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Donovan's Picks

The Jeweler's Directory of Gemstones
Judith Crowe
Firefly Publishers
66 Leek Crescent, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1H1, Canada
1554071666, $29.95

Anyone interested in working with gemstones, from jewelers and jewelry makers to designers, will find THE JEWELER'S DIRECTORY OF GEMSTONES: A COMPLETE GUIDE TO APPRAISING AND USING PRECIOUS STONES, FROM CUT AND COLOR TO SHAPE AND SETTING an invaluable resource. Here a history pairs with tips on how to appraise and use gemstones properly, with color photos tying all topic together. Sections are divided into ideas on creating gemstones through mining and collecting, identifying types of stones, and using them in designs. Libraries will find this holds wide appeal for a range of gem crafters.

The Art and Architecture of Persia
Giovanni Curatola and Gianroberto Scarcia
Abbeville Publishing Group
137 Varick Street, 5th Floor, New York NY 10013
0789209209, $95.00

Any college-level art library strong in international architectural history needs The Art and Architecture of Persia: an oversized, weighty coverage of both pre- and post-Islamic Persian art packed with pages of color illustration and a fine accompanying detailed history. Both specialists and novices will find it a fitting introduction and refreshment course on Persian art developments over the centuries, with the history beginning in 550 BC and moving to modern times as it explores common themes of Persian art and influences upon its development. Over two hundred color photos of architecture, monuments, and arts crosses genres and eras alike in an astoundingly well detailed, unparalleled coverage not to be missed by any serious art collection.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me)
Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson
Harcourt Inc.
15 East 26th Street, 15th floor, New York, NY 10010
9780151010981, $25.00 1-800-543-1918

Social psychologists Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson examine how the brain is wired for self-justification and offer many important psychological insights for responsible behavior patterns in Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me): Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts. It goes beyond most self-help titles to address the physiological makeup and patterns behind denial, false memories, and more, and pairs research with case history examples and insights on how self-justification develops and damages relationships and lives. An important pick not just for psychology holdings, but for any general-interest collection.

How Doctors Think
Jerome Groopman, MD
Houghton Mifflin
215 Park Avenue, New York NY 10003
0618610030, $26.00

Every American and any public library catering to the general public not just specialty health holdings needs HOW DOCTORS THINK. It uses statistics, interviews with prominent physicians across the country, and case histories to consider both how doctors assess problems and come to decisions and diagnoses, to how patients can improve their healthcare by understanding this process. Chapters survey the foundations of diagnostic thinking and why mistakes are made, offering plenty of tips to allow patients to more actively participate in the process. From inter-cultural communication issues to the challenges of handling mental and physical health connections, HOW DOCTORS THINK is an outstanding, highly recommended pick every patient needs.

Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases, 3rd Edition
Carol Turkington and Bonnie Lee Ashby, MD
Facts on File
132 W. 31st Street, New York NY 10001
9780816063970, $75.00

This third updated edition of Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases is recommended both for college-level health libraries and for any public lending library where health is a strong part of the reference collection. Over 30 new germs affecting human health has emerged in recent decades, making this update necessary: over 600 entries provides the latest information, from new treatments and research to rising disease threats. These are more than just definitions: discussions include risk factors, outlook, diagnostics, and the latest treatment options.

The Business Shelf

Managing the Test People
Judy McKay
Rocky Nook
26 West Mission Street,, Suite 3, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
9781933952123, $39.95

MANAGING THE TEST PEOPLE: A GUIDE TO PRACTICAL TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT is a key 'must have' reference for any library catering to business or software managers: it fills a gap in the literature, comes from an author who has some 20 years experience in the software management industry, and tells how to use specific technical management strategies beyond the usual general methods to get the most from a test team. From politics to the special requirements of technical leadership, MANAGING THE TEST PEOPLE comes from real-world case histories and issues and is an excellent business reference.

The Manager's Book of Decencies
Steve Harrison
Two Penn Plaza, New York NY 10121
007148633X, $24.95

Many business books focus on commodities and their presentation, but THE MANAGER'S BOOK OF DECENCIES: HOW SMALL GESTURES BUILD GREAT COMPANIES focuses on values and how they are transferred and created. The author is a management and corporate innovator who describes dozens of such field-tested 'decencies' which have turned small businesses into success stories. All levels of corporate culture, from the entry level worker to the CEO, are involved in the process here: chapters show how to build stronger teams and a company dedication to mission through understanding and implementing such 'decencies'. Any business library catering to managers needs THE MANAGER'S BOOK OF DECENCIES.

The Energy Bus
Jon Gordon
John Wiley Publishers
111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
9780470100288, $21.95

Readers of 'business fables' may find business secrets easier to absorb when they're embedded in the 'fable' format and THE ENERGY BUS: 10 RULES TO FUEL YOUR LIFE, WORK, AND TEAM WITH POSITIVE ENERGY is no exception. It tells of a frustrated manager forced to take the bus to work there to find a new breed of character in the form of bus driver and patrons who discuss everything from the effects of negativity on project management goals to cultivating the habit of building positive energy. A fine parable for modern times, especially for frustrated business managers seeking new pathways for team development, and for the libraries catering to them.

Punk Marketing
Richard Laermer and Mark Simmons
c/o HarperCollins
10 East 53rd Street, New York NY 10022
9780061151101, $23.95

There's been a major shift in the relationships between sellers of product and services and purchasers, and here to explain the basics is PUNK MARKETING, a manifesto for marketing change which is a recommended pick for any serious business library. To survive in business, 'punk marketing' is a necessity: chapters explore the foundations of this new philosophy which are, surprisingly, rooted in traditional marketing ideas and show how it differs from less effective approaches. From holding consumers captive to how advertisers are losing touch with audiences, PUNK MARKETING is for any new generation of marketer who would get beyond consumer blinders to make an impact.

Crafts and Craft Shows: How to Make Money, 2nd Edition
Philip Kadubec
Allworth Press
10 East 23rd Street, Suite 510, New York NY 10010
9781581154702, $19.95

The second updated edition of a craft-maker's classic business reference is a pick not just for business libraries, but for general-interest collections catering to home craftspeople. Here's a compendium of tested advice on how to sell in today's craft show and Internet markets, from planning a general marketing strategy for each of these areas to understanding how changing economic and fashion trends affect crafts sales. It comes from an established jewelry maker who provides a range of tested insights, from how to price crafts to handling street fairs and other public show venues. A 'must' for any involved in crafts.

The Cookbook Shelf

A Twist of the Wrist
Nancy Silverton with Carolynn Carreno
Alfred A. Knopf
c/o Random House
1745 Broadway, 17th floor, New York, NY 10019
9781400044078, $29.95 1-800-726-0600

Chef Nancy Silterson is the original dessert chef at Spago and founder of the La Brea Bakery, but here shifts her attention to compiling a list of favorite products that come in convenience jars, cans, and boxes, along with recipes which need less than 30 minutes to prepare. From a Cream Corn Soup with Bacon and Cheddar Crostini to Seared Lamb Chops with Ratatouille, mouth-watering color photos of finished products accompany tips on how to blend quick ingredients with fresh for optimum home cooking. A 'must' for any public lending library catering to busy but gourmet home cooks.

