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Reviewer's Choice

90 Days to Success in Fundraising
Timothy Kachinske
Course Technology
20 Channel Center St., Boston, MA 02210
1598638769, $19.99

Any library catering to nonprofits, fundraisers, or others involved in fundraising efforts must have 90 Days to Success in Fundraising. It offers first-time fundraisers a discussion of the first 90 days of a new campaign, discussing keys to success, common obstacles to overcome, grant revenue streams and sources, and donor participation in the program. From sample planning documents to management keys, it's a winner.

The Ego Tunnel
Thomas Metzinger
Basic Books
c/o Perseus Publishing Group
387 Park Avenue South, New York NY 10016
9780465045679, $27.50

THE EGO TUNNEL: THE SCIENCE OF THE MIND AND THE MYTH OF THE SELF comes from a key player in Consciousness Studies, the growing field where neuroscience blends with philosophy, psychology, ethics and religion. This provides a pick for libraries ranging from general-interest holdings to collections specializing in either spirituality or science, and offers a different approach to the 'who are we?' question of consciousness and mind-brain-environment interactions. Discussions of reality, consciousness and more make for a powerful neuroscience survey.

The New American Pin-Up: Tattooed & Pierced
Brian Johnson & Valerie Stanton
Schiffer Books
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310
9780764331640, $24.99

This new book continues the American pin-up girl tradition with something new in the mix: covering tattoos and piercings that adorn the next generation. 46 women posed for these photos and were chosen for not just their born beauty but for their tattoos and body piercings. Full-page color photos accompany many amazing presentations.

Born to Run
Christopher McDougall
Alfred A. Knopf
c/o Random House
1745 Broadway, 17th fl, NY, NY 10019
9780307266309, $24.95

BORN TO RUN: A HIDDEN TRIBE, SUPERATHLETES, AND THE GREATEST RACE THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN tells of a hurt foot that sent one man on a quest to find a tribe of the world's greatest distance runners and to learn their secrets. Isolated by one of the most demanding terrains in the country, the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico's Copper Canyons have practiced techniques that allow them to run hundreds of mines without rest. Their running capabilities mesh with amazing good health and serenity, leaving them immune to many diseases. The author uncovered many of their secrets and discovered his own 'athletic inner self' in the process, presented in this amazing, highly recommended survey any general lending library will want.

Some Day You'll Thank Me For This
Gayden Metcalfe and Charlotte Hays
114 - 5th Avenue, New York NY 10011
9781401302962, $21.99

The Southern mother and her habits is celebrated and explained in SOME DAY YOU'LL THANK ME FOR THIS, a funny book reviewing the lessons every Southern mother instills in her daughters. From caring for the family heirlooms to ignoring anything unpleasant and cooking traditional dishes, SOME DAY YOU'LL THANK ME FOR THIS is a fine survey of everything it takes to be a Southern woman. Perfect for Southern libraries and collections on humor and women's issues.

Arcade Mania
Brian Ashcraft with Jean Snow
Publicity Manager
Kodansha America, Inc.
575 Lexington Avenue, 23rd Fl, NY, NY 10022
9784770030788, $19.95

ARCADE MANIA! THE TURBO-CHARGED WORLD OF JAPAN'S GAME CENTERS is a fine pick for any general lending library catering to young people interested in pop culture in general and Japanese manga or pop culture games in particular. From the 2-D sexually charged 'Cute 'em Ups' game to the majong take-off Pachinko, this is a fine blend of history and cultural and game survey packed with color and vintage photos throughout.

When You Lie About Your Age, the Terrorists Win
Carol Liefer
c/o The Random House Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, 17th fl, NY, NY 10019
9780345502964, $24.00

Stand-up comic and comedy writer Carol Liefer had a dilemma: share her greatest childhood memory of seeing the Beatles in 1966 - or lie about her age. But when age is denied, terrorism wins - that's one of the foundations of a hilarious reflection on life, from motherhood to tattoos and etiquette. Chapters offer hilarious witty and barely wise sayings, making this a fine choice for any community lending library.

The Biography Shelf

My Remarkable Journey
Larry King
Weinstein Books
354 Hudson, 13th Floor, New York NY 10014
9781602860865, $27.95

Larry King is known to millions of viewers and is one of the most celebrated talk-show hosts on TV, so his autobiography is a winning guide, revealing his life from Depression-era Brooklyn to his rise as CNN's 'Larry King Live' show. His professional and personal journey makes for riveting reading in MY REMARKABLE JOURNEY, highly recommended for any general lending library.

Captains Contentious
Louis Arthur Norton
University of South Carolina Press
718 Devine Street, Columbia, SC 29208
9781570038075, $29.95

CAPTAINS CONTENTIOUS: THE DYSFUNCTIONAL SONS OF THE BRINE comes from a maritime historian who offers a survey and analysis of five captains in the Continental Navy, considering how their personality flaws hindered their careers and enhanced their actions in the Revolutionary War. Perfect for college-level American history libraries, this uses primary and secondary sources alike to present biographical sketches that illustrate the nature and impact of their actions on world history and local events alike.

A Strange Eventful History
Michael Holroyd
Farrar Straus Giroux
18 West 18th St., New York NY 10011
0374270805, $40.00

General lending libraries strong in biography will find powerful A STRANGE EVENTFUL HISTORY; THE DRAMATIC LIVES OF ELLEN TERRY, HENRY IRVING, AND THEIR REMARKABLE FAMILIES. The threesome formed part of a dynasty that saw the rise of the golden age of theater, but saw it from very different angles. Ellen Terry was a beauty capturing the attention of George Bernard Shaw, Henry Irving was a merchant-turned-actor who brought Shakespeare to life, and the two's theatre ambitions would change their families. A powerful pick, highly recommended for both theater and general lending libraries alike.

Happens Every Day
Isabel Gillies
1230 Avenue of Americas, New York NY 10020
1439110077, $25.00

This memoir by Law & Order actress Isabel Gillies is a pick for any general lending library and tells of a woman with a wonderful life and home - until her husband suddenly leaves her and her young children. From that moment on Gillies had to forge a new life - and career - for herself, and HAPPENS EVERY DAY charts her course and many life changes in an inspirational story.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Healing and Preventing Autism: A Complete Guide
Jenny McCarthy and Jerry Kartzinel, MD
c/o Penguin Publishing Group
375 Hudson, New York NY 10014
9780525951032, $26.95

Early intervention is key to success for any child with autism spectrum disorders, and this book provides a pioneering plan for any working with such kids. It comes from one of the country's leading autism advocates and covers early symptoms of autism - including ear infections and infrequent or irregular bowel movements - that indicate a toxic body and over-burdened immune system. Early identification pairs with tips on how to heal and prevent autism from developing further in this key acquisition for any health or parenting collection.

Domestic Violence Sourcebook, third edition
Joyce Brennfleck Shannon, Editor
Box 31-1640, Detroit, MI 48231
9780780810389, $78.00

The third updated edition of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SOURCEBOOK is a recommended pick for any library interested in consumer health and social issues. It provides updated details on the physical, mental and social effects of violence experienced by adults and kids alike, offering insights on different types of abuse from stalking and human trafficking to rape, and presents safety plans, identity protection options and more. A 'must' for any serious health collection.

Women's Health for Life
Donnica Moore, MD
DK Publishing
375 Hudson St., New York NY 10014-3658
9780756642778, $30.00

A team of some of the most trusted authorities in women's health offers a definitive volume where each expert provides a strong chapter outlining body systems and common conditions women are prone to at each stage of their lives. From dietary habits to options to reduce risk factors, it's a powerful survey of symptoms, treatment and prevention perfect for any general health lending library.

The Malpractice Cure
Edward D. McCarthy, Esq.
Kaplan Publishing
One Liberty Plaza, New York NY 10016
9781427799593, $26.95

Doctors need to pay more attention to how they conduct their practice to avoid malpractice suits, so THE MALPRACTICE CURE: HOW TO AVOID THE LEGAL MISTAKES THAT DOCTORS MAKE is a top pick for any library strong in physician training. It offers doctors a resource to save off lawsuits, explaining how to foil litigious patients and their lawyers using preventative care. From setting forth and following guidelines in hospital settings to being on alert for the 'incompetent patient', THE MALPRACTICE CURE is a top pick for both legal and medical collections.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Hiroshi Mitsumoto, MD
Demos Medical Publishing
386 Park Avenue South #301, New York NY 10016
1932603727, $39.95

ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, can't be cured but can be treated, and there's no better reference on the subject than the extensive Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, now updated and thoroughly revised. New information on new treatments, the use of noninvasive ventilators, and new guidelines by the AAN for treatments make this an essential, key acquisition for any health library.

Essential Herbal Wisdom
Nancy Arrowsmith
Llewellyn Publications
2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125-2989
9780738714882, $29.95

From herb healing prayers to charms to descriptions of fifty powerful herbs and how they may be gathered, dried, and applies, ESSENTIAL HERBAL WISDOM is a pick for new age and many an alternative health library alike. It blends folk wisdom with spiritual references and includes step-by-step basics on cooking with and preparing herbal remedies. New age health collections will find it an excellent primer.

