Toys: Hands-On Investigations for Grades 3-9" is highly recommended for school and community library collections catering to physics, and ideal for any home schooling parent who wants to give their kid an edge in understanding.

The Self-Help Shelf

C'ing Your Way Clear
Toya L. Evans
Haci Publishing
PO Box 2111, Ashburn, VA 20146,
9780979447501, $10.95,

One cannot live a good life while living in fear, says "C'ing Your Way Clear: Every Woman's Guide to Handling Life's Storms". Promoting spirituality and vision to help woman through their lives and anecdotes about women who have faced horrible things such as incest, addiction, teenage pregnancy, among other challenges, and how they saw themselves through those rough waters. Inspirational and encouraging for all women, "C'ing Your Way Clear: Every Woman's Guide to Handling Life's Storms" is highly recommended for community library women's studies collections and for any woman who needs a little more strength in life.

Yes You Can...Reach Your Goals and Achieve Your Dreams
James E. Stowers & Jack Jonathan
Stowers Innovations
4500 Main Kansas City, MO 64111
9780980045703, $19.95,

$100 Billion in assets all starting from a dinky little pathetic one-bedroom apartment in 1956. "Yes You Can...Reach Your Goals and Achieve Your Dreams" is an inspirational self-help guide to get people going on that long road towards everything they ever dreamed of. Using the author's own unbelievable success story, "Yes You Can..." hopes to inspire others to pursue their own dreams and accomplish everything they've hoped. "Yes You Can...Reach Your Goals and Achieve Your Dreams" is packed with encouraging anecdotes and is highly recommended for community library self-help collections and for anyone who wants more out of their life.

Relationships for the Intimately Challenged
Clint Stonebraker
Meek Publishing
5110 Old Ellis Point, Roswell, GA. 30076
9780970232779, $14.95,

Why struggle? It's needless suffering that many people go through with their relationships when they could be happy now. "Relationships for the Intimately Challenged: Connecting with Family, Friends, and Co-Workers to Create a More Joyful Life" is a guide to help all readers make the most of their relationships instead of pettily fighting over the problems that come up through the course of life to celebrate the joy that is there to begin with to make relationships tighter and more fulfilling overall. "Relationships for the Intimately Challenged: Connecting with Family, Friends, and Co-Workers to Create a More Joyful Life" is highly recommended to community library self-help collections and for anyone who wants more out of their relationships.

Been There Should've Done That, third edition
Suzette Tyler
Front Porch Press
1724 Vassar Drive, Lansing, Michigan 48912
9780965608657, $10.95

Been There Should've Done That: 995 Tips for Making the Most of College is a collection of wisdom and insight garnered from the real-life experiences of college graduates across America. The tips offer invaluable information that most guidance counselors don't cover on everything from boosting one's GPA, to the pros and cons of joining a fraternity/sorority, dealing with roommates, staying safe, managing one's time, and much more. "If you can't get into a class, talk directly to the instructor. Say something to set yourself apart from the other 20 people who are trying to add it - mention a colleague who 'suggested the class,' talk about your 'special interest' in his area... whatever it takes." An absolute must-read for anyone preparing for their first (or second, or third, or fourth!) year of college.

Why She Feels Fat
Johanna Marie McShane & Tony Paulson
Gurze Books
PO Box 2238, Carlsbad, CA 92018
9780936077291, $14.95,

Modern society puts so much emphasis on being thin, that it can drive some down a dangerous road. "Why She Feels Fat: Understanding Your Loved One's Eating Disorder and How You Can Help" is a guide to understanding the dilemmas and problems of eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia. With countless bits of advice and words of encouragement for recoverers, it's the ideal guide for parents and others who will have to deal with loved ones and their anxieties dealing with their weight. "Why She Feels Fat: Understanding Your Loved One's Eating Disorder and How You Can Help" is deftly written and highly recommended for community library self-help collections with a focus on overcoming eating disorders.

My Heart & I
Jerry Danenberg
c/o Crossquarter Publishing Group
PO Box 23749, Santa Fe, NM 87502
9781890109363, $12.95,

Just how much power does one's mind have over one's body? "My Heart & I: The True Story of a Personal Resurrection" is the tale of Jerry Danenberg's heart one that was written off as something that would inevitably kill him without a transplant and how he recovered using the power of his own mind. He lays out his journey to a happier and healthy life, inspiring to those who want to believe in the power of faith, determination, and the soul making ":My Heart & I: The True Story of a Personal Resurrection" highly recommended for community library collections dedicated to self-help and spirituality.

Never Better
Sally A. Connolly
Connolly Associates
19 Bayberry Road, Danvers, MA 01923
9780977265329, $16.95,

The end of a marriage of nearly four decades the crushing reality of becoming a widow. "Never Better: All Things Considered" is Sally Connolly's attempt to cope with the loss of her true soul mate and trying to move on after this event which effects all too many women and simply seems to be a fact of life that must be dealt with. A dive into her own psyche, "Never Better: All Things Considered" is deftly written and highly recommended for self-help collections and for any woman who has lost their husband.

Rising Above the Influence
Stephen J. Della Valle
Oak Ridge Press
2 Comanche Trail, Oak Ridge, NJ 07438
9780980177602, $21.95,

The dark fog of addiction has destroyed many lives beyond repair. "Rising Above the Influence: A True Story About Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery" is how it almost happened to author Stephen J. Della Valle. This is his story of his plummet to the very bottom of humanity, and his long climb back up to normalcy inspiring indeed. With a message of "don't be afraid to ask for help", "Rising Above the Influence: A True Story About Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery" is a top pick for anyone looking to get out of the fog themselves and for community library self-help collections.

The Fiction Shelf

David Zimmerman
Eagle Books
PO Box 253, Hales Corners, WI 53130
9781882987146, $19.95,

The crushing death of a spouse when it's all said and done, the last thing on the widower's mind is finding romance once more. "Mulberry: An Eternal Love Story" is Sam Elliot's story of finding love in an unexpected place but can he deal with the emergence of a potential new lover while keeping his business afloat and raising two teenage sons? "Mulberry: An Eternal Love Story" is a deftly written romance novel that the widowed will find especially attractive for something to relate to, and for community library collections.

Kuy Syan Joshua
Magnolia Belle
Black Wolf Books
6659 Dick Price Rd, Mansfield TX 76063-5243
9780979962400, $17.95,

The anticipated follow up to 'T'on Ma', "Kuy Syan Joshua" delivers more that fans of the first so fell in love with the first time around. As Lana's ex husband finds himself in constant state of near death, Lana and her current, native American Two Hawks must struggle to keep themselves alive in the face of adversity on the plains. Their lives slowly begin to draw together once more in this enthralling tale of historical fiction, making "Kuy Syan Joshua" highly recommended to fans of the genre and community library collections catering to them.

Christine Keleny
CK Books
PO Box 214, New Glarus, WI 53574
9780980052909, $14.00,

Marriage and Motherhood a fate most women are perfectly content with, with the key word being most Rose is part of those women who aren't in the 'most.'. "Rosebloom" is her story as she travels from a piddly little farm in southwest Wisconsin across America and not in the most pure of ways either, and that the world is just like that not that pure. In coming of age and travel fashion, "Rosebloom" is an excellent blend and deftly written look at 1930s America in between the Great Depression and the second Great War highly recommended for fans of coming of age fiction and for community library fiction collections.

Eddie & The Inmates
John Orozco
10359 Mountair Avenue, Tujunga, CA 91042
9780966481648, $13.95,

In a prequel to an underground cult hit Delano, John Orozco returns with his hero Eddie in "Eddie & The Inmates". Battling an identity crisis, and dealing with people all around him who seem to be holding him down, Eddie must find himself in this strange world that is much like our own. A deftly written coming of age novel sure to please his fans, "Eddie & The Inmates" is recommended to community library fiction collections.

Rabbit in the Moon
Deborah & Joel Shlian
2817 West End Ave. Suite 126-274, Nashville, TN 37203
9781933515144, $24.95,

For some, a potential life span of one hundred and twenty years is nowhere near enough and they'll do anything to make it longer. "Rabbit in the Moon" tells of the discovery of something to make that idea much more possible- and those who would abuse it and keep it for their own, away from the masses for their own selfish needs. A Chinese family must gain the resolve to stand against them and hold onto the secret, for their intentions are not those with the greatness of the world in mind. "Rabbit in the Moon" is highly recommended to fans of deftly written and imaginative novels -- and a must for community library fiction collections.

Every Day a Bird Learns How to Fly
Frank V. Arcilesi
Aventine Press
1023 4th Avenue, #204, San Diego, CA 92101
1593304951, $28.95,

The stepmother of one's best friend in high school there doesn't seem to much potential for romance. "Every Day a Bird Learns How to Fly" is a classic love story about Jimmy and Carol, only Jimmy is fresh out of high school and Carol is older and the mother of his friend. For 1958 in a small community in the state of Maryland, it's not the most kosher thing socially. Jimmy and Carol are stuck in a conflict of love and respect, and have no idea which will win out. "Every Day a Bird Learns How to Fly" is a fine addition to any romance shelf and for anyone who wants a controversial love story.

Abraham Lincoln
Tony Wolk
Ooligan Press
Department of English, Portland State University
PO Box 751, Portland, OR 97207-0751
9781932010008, $14.95,

Thrust ninety years into the future, what would Abraham Lincoln think of the United States of America? "Abraham Lincoln: A Novel Life" asks that what if question as it follows Lincoln as he walks through 1955 America and his experiences as a man thrust forward where he is idolized as an icon of the country he led for years prior to his sudden rush forward in time. A novel concept for a novel, and deftly written to back it up, "Abraham Lincoln: A Novel Life" is highly recommended for community library historical fiction collections as a different kind of historical fiction collection.

Cold Streak
Lewis Aleman
Megalodon Entertainment LLC.
9780980060508, $12.99,

Rage is one of the stages of loss but few act on it. "Cold Streak" is the story of Laura. Laura's family was massacred leaving her alone in the world as she copes with the loss, the anger overcomes her and she begins to seek revenge while dealing with those who do not support vigilante justice, and overcoming the growing conflicts inside of her, which may kill her as she kills the killers. An enthralling story of vengeance, "Cold Streak" is deftly written and a must for thriller fans and community library fiction collections.

Madam Eve
Eddrick Dejuan
Atonement Publishing
PO Box 170223, St. Louis, MO 63117
9780980223842, $14.95,

An abusive, cheating husband most women are simply satisfied with a divorce, but Evelyn's taking her vengeance up a notch. "Madam Eve" tells of Evelyn and her plan to start a male 'escort' service, well deserving of the quotations, in order to suggest women everywhere avenge themselves against their cheating husbands. Love, however, does not evade Evelyn for long as she falls for her first trainee and the enthralling plot thickens in this deftly written romance, making "Madam Eve" a great acquisition for any romance fan or community library collection.

The First Shall Be Last
Joe C. Ellis
Upper Ohio Valley Books
71299 Skyview Drive, Martins Ferry, OH 43935
9780979665523, $15.95,

The separation that war brings on the dedication that comes between two lovers from that separation just one of the elements driving the story of "The First Shall Be Last: A Novel of Love and War". Howard finds out of a plot of revenge on the front lines of WWII and a racist murder plot between his platoon members. Six decades later, a reverend goes to find the truth and an old marine wants to assist his search but to understand it, he must search through the histories of everyone and anyone involved in that plot decades ago. "The First Shall Be Last" is a deftly written piece of fiction, perfect for both readers and community library collections.

Runaway Grandma
Ann McCauley
Madison Ave. Publishers
c/o Ann McCauley
565 Minard Run Road, Bradford, PA 16701
9780979872600, $14.95,

Something many elders fear as they age that their children will begin to take advantage of them for their money before they buy the proverbial farm. "Runaway Grandma" is one grandmother's way of dealing with it by faking her own death and seeking a new life elsewhere. She attempts to settle in another state entirely, but the past has a habit of sneaking up on people can causing trouble as the past typically does. "Runaway Grandma" is highly recommended to any elderly reader who may be experiencing the same problems as the titular grandmother in this book, and for community library fiction collections.

