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Reviewer's Choice

The Secret of the Tarot
Robert Swiryn
Puahana Publishing
PO Box 1409, Kapaa, HI 96746
9780615304380, $13.95

To go against the Catholic Church in the 1200s was inviting annihilation upon yourself. "The Secret of the Tarot: How the Story of the Cathars Was Concealed in the Tarot of Marseilles" delves into the story of the Cathars and their modern legacy, how they told their story and their beliefs and managed to prevent their existence and ideas from being quenched by the French Crown and the Roman Catholic church. A truly fascinating read of history, "The Secret of the Tarot" is a choice and very highly recommended pick.

The Royal Line of Christ the Logos
Robert B. Clarke
Hologram Books
1270 Roberts Mountain Road, Faber, VA 22938
9780984261208, $15.95,

Christ is more than something that simply happened. "The Royal Line of Christ the Logos: A Jungian View of the Roots and Meaning of the Orthodox/Gnostic Christian Mystery" discusses the importance of seeing Christ and his life in a spiritual and psychological sense instead of simply history and superstition. A blend of psychology, faith, and spirituality, discusses much connecting it all and presents many fascinating ideas in "The Royal Line of Christ the Logos", an excellent addition to any community or college Christian and psychology collection.

Jade Writing
Imios Archangelis and Miaoyu Lanying, translators
Imios Archangelis, editor
Miomir Arandelovic
710 Friendship Ridge Ct, Poweder Springs, GA 30127
9781456481650, $14.95

Alchemy was more than a scientific pursuit. "Jade Writing: Individual Phase Space User Manual" is a translation of a third century alchemy manual from China. With much philosophy drawn from Taoist tradition and history, the practice became a spiritual and scientific one, and one that still proves quite intriguing nearly two thousand years later. "Jade Writing" is a thoughtful and fascinating read, enthusiastically recommended.

#Privacy Tweet
Lori Ruff
20660 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 210, Cupertino, CA 95014
9781607730880, $19.95,

Private lives are more public than ever before. "#Privacy Tweet: Addressing Privacy Concerns in the Day of Social Media" is a guide for the uninitiated to maintaining one's privacy with the very public forums of Twitter, Facebook, and other avenues. Sage and sound advice, "#Privacy Tweet" is a must for those who want to use these tools for networking but want to evade the fears that come along with them.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

7 Scorpions Rebellion
Mike Saxton
Eloquent Books
c/o Strategic Book Group
PO Box 333, Durham, CT 06422
9781609112868, $21.95,

A plan of domination is most easily executed in disarray. "7 Scorpions Rebellion" tells the story of Zodiac and his plan to conquer the world, and in his first act, his attack shakes the world, and allows him to ascend to power in fear. Vincent Black and his associates are all that stands between him and certain domination of the world. "7 Scorpions Rebellion" is a fine pick and very highly recommended for science fiction fans.

The Poetry Shelf

Arthur Vogelsang
The Ashland Poetry Press
401 College Avenue, Ashland, OH 44805
9780912592718, $22.95,

A man of literature who has traveled all around the country, Arthur Vogelsang has experienced much in his life and it shows in his poetry. "Expedition: New and Selected Poems" his newest volume in a long line of work, continues his themes of an ever moving life that is always looking for a way out. With excellent verse, "Expedition" is a fine addition to any poetry collection. "Critical": Life star, dirt/Is your baby,/More valuable than snow/(shine on Each without my command)./Long books in strong buildings,/Thin summary books in the gorgeous postperson's hands./They are true, crystalize truly/Or separate into the benign bottles of chapters/What is one, or badly named, or before people./This morning something red and powerful/Sent to me, me personally, me/The center of all blue suns,/Is handed over by an untouchable young black woman/-- Bad Kafka Critique at the front door/Enigmatic forever or until most people become like him.

We Only Weep in Dreams
Timothy Muller
Black Bishop Press
PO Box 867, DeWitt, NY 13214
9780615386447, $12.95,

To sell one's body has become a symbol of many things, from femininity to oppression to mastery of the self. "We Only Weep in Dreams" is a collection of poetry from Timothy Muller as he discusses prostitution and its wide ranging symbolism throughout history. "We Only Weep in Dreams" is a thoughtful read with plenty to ponder, recommended. "Her Heart": If you had held her by the wrist/You would have felt heart insist/That it was not a beating drum,/Summoning battles still to come,/And no metallic recurring chime,/Tabulating hollow time;/Her heart was not an echoing gong,/Sounding out an ancient wrong,/But some precarious thing of flesh and blood,/Before she took her loves on to bed.

Message in a Bottle
Ann Schultz
9780979024795, $16.00

Through her life, she has experienced much, and now she wishes to express much. "Message in a Bottle" is a collection of poetry from ninety-two year old Ann Schultz as she shares her experiences through fine verse and poignancy. With much to ponder, "Message in a Bottle" is a fine collection, recommended. "A Weary Nursing Home Resident Contemplates Heaven": Is there a rec director there/to keep us moving when we want to rest?/To put our minds and muscles to the test?/And if we don't take part we fall from grace/If so, I'd like to try the other place.

Violet Transparent
Anne Coray
Future Cycle Press
75 Henson Road Southwest, Cave Spring, GA 30124
9780982861233, $18.50,

Nothing is eternal. "Violet Transparent" is a collection of poems from Alaskan poet Anne Coray, as she offers her own opinions on the world around her with a delicate touch on the political and environmental. Thoughtful and intriguing work, "Violet Transparent" is an excellent and recommended pick. "Window Feather": Weeks ago, a junco./Now I recall the body, already stiff,/that I laid in a paper bag near the stove/as if hopefulness could revitalize cold wings.

Silent, Sacred, Holy, Deepening Heart
Em Claire
Silvergirl Publications
PO Box 1085, Ashland, OR 97520
9781571746368, $19.95,

Traveling the world over with a spiritual purpose has proven ever enlightening for Em Claire. "Silent Sacred Holy Deepening Heart" is a collection of poetry from Em Claire, who uses her poetry as a call back to the mystic poets of the past to delve in after the human spirit with a unique drive. A labor of dedication and experience, "Silent Sacred Holy Deepening Heart" is a spiritually dedicated anthology, highly recommended. "All for Love": All for the Dream & Glory./All for the right to choose/All for something to live for./All for something to lose./All for the Bite in the Beauty./All for the Beast in the Bone./All for the Spirit and Flesh/being married with Love/as the Sword/in the Stone.