The Body Broken
Lynne Greenberg
Random House
c/o The Random House Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, 17th fl, NY, NY 10019
9781400067428, $25.00

As a teen author Lynne Greenberg narrowly survived a car crash that left her with a broken neck, which healed. Years later the pain returned and introduced to her chronic illness, a web of specialists, and a medical system unable to handle chronic pain patients. A striking memoir of an incredible odyssey which evolves over twenty years after a devastating crash.

Art Therapy Exercises
Liesl Silverstone
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
400 Market St. #400, Philadelphia, PA 19106
9781843106951, $26.95,

Some 80 tested exercises come with guidelines for their application, making ART THERAPY EXERCISES: INSPIRATIONAL AND PRACTICAL IDEAS TO STIMULATE THE IMAGINATION a key acquisition for health collections and parents and therapists alike. Here are exercises for a varied and multicultural client base from guided fantasies to group work focusing on group dynamics, offering non-directive, non-interpretive person- centered guidelines any can readily follow. Very highly recommended!

The World History Shelf

The Book of Marvels: An Explorer's Miscellany
Mark Collins Jenkins
National Geographic
1145 17th St. NW, Washington DC 20036-4688
9781426204098, $30.00

THE BOOK OF MARVELS is a collection of explorations and explorers from ancient times to the 19th century and offers accounts from their journals, ships' logs, published memoirs and more. From Herodotus to Melville, Conrad to Thoreau, these eyewitness accounts are accompanied by color images to capture the sense of adventure and make this a pick for any general lending library.

The Science Shelf

Wind Energy Basics, second edition
Paul Gipe
Chelsea Green Publishing
Box 428, White River Junction, VT 05001
9781603580304, $29.95

The availability of clean, renewable energy is the world's modern challenge and wind-energy expert Paul Gipe predicts wind will lead the way. His second revised, expanded edition of a classic primer offers homeowners and consumers insights on wind energy, from applications to political and social policies, and includes a new section on the concept of 'community wind'. Charts and color photos pepper a user-friendly introduction to all aspects of wind energy, making it the perfect pick for any lending library.

Manga Guide to Electricity
Kazuhiro Fujitaki Matsuda
No Starch Press
555 DeHaro Suite 250, San Francisco CA 94107
9781593271978, $19.95

Rereko is an average high-school girl from Electopia, the land of electricity: but she's failed her final electricity exam and has to go to summer school. Black and white manga comic explorations accompany keys to understanding electricity theory, making this the perfect choice for high schoolers grappling with electricity issues and for any general lending library.

The Railroading Shelf

Railroad 1869
Eugene Arundel Miller
Antelope Press
410 Monte Vista Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941-5081
9780972851138, $29.95,

Connecting the coasts was no easy task for a railroad. "Railroad 1869: Along the Historic Union Pacific" is a collection of photographs and tales revealing the history of the Union Pacific railroad in the nineteenth century, particularly its eventful construction. Evoking a time when the northwest was wild and lawless, these stories are riveting narratives of men trying to do a tough job against the odds. Intriguing, fascinating, and loaded with vintage black-and-white photographic imagery, "Railroad 1869" is a heartily recommended read for railroad enthusiasts.

The Greatest Railway Blunder
Adrian Vaughan
Ian Allan
Riverdene Business Park, Hersham,
Surrey UK KT12 4RG
9780711032743 L19.99,

Any library strong in transportation or rail history will find THE GREATEST RAILWAY BLUNDER of interest: it covers the privatization of the 1990s - what the author considers the industry's 'greatest blunder' - but also provides history of British railway achievements, analyzing the process of privatization and its impact on the railway. Any rail history collection would be incomplete without this addition.

Railroads in the Old South
Aaron W. Marrs
Johns Hopkins University Press
2715 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21218-4363
0801891302, $55.00

RAILROADS IN THE OLD SOUTH: PURSUING PROGRESS IN A SLAVE SOCIETY challenges the usual understanding of economic and industrial growth in the South with its study of the railroad. Overlooked sources - such as personal diaries of Southern travelers, corporate records and newspaper accounts - expand upon the usual conventional business approach, adding a dimension of social history to the exploration of how slavery, technology and social convention influenced railroad development. Any collection strong in rail or Southern history needs this.

The Theatre/Cinema/TV Shelf

Thirty-Nine Years of Short-Term Memory Loss
Tom Davis
Grove Press
c/o Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
841 Broadway, New York NY 10003
9780802118806, $24.00

Thirty-Nine Years of Short-Term Memory Loss: The Early Days of SNL From Someone Who Was There is a funny and pointed memoir about the evolution of Saturday Night Live by one who was there to chart its birth and rise. The author and Al Franken met in prep school, wrote and starred in a show banned by school authorities, and enjoyed early success as a comedy team. Davis was there for Saturday Night Live's first day and his memoir brings alive those early, heady years. Perfect for any general lending library.

The American History Shelf

Longitude By Wire: Finding North America
Richard Stachurski
University of South Carolina Press
1600 Hampton St., 5th Floor, Columbia, SC 29208
9781570038013, $29.95

LONGITUDE BY WIRE details the discoveries made by American scientists as they worked to solve the problem of mapping the North American coastline, and is a fine pick for any college-level library strong in either American history or geography and cartographic history. The author's background as a historian and mathematician lends to a vivid, passionate tale of problem-solving perfect for any lending library.

The Self-Help Shelf

Most Good, Least Harm
Zoe Weil
Atria Books
1230 Avenue of Americas, New York NY 10020
1582702063, $15.00

MOST GOOD, LEAST HARM - A SIMPLE PRINCIPLE FOR A BETTER WORLD AND MEANINGFUL LIFE offers the author's simple approach to living a good life. Change begins with the individual: chapters demonstrate the real path to inner peace stems form new, powerful tools to face global issues to improve personal and planetary life alike. Any spiritual, self-help or general collection will find it inspirational.

What Is Your Self-Worth?
Cheryl Saban, Ph.D.
Hay House
Box 5100, Carlsbad, CA 92018-5100
9781401923952, $24.95

WHAT IS YOUR SELF-WORTH? A WOMAN'S GUIDE TO VALIDATION comes from a psychologist and family advocate who offers here an admonition for women around the world to look at their self-perceptions and how their society sees women. It IS possible to adopt new habits and take control of one's life, with the realistic self-assessment program offered here, complete with interactive tasks and quizzes for growth. Any general lending library strong in women's studies and personal improvement needs this.

Mystic Cool
Don Joseph Goeway
Beyond Words
c/o Atria Books
1230 Avenue of Americas, New York NY 10020
1582702276, $23.00

MYSTIC COOL: A PROVEN APPROACH TO TRANSCEND STRESS, ACHIEVE OPTIMAL BRAIN FUNCTION, AND MAXIMIZE YOUR CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE provides a powerful survey charting stress, anxiety, and how it affects brain functioning. MYSTIC COOL shows us how to reject stress and reprogram the brain for positive thinking and approaches and is a 'must' for any general lending library.

Energized Hypnosis
Christopher Hyatt, Ph.D. and Calvin Iwema
New Falcon
1753 E. Broadway #101-277, Tempe, AZ 85282
1561841935, $12.95

Deserving ongoing recommendation is ENERGIZED HYPNOSIS: A NON-BOOK FOR SELF CHANGE. It offers a different program for gaining personal power and enlightenment using techniques developed by the authors, offering an approach that energizes the body from self-suggestion and shows how to change habits through suggestion. New age and self-help/self-improvement collections will find this a powerful ongoing tool for change.

The Social Issues Shelf

The Senior Cohousing Handbook
Charles Durrett
New Society Publishers
Box 189, Gabriola Island, BC V0R 1X0 Canada
9780865716117, $34.95

Make your senior years safe and socially fun with the idea of senior cohousing and a book on the topic that shows how seniors can custom-build their neighborhood to fit their needs. This is housing built by seniors, not for them, and emphasizes independence and social networking. Any library strong in gerontology or social science and many a general lending library needs this.

Living Beyond War: A Citizen's Guide
Winslow Myers
Orbis Books
PO Box 308, Maryknoll, NY 10545
9781570758270, $16.00

War should not be a viable option for or solution to the problems of the planet: that's the message in Winslow Myers' survey of the causes and consequences of war. Any library strong in social issues will find this a fine survey of new possibilities and alternatives, with chapters covering illusions and the root causes of war.

The Think Big Manifesto
Michael Port with Mina Samuels
John Wiley
c/o Wiley-Blackwell
10475 Crosspoint Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46256
9780470432372, $22.95

Every year millions of people are victim of 'small thinking', which leads to reduced expectations, poverty, crime and even war. THE THINK BIG MANIFESTO provides a solution to such thinking and shows how to 'think big' for optimum change. It is possible to energetically create big things - it's up to individuals to plan directions and goals and focus on their successful achievement. An excellent, uplifting survey, this is a pick for both business and general libraries.

The Cookbook Shelf

The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen
Teri Edwards and Serena Thompson
Sterling Publishing
387 Park Avenue South, New York NY 10016
9781588167293, $27.95

Down-home country charm enhances a fine collection of easy recipes reflecting Farm Chick ideals of easily-prepared dishes everyone loves. From Pumpkin Waffles and Savory Sweet Potato Soup to Pecan Chocolate Chip Shortbread, there are over fifty recipes paired with craft projects from aprons made from vintage sheets to old TV trays used for message boards. Color photos abound along with stories and recipes from the authors and their many friends. An excellent choice for any general lending library.