A Tomb on the Periphery
John Domini
Gival Press
PO Box 3812, Arlington, VA 22203
9781928589402, $20.00,

Being raised under the gun of the mob not the best way to stay a law abiding citizen through one's life. "A Tomb on the Periphery" is the tale of Fabbrizio a man who has been outside the law all his life, but tries to keep in touch with his humanity. An American archaeologist comes into his life, and among other hectic day to day tasks he must do to stay alive, her emergence doesn't help things. A fast paced thriller from first page to the last, "A Tomb on the Periphery" is a must for fans of the genre and community library thriller collections.

Crimson Orgy
Austin Williams
Borderlands Press
P.O. Box 660, Fallston, MD 21047
9781880325810, $12.95,

The Grindhouse the origin of the 'B' Movie. "Crimson Orgy" follows director Sheldon Meyer as he attempts to shoot his borderline pornographic to some film, 'Crimson Orgy' but no one ever said show business was easy as on set problems are abound, the cops are on his tail, nature is working against him, and his own inner demons begin to consume him at what cost does Meyer pay to get that he desires. "Crimson Orgy" is a deftly written, exciting tale from first page to last, highly recommended for community library fiction collections and anyone who seeks an edgy story set in the heyday of the Grindhouses.

Who Gets the Apartment?
Steven Rigolosi
Ransom Note Press
P.O. Box 419, Ridgewood, NJ 07451
097737873X, $12.95,

A cheap apartment in New York a concept that makes the story seem like fantasy. "Who Gets The Apartment: A Novel of Suspense" tells of Corinne someone who sees that fantasy, and believes it too good to be true, and of course it is. The apartment has been rented out to three others as well leaving the answer to the book's title: "Who Gets the Apartment?" Corinne is faced with both plots to strike back at the landlord who induced the conflict, while dealing with her fellow tenants who have no qualms about tossing morality to the wind for a lower monthly rent. "Who Gets the Apartment: A Novel of Suspense" is highly recommended for suspense fans and community library collections catering to them.

Ankhesen Mie
Wasteland Press
P.O. Box 925, Shelbyville, KY 40066
9781600471803, $12.00,

The second book from young author Ankhesen Mie, "Folklore and other Stories" is a three for one, granting three great stories for readers for one low price. The title story 'Folklore' is the tale of a mysterious mask, given as a gift and it soon becomes apparent the gift is not one given out of appreciation. 'Echo' is Rory Zheng's meeting of a small Irish manor family and the drive to figure out what makes the manor keep going after all this time. 'The Collection' is about a divorce proceeding that doesn't go exactly how the husband thought it would. The contents of "Folklore: And other Stories" are all enticing, exciting stories, and highly recommended to fans of shorter fiction and community library collections as a whole.

Red Rooms
Cherie Dimaline
Theytus Books
PO Box 2890, Oroville, Washington, 98844
1894778383, $18.95,

The native peoples of this continent are always depicted as living with nature but this is a modern era, and they have moved on. "Red Rooms" is the story of a group of urban natives dealing with their new lives inside an apartment building, written with great and deft skill invoking countless emotions from the reader, to make them laugh, cry, and care for the characters they find in these stories. "Red Rooms" is enthusiastically recommended for community library collections catering to literary fiction.

Robert Zitella
Bluewater Press
2220 CR 210 W Str 108 #132, Jacksonville, FL 32559
Spotlight Publicity (publicity)
1604520124, $15.95,

Past lives an eastern belief that one is simply reincarnated, instead of passing onto an afterlife there is also Karma, that bad deeds get their comeuppance eventually. "Karma" follows Brad Jenkins, who is as close to the American Dream one can get...but begins to have visions of a past he doesn't remember living a truly horrible one. He is lead to believe that he is, in fact, the reincarnation of the infamous Adolf Hitler, responsible for the deaths of millions. Faced with this terrifying thought, he tries to protect his family against his Karma to prevent it from hurting the ones he loved. "Karma" is a riveting psychological thriller, sure to please readers, a must for community library thriller collections.

The Sherpa
Nila Gupta
Sumach Press Fiction
1415 Bathurst Street #202, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5R 3H8
9781894549707, $16.95,

Exposed to many cultures, award winning author Nila Gupta offers a brand new anthology of short stories in "The Sherpa: And Other Fictions". Containing eight inspired and inspiring stories, abased on subjects such as the wars around the war, the loss of loved ones and the proceeding grieving process, and so much more than that. Deftly composed and written, "The Sherpa: And Other Fictions" is a fine addition to community library short story collections and for any lover of the format in general.

Red Mountain
Charles Entrek
El Leon Literary Arts
1700 Shattuck Avenue, #2, Berkeley, CA, 94709
Newman Communications (publicity)
20 Guest St., Suite 150, Brighton, MA 02135
9780979528507, $25.00,

The south has always been viewed as more conservative as a whole versus the rest of the country how did they deal with the cultural revolution of the 1960s? "Red Mountain: Birmingham, Alabama, 1965" is the story of a young couple of this era standing against the backwards thinking, ignorance while pushing for their own idealism, love, and sexual liberation, keystones of the era. A brilliantly written period piece, "Red Mountain: Birmingham, Alabama, 1965" is a top pick for community library collections.

Gospel of the Gun
Sean Chandler
Branded Black Publishing
PO Box 950781, Oklahoma City, OK 73195
9780974691350, $15.95,

Those who have had to kill other men to survive never wish to do it again, but Jeremiah Irons just might have to. "Gospel of the Gun" is a tale of the old west filled with biblical allegories. At ends with the Disciple gang lead by one Lucif R. Shadows, his former riding buddies and gang, he finds that he might have to use his two guns, which he has appropriately labeled 'Heaven' and 'Hell', to settle things. Or can he find another way? "Gospel of the Gun" is a cleverly written story, sure to please Western fans who want a Christian twist, and for community library fiction collections.

Monkey Sandwich Stories
Kristin Kraus
Queen Bee Press
40 Strathridge Gardens SW, Calgara, AB T3H 3S1, Canada
9780980889604, $19.95,

With a title like "Monkey Sandwich Stories", one would want to look further on that alone. "Monkey Sandwich Stories" is a compilation of short stories from teacher and author Kristin Kraus, focusing on the chore that is every day life, mixing it with the whimsy and interest that is urban legends and the emotions that fuel all of this. Encouraging readers to find themselves in the stories, "Monkey Sandwich Stories" is highly recommended to fiction collections and for any fan of short story collections.

Blood Harvest
Brant Randall
Capital Crime Press
PO Box 272904, Fort Collins, CO 80527
9780979996016, $14.95,

Lynch mobs a group of people, blinded from logic and reason, seek out and execute a man as a group. What drives people to do this? "Blood Harvest" is the story of a small New England town. As an immigrant is found consensually sleeping with one of the hometown girls he is tossed off a bridge to drown but his father saves him, only to hung up a few days later himself. When the authorities finally bring order back, they find the body of the wrongfully executed... and another. A deftly written thriller that will keep readers reading, "Blood Harvest" is highly recommended to community library fiction collections.

Ghosts & Gamblers Of Las Vegas
Darlien C. Breeze
Mystic Publishers
850 South Boulder Highway, Suite 436, Henderson, NV 89015
9781934051283, $12.99,

Deftly combining the glamour of Las Vegas with metaphysical paranormal elements, Darlien Breeze offers a carefully crafted story embellished with a section of full color photographs and an extensive bibliographic listing of paranormal publications readily accessible to her readers. Of special note rarely seen in books of this particular niche genre is a descriptive list of paranormal research equipment ranging from EMF Detectors to a Trifield Natural EM Meter. By backing up an engaging short story with these extensive paranormal reference lists, "Ghost & Gamblers Of Las Vegas" is enthusiastically recommended reading for students of the paranormal, paranormal fiction buffs, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the occult aspects of Las Vegas history.

The Grandmaster
Peter A. Balaskas
Bards and Sages Publishing
9780615147437, $10.59

Paranormal based television series, Hollywood films, and well-crafted novels are proving enduringly popular with the general public. With his superbly crafted novella "The Grandmaster", author Peter A. Balaskas has proven himself a master of the genre with his story of Johann Wagner, the founder of an organization of paranormal investigators and psychologists whose mission is to solve supernatural crimes. A survivor of the Holocaust because of his own paranormal gifts, Wagner is now of advanced years and confronted with a personal horror from his past that threatens to destroy him and everything he's created. A riveting work of engaging fiction, "The Grandmaster" admirably serves to introduce a gifted writer at the top of his creative game. Also very highly recommended are other titles from Bards and Sages Publishing including "Bardic Tales and Sage Advice"; "September and Other Stories"; "Foot Ways"; and "Dead Men (and Women) Walking" which are available on their website and, as is the case with "The Grandmaster", also available in e-book formats at

Made in Hero
Betty Hugh
Clay Dog Books
PO Box 600295, Newton, MA 02460
9780979660382, $14.00,

The national pride is soap is it a sign of really good soap, or a sign that everything isn't as good as it seems? "Made in Hero: The War for Soap" is a novel following James Teheda through strange circumstances as he ends up in a tiny nation only known as Hero, holding strong to its nationalism yet torn apart by violence. Making parallels to real world events and criticizing them all the same, "Made in Hero: The War for Soap" is a deftly written satire, highly recommended for community library literary fiction collections.

Rusty Son of Tall Elk
Charles H. Bertram
Nartea Publishing
c/o DNA Press
9781933255439, $9.95,

A game of cowboys and Indians becomes a lot more real for Russel Weaver in "Rusty: Son of Tall Elk". Initially a bright faced white child, he kidnapped by the native Americans and is adopted by their chief in admiration of his bright red hair to go with his daughter who shares a similar trait, who is none too pleased of her new brother. Rusty learns the ways and a thing about family life in this thrilling adventure historical fiction novel, highly recommended to fans of the genre and community library collections catering to them.

Baby Steps
K.L. McLoughlin
Langdon Street Press
212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 570, Minneapolis, MN 55401,
9780979912092, $14.95,

Life is never fair and never let anyone tell you otherwise. "Baby Steps" is Lynda Blake's story of the troubles of being the single mother of a teenage son an adventure in itself and trying to take care of her own life. She stumbles upon the possibility of happiness, but must choose between it and the safety of her own son. She tries to choose between a rock and a hard place, making "Baby Steps" highly recommended to Chick Lit fiction collections, and community libraries containing them.

Suzetta Perkins
Strebor Books International
PO Box 6505, Largo, MD 20792
Atria Books
1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
9781593091835, $15.00,

Even though it can be a liberating event, divorce is never easy. "EX-Terminator: Life After Marriage" follows five friends as they try to move past their divorces while dealing with the feelings of wasted time, what could have been, and just general failure. Seeking strength in one another, they find more than they expected in this deftly written, emotional novel. "EX-Terminator: Life After Marriage" is a fine piece of urban fiction, highly recommended to community library collections catering to them.

Little Miss Smarty-Pants
Suzanne Kopoulos
Cold Tree Press
214 Overlook Court, Suite 253, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
9781583852651, $14.95,

Coming of age tales usually focus on becoming a responsible, respectful member of society not a sarcastic smarty pants. "Little Miss Smarty Pants" is a different sort of coming of age novel, filled with gay friends, drag queens, and a whole assortment of strange characters one encounters in life are what the protagonist faces in this quirky, offbeat novel. Riveting in it's hilarity from first page to last, "Little Miss Smarty Pants" is highly recommended for community library fiction collections with a focus on chick lit.

The Pink Forest
Dana Dorfman
Banderae Publishing
No Address/E-Mail Can Be Found
Smith Publicity
9780979859205, $14.95,

The feeling of being everything you can be of living life to the fullest. "The Pink Forest: A Woman's Intimate Confessions" is a work of fiction, but heavily inspired by the author's own life. Using her own experiences, she tells of her own more risque exploits in trying to live her life to the fullest and seeking the enlightenment and wholeness that so eludes us all. A no holds barred exploration, "The Pink Forest: A Woman's Intimate Confessions" is highly recommended to community library collections focusing on more adult fiction.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Diablo's Shadow
Mark W. Danielson
Night Shadows Press
8987 E. Tanque Verde, #309-135, Tucson, AZ, 85749-9399
9780979916755, $14.95,

To be blamed for kidnapping one's own daughter like one would need more to anguish about. "Diablo's Shadow" follows Randy Connifer as he takes her daughter into the park one day, on one of the few times she gets to spend with her due to a court order agreement from the divorce with his wife. When she goes missing, he's blamed immediately- and now he must cooperate with the wife who hates him to find his daughter in this deftly written mystery novel. "Diablo's Shadow" is sure to please fans of the genre, and a top pick to community library collections catering to them.

