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Donovan's Picks

How to Hop-Up and Customize Your Harley-Davidson Softail
Timothy Remus
Wolfgang Publications
217 – 2nd Street North, Stillwater, MN 44082
1929133227 $24.95

If you're a Harley bike owner with a Softail to customize, look no further for instruction than HOW TO HOP-UP AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR HARLEY-DAVIDSON SOFTAIL: it teaches how to install budget kits, add tires, lower the bike, and more advanced ideas as well, including interviews with pros and step-by-step color photos and charts throughout. Add sources for all specialty and listed items and you have an extraordinary guide to fine-tuning and customizing your Softail model.

This Old Tractor
Michael Dregni, Editor
Voyageur Press
P.O. Box 338, Stillwater, MN 55082
0896586022 $16.95

If you're a fan of vintage tractors, a farmer, or a collector, THIS OLD TRACTOR: A TREASURY OF VINTAGE TRACTORS AND FAMILY FARM MEMORIES is for you. Plenty of black and white and color photos throughout keep the vintage and modern tractor shots captivating for browsing or study, while recollections by farmers and tractor workers bring back memories of activities and concerns surrounding them. Celebrations of generations of farmers provide essays ranging from a husband's efforts to get more tractors on his farm under his wife's very nose to the experience of threshing day.

Three Cups of Tea
Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin
Viking Press
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
0670034827 $25.95

In 1993 author Greg Mortenson was broken in body and spirit having failed to climb K2, the world's deadliest mountain. The people of a poor Pakistan village nursed him back to health and he vowed to return to help them: a promise he kept even though he was then a homeless ''bum" living out of his car in California. He told his possessions and launched one of the most successful humanitarian campaigns of modern times: THREE CUPS OF TEA traces his ten year struggle to build schools in a repressive region,

National Geographic Books
1145 – 17th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036-4688

Two recent publications are ongoing recommended picks are representing National Geographic' best talents: an attention to bright, eye-capturing color photos and topics which are geared to general-interest audiences. CAVES: EXPLORING HIDDEN REALMS by Michael Ray Taylor (0792279042, $35.00) provides some outstanding cave shots from caving experiences around the world. The book accompanies a new film 'Journey Into Amazing Caves' which was released in March 2001: many of the hundred-plus photos are from the film and highlight places no large-format camera has gone before. Luc Jacquet's MARCH OF THE PENGUINS (0792261828, $30.00) was a surprise movie hit, attracting many audiences who didn't particularly care about penguins or nature films. Narration written by Jordan Roberts accompanies vivid color photos by Jerome Maison in a movie companion book filled with full-page vivid color. Both are top picks for general-interest libraries.

Men of Salt
Michael Benanav
The Lyons Press
PO Box 480, Guilford, CT 06437
1592287727 $23.95

MEN OF SALT: CROSSING THE SAHARA ON THE CARAVAN OF WHITE GOLD recounts the experiences of an author who joined what is known as the Caravan of White Gold on its mission into the heart of the Sahara to haul back slabs of salt for sale. He lived for weeks among the camel drivers, experienced their daily hardships and journey, and learned all about how to care for and ride camels and how to approach the desert world. His story is true-life adventure at its best, and provides insights into the culture and experiences of a world few outsiders get to see.

Sage Handbook of Performance Studies
D. Soyini Madison & Judith Hamera, Eds.
Sage Publications
2455 Teller Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320
0761929312 $99.00

College-level reference holdings will appreciate this single-volume set of surveys of the major research in performance studies: the only comprehensive gathering to analyze and pose the theories, methods, politics and practices of performance as it relates to life and culture. Here is a meeting point for history, theory, and literature which uses the foundations of performance theory and methods to help readers understand how it's applied across the board between disciplines.

One Hand Jerking
Paul Krassner
Seven Stories
140 Watts Street, New York, NY 100013
1583226966 $16.95

Paul Krassner is an American satirist whose observations have won him awards from as unlikely a contrasting set of resources as Playboy and the Feminist Party Media Workshop. His controversial satirical observations have won him acclaim and condemnation around the world, and he's been described by the FBI as a 'raving nut'. ONE HAND JERKING: REPORTS FROM AN INVESTIGATIVE SATIRIST offers up the best of his sometimes-indecent exposures, tackling subjects from international politics to social concerns with a deadly eye for irony and an occasional Lenny-Bruce-style shocker. Highly recommended for any tired of the usual boring social commentary.

Walk for Your Life!
Marie Demers, Ph.D.
Vital Health Publishing
PO Box 152, Ridgefield, CT 06877
1890612499 $16.95

Street and subways in urban areas are increasingly inhospitable to walkers even as health publications advocate more walking for health: that's why the message in WALK FOR YOUR LIFE: RESTORING NEIGHBORHOOD WALKWAYS TO ENHANCE COMMUNITY LIFE, IMPROVE STREET SAFETY AND REDUCE OBESITY is so essential. Author Marie Demers, Ph.D. has been a health researcher for the past twenty-five years: her background of psychology, biology and anthropology lend to a survey of urban environments and what creates and encourages a 'walkable' environment to bring back both health and community sense. An excellent call for better urban planning reinforcing the health benefits of walking.

Advanced Outdoor Navigation
Greg Davenport
Falcon Press/Globe Pequot
PO Box 480, Guilford, CT 06437
0762737069 $17.95

Most books on the outdoors include details on how to read a map and a compass; but here global survival expert Greg Davenport (who is considered one of the best in the world) offers both basics and advanced techniques, covering not just maps and compasses but charts, finding cardinal directions, using the stars to navigate, and much more. Chapters tell how to hike under all kinds of conditions, how to maintain safety under snow, rain, or rock climbing conditions, and how to pair navigation skills with basic wilderness survival savvy.

How to Survive A Robot Uprising
Daniel H. Wilson
175 – 5th Avenue, #300, New York NY 10010
1582345929 $12.95

Part humor, part social commentary, and full answer to the popular movie I, ROBOT is Daniel H. Wilson's HOW TO SURVIVE A ROBOT UPRISING: TIPS ON DEFENDING YORUSELF AGAINST THE COMING REBELLION. This doesn't come from a comedian: Dr. Wilson is a robotics expert whose PH.D. hasn't dulled his sense of irony and humor: this 'survival guide' comes packed with all possible doomsday scenarios, interviews with scientists working on robotics, and more. A 'must' for any interested in robotics, science fiction, or solid humor spiced with a bit of fact.

African Elegance
Ettagale Blauer
Nedbank/New Holland Publishers
Garfield House, 86-88 Eedgeware Road, W2 2EA, London, UK
185368970X $19.98

The price tag of AFRICAN ELEGANCE represents a bargain for an oversized feature loaded with full-page color photos throughout: any university art library and quite a few community library general lending collections will find it an outstanding addition to any African cultures section. Author Etagale Blauer's years of travel in Africa lends to his feature and interpretation of the masks and ritual objects which re a part of African cultural beliefs and values. Displays link cultural traditions to materials, adaptations, and choices in artistic rendering. Highly recommended: a top value and a top pick.

Borderland Books
c/o Ivan R. Dee, Publisher
1332 North Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60622-2694
$24.00 Each

Two gorgeous literary journals and reflections by Richard Quinney are top picks for nature collections aspiring to include both literary and observational chronicles. WHERE YET THE SWEET BIRDS SING (0976878100, $24.00) provides a essay and celebration of the passing seasons of the author's family farm in Walworth County, Wisconsin. It outlines his struggle with chronic leukemia, reflects on immortality and the passing of the seasons on the farm, and provides a month-by-month first-person set of reflections on nature and life. ONCE AGAIN THE WONDER (0976878119, $24.00) also records closely the events of daily living: here in a prairie town in northern Illinois near the above farm the author recounts seasons, meditates on life and nature, and comments on mankind, nature and connections. Perhaps these could have been featured in our 'Spirituality' section for their inspirational reflections – but their connections to the earth are too close to be ignored, and any interested in nature will find these fine essays.

Unnatural Phenomena
Jerome Clark
PO Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
1567074307 $85.00

North America has seen some of the strangest natural phenomena in the world: some accounts yet to be proven and possibly fantasy; others well researched, documented science. UNNATURAL PHENOMENA: A GUIDE TO THE BIZARRE WONDERS OF NORTH AMERICA is a compendium of the former of these eyewitness accounts, gathering findings and events from the last 200 years that keep defying rational explanations, from strange lights and sky battles to sea monsters and huge flying starfish ghosts. Each documented sighting includes a description and a dated source reference. This could've been reviewed under 'New Age' but many a science student will find it fascinating, and not to be missed.

Get Back in the Box
Douglas Rushkoff
10 East 53rd Street, New York NY 10022-5299
0060758694 $23.95

Businesses often compete effectively by shifting focus – and ineffectively by shifting too often or moving into an area which minimizes their strengths. GET BACK IN THE BOX: INNOVATION FROM THE INSIDE OUT surveys how expertise evolves and grows, how real innovation succeeds, and how companies can innovate by getting back into their production and sales units where their product is actually made and sold. Chapters offer both historical examples and the author's own business insights based on his background as a commentator and speaker on society, business and change.

Life Shift
Aleta St. James
Simon & Schuster
1230 Avenue of Americas, New York NY 10020
0743276922 $24.00

The author gave birth to twins days before her 57th birthday and filled her life dream of becoming a mother: LIFE SHIFT: LET GO AND LIVE YOUR DREAM reveals the emotional healer/life coach's personal formula for reconnecting women with their feminine strengths of intuition and magnetism, offering methods for breaking through emotional blocks. Her system blends primal therapy, religious insights and various philosophies to provide a Life-Shift Tool Kit of methods for helping physical, emotional and spiritual sides alike. In inviting rather than pursuing success, LIFE SHIFT uses a focus on bodily energy centers as its point of reference.

The Place You Love Is Gone
Melissa Holbrook Pierson
W.W. Norton
500 – 5th Ave., New York NY 10110
0393057399 $24.95

THE PLACE YOU LOVE IS GONE: PROGRESS HITS HOME hit particularly hard for author Melissa Holbrook Pierson, who tells of three special placesi n her life which have been radically changed. From her birthplace Akron, Ohio which shaped her soul to her move to Hoboken, New Jersey which was a backwater to New York until its transformation during the eighties, special places which have been transformed by growth and progress are considered for their sense of place, purpose, and changes over time. A compelling blend of memoir and survey of growth planning and change.

Cult of Alien Gods
Jason Colavito
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2197
1591023521 $19.00

Fans of fantasy/horror writer H.P. Lovecraft must add THE CULT OF ALIEN GODS: H.P. LOVECRAFT AND EXTRATERRESTRIAL POP CULTURE to their reading lists: it traces the origins of the belief to Lovecraft's writings in the late 1800s, surveying fifty years of pop culture and including the works of Von Daniken and other alien speculators as it documents Lovecraft's influence on these theories. Jason Colavito is a freelance writer who has written for Skeptic Magazine and others: his study reveals some important connections.

Collins Press,
c/o Dufour Editions
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425

Two fine, very detailed titles are recommended picks for any interested in specific Irish topics. Nicholas Ryan's STONE UPON STONE: THE USE OF STONE IN IRISH BUILDING (1903464919, $29.95) provides an engineer's study of stone building in Ireland over a 6,000-year period. From very early building efforts to modern times, stone has influenced the whole of rich history, culture and folklore and was a readily available resource which played an important role in Irish building and development. No in-depth understanding of Ireland's culture and evolution would be complete without STONE UPON STONE. Mary McGrath and Joan C. Griffith's THE IRISH DRAUGHT HORSE: A HISTORY (190346482X, $39.95) provides an important survey of a horse which is an Irish icon: the Irish draught horse pulled the farmer's plow, helped him hunt, and even pulled field artillery; yet in 1950 over 24,000 were exported for slaughter. THE IRISH DRAUGHT HORSE: A HISTORY celebrates their uses and important in the Irish landscape. While today it's a vanishing working horse, this history assures it won't completely be forgotten.

John Wiley
111 River St., 4th fl., Hoboken, NJ 07030

If you wish a divorce which is easier than most, try Ira Distenfield & Linda Distenfield's WE THE PEOPLE'S GUIDE TO DIVORCE: A DO-IT-YOURSELF GUIDE TO REACHING AN AGREEMENT WITH YOUR SPOUSE AND GETTING A HASSLE-FREE DIVORCE (0471730459 $19.95). Don't waste money on legal fees if you can obtain an amicable agreement: all the forms needed are here and you can download legal forms upon purchase of WE THE PEOPLE'S GUIDE TO DIVORCE which covers everything from grounds to handling alimony, custody, healthcare benefits and more. The perfect solution for those who wish to work out their own problems sans lawyer fees. David D. Busch's NIKON D50 DIGITAL FIELD GUIDE (0471787469, $19.99) is an outstanding camera user's guide to the D50 model: it's the manual which should accompany any Nikon D50 purchase, covering all the basics from its seven DVP modes and ISO settings to exposure, lenses, and how to compose photos. Packed with color examples and screen shots, NIKON D50 DIGITAL FIELD GUIDE is an excellent reference.

The California Shelf

Haslam's Valley
Gerald Haslam
Great Valley/Heyday Books
PO Box 9145, Berkeley, CA 94709
159714018X $18.95

Stories and essays blend observations of California history and culture with humor as his focus on Kern County, California reveals some of folklore, history and experiences from Haslam's eye. From issues of racism and environmental problems to accounts of fights and encounters with darker community forces, HASLAM'S VALLEY provides first-person observational reporting at its local best.

Arcadia Publishing
420 Wando Park Boulevard, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
$19.99 Each

Arcadia's holdings aren't just limited to one area of the U.S.: there are offices across the country and specialty lists for all areas, and these top picks are some recent arrivals profiling lesser-covered topics and areas of Northern California and Southwest Florida – highly recommended, wonderful presentations enhancing the 'Images of America' series. California's SAN FRANCISCO'S VISITACION VALLEY (0738530417) comes from the Visitacion Valley history Project and provides a fine collection of images and stories from generations who have worked and lived in San Francisco's Visitacion Valley area. The History Project has produced an outstanding reference; especially as most San Francisco books gloss over or include little on the area. John V. Robinson's AL ZAMPA AND THE BAY AREA BRIDGES (0738529966) commemorates the Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge, named after an ironworker whose work fostered the creation of all the Bay Area bridges. Author John Robinson himself is a former ironworker, and uses vintage and contemporary images to document Zampa's contributions in general and the growth and making of Bay Area bridges in particular. Marcia Bishop Sanderson and Maureen Garcia Carpenter's LAKE COUNTY (0738530301) provides a lovely survey of Lake County, which holds the state's oldest lake and yet receives much less notice than Lake Tahoe (perhaps because there is no skiing!) A writer and an archaeologist have teamed up here to cull images from the county's photo archives and private collections alike, blending the two in a history of the towns and neighborhoods across Lake County. COTATI by Prudence and Lloyd Draper (0738528730) surveys the Sonoma County town, which was once a Miwok village and then a ranch. The authors are local historians and Cotati residents for over half a century: here are images from private and public collections ranging from libraries to museums to gather Cotati's changing history and image. Southwest Florida's seen many changes over the decades and no books illustrate these vast changes so redily and deftly as the Image of America Florida series. Gregg M. Turner's VENICE IN THE 1920s (0738505676, $18.99), for example, provides images of quite a different town, with historic images showcasing the city's changes during the height of the state's expansion. Ads of the times blend with vintage photos and images of artifacts to bring a bygone Venice to life. Bonnie Wilpon's SARASOTA AND BRADENTON FLORIDA (0738500534, $18.99) is actually a part of the 'Postcard History Series' using the postcard as a documentary collection to portray the area from the 1890s to the 1920s. From historic old buildings to the circus which made the town its home, these vintage images capture a much older town than we see today. Amy A. Elder's SARASOTA (0738515469) offers up over two hundred pages from the mid-1800s to the 1930s: while there's an overlap in the era covered in the postcard book, there's very little overlap in images since these are culled from archives public and private across the county. Elder is a freelance writer, librarian and Sarasota resident: her contribution brings the community's many changes to life. For a continuation of the town's story to modern times, her SARASOTA 1940-2005 (0738518379) brings things up to date with more images of churches, public buildings, schools, and more. There have been many changes to the landscape during this period – more than in the early volumes – and so SARASOTA 1940-2005 is key to documenting how the town got to be where it is today. All are outstanding references: highly recommended picks for local and regional library holdings and wonderful, unique gifts for residents.

Making a Better World
Don Parson
University of Minnesota Press
111 Third Avenue South, Suite 290, Minneapolis, MN 55401-2520
0816643709 $22.95

During the 1990s Los Angeles began tearing down public housing projects which represented failed urban policies – but such housing was a popular New Deal program and viewed as a force for positive social change, and we're reminded of the different directions it takes in MAKING A BETTER WORLD: PUBLIC HOUSING, THE RED SCARE, AND THE DIRECTION OF MODERN LOS ANGELES. By narrowing the focus to one major urban area's recent history, the changing sentiments of forces structuring and organizing urban growth and direction receive far more depth and detail than most, especially in its focus on low-cost housing politics.

Judgment of Paris
George M. Taber
1230 Avenue of Americas, New York NY 10020
0743247515 $26.00

JUDGEMENT OF PARIS: CALIFORNIA VS. FRANCE AND THE HISTORIC 1976 PARIS TASTING THAT REVOLUTIONIZED WINE provides a story told by the only reporter present at the legendary Paris tasting of 1976 – a blind tasting where French judges chose unknown California wines over their own best. Tabor surveys the event, its history, and its effects on the wine industry on both continents, providing a lively, captivating account wine fans will relish. Very highly recommended for any interested in wine assessment standards.

Slow Food Guide to San Francisco and Bay Area
Sylvan Brackett,
Chelsea Green Publishing
PO Box 428, White River Junction, VT 05001
193149875X $20.00

'Slow food' has been a term utilized for crock pot cookbooks, so it's a little surprising to find it in the title of a culinary exploration of Bay Area restaurants. Rest assured, however: these authors aren't talking about crock pot restaurants but are referring to an international movement committed to sustainable agriculture and local food use: two elements fueling THE SLOW FOOD GUIDE TO SAN FRANCISCO AND THE BAY AREA: RESTAURANTS, MARKETS, BARS. This is third in a series of Slow Food City Guides and here provides outstanding surveys of multi-ethnic restaurants from all cultures, markets, and bars not only in the City but around the entire Bay Area. If only one traveler's guide were taken as a tote, it should be SLOW FOOD GUIDE TO SAN FRANCISCO AND THE BAY AREA: many unique, high quality small establishments receive in-depth description, including background and culinary insights.

The Music Shelf

Keith Richards
Kris Needs
Plexus Publishing Ltd.
25 Mallinson Road, London, SW11 1BW, UK
0859653447 $19.95

Interviews with rock musician Keith Richards himself rounds out a fine biography of the man in the unusual KEITH RICHARDS: BEFORE THEY MAKE ME RUN. Needs first met Richards at a drug trial in 1977 so has years of exclusive interviews to draw upon in his survey of a changing, eventful life. These interviews contribute vastly to an upbeat coverage which traces Keith's love of music: the core of his being.

Michael Stuart-Ware
Helter Skelter Publishing
4 Denmark Street, London WC2H 8LL UK
1900924595 $19.95

Michael Stuart-Ware is drummer on two of Love's albums and here shares his insights on the rock group in a coverage of the band's recording and performing career. Love's frontman Arthur Lee has enjoyed much limelight but the group was far more than just his backup group: there were many incarnations and powerful musicians in the band, which Stuart-Ware explores in chapters packed with 'you are there' first-person experiences. LOVE: BEHIND THE SCENES ON THE PEGESUS CAROUSEL WITH THE LEGENDARY ROCK GROUP LOVE is a lively survey of a long-lasting, popular rock group which has played for decades.

Greenwood Press
PO Box 5007, Westport, CT 06881-5007

College-level collections strong in ethnomusicology or music history will appreciate these fine studies. David V. Moskowitz's CARIBBEAN POPULAR MUSIC: AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF REGGAE, MENTO, SKA, ROCK STEADY AND DANCEHALL (0313331588, $85.00) is perfect for college studies: while plenty of references have been written on the topic, none have embraced the full extent of Caribbean music history with an overall scholarly approach, providing annotations on figures ranging from Bob Marley to the drum and bass movement and the Flying Cymbal drumming technique. While most listings consist of capsule biographies of individuals and companies, CARIBBEAN POPULAR MUSIC includes all the background history necessary to fuel any report on the topic. Greenwood's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ROCK HISTORY by Lisa Scrivani-Tidd (0313329370, $499.95) provides specialty college-level music collections with a powerful 6-volume history covering the extent of rock music from its roots in the 1950s to modern times. This isn't just an A-Z listing, but a gathering of full articles on rock music history covering emerging new music trends and traditions, key musicians who influenced major changes, music label history, music legends and more. From the economic and political influences on the business of rock music to the key players in front of and behind the scenes, GREENWOOD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ROCK HISTORY is not to be missed: no other reference on the topic comes even close to the detailed articles it provides.

We All Want to Change the World
John Wyse Jackson
Haus Books
PO Box 605, Herndon, VA 20172-0605
190495037X $24.95

Fans of the Beatles who can't get enough in the way of biographical coverages won't want to miss WE ALL WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD: THE LIFE OF JOHN LENNON. Lennon explored his personality through his music from childhood on, using drugs, meditation and psychotherapy for further insights. This biography is published to commemorate the 25th anniversary of his death and discusses his Irish roots for the first time, packing vintage black and white and color photos into a survey of the music and the man. From influences of promoters and fellow musicians to works created in collaboration, WE ALL WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD is a fine, lively survey hard to put down – highly recommended.

The World of Jazz Trumpet
Scotty Barnhart
Hal Leonard
PO Box 13819, Milwaukee, WI 53213
0634095277 $24.95

Finally: a single volume devoted entirely to the art and players of jazz trumpet, rather than having it hide in the more generalized chronicles of jazz history! Internationally acclaimed jazz trumpeter and composer Scotty Barnhart is the perfect author for his definitive guide: he's the featured soloist with the Count Basie Orchestra and has performed with many greats over the decades. This isn't just a history of the instrument's development: it's a survey of its musical, social, political and economic heritage charting its evolution through major contributors, blending in the insights and perceptions of fellow jazz trumpeters who share their stories and philosophies. Any interested in jazz in general or jazz trumpet in particular must have THE WORLD OF JAZZ TRUMPET: A COMPREHENSIVE HISTORY & PRACTICAL PHILOSOPHY.

Da Capo Press
11 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142

Two outstanding new chronicles are top picks for rock music readers. John Harris' THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON: THE MAKING OF THE PINK FLOYD MASTERPIECE (03068913424, $24.95) is a must for any Pink Floyd fan; even those already well aware of the power of the album. The album remained on the Billboard charts for over seven hundred weeks and has sold some thirty million copies around the world – and continues to sell thousands yearly. Here journalist John Harris reveals the album's underlying foundations, the band's stormy history, and uses original interviews with band bassist and lyricist Roger Waters, guitarist Nick Mason and more to add authoritative insights. Just as you wouldn't be without DARK SIDE OF THE MOON – you shouldn't be without this survey of the making of the masterpiece itself. Rock fans also will relish Douglas R. Gilbert and Dave Marsh's FOREVER YOUNG: PHOTOGRAPHS OF BOB DYLAN (0306814811, $29.95): over seventy candid photos of a very young-looking Bob Dylan are the focus, taken by an also-young photographer Dan Gilbert back in 1964 on assignment for Look magazine. Gilbert photographed a surprisingly open young Dylan relaxed among fellow musicians at his home, following him from Greenwich Village to the Newport Folk Festival and catching him before he underwent a striking set of changes and made himself inaccessible to media. A unique portrait makes this a real, rare winner and a treat for Dylan fans used to very studied photos.

Great Pretenders
Karen Schoemer
The Free Press
1230 Avenue of Americas, New York, NY 10020
0743272463 $25.00

Any interested in 50s pop music must read GREAT PRETENDERS: MY STRANGE LOVE AFFAIR WITH '50S POP MUSIC: it tells of the mid-1960s-born author who fosters an interest in the genre as her parents' marriage mirrors the ups and downs of the 50s musical movement and finally fails. As an adult Schoemer is a pop music critic still trying to figure out what happened to both her parents' marriage and 1950s music: GREAT PRETENDERS examines both, charting her search through the decades to probe the former pop idols of the late 1950s. A 'must' for any who would understand the rise and fall of rock music overall and 1950s culture in particular.

The Business Shelf

1601 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

Learn how to develop a strategy program which works for a lifetime of financial fitness in Susan Feitelberg's THE NET WORTH WORKOUT (0814473156 $21.95), which provides a program for earning, saving and investing habits which slims down spending and creates defined goals. The author gives his seminar to JPMorgan Chase financial advisors and their clients each year: now it's in a handy book form to help readers understand the foundations of sensible spending, saving, and earning management. There are a number of books on project management on the market; but if only one comprehensive text were to be selected, it should be Paul C. Dinsmore and Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin's AMA HANDBOOK OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT (0814472710, $79.95) - it's been a recommended pick before and its expanded second edition updates with new material for both experienced and new project managers. This edition offers new material on the growing profession of project management, portfolio management, and team work, showing managers how to set and achieve goals, design flexible, effective teams, move from project concept to finished product, and much more. A highly recommended, definitive reference. THE JOB SEARCH SOLUTION: THE ULTIMATE SYSTEM FOR FINDING A GREAT JOB NOW! By Tony Beshara (0814473326, $16.95) is also a winner: it provides a powerful step-by-step program to fine-tuning the job search effort, pairing real job search stories with interactive exercises to reinforce the basics of conducting a successful search. From understanding what really influences hiring choices to managing special problems such as age and long-term unemployment, THE JOB SEARCH SOLUTION advocates a proactive approach to the search. Robert Wendover & Terrence Gargiulo's ON CLOUD NINE: AN INSPIRING TALE (0814408788 $19.95) reads like fiction but provides an involving vignette about age-related differences in the workplace which hold great meaning for modern workforces. From young people who think they know it all because they have more energy to elders who are more xperienced but resist change, and customers who see their satisfaction with the results eroding, ON CLOUD NINE makes a fable out of the first part and leads into real tips on how to improve communication and foster teamwork in a multigenerational workplace. Whether you're a workforce manager or a worker, ON CLOUD NINE offers many coping tips. Robert M. Tomasko's BIGGER ISN'T ALWAYS BETTER: THE NEW MINDSET FOR BUSINESS GROWTH (0814408664, $24.95) draws some important distinctions between growth and expansion. While increased size is desirable, too often companies grow too quickly and many may ultimately see their demise in their very growth-oriented goals. Real growth lines in progress and knowing how to link success to strategic plans and logical organizational changes – the types of changes BIGGER ISN'T ALWAYS BETTER covers in chapters which probe growth cycles, judgement calls, and knowing how to access opportunity for its real-world applications.

George bailey & Hagen Wenzek
IBM/Prentice Hall Press
1 Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
0131987585 $24.99

IRRESISTIBLE! MARKETS, MODELS, AND META-VALUE IN CONSUMER ELECTRONICS charts some vast changes in the consumer electronics industry, showing how many CE companies must radically change to survive. Two industry consultants here examine the many issues affecting the industry, from online games and sales to telehealthcare and new devices and services, providing in-depth tips on how to make better decisions, change cost structures to support quick growth and changes, how to sell overseas into new markets, and much more. Industry managers receive many insights and specifics which will prove a 'must' for any operating a business in this rapidly changing industry.

Harvard Business School Press
60 Harvard Way, Boston, MA 02163

Even the most successful business eventually hits a growth ceiling which can lead to stagnation and new industry emergence: but most businesses can use their profitable platform to make changes with a little extra innovation, which is explored in Vijay Govindarajan & Chris Trimble's TEN RULES FOR STRATEGIC INNOVATORS: FROM IDEA TO EXECUTION (1591397588 $29.95). Start a new business structure inside a large, established company structure with the rules here: they are accompanied by industry profiles of companies which have successful made such changes, and provides ideas managers can't afford not to consider. Jeremy Hope's REINVENTING THE CFO: HOW FINANCIAL MANAGERS CAN TRANSFORM THEIR ROLES AND ADD GREATER VALUE (1591399459, $29.95) tells how CFOs are moving beyond managing numbers and reports: now companies except them to provide strategic support and leadership to enhance manager performance and bottom line alike – on top of their jobs of budgeting and processing transactions. Jeremy Hope has co-founded the Beyond Budgeting Round Table, a nonprofit collaborative helping organizations improve performance management – and REINVENTING THE CFO tackles the nuts and bolts, outlining seven roles CFOs must embrace to change their company's finance operations. An excellent set of reflections on the changing CFO role and how to achieve the most from it. Fred Reichheld's THE ULTIMATE QUESTION: DRIVING GOOD PROFITS AND TRUE GROWTH (1591397839, $24.95) tells why many ambitious growth strategies don't work. Bad profits are at the heart of such problems: profits which show impressive short-term earnings but burn out employees and alienate customers, resulting in poor long-term prospects. Loyalty expert Fred Reichheld shows how to turn customers into promoters who foster long-term growth, proposing a radical change in how companies manage and perceive customer relationships. It's firmly rooted in research statistics, too! Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones' WHY SHOULD ANYONE BE LED BY YOU? WHAT IT TAKES TO BE AN AUTHENTIC LEADER (578519713, $26.95) tells why simply copying leadership strategies isn't a guarantee of success – and how authentic leadership resides in individuals who display their authenticity to others. Examples throughout illustrate over twenty-five years of joint experience between the authors who use their research, consulting experience and leadership skills to argue for the merits of authentic leadership and how to achieve it.

ADHD Secrets of Success
Thom Hartmann
1 Union Square West #909, New York NY 10003
1590790170 $19.95

The update to Thom Hartmann's FOCUS ON YOUR ENERGY has been on the market a while now but deserves ongoing mention as still one of the few specific guides to address problems of ADHD in the workplace. ADHD SECRETS OF SUCCESS: COACHING YOURSELF TO FULFILLMENT IN THE BUSINESS WORLD tells how these behaviors can be adapted to successful, creative business solutions. Here he tells how adults who grew up with ADHD became successful in the business world – and chapters chart not just how, but pitfalls along the way.

Beyond Reason
Roger Fisher and Daniel Shapiro
Viking Press
375 Hudson Street, New York NY 10014
0670034509 $25.95

For a fine treatise on effective negotiation, consult BEYOND REASON: USING EMOTIONS AS YOU NEGOTIATE: it maintains that emotions DO matter, especially when negotiating with an angry person in turn, and then shows how to fine-tune these passions into outlets which motivate people. Use his analysis of 'core concerns' to understand and generate desired, helpful emotions in self and others and understand how the emotional tone of the discussion often sets negotiation possibilities in a title which clarifies professional responses and how to employ emotions to turn conflicts into opportunity.

