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Reviewer's Choice

The Frantic Force
Norman Ball
Petroglyph Books
PO Box 367, Riverside, CA 92501
9780980039665, $14.95,

The world is filled with problems, and the only thing we have more of than problems is solutions. "The Frantic Force" is a collection of essays from Norman Ball as he discusses the many problems we face. From politics to civil rights, to family, and so much more on top of it, Ball speaks honestly with a good deal of poignancy for readers. "The Frantic Force" is a choice pick for anyone looking for humorous yet profound essays on the problems that seem to engulf our world.

In the Mountains
Yuri K. Shestopaloff
AKVY Press
142 Kennard Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada, M3H 4M5
9780981380056, $9.95,

The drive and determination of people sometimes cannot be deterred by the might of nature. "In the Mountains" is a telling of true events of six mountaineers who travel the border between Russia and Mongolia, and face the harshness of the winter temperatures that could very easily turn fatal. With a bit of humor and dedication to life's drive, "In the Mountains" is a fine read for those seeking stories of true adventure.

The Writing/Publishing Shelf

Online Book Marketing
Lorraine Phillips
360 Books, LLC
PO Box 105603, #22430
Atlanta, GA 30348-5603
9780982276556, $21.95,

Just as booksellers must have an online sales ability if they are to survive in today's highly competitive marketplace, so authors and publishers must have an online publicity, promotion, and marketing ability if they are to compete successively in the modern world. That's why Lorraine Phillips "Online Book Marketing: The Least Expensive, Most Effective Ways to Create Book Buzz" is so timely and so badly needed. This 226-page compendium of observation, commentary, tips, tricks, techniques, strategies and tactics, covers aspect of online marketing for books and covers such important and necessary issues as creating a trustworthy brand; search engine optimization; increasing book sales; establishing credibility; utilizing a web site, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube; utilizing online articles, newsletters, audio podcasts, and videos; maximizing online presence, and so much more. Deftly written and superbly presented, "Online Book Marketing" should be considered mandatory reading for any author and all publishers seeking economic viability and financial success for their literary efforts and publishing endeavors.

The Self-Help Shelf

The IKE Disease
Roger D. Casterline
Eloquent Books
845 Third Avenue, 6th Floor - 6016
New York, NY 10022
9781606937969, $9.95,

When you know everything, there's clearly nothing more you can learn from anyone. "The IKE Disease: Your Name is Tracy" is a parental motivational book for dealing with the dreaded IKE disease, the 'I Know Everything' disease. Symptoms include being hard to reach and reason with, but Roger Casterline has plenty of wisdom for breaking through dense skulls and getting some more wisdom into an overinflated teen ego. "The IKE Disease" is thoughtful and strong reading for any parent dealing with the dreaded teenager.

7 Pathways to Hope
Adele M. Gill
Millennial Mind Publishing
c/o American Book Publishing
5442 So. 900 East, #146
Salt Lake City, UT 84117-7204
9781589828056, $22.00,

There are many paths to health. "7 Pathways to Hope" is a faith-driven inspirational guide from Adele M. Gill who advises readers on how to improve their physical and mental health, to find hope, and to find faith. Drawing on some medical research on a bigger picture as a whole, as well as some memoir, "7 Pathways to Hope" is a fine assortment of reading to be considered by Christian readers who are trying to piece together their lives more effectively.

The Road
Gus Takkale
General Store Publishing House
499 O'Brien Rd., Box 415
Renfrew, ON, Canada, K7V 4A6
9781926962122, $19.95,

Finding one's own path through life can prove rough, but embracing change makes following that road all the easier. "The Road: A Journey Through the 5C's of Change" is a self-help guide from Gus Takkale as he guides readers through his own simple wisdom and knowledge as he advises readers how to find their own hunger and passion for life and dispel whatever may be holding them back. "The Road" is a simple and to the point read with plenty of advice, highly recommended.

Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow
Barry Parker
Stardust Press
9780976407652, $12.95,

Life goes on, no matter what happens. "Learn form Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow" is an inspirational book from Barry Parker who gives readers plenty of general information on their own pursuits of happiness, in how to pursue their own realistic dreams of happiness, and set your own terms for victory in life, and the power of positive thinking in attaining their own youth. "Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow" is filled with thoughtful wisdom and is very solidly recommended reading.

The Hardline Self-Help Handbook
Paula Renaye
Diomo Books
9780967478654, $19.95,

Sometimes it's not always about kind words and gentleness. "The Hardline Self-Help Handbook: What Are Willing to Do to Get What You Really Want?" is a guide to pushing yourself through what you don't really want to do, and the power of self tough love. Paula Renaye hopes to inspire people through ramming through what they need to do with their life, no matter how much they may dread it. "The Hardline Self-Help Handbook" is of note to anyone who has determined positive thinking alone isn't going to save them, and wants to push themselves towards the next step.

Life's Bridges
Lloyd Lowe St., and Ethan Bonar
Brown Books Publishing Group
16200 N. Dallas Parkway, Suite 170
Dallas, TX 75248
9781934812587, $25.95,

The American dream is still attainable, but the road is long and hard. "Life's Bridges: Building Your Bridge to Financial Wealth" is an inspirational guide to financial prosperity from Lloyd Lowe & Ethan Bonar. A guide to personal finance, they suggest planning a plot to their dreams, creating a secure path, and reminding that it's never too late to start, and never too late to reassess one's plans. With plenty of sage wisdom for successful business and life finance, "Life's Bridges" is an excellent read for anyone who wants to keep a successful financial path through their life.

No Nonsense Retention
Jeff Kortes
Human Asset Management
PO Box 320294, Milwaukee, WI 53132
9780615404561, $14.95,

You can have the best people in the world but if they ditch you because you're an insufferable as a boss, there's truly no point. "No Nonsense Retention: Painless Strategies to Retain Your Best People" is a guide to keeping your talent being talented for you. Jeff Kortes, three decade veteran of human services, advises managers to avoid the things that drive people off. Little things add up, money isn't everything, size doesn't matter, and how the replacement search will cost you far more than you think. "No Nonsense Retention" is a must for any business which succeeds or fails on the power of their people.

Someone to Talk To
Samantha M. White
Yankee Drummer Press
40 Speen Street, Suite 106, Framingham
MA 01701-1898
VBW Publishing
PO Box 9949, College Station, TX 77842
9780983214205, $14.95,

It can be hard to put the pieces together after the loss of a soulmate. "Someone to Talk To: Finding Peace, Purpose, and Joy After Tragedy and Loss" is an inspirational memoir from Samantha M. White, as she reflects on a major tragic chapter in her life which led her to losing two very close loved ones, and facing betrayal by another. Honest and forward, she comes at readers with hope that there is something to hope for even after the destruction of one's life. "Someone to Talk To" is touching and poignant reading, very much recommended for those who have lost what they hold dear.

Fully Engaged
John Busacker
B&B Media Group (publicity)
9781609361150, $14.99,

Speed isn't everything, and when that's realized, life becomes a lot easier to live. "Fully Engaged: How To Do Less and Be More" is a motivational book from John Busacker as he advises readers on how to sit back, realize what matters, streamline your life to free oneself of unnecessary complications connected to all of it, and embrace what remains as what truly matters and is worthy of your time. "Fully Engaged" takes a less is more approach to life and advises readers to the philosophy well, highly recommended.

The Cookbook Shelf

All American Vegan
Jennifer & Nathan Winograd
6114 La Salle Ave., #836, Oakland, CA 94611
9780979074332, $29.95,

Tofu and a breed of lettuce only grown in Madagascar are not the only options for a vegan diet. "All American Vegan" is a guide to animal-free cooking that manages to be your standard American cooking. Just without that meat stuff. Emphasizing the power of substitution and that going vegan is easier when a meat eater can keep eating their favorite foods, the authors offer plenty of typical vegan food that is far from what is associated with the bizarre and foreign things often thumped by hippies and what comes to mind when one thinks vegan. "All American Vegan" is filled with dishes of every sort of traditional American cuisine, plenty of Vegan thought and opinion, and arguments why you should become vegan, worth considering for anyone trying to make the leap to veganism.

Gluten-Free Baking
Phil Vickery
A Firefly Book
PO Box 1338, Ellicott Station
Buffalo, NY 14205
9781554078110, $24.95,

Gluten is something not everyone can digest easily, and it has locked off huge portions of food to many who are intolerant. Baking is no longer restricted with "Gluten-Free Baking" is a guide for those who are gluten intolerant to make a huge array of gluten free desserts that are as varied as anyone else. These dishes will catch the fancy of even those without gluten intolerance will lick their lips, as Phil Vickery offers many baked goods and sweets that many would hate to live without. "Gluten-Free Baking" is a strong pick for anyone who loves baking and they themselves or someone they love is faced with a gluten intolerance.

The Needlecraft Shelf

Everything Crochet
Carol Alexander & Connie Ellison, editors
Annie's Attic
c/o DRG Public Relations
306 E. Parr Rd., Berne, IN 46711
9781596353619, $19.95,

Crochet can be a very fun and productive hobby, although getting into it can be intimidating. "Everything Crochet" is a start up book for those entering crochet as Carol Alexander and Connie Ellison explain the basics of crochet, what you need to get started, and how to ease into learning the tricks that allow you create many projects. With the aims of walking novices through more than the bare basics, they also cover some intermediate and advanced techniques. "Everything Crochet" is a to the point and comprehensive start up guide for those who want to hit the ground running with this needlecraft.

The Travel Shelf

Travel Dreams Sold Here
Graydon Gwin
Lyneildon Publishing
111 N. Taylor Ave., Kirkwood, MO 63122
9780615360133, $24.95,

A good vacation is more than a plane trip, hotel, and head back. "Travel Dreams Sold Here: Crafting an Extraordinary Vacation" is a guide book for those who want to turn their next vacation into a truly unique experience. Graydon Gwin loves travel among all else, and he offers his vast experience in seeing the world to show people what he believes are what's needed to have a truly magnificent adventure around the world, as he discusses lodging, drinks, dining, transport, and everything else. "Travel Dreams Sold Here" is a thoughtful compilation that shouldn't be overlooked for anyone who wants their next trip to be something special.