Forever Damned
Erin K. Pugh
Privately Published
9780615155357, $12.99,

Everyone has secrets just not many have secrets that could lead to the deaths of others. "Forever Damned" follows Andrew Carter as he deals with the beast that dwells within him, a true beast that's nature he has tried to suppress with the help of his butler after all these years. His emotions fly high as a woman enters his life and he must find a way to protect her from himself in this chilling, deftly written suspense novel. "Forever Damned" is a top pick for suspense fans and community library collections catering to them.

Lady of the Lake
Mary Glynne
Wolf Pirate Publishing
4801 SW 164 Terrace, Southwest Ranches, FL 33331
9780979837203, $15.00,

Who's in charge when an unidentified dead body is found in the middle of the ocean inside a fishing ship's barrels? "Lady of the Lake" is Daniel Kleison's, an FBI agent, quest to initially place the jurisdiction for where the crime occurred, but quickly collapses into an investigation to something far greater which may in fact lead to more murders if he doesn't act quickly and reveal what lies beneath. "Lady of the Lake" is a deftly written mystery thriller which fans of the genre will love and for community library fiction collections.

Mind Your Manors!
Patricia A. Bremmer
Windcall Publishing
75345 Road, #317, Venango, NE 69168
9780974588476, $12.99

Author Patricia A. Bremmer is a master of the mystery genre as documented by her six earlier titles in the 'Elusive Clue' series that includes "Tryst with Dolphin"; "Dolphins' Echo"; "Death Foreshadowed"; "Victim Wanted"; "Crystal Widow"; and "Clinical Death". Each of these is a minor masterpiece of deftly presented story telling. Now Bremmer returns with her newest mystery, "Mind Your Manors!" where two charred bodies present an especially tough case for Colorado's detective Glen Karst. Complicating matters is the hostility of an inept local sheriff who tries to run Karst out of town! Aided by Karst's psychic friend Jennifer Parker, a favorite bourbon and a tasty cheesecake, Karst weaves his way through a complex web to identify an elusive serial killer. Superbly detailed, populated throughout with engaging and memorable characters, deftly laid out from first page to last with plot twists leading to a surprising conclusion, "Mind Your Own Manors!" is a 'must read' for Bremmer's growing legion of fans -- and will aptly serve to introduce a master of the genre to a whole new generation of readers who will eagerly seek out her earlier works!

Clawed Back From The Dead
John F. Rooney
Senneff House Publishers
PO Box 11601, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33339
9780975275696, $14.95,

Author John F. Rooney debuted the gritty world of New York cop Denny Delaney in his superbly crafted novel "Nine Lives Too Many" published in 2004. Now Delaney is back again in Rooney's sequel novel "Clawed Back From The Dead". This time Delaney is up again a serial killer who is murdering key people involved in the making of the movie 'Nine Lives', when Delaney was tracking down a terrorist bomber known as Felix the Cat. But who is committing these new atrocities? An engaging sequel, "Clawed Back From The Dead" takes the reading once again into the seamier haunts of Manhattan and characters first encounters in "Nine Lives Too Many". Tension and suspense and nicely intermingled with humor and character study. The result is every bit the engaging 'cliff-hanger' of a read and enthusiastically recommended for both community library collections and the personal read lists of contemporary detective fiction.

Searchable Whereabouts
Tinisha Nicole Johnson
Xpress Yourself Publishing
PO Box 1615, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20773
9780979975707, $16.95,

The former belongings of a recently departed loved one something that may change your view on their life. "Searchable Whereabouts" is Rahkel's investigation of her Uncle's life someone she knew and looked up to until he was suddenly murdered. Rahkel is obsessed with finding out who did it and in the process, must cut through the confusing web that was her Uncle's livelihood, something he kept secret from Rahkel. A deftly written mystery novel, "Searchable Whereabouts" is highly recommended for fans of the genre and community library collections.

The Blood of Caesar
Albert A. Bell, Jr.
Ingalls Publishing Group, Inc.
197 New Market Center, #135, Boone, NC 28607
9781932158823, $15.95,

What does the Emperor care of the death of an insignificant? "The Blood of Caesar: A Second Case from the Notebooks of Pliny the Younger" is a mystery set in a place where mystery novels don't typically take place the world of ancient Rome. With a thrilling story with layers going through all stages of Roman society, it grabs the reader and doesn't let go. "The Blood of Caesar: A Second Case from the Notebooks of Pliny the Younger" is a deftly written novel sure to please both historical fiction and mystery enthusiasts alike, and community library collections catering to both.

Diane Dean-Epps
Hope Springs Eternal Press
0981482902, $10.00,

When you have a major axe to grind with someone, it's never a good sign when they mysteriously turn up dead because suddenly you're the top suspect. "Kill TV" follows Leslie Lloyd as she finds out her most hated co-worker is dead and dealing with the police overflow from it. Her life begins to fall apart all around her all while the media frenzy wants to follow a murder suspect around for ratings. A charming satire on modern society and life itself, "Kill TV is highly recommended for community library fiction collections and those who serve as it's patrons.

The Travel Shelf

America's Living History
Suzanne & Craig Sheumaker
Red Corral Publishing
505-1 South Highway 49 #240, Jackson, CA 95642
9780979259807, $29.95,

Time Travel has been dismissed by many scientists as an impossibility but it doesn't mean you can't experience a taste of the past. "America's Living History: The Early Years" is a look at full on living history displays that are scattered throughout the country covering the ancient times of America's natives, replicas of the European ships that introduced that culture to the land, a look at colonial life, and how to connect one to the past of their ancestors. "America's Living History: The Early Years" a deftly compiled compendium of these locations and a grand addition to community library American History and American Travel Guide collections.

San Francisco
Serena Bartlett & Joy Lian Alferness
Grass Routes Travel
9780979146220, $18.95,

San Francisco is a huge ball of culture for the United States of America- and anyone who wants to embrace it would find themselves wise to visit. "San Francisco: New View of Yerba Buena" is a complete and comprehensive guide to the city, its culture, and how to experience it all. Enhanced with over forty maps and illustrations, travel tips for whatever one would plan to in the city, a spotlight on the local businesses of the region, there is really nothing left out to help readers experience the complete Frisco experience. "San Francisco: New View of Yerba Buena" is deftly compiled and highly recommended to real world and arm chair travelers alike, and for any community library travel collection.

Swiss Bernese Oberland
Philip & Loretta Alspach
Intercon Publishing
PO Box 18500, Irvine, CA 92623
9780963223548, $18.95,

A beautiful landscape like no other, unlikely to be topped anywhere in Europe - "Swiss Bernese Oberland: A Travel Guide with Specific Trips to the Mountains, Lakes, and Villages" is a complete and comprehensive guide covering this gorgeous region. Focusing on the needs of the independent traveler, with advice on catching a train through the highest track in the world, hiking through the snowy yet beautiful world, plodding through the cold freshwater lakes, all leading to one of the prettiest sites of all the sun setting on the snowcapped mountains. Enhanced with over forty full color pictures, countless maps and suggested itineraries, "Swiss Bernese Oberland: A Travel Guide with Specific Trips to the Mountains, Lakes, and Villages" is a must for any traveler who wants to plan a sensual overload in there trip through nature when going through this region, and for community library travel collections.

Live Your Road Trip Dream
Phil and Carol White
RLI Press
PO Box 1115, Wilsonville, Oregon, 97070
9780975292839, $18.95,

Many of us yearn for the life on the open road, going to sleep in a different town every night - Live Your Road Trip Dream: Travel for a Year for the Cost of Staying Home is a complete and comprehensive guide to making that dream a reality. With countless tips on preparing for the trip, managing one's funds, dealing with emergencies, and most importantly how to enjoy it, Live Your Road Trip Dream leaves no aspect uncovered. The newer, second edition promotes an upgraded technology coverage, tips on dealing with one's own school-age children, and more. Live Your Road Trip Dream is highly recommended for anyone with a healthy dose of wanderlust, and for community library travel collections.

Camino Chronicle
Susan Alcorn
Shepherd Canyon Books
25 Southwood Ct. Oakland, CA 94611
9780936034034, $14.95,

A five hundred mile journey not an easy task by any means. "Camino Chronicle: Walking to Santiago" is the Alcorn's journey across the landscape of northern Spain on an old pilgrimage road shared with Charlemagne, St. Francis of Assisi, and other major historical figures. Their journey is hardly easy as they deal with both blisteringly hot summers and brutal winters, before finally stopping and observing a historic cathedral. "Camino Chronicle: Walking to Santiago" is a deftly composed and highly recommended travelogue for armchair travelers and community library collections alike.

Rum & Reggae's Brazil
Jonathan Runge
Rum & Reggae's Guidebooks
PO Box 130153, Boston, MA 02113
1893675041, $19.95,

Brazil is a beautiful country, and now Rum & Reggae return with a new guide focusing on this big tropical country in Latin America. "Rum & Reggae's Brazil" goes well beyond the call of duty for most travel guides seeking to entertain as well as inform it's readers, making it ideal for those who call themselves armchair travelers. Covering what's a good choice and what's something to avoid, it serves as a complete and comprehensive to Brazil and everything one would want to know in an ideal format, making "Rum & Reggae's Brazil" highly recommended for travelers and community library collections catering to them.

Fun on Foot in New England
Warwick Ford with Nola Ford
Wyltan Books
6 Ellery Square, Cambridge, MA 02138
9780976524410, $16.95,

Walking is great exercise, and can be a great way to meet new people and see places one has overlooked before. "Fun on Foot in New England: The Best Places to Run, jog, walk around Boston and throughout..." covers various jogging paths for people to use throughout the New England area and all of the states throughout and point out points of interest throughout while explaining why the reader should choose a certain path over another. Deftly compiled, "Fun on Foot in New England: The Best Places to Run, jog, walk around Boston and Throughout" is highly recommended for any hiking or jogging enthusiast.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Internet Your Way to a New Job
Alison Doyle
20660 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 210, Cupertino, CA 95014
9781600050916, $19.95,

The Internet is one of the greatest tools of the modern world people can get countless entertainment, information, and even dates from it. "Internet Your Way to a New Job: How to Find a Job Online" is a guide to using this tool to find employment for oneself, and good employment too. Given the online job market has moved past simply uploading one's resume and sending it to people, it covers how to exactly do it in the modern era and be successful at it. For anyone who seeks to use the web to find their dream job, "Internet Your Way to a New Job: How to Find a Job Online" is highly recommended, as well as for community library jobs/career collections.

Job Searches Beyond the Big Cities
Sarah Fuller
Inquiza Communications
PO Box 306, West Monroe, LA 71294
9780980059502, $14.95,

Not everyone wants to live the big city life some prefer the calmer, slower pace of small towns. "Job Searches Beyond the Big Cities: Finding Employment in Medium to Small-Sized Markets" is a guide for those who wish to avoid the big city while finding the employment they seek. While specifying the different challenges small town job seekers will face, it gives them the tools needed to search out those fewer slots that small towns offer and how to give them the edge in landing the job in their preferred market. "Job Searches Beyond the Big Cities: Finding Employment in Medium to Small-Sized Markets" is highly recommended to anyone seeking a job outside of the Metropolises of America and for community library career collections.

Don't Tell Me It Can't Be Done
Ray Hickey
Ship's Wheel Press
5721 S.E. Columbia Way, Suite 100, Vancouver, WA 98661
B&B Media Group, Inc.
109 South Main Street, Corsicana, TX 75110
9780615194837, $19.99,

To become a respected entrepreneur to all around you something nice to shoot for indeed. "Don't Tell Me It Can't Be Done: Your Career Is Your Ship You Be the Captain" is Ray Hickey's story behind his success running a successful barge company and retiring comfortably at a good age. He rose up from the lowest ranks of the company to the owner of it, and he grants out his inspirational wisdom to encourage others, that no matter where you are in life, reaching the top is something that can be done. "Don't Tell Me It Can't be Done: Your Career is Your Ship You Be the Captain" is highly recommended to any community library career collection.

The Social Issues Shelf

Plaintiff Blues
Judith Pearson
Lake Vermillion Publishing
9780979568909, $18.95,

Civil rights movements are always a slow moving progress, with major clashes still happening well past the 1960s, the height of the movement. "Plaintiff Blues: Job Discrimination and the Chilling Effect of Retaliation" is the story of a woman's application to become principal only to be quickly rejected because of her sex. She took it to court on discrimination and that's what the book focuses on when to file a civil suit, the potential backlash, common sense, and much more. "Plaintiff Blues: Job Discrimination and the Chilling Effect of Retaliation" is highly recommended for community library social issues collections.