Mix Shake Stir: Cocktails for the Home Bar
Danny Meyer
Little, Brown & Company
c/o Hachette Book Group
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
9780316045124, $29.99

Any home cook who would create and mix cocktails beyond the norm will want to consult Mix Shake Stir: Cocktails for the Home Bar. It comes from the author's acclaimed New York City restaurants and offers recipes for some unique, original cocktail creations, from Blue Smoke and Shake Shack to the classic party drink Rickshaw. Drink recipes come from Union Square Cafe, Gramery Tavern, and more and are fine picks.

The City Tavern Cookbook
Walter Staid with Paul Bauer
Running Press
2300 Chestnut, Philadelphia, PA 19103
9780762434176, $35.00

THE CITY TAVERN COOKBOOK: RECIPES FROM THE BIRTHPLACE OF AMERICAN CUISINE discusses both the food and the social and political atmosphere of 18th century Philadelphia, gathering and presenting recipes for over 300 dishes from roasted duckling with chutney to a chocolate mousse cake made by Martha Washington. Color photos pepper a fine presentation for any collection strong in American cuisine.

Canyon Ranch: Nourish
Scott Uehlein and Canyon Ranch
Viking Studio
c/o Viking Books
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
9780670020737, $40.00

For nearly thirty years chefs and nutritionists at the Canyon Ranch Spa have developed special dishes that use fresh, seasonal and local ingredients free from chemicals, so it's with much testing and success that Canyon Ranch: Nourish is presented for home cooks who wish to achieve the same. 200 of the most requested recipes from the spa range from Turkey Pineapple Salad and Artichoke Tomato Flatbreads to Rainbow Vegetable Salad. Color photos pepper this guide, which deserves repeat mention and recommendation for any library strong in healthy cooking.

Froth! The Science of Beer
Mark Denny
Johns Hopkins University Press
2715 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21218-4363
0801891329, $24.95,

Homebrewer and physicist Mark Denny provides a lively yet scientific examination of the physics and chemistry of beer, blending a history of innovations and technological advances with a scientific survey of the changes beer experiences during the brewing process. Definitions of terms and explanations of science accompany an exciting title any home brewer or general lending library will relish.

Jennifer P. Mathews
University of Arizona Press
355 S. Euclid Ave Suite 103, Tucson, AZ 85719
9780816528219, $17.95

CHICLE: THE CHEWING GUM OF THE AMERICAS, FROM THE ANCIENT MAYA TO WILLIAM WRIGLEY offers a fine and lively history of chewing gum production in the Americas. Any lending library strong in food history will find this blends culinary history with an assessment of the social and environmental impacts of chicle harvesting. It's well researched, making for a much more detailed account than one would anticipate from the inviting, folksy cover art.

Grillin' with Gas
Fred Thompson
Box 5506, Newtown, CT 06470-5506
9781600850318, $19.95

From shopping for the right gas grill and considering different features to recipes for over a hundred great grilling productions, GRILLIN' WITH GAS comes from a food writer who offers expertise in the subject. From BBQ Spareribs with Apple Cider to Curried Chicken with Mango-Curry Chutney, this comes packed with color photos and is a real winner for any general lending library.

Cook's Country Best Grilling Recipes
America's Test Kitchens
17 Station St., Brookline MA 04225
1933615427, $29.95

Over 100 regional grilling favorites have been tested and adjusted time and again, making COOK'S COUNTRY: BEST GRILLING RECIPES not just a hit from the popular TV show, but the perfect stand-alone cookbook. Recipes come from small barbecue joints across the country and range from Kansas City Sticky Ribs made with root beer to Hawaiian Huli Huli Chicken. A top pick for any cook seeking to perfect grilling techniques.

The Ungarnished Truth
Ellie Mathews
375 Hudson, new York NY 10014
9780425225783, $15.00

THE UNGARNISHED TRUTH: A COOKING CONTEST MEMOIR tells of the author's win of the famous Pillsbury Bake-Off and how it changed her life. The history of the Pillsbury Bake-Off and insights into its competition contestants tells of how an everyday cook found her way to culinary fame, offering humor, social commentary and mouth-watering descriptions of the process. Any general library will relish this.

The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue
Missy Chase Lapine
Running Press
2300 Chestnut St., Philadelphia PA 19103
9780762435463, $19.95

Health-conscious parents still face challenges getting kids to emulate their passion, so they will appreciate the new recipes and 'sneaky' tricks for creating healthy meals kids will love in The Sneaky Chef to the Rescue. Over a hundred dishes range from portable pizza muffins to Slow Cooker Purple Chicken and even seasonal fare such as Chanukah Latkes. Big bullet points below each recipe title list attributes (whole grain, veggie, low sugar, anti-oxidant boost) while dishes are outstandingly easy to put together and require no photo embellishments to prove successful. Any general interest library needs this.

Mariel's Kitchen
Mariel Hemingway
c/o HarperCollins
10 E. 53rd St., New York NY 10022
9780061649875, $32.99

How can you cook nutritious, organic and healthy meals when time is short? Color photos and easy instructions compliment actress Mariel Hemingway's MARIEL'S KITCHEN: SIMPLE INGREDIENTS FOR A DELICIOUS AND SATISFYING LIFE. From a simple Herb Parmesan Souffle to Grilled Scallops with Fennel and Peppers, this is seasonally arranged for easy use and packed with elegant-sounding, yet simple fare. Perfect for any general library catering to busy workers who like to cook.

Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone
Curtis Stone
Clarkson Potter Publishers
c/o The Crown Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, #B1, NY, NY 10019-4305
9780307408747, $32.50

Curtis Stone is host of the Take Home Chef TV show and though he's head of a Manhattan restaurant, he offers a laid-back guide to home cooking blending gourmet foods with seasonal ingredients and easy dishes that just LOOK complicated. From Caramelized Nectarines with Yogurt and Honey and Red Curry with Lobster and Pineapple to Grilled Scallops with Fava Beans and Roasted Tomatoes, this packs in flavor and easy dishes along with color photos and is a top pick for any lending library.

Bite-Size Desserts
Carole Bloom
111 River St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
9780470226971, $24.95

Pastry chef Carole Bloom shows how to create memorable mini-desserts with a cookbook for any who want to downsize desserts into bite-sized pieces. From small cakes and scones to muffins, turnovers, cobblers and puddings, this offers tips on attractively making and downsizing desserts, with color sidebars of detail and attractive color photos throughout. Any general interest collection will find this appealing.

The Needlecraft Shelf

Machine Embroidery on Difficult Materials
Deborah Jones
Krause Publications
4700 E Galbraith Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236
0896896544, $29.99

Work with new materials readily found but often overlooked and difficult with Machine Embroidery on Difficult Materials, a guide to working with materials that pucker, run, stretch, or have pile. From synthetic sheers to thick velvets, this book shows how to machine embroider with fine results on all materials. Any needlework library needs this reference, which includes a bonus cd-rom with 14 embroidery designs in 38 fabric-specific versions.

Quick Star Quilts & Beyond
Jan Krentz
C&T Publishing
Box 1456, Lafayette, CA 94549
9781571205100, $27.95

20 projects pairing classroom-tested techniques with star quilt patterns provide large-scale quilts pieced quickly and make for a fine guide for any quilter seeking something different. Color photos of completed projects by a range of well-known quilters accompany outstanding star quilt patterns in a collection highly recommended for any needlework or quilting collection.

Hop to It!
Edyta Sitar
Landauer Publishing
3100 NW 101st St., Urbandale, IA 50322
9780981804019, $27.95

HOP TO IT! APPLIQUED BLOCKS & PROJECTS offers twelve blocks and easy applique technique projects to accompany them, with full-page patterns and color facing photos accompanying each easy appliqued album quilt and 8 projects. The step-by-step techniques are accompanied by a color and fabric selection guide in this stunning survey.

Simple Stitches: Knits With Textured Details
Eva Wiechmann
Martingale & Company
20205 - 144th Avenue NE, Woodinville, WA 98072-8478
9781564779007, $24.99

A range of classic patterns offer demonstrations of seed stitches, garter and other basics, blending them into designs that feature juxtaposed detailing options and easy blending. Projects are organized by type - 'Ribbing and Cable', 'Seed-Stitch' and more - and are quick and easy for knitters to duplicate, making this a fine choice for those who have a few basics down and wish to proceed to the next level.

Goddess of the Last Minute
Robbi Joy Eklow
Quayside Publishing
c/o Voyageur Press
400 First Ave North, Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9780760334294, $18.00

Quilt stories and musings from Quilting Arts Magazine artist Robbi Joy Eklow make for A colorful set of anecdotes inviting readers to turn life experiences into quilts. Her fun stories of life on the road, encounters with other quilters, and shared life experiences makes for a fun read and a perfect gift for that quilting fan who 'has everything'.

Simple Style
Ann Budd
Interweave Books
2-1 E. 4th St, Loveland, CO 80537-5655
9781596680906, $24.95

Knit simple but include some embellishments that change the style look completely with silhouettes and details in this presentation of some nineteen modern clothes which require no complex techniques. Sixteen knitwear designers provide projects with easy step-by-step knitting directions in a presentation encouraging knitters to think beyond the usual options of complicated or possibly dull. Any knitting library will find this a popular lend.

