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Reviewer's Choice

The Italian Townscape
Ivor de Wolfe
Artifice Books
9781908967091, $39.95

First published in the 1960s, The Italian Townscape was written by Hubert de Cronin Hastings under his pseudonym of Ivor de Wolfe, and presents photographs taken by him and his wife Hazel as it explores his original concept of 'townscape' and its importance to urban areas as dynamic, emerging public spaces. Architecture and Italian towns are part of an in-depth analysis of Italian themes, culture, and the elements and icons that make up 'public space'. It's one of the groundbreaking architecture books of our times: to see this reprint and to have it available for contemporary architectural students and urban studies readers is a real treat. That it holds relevance and longevity far past its original 1960s writing is a testimony to its solid foundation, and the black and white photos of Italian townscapes that pack the analysis are revealing and important as well.

Creative You
David B. Goldstein & Otto Kroeger
Beyond Words Publishing
20827 NW Cornell Road, Suite 500
Hillsboro, OR 97124
9781582703657, $18.00,

Creative You: Using Your Personality Type to Thrive is recommended for a wide range of collections, from those strong in business and careers to psychology holdings and libraries catering to students. It tells how to use a simple quiz to determine your personality type and then apply this creative potential to job and home environment through tools and techniques discussed within. There are plenty of career guides that tell how to link a career goal with personality, but few hold the specifics of how to center on personal creative genius and how to apply it on and off the job. The result is a fine recommendation for any who would understand more about their abilities and how they translate in the modern world.

The Agriculture Shelf

Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Land
Gary Paul Nabhan
Chelsea Green Publishing Company
85 North Main Street, Suite 120
White River Junction, VT 05001
9781603584531, $29.95,

Growing Food in a Hotter, Drier Land: Lessons from Desert Farmers on Adapting to Climate Uncertainty provides a powerful account from one of the world's experts on the agricultural traditions of arid lands and uses knowledge of desert farmers around the world to compile and assess time-tried strategies. From protecting fields from drought, winds and floods to building better soils and selecting plants better suited to warmer, drier climates, this provides a wealth of information and diagrams on how to adapt such practices to a farm, orchard, or even a backyard plot. Any living in arid areas must have this fine survey of techniques for preserving food and growing quality under arid conditions.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Talking to the Spirits
Kenaz Filan and Raven Kaldera
Destiny Books
c/o Inner Traditions International, Ltd.
One Park Street, Rochester, VT 05767
978162550830, $18.95,

Talking to the Spirits: Personal Gnosis in Pagan Religion provides a fine survey of pagan spirituality and considers daily life, direct communication with the Gods, and how to ask Guides for assistance or teachings. From developing sensitivity to voices of the Divine to soliciting and understanding spiritual messages and understanding personal gnosis, this is a powerful survey on avoiding theological conflicts between Pagan groups and personal gnosis, and provides principles for seekers and groups alike. A 'must' for any new age spirituality holding!

The Home Apothecary
Stacey Dugliss-Wesselman
c/o Quayside Publishing Group
400 First Avenue North, Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55401-1721
9781592538195, $24.99,

The Home Apothecary: Cold Spring Aopthecary's Cookbook of Hand-Crafted Remedies & Recipes for the Hair, Skin, Body, and Home offers new ideas for caring for the body and provides over 75 natural and chemical-free body care products from lotions to face masks. Presented in a flexibound book with over two hundred color photos, this provides consumers with ingredients that lead to better external body health, promoting green beauty and home goods products that will especially appeal to new age readers and health collections alike.

The Five Seasons
Joseph Cardillo
New Page Books
c/o Career Press Inc.
220 West Parkway, Unit 12
Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
9781601632586, $14.99,

The Five Seasons: Tap Into Nature's Secrets for Health, Happiness, and Harmony comes from a therapist and media expert in mind/body connections and covers the five universal seasons that form the basis of so much in Chinese medicine and Western psychology. It considers how to use the rising and falling energies of these seasons to train mind and body to feel relaxed and energized, and shows how to understand this ebb and flow of energy both within one's self and throughout the world. From staying healthy to fighting off depression and understanding beneficial conflict patterns, this is a recommendation for health and new age collections alike.

The Native American Studies Shelf

The Rise and Fall of North American Indians
William Brandon
Taylor Trade Publishing
c/o Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group
4501 Forbes Blvd., Suite 200
Lanham, MD 20706
1589790367, $34.95,

The Rise and Fall of North American Indians From Prehistory Through Geronimo provides a scholarly account tracing the history of Native Americans from their Stone Age roots through their rise and fall to today's world. It's a sweeping and impassioned survey that tells the stories of all kinds of tribes, their encounters with white people, and the evolution of Indian-White relations that would become the blueprint for the eventual near-extinction of not just tribes, but an entire culture. Tribes chronicled here range from Mayans and Olmecs to Cree and Apache and beyond, and offers a definitive survey of the extent of tribal relationships and struggles in North America. Any collection looking for such an in-depth survey will find this reference a 'must have' addition.

Healing Histories
Laurie Meijer Drees
University of Alberta Press
Ring House 2
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6G 2E1
9780888646927, $29.95,

Healing Histories: Stories from Canada's Indian Hospitals is the first collection of Aboriginal perspectives on the history of tuberculosis in Canada's native communities, and gathers oral reports from patients, families and workers who experienced Canada's Indian Hospital System. While specific to Canada and this system, it provides a rich series of insights on those affected by the disease and its treatment and uses an intercultural model to consider new ethics for writing about indigenous Canadian experiences. College-level audiences as well as any interested in Canada's Native American experiences will find this a scholarly yet accessible read.

The Black Seminoles
Kenneth W. Porter
University Press of Florida
University of Florida
15 Northwest 15th Street
Gainesville, FL 32611-2079
9780813044880, $19.95,

General history and Native American collections alike will find THE BLACK SEMINOLES: HISTORY OF A FREEDOM-SEEKING PEOPLE a powerful guide detailing the lives of two fugitive slaves who aligned themselves with Seminole Indians in Florida and fought with them in the Second Seminole War - and were consequently removed to Indian Territory where they struggled against re-enslavement. Their leader wound up leading many to Mexico. Porter spoke with Chief Horse's descendants and older black Seminoles with first-hand knowledge to create this rare account, highly recommended especially for Native American collections!

The Travel Shelf

Perth & West Coast Australia, sixth edition
Peter Dragicevich,
Lonely Planet Publications
150 Linden Street, Oakland CA 94607
9781741790467, $21.99,

The sixth updated edition of the take-along tote Perth & West Coast Australia provides a powerful gathering of maps (over forty), three months of on-location research, and extensive, in-depth coverage of a region of Australia many visitors don't get to. From sights and activities to places to stay and eat, it is a destination traveler's dream, packing in all the basics of the region and including traveler's tips and recommendations for every facet of a trip, whether it be off-the-beaten-path or a main route itinerary followed by many other travelers. Because most guides either try to embrace the entirety of Australia and thus do injustice to the Perth region, or avoid it entirely, this remains an exceptional and highly recommended choice for any who would focus on the region.

The Longest Road
Philip Caputo
Henry Holt & Company
175 Fifth Avenue, Suite 400
New York, NY 10010-7725
9780805094466, $28.00,

The Longest Road: Overland in Search of America, from Key West to the Arctic Circle began as a basic question of how the diverse U.S. remains united even as it remains an ethnic melting pot. In 2011, in a country rocked by economic uncertainty, the author and his wife and pets hit the open road in an Airstream camper and embarked on a four-month road trip to meet Americans from all different walks of life, from city to country, teens to old people, Native Americans to Mexicans. What evolved was a fine portrait of how a diverse nation holds together, as told by a fine group of enthusiastic individuals. Travel, social issues and general lending shelves alike will see popularity with this memoir.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

The Right Side of Wrong
Reavis Z. Wortham
Poisoned Pen Press
6962 E. First Ave., #103, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
9781464201462, $24.95,

THE RIGHT SIDE OF WRONG provides a fine Red River mystery blending history with a crime novel and is a top pick set in 1965, when Constable Cody Parker in Texas experiences prophetic dreams of disaster. When he's ambushed and nearly killed he encounters a terrifying killer, "The Skinner", and his uncle, Constable Ned Parker, finds his hands full trying to solve a seemingly unconnected string of murders in a small Texas county. Investigations twine and become complex in this riveting saga, highly recommended for any historical mystery collection looking for something strong in setting, time, and characterizations.

A Tap On the Window
Linwood Barclay
New American Library
c/o Penguin Group (USA)
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
9780451414182, $25.95,

A Tap On the Window provides a satisfying thriller to follow the 2012 acclaimed Trust Your Eyes, named one of the 10 Best Crime Books of the Year by the Boston Globe. This thriller centers around P.I. Cal Weaver, who picks up a teen on a street corner in the rain only to discover that he's being gaslighted, and that the girl who returns from getting a burger is in fact a doppelganger who turns up dead in the river the next day. The real Claire is also missing - and the plot thickens.

Little Black Book of Murder
Nancy Martin
c/o Penguin Group (USA)
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
9780451415257, $23.95,

Little Black Book of Murder provides a fine new addition to the 'Blackbird Sisters' mystery series and tells of Nora, who is all set to interview a billionaire fashion designer for a new project when the designer is discovered dead. Nora and her sisters decide to investigate but find that solving the celebrity murder involves a host of colorful and puzzling characters, including a former mobster and many with underlying motives that may include murder. High society, glamour, and challenging encounters with unusual people permeate another fine mystery centered on the Blackbird Sisters which requires no prior familiarity to prove compelling.

City of Mirrors
Melodie Johnson Howe
Pegasus Books
80 Broad Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10004
9781605984681, $24.95,

City of Mirrors provides a fine Diana Poole thriller and is a recommended pick for any collection seeing excitement over thriller writings. Set in the Hollywood environment author Howe knows so well, City of Mirrors tells of a forty-something actress desperate to rebuild her career after years away from the limelight: a process that rarely results in success. When an old friend and movie producer offers her a role, she jumps at it - only to become involved with the murder of a fellow actress the day after they have had a heated dispute on set. Implicated in the murder, Diana decides to clear her name by going after the killer herself - and finds her PI skills unexpectedly strong and equally dangerous. A powerful saga emerges in a satisfying cat-and-mouse thriller.

Heirs and Graces
Rhys Brown
Berkeley Prime Crime
c/o Penguin Group (USA)
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
9780425260029, $24.95,

HEIRS AND GRACES presents a Royal Spyness mystery, the seventh in the series, and centers around Lady Georgiana Rannoch, enlisted to groom the Duke's newly discovered heir for high society. When the Duke decides to choose his own heir, murder results - and despite what it looks like, Georgie is certain that the obvious perp isn't in fact very obvious at all. Royal politics and high society blend with a murder mystery steeped in history and intrigue, spiced with a first personal observational tone perfect for any avid mystery reader looking for more depth and action than most.