The World History Shelf

Certain Victory
David C. Earhart
East Gate Books
80 Business Park Drive, Armonk, NY 10504
9780765617767, $74.95,

It was meant to be a sweeping victory, a solution to all of the nation's problems. "Certain Victory: Images of World War II in the Japanese Media" is a look at the other side, where America is not the land of the free and the liberators of the world but the white devils, the enemy. A look at World War II from the other side of the coin, it provides many new insights to the other side, an eye opening look at World War II rarely seen on the American coasts. "Certain Victory: Images of World II in the Japanese Media" is highly recommended to community library world history collections.

The American History Shelf

Homes and Libraries of the Presidents
William G. Clotworthy
The McDonald & Woodward Publishing Company
431-B East College Street, Granville, OH 43023
0939923343, $29.95,

Presidents don't just drop off the face of the earth when their term ends! "Homes and Libraries of the Presidents" takes a look at the homes, libraries, and other endeavors of the presidents. In a newly revised third addition, Homes and Libraries of the Presidents" contains new information that is promoted as less than a week old when the book went to press. A must for anyone looking for the most up to date information possible on the post-administration lives of the presidents, "Homes and Libraries of the Presidents" is highly recommended for community library reference shelves.

Asian Texans
Irwin A. Tang, editor
It Works Publishing
12111 Forsythe Drive, Austin, TX 78579
9780967943374, $35.00,

When one thinks of a Texan, one thinks of a big white guy with both a cowboy hat and belt buckle much larger than they should be. "Asian Texans: Our Histories and Our Lives" is here to point out a forgotten set of people the Asian Americans who also have resided in Texas throughout its history. Covering notable and important Asian American Texans throughout the rich history of the state, "Asian Texans: Our Histories and Our Lives" leaves no stone unturned, making it highly recommended for any collection focusing on the impact Asian Americans have had on the country, and for community library American history shelves in general.

Mystery of the Irish Wilderness
Leland & Crystal Payton
Lens & Pen Press
4067 S. Franklin, Springfield, MO 65807
9780967392547, $18.95,

Even the most unsuspecting pieces of land can be the most saturated in history. "Mystery of the Irish Wilderness: Land and Legend of Father John Joseph Hogan's Lost Irish Colony in the Ozark Wilderness" takes a look at the region in the southern United States known as the "Irish Wilderness" where a colony of Irish Potato famine immigrants once lived, then left. Covering the entire history of the region, and enhanced with full color photographs, "Mystery of the Irish Wilderness: Land and Legend of Father John Joseph Hogan's Lost Irish Colony in the Ozark Wilderness" is highly recommended to community library American history collections.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Baxter Moon
John Zakour
Brown Barn Books
119 Kettle Creek Road, Weston, CT 06883
9780976812692, $8.95,

No one expects to save the universe when they get up in the morning. "Baxter Moon: Galactic Scout" follows Baxter as he falls into his new job of commanding a space shuttle crewed with, among others, a chimpanzee. He finds if he doesn't act fast, the Earth shall fall to an Alien Force and the Earth won't even know it before it's far too late. "Baxter Moon: Galactic Scout" is charming science fiction novel, a top pick for community library collections catering to their fans.

Sporty Spec
Karen A. Romanko, editor
Raven Electrick Ink
9780615173610, $13.95,

Tennis with Death, a baseball game of Fairies vs. Werewolves, and the athletic extracurriculars of dragons just a few of the things one will find in "Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic" is a compilation of flash fiction and poetry from over forty authors contributing their fine writing to this anthology focusing on sports if sports were to occur in a world of fantasy inhabited by magic, dragons, and other strange elements, covering every sport known to humanity, and a few that simply aren't. An enthralling collection for fantasy fans, "Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic" is highly recommended for community library collections.

Virus Games
G. L. Sheerin
Synergy Books
PO Box 80107, Austin, Texas, 78758
Phenix & Phenix (publicity)
2100 Kramer Lane, Suite 300, Austin, Texas 78758
9781934454046, $11.95,

The most hardcore of technophobes he wanted nothing to computers, barely tolerating the sight of them. "Virus Games: Peter's Packet Series 00000001" is the tale of Peter, and how his anti-computer attitude was suddenly changed simply by nearly getting killed by a bolt of lightning and finds he can now see into cyberspace. He finds himself befriending packets of data, and his love for the world of the PC grows granting him a dilemma when a super virus begins to appear on the net and starts to cause some trouble for his new acquaintances. "Virus Games: Peter's Packet Series 00000001" is highly recommended for fans of the genre and community library collections catering to those fans.

Katie Thompson
Dog Ear Publishing
4010 W. 86th Street, Ste H, Indianapolis, IN 46268
9781598585766, $9.88,

The existence of magic is something most dismiss as nonsense, but a few still believe. "Dreamscraps: A Ma?ic Journal" tells of a teenager who starts to believe it still exists as she draws sketches in her Dreamscraps Journal. The reality around her begins to bend, and drags her off to other worlds entirely, where she encounters new friends. There are those who would oppose this supposed magic and seal her off from the other world but will she stand by and be cut off forever from her old friends? "Dreamscraps: A Ma?ic Journal" is an easy to read chapter book perfect for young readers. Highly recommended.

Joining of the Mythical Energi
Sharon Shofstall
Nite Owl Publishing
5734 Lamar, Mission, KS 66202
9780978807108, $12.95,

What if the force driving evolution was a tangible force? "Joining of Mythical Energi" is a novel focusing on this mythological concept and pushes it forward with the question where evolution suddenly speeds up to an unnatural rate. Tim & Jane are the victims of this, and receive powers that they don't necessarily welcome with open arms and must face these changes. "Joining of the Mythical Energi" is a deftly written fantasy, highly recommended for community library collections featuring them.

The Basilisk Solution
William J. Kelly
Hammonasset House Books
64 Edgecomb Street, Mystic, CT 06355
9780980189476, $15.95,

A massive conspiracy against God himself - "The Basilisk Solution" is a story about the rights of the damned, heaven's pleasures, and a retired detective's heavenly journeys to get inspiration for his musical rendition of Paradise Lost. A satirical romp through the afterlife on both sides touching on historical and literary characters, "The Basilisk Solution" is a wittily composed and highly recommended to community library fantasy collections and to those who love them.

David Dunwoody
Permuted Press
9781934861028, $14.95,

A hero isn't suppose to wear a black robe and carry a scythe. "Empire" is the story of the Grim Reaper himself and a nasty problem he faces that legions of undead pervert his duty by not being truly dead. When the government has given up and left cities to the zombie plague, Death tries to right the natural order but must face other supernatural powers who wish to use the disease for their own benefit. A strange and intriguing novel from first page to last, "Empire" is a top pick for horror fans who want a bit of a stranger type of story and community library collections catering to them.

Of Quills and Kings
Joel Reeves
Leucrota Press
PO Box 647, Poway, CA 92074
9780980033915, $14.95,

There are some things that should not be in the hands of Evil. "Of Quills and Kings" is the story of a young man who must fight a demonic hedgehog for his homeland's most valued treasure the Orb of Immortality. The problem is made more pressing in that the Orb greatly enhances the Hedgehog's powers. Jonathan, our young hero, must brave insurmountable odds lest he surrender his homeland to the hands of a demon. "Of Quills and Kings" is an exciting fantasy novel from start to finish, and a top pick for community library fantasy collections and their customers.

The Worlds of Jack Williamson
Stephen Haffner
Haffner Press
5005 Crooks Road, Suite 35, Royal Oak, Michigan 48073-1239
9781893887299, $40.00,

Two years ago, one of the greatest writers in science fiction passed away. "The Worlds of Jack Williamson: A Centennial Tribute" celebrates his would be one hundredth birthday by celebrating the ninety eight years of contributions to the genre of Science fiction. Consisting of several unpublished stories, several classics from the man, and several essays on his life's work. With nearly seven hundred pages of science fiction goodness, "The Worlds of Jack Williamson: A Centennial Tribute" is highly recommended to any science fiction fan or for community library literature collections.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Mama's Home Remedies
Svetlana Konnikova
Healthy Wisdom Books
c/o Aurora Publishers
5970 S.W. 18th Street, Ste. 117, Boca Raton, FL 33433
9780979175824, $19.95,

Secrets to staying healthy in day to day life when constantly seeing a doctor isn't practical the secrets put forth in "Mama's Home Remedies: Discover Time-Tested Secrets of Good Health and the Pleasures of Natural Living". Boasting almost eight hundred folk remedies and the superstitions, folktales, and legends behind them, offering something to heal the spirit alongside the body. Some of the remedies are not just that, and can serve as marvelous snacks and meals sure to uplift anyone who is down on their life. For being packed cover to cover with non-stop invaluable wisdom, "Mama's Home Remedies: Discover Time-Tested Secrets of Good Health and the Pleasures of Natural Living" is highly recommended to anyone who wants that edge in health and for community library collections on the subject.

The Exercise Balance
Pauline Powers & Ron Thompson
Gurze Books
PO Box 2238, Carlsbad, CA 92018
9780936077024, $17.95,

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing people can exercise themselves to their deaths. "The Exercise Balance: What's Too Much, What's Too Little, and What's Just Right for You!" is a complete and comprehensive guide to the task of exercise to find the right amount and avoid the temptation to over exert oneself- which can do far more damage to one's body than inactivity. Promoting balance in all aspects of health, "The Exercise Balance: What's Too Much, What's Too Little, and What's Just Right for You!" is a top pick for anyone arranging their own exercise and community library health collections.

Get Healthy, Get Happy
Julie Ipshording
Clerisy Press
1700 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45206
9781578603138, $14.95,

Everyone assumes that healthiness requires a radical lifestyle change it doesn't. "Get Healthy, Get Happy: How to Make Small Changes that Give You Big Results" is a guide to countless small little changes one can make in their day to day routine to make a huge impact in their lives and overall health. It also points out those radical changes are a bad idea and never work and tend to have terrible effects for one's health. "Get Healthy, Get Happy: How to Make Small Changes that Give You Big Results" is a top pick for anyone looking to turn their life's health around, highly recommended to community library health collections.

Why Your Last Diet Failed You
Charlie Hills
Lockshire Press
PMB 175, 6705 Hwy 290 West, Ste 502, Austin, TX 78735
Stephanie Barko (publicist)
16100 Crystal Hills, Austin, TX 78737
9780974973265, $22.95

So many diet books, so many failed diets sometimes you just can't take the nonsense anymore. "Why Your Last Diet Failed You: And How This Book Won't Help on Your Next One" is a humorous look at the diet book fad, following the author's own journeys through the ups and downs of the problems of his own diet, losing more of his mind than he did pounds. Also examining the American culture's fascination with being thin and shedding the pounds, it's a laugh riot from front cover to back. "Why Your Last Diet Failed You: And How This Book Won't Help on Your Next One" is highly recommended to community library humor collections with a nod to health collections as well.

The Cookbook Shelf

Gluten Free Mediterranean
Palmyra Publishing Company
401 East 8th Street #321, Sioux Falls, SD 57103
9780966662719, $16.75,

When multiple individuals affected by celiac disease (which makes one unable to properly digest gluten) told professional restaurant owner and chef Sanaa that they were unable to enjoy the full range of her food, she created a wide assortment of gluten-free dishes embodying the finest tastes of the Mediterranean. Now the step-by-step recipes behind her mouth-watering dishes are available to all in Gluten Free Mediterranean, a cookbook packed with recipes ranging from Tomato and Basil Bruschetta to Chicken with Garbanzo Beans and Almonds to Sweet Potato Cookies and much more. Especially recommended for anyone who cooks for a person with celiac disease, Gluten Free Mediterranean is an enthusiastically welcome addition to cookbook collections.