Gwendolyn Jensen
Birch Brook Press
PO Box 81, Delhi, NY 13753
9780984200306, $16.00

What is truly entitled to us at birth? "Birthright" is a collection of poetry from Gwendolyn Jensen, who discusses life and death and how this simple distinction drives us through our life and our relationships. Simple and profound work, "Birthright" is an excellent pick for poetry collections. "Forgiveness": is the generosity of snow/beneath its seamlessness, seeping into/parched and wormy earth, forgiveness knows/fierce knottedness of spite and brooding;/but when time has done what time can do/and in the fumbling way of chance,/it holds the heat at some remove,/like coal burning underground, or a green canvas awning on a summer porch.

The Sports Shelf

One Summer Day in America: July 13, 1954
Jim Mollenkopf
Lake of the Cat Publishing
PO Box 351454, Toledo, OH 43635-1454
9780966591064 $19.95

One Summer Day in America: July 13, 1954 is a story from baseball's golden age, focusing on the record-setting All Star game played in Cleveland. Legends who participated in the game included Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Stan Musial, Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson, and Duke Snider. One Summer Day in America brings the excitement of the game alive inning by inning, as well as offering an immersive glimpse of 1950s America - both its upbeat, friendly surface and the underlying tensions of the Cold War beneath. One Summer Day in America is especially recommended as a superb giftbook for baseball fans.

The American History Shelf

Vote Lincoln!, expanded edition
John Locke Scripps and Abraham Lincoln
Daniel W. Bradford, editor
Boston Hill Press
PO Box 215583, Sacramento, CA 95821
9780978799243 $37.95

Originally created by Lincoln himself along with Chicago Tribune founder John Locke Scripps, Vote Lincoln! is the original, authorized campaign biography of Abraham Lincoln, now available in a restored edition annotated with modern-day explanations of its terms by editor Daniel W. Bradford. Vote Lincoln! remains especially notable today for its critical and severe warnings of the threat slavery posed to America's democracy. Additional essays and editor's notes round out this absolute "must-read" for any historian seeking to better understand Lincoln. Vote Lincoln! is a key addition to college library history shelves, and worthy of the highest possible recommendation.

The Biography Shelf

Pentagon Prayer
Dan Holdridge with Rhesa Higgins
Blooming Twig Books
PO Box 4668, #66675, New York, NY 10163-4668
9781933918587 $14.95

Pentagon Prayer: Story of a 9/11 Survivor is the memoir of a survivor of the September 11th attacks. Author Dan Holdridge worked for the Pentagon, and was taking a cigarette break prior to carrying out the day's work orders when one of the hijacked airplanes crashed on the other side of a cement wall. "There is not a day that I don't think, Why not me? Why, when other people had families and I was a single man, why was it that I was selected to live; that I won the life lottery and they didn't? So many others who died that day had a lot of people counting on them. It just didn't add up for me. It still doesn't add up, but I've learned that is what it is." A moving, inspirational testimony of what it was like to be at ground zero, as well as a tribute to those who gave their lives and the story of coping with survivor's guilt, Pentagon Prayer is highly recommended.

A Penny Always Has Two Sides
Steffie Steinke
Inkwater Press
6750 SW Franklin Street, Suite A, Portland OR 97223-2542
9781592994816, $21.95,

In a state of war, no one has it easy. "A Penny Always has Two Sides: A Memoir of Growing up in Wartime Germany" is a memoir of Steffie Steinke, who reflects upon her childhood and the challenges of her home life through it all as she faces adolescence in the swing of World War II. Faced with the dangers the Reich had invited upon its citizens, her story shows that while Nazi Germany was the enemy of the allies, the German people were not necessarily so. " A Penny Always Has Two Sides" is an insightful and very highly recommended read, not to be missed.

The House on Crash Corner
Mindy Greenstein
Greenpoint Press
c/o New York Writers Resources
PO Box 3203, Grand Central Terminal, New York, NY 10163
9780975976098, $20.00,

It's hard to love a family that seems to be more concerned with gambling and showing their behind than being a family. "The House on Crash Corner" is a unique and fun memoir from Mindy Greenstein as she recalls her own abnormal, or perhaps normal home life in a house that resided on a corner that invited auto accidents. Riveting and entertaining reading on what produces a Ph. D, "The House on Crash Corner" is a memoir that should prove quite difficult to put down.

The Fiction Shelf

Cocaine Coma
Arlen Booth
M &D Printing
515 University Avenue, Henry, IL 61537
9780615409863, $9.41

Drugs in America are a business. "Cocaine Coma" is a novel of unique vengeance as two parents crusade against the drugs that killed their daughter in a unique and thoughtful way. Looking to eliminate the market for cocaine to take the money from the drug dealers, Arlen Booth puts forth a story with an unusual message for America's drug problems. "Cocaine Coma" is a fine pick and is very highly recommended.

Tori Alexander
64 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013
9781449956912, $11.99

If you think they're just a piece of meat for you to ogle, you're doing it wrong. "Trixie" follows one stripper as she faces her life and author Tori Alexander hopes to teach readers a little something about life and where it's going, and why some women go down paths others may feel degrading. With plenty of food for thought, "Trixie" is a fine pick and will entertain as it enlightens and is highly recommended.

Angels and Manners
Cynn Chadiwck
Bywater Books
PO Box 3671, Ann Arbor, MI 48106
9781932859713, $14.95,

The lemons and lemonade analogy often rings all too true. "Angels and Manners" tells of Carrie, a divorced mother of two who is trying to make the most of her life with her sons. Also spiraling out of a divorce is Jen, who is suddenly well below her comfort level with her daughter. When she meets Carrie, it's abrasive at first, but their situations are all too similar and they soon learn that nothing is given to you and you make the most of what you have. Charming and poignant, "Angels and Manners" is a fine and solidly recommended work of lesbian fiction.

