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Donovan's Picks

Last Days in Babylon
Marina Benjamin
Free Press
1230 Avenue of Americas, New York NY 10020
141657204X, $15.00

LAST DAYS IN BABYLON: THE EXILE OF IRAQ'S JEWS, THE STORY OF MY FAMILY tells of the author's London upbringing and distance from her Iraqi past. She rejected Iraqi-Jewish culture and her family's heritage until she had her own child and in 2004 visited Iraq seeking her family history. LAST DAYS IN BABYLON charts her extraordinary journey and discoveries and is a fine choice for any general-interest lending library.

The Cactus Eaters
Dan White
c/o HarperCollins
19 East 53rd Street, New York NY 10022-5299
9780061376931, $14.95

The Pacific Crest Trail reaches from Mexico to Canada: a grueling stretch with many physical demands. When the author and his girlfriend decided to hike it, Dan's parents thought they were crazy; especially since the two hadn't even lived together and were contemplating a grueling six-month journey. But the trip tested them on many levels, and THE CACTUS EATERS: HOW I LOST MY MIND AND ALMOST FOUND MYSELF ON THE PACIFIC COAST TRAIL documents these changes.

Web of Conspiracy
James F. Broderick and Darren W. Miller
Information Today Inc.
143 Old Marlton Place, Medford, NJ 08055
9780910965811, $19.95

Conspiracy theory websites are so prolific that it's difficult for web searchers to reach useful information: that's why WEB OF CONSPIRACY: A GUIDE TO CONSPIRACY THEORY SITES ON THE INTERNET is so invaluable. Two journalists here offer their consideration of various conspiracy theories and the best sites for researching them, from 911 to Roswell, Princess Di to the death of Marilyn Monroe. It's a terrific, essential reference for any library strong in either conspiracy theory or overall web research methodology.

Embracing Mind
B. Alan Wallace & Brian Hodel
Shambhala Press
Horticultural Hall, 300 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115
9781590304822, $24.95,

Is there a healthy middle ground shared between science and spirituality? "Embracing Mind: The Common Ground of Science & Spirituality" is an examination of how science and spirituality intertwine more extensively than one would think. Hoping to move past the tiresome zero-sum game bantered between the two, Embracing Mind strives to focus upon what really matters to us all the understanding of reality. A skillfully composed treatise, "Embracing Mind" is a top pick for community library science and spirituality collections.

The Education Shelf

Reading Comprehension
Camille Blachowicz & Donna Ogle
Guilford Publications, Inc.
72 Spring Street , New York, NY 10012
9781593857554, $34.00, 1-800-365-7006

In today's world, the ability to read with fluency, speed, and comprehension is a fundamental skill for anyone striving to achieve their full potential both personally and professionally. Now in a completely updated and significantly expanded second edition, "Reader Comprehension: Strategies For Independent Learners" by Camille Blachowicz and Donna Ogle (both of whom are Professors of Education at National-Louis University) provides classroom teachers and reading instructors with a profusion of research-based and classroom tested strategies and techniques for helping students from kindergarten through the ninth grade to read with comprehension. Of special note are the sections on helping children to compare and evaluate both print and online sources, develop and increase their vocabularies, as well as develop and practice effective study and test-taking skills. Featuring informed and informative discussions on the impact of recent federal initiatives with respect to reading instruction, teachers are also provided with updated sample activities, classroom and text based examples, resource lists, and reproducible classroom materials. Also available in a hardcover edition (9781593857561, $58.00), "Reader Comprehension: Strategies For Independent Learners" is an invaluable addition to personal, professional, and academic library Education Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

Motivating Readers in the Middle Grades
Joan Collins
Linworth Books
3650 Olentangy River Road, Suite 250 Columbus, OH 43214
1586832972, $36.95,

The dissatisfaction of students in education begins to occur in the middle school years how do you keep these children reading? "Motivating Readers in Middle Grades" is a complete and comprehensive guide for encouraging this disenfranchised group to keep reading. Covering selected titles sure to catch the eyes of tweens and others, and offering advice on promoting reading programs, "Motivating Readers in Middle Grades" is a top pick for community library collections dedicated to education and library science.

Reframing Teacher Leadership
Douglas B. Reeves
ASCD Books
1730 North Beauregard Street, Alexandria, VA 22311-1714
9781416606666, $26.95,

The first authority for any student is their teacher. "Reframing Teacher Leadership To Improve Your School" is a complete and comprehensive guide for educators who want to make the most of the educational experience their pupils partake. Revealing a new organizational system, and filled with advice for teachers and administrators, "Reframing Teacher Leadership" should be required reading for all in the field. Recommended for community library education collections.

Effective Studies for Every Classroom
Jeanne R. Mach & Collaborators
Boys Town Press
14100 Crawford Street, Boy's Town, NE 68010
9781889332949, $29.95,

Proper study is essential to proper learning, and "Effective Study Strategies for Every Classroom: 29 Lesson Plans for Teaching Note-taking, Summarizing, Researching and Test Taking Skills" is a guide for educators who want to get their students back on the right path of studying, so that the material sticks for the examination and for life. Various topics such as signal words, understanding the main idea, differentiating fact and opinion, using the internet, and facing the harsh opponent that is the standardized test are all covered completely and comprehensively. Enhanced with a bonus CD-ROM filled with worksheets and overheads for classroom use, "Effective Study Strategies for Every Classroom" is highly recommended for community library education collections as a must-read for every educator.

Teen Girls and Technology
Lesley Farmer
Teacher's College Press
1234 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10027
American Library Association
50 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611
9780838909744, $35.00,

Technology has, and for the most part still is viewed as a boy's toy. "Teen Girls and Technology: What's the Problem, What's the Solution?" is a guide for educators and parents to encourage familiarity with today's technology in teenage girls. In today's technology-driven world, mastery of modern gadgets has become an essential skill to opening many career paths; yet some girls are reluctant to go beyond their cell phones, text messaging devices, or Myspace pages due to their fear of being labeled as geeky. Ideal for anyone who wants to change that and prepare young women for a bright future, "Teen Girls and Technology" is highly recommended.

Corwin Press
2455 Teller Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

Marilyn L. Page's YOU CAN'T TEACH UNTIL EVERYONE IS LISTENING (9781412960151, $22.95) offers six steps for more effective classroom management, and comes from a teacher who uses years of research and experience to support the presentation of these steps. From establishing a foundation as a classroom leader to building student trust and encourage cooperative behavior patterns, YOU CAN'T TEACH UNTIL EVERYONE IS LISTENING has been field-tested by teachers in classrooms across the country, and is a top pick. Robert J. Marzano and John S. Kendall's DESIGNING & ASSESSING EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES: APPLYING THE NEW TAXONOMY (9781412940351, $30.95) is written as a stand-alone volume and covers the basics of Marzano's New Taxonomy, exploring six levels of mental processing and its models. From detailed examples to applications of different knowledge levels, this blends assessment and instructional approaches for effective classroom use. Nancy Fichtman Dana and Diane Yendol-Hoppey's THE REFLECTIVE EDUCATOR'S GUIDE TO PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: COACHING INQUIRY-ORIENTED LEARNING COMMUNITIES (9781412955805, $37.95) provides educators with the tools for inquiry-oriented PLCs. The authors are school reform experts who blend case studies of real-world inquiry-based PLCs with lessons on analysis, development and shared resources. Inquiry timelines and data analysis examples abound. Randi Stone's BEST PRACTICES FOR TEACHING SOCIAL STUDIES: WHAT AWARD-WINNING CLASSROOM TEACHERS DO (9781412924535, $20.95) offers a companion to other focuses on science, math and writing: this one revealing oral history projects, social studies techniques, and blends of technology and problem-solving and inquiry devices students and teachers will find easy to adapt to any classroom. Roger Pierangelo and George Giuliani's TEACHING STUDENTS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES (9781412916011, $35.95) offers educators a step-by-step techniques for a range of learning disabilities and classroom set-ups, with chapters packing in cues to disorders, RTI analysis and more. The second edition of Susan Villani's' ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE THE PRINCIPAL? A GUIDE FOR NEW AND ASPIRING LEADERS (9781412958158, $23.95) tells novices how to build cooperative staff ventures and how to create a climate of mutual trust and support. From evaluating goals to understanding the dynamics of group interactions and school environments, this offers an outstanding opportunity for growth. Roger Pierangelo and George Guiliani's TEACHING IN A SPECIAL EDUCATION CLASSROOM: A STEP BY STEP GUIDE FOR EDUCATORS (9781412954259, $56.95) is filled with strategies for classroom development, providing beginning special ed teachers with invaluable tips usually gained by veterans in education. Tips help teachers modify lessons and anticipate common issues. Karen Hawley Miles and Stephen Frank's THE STRATEGIC SCHOOL: MAKING THE MOST OF PEOPLE, TIME, AND MONEY (9781412904162, $66.95) focuses on how to creatively manage money for maximum effectiveness. Any school budget will benefit from this survey, which considers not how to get more money, but how to manage resources more effectively including grouping students and teachers for maximum impact both cost-wise and for educational quality. R. Bruce Williams' 12 ROLES OF FACILITATORS FOR SCHOOL CHANGE, 2ND EDITION (9781412941134, $37.95) provides an updated edition of a classic which shows education leaders how to become agents of school reform. From providing skills training and becoming a resource consultant to motivating groups and developing effective staff through leadership changes, 12 ROLES is a survey any school leader needs. Sally Berman's THINKING STRATEGIES FOR SCIENCE GRADES 5-12 (9781412962896, $28.95) provides a series of lessons aimed at developing higher-level analytical skills. From interactive techniques to reinforcing activities for brainstorming and analytical skills, this updated edition provides strategies especially important for cooperative learning and activity-oriented teaching routines. All are excellent picks for college-level educator's libraries.