Israel for Beginners
Angelo Colorni
600 Broadway, Lynbrook, NY 11563
9789652294838, $16.95,

A land filled with irritable people with guns who are never satisfied with anything. Clearly, this is the holy land. "Israel for Beginners: A Field Guide for Encountering the Israelis in Their Natural Habitat" is a work of humor and travel as Angelo Colorni hopes to provide readers with a truly unique embrace of culture that is the people of Israel. With humor from one who has been living among these strange creatures for nearly forty years, "Israel for Beginners" is a must for anyone who wants to understand there's more to Israel and Jerusalem than a religious pilgrimage.

The Political Science Shelf

The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College
Gary & Carolyn Alder
GCA Ventures
4046 S. 700 W. SLV, UT 84123
9781460979419, $9.95,

What is the electoral college and what has happened to it? "The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College" is an elaboration of what the electoral college is, its purpose, and how its spirit has been corrupted in the modern day by political parties throughout history. A worthwhile read that describes the electoral process as a whole and what needs to be known about the problems that we face today, "The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College" is a worthy read for those seeking political understanding in today's world.

Save Our System
L. Lynn Clelnad
Two Harbors
212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 290
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Smith Publicity (publicity)
1930 E. Marlton Pike, Suite I-46
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
9781936401383, $16.95,

When politicians are more concerned with staying in power than serving the people, we have an issue. "Save Our System: Why And How 'We The People' Must Reclaim Our Liberties Now" is a political call to arms against the career politicians who are corrupting our system and the reality of many topics in our political discourse. Placing the blame on both parties, he says more than ever the people's voice needs to be heard. "Save Our System" has a strong message that any political reader should seriously consider.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Rite of Passage
Victoria Hewitt & Matthew Hewitt
Dalata Press
PO Box 5243, Paris, KY 40362
9781456381615, $12.95,

As we thrust forward in advancement, we may very well be taken aback. "The Denebian Empire: Rite of Passage" is another entry in the Denebian Empire series, a series that blends science fiction and the medieval. With plenty of intrigue, it follows the unique genre blend with heavy intrigue in politics, romance, and deception everyone turns. For any fan of science fiction and fantasy, "Rite of Passage" is a very much recommended pick for those who want a book that will prove very difficult to put down.

Chaos Unleashed
Barry Hoffman
Edge Chronicles
5307 Arroyo St., Colorado Springs, CO 80922
9781934267240, $12.99,

It's a tough burden but rising to the challenge of protecting one's home is a burden many will gladly take. "Chaos Unleashed" is the third entry into the Shamra Chronicles following Dara, as Chaos, an unusual force that exists both as a concept and a true force that is besieging the land. Dara as she tries to find those who will stand with her will soon find the sad truth is that it will ultimately all fall on her. "Chaos Unleashed" is a fast paced and deftly crafted fantasy aimed at young adult readers, that is sure to keep them reading for hours.

The White Light Dawn
L. Bourgaize
c/o Matador
9781848765573, $8.99,

The everyday grind is not for some people, who want everything they can to change. "The White Light Dawn" is the fantasy story of a gang of friends who strike out to have said fun, which may not be fun for everyone they encounter. Offbeat and edgy, they meet plenty of like-minded individuals and soon find themselves up against what will not only change them, but the world around them. "The White Light Dawn" is an exciting read that won't be easy to put down, highly recommended.

Blood Hunter
J. S. Marich
Asylett Press
3616 Devils Three Jump Road
Little Plymouth, VA 23091
9781934337905, $12.16,

As we manage to deal with civil rights to other homo-sapiens, it becomes even more murky when you add undead rights to the equation. "Blood Hunter: The Eden Blackwell Series" is set in the near future where vampires, werewolves, and zombies have been exposed to exist and Eden Blackwell, a young vampire takes up a job as a consultant and vampire hunting much to the dismay of the other creatures of the night. With a certain flavorful humor and speaking with a twist of civil rights, "Blood Hunter" is a very much recommended read for those in search of paranormal fantasy.

Soul Born
Kevin James Breaux
Dark Quest Books
23 Alec Drive, Howell, NJ 07731
9780983099321, $14.95,

For success, some can be driven to topple empires. "Soul Born" tells the story of rising magician Opal, driven to be recognized for her arcane talents. When a warlord seeks to destroy her land, Opal doesn't despair and instead embraces the opportunity. But no road to recognition is easy, as she finds allies in elves and hardened war veterans to claim her place. "Soul Born" is a fast paced and fun world of fantasy, highly recommended reading.

Malcom Dylan Petteway
Rage Books
11906 Oakwood Dr., Woodbridge, VA 22192
9780984364503, $14.50,

Those with the power to decide Earth's fate have been battling for its existence unbeknownst to everyone who calls it home. "Homecoming" is the first book in the "Osguards: Guardians of the Universe" series from Malcom Dylan Petteway, telling of an ongoing struggle between the Osguards who try to protect sixty galaxies from the tyranny of the Kulusk. As vengeance flares up, it will be up to one Michael Genesis to stand for the Osguard and save the Earth from certain destruction by the Kulusk empire. "Homecoming" is a fast paced work of science fiction intrigue, highly recommended.

The Money/Finance Shelf

Women and Money
Patricia M. Annino
Prince Lobel
100 Cambridge Street, Suite 2200
Boston, MA 02114
9781461042327, $21.95,

More than ever, America's money may be in the hands of women. "Women and Money: A Practical Guide to Estate Planning" is a guide to inheritance and women, as Patricia M. Annino advises women on the legal issues that come in inheritance and understanding the issues that come with female inheritance, and how to set up legal contingencies for this new money. With sage advice that anyone should consider, "Women and Money" is a must for any woman who doesn't want to bungle the money that is coming to them.

Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ
Taffy Wagner
Money Talk Matters
4677 Ireland Court, Denver, CO 80249
9780976742197, $9.95,

The honeymoon is over once the bills start to roll in. "Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ: Financial Advice for Brides and Grooms" is a guide to managing that surge of bills that comes with being newlyweds, paying for the wedding and other taxes of matrimony. Taffy Wagner comes to readers with plenty of personal finance advice on how to make this not the source of constant stress in a young marriage. "Bride and Groom Money Talk FAQ" is a must for any who wants to avoid spending their married life debt ridden.

The Poetry Shelf

The Unemployed Man Who Became a Tree
Kevin Pilkington
Black Lawrence Press
115 Center Ave, Aspinwall, PA 15215
9780982636466, $14.00,

Unemployment makes the search for a purpose in life all the more vital. "The Unemployed Man Who Became a Tree" is a collection of poetry from Kevin Pilkington, who muses on the world in general and the search for meaning, the efforts to find one's roots in the world and much more. "The Unemployed Man Who Became a Tree" is a fine assortment of poetry, very much recommended. "The Distance Between Fog and Times Square": After I moved into my first/ apartment, every time the phone/rang I expected it to be/the voice of a woman sounding/like slow approaching fog/or a thousand Playboy/magazines. For months/I slept alone under an old/skylight on the top floor/of a five flight walk up./Every time it stormed raindrops hitting the glass/sounded like a typewriter/working on another story/until there was a sixth floor./I soon learned what was real/in the city and what was fake./The ten-inch statue in a shop/window along times square/could never be the statue in a shop/window along Times Square/could never be the Statue of Liberty/but did turn out to be the next woman/holding up her arm to hail a cab.

The Woman Who Married Herself
Donna Spector
Evening Street Press
7652 Sawmill Road, #352, Dublin, OH 43016-9296
0982010559, $15.00,

You can love yourself and still have plenty leftover for everyone else. "The Woman Who Married Herself" is a collection of poetry from Donna Spector as she presents a slew of poetry with a light hearted yet poignant nature of life and everything else behind it. With plenty to consider, "The Woman Who Married Herself" is a fine assortment of verse, very much recommended reading. "Weeds": Weeds crowd together at the end of my yard./Hundreds of them rustle impatiently/as they strain to climb over the frail wire fence/or knock it down. The weeds care/little for limits, disdain spring grass/mowed into startling neatness by three smug boys/who shave the lawn right up to the fence, /stop, haul mowers into an old, black truck/and take off, they never notice weeds/ lurking like ominous neighbors.

Lines of Flight
Catherine Chandler
Able Muse Press
467 Saratoga Avenue #602, San Jose, CA 95129
9780986533839, $15.95,

The things preventing us from flourishing are the things we must overcome for our own joy. "Lines of Flight" is a collection of poetry from Catherine Chandler, her debut, in which she engages in her art form in order to capture the cruelty of life, and the greatness we aspire to be, and the beauty that's around us as we struggle. "Lines of Flight" is an excellent debut, and makes for a very highly recommended poetry anthology. "Gathering": My house was full an hour ago,/a symphony of harmony and laughter./I shiver at the sound of what's come after--/music, calando, low/echoes off the walls, a slow/rumor in the wind of real weather/warning me that I must hold together,/as I arpeggio.

CB Follett
Arctos Press
PO Box 401, Sausalito, CA 94966
9781893670709, $12.00,

What we call home calls many emotions, but no two are the same. "Houses" is a collection of poetry from CB Follett who discusses the manners of houses, and their many constructions, and what they mean for us. "Houses" is a thoughtful read with plenty to consider for poetry fans, highly recommended. "The House Built of Mirrors": This house seemed a natural/but it did not last. Once/It was completed she could not stand to be inside where all/her selves glittered back at her/mimicking her every move and she was secretly glad when a/tempest of wind blew them/into shards of ground cover.