The Judas Conspiracy
Leslie Winfield Williams
JoSara MeDia
PO Box 1853 Cyrpress, TX 77410-1853
9780984304981, $13.99,

Judas Iscariot's life still has much importance to modern man. "The Judas Conspiracy" tells the story of the uncovering of the gospel of Judas and a growing religious sect that follows it. When murders begin to pop up over Yale's religious academia, the FBI must crack down and find the truth before the body count becomes catastrophic. "The Judas Conspiracy" is a riveting religious thriller that will be hard to put down.

Mail-Order Kid
Marilyn June Coffey
Out West
13518 L St., Omaha, NE 68137
9780962631726, $15.95,

With so many lost kids and orphans, it was often cared little where they ended up. "Mail-Order Kid: An Orphan Train Rider's Story" is the biography of Teresa Martin, one of the many hundreds of thousands of children who were shipped off throughout the country to whoever would take them in the later nineteenth and early twentieth century. Dropped into a foreign world where she can't even understand her adoptive parents, she struggles to find normalcy within a haze of whippings and sexual abuse. "Mail-Order Kid" is a fascinating look into a lesser talked about chapter of the nation's history.

Please, Tell Me
Arianna Snow
Golden Horse
PO Box 1002, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-1002
9780977230884, $13.99,

One man's pain can quickly become his family's pain. "Please, Tell Me" tells the story of Hiram McDonally and family and the challenges he faces as World War I breaks out and he faces financial and emotional ruin from the events. As his family and friends fight over whether to help or leave him, it may ultimately be up to Hiram to settle it all. A gripping read of drama, "Please, Tell Me" is a top pick and very highly recommended.

Hidden Mickey 2
Nancy Temple Rodrigue & David W. Smith
Double R Books
c/o Rodrigue & Sons Company
244 Fifth Avenue, Suite #1457, New York, NY 10001
9780974902630, $12.99,

How does one create one of the most powerful entertainment juggernauts in the world? "Hidden Mickey 2" tells the story of Lance and Kimberly, who under the threat of death, find the darker side of Walt Disney world, as the duo are faced with Kimberly's mysterious father and the secrets of how the Disney empire got to what it is today. Blending the beloved story of Disney with plenty of intrigue and much more, "Hidden Mickey 2" is a fun read that will be hard to put down.

Banda Mission
Ruben Schwieger
Warner Press
PO Box 2499, Anderson, IN 46018-2499
9781593175399, $14.95,

With only the aim to promote peace, they find themselves as tools of war. "Banda Mission: Kidnapped in Ghana" tells the story of Will and Jerrie, a couple who during their mission to Ghana, find their practice of medical care used as a tool to start a rebellion. A novel of love and faith being tested by the worst of challenges, "Banda Mission" is a riveting novel that will prove very hard to put down.

Sierra Summer, 1874
Katie Willmarth Green
Pineneedle Press
E4720 Rolling Ridge Rd., Spring Green, WI 53588
9780982802335, $24.95,

Although the school year ends, summer is not a time to stop learning, and it has never been a time to stop learning. "Sierra Summer, 1874: The Further Adventures of Deborah Whitney" tells the story of soon to be young woman Deborah Whitney and coming to terms with her life and its challenges as her world rapidly shifts around her and she learns more about America and its people as it does. A story of family, friends, and life, "Sierra Summer, 1874" is a fun read for younger readers and is highly recommended.

Thomas Hollyday
Solar Supper Publishing
PO Box 86, Weston, MA 02493
9780974128757, $12.95

Searching for a lost treasure will lead you to finding a lot of different things along the way. "Gold" tells the story of John Neale as he and his girlfriend look for the money left behind by a priest. But their search is not an easy one, as they find much in the way of danger and various others who are searching for the priest's cash. Another edition into Thomas Hollyday's River Sunday Romance series, "Gold" is a read that will keep the pages turning.

Falling in Love with Sophia
Robert Krantz
Elinas Multimedia
9570 Research Drive, Irvine, CA 92618
9780615321301, $21.95,

Love has a strange way of coming to you in life. "Falling in Love with Sophia" tells the story of Michael, who finds his soul mate. In the sixth grade, where life just starts to get all the more complicated. But their romance is anything but typical, as years later when the engagement is made, their lives may be changed forever and not in the way either of them hoped. A quirky and fun romance, "Falling in Love with Sophia" is not to be missed.

Big Son 'N Little Son
Richard Palombi
3851 Cottonwood Dr., Danville, CA 90456
9781600761782, $9.95,

Understanding the world is just something some people aren't up to. "Big Son N' Little Son" is a charming short novel from Richard Palombi as he tells of two cousins, Big Son and Little Son, who struggle with their home lives, country upbringing, the never ending challenge of getting out of the sixth grade. A fun and humorous read with a good message, "Big Son N' Little Son" is well worth considering.

Brother and Sister
Victor Marshall Depta
Blair Mountain Press
114 E. Campbell Street, Frankfort, KY 40601
9780976881766, $15.00,

Small town lower middle class life has a lot more to it than you would know. "Brother and Sister: A Memoir" is actually a novel from Victor Marshall Depta, choosing the memoir style to tell his story of a small family on the Ohio River. With humor, he tells a story that is poignant as it is entertaining. "Brother and Sister" is a fine pick and well worth considering for fiction collections.

Journey to Virginland
Armen Melikian
Two Harbors Press
212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 290, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781935097518, $23.95,

The world seems like a giant storm of everything wrong with the world and not a whole lot right. "Journey to Virginland: Epistle 1" follows young Dog as he embarks on a journey through America and the chaos of the post 9/11 world where he looks for what it means to be human and the constant changes one must undergo to maintain a connection to one's sanity through it all. With plenty to ponder and plenty to entertain, "Journey to Virginland" is a fun and enlightening read and is quite the recommendation.

The Casebook of Sheriff Pete Benson
John S. Fitzpatrick
Riverbend Publishing
PO Box 5833, Helena, MT 59604
9781606390269, $12.95,

Anywhere there are people, there is crime. "The Casebook of Sheriff Pete Benson" follows big city transplant into small town Rodgersburg Pete Benson. When trouble starts to brew, Benson, who misses the constant danger and excitement of his big city detective job, jumps on the issue to solve it. A fun read that blends many mysteries into a charming small town with plenty of humor, "The Casebook of Sheriff Pete Benson" is a fun read that readers won't want to put down.