The Business Shelf

How to Market Your Business
Dave Patten
Kogan Page
525 South 4th Street, #241, Philadelphia, PA 19147
9780749451455, $24.95,

Why do so many enormous corporations pour so many of their dollars into marketing? Because it works - "How to Market Your Business: A Practical Guide to Advertising, PR, Selling, and Direct and Online Marketing" is a complete and comprehensive guide for businesses on how to approach marketing and how to do it effectively and efficiently covering all topics such as research, pricing, advertisement, online sales, demonstrations, and other topics that must be addressed when trying to move a product. "How to Market Your Business: A Practical Guide to Advertising, PR, Selling, and Direct and Online Marketing" is highly recommended to community library business collections and any businesses who want to optimize their sales approach.

Le Deal
J. Byrne Murphy
St. Martin's Press
175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010
Jane Wesman Public Relations Inc. (publicity)
322 Eight Avenue, Suite 1702, New York, NY 10001
0312359039, $24.95,, 1-888-330-8477

The American economy is absolutely dependant on American businesses being able to successfully sell their goods and services abroad. Exports are vital to American economic health and well being. That's why there are so many "how to" books published every year for the American business community and aspiring entrepreneurs seeking success in foreign markets. What is unique about "Le Deal: How A Young American, In Business, In Love, And In Over His Head, Kick-Started A Multibillion Dollar Industry in Europe" is that it combines J. Byrne Murphy's personal story that took him to Europe and Asia where for fifteen years he conducted his business activities with the riveting elements of a true life adventure story. Of special note are the cultural differences he encountered with respect to how business is conducted. For example, the Italians readily agree to new ideas -- but have a tendency to delay implementation of them. The French are cautious about accepting new ideas and examine every aspect of the concept to extraordinary lengths before implementing them. The Germans (no surprise) are rigid about following rules no matter how outdated and in need of revision they may be. All this contrasts sharply with Americans who tend to move quickly and easily get frustrated when having to deal with other cultures and their approaches to business decision making. Very highly recommended reading, "Le Deal" is a real life case study that combines a fascinating personal story with entrepreneurial and corporate insights that will well serve any who aspire to engage in commerce abroad.

Financial Armageddon
Michael J. Panzner
Kaplan Publishing
1 Liberty Plaza, 24th Floor, New York NY 10006
9781427797414, $16.95

The revised, updated edition of FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON: PROTECT YOUR FUTURE FROM ECONOMIC COLLAPSE features a new introduction by the author on predictions that have come to pass since the book's first publication. From chapters that focus on various scenarios for local and global financial chaos to how unraveling economic pressures will affect us all, changing where and how to buy, where to invest and in what, this call to action provides important details linking financial collapse scenarios to economic effects down the line. Both business and public lending libraries will find it essential.

Persuasion IQ
Kurt W. Mortensen
1601 Broadway, New York NY 10019
0814409938, $21.95

PERSUASION IQ: THE 10 SKILLS YOU NEED TO GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT comes from an author who has earned a worldwide reputation for knowing which persuasion techniques work, and for helping others in business further their careers by using these techniques. His instrument for measuring the success of persuasion techniques is called 'Persuasion IQ', and his book on the topic tells how to strengthen and observe persuasion techniques for maximum benefit.

Atlantic Publishing
1405 SW 6th Avenue, Ocala, FL 34471

Ann Marie O'Phelan, MFA's HOW TO GO TO COLLEGE ON A SHOE STRING (9781601380203, $24.95) is a key acquisition for any collection catering to college-bound students. It provides all the details on how to get scholarships, grants and fellowships to reduce out-of-pocket expenses, covers new alternative ways of financing college, and provides all kinds of tips on how to save money on everything from books to entertainment while in school. Simply packed with essentials. Lee Rowley's HOW TO MARKET AND SELL YOUR ART, MUSIC, PHOTOGRAPHS AND HOMEMADE CRAFTS ONLINE (9781601381460, $24.95) will appeal to general-interest libraries strong in alternative career guides. Learn how to become an online entrepreneur, from creating a low-cost marketing plan and a strategy for selling products quickly to using insider tips to enhance and boost sales. Both will appeal to general-interest novices.

Dictionary of International Business Law
Lucas Otto
Global Professional Publishing
c/o Stylus Publishing
Box 605, Herndon, VA 20172-0605
9780852976586, $40.00

The Dictionary of International Business Law will make an excellent addition to any library strong in global business communications: it is designed to help operating managers handle business and legal communications across cultures, covering everything from differing revenue collection customs to examples of credit scoring systems, liability issues, and more. While it uses a concise dictionary format, its international examples offer exceptional keys to understanding differences in international business law phrasing, making it a pick for both college-level legal and business collections.

Subject to Change
Peter Merholz,
1005 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, CA 95472
9780596516833, $24.999

SUBJECT TO CHANGE: CREATING GREAT PRODUCTS AND SERVICES FOR AN UNCERTAIN WORLD provides basics for designing products for web software and competitive advantage alike but to limit it to computer collections would be a shame. It's the college-level or public library collection specializing in innovative business solutions who will find it a powerful discussion of strategy and futuristic thinking processes, packed with real-world examples.

The World History Shelf

Republic of Pirates
Colin Woodard
Harcourt Trade
15 East 26th Street, New York NY 10010
9780156034623, $15.00

Captains such as Blackbeard and Charles Vane created the 'Flying Gang' and established the Pirate Republic in the Bahamas, where blacks were equal citizens, servants became free, and leaders were voted in or out. Most think of 'pirates' and how they cut off trade routes and sacked ships, but actually they were heroes in the eyes of many and REPUBLIC OF PIRATES: BEING THE TRUE AND SURPRISING STORY OF THE CARIBBEAN PIRATES AND THE MAN WHO BROUGHT THEM DOWN provides a fascinating history of real pirate worlds perfect for any collection interested in pirates.

The Science Shelf

The Jinn from Hyperspace
Martin Gardner
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2197
9781591025658, $25.95

THE JINN FROM HYPERSPACE AND OTHER SCRIBBLINGS BOTH SERIOUS AND WHIMSICAL blends math and science for both popular and school collections, blending wit, philosophy, math and physics in a fine survey of essays. Even literary references are included in a vivid, lively survey perfect for attracting leisure readers as well as serious students of science.

The Computer Shelf

Multiplayer Gaming and Engine Coding for the Torque Game Engine
Edward F. Maurina III
A.K. Peters Ltd.
888 Worcester Street Suite 230, Wellesley, MA 02482
9781568814223, $64.00

Game programmers receive an in-depth, advanced guide to getting the most out of the Torque Game Engine, and comes from a long-time Torque programmer and trainer who knows his stuff. Discussions and descriptions of the components of the program teach how to make better games and even how to modify the engine and source code itself. Computer libraries strong in gaming will know of Torque and will value this important guide.