Cloud Birds
Sheila Packa
Wildwood River Press
1748 Wildwood Road, Duluth, MN 55804
9780984377725, $15.00,

The changing of seasons, the changing of life seems to move so much faster in the north. "Cloud Birds" is a collection of poetry from Shelia Packa, a Finnish American woman who calls Minnesota home, viewing the changing of nature and life as she sees it and always moving. "Cloud Birds" is an excellent compilation of poetry driven by both humanity and the beauty and uncertainty of nature. "Cloud Birds": we live on both sides of the border/in two countries/in and outside each other/bone and blood/in disguise without intention or force/without blandishments/blown by wind/silent like shadow crossing and crossing/over the boundaries without end/borne by moon or sun/burnished by wing.

Somewhere Over the Pachyderm Rainbow
Jennifer C. Wolfe
303 Bedford Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216
9781609640576, $16.00,

Some people have become very frustrated with today's political right. "Somewhere Over the Pachyderm Rainbow: Living in an Elephant-Controlled 2010 Electoral Diorama" is a collection of politically charged poetry, criticizing the media, criticizing the fear mongering, and going far away from rational politics. "Somewhere Over the Pachyderm Rainbow" is very much considering for anyone who wants a particular brand of charged poetry over today's volatile poetry scene.

The Bright Side of Life
Richard Langon Cook
Peppertree Press
1269 First Street, Suite 7, Sarasota, FL 34236
Sue Engelhart (publicity)
4335 Olive Ave., Sarasota, FL 34231
9781936343638, $12.95,

Even when life is at its bleakest, it's important to look for that shining thing in it all to remind you it can get better. "The Bright Side of Life" is a collection of poetry from Richard Langdon Cook as he comes at readers with a more jovial variety of poetry and dedication. A traveler of the world, his wisdom rings true, and makes "The Bright Side of Life" very much worth considering for those looking for poetry that will bring smiles. "Thought for the Day": Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,/Drinking beer, and having a ball./Was he pushed, or did he leap?/Or, maybe he just went to sleep!

Carmen Gillespie
Lotus Press
PO Box 21607, Detroit, MI 48221
9780979750939, $18.00,

With a certain dedication to the world of literature and poetry, Carmen Gillespie provides deft verse that speaks with the passion and excellence of a master. "Jonestown: A Vexation" is her latest collection of verse as she asks many questions, answers many questions, and finds that the answers we find only leave us with even more questions. "Jonestown" is an excellent compilation that belongs in any community and college library modern poetry collection. "Haiku for the White Knight": His knighthood was a/sword heavy and lowering/towards their outstretched necks.

Philip Fried
Salmon Poetry
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425
9781907056574, $21.95,

What was once invincible now is most decidedly not. "Early/Late: New & Selected Poetry" is a compilation of poetry from Philip Fried, drawing from his four previous volumes of poetry as well as several new poems. A common theme in Philip Fried's work is the shaking of what we once held as a constant in our society, and how nothing is no longer sacred. "Early/Late" is filled with thoughtful and entertaining verse, well worth considering. "Identity Theft": Reader, good citizen, watch as I pickpocket/my own ID, to impersonate myself/on paper. Home in on the waltz of mark and dip,/with distraction's music wheezed out by the stall,/as the score, lifted, glides from shot to drop./To cop--yes me, I'll step in to make the collar,/and relying on your witness report, indict/myself. Case closed. No, that's when true crime begins ---/from behind high-tensile steel bars, I can deploy/dumpster-divers to ransack for bits of self,/shoulder-surfers to nab every skein of code,/phishers to spoof a PayPal account. I'll commit/ frauds in Philip Fried's name. I'll be victim, cloned/identities, grifter... You be the faceless witness.

All Seeds & Blue
Stella Vinitchi Radulescu
CW Books
PO Box 541106, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1106
9781936370313, $18.00,

To understand the common, sometimes we need to look to the uncommon. "All Seeds & Blue" is a collection of poetry from Stella Vinitchi Radulescu, as she touches on many topics with many opinions that can bring another angle and thought to the table through her verse. "All Seeds & Blue" is a worthy collection of poetry, well worth considering. "In Return": I stepped into the day weightless deathless//a sound on the brink//of nowhere//the cracked mouth://numbers go back to the earth//full ear in return//from coast to coast seeds and limbs to be called daughters & sons//stripped to this music.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

The Ocean Forest
Troy D. Nooe
PO Box 2500, Banner Elk, NC 28604
9781932158915, $14.95,

The truth comes with its own high cost. "The Ocean Forest: Murder in Myrtle Beach" is a mystery following Frankie McKeller who when attending a wedding, finds a murder, and will learn far more than he wants about the southern town of Myrtle Beach, his friend and the stench of corruption that lurks all around the area, particularly in the Ocean Forest Hotel. A riveting work of thriller and mystery, "The Ocean Forest" is a very much recommended read for those like a good dose of personal intrigue.

Shadows of New York
Teel James Glenn
Books for a Buck
9781602151451, $15.99,

Heroics are nothing without substance, and one man may have the substance without the heroics. "Shadows of New York" is a pulp fiction inspired adventure from Teel James Glenn, as he presents the story of a world falling apart an dhow one man seeks his own justice in the slums and corruption that soak the slums. "Shadows of New York" is a fun and fast paced read that should be considered for any pulp fiction read. Also from Glenn is "Deadline Zombies" (9781602151260, $15.99), another pulpy American 1930s adventure, this time dealing with the slightly unusual and paranormal.

The Cleveland Creep
Les Roberts
Gray & Company
1588 E. 40th St., Cleveland, OH 44103
9781598510713, $24.95,

What you leave behind may not be the most honorable of legacies. "The Cleveland Creep" is a mystery following Cleveland private eye Milan Jacovich as he follows the death of 28 year old Earl Dacey, who with his passing left behind many voyeuristic videos. As he looks deeper, he finds foul play and the web of unsavory characters in the adult entertainment industry and organized crime. The aging detective must pull in favors to find something resembling justice, and makes "The Cleveland Creep" a fun and fast paced mystery thriller, highly recommended.

The Truth of Yesterday
Josh Aterovis
P.D. Publishing
PO Box 70, Clayton, NC 27528-0070
9781933720814, $22.99,

The past never completely rest and leaves our life. "The Truth of Yesterday" is a mystery following detective Killian Kendall as he looks into his lover Micah's past and finds crime and the murder of Micah's own ex. As he tries to maintain his own friendships and the lives of his friends, Killian has a lot more to worry about that solving an old cold case, as the murderer is going to learn he's being hunted. A work of mystery, romance, and much more, "The Truth of Yesterday" is an excellent pick for any fiction and mystery collection looking to cater to both general and gay readers.

Running with No Feet
Jemmie Adams
Midnight Publishing
PO Box 4434, Jersey City, NJ 07304
9780615219134, $12.95,

Power and intelligence are not even matches. "Running with No Feet" is a thriller from Jemmie Adams as he tells the story of Steve Birdoff, an intelligent man who realizes quickly that he is working for a ruthless sociopath, and realizes to escape with his family and his life, he must tread lightly as everywhere he turns power is out to crush him. Creating a war of wisdom and power, "Running with No Feet" is a thoughtful and fast paced read that won't be easy to put down.

The Christian Studies Shelf

With God All Things Are Possible
Tim Clark
Dog Ear Publishing
4010 West 86th Street, Suite H
Indianapolis, IN 46268
9781457502224, $14.95,

Faith can push people to many great things. "With God All Things Are Possible!" is an inspirational memoir from Tim Clark, a man who was born with one arm, no legs, and despite this, managed to become quite accomplished in athletics in spite of normally crushing disability. Dedicated to faith, he shares his story and hopes people will take it to rise above what anyone expects for them as well. "With God All Things Are Possible" is a choice pick for anyone seeking an inspirational tale.

Breaking the Romans Code
Michael Wood
Tubi Publishing
c/o SJ Miller Communications
10 Turning Mill Lane, Randolph, MA 02368
9781936565092, $12.95,

It has been said in many ways, but according to Michael Wood, this particular proverb is the only one that truly matters. "Breaking the Romans Code" is an analysis of the book of Romans from Wood, a cryptographer with a good deal of international acclaim. Through his studies, the ten commandments and other Biblical ordinances all fall to Jesus's golden rule, Do unto others, or 'love thy neighbor as they self' as the ultimate biblical commandment. With much research, "Breaking the Romans Code" is well worth considering for any student of the book of Romans and the New Testament in general.

Effortless Change
Andrew Wommack
Harrison House
PO Box 35035, Tulsa, OK 74153
9781606831861, $14.99,

When the self fails, sometimes God can lend a helping hand. "Effortless Change: The Word is the Seed That Can Change Your Life" is an inspirational book of faith that encourages readers to take God with them as they try to improve their lives, where alone they have strayed from their path. With some sage advice to Christian readers, "Effortless Change" is a must for any believer who wants to improve their life and holds themselves powerless as to how.

The Living and True God
Luis F. Ladaria
Convivium Press
7661 N. W. 68th Street, Suite 108
Miami, FL 33166
9781934996065, $52.95,

Hold no gods before me yet the trinity is a huge aspect of the Christian faith. "The Living and True God: The Mystery of the Trinity" discusses Christianity and the development of the concept in the early Christianity, as well as the mystery of God and his role in this trinity of faith. A translation from Spanish from Christian thinker Luis F. Ladaria, this study is an absolute must for students of theology, be they professional or simply curios non-specialist general readers. "The Living and True God" is an excellent pick, very much recommended reading for community and college theology collections.

Red Like Blood
Joe Coffey & Bob Bevington
Shepherd Press
PO Box 24, Wapwallopen, PA18660
9780983099079, $13.95,

You can turn away from it all, but it'll eventually call back to you. "Red Like Blood: Confrontations with Grace" is a memoir from Joe Coffey & Bob Bevington, two men of God who hope to bring readers down and dirty brushes with God's grace and what it did for them. Down to earth and reading that hopes to remind us that God's there no matter how far we go from the path, "Red Like Blood" is strong reading that shouldn't be overlooked by others who have lost their way from God and want help finding their way back.