The Dreaming
Kim Murphy
Coachlight Press
1704 Craig's Store Road, Afton, VA 22920
9780971679092, $15.95,

It's easy to write off outlandish claims as simply crazy. "The Dreaming: Walks Through Mist" tells the story of Shae Howard, as she takes a patient named Phoebe Wynne, who seems to believe she is from the seventeenth century. As Shae listens to Phoebe's story, Phoebe's interactions with Shae's husband and other elements make Shae question the mundane nature of Phoebe, and she begins to wonder if there is something more about Phoebe, be it insanity, displacement in time, or maybe even witchcraft. "The Dreaming" is an intriguing tale and will prove quite the read.

The Return of Ixtab
Robert Zitella
Emerald Book Co.
PO Box 91869, Austin, TX 78709
Smith Publicity (publicity)
1930 E. Marlton Pike, Suite I-46, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
9781934572535, $14.95,

As 2012 is written off, it may be too late to realize that the Mayan prophecies have some worth. "The Return of Ixtab" follows Steve Soto, a man with little concern but his next paycheck as he finds himself dragged away from his cubicle to finding where the world hangs in the balance. A story focusing on the modern crisis as well as looking at the formation of the prophecies millennium ago, "The Return of Ixtab" is a riveting metaphysical thriller, highly recommended.

McGowan's Call
Rob Smith
Drinian Press
PO Box 63, Huron, OH 44839-0063
9780978516550, $12.95

To help others is a noble goal, but the challenges can make one feel anything but. "McGowan's Call" tells the tale of Davis McGowan who in his pursuit of a career as a pastor, finds himself disconnected form his world in the quiet town of Hatteras, Ohio. Author Rob Smith hopes to give insight into the mind and soul of the pastor, and provides much in the way of compelling reading as he does it. "McGowan's Call" is a thoughtful and thought provoking read, highly recommended.

Drum Dance
Bonnie Turner
Aurora Wolf Books
1422 Cook Street, De Pete, WI 54115
9780557855216, $15.35

Family reunions are never what you hope for them to be. "Drum Dance" tells the story of young David Jansson, who reunites with his father after a half decade of separation. But with his father's demons, his only comfort comes in a local girl, who wants to show David the spiritual side of Hudson bay. A story of the Canadian Arctic in the 1930s, "Drum Dance" is a fascinating novel with many angles that will prove it hard to put down.

Dear Cloud
Marc Peter Keane
MPK Books
119 Irving Place, Ithaca, NY 14850-4711
9780615425344, $14.95,

The world should never stop amazing. "Dear Cloud" is a novel from Marc Peter Keane asking many questions of the world and the shifts of the spirit as we travel through life and discover the ever changing picture of the world around us. Thoughtful and compelling reading that enlightens as it entertains, "Dear Cloud" is not to be overlooked.

The Prophet
K. J. Dahlen
Bucks County Publishing
88 West 16th St., Buffalo City, WI 54622
9780982981603, $14.05

Three years is three years too long for a killer to be on the loose. "The Prophet: The New Brotherhood" tells the story of Sean Sebastion and Rheta Morgan, two FBI agents on the heels of a serial killer called The Prophet. When the two find that something deeper is behind the killer and his constant evasion of justice, their story only grows more intriguing. "The Prophet" is a riveting read and very highly recommended for thriller fans.

Montooth 2
Robert Jay
Cloverleaf Corporation
1916 South Tamiami Trail, Ruskin, FL 33570
Maryglenn McCombs Book Publicity (publicity)
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126-274, Nashville, TN 37203
9780615401195, $27.99,

A simpler time was far from simple. "Montooth 2: Race for the Ryland Ruby" is a follow up to the previous Montooth book and the second in the series out of five. Set in Cuba before the Era of Castro, Robert Jay tells a unique story of politics, high school, rubies, and witchcraft. A fun read that should prove hard to put down, "Montooth 2" is highly recommended.

Sky of Red Poppies
Zohreh Ghahremani
Turquoise Books
PO Box 178595, San Diego, CA 92177
9780984571604, $14.95,

It's hard to be who you really are under the pressure of family and country. "Sky of Red Poppies" is a novel of 1960s Iran, where two young girls become women in the tumultuous political climate. As they realize that life isn't so simple and the divide drives them further apart, they face the realities of their worlds and the cruel truth that shoves a wedge in between them. "Sky of Red Poppies" is a thoughtful novel of Iran and what it means to become a woman in Islamic culture.

The Madison Exception
Charles W. Anderson
Vision Press
PO Box 640, Hanoka'a, HI 96727
9780967118833, $20.95

America's connection the corporate world are stronger than ever. "The Madison Exception: A Nemesis Unleashed" follows on determined individual who is determined to make a dent in and make a strike against America and its strong corporate roots. He devises a plan that may be unstoppable in shaking and changing America forever. "The Madison Exception" is an intriguing work of fiction, highly recommended.

Carnage Goes Coastal
Gayle Wigglesworth
Koenisha Publications
3196 - 53rd Street, Hamilton, MI 49419
9780980009859, $19.95,

Everything going well can turn into everything going awful quite quickly. "Carnage Goes Coastal" follows Claire Gulliver as she works with Karen Rallins who faces the cruel reality of someone being out to take her life. With a mystery that entangles in the CIA, Karen world falls apart, and Claire might be the only one able to find out why and help her piece it back together. "Carnage Goes Coastal" is a riveting mystery that won't let go until the final pages.

The Bread & Butter Chronicles
Starr Cochran
Starsys Publishing Company
526 North Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85711
9780982662229, $15.99,

To take control over your own destiny starts with a lot of money. "The Bread & Butter Chronicles" is a novel blended with financial advice from Starr Cochran, as she follows four women who as their worlds seem to rout them into nothing and leave them with uncertain futures, take what money they have and turn it into a valuable endeavor which saves their futures. With sage financial wisdom done in a humorous and entertaining way, "The Bread & Butter Chronicles" is a choice pick and is very highly recommended.