Reversible Knits
Iris Schreier
Lark Books
c/o Sterling Publishing
67 Broadway, Asheville, SC 28801
9781600591174, $22.95

REVERSIBLE KNITS: CREATIVE TECHNIQUES FOR KNITTING BOTH SIDES RIGHT offers a series of 'intentional designs' resulting in beautiful, balanced two-sided knits. Six key techniques to make reversible patterns offer swatch photo examples, hands-on exercises, and tips for blending them into reversible designs. Different weaves are covered in a fine survey suitable for any knitter's library.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

The Beats: A Graphic History
Harvey Pekar,, Edited by Paul Bohle
Hill and Wang
c/o Farrar, Straus, Giroux
18 West 18th St, New York NY 10011
0809094967, $22.00

Comic legend Harvey Pekar and a host of comic artists contribute to THE BEATS, a fine graphic history of the Beat movement that began among a small circle of friends and grew to a literary movement that sparked change and controversy. The graphic novel format offers a lively black and white survey perfect for any general-interest or literary library.

The Collected Jack Kirby Collection V. 6
Jack Kirby
TwoMorrows Publishing
10407 Bedfordtown Dr, Raleigh, NC 27614
1605490032, $29.95

Jack Kirby continues to forge his name as comics' finest creator and this sixth paperback reprints issues 23-26 of THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR, a magazine covering his entire life and career. Having this in paperback places these issue's contents under one handy cover in black and white, including its rare interviews with Kirby himself, and is a 'must' for any comic or graphic novel collection; particularly those tracking the genre's history.

The Beats: A Graphic History
Harvey Pekar,, Edited by Paul Buhle
Hill & Wang
c/o Farrar, Straus, Giroux
18 W. 18th St., New York NY 10011
0809094967, $22.00

Comic legend Harvey Pekor, his collaborator Ed Piskor, and a number of other comic writers and artists have created a fine survey of the Beat generation and its experiences, offering an anthology of graphic illustrations in black and white that survey the Beat Generation's heroes, antics, and sentiments. An outstanding graphic survey blends history, culture and biography in a graphic account recommended for any general lending library.

The Travel Shelf

50 Best Girlfriends Getaways in North America, revised edition
Marybeth Bond
National Geographic Press
1145 - 17th St NW, Washington DC 20036-4688
9781426204609, $15.95

A completely revised, updated edition of a travel book for women whether old or young, single or married, makes for a fine survey of yoga retreats, mountain resorts, gardens, and more. From new travel trends emphasizing personal growth to affordable escapes close to home and family bonding experiences, this is a pick for any general lending library.

Best Women's Travel Writing 2009
Lucy McCauley, Editor
Travelers' Tales
c/o Solas House
1932361634, $17.95

This outstanding collection of travel experiences offers a solid travel literature piece of true stories from women around the world, and makes for a 'must' pick for any library catering to travelers or including women's issues in the mix. A country-by-country chapter listing makes it easy to locate experiences specific to different nations and lends to the browsing interest of an outstanding literary collection of experiences.

Living Abroad in New Zealand
Michelle Waitzman
1700 - 4th St., Berkeley, CA 94710
1598801511, $19.95

The author left her life in Canada to make her home in New Zealand, and others can follow in her footsteps with this fine key on how to rent or buy a home, move there, and handle employment, education and health care. From the best places to live to navigating the culture and understanding New Zealand laws, Living Abroad in New Zealand is a winning title.

Destination Mexico
Carolyn & Bob Mehaffy
Caractacus Corp
c/o Paradise Cay
132B Harbor Way, Santa Barbara, CA 93109
0963463543, $19.95

DESTINATION MEXICO: PLANNING A CRUISE TO MEXICO is a key acquisition for any sailor planning a cruise in Mexican waters. It offers both power and sail keys to success, from handling government paperwork and insurance to crew selection and different boating options. From cost to navigation, this comes from authors who sail their 45-foot ketch yearly to Mexico and beyond. A key buy for any library catering to sailors.

Travel As a Political Act
Rick Steves
Nation Books
c/o Perseus Publishing Group
116 E 16th St., 8th Floor, New York NY 10003
9781568584355, $16.95

Rick Steves' latest book explains how to travel more thoughtfully around the world, offering his experience as a series of field reports from Asia, the Middle East, and more. His travels and encounters have both broadened his experience and result in renewed understanding of different cultures and the political effects travelers have upon the world, making for a key survey any travel collection and many a sociology library needs.

Wall Street Journal Guide to Power Travel
Scott McCartney
c/o HarperCollins
10 East 53rd St, New York NY 10022
9780061688713, $16.99

Travel is often an ordeal, so it's important to have a guide in hand which is both entertaining and practical, telling how to make the most of travel arrangement, from gaining cheap fares and upgrades to minimizing lost luggage changes and avoiding delays at the airport. Advice taken from the author's popular Middle Seat column explores how bad things happen and how to prevent them, making for an excellent guide for any general lending library.

The Literary Shelf

Give It All Give It Now
Annie Dillard
Welcome Books
6 West 18th St, New York NY 10011
9781599620602, $19.95

Not suitable for library lending rigors but absolutely perfect for gift-giving for any writer is GIVE IT ALL GIVE IT NOW: ONE OF THE FEW THINGS I KNOW ABOUT WRITING. Gorgeous colorful pages in an accordion-style format with a classy slipcase accompany tips on becoming more spontaneous and less angst-driven about writing. Her short words are inspiration beyond the literary world, offering ideas for living. Sam Fink's inscription and illustrations are outstanding.

Ellen Datlow, Editor
Solaris Books
c/o BL Publishing
1525 Hulse Road, Unit 1, Pt. Pleasant, NJ 08742
1844165957, $15.00

To coincide with the 200th anniversary of the birth of Poe is an anthology celebrating his writings and presenting talents inspired by Poe's tales. Such notables as Sharyn McCrumb, Lucius Shepard, and more offer retellings of Poe's classic writings, making this a perfect acquisition for high schools teaching Poe's style and literary approach who want a fine contrast of inspired take-offs.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Starship: Rebel
Mike Resnick
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, MA 04228

STARSHIP: REBEL is book four in Mike Resnick's series is set in 1968 of the Galactic Era, nearly 2,000 years from now when a Republic dominated by the human race is in the midst of war. A year has passed since the events of the prior STARSHIP: MERCENARY, and Captain Cole now commands a fleet and is still wanted by the government. Fast-paced action makes this a military thriller perfect for science fiction collections.

The Shadow Queen
Anne Bishop
375 Hudson, New York NY 10014
9780451462541, $24.95

In her latest 'Black Jewels' novel, the land of Dena Nehele has been decimated, left with only a hundred Warlord Princes without a leader. A castoff queen, a searcher last of his lineage, and a damaged warlord prince face challenge, journeys and healing in this exceptional fantasy, recommended for any general lending library with or without prior 'Black Jewels' stories in their collections.

Robert J. Sawyer
375 Hudson, New York NY 10014
9780441016792, $24.95

One of the most original and captivating stories received lately is powered by a strong protagonist image of one Caitlin Decter, a young math genius who is blind. She's versed at surfing the net even though sightless, so when a Japanese researcher develops a new signal-processing implant that could give her sight, based on Net access, she seems the perfect person to experiment with. Their search for sight awakens something sentient online in this vivid novel, packed with unpredictable twists and turns of plot.

In the Stormy Red Sky
David Drake
Box 1403, Riverdale, NY 10471
1416591591, $25.00

Daniel is a successful space captain, his friend Lady Mundy is a spy - but a series of political and social snafus embroil them in controversy and danger with space battles and quick action marking a galaxy on the brink of exploding. IN THE STORMY RED SKY is military adventure at its best and deserves a place in any science fiction collection.

The Business Shelf

Work's a Bitch and Then You Make It Work
Andrea Kay
Stewart, Tabori & Chang
115 West 18th St, New York NY 10011
9781584797081, $15.95

Work's a Bitch and Then You Make It Work: 6 Steps to Go from Pissed Off to Powerful shows how to make the most of feelings of powerless and disillusionment at work, using exercises to help define work arrangements and take positive steps to improve a career path. Aim high and foster new ideas and approaches: that's the message of a business book highly recommended for any business or general lending library.

Lynda Gratton
235 Montgomery #650, San Francisco CA 94104-2916
9781576757680, $16.95

GLOW: HOW YOU CAN RADIATE ENERGY, INNOVATION AND SUCCESS comes from a management school professor and offers accounts of teams and bosses that radiate enthusiasm and positive energy even under adversarial circumstances. It shows how to create and support empowering relationships and uses years of original research to identify three principles that lead to 'glow' and glowing results. From asking questions that spark energy and creativity to 'jumping across worlds', this provides an exceptional survey of how to capture 'glow' in a business effort, and is a pick for any business library.

Games at Work
Mauricio Goldstein and Philip Read
Jossey Bass
989 Market St., San Francisco CA 94103
9780470262009, $24.95

GAMES AT WORK: HOW TO RECOGNIZE & REDUCE OFFICE POLITICS comes from two organizational experts who argue that office games can be unconscious as well as conscious and can be minimized with tools to diagnose and short-circuit them. From low-balling sales as a negotiating trick to engaging in gossip for political advantage and more, this blends real-world examples of games in action with insights on how to short-circuit them. Perfect for both business and general lending libraries.