Wine Marketing & Sales: Success Strategies for a Saturated Market
Paul Wagner, Janeen Olsen, Liz Thach
Wine Appreciation Guild
360 Swift Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 94080
189126799X, $69.95

Any serious college-level wine or business library collection shouldn't miss Wine Marketing & Sales: Success Strategies for a Saturated Market: it provides a detailed survey of wine marketing challenges, comes from leading wine marketing professors, and covers everything from marketing theory to packaging, label design, sales methods pros and cons, and more. Industry professionals will find plenty of information here, based on real-world experience, and will find WINE MARKETING AND SALES an outstanding pick for any who would understanding this specialty market and its unique challenges.

The Best Make-Ahead Recipe
Editors of Cook's Illustrated
America's Test Kitchens
17 Station Street, Brookline, MA 02445
1933615141, $35.00

Busy cooks who want to prepare meals ahead have plenty of cookbooks to choose from, but the advantage to The Best Make-Ahead Recipe is that all these dishes are fail-safe and have been tested by the professionals. Another advantage: chapters are divided by cooking method, from 'Open-Ready Entrees' to 'Slow-Cooker Favorites' and 'Baked Goods That Go From Freezer to Oven'. Some 300 recipes suitable for entertaining or daily meals are presented with accompanying color photos: all have been streamlined with the busy cook in mind. An exceptional purchase any public library or busy cook must have.

Supermarket Diet Cookbook
Janis Hibrin, MS, RD & Susan Westmoreland
Hearst Books/Sterling, Distributors
387 Park Avenue South, New York NY 10016
1599165906, $19.95

Good Housekeeping's 'seal of approval' has lent confidence and authority to many an endeavor, so its brand on THE SUPERMARKET DIET COOKBOOK will prove inspirational to any who want a good and quick diet cookbook to follow. Nearly two hundred recipes geared to helping dieters lose up to two pounds a week are accompanied by menu plans and shopping tips, and are quick and easy to put together. Step-by-step directions are accompanied by a full page color photo of finished results, with prep and cooking times clearly outlined. Nutrition information for each serving makes it easy to diet - and the tips included with each dish guarantee quick, easy results. Any public lending library will find the Good Housekeeping mention assures quick confidence and patron interest.

The Deen Brothers Cookbook: Recipes from the Road
Jamie and Bobby Deen and Melissa Clark
Meredith Books
1716 Locust Street, Des Moines, IA 50309-3023
9780696233968, $24.95

If the Deen Brothers name sounds familiar, it's because of their Food Network series 'Road Tested', in which the authors head to different parts of America weekly to check out unique foods made by small-town, family-run businesses. Here is a cookbook gathering the best from their show and experiences, from an Alaskan Salmon Salad with Russian Dressing to Espresso Brownies. The result is a gathering of regional inspirations not to be seen elsewhere, spiced by the author's investigations and stories: perfect for public library lending.

Curry Cuisine
Corrine Trang,
DK Publishing
375 Hudson Street, New York NY 10014-3658
0756620783, $25.00

So many books have been written about curries around the world that one might wonder at the need for yet another, but several attributes keep CURRY CUISINE: FRAGRANT DISHES FROM INDIA, THAILAND, VIETNAM, AND INDONESIA exceptional. For one, it provides a pictorial journey exploring curry cuisine from around the world and adding regional recipes, such as an Alloo Curry from Pakistan or a Burmese Pork Curry with Mango. The focus on spice combinations unique to reach region helps reinforce differences in curry choices between them all, making for an outstanding addition to any lending library strong in Southeast Asian cookbooks.

New Orleans Classic Desserts
Kit Wohl
Pelican Publishing
1000 Burmaster Street, Gretna, LA 70053-2246
9781589804449, $15.95

Any with a special affection for either New Orleans or Southern desserts will find plenty of appeal in New Orleans Classic Desserts, a celebration of dishes from the city. All desserts were created with the nonprofessional cook in mind, and include dishes from both classic restaurateurs and establishments. From a classic Sweet Potato Pie to a very easy King Cake, these are recipes which are very easy to reproduce successfully and all accompanied by eye-catching color photos.

Blue Ribbon Recipes
Barbara Greenman
Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers
151 West 19th Street, New York NY 10011
1579126987, $19.95

Many collections of award-winning innovations from regional fairs have been gathered, but to have the top winners of all under one cover is most convenient: particularly when that involves a lay-flat hard cover with spine lettering perfect for practicing home cook collections. BLUE RIBBON RECIPES; 693 AWARD-WINNERS FROM AMERICA'S STATE AND COUNTY FAIRS offers everything from appetizers to desserts, and gathers regional award-winners from around the country. From Butterscotch Quick Bread to Norwegian Meatballs, these dishes are proven winners and top picks that stand out from the crowd. Cooks seeking a compilation of award winners can't go wrong, here.

The Computer Shelf

Core Javaserver Faces, 2nd Edition
David Geary and Cay Horstmann
Prentice Hall
One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
0131738860, $49.99

Java programmers will find essential this second updated edition CORE JAVASERVER FACES, which examines all elements of JSF 1.2 development and offers up a set of 'best practices' for automating functions, building consistent reusable user interfaces, and tweaking Java with JBoss Seam and custom components. There have been extensive updates and modifications to this edition, making it a solid 'must have' reference for any serious library catering to Java programmers.

Reconfiguring the Firewall
Carol J. Burger, et. al.
A.K. Peters Ltd.
888 Worcester Street,, Suite 230, Wellesley, MA 02482
9781568813141, $45.00

RECONFIGURING THE FIREWALL: RECRUITING WOMEN TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ACROSS CULTURES AND CONTINENTS is a pick for college-level collections strong in both information technology and women's studies and careers. It surveys the major challenges involved in recruiting girls and women into majors and careers in information technology, considering activities, programs, and routines designed to incorporate women into programs ranging from science and engineering to academic research and education. Educators and any involved in information technology recruits in general and women's studies in particular will find this packed with important suggestions and insights.

Stop Staring, 2nd Edition
Jason Osipa
Sybex, Inc.
c/o Wiley
989 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94103
9780471789208, $49.99 1-800-227-2346

The second updated edition of STOP STARING: FACIAL MODELING AND ANIMATION DONE RIGHT offers far more than just introductory coverage: it uses high-quality professional images combined with humor to provide a revised, updated set of basics on design, modeling and animation including elements which differentiate top-quality productions from mediocre results. From learning lip sync techniques and understanding facial landmarking to using advanced blend extraction tools and building realistic shapes, STOP STARING holds plenty of diagrams and pictures throughout and is a 'must' for any serious computer animation collection.

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications, 3rd Edition
Grady Booch,
75 Arlington Street, Suite 300, Boston, MA 02116
020189551X, $64.99 1-800-428-5331

College-level holdings strong in references for object-oriented programmers must have the 3rd updated edition of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications. It provides software engineers both in the field and at the advanced student level with a key reference to the industry, using numerous examples to illustrate foundation concepts, explain methods, and demonstrate successful applications across fields. New to this edition is a detailed introduction to UML 2.0, a focus on modeling with five chapters emphasizing different phases, advice on allocating team resources, and much more. Quite simply, a 'most have' for any serious collection.