Tom Doctoroff
Palgrave Macmillan
175 – 5th Avenue, New York NY 10010
1403971692 $27.95

BILLIONS: SELLING TO THE NEW CHINESE CONSUMER comes from a CEO with direct experience selling into the Chinese market, and discusses the code of marketing as it relates to modern China. Many companies come to China with ideas on how to apply Western thinking to their very different marketplace: thus BILLIONS' tips are a necessary set of instructions for any who would break into the Chinese marketplace. From cultural influences in buying patterns to investment challenges and multinational lessons on winning and losing in China, BILLIONS is a recommended pick for any company who would consider entering this new, large market.

Generation Debt
Anya Kamenetz
Riverhead Books/Penguin
375 Hudson Street, New York NY 10014
1594489076 $23.95

GENERATION DEBT: WHY NOW IS A TERRIBLE TIME TO BE YOUNG offers the young author's hard questions about twenty-somethings who leave school heavily in debt, can't manage credit cards, and who face condemnation for their actions. Kamenetz is one of the youngest columnists to write for The Village Voice, and here rejects the notion that her generation is solely to blame: it's economic reasons which are influencing the lives and actions of today's young people, she maintains; and her conversations with economists and professionals provide fuel to support her arguments in GENERATION DEBT. Kamenetz met with young people across the country as well as industry professionals: GENERATION DEBT tells their stories.

Bob Parks
1005 Gravenstein Hwy North, Sebastopol, CA 95472
0596101880 $24.95

Around the world there's an underground of citizen engineers hard at work making their own cameras, weapons, medical equipment, computers, and more in their garages, backyards, and homes – and their worlds come to life in both interviews and color photos in MAKERS: ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE MAKING AMAZING THINGS IN GARAGES, BASEMENTS AND BACKYARDS. From a farmer in Montana who modified a hay baler to break up derelict homes on his property to a Seattle apprentice electrician who has developed a fascinating Tesla washtub coil, these are lively portraits of inventors at work.

235 Montgomery Street, Suite 650, San Francisco CA 94104-2916

Plenty of employment-related discrimination issues are before the federal courts yearly – a dilemma which all too easily could have been avoided, in most cases. Learn how to avoid the possibility in your own management position with Jathan Janove, Esq's MANAGING TO STAY OUT OF COURT: HOW TO AVOID THE 8 DEADLY SINS OF MISMANAGEMENT (1576753182 $22.95). Chapters based on employment law and legal findings present eight common management principles and a set of workplace problems associated with them which often lead to court, pairing these principles with real-life examples and exercises to help readers identify pitfalls in their own operations. Quite simply: any who would avoid legal problems in business management must read this book. Dana Gaines and James C. Robinson's STRATEGIC BUSINESS PARTNER: ALIGNING PEOPLE STRATEGIES WITH BUSINESS GOALS (1576752838, $34.95) is the first book to consider the human resource professional's importance in the business partner role. Major SBP responsibilities elevate the HR person to that of strategic partner, re-defining the role and adding an extra dimension of accountability into the mix. Chapters explore and explain the partnership concept, its role and applicability in the workplace, and how the HR position can become strategic. Henry Mintzberg's MANAGERS NOT MBAS: A HARD LOOK AT THE SOFT PRACTICE OF MANAGING AND MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT (1576753514, $19.95) comes from a professor of management studies at McGill University in Canada and takes a broad look at how managers are educated and how they practice management principles, applying them to workforce realities. From management education's possible alternatives to making management a more engaging science, MANAGERS NOT MBAs surveys the pitfalls of management education processes and hwo to overcome it. Alan G. Robinson and Dean M. Schroeder's IDEAS ARE FREE (1576753743, $15.95) is for employers who would tap into the riches of employee ideas and insights. Employees are quite opt to recognize both problems and opportunitiestheir managers pass by – but most organizations don't encourage sharing such insights, much less reward them. IDEAS ARE FREE: HOW THE IDEA REVOLUTION IS LIBERATING PEOPLE AND TRANSFORMING ORGANIZATIONS shows how to tap this hidden wealth.

10 East 53rd Street, New York NY 10022

Michael Gerber's E-MYTH REVISITED was a big bestseller, so if the name sounds familiar or if you're already familiar with his style, be prepared for further solid insights in his E-MYTH MASTERY: THE SEVEN ESSENTIAL DISCIPLINES FOR BUILDING A WORLD CLASS COMPANY (0060723181 $24.95): it builds upon the predecessor and offers a real-world, applied program which can be applied to working businesses. Gerber's is no simple idea: it's a solid game plan developed from over decades of work with thousands of successful business clients. Most businesses fail due to misdirected activity and ideas: E-MYTH MASTERY shows how to develop workable ideas and directions using seven essential disciplines: leadership, marketing, management and more. What more? Read E-MYTH MASTERY and find out just what – and how. Dr. Henry Cloud's INTEGRITY: THE COURAGE TO MEET THE DEMANDS OF REALITY (0060849681, $24.95) may sound like a philosophy title or one on social issues – but it's firmly rooted in the business world, covering the six qualities of integrity which lend to business success. Chapters draw upon the clinical psychologist author's own experiences working with Fortune 500 companies and leaders to draw some important connections between successful businesses and the character trait known as integrity, defining the trait and showing how good character can be fostered for maximum results.

Let's Buy A Company
H. Lee Rust
Career Press
PO Box 687, Franklin lakes, NJ 07417
1564148459 $18.99

Small companies can most readily expand through mergers and acquisition processes - but most smaller operations don't have any understanding of how that's done. LET'S BUY A COMPANY: HOW TO ACCELERATE GROWTH THROUGH ACQUISITIONS covers all the basics for companies of all sizes, from purchase price negotiations and due diligence research to understanding legal reorganization structures and debt management. From initial queries and exchanges of information to understanding common pitfalls, LET'S BUY A COMPANY covers all aspects of the acquisition process using language and insights newcomers to the process can appreciate and readily understand.

The Design of Things to Come
Craig M. Vogel,
Wharton School of Publishing
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96h Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
0131860828 $26.95 1-800-428-5331

Many successful products represent a revolution in product design which is driven by customer need and self-image, and there's a new generation of inventors out there who are using this inspiration and vision to create new products. THE DESIGN OF THINGS TO COME: HOW ORDINARY PEOPLE CREATE EXTRAORDINARY PRODUCTS charts their efforts, discussing trends, innovations, fantasy designs, and more. Particular products are featured throughout along with case history examples of their inventors' unique routes. An intriguing, inspiring survey examines the roots of trend-setting products.

Kogan Page
525 South 4th Street, #201, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Three excellent new titles are top picks for business managers and owners alike. Enzo Frigenti and Dennis Comninos' THE PRACTICE OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT: A GUIDE TO THE BUSINESS-FOCUSED APPROACH (074944536X, $45.00) illustrates just why a different project management approach is needed to blend project management into part of the business. From helping organizations make changes to blending project management into a broader business perspective, this isn't your usual project management guide, but more a bible on how to blend project management objectives into overall business structures for added effectiveness. From project organization to workshop models and results, THE PRACTICE OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT will also make a fine classroom text for business courses. Alan Calder's A BUSINESS GUIDE TO INFORMATION SECURITY: HOW TO PROTECT YOUR COMPANY'S IT ASSETS, REDUCE RISKS AND UNDERSTAND THE LAW (0749443952, $35.00) comes web-enabled with updates on the latest content available with a special ID provided herein. Data has a huge value to individuals and businesses alike: unfortunately, it's equally attractive to thieves. Chapters explain the myriad of protection issues, form handling hacking attempts and spyware to viruses and more, providing easy explanations and strategies to strengthen a company's data holdings. Dick Stroud's THE 50-PLUS MARKET (0749442581, $39.95) shows that the typical marketer's rush to reach young consumers is ignoring a potentially lucrative market: that of older consumers ages 50 and older. However as the Boomer generation ages this market can no longer be ignored: THE 50-PLUS MARKET provides a new approach to how companies interact with older customers, advocating age-neutral marketing strategies to ensure the growing numbers of affluent over-50 consumers aren't overlooked. All are excellent guides that blend research with real-life corporate structure for maximum impact.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Mary l. Boland, Attorney
Sphinx Publishing/Sourcebooks
PO Box 4410, Naperville, IL 60567-4410
1572485272 $18.95

Sexual harassment in the workplace may not be as easily identified as leering moves on the parts of supervisors and co-workers: it's also a power play and individuals need help to get back in control. That's why SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE is so important: it defines and outlines different forms of such harassment, tells how to prevent it and how to file an effective complaint, and how to work with a lawyer and an employer. From compiling the initial report to escalating the complaint, SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE walks you through every move. An essential guide to making the right moves and understanding the law.

The Biography Shelf

C.S. Lewis: Images of His World
Douglas Gilbert & Clyde S. Kilby
Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company
255 Jefferson Avenue, S.E., Grand Rapids, MI 49503
0802828000 $24.00 1-800-253-7521

If C.S. LEWIS: IMAGES OF HIS WORLD sounds familiar to avid scholars of Lewis, it's because this is a reissue of a classic which probes the people and places which inspired the religious author. Photos and text – much of which are Lewis's own words – survey his friendships, beloved places, friends, family and colleagues in a fine survey of his life and faith. Lewis was captivated by the myths and legends of the North as a young child: his interest served as both a starting point for his involvement in religion and as a starting point for his literary creations. Any who would understand Lewis will find this a visual treat and a powerful starting point for understanding his vast wellspring.

Chasing Daylight
Eugene O'Kelly
2 Penn Plaza, New York NY 10121-2298
0071471723 $19.95

In mid-2005 author Eugene O'Kelly had his life planned with projects and pursuits: six days after seeing his doctor he'd resign as a CEO and make plans based on a 100-day time frame. CHASING DAYLIGHT is the memoir he wrote in the months between his diagnosis with brain cancer and his death short months later: it hones in on the real joys in life, how he quickly defined them, and how he led his last days. A hard-hitting memoir of a breakneck CEO forced to live with his approaching death and make the most of what time was left.

Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask
Bob Jones & Stacy Brown
Select Books
1 Union Square West, Suite 909, New York City, NY 10003
1590790723 $21.95

Author Bob Jones was a fixture at Motown Records and was the man who dubbed Jackson the 'King of Pop': for over thirty years he was the public relations force behind the star, and so there's no better writer to explore the 'real' Jackson. Michael Jackson fans – and even those who know music well but don't particularly like Jackson – will find this a gripping read which exposes many truths behind the mask; from his affection for children to his endless plastic surgeries. From his hatred of blacks to his many musical and social challenges, you really get a close inspection of Jackson's life and motivations in MICHAEL JACKSON: THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK.

The Computer Shelf

O'Reilly Publishers
1005 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Lorraine Faith Cranor & Simson Garfinkel's SECURITY AND USABILITY: DESIGNING SECURE SYSTEMS THAT PEOPLE CAN USE (0596008279, $44.95) examines the future of computer security with an eye to consider not only the factors which make a system secure, but how privacy design pitfalls, web bugs, and other issues can affect security choices and effectiveness. Most security titles advocate complex systems which are hard to use, but the authors maintain this belief to be wrong, and provide insights into the future of security which presents over thirty essays from leading security experts around the world. Steven Feuerstein and Bill Pribyl's ORACLE PL/SQL (0596009771, $64.95) is a major reference for any already programming: it provides references to syntax, codes, and forms for developers and database administrators, adds new content to extend coverage for the latest Oracle Database 10g Release 2, and adds new chapters covering security encryption, email, and globalization. This isn't just an A-Z coverage: it provides questions, application issue analysis, details on whether usage is appropriate or worth the effort, and how to avoid common coding problems such as hardcoding literals. Craig Hunt and Roberta Bragg's WINDOWS SERVER 2003 NETWORK ADMINISTRATION: BUILDING AND MAINTAINING PROBLEM-FREE WINDOWS NETWORKS (0596008007, $49.95) is also a recommended reference for programmers: it's been revised and expanded to address the numerous networks supported by windows Server 2003 and to address common security issues, and includes chapters on protocol, firewalls and network security, TCP/IP troubleshooting, and much more. Serious programmers working in the Windows Server 2003 environment will find it should be close at hand to explain tools and techniques basic to administration issues. Chris Sells and Ian Griffiths' PROGRAMMING WINDOWS PRESENTATION FOUNDATION (0596101139, $39.95) is for programmers new to WPF as well as those with some experience. Get up to speed quickly writing WPF applications, then use the examples and disussions of the new programming features to understand how its complex features work. WPF will streamline both web and Windows applications programming. All are excellent guides promising lasting references.

Thomson/Charles River Media
10 Downer Avenue, Hingham, MA 02043

Advanced programmers and college-level users will welcome Thomson/Delmar's many and varied technical computer titles, which lend particularly well to classroom or supplemental classroom applications. Dennis Silage's DIGITAL COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS USING SYSTEMVUE (1584508507, $49.95), for example, would be a fine college text with its comprehensive survey of the Agilent SystemVue simulation environment. Advanced users of the communications simulator will find here plenty of analysis and insights on DSP processors and applications, offering pros and advanced digital communications users an introduction to the SystemVue environment using plenty of examples and results. Thom Robbins' PROGRAMMING MICROSOFT INFOPATH: A DEVELOPER'S GUIDE (1584504536, $45.95) appears in its updated second edition to cover the latest InfoPath solutions in the MS Office system. It updates the former book to cover all new features and options as they work with Service Pack 1, provides updated examples and insights, and will reach practicing developers with the latest forms and options which can be customized to meet user needs. Denise Tyler and Audre Vysniauskas' PRACTICAL POSER 6 (1584504439, $49.95) comes from an avid Poser user and author of several other books on the subject, and provides advanced Poser users with the latest set of options for the program. An introductory overview and review opens chapters which quickly move to more advanced features of working with interfaces and building scenes with the Poser library. Black and white screen shots offer plenty of applied examples while a centerfold of color polishes results. Erik Yuzwa's GAME PROGRAMMING IN C++: START TO FINISH (1584504323, $49.95) will lend particularly well to prior C++ programmers and users who want to learn game programming. Chapters use current game programming information and take a lesson plan graded learning approach to building an entire course in C++ game programming, from the basics to creating a complete game. Also consider Heather Chandler's THE GAME PRODUTION HANDBOOK (1584504161, $44.95), which adds to others in the 'Game Production' series and offers a range of methods and tips for producing more organized games. From voice over sessions and submission processes to brainstorming, developing concepts, and marketing them with publishers, THE GAME PRODUCTION HANDBOOK covers it all. Penny Baillie-De Byl's ARTIFICIAL LIFE POSSIBILITIES: A STAR TREK PERSPECTIVE (1584504145, $29.95) examines what the future might bring in creating exceptional artificial environments such as Star Trek has featured. Using Star Trek's innovative concepts as a foundation, artificial intelligence researcher Dr. Penmny Baillie-De Byl considers artificial life forms depicted in the TV series and the state of current technology to consider the potentials behind creating advanced AI systems. Mark R. Hinkle's WINDOWS TO LINUX BUSINESS DESKTOP MIGRATION (1584504226, $44.95) compares the potentials of Linux as a desktop operating system, contrasting the more common MS Windows operating environment and exploring how Linux holds advantages as a desktop program as well. Readers learn how a migration between the two is achieved and how IT managers can customize and devise strategies for strategic management of critical information, and receive discussions which focus on how Windows users would implement the Linux operating system. Larry Mitchell's C4D 9.5: REAL-WORLD 3D ANIMATION PRODUCTION (1584504374, $39.95) teaches how to produce professional 3D animation results using Cinema 4D. 3D animation pros and advanced students with some prior knowledge will find the software-integrated approach provides a powerful survey of real-world applications and polished results. While beginners will appreciate the descriptions of the entire process, it's the advanced users who will most readily absorb the actual applications. Eric Hunley's USING OPEN SOURCE WEB SOFTWARE WITH WINDOWS (1584504307, $39.95) addresses some common issues with open source documentation, from Linux/UNIX focuses not easily accessible to Widows users to adapting these focuses to Windows environments. Chapters tell exactly how to adapt open source software to Windows environments, using four of the most popular Internet programs as examples. The focus on how to reduce costs in the process is also a welcome one.

Paraglyph Press
1238 East Cambridge Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85006

These excellent guides are top picks for advanced users. Patrick O'Luanaigh's GAME DESIGN COMPLETE (1933097000, $39.99) would do well as a college text for game designers and would-be developers; especially those with some basic skills who seek to expand their opportunities. Chapters come from a master game designer who probes the field from concept to polished product, discussing real-world financial and space constraints influencing the development strategy and using lessons from other game design masters to reinforce options which take these constraints into account. The third updated edition of Jesse M. Torres' WINDOWS ADMIN SCRIPTING LITTLE BLACK BOOK (1933097108, $34.99) provides administrators with a guide to scripting Windows tasks and is a must for any who seek shortcuts to administrating Windows systems. Updated for the latest versions of Windows XP and Service Pack 2, WINDOWS ADMIN SCRIPTING LITTLE BLACK BOOK packs in script examples on all key topics, tools, and languages. The sixth updated edition of Roger C. Parker's LOOKING GOOD IN PRINT (193309706X, $29.99) tops fifteen years in print with another edition addressing the latest potentials of desktop design. From creating professional-quality letterhead and business cards to learning how to print Internet documents, advice for desktop publishers assume no special program or experience but survey different design pitfalls, how to work with large documents, and how to create designs which 'wow'. Design tips apply to either PC or MAC users alike and are packed with techniques and tips that avoid the common pitfalls.

424 Smith St. Collingwood, VIC, Australia, 3066

Any seeking a step-by-step answer guide to adapting your own Apache web server running on a Linux system based on Fedora will find a surprisingly simple 'must' in Stuart Langridge & Tony Steidler-Dennison's RUN YOUR OWN WEB SERVER USING LINUX & APACHE (0975240226 $39.95). From basic initial installation for Linux, Apache and MySQL 4 to daily usage and advanced administration jobs such as customizing and configuring, users will find plenty of tips on performance and mastering common server admin tasks. Any working with Flash MX 2004 should also work with Steven Grosvenor's THE FLASH ANTHOLOGY: COOL EFFECTS & PRACTICAL ACTIONSCRIPT (095792187X, $39.95): it compiles the best solutions to common Flash problems, showing how to link ActionScript to these solutions to obtain better results. Here are over sixty such solutions, with chapters covering everything from modification routines to designing and setting scenes and using sound effects and special clips. Both are excellent programmer's references.

1 Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07548

Software architects seeking advanced applications development guides should take a look at Clifford J. Berg's HIGH-ASSURANCE DESIGN: ARCHITECTING SECURE AND RELIABLE ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS (0321375777 $54.99). Many enterprises rely on software which is insecure or fragile and which requires expensive maintenance: here software architect Clifford Berg shows designers that high-assurance applications with proven reliability can be easily built using the same design principles as the less reliable models. Chapters identify key problems in unreliable software, show how to improve it, and tell how to obtain the requirements and systems which meet the goal of reliable design. A powerful pick indeed. Kevin Tate's SUSTAINABLE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: AN AGILE PERSPECTIVE (0321286081, $39.99) blends basic software-building ideas and practices as they relate to the business environment, showing how to maintain a consistent pace, keep code base in readiness between releases, and prevent defects rather than doing damage control after. Chapters advocate flexibility, using ready tools for analysis, and understanding routines and approaches which encourage backlogs and poor releases. Jeff McAffer and Jean-Michel Lemieux's ECLIPSE RICH CLIENT PLATFORM: DESIGNING, CODING AND PACKAGING JAVA APPLICATIONS (0321334612, $49.99) focuses on Eclipse's plug-ins which can translate to desktop operations ranging from chats to customization of views and editors. Advanced engineers of Eclipse RSP who want to develop Java applications using the native GUIs and Eclipse must have this reference: it integrates Java and RCP plug-in developments and provides coding and design specifics advanced programmers will welcome. The fourth volume in the classic ART OF COMPUTER PROGRAMMING: GENERATING ALL TREES: HISTORY OF COMBINATORIAL GENERATION (0321335708, $19.99) add to and expands upon a multi-volume work on the analysis of algorithms in classical programming, updating sections of the set using a series of small fascicle books. This covers the generatio of all trees, a topic covered in the first three volumes of ART OF COMPUTER PROGRAMMING, and provides over a hundred new exercises to programmers. A technical, revealing survey advanced users and owners of the volumes will appreciate. Jean Tabaka's COLLABORATION EXPLAINED: FACILITATION SKILLS FOR SOFTWARE PROJECT LEADERS (0321268776, $44.99) tells how to build an agile project which fosters techniques for ensuring effective collaboration. Jean Tabaka has been studying and using agile environments since its early days: her guidelines and templates for project events cover all areas and aspects of methodology and application, applying concepts to business practices and special circumstances project managers face with their development teams. A recommended, real-world project pick.

Photoshop Elements 4 Solutions
Mikkel Aaland
111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774
0782144462 $29.99

Digital photographers find digital editing software an essential key to producing professional-quality photos, and Photoshop has emerged as the program of choice for such editing routines. The original Photoshop was cumbersome and expensive, however, so Photoshop Elements, at a fraction of the price, is of more appeal to general users, and PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 4 SOLUTIONS: THE ART OF DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY is an excellent starting point for photographers who would get the most from the program. From sharing photos via TV to producing high-quality slide shows, using Photomerge for panoramic scenes, and new templates for advanced organization, PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 4 SOLUTIONS is a top pick.

Photography and Your Digital World
Peter Cope
Thunder Bay Press
5880 Oberlin Drive, San Diego, CA 92121-4794
1592235468 $24.95

Digital technology has many facets to offer photographers and many methods to play with photos, and covering it all is PHOTOGRAPHY AND YOUR DIGITAL WORLD: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY by an author who has spent most of his life investigating technology's cutting edge. Chapters cover all kinds of digital devices, from PDAs and phones to photos and interactive DVDs, surveying image transmission in all its forms and considering how it's captured, edited, and converted. Color images and step-by-step instructions tell how to use techniques regardless of camera or equipment models and makes, focussing on the basics which make it all work. An invaluable guide for those who would understanding underlying concepts in digital photography.

The Internet: A Historical Encyclopedia Chronology
Hilary Poole & Christos J.P. Moschovitis, Eds
PO Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
1851096590 $285.00

The 3-volume encyclopedia THE INTERNET blends history, technology and issues surrounding internet use, making it an excellent library reference for high school to college-level collections. Even public libraries strong in internet and computer references will find it invaluable: articles and references cover everything from cyber-terrorism and data mining to email, open source materials, and more. The second volume provides biographical sketches of major figures in the Internet world, from Amazon creator Jeff Bezos to Bill Gates, linking each to important, major advancements. A final chronology volume rounds up the information, providing articles in chronological order of Internet events which discuss network development, internet advancements, and social impact. Unlikely to be outdated anytime soon, THE INTERNET is an excellent review and a 'must' for any solid computer reference collection.

2 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10121-2298

The first step to building a solid eBay business is to get the right product at the right price to make a profit – and this is the point where so many competing eBay seller's guides fail, focussing on how to sell rather than what to sell and how best to locate and buy it. Chris Malta & Lisa Suttora's WHAT TO SELL ON EBAY AND WHERE TO GET IT: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO PRODUCT SOURCING FOR EBAY AND BEYOND (0072262788 $27.95) tells how to find products and use proven strategies to sell them. Chapters explain how to identify trends and hotspots, develop niche markets and ideas for selling to them, research products to determine resale markups and profits, and more. With chapters emphasizing niche marketing strategies and evaluation procedures, WHAT TO SELL ON EBAY AND WHERE TO GET IT comes packed with flexible plans and ideas. Very highly recommended. Dave Prochnow's PSP HACKS, MODS, AND EXPANSIONS (0071469087, $24.95) comes filled with tricks, tweaks and upgrades to make PSP users transform the Sony hand-held playstation into the perfect reference tool. From downloading movies and audio functions for the device to streamlining hardware and software to work more smoothly and quickly, PSP HACKS, MODS AND EXPANSIONS is the computer geek's dream.

Prentice Hall
One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458

These outstanding computer books are top picks for serious computer collections seeking lasting lending value. James Faure Walker's PAINTING THE DIGITAL RIVER (0131739026, $24.99) is also a top pick for art libraries, coming from an artist's viewpoint and exploring James walker's personal journey from traditional to digital painting. Walker learned to paint with the computer only after overcoming software problems and misunderstandings: he's now both an artist and a computer enthusiast and here provides both a memoir of his transition to the digital realm and back and a survey of tools, models, and designs. His outstanding coverage will appeal to both artists and computer users who would blend art with digital processing. Mark G. Sobell and Peter Seebach's A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO UNIX FOR MAC OX S USERS (0131863339, $39.99) is a reference the UNIX/Mac user simply must have at hand: nearly a thousand pages of reference material on everything from basic and advanced shell programming to Mac's OS X filesystem and utilities modules make this the best reference on the market for users who seek either a step-by-step tutorial or a basic browser's reference for problem-solving. Exercises to test knowledge boxed highlights of information make it easy to either refer to for at-a-glance troubleshooting or sit down and study for step-by-step methodology. The second edition of Ed Skoudis and Tom Liston's COUNTER HACK RELOADED (0131481045, $49.99) returns a primary system administrator's resource to new levels, continuing the attack on destructive hacks with a counter-hack guide which remains useful because over half the material in this edition has been revamped and updated to reflect the latest hacker techniques. Typical hacker methods and tools are surveyed, new 'anatomy of an attack' analyses are detailed, and even a new section on wireless hacking appears. COUNTER HACK RELOADED: A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO COMPUTER ATTACKS AND EFFECTIVE DEFENSES is one of the best on the market – and a most for any network administrator facing tday's many security challenges. Bruce Eckle's THINKING IN JAVA: THE DEFINITIVE INTRODUCTION TO OBJECT-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING IN THE LANGUAGE OF THE WORLD WIDE WEB (0131872486, $59.99) is one-stop referencing at its best: over 1,400 pages packed with programming details running from the most basic insights into the Java program's syntax and usage to its most advanced functions. Fully updated for Java SE5/6, chapters cover design patterns with plenty of examples, files rewritten for this book, and even a web site to the reference which includes all source code and a solution guide. If only one definitive introduction was chosen among the many on the market, this should surely be in the running, if not the top pick: its extensive coverage combined with web support can't be beat.

Confessions of the Game Doctor
Bill Kunkel
Box 1365, Springfield, NJ 07081
0964384892 $21.00

The author and a co-editor are the founders of 'Electronic Games Magazine', the first devoted to plugged-in electronic game entertainment of all kinds: now three years later it's still one of the best game magazines. Here founder Kunkel reveals the makings of the publication and the industry as a whole, blending his personal memoirs with insights on the blossoming electronic game industry. Chapters make for lively insights and reads discussing the marketing of early electronic games, trends affecting the growing gaming industry, and more. A 'must' for any who would learn how electronic gaming began and was fostered.

Cisco Press
800 East 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240

Advanced network administrators and programmers alike will welcome to technical reference Ciprian Popoviciu,'s DEPLOYING IPV6 NETWORKS (1587052105 $55.00), which discusses large deployment serve implementation in existing Ipv4 environments. Concepts are connected to real networks and IP service issues and cover everything from design objectives around the world and different ISP customer needs and profiles to getting information from routers and switches, defining MIBs for supporting Ipv6 information and different deployment plans and strategies. A 'must' reference for advanced technical network engineers. Chris Lewis and Steve Pickavance's SELECTING MPLS VPN SERVICES: A GUIDE TO USING AND DEFINING VPM SERVICES (1587051915, $65.00) is also a winner for Cisco network techs working on routing networks. Professionals will appreciate the chapters which review technical issues involved in IP addressing, routing and convergence and will also appreciate the pro/con analysis of various systems and options, the description of how to executive a network migration to an IP VPN relay system, and how to make the right moves. Chris Lewis has over 18 years experience in networking in general and Cisco in particular and currently works as a projects systems engineer in the Cisco Worldwide group: his back lends perfectly to a technical survey network engineers will find specific enough to serve as a foundation guideline.

Remote Sensing For GIS Managers
Stan Aronoff
ESRI Press
380 New York Street, Redlands, CA 92373-8100
1589480813 $69.95

Remote sensing technology is changing not just government pursuits, but our daily lives – and REMOTE SENSING FOR GIS MANAGERS surveys the uses and applications of GIS using color images and illustrations to explore such diverse fields as agriculture, business, urban planning and more. Little prior information is assumed here: chapters start with the basics such as the characteristics of GIS data and moves to more advanced topics on managing and storing such data. From digital and video cameras to wavelength processing and active sensors, REMOTE SENSING FOR GIS MANAGERS is easy to access, yet packed with technical information. Very highly recommended.

The Audiobook Shelf

The Window at the White Cat
Mary Roberts Rinehart
Tantor Media, Inc.
114 Mill Rock Road East, Old Saybrook, CT 06475
1400101654 $29.99 1-877-782-6867

A girl's father vanishes leading her to seek the help of an attorney just as her aunt too disappears. Murder is the likely problem and the search leads to the White Cat, crooked politicians, and too many suspects to count in this tense mystery fueled by a passionate reading by Rebecca Burns. A highly recommended pick for any mystery fan.

Naxos Audiobooks
416 Mary Lindsay Polk Drive, Suite 509, Franklin, TN 37067

Two outstanding classics come to life in memorable audio cd productions recommended for a range of readers; from high school student assignments to adults seeking to recapture the magic of the printed word brought to life under audio treatment. Daphne Du Maurier's THE HOUSE ON THE STRAND (9626343419, $28.98) receives a powerful reading by narrator Michael Maloney – perhaps influenced by his many Shakespeare roles on the London stage – as it tells of an experiment which transports one Dick to 14th century Cornwall where he becomes involved with medieval murder and intrigue. But the question remains: is he really moving through time, or is it all a dream? Herman Melville's MOBY-DICK (0626343583, $93.00) receives professional William Hotkin's lively, vivacious narrative style which lends well to a weighty 19-cd read capturing the full drama and flavor of the high seas. MOBY-DICK is said to be the penultimate American novel: any who struggled with the dry written word should give it another chance here in audio format, where the full flavor of Melville's talents come to life.