The Way of the Zephyr
Janet Dawson
Perservance Press
c/o Daniel & Daniel, Publishers
PO Box 2790, McKinleyville, CA 95519
9781564745309, $15.95,

The Way of the Zephyr - A Mystery is train intrigue at its best and presents the scenario of a 1952 transcontinental train stopped by an avalanche in a remote Colorado canyon. There's a murderer on board - and it's up to Jill McLeod to unearth the killer's motives, psychology, and stop him before he kills again. Many mystery writers have used the setting of a train to produce some of the most classic murder mysteries in print. This one offers a new take on the Orient Express, where the killer isn't done after a single murder and the train attendant must turn P.I. to solve the crime, armed only with a screwdriver and an ability to undercover underlying motives and dangers. Any who want a solid train-oriented mystery will find this provides unexpected twists and turns from beginning to end!

The Fiction Shelf

The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe
Mary Simses
Little, Brown & Company
c/o Hachette Book Group
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
9780316225854, $26.00,

The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe is a lovely novel that lures the reader with a tantalizingly sweet title and continues the charm with a New England setting, romance, and descriptions spiced with images of blueberry muffins, strawberry rhubarb pie, and other baked goods. Ellen is on a mission to find a hometown boy once loved and lost - a mission that will fulfill her grandmother's dying wish. What she doesn't expect is that her own mission will evolve, delicately centered around a sense of place, a sense of romance, and an appreciation for food. Any looking for light summer reading will find this simply irresistible!

The Sweetest Hallelujah
Elaine Hussey
Harlequin Books
225 Duncan Mill Road
Don Mills, Ontario, Canada, M3B 3K9
9780778315193, $15.95,

The Sweetest Hallelujah tells of two women in 1950s Mississippi and is set against the backdrop of civil injustice as it tells of a black single mother who finds she is dying, and places a want ad seeking a loving mother for her ten-year-old daughter. Recently widowed Cassie is wealthy and privileged - but sees Betty's ad and finds herself inexplicably drawn to her situation. Segregation, friendship, and survival are powerful themes that make The Sweetest Hallelujah a solid pick for any fiction reader.

The Age of Ice
J.M. Sidorova
c/o Simon and Schuster
1230 Avenue of the Americas, 14th fl.
New York, NY 10020
9781451692716, $26.00,

The Age of Ice provides a fine debut novel by a Russian author and biology professor who writes about a cursed 18th-century noble, and provides a fine historical work that blends Russian culture and science. Set in 1740s St. Petersburg, Empress Anna has ordered a palace built entirely of ice - and seal a couple inside for her entertainment. With the birth of children comes revelations, unusual abilities, and a life that revolves around uncovering the truth behind Alexander's strange condition of being immune to cold. It blends romance, ethics, and many evocative scenes in a moving saga perfect for any fiction reader seeking something different from the norm.

David Wellington
William Morrow & Company
c/o HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022-5299
9780062248770, $24.99,

CHIMERA presents a new Jim Chapel story, centers around the Afghanistan veteran who finds war has entered a new battle front in his own back yard, and blends intrigue and mystery with the story of a group of escapees from a top secret military compound: genetically modified killers on a dangerous mission. As Jim moves from behind the desk, recovering from military action, to a new forefront of battle, he finds his task even more demanding than facing fire on the front lines. For the deadly chimera soldiers are more than just fighting machines - and it will take a man with more than a soldier's background to match their cunning and super-powerful forces. CHIMERA presents a tense mystery thriller wrapped in a cloak of military battle experience perfect for a wide range of readers.

Kill City Blues
Richard Kadrey
Harper Voyageur
c/o HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022-5299
9780062094599, $24.99,

KILL CITY BLUES provides a fine new Sandman Slim novel in which James Stark (Sandman Slim) has escaped Hell, renounced his title as the new Lucifer, and come back to L.A. Unfortunately he also lost a powerful weapon from banished older gods who are searching for their lost power; a hunt which leads Stark to the depths of society and a world where secrets are closely guarded and a dead man may hold the key to survival. A powerful story filled with intrigue, fantasy, mystery and satisfying twists of plot will make a fine read for both newcomers and prior readers of Sandman Slim, who will find the setting unique and the action unforgettable.

The Technology Shelf

Powering Search
Ali Shiri
Information Today Inc.
143 Old Marlton Pike, Medford, NJ 08055-8750
9781573874540, $59.50,

POWERING SEARCH: THE ROLE OF THESAURI IN NEW INFORMATION ENVIRONMENTS provides a fine monograph considering the role of thesauri in search user interfaces in a range of information search systems, from databases and digital collections to open archives and content management systems, and is an assessment of a range of projects and practices from many different sources. Website developers, information professionals, scholars and students of library science and referencing alike will find this packed with guidelines on how to use thesauri to build better search engines for new purposes. The author is a professor holding a doctorate in information science: his keys to research offers powerful assessments of everything from social tagging to digital user interfaces and thesaurus-enhanced search user interfaces.

Advances in FDTD Computational Electrodynamics
Allen Taflove, Editor,
Artech House
685 Canton Street, Norwood, MA 02062
9781608071708, $139.00,

Advances in FDTD Computational Electrodynamics: Photonics and Nanotechnology provides the current state of the art in implementing computational models of nanoscale optical interactions, offering advanced equations solved using the finite-different time-domain technique (FDTD) and providing engineering professionals with the latest developments in computational modeling of nanoscale microscopy and microchip lithography. College-level and professional reference collections strong in nanotechnology and engineering receive a range of critical topics and the latest research on nanoscale biophotonics, and will appreciate the in-depth analysis and surveys that cover the latest advances, theories, and their real-world applications. It's an engineering reference that is specialized but highly recommended as a useful, applied resource.

Rephael Wenger
CRC Press
6000 NW Broken Sound Parkway NW, Suite 300
Boca Raton, FL 33487
9781466570979, $89.95,

Isosurfaces: Geometry, Topology & Algorithms provides college-level readers with a key reference that pairs algorithmic aspects of isosurface construction with a visualization process important for researchers already working with isosurfaces. It considers the foundations and state of work on isosurfaces, blending geometry, algorithms and discussions of isosurface properties and seed sets with practical advanced formulas and discussions of applications. From proofs and decomposing processes to examples of interval volume properties, chapters provide both math and visual approaches key to understanding, making this a solid technical reference for both students and those working in the field.

The Social Issues Shelf

Supply Shock
Brian Czech
New Society Publishers
PO Box 189
Gabriola Island, BC, Canada, V0R 1X0
9780865717442, $22.95,

SUPPLY SHOCK: ECONOMIC GROWTH AT THE CROSSROADS AND THE STEADY STATE SOLUTION is a pick for economics, business and social issues shelves alike, and considers the myth of benefits of limitless expansion processes. Economic growth is no longer a desired option, but a damaging end result affecting the environment, the economy, and the social structure itself. From obstacles to reconciling growth and environmental protection efforts to post-growth scenarios and limitations, this provides a foundation for a new economic model that is NOT based on economic growth: the steady state solution. Any who want to integrate sound economic principles with equally sound social insights will find this a winner.

The Heart is Noble
The Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje
Shambhala Publications, Inc.
300 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, MA 02115-4544
9781611800012, $21.95,

The Heart is Noble: Changing the World from the Inside Out would normally be considered for new age or spirituality holdings: while these collections will find it a top pick, it's reviewed here for its wider attraction to social issues collections as well. The teachings advocate recognizing the qualities of a 'noble heart' - and sharing those qualities with others. It provides a satisfying blend of spiritual and social compassion and shares the Karmapa's vision of how this changed view can affect wider global issues from hunger to interactions large and small. From questions such as "who really owns the planet" to building bridges between hearts and minds that eventually span larger goals, this is a wide-ranging and powerful survey highly recommended for any collection strong in social issues, global perspectives, and conscious thinking.

Technologies of Life and Death
Kelly Oliver
Fordham University Press
2546 Belmont Avenue
University Box L, Bronx, NY 10458-5172
9780823251094, $26.00,

Technologies of Life and Death: From Cloning to Capital Punishment is a philosophical, ethical and social discussion that provides college-level readers with an approach to contemporary problems raised by technologies of life and death. Politics, social issues, and civil rights enter the fray as public policies are examined and ethical discussions revolve around assumptions on nature and change. The result is a detailed, scholarly discourse on the ethical issues of modern times recommended for a wide range of college readers, from healthcare students to those involved in social and political studies programs.

Pink Sari Revolution
Amana Fontanella-Kahn
W. W. Norton & Company
500 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10110
9780393062977, $26.95,

Pink Sari Revolution: A Tale of Women and Power in India comes from a journalist who reveals the history, tactics and goals of some 20,000 pink-sari-wearing female revolutionaries in India, and is a pick for both general-interest collections and women's studies holdings alike. The Pink Gang grew from the efforts of one Sampat Pal, who refused to tolerate the injustice in her life. Her independent and social consciousness fueled strife in her community and fostered a driven goal to change women's lives - and the processes of her work through the Pink gang offers important insights into Indian culture and women's rights struggles in that country. A vivid, highly recommended account emerges!

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Botanical Safety Handbook, second edition
Zoe Gardner and Michael McGuffin, Editors
CRC Press
6000 NW Broken Sound Parkway NW, Suite 300
Boca Raton, FL 33487
9781466516946, $110.82,

Botany, health, and reference collections alike will welcome the second updated edition of the American Herbal Products Association's Botanical Safety Handbook, which provides updated, new references and extensive (over 1,000), in-depth information for any who use herbs or herbal products. Some of the top experts in the field of herbal and botanical products review traditional knowledge and the latest research on the subject, adding to a weighty survey that packs in over 500 species of herbs and their uses. A quick classification system lends to at-a-glance referencing, while evaluations of the safety of each species and potential drug interactions accompany toxicity studies, safety classifications, and discussions of case histories and reports on reactions and benefits. The result is a fine reference, a 'must' for any collection strong in botany or medicine.

Clinical Exercise Physiology, third edition
Jonathan K. Ehrman,
Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc.
PO Box 5076, Champaign, IL 61820-5076
9781450412803, $94.00,

The third updated edition of Clinical Exercise Physiology provides college-level health and sports holdings alike with an in-depth examination of the clinical aspects of exercise physiology as it applies to chronic disease, and has been revised throughout to reflect the many changes that have affected the field. From a new chapter on intellectual disability to case studies covering nearly thirty diseases and populations, Clinical Exercise Physiology pairs discussion and case histories with highlights of basic concepts and a format and presentation that encourage critical assessment. Charts, black and white illustrations, discussions of therapy side effects and literature review, and practical applications based on the latest research lend to an in-depth reference perfect for any health or sports collection appealing to professionals and students alike.

The Psychology Shelf

Getting Unstuck in ACT
Russ Harris
New Harbinger Press
5674 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609
9781608828050, $29.95,

Getting Unstuck in ACT: A Clinician's Guide to Overcoming Common Obstacles in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a fine troubleshooting guide for any who have become 'stuck doing acceptance and commitment therapy, and is a top pick for mental health professionals looking for step-by-step strategies for overcoming all common roadblocks to ACT. From motivating clients and handling challenging behavior patterns to simplifying concepts for new clients who don't understand how ACT can work, this is a fine clinician's guide for any psychology collection.