Linux System Administration
Tom Adelstein and Bill Lubanovic
1005 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, CA 95472
0596009526, $44.99

Linux system administrators who want to solve problems quickly may already have many Linux references at hand for in-depth treatment, but the advantage of LINUX SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION is it's a quicker reference than most and thus more valuable to Linux programming libraries and programmer collections than weightier coverages. Its at-a-glance pages offer up plenty of real-world case history scenarios, question/answer formats, and tips which advance the training of existing Linux administrators who want to enhance and expand on their skills. From installing Apache and MySQL on a web server to using Linux visualization with VMW are to run multiple kernels on one piece of hardware, this is an item of choice for any Linux programmer.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Administration Unleashed
Tammy Fox
Sams Publishing
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
0672328925, $49.99 1-800-428-5331

Advanced computer library holdings catering to programmers and professionals need Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Administration Unleashed: it provides administrators with keys to using Red Hat in any production environment and comes from the technical leader of Red Hat's documentation group, so it's coming from a creator, not just a programmer. Best practices for the entire system lifecycle covers planning, deployment and troubleshooting and packs in a range of tips and applications essential to successful Red Hat strategies.

The Military Shelf

Company C
Haim Watzman
Farrar, Straus, Giroux
19 Union Square West, New York NY 100003
0374530858, $15.00

COMPANY C: AN AMERICA'S LIFE AS A CITIZEN-SOLDIER IN ISRAEL tells of an American-born immigrant to Israel who was drafted into the army and assigned to the reserve infantry which would be his world for his next twenty years, from 1984 until 2002. His soldier experience in Israel provides readers with unique insights into not only Israel's army's structure and experience, but into Israeli issues and culture. It's a fine addition for any collection serious about not just world military experience, but Israeli society as a whole.

Osprey Publishing
443 Park Avenue South, Suite 806, New York NY 10016

Osprey's 'Combat Aircraft' series expands with the addition of US NAVY AND MARINE CORPS A-4 SKYHAWK UNITS OF THE VIETNAM WAR (9781846031816, $21.95), a survey of the A-4, the backbone of the Navy and Marine's light strike force for much of the 1960s and a major player in Asia. The Skyhawk never received the extensive coverage and publicity that the F-4 did, so it's especially enlightening to find such here, from discussions of tours of duty and battles to vintage black and white and color photos and a history of the war's progress. A key acquisition for any collection strong in either Vietnam or military aviation history. Gordon L. Rottman's US AIRBORNE UNITS IN THE PACIFIC THEATER 1942-45 (9781846031281, $23.95) examines the range of airborne units which served in the Pacific battles of the second world war, considering strategy, challenges to battle success, and the airborne units' organization, weaponry and deployment. With color sidebars of charts, maps and information paired with vintage photos and in-depth discussions, this is a pick for any serious World War II history collection. Nic Fields' THE ROMAN ARMY OF THE PUNIC WARS 264-146 BC (9781846031458, $23.95) considers the command and organization of early Roman armies while it's a specialty acquisition recommended primarily for military collections strong in early history, it provides many insights on early strategies and battle tactics, as well as weaponry, which will fascinate any scholar of the era. Gordon L. Rottman's VIET CONG FIGHTER (9781846031267, $17.95) joins others in the 'Warrior' imprint to explore the tactics and achievements of these guerrilla warriors. Black and white photos and color art portray images of the war, while discussions of politics, psychology, and military strategy make for a fine, close survey of the Viet Cong force.

The First Jihad
Daniel Allen Butler
1016 Warrior Road, Drexel Hill, PA 19026
9781932033540, $32.95

Before Bin Laden or Hussein there was the Mahdi, the 'Expected One' who raised the Arabs in a revolt against infidels in 19th century Sudan and THE FIRST JIHAD: THE BATTLE FOR KHARTOUM AND THE DAWN OF MILITANT ISLAM is key to understanding not only the Mahdi, but his ongoing importance to events happening today. The Mahdi's army crushed forces dispatched from British Egypt to half his uprising, succeeded in unifying much of the Arab world, and developed early winning military strategies: THE FIRST JIHAD focuses both on these military encounters and on the biography and background of Muhammed Ahmed, whose charisma was to spark action among peoples. College-level collections strong in Middle East history and culture need this.

The Interior Design Shelf

Decorating Easy
Jane Cumberbatch
Rosin Group
30 West 26th Street, 3rd Floor, New York NY 10010
1844004260, $24.95

There are plenty of decorating books on the market, but what makes DECORATING EASY: CREATE A SIMPLE, COMFORTABLE HOME WITH PURE STYLE so attractive is its focus on easy, budget decorating ideas which cover everything from using space more efficiently to adding furniture and fittings which work aesthetically. Chapters use step-by-step color blocks to outline tips such as in 'Sleep: 10 Ways to Make a Calming Bedroom', making for easy at-a-glance instruction perfect for any collection catering to busy home decorators.

Ibiza Style
Ingrid Rasmussen and Chloe Grimshaw
Merrell Publishers Limited
49 West 24th Street, 8th floor, New York, NY 10010
1858943620, $39.95

Interiors from the island of Ibiza are revealed through some five hundred color photos and accompanying discussions of Ibiza styles and how they differ. These photos of thirty private homes and boutique hotels range from traditional to modern embellishments and comes from a travel and interiors photographer who has contributed to world interior design magazines, working with an author whose articles on art, travel and design have also extensively seen print. The full-page color photos make for a gorgeous pairing with the in-depth surveys of culture and style.

The Art Shelf

Richard L. Cleary
W.W. Norton/Library of Congress Visual Sourcebooks
500 5th Avenue, New York NY 10110
0393731367, $75.00

BRIDGES: A NORTON/LIBRARY OF CONGRESS VISUAL SOURCEBOOK provides a survey of the history, engineering challenges and art of American bridge design, from major national monuments to local structures which display unique solutions to bridge-building problems. All structural types from arch to suspension are covered, and even moveable bridges are surveyed to provide insights into common engineering and design approaches. Packed with black and white photos throughout, BRIDGES is a survey highly recommended for any college-level collection strong in either engineering or structural art.

Edward Hopper
Carol Troyen,, Editors
MFA Publications
465 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
9780878467129, $65.00

Plenty of catalogs and art histories have featured the works of Edward Hopper, but what makes EDWARD HOPPER different is this emphasis on his strengths from the 1920s-1940s, when he produced many of his greatest works. A focus on European influences, critical reactions to his productions, his themes and choices, and his special challenges makes for detailed insights on the personality and ambitions of Hopper, while full-page color illustrations some 150 in all provide visual emphasis. Perfect for art libraries and for public lending collections seeking even one definitive Hopper coverage.

The Fashion Shelf

Fashion Since 1900: The Complete Sourcebook
John Peacock
Thames & Hudson
500 5th Avenue, New York NY 10110
0500513457, $40.00

Fashion Since 1900: The Complete Sourcebook is a pick for any college-level library interested in fashion history. Over 1250 color illustrations offers up a history of women's fashion in the modern era, covering the development of fashion styles from lingerie and leisure wear to evening and bridal wear. The best designers and their influences and contributions are provided in a series of fine color photos and reproductions using paintings, photos and the garments themselves, all reproduced in unique color and arranged by decade to accompany complete garment descriptions. The full-page drawings are remarkable reproductions and essential for any comprehensive fashion history collection.