Random House Audio
1745 Broadway, New York NY 10019

Random House's latest selection of audios pairs bestsellers with notable readers for maximum leisure excitement, and are highly recommended audio picks. Jill Conner Browne's SWEET POTATO QUEENS' WEDDING PLANNER/DIVORCE PLANNER (0739321412, $16.95) is read by the author herself as it provides a candid and funny assessment on surviving divorce and wedding alike. Today he's Mr. Right, tomorrow he's Mr. Wrong: found out how and why in this candid, fun assessment. Gail Sheehy's SEX AND THE SEASONED WOMAN: PURSUING THE PASSIONATE LIFE (0739322044, $27.95) also enjoys a reading by the author as it surveys women's love and sex lives after 50. Boomer women in midlife are still open to sex, love and marriage changes: Sheehy describes how, using interviews and research to fuel her insights. And author Deborah Tannen narrates her own YOU'RE WEARING THAT? UNDERSTANDING MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS IN CONVERSATION (07393137811, $27.95): a hilarious investigation of how mothers and daughters misunderstand one another. Why do daughters feel their mothers criticize while mothers think daughters shut them out? Many insights are to be gained here. If you think that Kaye Gibbons' THE LIFE ALL AROUND ME BY ELLEN FOSTER (0739321900, $29.95) is a novel for teens, you're sadly mistaken: Ellen Foster, the narrator and heroine in this novel, may be a teen but she's precocious and her witty and pointed observations of life and how to live it offer fresh, rewarding observations. Her movement from a difficult childhood in foster homes to an adulthood facing college and change continues to promise engrossing action in this unabridged presentation. Lisa Gardner's GONE (0739321528, $29.95) receives an excellent narration by voice-over artist/singer Kirsten Kairos whose melodic and moving voice accents the story of an ex-FBI profiler who faces his worst nightmare on an abandoned Oregon highway. Kimberly's search for answers evolves into a race against time in this compelling thriller. Dana Stabenow's BLINDFOLD GAME (0739325205, $27.95) receives Broaday actress Beth McDonald's smooth and dramatic style as it tells of an international smuggling scheme, a CIA analyst's involvement in the black market, and an estranged wife at the heart of international intrigue. A tense thriller evolves. Two new Star Wars titles continue to reach out to old fans with new plots. Timothy Zahn's OUTBOUND FLIGHT (0739303244, $29.95) receives Jonathan Davis' extensive background both in New York theater and in previous Star Wars readings as he narrates an exciting science fiction action story set before the Clone Wars. Six Jedi Masters and twelve Jedi Knights set out on a mission to contact intelligent life, with unexpected results. Troy Denning's THE SWARM WAR: DARK NEST III (073932036X, $29.95) receives Jonathan Davis' fine voice also, lending a satisfying, dramatic uniformity to the Star Wars listening experience overall. Here a border war threatens to engulf the galaxy, unless the Jedi can end bloodshed and combat the evil spread by the Dark Nest and its hidden queen. Leia's new Jedi skills will be the difference between life and death in this confrontation.

Brilliance Audio
PO Box 887, Grand Haven, MI 49417

Dave Barry is always good for laughs, whether it's in a newspaper column, a book, or in audio – but it's in audio that he really shines; particularly when paired with a veteran narrator like Dick Hill, whose outstanding style and reading skills bring out the subtle underlying innuendoes and humor in Barry's works. Barry's latest MONEY SECRETS: LIKE WHY IS THERE A GIANT EYEBALL ON THE DOLLAR? (1597371653, $26.95) presents a number of astute observations on finances, from how the U.S. economy really works and how to minimize taxes legally – by cheating. A fun set of observations about the entire financial system comes to life. Norah Roberts writes as J.D. Robb in MEMORY IN DEATH (142330473X, $26.95), with veteran narrator Susan Ericksen providing a strong reading which brings tension and high drama to the story of cop Eve Dallas, who faces the specter of a difficult childhood when Trudy comes back to haunt her life. Trudy's subsequent murder involves Eve in more than bad childhood recollections. John Lescroart's THE HUNT CLUB (1596008806, $26.95) receives Guerin Barry's warm and quietly dramatic style as it tells of a federal judge's murder, a crime wave in San Francisco, and the disappearance of others who have a connection to the judge. A beautiful woman becomes the suspect until she vanishes too, involving Wyatt in the chase of his life. Dee Henderson's THE WITNESS (1597379131, $21.95) receives an excellent and smooth reading by Lynn Brooks who brings to life a family secret which drives Amanda out of town. It's her loved ones who bring her back – and it's up to a homicide detective to protect the three endangered Griffin women in this involving thriller. All are excellent leisure listen choices.

Audio Editions/Partners
Auburn, CA 95604

From classics to modern mysteries and contemporary nonfiction, Audio Editions produces wonderful listens that lend to hours of pleasure. Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans' LOVE 'EM OR LOSE 'EM: GETTING GOOD PEOPLE TO STAY (1572705078, $25.95), for example, pairs actor and teacher David Drummond's dramatic voice work with the account of how to keep the best employees in an A-Z guide employers can use to address employee concerns. Learn how these strategies work in actual business environments in a guide packed with real-world examples. If you're interested in the classics on tape, Audio Editions is bringing the outstanding Arkangel productions to tape with fully dramatized recordings of Shakespeare's works. The latest editions to the expanding collection are HENRY VIII (1932219153, $24.95) and TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA (1932219374, $19.95): each enjoys liner notes with a complete cast list and plot synopsis and a guide to CD track marks, along with a powerful dramatization with all the flair of a radio show. Daphne Du Maurier's REBECCA (1572705027, $47.95) comes to life through Cambridge actress Anna Massey's extensive experience on stage and screen: her vivid, haunting performance of one of du Maurier's most loved and darkest works tells of a timid bride facing a hostile household and a possible ghost of a wife past. Agatha Christie's mystery THE LISTERDALE MYSTERY AND ELEVEN OTHER STORIES (1572704977, $29.95) once again enjoys veteran Hugh Fraser's long-time audio experience bringing Christie's many mysteries to life. Here twelve very different mysteries range from a cottage murder to a missing emerald, with all Christie's patented talent for high drama packed into the short mystery format. Rex Stout's THE SECOND CONFESSION (1572705019, $29.95) also receives a fine uninterrupted continuation by pairing Los Angeles actor Michael Prichard with another fine Nero Wolfe mystery: this revolving around a warning shot to Wolfe from a gangland boss. His investigation of a lawyer boyfriend of a millionaire's daughter ma be placing his own life in jeopardy. Bill Pronzini's MOURNERS (1572705086, $29.95) receives Broadway acting veteran Nick Sullivan's experienced way with drama to spice another 'Nameless Detective' novel of intrigue. Here troubles at home with his wife lead to more troubles at the office, where he sees too much death and attends too many funerals. His sudden revelation that his problems may be interconnected brings with it uncertain knowledge that he may indeed know the killer. All are excellent leisure and study choices. Douglas Adams' THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY: QUANDARY PHASE (1572704888, $24.95) provides 4 episodes on 2 cds as it returns with a new, full-cast dramatization of SO LONG AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH, the fourth book in Adams' 'trilogy in five parts'. The Earth has reappeared, Arthur Dent has found it, and all seems well – until he falls in love. You can't go wrong backed with a full-cast performance from the BBC. Agathe Christie's MURDER IS EASY (157270490X, $27.95) receives a seasoned recording by veteran Hugh Fraser, who narrates a series of unrelated, fatal accidents which involve a retired policeman in the puzzle of his life. A dramatic and twisting mystery evolves. Rex Stout's AND BE A VILLAIN (1572704985, $29.95) receives Michael Prichard's uninterrupted narration, as he's done for most all of the Nero Wolfe tales, which will delight listeners who enjoy uniformity of quality and sound in their interrelated narrations. A radio talk show guest dies at the mike and Wolfe agrees to take on a case which seems to hold too many liars. Twists and turns keep him guessing as to the perp in this engrossing tale of discovery. All are excellent leisure listens. Classics come to life under good audio treatment, as Irene Sutcliffe demonstrates by reading Jane Austen's PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (1572705000, $37.95) with passion and style. This is the best known of her novels, and some of Austen's less accessible descriptions spring to life under the voice of Irene Sutcliffe, who has worked extensively n the theatre. Sarah Graves' NAIL BITER (1572705035, $34.95) features veteran audio narrator Lindsay Ellison's suave and moving voice which captures the underlying tension in the story of one Jacobia Tiptree, who faces a coven of witches renting her house and a preacher's murder. Stephen Frey's THE PROTΙGΙ (1572705043, $37.95) receives audio and stage actor Holter Graham's extensive background in the film and acting world as it brings to life the story of a financial chairman who finds a deal gone wrong and tough – perhaps dangerous - choices evolving in a business transaction gone awry. Rex Stout's A FAMILY AFFAIR (1572704942, $27.95) enjoys veteran actor/audio narrator Michael Prichard's compelling voice as a new Nero Wolfe mystery evolves. Here a waiter's death in Nero's own home involves him in a murder disguised as a personal attack. A FAMILY AFFAIR is the last novel published before Stout's death and provides what might be the best of all. Dorothy L. Sayers' GAUDY NIGHT (15727704993, $47.95) benefits from Ian Carmichael's pointed production: his BBC background lending accent and tension to the story of an Oxford reunion which involves mystery writer Harriet in a case of ghostly murder. Tension evolves quickly as murder turns to mayhem in this thriller. Veteran Hercule Pirot mystery reader Hugh Fraser once again lends his smooth and clear voice to another Agatha Christie mystery, CARDS ON THE TABLE (1572704926, $27.95). Dinner and bridge turns into a murder investigation for Hercule, whose host has suddenly died. Three other detectives at the table also investigate, so plenty of expertise abounds here. All are wonderful listens.

The Library Video/DVD Shelf

Improved Flexible Weapons
Scott Homschek
Paladin Press
7077 Winchester Circle, Boulder, CO 80301
IFWDVD $49.95

IMPROVISED FLEXIBLE WEAPONS: A VIDEO GUIDE TO USING WHIPS, ROPES, AND OTHER FLEXIBLE WEAPONS FOR SELF-DEFENSE offers visually what no book could achieve: a primer by master martial artist Homschek which shows how to make effective weapons from everyday items. Two hours of video clear visual instruction help fighters learn all the basics of defense in a comprehensive instruction course on DVD.

411 Video Production
Box 1223, Pebble Beach, CA 93953

Plenty of DVD titles offer workouts – but none perhaps as compelling as Vanessa Isaac's presentation BRAZILIAN DANCE WORKOUT WITH VANESSA ISAAC (1595521798, $14.95, Brazilian Dance Workout). An outdoor setting with live drummers captures the intense rhythms and beats of Brazilian dance in a workout for all fitness levels. No single Brazilian dance is the focus: samba, reggae, axe and more are combined in a fun routine. Three Pilates system videos address different needs at different experience levels and are solid picks ($9.95 Each). Beginners should start with RAEL PILATES SYSTEM 7 (1595520937, $19.98, Razor Digital Entertainment), a survey of the seven basic Pilates positions essential for training. Intermediate Pilates students will appreciate RAEL PILATES SYSTEM 17, which covers 17 poses for strength and flexibility. Ten additional poses are added to the basics: leg circles, cat stretch and more. Then move to the advanced RAEL PILATES SYSTEM 27 (1595520953, $9.99, Razor Digital Entertainment), which continues Rael's exploration of the movement. Lest you think these Pilates moves are easy – Rael is one of the few who can perform the entire repertoire). More modern postures blend with coaching tips to build upon the basics for more advanced students, while new poses from corkscrews to double leg kicks are added.

ADV Films
No ISBN DVD $29.98

MISAKI CHRONICLES V. 1: SECOND CHANGES, the sequel to Japanese manga classic DIVERGENCE EVE, is finally out, presenting characters designed by Toshinari Yamashita and blending science fiction drama with the fast-faced story of survivors who tackle the mystery of a changed universe and a seemingly unchanged earth. From a ghost to questions a survivor holds, SECOND CHANGES is a fine sequel to DIVERGENCE EVE and a recommended pick for prior fans. KALEIDO STAR: NEW WINGS (1578139244) is a fun show following Sora's journey to becoming a Kaleido Star. This comes from Season 2, Volume 1 of ECLIPSE OF THE STAR and holds five episodes surrounding Sora's sometimes-misguided eagerness, with strong animation by GDH-Hal in a zany, fun adventure even newcomers will enjoy. The new Mythical Detective addition LOKI RAGNAROK V. 2 (1413912478) tells of Loki, who remains exiled on Earth in a child's body as his sworn enemy recruits new gods to destroy him. When an orphan named Reiya enters the detective agency seeking help, options begin to open up in this second volume of Mythical Detective. YUMERIA: TOSSING AND TURNING (1413911447) comes from the broadcast series and provides the second volume in the tale of a girl-crazy loser who tries to save the world – despite the siren lures of his tempting roommates. SAMURAI GUN (1413914616) presents a classic battle for justice against the Shogunate. Lord Kozan has increased his power, making the Anti- Samurai Gun Unit even deadlier. The samurai Gun warriors can't afford to lose their advantage, even if it means transporting a deadly secret through enemy territory. The first volume of HAKUGEI-LEGEND OF THE MOBY DICK – AHAB AWAITS (141391182X) is set in 4699, where a young adventurer sets off to find Captain Ahab and his crew of outlaw whale hunters. This is no sea-going venture, for Ahab is battling a beast known through out the universe – and he himself is elusive. Volume 5 of MADLAX: CONVERGENCE (1413911307) contains episodes 17-20 of the series, telling of holy words and a detective's nvestigation of a murder which draws him into the world of a controlled hub, Enfant, which controls the world's data. Danger blends with intrigue in a fast-paced set of episodes. GHOST STORIES SEMESTER 2: SOPHOMORE SCARES (1413912591) is anime at its best: humor blends with intrigue and zany plots as a little brother is beat up again and Satsuki decides to toughen him up – by helping him outrun the ghost who likes to chop off runners' feet. MACROSS VOLUME 1: UPON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS (1413913024) tells of the stars as a battleground for aliens who find humans have turned their wreck into a space battleship. Anime moves into space big time in this riveting story of tension and conflict, presented in 5.1 surround sound remastered video. THE FUCCONS (1413913148) provides a Japanese filmmaker's view of the American family – and it's a hilarious portrait, indeed. The family next door invades Japan – and goes crazy – in this fun story of zany encounters.

The Nautical Shelf

Fernhurst Books
Duke's Path/High St., Arundel, W. Sussex, BN18 9AJ, UK
Bluewater Books, Dist.

Small boat owners have plenty of nautical 'how-to' titles to choose from, but three new arrivals are outstanding picks. Felix marks' JIB TRIMMING: AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE (1904475221) demystifies the art of jib trimming and focuses instead on a visual approach which uses diagrams and black and white photos throughout to explore the mechanics of jib trimming. From cleats and winches to concepts of tacking and footing, JIB TRIMMING clearly illustrates a potentially confusing topic. Tim Bartlett's A SMALL BOAT GUIDE TO ELECTRONICS AFLOAT (0906754720) covers all kinds of boat navigation systems, from GPS and chart plotters to depth sounders, autopilots, and performance computers. Author Barlett is a navigation instructor and an ex-officer in the Royal Navy: his background as an ex-naval officer and as a teacher lends to a broad range of experience with all kinds of navigation systems. Pat Manley's SIMPLE BOAT MAINTENANCE (1904475027, $39.95) presents reviews of almost seventy common boat maintenance jobs, from tuning engines and maintaining electrical systems to repairing cracks in fiberglass. These overviews come from solid experience: avid sailor Manley has handled all these jobs himself, is part of a team of experts on Practical Boat Owner Magazine, and has written several other systems-specific boating guides. Especially vibrant color photos throughout lend well to the explanations – some 751 color photos in all; outstanding for a decent-sized title which invites quick consultation.

The Automotive Shelf

Tom Madigan
Motorbooks International
729 Prospect Avenue, Osceola, WI 54020
MBI Publishing Company
Galtier Plaza, Suite 200, 380 Jackson Street, St. Paul, MN 55101-3885
0760322023 $40.00 1-800-826-6600

EDELBROCK: MADE IN THE USA may seem like the singular history of one car company; but it's more: it tells of a consortium of hot rodders, racers and car buffs who got together under the leadership of one Vic Edelbrock Sr, whose innovations fueled the early days of the auto industry and racing circuits. His hot rods were to revolutionize American auto sports, change the face of auto racing, and set new goals and standards in midget, drag racing and other competitions. Black and white and plenty of color photos from pro racing circuits, vintage racing series, and Edelbrock's shops trace his increasing involvement in the world of vintage auto racing. Such racing built the Edelbrock name and made classic cars a part of American culture. EDELBROCK: MADE IN THE USA is much more than one man's biography and much more than the history of his company: it traces the influences and changes through decades of auto production and auto sports and is a 'must' for any who would understand classic autos and their foundations.

KP Books/F&W Publications
700 E. State Street, Iola, WI 54990-0001

Two outstanding references cover the history of hot rods and model A autos and are highly recommended specialty picks for any comprehensive auto collection. Keith Harmon's GREAT AMERICAN HOT RODS: A FULL THROTTLE CHRONICLE OF CUSTOM CARS FROM THE STREET, SHOW, AND STRIP (0896892263, $29.99) packs over seven hundred pages with color photos and history covering over three hundred cars from the streets and shows of the nation. Only pre-1949 cars are featured here; but that still makes for plenty of pages of detail and a narrowed focus which will appeal to hot rodders of both 'hardcore' and traditional rods. Chapters present both amateur and professional works, rebuilt and original rods, and histories which include color sidebars of at-a-glance information on make, year, body style, engine, and builder. Color shots of each rod accompany the histories. The second, all-color updated edition of Peter Winnewisser's THE LEGENDARY MODEL A FORD: THE ULTIMATE HISTORY OF ONE OF AMERICA'S GREAT AUTOMOBILES (089689231X, $39.99) provides fans of Henry Ford with a close inspection of the history of his 1920s masterpiece the Model A. Period literature, color photos, dealer material, and anecdotes blend in a lively story which picks up where his first edition left off, providing some of the best photos of the last surviving Model As on the road, complimented by stories of the people who built and drove them. Nearly two hundred color photos blend with source material and references culled from the auto industry to make for an extraordinary keepsake.

The Energy Studies Shelf

Power with Nature
Rex A. Ewing
PixyJack Press
PO Box 149, Masonville, CO 80541
0965809897 $25.00

Plenty of energy guides for homeowners advocate getting off the grid; but few do such a good job of explaining just how to go about it as does POWER WITH NATURE: ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOLUTIONS FOR HOMEOWNERS – now in its updated second edition. From off-grid solar, wind and hydro systems to grid tie in options, systems which can be customized, and appliances which lend to running on solar, chapters offer the latest facts plus maps, resources, worksheets and more. The chapter on putting different systems together is particularly notable for its focus on protecting the systems and people from energy spill problems and damage, while that on pumping rainwater, water for fire protection, and using cisterns offers methods other books usually gloss over: essential for rural homeowners. An outstanding, highly recommended guide.

Chasing the Sun
Neville Williams
New Society Publishers
PO Box 189, Gabriola Island BC, V0R 1XO, Canada
0865715378 $18.95

Solar energy is viewed as a largely experimental idea in North America – but 50,000 families in eleven counties around the world use solar power successfully. CHASING THE SUN: SOLAR ADVENTURES AROUND THE WORLD illustrates their experiences, telling of individuals actively involved in such endeavors and the author's own involvements in various solar projects in the 1990s. Part autobiography and part social history packed with colorful anecdotes, CHASING THE SUN demonstrates it can happen here.

Dictionary of Energy
Cutler Cleveland & Christopher Morris
11820 Westline Industrial Drive, St. Louis, MO 63146
0080445780 $85.00

College-level audiences with an interest in energy resources, environmental impacts and energy policies around the world should look no further than DICTIONARY OF ENERGY for their explanations of the latest energy issues. Here are over 8,000 key words with 10,000 entries total covering some 40 scientific disciplines and topics, along with essays by scientists, biographical entries on key individuals working in the field, and historical quotes on energy matters. Add well over a hundred black and white photos and illustrations throughout and color-coded sidebars of detail and you have an outstanding reference resource.

Building the Ultimate Dam
Donald C. Jackson
University of Oklahoma Press
4100 28th Avenue, NW, Norman, OK 73069
0806137339 $19.95 1-800-627-7377

Most water control projects in this country rely on big gravity damns, but in the early 20th century one John S. Eastwood designed dams which minimized the amount of concrete involved. While his designs were less expensive, he faced much opposition from engineers and politicians alike who believed their more fragile appearance would damage public confidence in their durability. Donald Jackson provide insights into dam building history and describes how in this case the illusion of stability strengthened by concrete won over Eastwood's innovative design plans. A 'must' for any collection strong in engineering, conservation, and energy generating issues.

The Economics Shelf

Encyclopedia of the Global Economy
David E. O'Connor
Greenwood Press
88 Post Road, West, Westport, CT 06881
0313335850 $250.00

David E. O'Connor's 2-volume ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE GLOBAL ECONOMY: A GUIDE FOR STUDENTS AND RESEARCHERS is recommended not just for college-level collections strong in economics, but for high school collections which include basic business books. Volume 1 holds over a hundred alphabetical entries which blend definitions and descriptions with photos and references incorporating the most current data with contemporary issues. Volume 2 uses primary documents on statistics and economic trends to explain context, related articles, and studies on issues of global economy. Add an index and extensive cross-referencing and you have a winning, lasting reference.

The Literary Book Of Economics
Michael Watts, Editor
ISI Books
3901 Centerville Road, Wilmington, DE 19807
1932236023 $28.00

College-level collections strong on either literature or economics will welcome a blend of the two by an economist whose purpose is to blend economic education with literacy. Economics are best absorbed when blended with other disciplines, studies show: and Watts shows how to achieve this, using over seventy selections from classic and modern writings to link over twenty major economic concepts to themes and modern times. A unique, cross-disciplinary approach.

Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst
Dan and Jennifer Reingold
10 E. 53rd Street, New York NY 10022
0060747692 $25.95

If you want a hair-raising saga of stock market activity and illegal behaviors, pick up a copy of CONFESSIONS OF A WALL STREET ANALYST: A TRUE STORY OF INSIDE INFORMATION AND CORRUPTION IN THE STOCK MARKET. It's the true autobiographical account of a top Wall Street player's experiences learning about and playing the insider game, and provides a memoir which tells how the author's initial enthusiasm for the job changed to dismay as he kept uncovering more instances of Wall Street corruption. From his initial uncovering of leaks and secret deals to his experiences of pressures from fellow bankers and deal-makers, corporate CEOs and others. He identifies people, companies, and alarming truths throughout in a book highly recommended for any businessman or Wall Street investor.

The Money/Finance Shelf

Weekend Millionaire Real Estate FAQ
Mike Summey & Roger Dawson
2 Penn Plaza, New York NY 10021
0071463090 $18.95

The authors' national best-seller WEEKEND MILLIONAIRE'S SECRETS TO INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE has prompted a host of questions on investing – and thus the need for the sequel WEEKEND MILLIONAIRE REAL ESTATE FAQ: ANSWERS ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT MAKING A FORTUNE IN REAL ESTATE. Students' feedback and questions led to a collection of their most frequently asked questions: such covering everything from valuing different types of properties to the pros and cons of buying and managing property long-distance. Any avid investor must read through this: the questions and answers link to real-life scenarios and reasoning is easy to follow.

Your Roadmap to Retirement Riches
Steven Yamshon, CFS, CFMC
Literary Press/Seven Locks Press
PO Box 25689, Santa Ana, CA 927909
097169589X $17.95

Plenty of books advocate saving early for retirement – but few explain so clearly as YOUR ROADMAP TO RETIREMENT RICHES (SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORK IN YOUR OLD AGE). It covers much more than just understanding options and formulas: it reviews all aspects of retirement approaches, from choosing the best investment advisor and planning estates to beating inflation, locating good model portfolios, and more. An excellent, clearly-written guide beginners, especially, will find most approachable.

The Frugal Senior
Rich Gray
Quill Driver Books
1254 Commerce Avenue, Sanger, CA 93657
1884956491 $12.95

THE FRUGAL SENIOR: HUNDREDS OF CREATIVE WAYS TO STRETCH A DOLLAR covers everything from handling rising energy costs to recycling old clothing, simplifying garden maintenance, reducing the costs of gift-giving, and more. All the common expenses of daily living are dealt with here, with solutions to throwaway habits and rising costs focussing on re-use and refinement. An excellent, basic guide consumers will welcome.

Not Buying It
Judith Levine
The Free Press
1230 Avenue of Americas, New York NY 10020
0743269357 $25.00

Can you imagine not buying anything for a year, from clothing to dinners or birthday gifts? NOT BUYING IT: MY YEAR WITHOUT SHOPPING's Judith Levine achieved just this, accomplishing an entire year without shopping. Levine wasn't alone in her endeavor: disguised with consumerism, she enlisted her partner Paul in the experiment, which left them free to pursue careers, relationships and more. How could they survive without buying goods? NOT BUYING IT doesn't come from a new age perspective: Levine was an avid consumer and fan of brand names and fine foods and goods: hers is an eye-opening expose of the many changes their decision brought to their world.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

Working for Yourself, 5th Editon
Attorney Stephen Fishman
Nolo Press
950 Parker, Berkeley, CA 94710
141330088X $39.99

Plenty of books impart the basics of how to work independently – but too few include all the legal tips, tricks and traps involved. WORKING FOR YOURSELF: LAW & TAXES FOR INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS, FREELANCERS & CONSULTANTS covers everything from setting appropriate fees and understanding how and when taxes are paid to limiting liability and getting paid. Record-keeping processes are simplified with sample logs and entry advice, chapters on how the IRS defines an independent contractor versus a paid employee are essential keys to keeping independent status, and advice on pricing and insurance offer key strategy-oriented tips and approaches. A 'must' for any who would work independently.

50 Jobs Worse Than Yours
Justin Racz
175 – 5th Avenue, New York NY 10010
1582344922 $14.95

Think your job's bad? Try being a nursing home entertainer, a domino setter-upper, or a B-list celebrity assistant. Satirist Racz has searched the world for fifty such 'worse' jobs, pairs them with color photos, and ultimately gives you a laugh and makes the reader feel grateful for whatever job they have. This is an exceptional gift-giving guide to help that job hunter know he's not alone.

How to Start and Operate A Freelance Notary Signing Agent
Victoria Ring
Graphico Publishing
1601 West 5th Avenue, #123, Columbus, OH 43212-2303
0976159104 $29.99

Surprisingly this is the first definitive book on the topic of becoming a Loan signing Agent, offering the author's own insights, background and tips as an Ohio notary and certified paralegal along the way. From marketing effectively via email and setting up a notary office to gaining assignments from title companies and other sources to handling requests for backdating and other illegal notary functions, HOW TO START AND OPERATE A FREELANCE NOTARY SIGNING AGENT is simply a 'must' for any planning to operate in the business.

Power Mentoring
Ellen Ensher & Susan Murphy
Jossey-Bass, Inc.
989 Market Street, 5th floor, San Francisco, CA 94103-1741
078797952X $27.95 1-800-225-5945

Ellen Ensher is Associate Professor at the College of Management at Loyola Marymount, and Susan Murphy Associate Professor at Claremont McKenna College: each has written and consulted both together and independently and here produces a powerful collaboration on mentoring and its lasting benefits to both mentor and protιgι. Mentoring has a powerful influence on successful people: that's been proven; but traditional models of mentoring haven't kept up with business programs that have different emphasis today than in past. POWER MENTORING covers these changes in approach and offer new strategies for locating and creating 'power mentoring' relationships. Interviews with 50 top leaders and their proteges in technology, politics and media reinforce these concepts and approaches.

The Theatre/Cinema Shelf

Michael Wiese Productions
11288 Ventura Boulevard. #621, Studio City, CA 91604

Two outstanding new titles are especially recommended picks for working directors and Hollywood professionals, providing plenty of detail and insider's tips and techniques. Charles Wilkinson's THE WORKING DIRECTOR: HOW TO ARRIVE, THRIVE & SURVIVE IN THE DIRECTOR'S CHAIR (1932907025, $22.95) covers everything to know about actively directing a production, from the first phone call creating the job to research, production basics, and polished results. From techniques to make a good first impression on the star of the show to earning the trust of the writer to foster more effective script changes down the line and developing a shooting style and space which fits the script, THE WORKING DIRECTOR comes from a working director himself who has directed numerous films and TV shows – and who therefore knows all the ins and outs of industry challenges. Christopher Riley's THE HOLLYWOOD STANDARD: THE COMPLETE & AUTHORITATIVE GUIDE TO SCRIPT FORMAT AND STYLE (1932907017, $18.95) reveals that poor script formatting is the major cause of not getting fair consideration – and then tells how to overcome this obstacle by following simple format rules to be found here – and which can be learned quickly, in an hour. Christopher Riley ran the script processing department at Warner Brothers and was in charge of applying industry standard formatting rules, so his advice is authoritative and definitive – and all any script writer needs to do it right.

Lillian Hellman
Deborah Martinson
Counterpoint Press
387 Park Avenue South, New York NY 10016
1582433151 $27.95

LILLIAN HELLMAN: A LIFE WITH FOXES AND SCOUNDRELS provides new insights into the many controversies which have surrounded her life, but it's even more special because it's the first to write about Hellman with full cooperation of Hellman's literary executors and others who tell the truth about the robust woman's life. Hellman's sharp wit and comments often made for a radical approach to the stage: her affairs with high profile men and her volatile professional and personal relationships generated many myths and inconsistent images about her life. Fans of Hellman will relish a biography which brings reality back into the picture -–from the mouths and memories of those who knew her best.

Craig Morrison
W.W. Norton
500 – 5th Avenue, New York NY 10110
0393731081 $75.00

THEATERS could've been reviewed in our 'Arts' section for its powerful architectural focus, but it'd be a shame to limit its attraction to architects alone; any with an interest in the stage and theater productions will find this a comprehensive, fascinating survey of the changing history and styles of theaters from early playhouses to modern movie houses. It's the first comprehensive study of American theaters and uses holdings from the Library of Congress to profile a range of styles and settings across the U.S. Blend these archival photos with architectural plans and drawings by artists and you have a powerful visual reference recommended for any serious theater enthusiast.

Ethel Merman
Geoffrey Mark
Barricade Books
185 Bridge Plaza North, #308A, Fort Lee, NJ 07024
1569802939 $24.95

Ethel Merman's stardom came from her fame in the Broadway musical; yet it's surprising to note that there aren't a large number of books on the market covering her life and career as it relates to the concurrent rise of Broadway shows. That's why ETHEL MERMAN: THE BIGGEST STAR ON BROADWAY is an important survey of not only her life but the Broadway scene as a whole: she worked with some of the biggest names of her time and their stories blend with hers in a fine biographical survey. Very highly recommended indeed.

Power of Movies
Colin McGinn
1745 Broadway, New York NY 10019
0375423176 $24.00

Fans of movies and movie history will appreciate this college-level discussion by a philosophy professor who takes a different look at the entertainment industry and its appeal. His analysis considers how movies affect the mind, fire the imagination, and cause viewers to relate to events on screen. Considerations of how screen images pair with emotional reactions and how dreams and narrative work together to create atmosphere create an intriguing blend of philosophical and psychological reflection.