Cracked, Not Broken
Kevin Hines
Rowman & Littlefield
c/o Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group
4501 Forbes Blvd., Suite 200
Lanham, MD 20706
9781442222403, $29.95,

CRACKED, NOT BROKEN: SURVIVING AND THRIVING AFTER A SUICIDE ATTEMPT is a striking story of survival and comes form an author who at age nineteen jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. The fall didn't end his life; it began a chronicle of facing mental illness - bipolar disorder - and a series of breakdowns that challenged the author's desire to live mentally well. His is a powerful saga that offers many insights to those struggling with life after a suicide attempt; from living daily with mental illness to navigating the world and discovering keys to better living. A 'must' for any health or self-help collection!

An Unintended Journey
Janet Yagoda Shagam
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2197
9781616147518, $20.00,

AN UNINTENDED JOURNEY; A CAREGIVER'S GUIDE TO DEMENTIA uses personal experience and research to provide readers with an insider's view of dementia care. From an introduction to the science and physiology of dementia to its effects on families and caregiving systems and how to pay for care, this covers all the social, health and legal foundations of caring for an adult who is no longer competent, and is a 'must' for caregivers who want a blend of research and its personal application.

T. Colin Campbell, PhD
BenBella Books
10300 N. Central Expressway, Suite 400
Dallas, TX 75204
9781937856243, $26.95,

WHOLE: RETHINKING THE SCIENCE OF NUTRITION is a recommendation for any health collection and provides a fine survey of recent studies in the science of nutrition. From antioxidants in apples and metabolic reactions to food consumption to vast changes in the field of nutrition research that moves from close inspection of chemical reactions to the overall effects of the whole, WHOLE offers a fine analysis of studies into food, nutrition and human physiology and presents all technical information in a user-friendly format that requires no science or nutrition familiarity in order to prove accessible. A fine recommendation for any health or general-interest collection.

The Computer Shelf

Multimedia Web Design and Development
T. Richardson and C. Thies
Mercury Learning
22841 Quicksilver Drive, Dulles, VA 20166
9781936420384, $54.95,

Multimedia Web Design and Development: Using Languages to Build Dynamic Web Pages covers the basics of using a range of languages in the production of dynamic Web pages, and is a recommendation for any computer collection appealing to web programmers. A companion DVD provides video tutorial backup and support files including code, while developers and designers will enjoy front-end and back-end design discussions that incorporate language examples for self study and activities to reinforce basics. The result is a powerful survey highly recommended for any collection appealing to web developers working on more than one platform with more than one language.

Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration
Bill Calkins
Prentice Hall Professional
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300
Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
9780133007107, $49.99,

Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration is for any computer collection appealing to Solaris programmers and teaches the skills needed to install and administer the operating system in real-world environments. Dozens of "learn by example" features throughout teach these basics by applying solutions to real-world problems in data centers. The author has taught and administered Oracle Solaris for over twenty years, and has helped develop the latest certified exams for professionals. His book considers all the management and update software and keys to customization and configuration, and is a top recommendation for any who would install and configure Solaris networking and operating system on a business scale.

Information Security: The Complete Reference, second edition
Mark Rhodes-Ousley
c/o The McGraw Hill Companies
Two Penn Plaza, 11th Floor, NY, NY 10121-2298
9780071784351, $70.00,

Information Security: The Complete Reference appears in its second updated edition to review proven security strategies, techniques, and application security, and is a fine pick for any interested in compliance with standards and laws. Any involved in networking security issues will find this a fine security program based on proven methods of risk analysis, compliance and business objectives. It teaches how to protect data, networks and computer systems and also covers basic information right issues and management. Unix, Windows, and cloud security alike are covered as well as analysis of real-world attacks and countermeasures. No computer security holding should be without!

Realm of Racket
Matthias Felleisen,
No Starch Press
38 Ringold Street
San Francisco, CO 94103-4403
9781593274917, $39.95,

REALM OF RACKET; LEARN TO PROGRAM, ONE GAME AT A TIME reveals the basics of Racket, a powerful programming language perfect for novice coders and students. One of Racket's original professors - Matthias Felleisen - joined some freshman computer science students to release this book, which provides student insights on learning to program and uses game programming and comics to make introductory ideas easy for a wide audience. From writing functional and streamlined programs to creating a server than can deal with multiplayer games and constructing game functions based on player input, this provides a series of lessons easy to learn, exciting in format, and tied to real-world gaming and programming solutions. Any new to coding or game programming - as well as many an advanced user looking to streamline code - will find this an inviting read.

The Data Warehouse Toolkit, third edition
Ralph Kimball and Margy Ross
c/o Wiley Professional Trade Group
111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774
9781118530801, $38.49,

The third updated edition of The Data Warehouse Toolkit provides a powerful survey of database management and data warehousing technologies and comes from a professional who introduced the industry to the techniques of dimensional modeling in his first, 1996 rendition of this classic. Since then his model has become industry standard - and this book therefore has evolved as the 'bible' of the business's practices. This third updated edition provides an in-depth library of dimensional modeling techniques, is updated with new insights and best practices, and provides models for designing dimensional models for those new to the concept of data warehousing as well as those who already work with such systems. From 14 case studies from different industries to sample data warehouse bus matrices, discussions of common mistakes, and best practice guidelines, this is packed with a comprehensive review of methodology and models and is a top pick for any interested in data warehousing.

Third-Party Javascript
Ben Vinegar,
Manning Publications Company
c/o O'Reilly Media, Inc.
1005 Gravenstein Highway North
Sebastopol, CA 95472
9781617290541, $44.99,

Two of the most expert developers on the topic provide a specific guide to writing better code in JavaScript, HTML and CSS and shows how to integrate embeddable scripts that can plug into any website. It covers the basics of building full-featured third-party applications, covering widgets for data collection and overlays, explaining examples and how code works in real-world scenarios, and providing concepts that represent best practices in the third-party environment. With plenty of code examples, charts and technical explanation throughout, this will appeal to any web developer who knows JavaScript and wants deeper insights into third-party apps.

Patterns of Information Management
Mandy Chessell and Harold C. Smith
IBM Press
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300
Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
9780133155501, $54.99,

Patterns of Information Management shows how to use Best Practice Patterns to understand supply chains and information management that form the basics of handling data, and teaches the fundamentals of pattern language to assess information management techniques. From providing for information access and storage to improving quality and analytics, chapters from an IBM Distinguished Engineer and a best practices architect provide information mangers with graphs, charts, sidebars of information, and uses, related patterns, the context of information collection, and much more. The result is a top pick for any information management professional looking for new strategies for more effective processes.

Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals
Gustavo A.A. Santana, CCIE
Cisco Press
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300
Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
9781587143243, $64.99,

Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals teaches techniques and designs for data centers using Cisco Nexus, UCS, MDS and more, and demonstrates how virtualization techniques can improve traditional data center networks. From methods and setups that have affected data center efficiency and abilities to optimizing cabling, networks, domains and data protection routines, this covers virtualization basics for IT organizations who want to gain better efficiency and networking capabilities from their virtualization processes. The result is a solid pick for any data center or IT manager looking at virtualization methods for success.

eBay Business All-in-One For Dummies
Marsha Collier
For Dummies
c/o Wiley Professional Trade Group
111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774
9781118401668, $34.99,

eBay Business All-in-One For Dummies is recommended for business and internet computer collections alike, and for any general-interest public library looking for a definitive, in-depth guide on the eBay selling environment. It provides a one-stop reference for launching and managing an eBay business, from understanding how the site operates and setting up an account to choosing tools, selling on ebay, discovering deals on merchandise to sell there, and packing and shipping. From handling customers to maintaining legal records of sales, this leaves no stone unturned and presents all this information with user-friendly bulleted pages for quick reference, charts and tables, and black and white illustrations throughout, placing it head and shoulders above any other lighter eBay reference book currently on the market.

The Cuda Handbook
Nicholas Wilt
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300
Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
9780321809469, $59.99,

The Cuda Handbook provides a fine programming guide perfect for GPU programmers and discusses CUDA hardware and software, covering both CUDA 5.0 and Kepler. CUDA developers will find this a solid reference which covers everything from an introduction on how the hardware processes commands to all features and programming multiple GPUs. Charts, quick references to hardware capabilities and more, and discussions of variations and scan results and other specifics assure any CUDA programmer receives the latest information on all the facets of the program.

The Healthy Programmer
Joe Kutner
Pragmatic Programmers
P.O. Box 293325, Lewisville, TX 75029-3325
9781937785314, $36.00,

Small changes in habits can improve health, mitigating back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and other sources of pain faced by those who tend to spend long hours at the computer. That's why THE HEALTHY PROGRAMMER: GET FIT, FEEL BETTER, AND KEEP CODING is so important to a wide range of programming professionals: it outlines exercises and activities designed to prevent pain and stress, and it teaches approaches to better body management to avoid stress-related injuries. Programmers receive black and white and color visuals of everything from exercises to charts detailing healthier approaches to office work, and will enjoy improved mental and physical abilities because of it. Any computer collection needs to include this unique consideration of how to maintain health in a programming environment.

Sharepoint 2013
Randy Drisgill,
c/o Wiley Professional Trade Group
111 River Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774
9781118495674, $49.99,

SHAREPOINT 2013: BRANDING AND USER INTERFACE DESIGN explains various approaches to SharePoint branding processes, shows how to use its Design Manager to begin a design, and is a pick for any planning on launching a brand using SharePoint. Chapters discuss everything from basic page layout and CSS to best practices for creating a successful branding project using SharePoint 2013, and provides programmers and business readers with specific approaches to everything from logos and content pages to using cascading style sheets effectively in the SharePoint environment. Any business using SharePoint will find this an invaluable, branding-specific guide packed with color visuals throughout.

The Antiques/Collectibles Shelf

Collector's Guide to the Minerals of New York State
Dr. Steven C. Chamberlain and Dr. George W. Robinson
Schiffer Publishing Ltd.
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310
9780764343346, $19.99,

Collector's Guide to the Minerals of New York State considers over twenty localities that produce minerals of interest to mineral collectors, providing an organization based on how they occur and providing keys to specimen mineralogy, collecting history, geology of sites, and the latest research. Over 150 color photos show the top specimens collected from each locality, listing other New York state localities and providing GPS coordinates for each. Locations, histories, geologic insights and extensive references make this a top pick for a wide audience; from geologists to collectors and travelers who want to make the most of New York State's offerings.

Collecting Art for Love, Money and More
Ethan Wagner and Thea Westreich Wagner
Phaidon Press
180 Varick Street, 14th floor
New York, NY 10014
9780714849775, $35.00,

Collecting Art for Love, Money and More provides an insider's guide to buying and collecting art and building a collection, and is a pick for arts and collector's libraries alike. It's written by a renowned art advisor and provides keys on how to assess sales handle galleries, discover new talent, and buy the best pieces. Discussions of the global art scene and those who successfully collect works of art blend personal anecdotes with business and collecting insights alike, making for a fine choice for any art collector.