The Needlecraft Shelf

Learning to Quilt with Jiffy Quilts
Lynette Jensen
Landauer Books
3100 NW 101st Street, Urbandale, IA 50322
9781890621513, $27.95

Quilters just starting out and libraries catering to them will welcome the lay-flat binding and easy instructions of Learning to Quilt with Jiffy Quilts, a guide especially designed for beginners. From instructions on basic parts of a quilt something omitted in many quilting beginner's guides to tips on choosing and pairing fabrics, colors, values, cutting, and sewing them together, this is a 'must' for any newcomer to the quilting world.

Quilt Mavens: Perfect Paper Piecing
Deb Karsik and Janet Mednick
American Quilter's Society
Box 3290, Paducah, KY 42002-3290
9781574329193, $24.95

Paper piecing for quilters just got easier with Quilt Mavens: Perfect Paper Piecing, a guide to producing polished, professional results using the Maven method along with a pattern cd-rom included. Color photos and patterns accompany color sidebars of details and information to make paper piecing a snap. The results look intricate and complex but are actually easy to reproduce, making this a top pick for aspiring quilters who would learn paper piecing tricks.

Quilts for My Sister's House
Lynette Jensen
Landauer Books
3100 NW 101st Street, Urbandale, IA 50322
1890621579, $

Over twenty quilting projects tell how to blend a quilt's design into flea market finds and collectibles to blend old with new, producing not just quilts but wallhangings, pillows and accessories to blend new fabrics with old designs. Lynette Jensen's designs were created to compliment her sister's house and decor but provide any household interested in collectibles with plenty of ideas. A perfect addition to lending libraries strong in either needlework or interior design.

Martingale & Company
20205 - 144th Avenue, NE, Woodinville, WA 98072-8478 1-800-426-3126

Choose from 20 scarf patterns ranging from classic to original and enjoy a set of project cards which feature color photos, schematics, materials and step-by-step directions perfect for take-along tote with Denise Black and Sandy Scoville's The Little Box of Crocheted Scarves (9781564777294, $19.95 ) . This collection isn't appropriate for library lending, but it's perfect for the on-the-go crocheter who wants just a handy project card to follow, not an entire book to tote. Other new project kits include Pamela Mostek's GARDEN TRAIL (9781564777904, $9.95), offering a package pattern for a garden quilt, Retta Warehime's PISTACHIO (9781564777911, $9.95), offering a pattern for a fat quarter blocked quilt, and Cheryl Almgren Taylor's STORYBOOK SNUGGLERS: BEAR TALE (9781564777331, $12.95), offering a pattern for two finished quilts a wall hanging and child's quilts based on bears. Nancy Mahoney's SQUARE DEAL: EASY QUILTS FROM SQUARES AND RECTANGLES (9781564777188, $24.95) tells how to produce easy quilts from squares and rectangles, avoiding the problems associated with more complicated designs, yet working with patterns which give the impression of complexity. Sixteen updated traditional patterns are real time-savers and offer quilters a fast, satisfying set of projects. Volume 2 of That Patchwork Place's CREATIVE QUILT COLLECTION (9781564777737, $24.95) gathers some of the best quilts from a range of quilt designers, offering a volume packed with new techniques, trendy new styles, and ideas for everything from lap quilts and wall hangings to larger bed quilts. A range of techniques and ideas packs a fine set of patterns and color step-by-step photos perfect for quilters seeking added inspiration. Laurie Simpson's MODERN PRIMITIVE QUILTS: REDEFINING COUNTRY STYLE (9781564777263, $26.95) offers nine quilter's projects ranging from a sampler to a bed rug. Ideas for combining unusual colors and styles unique to 'country style' offer patterns that fit in well with country style decor, along with decorating plans and ideas. Cynthia LeBlanc Regone's COLORFUL QUILTS: A JOURNEY THROUGH FABRIC (0781564777010, $24.95) is based on the author's real and imagined travels around the world and uses these insights to produce eight eye-catching quilts. From fusible applique accents and tips for mixing fabrics and prints to area-inspired patterns such as an Indonesian Bali print, COLORFUL QUILTS offers a range of fresh ideas and insights. Linda Lenich and Jennifer Kooy Zoeterman's NEEDLE FELTING: SIMPLE TECHNIQUES, BEAUTIFUL PROJECTS (9781564777683, $14.95) is a compendium of needle felting designs which presents five easy projects beginners can use to hone their punch skills. From basic techniques with new additions of applique and embroidery, NEEDLE FELTING is packed with ideas and innovations. All are top picks for any library catering to serious needlework artists.

The Education Shelf

Corwin Press
2455 Teller Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

Elise M. Frattura and Colleen A. Capper's LEADING FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE: TRANSFORMING SCHOOLS FOR ALL LEARNERS (9780761931782, $37.95) outlines basic methods for raising the achievement of English language learners and students with special needs, and is a teacher's guide not to be missed by either teachers or colleges catering to teacher education. Chapters pair recent research findings with 'best practices' tips from daily life, tell how to implement programs based on equity-driven accountability, and how to develop curriculum and instructional approaches that work well in a mixed environment of student needs. It goes beyond the usual focus on testing results to help educators decide on program implementation. Karrell Hickman's LITERACY PROJECTS FOR STUDENT-CENTERED CLASSROOMS: TIPS AND LESSONS TO ENGAGE STUDENTS (9781412924511, $27.95) presents four fully developed long-term research projects that encourage student-centered learning while meeting NCTE and IRA standards, offering teachers and student teachers a proven set of guidelines for incorporating the student-centered approach with readings and assignments. From project management and student evaluation processes to resource lists for each project, teachers learn how to engage and promote new strategies for literacy. Thomas S.C. Farrell's WHAT SUCCESSFUL LITERACY TEACHERS DO: 70 RESEARCH-BASED STRATEGIES FOR TEACHERS, READING COACHES, AND INSTRUCTIONAL PLANNERS (9781412916158, $27.95) packs in research-based literacy strategies to help teachers. From phonics and vocabulary and word study to assessment strategies and ESL challenges, this links six decades of reading research to classroom instruction success stories for maximum value. These are top picks for any educator's library.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Church Music in America
John Ogasapian
Mercer University Press
1400 Coleman Avenue, Macon, GA 31207
0881460265, $49.95

Both spiritual, Christian library holdings and general-interest public libraries will appreciate the overview history provided in Church Music in America, a non-technical survey of the history and patterns of American church music which follows the musics of several groups from their arrival in America to modern times. The focus here is on how the different spiritual sectors influenced each other through music: chapters provide plenty of footnoted references suitable for college-level research into source material but provide lively coverage of early immigrant musical experiences, different eras of church activities, and more. A fine 'foundation pick' for any collection strong in church history and culture.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Susan 'Moonwriter' Pesznecker
New Page Books
Box 687, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417
1564149110, $14.99

New age mythology comes to life in a survey of the history, forces, and legends of the gargoyle, a fine history suitable not only for new age and metaphysical studies collections, but for libraries in which mythology and icons feature. From their evolution and incorporation into buildings to their modern use in magickal practices and warding, this provides a fine survey perfect for new age collections in particular and general-interest holdings strong in mythology.