The Fiction Shelf

You Never Know
Lilian Duval
Wheat Mark
610 East Delano Street, Suite 104
Tucson, AZ 85705
9781604945201, $21.95,

Money is something awesome to have, but it is not the cure of all wounds. "You Never Know" tells the story of Tobias who through all his troubles he believes he finds his salvation in his sudden lottery win. But his blessing may soon collapse on himself, as he realizes what is truly important and must act very fast to make the most of it all. "You Never Know" is a solid novel of money and how much value it has in our lives.

When Color Fades
C. J. Clark
Langmarc Publishing
PO box 90488, Austin, TX 78709-0488
9781880292419, $16.95,

The truth is sometimes the last thing you want. "When Color Fades" tells the tale of Annabelle, a woman who with the lost of her husband, and the fading of her own mind from Alzheimers, is in a race to protect the already fractured relationship with her own daughter. In a rush against her daughter and her own loss of mind to take a box and destroy the remnants of a grim secret that she holds could make her lose her daughter to hatred. But the truth cannot be hidden forever, and it will have untold impacts on Annabelle and her daughter's lives. "When Color Fades" is a touching read that is very much worth considering for literary fiction collections.

Lunar Savings Time
Alex Epstein
Clock Root Books
c/o Interlink
46 Crosby Street, Northampton, MA 01060
9781566568524, $13.00,

When you ask what if, you are starting on a whole slew of possibilities. "Lunar Savings Time" is a collection of short fiction from Alex Epstein as he asks these questions, and creates stories of people, famous and legendary throughout history. With a Jewish influence throughout, he creates questions and thoughts that will bring thought to people of any faith. An excellent compilation, "Lunar Savings Time" is very much recommended reading.

Mandate of Heaven
Louise Goueffic
Sapien Books
PO Box 906, Lakefield, ON Canada K0L 2H0
9780986772320, $25.95,

The right to rule is a struggle that has been fought of millennia and still lives on in every day life. "Mandate of Heaven" is a novel spun out of the ideas that have formed our society. As modernism seeks to change things, it is threatened by an ancient order which seeks to return to the patriarchy, slavery, and feudalism that made up the world for thousands of years. Spinning a unique tale of life and our progress or lack there of, "Mandate of Heaven" is a unique read very much worth considering.

Flowers for Her Grave
Jean Sheldon
Wellworth Publishing
c/o Bast Press
PO Box 2043, Hillsboro, OR 97123
9780972354196, $15.95,

There are things never spoken of for a good reason. "Flowers for Her Grave" tells the story of a small town's long held secret, a murder twenty years ago. The murder revives interest in the dark secret, as many people have different theories of what happened all those years ago. As two sleuths want to find the truth once and for all, their travels may lead to them joining the dead body they are trying to investigate. A fun and fast paced small town mystery, "Flowers for Her Grave" is a fine read and very much recommended.

Sullivan's Secret
Robin Murphy
Plain & Simple Books
66513 Schoolhouse Rd., North Bend, OR 97459
9781461091363, $14.95,

Communing with the spirits may leave you with some very unwanted responsibility. "Sullivan's Secret" follows Marie Bartek as she rediscovers her talents to communicate with spirits. Working with friends in a paranormal society, she finds that her skill leaves her with the responsibility to stop murders from sweeping her town and she has to put out her own neck to stop the hysteria. "Sullivan's Secret" is a fascinating read that will be hard to put down.

The Mahogany Door
J. Mark Boliek
Split Rail
68 Stoneridge Rd., Durham, NC 27705
9780983290001, $24.95,

Friendship can stay true through the worst of it all. "The Mahogany Door" follows amnesiac JT Davis and his two friends as in the efforts to restore memory lead them through a Mahogany door and into a fantasy world that will challenge their very concepts of reality and test their friendship to the fullest as they look for a way to return and make things right. Complete with a CD with music designed to go along with the book, "The Mahogany Door" is a fun fantasy aimed at young adult readers, very much recommended reading.

Hassie Calhoun
Pamela Cory
Scarletta Press
10 South Fifth Street, Suite 1105
Minneapolis, MN 55402
9780982458471, $16.95,

Fame and success don't come together so easily. "Hassie Calhoun" is a novel from Pamela Cory following the titular character as her innocence is challenged by the corrupting nature of Vegas. Torn between two men and unsure of which path to walk, her life spirals more out of her control, as the author creates a riveting tale of Rat Pack era Vegas and the fate of many women driven for success and split by love. "Hassie Calhoun" is an exciting work of historical fiction, very much recommended reading.

Shooting Star
Michael Embry
Wings Press
403 Wallace Court, Richmond, KY 40475
9781613099902, $16.95,

Talent presents the expectation of performance, which can lead to much stress. "Shooting Star" follows Jesse Christopher, high school basketball star who is recently transferred to a new school. With the pressure to succeed on him, he also must manage to blend into his new school. A fine story that will resonate with many other young adults trying desperately to make it in their new school, "Shooting Star" is very much recommended reading.

Four Women From Ravensbruck
Roberta Kalechofsky
Micah Publications
255 Humphrey St., Marblehead, MA 01945
9780916288570, $18.00,

The atrocity had no singular location. "Four Women from Ravensbruck: 5 Stories from the Shoa" is an assortment of short stories surrounding the terror of the Holocaust. From the women's concentration camp of Ravensbruck, to the fate of the infamous Erich Musham, faith, and the aftermath of everything when the nightmare finally ends. A choice assortment of short fiction, "Four Women from Ravensbruck" is a strongly recommended pick for any short fiction collection with a nod to Holocaust Studies, highly recommended.

The Kennedy Club
G. P. Schultz
Shadow Mountain Press
PO Box 7873, Overland Park, KS 66207
9780962632440, $24.95,

Ideals are a great thing, and it is all too hard to stick to them when times get tough. "The Kennedy Club" is the story of the titular club, a group formed in Harvard university, hoping to live up to the ideals of JFK. They decide to rally behind their Jack, to one day earn him the highest office in America. But the road to the presidency is one of betrayal, as Jack must juggle love, his ambitions, and navigate the nasty world of politics, and answer the question of if it's worth it. "The Kennedy Club" is a riveting read that should prove hard to put down.

The Eternal Waltz of Jacqueline Kennedy
Kristin Elizabeth Marshall
Sheaf House
3641 Hwy 47 N, Charlotte, TN 37036
9781936438006, $22.00,

What was once great was ever so brief. "The Eternal Waltz of Jacqueline Kennedy" is a bit of fiction, taking the role of Jackie Kennedy, wife of JFK. Hoping to retreat to a more serene era, she tells the story of facing loss and the crushing destruction of our dreams, trying to cope with it all. "The Eternal Waltz of Jacqueline Kennedy" is an excellent read for anyone who wants a story of love, dreams, hopes, and much more, and facing the loss of it all.

The Dave Riley Show
David Riley
Timescape Books
PO Box 8191, Avon, CO 81620
9781461090748, $7.95,

A little humor gets enhanced by an offbeat concept. "The Dave Riley Show" The Best Show That Never Happened" is a series of skits and stories from David B. Riley as he spins a story of a talk show, college, and much more. For those looking for a simple dose of humor, "The Dave Riley Show" may be just what their looking for.

Strange Weather
Angela N. Hunt
Hunt Press
12811 Pacific Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90066
9780979067471, $22.95,

One's old past has an annoying tendency to re-emerge. "Strange Weather" follows Sabine Parsons as she tries to move on with her life, finding friendship and seeing the world. But her codebreaker past and her connections to the supernatural will not stay under forever. As her past begins to come back at her and her dreams once again wreak havoc on her life, "Strange Weather" tells an exciting and escalating story that grows in scope, leaving readers trying to find what happens next.

Confusing the Seasons
Dan Cavallari
Brown Tie Publishing
16 1/2 W. Elm Ave., Flagstaff, AZ 86001
9780615437088, $15.00,

You cannot forget what was part of you for so long. "Confusing the Seasons" is the story of Einar William Coates trying to come to terms of the life of widowhood, watching as his children tear each other apart and his struggles to help them. A story of coping with solitude, facing the weaknesses in yourself and others, "Confusing the Seasons" is a touching read of life and its realities, highly recommended.

Cynthia G. Neale
Lucky Press
PO Box 754, Athens, OH 45701-0754
9780984631711, $18.95,

Being Irish and a woman wasn't the worst thing to be in the 19th-century, but it was far from the best either. "Norah" is a novel following how one woman came into New York in the 1850s and tried to make her way through society that views women as second class citizens and the Irish as even worse. Having pride in her heritage, her journey is driven by her determination, and makes for a highly entertaining piece of historical fiction. "Norah" is quite the inspired read, highly recommended.

The Circle Cast
Alex Epstein
Tradewind Books
202-1807 Maritime Mews
Vancouver, BC Canada V6H 3W7
Orca Book Publishers (distributor)
PO Box 468, Custer, WA 98240-0468
9781896580630, $12.95,

The Sorceress Morgan Le Fay is often painted as a villain in Arthurian legend, but what painted her in this role? "The Circle Cast: The Lost Years of Morgan LeFay" follows the young woman after she swears vengeance on Uther Pendragon who killed her father. With vengeance in mind, she masters sorcery and makes her own way, only to have her plans for revenge derailed by what may be love. "The Circle Cast" is an excellent work of Arthurian fantasy, highly recommended.

Be Fast or Be Gone
Andreas Scherer
Pro Chain Press
3460 Commission Court, #301
Lake Ridge, VA 22192
9781934979075, $23.95,

Sometimes the best way to show an important message is storytelling. "Be Fast or Be Gone" is a business novel as author Andreas Scherer paints her story of racing against time and moving through the business world. Mike Knight's son is afflicted with brain cancer, and only the Supragel drug, not properly tested and available for human use yet, is the only thing that may save him. Knight joins Altus Labs, the business behind the drug, and tries to do all he can to push the product through before it is too late. Discussing the urgency of business and with plenty of principles that can be applied to real business, "Be Fast or Be Gone" is a riveting novel and business lesson combined into one intriguing package.