The Crash of 2008 And What It Means, revised edition
George Soros
Public Affairs
250 West 57th St, Suite 1321, New York NY 10107
9781586486990, $14.95

Four new chapters have been added to this revised edition of a popular classic, which should be in any serious financial collection. It creates a framework for understanding how the current financial crisis began, covering the author's prior prediction of a collapse of the global economy and why some of his predictions didn't come into place. A significant analysis, many a college-level classroom could use this for discussion.

Courage Goes to Work
Bill Treasurer
B-K Publishing
235 Montgomery #650, San Francisco CA 94104
9781576755013, $26.95

COURAGE GOES TO WORK: HOW TO BUILD BACKBONES, BOOST PERFORMANCE, AND GET RESULTS tells how to handle people who are comfortable with routine and resist changes. Such works fail to exert themselves over what is required and do just enough to keep on top of their jobs, thwarting forward momentum in a changing business environment. COURAGE GOES TO WORK lays out a step-by-step program for strengthening and encouraging courage, and is a pick for any business library catering to managers.

Companies We Keep, revised edition
John Abrams
Chelsea Green Publishing
Box 428, White River Junction, VT 05001
9781603580007, $17.95

Part memoir and part examination of a new business model, the newly revised edition of COMPANIES WE KEEP has undergone vast changes from when it first came out in 2005 to explore employee ownership concepts. Sustainable business works: that's the message of the book and its readers who find it offers businesses and libraries catering to them a set of philosophical guidelines to sharing ownership and fostering workplace democracy and high spirits.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Voice for Hire
Randy Thomas and Peter Rofe
Watson Guptill Publications
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
0823099466, $19.95

If you have a rich voice and a winning style, go to the next level of development and market that voice with Voice for Hire: Launch and Maintain a Lucrative Career in Voice-Overs. Hear actual voice-over demos that open doors in the cds accompanying an in-depth guide from a voice artist and voice coach who join forces to tell how to break into a lucrative albeit competitive market. The step-by-step approach covers everything from promos and commercials to demo reels and job-winning auditions.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Murder, She Wrote: Madison Avenue Shoot
Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain
c/o Penguin Publishing Group
375 Hudson St, New York NY 10014-3658
9780451226037, $22.95

MURDER, SHE WROTE: MADISON AVENUE SHOOT is the 31st book in the best-selling series providing the story of mystery author Jessica Fletcher's visit to New York to solve a prime-time murder. Her favorite nephew Grady asks her to visit him partially to investigate a series of puzzling ads that result in an executive's murder on the set. A powerful recommendation for any library strong in mysteries.

c/o Penguin Publishing Group
375 Hudson St, New York NY 10014

Sally Goldenbaum's PATTERNS IN THE SAND: A SEASIDE KNITTERS MYSTERY (9780451227034, $23.95) is a powerful story, the second in a new series, and is set in summer in Massachusetts when an Art at Night event leads to murder. As investigation leads to revelations about the victim's hidden life, the entire town becomes embroiled in controversy and mystery in this fine knitting thriller, perfect for mystery and needlework libraries alike. Elaine Viets' KILLER CUTS: A DEAD-END JOB MYSTERY (9780451226860, $22.95) tells of Helen's latest gig: working in Miguel Angel's hair salon. When one of its biggest clients is murdered at his own wedding, the salon - and Helen - become involved as Helen determines that locating the murderer will help business - and her friend. A thriller perfect for mystery patrons.

The Fiction Shelf

The Sign
Raymond Khoury
c/o Penguin Publishing Group
375 Hudson, New York NY 10014
9780525950974, $26.95

In Antarctica a scientific expedition is about to witness the last breakup of the ice shelf, when suddenly a shimmering sphere of light appears in the sky - just as in Egypt, a priest with a vision finds changes happening across the world. Has God decided to reveal himself with these symbolic appearances, or is something else affecting the world? A fine thriller evolves, perfect for any general lending collection.

Water Ghosts
Shawna Yang Ryan
Penguin Press
375 Hudson St, New York NY 10014-3658
9781594202070, $22.95

In 1928 in California's town of Locke three Chinese women appear - and they will turn the community upside down. A woman's premonitions of disaster appear to be true as the women's connections to the town deepen and create controversy. A fine novel of ethnic tensions and understanding evolves.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

The Radical Bible
Kevin Ahern, Compiler
Box 308, Maryknoll, NY 10545
9781570758164, $12.00

This pocket-sized guide to living the gospel is too tiny for regular library lending but is perfect for a pocket or purse take-along inspirational. Packed with Biblical quotes and references, THE RADICAL BIBLE ties Biblical concepts to everyday life and offers inspiration easy to refer to.

Quantum Gods
Victor J. Stenger
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2119
9781591027133, $26.98

QUANTUM GODS: CREATION, CHAOS, AND THE SEARCH FOR COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS offers a satisfying blend of hard science (quantum mechanics) and spirituality that consider connections between the human brain and the universe. Physicist Victor Stenger offers an analysis of the popular theories trying to link spirituality to physics, considering what 20th century physics findings really mean and how to blend religious basics into these new discoveries. Any science or spirituality library will find this an intriguing survey.

The Language Studies Shelf

The Vocabulary of Success
C. Edward Good
Capital Books
Box 605, Herndon, VA 20172-0605
9781933102665, $19.95

THE VOCABULARY OF SUCCESS: 403 WORDS SMART PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW comes from an author who has taught vocabulary for business development for over thirty years. Engineers, scientists and executives alike have received information on how to write so others can understand them - and this collection defines important words, gives examples of works by noted authors, and teaches how to make these words part of an everyday way of writing and speaking. Business and general collections will find this an important reference.

Mastering the American Accent
Lisa Mojsin, M.A.
250 Wireless Rd, Hauppage, NY 11788
0764195824, $29.99

If English is your second language and you want to express yourself with more clarify and accuracy, speech expert Lisa Mojsin's book and audio blend will provide the specific exercises you need to help perfect vowel sounds and troublesome consonants. Learn to stress syllables correctly, link words like a native, and produce more American-sounding results through this outstanding guide, highly recommended for any ESL collection at all levels of understanding.

The Music Shelf

Bandalism: The Rock Group Survival Guide
Julian Ridgway
Harper Entertainment
c/o HarperCollins
10 East 53rd St, New York NY 10022
9780061645594, $13.95

Deserving of ongoing mention is this survey of the malicious destruction to the fabric of a rock/pop band brought about by one or more of its members. There's a long history of 'bandalism' and this is the first to chronicle the experience and how to avoid the common indicators that it's affecting a group's performance, cohesiveness and music. Highly recommended for any library catering to musicians.

I Met the Walrus
Jerry Levitan
Collins Design
c/o HarperCollins
10 E. 53rd St, New York NY 10022-5299
9780061713262, $24.99

In 1969 John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged two week-long 'bed-ins for peace' - and at one then-14-year-old Beatles fan Jerry Levitan snuck into Lennon's hotel room armed with a tape deck. His interview, presented on a never-before published DVD and accompanying his book on the topic - will prove a 'must' for any avid Beatles fan or library catering to music enthusiasts. Its chapters offer not only the interview, but how this changed Jerry Levitan's life.

Recording Engineer's Handbook, second edition
Bobby Owsinski
Course Technology
20 Channel Center St., Boston MA 02210
159863867X $39.99

This updated edition of a classic best-selling guide covers the microphone and recording techniques used by top engineers around the world, covering everything from how to get the most from inexpensive equipment to mic placement, drum tuning tips, getting the most from a vocalist, and more. Interviews and a question-and-answer format make this easy to follow, and a pick for any musician's technical library.

The Absolute Best Guitar Songbook
Alfred Publishing
Box 1003, Van Nuys, CA 91410-0003
0739055089, $24.95

Authentic guitar tabs for American Woman, Hotel California, Big Yellow Taxi, Moondance, and more range from holiday music and classic standards to lead sheets for sing-alongs. Some 89 tunes are featured in a reference of guitar tabs and lyrics perfect for any modern musician's collection.

He Is .I say
David Wild
Da Capo Press
c/o Perseus Publishing Group
11 Cambridge Center, MA 02142
9780306817847, $25.00

HE IS I SAY: HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE covers the life of Neil Diamond, showing how a kid from Brooklyn went from a struggling songwriter to a global superstar. David Wild has interviewed Neil Diamond for Rolling Stone and written the liner notes to several of his anthologies, so is the perfect choice for chronicling his life and times. Perfect for any popular music or general lending library.

Guitar Atlas: Guitar Styles Around the World
Alfred Publishing
Box 10003, Van Nuys, CA 91410-0003
0739055631, $29.95

From pioneering artists of exciting, different guitar styles from India, Africa, Japan and more to music arranged for guitar players at all levels, this is packed with everything needed for a guitar player to learn new rhythms based on world music. It even comes with standard notation and TAB, and an MP3 CD of over 3 hours of music. Any guitar player will relish this as a key tool to expanding guitar styles.