The Social Issues Shelf

Mirage: Florida and the Vanishing Water of the Eastern U.S.
Cynthia Barnett
University of Michigan Press
839 Greene Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104-3209
0472115634, $24.95

Discussions of America's water problems usually are limited to the West, so it's eye-opening to view a title which is the first to call attention to the disappearance of fresh water from Florida to the Great Lakes. From the high demands of newly-sprawling Florida subdivisions to freshwater aquifers which are disappearing elsewhere, MIRAGE blends investigative journalism with environmental and science history to prove an essential survey of problems and solutions. A 'must' not just for Eastern U.S. libraries, but for any collection on environmental issues and challenges.

No More Ramen
Nicholas Aretakis
Next Stage Press
24050 North 107th Place, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
0977622401, $14.95

NO MORE RAMEN: THE 20-SOMETHING'S REAL WORLD SURVIVAL GUIDE offers plenty of candid insights on jobs, money and topics ranging from balancing work and family life to getting a dream job. All college students and collections catering to them should have NO MORE RAMEN: the discussions are far more insightful than most 'how to live' guides and many come from the author's own experiences and his interactions with other 'twenty-somethings' from coast to coast. From why his resume background of working in his parents' coffee shop was such a hit with potential employers to paying off credit card balances and gaining more freedom, NO MORE RAMEN is a lively, essential contemporary look at modern American success.

Devices of the Soul
Steve Talbott
1005 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, CA 95472
0596526806, $22.99

Author Steve Tablott is a software programmer and technical writer turned researcher and editor for The Nature Institute: here he presents a case for taking an objective look at technology and its influence on daily living. From how they affect physical social networking to choices new technology offers users who give up freedom to take on a computer's-eye view of the world, DEVICES OF THE SOUL: BATTLING FOR OUR SELVES IN AN AGE OF MACHINES goes far beyond the usual assessment of technological impacts to consider how new technologies affect the human psyche itself. An essential contribution for any college-level collection strong in social issues and technology discussions.

Small Strangers
Melissa R. Klapper
Ivan R. Dee
1332 North Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60622-2694
1566637333, $27.50

SMALL STRANGERS: THE EXPERIENCES OF IMMIGRANT CHILDREN IN AMERICA, 1880-1925 provides a rare look at immigration using children's own experiences over the last century. Few existing immigrant studies do more than nod to the child's perspective: SMALL STRANGERS fills a gap, analyzing kids at home, at work and at play and considering their special challenges. An excellent addition to any college-level collection strong in immigrant studies.

Walled: Israeli Society at an Impasse
Sylvain Cypel
Other Press
2 Park Avenue, 24th Floor, New York NY 10016
9781590512104, $17.95

Any collection strong in Israeli modern issues and society needs to include WALLED as a top lending pick: it considers the modern state of mind of Israeli's citizens, offering up a history of Israel which moves from the roots of Zionist thinking to the state's construction and the history and current state of Israeli-Palestinian conflicts. The 'wall of protection' of the West Bank is a physical symbol of Israeli society in danger, argues Cypel, a senior editor at Le Monde who has extensive background in media analysis and politics. Political and social issues blend in an analysis suitable for college-level collections, but accessible to public library patrons as well.

The Idea That is America
Anne-Marie Slaughter
Basic Books
387 Park Avenue North, New York NY 10016-8810
0465078087, $25.95

For over a year Army Captain Ian Fishback struggled to get his superiors to respond to the prisoner abuse he witnessed repeatedly in Iraq and Afghanistan: thwarted he finally contacted Senator John McCain and questioned the diminishing American ideals which would sacrifice individual rights for the greater good. Here foreign policy scholars Anne-Marie Slaughter discusses the foundations of American beliefs liberty, equality, justice and faith and considers how these values should be upheld in modern times. THE IDEA THAT IS AMERICA: KEEPING FAITH WITH OUR VALUES IN A DANGEROUS WORLD is an especially strong pick for high school and college-level collections strong in social and political issues and debates.

The Science/Nature/Technology Shelf

Agates: Treasures of the Earth
Roger Pabian with Brian Jackson, Peter Tandy, John Cromartie
Firefly Books Ltd.
155 East 34th Street #5B, New York NY 10016
1554070988, $35.00

Agate has been found on every continent, but there are few illustrative references on the market devoted to agates alone. AGATES: TREASURES OF THE EARTH will interest both high school and public library holdings seeking books on geology and gemstones, providing a reference to their formation, geology, and identification alike. Color photos throughout pack a history that is a top pick for any gemstone collector and for libraries catering to them.

Birds: A Visual Guide
Joanna Burger
Firefly Books
66 Leek Crescent, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1H1, Canada
1554071771, $29.95

Hundreds of color photos, illustrations, and diagrams pack BIRDS: A VISUAL GUIDE, making it an eye-catching encyclopedic reference for any interested in birds of the world. Almost 10,000 species are featured in a survey written by a professor of biology. Chapters cover all the natural history basics, from flight and nesting habits to biology and behavior. Any interested in birds particularly the general-interest lending library seeking suitable display books with eye-catching covers and presentations will want this.

Bob Johnstone
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2197
9781591024620, $28.00

BRILLIANT! SHUJI NAKAMURA AND THE REVOLUTION IN LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY tells of the evolution of LED technology and how it was stalled over making an LED that would emit the bright blue light needed to make useful white light LEDs until researcher Shuji Nakamura's key invention which single-handedly created the industry of solid-state lighting. Author Bob Johnstone is the first Western journalist to meet and interview Nakamura, and here provides a powerful blend of science and biography to show how the inventor made his ground-breaking discovery and how LEDs are revolutionizing the world. Any science library strong in invention history needs BRILLIANT!

Alaska Trees and Shrubs, 2nd Edition
Leslie A. Viereck and Elbert L. Little, Jr.
Snowy Owl Books
c/o University of Alaska Press
Box 756240, Fairbanks, AK 99775-6240
1889963860, $24.95 1-888-252-6657

The second updated edition of a definitive work on the woody plants of Alaska updates an edition that has been the standard on the topic for over three decades. Any collection specializing in Alaska botany must have this: it completely revises information and provides updates on habitat and taxonomy plus offers a centerfold of color photos in addition to the black and white drawings throughout. Descriptions of leaves, twigs, bark, wood appearance, flowers, habitat and distribution make for invaluable study and reference.

Animal Architects
James R. Gould & Carol Grant Gould
Basic Books
c/o Perseus Publishing Group
387 Park Avenue South, New York NY 10016
0465027822, $26.95

As Spring approaches animals begin building summer homes but most books pass over this construction to focus on mating behavior. ANIMAL ARCHITECTS: BUILDING AND THE EVOLUTION OF INTELLIGENCE presents two animal behavior experts who use the structures to explore animal intelligence, instinct, and cognition. Chapters focus on birds and insects and draw important connections between structures and cognitive evolutionary processes, making this an especially fine pick for any college-level collection strong in natural history.