Eating the IT Elephant
Richard Hopkins and Kevin Jenkins
IBM Press
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
0137130120, $29.99

EATING THE IT ELEPHANT: MOVING FROM GREENFIELD DEVELOPMENT TO BROWNFIELD provides a complete approach to evolving and transforming Legacy IT Systems, and will appeal to any advanced computer collection strong in IT management. The problems involved in legacy systems are clear: the authors here identify root problems, offer up approaches that feature balance and more efficient communication and transformation programs, and take a slower and more methodical approach to change than others. Highly recommended.

Logic Pro 8: Tips and Tricks
Stephen Bennett
PC Publishing
Keeper's House, Merton, Thetford, Norfolk 1P25 6OH, England

Software collections strong in Logic Pro software guides must have LOGIC PRO 8 TIPS AND TRICKS, a survey of the new features which have improved the program's accessibility and organization. From mastering with Logic to using plug-ins and understanding Logic's environment, these tips and tricks come from the author's long-standing familiarity with Logic in music production and audio restoration and will appeal to both computer and music libraries.

Effective Java, second edition
Joshua Bloch
75 Arlington Street, Suite 300, Boston, MA 02116
0321356683, $49.99 www.awprofessional.com1-800-428-5331

The first edition of EFFECTIVE JAVA offers Java programmers a deeper understanding of Java's language than the casual beginner's book, offering tips on how to write code that is clearer, more correct, and more reusable. Over seventy programmer rules of thumb are contained in a new edition exploring design patterns, language idioms, and generics, along with updated techniques on common topics and avoiding common pitfalls of language. The second edition expands upon concepts so popular in the first and is a 'must' for any serious computer programmer's library.

Game Creation for Teens
Jason Darby
CT Learning
25 Thomson Place, Boston, MA 02210
159863500X, $29.99

No programming is required for teens and other beginners to learn how to make their own computer games using Games Factory 2, a drag-and-drop game creation system included in a trial version on the accompanying cd-rom. From exploring genres and developing game ideas to the basics of graphics, settings and using music and sound in games, GAME CREATION FOR TEENS is packed with ideas for building a game from scratch and uses techniques which make for involving, action-packed games. Any computer or gaming library catering to either teens or beginners new to computer games will find this an involving, easy introduction.

Deploying Cisco Wide Area Application Services
Zach Seils and Joel Christner, CCIEs
Cisco Press
800 East 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240
9781587054945, $70.00

Deploying Cisco Wide Area Application Services represents the first in-depth guide to designing and deploying solutions using Cisco technologies, and is a 'must' for college-level computer collections strong on programmer networking applications. Chapters survey network design and implementation and use the author's in-depth background implementing WAAS to offer case studies and real-world applications.

Network Analysis and Circuits
M. Arshad
Infinity Science Press
11 Leavitt Street, Hingham, MA 02043
9781934015193, $69.95

College-level teachers needing a textbook for electronic circuit analysis will find this an excellent self-study reference offering hundreds of worked examples to master difficult math concepts and circuit design issues. College-level courses strong in engineering will find it provides over 300 such worked examples, includes a CD-ROM of software integrated to book tutorials and exercises, and includes graph theory, network functions and filters, and much more.

Dungeons and Desktops
Matt Barton
AK Peters Ltd.
888 Worcester Street, Suite 230, Wellesley, MA 02482
9781568814117, $39.00

Computer role-playing games have moved the traditional board game to the desktop, and includes a cast of popular games: while many books cover rules and playing, few provide the essential overall history of the genre's development and evolutionary process. DUNGEONS AND DESKTOPS: THE HISTORY OF COMPUTER ROLE-PLAYING GAMES surveys not only game development and milestones, but issues affecting the industry and playing computer role-playing games. From how players create and interact with characters to the ethics of good and evil in gameplaying, DUNGEONS AND DESKTOPS is an outstanding choice for any high school to college-level collection catering to computer gaming fans.

The American History Shelf

Navigating the Missouri
William E. Lass
Arthur H. Clark Company
2800 Venture Drive, Norman, OK 73069
9780870623554, $45.00

NAVIGATING THE MISSOURI: STEAMBOATING ON NATURE'S HIGHWAY 1819-1935 offers a complete history of steamboating for any interested in American history and transportation. From migration routes and the economics and politics of early Missouri steamboating to individual steamboat operator, this in-depth survey offers plenty of detail and insights for any college-level library interested in Missouri history in general and American transit systems in particular.

Buffalo Bill on Stage
Sandra K. Sagala
University of New Mexico Press
MSC04 2820, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 97131-0001
9780826344274, $29.95

Before he became famous as a performer in his Wild West Show, Buffalo Bill was a household name just from leading a troupe of traveling actors across the country performing frontier melodramas. Biographies of Cody and his career often gloss over the fourteen years he spent producing his Combination Show melodramas, so it's refreshing to see an in-depth coverage suitable for any college-level library strong in American history and biography, or even stage history. Chapters survey his early years with a newfound attention to the rise of melodrama in general, following his trail across the country. College-level collections will find it an excellent survey.

Let Us Build Us a City
Donald Harington
The Toby Press
PO Box 8531, New Milford, CT 06776-8531
9781592642038, $14.95

Award-winning author Donald Harington originally published Let Us Build Us a City in 1986; now in a beautiful new edition, this thoughtful collection of stories about eleven forgotten small towns in Arkansas remains a pristine glimpse into history. Some of the forgotten towns gradually dwindled and declined to little more than a church, a post office, a general store, a gas station, and a handful of residents; other overlooked towns were never terribly memorable to begin with. Donald Harington learned of these towns' stories through his connection with a researcher named Kim, and eventually Harrington and Kim fell in love. Let Us Build a City is a contemplative look at the joy and wonder to be discovered in hidden Arkansas history, and as enjoyable to read today as it was over twenty years ago.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Color Atlas of Small Animal Anatomy: The Essentials
Thomas O. McCracken and Robert A. Kainer with David Carlson
Blackwell Publishing
2121 State Avenue, Ames, IA 50014-8300 1-800-216-2522
0781743915, $60.00

Any college-level library specializing in veterinary medicine will find plenty of detail and introductory material in Color Atlas of Small Animal Anatomy: The Essentials. Here's an oblong book packing in anatomical drawings and cut-aways of dogs, cats and rodents commonly kept as pets: chapters provide topographic relationships of major organs and are in full color for excellent reference. A basic 'must' for any small animal vet collection.

The Photography Shelf

Historic Photos of El Paso
Sandra Fye
Turner Publishing
200 4th Avenue North, Suite 950, Nashville, TN 37219
9781596524309, $39.95,

With over four centuries of history, El Paso is an iconic city of Texas. "Historic Photos of El Paso" is a brilliant collection of two hundred poignant black and white photographs. With explanations of the nature and relevance of each of them from history enthusiast Sandra Fye, it's an ideal acquisition for those in search of a coffee table book reflecting on one of America's most historic cities. "Historic Photos of El Paso" is highly recommended to community library photography collections.

Paul Fusco
547 West 27th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001
9781597110792, $50.00,

Robert F. Kennedy was in line to become the president of the United States in 1968. But it wasn't to be. "RFK" is a look via photographs at the life, death, and legacy of the man about whom so many felt so strongly, four decades ago. With a tribute from currently serving Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy and essays from educated speakers, "RFK" is a grand choice for community library photography collections.

Simple Lighting Techniques for Portrait Photographers
Bill Hurter
Amherst Media
Box 586, Buffalo, NY 14226
9781584282334, $34.95

Photographers often spend thousands on the latest lighting and photography gadgets when they should be seeking simplicity: that's the contention of neo-pro Bill Hurter, which covers the basics of understanding light and how it works in photographic results. From designing two-light studio setups for natural portraits to taking photos on location, the idea is basic: simplify approaches yet preserve natural, professional results. Any public lending library or photography library needs this, which comes packed with color examples throughout.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Parapsychology and the Skeptics
Chris Carter
Paja Books
c/o Sterling House
7436 Washington Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15218
9781585011087, $18.95,

Could the existence of psychic power have ground in scientific fact? "Parapsychology and the Skeptics: A Scientific Argument for the Existence of ESP" is exactly what it says it is. A scholarly written account arguing for the potential existence of this once instantly dismissed as myth concept, author and Oxford graduate Chris Carter tackles the arguments and looks at them objectively with wisdom. "Parapsychology and the Skeptics: A Scientific Argument for the Existence of ESP" is a deftly written piece, an ideal addition to any community library metaphysical studies collection.