Bread Pudding Bliss
Portia Little
Panntree Press
33 Friendship Street, Jamestown, RI 02835
0966306678, $6.95, 1-800-431-1579

Portia Little is the imaginative creator of compact, 78-page, pocket-sized, spiral bound cookbooks that are especially appropriate gifts for anyone who enjoys creating culinary delights in the family kitchen. Her newest culinary collection is "Bread Pudding", showcasing an impressive variety of bread pudding recipes guaranteed to be as easy to make as they are fun to consume, and range from such delectable dishes as Boozey Bread Pudding and Orange Marmalade Bread Pudding, to Jalapeno Cornbread Pudding and Fresh Raspberry Bread Pudding. On each page facing a recipe is a notable and suitable quote such as Sheila Graham's citation that 'Food is the most primitive form of comfort.' Another of these clever and compact titles is "Lusty Limericks & Luscious Desserts" (0966306643, $6.95) offering such culinary delights as Creamy Dreamy Strawberry Pie, Sinfully Good Shortbread, and Pineapple Macadamia Charlotte. Each recipe accompanied by such saucy poetry as 'In June a young lass name of Nelle/Met a man and she never would tell/That they sat in the dark/In a car in the park./And by fall Nelle was starting to swell.' The other very highly recommended titles by Portia Little from Panntree Press include "Recipes, Roses & Rhyme: Romantic Sentiments, Easy Recipes, A Gift To Treasure" (0966306600, $6.95); "The Easy Vegetarian: Great Recipes, Inspiring Quotes, A Handy Resource" (0966306619, $6.95); "Finger Lakes: Food, Fact & Fancy: An Upstate new York Feast, Quick 'n Easy Recipes, A Souvenir To Treasure" (0966306651, $6.95); and "New England Seashore Recipes & Rhyme: Poetry From Favorite Places, Easy Recipes, A Wonderful Adventure" (0966306627, $6.95). Dedicated cookbook enthusiasts would find Portia's blog at to be of special interest. Inexpensive and 'kitchen cook friendly', this is a cookbook series that is perfect for gift giving -- and receiving!

The Collard Patch
Mary Lou Cheatham & Paul Elliott
Blue Moon Books
207 North Service Road East, #213, Raston, LA 71270
097419123X, $22.97,

Long a mainstay of America's southern cuisine, collard greens are becoming popular nationwide as it can be grown in many different horticultural zones across the country. Indeed, about half of all commercially available collard greens are now grown in Californian fields. For those unfamiliar with the culinary uses of collard greens there is now available a cookbook dedicated to this nutritious, dark green, leafy vegetable. "The Collard Patch: Collard Country Cookbook and Reader, Collards and Cornbread Y'all Will Love" is the cooperative work of Mary Lou Cheatham and Paul Elliot. The first section explains the history, handling, nutrient values, and other issues relevant to collard greens. Then presented is an impressively diverse series of 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes featuring an Ingredients list, Preparation instructions, and Equipment/Utensils required. Of special note for each recipe is an 'info block' of Nutrition Facts that includes the number of servings, as well as calories, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein, and miscellaneous additional information of value to health conscious consumers. From Perfect Collard Greens; Spinach and Collards; Netherland Salad; and Mexican Collard and Black Bean Soup; to Huevos Collards Picantes; Collard and Shrimp Quesadillas; Collard Biscuits; and Apple Collard Raisin Pie, "The Collard Patch" is a compendium of recipes offering gourmet quality dishes suitable for any dining occasion. Of special note are the various cornbread recipes that are also featured, making "The Collard Patch" a very special addition to personal and community library cookbook collections. Also very highly recommended from Blue Moon Books is Mary Lou Cheatham's early cookbook collection which is now in its third edition, "Flavored with Love, Mary Lou's Family and Friends Can Cook" ($22.97).

Desserts That Heal
Heather MacLean Walters
MCE Press
PO Box 84, Chester, NJ 07930-0084
9781928904045, $19.95,

Desserts are usually the first food one strikes off when they try to improve their health - is this a flawed approach? "Desserts That Heal: Desserts are Good Medicine" outlines many, many dessert foods that would improve their eater's health, be it cancer prevention, immunity strengthening, high blood sugar- but most importantly, tastes delicious in the process. Countless dessert foods are covered, sure to have something to please every sweet tooth, making "Desserts That Heal: Desserts are Good Medicine" highly recommended for community library cookbook collections.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Jesus is No Joke
Heidi Hollis
Level Head Publishing
9930 W. Magnolia Street, Milwaukee, WI 53224
9780615190051, $16.95, www.levelheadpublishing

A raw outpouring of pure emotion from someone who is hardly a member of the clergy - "Jesus is No Joke: A True Story of an Unlikely Witness Who Saw Jesus" is the tale of Heidi Hollis and her religious experience after one random nap which revolutionized her life and changed it forever. She explains what she saw and pours out real, true emotion with little political motivation that one so often hears from the ordained clergy. An inspiring and encouraging tale for spiritual people, "Jesus is No Joke: A True Story of an Unlikely Witness Who Saw Jesus" is a must for community library spirituality and Christian studies collections.

Pomo Timmy
Michael Ferber
Pleasant Word
1730 Railroad St., Enumclaw, WA 98022
9781414110400, $14.99,

Right and wrong in the modern world aren't objective they bend to the wills of the masses states author Michael Ferber in his book "Pomo Timmy: I Timothy for a Postmodern World". Looking back on the religious scripture Timothy I for a better insight of good and evil, he calls for a return to a more objective look at what should be acceptable in today's world a fascinating look to the past sure to make readers think about the modern world and how they do things. "Pomo Timmy: I Timothy for a Postmodern World" is a great pick for community library Christian studies shelves and for any studying the bible for a good look at right and wrong.

Catholics & Fundamentalists, revised edition
Rev. Martin Pable
Acta Publications
5559 W. Howard Street, Skokie, Illinois 60077
9780879461676, $9.95,

Fundamentalism taking one's devotion to religion well beyond the point of sense and logic and refusing to listen to any dissenting opinion is a dangerous standpoint. "Catholics & Fundamentalists: Understanding and Response" is a newly revised edition on the subject, examining the rising dilemmas of both Christian and Islamic fundamentalism and how they challenge those with a more sane devotion to their faith. A complete examination with tips on what to do if one close to a reader falls into the dark world of fundamentalism, "Catholics & Fundamentalists: Understanding and Response" is highly recommended.

Martha's Voice
Claire Heaton
Cold Tree Press
214 Overlook Court, Suite 253, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027
9781583852125, $14.95

For two thousand years, the Christians of the world have been misled it was not what Christ accomplished, it was in spite of what he attempted to achieve. "Martha's Voice: Portrait in Words" exposes the worlds most successful and wealthy institution from a source almost to unbelievable to believe. Preaching that we need knowledge of our past to understand our present and prepare for our future, "Martha's Voice: A Portrait in Words" is highly recommended to Christian studies shelves and for any religious scholar.

Proclamation By Design
Karmen Krahn & Leslie James
Mennonite Publishing Network
616 Walnut Avenue, Scottdale, PA 15683
9780836194029, $32.99,

Art is one of the most true forms of expression one can have, and expressing one's faith is no different. "Proclamation By Design: The Visual Arts in Worship" is a guidebook to those people of faith who want to combine their love of art with their love of god, and how acts of devotion such of these are indispensable for telling the story of God. Part instructional art guide, and part work of faith, "Proclamation by Design: The Visual Arts in Worship" would be well to find itself both in art and Christian community library collections.

In Jars of Clay
Roger Kruger
Millcity Press
212 North Third Avenue, Ste. 570, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781934248836, $11.95,

Teaching the word of God not a job for everyone. "In Jars of Clay: Reflections on the Art of Pastoring" is Roger Kruger's look at his life as a pastor teaching and guiding people through their life with heartfelt spirituality and love that few people can provide. Keeping the themes light, "In Jars of Clay: Reflections on the Art of Pastoring" is a good read for any Christian reader, especially for those considering Pastoring themselves.

Growing Up in Mama's Club
Richard E. Kelly
Ghost Rivers Images
5350 East Fourth Street, Tucson, AZ 85711
9780979509421, $16.95,

Religion is not something passed on by genetics it's not unheard of to be at odds with the religion of your ancestors. "Growing Up in Mama's Club: A Childhood Perspective of Jehovah's Witnesses" is Richard E. Kelly's look at growing up as a Jehovah's Witness, a practice that he quickly began to put himself at odds with as his own intellectual status grew his own objections to their practices. A thought provoking look at family when religion splits them, "Growing Up in Mama's Club: A Childhood Perspective of Jehovah's Witnesses" is highly recommended to both religion and memoir collections.

Blueprints for Advent and Christmas
Arley K. Fadness
CSS Publishing Company
517 S. Main Street, Lima, Ohio 45804
9780788025563, $29.95,

Who says Christmas strictly has to be the traditional nativity scene with nothing special? "Blueprints for Advent and Christmas: Dynamic Sketches, Scenes, and Scripts for the Season" is a deftly compiled book of ideas and sketches to help readers jazz and flare up their nativity scenes to give them something special when the holiday season comes around, and to give people a new way to worship. Touching on every element of the season, "Blueprints for Advent and Christmas: Dynamic Sketches, Scenes, and Scripts for the Season" is highly recommended for community library Christian studies collections and for any artist who wants to mix faith with their craft.

The Poetry Shelf

Spilling the Moon
Matt Schumacher
Wordcraft of Oregon
PO Box 3235, La Grande, OR 97850
9781877655579, $12.00,

Touching poetry that brings about the warmer human side of humanity - "Spilling the Moon" is an anthology of poetry that seeks to do just that. His debut collection of poetry, Schumacher's poems are lyrically vivid and emotionally satisfying, making you wishing for more. A satisfying debut indeed for him and there is hope for more in the future, "Spilling the Moon" is a must for poetry lovers and poetry collections everywhere. Man Dreams He Turns to Snow: I dream the snow reveals secrets to me alone./This snowball my fist forms is a doorknob I turn/And walk into a stalactite cathedral./Its furnishings swirling oceans/Of wind, moon, ice crystal./And I would drown in the undertow/But my snowshovel's a ballast./I hold its wooden handle and my bones float./ My body's elusive as breath./My particles fall/Slow miles to quiet the earth. My nerves, Minuscule icicles./I capture your footsteps/without a heart./Frostbite itself knows I'm a ghost.

Mother of the Silkless
Ellen Cooney
Duir Press
795 Eighth Avenue, No. 201, San Francisco, California 94118
9780960291243, $15.00, No Web Address

The world's mythology, old and forgotten gods, gods that were worshiped, gods that never were. For all of them "Mother of the Silkless: Invocations to the Goddesses and Gods", is a compilation of beautiful and lyrical poetry from dedicated poet Ellen Cooney. Going through the ages, she looks at each of the figures and puts forth a poem discussing each, leading to a vast array of wonderful poetry from first page to last. "Mother of the Silkless: Invocations to the Goddesses and Gods" is highly recommended to community library collections catering to poetry and for anyone with an interest in both mythology and poetry. Hera: You are the flowing earth/the blossoming sea/the floral air/the lily/is the father of your child/that golden rock in your belly/that rocks your soul/and the willow is Yours/for a safe passage/You are crowned with the rainbow/towers of the city/You are crowned by those sorcerers/the trees of the forest/You are crowned by the kingly/ feathers of the peacock.

Love on the Marsh
Douglas Lochhead
Sybertooth Inc.
59 Salem Street, Sackville, NB E4L 3J6, Canada
9780973950533, $16.00,

War Veteran, Royal Society of Canada fellow, Professor of Canadian studies and lifetime poet Douglas Lochhead pours out his heart and soul in "Love on the Marsh", a long poem comprising of one hundred stanzas is the work of many years of Lochhead's life. The labor of love is quite clear as Lochhead examines his own life and presents the answers to himself and for all who would read "Love on the Marsh", a deftly composed poem, highly recommended to community library poetry collections.

Constellation Of The Dragonfly
F. J. Bergmann
Plan B Press
No ISBN, $13.00,

Poetry and science fiction go together like bananas and peanut butter -- an easily acquired but definitely gourmet taste! "Constellation of the Dragonfly" is an oversized chapbook compilation of twenty-seven poems or poetic expressions by F. J. Bergmann, twenty-three of which were published previously in a variety of poetry magazines ranging from such arcane journals as 'Rosebud' and 'Free Verse', to established literary magazines as the 'Southern Poetry Review' and the '2007 Wisconsin Poets' Calendar'. The free verse compositions range from the abstract to the concrete with the various forms of page layout being an integral aspect of the poetry itself. From the introspective to the cerebral, Bergmann's verse is compelling and highly recommended to science fiction enthusiasts and avante garde poetry buffs. All She Needs: She floats over mountains stolen from/other planets. Beyond lies an aperture/into the golden sky, where they build/their own castles from blocks of flame./She still lives in the darkening silver/spoon she was born in, wears a dress/of tears. Her heart is growing/its own jungle. She covers the face/she does not have with hands/that cannot feel. The pulsing Flowers/that beat instead of wings lift only/her caracoles of hair. Without eyes/she looks away from the light/into everything else that glows.