Shooting the Truth
James McEnteer
PO Box 5007, Westport, CT 06881-5007
0275987604 $39.95

Political documentaries are popular now as never before yet behind this popularity has been a wealth of effort to bring them to public attention: an effort documented in SHOOTING THE TRUTH: THE RISE OF AMERICAN POLITICAL DOCUMENTARIES. Author James McEnteer analyzes the politics of a range of documentaries of recent decades, providing chapters which evaluate four artists in depth and use their approaches and works as a foundation for revealing political documentary contents, approaches and growing popularity. While the analysis is particular to these artists as far as selected films used as examples, its implications hold many insights on the documentary film as a whole. College-level audiences of film studies in particular will want to read this.

Rebels & Chicks
Stephen Tropiano
Back Stage Books/Watson-Guptill
770 Broadway, New York NY 10003
0823097013 $19.95

Teens represented in movies have for decades influenced American teens in their actions, but until now no book has provided a survey of the Hollywood teen movie image. REBELS & CHICKS: A HISTORY OF THE HOLLYWOOD TEEN MOVIE examines the genre and how it's changed over the decades, using some of Hollywood's most important teen films to consider changing trends. From nostalgia films of the 50s to horror films of modern times, REBELS & CHICKS documents the image and actions of those who represented teen behavior and draws some fine connections between movie image and changing U.S. teen patterns as a result.

How to Stage a Play
Charles Marowitz
Limelight Editions/Hal Leonard Corporation
19 West 21st Street, Suite 201, New York, NY 10010
0879103221 $12.95 1-800-637-2852

Based on author Charles Marowitz's personal experiences, HOW TO STAGE A PLAY, MAKE A FORTUNE, WIN A TONY AND BECOME A THEATRICAL ICON is for any who would direct a play from beginning to opening night. Here are all the nuances of stage production, from rehearsals and actor-audience psychology to forming an acting group with shared goals and vision. An actor "never forgets sins of omission", Marowitz maintains: learn how to avoid common pitfalls with HOW TO STAGE A PLAY's simple advise and insights based on a typical play's progress.

Second Act Trouble
Steven Suskin
Applause Books/Hal Leonard Corporation
19 West 21st Street, Suite 201, New York, NY 10010
1557836310 $27.95 1-800-637-2852

Theatre buffs will quickly come to find SECOND ACT TROUBLE: BEHIND THE SCENES AT BROADWAY'S BIG MUSICAL BOMBS an essential guide to which shows have failed – and why. Veteran theatrical manager and producer Suskin analyzes over twenty Broadway musical flops from the 1930s to the 1990s, using accounts by those directly involved and articles from respected critics of the times to consider financial failures across the board, from famous productions by well-known artists to lesser-known Broadway shows. Adding his own notes, Suskin provides well-rounded analysis of failures and their influences.

Memoirs of a Geisha
Peggy Mulloy & David James
Newmarket Press
18 East 48th Street, New York NY 10017
1557046832 $40.00

Director Bob Marshall brought Arthur Golden's literary classic to the screen; now Peggy Mulloy's text and David James' gorgeous accompanying color photos bring MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA: A PORTRAIT OF THE FILM to the wide audience of book readers and film fans, probing behind the scenes to uncover how the filmmaker and his team re-created the geisha of Japan of the 1930s and 40s. Insights into geisha culture and screening of the movie accompany a 84-page presentation of visuals from the film in an outstanding keepsake memoir of Japanese history and culture.

Frankly, My Dear
Shelley Klein
250 Wireless Road, Hauppage, NY 11788
0764159577 $14.99

Fans of Hollywood will relish FRANKLY, MY DEAR: QUIPS AND QUOTES FROM HOLLYWOOD. It's a light-hearted look at the Hollywood language which has steeped past the screen and into everyday life. Reflections by George Burns, Ingrid Bergman, Michael Caine and more involved in Hollywood productions make for a fun gathering of some of the most insulting, scathing and hilarious descriptions and observations on screen. Quotes from all eras and all walks of Hollywood life, from actors to directors and observers, make for a lively collection.

The Photography Shelf

One People Many Journeys
Lonely Planet
150 Linden Street, Oakland, CA 94607
1741046009 $40.00

Other visual treats of the 'we are the world' variety have appeared in print; but ONE PEOPLE MANY JOURNEYS is the first in over a decade or more to pack a beautiful gathering of color photos of world peoples with essays on the current state of the human experience. Peoples from all stages of life, under all emotions, and of all nationalities are represented in a blend of full-page color photos and accompanying identifier of country, photographer, and description of photo contents.

Wim Melis,
Aperture Foundation
547 West 27th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001
1931788855 $40.00

NAZAR: PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE ARAB WORLD is a stunning gathering pairing essays by seven international writers with the largest and most diverse collection of Arab photos ever seen in the West. While NAZAR accompanies a traveling exhibition, it also stands solidly and well on its on, providing three sections of images contrasting vintage images from the Arab world with Western perceptions of the cultural and aesthetic forces which have shaped Arab presentations. Black and white and color images alike make NAZAR a study in contrasts and ideas, making for powerful presentations unparalleled in either the photography or Arab culture library. Highly recommended: a 'must have' pick.

Twin Palms Publishers
PO Box 10229, Santa Fe, NM 87504

Two outstanding artistic color presentations display contemporary artists at their best. Lise Sarfati's THE NEW LIFE (1931885451, $ ) uses a long oblong size to profile full-page color photos of her extraordinary photography of people and faces who defy the ability to neatly attach definitions and narratives to subjects. The medium IS the message in this case: a message of expression, everyday, and unique situations. STUDIES OF THE FEMALE NUDE by Andre Dienes (1931885397) is published in a limited first edition of 4,000 casebound copies; so run, don't walk, to get yours – especially if you're a college-level art library. Black and white artistic shots of the female nude are presented on oversized pages for maximum effect, have a strong nature-background orientation, and play with composition as well as presentation: from marbled and venetian-blind foregrounds to studies in contrast. The artistic displays go far beyond most nude photography gatherings, providing the works of a master best known for his Marilyn Monroe photos – but capable, as STUDIES OF THE FEMALE NUDE displays, of so very much more. Both are top recommendations.

Amherst Media
175 Rano Street, #200, Buffalo, NY 14207

These powerful new titles provide professionals and aspiring pros with digital techniques for two very different genres. Bill Lemon's PROFESSIONAL TECHNIQUES FOR NUDE & GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY (1584281782, $34.95) goes beyond the scenes to survey the successes of nude and glamour photographers, using professional images as examples of how to adapt the author's own techniques. From tailoring a pose to enhance nude assets to working with both black and white and color and selecting unique locations for added impact, any photographer will find this an outstanding professional survey of special tips. Ernst Wildi's MASTER COMPOSITION GUIDE FOR DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHERS (1584281790, $34.95) reviews a wide range of composition techniques for landscapes, still lifes, people and nature photography. From developing compositional elements and learning how to use lines effectively to understanding elements of distortion, distracting colors, and composition, here are many of the master techniques which help differentiate the professional's eye from the amateur's attempts. Two new 'Digital Quick Guide' titles are also top picks. Bill Hurter's DIGITAL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY 101 (1584281774, $14.95) offers quick lessons from a long-time master, covering all the basics of solving common portrait problems, posing, disguising flaws, and more. Make the most of digital opportunities to make the most of portrait subjects in this quick guide filled with professional insights. Michelle Perkins' DIGITAL CAMERA TRICKS AND SPECIAL EFFECTS 101 (1584281766, $14.95) tells how to use basic image-editing software to create polished results. From using a strobe light to create stop-action images to warping and blending digital images, Perkins' focus is on shooting and image editing techniques which require no single program or camera type to achieve.

Tropical Blend
Daab inc.
11 Elm Place, Rye, NY 10580
3937718443 $49.95

TROPICAL BLEND is a recommended pick for any college-level art library holding: each page is packed with color photos of women in tropical environments and varying stages of undress – each balanced against beautiful ocean and background settings for added impact. These are outstanding shots – close-ups, unique angles and artistic presentations filled with unexpected moments: the artistry and color surprises and delights here.

The Needlecraft Shelf

Knitting to Go
Kris Percival
Chronicle Books
85 – 2nd Street, San Francisco CA 94105
0811846784 $16.95

Kris Percival puts together over twenty easy knitting patterns in KNITTING TO GO: 25 CHIC AND EASY PATTERNS – but there's more to this than the usual book format: KNITTING TO GO holds the patterns on cards which feature easy step-by-step instructions in English rather than the usual knitter's abbreviations. This serves two purposes: it's a snap to select a card/project and use it on the fly, and it is much more inviting to newcomers to knitting. Add a lovely color photo of finished results on each card and you have a truly unique, appealing set.

Martingale Company
20205 – 144th Avenue NE, Woodinville, WA 98072-8478

Three lovely new titles continue to expand Martingale's wonderful gathering of quilting and sewing guides. Eva Wiechmann's PURSENALITY PLUS: 20 NEW FELTED BAGS (1564776530, $19.95) shows how to knit and few felt bags. There are over ten styles encouraging a range of looks and materials plus patterns for add-ons such as a cell phone holder or eyeglasses case. Projects on big needles explore both traditional and novelty yarns and accompany large-size clear color photos of finished results with tips on pockets, embellishments and more. Linda Repasky's MINIATURE PUNCHNEEDLE EMBROIDERY: SIMPLE TECHNIQUES, BEAUTIFUL PROJECTS (1564776468, $17.95) provides eleven folk-art-inspired designs to illustrate the method of punchneedle embroidery. Easy techniques supplement very basic tips on equipment to get beginners started nearly instantly. Step-by-step photos in color and black and white supplement larger ones of finished results which inspire. Julia Teters-Zeigler's QUILTING THROUGH LIFE: PROJECTS FOR THE MIND, BODY, AND SOUL (1564776409, $24.95) advocates learning relaxation techniques through quilting. Ten lovely traditional quilt patterns accompany recipes for baths, ideas for enjoyment of life, and insights on how to use quilting to reclaim lost time. Easy patterns and colorful, practical results inspire.

Step-by-Step Sewing Course
Reader's Digest Books
Reader's Digest Road, Pleasantville, NY 10570-7000
0762106301 $26.95

Learn to sew by doing -making gifts and custom furnishing with the home – with the help of the easy STEP-BY-STEP SEWING COURSE from Reader's Digest Books. There's no obstacles to success here: bedspreads, tablecloths, duvet covers and more are presented along with tips on what equipment is needed and how to use it, while pages packed with bright color photos each step of the way assure completed projects and in-progress projects are equally successful. Plenty of other guides cover sewing and present projects – but few with the bright color and ease of STEP-BY-STEP SEWING COURSE.

KP Books/F&W Publications, Inc.
700 East State Street, Iola, WI 54990-0001, 1-800-289-0963

There are so many quilter's guides on the market that one might wonder at the need for more; but creative new angles are always being explored, as these latest KP books demonstrate. Terrie Kralik's QUILTED FOREST DΙCOR (0873496522, $23.99) comes from an avid quilter and quilting teacher whose focus here is on themes and home dιcor which will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. From inlay animal panels used as table cloths, runners and placemats to wall hangings, here are over thirty projects which also include full-size patterns, color photos, and tips on tools and techniques. Materials sidebars and size details accompany clear directions for any types of home dιcor projects. Sue Penn's FAT QUARTER QUILTING: FAST, FUN, DONE (0896891712, $23.99) shows quilters how to change the typical fat quarter fabric piece into over twenty easy, coordinated projects and accessories which are great for last-minute gifts. Here re full-size applique patterns and a hundred color photos to accompany these ideas and projects, which range from bed-sized quilts to kitchen and canvas ideas.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

59 John Gleen Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2197

Two excellent, very different science fiction tales offer unusual plots to blend intrigue with futuristic drama. Justina Robson's SILVER SCREEN (1591023386, $15.00) has been shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award and tells of one Anjuli, who has a number of problems: a too-good memory, a boyfriend whose job is turning him into a cyborg, and struggles with machine intelligence. All her problems seem to center around a basic question: in a world where computer and man are becoming closer, what does it mean to be human? Strong characterization keeps this first-person futuristic story fast-paced and compelling. Scott MacKay's TIDES (1591023343, $25.00) tells of a golden land of myth and fantasy which is taught to kids in Paras as a nursery rhyme and accepted by adults as a real world. But a court scientist's discovery challenges a world where truth is a way of life, and sets off a journey of adventure where a mariner's adventure may change his world. Both are exciting, involving reads.

Octavia E. Butler
Seven Stories Press
140 Watts Street, New York NY 10013
1583226907 $24.95

Shori is a young girl and an amnesiac who slowly comes to accept a startling truth: that she's actually an old vampire in disguise, genetically modified to live in daylight. As the only survivor of her world, Shori tries to rebuild her broken life – and to uncover the reasons behind her community's destruction and the ongoing threats to her life. Once again Octavia Butler creates a memorable character and setting which invites enjoyment.

The Cunning Blood
Jeff Duntemann
707 Sapling Lane, Deerfield, IL 60015
0975915622 $28.00

Set on Earth in 2372, the planet is ruled by Canadians who force a politically correct society that has abolished violence along with freedom. Offenders are exiled to a planet named Hell, which has been seeded with nanomachines to keep the Hellions living in primitive conditions – but nobody has checked on Hell for a long time, and a secret society's involvements in Hell reveals a blossoming high-tech civilization with one purpose: to exact revenge. A gripping political battle evolves in a very unusual blend of hard science and military science fiction.

Norwegian Troll Stories
Joanne Asala
Penfield Books
215 Brown Street, Iowa City, IA 52245-5801
1932043101 $12.95

This was released early last year but deserves ongoing mention for fans of fantasy in general and Norwegian folk stories in particular, offering a surprising narrowed focus on trolls and revising and expanding a previous title. Troll adventures appear in both stories and poems by Norwegian writers including such famous names as Henrik Ibsen.

1459 – 18th Street, #139, San Francisco CA 94107

James Patrick Kelly's BURN (1892391279, $19.95) tells of a small planet whose new owner has his dreams of building his personal Walden from scratch – where voluntary simplicity is the rule. Unfortunately its existing inhabitants have other ideas – and they are capable of using fire to defend their own freedoms. Compromises, conflicts, and conflagrations evolve in a satisfying, changing plot that never fails to surprise. Terry Bisson's GREETINGS & OTHER STORIES (1892391244, $24.95) selects ten satiric short stories to represent the best of Bisson's explorations into other times and worlds. There's always a moral and ethical edge to his explorations – and always an assembly of diverse, unpredictable plots and different settings to keep readers on their toes. From an online girl who was killed but is alive in cyberspace to a different kind of terrorist threat, GREETINGS AND OTHER STORIES are steeped in strong characterization and solid science. Tim Powers' STRANGE ITINERARIES (1892391236, $15.95) is for any who love a touch of the supernatural in their science fiction and fantasy: here in his world ghosts are volatile powers, Ether Bunnies abound, and priests face the powers of the dead they are seeking to sanctify.

Baen Books
PO Box 1403, Riverdale, NY 10471

Four new titles provide excellent science fiction action. You can't go wrong with Poul Anderson, whose name is nearly synonymous with the genre, and TIME PATROL (1416509356, $7.99) is an excellent hard science adventure which tells of a time traveler's ethical dilemma. His Patrol seeks to preserve the history they know and protect the future from terrorists who would remold it to their own purposes – even if the past should really be changed. Philip Jose Farmer is another name from the past strongly associated with powerful writing, and STRANGE RELATIONS (1416509348, $13.00) is an excellent compendium of three of his groundbreaking works under one cover: THE LOVERS, FLESH, and STRANGE RELATIONS. A starship captain sent by Earth's religious rulers discovers a human fugitive hiding in an ancient ruins and finds love too strong to ignore, however illogical or forbidden. His adventures with his new love will change worlds. Eric Flint and David Drake's THE DANCE OF TIME (1416509313, $26.00) adds another to the Belisarius series, centering around a general who has gathered the forces of mankind to battle the Malwa evil. Yes, the Malwa and their evil are set to strike again, led by a monster from the future which is part demon and part computer – and the forces of the world are pitted against him in this conclusion to the epic Belisarius military science fiction saga. David Weber's EMPIRE FROM THE ASHES (141650933X, $15.00) is also a winner, providing a fun story of a naval Lieutenant whose simple mission to test a new survey instrument leads to some zany, impossible scenarios – such as the Moon's vanishing and the alien starship which pretends it's the Moon in its place. The mystery deepens in a series of ironic, strange events ranging from history changes to the impossible. Can he return the Earth to its former stable state? Martin Scott's THRAXAS AT WAR (1416520503, $24.00) joins others in the series to also blend fantasy with humor and a tough of PI irony. Here the seedy, broke Thraxas faces a city in trouble whn the Orcs attack under a new leader's rule. He was a hero in the last war but he wants no part of this one – until his investigation at the war ministry involves him anyway.

The Art of Ray Harryhausen
Ray Harryhausen & Tony Dalton
Billboard Books/Watson-Guptill
770 Broadway, New York NY 10003
0823084000 $50.00

While science fiction artist Ray Harryhausen's ART OF is intended as a companion to his prior autobiography AN ANIMATED LIFE, this succeeds well in standing alone as an outstanding focus on his movie art and his overall artwork. Source material for ART OF comes from Harryhausen's own archives, preserved in his London home and published here for the first time. Here are exquisite sketch and scene reproductions, storyboards, original art and models in black and white and color throughout. For avid Harryhausen fans – and there are many – ART OF RAY HARRYHAUSEN is a 'must'. Very highly recommended.

Approaching the Possible
Jo Storm
ECW Press
2120 Queen Street East, #200, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4E 1E2
155022705X $19.95

Fans of the science fiction TV series Stargate SG-1 will welcome a survey of its first eight seasons in APPROACHING THE POSSIBLE: THE WORLD OF STARGATE SG-1. Here's a comprehensive episodic exploration which will be appreciated by new viewers and old fans alike, covering everything from the background details of myth and science presented in the shows to interviews with cast, crew members and all involved. A color centerfold of photos adds some lovely close-ups of the major actors; but it's the episodic reviews that make APPROACHING THE POSSIBLE a fine survey.

The Best Horror Stories Of Arthur Conan Doyle
Frank D. McSherry,, Eds
Academy Chicago Publishers
363 West Erie Street, Chicago, IL 60610
0897332652 $17.95

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is most famous for his Sherlock Holmes investigative short stories; but in fact he also was a master of the form in horror fiction, as THE BEST HORROR STORIES OF ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE proves. From supernatural settings to psychology horror and mysteries, a great diversity of theme, approach and subject is demonstrated in short stories which excel in high drama and intrigue.

The Native American Shelf

The Dance Partner
Diane Glancy
Michigan State Univ. Press
1405 S. Harrison Road, #25, Manley Miles Bldg., E. Lansing, MI 48823-5202
087137573 $19.95

Collections strong in Native American literature and writings will find Diane Glancy's search of Native American culture shines through in her short stories, which begin in the present and move back in Native American history. Tales survey over a hundred years of Native history and provide poignant reflections on spirituality, massacres and more.

The People And the Word
Robert Warrior
University of Minnesota Press
111 – 3rd Avenue South, #290, Minneapolis, MN 55401-2520
0816646171 $19.95

Any collection strong in Native American history, culture or nonfiction in particular will want to add THE PEOPLE AND THE WORD: READING NATIVE NONFICTION: it's a literary exploration of the Native tradition of nonfiction which is accessible by both high school and college-level students, and provides an excellent survey of Native American writers and the critical and literary analysis which may be applied to their works. From making spiritual or emotional connections to learning about the wellsprings of experience which foster these works, THE PEOPLE AND THE WORD provides an excellent foundation for understanding.

Woven Stories
Andrea M. Heckman
University of New Mexico Press
MSC11 6290, 1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
0826329349 $45.00

WOVEN STORIES: ANDEAN TEXTILES & RITUALS is a specialty item recommended for two very different collections: college-level art libraries, and college-level studies specializing in other cultures. The Quechua people of southern Peru may be farmer but they are also weavers from generations past, and their textiles are imbedded with local symbols and processes with a long past. Quchua weavers work in textile forms and designs not seen elsewhere in the Andes: Heckman provides a powerful ethnographic account of these textiles and their role in Quechua daily life, linking patterns and designs with the larger fabric of Andean society. Color photos of both textiles and peoples pack a cultural and artistic survey unique in its offerings.

Discovering North American Rock Art
Lawrence Loendorf,, Editors
University of Arizona Press
355 South Euclid Avenue, #103, Tucson, AZ 85719
0816524831 $55.00

Rock paintings and carvings are found across North America from the south to Canada, and have led to many studies and regional distinctions. Finally here's a title to pull it all together: a scholarly college-level discussion of the extent of North American rock art research which examines sites from the different regions and draws together different approaches to rock art studies. Even more important, DISCOVERING NORTH AMERICAN ROCK ART contrasts changing perceptions on rock art styles and history and will reach both students of archaeology, Native American studies and primitive art history with its newfound insights.

The Fiction Shelf

Now Starring Vivien Leigh Reid
Yvonne Collins & Sandy Rideout
St. Martin's Press
175 – 5th Avenue, New York NY 10010
0312338392 $9.95

Vivien no sooner arrives in L.A. when she questions her decision to spend yet another summer with her actress mother. Her decision to take classes at acting school results in a role on a TV show, but Leigh finds her new summer home challenging not because of her mother, but because of Hollywood's pressures. Here's a novel billed as a teen novel but which should reach into adult circles with its swift action, mature themes, and zany atmosphere.

The Thin Place
Kathryn Davis
Little, Brown
1271 Avenue of Americas, New York NY 10020
0316735043 $23.95

'The thin place' of Kathryn Davis' title is that area separating this world from the spirit world – a very thin line, indeed, which is evident in one small New England town where three girls discover the body of a man at the local lake. When one of them succeeds in reviving the body, Mees and her friends find their world and small town changed by an unexpected gift and an outsider's influence on their world. A rich story of discovery and spirit evolves.

The Rug Merchant
Meg Mullins
Viking Press
375 Hudson, New York NY 10014
0670034819 $23.95

A college student and an Iranian immigrant meet and form an unlikely romance in THE RUG MERCHANT, providing quite a realistic story of a young immigrant who leaves home and wife to start a new life after a terrible earthquake at home – only to find a young American girl from the South sparks a new life in him after he finds his wife at home has been unfaithful to him. A new world opens to a cultured yet repressed conservative rug merchant in this wonderful story of possibilities.

Hesperus Press/Trafalgar Square Publishing
PO Box 257, Howe Hill Road, North Pomfret, VT 05053-0257

Not as many know the name of Tim Parks; but they should – and his shorter fiction appears here in TALKING ABOUT IT (1843917041 $24.95) to reach newcomers and old fans alike. This gathers his shorter works under one cover for the first time and adds new stories written just for TALKING ABOUT IT: from long-time friendships and events to newfound revelations about living well, TALKING ABOUT IT offers many satisfying scenarios. Andre Malraux's THE WAY OF THE KINGS (1843914069, $15.00) provides an excellent piece of classic literature in telling of two who decide to embark on an expedition into Cambodia. A young Frenchman seeks adventure and fortune while the veteran Dutch explorer seeks to recapture his former pride: together they face danger and uncommon revelations.

East Village Tetralogy
Arthur Nersesian
Akashic Books
PO Box 1456, New York, NY 10019
1888451858 $14.95

Take four observational pieces, add a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek humor, and tailor them into the play format and you have a collection which earns remarkable distinction not only for its literary style, but for the fast three of the four plays have already been staged off-Broadway in New York City. RENT CONTROL, EAST VILLAGE WRITER'S BLOC, PLEA BARGAINS and SPARE CHANGE each are dramatic comments on modern social themes with New York's colorful characters and setting enhancing the mood.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Poisoned Pen Press
6962 East First Avenue, #103, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Three outstanding and very different new mysteries are highly recommended picks for discriminating mystery fans. C.R. Corwin's DIG: A MORGUE MAMA MYSTERY (1590582039, $24.95) returns another 'Morgue Mama' story to print, this telling of the newspaper archivist's discovery that her old college friend is murdered at an abandoned landfill where a dig is in progress. Suddenly the 68-year-old librarian is involved in yet another murder investigation – which turns out to be two murders and involves a trip down memory lane to resolve. Kerry Greenwood's URN BURIAL: A PHRYNE FISHER MYSTERY (1590581695, $24.95) tells of a holiday at an Australian gothic mansion in the country where a host faces death threats and traps are set. When murder results and mysterious funerary urns appear, Phyrne sets out on one of the most dangerous investigations of her life. Mary Reed and Eric Mayer's SIX FOR GOLD: A JOHN THE EUNUCH MYSTERY (1590581458, $24.95) tells of sheep killings and the accusation of political murder. A pilgrim destination, an ancient shrine, and a battle with a magician are only a few of the subplots involving John's investigative skills. All pair strong characterization with plots and subplots to keep even the seasoned mystery fan guessing.

Sex, Lies and Online Dating
Rachel Gibson
Avon Books
10 E. 53rd Street, New York NY 10022-5299
0060772913 $6.99

Quinn is an undercover cop hunting down a serial killer and where Lucy sees romance, Quinn sees a top suspect – even if he is attracted to her. Blend a murder mystery with a dating scene romance and you have a satisfying blend of action and love in a candid, even humorous series of close encounters.

Silence of the Loons
R.D. Zimmerman, Intro
Nodin Press
530 North Third Street, Suite 120, Minneapolis, MN 55401
1932472363 $16.00

Thirteen tales of mystery come from Minnesota's best crime writers: while some will be familiar names, such as Ellen Hart and Judith Guest, others will be newcomers to mystery fans outside of the region. These come from a local writer's club which promotes their publications and unites the contributors in an enjoyable pursuit: each received a set of eight clues to serve as a pool, and they were asked to include at least four of these clues in their story. The creative results are wonderfully intriguing and varied.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

The Nightmare Encyclopedia
Jeff Belanger & Kirsten Dalley
New Page Books
PO Box 687, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417
1564147622 $19.99

Plenty of books have been written on dream interpretation, but few provide a specific, centralized focus on nightmares as does THE NIGHTMARE ENCYCLOPEDIA: YOUR DARKEST DREAMS INTERPRETED. Here are insights ranging from historical overviews on dream state theories and ideas to a personal inventory of common nightmares to help readers understand their underlying messages. Four hundred entries discuss universal symbols, spiritual teachings, and the treatment of nightmares in film music and the arts, providing an excellent blend of background and reference.

A New Earth
Eckhart Tolle
375 Hudson Street, New York NY 10014
0535948023 $24.95

A NEW EARTH: AWAKENING TO YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE provides both a spiritual classic and a commentary on how to build a more loving world as a whole: it could have been featured in our religious section but is profiled here for its wider-ranging insights for new age readers. Chapters link personal transformation to the wider goals of evolutionary transformation of human society as a while. His survey of the new consciousness contrasts present consciousness with future goals which hold important insights for the nature of human evolution as a whole.

Complete Book of Numerology
Leonard R.N. Ashley
Barricade Books
185 Bridge Plaza North, #308A, Fort Lee, NJ 07024
156980270X $15.95

Numerology takes your name, birthdate, address and the numbers which often come up in your life and uses this basic foundation to reveal aspects of past, present and future – and THE COMPLETE BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY is the perfect place to understand what these numbers have to do with the process of prediction. Chapters provide a history of numerology, a review of its basic concepts, and a survey of how it applies to everything from fortune telling to lottery wins. Even color senses and Zodiac signs are involved, as COMPLETE BOOK OF NUMEROLOGY reveals.

2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125-2989

Corrine Kenner is a certified tarot master and in TAROT JOURNALING (0738706434 $12.95) has a new book especially for beginners as well as more experienced tarot readers. The process of journaling with tarot is a focus few others take: users are informed on how to start and maintain a tarot journal. From locating journaling materials and keeping appropriate records to overcoming blocks and using the journal as a positive force for change, TAROT JOURNALING uses the Celtic Cross spread as an organizing point. Noel Tyl's VOCATION: SPECIAL TOPICS IN ASTROLOGY (0738707783, $17.95) tells how to locate the vocational profile within a horoscope: a notoriously hard task astrologers often struggle over. This is not just a review of the problems: practicing professional astrologer Tyl has developed his own process – the Midheaven Extension Process – and tested its results to provide a new page to the vocational astrology application. It's a lesson plan other astrologers will relish. Jouce & River Higginbotham's PAGAN SPIRITUALITY: A GUIDE TO PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION (0738705748, $14.95) explores how Pagan spirituality relates to modern culture, presenting exercises to encourage readers to foster magickal skills and spiritual growth through journaling, visualization and meditation. Questions to discuss, exercises, and periodic plan analysis blend with divination and the art of receiving and understanding information from spiritual pursuits.

The Druidry Handbook
John Michael Greer
Red Wheel/Weiser Books
368 Congress, Boston, MA 02210
1578633540 $19.95

Nature spirituality is rooted in Celtic life but has reached into the contemporary world to offer a focus on green earth connections – and THE DRUIDRY HANDBOOK: SPIRITUAL PRACTICE ROOTED IN THE LIVING EARTH provides a fine survey of the challenges of traditional British Druid practice. From seasonal celebrations and meditation efforts to living in harmony with nature, DRUIDRY HANDBOOK covers everything from initiation and legends to differences between modern and ancient druidry beliefs and rituals.

Encyclopedia of Witchcraft
Richard M. Golden, Editor
PO Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
1576072436 $485.00/Set

The weighty four-volume ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WITCHCRAFT: THE WESTERN TRADITION is a top pick for any in-depth collection including more than a casual history on the history of witchcraft or mysticism. Indeed, if only one reference on the topic were to be considered for a holding, it should be this: entries go far beyond the usual encyclopedic few paragraphs of definition to provide pages of historical background, social and cultural insights, and plenty of references for further reading. Explorations of varied cultural insights, references and backgrounds compliment surveys of cross-religious meaning on symbolism and ideas, while biographies of notable historical figures round out the historical references.

The Dream Kit
David Fontana
Thunder Bay Press
5880 Oberlain Drive, San Diego, CA 92121
159223545X $14.95

If you're seeking an inspirational kit blending a journal and dream handbook with cards and a dream catcher – one worthy of gift-giving in its variety – then THE DREAM KIT is for you. The classy book/journal/card/dream catcher package places in one boxed kit everything you need to inspire, interpret and record dreams – and adds a book reviewing dreams and dreaming psychology and spirituality.