Oliver Pepper's Pickle
John C. Picardi
Camel Press
PO Box 70515, Seattle, WA 98127
9781603818575, $18.95,

When it comes to getting your life on the right track, sometimes you have to embrace the madness around you. "Olive Pepper's Pickle" follows Oliver Pepper as his life explodes around him as he loses his job, wife, and his world that doesn't make a lick of sense. Finding new love in a middle school principle, Oliver's life seems to be growing more problematic, but the importunity to make a difference in the lives of others may give Oliver what he needs to fix his own life. "Oliver Pepper's Pickle" is a humorous and fun read that will ring very true with those facing their own midlife crises.

The Meowmorphosis
Franz Kafka & Coleridge Cook
Quirk Classics
215 Church Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106
9781594745034, $12.95,

Being adorable still has its challenges. "The Meowmorphosis" is quirky spin on Franz Kafka's famed novel The Metamorphisis, as Gregor Sama tries to come to terms with his new form as an excessively cute man sized baby kitten. In line with other Quirk Classics line, the story keeps the spirit of Kafka's original with some very intriguing diversions from the original work. "The Meowmorphosis" is an intriguing and very highly recommended read for both fans of Kafka with a sense of humor and other twists on classic literature.

And Yet They Were Happy
Helen Phillips
LeapFrog Literature
PO Box 2110, Teaticket, MA 02536
9781935248187, $14.95,

When your world is collapsing around you, there is nothing preventing you from finding something to call happiness. "And Yet They Were Happy" is a novel from Helen Phillips as she presents a story of a world not too unlike our own that is covered by the most terrible of things, but still holding people who make it all worth living, and the lessons that life is always worth living. "And Yet They Were Happy" is a unique and recommended work of literary fiction, a choice pick.

The Marriage Bundle
Earlene Gleisner
White Feather Press
PO Box 667, Laytonville, CA 95454
9780984527519, $19.95,

Strong bonds remain strong even as we move past our mortal coil. "The Marriage Bundle" is the first novel in Earlene Gleisner's Sacred Bundles series, speaking on the power of relationships across time, telling the story of one Selena Howells, a psychic, and Amach, her spirit guide. When the spirit bond was broken, Selena's life moved on, but the sudden return of Amach to her can only spell trouble. "The Marriage Bundle" is a must for any spirituality reader who also has a love of fiction.

Captured Prey
Craig Odanovich
Emerald Book Co.
PO Box 91869, Austin, TX 78709
Gulotta (publicity)
341 Lexington Street, Newton, MA 02466
9781934572788, $14.95,

When you have a taste for adventure and lust, the adventure will sometimes never end. "Captured Prey" is the second entry into the Black Widow Trainer series from Craig Odanovich. Following the continued adventures of Misty, who has embraced her sexuality as a personal trainer who pulls no punches in what she wants. Being dragged into political intrigue, she will soon realize that nothing so good can last forever and choices will change her life forever. "Captured Prey" is an enticing and exciting read with plenty of unique and memorable characters, very highly recommended.

The Meagre Tarmac
Clark Blaise
PO Box 92, Emeryville, ON, Canada, N0R 1C0
9781926845159, $16.95,

As the world shrinks, culture shifts. "The Meagre Tarmac" is a collection of short stories discussing the concerns and challenges that people in the Indian culture face as meetings with America grow more and more common. From the clashes of differing opinions of family, the guilt of success, the drive to succeed, and the threats to tradition that lurk everywhere, for better or for worse. "The Meagre Tarmac" is a must for any short fiction readers who enjoy stories that tackle social issues.

Acorn's Card
Stephen Poleskie
Onager Editions
PO Box 849, Ithaca, NY 14851
9781600475580, $12.00,

Perspective can bring a whole new understanding to it all. "Acorn's Card" is a collection of three stories from Stephen Poleskie who tells of stories of coming to know the world around you after being so used to something else, and finding the power to understand and find your path in it. Moving with many intriguing concepts and characters, "Acorn's Card" is a choice fiction collection, recommended.

The Silver Mist
Martin Treanor
Better Karma Publishing
30 Amberwood Pkwy, Ashland, OH 44805
9780982842683, $10.99,

One being different does not disqualify them from life's lessons. "The Silver Mist" follows Eve Hayes, down syndrome-afflicted individual who through meeting Esther, finds that in spite of her disorder, she has much to learn and is taken on a spiritual and enlightening journey. Touching on spirituality and those with mental disabilities, "The Silver Mist" is a touching and unique read, highly recommended.

To the Virgins
Wade Morgan
Memdewee Books
9781449573270, $15.95,

Friendship can stay alive, even as oceans split them apart. "To the Virgins" follows a group of friends as they exchange letters, telling of how three went off to the serve in the military and one pursued academics under pressure from his family. A unique coming of age tale that doesn't skimp on the dirt in the name of humor, "To The Virgins" is worth considering for those seeking general fiction set in the 1950s.

Bald Spots & Blue Suits
Henry Henkel
Other Islands Press
128 South Mill Road, Princeton, Junction, NJ 08550
9780974973340, $24.95,

Change is something we can't run from forever, and in some cases, it's something we openly embrace. "Bald Spots & Blue Suits" is a collection of short stories from Henry Henkel as he offers stories of those who are trapped in their lives, wanting to escape, as they face the cruelty of their success and other twists and turns of life and everything else. "Bald Spots & Blue Suits" has many intriguing concepts and paints a very thoughtful picture of characters with said concepts.

The Trigger
Hon Hoh
Living Impact
c/o The B&B Media Group
109 South Main Street, Corsicana, TX 75110
9780578071954, $19.99,

Evil has gathered its armies; now it's Good's time to respond. "The Trigger" is an end-times novel as Hon Hoh brings his own version of the apocalypse to light as three Christians from around the world have a mission of mission to reach the last group who has not been touched by the gospel, as this will allow the second coming to finally commence. But Satan's way is defiance and until the bitter end, he resists in ways that will leave millions dead. "The Trigger" is a fast paced novel of revelation, a top pick for those who enjoy Christian fiction, highly recommended.

The Angel & The Brown-Eyed Boy
Sandy Nathan
Vilasa Press
PO Box 1316, Santa Ynez, CA 93460
9780976280903, $12.95,

When Earth is at its lowest, it may take an outsider and then some to rout Armageddon. "The Angel & The Brown-Eyed Boy" tells of Eliana, a girl who seems lost at the conflicting nature of humanity that seems to want to protect her as much as end her. Set in a near but far future of the 22nd century where technology faces outlaw and one man hold the world under his thumb, "The Angel & The Brown-Eyed Boy" blends the paranormal, science fiction, and Armageddon styles well for a riveting read.

Halloween Night Fever
Dan Graffeo
Aventine Press
750 State St., #319, San Diego, CA 92101
9781593307097, $12.95,

There are some things that can be put off. Fighting off legions of undead is not one of them. "Halloween Night Fever" is a prequel to Dan Graffeo's previous novel 'End of the Long Walk', telling the story of Cindy Daniels and her agreement with the Pniese. Choosing her boyfriend over her agreement, she soon finds Halloween is no easy night to get a date when you have to deal with the evil that lurks in the darkness, and if not evil, just plain weird. "Halloween Night Fever" is a charming read of facing the undead, and proves to be quite fun.

The Hat
Babette Hughes
Sun Stone Press
PO Box 2321, Santa Fe, NM 87504-2321
9780865347847, $26.95,

Love blossoms anywhere, even in the conflicts of the mob. "The Hat" tells the story of Kate Brady, a young girl who is just trying to get by before being swooped up into the fast world of the Jewish mob. A darling of bootlegger Ben Gold, she finds her eyes are set on the bookkeeping Bobby Keane, but finds there is much to be paid by everyone around her in her pursuits of happiness. With no shortage of intrigue to keep the reader reading, "The Hat" is a crime drama set in the Jewish mob that shouldn't be overlooked.

The Memoir Shelf

What About the Boy?
Stephen Gallup
Lestrygonian Books
11229 Carmel Creek Road, Ste. 3
San Diego, CA 92130-2628
9780615431536, $13.95,

Something close to normalcy is all what many people want. "What About Boy?: A Father's Pledge to His Disabled Son" is a parental memoir from Stephen Gallup as he faces the problems that his son faces, who didn't seem to be developing as a boy his age should. Through it all, he pledged never to give up, and this lead them down a road against all odds. "What About the Boy?" is a story of never-ending parental devotion and how sense is empowered when facing disabilities.

A View of the Lake
Beryl Singleton Bissell
Lake Superior Port Cities
PO Box 16417, Duluth, MN 55816-0417
9780942235746, $16.95,

Less is more, especially when you drive for the simplicity of it all. "A View of the Lake" is a memoir of taking that smaller life from Beryl Singleton Bissell. She moved from a bustling city to a small rural town and reflects on the massive change of life she faced, where life centers around a central Big Lake. Poignant and thoughtful, "A View of the Lake" is a read very much worth considering for anyone seeking a small town memoir with a contrast with the big city.

Fire Men
Gary R. Ryman
Tribute Books
PO Box 95, Archbald, PA 18403
9780982256596, $10.95,

To battle the force of destruction itself can be something so very daunting. "Fire Men: Stories From Three Generations of a Firefighting Family" is a familial memoir from Gary R. Ryman as he tells his story of how he, his son, and his father have made their line of fire fighters, telling the stories that can only come from a growing line of fire fighters. Thoughtful and profound, "Fire Men" is an excellent read and very highly recommended reading for those seeking memoirs and stories about fire fighting.