Strike It Rich with Pocket Change, fourth edition
Ken Potter & Dr. Brian Allen
Krause Publications
c/o F+W Media
700 East State Street, Iola WI 54945
9781440235702, $19.99,

Strike It Rich with Pocket Change: Error Coins Bring Big Money appears in its fourth updated edition to cover U.S. Mint error coins produced yearly on every denomination, and offers close-up black and white images, notes on what to look for, the latest market values, and more. From misalignments and doubled die marks to doubled mintmarks and more, discussion opens with error explanations and covers how to locate them and what they mean for a coin's increased collectible value. Any collection strong in coin collecting must have this latest coverage of prices and mis-made coins.

The Cookbook Shelf

Raising Dough
Elizabeth U.
Chelsea Green Publishing Company
85 North Main Street, Suite 120
White River Junction, VT 05001
9781603584289, $19.95,

Raising Dough: The Complete Guide to Financing a Socially Responsible Food Business is a pick for business and culinary collections alike, and considers food-based businesses and how social entrepreneurs can obtain the tools needed to launch new successful food-based ventures. Case studies blend with the author's own personal experience to explain all the basics, from ownership and financing to locating funding sources from grants and individuals alike. Any interested in socially responsible food businesses will find this a specific model for success, and a unique guide in the world of either food or business books.

The Guilt-Free Gourmet
Jordan & Jessica Bourke
Ryland Peters & Small
519 Broadway, 5th floor, New York, NY 10012
9781849752596, $24.95,

The Guilt-Free Gourmet: Indulgent Recipes Without Sugar, Wheat or Dairy provides a wide variety of indulgent recipes that eliminate ingredients commonly associated with weight gain and food allergies. It comes from siblings who are a chef and nutritional therapist, and provides their creations, designed to provide healthy alternatives to sugar, wheat and dairy. Color photos by Kate Whitaker pack a guide that is also filled with international dishes such as a Thai Crab with Mango and Coconut or a Harissa Roast Chicken. An appealing 'must' for any seeking healthy recipes and fresh, new ideas.

The Road to Burgundy
Ray Walker
Gotham Books
c/o Penguin Group USA
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
9781492408122, $26.00,

The Road to Burgundy: The Unlikely Story of an American Making Wine and a New Life in France tells of a twenty-three-year old who tasted his first Burgundy - and three years later left a lucrative financial career to learn winemaking. Two years after that he moved himself and his family to the Burgundy region of France and became the first American to produce wine from one of their vineyards. His five-year journey offers an inspired account of an unlikely passion that began with a taste of wine - despite an early predisposition to hate wine snobs and the culture of wine. How learning leads to obsession and eventually success makes for a powerful story perfect for any food and wine collection and many an autobiography or travel library.

Surrey Books
c/o Agate Publishing
1328 Greenleaf Street
Evanston, IL 60202

Pat Sinclair's BAKING BASICS AND BEYOND (9781672841260, $19.95) appears in its second updated edition to provide a baking 'bible' blending solid techniques and recipes. Those just entering the world of baking will find this a fine guide to producing recipes for the whole family. It's been updated with full-color photos and detailed information over 100 classic and new recipes, and it makes complicated-looking baked goods such as a Grand Marnier Cheesecake a snap to produce. A 'must' for any baker just starting out. Doug Sohn with Kate DeVivo's HOT DOUG'S: THE BOOK (9781572841376, $24.95) provides a fine gathering of hot dog insights that are far above ordinary. His restaurant was named "one of the thirteen places to eat before you die" by chef Anthony Bourdain, and his book includes a wealth of color photos, sidebar of customer and employer experience, comments on hog dog culture, testimonials to the establishment, and Doug's memories and customer stories. It's a lovely tribute to the evolution of an outstanding establishment.

Cooking With Flowers
Miche Bacher
Quirk Books
215 Church Street Philadelphia PA 19106
9781594746253, $24.95,

Cooking With Flowers: Sweet and Savory Recipes with Rose Petals, Lilacs, Lavender, and Other Edible Flowers packs in over 100 recipes that bring flower dishes to a kitchen table and packs in a range of ideas, from cupcakes, pancakes and drinks to rice, ice creams, and salads. While 'savory' is also included, the wealth of recipes are, predictably, for sweet fare. Most interesting are the methods of preserving flowers for cooking or embellishment - but most of these recipes feature flowers as a main ingredient, not as a garnish, making this a very satisfying mainstay for any who want edible flower dishes, not just garnishes.

6 Ingredient Solution
America's Test Kitchen
9781936493449, $26.95,

6 Ingredient Solution: How to Coax More Flavor from Fewer Ingredients teaches the basics of cooking with less ingredients and teaches how to enrich store-bought sauces and purchases to enhance flavor and retain a sense of homemade control. From using boxed ingredients to add flavor to scratch additions to identifying and using 'multitasker' ingredients, this is packed with flavor and delicious ideas for making better meals with less time and ingredients, and is a recommendation for any general library catering to busy cooks who still like to cook from 'scratch'.

Easy Indian Cooking, second edition
Suneeta Vaswani
Robert Rose Inc.
120 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4P 1E2
9780778804505, $19.95,

Easy Indian Cooking packs in some thirty new recipes into its updated second edition to provide Indian dishes perfect for beginners, and is a pick for any collection that wants to appeal to newcomers to Indian cuisine. These are easy to prepare, use Indian spice combinations readily available in almost any general supermarket, and teaches the basics of how to prepare everything from appetizers to meat and vegetarian dishes. Color images throughout accompany easy dishes from a Mango Lassi drink standard to Indian cuisine to Sindhi Chicken Curry and Yellow Lentil Soup with Vegetables. Highly recommended!

The Leafy Greens Cookbook
Kathryn Anible
Ulysses Press
PO Box 3440, Berkeley CA 94703-3440
9781612431772, $15.95,

Leafy Greens Cookbook is an excellent gathering of over a hundred recipes for all kinds of leafy greens, from kale and spinach to collard greens and beyond. Recipes focus on international flavors and seasonings that forego the usual butter approach for zesty and low-calorie options, as demonstrated in dishes such as Chicken-kale Enchiladas and Arugula and Tomato Pizza. The focus on easy recipes that encourage greens readers may be unfamiliar with using makes this a top pick, while the collection provides an inviting look that doesn't overwhelm novices with too many pages or too much detail. Any who want to blend more leafy greens into their diet will find this an excellent starting point.

Bake and Destroy
Natalie Slater
Page Street Publishing
27 Congress Street, Suite 205-6, Salem, MA 01970
9781624140020, $19.99,

BAKE AND DESTROY: GOOD FOOD FOR BAD VEGANS offers vegan cooks a host of recipe ideas for vegan dishes bursting with flavor, and provides a range of comfort foods that blends these flavors with lively pop culture references and an intensely visual format. Don't expect your usual vegan cookbook: this is power-packed with Slater's unique brand of humor and candid insights - as in a foreword for Breakfast Bites which comments: "If you're like me in the morning, you can't be bothered with preparing a proper first meal." The Bites mentioned include banana, applesauce, oatmeal, walnuts, cranberries and more. From a BBQ Salad made with a batch of Cannibal Corpse Crock-Pot to Nacho Cupcakes, this is a delicious collection packed with unexpected moments. Access to a whole foods store will also help for some of the specialty ingredients that might not be found in a general supermarket.

Sea Salt
Alison Malone Eathorne,
Harbour Publishing
PO Box 219, Madeira Park, BC, Canada, V0N 2H0
9781550175554, $29.95,

SEA SALT: RECIPES FROM THE WEST COAST GALLERY comes from Vancouver Island and a family team who advocate buying fresh food and drink from local producers and pairing it with new recipes, and present original creations that begin with farms and artisan food vendors in the west coast of British Columbia. Recipes blend with favorite spots for gathering these fresh ingredients, making for a guide that is especially recommended for travelers who want to make the most of local cuisine from the area. Color photos accompany dishes such as Lavender Shortbread, Grilled Salmon with Tobari Soma Noodles, and Carrot, Maple and Ginger Soup. The result is a fine gathering of dishes and local culinary insights that will especially appeal to travel and cookbook collections strong in British Columbia cuisine and culture.

The Biography Shelf

The Bald Mermaid: A Memoir
Sheila Bridges
Pointed Leaf Press
9781938461057, $35.00,

The Bald Mermaid: A Memoir is the fine memoir of interior designer Sehila Bridges, and presents personal vignettes that explore her life and career as a designer creating homes for high-profile clients. Sheila lost her hair due to Alopecia - and this is thus more than the story of her designs, but of her struggles with judgment, expectation, beauty and art. Personal photos blends with images of her interiors in a fine autobiography and art blend that shouldn't be relegated just to the shelves of autobiography collections alone. But, do expect a more personal approach that includes everything from recipes to personal photos - and an insight on design overall which offers a grit and sentiment not a part of any other collection!

Twitch Upon a Star
Herbie J. Pilato
Taylor Trade Publishing
c/o Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group
4501 Forbes Blvd., Suite 200
Lanham, MD 20706
9781589797499, $24.95,

TWITCH UPON A STAR: THE BEWITCHED LIFE AND CAREER OF ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY is based on the author's exclusive interviews with Montgomery before her death in 1995, and includes new, never-before-published material and commentary from many associated with her life and career before, during and after Bewitched. Any with an interest in the show or Montgomery will find this a definitive exploration that ranges from insights on her career to revelations about her personal life and relationships. The result is a lively read indeed, recommended for film and biography holdings in general and especially for any reader with prior affection for Bewitched.

Shirley Jones: A Memoir
Shirley Jones with Wendy Leigh
Gallery Books
c/o Simon and Schuster
1230 Avenue of the Americas, 14th fl.
New York, NY 10020
9781476725956, $27.00,

Shirley Jones: A Memoir covers Jones' entire life and career, but it's not just a consideration of her film and stage achievements: it's a memoir that reveals some juicy facts and shocking realities, and it will be a top read for any who like striking stories. Here she tells how a casting call led her to a star role in Oklahoma!, reveals her stormy relationship with her first husband Jack Cassidy, and tells of her relationships with her children and contemporaries. From reflections on The Partridge Family to family rifts, chapters cover insider and behind-the-scenes information one could only find here. Any with an interest in Jones and her life will have to read her memoir, which pulls no punches and leaves nothing to wonder.

Wear Your Dreams
Ed Hardy with Joel Selvin
Thomas Dunne Books
c/o St. Martin's Press
175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010
9781250008824, $26.99,

WEAR YOUR DREAMS: MY LIFE IN TATTOOS provides a fine autobiography by the man whose tattoo work started an artistic renaissance in America, and is a 'must' for any who have more than a passing interest in tattoo artistry in general and how it became more than the vision of a small group of people. Hardy began in San Francisco and built his reputation on trips up and down the coast. His associations with legendary tattoo artists, his involvement with world movements, and how he opened his own shop and attracted world famous names such as the Hells Angels and members of the Jefferson Airplane rock group makes for fascinating reading. While it is an autobiography of his evolution as a tattoo artist, it provides a powerful account of the evolution of the business and the art as a whole, and is a recommendation for any collection seeing an interest in tattoo history.