Linnaeus in Italy
Marco Beretta and Alessandro Tosi, Editors
Science History Publications
Box 1240, Sagamore Beach, MA 02562-1240
0881353930, $60.00

College-level libraries strong in science history will want to add LINNAEUS IN ITALY: THE SPREAD OF A REVOLUTION IN SCIENCE to their collections: it considers the evolution of both science and intellectual thinking in early 19th century Europe and uses Italy and one Linnaean revolution in particular to highlight changes in scientific thought. The scholarly essays to be found here consider Linnaeus' theories, their public representation and reception, and how these theories found support and controversy in all sectors of Italian society. Plenty of footnoted scholarly references assure college-level readers receive the best in researched science history.

Silence of the Songbirds
Bridget Stutchbury
Walker & Company
175 5th Avenue, New York NY 10010
0802716091, $24.95

Author Bridget Stutchbury is a bird researcher and biology professor in Canada and here considers the current condition of songbirds and their habitats in a book which rivals SILENT SPRING for its message about endangered birds. From fragmentation of bird habitats to the idea that another 25 percent of bird species cold be extinct by the time our great grandchildren reach adulthood added to the fact that the songbird population has already been halved over the last forty years, SILENCE OF THE SONGBIRDS is a wake-up call for any who would understand the dangers. Recommended for all public and school libraries.

The Photography Shelf

DesignDesign: Furniture & Lights
Oscar Asensio
Harry N. Abrams Inc.
115 West 18th Street, New York NY 10011
9780810992948, $40.00

Interior design libraries and public lending collections catering to home designers will welcome DesignDesign: Furniture & Lights, a collection of innovative works by a range of designers intended to provide a sourcebook of inspiration and redecorating options. Color photos of chairs, breeze units, light-up acrylic wall lamps in squares or rectangles, and more offer the trendiest of design options suitable for both home and business spaces and accompany design options with notes on construction and effect. A wonderful resource any design library will be happy to display.

New York Rises
Eugene de Salignac
547 West 27th Street, 4th Floor, New York NY 10001
9781597110136, $40.00

NEW YORK RISES accompanies an exhibition in New York and offers the photos of the first official photographer of the City's Department of Bridges/Plant and Structures, from 1906 to 1934. These black and white shots capture a bygone era of New York architecture, culls a choice selection from over twenty thousand glass-plate negative and ten thousand prints, and brings to the limelight a previously little-known photographer. A 'must' for art libraries strong in design history, and for those featuring New York in particular.

The Digital SLR Guide
Jon Canfield
Peachpit Press
1249 8th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710
0321492196, $39.99

THE DIGITAL SLR GUIDE: BEYOND POINT-AND-SHOOT DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY covers the many options of the latest cameras, which typically combine features from 35mm cameras with a better storage and delivery system. A digital SLR can make for great pictures but photographers moving from 'point-and-shoot' to this mode are typically confused and lost over all the options and possibilities of both shooting and using popular image-editing software. This guide is the place to begin: it covers all accessories, features, how to adopt expert techniques for shooting the best photos, and how to edit images for maximum results. Any library appealing to amateur photographers will find it a welcome reference.

The Essential Africa
Michael Poliza
16 West 22nd Street, New York NY 10010
9783832791971, $35.00

Michael Poliza's AFRICA was hailed as one of the best photography books on the continent when it was published in its oversized volume: THE ESSENTIAL AFRICA is a more concise, portable edition of the large coffee table original and is even more highly recommended to libraries seeking photographic representation of the continent's wildlife. The close-up animal photos lose nothing in reduction to the more standard book size and even are enhanced, fairly leaping off the page with lots of color and striking close-up effects. THE ESSENTIAL AFRICA is even more highly recommended for library holdings: easier to file, easier to hold and display, and certain to be a popular pick for any general-interest collection where patrons enjoy wildlife pictures.

How to Photograph Children
Lisa Jane and Rick Staudt
Abbeville Press
137 Varick Street, 5th Floor, New York NY 10013
9780789209306, $27.50

Parents love to take photos of kids, but too often the results are blurry and amateur. HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH CHILDREN: SECRETS FOR CAPTURING CHILDHOOD'S MAGIC MOMENTS is newly revised and updated and includes a new chapter on the latest digital photography trends, providing parents with clear advice on how to shoot indoors and out, and how to work with children at different age levels. Especially invaluable are series shots that explain the pros and cons of different techniques. Parents will find these examples lead to a better understanding of not just how to shoot better pictures, but the elements that make for a superior composition. Any general-interest collection catering to parents or amateur photographers will find this a popular choice.

The Audiobook Shelf

Clipper Audio
270 Skipjack Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Geoffrey Wilson's FIRST LIGHT (9781841974293, $72.95) enjoys a fine and spirited rendition by narrator Gordon Griffin who lends excitement and clarity to the true story of the author, who became one of the youngest fighter pilots in the Battle of Britain at age 18. Collections strong in audio autobiography and military history will find his recollections engrossing, making for an eye-opening 'you are there' feel. Jane Harris' THE OBSERVATIONS (9781846326219, $92.75) receives a fine narration by the author plus an exclusive interview with her, spicing the story of 1963 Scotland where one Bessy's job as a maid for a lovely new employer sparks dangerous secrets which could ruin them both. An excellent novel of intrigue with many twists and turns of plot will satisfy collections strong in British mystery. Robert Goddard's NEVER GO BACK (9781846326233, $92.75) receives Joe Dunlap's calm and evocative narrative style as it tells of a group of RAF ex-comrades planning a reunion weekend - in a Scottish castle, where they were guinea pigs in a psychological experiment years before. A suicide leads to dangerous new questions and more death in this engrossing intrigue. Jake Anott's JOHNNY COME HOME (9781846327001, $61.75) receives Andrew Wincott's warm and vigorous voice which lends excitement to this tale of 1972 London and a charismatic anarchist who dies of an overdose, leaving his artist boyfriend and fellow activist shocked. Add a vulnerable young boy who may be the key to events and you have a vivid tale packed with twists and turns. James Robertson's THE TESTAMENT OF GIDEON MACK (9781846324940, $98.75) receives Tom Cotcher's narrative style and tells of Mack, who has grown up in a quiet house dominated by a serious father, and who is unable to believe in God. When father and son clash one day, Mack takes up a career in the Church and his life changes when he claims to have met the Devil underground. Rachel Cusk's THE LUCKY ONES (9781841977355, $51.75) receives Judith Boyd's warm and captivating rendition as it tells of Vicky nine months pregnant and in prison. Her baby will be taken away when it's born unless something changes. A dramatic story of change and hope evolves. All are fine audio listens for avid fans of unabridged novels.