Wee Hour Martyrdom
Jason Tandon
PO Box 911, Buffalo, New York, 14207
9781934513057, $13.00,

Less is more a commonly repeated proverb. In "Wee Hour Martyrdom", poet and award winning author Jason Tandon aims to follow that wisdom with his vivid poetry. Tackling the simple emotions and challenges of human behavior, Tandon touches on it all. "Wee Hour Martyrdom" would make a fine addition to any poetry fan's collection and community library collections as well. December: Red Wine//and the mouse holed in the wall/Behind my head//Is scratching to the spatter/Of Art Blakey's snare drum//in "Dig This."

Adam Getty
Junction Books
2806-A Dundas Street West Toronto, ON M6P 1Y5
Nightwood Editions
0889712190, $16.95,

Free will is something that many of us take for granted. "Repose", the second collection of Canadian poet Adam Getty's work, focuses on cultural freedom, and how humanity is the master of its own destiny. Comparing humankind to the natural and urban environments that so influence them, "Repose" is a voice that combines tradition and newer thinking. Highly recommended to community library poetry collections and poetry lovers everywhere. "Awed Gesture": Oh, Adrienne, whose eyes can cock a skein / of beauty, pierce skin in Lacanic jouissance, let fly no ordinary miracle, rein / in slight sight so deeper vision may prance / and nicker-neigh through dark fields of mischance.

Glass Paperweight
Dennis Rush
Privately Published
9781419678615, $12.95,

The labors of over a decade of writing -"Glass Paperweight" is the labor of Dennis Rush and his love for his craft, staying up long nights for days on end to get his compositions done due to dealing with his numerous children something everyone knows is not easy to deal with. "Glass Paperweight" is highly recommended to community library poetry collections Above Her Waist: She looks like a child/so small and her skin so smooth/the innocent girl//I like her despair/her terrible attitude/last nights performance//how her eyes squinted/the way she held her papers/just above her waist//the light on her blouse/revealing precise nipples/casting small shadows.

Smoke and Strong Whiskey
Robin Chapman
WordTech Editions
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781933456966, $17.00

Award-winning poet Robin Chapman presents Smoke and Strong Whiskey, her latest free-verse poetry collection. Emphasizing connection and interaction with the natural world, Smoke and Strong Whiskey immerses the reader in the timeless, frozen moments of experiencing a moment of empathy with the stark, wild beauty of nature. Especially recommended for reading when taking a rest during outdoors hikes or walks. "Smoke Tree, 30 Below": There's a tree in the sky. / Its shadow branches / Stand out still and substantial / In the billowing white cloud / That pours from the building's smokestack. / Low sun has projected the shape of an aspen / Larger than life, unmoving, / On the river of smoke streaming by. / Light blazes / All around its dark edges: / Oh tall tree like memory, / There and not there / In the eye!

Peggy Munson
Switchback Books
PO Box 478868, Chicago, IL 60647
9780978617226, $14.00

Pathogenesis is a free-verse poetry collection that has been named a finalist or semifinalist for a number of prizes, including the Dorset Prize, the Carnegie-Mellon Poetry Series, the Beatrice Hawley Award, the Verse Prize, and the University of Wisconsin-Pollack Prize. Fearlessly delving into the darkness of the human psyche, and exploring the morbid impulse that drives mankind despite its crippling fear of death, Pathogenesis also reveals how creation can come from destruction. The haunting, free-verse lyrics show the way in this transformative and unforgettable collection. "Up and down Hope Street / children outgrew their underwear / and death escaped from its zoos. / My motor ran on, elegiac, / and I saw the red light but disobeyed it / because I wanted to be dead / but felt remarkably good, / better than I'd felt in months. / I left my blood in its jar of protest, / to die color-blind, to invert Christmas: / I didn't care whose hell it was. / The police came to question me / so I would envy the wild horses in their guns."

Forgiving Mom
Linda Athis
Ponderbooks Publishing
PO Box 58192, Salt Lake City, UT 84108-8192
9780981512204, $16.96,

Mother/Daughter relationships are never as peachy as they are depicted on Television. "Forgiving Mom" is an anthology of poetry by daughter Linda Athis, taking a look at the real relationships that set between parents and their children, trying to live up to one another's expectations, unspoken cruelty while still trying to remain a family. "Forgiving Mom" is a top pick for any woman who has a strained relationship with their mother, and for community library poetry collections.

Variations on a Natural Theme
Hugh Hennedy
Hobblebush Books
17A Old Milford Road, Brookline, NH 03033
9780980167214, $15.95,

Bird watching can be one of the most breathtaking pastimes of many - "Variations on a Natural Theme: A Loon Year" is the practice taken through the eyes of a poet who loves bird watching with a focus on the loon. As beautifully composed as the birds are themselves, "Variations on a Natural Theme" is highly recommended for community library poetry collections. Below: As leisurely as usually, The loon peers and sinks from sight//What striated wonder there/To lure one away from that riffled surface/From that soft marbling of the morning/Wearing such diffusion of light.

Adventures in Poetry
Dr. R Shankaran
Ram Publications
105 N. Hall Dr, Sugar Land, TX 77478
9788190587938, $9.95,

A man with a doctorate in Chemistry and Biochemistry and with decades of experience in those fields turns out to be a poet. Who knew? "Adventures in Poetry" is an anthology of poetry by this individual who is slowly shifting to be a man of many talents as he sheds the white lab coat and picks up the poetry writing pen. His poetry speaks on a wide range of issues as they have affected his life over time. A deftly composed collection, "Adventures in Poetry" is a refreshing sample from a non-traditional poet highly recommended. A Battle Cry: Fight on, brothers and sisters, fight on!/Win or lose, your cause just right on!/How can Harris cut your jobs, wielding a cruel axe?/Just to go easy on the rich man's already unpaid tax? Want to be rid of education's woes and worries, You got to stop the dirty tricks of Premier Harris !, Education is life's most empowering battery, Shame on Harris! For him it is just a game or lottery!// Rain or shine, sleet or snow/ We will make a stand won't take "NO"/ Solidarity forever! Surrender? Are you Kidding? Never!

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Ghosts of the Fox River Valley
Donna Latham
Quixote Press
3544 Blakslee Street, Wever, IA 52658
9781571664341, $9.99 1-800-571-2665

Ghosts of the Fox River Valley: Stories of Strange and Ghostly Events in our Beautiful Fox River Valley is an anthology of ghost tales connected to the historic Fox River Valley, carved by the 170-mile Fox River that flows through Illinois and Wisconsin. Here are hushed legends shared in whispers among the valley's residents and neighbors. These ghost stories run a wide gamut, telling of spirits that give aid when needed, seek vengeance for wrongs inflicted upon them, and crave closure to their unfinished business. Simple, classic black-and-white illustrations break up these creepy ghost narratives in this enthralling read, fun to peruse any day but especially perfect for rereading during the Halloween season.

Your Eternal Self
R. Craig Hogan, Ph. D
Greater Reality Publications
2 Payne Place, Normal, IL 61761
9780980211108, $16.95,

The oldest confirmed age a human can live to is about 115 years. Is that it? A century and some change pushing religion to the side, is that all for the human soul many celebrate so dearly? "Your Eternal Self" disagrees- and claims that this lifetime is only one stop in a eternal journey and that reality is far more than it seems that your mind is not simply something that sulks around in your head and is something far greater. "Your Eternal Self" is an eye-opening look at the pseudo natural and everything related to the human mind highly recommended for anyone into the science beyond the mundane world.

The Keys to Communicating with Other Worlds
Perry L. Westmoreland
Rosedog Books
701 Smithfield Street, Third Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
0805992472, $15.00,

Is Earth truly alone in the universe? "The Keys to Communicating with Other Worlds" is a look at our efforts to find other civilized, intelligent life in other solar systems throughout the galaxy- and the hard science of the efforts to travel through space and discover more than eerie radio signals and blinking lights throughout the universe. "The Keys to Communicating with Other Worlds" is a top pick to any who are enthralled with the idea of real alien life, and for community library metaphysical studies collections.

The Biography Shelf

Born on the Wrong Planet
Erika Hammerschmidt
PO Box 23173, Shawnee Mission, KS 66283-0173
9781934575208, $21.95,

Aspergers Syndrome can drive a wedge between one and society... "Born on the Wrong Planet" thinks it can be enough that it may seem that the sufferer is not of this world and it's strange ways and customs. Author Erika Hammerschmidt speaks of her difficulties overcoming what many people find so easily overcome in their lives, but is an uphill battle due to her Aspergers and Tourettes syndromes. An inspirational tale, "Born on the Wrong Planet" is the perfect gift for any intermediate reader of a young age trying to cope with their own Aspergers.

Oceans Apart
Mary Mustard Reed
JKD Enterprise
9121 Atlanta Avenue #754, Huntington Beach, CA 92646
097993270X, $18.95,

As a last ditch effort in sheer desperation to save her life from small pox she was given up by her mother and handed to an American couple to live in the United States of America. It wasn't to be a perfect childhood by any means. "Oceans Apart: A Voyage of International Adoption" is author Mary Mustard Reed's tale of her upbringing in the United States with a childhood soaked in abuse of many, many types. Lied to that her mother had passed away, she, and her mother, go through fire and brimstone to reunite with one another to restore what should have been. "Oceans Apart: A Voyage of International Adoption" is a heart warming tale of the brighter and darker sides of human nature and that sometimes it can be overcome a top pick for community library memoir collections.

House Calls By Dogsled
Keith Billington
Lost Moose Books
PO Box 219, Madeira Park, BC V0N 2H0
9781550174236, $19.95,

The harsh land of the Yukon, where the entire region is frozen solid most of the year that's where one Keith Billington went to ply his trade as a medical professional. "House Calls By Dogsled: Six years in an Arctic Medical Outpost" is his tale of his ordeal in the frosty snowfields of the Yukon. They often had to do the title procedure, all to save the lives of the region where travel is not something so easily done. An inspiring memoir and interesting look at both arctic living and the courage of a man, "House Calls By Dogsled: Six Years In an Arctic Medical Outpost" is highly recommended for community library memoir collections.

Shooting Star
Alana Paluszewski
Momentum Books LLC
2145 Crooks Road, Suite 208, Troy, MI 48084
9781879094789, $19.95,

A stroke striking someone down at the age of thirty two it can happen, and it struck down a woman in her prime. "Shooting Star: The Amazing Life of Ann Marston" celebrates the brief yet accomplished life of Ann Marston, beauty pageant champion, archery champion, model, & early promoter of Rock N' Roll. Covering her short life, it is an inspirational yet sad tale and a cautionary tale that everyone may be struck down, so always consider the now. "Shooting Star: The Amazing Life of Ann Marston" is a must for community library biography collections.

Pursuit Of Light
Sandy Brewer
PeachTreeHouse, Inc.
22 Buckingham Way, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
9780979655449, $24.95,

The debut title of the newly launched publishing firm of PeachTreeHouse, "Pursuit Of Light: An Extraordinary Journey" by public speaker, therapist, coach and humanitarian Sandy Brewer blends autobiography with compassion, wit and wisdom with illustrative self-help advice and example. The result is a compelling memoir revealing profound 'life lessons' that are as inspired and inspiring as they are thoughtful and thought-provoking. "Pursuit Of Light" is an informed and informative work that is superbly written, creating an engaging read from first page to last -- and welcome, recommended addition to both community library Self-Help and American Biography collections, as well as personal self-improvement and inspirational reading lists.