The Burning Spirit
Banzai Vitale
2 Moon Press
307 W. Michigan Ave, Marshall, MI 49068
9781935805687, $11.99,

Doing the most dangerous parts of Hollywood introduces you to your spiritual side quickly. "The Burning Spirit: The Spiritual Adventure of a Hollywood Stuntman" is a spiritual memoir from Banzai Vitale, still working Hollywood stuntman, as he shares his journey of spirituality, as he shares much of his spiritual musings of life and what he has learned as he has proceeded through life. Personal and poignant, "The Burning Spirit" is a solid work of spirituality and metaphysics, a pick for students of both.

Someone's Son
Brenda Rhodes
Winepress Publishing Group
1730 Railroad St., Enumclaw, WA 98022
9781606150177, $15.99,

Society's pressures can lead you to implode. "Someone's Son: A Mother's Fight for Her Gay, Drug-Addicted Son" is Brenda Rhodes reflecting on the fall of her son and what led to it. Stating her pain of watching that bright future fall apart, she regretfully recounts the tale of a story of life falling apart, a life broken down by society and judgment, and one that is not his alone. With faith, she encourages others to remember that every person you see down on their luck and facing life's demons is not just a druggie, but is someone's child. "Someone's Son" comes with a powerful message and very highly recommended reading.

Nina Hamberg
Route 1 Press
PO Box 3353, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
9780982754702, $12.50,

Strength and determination know no gender. "Grip" is a memoir of Nina Hamberg of how she found her own strength and assumed complete control of her life. A student of the martial arts, she realized she always had a taste for the bad boys, and reads her story that with her own traumatic past, she now knows control and won't let anyone dictate her life. Her story is designed as an inspiration to women who struggle to feel safe gain, so they may once again love. "Grip" is an exciting read, with plenty of inspiration who want to know the power that comes with control of one's own destiny.

Grace in High Heels
Shannon Perry
Chae Music
PO Box 2346, Cypress, TX 77410-2356
9781460916568, $10.69,

Why do we claim to be so smart when we do so many stupid things? "Grace in High Heels: Real-Life Reflections of Humor, Hope and Healing" is an inspirational memoir from Shannon Perry, who offers many recollections of her life and everything else of the mistakes we all make, and how our own spirit and a little help from the man up there can help us overcome our own stupidity and mistakes, to find something we can call happiness and fulfillment. "Grace in High Heels" is a choice pick for any Christian woman who struggles to understand why things happen the way they do.

My Two Wives and Three Husbands
S. Stanley Gordon
Savant Books
2630 Kapiolani Blvd #1601
Honolulu, HI 96826
9780982998786, $16.95,

Love can come in many forms, and when you finally find something that resembles true love, you might be left very surprised. "My Two Wives and Three Husbands: A True Love Story" is a memoir from S. Stanley Gordon as he recounts his personal adventures in show business and life and how after many wrong turns, he's solved the most enigmatic problem in anyone's life. "My Two Wives and Three Husbands" is humorous and touching reading, very much recommended.

Honor Thy Daughter
Marilyn Howell
309 Cedar Street, #2323, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Gulotta (publicity)
341 Lexington Street, Newton, MA 02466
0979862264, $16.95,

No parent wants to outlive their child, and when it's a long drawn out cancer, it's especially agonizing. "Honor Thy Daughter" is a memoir from Marilyn Howell as she looks back at the terrifying aspect of losing her thirty-two year old daughter to colon cancer. A story of failed hope, she recounts her families journey of trying to give the best fight they could, and the absolute devastation of loss. Sure to grant a kindred spirit to those who have also lost young loved ones to cancer, "Honor Thy Daughter" is a very much recommended read.

Dam Foolishness
Raff Ellis
Cune Press
PO Box 31024, Seattle, WA 98103-9939
9781885942227, $27.95,

Small town America has its own charm... and its own problems. "Dam Foolishness & Other Recollections" is a memoir from Raff Ellis as he discusses his own charming picturesque life in the town of Carthage, an isolated small town in New York state that maintained its charm and livelihood even after the businesses abandoned it to its fate. With humor and charm, "Dam Foolishness" more than explains life in small town America, what it leaves on its people, and what it means for the American spirit.

My Secret Life
Martha Nix Wade
Winters Publishing
PO Box 501, Greensburg, IN 47240
Adventures in Media, Inc (publicity)
4927 Bridgeville Lane, Spring, TX 77388
9781883651459, $9.95,

There are many problems that come with being a child star, and when you have sexual abuse with it, life can seem truly cruel. "My Secret Life: A Truthful Look at a Child Actor's Victory Over Sexual Abuse" tells Martha Nix Wade, known for her roles on the Waltons and Days of Our Lives when she was much younger, she speaks on what this tragic cocktail brought her as she came into adulthood and how she finally earned her triumph in her search for happiness. "My Secret Life" will speak loudly to those who have faced sexual abuse.

Tiger Mother
Derrick Lin
Monex Press
321 Maple St., Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
9780578078939, $14.95,

Parenting like a drill sergeant has more than a few downsides. "Tiger Mother: Son of a Bitch" is a memoir from Derrick Lin who recalls his own experience being brought up under a strict parent who more than crossed over that line of strictness and abuse. Lin writes with anger, and humor to cope with it, but mostly anger, as he decries this method of upbringing. "Tiger Mother" is worth considering for anyone who may have felt they were brought up by a parent who crossed the line.

Reiser's Ramblings
Bernard Reiser
Reiser Relief Inc.
9780615364780, $16.95,

Where there is a need for faith, he met that need. "Reiser's Ramblings: A Collection of Columns by the Founding Pastor of Epiphany Parish in Coon Rapids, Minnesota" is a collection of thoughts from Bernard Reiser as he recollects his own journey forward, founding a parish in a growing Minnesota town and traveling the world to spread goodwill and faith to those around the world. Working with victims of poverty and disaster in Haiti, "Reiser's Ramblings" is a story of a good man with the drive to bring more good through the world, highly recommended.

The Sports Shelf

Hell on Two Wheels
Amy Snyder
Triumph Books
542 South Dearborn Street, Suite 750
Chicago, IL 60605
9781600785252, $24.95,

It may be the most vicious test of endurance sanctioned. "Hell on Two Wheels: An Astonishing Story of Suffering, Triumph, and the Most Extreme Endurance Race in the World" is a memoir of this riveting event that happens every day. The concept is simple, a nonstop race across the continental United States from the Pacific Coast to Annapolis, Maryland. The grueling race has no stages like the Tour de France, and is a straight race where sleep and rest is not a luxury that can be afforded by many who participate. Amy Snyder hopes to understand those who pursue such a devastating race, and makes for a riveting and unique read on the extent people will push themselves for victory. "Hell on Two Wheels" is a must for anyone curious on endurance sports and bicycling in general, highly recommended.

It's Not About Winning
Jack Rightmyer
Vitesse Press
32 Main Street, PMB 367
Montpelier, VT 05602
9780941950428, $12.95,

Victory is sweet, but sweetness alone isn't enough to call sustenance. "It's Not About Winning: One Runner's Reflections on Fatherhood, Coaching, and Athletics" is a combination of memoir and coaching guide as he recalls his status as a coach to many young athletes as well as a father, two jobs similar in that they call for imparting good values and ethics. With a certain and direct assortment of values for fatherhood and sports leadership, "It's Not About Winning" is worth considering for any coach or father of an athletic child, highly recommended.

The Buddhist Studies Shelf

The Great Golden Garland of Gampopa's Sublime Considerations on the Supreme Path
B. Simhananda
Orange Palm Publications
235 Rene Levesque Boulevard, Suite 310
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2X 1N8
9780980969498, $39.95,

Contemplation is not something you can read and learn, it is something you must read and gain an understanding by yourself. "The Great Golden Garland of Gampopa's Sublime Consideration on the Supreme Path" is a collection of spiritual writings from B. Simhananda as he looks to the lessons of Gampopa and how to absorb his teachings more completely in one's life. "The Great Golden Garland of Gampopa's Sublime Consideration on the Supreme Path" contains plenty of wisdom for spirituality and Buddhist readers to consider in own search for learning and understanding in our very confusing and hard to understand world.

The Hunting/Fishing Shelf

At the Rail
Bill Roecker
Oceanic Productions
PO Box 6033, Oceanside, CA 92052-6033
9780983034308, $39.95,

The bigger the fish, the bigger the trophy. "At the Rail: Long Range Fishing" is a guide for fishing tuna, wahoo, yellowtail, and dorado, these massive fish available only from the biggest fishing holes of them all - oceans. With stories from many fishermen with great experience at these spots, tips and tricks for improving your results in the waters, and much more, Bill Roecker applies his more than half a century of experience. "At the Rail: Long Range Fishing" is a strongly recommended pick for anyone who is going out on the water and wants to make sure they come back with some tuna.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

Real Bears Eat Takeout
Seth Campos
Mubby Books
PO Box 2186, Redmond, WA 98073-2186
9780982541708, $11.95,

With a certain charm and innocence, Seth Campos gained quite a few fans with his first compilation of comics, "Welcome to Beeky Airlines". "Real Bears Eat Takeout: A Carl and Ben and Beeky Collection" is the followup of the work, continuing the adventures of the three as they embark on failed political endeavors, works of art, and deal with the common challenges of human-bear-bird relations. "Real Bears Eat Takeout" is a top pick for anyone looking for some fun and simple work with plenty of laughs.

The Theatre/Cinema Shelf

Not Bad for a Human
Lance Henriksen & Joseph Maddrey
Bloody Pulp Press
9780983432500, $24.99,

The stories of Hollywood are not always stories of the blockbuster megastars, but just as well those who have quite prolific careers. "Not Bad for a Human" is a memoir of long time star of screen Lance Henriksen who has acted in nearly two hundred films throughout his career and has worked with countless individuals throughout his storied career, including a good deal of some of those megastars of the screen, as well as the megastars of behind the screen. A man driven by creative expression, "Not Bad for a Human" is a story of art, Hollywood, and just about everything else that leads up to the creation of both.