Aroma Magic
Connections Book Publishing
St Chad's House, 148 King's Cross Road, London, WC1X 9DH, UK
1850961605 $19.95

The boxed set TITANIA'S AROMA MAGIC: OVER 30 AMAZING FRAGRANT SPELLS AND RITUALS is a winning package pairing an oil diffuser, candle, and spell book to provide everything needed to explore aroma magic rituals. Here are spells all based on the use of scent and incense in ritual – over thirty such spells and ceremonies – in a box kit which emphasizes aroma magic potentials. Perfect gift-giving for that witch who 'has everything'.

Sign of the Dove
MaryRose Occhino
375 Hudson Street, New York NY 10014
0425205444 $22.95

SIGN OF THE DOVE: MARYROSE'S MESSAGES FROM THE OTHER SIDE tells of the renowned psychic medium Occhino who tells how her psychic abilities were first recognized, how she fostered them over the years, and how she worked with clients and eventually held victory over multiple sclerosis. From how to decipher psychic signs and symbols in our own lives to developing valuable lessons from them, SIGN OF THE DOVE comes packed with practical insights.

Animals and the Afterlife
Kim Sheridan
Hay House
PO Box 5100, Carlsbad, CA 92018-5100
1401908896 $16.95

Do animals really have souls – what happens when they die? Kim Sheridan grew up with animals and these questions arose each time a beloved pet died: her investigations into these questions began with some mysterious things she couldn't explain, and her experiences are chronicled here, along with those of others, to be used as evidence of animal souls and afterlife. A reassuring investigation into the alternate world of animals.

Younger By the Day
Victoria Moran
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
006081618X $14.95

A 365-day advice book on how to rejuvenate your body and spirit provides a series of workable advice encouraging youth-enhancing activities, from using jokes to shut-off the worry machine in April around April Fool's Day to breaking the habit of self-comparison and revamping the pantry to get rid of unhealthy foods. More than another set of admonitions, this packs in useful advice in an easy monthly format readers will find truly inspirational.

Love, Luck and Lore
Theresa Hoiles & Elizabeth Carr
Red Wheel Weiser/Conari
368 Congress Street, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02210
1573242047 $14.95

Bring love into your life without relying on the chances of luck with LOVE, LUCK AND LORE: A GUIDE TO SUPERSTITIONS, PRAYERS, SPELLS AND TAKING CHANCES IN THE PURSUIT OF LOVE. World cultures have many methods for finding love, and the charms and practices of other cultures have been gathered for a whimsical and fun guide which uses celebrations, spell rhymes, fortune-telling tricks and charms to get your man.

Merlin and the Discovery Of Avalon in the New World
Graham Phillips
Bear & Company/Inner Traditions
One Park Street, Rochester, VT 05767
159143047X $16.00

Merlin is well known as a Camelot wizard involved with King Arthur, but here's a different take from Graham Phillips, who spent twenty years uncovering evidence that Merlin was actually based on the life of the son of a Roman counsel who was the last of them to rule Britain in the 5th century A.D. Rather than ending his life in the mystical Avalon, Phillips argues that Merlin actual journeyed to the New World via the Arctic Sea: MERLIN AND THE DISCOVERY OF AVALON IN THE NEW WORLD provides the researched evidence to prove this point, and will be a 'must' for any Arthur/Merlin researchers.

The Forbidden Rumi
Nevit O. Ergin & Will Johnson
Inner Traditions
One Park Street, Rochester, VT 05767
1594771154 $14.95

THE FORBIDDEN RUMI: THE SUPPRESSED POEMS OF RUMI ON LOVE, HERESY, AND INTOXICATION presents the 13th-century poet and mystic's spontaneous poems, created after he let go formal religion. Nevit Ergin decided to translate his collected works – the Duivan-I Kebir, which consisted of some forty-four thousand verses packed into over twenty volumes – into English: the Turkish government withdrew its support of his efforts after twenty-two volumes appeared and wouldn't publish the final due to its openly heretical nature. So if you wish to see these contents, you have to look at THE FORBIDDEN RUMI, which presents for the first time in English his poems on love and intoxication.

The Psychology Shelf

Peace of Mind Prescription
Dennis Charney MD & Charles Nemeroff, MD
Houghton Mifflin
222 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116
0618618791 $14.00

Any suffering from anxiety or depression will find plenty of books on the market about the topic – what makes THE PEACE OF MIND PRESCRIPTION: AN AUTHORITATIVE GUIDE TO FINDING THE MOST EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION provides important information on how to get the best treatment, not just how to cope with the problem. Now available in paperback is a fine reference to the world of psychiatry which contrasts treatment approaches, links case history examples to illustrate points, and surveys both seasonal and medical depression. An important, essential guide any general collection should include.

Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2197

Just what is self-esteem? Many believe we must have it; but here's a famous psychologist to say it's all a myth, and he bases his contention on the thoughts of some of the finest religious thinkers and philosophers of our times. Instead Albert Ellis in THE MYTH OF SELF-ESTEEM (1591023548 ) explains his Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy as an alternative to achieve unconditional self-acceptance, using exercises which promote such acceptance over the more commonly held self-esteem. A thought-provoking handbook advocating change. Gerald Alper's PARANOIA OF EVERYDAY LIFE: ESCAPING THE ENEMY WITHIN (1591023459, $18.00) presents a psychotherapist's collection of stories surveying the key elements of everyday paranoia in which common people become increasingly irrational. From the typical path such an individual follows to elements of a paranoid viewpoint and its effects on others, Alper provides a clinical study of a patient whose experiences mirror those progressive paranoid events presented herein. An excellent survey of an increasingly common psychological disorder.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Epidemics and Pandemics
J.N. Hays
PO Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
1851096582 $74.95

College-level collections strong in health references will find a powerful, lasting volume in EPIDEMICS AND PANDEMICS: THEIR IMPACTS ON HUMAN HISTORY: it takes an era-by-era historical approach to plagues from 430B.C.E. to modern times, covering events around the world from Japan and Medieval Europe to Iceland and the U.S., adds chapters on contemporary concerns, and reviews events, medical responses, unresolved historical issues, and further references for more research. Add black and white vintage illustrations and you have a powerful yet easily accessed health history reference.

Children with Disabilities In America
Philip Safford & Elizabeth Safford, Eds.
Greenwood Press
PO Box 5007, Westport, CT 06881-5007
0313331464 $59.95

Plenty of literary and social references speak of disabled children, but CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES IN AMERICA: A HISTORICAL HANDBOOK AND GUIDE takes a different tactic in considering the historical and social milieu of their issues. Chapters consider changing ideas and perceptions of disability, ability, behavior, and differences with articles surveying all types of disability, different movements in handling such children, and narratives on disability management. An excellent historical overview recommended for any college-level collection strong in health literature.

The New Medicines
Bernice Schacter
PO Box 5007, Westport, CT 06881-5007
027598141X $44.95

Every year the pharmaceutical industry produces new medicines – but are they safe? One of the best ways a consumer can find out more about how such new drugs are tested and presented is by reading THE NEW MEDICINES: HOW DRUGS ARE CREATED, APPROVED, MARKETED AND SOLD, by biomedical researcher and teacher Bernice Schacter. Chapters provide historical and business background around major new drugs which have been controversial news topics, analyze the FDA's processes, and survey new marketing techniques aimed at consumers rather than physicians. From product launches to unknown factors in drug interactions, THE NEW MEDICINES provides an excellent historical overview.

Prostate and Urological Disorders Sourcebook
Karen Bellenir
615 Griswold Street, Detroit, MI 48226
0780807979 $78.00

The first edition of the PROSTATE AND UROLOGICAL DISORDERS HANDBOOK is certain to be a popular pick among library reference holdings: it provides very basic consumer information about urological and prostate disorders in men, from common benign conditions to cancers, and it covers all the latest research, treatments, and facts. No prior knowledge is assumed for any of the conditions or terms herein, making it a most assessable general-interest reference.

A Disease Apart
Tony Gould
St. Martin's Press
175 – 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10010
0312305028 $29.95

Hear the world 'leprosy' and you tend to think of bygone eras and diseases no longer threatening modern societies – but A DISEASE APART: LEPROSY IN THE MODERN WORLD shows otherwise, tracing the history of leprosy and surveying the legends, realities, and medical concerns surrounding the disease. From pioneers of early treatments and diagnosis to local epidemics of leprosy, chapters survey the controversies, research, and health risks which have surrounded leprosy. Treatments for cases caught early have been in effect since the 1950s – but there's still lots of misunderstanding and myth surrounding leprosy – and thus the need for this detailed medical history.

Healing Arts Press
One Park Street/Inner Traditions
One Park Street, Rochester, VT 05767

Three excellent surveys of reflexology and massage offer tips for learning pain relief and trigger points. Bernard Kolster, MD and Astrid Waskowiak, MD's THE REFLEXOLOGY ATLAS (1594770913, $24.95) provides a fine oversized, beautifully illustrated atlas of reflexology forms covering every part of the body from toes to head, including shiatsu massage. A symptom section applies reflexology treatments to common disorders, while step-by-step instructions for the massage techniques provides clear discussions of bones, massage zones, and much more. Donna Finando, L.Ac., L.N.T. has two terrific books on related topics: the TRIGGER POINT SELF-CARE MANUAL FOR PAIN-FREE MOVEMENT (159477-808, $18.95) discusses methods of healing and preventing injury to muscles through identification of areas of tightness and restriction and self-care massage and stretching techniques. Any who suffer from muscle pain will find her methods specific and useful, based on her acupuncture and massage background and studies with Janet Travell, MD, a pioneer in pain management. Donna works with Steven Finando, Ph.D., L.A.c. in TRIGGER POINT THERAPY FOR MYOFASCHIAL PAIN: THE PRACTICE OF INFORMED TOUCH (1594770549, $19.95), which goes a step farther in revising and expanding the original edition of INFORMED TOUCH to include chapters on qi, palpatory skills-building and more.

Harmony Books/Crown Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, New York NY 10019

At eighteen months toddler Hillary was struck by a terrible fever which would transform her from a bubbly, verbal child to one prone to seizures, health issues, and with a newfound inability to understand language or speak. Her parents searched for answers from some of the best medical facilities in the country: James Reston Jr.'s FRAGILE INNOCENCE: A FATHER'S MEMOIR OF HIS DAUGHTER'S COURAGEOUS JOURNEY (1400082439 $23.00) recounts their struggle for answers and solutions. All kinds of issues are touched upon here; from stem cell research hopes to animal organ transplantation; yet the center of the story, Hillary, always remains the focus. A poignant, moving story of one family's search for help. Larry Dossey, M.D.'s THE EXTRA-ORDINARY HEALING POWER OF ORDINARY THINGS: FOURTEEN NATURAL STEPS OF HEALTH AND HAPPINESS (030720989X, $24.95) comes from a physician long hailed as one of the discoverers of the idea of 'mind-body medicine'. Here Dr. Dossey discusses sources of natural healing and speedy recovery, exploring the medical research that acknowledges and supports natural remedies. From the return of leeches as useful medical tools to religion as a risk-reduction tool, THE EXTRA-ORDINARY HEALING POWERS OF ORDINARY THINGS surveys both physical and psychological rituals and healing methods.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

"Ye Will Say I Am No Christian"
Bruce Braden, Editor
Prometheus Books
59 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2197
1591023564 $26.00

There's lots of talk about religion and politics and separations of church and state: here's what two of the leaders of the early American Republic thought about religion and politics and their affect on American life in "YE WILL SAY I AM NO CHRISTIAN": THE THOMAS JEFFERSON/JOHN ADAMS CORRESPONDENCE ON RELIGION, MORALS AND VALUES. Granted, it's a specialty item which will probably receive its best audience in advanced high school to college-level holdings; but the letters between the two greats offer frank assessments of church, liberty and freedom of religion and should not be missed by any serious reader of American history or political science.

David and Solomon
Israel Finkelstein & Neil Asher Silberman
The Free Press
1230 Avenue of Americas, New York NY 10020
0743243625 $26.00

Archaeologists are constantly making discoveries in the Middle East, so have they found the palace of King David? No, but they've vastly expanded the knowledge of the times, as DAVID AND SOLOMON: IN SEARCH OF THE BIBLE'S SACRED KINGS AND THE ROOTS OF WESTERN TRADITION shows. A chronological history evolves which uses recent archaeological finds to analyze and date the biblical past, from the first oral memories of David in the 10th century BCE to the changed perceptions of David and Solomon's importance in later years. The idea that the historical reality of ancient Judah created a legend fostered into modern times is supported by many discoveries which the lively exploration DAVID AND SOLOMON analyzes for general-interest readers and Biblical scholars alike.

Viking Press
375 Hudson St., New York NY10014

Daniel C. Dennett's BREAKING THE SPELL: RELIGION AS A NATURAL PHENOMENON (067003472X $25.95) draws some important connections between religion and morality, asking whether religion should be the foundation for defining moral behavior and examining the origins of religion's role in society and individual lives. From considering the changing ideas of God and the roots of religious belief to how religion evolved from folk beliefs, BREAKING THE SPELL provides both history and social commentary. Peter Nabokov's WHERE THE LIGHTNING STRIKES: THE LIVES OF AMERICAN INDIAN SACRED PLACES (0670034320, $24.95) surveys Native American culture and the myths and legends which have kept their close connections with the environment. Chapters are arranged by the four cardinal directions and use four major court cases in which Indians fought against destruction of key sacred places to bring together both past belief and modern controversies surrounding these places. There's a tendency to view Indians as 'ecological saints': WHERE THE LIGHTNING STRIKES takes a different approach, analyzing Indian environmental habits, spirituality and social issues as entwined facets of the whole.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Why do Catholics Eat Fish on Friday?
Michael P. Foley
Palgrave Macmillan
175 – 5th Avenue, New York NY 10110
1403969671 12.95

Many surprises come to light in this easy-reading survey of Catholic influences on the modern world; from the origins of Groundhog day from Catholic celebrations or the idea the common pretzel was a Lenten reward for the pious. From inventions and U.S. symbols to food and drink traditions, WHY DO CATHOLICS EAT FISH ON FRIDAY provides items of interest not just to Catholics, but to any who wonder about the origins of certain traditions around the world.

353 Sacramento, Suite 500, San Francisco CA 94111-3653

How did mistakes change the content of the Bible – and who changed it? Any who would study the Bible and Jesus' teachings must consider the history presented in Bart D. Ehrman's MISQUOTING JESUS: THE STORY BEHIND WHO CHANGED THE BIBLE AND WHY (0060738170 $24.95): it presents a solid Biblical scholar's study of the Bible in their original languages, following his initial discovery of the many mistakes and intentional alterations made by earlier translations. When Ehrman made these discoveries he began charting the mistakes ancient scribes made to the New Testament – and their impact on the modern Bible. Fifteen hundred years of hand-copied manuscripts and their differences are synthesized into a very provocative, readable study which any Bible student will find fascinating. Very highly recommended. Jim Wallis' GOD'S POLITICS: WHY THE RIGHT GETS IT WRONG AND THE LEFT DOESN'T GET IT (0060558288, $25.95) discusses issues of God, moral values, and politics in a hard-hitting volume which shows how the American right has used the language of faith to support its political agenda, while the Left has largely ignored religion. GOD'S POLITICS isn't just a survey of neglected issues or abused religious perceptions on both sides, however: it calls for making both sides more accountable to the key values of religious tradition – and makes some important links between Biblical tradition and national interests. An important survey any religious individual needs to read.

The Judaic Studies Shelf

Unchosen: The Hidden Lives Of Hasidic Rebels
Hella Winston
25 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108-2892
0807036269 $23.95

Sociologist Hella Winston's survey of the difficult choices facing Hasidic Jews in modern worlds delineates points of rebellion and points of traditional acceptance of rigid Hasidic beliefs in UNCHOSEN: THE HIDDEN LIVES OF HASIDIC REBELS. Winston first began speaking with Hasidic Jews for her doctoral dissertation in sociology and met members of the highly insular Satmar sect. She received unprecedented access, as a nonobservant Jew with little knowledge of their world – and perhaps it was her background which led many to open up to the truths about differences between and among Hasidic sects and the secret feelings of members who longed for a life with fewer restrictions and more tolerance. A new world was thus revealed to an outsider – perhaps for the first time – and in UNCHOSEN is shared with the world.

The Islamic Studies Shelf

A Season in Mecca
Abdellah Hammoudi
Farrar Straus Giroux
19 Union Square West, New York NY 10003
0809076098 $26.00

A SEASON IN MECCA: NARRATIVE OF A PILGRIMAGE comes from a Muslim writer who is always questioning his religion's fundamentals – but not its meaning. His survey of how his fellow Muslim make the pilgrimage to Mecca, and why, gets him on the road of pilgrims, to personally investigate the different worlds of Islam and the varied reasons pilgrims have for making the sacred journey. Moroccan scholar Hammoudi's own pilgrimage to Mecca describes its history, religious importance, and social effects alike, as well as the politics which influence the pilgrimage itself. A 'must' for any who would understand modern Muslim sentiments.

Through Our Enemies' Eyes
Michael Scheuer
Potomac Books
22841 Quicksilver Drive, Dulles, VA 20166-2012
1574889672 $19.95

Any studying Islamic terrorism and the current war must understand Bin Laden, his movement, and how radical Islam operates. There's no better place to do this than with the latest revised edition THROUGH OUR ENEMIES' EYES: OSAMA BIN LADEN, RADICAL ISLAM AND THE FUTURE OF AMERICA. Here is a treatment which analyzes his ideology, its translation to terrorist activities, and its potential for future conflict. Chapters provide a strong focus on Bin Laden's character traits, various exiles, impact on other nations, and instigation of jihad. A 'must' for any who would understand the roots of Bin Laden's organization and ideas.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Winds of Change
Eugene Linden
Simon & Schuster
1230 Avenue of Americas, New York NY 10020
0684863529 $26.00

Any concerned with climate change and the history of civilization's rise and fall would do well to consider the history in THE WINDS OF CHANGE: CLIMATE, WEATHER, AND THE DESTRUCTION OF CIVILIZATIONS. Here patterns of civilization prosperity and weaknesses are linked to changes in climate patterns, from good weather to drought and storms. From the probable fates of ancient societies suddenly demolished or moved to mounting evidence that such changes have been serial killers in human civilization's history, THE WINDS OF CHANGE holds some thoughtful implications for us all, blending science and history in an absorbing text.

Earthscan (Stylus, Dist.)
8-12 Camden High Street, London, NW1 0JH, UK

These very important new conservation titles address different issues of wildlife conservation and natural resources management. Anthony Cunningham, edit CARVING OUT A FUTURE: FORESTS, LIVELIHOODS AND THE INTERNATIONAL WOODCARVING TRADE (184407045X, $69.95), which provides a detailed coverage on the cultural and economic contribution of woodcarving to livelihoods and its affect upon the environment. A global overview of the topic moves to regional focus of woodcarving efforts in Asia, Africa, and South America, with chapters outlining issues in both sustainability and woodcarving economics. It's a scholarly ethnobotanical survey which is especially recommended for college-level holdings on the topic. Luc J.A. Mougeot's AGROPOLIS: THE SOCIAL, POLITICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL DIMENSIONS OF URBAN AGRICULTURE (1844072320, $45.00) offers this same audience a detailed, in-depth survey of urban agricultural issues, presenting the first findings of original field work funded by IDRC's AGROPOLIS project, conducted in mostly third world countries around the world. These studies consider how to blend 'city farming' into an urban landscape, discussing changing perspectives on regional urban agriculture, local sustainable development programs, and political and economic issues from urban area samplings. Peter Taylor's BEYOND CONSERVATION: A WILDLAND STRATEGY (1844071987, $35.00) draws some important connections between conservation and land management issues. It focuses on managing existing wildlands in Britain and discusses the need to restore and repair damaged ecosystems, blending social, wildlife management and spiritual insights into the mix. In focussing on and highlighting specific management projects in different regions of the country, BEYOND CONSERVATION offers many insights on rebuilding ambitions. Jonathan Porritt's CAPITALISM AS IF THE WORLD MATTERS (1844071928) provides college-level readers with a fine survey of how capitalism at its foundations may be a part of the environmental problem as a whole. Many time commercial activities themselves lend to eroding environments: it's up to both business and government to work hand in hand to build a form of capitalism and free market solutions which lend towards sustainability rather than away from it – and to consider the chapters in CAPITALISM AS IF THE WORLD MATTERS, which offers commentary and guideposts for building different capital resources.

Cities and Nature
Roger L. Kemp, Editor
McFarland & Co
PO Box 611, Jefferson, NC 28640
0786422149 $35.00

Cities and towns across the country are making an effort to restore nature and increase green space, and CITIES AND NATURE: A HANDBOOK FOR RENEWAL brings together their efforts, providing essays from over fifty experts around the country who survey the efforts of urban areas to blend nature into their plans. From creation to restoration and preservation projects, cases provide a range of geographic, cultural and political concerns and thus provide a more diverse selection of case history examples, problems and solutions than most.

Working Wilderness
Nathan F. Sayre
Rio Nuevo Press
451 North Bonita Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85745
1887896813 $24.95

WORKING WILDERNESS: THE MALPAI BORDERLANDS GROUP AND THE FUTURE OF THE WESTERN RANGE may sound so specialized that one would think it limited only to college-level regional holdings – but it's not. The Western range covers the extent of America's western landscape and its history reveals it's one of the most fiercely contested areas in the country when it comes to land management issues. Private lands have lately been changing to residential development, further involving political and social issues conflicts, which are chronicled in WORKING WILDERNESS. Here geography professor Nathan Sayre examines the alliances that have worked to preserve the open range, The Malpai Borderlands Group, and provides an unusual expose of their efforts.

Green Roofs
Earth Pledge
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310
0764321897 $39.95

GREEN ROOFS: ECOLOGICAL DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION advocates the construction of 'green roofs' which can reduce energy demand and protect wildlife, packing in a survey of buildings and communities already using such roofs to their advantage. Some forty case studies of these projects pair color photos of roofs around the world with discussions of sustainable development and project management: thus practical applications appear alongside environmental advocacy. Experts also discuss technical requirements and history, which will please working architects. An excellent survey of working green roofs and their appeal.

Tools for Environmental Management
Dixon Thompson
University of Calgary Press
2500 University Drive N.W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2N 1N4
0889532893 $37.95

TOOLS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT: A PRACTICAL INTRODUCTION AND GUIDE is a recommended college-level pick for any collection strong in environmental issues or environmental management. It provides a review of the Environmental Management Systems as a whole, surveying over twenty linked tools ranging from product and technology assessment and economics to purchasing guidelines and human factors. While billed as a 'primer', it's anything but an easy introduction: college-level audiences already involved in environmental management courses will find it a weighty but invaluable survey.

The Science Shelf

Facts on File
132 West 31st Street, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10001

Three new references are top picks for science library holdings from the high school into the college levels: each offers a fine reference to both terminology and basic concepts, includes the latest new terms and research, and provides entries not only new, but substantially revised wherever necessary. The updated fourth editions of Robert Hine's FACTS ON FILE DICIONARY OF BIOLOGY (081605648X, $17.95) and John Diantith's DICTIONARY OF CHEMISTRY (0816056501, $17.95) each pack in cross-referenced entries which define and explain the most frequently used terms, adding pronunciation symbols for over a thousand uncommon terms and providing tools which aid in interpretation and analysis. Add line drawings, tables, and charts and you have two references which compete well with online information. Don Rittner and Ronald A. Bailey, Ph.D.'s ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CHEMISTRY (0816048940, $75.00) provides this same age group with a basic yet detailed coverage which provides essays, definitions, examples and discussions surrounding some of the most basic chemistry ideas. This has over two hundred cross-referenced entries, four essays, and discussions applying chemistry science to daily life.

Encyclopedia of Science Technology and Ethics
Carl Mitcham, Editor
Thomson Gale
27500 Drake Road, Farmington Hills MI 48331-3535
0028658329 $450.00

College-level audiences with very strong holdings in science, technology or medical studies must have the 4-volume ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND ETHICS: it will reach these disciplines and more equally well, holding strong references on topics ranging from biology and medicine to business ethics, astronomy and public relations, and politics and social values. Much more than a compendium of topics and definitions or examples, articles provide detailed discussions linking ethical and social issues to advancements in technology, challenges of working with it, and more. From philosophy to bioethics and beyond, no serious college collection should be without.

The Dance of Molecules
Ted Sargent
Thunder's Mouth Press
247 West 17th Street, 11th Floor, New York NY 10011
1560258098 $25.00

Nanotechnology is talked about quite a bit and is reaching ever more into the daily news; but if you'd really understand its basics, don't miss the most readable THE DANCE OF MOLECULES: HOW NANOTECHNOLOGY IS CHANGING OUR LIVES. Author Ted Sargent is a visiting professor of nanotechnology but you'll be surprised to find his exploration is quite readable, discussing the latest potentials of nonotechnology experiments and research and equating this research to all disciplines of science. Both positives and perils are surveyed with easy examples and just enough in-depth discussion to make it useful for college supplementing reading.

Mariana Gosnell
Alfred A. Knopf
1745 Broadway, 17th floor, New York, NY 10019
0679426086 $30.00 1-800-726-0600

Mariana Gosnell is a former Newsweek reporter and pilot, and her so her exploration of the science and nature of ice reads easily for the general-interest reader – yet contains plenty of science to support research and latest theories. ICE: THE NATURE, THE HISTORY, AND THE USES OF AN ASTONISHING SUBSTANCE surveys different kinds of ice in North America, discusses its effects on nature and the human body, and surveys the latest scientific research into ice's developments. An excellent survey which will appeal to general interest audiences and students alike

From So Simple a Beginning
Charles Darwin
W.W. Norton
500 – 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10110
0393061345 $39.95

It's a rare treat to be able to locate all four of evolutionist pioneer Charles Darwin's books in one library – and so it's a special treat to have them handily published under one cover and slipboxed for added durability and attraction. Here are THE VOYAGE OF THE BEATLE, ON THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES, THE DESCENT OF MAN and THE EXPRESSIONS OF THE EMOTIONS IN MAN AND ANIMALS, representing Darwin's evolving theories. His texts are taken directly from facsimiles of his original first editions, are tied together by six original essays and introductions by Edward O. Wilson, and make for an excellent gathering paired with nearly two hundred illustrations scanned from originals – many by Darwin himself. If only one definitive Darwin title were to be included in a college-level holding, it should be this one.

Stuck with Virtue
Peter Augustine Lawler
ISI Books
PO Box 4431, Wilmington, DE 19807-0431
1932236848 $25.00

With all the talk about human enhancements, cloning, and gene alterations, are we heading for a Brave New World of horror? Plenty of science fiction stories would have you think so – but not political philosophy scholar Peter Lawler in STUCK WITH VIRTUE: THE AMERICAN INDIVIDUAL AND OUR BIOTECHNOLOGY FUTURE. His contention is that, quite the opposite, mankind's own libertarian principles will lend to tyranny, not biological experimentation – and he maintains that the human ability to different between feeling good and being good will remain as a stop gate to biotechnology's fast pace. An intriguing discussion.

Lynn E. Foster
Prentice Hall/Pearson
1 Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
9131927566 $29.99

Nanotechnology is promising to revolutionize many businesses and while some of this is touched upon in other books, most focus on the science involved. NANOTECHNOLOGY: SCIENCE, INNOVATION AND OPPORTUNITY gathers writings by the field's leading experts to provide the latest facts, edits the information by a key industry advisor, and surveys everything from social change implications and business obstacles and hype. Much more wide-ranging than most, it links the emerging science to key issues not just in science and ethics but reaching into the business development world.

The Cosmic Landscape
Leonard Susskind
Little, Brown
1271 Avenue of Americas, New York, NY 10020
0316155799 $24.95

Leonard Susskind's name will be immediately familiar to any interested in astrology: he's the physicist who first introduced the idea of string theory to physical science and inspired a generation of physicists. Just when their ideas seemed stuck, Susskind returns to continue the discussion and probe of links between physics and cosmology, presenting a discussion on why physical laws seem so perfectly balanced to lend to life. An intriguing discussion of intelligent design versus change evolves.

Biotechnology Unglued
Michael D. Mehta, Editor
UBC Press
2029 West Mall, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6T 1Z2
077481134X $29.95

Will biotechnological advances really create a better world free of hunger and medical troubles, or will it result in benefits to only users who can afford it - and will these benefits hold a dangerous impact for religion or society? Such is the discussion explored in essays in BIOTECHNOLOGY UNGLUED: SCIENCE, SOCIETY & SOCIAL COHESION. From applications and issues in agriculture and medicine to social issues, biotechology's promises and dangers alike are surveyed in scholarly discussions.

World as Laboratory
Rebecca Lemov
Hill & Wang/Farrar Straux Giroux
19 Union Square West, New York NY 10003
0809074648 $30.00

In the 1930s and 40s an idea evolved to build a grand system to chart people's actions, behaviors and even thoughts, and control them to cure society's problems. These early social scientists ran animals then men through mazes – and after World War II, new money and techniques allowed that information to go into computers to measure and target all kinds of ides and thoughts. Later on, CIA involvements in the idea led to brainwashing, coercive interrogation techniques, and behavior control. WORLD AS LABORATORY: EXPERIMENTS WITH MICE, MAZES AND MEN charts the path of these frightening changes and offers some important insights. A 'must' for any studying social science history.

Living Mountains
Jacques Kornprobst & Christine Laverne
Mountain Press
PO Box 2399, Missoula, MT 59806
0878425136 $18.00

At first glance this would seem like a very simple primer for kids: larger print and a little under a pages provides a condensed approach to a topic often treated in depth for adults – but any high school library holding strong in geology will find LIVING MOUNTAINS: HOW AND WHY VOLCANOES ERUPT an important addition, providing an easy coverage of the latest volcanology findings. Nearly fifty watercolors compliments a survey general audiences will find surprisingly accessible.

Greenwood Press
PO Box 5007, Westport, CT 06881-5007

Rose M. Morgan's THE GENETICS REVOLUTION (0313336725, $49.95) surveys the scientific research being done currently in genetics and how it's likely to impact our lives. From the Human Genome Project to studies in stem-cell research and cloning, science blends with an analysis of social impact and political influence on research, results and applications. Chapters offer reports, analysis, and pro/con viewpoints alike. Mark Y. Herring's GENETIC ENGINEERING (0313334730, $49.95) continues the discussion, narrowing the focus to a history of the discipline's primary controversies and using proponents' viewpoints to provide pro/con discussions of individual cases. From scholarly assessments to debates between medical physicians and social scientists alike, chapters cover everything from a basic history of genetic engineering and scientists who influenced it to a coverage of social impacts on legislation, health and more. Taner Edis' SCIENCE AND NONBELIEF (0313330786, $65.00) joins others in Greenwood's 'Guides to Science and Religion', examining ways in which science and religious belief co-exist. Major issues between the two from evolution to modern physics research and findings survey the political and scientific content of debates over science and non belief, consider the impact of theories and findings, and include plenty of primary source documents. Rusty L. Myers' THE BASICS OF PHYSICS (0313328579, $75.00) joins others in the 'Basics of the Hard Sciences' series, providing students at the advanced high school through college levels with a basic introduction to physics and its daily applications. A historical overview of the discipline's evolution and science compliments chapters discussing experiments, science fair projects, and options for working in the field. Perfect for students considering entering the discipline. Also recommended is Robert W. Collin's THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY: CLEANING UP AMERICA'S ACT (0313333416, $75.00). While this could've been featured in our Political Shelf area (it's part o Greenwood's 'Understanding Our Government' series), it's better featured here, for it's vital importance to the issues involved in cleaning up environmental problems. The EPA is a young, powerful federal agency which is faced with the task of environmental protection in a world daily affected by changing technology and its after-products. Chapters chart political and social controversies but also survey its organization, programs, key events, and social impact. Details on environmental clean-up challenges are particularly insightful, offering clues on how the agency responds and operates.