Pilgrim's Wilderness
Tom Kizzia
c/o The Random House Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, 17th floor, New York, NY 10019
9780307587824, $25.00,

Pilgrim's Wilderness: A True Story of Faith and madness on the Alaska Frontier comes from a veteran Alaska journalist who provides the absorbing true story of a modern-day homesteading family, "Papa Pilgrim", who appeared in eastern Alaska with his wife and fifteen children and homesteaded in remote site deep in a valley in a national park. The family claimed to be refugees from a sinful world and sought privacy in Alaska, but when Papa bulldozed a road through the national park wilderness t town, a battle began with the National Park Service that changed his popular image from that of a renegade individualist to one of a strange individual indeed. Kizzia first met the Pilgrims as a reporter covering their battle: his insights make for a powerful account of a troubled and strange family, parental abuse, and a flashpoint of controversy that involved a wide circle of Alaskans. A powerful, riveting story evolves.

Masters of Sex
Thomas Maier
Basic Books
c/o Perseus Books Group
11 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142
9780465079995, $16.99,

Masters of Sex: The Life and Times of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the Couple Who Taught America How to Love provides a fine biography in a new trade paperback edition that should 'pop' with the premiere of a Showtime Original series premier in September, and contains a new afterword by Maier. Here is a fine biography of the sex research team of the century, told by a reporter who had unprecedented access to the private couple - and their complete cooperation throughout the process of telling their story. From their controversial relationship - which began as employer/employee 'with privileges' to their revolutionary findings, this reveals the secrets and inner lives of dynamic couple who changed the world of sex research through their approach to psychology. General and biography as well as psychology collections will all find this compelling.

Call the Nurse
Mary J. MacLeod
Arcade Publishing
c/o Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
307 West 36th Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10018
9781611458312, $24.95,

CALL THE NURSE; TRUE STORIES OF A COUNTRY NURSE ON A SCOTTISH ISLE provides an eight-year-old, first-time author's reflections on her life as a nurse on a remote Scottish isle, serving as district nurse and escaping the more hectic life of London to become involved with the residents of a limited area. From a ghostly encounter to an unexploded bomb from World War II, this provides a fine survey that arranges its chapters by single anecdotes, then tells the tale. The result is a powerful and lively blend of autobiography and health insights, perfect for any general-interest reader who likes blends of personal insight and experience.

Naoki Inose with Hiroaki Sato
Stone Bridge Press
PO Box 8208, Berkeley, CA 94707
9781611720082, $39.95,

PERSONA: A BIOGRAPHY OF YUKIO MISHIMA provides a powerful in-depth biography that tells of a brilliant Japanese writer who committed a public and spectacular suicide in downtown Tokyo in 1970. His works are still in print in English and his persona remained a puzzle - until now. Any collection strong in Mishima's works must have this, the first full-length biography to appear in English in decades. It covers his entire life from his childhood to his death, considers his social and political influences and relationships, and includes in-depth analysis of Japanese cultural influences that shaped his life. Primary sources lend to a work that provides much new information on his life and times, and uses interviews, psychological analysis plus critical review of his novels, essays and letters. The result, fully indexed with extensive footnotes and a bibliography for further reading, is an unparalleled treatment of his life and times and is a 'must' for any definitive collection covering Mishima's literature in particular and Japanese culture in general.

The Education Shelf

Real Talk for Real Teachers
Rafe Esquith
Viking Books
c/o Penguin Group USA
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
9780670014644, $26.95,

Real Talk for Real Teachers gathers a wealth of teaching advice and will appeal to a wide range of teachers, from newcomers to the classroom to veterans. Humor blends with candid assessments of the education process and classroom issues, with chapters considering everything from irate parents and field trip disasters to classroom instruction challenges. It's more than a collection of case histories: it reveals much food for thought of the entire teaching process, and is a top pick for any interested in the mechanics and challenges of teaching.

Everyday Artists
Dana Frantz Bentley
Teachers College Press
1234 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10027
9780807754405, $33.95,

Any education collection appealing to teachers in early education will find Everyday Artists: Inquiry and Creativity in the Early Childhood Classroom offers analysis of the link between teaching art and how young children actually see art, and dispels common notions about the teaching process. Teachers are admonished to employ new techniques in offering examples of everyday art experiences rather than focusing on instances of art outside their experiences, and offer keys to supporting a child's natural artistic expression and inquiry process. Case history examples throughout make for an outstanding and alternative survey no art teacher should be without.

Lemons to Lemonade
Robert J. Garmston and Diane P. Zimmerman
Corwin Press, Inc.
2455 Teller Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320-2218
9781452261010, $17.00,

Lemons to Lemonade: Resolving Problems in Meetings, Workshops, and PLCs is for any educator who wants to improve meetings, and tells how to facilitate discussions, keep them on track, and handle everything from people who constantly get off topic to those who use the meetings to complain or waste time. Typical problems in meeting settings are discussed with an eye to managing common challenges and clarifying tasks and objectives. From understanding barriers to effective workflows to developing better group dynamics, Lemons to Lemonade is an outstanding pick highly recommended for any educator regularly involved in meeting management.

Mentoring & Managing Students in the Academic Library
Michelle Reale
ALA Editions
c/o American Library Association
50 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611
9780838911747, $55.00,

Librarians interested in the specifics of how to engage students in the academic library setting will find this a slim but powerful guide to hiring and overseeing student library workers. From how a student's first library job can lead to better public appreciation for library resources to training student employees and helping them face common work and library-specific issues, this is packed with insights recommended not just for library hires, but for any looking to hire and train student workers.

The Literary Studies Shelf

The Sentimental Touch
Aaron Ritzenberg
Fordham University Press
2546 Belmont Avenue
University Box L, Bronx, NY 10458-5172
9780823245529, $35.00,

The Sentimental Touch: The Language of Felling in the Age of Managerialism will appeal to both business and literary collections alike, offering a documentation of the wise of sentimental literature - work written to convey and inspire feeling - and its effect on society, work, and culture. It uses the novels of Stowe, Twain, Sherwood Anderson and more to document and discuss the effects of sentimental language changes, discussing how the injection of human feeling can help resist a mechanizing culture. From the machinery of sentiment and how managers handle it to holding on to sentimental feelings in business, culture and literary structures, this is a fine college-level analysis recommended for business and literary holdings alike!

The Music Shelf

Pitch Correction Software Now!
Max Mobley
Hal Leonard Books
c/o Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing
33 Plymouth St, Suite 302, Montclair, NJ 07042
9781476814186, $14.99,

Pitch Correction Software Now! Provides a practical guide to getting up to speed with the latest pitch-correction products on the market, and comes from a music industry professional who has been on both sides of the fence as an artist and as a live sound engineer. Much has happened to advance the world of audio production, and this guide is packed with tips to get up to speed with a range of the latest products on the market. From professional polyphonic pitch correction using Melodyne DNA to popular programs such as Nectar, this guide simplifies the process of understanding differences between programs and their applications, and is a pick for any musician's reference collection.

The Rickenbacker Electric Bass
Paul D. Boyer
c/o Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing
33 Plymouth St, Suite 302, Montclair, NJ 07042
9781476886800, $24.99,

The Rickenbacker Electric Bass: 50 Years as Rock's Bottom is a recommendation for bass players, collectors, pawn shops and any interested in the Rickenbacker brand of electric bass, and provides a fine history packed with hundreds of color photos and descriptions. It covers the guitar's incarnations and evolution, it packs in archival shots and discussions of its place in rock music over the decades, and it discusses new design evolution and the process of branding a guitar. The result is a fine account highly recommended for any music collection strong in music instrument history in general and rock culture in particular.

The Ultimate: An Illustrated History of Hamer Guitars
Steve Matthes and Joe Moffett
Schiffer Publishing Ltd.
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310
9780764343520, $39.99,

The Ultimate: An Illustrated History of Hamer Guitars provides a powerful account of the first boutique guitar builder and uses a combination of visuals and history to trace the entire history and evolution of the guitar, from its beginnings in Paul Hamer's shop to its acquisition by Fender in 2008. Nearly 400 images accompany dozens of interviews of those involved with the company, offering pieces by two of its principal builders and containing many never-before published photos and drawings throughout. The result is a celebration of the Hamer evolution and style which is lively and perfect for any music history collection.

The Christian Studies Shelf

The King in His Beauty
Thomas R. Schreiner
Baker Academic
c/o Baker Publishing Group
6030 East Fulton, Ada, MI 49301
9780801039393, $44.99,

The King in His Beauty comes from a respected scholar who provides a fine overview of the entire Bible, discussing the scriptures as they relate to biblical theology, examining their messages, and exploring three interrelated themes that stand out consistently through the books of the Bible. The goal of God's kingdom is to see the king in his beauty: the goal here is to explore how that beauty is represented in Biblical passages from the Garden of Eden to the final book. From how the Temple plays a central role in Chronicles to Jerusalem's salvation in Isaiah, the books of the title are each considered in this fine, scholarly survey recommended for any college-level theological studies collection.

Chad Hovind
Multnomah Books
12265 Oracle Blvd., Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
9781601424778, $21.99,

GODONOMICS: HOW TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY - AND PROTECT YOUR WALLET - THROUGH BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES OF FINANCE teaches the basics of how to use the word of God to build better financial principles based on ethics and belief, and challenges the business community to re-assess financial decisions using the framework of biblical economics as a foundation. From finding the courage to understand the many faces of greed and how to overcome obstacles to sharing and generosity to understanding how Jesus recruited revolutionaries and made lasting changes, this provides a powerful, revealing account of how God and economics can work hand in hand. Spirituality and business holdings alike will find the combination a powerful survey of accountability and sound business practices based on spiritual and ethical foundations.

Being Out of Order
Carole Ganim
Vandamere Press
PO Box 149, St. Petersburg, FL 33731
9780918339775, $19.95,

Being Out of Order: The Prophetic Generation of Nuns and Sisters tells of the author, who entered a convent in 1956 and became part of a generation that would change religious life. It's all about the impact of Vatican II and changes in society and how they affected convent life in general and nuns who began to question the meaning of their lives and spiritual choices in particular. With outstanding insights into women's issues and spiritual choices and the evolution of a movement that was to impact Catholic society and nuns, this is a top pick for not just autobiography holdings, but any studying the culture of Catholicism.

The Social Media Gospel
Meredith Gould
The Liturgical Press
St. John's Abbey, PO Box 7500
Collegeville, MN 56321-7500
9780814635582, $14.95,

The Social Media Gospel: Sharing the Good News in New Ways provides an outstanding survey of social media tools that deliver conversation and content to the faithful, reaching beyond church walls to involve those who cannot or will not attend church. It provides church leaders and volunteers with insights on the social media process, considering how Good News is spread, received, and disseminated, and each chapter concludes with 'thought bytes' to cover points beyond general social media discussion - such as if every church should establish a blog, and how to apply the principle of 'know thyself' when choosing a social media format. This is a 'must' for any church seeking to expand the message beyond church walls.