The Comisario's Band
Shirley Peterson
513 W. Marshall Street #B, San Gabriel, CA 91776
9781453677865, $14.90

The law is often bent to serve certain needs. "The Comisario's Band" tells the story of a band that finds themselves locked away in Mexico as a lawman doesn't inform them of why they are being detained. As time passes, the truth comes out and isn't what they'd expect. Drawn from author Shirley Peterson's own experiences, "The Comisario's Band" is a fine and recommended read.

John M. Wills
TotalRecall Publications
1103 Middlecreek Friendswood, TX 77546
9781590957950, $19.95,

As the world seems to swerve into hell, two detectives seems to be the only ones intent on righting its course once more. "Targeted" tells the story of Detective Marilyn Benson and Pete Shannon as they face the challenge of a sniper targeting cops throughout Chicago. As their pursuits bring them across a shamed priest, their endeavors only grow more challenging and confusing. "Targeted" is an exciting read that should prove quite difficult to put down.

Dark Town Redemption
Gary Hardwick
Hardbooks Publishing
2275 Huntington Drive Suite, 175 San Marino, CA 91107
9780972480413, $12.95,

A cocktail of guilt and vengeance leads to something quite explosive. "Dark Town Redemption" follows Robert Jackson after vicious riots consumed Detroit. In the shambles behind the riot, Jackson tries to control his life and learn the truth behind the death of his brother, and the true responsibility of a cop tied to the riots. "Dark Town Redemption" is a work of thrilling intrigue of a time of racial upheaval, highly recommended.

Quiet Americans
Erika Dreifus
Last Light Studio
423 Brookline Avenue #324, Boston, MA 02215
9780982708422, $13.95

The stories that are never told are stories that still shape us all. "Quiet Americans" is a collection of short stories from Erika Dreifus as she tells the story of many individuals who in their past tragedies through the world reflect on them and share them for future generations. Reflecting strongly on her German Jewish roots, the fallout of the Holocaust and Israel are major topics, and prove "Quiet Americans" to be an intriguing and insightful read.

Jessica's Tune
Jim Wygant
Lycetta Press
7505 SE Reed College Pl, Portland, OR 97202
9780982889015, $14.00

A small scam for a li'l bit of cash turns into a massive problem. "Jessica's Tune" follows a young musician as he finds himself intertwined with a huge drug ring. With $50,000 missing, everything is about to fall apart for the musician including his life. A riveting thriller that will be hard to put down, "Jessica's Tune" is a fine read.

Legacy of the Gray Ghost
Gerry Zimmerman
Road Scholar Publishing Group
39081 N. 102nd Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85262
9780615421254, $14.99

Deep in enemy territory with no easy way to escape is just how a lot of people like it. "Legacy of the Gray Ghost" tells the story of John Mosby and his band of those who dared to go deep into Union territory and raid their supplies, for the confederacy and for their own thrills. A fun and exciting read of adventure in the civil war, "Legacy of the Gray Ghost" is a choice pick.

Casino Caribbean
Graham Tempest
522 Hunt Club Bd #316, Apopka, FL 32703
9780984515301, $11.99,

When putting your investigative mind on the market, you never know who might hire you. "Casino Caribbean" follows freelance sleuth Oliver Steele as he tries to get himself back on his feet by working with entrepreneur Carlton Tisch. Being dragged into the world of Casinos, he finds that gambles aren't made on the tables alone. "Casino Caribbean" is an exciting read that should prove hard to put down.

The Business Shelf

Envisioning Collaboration
Geoffrey A. Cross
26 Austin Avenue, PO Box 337, Amityville, NY 11701
9780895034007, $54.95,

One mind can be bright, many can be brilliant. "Envisioning Collaboration: Group, Verbal-Visual, Composing, in a System of Creativity" discusses collaboration and how more than ever, collaboration is easier to do and can prove quite useful and profitable. Looking at the many brands of collaboration, ranging from business, marketing, web design, art, and many other avenues. Stating that collaboration allows understanding from all on many levels of the process, "Envisioning Collaboration" is a must for any individual in a situation where the sum of creativity is greater than the parts.

Celebritize Yourself
Marsha Friedman
Warren Publishing
17039 Kenton Drive, Cornelius, NC 28031
9781886057203, $19.95

The only difference between a celebrity and being an unknown is publicity. "Celebritize Yourself: The Three-Step Method to Increase Your Visibility and Explode Your Business" is a guide to the importance of being known and the value of good PR in one's life. Marsha Friedman speaks simply and clearly on how to get one's identity out there to help one's business and being a force of character - and how this can make and break businesses. "Celebritize Yourself" is a must for any businessman who knows that selling a product is selling yourself.

No Such Thing as Small Talk
Melissa Lamson
20660 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 210, Cupertino, CA 95014
9781600051890, $19.95,

The worst mistake one can make in international business is assuming everyone thinks like an American. "No Such Thing as Small Talk: 7 Keys to Understanding German Business Culture" is a guide for American business men to understanding the German business psyche. Many concepts and customs that work well in American culture doesn't seem to stick for Germans, and as the world shrinks, understanding cultural boundaries is as vital to success as ever. "No Such Thing as Small Talk" is a choice and highly recommended pick for any international business person, highly recommended.

David Carriere
Glitterati Incorporated
225 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024
9780979338472, $20.00,

If no one knows about it, it might as well not be there. "Publicity: 7 Steps to Publicize Just About Anything" is a guide for would be publicists about getting the knowledge of a product out there the buzz rolling, the most important step in the lifespan of any product. Stating that the secret to publicity is not some secret but common sense and methodology, "Publicity" is a useful guide with plenty of sage advice for getting a product known, not to be missed by any rookie publicist.

The Women's Studies Shelf

Put the Blame on Eve
Melinda J. Rising
Larson Publications
4936 NYS Route 414, Burdett, NY 14818
9781936012473, $15.95,

Society dumps a good deal of pressure on many women, as it becomes an upward struggle of worth. "Put the Blame on Eve: What Women Must Overcome to Feel Worthy" discusses the feelings that many women face in their lives. Tracing this burden back to the tale of Eve, the scapegoat of man who was blamed for all of the evil in the world, Melinda J. Rising explains this thought and how many women can prove themselves to themselves. "Put the Blame on Eve" is a thoughtful analysis of self-esteem and society, highly recommended.