Moon Over Vaudeville
Maureen McCabe
Moon Over Vaudeville LLC
PO Box 757, Bellingham, WA 98227
9780983357506, $24.95,

There has always been a place for the charismatic actor, but vaudeville was one place they could have really shined. "Moon Over Vaudeville" is the telling of the careers of two driven actors in this period, Weldon Barr and Honey Dalzell, drawn from a scrapbook by one of their descendants in Maureen McCabe, who presents an intriguing study of their careers and proves to be a very fun and very highly recommended read for those with a strong interest in the truly unique flavor that vaudeville has and hasn't been replicated since.

Short Film Distribution
Jason Moore
Mercury Learning and Information
22841 Quicksilver Drive, Dulles, VA 20166
9781936420148, $41.95,

The short film has made a bit of a return thanks to the rise of the internet. "Short Film Distribution: Film Festivals, the Internet, and Self-Promotion" is a guide from ambitious directors who want to get their work out there and seen. In today's internet powered world, using social media has proven a powerful tool in promotion, but the film festival still maintains its power. Explaining distribution, how to approach it for your film, festivals, broadcasting, and how to do it all yourself. "Short Film Distribution" is a strongly recommended pick for anyone who wants to get their work an audience and where to go from there. Also included is a DVD, filled with resources to help film-makers pursue the methods explained in the book.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Hirschsprung's Disease
Nicole B. Murphy
Hirschsprungs Help Inc.
62166 Cody Jr. Rd, Bend, OR 97701
9780983210313, $27.95,

There is nothing more terrifying than having no knowledge of what plagues you and your family. "Hirschsprung's Disease: Solving the Puzzle" is a guide to this disease that claims great grief in families that many people are not even truly aware of. The disease is a paralysis of the bowels and can prove fatal if not treated early in life. Nicole Murphy, a mother of a child with the disorder, writes with a thoughtful blend of memoir and insight, with plenty of practical wisdom and advice for anyone who is faced with this disorder in their child and wants to understand. "Hirschsprung's Disease" is a strongly recommended addition to pediatric health collections, highly recommended.

Still Hurting?
William B. Salt II
Parkview Publishing
PO Box 1162, Sanibel, FL 33957
9780982961209, $18.95,

It's hard to go through life without facing some degree of unexplainable pain. "Still Hurting?: Find Health" is a guide to identifying the symptoms that plague you and trying to find the cause behind them. Discussing how to identify the source of the pain, what may be causing it, and offering disorders that may be causing them and how to combat them. For those who are struggling under much pain and trying to find the source of it all, "Still Hurting?" may be a good source for those who exhausted other options.

Say Goodbye to Varicose & Spider Veins Now!
Greg Martin
Plentiful Publishing
650 Scranton Road, Suite C
Brunswick, GA 31520
9780983185901, $14.95,

Veins and other blemishes on one's leg can make one very self-conscious. "Say Goodbye to Varicose & Spider Veins Now!" is a presentation of newly developed medical techniques designed to combat these unsightly flaws on one's skin. Discussing the causes and offering his solutions written in a way non-medical readers can understand, he seeks to help people of any gender and race to combat their own varicose problems. "Say Goodbye to Varicose & Spider Veins Now!" is worth considering for anyone who fears or is dealing with these health issues and wants to arm themselves with knowledge.

The Pregnancy Power Workbook
Camilla Bicknell & James S. Betoni
Power Health Press
c/o Outskirts Press
10940 S. Parker Rd - 515, Parker, CO 80134
9780578079561, $29.95,

Pregnancy is a parent's first brush with parenthood, and like parenthood, many women are terrified of screwing it up. "The Pregnancy Power Workbook" is a workbook designed to help future mothers cope with the hysteria and fears that can consume them during those 9 months and the time surrounding it. Walking women through the pre-planning stages before conception, advising it when applicable, though the nursing stages of recovery and topics including breast feeding. "The Pregnancy Power Workbook" is an excellent manual to help through the tumultuous times of motherhood.

The Diet is Dead
Daniel Reynen
WeBeFit Personal Training
1277 1st Street, Suite 1, Key West, FL 33040
Smith Publicity
1930 E. Marlton Pike, Suite I-46
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
9780967281988, $24.95,

Gimmicky diets are not the answer for better health. "The Diet is Dead: Why Traditional Diets Fail and How You Can Succeed" is a guide to diet, as a general lifestyle choice, and succeeding in weight loss. Daniel Reynen walks readers through understanding the ins and outs of creating a lasting change in their life, stating that no two bodies are exactly the same, and therefore everyone loses weight differently. "The Diet is Dead" is a thoughtful and direct exploration what needs to be done for weight loss.

The LGBT Studies Shelf

Kathy Belege & Marke Bieschke
Zest Books
35 Stillman Street, Suite 121
San Francisco, CA 94107
9780981973340, $14.99,

Queer is a word for something out of the ordinary, and being different can be the most troubling thing to cope with. "Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens" is a guide for teenagers coming into their sexuality and finding that the ordinary isn't for them. The authors write on how teens can cope with their new found sexuality, coming out to friends and family, facing those who would discriminate against you, being safe, and much more. "Queer" is a strong pick for any teen, and a worthy gift for those who one might believe aren't cut out for vanilla heterosexuality.

The Social Issues Shelf

Russian Roulette
Martin Magoun
Wharfrat Books
PO Box 177, Groton, VT 05046
9780983103400, $17.76,

Depression is not an illness that kills you directly, it just simply makes you wish you were dead. "Russian Roulette: Depression, Suicide, Drugs" is a reflection on depression from Martin Magoun as he discusses depression and what it does to people. Hoping to reflect on his own experiences, explaining how it cripples people, the anxiety of even facing treatment, and offering his own myths and truths about the disorder, "Russian Roulette" is a driven call to action about depression, something he believes to be very misunderstood in our society.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Inside a U. S. Embassy
Shawn Dorman
FS Books
2101 E Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20037
9780964948846, $22.95,

Spread throughout the world, what is the role of the United States Embassy? "Inside a U.S. Embassy: Diplomacy at Work" explores United States Embassies throughout the world, explaining the day to day tasks of an embassy, as well as what one would expect if they chose to pursue a career in foreign service, from how to get started and what must be understood in a sometimes dangerous job. "Inside a U.S. Embassy" is an excellent and thoughtful read shedding light on an exciting career that has much potential.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Guided Afterlife Connections
Rochelle Wright
Greater Reality Publications
2 Payne Place, Normal, IL 61761
9780980211122, $14.95,

You don't need a medium to reach out to something truly loved. "Guided Afterlife Connections" is a collection of stories of those who have reached out to lost loved ones after they passed on and have received messages and encounters which have given them the strength to continue on despite their grief and trauma of their loss. For those who want to understand that there is something beyond it all to remember, "Guided Afterlife Connections" is a choice for those who have faced a recent loss of a loved one.

Gaia's Quantum Leap
Marko Pogacnik
Lindisfarne Books
610 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230
9781584200895, $20.00,

The future of the Earth also holds the future of mankind. "Gaia's Quantum Leap: A Guide to Living Through the Coming Earth Changes" discusses the future of the Earth, as Marko Pogacnik describes his vision of the future which is anything but apocalyptic. Through some metaphysical studies on spirituality and a reverence for the spirit of the earth, "Gaia's Quantum Leap" is an excellent pick for any student of the metaphysical who wants another take of the Earth of tomorrow.

The Bluff Detector
W. Thomson Martin
Agio Publishing House
151 Howe Street, Victoria
BC, Canada, V8V 4K5
9781897435267, $19.95,

Throughout our lifetimes, we try to make sense, and often leave more confused. "The Bluff Detector: Stories, Dreams, and Rivers of Change" is a collection of musing, memoir, and mythology from W. Thomson Martin as he bears his thought and soul about the world, as the retired microbiologist shares the scope of his life and everything with it with a bit of knowledge on the scientific and not-so scientific. "The Bluff Detector" is a fine assortment of work, very much recommended reading.

The Civil War Shelf

Civil War Speeches
Maureen Harrison & Steve Gilbert, Editors
Excellent Books
Suite 108A-204, 300 Carlsbad Village Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008-2999
9781880780336, $24.95,

Passion was something neither side truly lacked during the American Civil War. "Civil War Speeches" is a two volume set. "The North" (9781880780329, $24.95) focuses on the words by many important figures who waged intellectual warfare for the Union, including Abraham Lincoln's famous a house divided against itself cannot stand speech, among others as well, twenty in total. "The South" (9781880780336, $24.95) does the same for the Confederacy with seventeen speeches that range from the inaugural address of Confederate president Jefferson Davis to parting words to those who fought dearly for it, such as Robert E. Lee. Both volumes are a fascinating study in speech and the power of words in American history, and both will prove an excellent addition to community library history collections with a focus on the American civil war.

The Parenting Shelf

Messengers in Denim
Parnell Donahue
Mapletree Publishing Company
c/o Windriver Publishing
72 N Windriver Rd, Silverton, ID 83867-0446
9781600651069, $14.95,

Learning and teaching know no age. "Messengers in Denim: The Amazing Things Parents Can Learn from Teens" is an inspirational discussion form Parnell Donahue as he advises parents and teens on how a dialogue on man levels can teach both parents and teens alike and that not trying to be a one way flow of information can lead to a more harmonious house, and that it's more than what parents say that teens take to heart, it's what they do. "Messengers in Denim" is a thoughtful parenting book that is very much recommended reading.

The Supportive Foster Parent
Kalyani Gopal
Friesen Press
Suite 300-852 Fort Street
Victoria, BC Canada V8W 1H8
9781770674264, $27.98,

It can be daunting to be a foster parent, offering care to a child who is faced with the anxiety of their situation. "The Supportive Foster Parent: Be There for Me" is a guide for those who have taken the mantle of foster parents and caring for some of the 700,000 American children in the foster care children. Being supportive is more important than ever, as difficult as it might be as children pass through your care for weeks, months, or years. "The Supportive Foster Parent" is well worth reading for foster parents or those who want to help the cause of children.