The Audiobook Shelf

What Doesn't Kill You
Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant
Brilliance Audio
PO Box 887, Grand Haven, MI 49417
1423362004, $29.99

Tee has been divorced since her daughter was young and has been supporting herself and her child since - but when she's displaced from her longtime job, gives her daughter the wedding of her dreams, and wakes up in bed with the younger best man, she's in for big changes. Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant offer a very fine audio story of a woman out of control mid-life in a tale perfect for general audio lending libraries.

Apt Pupil
Stephen King
Penguin Audio
375 Hudson St, New York NY 10014
9780143143963, $29.95

Todd is an apt pupil with good grades, good family and responsibilities - but when he meets teacher Dussander, trouble begins. Todd knows his dark secrets - and is about to learn the meaning of evil in this tense thriller which receives a fine narration by veteran Frank Mueller, perfect for any audio lending library.

Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven
Susan Jane Gilman
Hachette Audio
237 Park Avenue, NY, NY 10017-0010
9781600244483, $26.98

Susan Jane Gilman narrates her own story of a 1986 daring odyssey telling of her road trip with friend Claire - in the just-opened People's Republic of China. Their journey into Shanghai brings them off the map into Chinese territory, culture shock and more in this stunning story, perfect for audio true-life drama collections.

The Sports Shelf

Straw: Finding My Way
Darryl Strawberry with John Strausbaugh
10 E 53rd St., New York NY 10022-5299
9780061704208, $26.99

Darryl Strawberry was an eight-time All Star and four-time World Series Champion, yet his years of drug abuse and domestic assault resulted in multiple arrests and made the talented baseball player notorious. In his own words Strawberry charts his rise to baseball fame, his brushes with the law, and his battle over cancer to his religious awakening in a vivid autobiography perfect for any sports collection and many a general interest library.

Bigger Faster Stronger, second edition
Greg Shepard
Human Kinetics
Box 5076, Champaign, IL 61825-5076
0736079637, $21.95

The proven system for building athletes appears in its second edition to cover the basic exercise techniques and drills needed to develop power, agility and speed for any sport. These are customizable programs for all levels and sports and are based on the latest research and the experiences of the nation's top athletes. A top pick for any sports collection.

Mark Donohue: Technical Excellence at Speed
Michael Argetsinger
David Bull
4250 E. Camelback Rd Suite K150, Phoenix, AZ 85018
9781935007029, $39.95

Race car fans of the 1960s and 70s know that racer mark Donohue represented a new kind of motor racing participant, blending a fast approach with his background in engineering and penchant for setting up a superior race car. His career took off in 1966 and his innovations introduced a new breed of race car to the American track. His biography and a survey of the changing technology of car racing is a 'must' for any library catering to car race loving patrons.

The Martial Arts Shelf

Aikido and Words of Power
William Gleason
Destiny Books
c/o Inner Traditions
One Park St, Rochester, VT 05767
9781594772450, $19.95

Libraries strong in martial arts will welcome a book that includes discussion of the spiritual aspects of Aikido as conceived by its founder: a breath of fresh air for a discipline that largely receives martial arts attention. AIKIDO AND WORDS OF POWER blends physical with spiritual dimensions and offers a focus on the wider applications and powers of the discipline in a survey recommended for sports and spirituality patrons alike.

The Gaming Shelf

The Blender Gamekit, second edition
Carsten Wartmann, Editor
No Starch Press
555 DeHaro St., #250, San Francisco CA 94107
9781593272050, $44.95

Game artists interested in the interactive 3D opportunities of Blender will appreciate the 2nd updated edition of THE BLENDER GAMEKIT, reviewing the options for a fast, powerful open source 3D creation suite offering advanced modeling, character animation, and rendering - all the features of expensive private programs. It's reviewed here for its interest to any involved in online gaming and comes with a CD with playable, editable Blender game demos and the Blender 2.48 for all systems. Any online game programmer will welcome this fine survey, packed with color photo examples and screenshots throughout.

Game Coding Complete, third edition
Mike McShaffrey,
Charles River Media
c/o Course Technology
20 Channel Center St. Boston MA 02210
1584506806, $59.99

The third updated edition of GAME CODING COMPLETE offers the latest hands-on guide to developing commercial-quality games and is a 'must' for programming libraries and gamers alike. Written by a veteran game programmer, it considers the entire game development procedure and how to make a game, from providing working code examples and 3D programming insights to handling the technical hurdles of audio. A full-featured, highly recommended basic for any library catering to online gamers.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Summer World
Bernd Heinrich
Ecco Press
10 E. 53rd St, New York NY 10022
9780060742171, $26.99

SUMMER WORLD: A SEASON OF BOUNTY is for any lending library strong in natural history in general and New England wildlife in particular. It observes the interactions of animals and plants with nature, discussing the relationships between habitat and global warming and considering different growth patterns of animals, birds, plants and insects. The author's own line drawings compliment a gentle consideration perfect for general-interest libraries.

Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw
Bruce Barcott
Random House
c/o The Random House Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, 17th fl, New York, NY 10019
9780812973136, $15.00

Caring for orphaned animals at her zoo in tropical Belize, Sharon Matola became one of Central America's greatest wildlife defenders. Her greatest fight happened when the local government wanted to build a damn that would flood the nesting ground of the only scarlet macaws in Belize. Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw chronicles her battles from courtroom to village, exploring tensions between the press for human development and environmental concern. Any general lending library will find this a vivid memoir.

Dog Driver
Miki and Julie Collins
Alpine Publications
38262 Linman Rd, Crawford, CO 81415
9781577790945, $32.95

While at first glance DOG DRIVER: A GUIDE FOR THE SERIOUS MUSHER would seem to appeal primarily to Alaskan residents, it's a book any library strong in outdoors sports should appreciate. The authors are lifetime mushers who use their team in Alaska and have competed in long-distance races. Their tips on developing a good dog team, recreational mushing challenges, preparing for a race, and move blend humor with insights into Alaskan lifestyles, making for a pick any sports collection - particularly those in the colder climates - will appreciate.

Training Your Dog for Life
Sheila Webster Boneham, Ph.D.
One TFH Plaza, 3rd and Neptune Streets
Neptune City, NJ 07753
9780793836833, $19.95

A free care and training DVD accompanies TRAINING YOUR DOG FOR LIFE, a fine survey of how to 6train a dog using positive reinforcement. Step-by-step instructions accompany a review of reward-based methods and troubleshooting techniques to help owners create an obedient pet. Any library strong on basic pet primers - and any new dog owner - will find this a welcome addition.

How to Use Leg Wraps, Bandages and Boots
Sue A. Allen
Alpine Publications
38262 Linman Rd, Crawford, CO 81415
0931866723, $17.95

How to Use Leg Wraps, Bandages and Boots: Supportive Care for Your Horse covers preventative maintenance and choosing, cleaning and applying the right bandages for a horse's legs. From protecting a horse while traveling to using ready-wraps to greater ease, this is a reference all horse owners should have.

Horse Hoof Care
Cherry Hill and Richard Klimesh
Storey Publishing
210 MassMoca Way, North Adams, MA 02147
9781603420884, $19.95

All elements of horse hoof care are covered, from anatomy and daily care to the role of the farrier, maintaining dry facilities for horses, and treating horses. Knowing when to call the vet and how to handle more minor hoof issues at home adds to the details on hoof-handling training and makes this a pick for any rural library.

Birdsong by the Seasons
Donald Kroodsma
Houghton Mifflin
222 Berkeley St., Boston, MA 02116
9780618753369, $28.00

BIRDSONG BY THE SEASONS; A YEAR OF LISTENING TO BIRDS comes with two CDs of birdsong and offers insights into seasonal birds and the different songs they song. Sonograms plot a sound's frequency and analyzes the foundations of melody, while lively discussions cover bird activities and changing seasonal trends. Any library strong in birding and any individual interested in a more in-depth coverage of birdsong than mere identification alone, needs this.

Pretty Pet-Friendly
Julia Szabo
Howell House
10475 Crosspoint Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46256
9780470377284, $16.99

Sharing a home with a pet doesn't have to mean a chaotic living space: a pet-friendly home can also be stylish and pretty for humans as well, and PRETTY PET-FRIENDLY: EASY WAYS TO KEEP SPOT'S DIGS STYLISH & SPOTLESS covers it all: from yard maintenance and feeding areas to how to handle skunks and how to clean with natural products. Any general lending library needs this fine pet owner's guide.

A Practical Guide to Canine & Feline Neurology, second edition
Curtis W. Dewey
350 Main St., Malden, MA 02148
9780813816722, $150.00

The second updated edition of A Practical Guide to Canine & Feline Neurology offers a winning reference for veterinary students and practicing vets alike, with this edition offering new coverage of breed issues, disorders, and expanded coverage of pain management and diagnostic imaging. A new color atlas of the canine brain has also been added in this key reference for any serious college-level veterinary science collection and many a practitioner.

Corvus: A Life With Birds
Esther Woolfson
2117 - 4th St., Berkeley, CA 94710
9781582434773, $25.00

Esther Woolfson has long been fascinated with corvids, the bird family including crows, rooks, magpies and ravens. Her family includes several corvid pets. Here she discusses her pets and the corvid family in general, offering views of an unusual bonding process and different insights into the natural history of the corvid. Perfect for any collection strong in accounts of pets and wildlife.