Among the Goddesses
Annie Finch
Red Hen Press
PO Box 40820, Pasadena, CA 91114
9781597091619, $17.95,

The Spirit of femininity is as old as women are. "Among the Goddesses" is a blend of epic poem and Libretto, as Annie Finch tells the story of Marie and Lily as they experience all the tragedy and triumph that comes with womanhood, looking to the mother goddesses that predate Christianity for guidance in the most trying of times. Driven and powerful writing in play format, "Among the Goddesses" is an excellent read and a first pick for literary fiction and poetry collections.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Crafting a Successful Career
R. A. Kuffel
Expert Publishing
14314 Thrush Street NW, Andover, MN 55304-3330
9780982591239, $16.95,

A career is something that has to be planned and developed well. "Crafting a Successful Career: Eight Principles for Winning in a Challenging World" is a guide for planning one's career and making the most of it. From starting strong, finding good leadership, being the best you can be, and having a fallback position, "Crafting a Successful Career" is a must for anyone who wants to have a career instead of a series of jobs.

The Political Science Shelf

Obama and the Empire
Fidel Castro
Ocean Books
511 Ave of the Americas, #96, New York, NY 10011-8436
9780980429268, $14.95,

Although few Americans would agree with him wholly, the opinions and thoughts of Fidel Castro can offer intriguing insight on the status of America and its relations with Cuba. "Obama and the Empire" is a political book from Castro discussing the election of Barack Obama and what it means for America's relationship with Cuba. Speaking on other issues such as climate change, Latin American relations, and more, "Obama and the Empire" is a fascinating take on America from one of its international critics.

The Federalist Companion
Edward D. Duvall
Fremont Valley Books
PO box 3670, Gilbert, AZ 85299
9780984577309, $15.95, www.fremontvalleybooks/

The Federalist papers have become one of the key elements to understanding our constitution in the modern day. "The Federalist Companion: A Guide to Understanding the Federalist Papers" is a guide for those who want to study the works of the founding fathers in their own views of the constitution. Including a reprinting of the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution and its Amendments, and more, "The Federalist Companion" is a useful resource for any student of the Constitution.

Citizen's Handbook to Influencing Elected Officials
Bradford Fitxh
The Capitol.Net
PO Box 25706, Alexandria, VA 22313-5706
9781587331817, $11.95,

The power is suppose to be in the hands of the people, and the people need to know how to use that power. "Citizen's Handbook to Influencing Elected Officials: Citizen Advocacy in State Legislatures and Congress" is a guide to getting one's voice heard by using ways that officials must listen to, that break through the fear of ignorance that so many citizens have. With ways to make sure your voice is heard, ways that won't work, and a guide to work. "Citizen's Handbook to Influencing Elected Officials " is a choice read for those who want to make a difference with today's hard to reach politicians.

The Buddhist Studies Shelf

The Buddha in Your Mirror
Woody Hochswender, Greg Martin, & Ted Morino
Middleway Press
606 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401
9780967469782, $14.00,

Buddhism has a simple coherent philosophy, and many seek to place its value in their lives. "The Buddha in Your Mirror: Practical Buddhism and the Search for Self" is a guide for even non-Buddhists to more coherently apply the principles of Buddhism to their life with their own simple tips to live a more enlightened life. Drawing on the works of the famed Buddhist thinker Nichiren and his direct path to Enlightenment, the authors put forth an excellent guide to better understanding the religion and philosophy. "The Buddha in Your Mirror" is a fine read with much to ponder and is not to be missed.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

The Health and Wellness Insider's Guide to Durable Trends, Fleeting Fads & Innovative Ideas
Leslie A. Nolen
Wellness Business Forum
6757 Arapaho Rd., Ste. 711-227, Dallas, TX 75248
9780982984109, $24.95,

The need for health is a need that companies can help meet, but they must be current and up to date. "The Health and Wellness Insider's Guide to Durable Trends, Fleeting Fads & Innovative Ideas" is a guide for health industries to deliver a more comprehensive and efficient product to their customers and how to keep up to date with the latest developments and buzz words that will be hot and heavily used in coming years. "The Health and Wellness Insider's Guide to Durable Trends, Fleeting Fads & Innovative Ideas" is a useful and very highly recommended pick for any business leader's resource collection.

Personal Healthcare Record
c/o Tortuga Publishing
1142 S. Diamond Bar #261, 1142 S. Diamond Bar #261, CA 91765
9780974464336, $19.95,

Keeping a record of your health is an excellent way to keep track of it. "Personal Healthcare Record: Birth to Seventeen Years Old" is a workbook designed to help readers keep track of their own healthcare records for ease of use for transferring between doctors and to help themselves keep tabs on their own health. Designed to easy to use and portable as well as for keeping notes on one's family, this volume is used for young children. Also available is the adult edition, "Personal Healthcare Record: Adult" (9780974464343, $19.95), to serve as a resource for adults keeping track of their own health.

Help with the Hard Stuff
Lauren W. Tolle & William T. O'Donohue
Health Press NA Inc.
PO Box 37470, Albuquerque, NM 87176
9780929173559, $19.95,

Diabetes changes the way you live your life. "Help with the Hard Stuff: Type 1 Diabetes: Workbooks for Teens with Type 1 Diabetes and Their Parents" is a guide for those with Diabetes as well as their families. Offering plenty of true and false questions, information on managing the disorder, and a lot more, Lauren Tolle and William O'Donohue give readers exactly what they need to know to equip themselves with the most powerful weapon against the disorder - information. "Help with the Hard Stuff" is a fine pick and very highly recommended.