William Blake's Sexual Path to Spiritual Vision
Marsha Keith Schuchard
Inner Traditions
One Park Street, Rochester, VT 05767
9781594772115, $19.95

William Blake's reputation as a poet and artist was born from his spiritual vision, and so William Blake's Sexual Path to Spiritual Vision offers up a different kind of investigation based on the psycho-sexual practices which surrounded this artist. Fueled by new archival discoveries of Blake family documents, her analysis probes spiritual paths and recreates sexual focuses of his work which were initially changed by his pious executor. New age libraries will find it a winner.

Otherworldly Maine
Noreen Doyle
Down East
P.O. Box 679, Camden, ME 04843
9780892727469, $15.95,

When one thinks of Maine, they think of a state known for its fishing not a state known for the paranormal. "Otherworldly Maine" is a look at Maine as a setting for the bizarre, citing the works of authors such as Mark Twain and Steven King using the state as a setting for many of their famous tales. Looking to explain why the state of Maine is so popularly chosen by writers as a setting, "Otherworldly Maine" is highly recommended to personal, academic, community library metaphysical studies collections and supplemental reading lists on Maine's state history.

Awakening the Energy Body
Kenneth Smith
Bear & Company
c/o Inner Traditions
One Park Street, Rochester, VT 05767
9781591430841, $15.00

Both psychology and new age libraries will find much of interest in AWAKENING THE ENERGY BODY: FROM SHAMANISM TO BIOENERGETICS. It uses science from bioenergetics to study the ebb and flow of body energy and draws important connections between psychology and physical matter, and uses the author's Toltec tradition studies to reinforce the possibilities involved in body energy understanding.

The Judaic Studies Shelf

Bubbe Meises: Jewish Myths, Jewish Realities
Ronald H. Isaacs
KTAV Publishing House
930 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306
9781602800328, $19.95

Bubbe Meises or 'old wives tales' provide a range of Jewish myths and misconceptions which have been handed down between generations: and BUBBE MEISES examines the origins of these misconceptions and how they have influenced Jewish peoples over the centuries. From basic beliefs to holidays and everyday practices, Hebrew expressions and more, BUBBLE MEISES will appeal to any serious Judaic library collection.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

How to Hear the Voice of God
Susan Shumsky, DD
New Page
Box 687, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417
9781601630100, $16.99

An accompanying meditation cd reinforces the message in HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD, a guide to developing inner guidance and making wise decisions using devotion and guidance. From the basics of meditation and releasing blockages that prevent hearing the divine voice inside to learning to tell the difference between divine and other voices, this is a key acquisition for any spiritual library.

Science, Evolution, and Creationism
National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine
The National Academies Press
500 Fifth Street, NW, Box 285, Washington, DC, 20055
9780309105866, $12.95,

How did life come to be on this planet? This question is discussed at length by "Science, Evolution, and Creationism". Looking to explain the fundamentals of evolution as well as the arguments of creationism, "Science, Evolution and Creationism" is a wide reaching look at all perspectives on the subject. Highly recommended for community library religion and science collections.

Orbis Books
Box 308, Maryknoll, NY 10545

Terrence Rynne's GANDHI & JESUS: THE SAVING POWER OF NONVIOLENCE (9781570757662, $20.00) provides a thought-provoking exploration of the life of Jesus and the teachings of Gandhi, contrasting the two in a survey which considers how nonviolent concepts are the foundation points for ideas of Christian salvation. It's an intriguing, involving exploration for any collection strong in Christian analysis. Gerald O'Collins, SJ's JESUS: A PORTRAIT (9781570757839, $25.00) provides the results of a lifetime of research into the life of Jesus, offering up a solid piece of Biblical research recommended for any Christian library. Twelve chapters provide plenty of Biblical interpretations and fine analysis for a wide audience interested in a scholarly interpretation of Jesus' life and sentiments.

The Psychology Shelf

Violent Partners
Linda G. Mills, J.D., Ph.D.
Basic Books
c/o Perseus Publishing Group
387 Park Avenue South, New York NY 10016-8810
9780465045778, $26.95

VIOLENT PARTNERS: A BREAKTHROUGH PLAN FOR ENDING THE CYCLE OF ABUSE is a different kind of survey of abuse: it shows how both partners often participate in the dynamics of abuse, and provides an 'out' for those who want to preserve relationships without that violence. Also included are tips for the men assaulted by women each year, and an overall response that addresses patterns of violent dynamics. Any general-interest or health library needs this.

Your Brain: The Missing Manual
Matthew MacDonald
Pogue Press
c/o O'Reilly & Associates
1005 Gravenstein Highway, Sebastopol, CA 95472
9780596517786, $24.99

Science meets self-help in a survey for general-interest readers which covers everything from brain function to quirks, aging changes, boundaries between physical brain activity and psychology, and more. YOUR BRAIN is studded with color sidebars of information and plenty of color illustrations for maximum impact, making this a pick not just for high school to college level health and science collections, but for the general-interest library, as well.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Bread, Body, Spirit
Alice Peck, editor
Sky Light Paths Publishing
PO Box 237, Sunset Farm offices, Rt.4, Woodstock, VT 05091
9781594732423, $19.99,

You are what you eat, as the old proverb goes. "Bread, Body, Spirit: Finding the Sacred in Food" is a look at how food affects one's psyche and spirit. Drawing upon research of both eastern and western religions, "Bread, Body, Spirit" is an intellectual and thought provoking look at how the human spirit is fueled. A poignant and thoughtful title, highly recommended.

ADHD: Living Without Brakes
Martin L. Kutscher, MD
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
400 Market Street #400, Philadelphia, PA 19106
9781843108733, $22.95

From the wide range of ADHD symptoms and common difficulties parents face in diagnosis and handling ADHD kids to solutions to these problems based around four rules, Dr. Kutscher discusses the basics of handling ADHD kids, offering checklists, discussions of both school and home solutions, and more. Any health library strong in ADHD solutions and diagnosis needs this easy approach, which will appeal to parents common confused by jargon and medical studies.

Painless Childbirth
Giuditta Tornetta
Cumberland House Publishing
431 Harding Industrial Drive, Nashville TN 37211
9781581826401, $16.95

PAINLESS CHILDBIRTH: AN EMPOWERING JOURNEY THROUGH PREGNANCY AND BIRTH is a pick family libraries will want: it explores the relationship between the nine months of fetal development in the womb and nine basic human rights, advising mothers to participate in both creation and their own rights to a painless childbirth on their own terms. From hospital births and birthing center differences to obtaining peace from pain, PAINLESS CHILDBIRTH blends case history examples with advice and tips.

Women, Work, and Autoimmune Disease
Rosalind Joffe and Joan Friedlander
386 Park Avenue South Suite 301, New York NY 10016
1932603689, $18.95

Over seventy percent of autoimmune diseases occur in women, most frequently during childbearing years also a woman's peak career years and so the connection between gender, workplace and health is solid. This is a manual for working women handling chronic pain issues of all kinds: stories of such women blend with discussions of the correlation between disease, career and women's habits to make for an eye-opening analysis any health or women's studies library needs and many a business collection, as well.

8 Weeks to Maximizing Diabetes Control
Laura Hieronymus, MSED, APRN, BC-ADM, CDE and Christine Tobin, RB, MBA, CDE
American Diabetes Association
1701 N. Beauregard Street, Alexandria, VA 22311
1580402798, $16.95

In eight weeks you can learn the basics for managing Type 2 diabetes, from putting together a health care team and understanding the role of medications and self-monitoring to beginning an exercise program and organizing diabetes control. It's the perfect title for those newly diagnosed seeking insights into logical management routines, and a fine addition to any general-interest collection.

The Military Shelf

Special Forces At War
Shelby L. Stanton
Zenith Press
c/o MBI Publishing Company
380 Jackson Street, Suite 200, St. Paul, MN 55101 1-800-458-0454
9780760334492, $40.00

War vet and historian Shelby Stanton reported for military duty in Southeast Asia and worked with the Green Beret forces: his SPECIAL FORCES AT WAR: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY, SOUTHEAST ASIA 1957-1975 therefore offers a rare insider's experience paired with a scholarly historical approach, making it an essential standout for any military library strong in modern warfare. It's a photographic history which offers many unpublished images and insider observations of covert activities, representing years of active duty in the infantry: a weighty, essential guide for any serious military library.