The Astronomy Shelf

What's Out There
Mary K. Baumann,
Duncan Baird
Castle House, 6th Floore, 75-76 Wells Street, London, W1T 3QH, UK
184431906 $29.95

Stephen Hawking provides the foreword to WHAT'S OUT THERE: IMAGES FROM HERE TO THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE. Here are nearly two hundred of the most important images ranging from close-ups of Mars to views of the most distant nebula. An alphabetical arrangement allows for quick and easy reference and topics which lend to commentary by experts as they accompany striking color photos. Photos have been dulled from archives and astronomical sources from around the world and beyond the planet and provide an amazing A-Z picture record of striking images. Very highly recommended; especially for college-level astronomy holdings.

Northern California Starwatch
Mike Lynch
Voyageur press
380 Jackson Street, St. Paul, MN 55101-3885
0760324654 $24.95

Joining others in the lovely 'Starwatch' series with its excellent regional focus is a guide for Northern California amateur astronomers, NORTHERN CALIFORNIA STARWATCH, which offers specifics on the constellations visible to Northern California residents. Each of the 12 star maps herein – one for each month – is set for Northern California especially, allowing residents to literally use their backyards as an observation point. Plenty of science and insights on myths and legends accompanies these star charts, making it a guide the entire family can readily enjoy.

The Art Shelf

David Wakefield
Chaucer Press
20 Bloomsbury Street, London, WC1B 3JH, UK
19404449352 $45.00

David Wakefield holds a long and special interest in French art and literature and has other publications on the topics to his name, so BOUCHER, a study of the artist whose works have become synonymous with the Rococo period of mid-18th century France, is a logical study for his talents. BOUCHER examines the sum of his prolific career and his history, providing a survey of his works, changing times, and influences. Full-page color photos use his paintings as stepping stones to understanding his art and early roots in Dutch naturalism. An excellent survey.

The New Artist's Manual
Simon Jennings
Chronicle Books
85 – 2nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
0811851249 $29.95

If you're an artist seeking the basics of how to set up a studio and use professional methods in a range of media, THE NEW ARTIST'S MANUAL: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO PAINTING AND DRAWING MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES is for you. There are so many new materials on the market today that there's an ever-present need for a comprehensive coverage of them: THE NEW ARTIST'S MANUAL provides such depth in surveying paper and paint choices, pros and cons of controlling output under different conditions, experimenting with materials and textures, and much more. An outstanding guide aspiring artists will want to look it – and it's packed with color examples on every page.

Art of Japan
Nancy Grossman,, Selectors
Hudson Hills Press
PO Box 205, Manchester, VT 05254
0940717840 $50.00

ART OF JAPAN: MASTERPIECES FROM THE CLEVELAND MUSEUM OF ART represents a comprehensive collection of images: the first Japanese objects entered the holding a few decades after the country had been opened to the West, and continues to this day. From carvings and sculptures to paintings, ceramics and more, ART OF JAPAN documents some of the best pieces and provides accompanying history on Japanese art history and trends. The blend of collection highlights and commentary on sculptors' works and underlying influences provides not just a documentation of top collection pieces, but a logical survey of Japanese art history.

Out of the West
Suzan Campbell, Ph.D.
Western Edge Press
126 Candelario Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501
1889921211 $34.95

The Gund Collection of Western Art's holdings serve as the foundation for a powerful gathering of paintings, drawings and photos in nearly 60 full-page reproductions in color in OUT OF THE WEST: THE GUND COLLECTION OF WESTERN ART. Accompanying these gorgeous reproductions are sidebars of historic reference which discusses painter influences, subject, and background history: enough to lend further appreciation, especially for those less familiar with Western art and artists. Gund was a fine storyteller and collected art as part of his fascination for Western culture and themes: OUT OF THE WEST is a fine and fitting tribute to his perspective, sharing his collection with the world.

Still Looking
John Updike
Alfred A. Knopf
1745 Broadway, 17th floor, New York, NY 10019
1400041189 $40.00 1-800-726-0600

In 1989 a collection of John Updike's writings on art appeared under the title JUST LOOKING, providing a refreshingly different viewpoint on the art world: in the last sixteen years he's continued his career as an art critic and has selected eighteen prime articles on American art for this edition. From eccentric artists and unusual American art history influences to portraits of historic figures, Updike's literary and historical review touches upon a range of mediums, artists, and emotional and spiritual influences, making STILL LOOKING: ESSAYS ON AMERICAN ART a vivid, lively consideration.

The Anime Art of Hayao Miyazaki
McFarland & Company
PO Box 611, Jefferson, NC 28640
0786423692 $45.00

The films of Miyazaki attract many and has found its audience in America as well as Japan – which makes THE ANIME ART OF HAYAO MIYAZAKI an excellent addition for any interested in anime animation techniques. Traditional cel and computer animation alike are explored along with a biographical sketch of Miyazaki's life and achievements. From his early comic book art to his later films, the extent of his productions – all the way to his latest Howl's Moving Castle – document his rise in an excellent scholarly analysis of his productions. Any involved in anime in either print or film knows the name of Miyazaki – and here has a rare opportunity to receive further insights on his works and approaches over the decades.

Growing Up Guggenheim
Peter Lawson-Johnston
Intercollegiate Studies Institute/ISI Books
PO Box 4431, Wilmington, DE 19807-0431
19322236570 $35.00 1-800-526-7022

The author is a Guggenheim himself and the board president who saw the museum changed from a local New York institution to a world-wide art venture: his background lends an insider's eye and appreciation to GROWING UP GUGGENHEIM: A PERSONAL HISTORY OF A FAMILY ENTERPRISE. His accounts of his grandfather Solomon Guggenheim begins with the museum's founder's achievements and family interactions and tells stories of the institution's evolution within and outside the family. His memoirs of personalities over the decades, controversies which affected its efforts to expand, and the author's own career makes for a colorful series of vignettes which come packed with business financials, insights, and art history. A 'must' for any who would understand the Guggenheim enterprise.

Great Street Art
Victor Burleigh
Schiffer Publishing
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310
0764322710 $29.95

Fans of music poster art have a number of general titles on the topic to choose from; but for something more specific and specialized – and therefore, more in depth – choose GREAT STREET ART: REGGAE, BLUES AND WORLD BEAT POSTERS 1977-89. Black and white and some two-color prints of such posters appear full-page and come from the author's own gathering of over five hundred originals from San Francisco. These are largely club posters from events which demonstrate a range of advertising approaches and art, making STREET ART the perfect acquisition not just for the art school library, but for business schools seeking solid, large-size examples of advertising art that works.

100 Posters 134 Squirrels
Jay Ryan
Punk Planet/Akashic Books
PO Box 1456, New York, NY 10019
1888451939 $21.00

The first collection of poster artist Jay Ryan is both a biography and an art celebration: it gathers his works from rock clubs to galleries and arrives not alone but supplemented by essays from other involved in the music, design and poster worlds. Full-color reproductions of his works supplement these insights to create an excellent catalog of screenprint poster genius: a must for any collecting underground poster art.

The Art of Italian Film Posters
Mel Bagshaw
Black Dog Publishing
Unit 4.04 Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JJ, UK
1904772315 $39.95

Italian cinema has produced some of the most amazing poster art on the market, and these all are a highlight in THE ART OF ITALIAN FILM POSTERS, a documentary of the best of these posters which packs in gorgeous full-page color displays throughout. The outstanding presentation provides an overview of Italy's fine films, pairing excellent historical and artistic text by Mel Bagshaw with over two hundred examples from the 20th century up to the late 1970s. Very highly recommended.

The Architecture Shelf

Mehrdad Yazdani
Joseph Giovannini, Introduction
Balcony Press
512 East Wilson Street, #213, Glendale, CA 91206
1890449296 $29.95

Artist Mehrdad Yazdani has practiced his work in one place for most of his life, earning the respect of fellow architects and critics for his imaginative designs of public buildings: this represents the first gathering of his work under one cover: some 23 projects both large and small, built and un-built. Blueprints and design patterns accompany full-page color photos of constructed buildings to capture the extent of Yazdani's vision in a wonderful, compelling presentation highly recommended for college-level art libraries specializing in architectural displays – especially modern architects.

Living Homes
Thomas J. Elpel
12 Quartz Street, Pony, MT 59747
1892784181 $30.00

The house of your dreams needn't be unaffordable: integrated design and construction methods can help in the planning process and can result in much savings, and LIVING HOMES: INTEGRATED DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION is the perfect guide to that process. Chapters cover everything from calculating energy usage and efficiency to considering water supply and waste system options, bonding walls, and more. Black and white photos throughout reinforce instructions on how to cut construction costs along the way. LIVING HOMES deserves ongoing recommendation as an excellent choice for any who would pay attention to cost-efficient design.

Architecture of France
David A. Hanser
Greenwood Press
88 Post Road West, Westport, CT 06881
0313319022 $75.00

Joining others in Greenwood's 'Reference Guides to National Architecture' is the detailed study ARCHITECTURE OF FRANCE, perfect for college-level art history collections specializing in international architecture. All regions of France are surveyed with over sixty of France's architectural landmarks analyzed. Location, style, architects and periods of construction and renovation are all cross-referenced with entries on history. Add black and white photos throughout and bibliographical references and you have a solid reference.

Ettore Sottsass: Architect and Designer
Ronald T. Labaco
49 West 24th Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10010
1858943205 $39.95

Italian architect and designer Ettore Sottsass is the founder of Memphis, the Milan design collaborative, but he's worked in all kinds of design, not just the Postmodern movement he's so noted for – and ETTORE SOTTSASS emphasizes this point in providing the first major catalog of his works in over a decade. Key themes of his career accompany design examples in ceramics, glass, jewelry, architecture and more, selecting highlights for over sixty-five years. Full-page color photos back a discussion of his influences and art.

The Dance Shelf

Dance in Cuba
Gil Garcetti
Balcony Press
512 E. Wilson Street, #213, Glendale, CA 91206
1890449342 $65.00

Photographer Gil Garcetti first achieved fame with his work IRON: ERECTING THE WALT DISNEY HALL and FROZEN MUSIC: DANCE IN CUBA is quite another work all together – and equally impressive. Garcetti worked with Miguel Iglesias Ferrer, director of a Cuban dance company, and other dance company directors and dancers to produce DANCE IN CUBA: but it's more than a focus on the Cuban stage. Behind-the-scenes shots, images of street dance, and candid action shots make DANCE IN CUBA come alive.

The Fashion Shelf

Off the Wall
Here & There
175 – 5th Avenue, #300, New York NY 10010
159691047X $12.95

For a short time the bureaucrats who ran East Germany decided to bring some style into their lives, hiring professional photographers and models to represent fashion and socialist achievements. OFF THE WALL: FASHION FROM EAST GERMANY 1964 TO 1980 documents these daring images, adding a set of intriguing color photos rarely seen in the West to the chronicles of world fashion history. Some of the Republik's most daring fashion experiments come to life under the hand of photographer Gunter Rubitzsch, who hired local models and chose socialist-inspiring backgrounds to display fashion.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

101 Best Graphic Novels
Stephen Weiner
NBM Publishing
555 – 8th Avenue, #1202, New York, NY 10018
1561634441 $9.95

If you're a graphic novel fan you'll want to keep up with the best using THE 101 BEST GRAPHIC NOVELS as your guide. Here's a concise, updated reference to the best which includes such extensive revision that over half the listings are new – and reflect the best in manga art, too. A diverse range of in-print graphic novel styles is represented, a new section includes books about comics, and the result is a top selection including summaries of offerings and background detail.

The Interior Design Shelf

Degunking Your Home
Joli Ballew
Paraglyph Press
4015 North 78th Street, #115, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
1933097116 $19.99

Has household junk threatened to take over your life – or bury it? Then you need degunking your home: a fun yet specific guide to how to reduce clutter and keep it at bay. A 'quick degunking sheet' offers a template plan of attack, room-specific tools offer methods for de-cluttering common space hogs, and tips include saving money and having fun in the process. A 'must' for any who find clutter taking over.

House Thinking
Winifred Gallagher
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
0060538694 $24.95

Plenty of books focus on interior decorating or rooms which look good: HOUSE THINKING: A ROOM BY ROOM LOOK AT HOW WE LIVE focuses on the feel of living spaces, providing a psychological house tour which pairs renovation and design concerns with psychological and the social impact of a home's arrangements. Her behavior-oriented approach to rooms borders on feng shui but goes further in drawing important connections between design and human health and purpose.

W.W. Norton
500 – 5th Avenue, New York NY 10110

Frances Elkins was a legendary interior designer of the early 1900s whose works included major residential and public commissioned projects as well as fabrics, furniture and accessories. Her works were among the best of her times and she earned a reputation for her progressive outlook in the field – but Stephen M. Salny's FRANCES ELKINS INTERIOR DESIGN (0393731464 $65.00) is the first book devoted to her life and works, gathering all of her achievements under one cover. Full-page displays of all her works from thirty years accompany biographical and artistic notes in a splendid, authoritative treatment by a researcher whose lifelong study of David Adler led inevitably to his sister Frances Elkins (who was Adler's collaborator on many commissions). The third edition of Jerryll Habegger and Joseph H. Osman's SOURCEBOOK OF MODERN FURNITURE (0393731707, $85.00) should be on the reference shelves of ANY serious interior design collection. Appearing in its third revised edition, SOURCEBOOK provides one of the most authoritative guides to furniture and lighting designs of the 20th and 21st centuries in print, pairing color photos with features of works by hundreds of notable designers. Photos arranged by type of furniture or fixture make it simple for quick look-ups, while lists of suppliers and indexes of designers and manufacturers provide invaluable cross-referencing.

The Hunting/Fishing Shelf

The Great Duck Misunderstanding
Brian R. Peterson, Compiler
Willow Creek Press
PO Box 147, Minocqua, WI 54548
1572239832 $24.50

Hunters and fishermen who appreciate humor will love THE GREAT DUCK MISUNDERSTANDING AND OTHER STORIES: THE VERY BEST OF AMERICAN FISHING & HUNTING HUMOR: it reflects gently on the ironies and inconsistencies of such varied topics as the deer camp, the symbolism of a wild duck attached to a roadside stand, and the impact of TV hunting shows. A fine compendium of laughs by some of the great outdoors writers of the world.

Countrysport Press
PO Box 679, Camden, ME 04843-0679

Two wonderful titles are top picks for avid hunters. Bobby George's TRAINING RETRIEVERS: THE COTTON PERSHALL METHOD (0892726997, $25.00) is a 'must' for any hunter who owns or will own a retriever: it links Cotton Pershall's specific training methods with all the basics of dog training routines, from play training and obedience to teaching land and water retrieving and handling puppies and mature dogs alike. From components of retrieves to teaching tactics, TRAINING RETRIEVERS is packed with specifics hunter/trainers will use again and again. Richard D. Weaver's GROUSE DOGS: A PROFESSIONAL TRAINER'S JOURNAL (0892726520, $25.00) is for the grouse hunter who already appreciates the difficulty of getting a dog properly trained to the gun. Even well-trained bird dogs find the skittish grouse, who often is given to explosive flushes, quite challenging: hunter Dick Weaver has devoted his life to hunting the bird and provides training and hinting tips under one cover, showing hunters how to create a great gunning dog and using his own beloved dogs as examples throughout.

The Martial Arts Shelf

The Straight Lead
Teri Tom
Tuttle Publishing
364 Innovation Drive, North Clarendon, VT 05759-9436
0804836302 $19.95

The straight punch is the core of Jeet Kune Do, and a key elements in Bruce Lee's own style: he once described it as the most difficult move of Jeet Kune Do, yet few other martial arts titles focus on it alone. Here's a history of the straight punch in Western martial arts, showing Lee's technique and providing step-by-step black and white photos. From how to redirect forces downwards to staying straight, THE STRAIGHT LEAD is filled with excellent, specific movement tips.

Japanese Sword Fighting
Masaaki Hatsumi
Kodansha International
575 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022
4770021984 $35.00

Relatively little has been written covering Samurai sword fighting techniques: here ninja grandmaster provides both a history of the art of Japanese swordplay, rich in biographical surveys and cultural insight, and a survey of classical techniques used in two-sword fighting. Vintage and modern black and white photos and illustrations pack an account that blends step-by-step how-to photos with calligraphy, description, biographies, and background history. A 'must' for any serious not just about Japanese sword fighting, but Japanese culture and history as a whole.

Paladin Press
Gunbarrel Tech Center, 7077 Winchester Circle, Boulder, CO 80301

Three very different fighter's guides are highly recommended references to topics seldom given their own in-depth treatment, and will find many a home in public library lending collections. Dwight C. McLemore's ADVANCED BOWIE TECHNIQUES: THE FINER POINTS OF FIGHTING WITH A LARGE KNIFE (1581604849, $35.00) provides high-quality and large-size step-by-step line drawings to accompany specific insights on bowie knife engagements. From an introductory history of James Bowie and his special knife to a basic fighting system which builds upon foundation skills and teaches more complex fighting techniques with the knife, ADVANCED BOWIE TECHNIQUES is for any who already has some familiarity with the big blade and seeks skills improvement. Maj. John L. Plaster, USAR (Ret.)'s THE ULTIMATE SNIPER: AN ADVANCED TRAINING MANUAL FOR MILITARY AND POLICE SNIPERS (1581604948, $49.95) has been vastly revised and expanded, packing over five hundred pages of detail into a total redo of the 1993 original classic. New photos, illustrations, updated charts and more sidebars of detail accompanies tips and insights on marksmanship, fieldcraft and tactics. From inclusion of detailed coverage on sniper rifles, scopes and equipment to inclusion of the latest techniques from the War on Terror overseas, THE ULTIMATE SNIPER holds information and detail no other can match. The Aviation Training Division, Office of Naval Operations, U.S. Navy's BOXING (1581604573, $30.00) originally appeared in 1943 and was compiled by boxing champions and coaches to teach WWII cadets how to fight. It's been reissued several times and here appears again to instruct fighters with combat-proven boxing drills used by naval recruits. Black and white photos throughout demonstrate each move.

The Sports Shelf

The Knucklebook
Dave Clark
Ivan R. Dee
1332 N. Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60622-2694
1566636612 $19.95

Baseball players will recognize the knuckleball as one of the more difficult pitches of baseball; but they've never before had an entire book devoted to the play before. Author Dave Clark has spent much of his life studying it, talking to major league pitchers, and trying it out for himself: his in-depth survey reveals everything you need to know about the knuckleball's unique plays and attributes.

Professional Care of the Racehorse
T.A. Landers
Eclipse Press
PO Box 919003, Lexington, KY 40591-9003
1-581501358 $19.95

Any owning or racing a horse will quickly come to consider PROFESSIONAL CARE OF THE RACEHORSE a 'Bible' of information – or will have to learn the same information the harder way, through the school of hard knocks. From grooming and basic training to understanding injuries and basic care of the feet, here under one cover is everything you need to know to keep your racehorse in top performing condition. Black and white photos and diagrams throughout add illustration wherever needed. A 'must' reference for racehorse owners.

Muhammad Ali
Anthony O. Edmonds
Greenwood Press
PO Box 5007, Westport, CT 06881-5007
0313330921 $29.95

At the height of his boxing career Muhammad Ali also served as a symbol of his times: a hero to some, a controversial sports figure to others. He's one of the best-known sports figures in America even today, so MUHAMMAD ALI: A BIOGRAPHY remains an important overview of his life and importance, covering his life from birth through his career up to 1974. From descriptions of his various boxing matches to his long fall and exile, MUHAMMAD ALI covers the extent of his stormy and notable life.

Slap Happy
Thomas Hackett
10 East 53rd Street, New York NY 10022
006019829X $24.95

Here's another excellent wrestling history book for any involved in the sport: SLAPHAPPY: PRIDE, PREJUDICE AND PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING provides not just a history of the sport but a lively, involving survey of America's involvement with pro wrestling. There's a healthy dose of anthropology and critical theory which enhances rather than bogging down the report; and there's a reporter's observation edge to the survey which blends a touch of humor into the mix. The recipe is a perfect formula for understanding the larger world of wrestling culture.

Sports Publishing LLC
804 North Neil Street, Champaign, IL 61820

Hockey fans will find riveting Tom Caraccioli & Jerry Caraccioli's STRIKING SILVER: THE UNTOLD STORY OF AMERICA'S FORGOTTEN HOCKEY TEAM (1596700785 $24.95). While many think of American hockey as starting in the 1980s; in a reality in 1972 the achievements of a young team which represented the U.S. in Asia in the Olympics went largely unrecognized during the tumult of Vietnam politics. It's time their story was told, and STRIKING SILVER achieves this, revealing the team, its major players, and the events that made them outstanding, though under-reported. Quotes from players and observers and source materials recreate the times in an involving survey. Scott E. Williams' HARDCORE HISTORY: THE EXTREMELY UNAUTHORIZED STORY OF ECW (1596700211, $24.95) covers all the contradictions and mishaps of ECW that an authorized edition would've undoubtedly left out, providing a frank discussion of the evolution from the company from its roots as an independent wrestling group to its demise with the death of Extreme Championship Wrestling in 2001. Scott Williams has researched records plus interviewed dozens of company officials, business partners, and wrestlers to provide an authoritative account of a strange company whose history is fraught with rumor. A 'must' for any interested in wrestling history.

The Gaming Shelf

ConJel Company
1460 Bennington Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Three outstanding gaming titles are top picks for any involved in poker or Texas Hold 'Em. Roy Cooke and John Bond's COOKE'S RULES OF REAL POKER (1886070229, $9.95) is a poker rule book to replace any outdated game plans: it blends rules from top poker rooms and reconciles their differences, takes Internet and other special settings into account, and offers up a set of standards any poker player can follow, making it easy for different players to get together. The two authors also join forces in REAL POKER II: THE PLAY OF HANDS (1886070245, $19.95), offering up a winning set of his Play of Hand columns from 1992-99. From right and wrong plays and misreading to deciding when to call, REAL POKER II: THE PLAY OF HANDS is for avid players who would be better. Lee Jones' WINNING LOW LIMIT HOLD 'EM (2886070237, $24.95) is for players who want to learn the game: it's been recently updated and expanded to include online poker and no-limit hold 'em and remains the most accessible, authoritative book on the market. From pre-flops and flop trips to flush draws, WINNING LOW LIMIT HOLD 'EM covers all the basics.

The Literary Shelf

Ivan R. Dee
1332 North Halsted Stree, Chicago, CA 60622-2694

Any studying American literature, especially modern literary trends, will want to include John Tytell's NAKED ANGELS: KEROUAC, GINSBERG, BURROUGHS (1566636833 $16.95) on their reading list for a lively biographical series of sketches offering insights into the lives and history of some of the beat contributors to American writing. Newcomers especially will appreciate an introduction to these major figures which assumes no prior knowledge, but assesses their personalities, achievements, and the atmosphere of their times. Gertrude Himmelfarb's THE MORAL IMAGINATION (1566635248, $26.00) is also a recommended pick, here linking the intellectual lives of modern thinker and literary giants with what she identifies as the 'moral imagination'. How these thinkers evolved their ideas, wrote in different traditions at different times, and shared a common moral passion which reflected in their literature makes for truly involving reading.

Dear Papa, Dear Hotch
Albert J. DeFazio III
University of Missouri Press
2910 LeMone Boulevard, Columbia, MO 65201
0826216056 $34.95 1-800-828-1894

DEAR PAPA, DEAR HOTCH: THE CORRESPONDENCE OF ERNEST HEMINGWAY AND A.E. HOTCHNER isn't a light introduction: it's a scholarly collection recommended as a college-level pick for any collection strong in the works of either writer, presenting for the first time the collected correspondence between writer and agent. Hotchner adapted Hemingway's works for stage, movies and TV: these letters cover the final quarter of Hemingway's life and packs in nearly two hundred letters, cables and cards between the two. The result offers plenty of intriguing details and will prove a 'must' for any serious Hemingway scholar, in particular.

Jane Eyre's American Daughters
John Seelye
University of Delaware Press
c/o Associated University Presses
2010 Eastpark Boulevard, Cranbury, NJ 08512
0874138868 $57.50

Here's another pick for the college-level literary student; particularly those studying Charlotte Bronte's influence on North American writers. The focus is on 'marginalized maidens' from such writings and works by L.M. Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, Kate Douglas Wiggin and more shows that Bronte's Gothic romance style in America was hard-hitting. It was Elizabeth Gaskill's biography of her author friend Charlotte which fueled much of the image of Bronte and attracted young readers in America – which in turn would inspire them to write novels to appeal to the same audience. An in-depth study reveals both literary and psychological influences.

Greenwood Press
PO Box 5007, Westport, CT 06881-4007

Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare's many classics; yet the play remains the most puzzling of all. It's popular but challenging: thus the need for John R. Ford 's TWELFTH NIGHT: A GUIDE TO THE PLAY (0313317003 $75.00), which joins others in the 'Greenwood Guides to Shakespeare'. Plenty of other titles have offered critical analysis: what makes this one different is its inclusion of the play's textual history and changes, explanations of underlying history and influence, and a gathering of criticism and analogues under one cover. The inclusion of the sum of critical thinking about Twelfth Night makes A GUIDE TO THE PLAY an essential addition to any serious high school or college-level collection where Shakespeare's works are studied. Paul M. Sorrentino's STUDENT COMPANION TO STEPHEN CRANE (0313331049, $39.95) provides an excellent blend of biography and critical review of Stephen Crane's works. Crane was a poet, a journalist, and a novelist whose masterpiece RED BADGE OF COURAGEis assigned reading to this day. Discussions revolve around his early and later works and provide important analysis by the founder of the Stephen Crane Society and its journal. The weighty 5-volume GREENWOOD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN POETS AND POETRY (0313330993, $599.95/5 vols) edited by Jeffrey Gray might prove too detailed for collections only offering light coverage of American poetry; but any collection strong in the topic – particularly college-level holdings – will want to include this in their reference section. It's the most comprehensive reference on American poetry in print, offering nearly a thousand alphabetically arranged entries contributed by over three hundred genre scholars. The entire range of American poetry past and present is covered, both minor and major pets, and entries even include poet/musicians. Historical background, social and political impact and influences, and bibliographical references make for an invaluable, top-pick set. D.H. Figueredo edits the 2-volume ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CARIBBEAN LITRATURE (0313327432, 199.95), an even more specialized set recommended for college-level collections already strong in Caribbean culture. The region's diverse cultural influences and history have led to a unique literary tradition and ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CARIBBEAN LITERATURE examines these influences and traditions, reviewing the lives and works of major Caribbean authors. Here are over seven hundred entries contributed by over 20 experts covering genres, works, themes and more. The 3-volume GREENWOOD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AFRICAN AMERICAN FOLKLORE (0313330352, $299.95) may not appeal to the casual lending collection, but any college-level or public library holding strong in ethnic studies in general and Afro-American history in particular should have it. Afro-American folklore shapes not just literary but social, artistic and religious roots in this country: entries here come from an advisory board of professionals, feature almost seven hundred entries, and cover topics as diverse as dreadlocks, family reunions, the Underground Railroad and slave narratives. Topical category groupings bring these diverse ideas together in an easily-accessed reference cross-referenced for maximum impact. Claudia Durst Johnson's LABOR AND WORKPLACE ISSUES IN LITERATURE (031333286X, $49.95) joins others in the 'Exploring Social Issues Through Literature' series to reach college-level audiences strong in both literature studies and labor law/issues. From wage and workplace dangers to sexual harassment and immigrant struggles, chapters provide a blend of historical background and literary analysis of major works produced on the topic which have exposed injustices or had lasting effects on workplace issue management. Lynda G. Adamson's THEMATIC GUIDE TO POPULAR NONFICTION (0313328552, $65.00) surveys the major literary characteristics of nonfiction writing, considering how students, teachers and librarians alike can use nonfiction to link to themes in all kinds of classes. Entries are arranged alphabetically on 50 times from social issues to politics and environmetal concerns, with each entry discussing the theme and analyzing three or four related works of nonfiction. Nearly two hundred titles receive in-depth survey, along with bibliographic references for further reading.

Approaches to Teaching The Novels of Samuel Richardson
Lisa Zunshine & Jocelyn Harris, Editors
Modern Language Association
26 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10004-1789
0873529235 $19.75

Teachers considering assigning the demanding, often-confusing novels of Samuel Richardson now have a fine in-depth gathering of analyses, opinions and insights from a group of contributors who know his works well. The first section covering 'Materials' surveys the editions of Richardson's works which are available and in print, from his letters to his novels, reviewing contents, adaptations and changes, and providing background history and detail on 18th century literature. 'Approaches' covers biographical and literary approaches to analyzing Richardson's works, with contributors suggesting ways to teach his novels in a thorough coverage teachers at the college level will most appreciate.

The Social Issues Shelf

Power of Greed
Michael Rosberg
University of Alberta Press
Ring House 2, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6G 2E1
0888644299 $34.95

Plenty of international development projects are fostered in richer nations and fail in poorer ones: is it because these regions are inherently corrupt, or because developers don't really understand how these developing nations work? THE POWER OF GREED: COLLECTIVE ACTION IN INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT analyzes the common problems involved in community development projects, challenging the routines and ideas of international development agencies and showing how individuals in developing nations often don't see their individual needs addressed in such projects. Chapters survey conceptual frameworks of success, strategies, and both failures and achievements in light of these ideas. Especially recommended for college-level courses in international politics.

Over a Barrel
Tom Mast
Greenleaf Book Group
4425 Mopac South, Suite 600, Longhorn Blvd., 3rd Floor, Austin, TX 78735
0976444003 $19.95

OVER A BARREL: A SIMPLE GUIDE TO THE OIL SHORTAGE explains the history behind the current oil shortage, the social and technical implications of the crisis, and how the move to alternative fuel sources isn't yet ready to take on the needs of mankind. Four sections explain the issues involved using clear language lacking jargon: the conclusion is that readers need to become more involved in their energy management and the solution to overcoming oil shortages. An excellent, basic survey of issues and ideas.