The Interior Design Shelf

Not So Big Remodeling
Sarah Susanka and Marc Vassallo
Taunton Press
Box 5506, Newtown, CT 06470-5506
9781561588275, $32.00

Tailor a home for the way you really live with this companion to THE NOT SO BIG HOUSE. It covers small changes that can be made in a home to change it, challenges modern remodeling wisdom to go beyond just square footage concerns, and encourages 'thinking better' for more efficiency and workability. An excellent survey of modern design challenges and solutions, this is a pick for any library catering to homeowners and apartment dwellers alike.

Little House on a Small Planet
Shay Salomon
The Lyons Press
Box 480, Guilford, CT 06437
1592288685, $19.95

Floor plans, photos, and anecdotes blend in a fine guide to what makes up a home when excess is cut away. We're not just talking possessions: 'little home' plans cover building and remodeling choices applicable to scaling down a home, and come from a carpenter and construction manager filled with ideas for resizing or building a small home environment. Perfect for general-interest libraries catering to homeowners, architects, and interior designers.

The Gardening Shelf

Small-Scale Grain Raising, second edition
Gene Lodgson
Chelsea Green
Box 428, White River Junction, VT 05001
9781603580779, $29.95

This classic book on raising grain has been revised and expanded for home gardeners and small-scale farmers, and offers all the basics needed to handle pests, weeds, and challenges to growing and using whole grains. The organic approach covers everything from growing to processing and using these grains, is arranged in chapters by grain type, and is a top pick for any library catering to home gardeners and small-scale farmers.

Japanese Gardens
Geeta K. Mehta and Kimie Tada
Charles Tuttle
364 Innovation Drive, N. Clarendon, VT 05750-9436
9784805309421, $34.95

Over twenty classic Japanese garden designs are provided in a winning celebration of Japanese style, from temple gardens to private and public garden designs. Full-page and smaller color photos accompany extensive descriptions of the garden's setting, purpose and creation and provide home gardeners and collections catering to them with insights on how to replicate Japanese ideals of harmony and simplicity in a home garden plan.

The Architecture Shelf

Prefab Green
Michelle Kaufmann and Catherine Remick
Gibbs Smith
Box 667, Layton, UT 84041
1423604970, $30.00

PREFAB GREEN offers a fresh new look at the prefab home concept, comes from the architectural perception that modular homes can be customized and modernized to become sustainable, low-energy options, and provides a gorgeous vision for creating such designs, based on the author's architectural firm and experience. Color photos pack a book filled with delightful ideas for making the most of the basic prefab concept, making this a pick for both architectural libraries and collections catering to homeowners.

The Codewriting Workbook
Robert J. Krawczyk
Princeton Architectural Press
37 E. 7th Street, New York NY 10003
9781568987927, $50.00

THE CODEWRITING WORKBOOK: CREATING COMPUTATIONAL ARCHITECTURE IN AUTOLISP was conceived as a primer for architects and artists and introduces such students to basic programming concepts for CAD design. Guided exercises using algorithmic functions show how to develop two-dimensional drawings and three-dimensional models alike, while a companion cd offers all 400 AutoLISP scripts presented in the book. Both computer and art libraries at the college level will find it a winner.

The Antiques/Collectibles Shelf

Blue Book of Gun Values, 30th edition
Blue Book Publications
8009 - 34th Ave South #175, Minneapolis, MN 55425
1886768870, $49.95

The new 30th anniversary updated edition of the "Blue Book of Gun Values" is bigger and better than ever, with over 2,000 pages of accurate information and updated values for both antique and modern firearms. Chapters arranged by firearm brand offer overviews of the makers, models, latest values by grading and descriptions of add-ons to values. A powerful survey, recommended as a basic reference for any library strong in either collectibles in general or firearms in particular.

Warman's Antiques & Collectibles 2010 Price Guide, 43rd edition
Mark F. Moran
Krause Publishing
700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990-0001
0896898075, $27.99

This 43rd updated edition of the classic reference Warman's Antiques & Collectibles 2010 Price Guide offers thousands of color images paired with values and contact info for over 70 auction houses, including new, expanded categories in fine art and vintage clothing. Advice from top antiques and art experts complements a bonus DVD with a presentation on fakes and reproductions in an outstanding survey.

Deco Decor
Donald-Brian Johnson and Leslie Pina
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310
9780764331787, $69.99

DECO DECOR: PORCELAIN, GLASS & METAL ACCESSORIES FOR THE HOME provides a fine vision of how art deco style blends into home decor, blending biographies of deco masters with full-page color photos of selected home accessories and including estimated values. Any library strong in art deco will find this a fine blend of collector and historical survey.

19th Century Patterned Art Glass Chamber Lamps
Ron Gibson
Collector Books
Box 3009, Paducah, KY 42002-3009
9781574325935, $39.95

Any collector of chamber lamps will appreciate a fine guide to the patterned art glass lamps presented in 19th Century Patterned Art Glass Chamber Lamps. Color photos of such lamps pack every page, while catalog inserts, discussions of features and the latest values make this a specific lamp collector's dream. Any library catering to lamp collectors needs this.

Collector Books
Box 3009, Paducah, KY 42002-3009

The 17th edition of GARAGE SALE & FLEA MARKET ANNUAL (9781574326178, $19.95) offers the latest details on collectibles to be found in such venues, pairing the latest values with color photos throughout and offering company histories and tips relating to each collectible. The result is a fine reference suitable for any general-interest library where garage sales are part of the interest of patrons. Susan Langley's VINTAGE HATS & BONNETS 1770-1970 (9781574326048, $29.95) appears in its second updated edition to provide both the latest values and fine hat features for any specialty collector. Specialty collections and those involved in design and fashion history will welcome the color photos - many full-page - and latest history and values.

The Computer Shelf

Front End Drupal
Emma Jane Hogbin and Konstantin Kafer
Prentice Hall/PTR
c/o Pearson Education
801 East 96th Street, 3rd floor, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
0137136692, $39.99

Web developers and libraries catering to them will find FRONT END DRUPAL a winning pick: it provides a complete guide to customizing Drupal sites with templates, themes and more, and focuses on issues of site design, usability and management. From organizing content to blend into Drupal web sites to structuring easy templates, this is a winning pick for any web programmer's library.

Programming Ruby 1.9
Dave Thomas, Chad Fowler, Andy Hunt
Pragmatic Programmers
9781934356081, $49.95

Any programming collection catering to Ruby programmers must have PROGRAMMING RUBY 1.9: THE PRAGMATIC PROGRAMMERS' GUIDE. It introduces the latest 1.9 release, a major new release of the language, and introduces all the new rules of the faster virtual machine. New rules require different methods and approaches: all these PROGRAMMING RUBY 1.9 provides, making for as invaluable a classroom tool as a programmer's reference.

Behavioral Mathematics for Game AI
Dave Mark
Charles River Media
c/o Course Technology
20 Channel Center St., Boston Ma 02210
1584506849, $49.99

Using classical game theory, Behavioral Mathematics for Game AI offers game programmers the logic and applications of math, offering modeling techniques A1 designers and programmers can use to replicate human decisions in a game structure. Chapters offer ways of using statistics, formulas and more to create believable scenarios and dynamic video games. Any computer library catering to advanced AI programmers needs this.

Network Know-How
John Ross
No Starch Press
555 DeHaro #250, San Francisco, CA 94107
9781593271916, $29.95

Is your office networked - and would you like it to be more integrated? Business libraries and general collections alike will find patrons turning to NETWORK KNOW-HOW: AN ESSENTIAL GUIDE FOR THE ACCIDENTAL ADMIN. It addresses specifics of connecting Windows, Mac and Linux computers, discussing network adapters, hubs, switches and document and file sharing alike. Also included are home audio and video networking and even household appliances. That's what makes for such a strong pick for any collection where networking is a desire.

Sams Teach Yourself PHP and MySQL Video Learning Starter Kit
Sams Publishing
c/o Pearson Education
801 East 96th Street, 3rd floor, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
067233027X, $39.99

The videos in 'Teach Yourself' are excellent, offering self-paced visual video lessons covering key concepts and offering individual lessons no longer than 10 minutes each. These short video lessons on PHP and MySQL explain key concepts, terms and techniques and provide interactive labs and quizzes to support the learning. Perfect for those taking PHP and MySQL.

Design and Content Creation
Drew Sikora and John Hattan, editors
Course Technology
20 Channel Center St., Boston, MA 02210
1598638084, $49.99

This second in a series of books published in collaboration with, where game developers worldwide network and exchange information, offers game designers the best in content creation articles. Any who wishes to produce a functioning, superior and fun game will benefit from the mechanics discussed here, which adds new content not to be found online and is a key pick for any library catering to game programmers.

Security Monitoring
Chris Fry & Martin Nystrom
1005 Gravenstein Hwy North, Sebastopol, CA 95472
9780596518165, $44.99

How well does a network stand up against modern security threats? Here two security experts from Cisco Systems show how to detect security incidents on a global network, how to develop regulations and monitoring criteria, and how to discover violations. Examples offer specifics, not generalities, and provide all the keys to monitoring a network system in a pick highly recommended for any programmer's collection.