Agents of Bioterrorism
Geoffrey Zubay,
Columbia University Press
61 West 62nd Street, New York, NY 10023-7015
9780231133470, $27.50

Bioterrorism has been written up in the news as a threat but too few coverages have provided any real in-depth facts: that's why any military library or collection strong in popular issues needs AGENTS OF BIOTERRORISM: PATHOGENS & THEIR WEAPONIZATION. Contributors discuss pathogens and their delivery systems, offering medical and scientific reviews that blend history, molecular biology, pathology, weaponization and defense concerns. The result is a solid discussion considering thirteen disease-causing agents and their military applications past, present and future.

Etched in Purple
Frank J. Irgang
Potomac Books
22841 Quicksilver Drive, Dulles VA 20166
9781597972048, $17.95

Any collection strong in World War II memoir needs ETCHED IN PURPLE: ONE SOLDIER'S WAR IN EUROPE, first published in 1949 and offering the author's personal record of his experiences as a combat infantryman during the war. It's a candid, sometimes brutal survey of first-hand experience and is a rediscovered classic and is a 'must' for any serious military library.

Military to Civilian: Resumes and Letters
Carl S. Savino, Major and Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D.
Impact Publications
9104 Manassas Drive Suite N, Manassas Park, VA 20111
1570232679, $21.95

Transitioning to the civilian work world can be filled with challenge, especially for those who don't have a resume detailing their goals and objectives. That's why Military to Civilian: Resumes and Letters is so important: it provides an outline of a simple job search process geared to the military, identifies 12 major mistakes, and packs in examples of over a hundred resumes and nearly 30 letters, with coverage of both electronic and conventional resumes. Military and career libraries in particular will welcome this transitional title.

The Art Shelf

Arabic Tattoos
Jon Udelson
Mark Batty Publisher
36 West 27th Street, Penthouse, New York NY 01018
9780977985081, $17.95

Islam prohibits tattooing, but there's been an increase in the types and number of people obtaining Arabic tattoos, and ARABIC TATTOOS uses color photos and essays to document this trend. Both art libraries and general-interest collections appealing to younger patrons will find it a popular survey of the cultural and artistic meaning of these tattoos. It's a fine exploration with interviews of tattoo owners spicing a colorful presentation also recommended for any Middle East collection.

Defining Landscape
Oh Chi Gyun
Hudson Hills Press
Box 205, Manchester, VT 05254
193443504X, $50.00

Any art library or collection strong in Impressionist painting or Asian and Western works needs DEFINING LANDSCAPE, representing the works of Oh Chi Gyun's paintings from Korea and New York periods. His landscapes are defined more by mental than physical concepts and thus his paintings, which span nearly thirty years in both countries, provides a diverse and different range of ideas. The full-color, full-page presentations reinforce the insights on his techniques and unusual perspective.

Islamic Geometric Patterns
Eric Broug
Thames & Hudson
500 5th Avenue, New York NY 10110
9780500287217, $21.95

Islamic patterns come from ancient practitioners who used traditional measurements to create geometric compositions based on patterns of repetition: ISLAMIC GEOMETRIC PATTERNS covers the history, evolution and current common examples of these patterns and is a fine choice for both art libraries and Middle Eastern holdings. From examples of Islamic architecture and art to surveys of how the patterns work, expect pages of patterns and discussions.

The Hunting/Fishing Shelf

Spin Fishing Basics
Francis P. Pandolfi and Jono Pandolfi
Burford Books
32 Morris Avenue, Springfield, NJ 07081
1580801501, $12.95

Any interested in the introductory basics of spin fishing, whether from a library collection standpoint or adding to a home fishing library, needs SPIN FISHING BASICS: it provides beginners with all the discussions central to easy spin fishing, from lines and lures and rod set-up to learning when and how to reel in a catch. Black and white photos offer clear step-by-step instruction as well.

The Needlecraft Shelf

Martingale & Company
20205 144th Ave NE, Woodinville, WA 98072-8478

Any who would try machine applique may find it a daunting task initially, but Sharon Pederson's book Machine Applique for the Terrified Quilter (9781564778208, $27.95) for the beginner takes the mystery out of techniques, using a lively writing style to provide insights on a wide range of machine applique options. From projects that demonstrate different stitches and alternative options to incorporating applique into a quilting endeavor, Machine Applique for the Terrified Quilter discusses patterns, applique options, and step-by-step methods. Mimi Dietrich's A QUILTER'S DIARY WRITTEN IN STITCHES (9781564777928, $28.95) provides well over a hundred pieced and appliqued block patterns to construct a life story in fabric. From themes of family, hobbies and holidays to examples of completed 'diary' quilts and setting tips, quilters receive patterns, colors and tips perfect for chronicling a life story. Susan Taylor Propst's BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS: QUILTS AND CUSHIONS TO APPLIQUE (9781564777768, $27.95) tells how to create a range of flowers in lovely artful quilts. Ten wall quilts with ten coordinating round and square cushions use a range of hand applique, provide patterns, and offer tips for color matching in a lovely pairing of quilts and cushions to applique. Gardeners who love quilts will find these projects appealing. Quilting libraries will find these an important acquisition.

The Best of Knitter's Guy Knits
XRX Books
Box 965, Sioux Falls, ID 57101-0965
9781933064093, $19.95

25 knits from Knitter's Magazine provide hats, mittens, gauntlets and more in a series of fun projects which can be comfortable to wear and stylish. Full-page color photos of men in sweaters, vests and even ties accompany patterns and step-by-step instructions perfect for avid knitters who know the basics of knitting design.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

Alter Ego: The Best of the Legendary Comics Fanzine
Roy Thomas and Bill Schelly, editors
Two Morrows
10407 Bedfordtown Drive, Raleigh, NC 27614
1893905888 , $21.95

In 1961 Jerry Bails and Roy Thomas launched ALTER EGO, the first fanzine to cover the history of comic books, and "Alter Ego: The Best of the Legendary Comics Fanzine" gathers the original 11 issues published between 1961-78, including illustrated interviews with Gail Kane and others. Black and white illustrations and comics throughout accompany sidebars of history and detail perfect for any comic book fan.

The California Shelf

Los Angeles River
Ted Elrick and the Friends of the L.A. River
Arcadia Publishing
420 Wando Park Blvd., Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
0738547182, $19.99

Any California library strong in Southern California history will want LOS ANGELES RIVER, a visual documentation using archival photos to explore the evolution of an unpredictable river abused through the 20th century and finally making a comeback thanks to the Friends of the Los Angeles River. Private and public archives were plumbed to produce a fine set of visual images.

Arcadia Publishing
420 Wando Park Blvd., Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Carol A. Jensen and the East Contra Costa Historical Society's BRENTWOOD (0738558257, $19.99) gathers fine vintage photos culled from local archives and collections and blends well with Jensen's history of Brentwood, a small Contra Costa town which moved from a rural agricultural stronghold to a modern city today. John Poultney and the Amador County Archives' AMADOR COUNTY (0738547018, $19.99) surveys a town in the heart of California's gold rush country, packing in over 200 vintage images gathered from both the Amador County Archives and private local collections. Any regional or local California history collection needs these.

Berkeley Bohemia
Ed Herny, Shelley Rideout and Katie Wadell
Gibbs Smith Publisher
Box 667, Layton, UT 84041
1423600851, $24.99

Berkeley, California is well known today for its liberal and free thinking student atmosphere, but what is less well known is its longer history for early radicalism and innovation in the late 1800s and early 1900s a time when the city was quite conservative. This portrait of artists and visionaries who introduced new ways of thinking and living makes for a vivid blend of art and biography a 'must' for any California history collection.

The Audiobook Shelf

When You Are Engulfed in Flames
David Sedaris
Hachette Audio
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017-0010
1600241824, $34.98

The author performs a gripping series of four live recordings of a new book of essays which discusses everything from neurotic songbirds and how to soundproof windows against them using old LP covers to observations of everyday life. WHEN YOU ARE ENGULFED IN FLAMES will appeal to a wide audience, from prior fans of Sedaris to those who appreciate social commentary and humor, and is a pick for any general-interest audio collection.