Black Gold Stranglehold
Jerome Corsi & Craig R. Smith
WND/Cumberland House
431 Harding Industrial Drive, Nashville, TN 37211
1581824890 $26.95

Many ideas abound about oil, its scarcity or shortage, its wellspring and its history: here to puncture many myths surrounding oil is BLACK GOLD STRANGLEHOLD: THE MYTH OF SCARCITY AND THE POLITICS OF OIL, a rebuttal to the notion of oil depletion. There's more than enough oil, more reserves proven than ever in the past, and the US can be independent merely through offshore reserves alone: this and other statements are supported by analysis of the fraudulent science backing the myth of oil scarcity. Food for thought as the authors explore world dynamics of oil production, consumption, and the meaning behind the myths.

Latino L.A.
Enrique C. Ochoa & Gilda L. Ochoa
University of Arizona Press
355 S. Euclid Avenue, #103, Tucson, AZ 85719
0816524588 $24.95

How have Latin objectives been fostered in Los Angeles through labor organizing and political activism: LATINO L.A.: TRANSFORMATIONS, COMMUNITIES AND ACTIVISM isn't just a reader for California residents: the Latino population across the country is on the rise and while in Los Angeles County they comprise nearly half the population, their changes are impacting Latins of all backgrounds across the country. Most research on Latinos glosses over history and/or modern dynamics in this country and focuses on Latin America: LATINO L.A. blends statistics with history and participator research to provide a study holding broad implications for students of urban studies, from history and economics to sociology.

Terrible Fate
Benjamin Lieberman
Ivan R. Dee
1332 North Halsted Street, Chicago, I 60622-2694
1566636469 $27.50

It's surprising to note this is the first comprehensive history of ethnic cleansing in Europe to appear in print: surprising because you'd think by now there'd have been many works on the topic, since over the last two centuries ethnic cleansing has virtually changed empires and united or divided nations throughout the region. TERRIBLE FATE: ETHNIC CLEANSING IN THE MAKING OF MODERN EUROPE surveys the history and social impact of these events that murdered millions and forced migrations of survivors. From ancient to modern times, TERRIBLE FATE describes violent transformations which have impact and meaning into modern times. A 'must' for any who would understand both the face and the underlying tensions of modern Europe.

Greenwood Press
PO Box 5007, Westport, CT 06881-5007

Greenwood's diverse and hard-hitting college-level surveys are highly recommend references, reaching from the advanced high school years well into college with their overviews and discussions. Take Randa A. Kayyali's THE ARAB AMERICANS (0313332193, $45.00), for example: Arab-Americans have made major contributions to U.S. society and yet many of their immigrant patterns and achievements receive relatively scant attention compared with some other ethnic groups. Kayyali, a Ph.D. candidate, opens with a political and social history of the Arab world and moves quickly to narrow the focus to Arab American history and culture, surveying assimilation and immigration experiences, adaptations, and Arab American communities across the country. Part of the 'New Americans' series, its focus is important. The 2-volume CONTEMPORARY YOUTH CULTURE: AN INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIA (0313327165, $199.95) edited by Shirley Steinberg, appears in a fine 2-volume set to provide a strong set of essays on the idea of youth culture, a uniquely 20th century culture. From a timeline of international developments and trends affecting youth culture to the growing powers of youth as consumers, as potential political voters, and as activisits, CONTEMPORARY YOUTH CULTURE takes a broad base in considering the group's social influences and trends, language, concerns and more. Any college-level collection with a focus on law enforcement should have Mitchel P. Roth's PRISONS AND PRISON SYSTEMS: A GLOBAL ENCYCLOPEDIA (0313328560, $75.00) in their collection: it packs in details on famous prisons, prisoners, prison museums, prison culture, writings by prisoners and more, with listings ranging from paragraphs of biographical detail to near-essay fullness. David C. Soule edits URBAN SPRAWL: A COMPREHENSIVE REFERENCE GUIDE (0313320381, $99.95), an in-depth overview of urban sprawl history, economics, dynamics, and issues. Chapters survey changing regulations, definitions and standards, different patterns of urban sprawl in metro areas, standards fo equity and more. College-level collections with urban studies or urban planning courses need to have this. Leslie L. Heywood's THE WOMEN'S MOVEMENT TODAY: AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THIRD-WAVE FEMINISM (0313331340, $199.95) provides a strong 2-volume reference charting the third wave women's movement's key issues, members, writings and more. While the U.S. movement is the primary focus, additional mention is given to the movement in other parts of the world, while over 70 contributors provide a range of activist and academic voices discussing third wave issues. Yvonne Bynoe's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RAP AND HIP HOP CULTURE (0313330581, $89.95) blends music history with an overall survey of hip hop culture, considering over thirty years of a genre which began back in the 1960s with black DJs talking over music and today has spread around the world. Over a hundred photos pepper references which cover music groups, genres, attitude, style, ethics and more. All are excellent, solid references.

University of Minnesota Press
111 3rd Avenue, #290, Minneapolis, MN 55401-2520

Two excellent guides survey very different cultural and social issues. Robert A. Williams Jr.'s LIKE A LOADED WEAPON: THE REHNQUIST COURT, INDIAN RIGHTS, AND THE LEGAL HISTORY OF RACISM IN AMERICA (0816647100, $18.95) blends Native American issues with overall racism issues, using these issues to consider how racist language are still used in Indian law to deny rights. Racist language has long legalized a form of racial superiority of whites in America, Williams argues: his background as law professor and American Indian studies professor allows for a unique dual perspective. Michael Kackman's CITIZEN SPY: TELEVISION, ESPIONAGE AND COLD WAR CULTURE (0816638292, $18.95) provides the first comprehensive survey of prime-time secret agents during the Cold War, considering how media depictions of such agents fired the American imagination and helped public approval of intelligence actions. These documentaries also reinforced the media's approval of government policies – until the Red Scare weakened and spy shows turned to criticizing their own ideals. Both are outstanding surveys.

The Criminology Shelf

Couples Who Kill
Carol Anne Davis
Allison & Busby Ltd.
Bon Marche Center, 241-251 Ferndale Road, London SW9 8BJ, UK
0749083573 $25.95

COUPLES WHO KILL: PROFILES OF DEVIANT DUOS is a chilling study of what drives attractive male cousins to rape and kill ten young women, why an altar girl and her boyfriend torture their victims, and more. These killers make up only twenty percent of murderers, but often are serial killers and responsible for terrible murders. Thirteen case studies are examined in a study which combines research with interviews with experts and surviving victims to make for eye-opening revelations about couples who kill together.

Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement
Larry Sullivan, Ed-in-Chief & Dorothy Moses Schulz, Editor
Sage Publications
2455 Teller Road, Thousand Oaks, Ca 91320
0761926496 $310/set

The weight 3-volume ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LAW ENFORCEMENT isn't for the general lending collection but is a special and ongoing recommendation for the college collection with courses strong in criminal justice. Each volume is divided by law area: V. 1 covers State and Local, V. 2 is Federal and V. 3 is international. The thematic divisions offers a fine focus on different types of policing, with entries on the law enforcement system and process covering laws, areas of enforcement, legal history and more. From entries on international terrorism to drunk driving, over three hundred contributors of scholars, researchers and practitioners in different areas of law enforcement provide a reference packed with material essential for understanding the system: agencies and organizations, investigation techniques, military issues, conduct and ethical questions and much more, from the general to the specialized topic. An outstanding library reference.

The Journalism Shelf

Evolution of American Investigative Journalism
James L. Aucoin
University of Missouri Press
2910 LeMone Boulevard, Columbia, MO 65201
0826216153 $37.50 1-800-828-1894

Investigative reporting has proved a challenge from America's first newspaper publication, but was a subtle practice until the 1960s when it became a vital issue. THE EVOLUTION OF AMERICAN INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM offers the first history of the medium, surveying how such journalism took place from colonial to modern times, considering its rise to its critical position during the 1960s and 70s, and the founding of an investigative journalist group in the 70s to promote active investigative process. Social and newspaper history combine in a fine study of freedom of speech rights and journalistic effort.

The Education Shelf

On Education
Harry Brighouse
270 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016
0415327903 $15.95

What is education for, should it produce workers or educated citizens, and what are some of the problems and promises inherent in the modern American educational system? Any studying education will want to think about the ideas in ON EDUCATION: it criticizes those who would view it as a purely economic training endeavor, assesses arguments on controversial teaching topics such as religion or sexuality, and uses examples from both Britain and North America to survey the state and nature of the modern Western educational system.

The Language Studies Shelf

Hide This Spanish Book for Lovers
Berlitz Publishing
36-36 – 33rd Street, Long Island City, NY 11106
981-246-848-X $6.95

HIDE THIS SPANISH BOOK FOR LOVERS came to us too late for more timely Valentine's Day feature but still deserves ongoing mention and recommendation as a lively, fun Spanish book – especially for teen learners. Cartoon black and white pages offer 'the scoop' on Latin lovers, while phrases ("he is very cute", "what a hottie!", "give me a kiss") are contemporary and intriguing. From igniting romance to having sex, here are easy lines to learn – uncensored and true to a teen or post-teen's world.

The Philosophy Shelf

On The Human Condition
Dominique Janicaud
270 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016
0415327962 $15.95

Joining others in the recommended 'Thinking in Action' easy philosophy set for young adult or college-level students is ON THE HUMAN CONDITION, a reflection of what makes or influences humanity today. Technology speaks much of a 'posthuman condition': while Janicaud talks of avoiding this, she also maintains conservative humanism is not the true reflection of a human condition either. The human condition is fragile and threatened – and its future must be discussed and shared with others, Janicaud argues.

The International Studies Shelf

Scare Tactics
Michael P. Colaresi
Syracuse University Press
1600 Jamesville Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13244-5160
0815630662 $34.95

SCARE TACTICS: THE POLITICS OF INTERNATIONAL RIVALRY is a fine pick for any college-level collection strong in international political science courses: it identifies faults in conventional thinking about international conflicts and competition, examining how domestic and interstate interactions blend to encourage either international war or diplomatic relations, and it surveys how pressures and tensions within and between countries escalate into rivalry and problems. Statistics blend with analysis and research in an important key to understanding some of the influences upon and roots of international conflict.

The World History Shelf

Medieval Cathedrals
William W. Clark
Greenwood Press
PO Box 5007, Westport, CT 60881-5007
0313326932 $45.00

Cathedrals are usually envisioned as Gothic buildings of early Europe – but it's not a specific kind of building, but the singular presence of a chair or throne which stands as the symbol of the spiritual authority of a bishop. The history and concept of medieval cathedrals is surveyed here as part of Greenwood's ongoing 'Guides to Historic Events of the Medieval World' series, offering college-level readers chapters covering Gothic era construction, planning, patrons, and religious sentiments. An introduction to Gothic history is a concurrent theme of MEDIEVAL CATHEDRALS, which provides plenty of primary source documentation throughout, adds black and white illustration examples of Gothic structures, and provides both architectural and spiritual insights.

Prisoner of the Vatican
David I. Kertzer
Houghton Mifflin
215 Park Avenue South, New York NY 10003
0618619194 $14.00

Documents buried in Vatican archives have only recently been made available to some historians, and David Kertzer's access to some of these records lend a lively touch to his political and religious history PRISONER OF THE VATICAN: THE POPES, THE KINGS, AND GARIBALDI'S REBELS IN THE STRUGGLE TO RULE MODERN ITALY. In 1870 Pope Pius IX and his successor decided to go into exile secretly to attract support among the faithful for the papal cause: to conspire against Garibaldi and the king of Italy to control the Italian state. It was a brilliant move: popes became prisoners of the Vatican for sixty years and even considered moving it outside Italy. A riveting true story of religion and a political scheme which changed the world.

Encyclopedia Idiotica
Stephen Weir
Barron's Educational
250 Wireless Boulevard, Hauppauge, NY 11788
0764159178 $21.99

History is riddled with blunders, errors, and mishaps, and ENCYCLOPEDIA IDIOTICA: HISTORY'S WORST DECISIONS AND THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THEM is one historian's look at these blunders from ancient to modern times. From Cleopatra's man troubles and Nero's sexual interests in boys to the sandwich that led to a political assassination, ENCYCLOPEDIA IDIOTICA makes history fun and is a top pick for browsers of all types – even those normally reluctant to pick up a history book.

Romulus Hillsborough
Tuttle Publishing
364 Innovation Drive, North Clarendon, VT 05759-9436
0804836272 $29.95

For over two centuries Japan was ruled by the Shogunate under a law of isolationism, but in the mid-1800s this policy was to change with the arrival of Matthew Perry and his armed warships from the U.S. Navy. Their arrival sparked a revolution and the overthrow of the Shogunate: SHINSENGUMI: THE SHOGUN'S LAST SAMURAI CORPS is the first English narrative of these events, tracing the internal conflicts within the Japanese world and the rise in murders, assassination and violence as a result. The Shinsengumi were the most dreaded security force Japan had ever known, and their power and effects are followed through one of the most confrontational periods of Japanese history. A 'must' for any student of Japanese history and military culture.

France and the French
Rod Kedward
Overlook Press
141 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10012
1585677337 $35.00

Everyone tries to explain France, from those who know it well and often travel there to those who have only read about French attitudes and history. Any who would understand the puzzling nature of the French psyche, though, must understand its history and culture – and that's where the weighty and well-researched FRANCE AND THE FRENCH: A MODERN HISTORY comes in. Kedward explores French history using a lively narrative style to bring its majors modern influencing events to life. Chapters draw some important connections between these events and French attitudes, surveying those who confronted and created the military, political and social changes in the country during modern times. A definitive survey pairs history with social insights for maximum impact.

Celtic Culture: A Historical Encyclopedia
John T. Koch
PO Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
1851094407 $485.00/set

If only one multi-volume set on Celtic culture were to be considered for a collection, whether it be a high school, college or public library holding, it should be the outstanding John T. Koch gathering CELTIC CULTURE: A HISTORICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA. Entries hold far more than a paragraph or two of detail: they come packed with page after page of annotated articles referencing and using primary sources and exploring everything from early Celtic literature to early settlements, early arts, and key figures. With its depth and detail, CELTIC CULTURE does more than define: it provided plenty of information suitable for reports plus the references which lend to easy further research for those producing more in-depth research reports. A powerful, recommended reference acquisition for any collection needing to fill the gaps in Celtic history.

Greenwood Press
PO Box 5007, Westport, CT 06881-5007

Greenwood's excellent historical overviews are highly recommended picks for a variety of library reference holdings; from high school and college collections to public libraries. Patricia Cronin Marcello's MOHANDAS K. GANDHI: A BIOGRAPHY (0313333947, $29.95) lends to all three collections, joining others in the 'Greenwood Biographies' series to provide not just a coverage of his life and contributions, but an overview of Indian society and history up to World War II. Gandhi's personal life as an absentee husband and father is also reviewed, as well as his attachments to devotees and his experiences of betrayal. Another book for all collections to consider is John A. King Jr. and John R. Vile's PRESIDENTS FROM EISENHOWER THROUGH JOHNSON, 1953-69 (0313315825, $59.95), which surveys Presidential decisions and issues through pro and con debates using primary documents. This joins others in the 'President's Position: Debating the Issues' series, covering over thirty key issues of their times and reviewing each president's administration and key debates. Claudine L. Ferrell's THE ABOLITIONIST MOVEMENT (0313331804, $45.00) will reach high school holdings in particular with a fine addition to the 'Greenwood Guides to Historic Events, 1500-1900' series. Five chapters explore the movement's religion, ethical conflicts, social and political divisions, and much more, with biographical portraits of key figures of the times supplemented by selections from source documents. An excellent study, clearly presented. Joseph R. Marbach, Ellis Katz and Troy E. Smith's FEDERALISM IN AMERICA: AN ENCYCLOPEDIA (0313329478, $225.00) appears in two volumes and is a recommended pick for advanced high school to college-level collections. Here, in two volumes, are over four hundred entries on American federalism, from legal acts and key figures to historic events affecting federalism. The encyclopedia concept allows ideas and influences to be broken down into at-a-glance references for quick research yet explains the major concepts, institutios and policies clearly. The authors/editors are all professors of Political Science specializing in Federalism: you can't get more authoritative than that. John J. Butt's GREENWOOD DICTIONARY OF WORLD HISTORY (0313327653, $75.00) provides high school students on up through college with a very basic, easily-accessed A-Z reference to over 2,000 of the most studied people, events and ideas in world history from ancient to modern times. Over seventy maps and illustrations pair with entries on major people, places, religious beliefs, ethnic groups and events, making it easy to use the dictionary as a starting point for further research. Indexes and entries were based on the guidelines of organizations and agencies such as the National Center for History I the Schools, and follow school curriculum needs. Peter N. Stearns edits A DAY IN THE LIFE: STUDYING DAILY LIFE THROUGH HISTORY (0313332339, $55.00), a guide to the underlying meaning of daily life rituals and celebrations. From discussions of links between work and leisure and class and gender concerns to religious, scientific, medical and social issues, articles are especially valuable foundations for classroom discussion. Iftikhar H. Malik's CULTURE AND CUSTOMS OF PAKISTAN (031333126X, $49.95) joins others in the 'Culture and Customs of Asia' series but is especially notable given how much Pakistan is in the daily news lately. Until now in-depth cultural information on Pakistan alone has been hard to find in one place: this survey covers culture and customs past and present, and comes from a native of Pakistan whose insight into history and culture is unparalleled. Descriptions of ethnic, religious, and social customs include plenty of background history and discussion of trends. Thomas L. Pearcy's THE HISTORY OF CENTRAL AMERICA (0313322937, $45.00) joins others in Greenwood's 'Histories of the Modern Nations', to survey the extent of history, international contact and culture in the entire region. From Spanish conquest and rule to modern times, students receive anexcellent overview bringing up to date the impact of the past and concerns of modern times, from independent to occupied states and beyond. THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY: SECURITY UNDER SCRUTINY (0313332827, $75.00) edited by Athan Theoharis and others joins others in the 'Understanding Our Government' series to provide college-level readers with a primer on the CIA's history, purposes, and activities. Chapters describe its organization, intelligence operations, controversies and events, considering the changing role and perception of secrets and intelligence work over the decades and spying and interception projects fostered by the CIA.

The Life and Times of Mexico
Earl Shorris
W.W. Norton
500 – 5th Avenue, New York NY 10110
0393327671 $16.95

For a weighty but surprisingly easily-accessed history of Mexico, don't miss THE LIFE AND TIMES OF MEXICO: a narrative of 3,000 years of Mexican history and culture which ranges from social and political insights to overviews of Mexico's ethnic and indigenous cultures. For over sixty years essayist and critic Earl Shorris had a physical and spiritual connection to Mexico, producing numerous acclaimed writings as a result of this inspiration and connection. His LIFE AND TIMES OF MEXICO represents something different, though: a sweeping survey of the foundations which have made Mexico what it is today. A 'must' for any who would understand the culture and sentiments which make up modern Mexico.

The American History Shelf

The Colony
John Tayman
1230 Avenue of Americas, New York NY 10020
074323300X $27.50

Any interested in true history and drama will find THE COLONY: THE HARROWING TRUE STORY OF THE EXILES OF MOLOKAI is history at its best: the story of an infamous American leprosy settlement begun on the Hawaiian island with the arrival of twelve men and women and a child cast away to the island prison in the mid-1800s. Dozens more were exiled, then hundreds, identified as exiles even though many were not contagious and some didn't even have leprosy. The complete history of Molokai is recounted using historical source materials, letters, journals and interviews to recreate the politics and social influences of the times. A riveting, moving story.

The Worst Hard Time
Timothy Egan
Houghton Mifflin
222 Berkeley, Boston, MA 02116
061834697X $28.00

Plenty of histories recount the dust storms that blasted the center of the U.S. in the middle of the Depression; but few personalize the account through eyewitness and community viewpoints as does THE WORST HARD TIME, a powerful survey of half a dozen families and their communities who weathered the storms and their aftermath. Those who stayed and survived are now in their eighties and nineties, so it's important that their impressions and memories be captured for all time – and THE WORST HARD TIME does so, in hard-hitting chapters which follow their endurance and experiences. It's history at its best: a powerful 'you are there' memoir which holds impact long after the last page is read.

Richard Carwardine
Alfred A. Knopf
1745 Broadway, 17th floor, New York, NY 10019
1400044561 $27.50 1-800-726-0600

Richard Carwardine's biography LINCOLN: A LIFE OF PURPOSE AND POWER has already received the prestigious Lincoln Prize and is an exceptional presentation by an Oxford historian who considers the extent of Lincoln's political career and impact and his moral and social philosophy. Carwardine uses original research to probe Lincoln's personality and objectives, providing a different set of viewpoints about the war president and his use of power during office. LINCOLN surveys the office as much as the man and is an outstanding, detailed coverage which will prove a 'must' for any researching Lincoln's life or times.

Gunfighters: The Outlaws And Their Weapons
Chris McNab, Editor
Thunder Bay Press
5880 Oberlin Drive, San Diego, CA 92121
1592235077 $24.95

Its price tag represents a bargain for a book well over four hundred pages in length and packed with vintage black and white and some color photos throughout. Any collection strong in Western history and culture will want to include GUNFIGHTERS: THE OUTLAWS AND THEIR WEAPONS: it packs in history surveying the age of the Western cowboy, his equipment, and politics of the times. Chapters survey regional town history and culture, county and city establishment patterns, and major town figures from prostitutes to gunmen on both sides of the law. A vivid history surpasses competitors for content and color.

Discovering the Mysteries Of Ancient America
Frank Joseph, Editor
New Page Books
PO Box 687, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417
1564148424 $15.99

Everyone knows Columbus discovered America – but in fact he owned and worked from charts of the region drawn by Viking explorers hundreds of years before he was born – and they in turn were preceded by Irish missionaries, shipwrecked Romans and others. DISCOVERING THE MYSTERIES OF ANCIENT AMERICA: LOST HISTORY AND LEGENDS, UNEARTHED AND EXPLORED gathers all these accounts, using the articles from Ancient American magazine to assemble some documented discoveries which are real puzzlers. Most have not been closely examined and certainly not under one cover, in a place convenient for contrast and discussion.

The Political Science Shelf

The Heritage Guide to The Constitution
Edwin Meese III
Regnery Publishing
1 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001
159698001X $35.00

If the name of Advisory Board chairman Edwin Meese is familiar, it's because he was among President Reagan's most important advisors, and played a key role in domestic and foreign policy alike. His background lends to a survey which offers an in-depth analysis of the meaning of Constitutional law, from its legal rules and changes made since its original enactment in 1787 to modern times. High school and college-level students alike will find THE HERITAGE GUIDE TO THE CONSTITUTION an important overview of the document's history, following its many changes and gathering over a hundred legal experts to create a line-byline text examination of the complete Constitution and its contemporary interpretation. With its contrasting insights between original founder intentions and modern applications, any studying the Constitution must have this analysis.

Lawless World
Philippe Sands
Viking Press
375 Hudson Street, New York NY 10014
0670034525 $25.95

The 'war on terror' is misconceived and bound to fail, says lawyer Philippe Sands in LAWLESS WORLD: AMERICA AND THE MAKING AND BREAKING OF GLOBAL RULES FROM FDR'S ATLANTIC CHARTER TO GEORGE BUSH'S ILLEGAL WAR. He describes how in the process of conducting its war the Bush administration ignored or broke the rules on many international agreements governing basic human rights, war, and free trade; and he provides a survey of similar international events and international rules governing trade, finances, human rights and the use of force. Especially recommended for college- level collections strong in human rights issues and global politics.

The Military Shelf

In the Name of Necessity
Marouf Hasian Jr.
University of Alabama Press
Box 870380, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0380
081731475X $42.50

It's customary in times of war for civil liberties to be overlooked; but what is more surprising is that the need and actions of military tribunals are not questioned more closely during either war OR peacetime. Here to ask these questions is IN THE NAME OF NECESSITY: MILITARY TRIBUNALS AND THE LOSS OF AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES. Marouf Hasian Jr. is a professor of communications: his analysis demonstrates that 'necessity' has often been evoked as justification for injustices, and case studies support his contention as he considers military tribunals from the Revolutionary War to modern times. His will appeal to a wide college-level audience, from students of law and communications to those interested in military topics.

The History of the French Foreign Legion
The Lyons Press
246 Goose Lane, Guilford, CT 06437
1592287689 $27.95 1-800-836-0510

The French Foreign Legion is so famous that its name reaches far beyond military students alone and the general public has a good sense for its notoriety – yet few know the depth and details of its history. That's why THE HISTORY OF THE FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION FROM 1831 TO THE PRESENT DAY is so important: it provides a detailed survey of the Legion, which began in France in 1831 and fought battles through some of the harshest environments in the world. While today's Legion only holds about eight thousand men, it's aggressive recruiting and arduous training program keeps it one of the world's elite fighting forces.

Osprey Publishing
443 Park Avenue South, New York NY 10016

Osprey's excellent set of analyses on military campaigns around the world provide strong overview histories appropriate not just for military collections, but for general library lending. Robert Lyman's IRAQ 1941: THE BATTLES FOR BASRA, HABBANIYA, FALLUJAH AND BAGHDAD (1841769916, $18.95), for example, charts events in the country back in 1941, when it's oil reserves were considered a prize worth fighting for even then. The strategy and tactics of the Iraq campaign are traced in chapter which pair vintage black and white photos with color illustration, lively military descriptions of particular battles, and overviews of issues. Charles Stephenson's THE CHANNEL ISLANDS 1941-45: HITLER'S IMPREGNABLE FORTRESS (1841769215, $16.95) tells of islands which after the fall of France during World War II had no strategic importance – so Germans occupied them from the end of June onwards and controlled them until war's end. Hitler intended to convert them into a fortress, constructing defensive positions which evolved into some of the most heavily armed sections of the entire Atlantic Wall. An essential set of insights into why and how. Gordon L. Rottman's WORLD WAR II AIRBORNE WARFARE TACTICS (1841769533, $17.95) surveys the forces' delivery of units and divisions into battle via parachute and glider, which influenced the European campaigns of the war. The author is himself a veteran airborne fighter: his recollections blends with history and military insights to cover the pros and cons of the strategy, offering special analysis of different forces' approaches. Carlos Caballero Juardo's THE CONDOR LEGION: GERMAN TROOPS IN THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR (1841768995, $17.95) tells of a force of soldiers sent by Hitler to aid Franco's Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War: a war which offered them the opportunity to test equipment and tactics. The results of their experiences would directly influence many of the machines and approaches used in the 1940 Blitzkrieg, which is why an understanding of the Condor Legion is so central to an nderstanding of the military choices of that war. P. Jowett and A De Quesada's THE MEXICAN REVOLUTION 1910-20 (1841769894, $17.95) provides a concise story of the armies, uniforms and battles of the ten-year Mexican Revolution, its major participants, and its major influences. Text accompanied by many rare photos both in color and in black and white makes for a thorough survey of all the issues and equipment of the battles involved. Steven J. Zaloga's SCUD BALLISTIC MISSILE AND LAUNCH SYSTEMS 1955-2005 (1841769479, $15.95) narrows the military focus not to operations and history but to military might – the SCUD missile in particular. It was the centerpiece of Soviet plans to fight a nuclear war in Europe but was never used and its importance during the Gulf War reinstated it as a viable option for other nations as well. From the missile's development and evolution to its role in different conflicts, this survey is a must for any who would understand its ongoing importance in military affairs even with the Soviet threat curtailed. John Weal's BF 109 DEFENCE OF THE REICH ACES (1841768790, $20.95) tells of air battles over Germany through the observations of the BF109 aces involved in the fights, discussing aerial defenses of the times and experiences during one of the costliest campaigns in aerial warfare. Joining others in Osprey's 'Aircraft of the Aces' series, it packs in vintage black and white and some color photos of the planes to bring events to life. Thomas Withington's B-1B LANCER UNITS IN COMABT (1841769924, $20.95) adds to the 'Osprey Combat Aircraft' series, following the bomber's developments from its B-1A concept reputation as a white elephant to its reinstatement by President Reagan as a modified bomber, the Lancer has a checked and unusual history which any military reader won't want to miss. If it's naval history which is of interest and naval warfare in particular, THE TRAFALGAR COMPANION: LEADING HISTORIANS EXPLORE NELSON'S GREATEST VICTORY (1841768359, $29.95) edited by Alexander Stilwell, is nt to be missed. While it must be one of the shortest-lived battles in history, lasting just five hours, it ended Napoleon's attempt to conquer England and was a pivotal battle in the war. Leading historians here contribute articles and research giving the battle the in-depth coverage it deserves, from strategic military analysis to overview of its affect on politics. It's published to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the event and is a keepsake edition for any serious military holding. Jane Penrose edits ROME AND HER ENEMIES: AN EMPIRE CREATED AND DESTROYED BY WAR (1841769320, $24.95), a recommended pick for college-level collections specializing in early Roman Republic history. The Empire spanned over a thousand years and its power resulted in many major battles and victories: ROME AND HER ENEMIES considers alliances and victories alike, with chapters surveying legions, countries, major battles and four primary chronological eras of battle.

The Spanish Civil War
Francisco J. Romero Salvado
Palgrave Macmillan
175 – 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10110
0333754360 $27.50

College-level students of modern warfare shouldn't neglect this fine overview of a war which in 1936 represented not just a failed military coup, but years of violence and divisions which were to affect the whole of Europe. Salvado's scholarly analysis of the war considers not only military strategy but the politics and social impact of its effects, providing an original analysis which explores the legacy of the war where a dictatorship was concerned with persecution and punishment. An important history, Salvado's SPANISH CIVIL WAR assumes no prior knowledge of events or underlying influences.

Edward Lansdale's Cold War
Jonathan Nashel
University of Massachusetts Press
P.O. Box 429, Amherst, MA 01004
1558494642 $24.95

Edward Lansdale was a Cold War celebrity who was a former ad executive turned undercover CIA operative. He played a major role in keeping the communists out of the Philippines, plotted to overthrow Cuba's Castro by assassination, and helped put Diem in as the head of South Vietnam – so his biography is an essential key to understanding world political events and the Cold War's most notorious, influential personality. A highly recommended pick: much more than a simple biography, but a survey of one man's lasting reach into Cold War politics and events.