The Pastor's Justification
Jared C. Wilson
Crossway Books
1300 Crescent Street, Wheaton, IL 60187
9781433536649, $15.99,

The Pastor's Justification: Applying the Work of Christ in Your Life and Ministry applies pastoral compassion and words to the challenges of being a pastor and shows how to apply ministry's religious principles to both job and life. From watching one's congregation and applying spiritual solace tailored to their needs and Biblical passages to watching for the sin of division and accepting humbling prayer and circumstances, this offers chapters headed by different approaches and insights to the pastoral job (confidence, holiness, watchfulness) and is a powerful pick for any pastor's reference collection.

Ignacio Ellacuria
Michael E. Lee, Editor
Orbis Books
PO Box 308, Maryknoll, NY 10545-0308
9781626980228, $40.00,

Ignacio Ellacuria: Essays on History, Liberation, and Salvation provides scholarly Christian collections with a fine set of essays written by a man assassinated by the Salvadoran military in 1989. These commentaries represent the cream of work by Ignacio Ellacuria, offering a blend of spiritual reflection and insights on salvation and historical precedent, and providing the unusual perspective of a brilliant believer evolving from Latin American Christian roots. His influence in the Latin American Church and his unique perspective on Latin American theology remains largely unacknowledged elsewhere: this collection provides a solid blend of Christian and social perspectives and is a 'must' for any Christian theology holding.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

William Shakespeare's Star Wars
Ian Doescher
Quirk Books
215 Church Street, Philadelphia PA 19106
9781594746376, $14.95,

William Shakespeare's Star Wars is a hilarious creation that combines knowledge of Shakespeare's literary style with a retelling of George Lucas's Star Wars - in the style of the Bard. The result is a fun retelling that will appeal to Star Wars buffs and Shakespeare students alike: a fun reimagined tale told in iambic pentameter that takes Luke, Han, R2D2 and more and sets their concerns and personalities to ancient language. The result is not to be missed - especially by those who hold more than a cursory familiarity with the Bard's language.

The Shadow of the Soul
Sarah Pinborough
Ace Books
c/o Penguin Group (USA)
375 Hudson Street, 4th floor
New York, NY 10014
97800425258484, $16.00,

Book two of 'The Forgotten Gods' series, The Shadow of the Soul, blends a PI detective story with dark fantasy and provides a wealth of intrigue all set in near-future London, where a major terrorist attack has crippled the city. Cass is investigating a series of student suicides but when he finds added intrigue in a message left for him by his murdered brother, more complexity enters his life. Searching for his long-lost nephew and handling a series of murders and an ancient feud keeps Cass hopping and provides a powerful and lively story packed with satisfying twists and turns throughout.

Larry Correia
Baen Books
PO Box 1188, Wake Forest NC 27588
9781451639087, $25.00,

WARBOUND: THE ULTIMATE PREDATOR is Book III of the Grimnoir Chronicles and offers another addition to the new dark urban fantasy series revolving around The Power, a creature from another universe who is the source of mankind's magic. The Power entered our world in the 1850s on the run from something: it's now 1933, its hiding place has been discovered by a killing predator that eats magic and destroys worlds, and Earth is next on the list. Only former P.I. Jake Sullivan knows about the scenario - and it's so fantastic that nobody will believe him. So it's up to Jake to save the world - using Grimnoir knights and an impossible mission against an impossibly powerful monster. Another gripping story evolves, especially recommended for prior fans of the series and enthusiasts of urban fantasy.

Wrath-Bearing Tree
James Enge
59 John Glenn Drive
Amherst, NY 14228-2197
9781616147815, $18.00,

WRATH-BEARING TREE offers Book Two of the Tournament of Shadows series and is a recommended pick for fantasy readers who enjoyed the first in the series. Here the powers of Fate and Chaos are killing gods in Kaen, the land facing the Wardlands. Two who journey into the Unguarded Lands look for reasons behind the godslaying - and find themselves stranded in a hostile world facing dangerous gods, a demon, and more. What evolves is nothing less than a struggle for world-wide survival and what befalls the two who fight for their lives and kingdom will eventually befall everything. A powerful saga emerges with satisfying protagonists and twists of plot.

The Business Shelf

Managing Global Organizations
Rabi S. Bhagat,
Edward Elgar Publishing
9 Dewey Court
Northampton, MA 01060-3815
9781847205957, $160.00,

Managing Global Organizations: A Cultural Perspective comes from three scholars who provide discussion of issues relating to managing complex organizations, and covers the latest findings by researchers who interpret results in ways that provide guidelines for those working in organizations. Any interested in managing on a global scale will find this important, offering insights on everything from structuring work under different cultural norms to rewards, organizational behavior practices, and more. All functions managers need to know are discussed in relation to managing global organizations, with numerous theories and findings exploring cultural variations and how they can affect a company's pursuits around the world. In-depth discussions make this a 'must' for any college-level business reference collection; particularly those focusing on global business strategies.

The New Rules of Marketing & PR, fourth edition
David Meerman Scott
c/o Wiley Professional Trade Group
111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774
9781118488768, $24.00,

Business collections strong in marketing will find this fourth updated edition of a classic to be a powerful acquisition. Fresh examples of success from organizations around the world considers a wide range of new techniques, from infographics and photo-sharing using Pinterest to new social media from YouTube to Twitter. From a marketing strategy planning template to new rules for reaching media, this is packed with all the latest programs, etiquette, and PR approaches and is simply a 'must' for any who would expand their business. There's no better book on the market (and that's saying a lot, as there are literally thousands of marketing books being published every year!).

Manager 3.0
Brad Karsh and Courtney Templin
Amacom Books
1601 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
9780814432891, $17.95,

Manager 3.0: A Millennial's Guide to Rewriting the Rules of Management provides a management book tailored for young business leaders and comes from a workplace expert who offers insights and strategies geared to this young age group. Millennials are tech-savvy, fast-paced, but also impatient and often entitled. Here they will learn how to identify strengths, capitalize on them, and reduce negatives affecting their generation as a whole. Keys to managing a variety of older generations set this apart from any other general management title.

The People Skills Revolution
Pamela E. Milne
Global Professional Publishing
c/o Stylus Publishing, Inc.
22883 Quicksilver Drive
Sterling, VA 20166-2012
9781906403836, $21.95,

The People Skills Revolution: A Step by Step Approach to Developing Sophisticated People Skills provides a fine companion to The People Skills Revolution and provides exercises to help absorb the concepts in the book. Lessons provide business leaders with keys to changing people skills, blending advice with charts, workbook pages, keys to active listening processes, and much more. From understanding what skilled negotiators have long known and applying it to business situations to examples of scenarios common to workplaces, this is a fine collection of skill sets business leaders need.

How to Change Minds
Rob Jolles
Berrett-Koehler Publishers Inc.
235 Montgomery Street, Suite 650
San Francisco, CA 94104-2916
9781609948290, $17.95,

How to Change Minds: The Art of Influence Without Manipulation uses the author's successful sales background to play out a process for changing someone's mind, and applies this process to common business issues with decision-making. The process doesn't involve becoming better at telling someone what to do: it involves asking the kinds of questions that guide others to want to embrace change and positive paths - even if it's not the one you want. Ethical influence is a key to many positive choices in life, and is central to How to Change Minds, a recommendation for any business manager.

Questionnaire Design, third edition
Ian Brace
Kogan Page USA
1518 Walnut Street, Suite 1100
Philadelphia, PA 19102
9780749467791, $44.95,

QUESTIONNAIRE DESIGN: HOW TO PLAN, STRUCTURE, AND WRITE SURVEY MATERIAL FOR EFFECTIVE MARKET RESEARCH is a specific guide highly recommended for any business collection including market research basics, and explains the role of questionnaires, different forms and writing approaches, and how and when they can be used. Examples from real questionnaires accompany discussions of how to plan one, types of data to be collected, layout, piloting, ethical issues and much more. Any who plan on either writing or using the questionnaire format will welcome this in-depth model for questionnaire success.

Designing Together
Dan M. Brown
New Riders
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300
Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
9780321918635, $34.99,

Designing Together: The Collaboration and Conflict Management Handbook for Creative Professionals isn't just for computer designers; it's for the business community at large and for any who must work in collaboration with other people, either individually or in teams. It features nearly thirty collaboration projects and outlines nearly fifty conflict management techniques, including the psychology of designer personality traits and how group and individual dynamics operate in the collaborative effort. Chapters cover style, agenda, self-awareness, and the basics of the creative impulse and explore external and internal sources of conflict. Highly recommended for any interested in team management efforts!

The Needlecraft Shelf

Very Easy Sweaters
Vogue Knitting
Sixth&Spring Books
161 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 1301
New York, NY 10013
9781936096664, $24.95,

VERY EASY SWEATERS: 50 SIMPLE, STYLISH DESIGNS comes from the editors of Vogue Knitting Magazine and provides a selection of 50 favorite designs from a number of designers, from Kaffe Fassett to Yoko Hatta, and provide lovely creations that make use of a range of technical skills at all levels. Knitters with prior experience reading knitting abbreviations and directions will relish the full-page color photos that accompany each sweater, as well as the diagrams and charts that accompany each piece and illustrate special construction notes. Any knitter looking for inspiration and original sweater designs will find this a fine account!

Fill'er Up: Quilting Designs
Renae Haddadin
American Quilter's Society
PO Box 3290, Paducah, KY 42002-3290
9781804800612, $24.95,

Fill'er Up: Quilting Designs teaches how to finish quilts and provides a lovely reference for sewing filler stitches. It comes from the author's own award-winning secrets and approaches and pairs oversize photos and a long oblong shape allowing readers to closely study design with patterns and step-by-step instructions. The opportunity to closely inspect the designs makes for a fine guide highly recommended for any who would receive specific approaches to design structure and unique approaches to design.

The Science Shelf

Are We Being Watched?
Paul Murdin
Thames & Hudson Books
500 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10110-0017
9780500516713, $24.95,

Are We Being Watched? The Search for Life in the Cosmos comes from an astronomer who answers questions of how life arose on Earth, whether it could develop on other planets, and what forms this could take. From the idea that basic life structures were transported to Earth by comets to the thought of what kinds of habitats could exist on other worlds, this provides an argument based on the latest scientific research and photos, chaos theory, and more, and embarks on a lively coverage highly recommended for any science or astrology collection.

The Way of Science
Dennis R. Trumble
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2197
9781616147556, $20.00,

The Way of Science: Finding Truth and Meaning in a Scientific Worldview considers the underlying benefit of science as an ability to move beyond preconceptions and perceive and test the world in a more realistic manner. It makes the case that the public needs the critical-thinking tools that science offers, that science education should be intrinsic to any basic literacy program, and that the methods of science need not be limited to scientific circles alone. The result is a fine discussion suitable for science and non-science holdings alike.

The End of Night
Paul Bogard
Little, Brown & Company
c/o Hachette Book Group
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
9780316182904, $27.00,

THE END OF NIGHT: SEARCHING FOR NATURAL DARKNESS IN AN AGE OF ARTIFICIAL LIGHT comes from an author who spent childhood summers in a cabin on a lake in northern Minnesota, watching the Milky Way in a dark night. But in our modern world of artificial lights, many no longer experience true darkness - and many don't realize the strength of light pollution. This journeys around the world and offers explorations of the lightest and darkest regions of the world according to Bortle's scale. From the brightest single spot on the planet to the darkest, this reveals the power of darkness in a world of artificial light, and is a powerful pick for any science or general-interest collection.