Blood Noir
Laurell K. Hamilton
Brilliance Audio
c/o Brilliance Corporation
PO Box 887, Grand Haven, MI 49417
159737895X, $46.95

Cynthia Holloway provides a moving, absorbing and charged reading to another Anita Blake vampire hunter/werewolf novel: this revolving around Jason, her best friend and sometimes-lover whose father is dying on the same weekend as an ancient vampire decides to make her move, cutting the connection which ties Anita with Jean-Claude. An outstanding vampire novel evolves with many unpredictable twists and turns perfect for general lending libraries.

Plague Ship
Clive Cussler with Jack Du Brul
Penguin Audio
375 Hudson Street, New York NY 10014
9780143143093, $29.95

Jason Culp's acting abilities are well known and he holds many TV credits to his name as well as other audio productions, so his rendition of PLAGUE SHIP will especially please any who seek professional readers and highly charged recordings of dramas. Here the covert ship Oregon's adventures continue with a top secret mission in the Persian Gulf affected by the discovery of a cruise ship littered with bodies. The mystery that evolves could affect the Oregon and beyond in this fine tense drama, perfect for audio lending libraries.

What Matters Most
Luanne Rice
Random House Audio
1745 Broadway, New York NY 10019
9780739343586, $29.95

Sister Ignatius has returned to Ireland with Tom Kelly to search for a song they left behind, while one Seamus Sullivan also searches for his first love from an orphanage. WHAT MATTERS MOST follows very different journeys that end in miracles, and is powered by a fine narration by Blair Brown, an award-winning performer. Any library strong in audio stories will find this poignant and winning.

The Theatre/Cinema/TV Shelf

Hollywood Winners & Losers A to Z
Mark Thise
Hal Leonard Publishing
19 West 21st Street Suite 201, New York NY 10010
9780879103514, $19.95

Any interested in the Academy Awards will find this an excellent reference with entries for over 900 actors and actresses covering Hollywood from its heyday to modern times. Film buffs and libraries catering to them will find this a packed with trivia and detail, arranged by actor and actress names and documenting both films and biographical backgrounds. Black and white photos pepper the survey.

A Critical History of Soul Train on Television
Christopher P. Lehman
McFarland Publishing Company
Box 611, Jefferson, NC 28640
9780786436699, $35.00,

Soul Train from a fledgling platform for black singers and political activists in the 1970s to a popular brand name in the modern age what does it all mean? "A Critical History of Soul Train on Television" is a complete and comprehensive look at the television program and its effects on black culture, and American culture as a whole, with a focus on the show's creator Don Cornelius and how he has branched out elsewhere in entertainment. Enhanced with interviews with former cast members, chronology, and Cornelius's other work, "A Critical History of Soul Train on Television" is a top pick for community library collections and fans of the TV show.

The Music Shelf

The Words and Music of Neil Young
Ken Bielen
88 Post Road West, Westport, CT 06881
9780275999025, $44.95,

A legend in the field of music for over four decades. "The Words and Music of Neil Young" is a complete and comprehensive examination of the times and life of the artist. Chronicling his life album by album, "The Words and Music of Neil Young" covers all of the artist's popular and unpopular moves as a solo artist or part of his many groups over the years. Enhanced with a discography and extensive bibliography, "The Words and Music of Neil Young" is highly recommended to community library music collections and fans of the man in general.

Peggy Gilbert & Her All-Girl Band
Jeannie Gayle Pool
Scarecrow Press Inc.
4501 Forbes Boulevard #200, Lanham, MD 20706
081086102X, $40.00

Peggy Gilbert was a member of a musical family and grew up hearing music in her house: she was a professional tenor sax player for over 80 years and inspired generations. Her life, contributions, and ideas is based on oral history interviews and her own photo collection, newspaper clippings and more and includes many materials not previously available on all-women bands from the 1920s-40s. Women's studies and music collections at the college level need this important reference.

This Business of Urban Music
James L. Walker Jr, Esq.
c/o Watson-Guptill
770 Broadway, New York NY 10003
0823077586, $24.95

THIS BUSINESS OF URBAN MUSIC is the first book to focus on the legal aspects of making black music and is an offshoot of the popular THIS BUSINESS OF MUSIC that covered the entire music industry. Interviews, anecdotes and more come from musicians and managers active in the urban and gospel music business, and provides wisdom from experience as well as a healthy dose of business savvy. Libraries appealing to listeners and producers of urban music at all levels need this business reference.

Celebrity Vinyl
Tom Hamling
Mark Batty Publisher
36 West 37th Street, Penthouse, New York, NY 10018
9780979554629, $24.95,

The ride that success brings endorsements, movies, television... and then there's the branch into the world of music. "Celebrity Vinyl" is an examination of this move... and how and why it goes so terribly wrong so terribly often. The author is an enthusiastic collector of these horrible albums and suffers for his readers as he outlines each album's story from its earliest concept stages to its life in stores, which is usually mercifully short. From Muhammad Ali to Leonard Nimoy to the Dallas Cowboys, "Celebrity Vinyl" covers them all, and is highly recommended to community library music collections.

The Business Shelf

The Author's Guide to Building An Online Platform
Stephanie Chandler
Quill Driver Books
1254 Commerce Way, Sanger, CA 93657
1884956823, $14.95

Wise authors know a large number of book sales are conducted via the internet; but an overall book covering sites, methods, and how to build an entire online sales platform has not been easily accessible until now. The Author's Guide to Building An Online Platform covers everything from web/buyer enhancing tools such as Paypal and blogs to online marketing strategies. Perfect for any general-interest collection appealing to authors who would promote their publications.

The Cookbook Shelf

Italian Grill
Mario Batali
c/o HarperCollins
10 East 53rd Street, New York NY 10022
9780061450976, $29.95

Packed with easy grilling recipes and a focus on smoky Italian food, along with some sixty color photos, ITALIAN GRILL packs in details on equipment, grilling techniques, and recipes alike, features appetizers, pizzas, fish and vegetables as well as the usual grilled meats, and provides unusual regional Italian dishes as well, such as Octopus and Warm Potato Salad. Color photos by Beatriz da Costa pack interest and vibrant color into an outstanding collection highly recommended for any library strong in either grilling or Italian cookbooks.

Pizza on the Grill
Elizabeth Karmel and Bob Blumer
Taunton Press
Box 5506, Newtown, CT 06470-5506
9781600850066, $16.00

PIZZA ON THE GRILL: 100 FEISTY FIRE-ROASTED RECIPES FOR PIZZA & MORE provides a set of pizzas perfect for grilling and for international fare, from a peanut-infused Thai pizza to Kung Pau Cashew Chicken Chinese Pizza, Crab & Artichoke Pizza, and more. Even dips and side dishes are included in a pizza cookbook unusual in its approach and variety.

Screen Doors and Sweet Tea
Martha Hall Foose
Clarkson Potter Publishers
c/o The Crown Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, #B1, New York, NY 10019-4305 1-800-726-0600
9780307351401, $32.50

From Lady Pea Salad and Sweet Tea Pie to Mustard-Rubbed Ribs and Blue Cheese Pecan Bread, SCREEN DOORS AND SWEET TEA: RECIPES AND TALES FROM A SOUTHERN COOK packs in stores and down-home cooking from the author's Southern background, includes a generous dose of color photos of completed dishes, and also represents the author's expertise as an Executive Chef of a cooking school teaching home cooks yearly. Any library strong in regional American cooking in general and Southern dishes in particular will find this a popular patron pick.

The Crafts Shelf

Easy Beading, Volume 4
Bead Style Books
Kalmbach Books
21027 Crossroads Circle, PO Box 1612, Waukesha, WI 53187-1612
9780871162632, $29.95,

Jewelry is notorious for being ludicrously expensive. But can the cost be cut down by doing it yourself? "Easy Beading: Fast. Fashionable. Fun." is the fourth volume in an outstanding series, filled with over eighty excellent and thoroughly 'user friendly' projects for those whose love for accessories outweighs the money in their wallets. With full color photographs of each project, illustrated guides to help beaders along, and invaluable advice for general beading knowledge, "Easy Beading" is a must for those who enjoy beading as a productive pastime -- as well as community library crafts and hobby instructional reference collections.