Brilliance Audio
PO Box 887, Grand Haven, MI 49417

Jim DeFelice's LEOPARDS KILL (1423331494, $36.95) receives William Dufris' fine background as a London narrator and producer and tells of a former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier who has a lovely wife and secure job until his partner goes missing in Afghanistan with most of his company's assets. His journey to find him will change his world and introduces him to a much-changed country from that he knew years earlier. Trezza Azzopardi's WINTERTON BLUE (1423329716, $32.95) receives Michael Page's excellent background as a long-time audiobook narrator as it tells of Lewis, haunted by his brother's death for over twenty years until he meets Anna, also haunted by a dominating mother. Lewis' quest to find his brother's killer will change his life and his romance with Anna will challenge them both in this gripping tale. William Martin's THE LOST CONSTITUTION (1423312716, $38.95) comes to life under the voice of Phil Gigante, an actor and producer with over 20 years experience in theatre, film and television. Rare book expect Peter and his girlfriend have learned of an early draft of the Constitution and are on the hunt for it: it spells out the Founder's meaning of the Bill of Rights and could change the face of American politics forever, if found. A gripping treasure hunt saga ensues in a fine adventure perfect for audio readers seeking twists and turns of plot. Jill Kargman's MOMZILLAS (142332739X, $29.95) receives Renee Raudman's fine background in TV and voiceover, spicing the story of Manhattan educated, wealthy mothers who have made child-rearing their new career. Hanna's recently moved there with her toddler: her encounters with new friends and social rules makes for an involving story. Harlan Coben's THE WOODS (159737637X, $38.95) receives Scott Brick's hearty voice, enhanced by extensive stage and radio experience, as it tells of four families whose teens attend summer camp and whose lives are changed by two murders and two disappearances. Two decades later new information involves the county prosecutor in a newfound search for the truth in this gripping murder mystery. Matthew Klein's CON ED (14233132X, $34.99) receives Norman Dietz's voiceover skills and emphasis on drama as it tells of a con man who risks his life to save his son. Fans of detective mysteries with plenty of twists and turns will appreciate a story line filled with drama and action, revolving around a racket, money, and family alike. Start Woods' PALINDROME (1423333756, $34.95) receives veteran Susan Ericksen's moving rendition as it tells of Liz, battered by her famous football player husband for years, who retreats to a Georgia island to find solitude and herself. Her paradise is shaken by a killer and her world changes yet again in this gripping drama. Ken Follett's ON WINGS OF EAGLES (1423328671, $38.95) enjoys a full cast narration which sounds like a complete radio play with all the highs and lows of a multi-cast drama. H. Ross Perot acted when two of his American employees were held hostage in a prison in Iran: his team would beat the odds in rescue in this gripping drama. Terry Goodkind's SOUL OF THE FIRE (1423313976, $38.95) receives Buck Schirner's expert narrative style and passion as it provides Book Five in the 'Sword of Truth' saga, sequel to Temple of the Winds'. Here Richard and Kahlan face the Chimes, a magic which holds the potential to undo all the two have achieved and worked to protect. Only two brave souls stand between the Chimes and their intention to ravage the world in this brilliant, moving fantasy fired with the high drama audio can lend. Terry Goodkind's FAITH OF THE FALLEN (1423321693, $38.95), narrated by the deft voice of John Kenneth, is also a top pick and is the predecessor to SOUL OF THE FIRE in the series and therefore a 'must' pick for any collection seeking the entire fantasy trilogy. Here Richard is captured and taken into the Old World while his beloved Kahlan remains behind to raise an army against invaders. The two battle separately but with the goal of regaining lost love. Dean Koontz's LIGHTNING (1412338960, $40.95) enjoys Christopher Lane's vast background as an audiobook narrator, which brings to life the story of a storm which sees Laura into the world against all odds and which brings a stranger into her life who will reappear to again save her in the midst of a storm. Laurel K. Hamilton's THE HARLEQUIN (1596000465, $46.95) receives Cynthia Holloway's performance background and strengths in voice-over as it tells of Malcolm, head of the vampire Church of Eternal Life who lowers himself to ask for vampire hunter Anita Blake's help in fighting dreaded creatures. A series of warnings involves Anita in a dangerous bid for power in this fine fantasy action thriller. Robert Ellis' CITY OF FIRE (1423336879, $38.95) receives another fine narration by Renee Raudman, who lends a spirited voice to the story of a LAPD female detective investigating a series of strange murders tied by bizarre circumstances. All these are excellent choices for leisure listeners who like vivid plots paired with better-than-average narrators.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Blackwell Publishing
2121 State Avenue, Ames, IA 50014-8300

These veterinary titles should be standard picks for any college-level collection where courses specialize in veterinary medicine. Nancy Thomas, D. Bruce Hunter and Carter Atkinson edit INFECTIOUS DISEASES OF WILD BIRDS (9780813828121, $89.99), a detailed reference to the many health hazards experienced by free-living birds. Biologists and wildlife managers as well as vets and students will appreciate a comprehensive manual bringing together the latest research from an international team of experts, who survey the history, causes and treatment of wild bird diseases. A focus on disease processes and discussions of global aviary impact make this a top pick. John E. Cooper and Margaret E. Cooper's INTRODUCTION TO VETERINARY AND COMPARATIVE FORENSIC MEDICINE (9781405111010) is also a 'must' reference for any in-depth college-level vet collection: it charts an emerging new specialty within veterinary medicine, considering both health and legal ramifications of wildlife conservation and animal abuse. Forensic work is provided with practical advice on protocols, case study examples, and legal notes for enforcement bodies and vets alike. Even more specialized and absolutely invaluable is the weighty two-volume reference edited by Kirk N. Gelatt, the fourth updated edition of VETERINARY OPHTHALMOLOGY (9780781766579, $299.99). This two-volume reference is still the 'gold standard' in veterinary ophthalmology, offering a coverage of disease and treatment of the animal eye and using a range of international contributors who share knowledge and include the latest research and discussions on noninvasive imaging technology, gene and DNA tests for retinal degenerations, and more. Packed with color image examples, this holds far more specific, color-accented detail than any other veterinary ophthalmology book would claim: if only one such reference were purchased, it should be this.

The Theatre/Cinema/TV Shelf

Silent Film Sound
Rick Altman
Columbia University Press
61 West 62nd Street, New York NY 10023
9780231116633, $27.50

Silent film has rarely been examined with an eye to exploring the sound practices which often accompanied the silent plot, so SILENT FILM SOUND represents a breakthrough in thinking and analysis of early cinema. College-level collections strong in cinema history will find it a detailed analysis that pairs illustrations with surveys of sound practices of the early 20th century. Rick Altman is a professor of cinema and literature and his survey ranges from analysis of live accompaniments to sheet music choices, cues, the growth of sound effects, and more. An outstanding survey, SILENT FILM SOUND is a top pick for any serious college-level film library.

How to Write a Screenplay
Mark Evan Schwartz
80 Maiden Lane, New York NY 10038
9780826428172, $15.95

The latest edition of HOW TO WRITE: A SCREENPLAY appears in its revised, expanded edition to add a chapter on 'The Pitch' and features a screenplay-like format which sets it apart from others on the market. Danny, the hero in this story, is hopelessly in love with a star who won't date him until he proves he can write an outstanding screenplay for her. Learn the basics of writing and marketing a screenplay through a format that lends to lively insights: perfect for any public library or school collection catering to aspiring screenwriters.

Border Film Project
Rudy Adler, Victoria Criado and Brett Huneycutt
Harry Abrams Inc.
115 West 18th Street, New York NY 10011
0810993155, $22.95

BORDER FILM PROJECT: PHOTOS BY MIGRANT AND MINUTEMEN ON THE US-MEXICO BORDER could also have been featured in our 'arts' or 'social issues' sections, but is reviewed here for its outstanding documentary value. The authors distributed hundreds of disposable cameras, along with means of returning them, to migrants and Minutemen so they could document their own border and immigration experiences. BORDER FILM PROJECT gathers these images under one cover, pairs them with personal stories which go far beyond the usual news report, and accompanies a traveling exhibition. It's an outstanding documentary highly recommended for any collection strong in photography, social issues, and immigrant issues.