Soaring Above Co-Addiction
Lisa Ann Espich
Twin Feather Publishing
PO Box 18910, Tucson, AZ 85731
9780615359755, $14.95,

When one half of the soul is addicted, it is both their problems. "Soaring Above Co-Addiction: Helping Your Loved One Get Clean, While Creating the Life of Your Dreams" is a guide for couples who want to overcome addiction and the crippling pattern it brings to their relationship and their family. Preaching the power that a supportive couple can bring, "Soaring Above Co-Addiction" has a powerful message and is very highly recommended.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions
Ken Ham
Master Books
PO Box 726, Green Forest, AR 72638
9780890516003, $12.99,

Biblical critics often say the Bible contradicts itself. Ken Ham disagrees. "Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions: Exploring Forty Alleged Contradictions" is a study from Ham as he pools together the writings of many students of the Bible as they present their counter-arguments to the claim that the Bible is self-defeating. Each of the many authors tackles many of the contradictions, making "Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions" a charming and very highly recommended read.

The Joy of Compassionate Connecting
Jaime L. Prieto
Compassionate Connecting
25 Via Falerno, Aliso Viejo, CA 91656
9781451514254, $19.99,

Jesus was an advocate of friendship above all else. "The Joy of Compassionate Connecting: The Way of Christ Through Nonviolent Communication" discusses nonviolent communication and emphasizing the importance of keeping the peace. Encouraging readers to remember the virtue of loving one's enemies, and working to a more harmonious world, "The Joy of Compassionate Connecting" is a sage read with powerful wisdom.

Cartwheels in the Rain
Joseph Dubowksi
DPI Books
5016 Spedale Court #331, Spring Hill, TN 37174
9781577822585, $14.00,

Faced with tragedy, one must remember that mourning is not forever. "Cartwheels in the Rain: Finding Faith in the Wake of the Unthinkable" tells the story of Joe and Laurel Dubowski, facing the tragedy when a gunman killed their twenty year old daughter in an act of random violence on campus. Encouraging others who have lost close loved ones to empower themselves to help them overcome their tragedy, "Cartwheels in the Rain" is a fine pick for those trying to conquer their grief through inspiration and faith.

Starting from Zero with $0
Becky Garrison
Church Publishing Incorporated
341 Great Circle Rd., Nashville, TN 37228
9781596271258, $18.00,

It's hard to make a difference when you can't even buy yourself a cup of coffee to get yourself started. "Starting From Zero with $0: Building Mission -Shaped Ministries on a Shoestring" is a guide for the devoted minister with nothing but good intentions in hand. Becky Garrison draws on influence from grassroots ministry across the western world as people make the most of what little they have and get much possible positive impact for the little buck they have. "Starting from Zero with $0" is a must for those who want to change the world without having dead presidents to back you up.

Over Coffee
D. A. Thompson
Bluehead Publishing
c/o D.A. Productions
1425 Broadway, Suite 540, Seattle, WA
9780615357003, $13.95,

Too often, being a gay conservative seems like a contradiction of itself. "Over Coffee: A Conversation for Gay Partnership & Conservative Faith" is a study of conservative Christian faith and homosexuality through a conversation between the author and a small-town pastor and a gay individual in his church. D. A. Thompson hopes to discuss why Christianity and homosexuality do not have to be at odds, and does it well. "Over Coffee" is a thoughtful and enlightening read for anyone concerned about homosexuality and its relation to traditional Christian belief.

The Photography Shelf

Capturing Life Through Better Photography
Tamara Lackey
Lackey Ballard Productions
6815 Fayetteville, Road, Studio 201, Durham, NC 27713
9780984445172, $34.99,

Life only happens once, so your photo better make it count. "Capturing Life Through Better Photography" is a photography guide from Tamara Lackey as she comes at readers with a wide assortment of advice and wisdom for making the most of fast paced photography, to be ready for when life shows you that moment you want to preserve. With a focus on acting fast, keeping your equipment up to date, the fundamentals of photography, "Capturing Life Through Better Photography" is a choice read and very highly recommended.

The Social Issues Shelf

Growing a Garden City
Jeremy N. Smith
Skyhorse Publishing
555 Eighth Avenue, Suite 903, New York, NY 10018
9781616081089, $24.95,

Locally grown is not a myth, it in fact can be a very real reality. "Growing a Garden City" is a guide to turning one's community into one that embraces locally grown produce for better health of the city and its residence. Everyone can contribute to this greater public work that can have untold benefits to the community as a whole. With advice on how to get such a project started in your own city, "Growing a Garden City" is packed with full color photos and a positive message, making a grade-A choice for those who want to make a difference.

Climate of Uncertainty
William Stewart
Ocean Publishing
PO Box 1080, 200 S. Oceanshore Blvd., Suite 4, Flagler Beach, FL 32136
9780976729167, $14.95,

With the environment, you can never be sure what will be there for us even a year for now, never mind decades down the road. "Climate of Uncertainty: A Balanced Look at Global Warming and Renewable Energy" discusses the modern energy crisis and its relation to global warming. William Stewart approaches many solutions and analyzes their benefits and solutions for each of them. "Climate of Uncertainty" is a fine and recommended read, not to be missed.

The Self-Help Shelf

Super Life Secret Codes
Great Sun
Sunland Group International Corporation
17360 Colima Rd., #804, Rowland Heights, CA 91746
9780578071022, $19.95,

There's no easy cheat code to win life, but there are those tips that make it much easier along the way. "Super Life Secret Codes" is an advisory manual with plenty of simple wisdom to pursue more success in their lives. Be it romance, be it health, be it family, or the career, Great Sun comes to readers with simple no-nonsense wisdom that shouldn't be overlooked. "Super Life Secret Codes" is a fine addition to any self-help collection.

Robert Pittenger
Barrelhead Media
5797 West Fountain Circle, Mason, OH 45040
9780983070405, $18.95,

There is a certain drive and intangible element that drives a person to become a billionaire. "Billionaire!: How the Ultra-Rich Built Their Fortunes Through Good and Evil and What You Can Learn From Them" looks at how these ludicrously wealthy people came into their fame and fortune and what can be learned from their stories as both a cautionary and inspirational tale. "Billionaire!" is an interesting and fun read with plenty of motivation, highly recommended.

Reasoning Backwards
Gregg Young
Young Associates
2911 Highbrook Dr., Midland, MI 48642
9780983011354, $24.95

Reasoning and thinking come into play far more than one would expect in life. "Reasoning Backwards: Sherlock Holmes Guide to Effective Problem Solving" is a guide to empowering one's critical thinking skills to execute them well in everyday life. These deduction skills are made famous by Sherlock Holmes in criminal mysteries, but Gregg Young shows where they can be used in life. "Reasoning Backwards" is a fine pick with plenty of useful wisdom.