Picture Yourself Creating Metal Clay Jewelry
Tammy Powley
Course Technology
25 Thomson Place, Boston, MA 02210
1598635069, $29.99

Any who would construct finished metal clay jewelry will love Picture Yourself Creating Metal Clay Jewelry, a survey on producing metal earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more out of metal clay. Step-by-step color illustrations cover the basics of producing finished jewelry projects and are perfect for beginners and for public lending libraries catering to home crafters.

The Antiques/Collectibles Shelf

A Catalog of Modern World Coins, 14th Edition
R.S. Yeoman
Whitman Publishing
3101 Clairmont Road Suite C, Atlanta, GA 30329
0794820565, $19.95

MODERN WORLD COINS covers the periods 1850-1964, and comes from a hobby legend who produced the well-known 'Red Book' reference on the topic. This 14th edition has been completely updated with new photos and retail valuations by coin type in up to four grade levels, and comes from a team of exports editor Arthur Friedberg and group who provide clear photos and quick reference data. Any collection strong in coin collecting needs this.

The Golden Age of Postcards
Benjamin H. Penniston
Collector Books
Box 3009, Paducah, KY 42002-3009
9781574325898, $24.95

Collecting post cards has been a beloved hobby and pastime from the very beginning of the American postal system and their 19th century introduction to an eager public. THE GOLDEN AGE OF POSTCARD'S identification and values for postcards from the early 1900s will prove an invaluable pick for any interested in pricing or acquiring such postcards, and is a recommendation for any library strong in collector's price guides. Color photos of cards are arranged by season and provide quick look-ups of prices and makers.

The Literary Shelf

How to Read Texts
Neil McCaw
80 Maiden Lane Suite 704, New York NY 10038
9780826492883, $19.95

HOW TO READ TEXTS: A STUDENT GUIDE TO CRITICAL APPROACHES AND SKILLS offers high school and college-level students a fine survey of critical theory paired with exercises and checklists to help students in their own readings of primary and secondary texts. Students learn how to gain confidence in their skills and learn the methods of recognizing and challenging assumptions in this fine survey of critical thinking skills.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

The Wee Free Men and Discworld
Carrie Pyykkonen and Linda Washington
c/o St. Martin's Press
175 5TH Avenue, New York NY 10010
0312372434, $9.95

Any collection strong in novels by Terry Pratchett will welcome this critical survey The Wee Free Men and Discworld: the Myths and Legends of Terry Pratchett's Multiverse. It provides a fun, interactive guide to Discworld's popular novels, analyzing his work and providing a foundation for underlying its underlying themes.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

The Mark of the Pasha
Michael Pearce
Poisoned Pen Press
6962 E. First Avenue #103, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
9781590584446, $24.95

This new Mamur Zapt mystery will appeal to old fans, newcomers and any mystery collection strong in international intrigue as it tells of the end of the Great War and a new British Commissioner in Egypt who is facing a state of emergency. Gareth, the head of the secret police, finds himself between to conflicting political parties as a result, with intrigue and dangers abounding in this tense mystery thriller.

Murder on Bank Street
Victoria Thompson
Berkeley Prime Crime
375 Hudson Street, New York NY 10014
9780425221518, $23.95

MURDER ON BANK STREET: A GASLIGHT MYSTERY tells of Malloy, who is charged with solving the murder of Dr. Tom Brandt four years after the fact. Malloy's probe of the doctor's successes and notable treatment failures provides a theory, suspects and discoveries including one that could threaten his relationship. A fast-paced mystery, MURDER ON BANK STREET is a solid recommendation for any mystery collection.

The Library DVD Shelf

Sheryl Crow Live
Koch Vision
1417230770, $19.99

Fans of the rocker Sheryl Crow now have a fine opportunity to listen to and view her without paying high ticket prices with the lively capture of her performance at the one-night-only Soundstage. Cuts of her biggest and best songs accompany a high-definition 92-minute performance in surround sound for maximum home entertainment effects. Very highly recommended, indeed!

The Self-Help Shelf

Unleashing Your Creativity After 50!
Gene Perret
Quill Driver Books
1254 Commerce Way, Sanger, CA 93657
9781884956812, $14.95,

Retirement typically means one thing a lot more free time. "Unleashing Your Creativity After 50!" is a guide for midlifers with the impulse to explore their artistic side. Filled with ideas to channel the creativity ability innate in us all, and advice on getting started, "Unleashing Your Creativity After 50!" is the ideal gift not only for seniors, but also for anyone who wants something to do with their time. An excellent pick for community library collections.

Live Life
Muriel C. Moton
Morgan James
1225 Franklin Ave, Ste 325, New York, NY 11530
Understanding Your Value Inc.
PO Box 71462, Albany, GA 31708
9781600373336, $13.95,

It's not uncommon for the enthusiasm for life to be lost, and for one to start living mindlessly, as if it didn't matter. This is a sad way to go through life, says prolific self-help author Muriel C. Moton in "Live Life Like It Matters: How to Get the Best Out of Life without Life Getting the Best of You". With sage, invaluable advice to help readers gain enthusiasm for the harsh journey of life, the tips cover subjects of finding one's soulmate, letting go of things, appreciating what one has, and living with inspiration. A seminal guide for living life, "Live Life Like It Matters: How to Get the Best Our of Life without Life Getting the Best of You" is highly recommended to community library self-help collections.

Love Busters
Willard F. Harley, Jr.
c/o Baker Publishing Group
6030 E Fulton, Ada, MI 49301
9780800718947, $19.99,

Keep the romance going that's the secret of long-lasting marriages. Now in a newly revised and expanded edition, "Love Busters: Protecting Your Marriage from Habits That Destroy Romantic Love" is a guide to keeping the spark alive in marriages by avoiding certain habits that drive wedges in between people, and starve the love that brought them together in the first place. Focusing on important matters such as the value of compromise, dealing with criticisms, managing one's temper, and the severe threats of lies or erratic behavior, "Love Busters" is an ideal read for any married couple. "Love Busters: Protecting Your Marriage from Habits That Destroy Romantic Love" is highly recommended for community library relationship collections.

Jane Nelsen
Conari Press
65 Parker Street, Suite 7, Newburyport, MA 01950
9781573243544, $14.95

SERENITY: SIMPLE STEPS FOR RECOVERING PEACE OF MIND, REAL HAPPINESS, AND GREAT RELATIONSHIPS applies four basic principles to improve relationships, enhance freedom from thought processes, and understand the roots of negativity. Simple joy is missing from too much in life: SERENITY identifies why and how to return to it to achieve quality of life. Both new age and general interest libraries will find it a fine pick.

The Fiction Shelf

I Have Seen the Fire
Robert V. Hine
University of New Mexico Press
1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
9780826343178, $17.95,

In the modern age, traveling from Iowa to California is nothing. But in 1849, it was deadly and treacherous journey. "I Have Seen the Fire" is a splice of reality and fiction, following Sarah Royce (a woman who truly existed) in a work of historical fiction. Telling of her family's journey west, "I Have Seen the Fire" is an eye-opening look at the harsh journey and trials people undertook for a chance at a better life. Highly recommended for community library historical fiction collections.

Nano Comes to Clifford Falls
Nancy Kress
Golden Gryphon Press
3002 Perkins Road, Urbana, IL 61802
1930846509, $24.95,

Written by multiple award-winning author Nancy Kress, "Nano Comes to Clifford Falls And Other Stories" is a magnificent anthology of thirteen tales, with a foreword from author Mike Resnick. From exploring the human condition to just making readers laugh, Kress' writing flows with versatility; readers are in for something different with every story. "Nano Comes to Clifford Falls: And Other Stories" is highly recommended for community library fiction collections.

Song of Erin
B.J. Hoff
Harvest House Publishers
990 Owen Loop North, Eugene, Oregon 97402-9173
9780736923521, $15.99,

To come to America for a new life, only to be crushed as soon as you get there a tragedy that has happened. "Song of Erin" follows Terese Sheridan among other characters as she is faced with tragedy and agony that she left Ireland to avoid in the first place. Other characters come along, each in depth and human as they interact with one another in this entertaining saga and historical romance, making "Song of Erin" a top pick for community library romance collections.

High Life
Matthew Stokoe
Akashic Books
PO Box 1456, New York, NY 10009
9781933354538, $15.95,

The dreams of Hollywood bright lights, money, fame, women, it attracts so many to pursue it. "High Life" follows Jack, one who wants it so much, so much that he'd be willing to do anything to have it. But it's not as glamorous as television makes it out to be; it turns out to be a dark world of drugs, sexual deviancy, treachery, and a dead hooker, who just happened to be his wife. Looking to vengeance for her death, Hollywood only looks to get worse from there. An intriguing tale of the seedier side of Tinsel town, "High Life" is highly recommended for community library thriller collections.