University of Oklahoma Press
4100 28th Avenue, NW, Norman, OK 73069

Readers who enjoy stories of military units and army encounters will appreciate Alan D. Gaff's BLOOD IN THE ARGONNE: THE 'LOST BATILLION' OF WORLD WAR 1 (0806136960 $32.95). For the first time the story of the 77th Division is told from the perspective of soldiers in the ranks, following the unit which penetrated German lines in the Argonne Forest of northeastern France only to find themselves surrounded by German forces and alone. How to keep seven hundred men alive without food for over four days? The story of their ordeal comes to life as Gaff explores soldier backgrounds, struggles and achievements. James S. Brust,'s WHERE CUSTER FELL: PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE LITTLE BIGHORN BATTLEFIELD THEN AND NOW (0806136669, $39.95) represents not just another rehash of facts, but the authors' search for elusive documents and photos of the battlefield to provide detailed descriptions of each battle episode. Historical photos pack a narrative which contrasts past and present by placing vintage photos side by side with the same modern-day shots of each battlefield location. The result is an outstanding documentation which is a 'must' for serious Native American holdings and public library lending alike.

Max Hastings
Alfred A. Knopf
1745 Broadway, 17th floor, New York, NY 10019
1400044413 $27.50 1-800-726-0600

What it takes and means to be a warrior in modern society is revealed by foreign correspondent and British journalist Max Hastings in WARRIORS: PORTRAITS FROM THE BATTLEFIELD. Here his observations on the field come alive as fourteen selected soldiers and airmen and one sailor portray their battle experiences. These experiences aren't from a single event, but come from a wide range of experiences; from a cavalry officer who joined Napoleon's army at seventeen and fought through Waterloo in a search for glory to a World War II orphan who became America's youngest general. Accounts blend historical background with 'you are there' reenactment of events and sentiments and make for compelling sagas of purpose and perspective.

Encyclopedia of The American Armed Forces
Alan Axelrod
Facts on File
132 West 31st Street, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10001
0816047006 $175.00/2 Vols,

A 2-volume set written by a military historian would seem at first glance too weighty for your general-interest library collection: but in fact this is the perfect audience for THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE AMERICAN ARMED FORCES. It includes all four major branches of the U.S. military, but assumes no prior military knowledge or background. Students and adults alike thus will appreciate over a thousand entries which cover not just historical background but biographies of leaders, surveys of missions and equipment, discussions of traditions, and more – accessible to the lay reader. The simple A-Z reference format and entries which define, observe, and review include black and white photos. An excellent recommendation for general-interest holdings.

A Sniper's Journey
Gary D. Mitchell & Michael Hirsh
Caliber/New American Library
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
0451216520 $24.95

A SNIPER'S JOURNEY: THE TRUTH ABOUT THE MAN BEHIND THE RIFLE brings the reader right into war as it surveys the experiences of Gary Mitchell, a teen who enlisted in the Army, was sent to Vietnam, and found a new identity as a sniper in country. During his service undercover American intelligence agent 'borrowed' his skills off the books, from his unit and used him to carry out planned assassinations. A SNIPER'S JOURNEY tells of these many experiences and how he came to grips with his sniper missions years later.

My Battle of Algiers
Ted Morgan
Smithsonian Books/HarperCollins
10 Eeast 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022-5299
0060852240 $24.95

Ted Morgan's memoir MY BATTLE OF ALGIERS presents the historian and Pulitzer Prize winner's recollections of a struggle which shouldn't be forgotten: the Algerian War for Independence from France. Modern readers may have forgotten that this war is often identified as being the birthplace of Islamic terrorism – and therefore holds much information and relevance for understanding the roots of today's conflicts. Ted Morgan was a Yale graduate who was drafted into the French Army and served in Algeria in the mid-50s during the famous struggle: he not only provides a historic and personal overview here, but provides a very vivid account of its lasting effects. Very highly recommended.

The Civil War Shelf

They Went Into The Fight Cheering!
Walter C. Hilderman III
Parkway Publishers
PO Box 3678, Boone, NC 28607
1933251255 $24.95

Walter C. Hilderman III began studying the American Civil War at age eight: he became a reenactor at fourteen and is now retired – and has even more time to devote to the topic. THEY WENT INTO THE FIGHT CHEERING! CONFEDERATE CONSCRIPTION IN NORTH CAROLINA is an in-depth examination of the men who fought in the Civil War for the South. Many Southerners didn't wish to volunteer; but enthusiastic volunteers played an important role in the early army and fostered the volunteer spirit in the South: the early rush to enlist in North Carolina alone resulted in over forty thousand soldiers being added to Confederate forces. Spiced with footnotes of research references and quotes from journals and other source materials, THEY WENT INTO THE FIGHT CHEERING makes for a lively survey of these volunteers.

The Travel Shelf

Periplus Editions/Tuttle Publishing
364 Innovation Drive, North Clarendon, VT 05759-9436

Asia-bound travelers and armchair travelers alike will find compelling and gorgeous two new coffee table additions to Tuttle's line on Asian culture and travel. Patrick R. Booz's BALI: A TRAVEL ADVENTURE (079460403X, $19.95) features gorgeous large-size color photos by R. Ian Lloyd throughout as it surveys the peoples and art of modern Bali. Surprisingly few visual displays of Bali alone are on today's market, making BALI: A TRAVEL ADVENTURE a very special offering. Add the fact the full-page color photos are unique reflections of Bali's people and cultures and you have a treat in store. Michael Vatikiotis' essays in INDONESIA: ISLANDS OF THE IMAGINATION (0794603297, $24.95) are also complimented by a gorgeous visual display using Jill Gocher's color photos. Descriptions of peoples in daily life from marketplace to urban and rural ways embrace Indonesia's wilder outer islands as well as its better-known central Java and Bali. The diversity of the islands is captured well in full-page displays complimented by cultural insights. Both are highly recommended picks, whether you're planning a visit or staying home.

Ireland's Coastline
Richard Nairn
Dufour Editions, Inc.
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425-0007
1903464501 $47.95 1-800-869-5677

Ireland's coastline is always accessible to its inhabitants – over half its population lives within 7 miles of it – and Richard Nairn's IRELAND'S COASTLINE: EXPLORING ITS NATURE AND HERITAGE thus is an important overview of a major feature of Irish life. An emphasis on nature and geology marks a book packed with the author's first-person recollections of involvement in national surveys, journeys along Ireland's coastline, and history. Lovely color photos supplement natural history information throughout.

Home Away from Home
Kate Trant, Editor
Black Dog Publishing
Unit 4.04 Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JJ, UK
1904772277 29.95

Owners of camper vans and motor homes who love to travel in these vehicles will relish HOME AWAY FROM HOME: THE WORLD OF CAMPER VANS AND MOTORHOMES. Essays by camper van fans discuss the motor home's evolution and development, unusual offerings, history, and world recognition, as well as charting creative uses and manufacturing. Company histories follow their movements from Europe to America and survey the van and motorhome both as a living arrangement and as a method of independent travel. A fine cultural and social history blends with travel and manufacturing details.

Lonely Planet
150 Linden Street, Oakland, CA 94607

Catherine Freeman & Deborah Mailman's GOING BUSH: ADVENTURES ACROSS INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIA (1741047366 $19.95) is an extraordinary armchair reader's guide which uses the authors' travels across the continent to explore issues of indigenous tribal life and regional differences. From deserts and gorges to areas where art, history and culture intersect, GOING BUSH packs gorgeous color photos with insights of travel and tribal encounters. A 'must' for any enthusiast of Australia; especially those who would move off the beaten tourist path and into the bush. FLORIDA by Kim Grant, (1740599861, $21.99) is more your usual travel guide from Lonely Planet: a take-along destination-oriented tote and travel planner that surveys sightseeing, offbeat choices, lodging, restaurants and more. Author researched and traveler tested, FLORIDA covers the entire state and packs in maps, black and white photos and more.

This Land
Robert Mohlenbrock
University of California Press
2120 Berkeley Way, Berkeley, CA 94720
0520239679 $24.95

THIS LAND: A GUIDE TO WESTERN NATIONAL FORESTS covers forests form Alaska to California, packing in gorgeous color photos and botanical drawings with maps and descriptions of scenic drives, campgrounds, hiking trails and the facilities of all national forests located in the region. Competing titles have done similar; but what makes this special is its blend of attention to recreation facts for destination-oriented planners and underlying natural history and geology facts for readers more interested in the environment. Overviews of special attractions for each park tell what makes it unique. A recommended pick for readers who want natural history information blended into their travel guide.'s United States and Canada Dog Travel Guide, 3rd Edition
Tara and Len Kain
6454 Pony Express Trail, #33-233, Pollock Pines, CA 95726
0971864255 $19.95

There's even more to love about the latest updated 3rd edition of a comprehensive travel classic. Here are thousands of dog-friendly accommodations plus city and resort guides for favored destinations, from lodging and dog parks to outdoor restaurants which encourage canines. There are even more listings here than in previous editions – and a national park guide also is indeed, along with recommendations for dogs of all sizes. Descriptions of dog-friendly accommodations even cover sizes of dogs allowed and how many. This outstanding reference is a 'must' for any who regularly travel and want their best friend to come along for the ride.

The Cookbook Shelf

Falling Cloudberries
Tessa Kiros
351 Lynn Avenue, N. Vancouver, BC, Canada, V71 2C4
1552857298 $40.00

Tessa Kiros was born in London to a Finnish mother and a Greek father: she moved to South Africa at the age of 4 and at 18 she set off around the world to learn about world cultures and foods. FALLING CLOUDBERRIES: A WORLD OF FAMILY RECIPES is a compendium of her favorite dishes and memories from experiences in many countries. These are the author's 'signature dishes' which have survived the test of time: Cypriot Baked Lamb and Potatoes in a Tava dish, Beef with Raisin Sauce, Red Mullet with Tomatoes. Some are simple dishes often found in cookbooks, such as Spaghetti variations; others such as Mastika Ice Cream won't be found in many other places. Packed with color photos of dishes and vintage photos of family, FALLING CLOUDBERRIES is a special and beautiful presentation worthy of gift-giving.

The Solar Food Dryer
Eben Fodor
New Society Publishers
Box 189, Gabriola Island, BC, Canada, V0R 1XO
0865715440 $14.95

Solar food drying helps make the most of locally grown foods; especially since crops seem to come at such quantities that some type of natural preserving is necessary. THE SOLAR FOOD DRYER tells how to use solar energy to preserve harvests, providing construction plans for building a low-cost, effective dryer from easily-found materials to effectively drying different types of foods. Photos and design and construction plans are supplemented by resource references, gardening and cooking tips, and more. Black and white photos, charts, and materials lists make it easy to use – and SOLAR FOOD DRYER comes from an avid organic gardener who uses this in his own preservation methods. A real winner.

William Morrow
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022

Delmonico has been a famous New Orleans establishment for over a hundred years and under cook Emeril's hand, it's gone even further, spicing up Creole classics and adding his own inventions. Emeril Legasse's EMERIL'S DELMONICO: A RESTAURANT WITH A PAST (0060740469 $29.95) blends color photos of foods with some of his classic dishes, adapted for the home cook. From a Chicken Pontalba with ham, onions and bιarnaise sauce to Steak and Eggs Delmonica and even Turtle Soup, fresh regional ingredients blend with Emeril's innovations to celebrate New Orleans cuisine. Susan Spungen's RECIPES: A COLLECTION FOR THE MODERN COOK (00607831249, $34.95) comes from the founding food editor at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia for twelve years, and provides an excellent selection of ideas for cooking simple food rich new flavors. RECIPES has an unusual organization pattern: by technique rather than dish. The result helps define when and how techniques are better chosen, but it's the color photos paired with recipes which really shine, here: Minted Mashed Potatoes, Peach Melba and much more. A gorgeous presentation which invites exploration.

The Gardening Shelf

Art of the Japanese Garden
David & Michiko Young
Tuttle Publishing
364 Innovation Drive, North Clarendon, VT 05759-9436
0804835985 $40.00

Japanese gardens blend prehistoric with modern traditions along with elements from Asia: the best place to adapt these blends to the modern Japanese garden is with David and Michiko Young's ART OF THE JAPANESE GARDEN, which covers the blending of these influences and the addition of new gardening aesthetics still in keeping with Japanese style. Chapters packed with gorgeous color photos display a variety of Japanese gardens while text surveys choices and influences. A lovely blend of travelogue and gardener's guide evolves.

The Antiques/Collectibles Shelf

Collector Books
PO Box 3009, Paducah, KY 42002-3009

The second updated edition of Linda McPherson's MODERN COLLECTIBLE TINS: IDENTIFICATION & VALUES (1574325000 $24.95) provides good-sized, bright color photos of all kinds of tins from all eras, along with their latest updated prices. Chapter divisions by type of tin ('candy and gum', 'cookies', 'miscellaneous foods') makes it easy to locate a tin while notes provide series and dates, sizes, and a range of values depending on condition. Here's an important collector's guide for any regularly gathering tins from garage sales or flea markets: a recommended reference for quick consultation and easy identification. MODERN FISHING LURE COLLECTIBLES IDENTIFICATION AND VLUE GUIDE V. 4 (1574324713, $24.95) covers all types of lures and companies. Each section, arranged by company, includes in-depth company history culled from catalogs, advertising and research to compliment the values and photos throughout. Changes in lures and workmanship also receive separate sections, as does a survey of which lures are increasing in collector value. The third edition of Everett Grist's BIG BOOK OF MARBLES (1574324993, $24.95) packs in everything you need to know on marble history and collectibility. Both antique and machine-made marbles are included in a guide which covers marble designs and imperfections, company and maker history, marble playing changes and influences, and more. Some of these company histories are quite detailed in scope. All are top references avid collectors will refer to time and again.

Schiffer Publishing Ltd.
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310-9717

Four excellent new titles are top picks for avid collectors seeking a combination of high-quality color photos and modern price guides. Deborah Crosby's A CENTURY OF JEWELRY: CLASSY, FLASHY, AND TRASHY! (0764323237, $49.95) is a gorgeous introductory history detailing jewelry between 1860 and 1960. Such jewelry became increasingly affordable to the middle class and this in turn resulted in an increased production for that larger market, and an expansion of jewelry materials and styles. A timeline opens the title but its heart lies in gorgeous color photos of over 1,000 pieces of jewelry made around the world, organized by both material and theme. While avid collectors will relish the survey, it's the beginner new to jewelry trends and history who faces a special choice, here. Susan Maxine Klein's MID-CENTURY PLASTIC JEWELRY (0764322346, $29.95) blends a price guide with a history and many a collector of the genre will find the combination makes for an invaluable handbook. Full-page color close-up shots of plastic jewelry from the mid-century years make identification a snap, with accompanying price ranges providing the latest details for resale or valuation. Leslie Pina's FIFTIES FURNITURE (076432327X, $39.95) has been expanded and revised and here appears in its third updated edition to provide the latest prices for retro fifties designs. The guide could easily have focused on home furniture but its inclusion of all kinds, from office to patio to home, assures it added value for any era collector of furniture. Barbara and Jim Mauzy's MAUZY'S DEPRESSION GLASS: A PHOTOGRAPHIC REFERENCE AND PRICE GUIDE (0764322494, $29.95) appears in an expanded, revised edition to identify and price the widest range of depression glass on the market. More than just a selection of photos and prices, each listing goes into good detail about maker history, marks, specialties, designs and more. Depression glass guides don't get better than this: a highly recommended pick indeed!

Girl Scout Collector's Guide
Mary Degenhardt & Judith Kirsch
Texas Tech University Press
PO Box 41037, Lubbock, TX 79409-1037
0596725464 $39.95

The second updated edition of the classic GIRL SCOUT COLLECTOR'S GUIDE: A HISTORY OF UNIFORMS, INSIGNIA, PUBLICATIONS, AND MEMORABILIA may be a specialty collector's item, but it's a 'must' for any who would understand Girl Scout functions, ratings, memorabilia and operational history. Much more than just a price listing, GIRL SCOUT COLLECTOR'S GUIDE packs in and pairs vintage black and white photos and drawings with extensive articles and reports on Girl Scout operations. From dates of proficiency badges and changing requirements to special scouting community projects, awards systems, and project material overviews, GIRL SCOUT COLLECTOR'S GUIDE is an authority for anything to do with scouting, and packs in a lot of history as well. Highly recommended indeed.

Krause Publications
700 E. State Street, Iola, WI 54990-0001

Three outstanding, very different guides are top picks which general-interest collections will relish. Car buffs will literally spend hours with Tad Burness' AMERICAN CAR SPOTTER'S BIBLE 1940-80 (0896891798, $29.99): it's packed with color and is one of the few comprehensive coverages to allow auto buffs to quickly identify older vehicles by appearance. Over 8,000 color illustrations come from manufacturers' original sales catalogs and ads, offering contrasting views of models, in-depth surveys of special or custom features, swatches for exterior colors, and more. Pages are loaded with many color illustrations, not just one: the inclusion of prices, engine specs, and comparisons makes this a real winner – even non-auto buffs will find it compelling browsing. Graham Smith's WARMAN'S CIVIL WAR WEAPONS (0896892379, $24.99) covers pistols, revolvers, carbines, longarms and even swords: basically any weapon used in the Civil War era, featuring well over a hundred weapons and including color photos, specs, and accompanying history. There are even over sixty black and white archival photos showing them in use, along with some full color paintings by Civil War artist Don Troiani – but the meat of CIVIL WAR WEAPONS lies as much in its company and firearm histories as in its illustration, which are quite detailed and specific – right down to firearm specifications. A 'must' for any Civil War buff; not just weapons collectors. Alex G. Malloy and Stuart W. Wells, III's STANDARD GUIDE TO GOLDEN AGE COMICS (089689181X, $19.99) packs in color photos of over nine hundred covers of Golden Age comics from 1938-56, along with nearly 30,000 values and a tab reference which makes identifying and pricing your collection a snap. The 'meat' lies not in the photos – which don't cover every issue – but the updated values, which any collector will readily recognize as the heart of any good comics reference – and which is the winner, here.

The Women's Issues Shelf

Imagining Ourselves
Paula Goldman, Editor
New World Library
14 Pamaron Way, Novato, CA 94949
1577315243 $26.95

Women from twenty to forty around the world represent the most empowered generation of women on the planet – and some of these voices come to life in IMAGINING OURSELVES: GLOBAL VOICES FROM A NEW GENERATION OF WOMEN. A cross-section of such women share their photos, paintings, and writings – over a hundred from over fifty counties – in a gathering which reflects on everything from civil rights and assertiveness to generation gaps between women in other countries. An exciting, colorful display of ideas, issues and voices.

The List
Mary Corbett & Sheila Corbett Kihne
Adams Media
57 Littlefield, Avon, MA 02322
1593374003 $12.95

If you're a wonderful woman looking for a wonderful man, consider the advice offered in THE LIST: 7 WAY TO TELL IF HE'S GOING TO MARRY YOU – IN 30 DAYS OR LESS! Here are lists of 'red flag' behavior which indicate 'not' so women don't waste their time; from identifying cheapskates and non-commiters to knowing when a man wants you. Whether you agree with all the 'red flag' signals or not, THE LIST is definitely food for thought.

Be Heard the First Time
Susan Miller, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Capital Books
PO Box 605, Herndon, VA 20172-0605
1933102152 $18.95

BE HEARD THE FIRST TIME: THE WOMAN'S GUIDE TO POWERFUL SPEAKING could also have been featured in our Business Books section but is reviewed here so nobody misses it: while the idea of assertive speaking isn't new, there's been relatively little specifically directed to women – and that gives this a wider-ranging interest than just a business audience alone. Dr. Miller's background as a voice trainer lends to chapters which survey the finer points of public speaking, with chapters covering how to clarify speech, enunciate clearly, and project the voice. Polish speaking skills and professional skills alike with BE HEARD THE FIRST TIME – which also works for the home.

The New Single Woman
E. Kay Trimberger
Beacon Press
25 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108-2892
0807065226 $25.95

Plenty of books and articles advocate happiness as a couple or with a man: THE NEW SINGLE WOMAN is here with a new message: the lives of long-term single women in the prime of life are as rich as those of married women. Analysis blends with personal narrative as E. Kay Trimberger traces how a sample of middle class women struggle with the message that they need a soul mate to be truly happy. Nearly thirty women here say otherwise – and chart new paths to happiness and independence in the process.

The Humor Shelf

Bitter is the New Black
Jen Lancaster
New American Library
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
0451217608 $13.95

It may be a memoir and you may have never heard of Jen Lancaster – but that doesn't mean you should consider BITTER IS THE NEW BLACK: CONFESSIONS OF A CONDESCENDING, EGOMANIACAL, SELF-CENTERED SMART-ASS as un-notable: indeed, it's one of the most refreshing comedy memoirs on the market today! Former sorority girl Lancaster explores her evolution from riches to ruin, adding hilarious moments in droves. How can a job interview be hilarious ("I can't believe the hoops I'm jumping through for this job. The nerve of making me do HOMEWORK for an interview! I never wanted to tell someone to pound sand more in my life….")

Red is the Color Of My True Love's Neck
Jeff Foxworthy
Rutledge Hill Press/Thomas Nelson
PO Box 141000, Nashville, TN 37214
1401602282 $9.99

This missed more timely Valentine's Day feature but is a worthy year-round gift for any Foxworthy fan or those who enjoy a blend of romance and comedy. His latest "You might be a redneck if…" connection blends cartoons with observations so hilarious that you know many have evolved from real-life people ("You might be a redneck if…you married your wife for her socket set.")

The Nutty News
Ron Barrett
Alfred A. Knopf
1745 Broadway, 17th floor, New York, NY 10019
037582751X $8.95 1-800-726-0600

While this was intended for younger audience, THE NUTTY NEWS shouldn't be limited to kids alone: its cartoons and humor are such that the entire family can enjoy. Fascinating news stories about Martians and more pair silly papers with nutty news from 'living furs' to strange horoscopes. A fun pick!

The Children's Shelf

Junie B., First Grader: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells!
Barbara Park
Knopf/Random House
1745 Broadway, New York NY 10019
0375828087 $11.95

While the funniest JUNIE B title arrived too late for holiday mention, it will attract young readers year- round with its holiday theme story of Room One's celebrations and a tattletale's interference with holiday plans. It figures that Junie would be stuck with her worst enemy for Secret Santa – and that she would come up with a solution. Deserving of ongoing, year-round mention.

Knopf/Random House
1745 Broadway, New York NY 10019

Middle grade readers looking for easy reads will relish Dick King-Smith's latest story THE CATLADY (0375829857 $15.95) about 'catlady', who lives alone in a big country house with sixteen cats. Kittens come and go but her belief that her cats are actually people she's known who have been reincarnated as cats makes for an intriguing story. Jon Berkeley's CHOPSTICKS (0375833099, $16.95) tells of a floating restaurant in Hong Kong where a little mouse called Chopsticks lives. He conjures a carved wooden dragon to life and they have adventures replete with magic and fun in this lively, fun tale. Raffi's adaptation of IF YOU'RE HAPPY AND YOU KNOW IT (0375829172, $15.95) receives Cyd Moore's illustrations and a fun picturebook presentation of the happy song. Clap hands, ring, and make noise with this celebratory picturebook! Lucy Bate's LITTLE RABBIT'S LOOSE TOOTH (0375832777, $9.95) receives Diane DeGroat's zany drawings as it tells of a rabbit who loses a tooth and wonders whether she should throw it away, wear it as a necklace, or leave it for the tooth fairy. Her dilemma captures the excitement of losing one's first tooth. Roger Duvoisin's VERONICA (0375835660, $15.95) tells of a young hippo who lives with others who look exactly like her. She longs to stand out, so she leaves for the big city – where nobody looks like her. Her city problems lead her back to her riverbank home in this fun story, first published in 1961 and here presented for new audiences.

Random House
1745 Broadway, New York NY 10019

The Rev. W. Awdry's THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE (0375833730, $9.95) will appeal to the very young with four stories about the cheeky little tank engine. Any with basic reading skills who want more accounts of the little tank engine who 'could' will relish these four short stories which help celebrate sixty years of Thomas' popularity with the very young. Frank Radice and Vida Radice's SAM KATZ ON THE LOOSE! (0375831207, $14.95) tells of a black and white cat rescued from New York City's animal care center by Frank and his wife Vida. Here Sam explores the world in a zany, intricate survey illustrated by Charles Fazzino and filled with appealing sparkle pages and fun.

Boyds Mills Press
815 Church St., Honesdale, PA 18431

Learn about glaciers and their properties in David L. Harrison's revealing GLACIERS: NATURE'S ICY CAPS (1590783727, $15.95).Illustrations by Cheryl Nathan provide inviting blends of glaciers and animals as Harrison discusses the geology and importance of world glaciers and their history. Glaciers usually receive mention in broader books about ice or weather: here they get their own treatment in an easy picturebook kids in grades 2-3 will appreciate. Chris Peterson's FANTASTIC FARM MACHINES (1590782712, $17.95) pairs gorgeous color photos by David R. Lundquist with a very simple text and overview of farm chores and how farm machines make them easier. Author Cris Peterson is a dairy farmer himself and his expertise lends to discussion of twelve big pieces of farm machinery. Photos of kids on said machinery enlivens the discussion. Karl Zimmermann's ALL ABOARD! PASSENGER TRAINS AROUND THE WORLD (1590783255, $19.95) comes from an author whose love of trains has taken him around the world in search of the best ones. From the different histories of how passenger trains expanded in different parts of the world to facts about traveling via rail, lovely color photos blend with history and personal experience to make for an excellent, engrossing coverage. Cat Urbigkit's A YOUNG SHEPHERD (1590783646, $15.95) tells of a young shepherd's life on his family's sheep farm, where he makes sure they are healthy and tends to their needs. He has his own herd which he built from lambs that had lost their mothers, and here tells of his life on the Wyoming range tending his flock.

Enslow Publishers
Box 398, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922-0398

In linking books with the Internet, the printed word expands itself beyond a few pages, encourages supplement research and ready access to updates, and provides students with primary source material and studies which stay current. Arthur P. McDonald's PRIMARY SOURCE ACCOUNTS OF THE CIVIL WAR (159845000X, $33.27) uses personal experiences of combatants, songs, speeches, newspaper accounts and photos to reach grades 5 and older with bright images and hard-hitting letters. Add in tested, authoritative internet sources and a glossary, bibliography and index and you have a strong addition to a school's history curriculum. Alison Imbriaco's THE WHOOPING CRANE: HELP SAVE THIS ENDANGERED SPECIES! (1598450328, $33.27) joins others in the 'Saving Endangerd Species' series with an introduction to their natural history followed by in-depth surveys of how they are being protected – all linked to web sites and further information. Amy Graham's IRAN IN THE NEWS: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE (1598450220, $33.27) is part of the 'Middle East Nations in the News' series and offers a little over a hundred pages of Iranian news; from social issues to history and politics. If it's biographies needed to build a strong collection for reports for grades 4-10, three new picks are highly recommended winners. Mary Gow's ARCHIMEDES: MATHEMATICAL GENIUS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD (0766025020, $26.60) joins others in the 'Great Minds of Science' series, providing a little over a hundred pages of facts about the math genius and his impact. While there are few proven facts about his life, there's enough to discuss his discoveries – and from surviving bits of his thirteen books his life and achievements come to life. Richard Worth's CLEOPATRA: QUEEN OF ANCIENT EGYPT (0766025594, $27.93) joins others in the 'Rulers of the Ancient World' series to present all known facts about Cleopatra's life and times. From her handling of conflicts in Egypt to her romances, CLEOPATRA: QUEEN OF ANCIENT EGYPT provides a lively survey. Ana Maria Rodriguez's EDWARD JENNER: CNQUEROR OF SMALLPOX (0766025047, $31.93) tells of Jenner's 18th century world when smallpox was a feared disease which killed and disabled thousands around the world. Jenner's pioneering discovery of vaccination was to not only eliminate the disease; it was to introduce new hope for the future. Alvin and Virginia Silverstein and Laura Silverstein Nunn's THE STDS UPDATE (0766024849, $31.93) discusses sexually transmitted diseases and their spread, with chapters surveying symptoms, treatment options, and the latest information on prevention. Grades 3-4 will appreciate Robert Gardner's SENSATIONAL SCIENCE PROJECTS WITH SIMPLE MACHINES (0766025853, $23.93), an easy reader of a little under fifty pages which receives Tom LaBaff's fine drawings to explore levers, wheels, pulleys and more. Each science explanation links with an easy science project for concept reinforcement.
All are excellent references.

Women of the Wind
Wanda Langley
Morgan Reynolds
620 South Elm Street, #223, Greensboro, NC 27406
1931798818 $26.95

Kids in the middle school range will find much to enjoy in this collection of true stories of women who flew planes early on in WOMEN OF THE WIND: EARLY WOMEN AVIATORS. From the turn of the century Harriet Quimby, the first American woman to receive a pilot's license, to the first black woman to fly, chapters are filled with inspiring accounts which will serve as fine introductions encouraging further, more detailed research.

Marshall Cavendish
99 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591

Two excellent new series titles will reach young readers in grades 3-5 with fine coverages promising repeat report applicability and good lending statistics. The 'First American' series ($18.95 Each) will appeal to the younger grades: each holds nearly fifty pages of facts, bright contemporary color photos, short chapters covering beliefs, ways of life and history, and a time line complimented by a glossary, index and bibliography for further research. New additions to this wonderful basic primer series include David King's THE SIOUX (0761418997) and THE NAVAJO (0761418970), Sarah de Capua's THE CHEROKEE (0761418954) and THE IROQUOIS (0761418962), Carolyn Casey's THE APACHE (0761418946) and Marian Broida's THE PUEBLO (0761418989). The 'Health Alert' series of health titles ($19.95 each) will reach into the 6th grade as well, offering over 60 pages each of details on particular diseases and their treatment. Terry Hicks' ALLERGIES (0761419187) and THE COMMON COLD (0761419136), Ruth Bjorklund's EATING DISORDERS (0761419144) and FOOD-BORNE ILLNESS (0761419179), Lorrie Klosterman's LEUKEMIA (0761419160) and Gretchen Hoffman's MONONUCLEOSIS (0761419152). More than just timelines of events or physiology surveys, this series includes introductions on what it's like to experience each disease, as well as diagnosis and treatment.

Crabtree Publishing
350 – 5th Avenue, #3308, NY, NY 10118
$17.94 each

The new 'biography of' series takes individual topics and follows their science and impact on human life, using bright color photos and unusual topics to foster an interest in science. Carrie Gleason's BIOGRAPHY OF RUBBER (0778724867) covers rubber's history, development, science, and modern effects; the appealing BIOGRAPHY OF CHOCOLATE (0778724816) by Adrianna Morganelli covers chocolate's discovery and development, Rachel Eagen's BIOGAPHY OF SUGAR (0778724859) reveals sugar sources around the world; her BIOGRAPHY OF BANANAS (0778724832) considers banana-producing lands and different types of bananas, Carrie Gleason's BIOGRAPHY OF COTTON (0778724808) examines cotton production around the world, John Zronik's BIOGRAPHY OF RICE (0778724824) considers rice production and varieties, and BIOGRAPHY OF SPICES (0778724840) discusses types of spices and how they affected world trade and development. History and science blend well in these surveys.

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