Let's Put On A Show!
Stewart F. Lane
361 Hanover Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801-3912
0325009813, $17.95

LET'S PUT ON A SHOW! THEATRE PRODUCTION FOR NOVICES comes from a Tony Award-winning producer who uses all his professional background knowledge to analyze the basics of producing a play or music. From selecting a show to produce to finding theatre space, assembling a team, making casting decisions, and promoting the show, LET'S PUT ON A SHOW covers all the basics and commonly-encountered challenges to success and assembles producer Stewart Lane's wealth of knowledge under one cover. It's a top pick not just for school libraries but for public libraries and any collection catering to novices who would stage a successful theatre performance and handle common obstacles.

The Antiques/Collectibles Shelf

Inside the Jewelry Box V. 2: Costume Jewelry
Ann Mitchell Pitman
Collector Books
Box 3009, Paducah, KY 42002-3009
9781574325423, $24.95

Collectors of costume jewelry won't want to be without this guide, which pairs clear color photos of selected pieces with notes on attributes, descriptions of makers and selling points, and the latest values. An organization by either maker or jewelry type earrings, bracelets, etc. makes for a quick, easy lookup of information, while comments on vintage pieces lends insight and knowledge of the market as a whole. It's a 'must' reference any library catering to collectors will want on hand and it's a 'must' reference for any who regularly buy and sell costume jewelry.

Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book, 4th Edition
Geoffrey T. Carlton
Collector Books
Box 3009, Paducah, KY 42002-3009
9781574325515, $29.95

Values for both common Star Wars items and rare collectibles are presented under one cover in the weighty 4th updated edition of Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book, a reference packed with some 900 categories of merchandise from around the world. From guitar straps and gum holders to pins and memorabilia, over 16,000 color photos many small, but big enough to easily help in identification pack this reference. Any library catering to Star Wars fans in particular will find it a popular pick.

The Writing/Publishing Shelf

The Glimmer Train
Susan Burmeister-Brown and Linda B. Swanson-Davies, Editors
Writer's Digest Books
4700 East Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236
1582974470, $19.99

THE GLIMMER TRAIN: GUIDE TO WRITING FICTION BUILDING BLOCKS is a writing reference like no other: most competitors offer inspiration but here a hundred writers' experiences are presented using interview excerpts conducted over a sixteen-year period by the editors of the literary quarterly Glimmer Train Stories. These contemporary writers offer their personal insights into writing techniques, challenges, and frustrations alike, making for a detailed collection of insights perfect for aspiring writers who would learn from the pros, and for any library catering to them.

The Philosophy Shelf

Heidegger Explained
Graham Harman
Open Court Publishing
Box 300, Peru, Illinois 61354
0812696174, $19.95

HEIDEGGER EXPLAINED: FROM PHENOMENON TO THING is a philosophy coverage recommended for both high school and college-level collections strong in introductory philosophy. By understanding Heidegger some of the foundation theories of the 20th century are more accessible and equally accessible is an introduction which offers up a lively survey of all of Heidegger's works, avoiding confusing terminology to provide a more inviting coverage of his key works and concepts. An outstanding reference for any introductory philosophy section.

The California Shelf

Chief Marin: Leader, Rebel and Legend
Betty Goerke
Heyday Books
Box 9145, Berkeley CA 94709
9781597140539, $21.95

Any resident of Northern California well knows one of its richest counties is Marin County but CHIEF MARIN: LEADER, REBEL AND LEGEND doesn't cover the county's evolution. It's a biography of a Native American which adds Marin and Sonoma County history into the wider survey of Indian and non-Indian histories in the area, offering a rare set of insights into the Coast Miwok peoples, their encounters with white settlers and soldiers, California ranchers, and more. Source materials and archives are plumbed to obtain little-known details on native guides while extensive appendixes provide everything from family trees to maps and further references, making this a highly recommended, well detailed pick for any California history collection at either the public or school library levels.

The World History Shelf

Imagining Egypt
Mark Millmore
Black Dog and Leventhal
151 West 19th Street, New York NY 10011
1579125476, $24.95

Any collection strong in Egypt history, particularly those seeking a lively, colorful coverage accessible to the general public, will find IMAGINING EGYPT: A LIVING PORTRAIT OF THE TIME OF THE PHARAOHS to be an important, engaging survey. New computer recreations of monuments and structures just as they'd have looked in their own time are presented alongside color photos of the site today for added impact, while discussions invite readers to participate in learning how to decode hieroglyphs, understand the myths and gods of ancient Egypt, and more. Far more interactive and colorful than most histories on the subject, IMAGINING EGYPT holds the power to reach into the everyday world in a way few others on the subject could achieve, making it a pick for far more than the history library alone.

Attendant Cruelties
Patrice Higonnet
Other Press
2 Park Avenue, 24th Floor, New York NY 10016
9781590512357, $25.95

ATTENDANT CRUELTIES: NATION AND NATIONALISM IN AMERICAN HISTORY offers a discussion of the wide-ranging causes and effects of American nationalism, exploring ways that it shapes politics both at home and abroad. From ways in which American presidents have fostered nationalism to meet special needs to the latest Bush administration's departure in using it to erode civil liberties, ATTENDANT CRUELTIES provides a powerful survey essential for any high school to college-level collection strong in American civil liberties and history.

A Glorious Defeat
Timothy J. Henderson
Hill & Wang
19 Union Square West, New York NY 10003
0809061201, $25.00

A GLORIOUS DEFEAT: MEXICO AND ITS WAR WITH THE UNITED STATES is a fine survey of the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848 as told from the Mexican perspective, which sets A GLORIOUS DEFEAT apart from U.S.-centered coverages, which would depict Mexico as the victim of the war. Henderson here emphasizes Mexico's reasons for going to war with the U.S., offering chapters which approach the results from the Mexican perspective and considering why the U.S. did not annex Mexico. An intriguing discussion highly recommended for any collection strong in American or Mexican early history.

The Travel Shelf

Mumbai to Mecca
Iliya Trojanow
Armchair Traveller
c/o International Publishers Marketing
P.O. Box 605, Herndon, VA 20172-0605
1904950299, $19.95

In 2003 the author journeyed from Mumbai to Mecca, and this is his memoir and travelogue, describing his pilgrimage as well as his Muslim heritage and beliefs. The author joined thousands of Muslims who each year journey on the Hajj, demonstrating their faith: this book could also have been featured in our Spirituality Shelf section, but is featured here as a broader recommendation for travel and spiritual holdings alike. Any public library strong in either area will find this an inspiring, revealing lend.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

Modern Masters V. 10: Kevin Maguire
George Khoury & Eric Nolan-Weatherington
10407 Bedfordtown Drive, Raleigh, NC 27614
9781893905665, $14.95

In 1987 comic artist Kevin Maguire issued a 'new' Justice League comic set with a new style to attract new audiences. His ability to capture high drama using comic expressions would gain him a following for an old series, and here his approaches, insights and techniques are revealed in a series of interviews paired with black and white reproductions of his comics. Any who would understand Maguire's progress and insights, and any library strong in contemporary comic artists, needs Modern Masters V. 10: Kevin Maguire.

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