Science Wars
Anthony Walsh
Transaction Publishers
10 Corporate Place South
Piscataway, NJ 08854

SCIENCE WARS: POLITICS, GENDER, AND RACE documents the conflict being fought in scientific circles between those who want science to be linked to political agendas and others who believe that science should be an independent, uncontrolled discipline. Much of what passes for scientific 'facts' and debate is in fact controlled more by political perspective than authentic bipartisan scientific investigation, and SCIENCE WARS documents this process, explaining how science becomes corrupted and what must be done to clarify intellectual pursuits. The result is a pick for scientists, academics and students alike, and draws important connections between scientific perspective and political agendas that lead to misinterpretations and popular fallacies.

Abominable Science!
Daniel Loxton and Donald R. Prothero
Columbia University Press
61 West 62nd Street, New York, NY 10023-7015
9780231153201, $29.95,

ABOMINABLE SCIENCE! ORIGINS OF THE YETI, NESSIE, AND OTHER FAMOUS CRYPTIDS provides an entertaining text presenting arguments both for and against the existence of legendary mythic beasts such as the Yeti and Bigfoot, and comes from two investigators that consider the uncertain science of 'cryptozoology'. It considers science, pseudoscience, and the science of cryptozoology and consider each legendary creature individually and as part of a wider belief in paranormal phenomena. Discussions go beyond the usual survey of fact and fiction to delve into the psychology and science of cryptozoology and consider how it poses further insights on the scientific process as a whole. Any science and nature collection should consider this a lively and involving acquisition.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Earth Repair
Leila Darwish
New Society Publishers
PO Box 189
Gabriola Island, BC, Canada, V0R 1X0
9780865717299, $22.95,

Earth Repair: A Grassroots Guide to Healing Toxic and Damaged Landscapes is a pick for any college-level environmental collection interested in bioremediation techniques and covers work with microorganisms, plants, and fungi and how it can be used to clean up contamination. Soil and water issues are covered in chapters that blend firsthand information with scientific research, and which go beyond conventional clean-up techniques used by government and industry to advocate more environmentally-friendly, natural processes born from grassroots techniques that use microorganisms, mushrooms and plants as healers. The result is an exceptional guide for any collection strong in environmental issues and science.

Environmental Debt
Amy Larkin
Palgrave Macmillan
175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10001
9781137278555, $27.00,

Environmental Debt: The Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy provides a fine guide linking environmental disasters with economics, and is a recommendation for social issues, business and environmental science readers alike. It connects financial and environmental crises, shows how the costs of pollution and environmental change affect local and world economies and build up a lasting "environmental debt" we'll never repay, and considers how fiscal problems can be addressed. Innovations taking place in the lab, in politics and throughout society analyze changed policies and strategies for managing the environment and economics in a changing world. It's a fine assessment of the environmental debt nations are amassing around the world.

What Has Nature Ever Done for Us?
Tony Juniper
Synergetic Press
1 Bluebird Court Santa Fe, NM 87508
9780907791485, $29.95,

What Has Nature Ever Done for Us? How Money Really Does Grow on Trees comes from a British environmentalist who points out that as a species we tend to think the environment is 'free' - but actually it has measurable economic value that ideally should lead to respecting and preserving natural systems. One example is Hurricane Katrina, which wrecked havoc partially due to the levees being redeveloped and lending to damage caused to the city. This and other stories about man-made contributions to natural disasters offers much food for thought, and direct links between economics and natural system management processes. A 'must' for any science and environmental studies holding!

Linda Marsa
Rodale Press
733 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017
9781605292014, $25.99,

FEVERED: WHY A HOTTER PLANET WILL HURT OUR HEALTH - AND HOW WE CAN SAVE OURSELVES goes beyond the usual saga of global warming's effects on the planet to consider something different: how people's health will suffer from higher temperatures and extreme weather. It comes from a journalist who considers climate change's effects in this light, offering a narrowed focus on the growth of allergies and heatstroke to invasions of species carrying fatal illness such as our present-day struggles with West Nile virus, and it draws important links between changing temperatures and changing health concerns. A fine recommendation for health and science collections alike, this offers a different, important focus in the growing wealth of literature on global changes.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Andy Dehart
Time Home Entertainment
c/o Oxmoor House
PO Box 11095, Des Moines, Iowa 50336-1095
9781603209649, $19.95,

Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark is a 'must' for any fan of sharks and packs color photos on every page with lively in-depth accounts of their natural history and color. It comes from shark expert Andy Dehart, which has worked with sharks and who not only gathers a wealth of facts and photos, but provides at-a-glance color sidebars of information, a busy but accessible and lively format, and explorations that pack in a wealth of detail. Any interested in any kind of shark will find this a wonderful guide filled with fascinating accounts and perfect for any general lending library, including school and public library collections.

BSAVA Manual of Feline Practice
Andrea Harvey and Severine Tasker, Editors
c/o Wiley-Blackwell
350 Main Street, Malden, MA 02148
9781905319398, $140.00,

BSAVA Manual of Feline Practice: A Foundation Manual provides a new addition to the collection of manuals for bets and considers common feline problems encountered in first-opinion practice. From general issues affecting feline practice, including handling techniques, to preventative healthcare guidelines, common emergencies and treatments, and handling disorders general practices see weekly, this comes from a team of international contributors who are experts in different aspects of feline management and care, and provides vets with a wealth of information based on latest best practices and research. The result is a powerful, highly recommended guide for any veterinary practice and many a vet student's collection.

The Audiobook Shelf

Pilgrim's Wilderness
Tim Kizzia
Random House Audio
c/o The Random House Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, 17th floor, New York, NY 10019
9780385393645, $40.00,

Pilgrim's Wilderness: A True Story of Faith and Madness on the Alaska Frontier tells of one god-like man, his terrified family of fifteen children, and how his initial move to carve a fortress of solitude in the expanses of an Alaskan National Park eventually led to confrontations that would involve not only the Park service, but neighbors and natives alike. Fred Sanders, who has appeared on Broadway and in National Tours, has over 100 audio credits to his name and adds his prowess and power to a saga which will have listeners on the edge of their seats, reveling in a true story that is nearly unbelievable and offers all the high drama of fiction.

The Shack
Wm. Paul Young
Hachette Audio
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
9781619698772, $22.98,

The Shack enjoys a spirited reading by Roger Mueller, a well-known award-winning stage, radio and film actor in Chicago, and provides the absorbing drama of a daughter abducted during a family vacation and perhaps brutally murdered. An abandoned shack holds the evidence but no answers - and four years later father Mack, still grieving, receives a suspicious note inviting him back to the shack for a weekend. What he finds there will change the world and reveal God's forces in action in a powerful account recommended for any audio listener.

The DVD Shelf

Walk it Off in 30 Days
Leslie Sansone
Anchor Bay Entertainment
2401 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 200
Troy, MI 48084-3304
013132607443, $14.98,

Walk it Off in 30 Days provides a 30-minute cardio walking program paired with 30 minutes of strength training to provide a workout that alternates between the Burn 30 workout and Firm 30 workout six days a week for a month. The idea is to walk anywhere - even inside one's home and in small spaces - and to blend in an alternate workout which hits other areas not covered through walking. Fitness expert Leslie Sansone has taught people of all ages for over 25 years: her DVD makes the exercise process accessible to anyone, and is a pick for any interested in home fitness specifics.

The Military Shelf

French Musketeer 1622-1775
Rene Chartrand
Osprey Publishing
4301 21st St, Suite 220B, Long Island City, NY 11101
9781780968612, $18.95,

French Musketeer 1622-1775 receives fine drawings by Graham Turner as it offers insights into early Musketeers brought to life by Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers. Many might think his a work of fiction, but it was based on a real memoir by an officer of the musketeers - and this book provides an invaluable survey of the realities of the musketeers, from military training to major battles and campaigns of their times. First-hand accounts lend to this lively, close inspection of musketeer culture.

The Automotive Shelf

Woodward Avenue
Robert Genat
CarTech Books
39966 Grand Avenue, North Branch, MN 55056
9781613250914, $29.95,

Detroit's Woodward Avenue became the icon of American street racing and cruising in the 1950s and 1960s, and attracted not only local car culture but professionals who used it as an unofficial test track for Detroit engineering efforts. WOODWARD AVENUE: CRUISING THE LEGENDARY STRIP is packed with first-hand accounts from those who cruised and raced the street during its heyday, and blends colorful photos with stories of the cars and personalities who contributed to the evolution of street culture. From muscle cars to racing stories, this is packed with hot memories and vehicles alike, and is a pick for any transportation collection or auto buff.

Jeep, Dana & Chrysler Differentials
Larry Shepard
CarTech Inc.
39966 Grand Avenue, North Branch, MN 55056
9781613250495, $29.95,

Jeep, Dana & Chrysler Differentials: How to Rebuild & Upgrade the Chrysler 8 1/4, 8 3;/4, Dana 44 & 60, & AMC 20 tells how to select the right differential for each vehicle, how to rebuild and setup the work, and how to gain high performance from work achieved, and is a 'must' for any working with these systems. Workbench mechanics will relish the step-by-step color photos that pair well with keys to achieving performance results, and teaches even novices how to identify, completely disassemble, and inspect critical parts. From selecting and replacing gears to installation, this offers a comprehensive reference for any who would professionally rebuild one of these differentials with a minimum of special knowledge. All that's needed is tools and this book to assure understanding and success.

The Art Shelf

Splash 14: Light & Color
Rachel Rubin Wolf, Editor
North Light Books
c/o F+W Media
700 East State Street, Iola WI 54945
9781440320910, $35.00,

Splash 14: Light & Color collects the best of watercolor achievements that profile light and color combinations in over 120 paintings paired with artist insights. More than just a display of achievement, Splash 14 examines the process by which light effects and colors are considered and used to make for an exceptional piece, and provides aspiring watercolorists with a remarkable blend of full-color, full-page photos and artist insights. There's simply nothing like it on the market and any working with watercolor will find this a compelling acquisition.

Ego Documenta
Felix de Rooy
KIT Publishers
c/o Stylus Publishing, Inc.
22883 Quicksilver Drive
Sterling, VA 20166-2012
9789460222092, $45.00,

EGO DOCUMENTA: THE TESTAMENT OF MY EGO IN THE MUSEUM OF MY MIND provides a visual art document from filmmaker, curator and visual Dutch artist Felix de Rooy, and is a recommendation for any arts collection interested in the juxtaposition of intellect, art, and self-reflection. Text in the book is presented in English, Dutch and Papiamentu languages, while the self-inspection art centers around what it means to be a multicultural individual with the blood of different cultures running in his veins in a modern world. Add a wealth of artistic expressions designed to reflect upon this modern condition and you have an art book packed with unusual approaches to ego and expression, perfect for any modern art library.