The Civil War Shelf

Civil War Sites in the Eastern Theater
Insider's Guide
Globe Pequot Press
PO Box 480, Guilford, CT 06437
9780762741823, $15.95,

All throughout Appalachia and its neighboring regions are historic sites dedicated to the bloodiest era in American history. "Civil War Sites in the Eastern Theater" is a guide to those who want to visit and learn about these sites, focusing on the museums through the region and how to give those interested the best educational experience possible during their travels. "Civil War Sites in the Eastern Theater" is a must for civil war buffs and for community library civil war collections.

The Poetry Shelf

The Watchmaker's Table
Brian Bartlett
Goose Lane
330-500 Beaverbrook Court, Fredricton, NB, Canada E3B 5X4
9780864925084, $17.95,

Author Brian Bartlett has five published books of award-winning poetry already under his belt; "The Watchmaker's Table" is his sixth anthology, sure to give fans of his past work their much needed fix. Focusing on Bartlett's family and ancestry, "The Watchmaker's Table" looks back on the past and paints a picture of humanity with vivid verse. Highly recommended for community library poetry collections.

The Biography Shelf

The River Lock
Stephen Haven
Syracuse University Press
1600 Jamesville Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13244-5160
0815609280, $19.95,

One's hometown, the city one grows up in, has much to do with the development of one's character. "The River Lock: One's Boy's Life Along the Mohawk" is author Stephen Haven's recounting of his childhood in Amsterdam, New York. Looking at the culture of the town and reminiscing on Haven's past filled with drugs, sex, and violence, "The River Lock" is intriguing and highly recommended for community library memoir collections.

Naguib Mahfouz
Rasheed El-Enany
The American University in Cairo Press
420 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY USA 10018-2729
International Publishers Marketing (distributor)
22841 Quicksilver Drive, Dulles, VA 20166
9789774161285, $17.95,

The only man of his race to be awarded the Nobel piece prize for literature one of the many credits for Naguib Mahfouz. "Naguib Mahfouz: His Life and Times" follows the life of this prolific author and writer with credits of nearly six hundred works of literature from short stories to novels to screenplays. "Naguib Mahfouz" looks at his life and how it went through and formed the artist behind the pen. "Naguib Mahfouz" is highly recommended to community library biography collections with a nod to literary studies collections.

The Gardening Shelf

High and Dry
Robert Nold
Timber Press
133 SW Second Avenue, Suite 450, Portland, OR 97204-3527
9780881928723, $34.95,

The harsh region of the Rocky Mountains a place where gardening seems like an impossibility -- can nonetheless be successfully gardened by anyone who knows what the demands of the climate are upon the vegetation. "High and Dry: Gardening with Cold-Hardy Dryland" is a guide for gardeners in this region who want to start or keep up their hobby in spite of mother nature's harshness. With tips on breeds of plants that can thrive in the climate and survive both extremes of temperature, "High and Dry" is a scholarly and well researched book on gardening in inhospitable climates. Highly recommended for any dedicated gardener in the Rockies.

The Sports Shelf

Chicago White Sox
Richard Pennington
Big Earth Publishing
923 Williamson Street, Madison, WI 53703
9781934553022, $16.95,

The Chicago White Sox are one of the oldest teams in major league baseball; their fans will delight in "Chicago White Sox: Trivia Teasers". With well over four hundred trivia questions covering everything from the Sox's earliest stadiums to fixed games to statistical knowledge, "Chicago White Sox" will is a fun read for true Sox fans. Recommended for community library sports trivia collections.

The Geriatric Studies Shelf

Links to Understanding
Carol Lee Bratter
Beaver's Pond Press
7104 Ohms Lane, Suite 101, Edina, MN 55439-2129
9781592982240, $22.95,

Age brings many new challenges, both physical and mental. "Links to Understanding: A Guidebook for Intentional Professionals Working with Aging People" is a guide for those seek to give the elderly the best possible care and assistance. Giving advice on what aging individuals are going through and how to best facilitate their needs, "Links to Understanding" is a must for any professional who will be working for the elderly. A strong pick for community library collections.

The Economics Shelf

Lessons from the Poor
Alvaro Vargas Llosa
The Independent Institute
100 Swan Way, Oakland, CA 94621-1428
9781598130201, $16.95,

With all of America's technology and advancements, is there anything that can be learned from third world countries? "Lessons from the Poor: Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit" is a look at the lessons learned by crafty third world entrepreneurs in countries such as Peru, Nigeria, and others whose people have, despite the lack of resources, built thriving companies all their own. A must for anyone who wants to learn from these countries and how their political and economic environment has helped or hindered their businesspeople. "Lessons of the Poor" is a must for business and economics shelves.

The Social Issues Shelf

Gaveling Down the Rabble
Jane Anne Morris
The Apex Press
777 United Nations Plaza, 3C, New York, NY 10017
9781891843396, $18.95,

Could one of America's most fundamental values also be the bane of another of its most fundamental values? "Gaveling Down the Rabble: How 'Free Trade' is Stealing Our Democracy" is a look at how the rise of corporations and corporate power has been undermining America's democracy and potentially all of its freedoms. The "evil corporation" is a common concept in modern fiction; and "Gaveling Down the Rabble" displays the idea as a potential reality, with recommendations as to how America can put a stop to it before it starts. A good choice for any community library social issues collection.

The Buddhist Studies Shelf

Light Comes Through
Dzigar Kongtrul
Shambhala Publications, Inc.
300 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115-4544
9781590305676, $21.95, 1-800-733-3000

The philosophies and tenants of Buddhism are continuing to gain wide acceptance and increasing interest among westerners as an alternative to the Abrahamic religions and their dogmas. Shambhala Publications is a premier publisher of books on Buddhism and one of their newest titles is "Light Comes Through: Buddhist Teachings On Awakening To Our Natural Intelligence" by Dzigar Kongtrul, a Tibetan lama who has been teaching Buddhism in the United States for the better part of the last twenty years. Kongtrul maintains that 'Buddhahood' is essentially acquiring an unobstructed experience of the true nature of the human mind as being "boundlessly spacious and limitlessly compassionate". In "Light Comes Through" this master teacher shows the reader how to use his or her natural intelligence as a tool to "awaken to the joyous nature of mind" and thereby achieve emancipation from suffering through life-changing insights. A superbly written and thoroughly 'reader friendly' treatise, "Light Comes Through" is inspired and inspiring -- and an essential, core addition to personal, academic, and community library Buddhist Studies reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

The Travel Shelf

Exploring The BC Coast by Car
Diane Eaton & Allison Eaton
Harbour Publishing
PO Box 219, Madeira Park, BC V0N 2H0 Canada
9781550174151, $24.95,

A beautiful coastline, and in order to experience the full beauty of nature, you need a boat which can cost thousands, right? Not so, says "Exploring the BC Coast by Car", a well researched and written guidebook dedicated to seeing all the sights the land of British Columbia has to offer without all of the expenses that one would expect have to pay. Promoting routes through the wilderness of the province by car, by foot, by kayak, or by float plane, it's an ideal reference for any hiking enthusiast. "Exploring the BC Coast by Car" is highly recommended to community library travel collections.

The Criminology Shelf

Black Gangsters of Chicago
Ron Chepesiuk
Barricade Books, Inc.
185 Bridge Plaza North, Suite 308-A, Fort Lee, NJ 07024
National Book Network (distribution)
4270 Boston Way, Suite 200, Lanham, MD 20706
1569803315, $22.00

Black Gangsters of Chicago is a true crime chronicle of Chicago's legendary and infamous black criminals. John "Mushmouth" Johnson, Jeff Fort, and Larry Hoover may not have been as publicly high-profile as Al Capone, but their deed were just as brutal and notorious. From brief biographies of prominent black gangsters, to their connections to La Cosa Nostra and its assimilation of the numbers racket, to the fascinating (and disturbing) tale of how gangs carried out their business while behind bars, Black Gangsters of Chicago is a thorough exploration of an oft-overlooked aspect of the seedier side of Chicago's past. A recommended and worthy addition to true crime shelves.

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