Yogi: The Life & Times of an American Original
Carlo DeVito
Triumph Books
The Pontiac Building, 542 South Dearborn Street, Suite 750, Chicago, IL 60605
9781572439450, $25.95

Former feature writer for "Mirror" magazine Carlo DeVito presents Yogi: The Life & Times of an American Original, a solid biography of one of America's most successful sportsmen. the celebrated Yankee baseball team member Lawrence Peter Berra, a.k.a. "Yogi". The son of Italian immigrants, Yogi overcame his short height and taunting from his teammates, opponents, and the media to earn a phenomenal three MVP awards, ten World Series championships, and an assortment of catching records. Yogi's career in baseball didn't end with his retirement; he went on to manage a team from league of the World Series. He encountered famous people ranging from DiMaggio to Hemingway and Sinatra, inspired an enduringly popular cartoon character (Yogi Bear), and even enriched the American lexicon with an assortment of malapropisms. A handful of black-and-white photographs enrich this down-to-earth chronicle of one of baseball's most beloved celebrities.

Nick Brunacini
Across The Street Productions
9780974753461, $10.00.

Firefighters many say it's the closest profession in the modern day to being a hero. Do they know what they're talking about? "B-Shifter: A Firefighter's Memoir" tells all about how the job really is. Written by a veteran fighter of nearly thirty years, B-Shifter relates unorthodox events that will make readers laugh and cry with emotion. "B-Shifter: A Firefighter's Memoir" is highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn what a fire fighter's job is really like, and for community library memoir collections.

The Real Estate Shelf

The Complete Guide to Selling Your Own Home
Kathy Gottberg
Zyrus Press
PO Box 17810, Irvine, CA 92623
9781933990163, $24.95,

A home is an investment after years of it, selling it is a great way to put oneself ahead of the financial game. "The Complete Guide to Selling Your Own Home: in California" is just what it says it is a complete and comprehensive guide to getting into the real estate game, however briefly, in the sunny state of California. Covering all aspects, such as good sell times, marketing your home, preparing it, and so much more, nothing is left to chance. "The Complete Guide to Selling Your Own Home: in California" is a must for anyone looking to sell there, and community library real estate collections.

The Literary Shelf

Demigods and Monsters
Rick Riordan, editor
Teen Libris
BenBella Books (distributor)
6440 N. Central Expressway, Suite 503, Dallas, TX 75206
9780979233142, $14.99,

Son of a Greek god no pressure in filling one's father's shoes right? "Demigods and Monsters: Your Authors on Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series" is the complete and comprehensive fan guide for followers of the Olympian series. Touching on aspects of the Universe that series Author Rick Riordan has yet to touch on himself, and talking about the applications of these gods lives in the modern world as the books depicts. "Demigods and Monsters: Your Authors on Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series" would be a great gift for his fans, and for community library literature collections.

More to William Morris
Inkling Books
6528 Phinney Ave. N, Suite A, Seattle, WA 98103
1587420236, $17.95,

Thousands of modern day fantasy authors are inspired by the works of J.R.R Tolkien but who inspired Tolkien? "More to William Morris: Two Books That Inspired J.R.R. Tolkien" looks at the author who Tolkien himself credited with the majority of his inspiration for the iconic 'The Lord of the Rings' saga. Offering two of Morris's works in 'The House of the Wolflings' and the 'The Roots of the Mountains', "More to William Morris: Two Books that Inspired J.R.R. Tolkien" is a treasure for any Tolkien fanatic who wants to learn more of the roots of their beloved author and for community library literary collections. Also for Tolkien fans from Inkling Press is Michael W. Perry's "Untangling Tolkien: A Chronology and Commentary for The Lord of the Rings" (1587420198, $17.95) focusing on the complete history of the Rings Saga.

Through the Wardrobe
Herbie Brennan, editor
Teen Libris
9780979233135, $14.99,

With the recent releases of the films, C.S. Lewis's "The Chronicles of Narnia" is back in the mainstream. "Through the Wardrobe: Your Favorite Authors on C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia" is a fan guide for fans of the series who want to hear about and learn more about the famous Narnia universe. Answering countless questions a fan might ask like the author's aversion to lipstick. An educated look at a culturally important novel through the eyes of modern writers, "Through the Wardrobe: Your Favorite Authors on C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia" is highly recommended to community library collections on literature and as a gift to fans of the Narnia series.

The Gardening Shelf

Deer in My Garden
Carolyn Singer
Garden Wisdom Press
PO Box 992, Grass Valley, CA 95945
9780977425150, $19.95,

Deer can be quite the problem for gardeners, but there is a way around them. "Deer in My Garden: Volume 2: Groundcovers & Edgers" is a complete and comprehensive guide to gardening when there are certain mammals who take pleasure in sampling one's hobby when one is not looking. Focusing on groundcovers and edgers to protect one's plants and vegetables, it leaves nothing to question. "Deer in My Garden: Volume 2: Groundcovers & Edgers" is a top pick for gardeners and gardening collections, especially those faced with these cute pests.

The Money/Finance Shelf

How To Settle Your Debts
Norman H. Perlmutter
Cre-Debt Publications
25 Kilmer Drive, Suite 102, Morganville, NJ 07751
9780979748301, $18.95,

Among the unfortunate side effects of an economic downturn such as the United States is currently experiencing is the growing debt load that ordinary men and women find themselves having to labor under. Now in a fully updated and significantly expanded second edition, "How To Settle your Debts: Without Committing Financial Suicide" by certified public accountant Norman H. Perlmutter, is the perfect do-it-yourself manual for individuals, families, and businesses who find themselves sinking further and further into crippling debt. Of special note is the new chapter specifically addressing the problems associated with student-loan debt. A major culprit are the credit card companies who deliberately target people's desire for instant gratification for things they don't need and cannot afford. Complicated with deceptive interest rate schedules and conditions, anyone seeking to emerge from crippling debt must become informed with respect to the various techniques of predatory credit card issuers. Drawing upon his many years of experience and expertise in helping individuals and businesses deal successfully with the problems of excessive debt, Perlmutter deftly shows the non-specialist general reader how to wipe out their debt without having to resort to bankruptcy (which Congress has made even more difficult with the finance industry backed legislation); how to effectively deal with bill collectors; settling debts through leverage; clean up and rebuild personal and corporate credit ratings; deal successfully with tax debts, secured debts, and judicial judgements; resolve student loan debt repayment problems; as well as when and how to simply walk away from debts. "How To Settle Your Debts" should be considered profoundly valuable reading for anyone having to deal with problems arising from excessive debt, and be a priority acquisition for college, university, and community library Money/Finance reference collections.

The Aviation Shelf

My Father Was a Crop Duster
Bert L. Atwood
AAAA Publishing
9730 Soda Bay Road, PMB 5077, Kelseyville, CA 95451
9780979928727, $39.95,

Crop dusters- a strange profession that developed soon after the invention of the biplane in the early twentieth century. "My Father Was a Crop Duster" is a complete and comprehensive look at these people, explaining how it came into being, who does it, humorous and near death anecdotes, and a look at the fatalities as well among other elements. "My Father Was a Crop Duster" is enhanced with over two hundred photos, both in black & white and color- making it a must have for anyone who has interest in the topic and for community library Aviation collections.

The Science Shelf

Dear Doctor Franklin
Stuart A. Green, M.D.
Diane Publishing Companies
PO Box 617, Darby, PA 19023-0617
1422394700, $24.95,

What does one write and tells one of the fathers of the country? "Dear Doctor Franklin: E-Mails to a Founding Father About Science, Medicine, and Technology" is a look into modern science, medicine, and technology, three things that Benjamin Franklin enjoyed studies of, in the form of faux e-mails to the long dead statesman. Covering two hundred years of development, this is a great introduction to the history of science as a whole, making "Dear Doctor Franklin: E-Mails to a Founding Father About Science, Medicine, and Technology" a highly recommended edition to community library science collections.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Taro & Tomi
Shizue Tomoda, author
Edwin Batawala, illustrator
Booksurge LLC
7290-B Investment Drive, Charleston, SC 29418
9781419673870, $12.99

Life with one's pets can be rich with love and comfort. "Taro & Tomi: My Feline Son & Daughter" shows that the bond with one's pets can grow some deep and loving that it can easily be compared for the love of one's family and children. Heartwarmingly crafted, author and former UN agent Shizue Tomoda explains how her two beloved kittens changed her entire world. "Taro & Tomi: My Feline Son & Daughter" is enthusiastically recommended for any pet lover and anyone who is on the fence about embracing the idea of a pet of their own.

The Parenting Shelf

Teaching the Attraction Principle to Children
Thomas Haller & Chick Moorman
Personal Power Press
PO Box 547, Merill, MI 48637
9780977232161, $24.95,

What is the attraction principle? "Teaching the Attraction Principle to Children: Practical Strategies for Parents and Teachers to Help Children Manifest a Better World" is an examination of this principle, that many people may already be using and not knowing it. It's a valuable skill, claim the authors, and if today's children were taught the basics of it and how to use it, tomorrow's world could be a much better place. "Teaching the Attraction Principle to Children: Practical Strategies for Parents and Teachers to Help Children Manifest a Better World" is highly recommended to community library parenting collections and for parents in general.

My Goodness, My Kids
Nesta A. Aharoni
Grassroots Publishing Group
300 Carlsbad Village Dr. Ste 108A #116, Carlsbad, CA 92008-2999
Center Pointe Media (publicist)
1611A South Melrose DR #173, Vista CA 92081
9780979480508, $15.95,

Of all the blame flung in today's society's, it's never directed at the biggest influence in every child's life the parents. "My Goodness, My Kids: Cultivating Decency in a Dangerous World" is a guide for parents to raise their children into better people as a whole more kind, more loving, and for a selfish indulgence for them, more loving and appreciative of their parents. Countless parenting tips are displayed to build trust, respect, unity, and encourage learning from children and all are simple to follow and will make readers think of why didn't they think of that sooner. "My Goodness, My Kids: Cultivating Decency in a Dangerous World" is a must for any parent who wants their kids to be the best adults they can be to impact the world and for community library parenting collections.

I Just Want My Kids to Be Happy!
Aaron Cooper & Eric Keitel
Late August Press
6033 Sheridan Road 23 A, Chicago IL 60660
9780979792601, $15.95,

Almost every parent wishes happiness upon their children more than anything else. "I Just Want My Kids to Be Happy!: Why You Shouldn't Say It, Why You Shouldn't Think It, What You Should Embrace Instead" is a guide to help parents accomplish that goal and plant the seeds of the traits that bring happiness - the seeds of optimism, kindness, and more. A must for any parent striving to promote a good psychological future for their children, "I Just Want My Kids to Be Happy!: Why You Shouldn't Say It, Why You Shouldn't Think It, What You Should Embrace Instead" is highly recommended for community library parenting collections.

Hand that Rocks the Cradle
Nathaniel Bluedorn
Christian Logic
PO Box 46, Muscatine, Iowa 52761
9780974531540, $15.00,

What's a good way to choose the best books for one's child, with a massive sea of literature in today's market? " Hand That Rocks the Cradle: 400 Classic Books for Children" is a comprehensive guide to children's literature, pointing out the classics through the centuries that today's children will simply adore. A must have for any parent who is unsure of which books to have for or read to their children, "Hand That Rocks the Cradle: 400 Classic Books for Children" is a good addition community library parenting collections.

Time Out for Tired Moms
Judy Crawford
Ambassador International
427 Wade Hampton Blvd., Greenville, SC 29609
9781932307887, $11.99,

The hectic endless frenzy of raising pre-pubescent children when is there a break? "Time Out for Tired Moms: Finally Mom, Go to Your Room!" is a guide for mothers who are at the end of their ropes in exhaustion. Stating eight specific time out strategies to help mothers regain their sanity without sacrificing the tender loving care their children deserve, it's a must read for any mother who has began to feel the wear and tear of motherhood. "Time Out for Tired Moms: Finally Mom, Go to Your Room" is an essential pick up for community library parenting shelves.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

The Golden Thread
Joscelyn Godwin
Quest Books
PO Box 270, Wheaton, IL 60189-0270
9780835608602, $16.95,

Wisdom is something that exists in every age of humanity, one just needs to look in a certain direction to see it and be inspired. "The Golden Thread: The Ageless Wisdom of the Western Mystery Traditions" is sage wisdom to reveal the sage that resides in all people. Looking to figures such as Pythagoras, Plato, Freemasons, Alchemists, and others to pull their wisdom and refine it for the modern age, "The Golden Thread: The Ageless Wisdom of the Western Mystery Traditions" is highly recommended for community library spirituality collections and for anyone who wants to look to themselves for greater knowledge.