The Gardening Shelf

Growing Stevia for Market
Jeffrey Goettemoeller
Prairie Oak Publishing
221 S. Saunders St., Maryville, MO 64468
9780978629359, $43.00,

Sugar has always been the first sweetener thought of, but stevia can be a good natural alternative. "Growing Stevia for Market" is a guide for those who want to embrace the stevia plant, an alternative sweetener that is low glycemic and can be grown in a versatile array of locations. With tips and tricks to getting started on growing this plant, and how to turn it profitable, "Growing Stevia for Market" is a fine choice for any gardener who wants to turn their hobby into money.

The Education Shelf

Tried and True Classroom Games and Greetings
Origins Developmental Designs
3805 Grand Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55409
9780938541158, $9.95

The simple act of play encourages cooperation and more than most people realize. "Tried and True Classroom Games and Greetings" is a collection of classroom games that will help classrooms get to know each other and build trust and cooperation among them. Thirty games, twenty greetings, and more to build classroom togetherness, "Tried and True Classroom Games and Greetings" is a strong pick for any teacher of students rapidly approaching the teenage years.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Common Wealth
Freddy Silva
Invisible Temple
176 Danforth Street, Portland, ME 04102
9780578068268, $25.00,

What did our ancient ancestors know that was lost to time? "Common Wealth: Our Legacy of Places of Power and the Transformation of the Human Soul" delves into our deep ancient history and the state of the ancient gods and the spiritual nature that has seemingly been lost to time. Looking to explore the aspects of sacred places and what they mean to our development, "Common Wealth" is a fascinating metaphysical read on ancient religion and their temples.

The Michigan Dogman
Linda S. Godfrey
Unexplained Research LLC
PO Box 2173, Eau Claire, WI 54702-2173
9780979882265, $15.95,

Werewolves seem like a product of monster movies, but could there be something more to the legend? "The Michigan Dogman: Werewolves and Other Unknown Canines Across the USA" is a speculative book from Linda S. Godfrey as she searches for the real werewolves that roam America's forests under the eye and away from most of our knowledge. Fascinating reading for new age and metaphysical readers, "The Michigan Dogman" is highly recommended.

The Economics Shelf

The Economic Dependency Trap
Calvin Helin
Ravencrest Publishing
546 Flanders Drive, St. Louis, MO 63122
9781932824087, $22.95,

Could the aid that America offers instill dependency in millions? "The Economic Dependency Trap: Breaking Free to Self-Reliance" is an argument from Calvin Helin, stating that the welfare programs that America offers heavily leads Americans into a false sense of entitlement and leads them unable to push themselves further and above the limits they put on themselves. Using his own success of coming from nothing to become something, he comes with a very free-market driven argument. "The Economic Dependency Trap" is worth considering for those who want more insight on what may be keeping Americans down.

The Psychology Shelf

The Whole-Brain Path to Peace
James Olson
Origin Press
PO Box 151117, San Rafael, CA 94915
9781579830557, $21.95,

Trying to understand something from one angle and not another just won't work. "The Whole-Brian Path to Peace: The Role of Left- and Right-Brain Dominance in the Polarization and Reunification of America" looks the conflict of the left and right brain in the pursuit of understanding the conflicts in our world, and how left-brained individuals focus on the needs of the individual while right brained individuals focus on the needs of the many. An intriguing dissection of both sides of many debates, "The Whole-Brain Path to Peace" will give readers a fascinating look at a better understanding of themselves and others.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Murder at Avedon Hill
P. G. Holyfield
Dragon Moon Press
355 Berry Street #417, San Francisco, CA 94158
9781897492109, $19.95

When gods entwine themselves in the events of mortals, nothing goes as expected. "Murder at Avedon Hill" is a fascinating fantasy from P. G. Holyfield and the land of Caern, where the gods, magic, and faith find themselves at odds. When murder strikes society which is already at heavy odds with each other, the boiling point may be reached. Arames Kragen, a scholar, finds himself must being able to find the truth behind it all to earn his way into a mysterious mountain pass..."Murder at Avedon Hill" is an exciting and riveting fantasy, not to be missed. Also from Dragon Moon Press, "Toothless" (9781897492185, $19.95), telling the story of a Templar who has fallen but yet must serve what he was trying to destroy, a dark force that seeks to destroy the land. But even as undeath grips him, his duty may not be totally lost.

The Governor's Dog is Missing!
Sneed B. Collard III
Bucking Horse Books
PO Box 8507, Missoula, MT 59807
9780984446018, $16.00,

The first dog of the state is missing, and two pre-teen detectives are on the case to find his whereabouts. "The Governor's Dog is Missing!" is the first entry into the Slate Stephens mystery series as he teams up with Daphne McSweeney to find the missing governor's dog, with the unusual name of Cat. "The Governor's Dog is Missing" is a charming mystery for young adult readers that they should relish.

The Philosophy Shelf

Morality in Social Life
Sergio Bastianel
7661 NW 68th St., Suite 108, Miami, FL 33166
9781934996140, $32.99

Morality is more than simple interpersonal relationships. "Morality in Social Life" is a discussion of philosophy and morality from Sergio Bastianel, as he discusses morality in our day to day relationships and its value in the bigger picture of humanity as a whole. Drawing on the impact of Christianity, its principles and its impact on history, Bastianel presents many fascinating ideas breaking down why we do the things that we do. "Morality in Social Life" is an intriguing study, an excellent addition to any community or college library collection.

The Humor Shelf

The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin
Ron J. Suresha
Lethe Press
118 Heritage Avenue, Maple Shade, NJ 08052-3018
9781590211755, $18.00,

A good legend is something hard to keep down. "The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin: Stories, jests, and donkey tales of the beloved Persian folk hero" is a collection of short fiction original and retold from Ron J. Suresha as he grants readers an exploration of the legend of Nasruddin, beloved throughout the Middle East and Persia for centuries. "The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin" is a fine pick and very highly recommended.

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