Mashup Patterns
Michael Ogrinz
c/o Pearson Education
801 East 96th Street, 3rd floor, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
032157947X, $39.99

MASHUP PATTERNS: DESIGNS AND EXAMPLES FOR THE MODERN ENTERPRISE tells web providers how to use new mashup tools and techniques to add APIs on everything from RSS feeds to PDF files and Excel. Programming students learn how to apply software development basics to mashups, choosing ways to support enterprise efforts and offering patterns and guidance for all stages of mashup development cycles. Specific real-world examples make this a top pick for any computer collection.

The Education Shelf

Collaborative Teaching in Secondary Schools
Wendy W. Murawski
Corwin Press
2455 Teller Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320
9781412968058, $38.95

Collaborative Teaching in Secondary Schools: Making the Co-Teaching Marriage Work provides a light look at co-teaching comparing it to a marriage and discussing elements such as handling difficulty content, personality conflicts, setting roles, and more. With alternative ideas for co-instruction approaches, it's a winner for any education collection.

The Native American Shelf

Indian Blues
John W. Troutman
University of Oklahoma Press
2800 Venture Dr, Norman, OK 73069
9780806140193, $34.95

INDIAN BLUES: AMERICAN INDIANS AND THE POLITICS OF MUSIC, 1879-1934 tells of how the U.S. government tried to control music on reservations through the 1920s, sparking a resistance on the parts of Native singers and dancers who decided to manipulate these policies. Both music history libraries and those at the college level specializing in Native history will find this an impressive exploration of the politics of music and Native American issues.

The Art Shelf

Modern Luxury
Richard Mishaan
Monacelli Press
c/o Random House
1745 Broadway, New York NY 10019
9781580932288, $50.00

Interior designer Richard Mishaan believe all interior design can be blended regardless of style or price, and uses his international background and love of travel to create unique settings for his clients. His projects showcase dozens of his completed works in all types of interiors, from corporate offices to small homes and elegant settings, and offers a directory of his favorite design resources. Perfect for any college-level arts library strong in interior design.

Kenneth Snelson: Forces Made Visible
Hard Press
c/o Hudson Hills Press
3556 Main, Manchester, VT 05254
9781555952433, $75.00

Eleanor Heartney provides a fine essay examining Kenneth Snelson's style for FORCES MADE VISIBLE, a collection of his sculpture art which can be seen in many a public place. His works are composed or tubes held by tension wires, defying gravity and offering unusual blends of sculpture and scientific representation. FORCES MADE VISIBLE blends a biography of the artist with photo essays tracking his works, and even includes a DVD of ten animations plus a documentary, making for a multi-faceted presentation perfect for art libraries.

Maria Abramovic
Kristine Stiles, Klaus Biesenbach, Chrissie Iles
Phaidon Press
180 Varick St, 14th Floor, New York NY 10014
9780714848020, $49.95

Marina Abramovic pioneered performance as a visual art form, exploring her world beginning with her own body. This catalog covers the entire history of her performance art pieces, with full-page color and black and white photos documenting her multi-faceted views and analyzing differences between good art and bad art forms. Any collection strong in modern alternative artist representation must have MARIA ABRAMOVIC.

Nick Cardy: Behind the Art
Nick Cardy and Eric Nolen-Weathington
TwoMorrows Publishing
10407 Bedfordtown Dr, Raleigh, NC 27614
1893905993, $34.95

Nick Cardy has been doing fine fantasy art for over sixty years, contributing to comic books, newspapers and other sources. He's selected personal favorites from throughout his career, displays them in full-page color, and includes sketches and details on how each piece came to be in this outstanding survey, recommended for any library strong in graphic illustration and popular or comic book art.

The Photography Shelf

Canon EOS 50D Guide to SLR Photography
David D. Busch
Course Technology
20 Channel Center St., Boston, MA 02210
1598639048, $29.99

David Busch's Canon EOS 50D Guide to SLR Photography is outstanding: an introduction to Canon's newest SLR camera showing the many opportunities for making the most of its features. From selecting the best autofocus mode and flash capability to using Histograms and troubleshooting common camera issues, this offers a wide range of tips for operation and maintenance and is a pick for any owner of the EOS 50D 'next generation'.

The Photoshop Lightroom Workbook
Seth Resnick and Jamie Spritzer
Focal Press
80 Corporate Dr #400, Burlington, MA 01803
9780240810676, $34.95

THE PHOTOSHOP LIGHTROOM WORKBOOK: WORKFLOW NOT WORKSLOW IN LIGHTROOM 2 covers everything from shooting and editing to using all the latest features in Lightroom 2, and comes packed with color screenshot examples throughout. Easy step-by-step instruction is accompanied by summaries, diagrams and more, making this a top pick for any Photoshop Lightroom user or collections catering to them.

After Effects for Flash, Flash for After Effects
Richard Harrington and Marcus Geduld
Adobe Press
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
0321606078, $54.99

Any seeking to learn Adobe Creative Suite 4 will find it holds powerful animation tools which offers specialized features and make for integration challenges and options. Basic and advanced uses for each application in the suite are covered in chapters which teach how to create content, manage projects, and create professional-looking videos with polished results. From creating 3D environments to converting Flash to broadcast and creating interactive controls, this is a dynamic interactive guide (with DVD) perfect for any Flash user.

Within the Frame
David duChemin
New Riders
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
9780321605023, $39.99

WITHIN THE FRAME: JOURNEY OF PHOTOGRAPHIC VISION is about finding a photographic vision and cultivating it, offering a personal book packed with inspiring images and offering a photograph's survey of expressing that vision with a camera. From the basics of building a photo essay to directing the viewer through the photographer's choice of images, it's a key to using photos to their best advantage, and comes packed with color photo examples throughout.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

14 Steps to Awaken the Sacred Feminine
Joan Norton and Margaret Starbird
Bear & Company
c/o Inner Traditions
One Park Street, Rochester, VT 05767
9781591430919, $14.900

Both new age and women's studies collections will find inspiring this guide on how to create a personal Mary Magdalene circle. Magdalene Circles are groups of women who focus shared energies on the wisdom of Mary Magdalene: here are 14 guided lessons to start the process, perfect for new age holdings.

The Infernal Texts Nox & Liber Koth
Stephen Sennitt
New Falcon
1753 E. Broadway #101-277, Tempe, AZ 85282
1561842346, $12.95

Libraries strong in occult and chaos magic will welcome this collection of works edited from the famous occult journal NOX from 1986-91. It includes the 22 'Infernal Texts' from the Order of Nine Angles and others and offers a range of topics from 'Lovecraft & The Dark Gods' to 'Tuning to Alpha'. A serious pick for any occult library.

The Military Shelf

Tonight We Die As Men
Ian Gardner & Roger Day
Osprey Publishing
443 park Avenue South #806, New York NY 10016
9781846033223, $27.95

Any military library strong in World War II history will find TONIGHT WE DIE AS MEN: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THIRD BATTALION 506 PARACHUTE INFANTRY REGIMENT FROM TOCCA TO D-DAY fills in many gaps in literature, offering a narrowed focus on the 506th Parachute Infantry's actions and the four companies of the 3rd Battalion whose efforts were beyond the call of duty. Journal entries supplement the historical overview in this exceptional survey.

The California Shelf

California Camping
Tom Stienstra
1700 - 4th St., Berkeley, CA 94710
9781598800968, $23.95

From Sierra hike-in camps to roadside stopovers, equipment, best hikes with views or for families, and more, CALIFORNIA CAMPING: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO MORE THAN 1,400 TENT AND RV CAMPGROUNDS is organized by California region and offers specific, important campground info perfect for either advanced research or take-along tote for extended trips. Listing include scenic ratings, descriptions, reservation and location info, and more, and will prove a key reference to any California library catering to campers.

Weird California
Greg Bishop, Joe Oesterle and Mike Marinacci
Sterling Publishing
387 Park Avenue South, New York NY 10016
9781402766831, $14.95

WEIRD CALIFORNIA is a 'must' for any who love out-of-the-ordinary destinations in the state. From a 'mystery spot' in Santa Cruz where physics doesn't work normally to an underground world of Lizard People in Los Angeles, this pinpoints the state's local oddities and is a 'must' for any seeking the bizarre or roads less traveled.

Cruising Guide to San Francisco Bay
Carolyn & Bob Mehaffy
Paradise Cay
Box 29, Arcata, CA 95518
0939837315, $29.95

Any who would sail the San Francisco Bay needs Cruising Guide to San Francisco Bay, an outstanding and authoritative cruiser's guide which has been expanded and updated for the latest sailor. Four new destinations outside the Bay - Tomales, Bodega harbor and more - are included along with detailed directions on how to get there, where to anchor up, and what to do. Fold-out charts enhance the practical applications for all levels of sailor.

After the Gold Rush
David Vaught
The Johns Hopkins University Press
2715 North Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21218-4363
9780801892578, $30.00

Written by Professor of History David Vaught, After the Gold Rush: Tarnished Dreams in the Sacramento Valley is the true accounting of what happened to the gold rush miners and prospectors who turned to farming in Sacramento Valley to make a living, after the gold rush petered out. These ex-miners toiled to raise wheat, livestock, and fruit despite floods, drought, severe disputes over a vague land policy, and the fluctuations of the market for their crops. A scholarly accounting that is nonetheless thoroughly accessible to anyone curious about the fallout of the gold rush, and a highly recommended addition to California history shelves.

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