The Workings of the Subtle Heart
William Widmer
Alacrity Books
PO Box 1168 Amherst, New Hampshire, 03031
9780979756207, $17.95,

Empathy it's how one understands one's fellow man, but it isn't tied to any of the five senses. "The Workings of the Subtle Heart" is a spiritual examination of empathy, complete with little tidbits and anecdotes to uplift one's spirit and the feelings of those around one. Therapeutic reading from first page to last, "The Workings of a Subtle Heart" is highly recommended to community library spirituality collections.

The Humor Shelf

The Twilight of the Bums
Raymond Federman & George Chambers
Starcherone Books
PO Box 303, Buffalo, NY 14222
9780978881139, $16.00,

The tales of two filthy old bums who knew it could be so entertaining? "The Twilight of the Bums" is a hilarious compilation of stories about two elderly old vagrants and their witty conversations, witticisms, and adventures, quirkily illustrated by veteran artist T. Motley in a style that certain fits the content he's illustrating. "The Twilight of the Bums" isn't high comedy, but it doesn't need to be it's a laugh riot and that's all that matters. Highly recommended for community library humor collections and anyone needing some humor in their lives.

Free Ralph
Stephen Wing
Wind Eagle Press
PO Box 5379, Atlanta GA 31107
9780979390708, $14.99,

Human Evolution isn't quite yet finished, claims Stephen Wing in his comedic fable "Free Ralph: An Evolutionary Fable". Wilbur Trimble is lost in jungle, with his only companion being a chimpanzee who performs in trapeze under the name of Ralph only to discover Ralph's family and discovering he can communicate with them telepathically and from there the conflicts arise where 'Ralph' isn't just some stupid animal to Wilbur any longer. "Free Ralph: An Evolutionary Fable" is deftly written and highly recommended for community library humor collections and for anyone who wants a good laugh that will make them think at the same time.

Every Man Sees You Naked
David M. Matthews
610 East Delano Street, Suite 104, Tucson, AZ 85705
9781604940282, $13.95,

What they say is never what they mean - "Every Man Sees You Naked" is a satirical dating handbook taking the view that men are sex crazed pigs and placing it obviously without any regard to subtlety and political correctness. Although satirical, the truth sits alongside it to a degree, mixing the humor and advice aspect throughout, leaving no topic of common relationship problems and how a little bluntness can solve them uncovered. "Every Man Sees You Naked" could do well to find itself on either dating or humor shelves alike, and is highly recommended to fans of both.

The Women's Studies Shelf

Women of Wisdom
Kris Steinnes
Wise Woman Publishing
PO Box 30924, Seattle, WA 98113
9780980062205, $21.95,

Women's intuition it's not something that women just have, they have to learn it. "Women of Wisdom: Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women" is a complete anthology of various great female thinkers seeking to answer the great questions of the world, with the overall all reaching question of what can women offer the world, and what gifts reside deep within the spirit of women? "Women of Wisdom: Empowering the Dreams and Spirit of Women" is enthusiastically recommended to women's studies shelves and for any women who needs some empowerment.

The Holocaust Studies Shelf

The Ground Under My Feet
Eva Kollisch
Hamilton Stone Editions
PO Box 43 Maplewood, New Jersey 07040
9780971487376, $14.95,

Growing up in a time where one is the target a growing mass genocide not a childhood anyone should experience. "The Ground Under My Feet" is the story of author Eva Kollisch and growing up as a survivor of one of the worst atrocities in history. In the form of anecdotes and essays, she tells all, reflecting on the past and making amends with those who once oppressed her and whom she considered enemies. A heartwarming and inspiring book, "The Ground Under my Feet" is highly recommended for community library Holocaust Studies collections.

The Gay Studies Shelf

Deliberate Indifference
J. Jackson, Owensby
A-Argus Better Book Publishers
PO Box 914, Kernersville, NC 27285
9780980155518, $22.95,

It's not uncommon, even in the modern age, that prejudice takes stage and causes problems for minorities. "Deliberate Indifference: A Gay Man's Maltreatment by the United States Department of Justice" is the story one Chris Wehner, a man who feels he has been horribly mistreated by the police and the Department of Justice due to his lifestyle preferences and the prejudices of one reactionary detective. A true story of how discrimination is still a major problem and is not just racial in modern America, "Deliberate Indifference: A Gay Man's Maltreatment by the United States Department of Justice" is highly recommended for community library gay studies collections.

The Business Shelf

Beowulf for Business
E.L. Risden
Whitson Publishing Co.
PO Box 38263, Albany NY 12203
9780878755660, $21.95, No Web Address

The ancient warrior's ways have seemingly vanished from today's world or have they? "Beowulf for Business: The Modern Warrior's Guide to Career Building" is a look at how the famous British folk tale of Beowulf contains valuable lessons that today's work force and spring business men can take heed of and apply to their lives and careers. Advice on taking a stand when no one expects one to, dealing with strange places with strange people, and being the hero when it's needed, among other lessons extracted from the old poem apply well making "Beowulf for Business: The Modern Warrior's Guide to Career Building" a top pick for any business person who wants a different approach and for community library career collections.

Total Alignment
Riaz Khadem Ph.D.
483 Carter Ave, Atlanta, Georgia 30317, USA
Jane Weisman Public Relations, Inc. (publicity)
322 Eighth Avenue, Suite 1702, New York, NY 10001
9780979572203, $15.95,

When something becomes a problem, it has already done an untold amount of damage to one's business. "Total Alignment: Integrating Vision, Strategy, and Execution for Organizational Success" is a guide for business managers to transform their companies into tip top machines, solve problems before they become serious problems, encourage employee responsibility on all levels, and point the company as a whole in the right direction. Written in a fast paced style that avoids the droning style of most business books, "Total Alignment: Integrating Vision, Strategy, and Execution for Organizational Success" is highly recommended for community library business collections and for any manager wanting the best approach possible.

Flow in the Office
Carlos Venegas
Productivity Press
444 Park Avenue South, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10016
9781563273612, $35.00,

Nothing is more soul crushing than being crammed into a small tiny area to work for eight hours. "Flow in the Office: Implementing and Sustaining Lean Improvements" is a complete and comprehensive guide to improving working conditions and in turn, the mental conditions of employees leading them to be happier, more alert, and most importantly, more productive each day. Focusing on the concepts of 'Lean' and 'Kaizen', "Flow in the Office: Implementing and Sustaining Lean Improvements" is top pick for anyone looking to make their office a better place in more ways than one highly recommended for community library business collections.

How to Self-Destruct
Jason Seiden
Trestle Publishing
c/o Green Leaf Book Group
4415 Mo Pac South, Suite 600, Longhorn Building, 3rd Floor, Austin, TX 78735
Booth Media Group (publicist)
1386 Nightshade Road, Carlsbad, CA 92011
978097994312, $12.95,

Climbing to the top of the corporate is an incredibly difficult task for many something that everyone is not going to succeed at. "How to Self-Destruct: Making The Least of What's Left of Your Career and What to Do If You Fail at Failing" asks with odds like that, why bother? In a kind of skewed reverse psychology, author Jason Seiden outlines career strategies in a guide that has a thinly veiled 'Do Not Really Do This' disclaimer throughout the book, while giving straight advice to those who go against the books message of guaranteed failure. "How to Self-Destruct: Making the Least of What's Left of Your Career and What to Do If You Fail at Failing" is highly recommended for community library career shelves and for anyone who wants to turn their career around whether it's on the rise or the fall.

Starting a Collection Agency
Michelle A. Dunn
Never Dunn Publishing
PO Box 40, Plymouth, NH 03264
9780970664563, $57.95,

No one likes bill collectors, but they are a necessary evil to the continued financial prosperity of America. "Starting a Collection Agency: How to Make Money Collecting Money" is a guide to being what is viewed as many as the bad guy, but in fact is just something that must be done. Outlining all anyone needs to start their own company in this field, it leaves nothing to guesswork, covering everything from the frivolous as the stationary, to the advanced tactics of professional promotion. "Starting a Collection Agency: How to Make Money Collecting Money" is highly recommended for anyone looking to start their own business, and doesn't mind being viewed as the bad guy to do so.

The Fashion Shelf

Fashion 101
Erika Stalder
Zest Books
c/o Orange Avenue Publishing
35 Stillman Street, Suite 121, San Francisco, CA 94107
9780979017346, $17.95,

How much thought does one really put into what they wear each day? "Fashion 101: A Crash Course in Clothing" is an examination of modern clothing styles and how they came about, claiming there's a story about how every piece of clothing came into existence. It also includes a look at how celebrities have seriously impacted modern fashion, and is enhanced with illustrations from Ariel Krietzman. "Fashion 101: A Crash Course in Clothing " is a must read for any aspiring fashion designer, and highly recommended for community library fashion shelves.

The Theatre/Cinema Shelf

World's Coolest Movie Star
Charles Zigman
Allenwood Press
11509 Duque Drive, Studio City, California 91604
9780979972201, $39.95,

The Greatest Movie Star of all time... outside the English speaking world - "World's Coolest Movie Star: The Complete 95 Films(and Legend) of Jean Gabin" is a look at one of the best film actors the world has ever known which spanned nearly fifty years, and a war hero, husband, father, and farmer on top of all that. Covering his life and career in completion, author Charles Zigman introduces him to the English speaking world, where he holds quite the cult following, as best as he can, and leaves no detail to the reader's imagination. "World's Coolest Movie Star: The Complete 95 Films (and Legend) of Jean Gabin" is a must for any serious collection dedicated to film and cinema. Also available is volume two of the same title ($39.95, 9780979972218).

The Psychology Shelf

Guilt with a Twist
Lawrence H. Staples
Fisher King Press
PO Box 222321, Carmel, CA 93922
9780977607648, $19.95,

Is guilt nature's way of making mankind not wrong one another, even more so than the laws and customs of civilized society? That's what "Guilt With a Twist", the many years' work of a clinical psychoanalyst and Ph.D holder Lawrence H. Staples. Not simply stating guilt is a good thing - his message is quite the opposite - as he argues that guilt can be a bad thing at times as it stands to prevent people from doing what needs to be done - such as cutting off an abusive family member, or encouraging people to help themselves. A comprehensive look at guilt, "Guilt with a Twist" is highly recommended for community library psychology collections and for anyone who wants a better understanding of humanity's natural moral alarm.

The Photography Shelf

Silent Workplace
John Bower
Studio Indiana
430 North Sewell Road, Bloomington, Indiana 47408
9780974518640, $22.00,

Frozen in time, and ready to collapse Hoosier Photographer John Bower examines these old businesses in "Silent Workplace: Shops, Stores, Businesses, and Factories where Hoosiers Once Earned a Living". Packed cover to cover with massive, high quality black and white pictures of these abandoned pieces of ancient Americana, Bower gives a somber yet intriguing look at the days that America has long left behind. "Silent Workplace: Shops, Stores, Businesses, and Factories where Hoosiers Once Earned a Living" is a pictorial examination of old rural and small town life in the United States, and is highly recommended to any community library photography book collection.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Wetlands of Mass Destruction
Robert Lawrence France
Green Frigate Books
PO Box 469, Sheffield VT 05866
9780971746831, $19.95,

Environmental destruction of wetlands and no regard for the place they live sounds like a modern issue, but it's not. "Wetlands of Mass Destruction: Ancient Presage for Contemporary Ecocide in Southern Iraq" is an examination of the fact that environmental destruction, especially in Iraq, is nothing new. Ancient Mesopotamian warlords used to do the same things that would make environmentalists cringe, some of which can be drawn to the line of the most recent Mesopotamian Warlord in Saddam Hussein. An eye opening look that the ancient world wasn't as innocent in affairs of the green than one would think, "Wetlands of Mass Destruction: Ancient Presage for Contemporary Ecocide in Southern Iraq" is an essential edition to any ecological history shelf.

The Music Shelf

101 Fingerlicking Good Fingerstyle Accompaniment Patterns
Larry McCabe
Red Dog Music Books
PO Box 13341 Roanoke, VA 24033

101 fingerstyle guitar accompaniment patterns a good start for any would be guitarist. "101 Fingerlicking Good Fingerstyle Accompaniment Patterns" is a guide for rookie guitarists to help themselves get into practice for songwriting and just to keep their minds fresh. The patterns range widely in difficulty and cover many genres of music from folk, blues, gospel, and even covering some popular tracks. Enhanced with a CD reviewing the patterns, "101 Fingerlicking Good Fingerstyle Accompaniment Patterns" is highly recommended for community library music collections and any novice guitarist.

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