The Photography Shelf

Creative Photography Lab
Steve Sonheim with Carla Sonheim
Quarry Books
c/o Quayside Publishing Group
18705 Lake Drive East, Chanhassen, MN 55317
9781592538324, $24.99,

CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY LAB: 52 FUN EXERCISES FOR DEVELOPING SELF-EXPRESSION WITH YOUR CAMERA. INCLUDES 6 MIXED-MEDIA PROJECTS provides a group of easy exercises to help discover personal style, and provides a new way of perceiving and using photography that novices and pros can use alike. The focus on how to capture and create inspirational shots offers projects ranging from a mini-journal to understanding settings, the use of reflection, and much more. The result is a fine photography guide, highly recommended for any wanting to take their pictures to the next level of multimedia and creative enhancement.

Posing, Composition, and Cropping
Christopher Grey
Amherst Media, Inc.
175 Rano Street, Suite 200
Buffalo, NY 14207-2176
9781608955084, $29.95,

Posing, Composition, and Cropping: Master Techniques for Digital Portrait Photographers teaches how to design better portraits that flatter subjects and focuses on the techniques of posing, composition and cropping to impart these basics. It shows how to make connections between initial options and end results, how to pose the entire body for a flattering look, and how to blend subjects with scenes that flatter them. Keys to successful modeling often lie in instructions that help models relax into the pose, and these accompany clear instructions recommended for any neo-professional portrait photographer.

The Digital Print
Jeff Schewe
Peachpit Press
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
9780321908452, $49.99,

The Digital Print: Preparing Images in Lightroom and Photoshop for Printing teaches the basics of how to organize and choose images for printing, and comes from a photographer and educator who presents his techniques for optimal output. As a companion to The Digital Negative, it shows how to take already-solid images and optimize them for the final print production, and covers everything from printer types and limitations to color management for better print results. It's a 'must' for any photography reference library where readers use Lightroom and Photoshop for polished results.

Exhibiting Photography, second edition
Shirley Read
Focal Press
c/o Elsevier/Butterworth Heinemann
3251 Riverport Lane
Maryland Heights, MO 63043
9780240820613, $39.95,

EXHIBITING PHOTOGRAPHY: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO DISPLAYING YOUR WORK is an outstanding coverage that teaches the basics of how to achieve a successful exhibit, from finding a gallery that suits your photographic style to case studies offering real-world tips for success, cautions along the way, and inspirational reflections on framing, design, presentation, and how to assure an exhibition is successful. From check lists of resources to considerations of titles, choices in display, changing trends in exhibition standards, and private versus public viewing, this is a collection of basics no aspiring photographer should be without.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

Plugged In
Keith Veronese
TwoMorrows Publishing
10407 Bedfordtown Drive, Raleigh, NC 27614
9781605490472, $16.95,

Plugged In: Comics Professionals Working in the Video Game Industry documents the experience of comic book pros that work in video games, and provides a fine account based on practical experiences. Firsthand accounts tell what it's like to make this transition, how to work on the latest video games, and how the demands of one genre neatly blend into the needs of another. Interviews with current comics professionals and first-person discussions with artists and writers alike provide detailed interviews covering the entire process, and makes for a solid industry reference for any comic enthusiast looking to make the transition into the video games industry.

Peanuts, Pogo, and Hobbes
George Lockwood
Syracuse University Press
621 Skytop Road, Suite 110, Syracuse, NY 13244-5290
9780815610052, $39.95,

Peanuts, Pogo, and Hobbes: A Newspaper Editor's Journey Through the World of Comics provides a fine history of comics and comes from a former editor who reflections on a career loaded with encounters with comics and their makers. Unlike most histories of comics, this relies on entertaining anecdotes that stem from the author's career and offer many behind-the-scenes insights on the business and art of creating and marketing a comic strip. With its lively coverage of newspaper and comic trends and the breakthroughs achieved by those who worked in the newspaper world, this is a fine and different perspective on the subject and any comics collection should consider it a 'must have' acquisition.

The Political Science Shelf

Harry Potter and the Millennials
Anthony Gierzynski with Kathryn Eddy
Johns Hopkins University Press
2715 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218-4363
9781421410333, $22.95,

Harry Potter and the Millennials: Research Methods and the Politics of the Muggle Generation is a fine recommendation for political science collections and tells of how a team investigating Millennial politics designed a study of Harry Potter fans and their political differences from nonfans and other generations. These fans are less authoritarian, less likely to support the use of deadly force, more politically active, and quite different from political predecessors. Since this generation has moved into the realm of voting adulthood, this study is key to understanding their actions - and it also shows how social scientists design research studies and apply their results to greater population and political issues. The ultimate analysis of media impact on political views holds wide-ranging meaning for a variety of disciplines from media studies to political and social science programs, making for a lively and powerful debate recommended for any college collection.

Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste
Philip Mirowski
20 Jay Street, 10th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201-8346
9781781680797, $29.95,

Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste: How Neoliberalism Survived the Financial Meltdown surveys the many studies that misinterpret neoliberalism, clarifies the events of the Great Recession when housing prices failed and joblessness soared, and considers the ongoing crisis created by ongoing blame of government intervention and austerity. In fact neoliberalism survived the financial crisis with new strength, and Philip Mirowski here argues that it's become more than an economic theory, moving to establish itself as a dominant world-view that changes our very perception of everyday life. The result goes beyond political analysis to incorporate a consideration of the social roots of disconnection and reality, and offers a solid and thought-provoking discussion highly recommended for political science and social science college-level students.

Deep Currents and Rising Rides
John Garofano and Andrea J. Dew, Editors
Georgetown University Press
3240 Prospect Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007
9781589019676, $32.95,

Deep Currents and Rising Rides: The Indian Ocean and International Security belongs in collections strong in either security studies or international politics, and is one of the first collections to consider the extent of management and issues affecting the Indian Ocean Region as a whole. Contributors provide scholarly essays that consider issues of cooperation and competition throughout the region from East Africa to Australia, and provide in-depth discussions of regional security issues, maritime security, and more. Academics and students with a specific interest in international relations or Indian Ocean region issues will find this an outstanding presentation.

The Crafts Shelf

Russ Mohney
Fox Chapel Publishing Company
1970 Broad Street N., East Petersburg, PA 17520
9781565237803, $19.99,

LURECRAFT; HOW TO MAKE PLUGS, SPINNERS, SPOONS, AND JIGS TO CATCH MORE FISH packs in details woodworkers will find essential to crafting effective lures, and is a pick for both crafts and sports shelves alike. It considers the special requirements of local waters, explores the science of fish attraction and habits, and ties this science to the finer art of crafting a lure from wood, metal, or wire. From small rivers to big water fishing, LURECRAFT provides a step-by-step guide to carving and finishing lures, pairs this with a photo gallery based on the author's own designs, and is a 'must' for any fisherman or woodworker.

The Sparkle Factory
Tarina Tarantino
Running Press
2300 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-4371
9780762446896, $23.00,

Any collection strong in fashion, jewelry, and jewelry-making will find Tarina Tarantino's THE SPARKLE FACTORY: THE DESIGN AND CRAFT OF TARINA'S FASHION JEWELRY AND ACCESSORIES to be an outstanding collection. Tarina began her company in 1995 and her pieces are now carried in over 2,000 retail stores around the world. This book shares secrets of her design process, provides step-by-step instruction to make some twenty of her signature pieces from earrings to bracelets and rings, and adds her personal story and advice on designing, wearing and displaying jewelry. Over a hundred color photos accompany the exploration, which is highly recommended for any interested in jewelry and fashion.

The American History Shelf

The Great American West
Kenneth W. Rendell
Whitman Publishing
4001 Helton Drive, Florence, Alabama, 35630
0794833594, $29.95,

The Great American West: Pursuing the American Dream comes from a historian who in the 1950s traded his collection of English medieval coins for a collection of presidential letters: an act which was to lead him from the world of coin collecting to that of history and memorabilia centered on Western Americana. One might expect a coffee table book to focus on such memorabilia, and it does - but it also incorporates Rendell's ongoing love of numismatics and the history of American coinage, making The Great American West: Pursuing the American Dream far more than another history guide of common facts. From a London Elephant token brought to America by the Quakers to medals, scripts, notes, receipts, gold coins and tokens, this provides a fine survey of artifacts both numismatic and general: icons that helped define the American West. The result is a gorgeous presentation highly recommended for any coin collector or American history collector.

The Language Studies Shelf

Translating Maya Hieroglyphs
Scott A.J. Johnson
University of Oklahoma Press
2800 Venture Drive, Norman, OK 73069
9780806143330, $34.95,

Translating Maya Hieroglyphs provides a fine step-by-step guide to reading Maya glyphs, and opens with a description of how to break down an ancient Maya text into individual glyphs in the correct reading order, then how to convert a Mayan writing into modern English. Its arrangement teaches not only translation, but how to convert a foreign language into English, and provides keys to basic grammar, verbs, spelling and more. Readers needn't have a background in either linguistics, foreign languages or ancient archaeology to appreciate this college-level reference: all that's required is an intense interest in interpreting Mayan writing and an appreciation for examples from glyph blocks and phrases drawn from actual monuments. The visuals are exquisite, making this a definitive, top reference.

The California Shelf

Cool Gray City of Love
Gary Kamiya
Bloomsbury Press
175 Fifth Avenue, Suite 315
New York, NY 10010
9781608199600, $25.00,

Cool Gray City of Love: 49 Views of San Francisco blends personal insight with history and explores a specific site or intersection in San Francisco, from well-known tourist attractions to outer lying neighborhoods most tourists don't get to. It's an insider's walk through the city's many faces, and covers physical and mental terrain alike as it considers the city's history, evolving cultures, and how San Francisco changed over the decades. Obscure academic papers blend with all kinds of resources, overlaid by personal insight only a San Francisco resident could add. Any who reside in the city, visit it, or are fascinated by the City's colorful background and cultures will find this a fascinating read, filled with many area-specific insights more general coverages won't provide.

Hetch Hetchy
Kenneth Brower
Heyday Books
PO Box 9145, Berkeley, CA 94709
9781597142281, $24.95,

Hetch Hetchy: Undoing a Great American Mistake examines California's Hetch Hetchy dam, which in 1900 diverted one-third of the flow of the Tuolumne River for San Francisco's water needs. The catch: the river was in Yosemite national Park. The flooding of the Hetch Hetchy Valley, a national treasure nearly as remarkable as Yosemite Valley, is documented in this survey of the political, engineering and natural history challenges the project brought. The challenge of the national park idea so soon after its birth is covered in a series of remarkable photos and vintage images that accompany a striking historical saga which should be in every California history collection as well as any holding strong in environmental politics and national park history.

Baja California Missions
David Burckhalter
University of Arizona Press
355 South Euclid Avenue, Suite 103
Tucson, AZ 85719-6654
9780816521197, $24.95,

Baja California Missions: In the Footsteps of the Padres provides a lovely visual history centering around seldom-seen missions of Baja California that remain intact today, and blends lovely color photos with much historical background perfect for those who would either use this as a destination tour guide or learn more of the background of the missions. David Burkhalter and Mina Sedgwick provide the full-page color photos of interiors and exteriors which pack this title, while Burkhalter provides accompanying text that provides a fine historical overview of the Baja missions. The result is a powerful visual, travel and historical piece recommended for any collection strong in California mission history and culture.

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