In Search of Fatherhood
Kevin Renner
Inkwater Press
6750 SW Franklin Street, Suite A, Portland, OR 97223-2542
9781592995776, $19.95,

What is the role of the father? It is a question that has been driving men mad for centuries. "In Search of Fatherhood" is a collection of interviews from Kevin Renner as he sought fifty adult women from around the world in order to get an understanding of how the father is in our lives, be it for better, worse, and everything in between. Drawing on both their stories and his own recollections of fatherhood as a son and a father, "In Search of Fatherhood" is an excellent pick for anyone who also wonders what is the role of fatherhood.

The Magic Bowl
Baruch Kushnir
Price World Publishing
1300 W. Belmont Ave., Suite 20G
Chicago, IL 60657
9781932549645, $19.95,

Potty training is an adventure that any parent simply dreads. "The Magic Bowl: Potty Training Made Easy" is an advice guide for parents trying to train their children in understanding the need to go the bathroom. This book is designed as a companion volume to the included Magic Bowl DVD, both proving to be excellent handbooks and guides together making the most of it. "The Magic Bowl" is a must for any parent dreading this task and looking for all the help they can get.

The Art Shelf

Michelle Snyder
White Knight Studio
20 Nicod St, Arlington, MA 02476
9781456548445, $29.95,

A picture is worth a thousand words, and symbolism allows for thousands more. "Symbology: Decoding Classic Images" discusses the countless symbols throughout the world, common traits that many shapes, animals, and other concepts mean within an image, Michelle Snyder discusses symbolism throughout history and how many cultures can view things differently. The dragon is a creature of destruction in western society, while the East often sees it as a form of good luck. "Symbology" is a fascinating read that offers many color illustrations throughout, a must for anyone who wants to gain greater understanding of symbolism.

The Agriculture Shelf

Food, Farming, and Freedom
Rashid Khalidi
Just World Books
PO Box 5484, Charlottesville, VA 22905
9781935982050, $23.95,

Even as the world rapidly advances forward, the importance of agriculture cannot be forgotten. "Food, Farming, and Freedom: Sowing the Arab Spring" discusses the serious issue of how mad greed is consuming the Middle East, focusing on the bottom line and leaving the rural areas of their countries to fend for themselves without aid, and the future that these practices will reap. A food crisis has occurred and will happen again, and Rashid Khalidi brings western readers a picture of the Middle East that is not often seen - a Middle East that could be facing famine. "Food, Farming, and Freedom" is an excellent study, very much recommended reading for community and college international issues collections.

The Business Shelf

Small Business Legal Forms Simplified
Daniel Sitarz
Nova Publishing Company
1103 W. College St., Carbondale, IL 62901
9781892949622, $29.95,

When your running a small business, it can prove difficult to deal with the wave of paper work coming against you. "Small Business Legal Forms Simplified" is a guide to preparing your own legal forms as a small business. Daniel Sitarz continues his small business legal expertise in advising these managers to deal with the many legal papers that will come their way and how to deal with them in a way that avoids future legal complications. "Small Business Legal Forms Simplified" is done in Sitarz and Nova Publishing's normal format, including a CD with many resources, a strongly recommended pick.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

W. Cecil Steward & Sharon B. Kuska
c/o Greenway Communications
25 Technology Parkway South, Suite 101, Norcross, GA 30092
9780984613656, $39.95,

The wildness of excess cannot continue forever. "Sustainometrics: Measuring Sustainability" is a book that analyzes the ideas behind sustainability, stating that many human activities in our world cannot continue forever and these abuses can threaten survival for many. Not just an environmental debate, W. Cecil Steward & Sharon B. Kuska discusses there are many angles to sustainability, and along with the environmental, there are cultural, technological, economic, and political issues that must addressed in our future. "Sustainometrics" is a wide reaching understanding of society and how long the status quo can be maintained without something being done, highly recommended for community and college social issues, economics, and environmental collections.

Global Warming
Sneed B. Collard
Lifelong Learning, Inc.
40 Second Street East, Suite 249, Kalispell, MT 59901
9780978536770, $18.00,

A million problems, a million solutions, it can prove quite confusing. "Global Warming: A Personal Guide to Causes and Solutions" discusses the causes and the many solutions proposed for these problems. Science has the verdict, but money seems to drive the debate more than finding anything that resembles a solution. Sneed B. Collard hopes to explain the many potential solutions, with the strengths and weaknesses of each of them in a plain and easy to understand format. Presented with full color photographs throughout, "Global Warming" is a strong pick for those who want to gain a greater understanding for the problem as a whole.

The Economic Studies Shelf

Gods of Money
F. William Engdahl
PO Box 126, Joshua Tree, CA
9781615778058, $24.95,

Money is power, and ridiculously so. "Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century" is F. William Engdahl's analysis of the rise of money's power in American society, how money pushed America to take unpopular actions, how money has led to millions of deaths, and led them to control the American political system, and how they very well seem unstoppable. These gods, as some view themselves, prove to be the topic of "Gods of Money", and it proves to be both a fascinating and frightening read.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

A Dog to Remember
June Greig, author
Gina Duffy, illustrator
Evergreen Bay Publishing
PO Box 49, East Longmeadow, MA 01028
9780615443393, $9.99,

It can be hard to move on from the loss of a pet, especially when one is at a young age. "A Dog to Remember" is an excellent picture book for young readers coping with the loss of a canine friend. A charming book of illustrated short passages for easy reading, it speaks to all ages but is especially ideal for young dog lovers who may be having their first experience with death. "A Dog to Remember" is a fine study, very much recommended.

The Automotive Shelf

Don't Let Your Mechanic Pick Your Pocket!
George A. Moyer
Auto Info Advantage
PO Box 688, Ringoes, NJ 08551
9781456319557, $12.95,

It's easy to get nickel and dimed when you're clueless on the details. "Don't Let Your Mechanic Pick Your Pocket!" is a guide written by a retired mechanic aimed at helping less informed drivers avoid being robbed at the mechanic. With advice on spotting the signs of being cheated and how to work with a dishonest mechanic, "Don't Let Your Mechanic Pick Your Pocket!" is worth considering for any who will be facing auto repairs in their future.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Some Things Made Plain
Theresa Kirk
Knowledge Power Communications
25379 Wayne Mills Place, Suite 131
Valencia, CA 91355
9780981879024, $19.95,

Simplicity is serene and very attractive in today's complicated world. "Some Things Made Plain: Inspirational Words of Revelation" is a collection of faith-driven wisdom and inspiration from Theresa Kirk as she encourages readers to find the virtues we all share, to look to the word of God and themselves in order to find that path in our life which is often difficult to fall. With a bit of humor blended in, "Some Things Made Plain" is an inspirational text faithful readers should very much consider.

Peace at the Edge of Uncertainty
Neil Hanson
High Prairie Press
20443 Goldenrod Lane, Parker, CO 80138
9780982639108, $17.95,

No one knows everything, and coming to terms with such a frightening aspect is key to finding peace. "Peace at the Edge of Uncertainty" is an inspirational spirituality book from Neil Hanson, states that not only is uncertainty not worth fearing, but it should be embraced. His wisdom speaks with some ideas that at first sight, aren't clear, but he does well in clarifying and providing sound advice. "Peace at the Edge of Uncertainty" states that certainty is a myth, and makes for a thoughtful and uplifting read.

The Relationship Shelf

All-in-One Marriage Prep
Susanne M. Alexander
Barringer Publishing
c/o Marriage Transformation
25241 Chatworth Drive
Cleveland, OH 44117-1837
9780982510995, $17.95,

Marriage is quite the leap to make, and can be very intimidating. "All-in-One Marriage Prep: 75 Experts Share Tips & Wisdom to Help You Get Ready Now" is a collection of wisdom and thought from Susanne M. Alexander as she walks couples through the many angles of marriage with a very Christian element throughout. For any Christian couple who is considering tying the knot and trying to gain a greater understanding of the weight of marriage, "All-In-One Marriage Prep" is worth considering for them.

Rick and Jane Learn to Listen & Talk
Al & Autumn Ray
Marriage Team
PO Box 873086, Vancouver, WA 98687-3086
9781452812878, $14.95,

Communication is the greatest aspect of a great relationship. "Rick and Jane Learn to Listen & Talk: The First Step to Intimacy" is a book filled with marriage advice to creating good communication skills at any stage of a relationship, working on the same page, and remembering that your wife or husband is on your team, and it's best to work towards both of your best interests. "Rick and Jane Learn to Listen & Talk" is a strong pick for anyone who feels the love is there but the talking is not.

The Soulmate Experience
Mali Apple & Joe Dunn
A Higher Possibility
369B Third Street, Suite 541
San Rafael, CA 94901
9780984562206, $16.00,

Someone who is everything to you and for it to be the other way as well is a magnificent feeling. "The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships" is a guide to finding this bond with another, and understanding when you've found it. With many principles to be applied to everyday life, Mali Apple & Joe Dunn share their own experiences and how it can be achieved by anyone. "The Soulmate Experience" is a fine read that is well worth reading for those who think there is something greater than love.

The Psychology Shelf

Fetish, Cult, and Disenchantment
G. V. Loewen
Old Moon Academic Press
PO Box 493, Alcoa, TN 37701
9780982899724, $49.99,

What we create has more to it than we understand. "Fetish, Cult, Disenchantment: Sociological Studies of the Projected Self" is a collection of ponderings on the sense of self from G. V. Loewen. As he presents his thoughts and opinions on life and why we push ourselves the way that we do. As we push ourselves through our lives we try to further our view of the world looking for a sense of purpose. For those who want a collection of psychology and philosophy, "Fetish, Cult, Disenchantment" may be well worth considering, highly recommended.

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